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Tithe Applotment Records in Templemore Parish

The Tithe Applotment Books in Templemore parish and throughout the entire country record the results of a unique land survey taken to determine the amount of tax payable by landholders to the Church of Ireland. They are known as the Tithe Applotment Books because the results of this land survey were originally compiled in nearly 2,000 hand-written books. This data set represents a virtual census for pre-Famine Ireland and as it covered most of the country it is very important for historians and genealogists researching family origins or the history of specific areas.

The Tithe Applotments created a lot of civil unrest in Ireland especially from the Catholic population as they vigorously disagreed to paying taxes to a Protestant church. Individuals from Templemore parish were recorded in Derry Deanery and may have resided in either location.


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Tithe Applotment Books: Templemore Parish

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Achison, Alexr. Townland: Drumskellon Alexr. Achison
Achison, Alexr. Townland: Ture Alexr. Achison
Achison, Thomas Townland: Ture Thomas Achison
Achison, Wm. Townland: Cloghbeg Wm. Achison
Adams, John Townland: Shantallow John Adams
Adams, Thos. Townland: Craig Thos. Adams
Aleson, Frances Townland: Muff Frances Aleson
Alexander, Townland: Skeog Alexander
Alexander, Thomas Townland: Lisfannon Thomas Alexander
Alison, Josh Townland: Craig Josh Alison
Alison, Thomas Townland: Craig Thomas Alison
Allen, Anthy. Townland: Molenan Anthy. Allen
Allen, John Townland: Ballymagrorty John Allen
Allen, Tristn. Townland: Three Trees Tristn. Allen
Allison, Robert Townland: Speenogue Robert Allison
Anderson, Townland: Ardmore Anderson
Anderson, Alexr. Townland: Creevagh Upper Alexr. Anderson
Anderson, James Townland: Three Trees James Anderson
Anderson, Jno. Townland: Cloghbeg Jno. Anderson
Anderson, Jno. Townland: Eskaheen Jno. Anderson
Anderson, John Townland: Castle Quarter John Anderson
Anderson, Joseph Townland: Aught Joseph Anderson
Anderson, Nathaniel Townland: Castle Quarter Nathaniel Anderson
Anderson, Saml. Townland: Ballynakilly Saml. Anderson
Anderson, Thomas Townland: Ballynakilly Thomas Anderson
Anderson, Thomas Townland: Bonamain Thomas Anderson
Arbuckle, John Townland: Ballyderowan John Arbuckle
Arbuckle, Wm. Townland: Ballyderowan Wm. Arbuckle
Ash, W. H. Townland: Eskaheen W. H. Ash
Babington, Andy Townland: Creevagh Upper Andy Babington
Barnes, David Townland: Ballymagrorty David Barnes
Barnet, Saml. Townland: Shantallow Saml. Barnet
Barr, Andw. Townland: Craig Andw. Barr
Barr, Isaac Townland: Craig Isaac Barr
Barr, James Townland: Craig James Barr
Barr, James Townland: Muff James Barr
Barr, John Townland: Ballymagard John Barr
Barr, Philip Townland: Muff Philip Barr
Barr, Wm. Townland: Craig Wm. Barr
Barry, Thomas Townland: Grange Thomas Barry
Bell, Mark Townland: Craig Mark Bell
Bill, Geo. Townland: Eskaheen Geo. Bill
Bishop, P. Townland: Edenballymore P. Bishop
Blackburn, Wm. Townland: Trummety Wm. Blackburn
Blaney, P. K. Townland: Molenan P. K. Blaney
Blaney, Wm. Townland: Molenan Wm. Blaney
Bond, Andrew Townland: Pennyburn Andrew Bond
Bond, Andw. Townland: Shantallow Andw. Bond
Bovan, Andw. Townland: Cloghbeg Andw. Bovan
Boyle, James Townland: Termonbacca James Boyle
Bradley, Eleanor Townland: Trummety Eleanor Bradley
Bradley, George Townland: Toolett George Bradley
Bradley, James Townland: Drumskellon James Bradley
Bradley, Jno. Townland: Craig Jno. Bradley
Bradley, John Townland: Drumskellon John Bradley
Bradley, Michl. Townland: Trummety Michl. Bradley
Bradley, Wm. Townland: Drumskellon Wm. Bradley
Bradly, Thomas Townland: Shantallow Thomas Bradly
Bratten, James Townland: Ture James Bratten
Breaden, Eze. Townland: Bonamain Eze. Breaden
Breaden, Eze. Townland: Coshquin Eze. Breaden
Breaden, Henry Townland: Bonamain Henry Breaden
Breaden, James Townland: Bonamain James Breaden
Breaden, James Townland: Lisfannon James Breaden
Brice, James Townland: Banaghan James Brice
Bridin, Eizl. Townland: Ballymagrorty Eizl. Bridin
Bridin, James Townland: Ballymagrorty James Bridin
Brillaghan, John Townland: Craig John Brillaghan
Brisford, H. B. Townland: Ballynasallog H. B. Brisford
Brisland, James Townland: Ardmore James Brisland
Brisland, Owen Townland: Trummety Owen Brisland
Brooke, Rev. Hugh Townland: Lisfannon Rev. Hugh Brooke
Brown, Alexr. Townland: Ballymagrorty Alexr. Brown
Brown, Da. Townland: Ballygarnet Da. Brown
Brown, David Townland: Shantallow David Brown
Brown, Dd. Townland: Ballymagard Dd. Brown
Brown, Hu. Townland: Dundrain Hu. Brown
Brown, James Townland: Creggan James Brown
Brown, Jane Townland: Creevagh Upper Jane Brown
Brown, Joseph Townland: Ballyderowan Joseph Brown
Brown, Mathw. Townland: Muff Mathw. Brown
Brown, Michl. Townland: Craig Michl. Brown
Bruson, Jas. Townland: Molenan Jas. Bruson
Bryson, Capt. Townland: Ardmore Capt. Bryson
Bryson, Capt. Townland: Drumskellon Capt. Bryson
Buchannon, Wm. Townland: Ballymagrorty Wm. Buchannon
Buchannon, Wm. Townland: Goughglass Wm. Buchannon
Buchannon, Wm. Townland: Springtown Wm. Buchannon
Burns, George Townland: Shantallow George Burns
Burns, James Townland: Dundrain James Burns
Burns, James Townland: Shantallow James Burns
Cain, Townland: Three Trees Cain
Calaghan, Henry Townland: Cloghbeg Henry Calaghan
Caledon, Earl Townland: Ballynasallog Notes : Earl of Caledon
Callaghan, Jno. Townland: Ardmore Jno. Callaghan
Callaghan, Jno. Townland: Drumskellon Jno. Callaghan
Callaghan, Jno. Townland: Trummety Jno. Callaghan
Campbell, Alexr. Townland: Shantallow Alexr. Campbell
Campbell, Andw. Townland: Ture Andw. Campbell
Campbell, Davd. Townland: Carnamoyle Davd. Campbell
Campbell, Humphry Townland: Ballymagrorty Humphry Campbell
Campbell, John Townland: Shantallow John Campbell
Campbell, Mathew Townland: Ballymoney Mathew Campbell
Campbell, Moses Townland: Muff Moses Campbell
Cample, John Townland: Shantallow John Cample
Cample, Robert Townland: Creggan Robert Cample
Cample, Robert Townland: Shantallow Robert Cample
Cample, Saml. Townland: Shantallow Saml. Cample
Canning, Chas. Townland: Cloghbeg Chas. Canning
Canning, Ed. Townland: Eskaheen Ed. Canning
Canning, Geo. Townland: Aught Geo. Canning
Carlon, Townland: Termonbacca Carlon
Carlon, B. Townland: Ballymagowan B. Carlon
Carlon, Danl. Townland: Carnamoyle Danl. Carlon
Carlon, James Townland: Carnamoyle James Carlon
Carmichael, Jno. Townland: Ardmore Jno. Carmichael
Carney, Pk. Townland: Trummety Pk. Carney
Carrigan, Hugh Townland: Trummety Hugh Carrigan
Chambers, Townland: Shantallow Chambers
Chambers, Adam Townland: Dundrain Adam Chambers
Chambers, Alexr. Townland: Dundrain Alexr. Chambers
Chambers, Mathew Townland: Creevagh Upper Mathew Chambers
Chambers, William, Jr. Townland: Ballymagrorty William, Jr. Chambers
Chambers, Wm., Jr. Townland: Ballymagrorty Wm., Jr. Chambers
Chatham, Col. Townland: Ballynasallog Col. Chatham
Clarke, James Townland: Edenballymore James Clarke
Cochrane, Andw. Townland: Ballyderowan Andw. Cochrane
Cochrane, Jno. Townland: Trummety Jno. Cochrane
Colhawn, John Townland: Carnamoyle John Colhawn
Conaghan, Wm. Townland: Aught Wm. Conaghan
Connaghan, James Townland: Ballymagowan James Connaghan
Connor, Townland: Ballygarnet Connor
Corkil, William Townland: Edenballymore William Corkil
Corscaden, James Townland: Edenballymore James Corscaden
Coyle, R. Townland: Drumskellon R. Coyle
Craig, Alexr. Townland: Grange Alexr. Craig
Craig, Charles Townland: Grange Charles Craig
Craig, Geo. Townland: Termonbacca Geo. Craig
Craig, John Townland: Glack/Bohillon John Craig
Craig, John Townland: Moress John Craig
Craig, Thomas Townland: Moress Thomas Craig
Crawford, Dr. Townland: Ballygarnet Dr. Crawford
Crawford, Rev. Townland: Termonbacca Rev. Crawford
Crawford, Rt. Townland: Ture Rt. Crawford
Cray, David Townland: Edenballymore David Cray
Creswell, James Townland: Castle Quarter James Creswell
Creswell, James Townland: Moress James Creswell
Creswell, Josh. Townland: Carrowreagh Josh. Creswell
Creswell, Rachel Townland: Castle Quarter Rachel Creswell
Creswell, Robt. Townland: Carrowreagh Robt. Creswell
Creswell, Thomas Townland: Moress Thomas Creswell
Crossan, Geo. Townland: Trummety Geo. Crossan
Crow, Chas Townland: Ballygarnet Chas Crow
Crow, Francis Townland: Ballygarnet Francis Crow
Crow, Jno. Townland: Craig Jno. Crow
Cudlurt, Wm. Townland: Three Trees Wm. Cudlurt
Cunningham, Andw. Townland: Castle Cooley Andw. Cunningham
Cunningham, Richard Townland: Bohillon Richard Cunningham
Cunningham, Richard Townland: Castle Cooley Richard Cunningham
Cunninham, Geo. Townland: Cloghbeg Geo. Cunninham
Davinny, Andw. Townland: Ballymagrorty Andw. Davinny
Davy, Thomas Townland: Ballymagowan Thomas Davy
Dean, John Townland: Glack/Bohillon John Dean
Dean, Robert Townland: Ballynakilly Robert Dean
Deans, John Townland: Ballyderowan John Deans
Deans, Saml. Townland: Ballyderowan Saml. Deans
Deehan, Geo. Townland: Muff Geo. Deehan
Deeny, Danl. Townland: Muff Danl. Deeny
Deeny, Danl. Townland: Ture Danl. Deeny
Deeny, Dennis Townland: Glack/Bohillon Dennis Deeny
Deeny, Jno. Townland: Muff Jno. Deeny
Deeny, John Townland: Dundrain John Deeny
Deeny, John Townland: Moleany John Deeny
Deeny, Michael Townland: Grange Michael Deeny
Deeny, Wm. Townland: Muff Wm. Deeny
Delap, James Townland: Ballymagrorty James Delap
Devine, John Townland: Ballymagrorty John Devine
Devine, Wm. Townland: Shantallow Wm. Devine
Devinny, James Townland: Shantallow James Devinny
Devinny, W? Townland: Shantallow W? Devinny
Devlin, Jno. Townland: Termonbacca Jno. Devlin
Devlin, Patk. Townland: Termonbacca Patk. Devlin
Dickson, Jno. Townland: Craig Jno. Dickson
Dill, Rev. Townland: Ardmore Rev. Dill
Dinny, John Townland: Creevagh Lower John Dinny
Dinsmore, Jas. Townland: Muff Jas. Dinsmore
Dinsmore, Saml. Townland: Ture Saml. Dinsmore
Divin, Geo. Townland: Termonbacca Geo. Divin
Diviny, James Townland: Shantallon James Diviny
Dixon, Saml. Townland: Trummety Saml. Dixon
Doak, James Townland: Ballymagrorty James Doak
Doherty, At. Townland: Muff At. Doherty
Doherty, Bernd. Townland: Drumskellon Bernd. Doherty
Doherty, Danl. Townland: Muff Danl. Doherty
Doherty, Edwd. Townland: Termonbacca Edwd. Doherty
Doherty, Eleanor Townland: Muff Eleanor Doherty
Doherty, Elizth. Townland: Muff Elizth. Doherty
Doherty, Henry Townland: Aught Henry Doherty
Doherty, James Townland: Drumskellon James Doherty
Doherty, James Townland: Killea James Doherty
Doherty, Jno. Townland: Craig Jno. Doherty
Doherty, Manus Townland: Aught Manus Doherty
Doherty, Manus Townland: Three Trees Manus Doherty
Doherty, Thos. Townland: Muff Thos. Doherty
Doherty, Wm. Townland: Muff Wm. Doherty
Doherty, Wm. Townland: Shantallow Wm. Doherty
Donaldson, Wm. Townland: Carnamoyle Wm. Donaldson
Donnel, Alexr. Townland: Ballymagrorty Alexr. Donnel
Donnel, Wm. Townland: Ardmore Wm. Donnel
Donnell, James Townland: Speenogue James Donnell
Donnell, John Townland: Moleany John Donnell
Dooey, Jno. Townland: Muff Jno. Dooey
Dougal, David Townland: Ballyougery David Dougal
Dougherty, Arthur Townland: Three Trees Arthur Dougherty
Dougherty, Chas. Townland: Shantallow Chas. Dougherty
Dougherty, James Townland: Creevagh Lower James Dougherty
Dougherty, John Townland: Edenballymore John Dougherty
Dougherty, John Townland: Grange John Dougherty
Dougherty, Joseph Townland: Ballynakilly Joseph Dougherty
Dougherty, Manus Townland: Aught Manus Dougherty
Dougherty, Patk. Townland: Aught Patk. Dougherty
Dougherty, Philip Townland: Ture Philip Dougherty
Dougherty, Thos. Townland: Ture Thos. Dougherty
Dougherty, William Townland: Ballymagrorty William Dougherty
Dougherty, Wm. Townland: Creggan Wm. Dougherty
Dougherty, Wm. Townland: Shantallow Wm. Dougherty
Dunberr, Rt. Townland: Dundrain Rt. Dunberr
Dunny, Jas. Townland: Muff Jas. Dunny
Durnun, Michael Townland: Grange Michael Durnun
Durnun, William Townland: Grange William Durnun
Dysart, Mrs. Townland: Lisfannon Mrs. Dysart
Dysart, Eze. Townland: Ballynagallogh Eze. Dysart
Dysart, James Townland: Ballynagallogh James Dysart
Dysart, James Townland: Carnamaddy James Dysart
Dysart, John Townland: Ballymagrorty John Dysart
Dysart, John Townland: Ballynagallogh John Dysart
Dysart, John Townland: Carnamaddy John Dysart
Dysart, John Townland: Carrowreagh John Dysart
Dysart, Joseph Townland: Bonamain Joseph Dysart
Dysart, Joseph Townland: Carrowreagh Joseph Dysart
Dysart, Robt. Townland: Coshquin Robt. Dysart
Earl, Caledon Townland: Ballynasallog Notes : Earl of Caledon Caledon Earl
Edwards, Andrew Townland: Ballymoney Andrew Edwards
Edwards, Peter Townland: Moleany Peter Edwards
Edwards, Robert Townland: Carrowan Robert Edwards
Edwards, Roland Townland: Carrowan Roland Edwards
Elder, Dd. Townland: Ballyderowan Dd. Elder
Elder, Moses Townland: Ballyderowan Moses Elder
Elder, Saml. Townland: Ballyderowan Saml. Elder
Elder, Saml. Townland: Cloghbeg Saml. Elder
Elliott, Walker Townland: Cloghbeg Walker Elliott
Erskin, Isaac Townland: Craig Isaac Erskin
Ewing, Townland: Carnamaddy Ewing
Ewing, Mrs. Townland: Molenan Mrs. Ewing
Ewing, Arthur Townland: Glack/Bohillon Arthur Ewing
Ewing, James Townland: Banaghan James Ewing
Ewing, James Townland: Castle Quarter James Ewing
Ewing, Jno. Townland: Drumskellon Jno. Ewing
Ewing, Joseph Townland: Termonbacca Joseph Ewing
Ewing, Robert Townland: Banaghan Robert Ewing
Ewing, Thomas Townland: Banaghan Thomas Ewing
Ewing, Thomas Townland: Glack/Bohillon Thomas Ewing
Ewing, William Townland: Castle Quarter William Ewing
Ewing, William Townland: Glack/Bohillon William Ewing
Ewing, William Townland: Moress William Ewing
Fairman, R. Townland: Ture R. Fairman
Farrel, R. Townland: Molenan R. Farrel
Farrin, Widow Townland: Trummety Widow Farrin
Feeny, Neal Townland: Three Trees Neal Feeny
Feeny, Patk. Townland: Muff Patk. Feeny
Feeny, Pk. Townland: Three Trees Pk. Feeny
Ferguson, Andrew Townland: Speenogue Andrew Ferguson
Ferguson, Geo. Townland: Creevagh Upper Geo. Ferguson
Ferguson, James Townland: Bohillon James Ferguson
Ferguson, Sir R. Townland: Shantallow Sir R. Ferguson
Ferguson, Sir Rt. Townland: Pennyburn Sir Rt. Ferguson
Ferguson, Sir Rt. A. Townland: Ballynasallog Sir Rt. A. Ferguson
Ferrier, James Townland: Craig James Ferrier
Ferrier, Josh. Townland: Craig Josh. Ferrier
Ferris, John Townland: Carrickanee John Ferris
Fisher, James Townland: Ballyougery James Fisher
Fleming, Elizth. Townland: Ballyougery Elizth. Fleming
Fleming, George Townland: Baylet George Fleming
Fleming, James Townland: Grange James Fleming
Fleming, James Townland: Moress James Fleming
Fleming, John Townland: Ballynakilly John Fleming
Fleming, Joseph Townland: Ballyougery Joseph Fleming
Fleming, Joseph Townland: Coshquin Joseph Fleming
Fleming, William Townland: Castle Quarter William Fleming
Fleming, William, Jr. Townland: Baylet William, Jr. Fleming
Fleming, William, Sr. Townland: Baylet William, Sr. Fleming
Floyd, John Townland: Edenballymore John Floyd
Forsythe, John Townland: Creevagh Lower John Forsythe
Foster, Townland: Ballyougorty Foster
Freel, Owen Townland: Ardmore Owen Freel
French, Joseph Townland: Ballymagrorty Joseph French
Friel, Thos. Townland: Carnamoyle Thos. Friel
Fulton, Alexr. Townland: Ballymagrorty Alexr. Fulton
Fulton, Andw. Townland: Ballymagrorty Andw. Fulton
Fulton, William Townland: Ballymagrorty William Fulton
Gallagher, Danl. Townland: Edenballymore Danl. Gallagher
Gallagher, Geo. Townland: Muff Geo. Gallagher
Gallagher, James Townland: Muff James Gallagher
Gallagher, Pk. Townland: Ardmore Pk. Gallagher
Gallaugher, Townland: Three Trees Gallaugher
Gallaugher, Charles Townland: Creevagh Lower Charles Gallaugher
Gallaugher, Daniel Townland: Moleany Daniel Gallaugher
Gallaugher, John Townland: Banaghan John Gallaugher
Gallaugher, Michl. Townland: Three Trees Michl. Gallaugher
Gallaugher, William Townland: Carrowan William Gallaugher
Gallaugher, Wm. Townland: Ballygarnet Wm. Gallaugher
Gallaugher, Wm. Townland: Ture Wm. Gallaugher
Geogn, John Townland: Drumskellon John Geogn
Gibson, Charles Townland: Bonamain Charles Gibson
Gibson, Chas. Townland: Coshquin Chas. Gibson
Gibson, Joseph Townland: Coshquin Joseph Gibson
Gibson, Saml. Townland: Coshquin Saml. Gibson
Gibson, William Townland: Coshquin William Gibson
Giles, Mary Townland: Muff Mary Giles
Gilfellon, H. Townland: Clogmore H. Gilfellon
Gilfillen, Rt. Townland: Dundrain Rt. Gilfillen
Gill, Townland: Aught Gill
Gill, Townland: Three Trees Gill
Gill, Danl. Townland: Trummety Danl. Gill
Gill, Geo. Townland: Trummety Geo. Gill
Gill, Thos. Townland: Trummety Thos. Gill
Gilmour, James Townland: Ardmore James Gilmour
Glass, Andrew Townland: Toolett Andrew Glass
Gough, Thomas Townland: Ballymagowan Thomas Gough
Graham, James Townland: Ballymagard James Graham
Grave, Alexr. Townland: Ballymagrorty Alexr. Grave
Gray, Wm. Townland: Molenan Wm. Gray
Greenshields, James Townland: Aught James Greenshields
Greenshields, Jno. Townland: Eskaheen Jno. Greenshields
Greenshields, Stephen Townland: Muff Stephen Greenshields
Gregg, James Townland: Ballymagowan James Gregg
Gribben, Pk. Townland: Trummety Pk. Gribben
Grimes, David Townland: Ballymagowan David Grimes
Guy, James Townland: Edenballymore James Guy
Guy, William Townland: Banaghan William Guy
Gwyn, John Townland: Edenballymore John Gwyn
Habrick, John Townland: Creggan John Habrick
Hagan, John Townland: Ballynakilly John Hagan
Hagan, Pat. Townland: Killea Pat. Hagan
Haggan, Jamie Townland: Creevagh Lower Jamie Haggan
Haig, Geo. Townland: Ardmore Geo. Haig
Haig, John Townland: Drumskellon John Haig
Haigan, Daniel Townland: Trummaty Daniel Haigan
Hall, Jno. Townland: Creevagh Upper Jno. Hall
Hallrick, James Townland: Termonbacca James Hallrick
Hallrick, John Townland: Ballymagard John Hallrick
Hamilton, Geo. Townland: Aught Geo. Hamilton
Hamilton, James Townland: Aught James Hamilton
Hamilton, James Townland: Ballymoney James Hamilton
Hamilton, James Townland: Eskaheen James Hamilton
Hamilton, James Townland: Three Trees James Hamilton
Hamilton, William Townland: Ballymoney William Hamilton
Hanagan, Geo. Townland: Creggan Geo. Hanagan
Hanage?, Rev. Townland: Ardmore Rev. Hanage?
Hannagan, James Townland: Grange James Hannagan
Hargan, Ed. Townland: Trummety Ed. Hargan
Hargan, Mac? Townland: Trummety Mac? Hargan
Harkin, Pk. Townland: Trummety Pk. Harkin
Harley, James Townland: Edenballymore James Harley
Harley, Jno. Townland: Ardmore Jno. Harley
Harold, Thomas Townland: Glack/Bohillon Thomas Harold
Harragan, James Townland: Carrickanee James Harragan
Harris, Wm. Townland: Ballymagard Wm. Harris
Hart, Geo. Townland: Muff Geo. Hart
Hart, John Townland: Ardmore John Hart
Hart, John Townland: Ballymagard John Hart
Harvey, Richd. Townland: Molenan Richd. Harvey
Haslett, Mary Townland: Killea Mary Haslett
Hatrick, Joshua Townland: Edenballymore Joshua Hatrick
Hay, Rev. G. Townland: Edenballymore Rev. G. Hay
Hay, William Townland: Bohillon William Hay
Henderson, Wm. Townland: Ballymagrorty Wm. Henderson
Herron, Rev. M. Townland: Ballyougorty Rev. M. Herron
Hodge, Andrew Townland: Carrickanee Andrew Hodge
Hodge, George Townland: Baylet George Hodge
Hodge, John Townland: Baylet John Hodge
Hogg, Richard Townland: Carrowreagh Richard Hogg
Hogg, Robt. Townland: Carrowreagh Robt. Hogg
Holmes, Wm. Townland: Ballyougorty Wm. Holmes
Homes, Townland: Ballyougorty Homes
Huey, Townland: Three Trees Huey
Huey, John Townland: Baylet John Huey
Huey, Thos. Townland: Ture Thos. Huey
Hughes, James Townland: Craig James Hughes
Hughes, Saml. Townland: Trummety Saml. Hughes
Hull, Geo. Townland: Ballynasallog Geo. Hull
Huston, James Townland: Shantallow James Huston
Hutton, Geo. Townland: Cloghbeg Geo. Hutton
Hutton, John Townland: Edenballymore John Hutton
Hyndman, John J. Townland: Edenballymore John J. Hyndman
Irwin, Alexander Townland: Lisfannon Alexander Irwin
James, Robt. Townland: Coshquin Robt. James
Johnstone, Edwd. Townland: Muff Edwd. Johnstone
Johnstone, John Townland: Aught John Johnstone
Johnstone, R. Townland: Muff R. Johnstone
Johnstone, Thos. Townland: Drumskellon Thos. Johnstone
Johnstone, W. Townland: Muff W. Johnstone
Johnstone, Wm. Townland: Cloghbeg Wm. Johnstone
Johnstone, Wm. Townland: Drumskellon Wm. Johnstone
Johnstone, Wm. Townland: Ture Wm. Johnstone
Joseph, William Townland: Muff William Joseph
Kane, James Townland: Ture James Kane
Kearney, Chas Townland: Dundrain Chas Kearney
Kearny, Danl. Townland: Edenballymore Danl. Kearny
Kearny, William Townland: Creggan William Kearny
Kearny, Wm. Townland: Edenballymore Wm. Kearny
Kelly, Bryan Townland: Molenan Bryan Kelly
Kelly, Widow Townland: Eskaheen Widow Kelly
Kelso, John Townland: Edenballymore John Kelso
Kennady, Thomas P. Townland: Edenballymore Thomas P. Kennady
Kerr, Chas Townland: Ballymagard Chas Kerr
Kerr, Geo. Townland: Craig Geo. Kerr
Kerr, Geo. Townland: Muff Geo. Kerr
Kerr, John Townland: Shantallow John Kerr
Kerr, Michael Townland: Banaghan Michael Kerr
Kerr, Rt. Townland: Ardmore Rt. Kerr
Kerr, William Townland: Castle Hill William Kerr
Kevenagh, Townland: Ballygarnet Kevenagh
Keys, Geo. Townland: Creevagh Lower Geo. Keys
Kilgore, Wm. Townland: Shantallow Wm. Kilgore
Killock, Noble Townland: Ballymagowan Noble Killock
Kinkaid, John Townland: Clogmore John Kinkaid
Kirkpatrick, Townland: Ardmore Kirkpatrick
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Townland: Ballygarnet Mrs. Kirkpatrick
Knox, Rev. Geo. Townland: Muff Rev. Geo. Knox
Laird, Townland: Moress Laird
Laughrey, John Townland: Ballymagrorty John Laughrey
Leathem, Alexr. Townland: Bohillon Alexr. Leathem
Leathem, William Townland: Castle Cooley William Leathem
Leathem, William Townland: Castle Hill William Leathem
Leathem, William Townland: Moleany William Leathem
Leathem, William, Jr. Townland: Bohillon William, Jr. Leathem
Leathem, William, Sr. Townland: Bohillon William, Sr. Leathem
Lecky, Townland: Termonbacca Lecky
Lecky, Connally Townland: Killea Connally Lecky
Lecky, Connelly Townland: Ballymagowan Connelly Lecky
Lepper, Arn. Townland: Three Trees Arn. Lepper
Leslie, Andrew Townland: Grange Andrew Leslie
Leslie, John Townland: Carrowan John Leslie
Lindsay, Alexr. Townland: Clogmore Alexr. Lindsay
Lindsay, Elizth. Townland: Clogmore Elizth. Lindsay
Lipper, Geo. Townland: Aught Geo. Lipper
Loag, Wm. Townland: Muff Wm. Loag
Logan, Marcus Townland: Aught Marcus Logan
Logan, Mark Townland: Three Trees Mark Logan
Long, Henry Townland: Ardmore Henry Long
Long, James Townland: Ballymagrorty James Long
Long, John Townland: Ballygarnet John Long
Long, John Townland: Ballynagallogh John Long
Lonry, Wm. Townland: Springtown Wm. Lonry
Love, Alexr. Townland: Eskaheen Alexr. Love
Love, James Townland: Carnamoyle James Love
Love, Michael Townland: Trummaty Michael Love
Loyd, Minchin Townland: Shantallow Minchin Loyd
Lucas, John Townland: Creggan John Lucas
Lucas, John Townland: Shantallow John Lucas
Lynch, Townland: Moress Lynch
Lynch, Charles Townland: Bohillon Charles Lynch
Lynch, Edwd. Townland: Ballymagard Edwd. Lynch
Lynch, Edwd. Townland: Ballymagrorty Edwd. Lynch
Lynch, Geo. Townland: Carnamoyle Geo. Lynch
Lynch, Henry Townland: Drumskellon Henry Lynch
Lynch, Jno. Townland: Ture Jno. Lynch
Lynch, John Townland: Carnamoyle John Lynch
Lynch, Patk. Townland: Carnamoyle Patk. Lynch
Lynch, Paul Townland: Carnamoyle Paul Lynch
Lynch, Thomas Townland: Drumskellon Thomas Lynch
Lynch, Thos. Townland: Carnamoyle Thos. Lynch
Lynch, Wm. Townland: Cloghbeg Wm. Lynch
Lyons, Geo. Townland: Eskaheen Geo. Lyons
Lyons, Ross Townland: Eskaheen Ross Lyons
Macdowel, John Townland: Carrickanee John Macdowel
Macdowel, William Townland: Carrickanee William Macdowel
Mackey, Townland: Drumskellon Mackey
Mackey, John Townland: Ballymagrorty John Mackey
Mackey, William Townland: Edenballymore William Mackey
Macky, Isaac Townland: Eskaheen Isaac Macky
Macky, Isaac Townland: Iskaheen Isaac Macky
Macky, James Townland: Ballynagallogh James Macky
Macky, James Townland: Coshquin James Macky
Macky, James Townland: Lisfannon James Macky
Macky, John Townland: Ballynagallogh John Macky
Macky, John Townland: Carnamoyle John Macky
Macky, John Townland: Coshquin John Macky
Macky, John Townland: Molenan John Macky
Macky, Moses Townland: Ballyougery Moses Macky
Mahaffey, James Townland: Carrowreagh James Mahaffey
Margay, Roger Townland: Trummety Roger Margay
Mark, Robert Townland: Carrowreagh Robert Mark
Mark, Robt. Townland: Carrowreagh Robt. Mark
Marshal, William Townland: Grange William Marshal
Marshall, William Townland: Castle Quarter William Marshall
Marshall, Wm. Townland: Carrowreagh Wm. Marshall
Maxwell, P. B. Townland: Dundrain P. B. Maxwell
McArthur, William Townland: Bonamain William McArthur
McAuley, Jas., Jr. Townland: Ballynasallog Jas., Jr. McAuley
McAuley, Jas., Sr. Townland: Ballynasallog Jas., Sr. McAuley
McAuly, James Townland: Shantallow James McAuly
McCaddems, James Townland: Baylet James McCaddems
McCall, Hugh Townland: Ture Hugh McCall
McCallion, Denis Townland: Aught Denis McCallion
McCallion, Denis Townland: Three Trees Denis McCallion
McCallion, Edward Townland: Carrickanee Edward McCallion
McCallion, James Townland: Ballynakilly James McCallion
McCallion, James Townland: Eskaheen James McCallion
McCallion, Owen Townland: Muff Owen McCallion
McCallion, Patrick Townland: Carrickanee Patrick McCallion
McCallion, William Townland: Carrickanee William McCallion
McCanles, James Townland: Edenballymore James McCanles
McCann, Townland: Aught McCann
McCann, Townland: Three Trees McCann
McCarter, James Townland: Cloghbeg James McCarter
McCarter, Thos. Townland: Drumskellon Thos. McCarter
McCarter, Wm. Townland: Ardmore Wm. McCarter
McCaul, Townland: Termonbacca McCaul
McCaviskin, Jno. Townland: Ture Jno. McCaviskin
McCay, Rodk. Townland: Termonbacca Rodk. McCay
McClay, David Townland: Ballymagrorty David McClay
McClay, James Townland: Springtown James McClay
McClellan, Bridget Townland: Banaghan Bridget McClellan
McClellan, Josp. Townland: Carnamoyle Josp. McClellan
McClellan, Widow Townland: Glack/Bohillon Widow McClellan
McClelland, Mrs. Townland: Bonamain Mrs. McClelland
McClintoch, Wm. K. Townland: Shantallow Wm. K. McClintoch
McClintock, James Townland: Shantallow James McClintock
McClintock, Wm. Kerr Townland: Shantallow Wm. Kerr McClintock
McColgan, James Townland: Ballymagard James McColgan
McColgan, Jno. Townland: Craig Jno. McColgan
McColgan, Jno. Townland: Shantallow Jno. McColgan
McConaghey, Wm. Townland: Molenan Wm. McConaghey
McConalogue, Wm. Townland: Muff Wm. McConalogue
McConnel, James Townland: Ardmore James McConnel
McConnell, Alexr. Townland: Castle Hill Alexr. McConnell
McCool, Geo. Townland: Muff Geo. McCool
McCooriston, Dennis Townland: Ballynagallogh Dennis McCooriston
McCorkile, Andw. Townland: Molenan Andw. McCorkile
McCorkill, Townland: Skeog McCorkill
McCorkill, Andw. Townland: Ballymagard Andw. McCorkill
McCorkill, Archd. Townland: Cloghbeg Archd. McCorkill
McCorkill, James Townland: Dundrain James McCorkill
McCorkill, Jno. Townland: Killea Jno. McCorkill
McCorkill, Saml. Townland: Cloghbeg Saml. McCorkill
McCorkill, Thos. Townland: Killea Thos. McCorkill
McCorkill, Wm. Townland: Ballynagallogh Wm. McCorkill
McCorkill, Wm. Townland: Clogmore Wm. McCorkill
McCrossan, E. Townland: Muff E. McCrossan
McCrossan, Jno. Townland: Muff Jno. McCrossan
McCrossan, John Townland: Craig John McCrossan
McCullough, Hugh Townland: Edenballymore Hugh McCullough
McDaid, Henry Townland: Shantallow Henry McDaid
McDaid, James Townland: Aught James McDaid
McDaid, John Townland: Toolett John McDaid
McDermot, James Townland: Grange James McDermot
McDermot, Samuel Townland: Grange Samuel McDermot
McDowell, Danl. Townland: Cloghbeg Danl. McDowell
McElhinney, Saml. Townland: Bohillon Saml. McElhinney
McElhinny, Geo. Townland: Carnamoyle Geo. McElhinny
McElhinny, Jno. Townland: Craig Jno. McElhinny
McElwee, Robert Townland: Toolett Robert McElwee
McFadden, Alexr. Townland: Molenan Alexr. McFadden
McFadden, Art. Townland: Molenan Art. McFadden
McFarland, Ed. Townland: Eskaheen Ed. McFarland
McFawn, Rt. Townland: Ballyderowan Rt. McFawn
McFawn, Saml. Townland: Dundrain Saml. McFawn
McFeely, James Townland: Trummety James McFeely
McFredrick, Thomas Townland: Ballyougery Thomas McFredrick
McGaghy, Townland: Creevagh Upper McGaghy
McGarrigle, Jno. Townland: Carnamoyle Jno. McGarrigle
McGarrigle, Jno. Townland: Eskaheen Jno. McGarrigle
McGartrey, Wm. Townland: Molenan Wm. McGartrey
McGarvey, James Townland: Grange James McGarvey
McGeoghegan, Andw. Townland: Trummety Andw. McGeoghegan
McGilway, Geo. Townland: Eskaheen Geo. McGilway
McGinis, Edwd. Townland: Shantallow Edwd. McGinis
McGinliss, Widow Townland: Three Trees Widow McGinliss
McGinniss, Danl. Townland: Cloghbeg Danl. McGinniss
McGinniss, Owen Townland: Trummety Owen McGinniss
McGolgan, Denis Townland: Eskaheen Denis McGolgan
McGowan, Danl. Townland: Carnamoyle Danl. McGowan
McGowan, Davd. Townland: Eskaheen Davd. McGowan
McGowan, Geo. Townland: Carnamoyle Geo. McGowan
McGrath, Peter Townland: Ballyougery Peter McGrath
McGrory, Patrick Townland: Shantallow Patrick McGrory
McGrory, Samuel Townland: Glack/Bohillon Samuel McGrory
McHinny, John Townland: Ballymagrorty John McHinny
McIlwaine, John Townland: Lisfannon John McIlwaine
McIlwaine, Joseph Townland: Coshquin Joseph McIlwaine
McIntire, Abm. Townland: Ballymagard Abm. McIntire
McIntire, Hugh Townland: Grange Hugh McIntire
McIntire, Saml. Townland: Ardmore Saml. McIntire
McKeever, Geo. Townland: Three Trees Geo. McKeever
McKenny, John Townland: Shantallow John McKenny
McKinney, Wm. Townland: Ardmore Wm. McKinney
McKinny, Townland: Ballymagrorty McKinny
McLaughlin, Danl. Townland: Three Trees Danl. McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Hu. Townland: Eskaheen Hu. McLaughlin
McLaughlin, James Townland: Eskaheen James McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Jno. Townland: Eskaheen Jno. McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Jno. Townland: Muff Jno. McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Mary Townland: Muff Mary McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Pk. Townland: Trummety Pk. McLaughlin
McLaughlin, Richd. Townland: Eskaheen Richd. McLaughlin
McLinchey, Thos. Townland: Termonbacca Thos. McLinchey
McLucas, William Townland: Springtown William McLucas
McMichael, James Townland: Glack/Bohillon James McMichael
McMichael, John Townland: Glack/Bohillon John McMichael
McMonigal, James Townland: Ture James McMonigal
McMullan, James Townland: Ture James McMullan
McNeile, Capt. Townland: Ballyougery Capt. McNeile
McNickle, James Townland: Ture James McNickle
McNickle, R. Townland: Muff R. McNickle
McNickle, Rt. Townland: Craig Rt. McNickle
McNickle, Wm. Townland: Ture Wm. McNickle
McNook, John Townland: Ballyougery John McNook
McNutt, John Townland: Cloghbeg John McNutt
McPherson, Jas. Townland: Ballyougery Jas. McPherson
McPhirson, Jas. Townland: Molenan Jas. McPhirson
McShiffry, Wm. Townland: Ardmore Wm. McShiffry
Miley, Mrs. Townland: Ballynagallogh Mrs. Miley
Miley, John Townland: Ballyderowan John Miley
Miley, R. Townland: Carnamoyle R. Miley
Miley, William Townland: Coshquin William Miley
Miller, Andw. Townland: Ballymagrorty Andw. Miller
Miller, Edwd. Townland: Ture Edwd. Miller
Miller, Geo. Townland: Aught Geo. Miller
Miller, James Townland: Ardmore James Miller
Miller, James Townland: Ballymagrorty James Miller
Miller, James Townland: Carrowreagh James Miller
Miller, James Townland: Killea James Miller
Miller, James Townland: Muff James Miller
Miller, Joseph Townland: Ballyderowan Joseph Miller
Miller, Wm. Townland: Shantallow Notes : Heirs Wm. Miller
Mitchell, John Townland: Drumskellon John Mitchell
Montgomery, Jeremiah Townland: Shantallow Jeremiah Montgomery
Mooney, Jno. Townland: Trummety Jno. Mooney
Mooney, Owen Townland: Drumskellon Owen Mooney
Moony, Wm. Townland: Shantallow Wm. Moony
Moor, Andrew Townland: Ballymagowan Andrew Moor
Moore, James Townland: Molenan James Moore
Moore, John Townland: Toolett John Moore
Moore, William Townland: Toolett William Moore
Moore, Wm. Townland: Ballymagrorty Wm. Moore
Moore, Wm. Townland: Ballynagallogh Wm. Moore
Moore, Wm. Townland: Ballyougery Wm. Moore
Moore, Wm. Townland: Molenan Wm. Moore
Moran, John Townland: Cloghbeg John Moran
Morrin, Chas. Townland: Creevagh Upper Chas. Morrin
Morrison, Gabriel Townland: Ballymagrorty Gabriel Morrison
Morrison, James Townland: Ballyderowan James Morrison
Morrison, James Townland: Carrowan James Morrison
Morrow, Mathew Townland: Carrowreagh Mathew Morrow
Motherell, Townland: Bohillon Motherell
Mulheron, Richd. Townland: Drumskellon Richd. Mulheron
Mulheron, Richd. Townland: Ture Richd. Mulheron
Mulheron, Thos. Townland: Drumskellon Thos. Mulheron
Mulheron, Wm. Townland: Ture Wm. Mulheron
Mulholland, Thos. Townland: Termonbacca Thos. Mulholland
Mulligan, John Townland: Ballymagowan John Mulligan
Murdoch, Rev. Wm. H. Townland: Edenballymore Rev. Wm. H. Murdoch
Murphy, Chas. Townland: Molenan Chas. Murphy
Murray, Mr. Townland: Ballyougery Mr. Murray
Murray, James Townland: Ardmore James Murray
Murray, John Townland: Ballymagowan John Murray
Murray, John Townland: Creevagh Lower John Murray
Murray, John Townland: Termonbacca John Murray
Murray, Wm. Townland: Clogmore Wm. Murray
Murry, Thomas Townland: Ballymagowan Thomas Murry
Neilis, P. Townland: Ballyougery P. Neilis
Neilson, Charles Townland: Creevagh Lower Charles Neilson
Norry, Wm. Townland: Ballygarnet Wm. Norry
O'Donnell, Edward Townland: Toolett Edward O'Donnell
O'Neill, Charles Townland: Aught Charles O'Neill
O'Neill, Chas. Townland: Ture Chas. O'Neill
Painel, Alexr. Townland: Trummety Alexr. Painel
Pattan, Joseph Townland: Shantallow Joseph Pattan
Patterson, Townland: Moress Patterson
Patterson, James Townland: Ballyougery James Patterson
Patterson, James Townland: Carnamoyle James Patterson
Patterson, James Townland: Edenballymore James Patterson
Peoples, George Townland: Carrowreagh George Peoples
Picket, Fredk. Townland: Muff Fredk. Picket
Pinkerton, Jno. Townland: Ballyougery Jno. Pinkerton
Pinkerton, Wm. Townland: Killea Wm. Pinkerton
Platt, Geo. Townland: Ballygarnet Geo. Platt
Platt, Jno. Townland: Ardmore Jno. Platt
Platt, John Townland: Ballymagrorty John Platt
Platt, John Townland: Drumskellon John Platt
Platt, John Townland: Ture John Platt
Platt, Wm. Townland: Ballymagrorty Wm. Platt
Pope, Geo. Townland: Ardmore Geo. Pope
Pope, Geo. Townland: Muff Geo. Pope
Porter, Townland: Ardmore Porter
Porter, Andrew Townland: Carrowreagh Andrew Porter
Porter, Ann Townland: Toolett Ann Porter
Porter, David Townland: Carrowan David Porter
Porter, David Townland: Carrowreagh David Porter
Porter, James Townland: Carrickanee James Porter
Porter, James Townland: Castle Cooley James Porter
Porter, James Townland: Moleany James Porter
Porter, John Townland: Carrickanee John Porter
Porter, John Townland: Carrowan John Porter
Porter, John Townland: Speenogue John Porter
Porter, Joseph Townland: Ballymoney Joseph Porter
Porter, Joseph Townland: Carnamaddy Joseph Porter
Porter, Saml. Townland: Ballyougery Saml. Porter
Porter, Samuel Townland: Carnamaddy Samuel Porter
Porter, Thomas Townland: Toolett Thomas Porter
Porter, William Townland: Ballymoney William Porter
Porter, William Townland: Carrowan William Porter
Porter, William Townland: Carrowreagh William Porter
Porter, William Townland: Toolett William Porter
Porter, Wm. Townland: Clogmore Wm. Porter
Preston, Saml. Townland: Clogmore Saml. Preston
Quigley, Charles Townland: Creevagh Lower Charles Quigley
Quigley, Hugh Townland: Ballymagard Hugh Quigley
Quigley, James Townland: Ballymagard James Quigley
Quigley, Jno. Townland: Ballymagard Jno. Quigley
Quigley, John Townland: Shantallow John Quigley
Quigley, John Townland: Termonbacca John Quigley
Quigley, Wm. Townland: Ballymagard Wm. Quigley
Quigly, Jas. Townland: Trummety Jas. Quigly
Ramsay, Alexr. Townland: Ballymagrorty Alexr. Ramsay
Ramsay, James Townland: Carrickanee James Ramsay
Ramsay, John Townland: Bohillon John Ramsay
Ramsey, Townland: Ballygarnet Ramsey
Ramsey, Allen Townland: Ballyderowan Allen Ramsey
Ramsey, James Townland: Ballyderowan James Ramsey
Ramsey, James Townland: Carrickanee James Ramsey
Ramsey, John Townland: Drumskellon John Ramsey
Ramsey, Robert Townland: Carrickanee Robert Ramsey
Ramsy, Thomas Townland: Edenballymore Thomas Ramsy
Rankin, Dr. Townland: Carnamoyle Dr. Rankin
Rankin, David Townland: Shantallow David Rankin
Reed, David Townland: Grange David Reed
Reed, James Townland: Termonbacca James Reed
Reed, William Townland: Creevagh Lower William Reed
Reed, Wm. Townland: Termonbacca Wm. Reed
Riddal, Hans Townland: Shantallow Hans Riddal
Ried, James Townland: Muff James Ried
Robinson, John Townland: Bohillon John Robinson
Robinson, William Townland: Bohillon William Robinson
Robinson, William Townland: Toolett William Robinson
Robison, Andw. Townland: Cloghbeg Andw. Robison
Robison, James Townland: Cloghbeg James Robison
Robison, Jno. Townland: Trummety Jno. Robison
Robison, Wm. Townland: Cloghbeg Wm. Robison
Roddy, Widow Townland: Ballyderowan Widow Roddy
Rogan, Francis Townland: Edenballymore Francis Rogan
Rollestone, John Townland: Bonamain John Rollestone
Ross, James Townland: Edenballymore James Ross
Ruddy, James Townland: Trummaty James Ruddy
Scanlon, Frances Townland: Ballymagrorty Frances Scanlon
Schoales, Mrs. Townland: Edenballymore Mrs. Schoales
Scot, Mrs. Townland: Ballymagowan Mrs. Scot
Scot, William Townland: Edenballymore William Scot
Scott, Townland: Ballynagallogh Scott
Scott, Andw. Townland: Ardmore Andw. Scott
Scott, James Townland: Bonamain James Scott
Scott, Joseph Townland: Bonamain Joseph Scott
Sewins?, Mrs. Townland: Molenan Mrs. Sewins?
Shane, Mathew Townland: Edenballymore Mathew Shane
Shane, R. C. Townland: Edenballymore R. C. Shane
Shannon, Ephrm. Townland: Ballyougery Ephrm. Shannon
Sharky, Edward Townland: Ballynakilly Edward Sharky
Sharky, James Townland: Ballynakilly James Sharky
Shaw, Robert Townland: Creggan Robert Shaw
Sheals, Denis. Townland: Molenan Denis. Sheals
Sheals, Dinis Townland: Ballyougery Dinis Sheals
Sheil, Patrick Townland: Speenogue Patrick Sheil
Simean, Capt. Townland: Ballynasallog Capt. Simean
Simpson, Jno. Townland: Three Trees Jno. Simpson
Skull, Patk. Townland: Carnamoyle Patk. Skull
Smiley, R. Townland: Molenan R. Smiley
Smyth, Geo. Townland: Eskaheen Geo. Smyth
Smyth, Geo. Townland: Trummety Geo. Smyth
Smyth, James Townland: Drumskellon James Smyth
Smyth, Rebecca Townland: Carrowreagh Rebecca Smyth
Smyth, Saml. Townland: Craig Saml. Smyth
Smyth, Thos. Townland: Muff Thos. Smyth
Smyth, Wm. Townland: Ballygarnet Wm. Smyth
Spraul, Oliver Townland: Carnamoyle Oliver Spraul
Starret, J. Townland: Grange J. Starret
Starret, John Townland: Carrowan John Starret
Steel, Alexr. Townland: Trummety Alexr. Steel
Steel, Elizth. Townland: Trummety Elizth. Steel
Steel, James Townland: Trummety James Steel
Steel, Mathew? Townland: Trummety Mathew? Steel
Steel, R. Townland: Trummety R. Steel
Steel, Wm. Townland: Trummety Wm. Steel
Stewart, Alexr. Townland: Coshquin Alexr. Stewart
Stewart, David Townland: Toolett David Stewart
Stewart, James Townland: Ballyderowan James Stewart
Stewart, James Townland: Eskaheen James Stewart
Stewart, James, Jr. Townland: Toolett James, Jr. Stewart
Stewart, James, Sr. Townland: Toolett James, Sr. Stewart
Stewart, Jno. Townland: Ballygarnet Jno. Stewart
Stewart, John Townland: Ballyderowan John Stewart
Stewart, R. Townland: Eskaheen R. Stewart
Stewart, Widow Townland: Eskaheen Widow Stewart
Strain, Jas. Townland: Cloghbeg Jas. Strain
Strain, John Townland: Ballyderowan John Strain
Stun?, Thos. Townland: Shantallow Thos. Stun?
Taylor, Stephen Townland: Castle Cooley Stephen Taylor
Templemore, Lord Townland: Bohillon Lord Templemore
Templemore, Lord Townland: Moress Lord Templemore
Thompson, Mrs. Townland: Clogmore Mrs. Thompson
Thompson, Townland: Moress Thompson
Thompson, Alexr. Townland: Speenogue Alexr. Thompson
Thompson, Andw. Townland: Carrowreagh Andw. Thompson
Thompson, Jno. Townland: Muff Jno. Thompson
Thompson, John Townland: Ture John Thompson
Thompson, Josp. Townland: Ballygarnet Josp. Thompson
Thompson, Moses Townland: Drumskellon Moses Thompson
Tolan, Neal Townland: Shantallow Neal Tolan
Toland, Andrew Townland: Shantallow Andrew Toland
Toland, James Townland: Ballynakilly James Toland
Toland, William Townland: Ballynakilly William Toland
Toland, Wm. Townland: Dundrain Wm. Toland
Tomand, Mrs. Townland: Creevagh Lower Mrs. Tomand
Toner, Ed. Townland: Eskaheen Ed. Toner
Torrens, James Townland: Ballymagowan James Torrens
Toy, Denis Townland: Carnamoyle Denis Toy
Turner, David Townland: Creevagh Lower David Turner
Walker, Henry Townland: Ballymagowan Henry Walker
Walker, Huw Townland: Shantallow Huw Walker
Walker, James Townland: Drumskellon James Walker
Walker, Thos. Townland: Dundrain Thos. Walker
Walker, Wm. Townland: Cloghbeg Wm. Walker
Walker, Wm. Townland: Molenan Wm. Walker
Wall, Mr. Townland: Ballyougery Mr. Wall
Wall, R. Townland: Ballyougery R. Wall
Wallace, Thomas Townland: Coshquin Thomas Wallace
Wason, Danl. Townland: Ballymagowan Danl. Wason
Watson, Wm. Townland: Carnamoyle Wm. Watson
Watt, Miss Townland: Ballymagowan Miss Watt
Watt, Andrew Townland: Ballymagowan Andrew Watt
Watt, James Townland: Ballyougery James Watt
Watt, R. Townland: Drumskellon R. Watt
Watt, William Townland: Ballymagowan William Watt
Watt, Wm. Townland: Ballymagard Wm. Watt
Watt, Wm. Townland: Clogmore Wm. Watt
Wethrow?, James Townland: Dundrain James Wethrow?
Wethrow?, Jno. Townland: Dundrain Jno. Wethrow?
Wier, James Townland: Ture James Wier
Wiley, John Townland: Ballynagallogh John Wiley
Wilkinson, William Townland: Ballynakilly William Wilkinson
Williams, Alexr. Townland: Ballymagrorty Alexr. Williams
Williams, Thomas Townland: Ballymagrorty Thomas Williams
Williamson, Robert Townland: Edenballymore Robert Williamson
Wills, Townland: Ballymagrorty Wills
Wills, James Townland: Ballymagrorty James Wills
Wilson, Townland: Bohillon Wilson
Wilson, Geo. Townland: Muff Geo. Wilson
Wilson, James Townland: Cloghbeg James Wilson
Withrow, John Townland: Clogmore John Withrow
Wright, Alex. Townland: Ballymagrorty Alex. Wright
Wright, Samuel Townland: Creggan Samuel Wright
Young, Andw. Townland: Ballyderowan Andw. Young
Young, Andw. Townland: Dundrain Andw. Young
Young, James Townland: Dundrain James Young
Young, Mary Townland: Ballymagard Mary Young
Young, Saml. Townland: Coshquin Saml. Young

Map of Civil Parishes in county Derry

Civil Parishes of County Derry

Tithe Applotment Books county Derry

1 Aghadowey

2 Aghanloo

3 Agivey

4 Arboe

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyaghran

8 Ballymoney

9 Ballynascreen

10 Ballyrashane

11 Ballyscullion

12 Ballywillin

13 Balteagh

14 Banagher

15 Bovevagh

16 Carrick

17 Clondermot

18 Coleraine

19 Cumber Lower

20 Cumber Upper

21 Derryloran

22 Desertlyn

23 Desertmartin

24 Desertoghill

25 Drumachose

26 Dunboe

27 Dungiven

28 Errigal

29 Faughanvale

30 Kilcronaghan

31 Kildollagh

32 Killelagh

33 Killowen

34 Kilrea

35 Learmount

36 Lissan

37 Macosquin

38 Maghera

40 Magilligan

41 Tamlaght

42 Tamlaght Finlagan

43 Tamlaght O Crilly

44 Templemore

45 Termoneeny