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Griffith's Valuation in Termonamongan Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Termonamongan parish and every other parish in county Tyrone as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Tyrone in 1851.


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Griffiths Valuation: Termonamongan Parish 1851

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You should also check the records of Termonamongan parish from the Tithe Applotment books recorded during the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   Loc: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Anderson, James Loc: Dreenan
Anderson, James Loc: Lisnacloon
Anderson, James Loc: Mourne Beg
Anderson, James Loc: Mournebeg
Andrews, Elizabeth Loc: Magherakeel
Andrews, James Loc: Aghnahoo
Andrews, Thomas Loc: Magherakeel
Armstrong, William Loc: Killen Near
Ash, George Loc: Meenagrogan
Barclay, Eliza Loc: Ardarver
Barclay, George Loc: Ardarver
Barclay, Hamilton Loc: Killeter
Barclay, Isaac Loc: Ardarver
Barclay, James Loc: Ardarver
Barclay, John Loc: Altamullan
Barclay, John Loc: Ardarver
Barclay, John Loc: Crillys Hill
Barclay, Matilda Loc: Crillys Hill
Barclay, Robert Loc: Ardarver
Barclay, William Loc: Aghyaran
Barclay, William Loc: Altgolan
Barclay, William Loc: Ardarver
Baxter, William Loc: Carndreen
Beatty, James Loc: Carndreen
Beatty, Samuel Loc: Carndreen
Beatty, William Loc: Altamullan
Bell, Thomas Loc: Killen Far
Bird, Robert Loc: Aghyaran
Blackburne, William Loc: Laghtfoggy
Boner, George Loc: Ardarver
Bougle, William Loc: Altamullan
Boyle, Charles Loc: Edenreagh
Bracelin, Andrew Loc: Carnoughter
Bracelin, Patrick Loc: Carnoughter
Breene, Bridget Loc: Slievedoo
Breene, Margaret Loc: Slievedoo
Breene, Michael Loc: Meenakeeran
Breene, Neal Loc: Slievedoo
Breslan, John Loc: Crillys Hill
Brown, Andrew Loc: Third Corgary
Brown, Charles Loc: Mullanabreen
Brown, Dominick Loc: Legatonegan
Brown, Edward Loc: Mullanabreen
Brown, Francis Loc: Mullanabreen
Brown, John Loc: Mullanabreen
Brown, Matthew Loc: Mullanabreen
Brown, Matthew Loc: Woodside
Brown, Neal Loc: Killeter
Browne, Neal Loc: Crillys Hill
Browne, Owen Loc: Creeduff
Bustard, Abraham Loc: Aghyaran
Bustard, John Loc: Ardarver
Bustard, Robert, Jr. Loc: Aghyaran
Bustard, Robert, Sr. Loc: Aghyaran
Bustard, Thomas Loc: Dreenan
Byrne, Bryan Loc: Meenafergus
Byrne, Charles Loc: Crighshane
Byrne, John Loc: Essan
Byrne, Mary Loc: Clagernagh
Byrne, Mary Loc: Gortnacross
Byrne, Owen Loc: Essan
Byrne, Patrick Loc: Magheranageeragh
Byrne, Patrick Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
Byrne, Patrick Loc: Meenafergus
Byrne, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Essan
Byrne, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Essan
Caffery, John Loc: Sraghcumber
Caldwell, Andrew Loc: Woodside
Caldwell, Audley Loc: Killen Far
Caldwell, Charles Loc: Killen Far
Caldwell, Charles Loc: Killen Near
Caldwell, Charles Loc: Magheranageeragh
Caldwell, Charles Loc: Slievedoo
Caldwell, Henry Loc: Killen Far
Caldwell, Henry Loc: Killen Near
Caldwell, Henry Loc: Magheranageeragh
Caldwell, James Loc: Carrickaholten
Caldwell, James Loc: Carrickholten
Caldwell, James Loc: Killen Near
Caldwell, John Loc: Killen Far
Caldwell, John Loc: Killen Near
Caldwell, Johnston Loc: Scralea
Caldwell, Robert Loc: Killen Far
Caldwell, Robert Loc: Mourne Beg
Caldwell, Samuel Loc: Magheranageeragh
Caldwell, Samuel Loc: Slievedoo
Caldwell, William Loc: Edenreagh
Caldwell, William Loc: Magheranageeragh
Caldwell, Wm. Loc: Magheranageeragh
Callan, Patrick Loc: Ardarver
Campbell, James Loc: Magheranageeragh
Campbell, John Loc: Magheranageeragh
Campbell, Mary Loc: Magheranageeragh
Carlan, Charles Loc: Carndreen
Carlan, Michael Loc: Carnoughter
Carlan, Owen Loc: Garvagh Blane
Carolan, James Loc: Killeter
Carson, Catherine Loc: Laghtmorris
Cathers, Robert Loc: Carndreen
Clarke, Charles Loc: Gortnacross
Clarke, Charles Loc: Speerholme
Clarke, Mathew Loc: Gortnacross
Clarke, Matthew Loc: Speerholme
Clarke, Samuel Loc: Gortnacross
Clarke, Samuel Loc: Magherakeel
Clarke, William Loc: Gortnacross
Clarke, William Loc: Magherakeel
Colhoun, John Loc: Laghtfoggy
Collins, Bryan Loc: Meenakeeran
Collins, Hugh Loc: Tullycar
Collins, John Loc: Edenreagh
Collins, John Loc: Meenakeeran
Collins, Michael Loc: Crighdenis
Collins, Thomas Loc: Trienamongan
Colquhoun, Felix Loc: Legatonegan
Colquhoun, Hugh Loc: Legatonegan
Colquhoun, Sarah Loc: Legatonegan
Connolly, Bryan Loc: Common
Connolly, Catherine Loc: Garvagh
Connolly, Cornelius Loc: Common
Connolly, Cornelius Loc: Garvagh
Connolly, Denis Loc: Garvagh Pullans
Connolly, Edwd. Loc: Garvagh
Connolly, Felix Loc: Altamullan
Connolly, Felix Loc: Legatonegan
Connolly, Francis Loc: Garvagh
Connolly, Hugh Loc: Legatonegan
Connolly, James Loc: Garvagh
Connolly, James Loc: Garvagh Blane
Connolly, James Loc: Legatonegan
Connolly, James Loc: Meenagrogan
Connolly, James Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
Connolly, James Loc: Tullycar
Connolly, Jas. Loc: Garvagh
Connolly, John Loc: Clagernagh
Connolly, John Loc: Meenagrogan
Connolly, Joseph Loc: Altamullan
Connolly, Loughlin Loc: Carracoghan
Connolly, Mary Loc: Magheranageeragh
Connolly, Matthew Loc: Meenagrogan
Connolly, Owen Loc: Garvagh
Connolly, Owen Loc: Garvagh Blane
Connolly, Patrick Loc: Garvagh
Connolly, Patrick Loc: Garvagh Blane
Connolly, Patrick Loc: Tullycar
Connolly, Thomas Loc: Garvagh Blane
Connolly, William Loc: Meenagrogan
Cooper, Charles Loc: Creeduff
Cooper, Hazlett Loc: Creeduff
Cooper, Hazlett Loc: Leitrim
Cooper, John Loc: Carndreen
Cooper, John Loc: Dreenan
Cooper, John Loc: Leitrim
Cooper, Johnston Loc: Aghnahoo
Cooper, Samuel Loc: Lisnacloon
Cooper, Thomas Loc: Leitrim
Corcoran, John Loc: Carndreen
Corcoran, Peter Loc: Carndreen
Corrican, James Loc: Meenakeeran
Corrican, John Loc: Meenakeeran
Craig, James Loc: Carndreen
Crawford, John Loc: Lisnacloon
Curran, Edward Loc: Carndreen
Curran, Timothy Loc: Garvagh
Dalton, Thomas Loc: Killeter
Daly, Anne Loc: Second Corgary
Daly, Edward Loc: Meenafergus
Daly, Mary Loc: Second Corgary
Daly, William Loc: Second Corgary
Daragh, John Loc: Altamullan
Denison, Alexander Loc: Magheranageeragh
Denison, James Loc: Magheranageeragh
Denison, John Loc: Magheranageeragh
Denison, Thomas Loc: Magherakeel
Dennison, James Loc: Speerholme
Dever, John Loc: Carndreen
Devine, Bryan Loc: Magheranageeragh
Devine, Roger Loc: Magheranageeragh
Devine, Roger Loc: Slievedoo
Dogherty, Beggy Loc: Tullycar
Dogherty, Bridget Loc: Fifth Corgary or First Croagh
Dogherty, Catherine Loc: Altgolan
Dogherty, Henry Loc: Ardarver
Dogherty, James Loc: Ballymongan
Dogherty, Mary Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
Doherty, Edward Loc: Carndreen
Doherty, John Loc: Carnoughter
Doherty, William Loc: Carnoughter
Dolan, Arthur Loc: Seegronan
Dolan, Charles Loc: Meenamullan
Dolan, Daniel Loc: Carracoghan
Dolan, George Loc: Seegronan
Dolan, Jane Loc: Killen Far
Dolan, John Loc: Leitrim
Dolan, John Loc: Seegronan
Dolan, Margaret Loc: Laghtmorris
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Magheranageeragh
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Seegronan
Dolan, Sarah Loc: Laghtfoggy
Dolan, William Loc: Carracoghan
Dolan, William Loc: Seegronan
Dolin, Catherine Loc: Crillys Hill
Dolin, Francis Loc: Killeter
Dolin, James Loc: Killeter
Dolin, Lackey Loc: Magherakeel
Dolin, Mary Loc: Crillys Hill
Dolin, Mary Loc: Killeter
Dolin, Patrick Loc: Crillys Hill
Dolphin, James Loc: Creeduff
Donaghy, Hugh Loc: Dreenan
Donaghy, John Loc: Dreenan
Donaghy, John Loc: Seegronan
Donehy, John Loc: Killen Near
Donnellan, David Loc: Ardarver
Donnelly, John Loc: Clagernagh
Doogan, Bridget Loc: Laghtfoggy
Doogan, Francis Loc: Trienamongan
Doogan, Hugh Loc: Mullanabreen
Doogan, Hugh Loc: Trienamongan
Doogan, Patrick Loc: Trienamongan
Drummond, Thomas Loc: Creeduff
Drummond, Thomas Loc: Woodside
Duffy, Francis Loc: Carndreen
Duffy, Francis Loc: Creeduff
Duffy, James Loc: Woodside
Dunleavy, Bernard Loc: Clagernagh
Earley, Michael, Jr. Loc: Aghalunny
Early, John Loc: Altamullan
Early, Michael, Sr. Loc: Aghalunny
Elliott, Gregory Loc: Lisnacloon
Elliott, Mary Loc: Lisnacloon
Emery, James Loc: Edenasop
Faulkener, Mary Loc: Aghnahoo
Faulkner, John Loc: Leitrim
Ferguson, Sir Rbt. A. Loc: Aghyaran
Ferguson, Baronet Rbt. A. Loc: Dreenan
Ferguson, Baronet Rbt. A. Loc: Fifth Corgary or First Croagh
Ferguson, Baronet Rbt. A. Loc: Lisnacloon
Ferguson, Baronet Rbt. A. Loc: Mullyfamore
Ferguson, Baronet Rbt. A. Loc: Second Corgary
Ferguson, Baronet Rbt. A. Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
Ferguson, Baronet Rbt. A. Loc: Third Corgary
Ferguson, Baronet Rbt. A. Loc: Tullycar
Flaherty, Margaret Loc: Mullyfabeg
Folliott, Richard Loc: Lisnacloon
Forbes, John Loc: Killen Far
Forbes, Josepf Loc: Ardarver
Forbes, Mary Loc: Killen Far
Forsythe, James Loc: Ballymongan
Forsythe, John Loc: Aghyaran
Forsythe, John Loc: Ballymongan
Foster, Robert Loc: Laghtfoggy
Foster, Thomas Loc: Laghtfoggy
Funston, Henry Loc: Gortnacross
Funston, Hugh Loc: Aghyaran
Galavan, Anne Loc: Carracoghan
Gallagher, Francis Loc: Third Corgary
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Clagernagh
Gallagher, John Loc: Ardarver
Gallagher, Michael Loc: Tulnashane
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Meenagrogan
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Meenclogher
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Mullyfabeg
Gallagher, William Loc: Edenreagh
Gallon, Anne Loc: Ardarver
Gallon, Anne Loc: Laghtmorris
Gallon, Bryan Loc: Laghtmorris
Gallon, Catherine Loc: Garvagh Pullans
Gallon, Daniel Loc: Lislaird
Gallon, George Loc: Laghtmorris
Gallon, James Loc: Ardarver
Gallon, James Loc: Carndreen
Gallon, James Loc: Carnoughter
Gallon, James Loc: Garvagh
Gallon, James Loc: Garvagh Blane
Gallon, James Loc: Garvagh Pullans
Gallon, James Loc: Lislaird
Gallon, John Loc: Laghtfoggy
Gallon, Mary Loc: Laghtmorris
Gallon, Owen Loc: Carndreen
Gallon, Owen Loc: Garvagh
Gallon, Owen Loc: Garvagh Blane
Gallon, Owen Loc: Laghtmorris
Gallon, Peter Loc: Garvagh Pullans
Gallon, Philip Loc: Laghtfoggy
Gallon, Sarah Loc: Garvagh Blane
Gallon, Thomas Loc: Garvagh
Gallon, Thomas Loc: Garvagh Pullans
Gallon, Thomas Loc: Mullyfamore
Gay, Henry Loc: Mourne Beg
Gelise, Bryan Loc: Meenclogher
Gibbons, Charles Loc: Garvagh
Gibson, Sarah Loc: Lisnacloon
Gillespie, Patrick Loc: Slievedoo
Gillespie, Peter Loc: Magherakeel
Going, Bernard Loc: Scraghy
Going, James Loc: Scraghy
Gormley, Edward Loc: Scraghy
Gormley, James Loc: Scraghy
Gormley, Letitia Loc: Ardarver
Gormley, Michael Loc: Scraghy
Gormley, Neal Loc: Scraghy
Gormley, Sarah Loc: Scraghy
Gourley, Charles Loc: Carracoghan
Gourley, Hamilton Loc: Gortnacross
Gourley, William Loc: Gortnacross
Gowen, James Loc: Magherakeel
Graham, Robert Loc: Creeduff
Hallem, Bernard Loc: Laghtfoggy
Hamilton, Andrew Loc: Carnoughter
Hamilton, Archibald Loc: Altamullan
Hamilton, Henry Loc: Laghtfoggy
Hamilton, Hugh Loc: Aghascrebagh
Hamilton, Hugh Loc: Carracoghan
Hamilton, Hugh Loc: Laghtfoggy
Hamilton, Isaac Loc: Carracoghan
Hamilton, Isaac Loc: Lislaird
Hamilton, James Loc: Carnoughter
Hamilton, James Loc: Laghtfoggy
Hamilton, Jane Loc: Edenreagh
Hamilton, John Loc: Laghtfoggy
Hamilton, John Loc: Magheranageeragh
Hamilton, Joseph Loc: Laghtfoggy
Hamilton, Mary Loc: Laghtfoggy
Hamilton, Robert Loc: Carracoghan
Hamilton, Robert Loc: Laghtmorris
Hamilton, Robert Loc: Lislaird
Hamilton, Samuel Loc: Clagernagh
Hamilton, William Loc: Laghtfoggy
Hamilton, William Loc: Meenakeeran
Hamilton, William, Jr. Loc: Laghtfoggy
Hanna, Michael Loc: Lislaird
Hannigan, James Loc: Aghnahoo
Harper, James Loc: Speerholme
Harper, John Loc: Aghyaran
Harpur, Bliath Loc: Dreenan
Harpur, John Loc: Dreenan
Harpur, John Loc: Killen Far
Harpur, Robert Loc: Aghnahoo
Harpur, Samuel Loc: Lislaird
Harrigan, James Loc: Trienamongan
Hazlett, Hugh Loc: Carnoughter
Hazlett, John Loc: First Corgary
Hazlett, Robert Loc: Carndreen
Hemphill, James Loc: Laghtfoggy
Hemphill, John Loc: Edenreagh
Hemphill, Mary Anne Loc: Killen Near
Hemphill, Samuel Loc: Laghtfoggy
Hemphill, William Loc: Laghtmorris
Henderson, Hugh Loc: Scralea
Henderson, James Loc: Ardarver
Henderson, William Loc: Ardarver
Holland, Bernard Loc: Edenreagh
Holland, Michael Loc: Killen Far
Holmes, Rep. William Loc: Clagernagh
Hones, Hugh Loc: Speerholme
Hones, John Loc: Meenakeeran
Houghey, James Loc: Altamullan
Hughey, Joseph Loc: Ardarver
Hunter, George Loc: Lislaird
Hunter, James Loc: Leitrim
Hunter, Matthew Loc: Lislaird
Hunter, Thomas Loc: Lisnacloon
Hunter, Thomas Loc: Seegronan
Hunter, William Loc: Lisnacloon
Hutchinson, Patrick Loc: Lislaird
Irwin, Andrew Loc: Lisnacloon
Irwin, John Loc: Glebe
Irwin, John Loc: Speerholme
Irwin, Thomas Loc: Carndreen
Johnston, John Loc: Edenreagh
Johnston, Mary Anne Loc: Creeduff
Johnston, Richard Loc: Ardarver
Johnston, Robert Loc: Edenreagh
Johnston, Robert Loc: Killen Near
Johnston, William Loc: Aghyaran
Jones, John Loc: Aghalougher
Kane, Daniel Loc: Trienamongan
Kane, Mark Loc: Trienamongan
Kean, Peter Loc: Mullanabreen
Keatly, William Loc: Aghyaran
Kelly, Charles Loc: Carracoghan
Kelly, Edmond Loc: Laghtfoggy
Kelly, Edmond Loc: Slievedoo
Kelly, Edward Loc: Aghalunny
Kelly, Felix Loc: Ballymongan
Kelly, James Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
Kelly, John Loc: Ardarver
Kelly, John Loc: Killeter
Kelly, John Loc: Scraghy
Kelly, Mary Loc: Scraghy
Kelly, Michael Loc: First Corgary
Kelly, Michael Loc: Laghtfoggy
Kelly, Roger Loc: Killeter
Kelly, Teague Loc: Ardarver
Kelly, William Loc: Clagernagh
Keoghan, Patrick Loc: Meenclogher
Kerr, Andrew Loc: Carndreen
Kerr, Samuel Loc: Carndreen
Kerrigan, John Loc: Meenclogher
Kerrigan, Patrick Loc: Crighdenis
Kincaid, James Loc: Lislaird
Kineer, William Loc: Killen Near
Kinneer, Thomas Loc: Lisnacloon
Knox, James Loc: Carndreen
Knox, John Loc: Scraghy
Kyle, Esther Loc: Creeduff
Kyle, Ferderick Loc: Lisnacloon
Kyle, Gregory Loc: Altgolan
Kyle, Gregory Loc: Carrickholten
Kyle, Gregory Loc: Meencarriga
Kyle, Gregory Loc: Mourne Beg
Kyle, Henry Loc: Lisnacloon
Kyle, Henry Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
Kyle, James Loc: Altgolan
Kyle, James Loc: Carrickholten
Kyle, James Loc: Creeduff
Kyle, James Loc: Meencarriga
Kyle, James Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
Kyle, John Loc: Altgolan
Kyle, John Loc: Carrickholten
Kyle, John Loc: Creeduff
Kyle, John Loc: Lisnacloon
Kyle, John Loc: Magheranageeragh
Kyle, John Loc: Meencarriga
Kyle, John Loc: Mourne Beg
Kyle, John Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
Kyle, Robert Loc: Dreenan
Kyle, Robert Loc: Lislaird
Kyle, Robert Loc: Lisnacloon
Kyle, Robert Loc: Mourne Beg
Kyle, Robert Richard Loc: Mourne Beg
Kyle, William Loc: Altgolan
Kyle, William Loc: Carndreen
Kyle, William Loc: Carrickholten
Kyle, William Loc: Creeduff
Kyle, William Loc: Lisnacloon
Kyle, William Loc: Meencarriga
Lacken, Philip Loc: Seegronan
Larkin, William Loc: Killen Far
Leckey, James Loc: Woodside
Leckey, Mary Loc: Altamullan
Leech, Charles Loc: Edenasop
Levingston, Joseph Loc: Killeter
Lewis, Anne Loc: Carnoughter
Lewis, Thomas Loc: Carnoughter
Little, Edward Loc: Aghascrebagh
Logue, Charles Loc: Crighdenis
Logue, David Loc: Crighdenis
Logue, David Loc: Meenakeeran
Logue, Felix Loc: Crighdenis
Logue, Hugh Loc: Lislaird
Logue, James Loc: Crighdenis
Logue, James Loc: Crillys Hill
Logue, James Loc: Laghtmorris
Logue, John Loc: Edenasop
Logue, Michael Loc: Seegronan
Logue, Patrick Loc: Laghtmorris
Logue, Thomas Loc: Ballymongan
Logue, Rep. Thomas Loc: Crighdenis
Logue, William Loc: Killen Far
Longan, Thomas Loc: Speerholme
Loughery, Eliza Loc: Crillys Hill
Loughery, James Loc: Scralea
Loughery, Patrick Loc: Ardarver
Loughlin, Alexander Loc: Killen Far
Love, Rev. Joseph Loc: Lislaird
Love, Rev. Joseph Loc: Magheranageeragh
Lynch, Bryan Loc: Drummahon
Lynch, Bryan Loc: Mullyfamore
Lynch, Charles Loc: Carracoghan
Lynch, Charles Loc: Trienamongan
Lynch, Denis Loc: Meenakeeran
Lynch, Edward Loc: Trienamongan
Lynch, Ellen Loc: Mullanabreen
Lynch, George Loc: Mullyfamore
Lynch, George Loc: Trienamongan
Lynch, George, Jr. Loc: Mullyfamore
Lynch, Hugh, Jr. Loc: Mullyfamore
Lynch, Hugh, Sr. Loc: Mullyfamore
Lynch, James Loc: Carracoghan
Lynch, James Loc: Woodside
Lynch, John Loc: Mullanabreen
Lynch, Margaret Loc: Killen Far
Lynch, Myles Loc: Mullyfamore
Lynch, Neal Loc: Edenasop
Lynch, Owen Loc: Meenakeeran
Lynch, Owen Loc: Mullyfamore
Lynch, Patrick Loc: Laghtmorris
Lynch, Patrick Loc: Legatonegan
Lynch, Patrick Loc: Tievenameenta
Lynch, Philip Loc: Trienamongan
Lynch, William Loc: Creeduff
Lynch, William Loc: Legatonegan
Lynch, William Loc: Magheranageeragh
Lynch, William Loc: Trienamongan
Mackey, Thomas Loc: Magherakeel
Macrory, Edward Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
Macrory, James Loc: Second Corgary
Macrory, James Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
Macrory, John Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
Macrory, Owen Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
Magee, Henry Loc: Ballymongan
Magee, James Loc: Clagernagh
Magee, John Loc: Gortnacross
Magee, Michael Loc: Clagernagh
Magee, Murtagh Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
Magee, Peter Loc: Gortnacross
Magee, William Loc: Clagernagh
Magrath, Bryan Loc: Crighshane
Magrath, Charles Loc: Crighshane
Magrath, Ellen Loc: Crighshane
Magrath, James Loc: Crighshane
Magrath, John Loc: Crighshane
Maguire, Alexander Loc: Carracoghan
Maguire, Bryan Loc: Scraghy
Maguire, Cornelius Loc: Killeter
Maguire, James Loc: Killeter
Maguire, James Loc: Laghtfoggy
Maguire, James Loc: Seegronan
Maguire, John Loc: Carndreen
Maguire, John Loc: Creeduff
Maguire, John Loc: Seegronan
Maguire, John Loc: Trienamongan
Maguire, Thomas Loc: Killen Near
Maguire, Thomas Loc: Laghtfoggy
Maguire, William Loc: Edenreagh
Manly, William Loc: Crillys Hill
Mathewson, Henry Loc: Creeduff
Matthews, James Loc: Lisnacloon
Matthews, John Loc: Lisnacloon
Mcalinn, Bernard Loc: Meencarriga
Mcalinn, Myles Loc: Meencarriga
Mcanally, John Loc: Aghyaran
McAteer, James Loc: Meenakeeran
McAteer, Patrick Loc: Clagernagh
McCadin, James Loc: Gortnacross
Mccaffery, Edward Loc: Meenclogher
Mccaffery, Mary Loc: Clagernagh
Mccanny, James Loc: Scraghy
Mccart, John Loc: Altamullan
Mccaskey, Andrew Loc: Aghnahoo
Mccaskey, Joseph Loc: Aghnahoo
Mccausland, Darey Loc: Carndreen
McCausland, John Loc: Killen Near
Mccormack, Catherine Loc: Clagernagh
Mccormack, Charles Loc: Clagernagh
Mccormack, Edward Loc: Legatonegan
Mccormack, John Loc: Altamullan
Mccormack, John Loc: Carracoghan
Mccormack, Manus Loc: Clagernagh
McCormack, Manus Loc: Gortnacross
McCormack, Thomas Loc: Woodside
Mccormack, William Loc: Aghyaran
Mccourt, James Loc: Carnoughter
Mccourt, John Loc: Carnoughter
Mccourt, Michael Loc: Carnoughter
Mccourt, Owen Loc: Carnoughter
McCoy, Francis Loc: Aghalunny
Mccrory, Arthur Loc: Ballymongan
Mccrory, Bridget Loc: Laghtfoggy
McCrory, Catherine Loc: Mullyfamore
Mccrory, Charles Loc: Ballymongan
Mccrory, Ellen Loc: Garvagh
Mccrory, Felix Loc: Garvagh
Mccrory, James Loc: Aghamore
McCrory, James Loc: Meenakeeran
Mccrory, John Loc: Aghamore
McCrory, John Loc: Ballymongan
Mccrory, John Loc: Ballymongan
Mccrory, Loughlin Loc: Ballymongan
Mccrory, Michael Loc: Ballymongan
Mccrory, Michael Loc: Common
Mccrory, Michael Loc: Meenagrogan
Mccrory, Thomas Loc: Ballymongan
McCrory, Toal Loc: Meenakeeran
McCuil, Michael Loc: Slievedoo
Mccullagh, Rev. John Loc: Magheranageeragh
Mcdaid, James Loc: Trienamongan
Mcdaid, John Loc: Altamullan
McDaid, John Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
Mcdaid, John Loc: Mullanabreen
McDaid, Loughlin Loc: First Corgary
Mcdaid, Patrick Loc: Clagernagh
McDaid, Patrick Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
McDaid, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
Mcdaid, Thomas Loc: Ardarver
Mcdonagh, Henry Loc: Meencarriga
Mcdonagh, James Loc: Carndreen
Mcdonagh, James Loc: Meencarriga
Mcdonagh, John Loc: Lislaird
Mcdonagh, Patrick Loc: Edenreagh
Mcdonaghy, Peter Loc: Carndreen
McElhill, Bernard Loc: Shanaghy
McElhill, Denis Loc: Shanaghy
McElhill, Francis Loc: Shanaghy
McElhill, John, Jr. Loc: Shanaghy
McElhill, John, Sr. Loc: Shanaghy
McElroy, Daniel Loc: Gortnacross
Mcfadden, Edward Loc: Killen Far
Mcfadden, Patrick Loc: Mullanabreen
Mcfarland, Thomas Loc: Mourne Beg
Mcfarlane, John Loc: Altgolan
Mcfarlane, Neville Loc: Scraghy
McFeeters, William Loc: Gortnacross
McFergus, Neal Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
McGarron, Hugh Loc: Killen Near
Mcgarron, Hugh Loc: Killen Near
Mcglinchey, Thomas Loc: Garvagh
McGlinchy, Anthony Loc: Laghtmorris
Mcglinchy, Anthony Loc: Laghtmorris
Mcglinchy, Bridget Loc: Laghtmorris
Mcglinchy, Charles Loc: Laghtmorris
Mcglinchy, Edward Loc: Laghtmorris
Mcglinchy, Henry Loc: Laghtmorris
Mcglinchy, James Loc: Laghtmorris
Mcglinchy, John Loc: Carnoughter
Mcglinchy, Mary Loc: Carnoughter
Mcglinchy, Matthew Loc: Laghtmorris
McGlinchy, Neal Loc: Third Corgary
Mcglinchy, Owen Loc: Carnoughter
Mcglinchy, Owen Loc: Garvagh
Mcglinchy, Patrick Loc: Laghtmorris
Mcglinchy, Peter Loc: Laghtmorris
Mcglinchy, William Loc: Laghtmorris
Mcglinn, Hugh Loc: Mullanabreen
McGlinn, John Loc: Killen Near
Mcglinn, John Loc: Killen Near
McGlyn, Patrick Loc: Woodside
Mcglynn, William Loc: Mourne Beg
Mcgolrick, Charles Loc: Magheranageeragh
Mcgolrick, Edwrad Loc: Garvagh
Mcgolrick, James Loc: Carnoughter
Mcgolrick, James Loc: Edenreagh
Mcgolrick, Owen Loc: Carnoughter
Mcgolrick, Owen Loc: Leitrim
Mcgolrick, Thomas Loc: Carnoughter
McGorlick, Bridget Loc: Tullycar
Mcgorlick, Catherine Loc: Drummahon
Mcgorlick, Charles Loc: Altgolan
McGorlick, Charles Loc: Carracoghan
Mcgorlick, Charles Loc: Carracoghan
McGorlick, Denis Loc: Aghyaran
Mcgorlick, Francis Loc: Scraghy
Mcgorlick, John Loc: Altamullan
Mcgorlick, John Loc: Scraghy
McGorlick, John Loc: Tullycar
McGorlick, Owen Loc: Meenakeeran
McGorlick, Thomas Loc: Mullyfamore
McGorlick, Thomas Loc: Tullycar
Mcgorlick, William Loc: Ardarver
Mcgrath, Denis Loc: Scraghy
Mcgrath, John Loc: Laghtfoggy
McGrath, John Loc: Shanaghy
Mcgrath, Margaret Loc: Trienamongan
Mcgrath, Michael Loc: Crighdenis
McGrath, Neal Loc: Shanaghy
Mcgrath, Terence Loc: Tievenameenta
Mcgrenahan, John Loc: Carnoughter
Mcgrenahan, Matthew Loc: Carnoughter
Mchugh, Andrew Loc: Tievenameenta
Mchugh, Anne Loc: Meenclogher
McHugh, Arthur Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
Mchugh, Catherine Loc: Drummahon
McHugh, Catherine Loc: Meenakeeran
McHugh, Cecil Loc: First Corgary
McHugh, Charles Loc: Third Corgary
McHugh, Connell Loc: Aghalougher
McHugh, Daniel Loc: Second Corgary
McHugh, Denis Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
McHugh, Dominick Loc: Killeter
Mchugh, Duncan Loc: Ardarver
McHugh, Duncan Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
McHugh, Duncan Loc: Third Corgary
McHugh, Edward Loc: First Corgary
Mchugh, Edward Loc: Garvagh
Mchugh, Eleanor Loc: Mullanabreen
McHugh, Francis Loc: Dreenan
McHugh, Francis Loc: Fifth Corgary or First Croagh
Mchugh, Rev. Francis Loc: Garvagh
McHugh, Francis Loc: Legatonegan
Mchugh, Francis Loc: Legatonegan
McHugh, Francis Loc: Magherakeel
Mchugh, Hugh Loc: Ardarver
Mchugh, Hugh Loc: Clagernagh
McHugh, Hugh Loc: Fifth Corgary or First Croagh
Mchugh, James Loc: Altamullan
Mchugh, James Loc: Ballymongan
Mchugh, James Loc: Clagernagh
McHugh, James Loc: First Corgary
Mchugh, James Loc: Golandun Mchugh
Mchugh, James Loc: Meenclogher
McHugh, James Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
McHugh, James Loc: Third Corgary
McHugh, James Loc: Third Corgary N: Jas
Mchugh, John Loc: Golandun Mchugh
Mchugh, John Loc: Tievenameenta
McHugh, Loughlin Loc: Second Corgary
McHugh, Loughlin Loc: Third Corgary
Mchugh, Loughlin Loc: Tievenameenta
McHugh, Margaret Loc: Meenakeeran
Mchugh, Matthew Loc: Leitrim
McHugh, Matthew Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
McHugh, Matthew Loc: Third Corgary
McHugh, Matthew, Jr. Loc: Third Corgary
McHugh, Michael Loc: First Corgary
McHugh, Michael Loc: Killeter
Mchugh, Michael Loc: Meenclogher
McHugh, Myles Loc: Second Corgary
McHugh, Myles Loc: Second Corgary N: Miley
McHugh, Neal Loc: Aghalunny
Mchugh, Owen Loc: Mullanabreen
Mchugh, Patk. Loc: Meenclogher
Mchugh, Patrich Loc: Tievenameenta
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Magherakeel
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Meenakeeran
Mchugh, Patrick Loc: Meenclogher
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Third Corgary
Mchugh, Patrick Loc: Tievenameenta
Mchugh, Thomas Loc: Aghyaran
McHugh, Thomas Loc: Magherakeel
McIlhenny, Michael Loc: Magherakeel
McIlhenny, Thomas Loc: Gortnacross
McIlhenny, William Loc: Gortnacross
Mckay, Robert Loc: Mourne Beg
Mckay, Samuel Loc: Mourne Beg
McKenna, Felix Loc: Killen Near
Mckenna, Felix Loc: Killen Near
Mclear, John Loc: Garvagh Blane
Mclenahan, Philip Loc: Carndreen
Mclinn, Ellen Loc: Mourne Beg
Mcloughlin, Charles Loc: Carnoughter
Mcloughlin, Francis Loc: Carnoughter
Mcloughlin, George Loc: Trienamongan
Mcloughlin, John Loc: Carnoughter
Mcloughlin, John Loc: Clagernagh
Mcloughlin, Michl. Loc: Carnoughter
Mcloughlin, Ml. Loc: Carnoughter
Mcloughlin, Patrick Loc: Trienamongan
Mcloughlin, Robert Loc: Golandun Dolan
Mcloughlin, William Loc: Killen Far
Mcloughlin, William Loc: Legatonegan
McManus, Edward Loc: Seegronan
McManus, James Loc: Seegronan
McMenamin, Anne Loc: Meenakeeran
Mcmenamin, Bernd. Loc: Meencarriga
McMenamin, Bridget Loc: Shanaghy
McMenamin, Charles Loc: Meenamullan
Mcmenamin, Charles Loc: Meenamullan
Mcmenamin, Charles Loc: Mullanabreen
Mcmenamin, Daniel Loc: Aghalunny
Mcmenamin, Daniel Loc: Golandun Dolan
McMenamin, Daniel Loc: Shanaghy
Mcmenamin, Ed. Loc: Meencarriga
Mcmenamin, Edw. Loc: Meencarriga
Mcmenamin, Edward Loc: Garvagh
Mcmenamin, Edward Loc: Meenamullan
Mcmenamin, Edward Loc: Meencarriga
Mcmenamin, Eliza Loc: Garvagh
Mcmenamin, Henry Loc: Altgolan
Mcmenamin, Hugh Loc: Carndreen
Mcmenamin, Hugh Loc: Carnoughter
McMenamin, Hugh Loc: Carnoughter N: Cottier
Mcmenamin, James Loc: Altgolan
Mcmenamin, James Loc: Carnoughter
Mcmenamin, James Loc: Edenreagh
McMenamin, James Loc: Meenakeeran
Mcmenamin, James Loc: Meenamullan
Mcmenamin, James Loc: Meencarriga
Mcmenamin, Jn. Loc: Altgolan
McMenamin, John Loc: Aghalunny
Mcmenamin, John Loc: Aghalunny
Mcmenamin, John Loc: Altgolan
Mcmenamin, John Loc: Crighdenis
Mcmenamin, John Loc: Meencarriga
Mcmenamin, Mary Loc: Crighdenis
McMenamin, Mary Loc: Meenakeeran
Mcmenamin, Mary Loc: Meenamullan
Mcmenamin, Michael Loc: Edenreagh
McMenamin, Michael Loc: Killeter
Mcmenamin, Michael Loc: Scraghy
McMenamin, Oliver Loc: Meenakeeran
Mcmenamin, Owen Loc: Carnoughter
Mcmenamin, Owen Loc: Crighdenis
McMenamin, Owen Loc: Meenablagh or Fourth Corgary
Mcmenamin, Patrick Loc: Meenamullan
McMenamin, Patrick Loc: Seegronan
McMenamin, Roger Loc: Meenakeeran
Mcmenamin, Roger Loc: Meenamullan
Mcmenamin, Sarah Loc: Meencarriga
McMenamin, Thomas Loc: Meenakeeran
Mcmenamin, William Loc: Carnoughter
Mcmenamin, William Loc: Mullanabreen
McMeramin, Patrick Loc: Meenakeeran
McNally, John Loc: Killeter
McNamara, Henry Loc: Tullycar
McNamee, John Loc: Gortnacross
Mcpeak, Charles Loc: Aghamore
Mcpeak, James Loc: Meenamullan
Mcpeak, Owen Loc: Carndreen
Mcpeake, Michael Loc: Carracoghan
Mcpeake, Patrick Loc: Carracoghan
Mcpeake, Patrick Loc: Common
Mcpeake, Patrick Loc: Trienamongan
Mcphelimy, Edward Loc: Edenreagh
Mcphelimy, Jas. Loc: Altgolan
Mcphelimy, John Loc: Killen Far
Mcphelimy, Michl. Loc: Altgolan
Mcphelimy, Wm. Loc: Altgolan
McPhilimy, Edward Loc: Killen Near
McPhilimy, John Loc: Killen Near
McPhilmy, Elizabeth Loc: Killen Near
McSorley, Alexander Loc: Crighshane
Mcsorley, Daniel Loc: Crighdenis
Mcsorley, James Loc: Scraghy
Mcsorley, John Loc: Crighdenis
McSorley, John Loc: Killeter
Mcsorley, Roger Loc: Scraghy
McSorley, Thomas Loc: Killen Near
Mcsorley, Thomas Loc: Killen Near
Meehan, Catherine Loc: Seegronan
Meehan, Dominick, Sr. Loc: Seegronan
Meehan, Domk., Jr. Loc: Seegronan
Meehan, Domk., Sr. Loc: Seegronan
Meehan, Henry Loc: Seegronan
Meehan, James Loc: Aghamore
Meehan, James Loc: Meencarriga
Meehan, James Loc: Seegronan
Meehan, John Loc: Aghalunny
Meehan, Michael Loc: Dreenan
Meehan, Miles Loc: Meenamullan
Meehan, Miles Loc: Seegronan
Meehan, Owen Loc: Aghamore
Meehan, Owen Loc: Laghtfoggy
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Common
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Seegronan
Meehan, Philip Loc: Aghamore
Meehan, Thomas Loc: Dreenan
Meehan, Thomas Loc: Seegronan
Mehan, Patrick Loc: Killeter
Mellon, John Loc: Aghalougher
Mellon, John Loc: Killeter
Mellon, John Loc: Magheranageeragh
Miller, Thomas Loc: Woodside
Mitchell, Caldwell Loc: Carnoughter
Mitchell, William Loc: Carnoughter
Moffett, William Loc: Scraghy
Monaghan, Bryan Loc: Tulnashane
Monaghan, James Loc: Tulnashane
Monaghan, Jane Loc: Tulnashane
Monaghan, Patrick Loc: Killen Near
Mongan, Francis Loc: Aghalunny
Mongan, Francis Loc: Seegronan
Mongan, Henry Loc: Ballymongan
Mongan, Henry Loc: Seegronan
Mongan, James Loc: Clagernagh
Mongan, James Loc: Seegronan
Mongan, John Loc: Ballymongan
Mongan, Laurence Loc: Ballymongan
Mongan, Manus Loc: Killen Far
Mongan, Mary Loc: Aghalunny
Mongan, Michael Loc: Ballymongan
Mongan, Patrick Loc: Shanaghy
Mongan, Peter Loc: Ballymongan
Monteith, Andrew Loc: Dreenan
Monteith, Andrew Loc: Lisnacloon
Monteith, Bliath Loc: Carnoughter
Monteith, Grace Loc: Legatonegan
Monteith, Hamilton Loc: Dreenan
Monteith, Henry Loc: Legatonegan
Monteith, Hugh Loc: Dreenan
Monteith, Hugh Loc: Lisnacloon
Monteith, James Loc: Dreenan
Monteith, James Loc: Lisnacloon
Monteith, Jno. Loc: Dreenan
Monteith, John Loc: Dreenan
Monteith, John Loc: Glebe
Monteith, John Loc: Lisnacloon
Monteith, Joseph Loc: Dreenan
Monteith, Robert Loc: Dreenan
Monteith, Robert Loc: Lisnacloon
Monteith, Robert Loc: Tullycar
Monteith, Samuel Loc: Tullycar
Monteith, Thomas Loc: Drummahon
Monteith, William Loc: Dreenan
Monteith, William Loc: Killen Far
Mooney, Andrew Loc: Garvagh
Mooney, Francis Loc: Garvagh
Mooney, Peter Loc: Garvagh
Moore, William Loc: Creeduff
Morn, Rose Loc: Leitrim
Morris, Eliza Loc: Ardarver
Morris, James Loc: Second Corgary
Morris, Michael Loc: Ardarver
Morris, Michael Loc: First Corgary
Morris, Owen Loc: Ardarver
Morris, Peter Loc: Garvagh Pullans
Moss, Bernard Loc: Ardarver
Moss, Bryan Loc: Ardarver
Moss, Bryan Loc: Garvagh
Moss, Byran Loc: Tullycar
Moss, Edmond Loc: Mullyfamore
Moss, Edward Loc: Ardarver
Moss, Edward Loc: Drummahon
Moss, Edward Loc: Garvagh
Moss, Edward Loc: Garvagh Blane
Moss, Edward Loc: Legatonegan
Moss, Eliza Loc: Ardarver
Moss, Felix Loc: Meencarriga
Moss, James Loc: Altgolan
Moss, James Loc: Garvagh Blane
Moss, John Loc: Ardarver
Moss, John Loc: Garvagh
Moss, John Loc: Mullyfamore
Moss, John Loc: Tullycar
Moss, Manus Loc: Ardarver
Moss, Patrick Loc: Garvagh
Moss, Philip Loc: Ardarver
Mossit, Felix Loc: Clagernagh
Motherwell, Rev. M. C. Loc: Creeduff
Mulhern, Thomas Loc: Carnoughter
Mulholland, James Loc: Drummahon
Mullen, James Loc: Carndreen
Mullen, John Loc: Carndreen
Mullen, Michael Loc: Leitrim
Mulrenny, John Loc: Altamullan
Murphy, Andrew Loc: Crillys Hill
Murray, Anne Loc: Aghalunny
Nelam, William Loc: Aghalougher
Nelans, Abraham Loc: Creeduff
Nelans, Charles Loc: Scralea
Nelans, Gregory Loc: Creeduff
Nelans, Jane Loc: Killen Near
Nelans, Margaret Loc: Scralea
Nelans, Robert Loc: Leitrim
Nelans, William Loc: Creeduff
Nelson, John Loc: Aghnahoo
Nugent, Magi Loc: Killen Near
O'Donnell, Catherine Loc: Ballymongan
O'Donnell, Catherine Loc: Mullanabreen
O'Donnell, Charles Loc: Ballymongan
O'Donnell, Chas. Loc: Ballymongan
O'Donnell, Daniel Loc: Crighdenis
O'Donnell, Denis Loc: Ballymongan
O'Donnell, Denis Loc: Crighdenis
O'Donnell, Denis Loc: Mullyfabeg
O'Donnell, Ghs. Loc: Ballymongan
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Tulnashane
O'Donnell, Hugh, Jr. Loc: Tulnashane
O'Donnell, Hugh, Sr. Loc: Tulnashane
O'Donnell, John Loc: Athabryanmore
O'Donnell, John Loc: Ballymongan
O'Donnell, Manus Loc: Ardarver
O'Donnell, Mary Loc: Ardarver
O'Donnell, Neal Loc: Clagernagh
O'Donnell, Owen Loc: Gortnacross
O'Donnell, Roger Loc: Scraghy
O'Flaherty, Anthony Loc: Meenagrogan
O'Flaherty, Joseph Loc: Meenagrogan
O'Kane, Owen Loc: Ballymongan
O'Kane, Rep. Owen Loc: Ballymongan
O'Kane, Roger Loc: Legatonegan
O'Neal, Arthur Loc: Scraghy
O'Neill, Arthur Loc: Scraghy
O'Neill, Bryan Loc: Scraghy
O'Neill, Edward Loc: Scraghy
O'Neill, James Loc: Creeduff
O'Neill, James Loc: Meenagrogan
O'Neill, John Loc: Scraghy
O'Neill, Owen Loc: Scraghy
O'Neill, Patrick Loc: Scraghy
O'Neill, Thomas Loc: Meenagrogan
Orr, Marshall Loc: Lisnacloon
Palmer, Thomas Loc: Woodside
Phillips, John Loc: Woodside
Quigley, Dominick Loc: Dreenan
Quigley, James Loc: Carndreen
Quinn, Charles Loc: Killeter
Quinn, Denis Loc: Shanaghy
Quinn, James Loc: Golan McHugh
Quinn, James Loc: Golandun Mchugh
Quinn, Jeremiah Loc: Shanaghy
Quinn, John Loc: Legatonegan
Quinn, John Loc: Tievenameenta
Quinn, Matthew Loc: Legatonegan
Quinn, William Loc: Aghyaran
Quinn, William Loc: Killen Near
Rankin, David Loc: Edenreagh
Rankin, Hugh Loc: Edenasop
Rankin, James Loc: Edenasop
Rankin, Richard Loc: Edenasop
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Scraghy
Rinkin, Hugh Loc: Creeduff
Robb, Arthur Loc: Lislaird
Robb, Charles Loc: Lislaird
Robb, James Loc: Aghnahoo
Robb, James Loc: Leitrim
Robb, James Loc: Lislaird
Robb, James, Jr. Loc: Lislaird
Robb, John Loc: Killen Near
Robb, John Loc: Lislaird
Robb, John Loc: Lisnacloon
Robb, Joseph Loc: Lislaird
Robb, Samuel Loc: Lislaird
Robb, Thomas Loc: Creeduff
Robb, William Loc: Lislaird
Robinson, Bole Loc: Gortnacross
Robinson, George Loc: Killen Near
Robinson, George Loc: Woodside
Robinson, Joseph Loc: Lislaird
Rodden, John Loc: Meenafergus
Rodden, Nicholas Loc: Meenafergus
Rollestone, Oliver Loc: Creeduff
Rush, Edward Loc: Aghnahoo
Rutledge, Henry Loc: Laghtmorris
Rutledge, John Loc: Killen Far
Ruttledge, Anne Loc: Aghnahoo
Ruttledge, Henry Loc: Aghnahoo
Scanlan, Charles Loc: Altgolan
Scanlan, Hugh Loc: Altgolan
Scott, James Loc: Aghascrebagh
Scott, James Loc: Lisnacloon
Scott, John Loc: Legatonegan
Scott, John Loc: Leitrim
Scott, Robert Loc: Ardarver
Scott, Robert Loc: Edenreagh
Scott, Robert Loc: Scralea
Semple, Charles Loc: Killen Far
Semple, Charles Loc: Killen Near
Semple, Charles, Jr. Loc: Killen Near
Semple, Charles, Sr. Loc: Killen Near
Semple, Francis Loc: Laghtmorris
Semple, James Loc: Edenreagh
Semple, James Loc: Mullanabreen
Semple, John Loc: Aghascrebagh
Semple, John Loc: Edenreagh
Semple, Joshua Loc: Edenreagh
Semple, Margaret Loc: Mullanabreen
Semple, Mary Loc: Killen Near
Shallow, Patrick Loc: Common
Shanahan, Francis Loc: Meencarriga
Shanahan, John Loc: Edenreagh
Shanahan, Patrick Loc: Edenreagh
Sharkey, Michael Loc: Second Corgary
Sharkey, Owen Loc: Second Corgary
Sheils, Arthur Loc: First Corgary
Shiels, Edward Loc: Ballymongan
Shiels, John Loc: Clagernagh
Simpson, Thomas Loc: Carracoghan
Simpson, Thomas Loc: Killen Near
Simpson, Thos. Loc: Killen Near
Simpson, Thos. Loc: Killen Near N: Lodgers
Skeagh, Bridget Loc: Aghamore
Skeagh, John Loc: Aghamore
Skeagh, Philip Loc: Crillys Hill
Smith, Hugh Loc: Killen Near
Snodgrass, Charles Loc: Creeduff
Speer, Eliza Loc: Speerholme
Speer, Elizabeth Loc: Speerholme
Speer, John Loc: Carnoughter
Speer, Joseph Loc: Speerholme
Speer, Margaret Loc: Carnoughter
Speer, Thomas Loc: Carnoughter
Sproule, Bell Loc: Edenasop
Sproule, Eliza Loc: Edenasop
Sproule, Hugh Loc: Carndreen
Sproule, Hugh Loc: Sixth Corgary or Second Croagh
Sproule, James Loc: Altamullan
Sproule, James Loc: Magherakeel
Sproule, James Loc: Mullyfabeg
Sproule, Jane Loc: Edenasop
Sproule, John Loc: Clagernagh
Sproule, Robert Loc: Altamullan
Sproule, Robert Loc: Altgolan
Sproule, Samuel Loc: Clagernagh
Sproule, Rep. Samuel Loc: Gortnacross
Sproule, Thomas Loc: Aghascrebagh
Sproule, Thomas Loc: Altamullan
Sproule, Thomas Loc: Ardarver
Sproule, Thomas Loc: Magherakeel
Sproule, Thomas Loc: Mullyfabeg
Sproule, William Loc: Altamullan
Sproule, William Loc: Legatonegan
Sproule, William B. Loc: Altamullan
Stuart, Robert Loc: Creeduff
Sum, Hugh Loc: Ardarver
Sweeny, Andrew Loc: Laghtmorris
Sweeny, Hugh Loc: Laghtmorris
Sweeny, John Loc: Legatonegan
Sweeny, John Loc: Magherakeel
Sweeny, Patrick Loc: Laghtmorris
Sweeny, Patrick Loc: Legatonegan
Taylor, Charles Loc: Scraghy
Thompson, Robert Loc: Carndreen
Thompson, William Loc: Altgolan
Tweedy, James Loc: Speerholme
Tweedy, James Loc: Woodside
Tweedy, John Loc: Aghalougher
Tweedy, Samuel Loc: Aghalougher
Virtue, Noble Loc: Carnoughter
Wart, Andrew Loc: Magherakeel
Watson, Jane Loc: Carnoughter
Watson, John Loc: Aghalunny
Watson, Moses Loc: Aghalunny
Watson, Thomas Loc: Aghalunny
Weldon, Johnston Loc: Edenreagh
Winters, Bernard Loc: Scraghy
Winters, Jane Loc: Scraghy
Winters, Robert Loc: Killen Far
Young, Alexander Loc: Aghalunny
Young, Charles Loc: Aghalunny
Young, Charles Loc: Aghyaran
Young, Charles Loc: Altamullan
Young, Charles Loc: Ardarver
Young, Charles Loc: Magherakeel
Young, Frances Loc: Altamullan
Young, Frances Loc: Altmullan
Young, Henry Loc: Meenakeeran
Young, James Loc: Aghyaran
Young, Joseph Loc: Aghyaran
Young, Robert Loc: Aghalunny
Young, Robert Loc: Altamullan
Young, Robert Loc: Woodside
Young, Samuel Loc: Aghyaran
Young, Sarah Loc: Aghalunny
Young, William Loc: Altamullan
Young, William Loc: Ardarver

Map of Civil Parishes in county Tyrone

Civil Parish Records of County Tyrone

Other county Tyrone Parish Records

1 Aghaloo

2 Aghalurcher

3 Arboe

4 Ardstraw

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyclog

8 Bodoney Lower

9 Bodoney Upper

10 Camus

11 Cappagh

12 Carnteel

13 Clogher

14 Clogherny

15 Clonfeacle

16 Clonoe

17 Cumber Upper

18 Derryloran

19 Desertcreat

20 Donacavey

21 Donaghedy

22 Donaghenry

23 Donaghmore

24 Dromore

25 Drumglass

26 Drumragh

27 Errigal Keerogue

28 Errigal Trough

29 Kildress

30 Killeeshil

31 Killyman

32 Kilskeery

33 Leckpatrick

34 Lissan

35 Longfield East

36 Longfield West

37 Magheracross

38 Pomeroy

39 Tamlaght

40 Termonamongan

41 Termonmaguirk

42 Tullyniskan

43 Urney