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About Maghera Graveyard, County Cavan

This cemetery is situated in the Civil Parish of Lurgan, Virginia, Co Cavan Ireland.



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Maghera Graveyard Inscriptions, County Cavan,

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Asquith, Anne, d. 20 Apr 1989, w/o Jack,
Asquith, Jack, d. 21 Apr 1965, h/o Anne,
Baugh, Angela, d. 14 Nov 1981, d/o Francis & Kathleen,
Baugh, Francis, d. 19 Nov 1950, age: 84yr, h/o Kathleen, Lisduff,
Baugh, Frank, d. 14 Jan 1931, f/o Joseph, Lisduff,
Baugh, James Patrick, d. 1 Sep 2001, age: 88yr, s/o Francis & Kathleen, Ryefield Mills,

Baugh, Joseph, d. 24 Dec 1967, h/o Kathleen, Lisduff,
Baugh, Kathleen, d. 2 Jan 1943, age: 56yr, w/o Francis,
Baugh, Kathleen, d. 5 Feb 1967, w/o Joseph, Lisduff,
Baugh, Mary B., d. 10 Aug 1969, age: 19yr, grand-d/o Francis & Kathleen,
Bennett, Kathleen, d. 1 Nov 1978, age: 63yr, w/o Michael, Fartha, Lisduff,
Bennett, Michael, d. 19 Mar 1986, age: 84yr, h/o Kathleen, Fartha, Lisduff,
Bough, Charles J, d. 21 Jan 1973, age: 58yr, Blackpole, Ryefield,
Brady, Andy, d. 27 Sep 1972, h/o Bridget, Fartagh,
Brady, Andy, d. 4 Jun 1986, age: 66yr, h/o Margaret, Drumheel,
Brady, Bridget, d. 20 Apr 1971, w/o Andy, Fartagh,
Brady, Bridget, d. 20 Sep 1981, age: 84yr, w/o John,
Brady, Catherine, d. 31 Mar 1919, Fartagh,
Brady, Elizabeth, d. 17 Dec 1970, w/o Hugh, Ballachanea, Virginia,
Brady, Eugene, d. 23 Jan 1978, age: 60yr, s/o Peter & Mary Ann,
Brady, Henry, d. 16 Sep 1958, Fartagh,
Brady, Hugh, d. 26 Dec 1976, h/o Elizabeth, Ballachanea, Virginia,

Brady, James, d. May 1957,
Brady, John, d. ?, f/o Bridget (Farrelly), Fartagh,
Brady, John, d. 17 Sep 1964, age: 76yr, h/o Bridget, Lislea,
Brady, Kate, d. Nov 1955,
Brady, Lucy, d. 24 Jan 2004, age: 67yr, dau-in law of Mary & Patrick,
Brady, Margaret (Connolly), d. 25 Mar 2003, age: 74yr, w/o Andy,
Brady, Mary Ann, d. 25 Mar 1974, age: 89yr, w/o Peter,
Brady, Mary, d. ?, Grandm/o Joseph (Smith), Carrickabruise, Virginia,
Brady, Mary, d. 3 May 1960, age: 55yr, w/o Patrick,
Brady, Michael, d. 30 Jun 1965, age: 50yr, Beherna,
Brady, Olive, d. 1 Jun 1988, age: 32yr, dau-in law of Hugh and Elizabeth, Ballachanea, Virginia,
Brady, Patrick, d. 10 Aug 1970, age: 83yr, h/o Mary,
Brady, Peter, d. 28 Feb 1956, age: 81yr, h/o Mary Ann, Edenburt,
Brady, Philip, d. 9 Sep 2004, age: 69yr, s/o John & Bridget,
Brady, Thomas, d. 13 Jun 1989, age: 39yr, Carrigabruise,
Byrne, Patrick, d. 3 Jul 1991, age: 74yr, Edenburt, Virginia,
Byrne, Patrick, d. 3 Jul 1991, age: 74yr, h/o Rita, Edenburt, Virginia,
Caffrey, Bridget, d. 11Jun 1990, age: 56yr, m/o Peter Joseph, Carrigasimon,
Caffrey, Peter Joseph, d. 13 Jun 1989, age: 32yr, s/o Bridget, Carrigasimon,
Cahill, Agnes, d. 17 Feb 1946, w/o Matthew, Durreen,
Cahill, Bridie, d. 7 Mar 1985, age: 23yr, d/o Margaret,
Cahill, Ellen, d. 15 Jun 1946, w/o Philip, Edenburt,
Cahill, James, d. 3 Jan 1953, s/o Philip and Ellen, Edenburt,
Cahill, Margaret, d. 6 Oct 1965, age: 28yr, m/o Bridie, Ballydurraw,
Cahill, Mary, d. 30 Jul 1983, d/o Phipip and Ellen, Edenburt,
Cahill, Matthew, d. 17 Dec 1949, h/o Agnes, Durreen,
Cahill, Philip, d. 12 Jan 1949, h/o Ellen, Edenburt,
Cahill, Philip, d. 19 Mar 1930, s/o Philip and Ellen, Edenburt,
Cahill, Teresa, d. 6 Jun 1940, Infant d/o Philip and Ellen, Edenburt,
Clancy, Kathleen, d. 14 Feb 1993, age: 72yr, h/o Owen,
Clancy, Owen, d. 15 Aug 1996, age: 80yr, h/o Kathleen,
Clancy, Thomas Joseph, d. 28 May 1990, age: 35yr, s/o Kathleen & Owen, Virginia,
Clarke, Bridget, d. 5 Jan 1956, w/o Michael,
Clarke, Katie, d. 17 May 1960, w/o Michael,
Clarke, Laurence, d. 23 May 1957, grand-s/o Michael & Bridget,
Clarke, Michael Patrick, d. 27 Sep 1982, great-grands/o Michael & Bridget,
Clarke, Michael, d. 10 Jul 1958, h/o Bridget, Pollentample,
Clarke, Michael, d. 17 Sep 1961, s/o Michael & Bridget,
Clarken, Bridget, d. 20 Jun 1939, w/o Bridget,
Clarken, Thomas, d. 20 Nov 1923, age: 65yr, h/o Bridget, Townsend St.,Dublin,
Cole, Annie, d. 3 Nov 1953, w/o James, Carrickeeltybeg, Virginia,
Cole, James, d. 26 Dec 1941, h/o Annie, Carrickeeltybeg, Virginia,
Cole, John, d. 2 Apr 1983, s/o James and Annie, Carrickeeltybeg, Virginia,
Cole, Michael, d. 21 Oct 1980, s/o James and Annie, Carrickeeltybeg, Virginia,
Connolly, Mary, d. 19 Feb 1966, age: 69yr, m/o Margaret,
Conway, Ann, d. 22 Aug 1942,
Conway, Bernard, d. 7 Oct 1975, age: 52yr, Ryefield, Virginia,
Conway, Gerard, d. 30 Nov 1977, age: 71yr, h/o Ann,
Conway, James, d. 16 May 1936,
Conway, James, d. 8 Mar 1945, age: 66yr, h/o Kate, Ryefield, Virginia,
Conway, John, d. 11 Feb 1987, Ryefield, Virginia,
Conway, John, d. 15 Sep 1985, age: 68yr, Drumheel, Virginia,
Conway, Katie, d. 20 Sep 1957, age: 78yr, w/o James, Ryefield, Virginia,
Conway, Katie, d. 23 Dec 1977, age: 63yr, w/o Patrick, Ryefield,
Conway, Mary (Mrs), d. 24 Sep 1966, m/o Gerard,
Conway, Olive, d. 4 May 1982, Drumilee,
Conway, Patrick, d. 27 Jun 1990, age: 74yr, h/o Patrick,
Conway, Thomas Patrick, d. 1 Nov 1943, age: 1Yr. 4Mths,
Cumiskey, Andrew, d. 20 Aug 1947, h/o Elizabeth,
Cumiskey, Elizabeth, d. 14 Jun 1923, w/o Andrew,
Cumiskey, Una, d. 13 Jun 1954, w/o Andrew (Junior),
Daly, Daniel, d. 22 Oct 1971, age: 78yr,
Dillon, Margaret, d. ?, w/o Richard, Rahardrum,
Dillon, Patricia, d. 7 Jul 1937, d/o Richard and Margaret, Rahardrum,
Dillon, Richard, d. 25 Apr 1966, age: 64yr, h/o Margaret, Rahardrum,
Dowd, Bridget, d. 17 Nov 1982, w/o James, Clougbally,
Dowd, Catherine, d. 2 Sep 1988, w/o John Ambrose, Island Ryefield Virginia,
Dowd, James, d. 30 Jul 1963, h/o Bridget, Clougbally,
Dowd, John Ambrose, d. 17 Dec 1973, h/o Catherine, Island Ryefield Virginia,
Dowd, John J., d. 23 Sep 1963, age: 83yr, Ryefield, Virginia,
Doyle, Bernard, d. 13 Jun 1996, s/o Patrick and Mary, Burreen,
Doyle, Francis, d. 26 Dec 1976, s/o Patrick and Mary, Burreen,
Doyle, Mary, d. 25 Jan 1954, w/o Patrick, Burreen,
Doyle, Patrick, d. 26 Dec 1930, h/o Mary, Burreen,
Doyle, Rose, d. 14 Apr 1945, Sister of Patrick Burreen,
Doyle, Thomas, d. 14 Nov 1982, s/o Patrick and Mary Burreen,
Duffy, Anne, d. Dec 1943, Infant d/o Annie Whitegate,
Duffy, Annie, d. 12 Sep 1943, m/o Edward, Whitegate,
Duffy, Edward, d. 20 Mar 1962, s/o Annie, Whitegate,
Duffy, Ellie, d. 17 Nov 1981, w/o Frank Whitegate,
Duffy, Frank, d. 31 Oct 1979, h/o Ellie Whitegate,
Duffy, Katie, d. 29 Mar 1985, age: 84yr, sister of Rose,
Duffy, Mary, d. 6 Oct 1998, age: 86yr, w/o Thomas Whitegate,
Duffy, Patrick, d. 25 Apr 1995, age: 82yr, h/o Rita, Edenburt, Virginia,
Duffy, Rita, d. 15 Dec 2000, w/o Patrick,
Duffy, Rose, d. 15 May 1974, age: 74yr, sister of Katie, Edenburt,
Duffy, Thomas, d. 10 Mar 1978, age: 74yr, h/o Mary Whitegate,
Duignam, Elllen (Nell), d. 15 Jan 1997, age: 60yr, w/o Eugene,
Duignam, Eugene, d. 24 May 1993, age: 62yr, h/o Ellen (Nell), Whitegate, Virginia,
Elliott, Kathleen O’Reilly, b. 9 Oct 1909, d. 23 Jul 1965, d/o Christopher,
Farrell, Bridget, d. 1922, Whitegate,
Farrell, Ellen, d. 7 Mar 1948, Whitegate,
Farrell, Genevieve (Mulvany), d. 15 Dec 1971, w/o Philip,
Farrell, Jack, d. 25 Jul 1961, Whitegate,
Farrell, Philip, d. 25 Nov 1990, h/o Genevieve,
Farrelly, Bridget (Brady), d. 28 Feb 1939, d/o John, Fartagh,
Farrelly, Elizabeth, d. 24 Feb 1951, d/o Elizabeth & Hugh,
Farrelly, Elizabeth, d. 25 Apr 1968, age: 68yr, w/o Hugh, Ryefield, Virginia,
Farrelly, Francis, b. 1941, d. 1996,
Farrelly, Hugh, d. 15 Apr 1981, h/o Elizabeth,
Farrelly, Katie, d. 10 Jan 1971, age: 68yr, Lislea,
Farrelly, Mary, d. 29 Sep 2000, age: 75yr, daughter in law of Katie, Ryefield,
Farrelly, Michael, d. 24 Jan 1974, age: 3 mths.yr, grands/o Katie,
Finnegan, Margaret, d. 18 Jan 1968, age: 42yr, w/o Patrick, Ryefield,
Finnegan, Patrick, d. 30 Sep 1981, age: 67yr, h/o Margaret,
Fitzsimons, Bridget, d. ?, w/o James, Carricabuise,
Fitzsimons, Bridget, d. 15 Jan 1950, age: 83yr, w/o Michael, Carrigabruise,
Fitzsimons, Edward, d. 1 Jan 1941, h/o Mary, Bauise,
Fitzsimons, Edward, d. 11 Sep 1988, age: 66yr, s/o Edward and Mary, Bauise,
Fitzsimons, James, d. ?, h/o Bridget, Carricabuise,
Fitzsimons, Mary, d. 25 Nov 1964, w/o Edward, Bauise,
Fitzsimons, Matthew, d. 1 Feb 1932, s/o Bridget and Michael, Carrigabruise,
Fitzsimons, Michael, d. 1 Aug 1935, h/o Bridget, Carrigabruise,
Fitzsimons, Patrick, d. 7 Nov 1982, age: 67yr, s/o Edward and Mary, Bauise,
Fitzsimons, Thomas, d. 9 Nov 1984, age: 86yr, Carrigabruise,
Fleming, Maurice, d. 11 Apr 1986, h/o May,
Fleming, May, d. 12 Mar 1979, w/o Maurice, Virginia,
Galligan, Elizabeth, d. 24 Jul 1983, w/o Patrick, Kilnagan,
Galligan, Patrick, d. 29 May 1965, age: 53yr, h/o Elizabeth, Kilnagan,
Galligan, Patrick, d. Dec 1933, Infant s/o Patrick and Elizabeth, Kilnagan,
Galligan, Thomas, d. 6 Mar 1988, s/o Patrick and Elizabeth, Kilnagan,
Garrican, Rev.Thomas P, b. 18 Feb 1903, Lisduff, d. 30 Jul 1963, Pastor of St.Basils Church, Valljo, California,
Geharty, Bartle, d. 19 Feb 1997, s/o Owen & Mary King,
Geharty, Bridget, d. Jan 1922,
Geharty, John, d. 25 Jun 1942, s/o Owen & Mary,
Geharty, Mary, d. 3 May 1942, w/o Owen,
Geharty, Owen, d. 25 Apr 1975, h/o Mary, Pollentemple, Virginia,
Gillick, Charlie, d. 2 Oct 1989, age: 76yr, h/o Margaret, Virginia,
Gillick, Margaret, d. 15 Sep 1996, age: 82yr, w/o Charlie, Virginia,
Henry, John (Jack), b. 15 Mar 1911, d. 10 Mar 1990,
Kellett, David, d. 15 Oct 1967, h/o Kate, Cornasesk,
Kellett, Katie, d. 6 Feb 1977, w/o David, Cornasesk,
Larman, Delia Bridget (Fitzsimons), d. 22 Jan 1986, age: 72yr, d/o Edward and Mary Bauise,
Leddy, Catherine, d. 28 Dec 1978, w/o Patrick Joseph, Virginia,
Leddy, Patrick Joseph, d. 29 Apr 1977, age: 82yr, h/o Catherine, Virginia,
Lynch, Ann, d. 17 Apr 1935, age: 80yr, m/o Brian, Stramatty,
Lynch, Bessie, d. Oct 1922, m/o John,
Lynch, Brian, d. 15 Nov 1951, age: 68yr, h/o Elizabeth, Stramatty,
Lynch, Elizabeth, d. 16 Mar 1955, age: 70yr, w/o Brian, Stamatty,
Lynch, John, d. 12 Nov 1948, h/o Mary Ann, Stamatt,
Lynch, John, d. 17 Apr 1958, Whitgate, Lisduff,
Lynch, Mary, d. 25 Jan 1951, w/o John,
Maguire, Christina, d. 6 Jan 1955, age: 59yr, dau-in law of Francis & Mary Jane,
Maguire, Francis, d. 22 Oct 1974, age: 80yr, h/o Mary Jane, Stamatt,
Maguire, Mary Jane, d. 29 Jun 1984, age: 88yr, w/o Francis,
Maguire, Michael, d. 1964, infant s/o Christina,
McCormack, Eddie, d. ?, age: 33yr, son-in-law of Catherine and Christopher,
McCormack, May (O'Reilly), d. 7 Jan 1993, age: 86yr, d/o Christopher,
McDermot, John, d. 26 Jul 1958, s/o Philip and Mary,
McDermot, Mary, d. 12 Jun 1945, w/o Philip,
McDermot, Patrick, d. 23 Dec 1952, s/o Philip and Mary,
McDermot, Philip, d. 13 Nov 1938, h/o Mary,
McDermot, Philip, d. 21 Jun 1974, s/o Philip and Mary,
McDermot, William, d. 21 Aug 1989, s/o Philip and Mary,
McIntyre, Bernard, d. 2 Feb 1962, age: 49yr, s/o Bernard and Mary Anne,
McIntyre, Bernard, d. 23 Oct 1920, age: 44yr, h/o Mary Anne,
McIntyre, Mary Anne, d. 21 Oct 1964, age: 87yr, w/o Bernard,
Melady, Bridget (Mulvaney), d. 24 Feb 1950, d/o Michael and Mary, Whitegate,
Monaghan, Margaret, d. 11 Feb 1982, age: 81yr, w/o Michael, Edenburt,
Monaghan, Margaret, d. 26 Dec 1982, age: 57yr, w/o Peter, Fatha, Lisduff,
Monaghan, Mary, d. ?, w/o Michael, Edenburt,
Monaghan, Michael, d. ?, h/o Mary, Edenburt,
Monaghan, Michael, d. 4 Jun 1972, s/o Michael and Mary, Edenburt,
Monaghan, Peter, d. 29 Dec 1988, age: 69yr, h/o Margaret,
Monaghan, Philip, d. 24 May 1976, age: 38yr, s/o Michael and Mary, Edenburt,
Morgan, Dan, d. 15 Oct 1981, age: 75yr, h/o Mary, Mumrod,
Morgan, Mary, d. 20 Jun 2002, age: 82yr, w/o Dan,
Muldoon, Bernard, d. 17 Nov 1960, age: 79yr, h/o Julia, Farthagh, Lisduff,
Muldoon, Catherine, d. 26 Dec 1983, w/o Matthew, Kilcunny,
Muldoon, Julia, d. 23 May 1953, age: 69yr, w/o Bernard, Farthagh, Lisduff,
Muldoon, Matthew, d. 6 Jan 1973, h/o Catherine, Killcunny,
Muldoon, Michael, d. 26 Aug 1998, age: 82yr, Fartagh, Lisduff,
Mulvaney, Joseph, d. 20 Mar 1960, s/o Michael and Mary, Whitegate,
Mulvaney, Julia, d. 14 Oct 1979, d/o Michael and Mary, Whitegate,
Mulvaney, Luke, d. 6 Jul 1914, s/o Michael and Mary, Whitegate,
Mulvaney, Mary, d. 10 Jul 1957, w/o Michael, Whitegate,
Mulvaney, Michael, d. 18 Apr 1956, h/o Mary, Whitegate,
Mulvany, Eileen, d. 15 Mar 1919, age: 22yr, d/o Michael and Susan,
Mulvany, Laurence, d. 4 Mar 1986, age: 65yr, h/o Margaret, Fartagh, Lisduff,
Mulvany, Margaret, d. 3 Jan 1968, age: 43yr, w/o Laurence, Fartagh, Lisduff,
Mulvany, Mary Anne, d. 17 Dec 1993, age: 91yr, w/o Michael,
Mulvany, Michael, d. 16 Jan 1978, age: 23yr, s/o Margaret and Laurence, Fartagh, Lisduff,
Mulvany, Michael, d. 31 Nov 1925, age: 70yr, h/o Susan,
Mulvany, Michael, d. 6 Oct 1974, age: 65yr, h/o Anne,
Mulvany, Patrick T, d. 18 Sep 1988, age: 51yr, s/o Michael and Mary Anne,
Mulvany, Rev.Mngr.J.H, d. 19 Nov 1970, age: 75yr,
Mulvany, Susan, d. 29 Mar 1935, age: 64yr, w/o Michael,
Murray, Brendan, d. 9 Aug 1987, age: 63yr, h/o Kathleen (Moore), New St. Virginia,
Murray, John, d. no date, infant grand-s/o Brendan,
Murray, Kathleen (Moore), d. 2 Jul 1999, age: 73yr, w/o Brendan,
Nelson, James, b. 1846, d. 1886,
Nelson, Julia (Farrelly), b. 1846, d. 1930,
Nyham, Cornelius, d. 14 Oct 1952, Ardfield. Clonakilty,
O'Carroll, Annie, d. 7 Sep 1980, age: 86yr,
O'Carroll, Harry, d. 3 Mar 1934, age: 36yr,
O'Carroll, Joseph, d. 10 May 1949, age: 49yr,
O'Carroll, Joseph, d. 23 Aug 1934, age: 70yr,
O'Carroll, Joseph, d. no date, infant,
O'Carroll, Mary Ellen, d. 14 Dec 1935,
O'Carroll, Tessie, d. 6 Sep 1972, age: 68yr,
O'Carroll, Tessie, d. no date, infant,
O'Carroll, Thomas, d. 27 Jul 1920, age: 22yr, Edenburt,
O'Connell, Dr. Philip, b. 1895, Fartach, Lisduff, d 1970, Clonmel,
O'Connell, Kathleen (Mulvany), b. 15 Aug 1901, Lisduff, d. 19 Jan 1957, Ard na Greine, Clonmel.Co.Tipperary,
O'Connell, William, d. 20 May 1985, Lislea, Virginia,
O'Donaghue, Elizabeth, d. 4 Mar 1924,
O'Reilly, Andrew, d. 23 Jun 1968, Enach, Lisduff,
O'Reilly, Anita, d. 14 Nov 1920, age: 13yr, d/o Catherine and Christopher, Maghera,
O'Reilly, Brian, d. 20 May 1928, h/o Mary,
O'Reilly, Catherine, d. 3 Aug 1953, age: 83yr, w/o Christopher, Maghera,
O'Reilly, Christopher, d. 18 Jun 1957, age: 84yr, f/o May. ( McCormack), Maghera,
O'Reilly, Farrell, d. 9 Jan 1982, age: 55yr, St Kyran Ballachanea,
O'Reilly, Frances, d. 17 Jul 1981, age: 35yr, erected by her husband & Family,
O'Reilly, Kate, d. 22 Apr 1990, age: 97yr, w/o Owen, Virginia,
O'Reilly, Margaret, d. Jun 1975, d/o Mary & Brien,
O'Reilly, Mary, d. 24 Aug 1920, w/o Brian,
O'Reilly, Owen, d. 2 Sep 1962, age: 75yr, h/o Kate, Virginia,
Owen, Mary, d. 22 Sep 1975, w/o Patrick, erected by their son Michael,
Owen, Patrick, d. 23 Dec 1972, h/o Mary, Whitegate,
Plunket, Daniel, d. 6 Jan 1984, s/o James, Enagh, Lisduff,
Plunket, Elizabeth, d. 28 Oct 1977, Enach, Lisduff,
Plunket, Ellen, d. ?, d/o James, Enagh, Lisduff,
Plunket, Horace, d. 20 Jan 1982, s/o James, Enagh, Lisduff,
Plunket, James, d. 17 Jul 1954, f/o Horace, Ellen, Dan and Kevin, Enagh, Lisduff,
Plunket, Kevin, d. 23 May 1990, s/o James, Enagh, Lisduff,
Reilly, Catherine, d. 21 Jun 1976, age: 76yr, Deerpark, Virginia,
Reilly, James, d. 4 Jun 1984, s/o Joseph and Kate, Lislea,
Reilly, Joseph, d. 1 May 1928, h/o Kate, Lislea,
Reilly, Joseph, d. 26 Jun 1972, s/o Joseph and Kate, Lislea,
Reilly, Kate, d. 17 Oct 1945, w/o Joseph, Lislea,
Saunderson, Patrick, b. Cabinteely, d. 25 Jul 1997, age: 87yr, Son in Law of Cornelius Nyham, Farinseer,
Segarty, Jane, d. 3 Jan 1956,
Smith, Ann Olive, d. Aug 1949, baby d/o Matthew,
Smith, Annie, d. 13 Aug 1967, w/o Patrick,
Smith, Bridget, d. 14 Dec 1964, m/o Joseph, Cornahilt,
Smith, Bridie, d. 10 Feb 1983, Burreen,
Smith, Dina, d. 1 Dec 2002, w/o Matthew,
Smith, John, d. 20 Apr 1919, age: 73yr, Bauise,
Smith, John, d. 29 May 1957, age: 46yr, Bauise,
Smith, John, d. 7 Aug 1945, age: 66yr, h/o Rose, Bauise,
Smith, Joseph, d. 10 Mar 1982, h/o Mary, Cornahilt,
Smith, Margaret, d. 14 May 1956, age: 64yr, w/o Matthew, Burreen,
Smith, Mary, d. 18 Aug 1985, w/o Joseph, Cornahilt,
Smith, Matthew, d. 1 Jan 1972, s/o Patrick & Annie, Lisduff,
Smith, Matthew, d. 7 Jan 1955, h/o Margaret, Burreen,
Smith, Patrick, d. 21 Nov 1942, h/o Annie,
Smith, Rose, d. 12 Feb 1973, age: 89yr, w/o John, Bauise,
Smith, Thomas, d. 16 Dec 1941, age: 19yr, s/o Matthew and Margaret, Burreen,
Tierney, Michael, d. 25 Mar. 2000,
Tobin, Margaret, d. 9 Jul 1964, age: 84yr, Aunt of Rose, Edenburt,
Tobin, Nancy, d. 9 Jul 1984, w/o Ned, Edenburt,
Tobin, Ned, d. 20 Nov 1975, h/o Nancy, Edenburt,
Tobin, Rose, d. 15 Apr 1969, age: 19yr, d/o Ned and Nancy, Edenburt,
Trousell, Julia (Morris), d. 9 Sep 1952, age: 39yr, Wilson Rd. Mount Merrion Dublin,
Tuite, Ellen, d. 11 Feb 1969, w/o Patrick,
Tuite, Patrick, d. 7 Mar 1964, h/o Ellen, Virginia,

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