Irish Catholic Church Records in County Armagh

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Irish Catholic church records in County Armagh

Due to the The Penal Laws, Irish Catholic church records in county Armagh and throughout Ireland are mostly later than Protestant parish registers. The Penal Laws banned the erection of Catholic Churches as well as record keeping by the Roman Catholic clergy. The oldest Catholic registers generally date from the 1820's. although there are a number of parishes with church records commencing in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Irish Catholic records are almost entirely for baptisms and marriages, though death or funeral entries do occur occasionally. Irish Catholic records themselves are often closely written although from the 1860s proforma registers are more common and are sometimes in Latin.

The baptism entries include the names of sponsors and marriage entries, the names of witnesses. Roman Catholic parishes are often made up of parts of more than one civil parish and so searching under several parishes is necessary to find all the records of the Roman Catholic parish.


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Irish Catholic Records details of each Parish in county Armagh

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We have listed each county Armagh Irish Catholic parish that has church records available to research in PRONI, Belfast. Along with each parish we have posted their corresponding MIC reference numbers and the years that are available. The research team @ IRISH GENEALOGY HUB are available to carry out any searches.

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County Armagh Roman Catholic Parishes


Armagh Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/41-42)

Baptisms 1796 - 1880

Marriages 1802 -1880

Burials - None recorded


Ballymacnab Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/37-38)

Baptisms 1844 - 1881

Marriages 1844 - 1880

Burials - None recorded


Ballymore and Mullabrack Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/37)

Baptisms 1843 - 1865

Baptisms 1859 - 1880

Marriages 1843 - 1865

Marriages 1859 - 1880

Burials - None recorded


Clonfeacle Parish

See County Tyrone Roman Catholic Church Records


Creggan Lower Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/40)

Baptisms 1845 - 1880

Marriages 1845 -1881

Burials - None recorded


Creggan Upper Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/43)

Baptisms 1796 - 1880 (parts missing)

Marriages 1796 - 1880 (parts missing)

Burials - None recorded


Derrynoose Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/40)

Baptisms 1835 - 1837

Baptisms 1846 - 1881

Marriages 1846 -1881

Burials 1846 -1851


Drumcree Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/37)

Baptisms 1844 - 1880

Marriages 1844 -1880

Burials 1863 - 1880


Dungannon Parish

See County Tyrone Roman Catholic Church Records


Eglish Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/36)

Baptisms 1862 - 1881

Marriages 1862 -1882

Burials - None recorded


Faughart Parish

See County Louth Roman Catholic Church Records


Forkhill Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/38)

Baptisms 1845 - 1879

Marriages 1844 - 1900

Burials - None recorded


Dromintee Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/41)

Baptisms 1853 - 1879

Marriages 1853 -1877

Burials - None recorded


Killeavy Lower Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/39)

Baptisms 1835 - 1881

Marriages 1835 - 1862

Marriages 1868 - 1869

Marriages 1874 - 1878

Burials - None recorded


Killeavy Upper Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/39)

Baptisms 1832 - 1880

Marriages 1832 -1882

Burials - None recorded


Kilmore Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/38)

Baptisms 1845 - 1881

Marriages 1845 -1881

Burials - None recorded


Loughall and Tartaraghan Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/38)

Baptisms 1835 - 1881

Marriages 1833 - 1880

Burials - None recorded


Loughilly Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/38)

Baptisms 1825 - 1844

Baptisms 1849 - 1881

Marriages 1825 - 1844

Marriages 1849 - 1881

Burials - None recorded


Magheralin Parish

See County Down Roman Catholic Church Records


Newry Parish

See County Down Roman Catholic Church Records


Seagoe Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/23 - 24)

Baptisms 1836 - 1881

Marriages 1836 -1881

Burials 1837 - 1880


Shankill Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/23)

Baptisms 1822 - 1881

Marriages 1866 -1881

Burials 1866 - 1881


Tynan Parish ( Ref. MIC 1D/40)

Baptisms 1822 - 1834

Baptisms 1838 - 1844

Baptisms 1845 - 1884

Baptisms 1845 - 1877

Marriages 1822 -1834

Burials - None recorded