Griffiths Valuation: Derrynoose Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Derrynoose Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Derrynoose parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Derrynoose Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Derrynoose Parish, Co. Armagh

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You should also check the records of Derrynoose parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Agnew, Francis, Jr. L: Fergort
Agnew, Francis, Sr. L: Fergort
Agnew, James L: Drumacanver
Agnew, Robert L: Knockrevan
Agnew, Robert L: Lisdrumbrughas
Agnew, Thomas L: Lisdrumbrughas
Agnew, William L: Drumgreenagh
Agnew, William L: Mowillin
Alexander, Samuel L: Drumacanver
Anderson, James L: Derryhennet
Anderson, John L: Maddan
Anderson, Joseph L: Lissagally
Anderson, Robert L: Lissagally
Archer, John L: Cormeen
Armstrong, Andrew L: Brootally
Armstrong, George L: Knockrevan
Armstrong, Jane L: Brootally
Armstrong, Jane L: Kilcreevy Etra
Armstrong, John L: Camagh
Armstrong, John L: Killyreavy
Armstrong, John L: Mowillin
Armstrong, Matthew L: Drumacanver
Armstrong, Samuel L: Camagh
Armstrong, Sarah L: Drumhirk
Baird, George L: Carryhugh
Baird, James L: Killyreavy
Barker, Bernard L: Fergort
Barker, Bernard L: Tullyhirm
Barker, James L: Fergort
Barker, Thomas L: Fergort
Barker, Thomas L: Rowan
Barns, Samuel L: Dernalea
Barr, John L: Drummeland
Barrett, John L: Drumgreenagh
Beard, Mary Jane L: Cargalisgorran
Beatty, Margaret L: Lisdrumbrughas
Bell, John L: Cormeen
Berry, Benjamin L: Cormeen
Berry, Benjamin L: Lissagally
Berry, Elizabeth L: Cormeen
Berry, William L: Cormeen
Berry, William L: Lissagally
Birney, Hugh L: Roughan
Blair, James L: Mowillin
Blair, Thomas L: Drumhirk
Bole, Anne L: Drumgar
Bourke, John L: Tullycallidy
Boyd, Alexander L: Roughan
Boyd, David L: Derryhennet
Bradley, James L: Mowillin
Bradner, Thomas L: Killyreavy
Bradner, William L: Killyreavy
Bradshaw, Thomas L: Maddan
Branigan, Edward L: Tullycallidy
Brannigan, Patrick L: Carryhugh
Bratty, John L: Killyreavy
Brennan, Alice L: Carrickabolie
Brennan, Denis L: Crossbane
Brennan, Francis L: Tirnacree
Brennan, John L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Brennan, Philip L: Tirnacree
Brennan, Thomas L: Crossbane
Brians, Alicia L: Tirnacree
Briggs, William L: Carryhugh
Brooke, George L: Drumhirk
Brown, Catherine Anne L: Knockrevan
Brown, John L: Camagh
Brown, John L: Derryhennet
Brown, William L: Ballynagolan
Brown, William L: Knockrevan
Browne, James L: Killyreavy
Browne, John L: Killyreavy
Browne, Robert L: Kilcreevy Otra
Browne, William L: Ballynagolan
Browne, William L: Lisdrumbrughas
Browne, William, Jr. L: Lisdrumbrughas
Browne, William, Sr. L: Lisdrumbrughas
Bryan, John L: Drumhirk
Bryans, Edward L: Tullyhirm
Caher, Patrick L: Rowan
Callaghan, Anne L: Carrickabolie
Callaghan, Bridget L: Rowan
Callaghan, James L: Carrickabolie
Callaghan, Michael L: Carrickabolie
Callaghan, Owen L: Mullyard
Callan, Catherine L: Drumherney
Callan, Charles L: Drumherney
Callan, Francis L: Drumherney
Callan, Terence L: Drumherney
Campbell, Abraham L: Camagh N: Baker
Campbell, Alexander L: Camagh
Campbell, Andrew L: Tirnacree
Campbell, Bernard L: Camagh
Campbell, Elizabeth L: Knockrevan
Campbell, George L: Carryhugh
Campbell, George L: Derryhennet
Campbell, Henry L: Cargalisgorran
Campbell, Henry L: Tirnacree
Campbell, James L: Camagh
Campbell, James L: Derryhennet
Campbell, John L: Rowan
Campbell, Mary L: Derryhennet
Campbell, Mary Anne L: Camagh
Campbell, Mary Jane L: Derryhennet
Campbell, Michael L: Camagh
Campbell, Michael L: Cargalisgorran
Campbell, Samuel L: Killyreavy
Campbell, Thomas L: Cargalisgorran
Caragher, Margaret L: Carrickabolie
Carberry, James L: Tullyhirm
Carragher, James L: Listarkelt
Carrigan, Patrick L: Crossbane
Carson, Rep. Robert L: Lisdrumbrughas
Carson, Sarah L: Maddan
Carson, Simon L: Maghery Kilcrany N: Smith
Carson, Thomas L: Ballynagolan
Cashelly, Anne L: Maddan
Cashelly, Peter L: Maddan
Cassidy, Thomas L: Drumhirk
Cassley, Alice L: Listarkelt
Cassley, Edward L: Listarkelt
Cassley, Laurence L: Drumherney
Clark, John L: Brootally
Clarke, Anne L: Crossbane
Clarke, Bernard L: Crossbane
Clarke, James L: Crossbane
Clarke, Margaret L: Crossbane
Clarke, Michael L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Clarke, Patrick L: Listarkelt
Clarke, Patrick L: Tullyhirm
Clarke Jas, Michael L: Crossbane
Clarke Pat, Michael L: Crossbane
Clements, Arthur L: Drumacanver
Clements, John L: Tamlaght
Clements, Joseph L: Drumacanver
Clogher, Andrew L: Cormeen
Clogher, John L: Cormeen
Clogher, William L: Cormeen
Clogher, William L: Tullycallidy
Close, Maxwell L: Kilcreevy Etra
Close, Maxwell L: Knockrevan
Cohrane, Thomas L: Roughan
Collins, Francis L: Drumgar
Connelly, Arthur L: Carrickabolie
Connolly, Edward L: Drummeland
Connolly, Francis L: Mullyard
Connolly, James L: Tamlaght
Conway, Andrew L: Carryhugh
Copelton, Robert L: Camagh
Corr, John L: Camagh
Corrigan, James L: Rowan
Corrigan, Patrick L: Drumnahavil
Corrigan, Patrick, Sr. L: Mullyard
Corrigan, Thomas L: Mullyard
Courser, David L: Knockrevan
Courser, John L: Carryhugh
Couser, William L: Maghery Kilcrany
Cown, Michael L: Drummeland
Craig, Andrew L: Knockrevan
Crawford, Andrew J. L: Cargalisgorran
Crawford, Andrew J. L: Carrickabolie
Crawford, Andrew J. L: Crossbane
Crawford, Andrew J. L: Drummeland
Crawford, Andrew J. L: Drumnahavil
Crawford, Andrew J. L: Fergort
Crawford, Andrew J. L: Listarkelt
Crawford, Andrew J. L: Mullyard
Crawford, Andrew J. L: Rowan
Crawford, Andrew J. L: Tivnacree
Cross, Richard L: Derryhennet
Crummey, Edward L: Tamlaght
Crummey, James L: Tamlaght
Crummey, John L: Tamlaght
Cunningham, Bernard L: Camagh
Curry, Bernard L: Kilcreevy Etra
Curry, Edward L: Maddan
Curry, Francis L: Maddan
Curry, Francis L: Mowillin
Curry, James L: Ballynagolan
Curry, John L: Drumhirk
Curry, John L: Maddan
Curry, John L: Mowillin
Curry, John L: Roughan
Curry, Owen L: Killyreavy
Curry, Thomas L: Maddan
Curry, Thomas L: Mowillin
Curry, William L: Maddan
Curry, William L: Mowillin
Daly, Catherine L: Tivnacree
Dalzell, Andrew L: Rowan
Dalzelle, John L: Cormeen
Davidson, Sarah L: Ballynagolan
Davidson, Thomas L: Drumgar
Davison, Robert L: Maddan
Daw, Elizabeth L: Tamlaght
Deacon, Samuel L: Maghery Kilcrany
Delany, James L: Camagh
Delany, James L: Carryhugh
Densmore, William L: Killyreavy
Devlin, Robinson L: Roughan
Devlin, Sarah L: Drumhirk
Devlin, William L: Drumhirk
Dewoodey, Hugh L: Lissagally
Dignam, Francis L: Fergort
Dodd, Rep. Robert L: Farnaloy
Dodd, William L: Farnaloy
Dodds, David L: Ballynagolan
Dodds, David L: Kilcreevy Etra
Dodds, James L: Brootally
Dodds, Joseph L: Ballynagolan
Dodds, Robert L: Ballynagolan
Dodds, William L: Derryhennet
Doherty, James L: Crossbane
Doherty, James L: Mullyard
Doherty, John L: Mullyard
Doherty, Micheal L: Mullyard
Donaldson, William L: Cormeen
Donaldson, William L: Lisdrumbrughas
Donaldson, William, Jr. L: Lissagally
Donaldson, William, Sr. L: Lissagally
Donaldson, William, Sr. L: Tullycallidy
Donaldson, Wm, Jr. L: Tullycallidy
Donnelly, Arthur L: Brootally
Donnelly, Arthur L: Lisglynn
Donnelly, Arthur L: Tamlaght
Donnelly, Catherine L: Drumacanver
Donnelly, Edward L: Drumacanver
Donnelly, Edward L: Drumgar
Donnelly, Edward L: Lisglynn
Donnelly, Hugh L: Drumgreenagh
Donnelly, James L: Drumacanver
Donnelly, James L: Tamlaght
Donnelly, John L: Drumacanver
Donnelly, Michael L: Drumacanver
Donnelly, Michael L: Tamlaght
Donnelly, Patrick L: Rowan
Donnelly, Patrick L: Tamlaght
Donnelly, William L: Drumacanver
Doran, Henry L: Crossbane
Doran, Henry L: Listarkelt
Dorras, Eliza L: Drumgreenagh
Doyle, John L: Maddan
Duffy, Bernard L: Tullyhirm
Duffy, Bridget L: Fergort
Duffy, James L: Camagh
Duffy, John L: Tullyhirm
Duffy, Owen L: Tullyhirm
Duffy, Patrick L: Tullyhirm
Duffy, Terence L: Tullyhirm
Duncan, James L: Derryhennet
Dunlop, James L: Drumhirk
Dunlop, James L: Mowillin
Dunlop, William L: Drumhirk
Dunlop, William L: Killyreavy
Dunlop, William L: Mowillin
Dunwiddy, Andrew L: Drumhirk
Dunwoody, John L: Drumgreenagh
Eccles, James L: Killyreavy
Eccles, John L: Drumhirk
Eccles, Samuel L: Drumhirk
English, John L: Drumgreenagh
English, John L: Farnaloy
English, John L: Kilcreevy Otra
English, John L: Knockrevan
English, John L: Mowillin
English, William L: Mowillin
Evans, Michael L: Crossbane
Evans, William L: Crossbane
Ewart, James L: Lisdrumbrughas
Ewart, James L: Tullycallidy
Ewart, Thomas L: Carryhugh
Ewart, William L: Knockrevan
Fallon, John L: Killyreavy
Falloon, John L: Drumhirk
Farley, John L: Killyreavy
Farley, Thomas L: Killyreavy
Farrell, Bernard L: Lissagally
Farrell, Elizabeth L: Mullyard
Fee, John L: Kilcreevy Etra
Fee, Samuel L: Rowan
Fee, Susan L: Rowan
Fegan, Peter L: Maghery Kilcrany
Fehan, Alexander L: Lisdrumbrughas
Fehan, Rep. Francis L: Lisdrumbrughas
Fehan, James L: Brootally
Fehan, John L: Kilcreevy Otra
Fehan, John L: Lisdrumbrughas
Fehan, Patrick, Jr. L: Brootally
Fehan, Patrick, Sr. L: Brootally
Fehan, Richard L: Lisdrumbrughas
Fehan, Roger L: Kilcreevy Otra
Fehan, Rose L: Lisdrumbrughas
Fehan, Terence L: Lisdrumbrughas
Field, Mary L: Lissagally
Flanagan, George L: Drumacanver
Flanagan, James L: Derryhennet
Flannagan, James L: Drumgreenagh
Fleming, Ellen L: Camagh
Fleming, Sarah L: Camagh
Foster, David L: Knockrevan
Foster, James L: Farnaloy
Foster, James L: Mowillin
Foster, John L: Mowillin
Foster, Joseph L: Kilcreevy Etra
Foster, Robert L: Maghery Kilcrany
Foster, Thomas L: Maghery Kilcrany
Foster, William L: Ballynagolan
Foster, William L: Kilcreevy Etra
Foster, William L: Tullycallidy
Freeland, Alexander L: Camagh
Freeland, Elizabeth L: Camagh
Freeland, James L: Derryhennet
Freeland, John, Jr. L: Camagh
Freeland, John, Sr. L: Camagh
Freeland, Joseph L: Camagh
Freeland, Samuel L: Carryhugh
Freeland, Samuel L: Derryhennet
Freeland, Samuel, Jr. L: Camagh
Freeland, Samuel, Sr. L: Camagh
Freeland, Susan L: Camagh
Gaffney, Edward L: Tirnacree
Gamble, John L: Lissagally
Gamble, Joseph L: Lissagally
Gass, John L: Maghery Kilcrany
Gass, Robert L: Lisdrumbrughas
Gibson, James L: Ballynagolan
Gibson, James L: Kilcreevy Etra
Gibson, John L: Carryhugh
Gibson, Joseph L: Ballynagolan
Gibson, Robert L: Kilcreevy Etra
Gibson, Thomas L: Drumacanver
Gibson, William L: Drumacanver
Gillespie, Henry L: Mowillin
Gilmore, William L: Drumhirk
Girvan, Mary L: Roughan
Girvin, James R. L: Roughan
Glascow, Samuel L: Drumgreenagh
Glasgow, John L: Killyreavy
Glasgow, Samuel L: Camagh
Gollogly, Bernard L: Roughan
Gormal, Catherine L: Drumgreenagh
Gormal, Felix L: Drumgreenagh
Gormal, Mary L: Drumgreenagh
Gorman, James L: Mowillin
Gorman, Joseph L: Kilcreevy Otra
Gorman, Mary L: Maddan
Gorman, Michael L: Killyreavy
Gorman, Thomas L: Drumacanver
Graham, Felix L: Cargalisgorran
Graham, Felix L: Mullyard
Graham, John L: Mowillin
Graham, Patrick L: Cargalisgorran
Gray, Alexander L: Dernalea
Gray, Archibald L: Drumhirk
Gray, James L: Drumgreenagh
Gray, Jane L: Lisdrumbrughas
Gray, Jane L: Lissagally
Gray, John L: Lisglynn
Gray, Robert L: Roughan
Gray, William L: Lisglynn
Gray, William L: Maddan
Greene, Anne L: Mullyard
Greer, Benjamin L: Cormeen
Greer, Benjamin L: Drumgar
Greer, Eliza L: Drumgar
Greer, John L: Drumgar
Greer, Mary Anne L: Drumgar
Greer, Robert L: Drumgar
Greer, Robert L: Tullycallidy
Greer, William L: Drumgar
Grimley, John L: Drumgreenagh
Grimley, Peter L: Kilcreevy Etra
Grimly, Patrick L: Carryhugh
Grumley, Bridget L: Farnaloy
Grumley, Felix L: Brootally
Grumley, Henry L: Tamlaght
Grumley, James L: Lisglynn
Grumley, John L: Brootally
Grumley, John L: Lisglynn
Grumley, Matthew L: Brootally
Grumley, Michael L: Maddan
Grumley, Peter L: Brootally
Grumley, Peter L: Farnaloy
Grumley, Sarah L: Farnaloy
Haffey, Arthur L: Drummeland
Haffey, Charles L: Drummeland
Haffey, Edward L: Drummeland
Haffey, Edward L: Tirnacree
Haffey, John L: Tirnacree
Haffey, Patk. L: Tirnacree
Haffey, Patrick L: Tirnacree
Haffey Bernard, Patrick L: Tirnacree
Haffey John, Patk. L: Tirnacree
Hagan, Rep. Charles L: Maghery Kilcrany
Hagan, James L: Maghery Kilcrany
Hagan, John L: Drumnahavil
Hagan, Rep. Patrick L: Drumacanver
Hagan, Rosanna L: Maghery Kilcrany
Hall, George L: Cormeen
Hall, George L: Roughan
Hall, James L: Farnaloy
Hall, James, Jr. L: Mowillin
Hall, James, Sr. L: Mowillin
Hall, Johnston L: Cormeen
Hall, Joseph L: Mowillin
Hall, William L: Carryhugh
Hall, William L: Mowillin
Halliday, James L: Drumhirk
Hamilton, Thomas L: Rowan
Hanson, John L: Brootally
Hanson, John L: Lissagally
Hare, James L: Roughan
Harvey, George L: Drumhirk
Harvey, Margaret L: Drumgar
Hasty, Robert L: Carryhugh
Hawthorn, John L: Derryhennet
Hayes, Edward L: Drumacanver
Hayes, Edward L: Lisglynn
Hayes, James L: Lisdrumbrughas
Hearn, John L: Kilcreevy Otra
Heasty, John L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Henderson, William L: Lisglynn
Henry, William L: Drumacanver
Heron, John L: Ballynagolan
Herron, William L: Ballynagolan
Hertford, George L: Derryhennet
Hewitt, Thomas L: Lissagally
Higgins, Jane L: Camagh
Hill, Anne L: Killyreavy
Hillock, Andrew L: Drumgreenagh
Hillock, Edward L: Kilcreevy Otra
Hillock, Robert L: Drumhirk
Hillock, William L: Carryhugh
Hillock, William L: Drumgar
Houston, Edward L: Farnaloy
Houston, Mary L: Cormeen
Hughes, Anne L: Fergort
Hughes, Anne L: Kilcreevy Etra
Hughes, Anne L: Tirnacree
Hughes, Arthur L: Drumherney
Hughes, Bernard L: Kilcreevy Etra
Hughes, Daniel L: Kilcreevy Otra
Hughes, Edward L: Camagh
Hughes, Edward L: Drumherney
Hughes, Edward L: Farnaloy
Hughes, Edward L: Fergort
Hughes, Edward L: Kilcreevy Etra
Hughes, Edward L: Rowan
Hughes, Elizabeth L: Drumherney
Hughes, Francis L: Drumherney N: Thos.
Hughes, Francis L: Listarkelt
Hughes, Francis L: Mullyard
Hughes, Francis, Sr. L: Drumherney
Hughes, Henry L: Camagh
Hughes, Henry L: Maddan
Hughes, Henry L: Mullyard
Hughes, Isabella L: Lissagally
Hughes, James L: Drummeland
Hughes, James L: Maddan N: James and John
Hughes, James L: Mowillin
Hughes, James L: Tirnacree
Hughes, John L: Derryhennet
Hughes, John L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Hughes, John L: Drumherney
Hughes, John L: Fergort
Hughes, John L: Kilcreevy Etra
Hughes, John L: Maddan N: James and John
Hughes, John, Jr. L: Derryhennet
Hughes, Mary L: Kilcreevy Otra
Hughes, Michael L: Fergort
Hughes, Owen L: Carryhugh
Hughes, Owen L: Drumherney
Hughes, Owen L: Tullyhirm
Hughes, Patrick L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Hughes, Patrick L: Drumherney
Hughes, Patrick L: Farnaloy
Hughes, Patrick L: Lissagally
Hughes, Patrick L: Listarkelt
Hughes, Patrick L: Maddan
Hughes, Peter L: Drumherney
Hughes, Peter L: Tullycallidy
Hughes, Peter L: Tullyhirm
Hughes, Terence L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Hughes, Terence L: Drumherney N: Jas
Hughes, Terence L: Drumherney N: Phil
Hughes, Terence L: Drumnahavil
Hughes, Terence L: Kilcreevy Otra
Hughes, Terence L: Lisdrumbrughas
Hughes, Thomas L: Farnaloy
Hughes, Thomas L: Rowan
Hughes, William L: Lissagally
Humphrey, James L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Humphreys, James L: Farnaloy
Humphreys, Matthew L: Derryhennet
Humphreys, Richard L: Farnaloy
Humprey, Patrick L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Hutton, James L: Derryhennet
Inchan, Archy L: Drumacanver
Ireland, David L: Lissagally
Irwin, David L: Dernalea
Irwin, John L: Lissagally
Irwin, John L: Maddan
Irwin, Margaret L: Lissagally
Irwin, Richard L: Cormeen
Irwin, Samuel L: Cormeen
Jameson, George L: Kilcreevy Otra
Jamieson, Elizabeth L: Cargalisgorran
Johnston, Anne L: Lisdrumbrughas
Johnston, James L: Kilcreevy Otra
Johnston, John L: Farnaloy
Johnston, Robert L: Drumacanver
Kearns, Bernard L: Roughan
Keating, Rep. Eleanor L: Maghery Kilcrany
Keating, Hugh L: Maghery Kilcrany
Keenan, Daniel L: Maddan
Keenan, Edward L: Mullyard
Keenan, Ellen L: Derryhennet
Keenan, Felix L: Listarkelt
Keenan, Francis L: Drumnahavil
Keenan, James L: Listarkelt
Keenan, James L: Mullyard
Keenan, John L: Listarkelt
Keenan, John L: Tamlaght
Keenan, Margaret L: Listarkelt
Keenan, Thomas L: Fergort
Keenan, William L: Tamlaght
Kelly, Francis L: Listarkelt
Kelly, James L: Dernalea
Kelly, John L: Brootally
Kelly, John L: Tamlaght
Kelly, Myles L: Listarkelt
Kelly, Owen L: Drumhirk
Kelly, Patrick L: Dernalea
Kelly, Patrick L: Kilcreevy Otra
Kelly, Patrick L: Tamlaght
Kelly, William L: Carryhugh
Kennedy, John L: Lisdrumbrughas
Kennedy, William L: Kilcreevy Etra
Keoghan, James L: Carryhugh
Keoghan, James, Jr. L: Derryhennet
Keoghan, James, Sr. L: Derryhennet
Kerr, Mary Ann L: Carrickabolie
Kinnear, Alexander L: Rowan
Kinnear, Margaret L: Listarkelt
Kinnear, Sarah L: Listarkelt
Kinnear, Thomas L: Listarkelt
Kinnegan, John L: Camagh
Kirk, William L: Carryhugh
Kirk, William L: Killyreavy
Kirker, Gilbert L: Derryhennet
Kirker, James L: Derryhennet
Kirker, Jane L: Cargalisgorran
Kirker, John L: Killyreavy
Kirker, Thomas L: Knockrevan
Kirker, William L: Carryhugh
Lamb, Francis L: Roughan
Lannon, John L: Tullyhirm
Lappin, Ellen L: Kilcreevy Etra
Lappin, Peter, Jr. L: Lisdrumbrughas
Lappin, Peter, Sr. L: Lisdrumbrughas
Lappin, Rose L: Kilcreevy Etra
Lappin, Terence L: Lisdrumbrughas
Largy, Thomas L: Carryhugh
Largy, William L: Carryhugh
Laverty, Eleanor L: Maghery Kilcrany
Laverty, John L: Roughan
Lawson, Abraham L: Drumgar
Lawson, Anne L: Derryhennet
Lawson, James L: Drumgar
Lawson, Robert L: Derryhennet
Lawson, Robert L: Knockrevan
Lawson, Thomas L: Derryhennet
Lear, Patrick L: Carryhugh
Lenna, John L: Kilcreevy Otra
Lenna, William L: Kilcreevy Otra
Lennon, Denis L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Lennon, Matthew L: Fergort
Lennon, Peter L: Listarkelt
Leslie, John L: Killyreavy
Leslie, John L: Mowillin
Leslie, Margaret L: Roughan
Leslie, Nathaniel L: Killyreavy
Leslie, Nathaniel L: Mowillin
Leslie, William L: Tamlaght
Linton, Mary L: Cormeen
Linton, Mary L: Tullycallidy
Linton, William L: Cormeen
Linton, William L: Tullycallidy
Little, James L: Roughan
Little, Robert L: Mowillin
Loo, Bernard L: Lisdrumbrughas
Loo, James L: Lisdrumbrughas
Loughlin, Charles L: Maddan
Loughlin, Francis L: Maddan
Loughnan, Bernard L: Lisglynn
Loughrane, James L: Tirnacree
Loury, Anne L: Cormeen
Loury, Anne L: Lissagally
Lynch, Bernard L: Knockrevan
Lyne, Rep. Anne L: Farnaloy
Lynn, John L: Camagh
Lyons, John L: Lisdrumbrughas
Lyons, Thomas L: Farnaloy
Macartney, Matthew L: Derryhennet
Macklin, Bernard L: Cargalisgorran
Macklin, Bernard L: Crossbane
Macklin, Bernard L: Mullyard
Macklin, Ellen L: Cargalisgorran
Macklin, Owen L: Tirnacree
Macklin, Patrick L: Cargalisgorran
Macklin, Patrick L: Tirnacree
Macky, Thomas L: Drumgreenagh
Magee, Terence L: Drumacanver
Magee, Thomas L: Lissagally
Magennis, Catherine L: Mullyard
Magennis, Michael L: Mullyard
Magrath, Micheal L: Mullyard
Magronan, Sarah L: Lissagally
Mahaffy, John L: Roughan
Mahaffy, Thomas L: Mowillin
Mahaffy, William L: Mowillin
Mahaffy, William L: Roughan
Makeham, Thomas L: Drummeland
Mallin, John L: Lisdrumbrughas
Mallin, Michael L: Lisdrumbrughas
Mallin, Patrick L: Lisdrumbrughas
Mallon, Alice L: Brootally
Mallon, Alice L: Lisdrumbrughas
Mallon, Anne L: Mullyard
Mallon, Bernard L: Brootally
Mallon, Bernard L: Farnaloy
Mallon, Edward L: Mullyard
Mallon, Edward L: Tullyhirm
Mallon, Francis L: Fergort
Mallon, Francis L: Lisglynn
Mallon, Hugh L: Drumherney
Mallon, John L: Brootally
Mallon, John L: Dernalea
Mallon, John L: Drumacanver
Mallon, John L: Lisglynn
Mallon, John L: Tamlaght
Mallon, Joseph L: Brootally
Mallon, Joseph L: Tamlaght
Mallon, Mary L: Lisglynn
Mallon, Michael L: Mullyard
Mallon, Michael, Jr. L: Brootally
Mallon, Michael, Sr. L: Brootally
Mallon, Owen L: Mullyard
Mallon, Patrick L: Brootally
Mallon, Rose L: Drumacanver
Mallon, Thomas L: Drumherney
Mallon, Thomas L: Tullyhirm
Mallon Crossnamile, Patrick L: Mullyard
Mann, James L: Ballynagolan
Mann, James L: Kilcreevy Otra
Mann, James L: Mowillin
Mann, William L: Ballynagolan
Markey, Daniel L: Rowan
Maxwell, Mary L: Derryhennet
Maxwell, Wilson L: Knockrevan
McAleany, Robert L: Roughan
McAlevy, Arthur L: Carrickabolie
McAlevy, Charles L: Drumnahavil
McAlevy, James L: Drumnahavil
McAlevy, Patrick L: Drumnahavil
McAnally, Daniel L: Fergort
McAnally, Edward L: Fergort
McAnally, Francis L: Fergort
McAnally, James L: Fergort
McAnally, Michl., Jr. L: Fergort
McAnally, Michl., Sr. L: Fergort
McAnally, Rose L: Fergort
McAnally, Thomas L: Camagh
McArdle, Anne L: Lissagally
McArdle, Anne L: Roughan
McArdle, Bernard L: Roughan
Mcardle, Cuthbert L: Maghery Kilcrany
McArdle, Felix L: Mowillin
Mcardle, Fergus L: Kilcreevy Otra
McArdle, Francis L: Lisglynn
McArdle, Francis L: Lissagally
McArdle, Henry L: Maddan
McArdle, Henry L: Mullyard
McArdle, Hugh L: Mowillin
McArdle, John L: Tamlaght
McArdle, Joshua L: Tamlaght
McArdle, Lawrence L: Kilcreevy Otra
McArdle, Owen L: Kilcreevy Otra
McArdle, Patrick L: Dernalea
McArdle, Patrick L: Farnaloy
McArdle, Peter L: Kilcreevy Otra
McArdle, Rose L: Kilcreevy Otra
McArdle, Rose L: Mowillin
McAteer, Farrell L: Killyreavy
McAteer, Farrell, Sr. L: Killyreavy
McBennett, Alice L: Drumnahavil
McBennett, Anne L: Tirnacree
McBennett, Arthur L: Carrickabolie
McBennett, Arthur L: Drumnahavil
McBennett, Francis L: Fergort
McBennett, James L: Doohat or Crossreagh
McBennett, James L: Drumnahavil
McBennett, Owen L: Tirnacree
McBennett, Patrick L: Tirnacree
McBennett, Peter L: Listarkelt
McBennett, Thomas L: Tirnacree
McBerth, Robert L: Kilcreevy Etra
McBeth, James L: Maddan
McBeth, Robert L: Maddan
McBeth, William L: Maddan
McCabe, Arthur L: Doohat or Crossreagh
McCabe, James L: Listarkelt
McCabe, Michael L: Doohat or Crossreagh
McCabe, Micheal L: Mullyard
McCabe, Peter L: Listarkelt
McCahey, James L: Farnaloy
McCahy, James L: Lisglynn
McCahy, Patrick L: Drumacanver
McCahy, Philip L: Kilcreevy Etra
McCann, Catherine L: Cargalisgorran
McCann, Joseph L: Carryhugh
McCann, Peter L: Carryhugh
McCann, Peter L: Kilcreevy Etra
McCann, Thomas L: Carryhugh
McCann, William L: Lislea
McCann, William L: Tirnacree
Mccann, William L: Tirnacree
McCartan, Patrick L: Knockrevan
McCarton, Francis L: Lisdrumbrughas
Mccarton, Hugh L: Ballynagolan
McCarton, John L: Kilcreevy Etra
McCarton, John L: Kilcreevy Otra
McCarton, John L: Mowillin
Mccarton, Mary L: Kilcreevy Otra
McCarton, Matthew L: Drumgreenagh
McCarton, Patrick L: Mowillin
McCarton, Peter L: Farnaloy
McCarton, Terence L: Farnaloy
McCarton, William L: Drumgreenagh
McCaul, Alexander L: Farnaloy
McCaul, Eleanor L: Lisglynn
McCaul, John L: Drumacanver
McCaul, John L: Farnaloy
McCaul, John L: Lisglynn
McCaul, Nathaniel L: Drumacanver
McCaul, Nathaniel, Jr. L: Lisglynn
McCaul, Nathaniel, Sr. L: Lisglynn
McCaul, Samuel L: Drumacanver
McCaulrep, John L: Drumgar
McClelland, Anne Jane L: Derryhennet
McClelland, David L: Derryhennet
McClure, Alexander L: Drumnahavil
McClure, James L: Rowan
McClure, Thomas L: Drumnahavil
McClure, William L: Drumnahavil
McCourt, Patrick L: Maddan
McCracken, James L: Derryhennet
McCracken, Margaret L: Carryhugh
McCracken, Robert L: Drumgreenagh
McCrum, Henry L: Derryhennet
McCullagh, John L: Camagh
McCullagh, Robert L: Kilcreevy Otra
McCullough, Thomas L: Derryhennet
McCullum, Thomas L: Drumhirk
McCusker, Francis L: Kilcreevy Etra
McCusker, Henry L: Kilcreevy Otra
McCusker, John L: Kilcreevy Etra
McCusker, Mary L: Kilcreevy Etra
McElray, Thomas L: Drumacanver
McElvay, Thomas L: Tamlaght
McFarland, John L: Drumhirk
McFarland, John L: Killyreavy
McFarland, John L: Roughan
McGahan, Thomas L: Lisglynn
McGarvey, Rep. Margaret L: Dernalea
McGarvey, Michael L: Farnaloy
McGarvey, Thomas L: Dernalea
McGinity, Henry L: Rowan
McGinn, Francis L: Tamlaght
McGinnity, Bernard L: Crossbane
McGinnity, Bernard L: Mullyard
McGinnity, John L: Mullyard
McGinnity, Patrick L: Carrickabolie
McGinnity, Patrick L: Mullyard
McGlone, Hugh L: Lisglynn
McGlone, Michael L: Rowan
McGowan, Stephen L: Roughan
McGrane, Bernard L: Farnaloy
McGrane, Henry L: Drummeland
McGrane, Henry L: Fergort
McGrane, Henry L: Tirnacree
McGray, Mary L: Tirnacree
McGroury, Mary L: Lisglynn
McGuigan, Jane L: Drumgar
McGuinness, Bridget L: Lisdrumbrughas
Mcguinness, Edward L: Lisdrumbrughas
Mcguinness, Edward L: Maghery Kilcrany
Mcguinness, Elizabeth L: Lisdrumbrughas
McIlrath, James L: Killyreavy
McIlrath, John L: Farnaloy
McIlrath, Samuel L: Killyreavy
McIlrath, Simon L: Brootally
McIlrath, Simon L: Farnaloy
McIlrath, William L: Brootally
McIlvanny, Arthur L: Dernalea
McIlvanny, Arthur L: Kilcreevy Etra
McIlvanny, Henry L: Dernalea
McIlvanny, Hugh L: Dernalea
McIlvanny, James L: Maddan
McIlvanny, Patrick L: Lisglynn
Mcilvanny, Rose L: Maghery Kilcrany
McItrath, Samuel L: Drumhirk
McKelvey, Alexander L: Drumgar
McKenna, Arthur L: Brootally
McKenna, Bernard L: Cargalisgorran
McKenna, Felix L: Maddan
McKenna, Francis L: Cormeen
McKenna, George L: Lisglynn
McKenna, Hugh L: Drumacanver
McKenna, Hugh L: Tamlaght
McKenna, John L: Maddan
McKenna, Mary L: Lisglynn
McKenna, Owen L: Maddan
McKenna, Peter L: Maddan
McKenny, Bernard L: Mullyard
McKenny, John L: Mullyard
McKenny, Terence L: Mullyard
McKeogh, John L: Carrickabolie
McKeon, Edward L: Tirnacree
McKeon, James L: Dernalea
McKeon, James L: Tirnacree
McKeon, Owen L: Tirnacree
McKeown, Alexander L: Mullyard
McKeown, Andrew L: Listarkelt
McKeown, Bernard L: Mullyard
Mckeown, Charles L: Mullyard
McKeown, Daniel L: Drummeland
McKeown, Francis L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Mckeown, Francis L: Lisglynn
McKeown, Francis L: Mullyard
McKeown, Henry L: Lisglynn
McKeown, Hugh L: Drumgar
McKeown, James L: Lisglynn
McKeown, James L: Mullyard
McKeown, James L: Mullyard N: Pat
McKeown, John L: Fergort
McKeown, John L: Mullyard
McKeown, Michael L: Listarkelt
McKeown, Patk L: Mullyard N: Felix
McKeown, Susan L: Drummeland
McKeown Owen, Patk. L: Mullyard
McKew, John L: Lisglynn
McKnight, Samuel L: Lissagally
McMahon, Francis L: Camagh
McMahon, James L: Drumacanver
McMahon, Patrick L: Drumherney
McMahon, Patrick L: Tamlaght
McMahon, Philip L: Drumherney
McManus, Anne L: Lisdrumbrughas
McManus, Margaret L: Lisdrumbrughas
McMullan, James L: Rowan
McMullan, Peter L: Listarkelt
McMullen, Francis L: Farnaloy
McMullen, John L: Farnaloy
McNally, Jane L: Tivnacree
McNawail, Susan L: Lisglynn
McQuade, Ellen L: Camagh
McQuade, Henry L: Camagh
McQuaid, Anne L: Kilcreevy Etra
McQuaid, James L: Kilcreevy Otra
McQuaid, Margaret L: Maddan
McQuaid, Margaret L: Mowillin
McShane, Mary L: Fergort
McWilliams, John L: Lissagally
McWilliams, William L: Lisdrumbrughas
Meehan, Edward L: Listarkelt
Meehan, Owen L: Crossbane
Menarry, John L: Drumhirk
Menary, John L: Killyreavy
Menary, Willam L: Maghery Kilcrany
Menary, William L: Lisdrumbrughas
Milligan, Nathaniel L: Brootally
Mills, James L: Brootally
Mitchell, Anne L: Drumacanver
Mitchell, George L: Derryhennet
Mitchell, George L: Knockrevan
Mitchell, Robert L: Drumacanver
Moan, John L: Tirnacree
Moan, Neal L: Mullyard
Moane, Rep. Andrew L: Mullyard
Moane, Bernard L: Mullyard
Moane, Catherine L: Mullyard
Moane, Charles L: Mullyard
Moane, Francis L: Drumnahavil
Moane, James L: Mullyard
Moane, Mary L: Drumnahavil
Moane, Mary L: Mullyard
Moane, Patrick L: Crossbane
Moane, Patrick L: Mullyard N: James
Moane, Patrick, Sr. L: Mullyard
Moane, Stephen L: Drumnahavil
Moane James, Patrick L: Drumnahavil
Molloy, Charles L: Brootally
Molloy, Henry L: Lisglynn
Montgomery, Elizabeth L: Cargalisgorran
Moon, John L: Lisdrumbrughas
Moon, Robert L: Drumhirk
Mooney, John L: Drummeland
Mooney, Patrick L: Lissagally
Mooney, Thomas L: Cargalisgorran
Mooney, Thomas L: Drummeland
Moore, John L: Carryhugh
Moore, John L: Lissagally
Moore, Mary Jane L: Lisdrumbrughas
Moran, Michael L: Maddan
Morgan, Alexander L: Rowan
Morgan, Anne L: Rowan
Morgan, Bernard L: Fergort
Morgan, Bernard L: Rowan
Morgan, Francis, Sr. L: Rowan
Morgan, James L: Rowan
Morgan, Michael L: Listarkelt
Morgan, Patk. L: Rowan
Morgan, Patrick L: Fergort
Morgan, Patrick L: Rowan
Morgan, Robert L: Cormeen
Morgan, Terence L: Listarkelt
Morrison, James L: Ballynagolan
Morrison, James L: Lisdrumbrughas
Morton, David L: Drumacanver
Morton, David L: Drumgreenagh
Morton, John L: Cormeen
Mullan, James L: Mullyard
Mullan, Jane L: Listarkelt
Mullan, Michael L: Listarkelt
Mullen, Francis L: Farnaloy
Mulligan, Eliza Jane L: Tullycallidy
Mulligan, James L: Lisdrumbrughas
Mulligan, Mackey L: Lisdrumbrughas
Mulligan, Mackey L: Maghery Kilcrany
Mulligan, Michael L: Listarkelt
Mulligan, Nathaniel L: Lisdrumbrughas
Mulligan, Peter L: Tullyhirm
Mulligan, Terence L: Listarkelt
Mulligan, William L: Tullycallidy
Murphy, Alice L: Mullyard
Murphy, Bridget L: Listarkelt
Murphy, Catherine L: Rowan
Murphy, David L: Cargalisgorran
Murphy, David L: Lislea
Murphy, David L: Tivnacree
Murphy, Edward L: Listarkelt
Murphy, Henry L: Drumnahavil
Murphy, James L: Mullyard
Murphy, John L: Cormeen
Murphy, John L: Drumnahavil
Murphy, John L: Mullyard
Murphy, John L: Tullyhirm
Murphy, Mary L: Mullyard
Murphy, Michael L: Drumnahavil
Murphy, Parrick L: Rowan
Murphy, Patrick L: Drumnahavil
Murphy, Patrick L: Listarkelt
Murphy, Thomas L: Lislea
Murphy, Thomas L: Listarkelt
Murphy, Thomas L: Tivnacree
Murphy Michl, Cath. L: Drumnahavil
Murphy Thos, Cath. L: Drumnahavil
Murray, Anne L: Crossbane
Murray, Arthur L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Murray, Bernard L: Mullyard
Murray, Bridget L: Crossbane
Murray, Catherine L: Carrickabolie
Murray, Catherine L: Mullyard
Murray, Daniel L: Crossbane
Murray, Daniel L: Mullyard
Murray, Francis L: Doohat or Crossreagh N: Hugh
Murray, Francis L: Doohat or Crossreagh N: Jas
Murray, Francis L: Listarkelt
Murray, Henry L: Drumnahavil
Murray, Henry L: Kilcreevy Otra
Murray, James L: Drumnahavil
Murray, James L: Mullyard N: Hugh
Murray, James L: Mullyard N: Pat
Murray, Jas. L: Mullyard N: Stephen
Murray, John L: Crossbane
Murray, John L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Murray, Mary L: Fergort
Murray, Mary L: Mullyard
Murray, Michael L: Crossbane
Murray, Patk L: Mullyard N: James
Murray, Patk. L: Mullyard N: James
Murray, Patk L: Mullyard N: Micheal
Murray, Patrick L: Crossbane
Murray, Patrick L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Murray, Patrick L: Lislea
Murray, Patrick L: Mullyard
Murray, Terence L: Crossbane
Murray, Terence L: Listarkelt
Murray, Terence L: Mullyard
Murray, Thomas L: Crossbane
Murray, Thomas L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Murray Andrew, Fras. L: Crossbane
Murray Art, Patk. L: Crossbane
Murray Art, Patrick L: Crossbane
Murray Edward, Patrick L: Crossbane
Murray Felix, Francis L: Crossbane
Murray Hugh, Patk. L: Crossbane
Murray Jas, Francis L: Crossbane
Murray River, James L: Crossbane
Murtagh, James L: Tamlaght
Murtagh, John L: Carryhugh
Neill, Hugh L: Farnaloy
Nelson, John L: Drumhirk
Nugent, James L: Roughan
Nugent, Thomas L: Drumhirk
O'Connor, Catherine L: Farnaloy
O'Donnell, Charles L: Carryhugh
O'Donnell, Terence L: Carryhugh
O'Hagan, Bernard L: Knockrevan
O'Hagan, James L: Knockrevan
O'Hara, John L: Camagh
O'Hare, James L: Farnaloy
O'Hare, John L: Farnaloy
Oliver, Thomas L: Drumgar
O'Neil, Sarah L: Fergort
O'Neill, Bartholomew L: Drummeland
O'Neill, Daniel L: Farnaloy
O'Neill, Francis L: Farnaloy
O'Neill, Hugh L: Lisglynn
Orr, John L: Lissagally
Orr, Joseph L: Maghery Kilcrany
Orr, Thomas L: Knockrevan
Patterson, David L: Knockrevan
Patterson, Samuel L: Drumnahavil
Pellett, Joseph L: Carryhugh
Prendergast, Luke L: Roughan
Quinn, James L: Brootally
Quinn, James L: Lisdrumbrughas
Rafferty, Bernard L: Kilcreevy Otra
Rafferty, Brian L: Farnaloy N: John and Brian
Rafferty, Henry L: Farnaloy
Rafferty, Henry L: Kilcreevy Otra
Rafferty, Henry L: Maddan
Rafferty, James L: Farnaloy
Rafferty, John L: Drumacanver
Rafferty, John L: Farnaloy N: John and Brian
Rafferty, Rep. John L: Maddan
Rafferty, Mary L: Kilcreevy Otra
Rafferty, Michael L: Maddan
Rafferty, Owen L: Drumgreenagh
Rafferty, Owen L: Farnaloy
Rafferty, Patrick L: Drumacanver
Rafferty, Patrick L: Maddan
Rafferty, William L: Carryhugh
Raverty, Michael L: Carryhugh
Ravery, John L: Carryhugh
Read, Anne L: Dernalea
Read, Jane L: Dernalea
Read, Mary Anne L: Drumhirk
Read, Ralph L: Dernalea
Reid, Alexander L: Cargalisgorran
Reid, Eliza L: Lislea
Reid, John L: Derryhennet
Reid, John L: Lislea
Reid, Joseph L: Drummeland
Reid, Wilson L: Cargalisgorran
Reilly, Alexander L: Lislea
Reilly, Alexander, Jr. L: Tirnacree
Reilly, Alexander, Sr. L: Tirnacree
Reilly, Daniel L: Drumgreenagh
Reilly, Edward L: Tirnacree
Reilly, Elizabeth L: Tirnacree
Reilly, Farrell L: Tirnacree
Reilly, James L: Drumgreenagh
Reilly, James L: Tirnacree
Reilly, John L: Carryhugh
Reilly, John L: Drumgreenagh
Reilly, Owen L: Tirnacree
Reilly, Patrick L: Rowan
Reilly, Philip L: Tirnacree
Reilly, Thomas L: Drumgreenagh
Renehan, Michael L: Roughan
Reynolds, James L: Ballynagolan
Riddell, John L: Tamlaght
Robb, James L: Kilcreevy Etra
Robb, John L: Farnaloy
Robb, Thomas L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Robb, William L: Crossbane
Robertson, Elizabeth L: Rowan
Robertson, William L: Rowan
Robinson, Anne L: Dernalea
Robinson, Jno. L: Roughan
Robinson, John L: Dernalea
Robinson, Joseph L: Killyreavy
Robinson, Mary Anne L: Dernalea
Robinson, Mary Jane L: Ballynagolan
Robinson, Moses L: Lisdrumbrughas
Robinson, Robert L: Dernalea
Robinson, Samuel L: Killyreavy
Robinson, Thomas L: Ballynagolan
Robinson, Walter L: Roughan
Rocks, Patrick L: Kilcreevy Etra
Rogers, William L: Derryhennet
Ronaghan, Charles L: Drumnahavil
Ronahan, Elizabeth L: Drumnahavil
Ronahan, Ellen L: Crossbane
Ronahan, Francis L: Doohat or Crossreagh
Ronahan, John L: Drumnahavil
Ronahan, Mary L: Drumnahavil
Ronahan, Mary L: Mullyard
Ronahan, Michael L: Crossbane
Ronahan, Michael L: Drumnahavil
Ronahan, Nicholas L: Listarkelt
Ronahan, Owen L: Drumnahavil N: Carpenter
Ronahan, Philip L: Drumnahavil
Ronahan, Philip L: Listarkelt
Ronahan Bryan, Chas. L: Drumnahavil
Ronahan Gig, Owen L: Drumnahavil
Rooney, Bernard L: Mullyard
Rule, George L: Carryhugh
Rule, Robert L: Carryhugh
Rush, James L: Drumnahavil
Rush, Peter L: Drumnahavil
Rutledge, Armstrong L: Drumgreenagh
Saunders, William L: Lisdrumbrughas
Saunderson, David L: Camagh
Scott, Sarah L: Rowan
Seymour, Eliza L: Drumnahavil
Seymour, Henry L: Drumnahavil
Sheils, Hugh L: Camagh
Sheils, Joseph L: Camagh
Sheils, Patrick L: Camagh
Sheils, Susan L: Camagh
Shiels, Bernard L: Carryhugh
Shiels, Elizabeth L: Carryhugh
Short, Patrick L: Drumhirk
Simpson, John L. L: Tamlaght
Simpson, Rev. Samuel L: Maddan
Simpson, Rev. Samuel L: Maddan Derrynoose Rectory
Singleton, John L: Tullyhirm
Singleton, William L: Listarkelt
Singleton, William L: Mullyard
Smith, Hugh L: Drumacanver
Smith, James L: Drumacanver (Leslie Hill)
Smith, John L: Drumacanver
Smith, Joseph L: Cormeen
Smith, Mary L: Derryhennet
Smith, Patrick L: Drumacanver
Smith, Patrick L: Farnaloy
Smith, William L: Drumgreenagh
Spear, John L: Drumgar
Spear, Robert L: Drumgar
Speer, James L: Tullycallidy
Speer, John L: Tullycallidy
Sproul, John L: Brootally
Sproul, Thomas L: Brootally
Starret, George L: Tullycallidy
Steel, Anne L: Cormeen
Steel, Elizabeth L: Cormeen
Steel, James L: Cormeen
Steel, James L: Lissagally
Steel, James, Sr. L: Cormeen
Steel, John L: Cormeen
Steel, Thomas L: Cormeen
Steel, William L: Cormeen
Steel, William L: Lissagally
Stenson, Henry L: Drumacanver
Stewart, Henry L: Knockrevan
Stewart, Henry L: Mowillin
Stewart, Joseph L: Dernalea
Stewart, Michael L: Drumgreenagh
Stewart, Robert L: Camagh
Stewart, Robert L: Carryhugh
Stewart, Robert L: Mowillin
Strahan, Thomas L: Lislea
Strahan, William L: Derryhennet
Sturgeon, James L: Drumgreenagh
Sturgeon, Jane L: Drumacanver
Sturgeon, Margaret L: Drumgreenagh
Taggart, Hugh L: Kilcreevy Etra
Taggart, James L: Kilcreevy Etra
Taggart, James L: Lissagally
Taggart, John L: Drumacanver
Taggart, John, Jr. L: Kilcreevy Etra
Taggart, John, Sr. L: Kilcreevy Etra
Taggart, Phoebe L: Ballynagolan
Tait, John L: Cargalisgorran
Tecey, Andrew L: Drumgreenagh
Tecey, George L: Drumgreenagh
Tecey, James L: Drumgreenagh
Tecey, William L: Drumgreenagh
Thompson, John L: Drumnahavil
Thompson, John L: Rowan
Thompson, Samuel L: Maghery Kilcrany
Thornton, James L: Maddan
Thornton, Margaret L: Drumgreenagh
Toner, Arthur L: Camagh
Toner, James L: Camagh
Toner, John L: Roughan
Toole, Anne L: Kilcreevy Otra
Toole, Edward L: Lisglynn
Toole, Hugh L: Kilcreevy Otra
Travers, Catherine L: Drumherney
Traynor, Hugh L: Carryhugh
Traynor, Margaret L: Lissagally
Treanor, James L: Fergort
Treanor, James L: Rowan
Treanor, Patrick L: Listarkelt
Treanor, Susan L: Drummeland
Trimble, John L: Tullycallidy
Trimble, William L: Tulycallidy
Vallelly, Catherine L: Tullyhirm
Vallelly, Charles L: Tullyhirm
Vallelly, Elizabeth L: Tullyhirm
Vallelly, Henry L: Tullyhirm
Vallelly, Michael L: Tullyhirm
Vallelly, Patrick L: Tullyhirm
Vallelly John, John L: Tullyhirm
Vallelly Michl, John L: Tullyhirm
Vallelly Tom, John L: Tullyhirm
Vallely, Henry L: Rowan
Vallely, James L: Fergort
Vallely, Patrick L: Tirnacree
Vallely, Peter L: Tullyhirm
Wade, Arthur L: Listarkelt
Walker, Alexander L: Cormeen
Walker, Charles L: Cormeen
Walker, James L: Drumhirk
Walker, John L: Camagh
Walker, John L: Carryhugh
Walker, John L: Mowillin
Walker, William L: Carryhugh
Walker, William L: Lissagally
Waters, Michael L: Tirnacree
Waters, Patrick L: Crossbane
Waters, Peters L: Crossbane
Watson, Andrew L: Knockrevan
Watson, John L: Mowillin
Watson, William L: Killyreavy
Webster, Samuel L: Cormeen
Whinnery, Robert L: Tullycallidy
White, John L: Drummeland
Whitty, Mary Anne L: Lissagally
Wiliamson, Thomas L: Killyreavy
Wilson, Andrew L: Lislea
Wilson, Francis L: Lislea
Wilson, James L: Cormeen
Wilson, James L: Derryhennet
Wilson, James L: Drumgreenagh
Wilson, John L: Cormeen
Wilson, John L: Drumhirk
Wilson, Mary Jane L: Camagh
Wilson, Samuel L: Cargalisgorran
Wilson, Thomas L: Drumgreenagh
Woods, Anne L: Drumnahavil
Woods, Francis L: Dernalea
Woods, James L: Drummeland
Woods, James L: Mullyard
Woods, John L: Drumgar
Woods, John L: Kilcreevy Otra
Woods, John L: Tullyhirm
Woods, Michael L: Carrickabolie
Woods, Michael L: Drumnahavil
Woods, Owen L: Cargalisgorran
Woods, Owen L: Crossbane
Woods, Patrick L: Mullyard
Woods, Patrick, Sr. L: Drumnahavil
Woods, Peter L: Carrickabolie
Woods, Peter L: Mullyard
Woods, Thomas L: Ballynagolan
Woods, Thomas L: Carrickabolie
Woods, Thomas L: Drumnahavil
Woods, Timothy L: Cargalisgorran
Woods Crossbane, Owen L: Drumnahavil
Wright, Samuel L: Drumhirk
Wright, William L: Cormeen
Young, Samuel L: Drumacanver

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Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan