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Griffith's Valuation in Tynan Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Tynan parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Tynan Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Tynan Parish, Co. Armagh

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All Griffiths Valuation records in this page have been published in alphabetical order. Search tip for most web browsers: press Ctrl and F and enter surname or search term. If you are researching particular townlands or areas of this parish, then we suggest that you also use the Ctrl F option in your web browser.



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City

Achile, John L: Rathcumber
Agnew, Bernard L: Crossdall
Agnew, Francis L: Middletown
Agnew, Francis L: Middletown
Agnew, Patrick L: Middletown
Agnew, Patrick L: Skerries
Agnew, Patrick L: Middletown
Agnew, Thomas L: Rawes
Alexander, Lydia L: Naul
Alexander, Margaret L: Naul
Alexander, William L: Derryhaw
Anderson, James L: Breaghey
Anderson, John L: Breaghey
Anderson, John L: Killylea
Anderson, John L: Killylea
Anderson, Joseph L: Drum
Anderson, Robert L: Breaghey
Anderson, Rep. Robert L: Drum
Anderson, Samuel L: Breaghey
Anderson, William L: Foyarr
Anderson, William L: Pollnagh
Armstrong, Robert L: Cortynam
Armstrong, Willam J. L: Lisslanly
Armstrong, William L: Dillay
Armstrong, William J. L: Carricklane
Armstrong, William J. L: Derryhaw
Armstrong, William J. L: Killylea
Armstrong, William J. L: Killylea
Armstrong, William J. L: Killylea N: Infant School
Ashcroft, James L: Cavanagarvan
Askin, Joseph L: Coofy
Atkinson, Joseph L: Annamoy
Balmer, Richard L: Cortynam
Bann, Mary L: Drumgarran
Barker, John L: Middletown
Barker, John L: Middletown
Barklie, Mary L: Drumgose
Beatty, Anne L: Ardgonnell
Bell, David L: Cavanagarvan
Bell, James L: Lemnagore
Bell, James L: Lemnagore N: and Another
Bell, John L: Cavanagarvan
Bell, Mary L: Cavanagarvan
Bell, Thomas L: Marrassit or College Hall
Bennett, John L: Killylea
Bigham, Joseph L: Manooney
Bigham, Robert L: Killylea
Bigham, Robert L: Manooney
Bingham, John L: Manooney
Birney, William L: Middletown
Blevens, Thomas L: Killylea
Bloomer, Jane L: Derryhaw
Bloomer, Moses L: Cavanapole
Bole, James L: Naul
Bond, Arthur H. L: Coolkill
Bond, Arthur H. L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Borland, Mary Jane L: Lisloony
Boyd, Ellen L: Sheetrim
Boyd, James L: Cavanagarvan
Boyd, John L: Cavanagarvan
Boyle, James L: Shantally
Boyle, James L: Middletown
Boyle, James L: Tullybrick
Bradshaw, Joseph L: Killylea
Brady, Jane L: Killylea
Brady, John L: Middletown
Brady, Thomas L: Killylea
Branagan, Hugh L: Tullybrick
Branion, James L: Coolkill
Breen, Patrick L: Drummond
Broughton, Frederick L: Annaghananny
Broughton, Frederick L: Fairview or Mucklagh
Broughton, Frederick L: Marrassit or College Hall
Broughton, Frederick L: Tynan
Brown, John L: Cortynam
Browne, James L: Balteagh
Browne, James L: Drummond
Browne, John L: Drummond
Browne, John L: Killylea
Browne, Maria L: Annaghananny
Browne, William L: Foyarr
Brownlee, Fanny L: Breaghey
Brownlee, James L: Gortmaleg
Brownlee, James L: Lemnagore
Brownlee, James L: Marrassit or College Hall
Brownlee, John L: Mullan
Brownlee, Joseph L: Breaghey
Brownlee, Thomas L: Tynan
Brownlee, Thomas L: Tynan
Bullock, William L: Middletown
Bunting, George L: Kiltubbrid
Buntling, John L: Tullybrick
Burke, Edward L: Middletown
Burke, Matthew L: Middletown
Burke, Matthew L: Middletown
Burke, Matthew L: Unshog
Burnett, Margaret L: Naul
Burns, Thomas L: Middletown
Busby, Archibald L: Enagh
Busby, Robert L: Marrassit or College Hall
Byrans, John L: Drumgarran
Byrans, John, Jr. L: Foyduff
Byrans, John, Sr. L: Foyduff
Caffrey, Bridget L: Rathrillick
Caffrey, Daniel L: Rathrillick
Caldwell, Samuel L: Derryhaw
Caledon, L: Cortynam N: Countess Of
Caledon, L: Cortynam N: Earl of Caledon
Caledon, L: Creevekeeran N: Earl of Caledon
Caledon, L: Lemnagore N: Earl of Caledon
Caledon, L: Mullan N: Earl of Caledon
Caledon, L: Tullyglush (Nevin) N: Earl of Caledon
Callaghan, Hugh L: Drumgose
Calwell, Anne L: Cortynam
Calwell, John L: Derryhaw
Calwell, Samuel L: Derryhaw
Cambpell, William L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
Campbell, Andrew L: Rathcumber
Campbell, John L: Drumhillery
Campbell, John L: Turry
Campbell, John, Sr. L: Drumhillery
Campbell, Joseph L: Pollnagh
Campbell, William L: Ardgonnell
Carberry, James L: Lisslanly
Carberry, John L: Sheetrim
Carberry, Margaret L: Sheetrim
Carberry, Owen L: Sheetrim
Carberry, Patrick L: Sheetrim
Carbery, James L: Drum
Carbery, Patrick L: Lisslanly
Carbery, Thomas L: Balteagh
Carpenter, Richard L: Corfehan
Carpenter, Richard L: Fairview or Mucklagh
Carpenter, Richard L: Tynan
Carr, Anne L: Annaghananny
Carr, James L: Coolkill
Carr, Thomas L: Killylea
Carroll, Anne L: Drumgose
Carroll, Francis L: Lisloony
Carroll, James L: Drumgose
Carroll, John L: Drumgose
Carroll, Owen L: Skerries
Carroll, Patrick L: Drumgose
Carroll, Robert L: Cavanapole
Carroll, Samuel L: Lisloony
Carroll, William L: Marrassit or College Hall
Carson, Rev. James L: Tynan
Carten, Patrick L: Shantally
Casey, James L: Derryhaw
Casey, Patrick L: Killylea
Cassells, James L: Naul
Cassidy, Francis L: Balteagh
Cassidy, James L: Balteagh
Cassidy, Philip L: Rathcumber
Cavanagh, Catherine L: Marrassit or College Hall
Cavanagh, James L: Carricklane
Cavanagh, John L: Reen
Charleton, Henry L: Killylea
Charleton, James L: Mullan
Charleton, James L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
Charleton, Rev. John H. L: Middletown
Charleton, Rev. John H. L: Middletown
Charleton, Rev. John H. L: Tullybrick
Charlton, Rev. J. H. L: Middletown
Clarke, Alexander L: Derryhaw
Clarke, Amelia L: Crearum or Fellows Hall N: Sarah and Amelia
Clarke, Amelia L: Drum
Clarke, John L: Breaghey
Clarke, Rep. John L: Derryhaw
Clarke, Robert L: Derryhaw
Clarke, Sarah L: Crearum or Fellows Hall N: Sarah and Amelia
Clarke, Sarah L: Drum
Clarke, William L: Cavanagarvan
Clarke, William L: Crearum or Fellows Hall
Clarke, William L: Drum
Clements, Jane L: Middletown
Clinton, John L: Ardgonnell
Clinton, Patrick L: Ardgonnell
Clinton, Thomas L: Ardgonnell
Connellan, Francis L: Creevekeeran
Connellan, James L: Middletown
Connellan, John L: Crann
Connellan, Loughlin L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Connery, John L: Cavanagarvan
Connolly, Bernard L: Tullybrick
Connolly, Felix L: Sheetrim
Connolly, James L: Drumgose
Connolly, John L: Doogary
Connolly, John L: Drumgose
Connolly, John L: Drummond
Connolly, Owen L: Crossdall
Connolly, Patrick L: Drumgose
Constable, George L: Turry
Coogan, Mary L: Pollnagh
Coogan, Patrick L: Pollnagh
Cooper, Francis L: Cavanagarvan
Cooper, Francis L: Drummond
Coote, Rev. David L: Knockaneagh
Corr, Francis L: Annagharap
Corr, John L: Tynan
Corr, Sarah L: Tynan
Costigan, William L: Annaghananny
Costigan, William L: Killylea
Costigan, William L: Killylea
Cox, John L: Crann
Cox, John L: Reen
Coyle, Catherine L: Middletown
Craig, Elizabeth L: Mullan
Craig, George L: Middletown
Craig, Henry L: Tullybrick
Craig, John L: Killylea
Craig, Joseph L: Derryhaw
Craig, Nathaniel L: Breaghey
Craig, Wiiliam L: Tynan
Crawford, John L: Middletown
Cross, Bridget L: Tullybrick
Cross, William L: Breaghey
Cross, William L: Darton
Cross, William L: Killylea
Cross, William L: Kiltubbrid
Cross, William L: Naul
Crowsart, William J. L: Mullan
Crozier, Andrew L: Naul
Crummy, John L: Creevekeeran
Culbert, Francis L: Marrassit or College Hall
Curry, Rep. Felix L: Clontycarty
Curry, Hugh L: Rathcumber
Curry, John L: Darton
Curry, Samuel L: Annaghananny
Curry, William L: Middletown
Daly, James L: Derryhaw
Daly, Thomas L: Doogary
Dalzell, Samuel L: Lemnagore
Davidson, James L: Ballynameta or Woodpark
Davidson, James L: Crearum or Fellows Hall
Davidson, Thomas L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
Davidson, William L: Creevekeeran
Denny, Joseph L: Tynan
Devlin, Bernard L: Marrassit or College Hall
Devlin, Patrick L: Dillay
Dewoody, Hugh L: Derryhaw
Diffin, John L: Killylea
Diffin, Robert L: Killylea
Diffin, Samuel L: Killylea
Diffin, Sarah L: Killylea
Dixon, Thomas L: Drumhillery
Dobbin, Leonard L: Lisloony
Dogherty, Eliza L: Derryhaw
Dogherty, Elizabeth L: Derryhaw
Dogherty, Sarah L: Derryhaw
Donaghey, Edward L: Middletown
Donaghey, Hugh L: Lemnagore
Donaghey, Hugh L: Tynan
Donaghy, William L: Dillay
Donaldson, James L: Derryhaw
Donaldson, Thomas L: Marrassit or College Hall
Donnelly, Anne L: Middletown
Donnelly, Arthur L: Mullanary
Donnelly, Cornelius L: Annaghananny
Donnelly, Edward L: Portnelligan
Donnelly, Francis L: Drumgose
Donnelly, Francis L: Mullanary
Donnelly, Francis L: Skerries
Donnelly, James L: Annaghananny
Donnelly, James L: Pollnagh
Donnelly, James L: Reen
Donnelly, James L: Tynan
Donnelly, James L: Unshog
Donnelly, John L: Drumgose
Donnelly, John L: Mullanary
Donnelly, Margaret L: Tullyglush
Donnelly, Patrick L: Drumahean
Donnelly, Patrick L: Drummond
Donnelly, Patrick L: Reen
Donnelly, Peter L: Middletown
Donnelly, Thomas L: Tullybrick
Doolin, John L: Middletown
Doran, Sabina L: Carricklane
Downey, Bernard L: Pollnagh
Drum, John L: Coolkill
Duffin, Robert L: Annaghananny
Duffin, Rep. Robert L: Annaghananny
Duffy, William L: Derryhaw
Edmondson, John L: Lisloony
Edmundson, Robert L: Annagh
Ellis, Rev. Thomas L: Killylea
Ewart, Matilda L: Cortynam
Falls, William L: Drummond
Farnan, John L: Mullanary
Farrell, Arthur L: Knockbane
Farrell, James L: Doogary
Feehan, Catherine L: Lisslanly
Feeney, John L: Middletown
Finegan, Patrick L: Balteagh
Finegan, Terence L: Cavanagarvan
Finlay, Robert L: Carricklane
Finlay, Robert L: Sheetrim
Finlay, Sarah L: Drumhillery
Finn, Anne L: Middletown
Finnegan, Rose L: Middletown
Flanagan, George L: Sheetrim
Flanagan, James L: Rawes
Flanagan, John L: Sheetrim
Flanagan, Patrick L: Knockbane
Flanagan, Thomas L: Drumgose
Flanaghan, James L: Cavanagarvan
Forrest, James L: Coolkill
Gaffney, Edward L: Rawes
Gaffney, John L: Carricklane
Gaffney, John L: Rawes
Gaffney, Mary L: Drumgose
Gaffney, Mary L: Reen
Gaffney, Mary L: Skerries
Gaffney, Matthew L: Rawes
Gall, James L: Ardgonnell
Gall, John L: Ardgonnell
Gallagher, Francis L: Middletown
Gallagher, Francis L: Middletown
Gallagher, Francis L: Tullybrick
Gallagher, Francis L: Tynan
Gallagher, Francis L: Tynan
Gallagher, Margaret L: Middletown
Gallagher, Sarah L: Middletown
Gallaher, Francis L: Marrassit or College Hall
Gamble, Eliza L: Derryhaw
Gamble, William L: Derryhaw
Gamble, William L: Portnelligan
Garmoney, Hugh L: Naul
Garrett, William L: Killylea
Garrett, William L: Killylea
Garvan, Samuel L: Killylea
Gaskin, William L: Tynan
Gavan, David L: Killylea
George, Acheson St. L: Ballynameta or Woodpark
Gibson, David L: Carricklane
Gibson, James L: Cortynam
Gibson, Rev. James L: Kiltubbrid
Gibson, Margaret L: Crossdall
Gibson, William L: Drummond
Giffard, Jane L: Middletown
Gillespie, George L: Annagh
Gillespie, George L: Annagharap
Gillespie, George L: Cavanapole
Gillespie, George L: Killylea
Gillespie, George L: Mullan
Gillespie, George L: Killylea
Gillespie, Hugh L: Killylea
Gillespie, Hugh L: Naul
Gillespie, Hugh L: Killylea
Gillespie, James L: Annagh
Gillespie, James L: Drum
Gillespie, John L: Annagh
Gillespie, John L: Coolkill
Gillespie, John L: Lisloony
Gillespie, John L: Manooney
Gillespie, John L: Marrassit or College Hall
Gillespie, Robert L: Cavanapole
Gillespie, Thomas L: Sheetrim
Gillespie, Walter L: Drumgolliff
Gillespie, Wiiliam L: Tynan
Gillespie, William H. L: Foyarr
Gillespie, William J. L: Annagharap
Glass, Rob Ert L: Tynan
Glass, Robert L: Coofy
Glass, Robert L: Tynan
Gleckner, John L: Balteagh
Gordan, Nixon L: Kennedies
Gordon, David L: Breaghey
Gordon, David L: Cavanapole
Gordon, David L: Killylea
Gordon, David L: Killylea
Gordon, Fanny L: Tynan
Gordon, George L: Killylea
Gordon, George L: Killylea
Gordon, James L: Breaghey
Gordon, John L: Coofy
Gordon, John L: Kennedies
Gordon, John L: Manooney
Gordon, Nixon L: Coofy
Gordon, Robert L: Middletown
Gordon, Robert L: Middletown
Gordon, Samuel L: Gortmaleg
Gordon, William L: Tynan
Gordon, William L: Tynan
Gordon, William, Jr. L: Coofy
Gordon, William, Sr. L: Coofy
Gormal, Peter L: Knockaneagh
Gorman, James L: Knockaneagh
Gorman, Joseph L: Middletown
Gormley, Arther L: Creevekeeran
Gormley, Ellen L: Rathcumber
Gormley, Felix L: Doogary
Gormley, Francis L: Reen
Gormley, James L: Corfehan
Gormley, James L: Creevekeeran
Gormley, James L: Middletown
Gormley, John L: Carricklane
Gormley, John L: Creevekeeran
Gormley, John L: Doogary
Gormley, Patrick L: Carricklane
Gormley, Patrick L: Creevekeeran
Gormley, Rose L: Creevekeeran
Graham, Daniel L: Crossdall
Graham, Hugh L: Crann
Graham, Hugh L: Reen
Graham, James L: Crann
Graham, James L: Rathcumber
Graham, James L: Middletown
Graham, John L: Crann
Graham, John L: Rathcumber
Graham, Mary L: Rathcumber
Graham, Patrick L: Crossdall
Graham, Patrick L: Glasdrummond
Gray, Alexander L: Derryhaw
Gray, Alexander L: Dillay
Gray, Anne L: Creevekeeran
Gray, Catherine L: Hanslough
Gray, Elizabeth L: Knockbane
Gray, Francis L: Ardgonnell
Gray, Francis L: Carricklane
Gray, James L: Dillay
Gray, James L: Kennedies
Gray, James L: Knockbane
Gray, John L: Knockbane
Gray, Margaret L: Killylea
Gray, Margaret L: Rathrillick
Gray, Margaret L: Middletown
Gray, Margaret L: Tullybrick
Gray, Margaret L: Killylea
Gray, Matthew L: Derryhaw
Gray, Patrick L: Knockbane
Gray, Sarah L: Ardgonnell
Gray, William L: Dillay
Greason, James L: Mullan
Greason, James L: Mullan N: Big, and Lodgers
Greason, James L: Mullan N: Little
Greason, Nathaniel L: Middletown
Greason, Nathaniel L: Middletown
Greason, Patk L: Middletown N: Lodgers
Greason, William L: Mullan
Greason, William L: Middletown
Greer, John L: Killylea
Griffin, James L: Ardgonnell
Griffin, James L: Foyduff
Griffin, James L: Shantally
Griffin, James L: Tullybrick
Gubby, Catherine, Jr. L: Skerries
Gubby, Catherine, Sr. L: Skerries
Hagan, Anne L: Middletown
Hallihan, Alice L: Drumgose
Hamill, Peter L: Doogary
Hamill, Thomas L: Doogary
Hamilton, Cornelius L: Coolkill
Hamilton, Cornelius L: Fairview, or Mucklagh
Hamilton, Cornelius L: Tullybrick
Hamilton, Cornelus L: Corfehan
Hamilton, George L: Breaghey
Hamilton, George L: Skerries
Hamilton, George, Jr. L: Crossdall
Hamilton, Henry L: Cavanapole
Hamilton, James L: Marrassit or College Hall
Hamilton, James L: Middletown
Hamilton, John L: Doogary
Hamilton, Mary L: Marrassit or College Hall
Hamilton, Robert L: Crossdall
Hamilton, Robert L: Marrassit or College Hall
Hamilton, William L: Reen
Hanlon, Antony L: Derryhaw
Hanlon, James L: Unshog
Hanlon, John L: Creevekeeran
Hanlon, John L: Tullyglush
Hanson, James L: Balteagh
Hanson, James L: Killylea
Hanson, James L: Killylea
Hanson, Jane L: Balteagh
Hanson, John L: Balteagh
Hanson, Margaret L: Killylea
Hanson, Thomas L: Balteagh
Hanthorn, George L: Mullan
Hanthorn, Joseph L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
Hanthorn, William L: Coolkill
Hanthorn, William L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
Harker, John L: Coolkill
Harris, Hugh L: Cavandoogan
Harris, Hugh L: Drumgose
Harris, Hugh L: Knockbane
Harris, Hugh L: Rathrillick
Harris, Hugh L: Unshog
Harris, Margaret L: Reen
Harvey, Francis L: Crossdall
Harvey, James L: Lemnagore
Harvey, Patrick L: Rathcumber
Harvey, Thomas L: Marrassit or College Hall
Hastings, Martha L: Derryhaw
Hastings, Mertha L: Derryhaw
Hastings, William L: Cavanagarvan
Haughey, John L: Knockbane
Hazlett, Robert L: Cavanagarvan
Heaney, James L: Clontycarty
Heaney, James L: Gortmaleg
Heaney, James L: Marrassit or College Hall
Hearson, Rose L: Kennedies
Henderson, James L: Cortynam
Henderson, John L: Derryhaw
Henderson, John L: Portnelligan
Henderson, Robert L: Derryhaw
Henderson, William L: Cortynam
Hendrens, Rev. Samuel L: Doogary
Herson, Edward L: Killylea
Hodge, Irwine L: Killylea
Hodge, Irwine L: Killylea
Hops, John L: Cavanagarvan
Houston, William L: Killylea
Howey, John L: Coolkill
Hughes, Andrew L: Annaghananny
Hughes, Andrew L: Foyarr
Hughes, Anne L: Drumgose
Hughes, Anne L: Middletown
Hughes, Arthur L: Drumgarran
Hughes, Arthur L: Rathrillick
Hughes, Bernard L: Coolkill
Hughes, Bernard L: Drumgose
Hughes, Bernard L: Middletown
Hughes, Bernard L: Tullyglush
Hughes, Bridget L: Drumgose
Hughes, Byran L: Drumgarran
Hughes, Catherine L: Foyarr
Hughes, Catherine L: Middletown
Hughes, Charles L: Killylea
Hughes, Charles L: Manooney
Hughes, Charles L: Rathcumber
Hughes, Christopher L: Rathrillick
Hughes, Cormack L: Lisslanly
Hughes, Cornelius L: Darton
Hughes, Daniel L: Knockaneagh
Hughes, Daniel L: Manooney
Hughes, Edward L: Drumgolliff N: Bawn
Hughes, Edward L: Knockbane
Hughes, Edward L: Middletown
Hughes, Edward L: Tullybrick
Hughes, Eliza L: Tullybrick
Hughes, Elizabeth L: Coolkill
Hughes, Elizabeth L: Foyduff
Hughes, Felix L: Mullan
Hughes, Felix L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
Hughes, Francis L: Annagharap
Hughes, Francis L: Reen
Hughes, Francis L: Sheetrim
Hughes, Fras. L: Reen N: Weaver
Hughes, Henry L: Middletown
Hughes, Henry, Jr. L: Shantally
Hughes, Henry, Sr. L: Shantally
Hughes, Henry B. L: Annaghananny
Hughes, James L: Cavandoogan
Hughes, James L: Doogary
Hughes, James L: Drumahean
Hughes, James L: Drumgose
Hughes, James L: Foyarr
Hughes, James L: Foyduff
Hughes, James L: Knockbane
Hughes, James L: Lisslanly
Hughes, James L: Middletown
Hughes, James L: Rathcumber
Hughes, James L: Reen N: Fedra
Hughes, James L: Reen N: Scra
Hughes, James L: Shantally
Hughes, James L: Skerries
Hughes, James L: Middletown
Hughes, James, Jr. L: Drumgarran
Hughes, Jas. L: Skerries N: Brandy
Hughes, Jno. L: Mullanary N: Phelimy
Hughes, John L: Annaghananny
Hughes, John L: Ballynameta or Woodpark
Hughes, John L: Cavanapole
Hughes, John L: Darton
Hughes, John L: Drumgarran
Hughes, John L: Drumgolliff
Hughes, John L: Drumgolliff N: Bawn
Hughes, John L: Foyduff
Hughes, John L: Foyduff N: Christy
Hughes, John L: Hanslough
Hughes, John L: Knockaneagh
Hughes, John L: Manooney
Hughes, John L: Manooney N: Ogg
Hughes, John L: Mullan
Hughes, John L: Mullanary
Hughes, John L: Mullanary N: Fad
Hughes, John L: Pollnagh
Hughes, John L: Rathrillick
Hughes, John L: Reen
Hughes, John L: Shantally
Hughes, John L: Skerries
Hughes, John L: Tullybrick
Hughes, John L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Hughes, John L: Tullyglush
Hughes, John L: Unshog
Hughes, John L: Killylea
Hughes, John, Jr. L: Lisslanly
Hughes, John, Sr. L: Lisslanly
Hughes, John H. L: Annaghananny
Hughes, Loughlin L: Knockbane
Hughes, Margaret L: Coolkill
Hughes, Margaret L: Derryhaw
Hughes, Mary L: Foyarr
Hughes, Mary L: Knockbane
Hughes, Mary L: Unshog
Hughes, Michael L: Drumgose
Hughes, Michael L: Foyduff
Hughes, Michael L: Middletown
Hughes, Michael L: Rathcumber
Hughes, Michael L: Middletown
Hughes, Owen L: Reen
Hughes, Owen L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Hughes, Patk L: Drumgose
Hughes, Patrick L: Annagh
Hughes, Patrick L: Annaghananny
Hughes, Patrick L: Annagharap
Hughes, Patrick L: Cavandoogan
Hughes, Patrick L: Drumgarran
Hughes, Patrick L: Drumgose
Hughes, Patrick L: Foyarr
Hughes, Patrick L: Foyduff N: Hackler
Hughes, Patrick L: Foyduff N: Rover
Hughes, Patrick L: Kiltubbrid
Hughes, Patrick L: Knockaneagh
Hughes, Patrick L: Mullanary
Hughes, Patrick L: Pollnagh
Hughes, Patrick L: Rathcumber
Hughes, Patrick L: Reen N: Frank
Hughes, Patrick L: Tullybrick
Hughes, Patrick L: Unshog
Hughes, Patrick, Sr. L: Drumgose
Hughes, Peter L: Annaghananny
Hughes, Peter L: Ballynameta or Woodpark
Hughes, Peter L: Clontycarty
Hughes, Peter L: Foyarr
Hughes, Robert L: Cavanapole
Hughes, Terence L: Unshog
Hughes, Theresa L: Foyduff
Hughes, Thomas L: Annaghananny
Hughes, Thomas L: Cavandoogan
Hughes, Thomas L: Drumgarran
Hughes, Thomas L: Foyarr
Hughes, Thomas L: Rathrillick N: Art
Hughes, Thomas L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Hughes, Thos. L: Rathrillick N: Phelimy
Hughes, William L: Coolkill
Hughes, William L: Middletown
Hughes, William L: Mullanary N: Hilla
Hughes, William L: Middletown
Hughes, William L: Tullybrick
Hughes, William L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Hughes, William L: Killylea
Hughes, Wm. L: Middletown N: Lodgers
Humphry, James L: Darton
Humphry, Robert L: Annaghananny
Huston, Charles T. L: Tynan
Huston, Charles T. L: Tynan
Huston, George L: Mullan
Hutchinson, Joseph L: Annaghananny
Hutton, Robert L: Cavanagarvan
Hutton, William L: Sheetrim
Irwin, David L: Balteagh
Irwin, George L: Cavanapole
Irwin, Rep. Hannah L: Balteagh
Irwin, Henry L: Dillay
Irwin, Henry L: Lissheagh or Mount Irwin
Irwin, Ms. L: Middletown
Irwin, Ms. L: Tullybrick
Irwin, William L: Cavandoogan
Irwin, William L: Middletown
Irwin, William L: Tullybrick
Irwin, William L: Killylea
Jameson, John L: Naul
Johnson, William L: Middletown
Johnston, Alexander L: Cavanapole
Johnston, Eliza L: Killylea
Johnston, Elizabeth L: Derryhaw
Johnston, Harriet A. L: Middletown
Johnston, Harriet A. L: Middletown
Johnston, James L: Middletown
Johnston, James L: Middletown
Johnston, James L: Tullybrick
Johnston, John L: Balteagh
Johnston, John L: Cavandoogan
Johnston, Matthew L: Middletown
Johnston, Matthew L: Rathrillick
Johnston, Matthew L: Middletown
Johnston, Matthew L: Tullybrick
Johnston, Robert L: Derryhaw
Johnston, Thomas L: Derryhaw
Johnston, William L: Cavanapole
Johnston, William L: Doogary
Johnstone, John L: Coofy
Judge, Benjamin L: Derryhaw
Judge, James L: Derryhaw
Kane, John L: Creevekeeran
Kane, John L: Tullyglush
Kane, Joseph L: Tullyglush
Kane, Robert L: Lemnagore
Kane, Samuel L: Tullyglush
Kane, Thomas L: Annagh
Kane, Thomas L: Rawes
Kane, Thomas L: Tullyglush
Kean, Charles L: Cavanagarvan
Kean, John L: Cavanagarvan
Kean, John L: Cortynam
Keary, John L: Cortynam
Keenan, Hugh L: Middletown
Keenan, John L: Drum
Keenan, William L: Cavanagarvan
Kelly, Anne L: Skerries
Kelly, Catherine L: Skerries
Kelly, Christopher L: Creevekeeran
Kelly, Daniel L: Rawes
Kelly, Ellen L: Skerries
Kelly, Francis L: Knockbane
Kelly, Francis L: Skerries
Kelly, Hugh L: Knockbane
Kelly, James L: Cavandoogan
Kelly, John L: Killylea
Kelly, John, Jr. L: Knockbane
Kelly, John, Sr. L: Knockbane
Kelly, Mary L: Skerries
Kelly, Michael L: Ardgonnell
Kelly, Nicholas L: Hanslough
Kelly, Nicholas L: Mullanary
Kelly, Peter, Sr. L: Skerries
Kelly, William L: Drummond
Kelty, John L: Lemnagore
Kennan, William L: Drummond
Kennedy, John L: Clontycarty
Kennedy, John L: Kiltubbrid
Kennedy, Nathaniel L: Tullyglush
Kennedy, Thomas L: Cavanapole
Kennedy, William L: Creevekeeran
Kennedy, William L: Tullyglush
Kerner, James L: Killylea
Kerr, Mary L: Cavanapole
Kerr, Thomas L: Breaghey
Kidd, Catherine L: Cavanagarvan
Kilpatrick, Matthew L: Kiltubbrid
King, Rose L: Skerries
Kingsmill, Joseph L: Cavanagarvan
Kingston, Mary L: Middletown
Kinnear, William L: Cavanagarvan
Kinnear, William L: Drummond
Kirby, John L: Cavanagarvan
Kirby, John L: Creevekeeran
Kirby, Michael L: Cavanagarvan
Kirker, Anne L: Tynan
Kirker, Thomas L: Tynan
Kirker, Thomas L: Tynan
Knipe, Robert L: Crearum or Fellows Hall
Knipe, Robert L: Drum
Knipe, Robert L: Naul
Knowles, John L: Cavandoogan
Lackey, Michael L: Cortynam
Lannon, Catherine L: Carricklane
Lappan, James L: Shantally
Lappan, John L: Crann
Lappan, John L: Shantally
Lappin, Mary L: Drumgarran
Lappin, Mary L: Rathrillick
Lavell, John L: Tynan
Laverty, Joseph L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Laverty, Margaret L: Middletown
Lawson, James L: Breaghey
Lawson, James L: Breaghey N: Lodgers
Lee, Francis L: Marrassit or College Hall
Lee, Margaret L: Middletown
Lee, William L: Drumgolliff
Leech, John L: Tullybrick
Lemon, Rep. William L: Derryhaw
Lenahan, Susan L: Middletown
Lennon, James L: Darton
Levingston, William L: Marrassit or College Hall
Levingston, William, Sr. L: Kennedies
Lewers, Margaret L: Middletown
Leyburn, Robert L: Glasdrummond
Leyburn, Thomas L: Crann
Leyburn, Thomas L: Glasdrummond
Leyburne, James L: Cavanagarvan
Little, James L: Breaghey
Little, William L: Breaghey
Livingston, William L: Coofy
Livingston, William, Jr. L: Kennedies
Lochrane, Edward L: Middletown
Lochrane, Edward L: Middletown
Lochrane, Edward L: Tullybrick
Loughead, Timothy L: Pollnagh
Loughlin, Terence L: Foyarr
Loughrane, Edward L: Lemnagore
Loughrane, Edward L: Sheetrim
Loughrane, James L: Carricklane
Loughrane, James L: Sheetrim
Loughrane, Judith L: Sheetrim
Loughrane, Owen L: Carricklane
Loughrane, Patrick L: Carricklane
Lynch, Philip L: Drummond
Lyons, Francis L: Cavanapole
Lyster, Anne Jane L: Pollnagh
Lyster, Matilda L: Pollnagh
Lyster, Thomas L: Pollnagh
Lyster, William L: Pollnagh
Macauley, Rev. James L: Drumhillery
Mackay, John L: Middletown
Macklem, Margaret L: Tullybrick
Macklin, Ellen L: Rawes
Maclean, Rev. William L: Enagh
Maclom, Robert L: Crann
Magee, Catherine L: Derryhaw
Magee, Edward L: Mullan
Magee, Isabella L: Knockaneagh
Magee, James L: Middletown
Magee, James L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Magee, Mary L: Pollnagh
Magee, Michael L: Knockbane
Magee, Owen L: Knockbane
Magee, Patrick L: Clontycarty
Magee, Williiam L: Cortynam
Maghery, Henry L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Magill, Samuel L: Middletown
Magill, Samuel L: Shantally
Magill, Samuel L: Middletown
Magrath, John L: Coofy
Magrath, John L: Kennedies
Magrath, John L: Tynan
Maguire, James L: Reen
Maguire, John L: Unshog
Magwood, James L: Cavanagarvan
Mahon, James L: Killylea
Mallen, Bernard L: Annaghananny
Mallen, Owen L: Manooney
Mallon, Francis L: Lisslanly
Mallon, Francis L: Mullanary
Mallon, Henry L: Lisslanly
Mallon, Hugh L: Knockaneagh
Mallon, James L: Drumahean
Mallon, James L: Knockaneagh
Mallon, Michael L: Lisslanly
Mallon, Patrick L: Balteagh
Mallon, Patrick L: Doogary
Mallon, Patrick L: Lisslanly
Mallon, Patrick L: Middletown
Mallon, Robert L: Carricklane
Mallon, Rose L: Balteagh
Mallon, Thomas L: Carricklane
Malone, Mary L: Manooney
Malone, Rose L: Derryhaw
Marshall, Francis L: Cortynam
Marshall, Joseph L: Tynan
Marshall, Richard L: Gortmaleg
Marshall, Thomas, Jr. L: Drumgolliff
Marshall, Thomas, Sr. L: Drumgolliff
Martin, Ellen L: Ardgonnell
Martin, William L: Ardgonnell
Matthews, John L: Kiltubbrid
Matthews, John L: Mullan
Matthews, John L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
Maxwell, John L: Cavanagarvan
Maxwell, John L: Rawes
McAdam, Thomas L: Derryhaw
McAleavy, Arthur L: Sheetrim
McAleavy, James L: Rawes
McAleavy, James L: Sheetrim
McAlevy, James L: Breaghey
McAlister, Francis L: Kennedies
McAllister, Francis L: Darton
McAllister, James L: Dillay
McAnally, Anne L: Middletown
McAnally, Anne L: Middletown
McAnally, Catherine L: Middletown
Mcanally, James L: Ardgonnell
McAnally, John L: Kiltubbrid
McAnally, John L: Sheetrim
McAnally, Michael L: Skerries
McAnally, Patrick L: Skerries
McAnaspie, Edward L: Coolkill
McArdle, Bernard L: Mullanary
McArdle, Francis L: Reen
McArdle, John L: Reen
McArdle, John L: Reen N: Blacksmith
McArdle, Patrick L: Middletown
McArdle, Patrick L: Middletown
McArdle, Rose L: Mullanary
McArdle Blacksmith, John L: Mullanary
McAree, James L: Enagh
McAree, James L: Lisloony
McAree, James L: Manooney
McAree, James L: Tynan
McAree, John L: Enagh
McAree, William L: Marrassit or College Hall
McAtavey, James L: Crossdall
McAtavey, Michael L: Crossdall
McAtee, Patrick L: Drumgose
McAteer, John L: Creevekeeran
McBennett, Anne L: Crossdall
McBennett, Christopher L: Crossdall
McBennett, Edward L: Crossdall
McBennett, James L: Middletown
McBennett, James L: Tullybrick
McBride, George L: Drummond
McBride, John L: Tullybrick
McBride, John L: Unshog
McBride, Martha L: Crann
McBride, Mary L: Drummond
McCaffrey, Barthw. L: Manooney
McCaffrey, James L: Manooney
McCahey, Charles L: Tullybrick
McCann, Joseph L: Derryhaw
McCanna, Anne L: Kennedies
McCarran, Patrick L: Tullybrick
McCarron, James L: Middletown
McCarron, James L: Middletown
McCarron, John L: Middletown
McCarron, Margaret L: Glasdrummond
McCarron, Thomas L: Drumgose
McCarte, John L: Killylea
McCartney, Anne L: Killylea
McChesney, William L: Killylea
McClatchy, Patrick L: Balteagh
McCleland, Anne L: Cavanapole
McCleland, James L: Mullan
McCleland, John L: Middletown
McCleland, Joseph L: Drumgose
McCleland, Joseph L: Skerries
McCleland, Thomas L: Carricklane
McClelland, John L: Tullybrick
McClelland, William L: Drumgose
McClintock, George L: Crearum or Fellows Hall
McClintock, George L: Naul
McClure, James L: Pollnagh
McCluskey, Hugh L: Cavanapole
McCluskey, John L: Cavanapole
McCluskey, Rose L: Middletown
McCluskey, Rose L: Tullybrick
McClusky, Abraham L: Kiltubbrid
McComb, James L: Middletown
McCombs, Thomas L: Tullybrick
McConn, Mary L: Cavanapole
McConn, William L: Doogary
McConnell, James L: Crann
McConnell, James L: Middletown
McCormack, Alexander L: Breaghey
McCormack, James L: Breaghey
McCormack, James L: Derryhaw
McCormack, John L: Doogary
McCormack, Robert L: Breaghey
McCormack, William L: Tynan
McCorran, James L: Tullybrick
McCourt, Alice L: Drumgarran
McCourt, Anne L: Middletown
McCourt, James L: Drumgarran
McCourt, Mary L: Drumgose
McCourt, Patrick L: Drumgarran
McCourt, Thomas L: Drumgarran
McCourt, Thomas L: Mullanary
McCoy, Anne L: Doogary
McCoy, John L: Doogary
McCrea, John L: Drummond
McCreery, Robert L: Killylea
McCrum, James L: Drummond
McCrum, Martha L: Cavanagarvan
McCrum, Thomas L: Cavanagarvan
McCullagh, Rev. Andw. L: Foyarr
McCullagh, Francis L: Drummond
Mccullagh, Rebecca L: Breaghey
McCullagh, Rose L: Drummond
McCusker, Daniel L: Derryhaw
McDermott, Michael L: Drumgose
McDonell, Francis L: Doogary
McDonnell, Felix L: Carricklane
McDonnell, Patrick L: Carricklane
McElheran, John L: Middletown
McEntyre, Peter L: Unshog
McGahan, James L: Darton
McGahan, William L: Foyarr
McGarry, James L: Crann
McGarvey, James L: Middletown
McGarvey, James L: Middletown
McGarvey, Joseph L: Derryhaw
McGarvey, Patrick L: Unshog
McGarvie, William L: Killylea
McGervey, William L: Killylea
McGlone, John L: Coolkill
McGlone, John L: Middletown
McGlone, John L: Middletown
McGoldrick, William L: Marrassit or College Hall
McGonnell, James L: Rawes
McGonnell, John L: Rawes
McGrane, James L: Derryhaw
McGrath, John L: Marrassit or College Hall
McGrath, John L: Tynan
McGronan, Catherine L: Foyduff
McGuigan, Anne L: Crossdall
McGuigan, Edward L: Crossdall
McGuigan, Felix L: Crossdall
McGuigan, Francis, Jr. L: Crossdall
McGuigan, Fras, Sr. L: Crossdall
McGuigan, Mark L: Crossdall
McGuigan, Patrick L: Crossdall
McGuigan, Thomas L: Knockbane
McGuinness, James L: Annaghananny
McGuirk, Hugh L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
McGuirk, John L: Annagharap
McIiroy, Rep. Edward L: Annagharap
McIiroy, Patrick L: Annagh
McKearney, Bridget L: Crossdall
McKearney, Daniel L: Crann
McKearney, David L: Crossdall
McKearney, James L: Crossdall
McKearney, John L: Drumgose
McKearney, Patrick L: Coolkill
McKearney, Peter L: Drumgose
McKearney, Thomas L: Crossdall
McKee, John L: Cavanagarvan
McKeever, Chas L: Reen N: Jno. and Chas
McKeever, Jane L: Reen
McKeever, Jno. L: Reen N: Jno. and Chas
McKeever, Owen L: Mullanary
McKeever, Owen L: Reen
McKeever, Patrick L: Drumgarran
McKeever, Patrick L: Mullanary
McKeirnan, Charles L: Drumahean
McKeirnan, Elizabeth L: Drumahean
McKeirnan, Fras, Jr. L: Drumahean
McKeirnan, Fras, Sr. L: Drumahean
McKeirnan, Henry L: Drumahean
McKeirnan, John L: Crann
McKeirnan, John L: Drumahean
McKeirnan, Peter L: Drumahean
McKenna, Bernard L: Doogary
McKenna, Charles L: Middletown
McKenna, Constantine L: Sheetrim
McKenna, Francis L: Sheetrim
McKenna, James L: Coolkill
McKenna, James L: Doogary
McKenna, James L: Drummond
McKenna, John L: Killylea
McKenna, Rep. Owen L: Balteagh
McKenna, Patrick L: Drumgolliff
McKenna, Peter L: Sheetrim
McKenna, William L: Derryhaw
McKeon, Catherine L: Killylea
McKeon, Edward L: Rawes
McKeon, Ellen L: Rawes
McKeon, Felix L: Tullyglush
McKeon, James L: Tullyglush
McKeon, Patrick L: Drumgose
McKeon, Patrick L: Middletown
McKeown, Catherine L: Killylea
McKeown, Eliza L: Annaghananny
McKeown, John L: Middletown
McKeown, Robert L: Annagharap
McKernan, John L: Mullanary
McKernan, Peter L: Mullanary
McKerney, Mary L: Middletown
McKiernan, Mary L: Knockbane
McKillip, James L: Derryhaw
McKnight, William L: Drum
McLoughlin, Thomas L: Tullybrick
McMaster, William L: Annagh
McMaster, William L: Annagharap
McMaster, William L: Ardgonnell
McMaster, William L: Drumgolliff
McMaster, William L: Fairview or Mucklagh
McMaster, William L: Foyarr
McMaster, William L: Lemnagore
McMaster, William J. L: Marrassit or College Hall
McMenamy, William L: Annaghananny
McMullan, Francis L: Crossdall
McMullan, Michael L: Crossdall
McNally, Francis L: Derryhaw
McNally, Francis L: Knockbane
McNamee, John L: Cavandoogan
McNamee, John L: Middletown
McNamee, John L: Rathrillick
McNamee, John L: Middletown
McNamee, John L: Tullybrick
McNaughten, Elizabeth L: Rawes
McNaughten, Ellen L: Drumgose
McNaughten, Ellen L: Skerries
McNaughten, Patrick L: Carricklane
McNaughten, Peter L: Rawes
McNaughten, Peter L: Skerries
McNaughten, Thomas L: Drumgose
McNea, William L: Marrassit or College Hall
McParlan, Matthew L: Cavandoogan
McParlan, Michael L: Middletown
McParland, Mary L: Middletown
McQuade, Bernard L: Annagharap
McQuaid, Bernard L: Annagh
McQuaid, Bernard L: Turry
McQuaid, Hugh L: Manooney
McQuaid, James L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
McQuaid, William L: Kennedies
McTominey, Francis L: Knockaneagh
McVeigh, John L: Annagh
McWade, Anne L: Coolkill
McWhirter, John L: Middletown
Menary, John L: Derryhaw
Menary, John L: Knockaneagh
Miller, William L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Milligan, Alexander L: Killylea
Mills, Andrew L: Tynan
Mills, John L: Tynan
Mills, Joseph L: Tynan
Mitchell, George L: Drumhillery
Mitchell, Hamilton L: Crann
Mitchell, James, Jr. L: Drumhillery
Mitchell, James, Sr. L: Drumhillery
Mitchell, John L: Sheetrim
Mitchell, Robert L: Reen
Mitchell, Samuel L: Darton
Mitchell, William L: Sheetrim
Monaghan, Patrick L: Breaghey
Monahan, James L: Knockbane
Monahan, Richard L: Manooney
Montgomery, William L: Killylea
Moon, Susan L: Lisslanly
Mooney, Francis L: Crossdall
Mooney, James L: Drummond
Mooney, John L: Doogary
Mooney, John L: Rathcumber
Mooney, Owen L: Crossdall
Mooney, Patrick L: Crossdall
Mooney, Patrick, Jr. L: Crossdall
Mooney, Peter L: Rathcumber
Mooney, Rose L: Crossdall
Mooney, William L: Balteagh
Moore, Anne L: Foyarr
Moore, George L: Foyarr
Moore, Sarah L: Killylea
Morgan, Philip L: Glasdrummond
Morrison, Frances L: Drumgose
Morrison, James L: Kiltubbrid
Morrison, Jane L: Kiltubbrid
Morrison, John L: Lemnagore
Morrison, Moore L: Lemnagore
Morrison, Moore L: Tynan
Morrow, Hugh L: Annagh
Morrow, Hugh L: Annagharap
Morrow, Joseph L: Kennedies
Morton, David L: Manooney
Morton, Thomas L: Killylea
Mryers, Richard L: Tullybrick
Muldoon, John L: Ballynameta or Woodpark
Mullan, Charles L: Middletown
Mullan, James, Jr. L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
Mullan, James, Sr. L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
Mullan, John L: Doogary
Mullan, Patrick L: Darton
Mulligan, Alexander L: Killylea
Murphy, Francis L: Derryhaw
Murphy, Francis L: Lisloony
Murphy, James L: Clontycarty
Murphy, John L: Middletown
Murphy, Mary L: Ardgonnell
Murphy, Rose L: Middletown
Murray, Bernard L: Rawes
Murray, Catherine L: Sheetrim
Murray, John L: Carricklane
Murray, John L: Rawes
Murray, Mary L: Ardgonnell
Murray, Patrick L: Drumgose
Murtagh, Arthur L: Derryhaw
Murtagh, Connor L: Derryhaw
Murtagh, James L: Derryhaw
Murtagh, James, Jr. L: Derryhaw
Murtagh, James, Sr. L: Derryhaw
Murtagh, John L: Portnelligan
Murtagh, Patrick L: Portnelligan
Myers, Patrick L: Rathrillick
Myers, Richard L: Middletown
Myers, Richard L: Middletown
Myers, Richard L: Tullybrick
Neill, Catherine L: Skerries
Neville, James L: Cavanapole
Neville, Martha L: Breaghey
Neville, William L: Middletown
Nevin, James L: Middletown
Norton, Alice L: Naul
Nugent, John L: Annaghananny
O'Brien, Edward L: Crossdall
O'Hara, Henry L: Drumgose
Oliver, Eliza L: Derryhaw
Oliver, James L: Killylea
Oliver, Joseph L: Middletown
Oliver, Martha L: Killylea
Oliver, Thomas L: Sheetrim
O'Neill, Catherine L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
O'Neill, Charles L: Annagh
O'Neill, John L: Annagharap
O'Neill, John L: Knockbane
O'Neill, Margaret L: Killylea
O'Neill, Owen L: Cavandoogan
Orr, Thomas L: Tynan
Painter, John L: Balteagh
Parkes, Elizabeth L: Carricklane
Parkes, John L: Foyduff
Parkes, Robert L: Carricklane
Parks, George L: Crossdall
Parks, George L: Knockbane
Parks, James L: Crossdall
Parks, Thomas L: Ardgonnell
Patten, Jane L: Killylea
Patton, James L: Middletown
Patton, James L: Tullybrick
Peebles, James L: Naul
Peebles, William L: Derryhaw
Peel, John L: Kennedies
Piper, Hugh L: Cortynam
Porsnett, John L: Kennedies
Potter, Robert L: Skerries
Prentice, John L: Killylea
Prentice, John L: Killylea
Prentice, Joseph L: Killylea
Prentice, Joseph L: Killylea
Purdy, Catherine L: Cavandoogan
Purdy, Catherine L: Middletown
Purdy, Catherine L: Middletown
Purdy, Catherine L: Tullybrick
Quinn, John L: Marrassit or College Hall
Quinn, Mary L: Hanslough
Quinn, Patrick L: Annagh
Quinn, Rev. William L: Cavandoogan
Quinn, Rev. William L: Middletown
Quinn, Rev. William L: Shantally
Rafferty, John L: Cavanagarvan
Raw, Catherine L: Derryhaw
Read, Anne L: Balteagh
Read, Jane L: Balteagh
Read, John L: Derryhaw
Reddick, Richard L: Glasdrummond
Reid, Wilson L: Rawes
Reilly, Bridget L: Lemnagore
Reilly, Ellen L: Hanslough
Reilly, Henry L: Gortmaleg
Reilly, James L: Lemnagore
Reilly, John L: Middletown
Reilly, Patrick L: Reen
Rice, James L: Doogary
Rice, William L: Derryhaw
Richie, Thomas L: Annagh
Riddle, Mary L: Knockaneagh
Roberts, William L: Middletown
Roberts, William L: Tullybrick
Robertson, James L: Tynan
Robertson, John L: Balteagh
Robinson, David L: Cavanagarvan
Robinson, James L: Tynan
Robinson, Robert L: Cortynam
Robinson, William L: Cortynam
Rogers, Alex, Jr. L: Cavanagarvan
Rogers, Alexander, Sr. L: Cavanagarvan
Rogers, Eliza L: Gortmaleg
Rogers, George L: Cavanagarvan
Rogers, George L: Sheetrim
Rogers, Patrick L: Carricklane
Rogers, Peter L: Knockbane
Rolestone, Robert L: Shantally
Rolestone, Robert L: Middletown
Rolestone, Robert L: Tullybrick
Rollstone, John L: Annaghananny
Rollstone, John L: Pollnagh
Rollstone, William L: Pollnagh
Ronahan, Thomas L: Rathcumber
Rush, John L: Hanslough
Rush, Peter L: Tullyglush (Nevin)
Russell, William L: Doogary
Russell, William L: Kiltubbrid
Sally, Patrick L: Middletown
Scott, Alexander L: Ballynameta or Woodpark
Scott, David L: Ballynameta or Woodpark
Scott, David L: Cavanapole
Scott, John L: Killylea
Scott, Thomas L: Derryhaw
Scriven, John E. L: Coolkill
Scriven, John E. L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Scroggy, George L: Middletown
Scroggy, John L: Cortynam
Sheilds, James L: Cavandoogan
Sherdian, William L: Middletown
Sherry, James L: Unshog
Sherry, Owen L: Foyduff
Short, James L: Derryhaw
Simaton, Dorothea L: Killylea
Simpson, Bernard L: Annagh
Simpson, Bernard L: Annagharap
Simpson, Jane L: Derryhaw
Simpson, John L: Cortynam
Simpson, William L: Cortynam
Slator, James, Jr. L: Tynan
Slator, James, Sr. L: Tynan
Slevin, Michael L: Rawes
Smith, Erasmus L: Tynan
Smith, Hugh L: Drummond
Smith, James L: Drummond
Smith, Peter L: Middletown
Smith, William L: Drummond
Steel, Anne L: Naul
Steel, John L: Derryhaw
Sterne, Bishop L: Tullybrick
Stevenson, Thomas L: Killylea
Stewart, Eleanor L: Derryhaw
Stewart, Ellen L: Skerries
Stewart, John L: Foyduff
Stewart, Joseph L: Sheetrim
Stewart, Peter L: Derryhaw
Stewart, Robert L: Balteagh
Stewart, Robert L: Hanslough
Stewart, Thomas L: Crann
Stitt, Mary L: Middletown
Stitt, Sarah L: Tynan
Stitt, William L: Coofy
Stitt, William L: Marrassit or College Hall
Stitt, William L: Tynan
Strahan, Thomas L: Sheetrim
Stringer, Elizabeth L: Lemnagore
Stringer, John L: Breaghey
Stronge, Sir Jas. L: Island Spa
Stronge, Jas. M. L: Coofy
Stronge, Baronet Jas M. L: Coolkill
Stronge, Sir Jas. M. L: Coolkill
Stronge, Baronet Jas M. L: Corfehan
Stronge, Baronet Jas. M. L: Corfehan
Stronge, Baronet Jas. M. L: Crearum or Fellows Hall
Stronge, Sir Jas. M. L: Drum
Stronge, Jas. M. L: Fairview or Mucklagh
Stronge, Jas. M. L: Lemnagore
Stronge, Jas. M. L: Tynan
Stronge, Sir Jas. M. L: Tynan
Sturgeon, Jane L: Cavanagarvan
Teacy, George L: Cavanagarvan
Teacy, John L: Cavanagarvan
Tenison, Thomas J. L: Derryhaw
Tenison, Thomas J. L: Portnelligan
Thornton, John L: Doogary
Todd, Francis L: Cavanapole
Todd, Samuel L: Carricklane
Tottenham, Rev. Geo. L: Tynan
Tottenham, Rev. Geo L: Tynan
Trainor, Catherine L: Manooney
Trainor, Mary L: Killylea
Traynor, Francis L: Derryhaw
Traynor, Francis L: Derryhaw N: Big
Traynor, Francis L: Glasdrummond
Traynor, Francis, Jr. L: Derryhaw
Traynor, Fras. L: Derryhaw N: Big
Traynor, John L: Glasdrummond
Traynor, John, Jr. L: Derryhaw
Traynor, John, Sr. L: Derryhaw
Traynor, Mary L: Dillay
Traynor, Patrick L: Cortynam
Traynor, Patrick L: Crann
Traynor, Patrick L: Middletown
Treanor, James L: Pollnagh
Trimble, Robert L: Annaghananny
Twinam, John L: Balteagh
Twinan, Sarah L: Derryhaw
Vallelly, Michael L: Crossdall
Vallely, James L: Middletown
Vallely, James L: Tullybrick
Vallely, Mary L: Middletown
Vallely, Owen L: Cavandoogan
Vallely, Owen L: Middletown
Vallely, Owen L: Tullybrick
Verner, Robert L: Killylea
Vogan, Robert L: Cavandoogan
Vogan, Robert L: Foyduff
Vogan, Robert L: Middletown
Vogan, Robert L: Middletown
Vogan, Thomas L: Naul
Wallace, James L: Knockaneagh
Walsh, Edward L: Manooney
Ward, Alice L: Knockbane
Ward, Edward L: Knockbane
Ward, James L: Derryhaw
Ward, John L: Manooney
Ward, Michael L: Cavanagarvan
Ward, Michael L: Sheetrim
Ward, Oliver L: Balteagh
Ward, Patrick L: Knockbane
Warnock, Daniel L: Mullanary
Watson, John L: Killylea
Watson, John L: Killylea
White, Hugh L: Cortynam
White, Rev. Thomas L: Shantally
White, Rev. Thomas L: Tullybrick
Whitelock, George L: Pollnagh
Wiley, Isaac L: Killylea
Wiley, William L: Drumgolliff
Williamson, Catherine L: Balteagh
Wilson, Adam L: Killylea
Wilson, Alexander, Jr. L: Kennedies
Wilson, Alexander, Sr. L: Kennedies
Wilson, George L: Coofy
Wilson, George L: Rathcumber
Wilson, Henry L: Ballynameta or Woodpark
Wilson, Hugh L: Drummond
Wilson, James L: Cavanagarvan
Wilson, James L: Kennedies
Wilson, James L: Knockaneagh
Wilson, John L: Hanslough
Wilson, John L: Pollnagh
Wilson, John L: Rawes
Wilson, Joseph L: Knockaneagh
Wilson, Richard L: Drumahean
Wilson, Richard L: Rawes
Wilson, Samuel L: Cavanagarvan
Wilson, Thomas L: Drumgolliff
Wilson, Thomas L: Drummond
Wilson, William L: Carricklane
Wilson, William L: Cortynam
Wilson, William L: Killylea
Wilson, William L: Rawes
Wilson, William L: Tynan
Woods, Archibald L: Cavanapole
Woods, Arthur L: Middletown
Woods, Arthur L: Middletown
Woods, Bernard L: Tullybrick, Etra or Bondville
Woods, John L: Rathrillick
Woods, Mary L: Balteagh
Woods, William L: Killylea
Wright, David L: Coofy
Wright, George L: Crann
Wright, George L: Foyduff
Wright, John L: Crann
Wright, Margaret L: Cavandoogan
Wright, Margaret L: Doogary
Wright, Margaret L: Middletown
Wright, William L: Foyduff
Wylie, Thomas L: Pollnagh

Click for map of civil parishes in county Armagh

Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan