Griffith's Valuation: Termonmaguirk Parish, County Tyrone

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Griffith's Valuation in Termonmaguirk Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Termonmaguirk parish and every other parish in county Tyrone as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Tyrone in 1851.


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Griffiths Valuation: Termonmaguirk Parish 1851

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You should also check the records of Termonmaguirk parish from the Tithe Applotment books recorded during the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   Loc: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Alexander, Rev. Saml. Loc: Aghagogan
Alexander, Rev. Saml Loc: Aghnanereagh
Alexander, Rev. Samuel Loc: Athenree
Alexander, William Loc: Cavanreagh
Allen, Henry Loc: Cloghfin
Anderson, Anabella Loc: Tiroony
Anderson, Benjamin Loc: Cloghfin
Anderson, Ellen Loc: Ramackan
Anderson, George Loc: Cloghfin N: Lucy
Anderson, Irwin Loc: Cloghfin
Anderson, James Loc: Aghnaglea
Anderson, James Loc: Cloghfin
Anderson, John Loc: Ballintrain
Anderson, John Loc: Cloghfin
Anderson, John Loc: Ramackan
Anderson, Joseph Loc: Cavanreagh
Anderson, Joseph Loc: Cloghfin
Anderson, Joseph Loc: Ramackan
Anderson, Joseph T: Sixmilecross
Anderson, Josp. Loc: Cloghfin N: The Hill
Anderson, Robert T: Sixmilecross
Anderson, Thomas Loc: Ramackan
Anderson, William Loc: Athenree
Anderson, William Loc: Cavanreagh
Anderson, William Loc: Cloghfin
Anderson, William Loc: Sixmilecross
Anderson, William T: Sixmilecross
Anderson, William, Jr. Loc: Ramackan
Anderson, Wm. Loc: Cavanreagh N: Bawn
Anson, Robert T: Sixmilecross
Armstrong, Andrew Loc: Bracky
Armstrong, Issac Loc: Bracky
Armstrong, Issac, Jr. Loc: Bracky
Armstrong, Issac, Sr. Loc: Bracky
Armstrong, James Loc: Bracky
Armstrong, James Loc: Ramackan
Armstrong, James Loc: Sixmilecross
Armstrong, Jane Loc: Bracky
Armstrong, Martha Loc: Loughmacrory
Armstrong, Robert Loc: Drumnakilly
Armstrong, Robert T: Sixmilecross
Armstrong, Samuel Loc: Bracky
Armstrong, William Loc: Bracky
Atwell, Rachel Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Atwell, William Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Barrett, Hugh Loc: Copney
Barrett, Hugh Loc: Mullan More
Bartley, John Loc: Aghnaglea
Bartley, John Loc: Sixmilecross
Bartley, John T: Sixmilecross
Baxter, Solomon Loc: Cavanreagh
Beaty, Robert Loc: Bracky
Begley, James Loc: Creggandevesky
Begley, Maurice Loc: Sultan
Begley, Patrick Loc: Sultan
Begley, Peter Loc: Creggandevesky
Bell, William Loc: Drumnakilly
Belmore, Loc: Drumlester N: Earl of Belmore
Belmore, Loc: Ramackan N: Earl of Belmore
Black, James Loc: Eskerboy
Black, Robert Loc: Cloghfin
Blayney, Joseph Loc: Bancan
Boden, John Loc: Cavanreagh
Bogle, Connor Loc: Inishative
Boothe, Jas. Loc: Derroar
Boothe, John Loc: Derroar
Bradley, Edward Loc: Tremoge
Bradley, Francis Loc: Eskerboy
Bradley, Michael Loc: Altdrumman
Bradley, Patrick Loc: Altdrumman
Bradley, Patrick Loc: Loughmacrory
Bradley, Patrick Loc: Mullan Beg
Bradley, Peter Loc: Altdrumman
Brattan, William Loc: Tiroony
Bratten, Anne Loc: Cavanreagh
Bratten, David Loc: Cavanreagh
Bratten, James Loc: Cavanreagh
Bratten, Samuel Loc: Cavanreagh
Browne, Eliza Loc: Sixmilecross
Browne, John Loc: Sixmilecross
Browne, John T: Sixmilecross
Browne, John Loc: Tonegan
Browne, Thomas Loc: Tonegan
Buchanan, Hugh T: Sixmilecross
Buchanan, William Loc: Deroran
Burnett, James Loc: Bracky
Burnett, John Loc: Bracky
Burnett, William Loc: Altdrumman
Burnett, William Loc: Bracky
Burnett, William Loc: Mulnafye
Burnett, William Loc: Oxtown
Byrne, Margaret Loc: Clare
Callan, Hugh Loc: Aghagogan
Campbell, Adley Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Campbell, James Loc: Ballintrain
Campbell, James Loc: Bracky
Campbell, Mary Anne Loc: Bracky
Campbell, Patrick Loc: Bancan
Campbell, Robert Loc: Bracky
Campbell, William Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Carr, Andrew Loc: Drumnakilly
Carr, John Loc: Aghnaglea
Carr, John Loc: Drumnakilly
Carr, Mary T: Sixmilecross
Carroll, Edmund Loc: Tanderagee
Cassidy, James Loc: Dunmisk
Cathers, David Loc: Ramackan
Cathers, James Loc: Cooley
Cathers, William Loc: Aghnaglea
Ccausland, Jas., Jr. Loc: Drumduff
Chapman, William Loc: Bracky
Christie, Rev. Andrew Loc: Aghagogan
Clarke, Andrew Loc: Aghagogan
Clarke, Andw. Thomas Loc: Tiroony
Clarke, Andw. Thomas Loc: Tonegan
Clarke, Andw. Thos. Loc: Tonegan
Clarke, Robert Loc: Derroar
Clements, John Loc: Ramackan
Clements, Robert Loc: Cavanreagh
Clements, Robert Loc: Ramackan
Clements, Thomas Loc: Ramackan
Clements, William Loc: Aghnaglea
Clements, William Loc: Cavanreagh
Clements, William Loc: Sixmilecross
Cobane, Patrick Loc: Inishative
Cobane, Samuel Loc: Dunmisk
Cobane, William Loc: Dunmisk
Cobane, William Loc: Inishative
Cochran, William Loc: Liskincon
Cochran, William T: Sixmilecross
Colgan, Henry Loc: Streefe Glebe
Colgan, James Loc: Streefe Glebe
Colgan, James V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Colgan, Owen Loc: Carrickmore
Colgan, Patrick Loc: Carrickmore
Colgan, Patrick V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Colgan, Peter Loc: Clare
Colhoun, Edward Loc: Sixmilecross
Colhoun, Edward T: Sixmilecross
Colhoun, John Loc: Dunmisk
Colhoun, John Loc: Tiroony
Colhoun, Lewis T: Sixmilecross
Colhoun, Robert Loc: Drumnakilly
Colhoun, Thomas Loc: Carrickmore
Conlan, Anne Loc: Aghagogan
Conlan, Francis Loc: Aghagogan
Conlan, Francis Loc: Creggandevesky
Conlan, Francis Loc: Mullan More
Conlan, Francis Loc: Sluggan
Conlan, James Loc: Cregganconroe
Conlan, John Loc: Aghagogan
Conlan, John Loc: Aghnanereagh
Conlan, John Loc: Sluggan
Conlan, Michael Loc: Sluggan
Conlan, Owen Loc: Aghagogan
Conlan, Thomas Loc: Creggandevesky
Conlan, Thomas Loc: Inishative
Conlan, Thomas Loc: Sluggan
Connellan, Hugh Loc: Gleneeny
Connolly, Patrick Loc: Creggan
Connolly, Rose Loc: Creggan
Connor, Bernard Loc: Creggandevesky
Connor, Daniel Loc: Ramackan
Connor, Patrick Loc: Tremoge
Conway, Bernard Loc: Creggan
Conway, Bernard Loc: Sultan
Conway, Bridget Loc: Creggan
Conway, Daniel Loc: Cooley
Conway, Daniel Loc: Sultan
Conway, Felix Loc: Drumnakilly
Conway, Henry Loc: Sultan
Conway, James Loc: Mullan More
Conway, James Loc: Sultan
Conway, John Loc: Drumnakilly
Conway, John Loc: Skeboy
Conway, Michael Loc: Carrickmore
Conway, Michael Loc: Cregganconroe
Conway, Michael Loc: Gortfin
Conway, Michael Loc: Sultan
Conway, Michael Loc: Tonegan
Conway, Owen Loc: Sultan
Conway, Patk. Loc: Sultan N: Michl
Conway, Patrick Loc: Creggan
Conway, Patrick Loc: Inishative
Conway, Patrick Loc: Sultan
Conway, Peter Loc: Drumnakilly
Conway, Peter Loc: Sultan
Conway, Philip Loc: Cooley
Conway, Simon Loc: Creggandevesky
Conway, Stephen Loc: Sultan
Conway, Terence Loc: Creggandevesky
Cooper, James Loc: Cloghfin
Cooper, John Loc: Cloghfin
Cooper, William T: Sixmilecross
Corr, John Loc: Creggan
Corr, Thomas Loc: Cloghfin
Corrigan, Bridget Loc: Cloghfin
Corrigan, John Loc: Tiroony
Corrigan, Michael Loc: Bancan
Courtney, William Loc: Cavanreagh
Cousins, John Loc: Bracky
Coyle, Alice Loc: Loughmacrory
Coyle, Bridget Loc: Loughmacrory
Coyle, Esther Loc: Creggandevesky
Coyle, Felix Loc: Inishative
Coyle, Francis Loc: Loughmacrory
Coyle, Hugh Loc: Loughmacrory
Coyle, Hugh Loc: Mullan Beg
Coyle, James Loc: Granagh
Coyle, James Loc: Loughmacrory
Coyle, James Loc: Sultan
Coyle, John Loc: Loughmacrory
Coyle, John Loc: Oxtown
Coyle, John Loc: Sultan
Coyle, Michael Loc: Altanagh
Coyle, Michael Loc: Loughmacrory
Coyle, Michael Loc: Sultan
Coyle, Michael, Jr. Loc: Loughmacrory
Coyle, Michael, Jr. Loc: Sultan
Coyle, Owen Loc: Creggan
Coyle, Patrick Loc: Altanagh
Coyle, Patrick Loc: Creggan
Coyle, Patrick Loc: Creggandevesky
Coyle, Patrick Loc: Drumnakilly
Coyle, Patrick Loc: Loughmacrory
Coyle, Peter Loc: Altanagh
Coyle, Peter Loc: Granagh
Coyle, Peter Loc: Loughmacrory
Coyle, Peter Loc: Oxtown
Coyle, Peter Loc: Sultan
Coyle, Thomas Loc: Loughmacrory
Crawford, James Loc: Aghnagreggan
Crawford, James T: Sixmilecross
Crawford, Robert Loc: Copney
Creggan, John Loc: Tremoge
Crory, Patrick Loc: Carrickmore
Crosslie, Rev. Charles Loc: Cloghfin
Cunningham, Hugh Loc: Inishative
Cunningham, John Loc: Granagh
Cunningham, Michael Loc: Cloghfin
Cunningham, Michl. Loc: Ramackan
Cunningham, William Loc: Bracky
Curran, Arthur Loc: Inishative
Curran, Daniel Loc: Streefe Glebe
Curran, Edward Loc: Ballintrain
Curran, John Loc: Streefe Glebe
Curran, John Loc: Tremoge
Curran, John, Jr. Loc: Streefe Glebe
Curran, Michael Loc: Streefe Glebe
Curran, Neal Loc: Streefe Glebe
Curran, Patrick Loc: Streefe Glebe
Curran, Peter Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Curran, William Loc: Streefe Glebe
Curry, Alexander Loc: Ballintrain
Curry, Robert Loc: Aghnaglea
Curry, Robert T: Sixmilecross
Curry, Samuel Loc: Ballintrain
Curry, William Loc: Ballintrain
Curry, William Loc: Tanderagee
Daly, Anthony Loc: Drumnakilly
Daly, Bernard Loc: Creggandevesky
Daly, Bernard Loc: Drumnakilly
Daly, Bernard V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Daly, Bridget Loc: Granagh
Daly, Edward Loc: Granagh
Daly, Edward Loc: Sluggan
Daly, Felix Loc: Drumnakilly
Daly, Felix Loc: Granagh
Daly, Francis Loc: Granagh
Daly, Hannah Loc: Granagh
Daly, Henry Loc: Aghnanereagh
Daly, Hugh Loc: Drumnakilly
Daly, Hugh Loc: Granagh
Daly, James Loc: Granagh
Daly, John Loc: Aghnanereagh
Daly, John Loc: Aghnanereagh N: Pat
Daly, John Loc: Altdrumman
Daly, John Loc: Creggandevesky
Daly, John Loc: Drumnakilly
Daly, John Loc: Glen Upper
Daly, John Loc: Granagh
Daly, John Loc: Sluggan
Daly, Joseph Loc: Aghnanereagh
Daly, Letitia Loc: Drumnakilly
Daly, Margaret Loc: Drumnakilly
Daly, Michael Loc: Deroran
Daly, Michael Loc: Drumnakilly
Daly, Michael Loc: Glen Upper
Daly, Michael Loc: Sluggan
Daly, Neal Loc: Granagh
Daly, Owen Loc: Aghnanereagh
Daly, Owen Loc: Dunmisk
Daly, Patrick Loc: Drumnakilly
Daly, Patrick Loc: Mullan More
Daly, Patrick Loc: Mulnafye
Daly, Peter Loc: Granagh
Daly, Peter Loc: Streefe Glebe
Daly, Stephen Loc: Oxtown
Daly, Susan Loc: Granagh
Daly, Thomas Loc: Drumnakilly
Daly, Thomas Loc: Granagh
Daly, Thomas Loc: Oxtown
Daly, Thomas Loc: Streefe Glebe
Daly, William Loc: Granagh
Davis, Alexander Loc: Ramackan
Davis, Alexander Loc: Sixmilecross
Davis, Alexander T: Sixmilecross
Davis, Henry Loc: Altdrumman
Denny, Alexander Loc: Drumnakilly
Devin, Charles Loc: Sluggan
Devlin, Bernard Loc: Cloghfin
Devlin, Bernard Loc: Cloghfin N: Tiegestown
Devlin, Charles Loc: Cloghfin
Devlin, Henry Loc: Mullan Beg
Devlin, John Loc: Mullan Beg
Devlin, John T: Sixmilecross
Devlin, Mary Loc: Creggan
Devlin, Michael Loc: Cloghfin
Devlin, Patrick Loc: Cloghfin
Devlin, Philip T: Sixmilecross
Dillon, Michael Loc: Altdrumman
Dixon, James Loc: Tonegan
Dixon, Joseph Loc: Tonegan
Dixon, Mary Loc: Tonegan
Dixon, William Loc: Aghagogan
Dixon, William Loc: Cloghfin
Doak, R. V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Dobbs, Charles Loc: Mullan More
Dobbs, Michael Loc: Altdrumman
Dobbs, Owen Loc: Altdrumman
Dobbs, Patrick Loc: Glen Upper
Dobbs, Peter Loc: Mullan More
Dogherty, James Loc: Mulnafye
Dogherty, Michael Loc: Aghnagreggan
Dogherty, William Loc: Aghnagreggan
Doherty, Charles Loc: Loughmacrory
Doherty, James Loc: Bancan
Doherty, Neal Loc: Bracky
Donaghy, Andrew Loc: Drumnakilly
Donaghy, Bernard Loc: Sultan
Donaghy, Bryan Loc: Creggan
Donaghy, Cormack Loc: Sultan
Donaghy, Edward Loc: Cregganconroe
Donaghy, Edward Loc: Sultan
Donaghy, Francis Loc: Skeboy
Donaghy, Francis Loc: Sultan
Donaghy, Henry Loc: Altdrumman
Donaghy, Henry Loc: Sultan
Donaghy, James Loc: Creggan
Donaghy, James Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Donaghy, James Loc: Skeboy
Donaghy, James Loc: Sultan
Donaghy, John Loc: Altanagh
Donaghy, John Loc: Altdrumman
Donaghy, John Loc: Bracky
Donaghy, John Loc: Carrickmore
Donaghy, John Loc: Skeboy
Donaghy, Joseph Loc: Oxtown
Donaghy, Matthew Loc: Sultan
Donaghy, Michael Loc: Cloghfin
Donaghy, Neal Loc: Creggandevesky
Donaghy, Owen Loc: Oxtown
Donaghy, Owen Loc: Sultan
Donaghy, Patrick Loc: Ramackan
Donaghy, Patrick Loc: Sultan
Donaghy, Peter Loc: Mullan More
Donaghy, Robert Loc: Altdrumman
Donaghy, Stephen Loc: Sultan
Donaghy, Terence Loc: Loughmacrory
Donaghy, Terence Loc: Sultan
Donaghy, Unkkown Loc: Oxtown
Donaghy, William Loc: Bracky
Donaghy, William Loc: Loughmacrory
Donnelly, Andrew Loc: Inishative
Donnelly, Arthur Loc: Gleneeny
Donnelly, Bernard Loc: Carrickmore
Donnelly, Bridget Loc: Drumlester
Donnelly, Catherine Loc: Ballintrain
Donnelly, Daniel Loc: Creggandevesky
Donnelly, Daniel Loc: Gleneeny
Donnelly, Daniel Loc: Gortfinbar
Donnelly, Daniel Loc: Sluggan
Donnelly, Edward Loc: Derroar
Donnelly, Felix Loc: Clare
Donnelly, Francis Loc: Carrickmore
Donnelly, Francis Loc: Clare
Donnelly, Francis Loc: Cloghfin
Donnelly, Francis Loc: Gleneeny
Donnelly, Francis Loc: Gortfin
Donnelly, Francis Loc: Sluggan
Donnelly, Henry Loc: Glen Upper
Donnelly, Henry Loc: Gleneeny
Donnelly, Henry Loc: Inishative
Donnelly, Hugh Loc: Inishative
Donnelly, Hugh Loc: Sluggan
Donnelly, James Loc: Clare
Donnelly, James Loc: Derroar
Donnelly, James Loc: Tremoge
Donnelly, James Loc: Tursallagh
Donnelly, John Loc: Ballintrain
Donnelly, John Loc: Cooley
Donnelly, John Loc: Inishative
Donnelly, John T: Sixmilecross
Donnelly, John Loc: Sluggan
Donnelly, Mary Loc: Cooley
Donnelly, Mary Loc: Sluggan
Donnelly, Michael Loc: Drumlester
Donnelly, Michael Loc: Gortfinbar
Donnelly, Michael Loc: Sluggan
Donnelly, Patrick Loc: Gortfin
Donnelly, Patrick Loc: Inishative
Donnelly, Patrick Loc: Mullan Beg
Donnelly, Patrick Loc: Sluggan
Donnelly, Patrick Loc: Sultan
Donnelly, Patrick Loc: Tremoge
Donnelly, Paul Loc: Ramackan
Donnelly, Peter Loc: Cloghfin
Donnelly, Sarah Loc: Gleneeny
Donnelly, Terence Loc: Gortfinbar
Donnolly, Henry Loc: Bancan
Donnolly, Paul Loc: Bancan
Donnolly, Peter Loc: Cloghfin
Doogan, Hugh Loc: Drumlester
Dooner, James Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Dooner, Patrick Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Doran, Owen Loc: Loughmacrory
Dowdall, Atty Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Downey, Patrick Loc: Tanderagee
Dringan, James Loc: Sixmilecross
Dringan, James T: Sixmilecross
Dringan, John Loc: Sixmilecross
Dringan, John T: Sixmilecross
Dringan, Stewart T: Sixmilecross
Droogan, James Loc: Cooley
Drummin, Elizabeth Loc: Athenree
Drummin, Samuel Loc: Athenree
Duigan, Charles Loc: Carrickmore
Duigan, John Loc: Aghnaglea
Duigan, Rose Loc: Carrickmore
Dunbar, Henry T: Sixmilecross
Dunlop, James Loc: Cavanreagh
Dunlop, John Loc: Cavanreagh
Dunne, Martha T: Sixmilecross
Early, Edward T: Sixmilecross
Early, John Loc: Tremoge
Elliott, Cunningham Loc: Bancan
Elliott, William Loc: Bancan
Ellison, Andrew Loc: Bracky
Elroy, John Loc: Carrickmore
Evitt, John Loc: Cooley
Ewing, William Loc: Carrickmore
Farrell, Patrick Loc: Tiroony
Field, James Loc: Bracky
Field, Samuel Loc: Bracky
Field, Thomas Loc: Bracky
Field, Thomas, Jr. Loc: Bracky
Forbes, James Loc: Ballintrain
Forbes, William Loc: Ballintrain
Foster, Robert T: Sixmilecross
Fox, Bernard Loc: Sluggan
Fox, Bryan, Jr. Loc: Creggan
Fox, Bryan, Sr. Loc: Creggan
Fox, Catherine Loc: Loughmacrory
Fox, Charles Loc: Mullan More
Fox, Francis Loc: Glen Upper
Fox, Francis Loc: Sultan
Fox, James Loc: Mullan More
Fox, John Loc: Creggan
Fox, John Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Fox, Michael Loc: Creggan
Fox, Michael Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Fox, Michael Loc: Sluggan
Fox, Michael Loc: Sultan
Fox, Michael V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Fox, Patrick Loc: Bracky
Fox, Patrick Loc: Creggan
Fox, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Creggan
Fox, Peter Loc: Granagh
Fox, Roger, Jr. Loc: Creggan
Fox, Roger, Sr. Loc: Creggan
Fox, Stephen Loc: Creggan
Fox, Susan Loc: Sultan
Fox, Thomas Loc: Creggan
Fox, William Loc: Bracky
Fox, William Loc: Mullan More
Fulton, James Loc: Bracky
Fulton, John Loc: Creggandevesky
Gage, Marcus Loc: Aghagogan
Gage, Marcus V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Gage, Wm Charles Loc: Carrickmore
Gage, Wm. Charles Loc: Carrickmore
Galbraith, Dorothea Loc: Bracky
Galbraith, Hannah Loc: Cregganconroe
Galbraith, James Loc: Derroar
Galbraith, John Loc: Bracky
Galbraith, Samuel Loc: Bracky
Gallagher, Daniel Loc: Altdrumman
Gallagher, Daniel Loc: Glen Upper
Gallagher, James Loc: Altdrumman
Gallagher, James Loc: Glen Upper
Gallagher, Michael Loc: Altdrumman
Gallagher, Michael Loc: Glen Upper
Gallagher, Michl., Jr. Loc: Altdrumman
Gallagher, Michl., Jr. Loc: Glen Upper
Gallagher, Michl., Sr. Loc: Glen Upper
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Mulnafye
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Oxtown
Gazer, John Loc: Derroar
Geraghty, Sarah Loc: Ramackan
Gibney, Hugh Loc: Aghnagreggan
Gibney, James Loc: Drumduff
Gibney, John Loc: Drumnakilly
Gibney, Joseph Loc: Aghnagreggan
Gibson, John Loc: Cloghfin
Gilkinson, Stewart Loc: Derroar
Gillespie, Alexander Loc: Ballintrain
Goodwin, Owen Loc: Cloghfin
Gordan, John Loc: Drumduff
Gordan, Mary Loc: Drumduff
Gorman, Patrick Loc: Oxtown
Gormley, Charles Loc: Tiroony
Gormley, John Loc: Drumlester
Gormley, Neal Loc: Drumlester
Gormley, Neal Loc: Gleneeny
Gormley, Patrick Loc: Gleneeny
Gormley, Patrick Loc: Mullan Beg
Gormley, Peter Loc: Gleneeny
Gormley, Peter Loc: Mullan Beg
Gormley, Peter T: Sixmilecross
Gormley, Roger Loc: Drumlester
Gormley, Roger Loc: Eskerboy
Gormley, Terence Loc: Drumlester
Gormley, Thomas Loc: Drumlester
Graham, David Loc: Cloghfin
Graham, John Loc: Aghagogan
Graham, John Loc: Creggandevesky
Grogan, Edward Loc: Tremoge
Grogan, Francis Loc: Altanagh
Grogan, Hugh Loc: Carrickmore
Grogan, John Loc: Aghagogan
Grogan, John Loc: Altanagh
Grogan, Mary Loc: Altanagh
Grogan, Nogher Loc: Altanagh
Grogan, Peter Loc: Altanagh
Grogan, Sylvester Loc: Altanagh
Groogan, Francis Loc: Inishative
Groogan, Francis Loc: Tiroony
Groogan, Thomas Loc: Inishative
Hackett, Patrick Loc: Cavanreagh
Hagan, John Loc: Dunmisk
Hagan, Peter Loc: Tiroony
Hagney, Alice Loc: Ramackan
Hagney, Arthur Loc: Drumlester
Hagney, Francis Loc: Drumlester
Hall, Catherine T: Sixmilecross
Hall, Eliza Loc: Ramackan
Hall, Hugh Loc: Granagh
Hall, Hugh Loc: Mullan More
Hall, John Loc: Aghnaglea
Hall, John T: Sixmilecross
Hall, Richard Loc: Cregganconroe
Hamilton, Archibald Loc: Drumnakilly
Hamilton, James Loc: Bracky
Hamilton, John Loc: Bracky
Harvey, Anne Loc: Creggandevesky
Harvey, Edward Loc: Derroar
Harvey, Eliza Loc: Deroran
Harvey, James Loc: Ballintrain
Harvey, John Loc: Sluggan
Harvey, Patrick Loc: Derroar
Hasty, Hannah Loc: Bancan
Haughy, Francis Loc: Creggan
Haughy, Henry Loc: Creggan
Haughy, James Loc: Creggan
Haughy, John Loc: Creggan
Haughy, John Loc: Mullan More
Haughy, Joseph Loc: Creggan
Haughy, Michael Loc: Creggan
Haughy, Michael Loc: Granagh
Haughy, Michael, Jr. Loc: Creggan
Haughy, Michael, Sr. Loc: Creggan
Haughy, Owen Loc: Creggan
Haughy, Patrick Loc: Creggan
Haughy, Paul Loc: Creggan
Haughy, Peter Loc: Creggan
Haughy, Rose Loc: Creggan
Haughy, Thomas Loc: Creggan
Haughy, Thomas Loc: Sultan
Hawkes, James Loc: Bracky
Hawks, Robert Loc: Bracky
Hazlett, Esther Loc: Bracky
Heaney, Sarah T: Sixmilecross
Heatley, John Loc: Carrickmore
Henry, Daniel Loc: Mullan More
Henry, Thomas Loc: Cooley
Hewston, William T: Sixmilecross
Heyburn, George Loc: Cooley
Higginbottom, Robert T: Sixmilecross
Higgins, Bryan Loc: Clare
Higgins, Francis Loc: Clare
Higgins, Terence Loc: Clare
Higgins, Timothy Loc: Clare
Hollywood, Catherine Loc: Inishative
Hollywood, John Loc: Mullan More
Hopper, James Loc: Cavanreagh
Hopper, James Loc: Ramackan
Hopper, Samuel Loc: Drumduff
Hourisk, Charles T: Sixmilecross
Houston, Robert Loc: Cloghfin
Hughes, Catherine Loc: Creggandevesky
Hughes, Francis Loc: Cloghfin
Hughes, George Loc: Inishative
Hughes, James Loc: Altanagh
Hughes, James Loc: Inishative
Hughes, John Loc: Altanagh
Hughes, John Loc: Cloghfin
Hughes, Letty Loc: Sluggan
Hughes, Michael Loc: Cloghfin
Hughes, Michael Loc: Dunmisk
Hughes, Patrick Loc: Altanagh
Hughes, Patrick Loc: Cloghfin
Hughes, Patrick Loc: Creggandevesky
Hughes, Patrick Loc: Eskerboy
Hughes, Patrick Loc: Inishative
Hughes, Patrick Loc: Tonegan
Hughes, Robert Loc: Inishative
Hughes, Terence Loc: Inishative
Hutchinson, Margaret Loc: Cavanreagh
Hynes, James Loc: Cregganconroe
Hynes, James Loc: Tremoge
Hynes, John Loc: Carrickmore
Hynes, William Loc: Cregganconroe
Jefferson, Eliza Loc: Gortfin
Jefferson, John Loc: Altdrumman
Jefferson, William Loc: Altdrumman
Johnston, David Loc: Bancan
Johnston, John Loc: Aghagogan
Johnston, John Loc: Cavanreagh
Johnston, John Loc: Cooley
Johnston, John T: Sixmilecross
Johnston, Mary Loc: Bracky
Johnston, Mary Anne Loc: Bancan
Johnston, Samuel Loc: Tiroony
Junk, Rev. Thos. W. Loc: Aghnaglea
Junk, Rev. Thos W. Loc: Sixmilecross
Junk, Rev. Thos W. T: Sixmilecross
Keane, John Loc: Aghnagreggan
Keenan, Catherine Loc: Creggandevesky
Keenan, Patrick Loc: Aghnagreggan
Keenan, Patrick Loc: Gleneeny
Keenan, Patrick Loc: Mullan Beg
Kelly, Anne Loc: Loughmacrory
Kelly, Anne Loc: Mullan More
Kelly, Arthur Loc: Inishative
Kelly, Bernard Loc: Altdrumman
Kelly, Bernard Loc: Loughmacrory
Kelly, Bridget Loc: Aghnagreggan
Kelly, Bridget Loc: Loughmacrory
Kelly, Charles Loc: Altdrumman
Kelly, Daniel Loc: Skeboy
Kelly, David V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Kelly, Denis Loc: Mulnafye
Kelly, Edward Loc: Ramackan
Kelly, Edward Loc: Streefe Glebe
Kelly, Ellen Loc: Altdrumman
Kelly, Francis Loc: Loughmacrory
Kelly, Henry Loc: Inishative
Kelly, Henry Loc: Tiroony
Kelly, Hugh Loc: Altdrumman
Kelly, Hugh Loc: Drumnakilly
Kelly, Hugh Loc: Inishative
Kelly, Hugh Loc: Skeboy
Kelly, James Loc: Altdrumman
Kelly, James Loc: Carrickmore
Kelly, James Loc: Glen Upper
Kelly, James Loc: Inishative
Kelly, James Loc: Loughmacrory
Kelly, James Loc: Mulnafye
Kelly, James Loc: Tonegan
Kelly, Jane Loc: Altdrumman
Kelly, John Loc: Derroar
Kelly, John Loc: Inishative
Kelly, John V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Kelly, Laurence Loc: Skeboy
Kelly, Mary Loc: Dunmisk
Kelly, Michael Loc: Altdrumman
Kelly, Michael Loc: Loughmacrory
Kelly, Michael Loc: Skeboy
Kelly, Neal Loc: Loughmacrory
Kelly, Neal Loc: Mulnafye
Kelly, Neal Loc: Oxtown
Kelly, Owen Loc: Inishative
Kelly, Owen Loc: Mulnafye
Kelly, Owen Loc: Oxtown
Kelly, Owen Loc: Streefe Glebe
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Aghnagreggan
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Altanagh
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Altdrumman
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Carrickmore
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Inishative
Kelly, Patrick. Loc: Inishative N: Hackler
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Loughmacrory
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Kelly, Peter Loc: Clare
Kelly, Peter Loc: Inishative
Kelly, Peter Loc: Loughmacrory
Kelly, Peter Loc: Skeboy
Kelly, Stephen Loc: Altdrumman
Kelly, Terence Loc: Inishative
Kelly, Terence Loc: Streefe Glebe
Kelly, William Loc: Ballintrain
Kelly, William Loc: Clare
Kelly, William Loc: Cloghfin
Kelly, William Loc: Skeboy
Kernan, James Loc: Derroar
Kernan, John Loc: Creggan
Kerr, Anne Loc: Ballintrain
Kerr, Anne Loc: Inishative
Kerr, Arthur Loc: Drumlester
Kerr, Benjamin Loc: Ballintrain
Kerr, Benjamin Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Kerr, Catherine Loc: Dunmisk
Kerr, Daniel Loc: Sluggan
Kerr, Denis Loc: Altdrumman
Kerr, Francis Loc: Drumlester
Kerr, Harry Loc: Sluggan
Kerr, James Loc: Derroar
Kerr, James Loc: Sluggan
Kerr, Rep. Jane T: Sixmilecross
Kerr, John Loc: Sluggan
Kerr, Patrick Loc: Drumlester
Kerr, Patrick Loc: Oxtown
Kerr, Patrick Loc: Sultan
Kerr, Robert Loc: Ballintrain
Kerr, William Loc: Cooley
Kerr, William Loc: Liskincon
Kerr, William Loc: Sixmilecross
Kilmurry, William Loc: Loughmacrory
Kilpatrick, James T: Sixmilecross
Kilpatrick, Sarah T: Sixmilecross
Kilpatrick, William T: Sixmilecross
Kyle, Alexander Loc: Bracky
Kyle, Claudius Loc: Bancan
Kyle, David Loc: Bancan
Kyle, Hamilton Loc: Bracky
Kyle, James Loc: Bracky
Kyle, James Loc: Drumnakilly
Kyle, James Loc: Ramackan
Kyle, John Loc: Drumnakilly
Kyle, Joseph Loc: Bancan
Kyle, Mary Loc: Bracky
Kyle, Robert Loc: Bracky
Kyle, Robert Loc: Drumnakilly
Lagan, Bernard Loc: Inishative
Lagan, Edward Loc: Inishative
Lagan, John Loc: Inishative
Lagan, Margaret Loc: Inishative
Lagan, Michael Loc: Inishative
Lagan, Owen Loc: Aghnanereagh
Lagan, Owen Loc: Cloghfin
Lagan, Owen Loc: Inishative
Lagan, Owen Loc: Sluggan
Lagan, Patrick Loc: Inishative
Lagan, Thomas, Jr. Loc: Inishative
Lagan, Thomas, Sr. Loc: Inishative
Lammie, George Loc: Sixmilecross
Lammie, George T: Sixmilecross
Lammie, John Loc: Gortfin
Lammie, Samuel T: Sixmilecross
Lennon, James Loc: Sultan
Leonard, Patrick Loc: Tiroony
Leonard, Roger Loc: Tiroony
Levingston, Samuel Loc: Aghnaglea
Logan, James Loc: Ramackan
Loughran, Charles Loc: Mullan Beg
Loughran, Eliza Loc: Tremoge
Loughran, Francis Loc: Gortfin
Loughran, James Loc: Tremoge
Loughran, John Loc: Carrickmore
Loughran, John Loc: Tremoge
Loughran, Mary Loc: Creggandevesky
Loughran, Thomas Loc: Tremoge
Loughran, William Loc: Mullan Beg
Love, Joseph Loc: Ballintrain
Love, William Loc: Ballintrain
Love, Wm. Loc: Ballintrain
Lowry, James C. Loc: Bracky
Lynn, Edmund Loc: Altdrumman
Lynn, Hugh Loc: Altdrumman
Lynn, John Loc: Gortfin
Lynn, John Loc: Tremoge
Lyons, Jno. Loc: Ballintrain
Lyons, John Loc: Ballintrain
Lyons, John Loc: Carrickmore
Lyons, Robert Loc: Drumnakilly
Mackay, Wm. Loc: Aghnaglea N: Sec. of Railway Co
Mackay, Wm. Loc: Cloghfin N: Sec. of Railway Co
Mackay, Wm. Loc: Cooley N: Sec. of Railway Co
Mackay, Wm. Loc: Liskincon N: Sec. of Railway Co
Macrory, Anne Loc: Cavanreagh
Macrory, Bryan Loc: Creggan
Macrory, Francis Loc: Cavanreagh
Macrory, Francis Loc: Gleneeny
Macrory, John Loc: Mullan More
Macrory, Lawrence Loc: Aghagogan
Macrory, Michael Loc: Gleneeny
Macrory, Patrick Loc: Gleneeny
Macrory, Peter Loc: Dunmisk
Macrory, Peter Loc: Ramackan
Magan, Ellen Loc: Creggandevesky
Magee, John Loc: Gleneeny
Maginn, John V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Maginn, Mary V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Maginn, Michael Loc: Bancan
Maginn, Owen Loc: Aghagogan
Maginn, Patrick Loc: Bancan
Maginn, Patrick Loc: Carrickmore
Maginn, Patrick Loc: Drumduff
Maginn, William Loc: Aghagogan
Maglin, Owen Loc: Bracky
Maguire, Francis Loc: Altanagh
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Carrickmore
Mallahan, Michael Loc: Tremoge
Mallahan, Owen Loc: Tremoge
Mallahan, Patrick Loc: Tremoge
Mallahan, Rose Loc: Tremoge
Malone, Anthony Loc: Creggandevesky
Malone, Charles Loc: Mulnafye
Malone, Charles Loc: Oxtown
Malone, Neal Loc: Mulnafye
Malone, Neal Loc: Oxtown
Malone, Patrick Loc: Mulnafye
Malone, Patrick Loc: Oxtown
Managh, Alexander Loc: Drumlester
Managh, Charles Loc: Drumlester
Mann, Anne Jane Loc: Aghagogan
Mann, Anne Jane Loc: Loughmacrory
Mann, Anne Jane Loc: Tiroony
Mark, Samuel Loc: Loughmacrory
Marshall, James Loc: Dunmisk
Marshall, Sarah Loc: Dunmisk
Martin, Anne Loc: Derroar
Martin, James Loc: Creggan
Martin, John Loc: Ramackan
Martin, Mary Loc: Sultan
Martin, Patrick Loc: Bracky
Martin, Patrick Loc: Creggandevesky
Martin, Patrick Loc: Sultan
Maxwell, James Loc: Ramackan
Mayne, Hugh Loc: Drumduff
Mayne, Neal Loc: Oxtown
McAleer, Anson Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcaleer, Bernard Loc: Cregganconroe
Mcaleer, Bernard Loc: Oxtown
Mcaleer, Charles Loc: Sultan
McAleer, Cormack Loc: Drumnakilly
McAleer, Edward Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcaleer, Farrell Loc: Oxtown
McAleer, Felix Loc: Drumnakilly
McAleer, Francis Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcaleer, Francis Loc: Mulnafye
McAleer, James Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcaleer, James Loc: Granagh
Mcaleer, John Loc: Sultan
Mcaleer, Margaret Loc: Sultan
Mcaleer, Matthew Loc: Sultan
McAleer, Michael Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcaleer, Michael Loc: Sultan
Mcaleer, Myles Loc: Oxtown
Mcaleer, Myles Loc: Sultan
McAleer, Owen Loc: Drumnakilly
McAleer, Owen, Jr. Loc: Drumnakilly
McAleer, Owen, Sr. Loc: Drumnakilly
McAleer, Patrick Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcaleer, Patrick Loc: Oxtown
Mcaleer, Patrick Loc: Sultan
McAleer, Peter Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcaleer, Peter Loc: Sultan
McAleer, Robert Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcappin, William Loc: Cloghfin
Mcappin, William Loc: Ramackan
Mcbride, Christopher Loc: Tremoge
Mcbride, John Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Mcbride, John Loc: Sluggan
McBride, Patrick Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcbride, Patrick Loc: Tremoge
Mcbride, Thomas Loc: Ballintrain
Mccann, Hugh Loc: Cloghfin
McCann, James Loc: Drumnakilly
Mccart, John Loc: Gortfin
Mccartan, Bridget Loc: Eskerboy
Mccartan, Bridget Loc: Eskerboy N: and Partners
Mccartan, Bridget Loc: Tursallagh
Mccartan, Charles Loc: Altanagh
Mccartan, Francis Loc: Altanagh
Mccartan, Hugh Loc: Altanagh
Mccartan, Hugh Loc: Creggandevesky
Mccartan, Hugh Loc: Sultan
Mccartan, Isabella Loc: Tursallagh
Mccartan, John Loc: Altanagh
Mccartan, John Loc: Drumlester
Mccartan, Michael Loc: Altanagh
Mccartan, Owen Loc: Altanagh
Mccartan, Owen Loc: Mullan Beg
Mccartan, Patk., Jr. Loc: Altanagh
Mccartan, Patrick Loc: Altanagh
Mccartan, Patrick Loc: Tursallagh
Mccartan, Terence Loc: Altanagh
Mccartan, Thomas Loc: Altanagh
Mccartan, Thomas Loc: Gortfinbar
Mccartan, Thomas Loc: Tursallagh
Mccarton, Bridget Loc: Tonegan
Mccausland, Alexander Loc: Bancan
McCausland, Alexander Loc: Drumnakilly
Mccausland, Charles Loc: Drumduff
Mccausland, Daniel Loc: Gortfin
Mccausland, Henry Loc: Ballintrain
Mccausland, Henry Loc: Drumlester
Mccausland, James Loc: Drumduff
Mccausland, John Loc: Drumduff
Mccausland, Margaret Loc: Ballintrain
Mccausland, Robert Loc: Bancan
Mccausland, Thomas Loc: Bancan
Mccausland, Walter Loc: Drumduff
Mccawly, Samuel Loc: Bracky
Mcclean, David Loc: Bancan
Mcclean, David Loc: Bracky
Mcclean, James Loc: Bracky
Mcclean, James Loc: Cloghfin
Mcclean, Joseph Loc: Ballintrain
Mcclements, David Loc: Ramackan
Mcclenehan, James Loc: Bracky
Mccollum, James Loc: Cavanreagh
Mccollum, Rachel Loc: Cavanreagh
Mccomus, William T: Sixmilecross
Mcconway, James Loc: Cloghfin
Mccosker, Charles Loc: Skeboy
Mccosker, Henry Loc: Sluggan
Mccosker, John Loc: Sluggan
Mccosker, Philip Loc: Cooley
Mccosker, Philip Loc: Derroar
Mccourt, Hugh Loc: Cavanreagh
Mccourt, Michael Loc: Cavanreagh
Mccourt, Owen Loc: Cavanreagh
Mccourt, Terence Loc: Cavanreagh
Mccoy, John Loc: Loughmacrory
Mccracken, Martin Loc: Derroar
Mccrory, Frank Loc: Carrickmore
Mccrystal, Bernard Loc: Bancan
Mccrystal, Bernard Loc: Bracky
Mccrystal, Bernard Loc: Deroran
Mccrystal, Bernard Loc: Drumduff
Mccrystal, Daniel Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mccrystal, Denis Loc: Bancan
Mccrystal, Denis Loc: Drumduff
Mccrystal, Harry Loc: Creggandevesky
Mccrystal, Henry Loc: Drumduff
Mccrystal, Hugh Loc: Drumduff
Mccrystal, James Loc: Drumduff
Mccrystal, James Loc: Mullan More
Mccrystal, Jas. Loc: Drumduff N: Ruah
Mccrystal, Jas. Loc: Drumduff N: Skacoge
Mccrystal, John Loc: Bracky
Mccrystal, John Loc: Mullan More
Mccrystal, Margaret Loc: Bracky
Mccrystal, Mary Loc: Mullan More
Mccrystal, Michael Loc: Bracky
Mccrystal, Michael Loc: Drumduff
Mccrystal, Michael Loc: Mullan More
Mccrystal, Owen Loc: Bancan
Mccrystal, Owen Loc: Drumduff
Mccrystal, Owen Loc: Mullan More
Mccrystal, Patrick Loc: Bracky
Mccrystal, Patrick Loc: Mullan More
Mccrystal, Peter Loc: Bracky
Mccrystal, Peter Loc: Drumduff
Mccrystal, William Loc: Drumduff
Mccullagh, Anne Loc: Loughmacrory
Mccullagh, Bartley Loc: Tremoge
Mccullagh, Bernard Loc: Ramackan
Mccullagh, Bridget Loc: Mullan More
Mccullagh, Catherine Loc: Altdrumman
Mccullagh, Catherine Loc: Loughmacrory
Mccullagh, John Loc: Carrickmore
Mccullagh, John Loc: Streefe Glebe
Mccullagh, Michael Loc: Aghagogan
Mccullagh, Owen Loc: Tremoge
Mccullagh, Patrick Loc: Cregganconroe
Mccullagh, Patrick Loc: Loughmacrory
Mccullagh, Peter Loc: Mullan Beg
Mccullagh, Thomas Loc: Loughmacrory
Mccullen, David Loc: Creggandevesky
Mccutcheon, John T: Sixmilecross
Mccutcheon, William Loc: Bracky
Mcdermott, Alexander Loc: Altdrumman
McDermott, Charles Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcdermott, Owen Loc: Aghagogan
Mcdonagh, Edward V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Mcdonnell, Bernard Loc: Copney
Mcdonnell, Bernard Loc: Creggan
Mcdonnell, Bernard Loc: Creggandevesky
Mcdonnell, Catherine T: Sixmilecross
Mcdonnell, Daniel Loc: Creggandevesky
Mcdonnell, James Loc: Copney
Mcdonnell, James Loc: Creggan
Mcdonnell, James Loc: Sultan
Mcdonnell, Joseph Loc: Cloghfin
Mcdonnell, Michael Loc: Creggan
Mcdonnell, Owen Loc: Creggan
Mcdonnell, Patrick Loc: Copney
Mcdonnell, Peter Loc: Copney
Mcdowell, William T: Sixmilecross
Mcelhatton, Anne Loc: Sultan
Mcelhatton, Charles Loc: Dunmisk
Mcelroy, Mary Loc: Carrickmore
Mcelroy, Stephen V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Mcfarland, Andrew Loc: Drumduff
Mcfarland, Anne Loc: Ballintrain
Mcfarland, Anne Loc: Deroran
Mcfarland, Duncan Loc: Drumduff
Mcfarland, Francis Loc: Drumduff
Mcfarland, George Loc: Derroar
Mcfarland, Isabella Loc: Sixmilecross
Mcfarland, Isabella T: Sixmilecross
Mcfarland, James Loc: Aghnaglea
Mcfarland, James Loc: Bracky
Mcfarland, James Loc: Derroar
Mcfarland, James T: Sixmilecross
Mcfarland, Jane Loc: Bancan
Mcfarland, Jane Loc: Cooley
Mcfarland, Jane Loc: Deroran
Mcfarland, Jane Loc: Derroar
Mcfarland, Jane Loc: Liskincon
Mcfarland, John Loc: Bancan
Mcfarland, John Loc: Drumduff N: Big
Mcfarland, John, Jr. Loc: Drumduff
Mcfarland, Joseph Loc: Bancan
Mcfarland, Mary Loc: Bancan
Mcfarland, Matthew Loc: Cooley
Mcfarland, Rebecca Loc: Bancan
Mcfarland, Samuel Loc: Aghnaglea
Mcfarland, William Loc: Bancan
Mcfarland, William T: Sixmilecross
Mcfarland, Wm., Jr. Loc: Drumduff
Mcfarland, Wm., Sr. Loc: Drumduff
Mcgarry, Patrick Loc: Carrickmore
Mcgarry, Patrick Loc: Tonegan
Mcgarvey, Francis Loc: Tursallagh
Mcgarvey, John Loc: Cloghfin
Mcgarvey, Michael Loc: Tursallagh
Mcgeraghty, Loc: Sluggan
Mcgeraghty, Anne Loc: Altanagh
Mcgeraghty, Charles Loc: Creggandevesky
Mcgeraghty, Felix Loc: Sluggan
Mcgeraghty, Francis Loc: Aghagogan
Mcgeraghty, James Loc: Aghagogan
Mcgeraghty, James Loc: Altanagh
Mcgeraghty, Jno, Sr. Loc: Creggandevesky
Mcgeraghty, John Loc: Altanagh
Mcgeraghty, John Loc: Creggandevesky
Mcgeraghty, John Loc: Inishative
Mcgeraghty, Mary Loc: Inishative
Mcgeraghty, Mary Loc: Tanderagee
Mcgeraghty, Michael Loc: Aghagogan
Mcgeraghty, Michael Loc: Altanagh
Mcgeraghty, Michael Loc: Creggandevesky
Mcgeraghty, Owen Loc: Cloghfin
Mcgeraghty, Owen Loc: Gortfin
Mcgeraghty, Patrick Loc: Creggandevesky
Mcgeraghty, Patrick Loc: Eskerboy
Mcgeraghty, Patrick Loc: Sluggan
Mcgeraghty, Patrick Loc: Tanderagee
Mcgeraghty, Ptk. Loc: Tanderagee N: Ml
Mcgeraghty, Ptk., Sr. Loc: Tanderagee
Mcgeraghty, Rose Loc: Cooley
Mcgeraghty, Terence Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mcgeraghty, Terence Loc: Creggandevesky
Mcgeraghty, Thomas Loc: Altanagh
Mcgeraghty, William Loc: Inishative
Mcgilly, James Loc: Creggan
Mcgirr, John Loc: Derroar
Mcgirr, John Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Mcgirr, Owen Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Mcglinn, Bernard Loc: Carrickmore
Mcglinn, Bernard V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Mcglinn, Hugh Loc: Altdrumman
Mcglinn, Hugh Loc: Carrickmore
Mcglinn, Hugh V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Mcglinn, Michael Loc: Drumduff
Mcglone, Bernard Loc: Creggandevesky
Mcglone, Bridget Loc: Aghnanereagh
Mcglone, Catherine Loc: Mullan More
Mcglone, Michael Loc: Cregganconroe
Mcglone, Michael Loc: Mullan More
Mcglone, Thomas Loc: Aghnanereagh
Mcglone, William Loc: Mullan More
Mcglynn, Owen Loc: Bracky
Mcgone, James Loc: Creggan
Mcgone, William Loc: Sultan
Mcgoorigan, William Loc: Creggandevesky
Mcgormley, Neal Loc: Altanagh N: Patk. and Neal
Mcgormley, Patk. Loc: Altanagh N: Patk. and Neal
Mcgough, Bernard Loc: Carrickmore
Mcgough, Francis Loc: Carrickmore
Mcgough, Francis Loc: Tonegan
Mcgovern, Denis Loc: Altdrumman
Mcgovern, Joseph Loc: Altdrumman
Mcgowan, Bernard Loc: Creggan
Mcgowan, John Loc: Creggan
Mcgowan, Laurence Loc: Creggan
Mcgowan, Matthew Loc: Creggan
Mcgowan, Patrick Loc: Granagh
Mcgowan, Peter Loc: Creggan
Mcgrath, John Loc: Tanderagee
Mcgrelis, James Loc: Derroar
Mcgrillish, John T: Sixmilecross
Mcguigan, Michael Loc: Creggan
Mcguiggan, Anne Loc: Inishative
Mcguiggan, James Loc: Bracky
Mcguiggan, Mary Loc: Tursallagh
Mcguiggan, Ml. Loc: Tursallagh N: Harry
Mcguiggan, Ml. Loc: Tursallagh N: Paddy
Mcguiggan, Peter Loc: Creggan
Mcguinness, Arthur Loc: Cooley
McGuire, Charles Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcguire, Neal Loc: Tremoge
McGuire, Peter Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcguirk, Arthur Loc: Sluggan
Mcguirk, Catherine Loc: Creggan
Mcguirk, Edward Loc: Aghagogan
Mcguirk, Edward Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mcguirk, Edward Loc: Creggan
Mcguirk, Francis Loc: Creggandevesky
Mcguirk, Francis Loc: Drumlester
Mcguirk, Francis Loc: Mullan More
Mcguirk, Francis Loc: Tremoge
Mcguirk, Frank Loc: Tremoge
Mcguirk, Hugh Loc: Glen Upper
Mcguirk, James Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mcguirk, James Loc: Mullan More
Mcguirk, James Loc: Sluggan
Mcguirk, John Loc: Aghagogan
Mcguirk, John Loc: Cavanreagh
Mcguirk, John Loc: Mullan More
Mcguirk, John Loc: Sluggan
Mcguirk, John Loc: Tremoge
Mcguirk, Margaret V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Mcguirk, Michael Loc: Aghagogan
Mcguirk, Michael Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mcguirk, Michael Loc: Sluggan
Mcguirk, Michael Loc: Sultan
Mcguirk, Michael Loc: Tremoge
Mcguirk, Myles Loc: Granagh
Mcguirk, Neal Loc: Tremoge
Mcguirk, Owen Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mcguirk, Owen Loc: Aghnagreggan N: Roe
Mcguirk, Owen Loc: Mullan More
Mcguirk, Owen Loc: Tremoge
Mcguirk, Patrick Loc: Aghagogan
Mcguirk, Patrick Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mcguirk, Patrick Loc: Sultan
Mcguirk, Peter Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mcguirk, Peter Loc: Sultan
Mcguirk, Rose Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mcguirk, Simon Loc: Sultan
Mcguirk, William Loc: Carrickmore
Mcguirk, William Loc: Tremoge
Mcilmurry, James Loc: Ramackan
Mciver, William T: Sixmilecross
Mcivor, John Loc: Bracky
Mcivor, Joseph Loc: Bracky
Mckeagney, Bernard Loc: Tonegan
Mckeagney, James Loc: Granagh
Mckeagney, John Loc: Carrickmore
Mckeagney, John Loc: Tonegan
Mckeagney, Owen Loc: Granagh
Mckeagney, Owen Loc: Mullan More
Mckee, James Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Mckee, Jeremiah Loc: Tiroony
McKeever, John Loc: Drumnakilly
Mckeever, Patrick Loc: Cloghfin
Mckeever, Peter Loc: Cloghfin
Mckellin, Bryan Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mckellin, Bryan Loc: Clare
Mckellin, Ellen Loc: Clare
Mckellin, John Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mckellin, John Loc: Clare
Mckellin, Michael Loc: Clare
Mckellin, Neal Loc: Aghagogan
Mckellin, Patrick Loc: Clare
Mckellin, Ptk. Loc: Clare N: Bryan
Mckellin, Ptk. Loc: Clare N: Peter
Mckellin, Ptk. Loc: Clare N: Shane
Mckelvey, James Loc: Bracky
Mckelvey, James Loc: Inishative
Mckelvey, William Loc: Bracky
Mckelvey, William Loc: Sixmilecross
Mckelvy, James Loc: Derroar
Mckenna, Arthur Loc: Drumlester
Mckenna, James Loc: Drumlester
Mckenna, John Loc: Creggan
Mckenna, John T: Sixmilecross
Mckenna, Michael T: Sixmilecross
Mckenna, Patrick Loc: Ballintrain
Mckenna, Patrick Loc: Drumlester
Mckenzie, John Loc: Bracky
Mckeown, John Loc: Derroar
Mckernan, Anne Loc: Altdrumman
Mckernan, Bridget Loc: Altdrumman
Mckernan, Daniel Loc: Ramackan
Mckernan, Domnk. Loc: Altdrumman
Mckernan, Francis Loc: Altdrumman
Mckernan, Francis Loc: Sultan
Mckernan, Henry Loc: Creggan
Mckernan, Henry Loc: Ramackan
Mckernan, Hugh Loc: Altdrumman
Mckernan, Hugh Loc: Ramackan
Mckernan, James Loc: Altdrumman
Mckernan, James Loc: Carrickmore
Mckernan, James Loc: Tonegan
Mckernan, John Loc: Altdrumman
Mckernan, John Loc: Creggan
Mckernan, Mary Loc: Carrickmore
Mckernan, Mary Loc: Ramackan
Mckernan, Mary Loc: Tonegan
Mckernan, Michael Loc: Altdrumman
Mckernan, Michael Loc: Ramackan
Mckernan, Neal Loc: Creggan
Mckernan, Owen Loc: Aghagogan
Mckernan, Owen Loc: Creggan
Mckernan, Owen Loc: Mullan More
Mckernan, Owen Loc: Ramackan
Mckernan, Patrick Loc: Altdrumman
Mckernan, Patrick Loc: Carrickmore
Mckernan, Patrick Loc: Ramackan
Mckernan, Peter Loc: Aghagogan
Mckernan, Peter Loc: Altdrumman
Mckernan, Peter Loc: Creggan
Mckernan, Terence Loc: Altdrumman
Mckernan, Thomas Loc: Creggan
Mckernan, William Loc: Creggan
Mckilduff, Bernard Loc: Loughmacrory
Mckilduff, Henry Loc: Aghnagreggan
Mckilduff, Henry Loc: Altdrumman
Mckilduff, Hugh Loc: Aghagogan
Mckilduff, Margaret Loc: Aghagogan
Mckilduff, Michael Loc: Aghagogan
Mckilduff, Michael Loc: Creggandevesky
Mckilduff, Neal Loc: Granagh
Mckilduff, Patrick Loc: Altdrumman
Mckilduff, Patrick Loc: Cooley
Mckilduff, Patrick Loc: Glen Upper
Mckilduff, Patrick Loc: Mulnafye
Mckilduff, Peter Loc: Mulnafye
Mckilduff, Ptk. Loc: Creggandevesky N: Harry
Mckilduff, Ptk. Loc: Creggandevesky N: Terence
Mckittrick, John Loc: Aghnaglea
Mcknight, Patrick Loc: Sluggan
Mcknight, Patrick Loc: Tremoge
Mclaven, James Loc: Bancan
Mcmagh, Anne Loc: Ramackan
Mcmahon, Bryan Loc: Drumduff
Mcmahon, James Loc: Cloghfin
Mcmahon, James Loc: Ramackan
Mcmahon, John Loc: Cloghfin
Mcmahon, John Loc: Ramackan
Mcmahon, Joseph Loc: Carrickmore
Mcmahon, Michael Loc: Carrickmore
Mcmahon, Michael Loc: Cloghfin
Mcmahon, Owen Loc: Drumduff
Mcmahon, Owen Loc: Ramackan
Mcmahon, Patrick Loc: Cloghfin
Mcmahon, Peter Loc: Cloghfin
Mcmanus, Terence Loc: Altdrumman
Mcmaster, John Loc: Bracky
Mcnally, Anne Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Mcnally, Dominick Loc: Carrickmore
Mcnally, Felix Loc: Carrickmore
Mcnally, James Loc: Carrickmore
Mcnally, John Loc: Carrickmore
Mcnally, John, Jr. Loc: Cloghfin
Mcnally, John, Sr. Loc: Cloghfin
Mcnally, Mary Loc: Creggan
Mcnally, Michael Loc: Carrickmore
Mcnally, Patrick Loc: Carrickmore
Mcnally, Stephen Loc: Mullan More
Mcnamee, Daniel Loc: Aghagogan
Mcnamee, Henry Loc: Ramackan
Mcnamee, James Loc: Ballintrain
Mcnamee, James Loc: Sultan
Mcnamee, John Loc: Ramackan
Mcnamee, Owen Loc: Cloghfin
Mcnamee, Patrick Loc: Sultan
Mcnogher, James V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Mcnulty, Patrick Loc: Glen Upper
Mcpherson, Alex Loc: Tremoge
Mcpherson, Daniel Loc: Cregganconroe
Mcpherson, David Loc: Tremoge
Mcpherson, James Loc: Tremoge
Mcquillan, Peter Loc: Tiroony
Mcsorley, Arthur Loc: Drumlester
Mcsorley, John Loc: Drumduff
Mcsorley, Mary Loc: Gortfinbar
Mcsorley, Owen Loc: Drumlester
Mcsorley, William Loc: Bancan
McSwiggan, Sarah Loc: Drumnakilly
Mcvey, Francis Loc: Creggan
Mcwilliams, Michael Loc: Loughmacrory
Mcwilliams, Patrick Loc: Loughmacrory
Meenan, Atty Loc: Glen Upper
Meenan, Michael Loc: Altdrumman
Meenan, Michael Loc: Glen Upper
Meenan, Michael Loc: Tremoge
Meenan, Patrick Loc: Glen Upper
Mellon, Charles Loc: Sultan
Mellon, John Loc: Creggandevesky
Mellon, Michael Loc: Creggan
Minagh, Arthur Loc: Altdrumman
Minagh, Arthur Loc: Glen Upper
Minagh, Bernard Loc: Aghagogan
Minagh, Bernard Loc: Glen Upper
Minagh, Christopher Loc: Aghagogan
Minagh, Edward Loc: Mullan More
Minagh, Felix Loc: Aghagogan
Minagh, Felix Loc: Streefe Glebe
Minagh, Hugh Loc: Loughmacrory
Minagh, Hugh Loc: Mulnafye
Minagh, Hugh Loc: Streefe Glebe
Minagh, James Loc: Altdrumman
Minagh, Michael Loc: Creggandevesky
Minagh, Michael Loc: Loughmacrory
Minagh, Michael Loc: Oxtown
Minagh, Owen Loc: Creggandevesky
Minagh, Owen Loc: Loughmacrory
Minagh, Owen Loc: Mullan More
Minagh, Patrick Loc: Aghagogan
Minagh, Patrick Loc: Loughmacrory
Minagh, Patrick Loc: Skeboy
Minagh, Peter Loc: Altdrumman
Moffett, Margaret V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Molloy, Catherine T: Sixmilecross
Molloy, Edward Loc: Tremoge
Molloy, James Loc: Aghnagreggan
Molloy, John Loc: Tremoge
Molloy, Michael Loc: Aghnagreggan
Molloy, Paul Loc: Carrickmore
Molloy, Peter Loc: Aghnagreggan
Molloy, Terence Loc: Tremoge
Montgomery, Robert Loc: Cregganconroe
Moore, Rev. Edward Loc: Drumnakilly
Moore, Mary Loc: Tiroony
Moore, Thomas Loc: Bracky
Moore, Thomas Loc: Ramackan
Morris, Myles Loc: Aghagogan
Morris, Owen Loc: Tremoge
Morris, Patrick V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Morrow, Samuel Loc: Cregganconroe
Morrow, William Loc: Cregganconroe
Moses, Joseph Loc: Cloghfin
Moses, Samuel Loc: Sixmilecross
Moses, Samuel T: Sixmilecross
Moynagh, James Loc: Ramackan
Moynagh, Mary Loc: Ramackan
Moynagh, Patrick Loc: Ramackan
Mulgrew, Michael Loc: Creggan
Mulgrew, Thomas Loc: Creggan
Mulholland, John Loc: Gleneeny
Mulholland, Joseph Loc: Ramackan N: Richd. and Joseph
Mulholland, Joseph T: Sixmilecross
Mulholland, Richard Loc: Sixmilecross
Mulholland, Richd. Loc: Ramackan N: Richd. and Joseph
Mullen, Catherine Loc: Ballintrain
Mullen, Catherine Loc: Cloghfin
Mullen, Edward Loc: Cloghfin N: Mcmahonstown
Mullen, Edward Loc: Gortfinbar
Mullen, Isabella Loc: Cooley
Mullen, James Loc: Altdrumman
Mullen, John Loc: Ballintrain
Mullen, John Loc: Cloghfin
Mullen, John Loc: Ramackan
Mullen, Margaret Loc: Sluggan
Mullen, Michael Loc: Dunmisk
Mullen, Michael Loc: Sluggan
Mullen, Owen Loc: Cloghfin
Mullen, Patrick Loc: Aghagogan
Mullen, Patrick Loc: Cloghfin
Mullen, Patrick Loc: Gleneeny
Mullen, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Cloghfin
Mullen, Peter Loc: Cloghfin
Mullen, Peter Loc: Ramackan
Mullen, Rose Loc: Ballintrain
Mullen, Terence Loc: Ballintrain
Mullen, Thomas Loc: Ballintrain
Mullins, Francis Loc: Sixmilecross
Mullins, Michael Loc: Sixmilecross
Murphy, Rev. Hugh Loc: Cooley
Murphy, James Loc: Creggandevesky
Murphy, Patrick Loc: Inishative
Murray, Anne Loc: Bracky
Neely, Anne Loc: Cooley
Neely, Robert Loc: Cavanreagh
Neely, Robert Loc: Derroar
Neilas, Thomas Loc: Cloghfin
Neill, Michael Loc: Aghagogan
Neill, Michael Loc: Tremoge
Neill, Patrick Loc: Tremoge
Neill, Peter Loc: Sluggan
Nelis, Michael Loc: Cavanreagh
Nelson, Thomas Loc: Cloghfin
Nelson, William Loc: Cooley
Nelson, William T: Sixmilecross
Niblo, Margaret T: Sixmilecross
Nixon, Archibald Loc: Cavanreagh
Nugent, Bernard Loc: Mullan More
Nugent, Bryan Loc: Creggandevesky
Nugent, Denis Loc: Aghagogan
Nugent, Edward Loc: Drumlester
Nugent, Francis Loc: Drumlester
Nugent, James Loc: Carrickmore
Nugent, James Loc: Creggandevesky
Nugent, James Loc: Drumlester
Nugent, James Loc: Mullan More
Nugent, John Loc: Drumlester
Nugent, Mary Loc: Carrickmore
Nugent, Myles Loc: Aghagogan
Nugent, Patrick Loc: Ballintrain
Nugent, Tole Loc: Carrickmore
Obrien, Michael Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Oneill, Bernard Loc: Tremoge
Oneill, Charles Loc: Inishative
Oneill, John Loc: Cregganconroe
Oneill, John Loc: Deroran
Oneill, John Loc: Inishative
Oneill, John Loc: Tremoge
Oneill, Michael Loc: Sluggan
Oneill, Oliver Loc: Aghnaglea
Oneill, Oliver T: Sixmilecross
Oneill, Peter Loc: Carrickmore
Oneill, Peter Loc: Tremoge
Oneill, Roger Loc: Inishative
Osborne, John Loc: Drumnakilly
Owens, Arthur Loc: Cloghfin
Owens, Arthur, Jr. Loc: Cloghfin
Owens, Francis Loc: Derroar
Owens, Francis Loc: Drumlester
Owens, Henry Loc: Derroar
Owens, Henry Loc: Ramackan
Owens, Jno. Loc: Ramackan N: Bryan Ogle
Owens, John Loc: Ramackan
Owens, Margaret Loc: Ramackan
Owens, Michael Loc: Drumlester
Owens, Michael Loc: Ramackan
Owens, Michael, Jr. Loc: Ramackan
Owens, Patrick Loc: Derroar
Owens, Patrick Loc: Drumlester
Owens, Patrick Loc: Ramackan
Paisley, James Loc: Bracky
Patrick, James Loc: Ramackan
Patterson, James Loc: Aghnaglea
Patterson, Margaret Loc: Drumnakilly
Quin, Hugh Loc: Creggan
Quin, James Loc: Creggandevesky
Quin, Owen Loc: Carrickmore
Quin, Owen Loc: Creggan
Quinn, Bernard Loc: Cregganconroe
Quinn, Edward Loc: Altdrumman
Quinn, James Loc: Aghnanereagh
Quinn, James Loc: Sluggan
Quinn, Margaret Loc: Altdrumman
Quinn, Michael Loc: Altdrumman
Quinn, Michael Loc: Tremoge
Rafferty, Anne T: Sixmilecross
Rafferty, Anne Loc: Tanderagee
Rafferty, Bernard Loc: Sultan
Rafferty, Bernard Loc: Tanderagee
Rafferty, Bryan Loc: Eskerboy
Rafferty, Charles Loc: Carrickmore
Rafferty, Charles Loc: Sluggan
Rafferty, Charles V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Rafferty, Daniel Loc: Aghagogan
Rafferty, Daniel Loc: Cloghfin
Rafferty, Daniel Loc: Gortfinbar
Rafferty, Francis Loc: Ballintrain
Rafferty, Francis Loc: Derroar
Rafferty, Francis Loc: Drumlester
Rafferty, Francis Loc: Eskerboy
Rafferty, Francis Loc: Sultan
Rafferty, Hugh Loc: Ballintrain
Rafferty, Hugh Loc: Carrickmore
Rafferty, Hugh Loc: Tanderagee
Rafferty, Hugh Loc: Tanderagee N: Gow
Rafferty, Hugh V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Rafferty, Isabella Loc: Cloghfin
Rafferty, James Loc: Aghnaglea
Rafferty, James Loc: Ballintrain
Rafferty, James Loc: Derroar
Rafferty, James Loc: Tanderagee
Rafferty, James Loc: Tremoge
Rafferty, James, Jr. Loc: Tanderagee
Rafferty, James, Sr. Loc: Tanderagee
Rafferty, John Loc: Cloghfin
Rafferty, John Loc: Drumduff
Rafferty, John Loc: Gortfin
Rafferty, John Loc: Loughmacrory
Rafferty, John Loc: Streefe Glebe
Rafferty, John Loc: Sultan
Rafferty, John Loc: Tremoge
Rafferty, Joseph Loc: Bancan
Rafferty, Mary Loc: Tanderagee
Rafferty, Michael Loc: Ballintrain
Rafferty, Michael Loc: Eskerboy
Rafferty, Michael Loc: Gortfin
Rafferty, Michael Loc: Sixmilecross
Rafferty, Michael Loc: Sultan
Rafferty, Michl. Loc: Eskerboy
Rafferty, Neal Loc: Cloghfin
Rafferty, Neal Loc: Tanderagee N: Garro
Rafferty, Neal Loc: Tanderagee N: Grey
Rafferty, Owen Loc: Aghnaglea
Rafferty, Owen Loc: Ballintrain
Rafferty, Owen Loc: Tanderagee
Rafferty, Patrick Loc: Aghagogan
Rafferty, Patrick Loc: Aghnaglea
Rafferty, Patrick Loc: Ballintrain
Rafferty, Patrick Loc: Carrickmore
Rafferty, Patrick Loc: Derroar
Rafferty, Patrick Loc: Eskerboy
Rafferty, Patrick Loc: Loughmacrory
Rafferty, Patrick Loc: Tanderagee
Rafferty, Peter Loc: Aghagogan
Rafferty, Peter Loc: Aghnaglea
Rafferty, Peter Loc: Ballintrain
Rafferty, Peter Loc: Drumlester
Rafferty, Peter Loc: Gortfinbar
Rafferty, Peter Loc: Sultan
Rafferty, Peter Loc: Tanderagee
Rafferty, Peter, Jr. Loc: Tanderagee
Rafferty, Peter, Sr. Loc: Ballintrain
Rafferty, Sarah Loc: Eskerboy
Rafferty, Sarah Loc: Sluggan
Rafferty, Terence Loc: Cloghfin
Rafferty, Terence Loc: Gleneeny
Rafferty, Terence Loc: Tremoge
Rafferty, Thomas Loc: Cloghfin
Rafferty, Thomas Loc: Eskerboy
Rafferty, Thomas Loc: Sultan
Rafferty, Thomas Loc: Tremoge
Reany, Alice Loc: Cavanreagh
Reed, James Loc: Drumnakilly
Rice, Bernard Loc: Mullan Beg
Rice, Daniel Loc: Mullan Beg
Rice, John Loc: Mullan Beg
Rice, Michael Loc: Carrickmore
Rice, Neal Loc: Granagh
Rice, Thos. Loc: Mullan Beg
Robb, James Loc: Bancan
Robinson, Thomas Loc: Cooley
Rogers, Francis Loc: Cavanreagh
Rogers, Francis Loc: Cooley
Rogers, Hugh Loc: Bancan
Rogers, Jane Loc: Sixmilecross
Rogers, Jane T: Sixmilecross
Rutherford, Anne Loc: Aghagogan
Rutherford, Anne Loc: Carrickmore
Rutherford, Anne V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Rutledge, James Loc: Glen Upper
Rutledge, William Loc: Glen Upper
Ryan, John Loc: Cregganconroe
Sayers, George Loc: Drumduff
Sayers, George Loc: Inishative
Sayers, George Loc: Ramackan
Sayers, Henry Loc: Ramackan
Sayers, John Loc: Drumduff
Sayers, Joseph Loc: Drumduff
Scallan, Stephen Loc: Sultan
Scott, John Loc: Bancan
Scott, John Loc: Drumduff
Sharkey, Bridget Loc: Ramackan
Sharkey, Bryan Loc: Carrickmore
Sharkey, Charles Loc: Carrickmore
Sharkey, James Loc: Ramackan
Sharkey, Neal Loc: Carrickmore
Sharkey, Patrick Loc: Ramackan
Sharkey, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Ramackan
Sharpe, John Loc: Drumnakilly
Sheeran, James Loc: Eskerboy
Sheil, James Loc: Altdrumman
Sheil, Patrick Loc: Cloghfin
Sheil, William Loc: Altdrumman
Sheils, James Loc: Glen Upper
Sheils, William Loc: Glen Upper
Shiel, Francis Loc: Ballintrain
Short, Lawrence Loc: Sixmilecross
Short, Robert Loc: Sixmilecross
Slane, Anne Loc: Granagh
Slane, James Loc: Sultan
Slane, John Loc: Mullan More
Slane, John Loc: Tremoge
Slane, Neal Loc: Granagh
Smart, Daniel Loc: Tiroony
Smith, Christopher Loc: Copney
Smith, James Loc: Cooley
Smith, James Loc: Sluggan
Smith, William Loc: Tiroony
Smithin, Alexander Loc: Cloghfin
Smithin, John Loc: Cloghfin
Smithin, Robert Loc: Cloghfin
Smithin, William Loc: Cloghfin
Srarr, Rose Loc: Derroar
Stewart, Baronet Jn. M. Loc: Altdrumman
Stewart, Baronet John M. Loc: Cregganconroe
Stewart, Baronet John M. Loc: Dunmisk
Stewart, Baronet John M. Loc: Loughmacrory
Stewart, Baronet John M. Loc: Tursallagh
Stewart, Baronet John M. V: Termon Rock - Carrickmore
Taney, Edward Loc: Creggandevesky
Tanny, John Loc: Aghagogan
Tanny, Michael Loc: Aghagogan
Taylor, John Loc: Aghnaglea
Taylor, John T: Sixmilecross
Teague, Bernard Loc: Bracky
Teague, Bridget Loc: Bancan
Teague, Francis Loc: Bancan
Teague, Francis Loc: Cloghfin
Teague, James, Jr. Loc: Cloghfin
Teague, John Loc: Bancan
Teague, John Loc: Cloghfin
Teague, Mary Loc: Cloghfin
Teague, Michael Loc: Cloghfin
Teague, Michael Loc: Cooley
Teague, Michael Loc: Derroar
Teague, Ml. Loc: Cloghfin N: Mullanstown
Teague, Patrick Loc: Cloghfin
Teague, Terence Loc: Cloghfin
Teague, Thomas Loc: Cloghfin
Tedford, Joseph T: Sixmilecross
Thompson, David Loc: Cloghfin
Thompson, John Loc: Aghnaglea
Thompson, Manus Loc: Altdrumman
Tierney, Francis Loc: Altdrumman
Tierney, James Loc: Creggandevesky
Tierney, John Loc: Derroar
Tierney, Joseph Loc: Creggandevesky
Tierney, Launcelot Loc: Cloghfin
Tierney, Michael Loc: Creggandevesky
Tierney, Neal Loc: Creggandevesky
Tierney, Patrick Loc: Creggandevesky
Tierney, Patrick Loc: Derroar
Tierney, Patrick Loc: Drumduff
Tierney, Patrick Loc: Mullan Beg
Tierney, Patrick Loc: Ramackan
Tierney, Peter Loc: Mullan Beg
Todd, Archibald Loc: Loughmacrory
Toner, James Loc: Mullan More
Toole, James Loc: Aghagogan
Toole, James Loc: Tremoge
Toole, Patrick Loc: Tremoge
Toole, Peter Loc: Tremoge
Toole, Terence Loc: Tremoge
Treacy, James Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Treacy, Michael Loc: Merchantstown Glebe
Trimble, Samuel Loc: Sluggan
Turke, James Loc: Cloghfin
Turke, John Loc: Cloghfin
Turner, Eleanor Loc: Derroar
Turner, Maxwell Loc: Athenree
Turner, William Loc: Derroar
Vincent, Rev. Patrick Loc: Creggandevesky
Vincent, Rev. Patrick Loc: Gleneeny
Waddle, James Loc: Gortfin
Waddle, William Loc: Aghnaglea
Walker, John Loc: Aghnaglea
Wallace, James Loc: Bracky
Wallace, Rebecca Loc: Derroar
Walsh, Robert Loc: Cloghfin
Ward, Denis Loc: Bracky
Ward, Denis, Jr. Loc: Bracky
Ward, Joseph Loc: Bracky
Ward, Michael Loc: Bracky
Ward, Michael Loc: Drumlester
Ward, Peter Loc: Drumlester
Watson, John Loc: Gortfin
Watt, Thomas Loc: Inishative
Watts, James Loc: Cavanreagh
White, Michael Loc: Cooley
Whiteside, David Loc: Drumduff
Whiteside, David T: Sixmilecross N: and Another
Wilson, David Loc: Cloghfin
Wilson, John Loc: Altanagh
Wilson, John Loc: Inishative
Wilson, Johnathon Loc: Cloghfin
Woods, Ellen Loc: Aghnanereagh
Woods, Henry Loc: Aghnanereagh
Woods, Mary Loc: Cooley
Woods, Patrick Loc: Cooley
Woods, William Loc: Aghnanereagh

Map of Civil Parishes in county Tyrone

Civil Parish Records of County Tyrone

Other county Tyrone Parish Records

1 Aghaloo

2 Aghalurcher

3 Arboe

4 Ardstraw

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyclog

8 Bodoney Lower

9 Bodoney Upper

10 Camus

11 Cappagh

12 Carnteel

13 Clogher

14 Clogherny

15 Clonfeacle

16 Clonoe

17 Cumber Upper

18 Derryloran

19 Desertcreat

20 Donacavey

21 Donaghedy

22 Donaghenry

23 Donaghmore

24 Dromore

25 Drumglass

26 Drumragh

27 Errigal Keerogue

28 Errigal Trough

29 Kildress

30 Killeeshil

31 Killyman

32 Kilskeery

33 Leckpatrick

34 Lissan

35 Longfield East

36 Longfield West

37 Magheracross

38 Pomeroy

39 Tamlaght

40 Termonamongan

41 Termonmaguirk

42 Tullyniskan

43 Urney