Griffith's Valuation: Drumragh Parish, County Tyrone

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Griffith's Valuation in Drumragh Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Drumragh parish and every other parish in county Tyrone as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Tyrone in 1851.


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Griffiths Valuation: Drumragh Parish 1851

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You should also check the records of Drumragh parish from the Tithe Applotment books recorded during the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Adams, Andrew L: Tirquin
Adams, Archibald L: Rylagh
Adams, Archibald L: Tirquin
Adams, Arthur L: Eskeradooey
Adams, Eliza L: Mullanatoomog
Adams, George L: Ballynatubbrit
Adams, James L: Tirquin
Adams, Mary L: Tirquin
Adams, Rebecca L: Ballykeel
Adams, Robert L: Dergmoney Lower
Adams, Robert L: Eskeradooey
Adams, Robert T: Omagh
Adams, Samuel L: Maine
Adams, William L: Tirquin
Aiken, Mary L: Beltany
Aikens, Isaac L: Tattysallagh
Alcorn, Andrew L: Laughmuck (Wallace)
Alcorn, Andrew L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Alcorn, Armer L: Gammy
Alcorn, Armer L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Alcorn, Armour L: Laughmuck (Wallace)
Alcorn, James L: Coolnagard Lower
Alcorn, James L: Culmore
Alcorn, James T: Omagh
Alcorn, Joseph L: Gammy
Alcorn, Joseph L: Laughmuck (Wallace)
Alcorn, Joseph L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Alcorn, Mary T: Omagh
Alcorn, Samuel L: Kingarrow
Alcorn, William L: Ballynahatty
Alcorn, William L: Gammy
Alexander, David L: Tamlaght
Alexander, George L: Ballykeel
Alexander, James L: Culbuck
Alexander, James F. T: Omagh N: Manager
Alexander, John L: Cloghog Lower
Alexander, John L: Tarlum
Alexander, Patrick L: Tamlaght
Alexander, Samuel L: Cloghog Lower
Alexander, Thomas L: Culbuck
Alexander, Thomas L: Tarlum
Alexander, William L: Fireagh (Thompson)
Alison, John L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Allen, George L: Mullagharn
Allen, Isabella T: Omagh
Allen, John L: Aghadulla
Allen, John L: Tattysallagh
Allen, Samuel L: Tirquin
Allen, Thomas L: Tattysallagh
Allen, William L: Tattysallagh
Allison, John L: Killybrack
Aloan, James L: Aghnamoyle
Aloan, John L: Dunwish
Aloan, Michael L: Aghnamoyle
Anderson, Anne L: Tattykeel
Anderson, Geo., Jr. L: Lisnaharney
Anderson, George L: Lisnaharney
Anderson, John L: Lisnaharney
Anderson, John L: Mullaghmore
Anderson, Robert L: Mullaghmore
Anderson, William L: Castletown
Andrews, John T: Omagh
Andrews, Margaret L: Lammy
Andrews, Robert L: Lammy
Andrews, William L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Anthony, John L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Arbuckle, Isabella L: Gortinagin
Arbuckle, John L: Ballykeel
Arbuckle, Joseph L: Ballykeel
Armor, John L: Kilmore
Armstrong, Andrew L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Armstrong, Andrew L: Mullaghmore
Armstrong, Christopher L: Tirquin
Armstrong, James L: Killyclogher
Armstrong, James L: Tamlaght
Armstrong, James L: Tattykeel
Armstrong, John L: Blacksessiagh
Armstrong, John L: Drum
Armstrong, Joseph L: Ballynaquilly
Armstrong, Montgomery L: Bunnynubber
Armstrong, Robert L: Tirquin
Arnold, Rev. John L: Kivlin
Arnold, Rev. John L: Lissan
Arthur, Alexander L: Eskeradooey
Arthur, James L: Castletown
Arthur, James L: Gortinagin
Arthur, James K. L: Beagh N: Sec.
Arthur, James K. L: Edergoole Lower N: Sec.
Arthur, James K. L: Edergoole Upper N: Secretary
Arthur, James K. L: Kiltamnagh N: Secretary
Arthur, James K. L: Lislap West N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Ballykeel N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Ballynahatty N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Carrigans N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Castletown N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Connywarren
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Coolnagard Lower N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Culmore N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Drumshanly N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Gammy N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Gortmore N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Gortrush N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Killinure N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Lislimnaghan N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Loughmuck (Alcorn) N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Meeting House Hill N: Secretary
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Mullaghmenagh Upper N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Rylands N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Sedennan N: Sec.
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Tattraconnaghty
Arthur, Jas. K. L: Tully
Arthur, John L: Eskeradooey
Arthur, William L: Lisnaharney
Ashfield, Knox L: Gortmore
Ashfield, Knox L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Atwell, James L: Ballynamullan
Atwell, Joseph L: Mullaghmore
Auchinleck, Rep. Danl. T: Omagh
Baird, John L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Baird, Moses L: Mullagharn
Ballantine, Archibald L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Ballantine, Charles L: Botera Lower
Ballantine, Hamilton L: Botera Lower
Ballantine, Hamilton L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Barber, David L: Beragh
Barber, David L: Lisnagirr
Barber, George L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Barber, John L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Barber, Matthew L: Gortgranagh
Barber, Miller L: Calkill
Barnwell, Richard L: Relaghdooey
Barrett, Charles L: Aghadulla
Barrett, Denis L: Aghadulla
Barrett, James L: Aghadulla
Barrett, James L: Aghadulla N: and Partners
Barrett, John, Jr. L: Aghadulla
Barrett, John, Sr. L: Aghadulla
Barrett, Patk. L: Aghadulla N: Arthur
Barrett, Patrick, Jr. L: Aghadulla
Barrett, Ptk. L: Aghadulla N: Arthur
Barton, James L: Tirquin
Bass, Rev. James T: Omagh
Bates, Francis L: Lissan
Bates, Robert L: Rylands
Baxter, Daniel L: Drumragh (J. Mccausland)
Baxter, George L: Tamlaght
Baxter, George L: Tirmurty
Baxter, Henry L: Tantramurry
Baxter, James L: Tamlaght
Baxter, Joseph L: Drumragh (J. Mccausland)
Baxter, William L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Baxter, William L: Tirmurty
Beattie, Rev. John T: Omagh
Beatty, Alexander L: Ballygowan
Beatty, Alexander L: Kingarrow
Beatty, Anne L: Kingarrow
Beatty, Eliza L: Gillygooly
Beatty, Irwin L: Doogary
Beatty, James L: Rylagh
Beatty, John L: Dunbreen
Beatty, John L: Farrest
Beatty, Joseph L: Aghnamoyle
Beatty, Joseph L: Dunbreen
Beatty, Joseph L: Kingarrow
Beatty, Joseph, Jr. L: Dunbreen
Beatty, Rebecca L: Kingarrow
Beatty, Samuel L: Kingarrow
Beatty, Thomas L: Kingarrow
Beatty, William L: Gillygooly
Beatty, William L: Kingarrow
Bell, David L: Cloghog Upper
Bell, David L: Racolpa
Bell, Dawson L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Bell, James L: Castletown
Bell, James L: Faccary
Bell, John L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Bell, Richard L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Bell, Robert T: Omagh
Benson, Jane L: Rylagh
Benson, Thomas L: Deerpark (Mccormick)
Benson, Thomas L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Bergin, John T: Omagh
Birney, John T: Omagh
Black, Hugh L: Calkill
Black, Rev. John L: Aghnamoyle
Black, Thomas L: Cullion
Black, Thomas L: Lislap East
Blackburne, Hugh L: Legacurry
Blackburne, Patrick L: Legacurry
Blackburne, Robert L: Tarlum
Blair, Daniel L: Killybrack
Blair, Daniel L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Blair, Mccrea T: Omagh
Blythe, Samuel L: Racolpa
Boland, James L: Castletown
Bond, William L: Kilmore
Booth, Christopher L: Loughmuck (Alcorn) N: and Another
Booth, George L: Gortmore
Booth, George T: Omagh
Boothe, John L: Blacksessiagh
Boothe, John Maxwell L: Blacksessiagh
Boothe, William L: Blacksessiagh
Borland, Thomas L: Beragh
Borland, Thomas L: Gortnacreagh
Bourke, James L: Eskeradooey
Bourke, Margaret L: Ballynatubbrit
Boyce, John L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Boyle, Anne L: Culmore
Boyle, Anne L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Boyle, Anne T: Omagh
Boyle, Edward T: Omagh
Boyle, James L: Cullion
Boyle, James L: Dergmoney Upper
Boyle, John L: Beltany
Boyle, John T: Omagh
Boyle, Peter L: Gillygooly
Boyle, Rosanna L: Beltany
Boyle, William L: Lisanelly
Bradley, Arthur L: Beragh
Bradley, Edward L: Mullaghmore
Bradley, Hugh L: Lisnamallard
Bradley, Hugh L: Relaghdooey
Bradley, Jane L: Erganagh Glebe
Bradley, John L: Maine
Bradley, John T: Omagh
Bradley, Matthew L: Tattynagole
Bradley, Patrick L: Culmore
Bradley, Peter L: Mullaghmore
Bradley, Robert L: Dergmoney Lower
Bradley, Robert T: Omagh
Brady, Mary L: Cavanacaw Lower
Brandon, Thomas T: Omagh
Branigan, Daniel L: Carrigans
Branter, Ellen L: Dunmullan
Braxter, Robert L: Castletown
Breadon, Isaac L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Brearty, Bridget L: Botera Lower
Breen, Henry L: Tattykeel
Breen, James L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Breen, John L: Creevangar (Alexander)
Breen, John L: Tattykeel
Breen, Robert L: Ballygowan
Breherty, Arthur L: Lisanelly
Brennan, Thomas L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Brereton, James L: Dergmoney Lower
Brereton, James L: Dergmoney Upper
Breslin, Andrew L: Tully
Brickwood, William L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Bright, Edw. B. L: Straughroy
Broderick, Bryan L: Stroancarbadagh
Broderick, James L: Kiltamnagh
Broderick, James L: Stroancarbadagh
Broderick, Michael L: Kiltamnagh
Broderick, Patrick L: Stroancarbadagh
Broderick, Sarah L: Stroancarbadagh
Brogan, Bernard L: Beltany
Brogan, Denis L: Lisanelly
Brogan, Michael L: Killins
Brooks, James L: Dunmullan
Brown, Alexander L: Tattynagole
Brown, David L: Gortinagin
Brown, Fanny L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Brown, James L: Aghnamoyle
Brown, James L: Golan
Brown, James L: Lisnagirr N: and Others
Brown, Robert L: Killinure
Brown, Thomas L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Brown, William L: Corlea
Browne, Andrew L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Browne, Beaver L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Browne, Edmund T: Omagh
Browne, James L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Browne, James L: Reaghan
Browne, Martha L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Browne, Robert L: Reaghan
Browne, William T: Omagh
Bruce, Baronet Henry H. L: Drum
Bruce, Baronet Henry H. L: Freughmore
Brunter, John L: Erganagh Glebe
Buchanan, George L: Lisanelly
Buchanan, George L: Lisnamallard
Buchanan, George L: Straughroy
Buchanan, George L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Buchanan, James L: Maine
Buchanan, Jno., Jr. L: Killyclogher
Buchanan, John L: Killyclogher
Buchanan, Rev. John L: Kiltamnagh
Buchanan, John L: Straughroy
Buchanan, John B. L: Lisnamallard
Buchanan, John B. T: Omagh
Buchanan, Thomas L: Tully
Buchanan, William L: Tattynagole
Buckwood, William L: Dergmoney Lower
Burke, John T: Omagh
Burnett, George L: Dergmoney Lower
Burnett, John L: Aghee
Burnett, John T: Omagh
Burnett, Robert T: Omagh
Burnett, Robt. T: Omagh N: and Others
Burns, Alexander L: Carrigans
Burns, Andrew L: Tireagh (Cochrane)
Burns, Fergus L: Carrigans
Burns, James L: Tamlaght
Burns, John T: Omagh
Burns, Samuel L: Gortmore
Burns, Samuel L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Burns, Samuel T: Omagh
Burns, William L: Cloghfin
Byrne, Rev. James L: Erganagh Glebe
Byrne, Peter L: Castletown
Byrne, Thomas L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Byrne, Thomas L: Tantramurry
Caldwell, Catherine L: Botera Lower
Caldwell, James L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Caldwell, John L: Cloghog Upper
Caldwell, John L: Corlea
Caldwell, John L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Caldwell, John L: Lissan
Caldwell, Sarah L: Relaghdooey
Caldwell, Thomas L: Culmore
Caldwell, William L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Callaghan, Margaret L: Dergmoney Upper
Callen, Thomas L: Ballykeel
Campbell, Alexander L: Ballykeel
Campbell, Alexander L: Culmore
Campbell, Alexander L: Faccary
Campbell, Alexander L: Gortmore
Campbell, Alexander L: Gortrush
Campbell, Alexander L: Tattraconnaghty
Campbell, Anne L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Campbell, Arthur L: Legacurry
Campbell, Bernard L: Aghadulla
Campbell, Charles L: Aghadulla
Campbell, Edward L: Gortmore
Campbell, Hugh L: Killybrack
Campbell, Hugh L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Campbell, James L: Ballynaquilly
Campbell, James L: Faccary
Campbell, James L: Lisanelly
Campbell, James T: Omagh
Campbell, James, Jr. L: Aghalane
Campbell, James, Sr. L: Aghalane
Campbell, John L: Kivlin
Campbell, John T: Omagh
Campbell, John L: Racolpa
Campbell, Margaret L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Campbell, Mary L: Aghadulla
Campbell, Michael L: Aghadulla
Campbell, Michael T: Omagh
Campbell, Nulty L: Maine
Campbell, Owen L: Aghadulla
Campbell, Patrick L: Tattysallagh
Campbell, Robert L: Aghadulla
Campbell, Robert T: Omagh
Campbell, Robert L: Tattysallagh
Campbell, Samuel L: Cloghfin
Campbell, Samuel L: Racolpa
Campbell, Thomas L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Campbell, William L: Ballynatubbrit
Campbell, William L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Canning, Henry L: Knockmoyle
Canning, James L: Carony
Canning, John L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Carey, James L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Cargo, James T: Omagh
Carlan, Alexander L: Gortinagin
Carlan, Bernard L: Legacurry
Carlan, James L: Aghalane
Carland, Hugh T: Omagh
Carmichael, John T: Omagh
Carnan, Patrick L: Ballynahatty
Carney, Felix L: Clanabogan Upper
Carr, James L: Ballynamullan
Carr, Richard L: Dunbreen
Carr, Thomas L: Ballynamullan
Carroll, Patrick L: Carrigans
Carroll, William L: Killinure
Carson, Charles L: Mullaghmore
Carson, John L: Castletown
Carson, John L: Dergmoney Lower
Carson, John L: Mullaghmore
Carson, John T: Omagh
Carson, John, Jr. L: Killinure
Carson, John, Sr. L: Killinure
Carson, Nathaniel T: Omagh
Carson, Robert L: Corlea
Carson, Thomas L: Clanabogan Upper
Carson, William L: Beagh
Carson, William L: Corlea
Carson, William L: Doogary
Carson, William L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Carswell, Andrew L: Tamlaght
Carter, Richard T: Omagh
Carton, Matthew L: Fireagh (Thompson)
Cassidy, Francis L: Culmore
Cassidy, Francis T: Omagh
Cassidy, Mary T: Omagh
Cassidy, Michael L: Botera Upper
Cassidy, Neal L: Botera Upper
Cassidy, Owen L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Cassidy, Rosanna L: Mullaghmore
Cather, John T: Omagh
Cavanagh, Felix T: Omagh
Chambers, Samuel L: Freughmore
Chapman, Rev. John B. L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Charlton, Henry L: Crucknamona
Charlton, Sarah L: Crucknamona
Charlton, Sarah L: Tullycunny
Chisholm, Robert L: Ballygowan
Chittick, George, Jr. L: Aghadulla
Chittick, George, Sr. L: Aghadulla
Clarke, Andrew L: Tircur
Clarke, Anne T: Omagh
Clarke, John L: Beltany
Clarke, Joseph L: Gortnacreagh
Clarke, Patrick L: Ballynamullan
Clarke, Patrick L: Killins
Clarke, Robert L: Carrigans
Clarke, William L: Aghnamoyle
Cleary, Mary L: Drumconnelly
Clements, John L: Killybrack
Clements, John L: Lissan
Clements, Margaret L: Dergmoney Lower
Clements, Margaret T: Omagh
Clendenning, William L: Tirquin
Clophel, Caroline T: Omagh
Cochran, William L: Mullaghmore
Colgan, Bernard L: Killins
Colgan, John L: Ballynamullan
Colhoun, Archibald L: Castletown
Colhoun, Catherine L: Castletown
Colhoun, Charles L: Aghalane
Colhoun, Charles L: Inisclan
Colhoun, Charles L: Kingarrow
Colhoun, Crawford T: Omagh
Colhoun, Edward L: Aghalane
Colhoun, James L: Castletown
Colhoun, John T: Omagh
Colhoun, Mary L: Killycurragh
Colhoun, Samuel L: Lisanelly
Colhoun, Smith L: Cloghfin
Colhoun, Stewart L: Aghalane
Colhoun, William L: Calkill
Colhoun, William L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Colhoun, William T: Omagh
Coll, Michael L: Drumconnelly
Coll, Patrick L: Tamlaght
Coll, Thomas T: Omagh
Collins, Francis L: Knockmoyle
Collins, James L: Ballynatubbrit
Collins, James L: Mullaghmore
Collins, James L: Tattynagole
Collins, Patrick L: Knockmoyle
Collins, Thomas L: Ballynatubbrit
Collins, Thomas L: Freughmore
Collins, Thomas, Sr. L: Freughmore
Collins, William L: Gortmore
Colton, Patrick L: Maine
Conahan, James L: Golan
Connolly, Edward L: Glencordial
Connolly, James L: Beltany
Connolly, John L: Lurganboy
Connor, Hugh L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Connor, Patrick L: Castletown
Connor, Patrick L: Killinure
Connor, Patrick T: Omagh
Connors, John L: Tattykeel
Conroy, James L: Mullaghmore
Conroy, Mary T: Omagh
Conway, Eliza L: Lisnamallard
Conway, James L: Coolnagard Upper
Conway, Mary L: Ballygowan
Conway, Mary L: Lammy
Conway, Peter L: Gortmore
Conway, Richard L: Carony
Conway, Rose L: Dergmoney Lower
Conway, William L: Ballygowan
Coohey, Matthew L: Killinure
Cooke, Edward L: Dunbreen
Cooke, James L: Eskeradooey
Cooke, James L: Reaghan
Cooke, Samuel L: Eskeradooey
Cooper, James L: Beagh
Cooper, Jas. L: Tully N: and Others
Cooper, Robert L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Cope, Robert L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Copper, Samuel L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Corbett, Anthony L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Corr, John L: Creevangar (White)
Corr, Margaret L: Faccary
Corr, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Corr, Thomas L: Creevangar (White)
Corrigan, Edward L: Ballynatubbrit
Corrigan, Edward L: Beragh
Corrigan, Francis L: Calkill
Corrigan, Hugh L: Ballynatubbrit
Corrigan, Roger L: Ballynatubbrit
Corrin, Thomas L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Costelloe, Charles T: Omagh
Costelloe, James L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Coulson, Robert D. L: Gortmore
Coulson, Robert D. L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Coulter, Hugh L: Aghadulla
Coulter, James L: Lisanelly
Coulter, John L: Garvagh
Coulter, John L: Lammy
Coulter, Mary L: Aghadulla
Coulter, Robert L: Ballygowan
Coulter, Robert L: Cornabracken
Coulter, Robert L: Culmore
Coulter, Robert L: Garvagh
Coulter, Robert L: Lammy
Covey, Edward L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Coyle, Edward L: Ballynamullan
Coyle, Eliza L: Culmore
Coyle, Francis L: Gillygooly
Coyle, James, Jr. L: Mullanatoomog
Coyle, James, Sr. L: Mullanatoomog
Coyle, John L: Mullaghmore
Coyle, Myles L: Cloghfin
Coyle, Myles L: Killycurragh
Coyle, Owen L: Killycurragh
Coyle, Patrick L: Killycurragh
Coyle, Robert L: Mullaghmore
Crawford, Daniel L: Rakeeragh
Crawford, Eliza T: Omagh
Crawford, Hugh L: Rakeeragh
Crawford, Hugh L: Tullycunny
Crawford, James L: Dunbreen
Crawford, James L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Crawford, James L: Riverstown
Crawford, James L: Tarlum
Crawford, John L: Ballynamullan
Crawford, John L: Cavanacaw Upper
Crawford, John L: Dergmoney Lower
Crawford, John L: Freughmore
Crawford, John T: Omagh
Crawford, Oliver L: Dunbreen
Crawford, Oliver L: Kingarrow
Crawford, Sarah L: Freughmore
Crawford, William L: Corlea
Crawford, William L: Freughmore
Crawford, William L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Crawford, William T: Omagh
Cready, Alexander L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Crean, William L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Creighton, John L: Gortinagin
Crosby, Edward L: Creevanmore (Crosby)
Crosby, Edward L: Rakeeragh
Crosby, Eliza L: Crucknamona
Crosby, Eliza L: Lammy
Crosby, James L: Drudgeon
Crosby, John L: Creevanmore (Crosby)
Crosby, Rebecca L: Lislimnaghan
Crosby, Rebecca L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Crosby, Robert L: Creevanmore (Hunter)
Crosby, Samuel L: Creevanmore (Hunter)
Crosby, Samuel L: Lammy
Crosby, William L: Tattraconnaghty
Cullen, Hugh L: Mullaghmore
Cummins, Andrew L: Lisnagirr
Cunningham, James L: Connywarren
Cunningham, Mark L: Aghadulla
Cunningham, Mark L: Clanabogan Upper
Cunningham, Peter L: Lisanelly
Cunningham, Peter L: Lisnamallard
Cunningham, Peter L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Cunningham, Samuel L: Clanabogan Upper
Cunningham, Thomas L: Aghadulla
Cunningham, Thomas L: Clanabogan Lower
Curran, John L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Curran, Patrick L: Carrigans
Curry, Andrew L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Cuthbertson, Samuel L: Freughmore
Daly, James L: Ballynatubbrit
Daly, James T: Omagh
Daly, Owen L: Maine
Daly, Patrick L: Fernagh
Daly, Patrick T: Omagh
Daly, Terence T: Omagh
Darcy, Michael L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Davidson, William L: Lisnamallard
Davis, John L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Dawson, Hugh L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Deazly, John L: Mullagharn
Delany, Catherine L: Freughmore
Delany, Michael T: Omagh
Delap, James L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Denny, Henry L: Dergmoney Lower
Denny, Henry T: Omagh
Denny, Robert L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Denny, Robert L: Tattraconnaghty
Denny, William L: Calkill
Devans, Bernard L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Devine, Cormack L: Coolnagard Upper
Devine, Daniel L: Castleroddy Glebe
Devine, Daniel L: Lislap East
Devine, Daniel L: Tirmurty
Devine, Edward T: Omagh
Devine, James L: Castleroddy Glebe
Devine, John T: Omagh
Devlin, Daniel L: Aghalane
Devlin, Edward L: Erganagh Glebe
Devlin, James L: Aghalane
Devlin, James L: Carrigans
Devlin, James L: Killins
Devlin, John L: Erganagh Glebe
Devlin, Mary L: Dergmoney Lower
Devlin, Mary T: Omagh
Devlin, Patrick L: Ballynamullan
Devlin, Patrick L: Erganagh Glebe
Devlin, Peter L: Aghalane
Devlin, Terence T: Omagh
Devlin, William L: Faccary
Divine, Bernard T: Omagh
Doak, Anthony L: Drumragh (P. Mccausland)
Doak, William L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Doake, Robert L: Ballynamullan
Dogherty, Edward L: Tattysallagh
Dogherty, Hugh L: Gortmore
Dogherty, John L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Dogherty, John T: Omagh
Dogherty, Rody L: Deerpark (Mccormick)
Doherty, Daniel L: Rylagh
Doherty, Ellen L: Tirmurty
Doherty, John L: Carony
Doherty, John L: Lisanelly
Doherty, John L: Tattynagole
Doherty, John L: Tirquin
Doherty, Lyon L: Dunmullan
Doherty, Mary L: Lisnamallard
Doherty, Michael L: Edergoole Lower
Doherty, Michael L: Lisanelly
Doherty, Michael L: Tattynure
Doherty, Owen L: Edergoole Lower
Doherty, Robert L: Lisnamallard
Doherty, William L: Lisnamallard
Dollen, Patrick L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Donaghy, Bernard L: Aghalane
Donaghy, Bernard L: Mullanatoomog
Donaghy, George L: Gillygooly
Donaghy, James L: Erganagh Glebe
Donaghy, John L: Botera Upper
Donaghy, John L: Carrigans
Donaghy, John T: Omagh
Donaghy, Mary L: Culmore
Donaghy, Mary T: Omagh
Donaghy, Michael L: Mullaghmore
Donaghy, Owen L: Faccary
Donaghy, Owen T: Omagh
Donaghy, Patrick L: Killyclogher
Donaghy, William L: Lurganboy
Donahy, Owen L: Ballynamullan
Donnelly, Andrew L: Reaghan
Donnelly, Arthur L: Rylagh
Donnelly, Bernard L: Ballynamullan
Donnelly, Bernard L: Castleroddy Glebe
Donnelly, Bernard T: Omagh
Donnelly, Bernard L: Rylagh
Donnelly, Bridget L: Castleroddy Glebe
Donnelly, Bryan L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Donnelly, Catherine L: Castleroddy Glebe
Donnelly, Charles L: Mullaghmore
Donnelly, Charles L: Tirmurty
Donnelly, Daniel L: Cullion
Donnelly, Daniel L: Lisnaharney
Donnelly, Edward L: Rylagh
Donnelly, George L: Tircur
Donnelly, Henry L: Castleroddy Glebe
Donnelly, Hugh L: Castleroddy Glebe
Donnelly, Hugh L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Donnelly, Jamas, Jr. L: Reaghan
Donnelly, James L: Cornabracken
Donnelly, James L: Corranarry
Donnelly, James L: Culmore
Donnelly, James L: Glengawna
Donnelly, James L: Reaghan
Donnelly, James L: Rosnamuck
Donnelly, Jane L: Gortrush
Donnelly, John L: Castleroddy Glebe
Donnelly, John L: Coolnagard Upper
Donnelly, John L: Dergmoney Lower
Donnelly, John L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Donnelly, John L: Glengawna
Donnelly, John L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Donnelly, John L: Inisclan
Donnelly, John L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Donnelly, John L: Mullaghmore
Donnelly, John T: Omagh
Donnelly, John L: Sedennan
Donnelly, John, Jr. L: Castleroddy Glebe
Donnelly, John, Jr. L: Glengawna
Donnelly, Margaret L: Castleroddy Glebe
Donnelly, Mary L: Knockmoyle
Donnelly, Michael L: Carony
Donnelly, Michael L: Castleroddy Glebe
Donnelly, Michael L: Mullaghmore
Donnelly, Patrick L: Ballynamullan
Donnelly, Patrick L: Cullion
Donnelly, Patrick L: Dergmoney Lower
Donnelly, Patrick L: Gortinagin
Donnelly, Patrick L: Lisnaharney
Donnelly, Patrick L: Mullagharn
Donnelly, Patrick, Jr. L: Cullion
Donnelly, Peter L: Deerpark (Mccormick)
Donnelly, Thomas L: Glengawna
Doogan, Henry L: Calkill
Doolan, Charles L: Rylands
Dooley, Edward A. L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Doran, Denis L: Gortmore
Doran, George L: Lisnamallard
Dorcy, Patrick L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Dowd, John L: Erganagh Glebe
Dowd, John L: Tirquin
Dowdall, Charles L: Killins
Dowdall, John T: Omagh
Doyle, Bridget L: Tamlaght
Doyle, Peter T: Omagh
Dudgeon, Eliza L: Mullaghmore
Duffy, Francis L: Gortmore
Duffy, John L: Tantramurry
Duffy, Patrick L: Castleroddy Glebe
Duffy, Thomas L: Kingarrow
Dunbar, David L: Lurganboy
Dunbar, John L: Lisnamallard
Duncan, Andrew L: Relaghdooey
Duncan, Daniel L: Mullaghmore
Duncan, Robert L: Cloghog Upper
Dunlop, Henry L: Gortrush
Dunne, Isaac L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Dunne, Margaret T: Omagh
Dunne, Patrick L: Ballynatubbrit
Durrow, Robert L: Rakeeragh
Earley, Peter L: Cloghfin
Early, Thomas L: Cavanacaw
Early, William L: Mullaghmore
Edgar, Archibald L: Aghadulla
Edgar, John L: Aghadulla
Edgar, William L: Aghadulla
Elkin, Daniel L: Culbuck
Elkin, David L: Culbuck
Elkin, David, Jr. L: Tarlum
Elkin, David, Sr. L: Tarlum
Elkin, Francis L: Mullanatoomog
Elkin, Joseph L: Mullanatoomog
Elkin, Margaret L: Aghaleag
Elkin, Robert L: Gillygooly
Elkin, William L: Cloghog Upper
Elkin, William L: Tarlum
Elliott, Matthew L: Lisanelly
Elliott, William L: Dergmoney Lower
Elliott, William L: Meeting House Hill
Elliott, William L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Elliott, William T: Omagh
Ellis, Francis L: Ballynaquilly
Ellis, Francis L: Faccary
Ellis, Francis L: Fernagh
Ellis, Francis L: Racolpa
Ellis, William L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Eshinost, John L: Ballykeel
Eshinost, Robert L: Ballykeel
Farnan, Catherine L: Drumshanly
Farnan, Denis L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Farnan, John L: Beagh
Farnan, John T: Omagh
Farnan, Michael L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Farnan, Patrick L: Beagh
Farnan, Patrick L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Farnan, Patrick L: Tamlaght
Farney, James L: Dunmullan
Farrell, James L: Mullaghmore
Fawler, James L: Reaghan
Fay, Patrick L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Fenton, John L: Gortgranagh
Fergey, James L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Fergus, Alexander L: Faccary
Fergus, Andrew L: Faccary
Fergus, Andrew L: Maine
Fergus, Andrew L: Tirquin
Fergus, Francis L: Carony
Fergus, Francis L: Rylagh
Fergus, Samuel L: Faccary
Fergus, Thomas L: Faccary
Ferguson, James L: Botera Upper
Ferguson, Jonathan T: Omagh
Ferguson, Robert T: Omagh
Ferris, Charles L: Mullaghmore
Ferris, John L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Finnigan, John L: Gillygooly
Fisher, James L: Knockmoyle
Fitzsimons, James L: Carony
Flanagan, John L: Calkill
Flanigan, Joseph L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Fleming, Hans T: Omagh
Foley, William L: Corranarry
Forbes, Anne L: Tattysallagh
Forbes, James L: Tattysallagh
Forbes, Mary L: Tattysallagh
Forbes, Thomas L: Tarlum
Forbes, William L: Lisnamallard
Ford, Patrick L: Drum
Forsyth, Samuel L: Creevanmore (Hunter)
Forsythe, Cunningham L: Lislap East
Forsythe, James L: Lislap East
Fowler, Thomas L: Reaghan
Fox, Charles L: Culmore
Fox, Charles L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Fox, Mary T: Omagh
Fox, Patrick L: Lisanelly
Fraine, John L: Kiltamnagh
Francy, Robert T: Omagh
Fravey, John L: Mullanatoomog
Frazer, Catherine L: Gammy
Frazer, Ellen L: Gortrush
Frazer, John L: Gortmore
French, Thomas L: Ballynamullan
Fullerton, Eliza L: Gortinagin
Fullerton, James L: Gortinagin
Fullerton, James L: Gortnacreagh
Fullerton, John L: Maine
Fullerton, Mary L: Lisanelly
Fullerton, Mary L: Lisnamallard
Fullerton, Robert L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Fulton, Andrew L: Castletown
Fulton, Andrew L: Killinure
Fulton, George L: Beltany
Fulton, George L: Gortinagin
Fulton, John L: Beltany
Fulton, Joseph L: Beltany
Fulton, Samuel L: Beltany
Fulton, Samuel L: Gortinagin
Fulton, Samuel, Sr. L: Beltany
Fulton, William L: Beltany
Fyffe, David L: Dunwish
Fyffe, John L: Dunwish
Fyffe, Samuel L: Lisnagirr
Fyffe, William L: Kiltamnagh
Fyffe, William L: Mullanatoomog
Gahan, Alfred L: Lisnamallard
Gahan, Hugh T: Omagh
Galbraith, David L: Rosnamuck
Galbraith, Jane L: Castletown
Galbraith, Robert L: Castletown
Galbraith, Samuel L: Ballynahatty
Galbraith, Samuel L: Clanabogan Lower
Galbraith, Samuel L: Clanabogan Upper
Galbraith, Samuel L: Creevanmore (Hunter)
Galbraith, Samuel L: Dunbreen
Galbraith, Samuel L: Meeting House Hill
Galbraith, Samuel L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Galbraith, Samuel T: Omagh
Galbraith, Thomas L: Lislap West
Gallagher, Catherine L: Lisnaharney
Gallagher, Charles L: Tattraconnaghty
Gallagher, Francis L: Gortmore
Gallagher, Francis T: Omagh
Gallagher, James L: Freughmore
Gallagher, Luke L: Killybrack
Gallagher, Neal L: Botera Upper
Gallagher, Patrick L: Killybrack
Gallagher, Patrick T: Omagh
Gallagher, Sarah L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Gallagher, William T: Omagh
Gardiner, Chas. Jno. L: Carrigans N: and Others
Gardiner, James L: Gortmore
Gardiner, Samuel T: Omagh
Gay, Ellen L: Tattysallagh
Gay, William L: Aghadulla
Gervan, John L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Gibbons, Bernard L: Lisanelly
Gibbons, Bridget L: Lisanelly
Gibbons, James L: Lisanelly
Gibbons, John L: Lisnamallard
Gibbons, Patrick L: Lisnamallard
Gibson, George L: Mullaghmenagh Lower
Gibson, George L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Gibson, John L: Edergoole Upper
Gibson, William L: Lisnagirr
Gilmore, Alexander L: Garvagh
Gilmore, Thomas L: Kilmore
Gilmour, James L: Tattraconnaghty
Given, Henry L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Given, Henry L: Tattraconnaghty
Given, James L: Killinure
Given, James L: Lisnagirr
Given, Samuel L: Killinure
Given, Samuel L: Tattraconnaghty
Glacken, Ellen L: Edergoole Upper
Glass, Galbraith L: Gillygooly
Glass, James L: Cranny
Glass, Rebecca L: Tantramurry
Glynn, Hugh L: Faccary
Glynn, Hugh L: Tattraconnaghty
Glynn, Mary L: Golan
Glynn, Robert L: Reaghan
Googan, John L: Aghadulla
Gordan, George L: Fireagh (Gardiner)
Gorman, Charles T: Omagh
Gorman, Chas. T: Omagh N: Lodgers
Gorman, Edward L: Creevangar (Alexander)
Gorman, Edward L: Killins
Gorman, Henry L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Gorman, James L: Killins
Gorman, James L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Gorman, Michael L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Gorman, Owen L: Killins
Gorman, Patrick L: Aghalane
Gorman, Patrick L: Killins
Gorman, Patrick L: Maine
Gorman, Patrick L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Gorman, Patrick L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Gorman, Patrick, Jr. L: Killins
Gorman, Peter L: Drum
Gormley, Anne L: Ballynamullan
Gormley, Catherine L: Aghadulla
Gormley, James L: Drum
Gormley, James L: Mullaghmore
Gormley, John L: Cullion
Gormley, John L: Doogary
Gormley, John L: Freughmore
Gormley, John T: Omagh
Gormley, John L: Tircur
Gormley, Patrick L: Aghalane
Gormley, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Gormley, Sarah L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Gormley, Thomas L: Maine
Gormly, Anne L: Carony
Gormly, John L: Tantramurry
Graham, Andrew T: Omagh
Graham, Andrew L: Tantramurry
Graham, Anne L: Drudgeon
Graham, Benjamin L: Gillygooly
Graham, George L: Doogary
Graham, James L: Aghee
Graham, James L: Castletown
Graham, James L: Cavanacaw Upper
Graham, James L: Kilmore
Graham, James L: Lislap West
Graham, James L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Graham, James L: Tantramurry
Graham, James L: Tattraconnaghty
Graham, John L: Castletown
Graham, John L: Dunwish
Graham, John L: Kilmore
Graham, Joseph T: Omagh
Graham, Michael L: Rakeeragh
Graham, Neal L: Freughmore
Graham, Terence L: Doogary
Graham, Thomas L: Dergmoney Lower
Graham, William L: Backfarm
Graham, William L: Backfarm N: Workman
Graham, William L: Beltany
Graham, William L: Castletown
Graham, William L: Doogary
Graham, William L: Dunwish
Graham, William L: Tantramurry
Grascie, Archibald T: Omagh
Gray, Daniel L: Castletown
Gray, David L: Lislap West
Gray, David L: Lurganboy
Gray, David T: Omagh
Gray, John L: Lislap West
Gray, Samuel T: Omagh
Greene, James L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Greene, William L: Ballynamullan
Greer, Elizabeth L: Dergmoney Lower
Greer, Elizabeth L: Meeting House Hill
Greer, Elizabeth L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Greer, Elizabeth T: Omagh
Greer, James L: Culmore
Greer, James L: Gortmore
Greer, James L: Gortrush
Greer, James L: Lisnagirr
Greer, James L: Meeting House Hill
Greer, James L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Greer, James, Jr. T: Omagh
Greer, James, Sr. T: Omagh
Greer, Jas. T: Omagh N: and Others
Greer, John L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Grennan, James L: Tamlaght
Grennan, John L: Cavanacaw Lower
Grier, James L: Culmore
Grier, Letitia L: Sedennan
Grogan, Patrick L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Gubbins, James L: Killybrack
Guiggan, Patrick L: Drumconnelly
Guy, Andrew L: Maine
Guy, James L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Guy, John L: Maine
Hackett, Eliza T: Omagh
Hackett, Jane T: Omagh
Hagan, Edward L: Castleroddy Glebe
Hagan, Elizabeth L: Lisnamallard
Hagan, Peter L: Lisnaharney
Halcrow, Eliza L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Halcrow, Elizabeth L: Dergmoney Lower
Hall, James L: Dergmoney Lower
Hall, Robert L: Dergmoney Lower
Hamilton, Alexander L: Aghalane
Hamilton, Alexander L: Ballynaquilly
Hamilton, Alexander L: Gortinagin
Hamilton, Alexander L: Inisclan
Hamilton, Alexander L: Killins
Hamilton, Andrew L: Gortmore
Hamilton, Arthur L: Dunbreen
Hamilton, Claude L: Killins
Hamilton, David L: Gortnacreagh
Hamilton, David L: Lisnagirr
Hamilton, Elizabeth L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Hamilton, Elizabeth L: Lisanelly
Hamilton, Elizabeth L: Lisnamallard
Hamilton, Elizabeth L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Hamilton, Elizabeth L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh N: Lodgers
Hamilton, Elizabeth T: Omagh
Hamilton, James L: Beragh
Hamilton, John L: Aghalane
Hamilton, John T: Omagh
Hamilton, Rev. John L: Tattraconnaghty
Hamilton, Patrick L: Aghalane
Hamilton, Patrick L: Inisclan
Hamilton, Robert L: Beragh
Hamilton, Rosanna L: Inisclan
Hamilton, Thomas L: Aghalane
Hamilton, Thomas L: Beragh
Hamilton, Thomas L: Gortnacreagh
Hamilton, Thomas L: Inisclan
Hamilton, Thomas, Jr. L: Beragh
Hamilton, William L: Aghalane
Hamilton, William L: Beagh
Hamilton, William L: Beragh
Hamilton, William L: Inisclan
Hamilton, William L: Killinure
Hamilton, William L: Lislap West
Hamilton, William L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Hampton, Alexander L: Rosnamuck
Hampton, Andrew L: Dunmullan
Hampton, George L: Dunbreen
Hampton, George L: Farrest
Hampton, George L: Rosnamuck
Hampton, James L: Rosnamuck
Hampton, John L: Tattynagole
Hampton, William L: Killins
Hanigan, Francis L: Killybrack
Hanks, James L: Racolpa
Hanks, Robert L: Racolpa
Hanks, Samuel L: Racolpa
Hanna, Michael L: Lisanelly
Hanna, Robert L: Erganagh Glebe
Harkin, Catherine L: Dergmoney Lower
Harkin, Catherine L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Harkin, Catherine T: Omagh
Harkin, Rep. Michael T: Omagh
Harkin, Thomas T: Omagh
Harkins, Catherine L: Gortmore
Harpur, Charles L: Ballynamullan
Harpur, John L: Killyclogher
Hart, Peter L: Aghaleag
Hart, Thomas L: Erganagh Glebe
Harvey, Bernard L: Crosh
Harvey, Catherine L: Crosh
Harvey, Hugh L: Ballynaquilly
Harvey, James L: Killybrack
Harvey, James L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Harvey, John L: Ballynaquilly
Harvey, John L: Faccary
Harvey, Michael L: Maine
Harvey, Patrick L: Killyclogher
Harvey, Patrick L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Harvey, Thomas T: Omagh
Hatton, Michael T: Omagh
Haughery, John L: Botera Lower
Haughery, John T: Omagh
Haughery, Patrick L: Knockmoyle
Haughey, Felix L: Clanabogan Lower
Haughey, James L: Ballygowan
Hawkes, James L: Ballynaquilly
Hawkes, James, Jr. L: Ballynaquilly
Hawkes, Jane L: Lisanelly
Hawkes, John L: Faccary
Hawkes, William L: Faccary
Healy, John L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Hedrington, William L: Killybrack
Hegarty, John L: Cloghog Lower
Henderson, James L: Lisanelly
Henderson, James L: Lisnagirr N: and Others
Henderson, Joseph L: Gortinagin
Henderson, Robert L: Calkill
Henderson, William L: Meeting House Hill
Henderson, William T: Omagh
Henderson, Wm. L: Meeting House Hill N: Lodgers
Henigan, Patrick L: Aghadulla
Henigan, Ptk. L: Aghadulla N: Workman
Henigan, William L: Gillygooly
Henry, John L: Lisnamallard
Henry, Margaret L: Lisanelly
Henry, Patrick T: Omagh
Henry, Thomas T: Omagh
Hetherington, David T: Omagh
Hetherington, John L: Dunmullan
Higgins, Andrew L: Ballygowan
Higgins, James L: Mullaghmore
Higgins, James L: Tamlaght
Higgins, Michael L: Fernagh
Higgins, William L: Cornabracken
Higgins, William L: Lammy
Higgins, William T: Omagh
Hill, Anne Jane L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Hill, James L: Gortinagin
Hill, John L: Gortinagin
Hilly, Francis T: Omagh
Hilly, Patrick T: Omagh
Hodget, Richard T: Omagh
Hoffery, Arthur L: Mullaghmore
Holmes, Allen L: Mullagharn
Holmes, George L: Kilmore
Holmes, John L: Kilmore
Holmes, Patrick L: Aghalane
Holmes, Robert L: Culmore
Holmes, Robert L: Gortmore
Holmes, Robert L: Gortrush
Holmes, Robert T: Omagh
Hood, Robert L: Gortmore
Hood, Robert T: Omagh
Houghry, John L: Gortrush
Houghy, James L: Botera Upper
Houghy, Neal L: Mullagharn N: Black
Houghy, Neal L: Mullagharn N: White
Houghy, Sarah L: Mullagharn
Houston, Claude L: Bunnynubber
Houston, Claude L: Connywarren
Houston, James L: Kingarrow
Houston, James T: Omagh
Houston, John L: Ballynahatty
Houston, John L: Dergmoney Lower
Houston, John L: Dergmoney Upper
Houston, John L: Edergoole Upper
Houston, John L: Gortrush
Houston, John T: Omagh
Houston, John, Jr. L: Edergoole Upper
Houston, John, Sr. L: Edergoole Upper
Houston, Patrick L: Drumconnelly
Houston, William L: Edergoole Upper
Howlett, Joseph L: Kilmore
Hughes, Cormack L: Tattynure
Hughes, Henry L: Ballynamullan
Hughes, James L: Ballynamullan
Hughes, James L: Glencordial
Hughes, James L: Killyclogher
Hughes, Jane L: Mullaghmore
Hughes, Margaret L: Ballynamullan
Hughes, Patrick L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Hughes, Philip M. T: Omagh
Hunt, Michael L: Drumragh (P. Mccausland)
Hunter, Eliza L: Gortmore
Hunter, Elizabeth L: Lisnamallard
Hunter, James L: Killins
Hunter, John L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Hunter, John L: Glengawna
Hunter, Luke L: Beagh
Hunter, Martha L: Lammy
Hunter, Matthew L: Creevanmore (Hunter)
Hunter, Robert L: Lisnamallard
Hunter, Thomas L: Lisnamallard
Hunter, William L: Ballynahatty
Hurst, James T: Omagh
Hutchinson, Andrew L: Golan
Hutchinson, Charles L: Dunmullan
Hutchinson, Christr. L: Tirmurty
Hutchinson, George L: Kingarrow
Hutchinson, James L: Farrest
Hutchinson, Robert L: Farrest
Hutchinson, Samuel L: Farrest
Hyndman, John L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Hyndman, Robert L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Hynes, Alexander L: Tattynure
Hynes, James L: Knockmoyle
Hynes, James L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Hynes, Patrick L: Lisnamallard
Irons, James L: Tattykeel
Irwin, Charles L: Castletown
Irwin, Charles L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Irwin, Edward L: Lislimnaghan
Irwin, Edward L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Irwin, Jane L: Ballynamullan N: and Others
Irwin, John L: Blacksessiagh
Irwin, William L: Lisanelly
Irwin, William L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Jack, Andrew L: Edergoole Lower
Jack, Grier L: Aghnamoyle
Jack, Hugh L: Tattraconnaghty
Jack, James L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Jack, Robert L: Aghnamoyle
Jackson, Anne L: Dunbreen
Jackson, Joseph L: Mullaghmore
Jackson, Samuel L: Erganagh Glebe
Jameson, George L: Cranny
Jameson, John L: Carony
Jamieson, Andrew L: Garvagh
Johnson, William L: Freughmore
Johnston, Andrew L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Johnston, Anne L: Backfarm
Johnston, Bridget L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Johnston, Elizabeth L: Lisnamallard
Johnston, Ellen L: Kiltamnagh
Johnston, James L: Crosh
Johnston, James L: Faccary
Johnston, James L: Killybrack
Johnston, James L: Maine
Johnston, James, Jr. L: Killybrack
Johnston, Jane T: Omagh
Johnston, John L: Killybrack
Johnston, John L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Johnston, John T: Omagh
Johnston, Noble, Jr. L: Edergoole Lower
Johnston, Noble, Sr. L: Edergoole Lower
Johnston, Robert L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Johnston, Roger L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Johnston, Samuel L: Killybrack
Johnston, Thomas L: Killybrack
Johnston, William L: Ballynaquilly
Johnston, William L: Gortmore
Johnston, William T: Omagh
Jones, David T: Omagh
Kane, James L: Cavanacaw Lower
Kane, Jane L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Kane, John L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Kane, Peter L: Aghee
Kane, Rose L: Culmore
Kane, Thomas L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Keane, Owen L: Legacurry
Kearney, Felix L: Tattysallagh
Kearney, John L: Killybrack
Kearney, Matthew L: Kiltamnagh
Kearney, Michael L: Tattysallagh
Kearney, Owen L: Tattysallagh
Kearney, Patrick L: Aghadulla
Kearns, Thomas L: Fireagh (Thompson)
Keenan, James L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Kellie, James T: Omagh N: and Co
Kelly, Anne L: Cloghfin
Kelly, Charles L: Gortmore
Kelly, James L: Ballynamullan
Kelly, John L: Doogary
Kelly, John T: Omagh
Kelly, Michael L: Blacksessiagh
Kelly, Michael L: Carrigans
Kelly, Michael L: Golan
Kelly, Michael L: Mullaghmore
Kelly, Patrick L: Ballynamullan
Kelly, Patrick L: Dergmoney Lower
Kelly, Patrick T: Omagh
Kelly, Peter L: Cloghfin
Kelly, Robert L: Aghaleag
Kelly, Sarah T: Omagh
Kelly, William L: Freughmore
Kelly, William T: Omagh
Kelly, William L: Rylagh
Kelso, James L: Tattysallagh
Kennedy, Patrick L: Drum
Kenny, William L: Dergmoney Lower
Kerlin, Patrick L: Calkill
Kernan, Ellen L: Tattykeel
Kernan, John T: Omagh
Kerr, James L: Killycurragh
Kerr, John L: Carrigans
Kilpatrick, Joseph L: Maine
Kilpatrick, William L: Ballynamullan N: and Others
Kilpatrick, William T: Omagh
Kilpatrick, William L: Tattynure
Kincaid, Eliza L: Tarlum
Kincaid, John L: Aghaleag
Kincaid, Robert L: Relaghdooey
King, Anne L: Garvagh
King, Anne T: Omagh
King, John L: Tattysallagh
Kinner, Joseph L: Corranarry
Kinner, William L: Corranarry
Kirk, Andrew L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Knox, Thomas L: Tirmurty
Kyle, Anne L: Lisanelly
Kyle, James L: Aghalane
Kyle, James L: Killins
Kyle, John L: Creevangar (Alexander)
Kyle, John L: Inisclan
Kyle, Joseph L: Aghalane
Kyle, Robert L: Aghalane
Kyle, William L: Inisclan
Kyle, William L: Killins
Kyle, William, Jr. L: Aghalane
Kyle, William, Sr. L: Aghalane
Lafferty, James L: Ballygowan
Lafferty, John L: Ballygowan
Lafferty, Owen L: Tamlaght
Laird, David L: Botera Lower
Laird, William L: Calkill
Laird, William L: Tarlum
Lambert, John L: Garvagh
Lammy, John L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Lammy, John, Sr. L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Lappin, Patrick T: Omagh
Lattimer, Eliza L: Mullaghmore
Law, Martha T: Omagh
Lean, James L: Carrigans
Lemmon, Eliza L: Reaghan
Lemmon, Hugh L: Mullagharn
Lemmon, Hugh L: Reaghan
Lemmon, James L: Gortnacreagh
Lemmon, Robert L: Tully
Lemmon, William L: Carrigans
Lemmon, William L: Reaghan
Leonard, Thomas L: Tully
Levison, George L: Mullaghmore
Levison, George L: Rakeeragh
Leydone, Thomas L: Gortmore
Lindon, George L: Gortmore
Lindsay, Andrew L: Dunwish
Lindsay, John L: Creevanmore (Hunter)
Lindsay, Mitchell L: Mullagharn
Lindsay, Thomas L: Aghnamoyle
Lindsay, Thomas L: Tamlaght
Lindsay, William L: Mullagharn
Little, John L: Mullaghmore
Loan, Arthur L: Lisnagirr
Loan, James L: Carrigans
Lockhart, James L: Castletown
Logue, Catherine L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Logue, John T: Omagh
Lone, Owen O. L: Cullion
Long, James L: Corranarry
Longden, James L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Louey, John L: Carrigans
Loughlin, James L. L: Kilmore
Loughran, Patrick L: Corranarry
Loughrey, George L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Loughrey, Sarah L: Carrigans
Love, Anne L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Love, Benjamin L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Love, James L: Kilmore
Love, Robert L: Cornabracken
Love, Robert L: Culmore
Love, Robert L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Love, William L: Aghaleag
Love, William L: Edergoole Upper
Love, William S. T: Omagh
Lowry, James L: Beragh
Lowry, Samuel L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Lundie, William L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Lunny, Mary L: Backfarm
Lynch, Alexander L: Carony
Lynch, Charles L: Clanabogan Lower
Lynch, Hugh L: Gortmore
Lynch, James L: Carrigans
Lynch, James L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Lynch, John L: Carrigans
Lynch, William L: Carony
Lynch, William L: Knockmoyle
Lynch, William L: Lislimnaghan
Lynch, William L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Lynch, William T: Omagh
Lynch, William L: Tirmurty
Lyons, Elizabeth L: Corranarry
Lyons, Henry L: Cavanacaw Lower
Lyons, James L: Farrest
Lyons, James L: Killycurragh
Lyons, Robert L: Cloghfin
Lyons, Robert L: Killyclogher
Lyons, Samuel L: Faccary
Lyons, Thomas L: Corranarry
Lyons, Thomas L: Killyclogher
Lyons, William L: Carony
Lytle, George L: Erganagh Glebe
Mackay, Wm. L: Coolnagard Upper N: Sec.
Mackay, Wm. L: Cranny N: Sec.
Mackay, Wm. L: Dergmoney Lower N: Sec.
Macken, James L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Macmahon, Baronet Beresford B. L: Aghalane
Macmahon, Baronet Beresford B. L: Ballynamullan
Macmahon, Baronet Beresford B. L: Cranny
Macmahon, Baronet Beresford B. L: Killins
Macmahon, Baronet Beresford B. L: Tirquin
Macrory, Arthur L: Drumshanly
Macrory, Arthur L: Freughmore
Macrory, Bridget T: Omagh
Macrory, Charles L: Glencordial
Macrory, George L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Macrory, James L: Aghalane
Macrory, James L: Ballynamullan
Macrory, James L: Cloghfin
Macrory, James L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Macrory, James L: Freughmore
Macrory, James L: Tamlaght
Macrory, Jane L: Corranarry
Macrory, John L: Cloghfin
Macrory, John L: Doogary
Macrory, John L: Glengawna
Macrory, John L: Tattynure
Macrory, John L: Tircur
Macrory, Michael L: Fernagh
Macrory, Owen L: Fernagh
Macrory, Owen L: Killyclogher
Macrory, Owen L: Lisnamallard
Macrory, Patrick L: Aghalane
Macrory, Patrick L: Cranny
Macrory, Patrick L: Crosh
Macrory, Patrick L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Macrory, Patrick T: Omagh
Macrory, Peter L: Backfarm
Macrory, Thomas L: Ballynamullan
Macrory, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Macrory, William L: Gortrush
Magee, Charles L: Deerpark (Mccormick)
Magee, John L: Cavanacaw Lower
Magee, Margaret L: Garvagh
Magee, Mary L: Beragh
Magennis, Michael L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Magill, Patrick L: Lisnamallard
Maginn, Alice L: Drum
Maginn, Arthur L: Tattysallagh
Maginn, Bernard L: Drum
Maginn, Bryan L: Glengawna
Maginn, Charles L: Gortmore
Maginn, Charles L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Maginn, Charles L: Lislimnaghan
Maginn, Charles L: Meeting House Hill
Maginn, Cornelius L: Gortmore
Maginn, Daniel L: Drum
Maginn, Daniel L: Lisanelly
Maginn, Edward L: Drum
Maginn, Edward L: Tattysallagh
Maginn, Francis L: Drum
Maginn, Henry L: Drum
Maginn, James L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Maginn, John L: Culmore
Maginn, John L: Drum N: Anna
Maginn, John L: Drum N: Black
Maginn, John L: Drum N: Paul
Maginn, John L: Relaghdooey
Maginn, John L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Maginn, John L: Tattysallagh
Maginn, Launcelot L: Tattysallagh
Maginn, Michael L: Ballygowan
Maginn, Michael L: Drum
Maginn, Michael L: Edergoole Lower
Maginn, Michael L: Relaghdooey
Maginn, Michael L: Tattysallagh
Maginn, Patrick L: Drum
Maginn, Patrick L: Drumconnelly
Maginn, Patrick L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Maginn, Patrick L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Maginn, Patrick, Jr. L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Maginn, Peter L: Drum
Maginn, Peter L: Drumragh (P. Mccausland)
Maginn, Rose L: Drum
Maginn, Sarah L: Tullycunny
Maginn, Stephen L: Drum
Maginn, William L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Maginnis, Michael L: Dergmoney Lower
Maguire, Bernard L: Carrigans
Maguire, Bernard L: Connywarren
Maguire, Bernard L: Gortgranagh
Maguire, Bernard L: Lislap West
Maguire, Bernard L: Lurganboy
Maguire, Bernard T: Omagh
Maguire, Charles L: Gortgranagh
Maguire, Charles L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Maguire, Charles L: Legacurry
Maguire, Daniel L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Maguire, Daniel T: Omagh
Maguire, Denis L: Gortinagin
Maguire, Denis L: Legacurry
Maguire, Edward L: Gortgranagh
Maguire, Edward L: Legacurry
Maguire, Edward L: Lislap West
Maguire, Eliza L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Maguire, Francis L: Aghalane
Maguire, Francis L: Corranarry
Maguire, Hugh L: Gortinagin
Maguire, Isabella L: Gortgranagh
Maguire, Isabella L: Legacurry
Maguire, James L: Carrigans
Maguire, James L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Maguire, James L: Lisnagirr
Maguire, John L: Carrigans
Maguire, John L: Dergmoney Lower
Maguire, John L: Gortgranagh
Maguire, John L: Legacurry
Maguire, John L: Lisnamallard
Maguire, John T: Omagh
Maguire, Michael L: Killins
Maguire, Michael L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Maguire, Patrick L: Mullaghmore
Maguire, Thomas L: Erganagh Glebe
Maguire, William L: Aghalane
Mahon, James L: Mullanatoomog
Makinley, William L: Rylagh
Mallon, John L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Manby, John L: Mullaghmore
Mariner, John L: Cavanacaw Lower
Mariner, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Marshall, Isabella L: Glengawna
Marshall, James L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Marshall, John L: Dunmullan
Marshall, John T: Omagh
Marshall, Mary L: Tattysallagh
Marshall, Patrick L: Dunmullan
Marshall, Robert L: Dunmullan
Marshall, Robert L: Tattykeel
Marshall, Rep. Robert L: Tattysallagh
Marshall, Robert, Jr. L: Dunmullan
Marshall, William L: Dunmullan
Marshall, William L: Garvagh
Marshall, William L: Rosnamuck
Martin, Charles T: Omagh
Martin, James L: Dergmoney Lower
Martin, John L: Tattraconnaghty
Martin, John L: Tully
Martin, Patrick L: Aghadulla
Martin, Patrick L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mathers, James L: Sedennan
Mathews, Armour L: Doogary
Mathews, James L: Tircur
Mathews, Joseph L: Ballynatubbrit
Mathews, Samuel D. L: Lisnagirr
Matthers, Mary Jane L: Gortmore
Matthews, Jane T: Omagh
Matthews, Samuel L: Aghnamoyle
Maxwell, James L: Dergmoney Lower
Maxwell, Joseph L: Meeting House Hill
Maxwell, Joseph, M.D. T: Omagh
Mayne, Bernard L: Tirquin
Mayne, Charles L: Ballynamullan
Mayne, Elizabeth L: Killycurragh
Mayne, Francis L: Tirquin
Mayne, Hannah L: Ballynamullan
Mayne, Isaac L: Cranny
Mayne, James T: Omagh
Mayne, John L: Mullaghmore
Mayne, John, Jr. L: Mullaghmore
Mayne, Michael L: Mullaghmore
Mayne, Patrick L: Ballynamullan
Mayne, Patrick L: Mullaghmore
Mayne, Patrick L: Tirquin
Mcadams, John L: Gortmore
McAdams, John L: Lisanelly
Mcadams, John T: Omagh
Mcaleer, Bernard L: Aghalane
Mcaleer, Bernard L: Killins
Mcaleer, Bridget T: Omagh
Mcaleer, Catherine T: Omagh
Mcaleer, Daniel L: Reaghan
Mcaleer, David L: Tattykeel
Mcaleer, Edward L: Clanabogan Lower
Mcaleer, Edward L: Tamlaght
Mcaleer, Henry L: Dunbreen
Mcaleer, Hugh L: Culbuck
Mcaleer, Hugh L: Lislimnaghan
Mcaleer, James L: Ballynatubbrit
Mcaleer, James T: Omagh
Mcaleer, James L: Reaghan
Mcaleer, James L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mcaleer, John L: Clanabogan Lower
McAleer, John L: Lisnamallard
Mcaleer, John L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
McAleer, John L: Mullaghmore
Mcaleer, John T: Omagh
Mcaleer, John L: Tattynure
Mcaleer, Martha L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mcaleer, Mary L: Riverstown
Mcaleer, Michael L: Cloghfin
Mcaleer, Michael L: Cullion
Mcaleer, Michael L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mcaleer, Michael, Jr. L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mcaleer, Michael, Sr. L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
McAleer, Neal L: Lisnamallard
Mcaleer, Owen L: Ballynamullan
Mcaleer, Owen L: Gortmore
McAleer, Owen L: Mullaghmore
Mcaleer, Owen T: Omagh
Mcaleer, Patrick L: Clanabogan Lower
Mcaleer, Peter L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mcaleer, Phelimy L: Botera Lower
Mcaleer, Thomas L: Culmore
McAleer, Thomas L: Lisnamallard
Mcaleer, Timothy L: Tamlaght
Mcalunny, Mary L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mcalunny, Thomas T: Omagh
Mcana, John L: Edergoole Upper
Mcanally, Fanny L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
McAnally, John L: Mullaghmore
McAnally, Michael L: Lisnamallard
Mcanally, Patrick L: Ballynamullan
Mcananey, Thomas L: Ballynatubbrit
Mcanauley, Sarah L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mcaneny, Edward L: Carrigans
Mcaneny, Michael L: Carrigans
Mcaneny, Michael, Jr. L: Carrigans
Mcaneny, Sarah L: Carrigans
Mcanespeck, John L: Ballynahatty
Mcanulla, Edward L: Legacurry
Mcanulla, John L: Beltany
Mcanulla, John, Jr. L: Legacurry
Mcanulla, John, Sr. L: Legacurry
Mcanulla, Peter L: Beltany
Mcanulla, Peter L: Legacurry
Mcanulty, Charles L: Ballygowan
Mcanulty, Daniel L: Cullion
Mcanulty, James L: Aghalane
Mcanulty, Michael L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcanulty, Michael T: Omagh
Mcanulty, Neal T: Omagh
Mcanulty, Owen L: Aghalane
Mcaree, Anne T: Omagh
Mcaree, James T: Omagh
Mcatee, Thomas L: Edergoole Upper
Mcatee, Thomas T: Omagh
Mcauley, Patrick L: Ballygowan
Mcbey, John L: Killybrack
Mcbey, William L: Corranarry
Mcbride, Bernard L: Laughmuck (Wallace)
Mcbride, Charles L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcbride, Daniel L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mcbride, Hugh L: Drumragh (P. Mccausland)
Mcbride, Hugh L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcbride, John L: Mullaghmore
Mcbride, Mary L: Cornabracken
Mcbride, Patrick L: Creevangar (Alexander)
McBride, Patrick L: Mullaghmore
Mcbride, Robert L: Golan
McBride, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Mcbride, Thomas T: Omagh
Mcbrien, Alice L: Mullanatoomog
Mcbrien, Anne L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcbrien, Bridget L: Aghadulla
Mcbrien, Catherine L: Aghadulla
Mcbrien, Catherine L: Tattysallagh
Mcbrien, Daniel L: Tattysallagh
Mcbrien, Edward L: Beragh
McBrien, Edward L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Mcbrien, Edward L: Mullanatoomog
Mcbrien, Henry L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mcbrien, James L: Backfarm
Mcbrien, James L: Killinure
Mcbrien, James L: Tattysallagh
Mcbrien, John L: Aghadulla
Mcbrien, John L: Beragh
Mcbrien, John L: Gortnacreagh
Mcbrien, John L: Mullanatoomog
Mcbrien, Mary L: Mullanatoomog
Mcbrien, Patrick L: Ballynahatty
Mcbrien, Patrick L: Reaghan
Mcbrien, Patrick L: Tattysallagh
Mcbrien, Peter L: Beragh
Mccabe, Anne T: Omagh
Mccadeny, Hannah L: Kiltamnagh
Mccaffrey, Anne T: Omagh
Mccaffrey, Bernard L: Ballygowan
Mccaffrey, Bernard L: Tattysallagh
Mccaffrey, Bridget L: Aghadulla
Mccaffrey, Charles L: Tattysallagh
Mccaffrey, Edward L: Aghadulla
Mccaffrey, Hugh L: Aghadulla
Mccaffrey, James L: Aghadulla
Mccaffrey, James L: Aghee
Mccaffrey, James L: Cavanacaw
Mccaffrey, Margaret T: Omagh
Mccaffrey, Margaret L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mccaffrey, Michael L: Tattysallagh
Mccaffrey, Owen L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mccaffrey, Owen L: Tattysallagh
Mccaffrey, Patrick T: Omagh
Mccaffrey, Peter L: Cavanacaw Upper
Mccaffrey, Robert L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mccaffrey, Thomas L: Botera Lower
Mccall, William L: Cloghog Lower
Mccallagh, Samuel L: Dunbreen
Mccallan, James L: Tamlaght
McCallan, Peter L: Mullaghmore
Mccann, Bernard L: Edergoole Upper
Mccann, John L: Cranny
Mccann, Joseph L: Ballynamullan
Mccann, Michael L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Mccannon, Hugh L: Drumconnelly
Mccanny, Anne L: Beltany
Mccanny, John L: Beltany
Mccarroll, James L: Glencordial
Mccarron, Edward T: Omagh
Mccarron, William L: Drum
Mccart, John T: Omagh
Mccart, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mccasker, Patrick L: Mullaghmenagh Lower
Mccaul, Patrick L: Faccary
Mccauly, John L: Tarlum
Mccausland, Alexander L: Cloghfin
Mccausland, Andrew L: Erganagh Glebe
Mccausland, Charles L: Racolpa
Mccausland, Eliza L: Tircur
Mccausland, James L: Dunmullan
Mccausland, John L: Dunbreen
Mccausland, John L: Erganagh Glebe
Mccavill, William L: Cavanacaw Upper
McClay, John L: Tully
McClay, John, Jr. L: Tully
Mcclean, Andrew L: Mullanatoomog
Mcclean, John L: Mullagharn
Mccleary, Anne L: Cullion
Mccleary, Joseph L: Cullion
Mcclelland, John L: Drumconnelly
Mcclelland, John T: Omagh
Mcclelland, Samuel L: Drumconnelly
Mcclelland, William L: Drumconnelly
Mcclenahan, Henry L: Ballynamullan
Mcclenahan, John L: Killyclogher
Mcclintock, George P. L: Drumconnelly
Mcclintock, James L: Reaghan
Mcclintock, Joseph L: Lissan
Mccluskey, Patrick L: Cranny
Mccoghery, Philip T: Omagh
Mccolgan, Edward L: Gortrush
Mccolgan, Grace T: Omagh
Mccolgan, John L: Aghaleag
Mccolgan, Thomas L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mccolgan, Thomas T: Omagh
Mccollum, Andrew L: Ballykeel
Mccollum, Andrew L: Carrigans
Mccollum, Daniel L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh N: Company Manager
Mccollum, James L: Ballykeel
Mccollum, William L: Carrigans
Mcconchy, George L: Rylands
Mcconchy, John L: Rylands
Mcconchy, Joseph L: Rylands
Mcconchy, Samuel L: Rylands
Mcconey, William L: Castletown
Mcconky, Robert L: Drumshanly
Mcconnell, John L: Carrigans
Mcconnell, John L: Golan
Mcconnell, Margaret L: Carrigans
Mcconnell, Robert L: Gortmore
Mcconnell, Robert L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mcconnell, Robert L: Gortnacreagh
Mccord, Sarah L: Tattysallagh
Mccorkel, George T: Omagh
Mccormack, John L: Aghadulla
Mccormack, John L: Fireagh (Thompson)
Mccourt, Bernard L: Mullaghmenagh Lower
Mccourt, Patrick L: Lislimnaghan
Mccourt, Patrick T: Omagh
Mccrea, Bernard L: Beragh
Mccrea, Charles L: Mullanatoomog
Mccrea, James L: Mullanatoomog
Mccrea, Patrick L: Mullanatoomog
Mccreary, William T. T: Omagh
Mccreery, James L: Edergoole Upper
Mccreery, William L: Aghnamoyle
Mccreery, William L: Doogary
Mccrew, Margaret L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mccromlisk, Daniel L: Inisclan
Mccrory, Charles L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mccrory, Daniel T: Omagh
Mccrossan, Charles L: Calkill
Mccrossan, Henry L: Beragh
Mccrossan, John L: Drum
Mccrossan, John L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mccrossan, John L: Meeting House Hill
Mccrossan, Manus L: Tirquin
Mccrossan, Patrick L: Calkill
Mccrossan, Thomas L: Beragh
Mccrossan, Thomas L: Calkill
Mccrystal, Alexander L: Dunbreen
Mccrystal, Charles L: Dunbreen
Mccrystal, David L: Dunbreen
Mccrystal, Felix T: Omagh
Mccrystal, James L: Reaghan
Mccrystal, John L: Ballynamullan
Mccrystal, John T: Omagh
Mccrystal, John, Sr. L: Ballynamullan
Mccue, Francis L: Culmore
Mccue, Francis L: Meeting House Hill
Mccullagh, Bernard L: Reaghan
Mccullagh, Charles L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mccullagh, David L: Tattynure
Mccullagh, Edward L: Glencordial
Mccullagh, Francis L: Killybrack
Mccullagh, John L: Cloghfin
Mccullagh, John L: Lislap East
Mccullagh, Maundy L: Corranarry
Mccullagh, Michael L: Glencordial
Mccullagh, Patrick L: Corranarry
Mccullagh, Patrick L: Glencordial
Mccullagh, Patrick L: Gortrush
McCullagh, Patrick L: Lisnamallard
Mccullagh, Peter L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mccullagh, William L: Ballygowan
Mccullagh, William L: Rosnamuck
Mccullen, Anne L: Gortinagin
Mccullen, Ellen L: Castletown
Mccullen, Patrick L: Castletown
Mccullion, John L: Tantramurry
Mccullion, Neal L: Legacurry
Mccusker, Bridget L: Tattysallagh
Mccusker, Henry L: Carrigans
Mccusker, James L: Backfarm
Mccusker, Jane L: Aghadulla
Mccusker, John L: Glencordial
Mccusker, John L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mccusker, Owen L: Freughmore
Mccusker, Patrick L: Tullycunny
Mccutcheon, George L: Mullagharn
Mccutcheon, John L: Meeting House Hill
Mccutcheon, John T: Omagh
McCutcheon, Joseph L: Lisnamallard
Mccutcheon, Joseph T: Omagh
Mccutcheon, Joseph L: Tarlum
Mccutcheon, Robert L: Ballynamullan
Mccutcheon, Robert L: Cloghfin
Mccutcheon, Robert L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcdaid, Stephen L: Ballygowan
Mcdermot, John T: Omagh
Mcdermott, Catherine L: Tattykeel
Mcdermott, Charles L: Aghalane
Mcdermott, Charles L: Glencordial
Mcdermott, Charles L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcdermott, Hugh L: Backfarm
Mcdermott, James L: Aghalane
Mcdermott, James L: Knockmoyle
Mcdermott, John L: Glencordial
Mcdermott, John L: Killybrack
Mcdermott, Margaret L: Tullycunny
Mcdermott, Owen L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcdermott, Patrick L: Aghalane
Mcdermott, Patrick L: Inisclan
Mcdermott, Patrick L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mcdermott, Patrick L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcdermott, Thomas L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
McDonagh, John L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
McDonagh, John L: Tattraconnaghty
Mcdonagh, Owen L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcdonnell, Hugh L: Gortnacreagh
Mcdonnell, Hugh L: Killyclogher
Mcdonnell, James L: Edergoole Lower
Mcdonnell, John L: Gillygooly
Mcdonnell, Margaret L: Blacksessiagh
Mcdonnell, Robt. Henry L: Mullaghmenagh Lower
Mcdonnell, William L: Calkill
Mcdowell, Felix L: Clanabogan Lower
McEldowney, Andrew L: Tully
Mceldowny, Joseph L: Tireagh (Cochrane)
Mceldowny, Margaret L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Mceldowny, Mary Anne L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Mceldowny, Robert L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Mcelhatton, Bernard L: Killins
Mcelhatton, James L: Aghalane
Mcelhatton, Jno., Jr. L: Killins
Mcelhatton, John L: Aghalane
Mcelhatton, John L: Killins
Mcelhatton, John, Jr. L: Killins
Mcelhill, Anne L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mcelhill, Charles L: Cavanacaw Lower
Mcelhill, Charles L: Tattynagole
Mcelhill, Henry T: Omagh
Mcelhill, Henry L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mcelhill, Michael L: Clanabogan Lower
Mcelhill, Owen L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mcelhill, Patrick L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mcelhill, Peter L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mcelhill, Rose L: Tamlaght
Mcelholland, Michael L: Racolpa
Mcelrea, James L: Lissan
McElroy, John L: Lisnamallard
Mcelroy, Samuel L: Dunmullan
Mcelroy, Walter L: Dunmullan
Mcelshee, Andrew L: Ballygowan
Mcenespie, Patrick L: Cavanacaw Lower
Mcentaggart, Edward L: Cullion
Mcentaggart, Edward L: Lislap East
Mcentaggart, Henry L: Erganagh Glebe
Mcentaggart, Patrick L: Cullion
Mcentaggart, William L: Lislap East
Mcentyre, Edward L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcfadden, James L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcfadden, Jane T: Omagh
McFadden, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Mcfarland, Andrew L: Crosh
Mcfarland, Andrew L: Faccary
Mcfarland, Andrew L: Kingarrow
McFarland, Andrew L: Mullaghmore
Mcfarland, Andrew L: Racolpa
Mcfarland, Andrew L: Tircur
Mcfarland, Anne L: Castletown
Mcfarland, Catherine L: Dergmoney Lower
Mcfarland, Charles L: Dunbreen
Mcfarland, Charles L: Faccary
Mcfarland, Charles L: Golan
Mcfarland, Daniel L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
McFarland, Daniel L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Mcfarland, Daniel L: Reaghan
Mcfarland, Daniel L: Rosnamuck
McFarland, Daniel L: Tattraconnaghty
Mcfarland, Daniel L: Tattraconnaghty
Mcfarland, Eliza L: Faccary
Mcfarland, Esther L: Fernagh
Mcfarland, George L: Tirmurty
Mcfarland, James L: Beagh
Mcfarland, James L: Dunbreen
Mcfarland, Jane L: Dergmoney Lower
Mcfarland, Jane L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mcfarland, John L: Carrigans
Mcfarland, John L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Mcfarland, John L: Dergmoney Lower
Mcfarland, John L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Mcfarland, John L: Golan
Mcfarland, John L: Gortmore
Mcfarland, John L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mcfarland, John L: Killinure
Mcfarland, John T: Omagh
Mcfarland, John J. L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mcfarland, John James L: Tirmurty
Mcfarland, John Jas. L: Tirmurty
Mcfarland, Joseph L: Edergoole Upper
Mcfarland, Samuel L: Dunbreen
Mcfarland, Thomas L: Carrigans
Mcfarland, Walter L: Faccary
Mcfarland, William L: Faccary
Mcfarland, William L: Gortinagin
Mcfarland, William L: Killycurragh
Mcfarland, William L: Lislap East
Mcfarland, William L: Rosnamuck
Mcfarland, William L: Tirmurty
McFarland, William L: Tully
Mcfarley, William L: Gillygooly
Mcgaghery, Philip L: Dergmoney Lower
Mcgahey, Francis L: Gortmore
Mcgahey, John L: Kilmore
Mcgahey, Robert L: Dunbreen
Mcgahey, William L: Tattynure
Mcgahy, Francis L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcgahy, John L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcgahy, Michael L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcgahy, Owen L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcgahy, Patrick L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcgale, Bernard L: Tamlaght
Mcgale, Bridget L: Clanabogan Lower
Mcgale, Bridget L: Corlea
Mcgale, Edward L: Corlea
Mcgale, George L: Corradinna
Mcgale, Henry L: Ballygowan
Mcgale, James L: Corlea
Mcgale, John L: Corlea
Mcgale, John L: Tamlaght
Mcgale, Launcelot L: Corlea
Mcgale, Mary L: Corlea
Mcgale, Michael L: Corlea
Mcgale, Sarah L: Corlea
Mcgale, Thomas L: Corlea
Mcgarr, Charles L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Mcgartland, Bernard L: Glencordial
McGartland, Charles L: Mullaghmore
Mcgarvey, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcgaughey, Francis T: Omagh
Mcgaughy, Francis L: Culmore
Mcgaughy, Patrick L: Culmore
Mcgeraghty, James L: Dunmullan
Mcgeraghty, Michael L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcgeraghty, Owen L: Tattynure
Mcgeraghty, Patrick L: Gortmore
Mcginn, Daniel T: Omagh
Mcginn, Hugh L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcginn, Michael T: Omagh
Mcginn, Neal T: Omagh
Mcginn, Patrick T: Omagh
Mcginnis, Michael T: Omagh
Mcgirr, Charles L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcgirr, John T: Omagh
Mcglacken, Hugh L: Ballynahatty
Mcglacken, Hugh L: Ballynahatty N: and Partners
Mcglinchy, Anne L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mcglinchy, Charles L: Aghalane
Mcglinchy, Denis L: Legacurry
Mcglinchy, Edward L: Legacurry
Mcglinchy, Hugh L: Aghalane
Mcglinchy, John L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mcglinchy, Joseph L: Aghalane
Mcglinn, Patrick T: Omagh
Mcglynn, Henry L: Cloghog Lower
Mcgoldrick, Alice L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mcgoldrick, Brian L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mcgoldrick, Edward L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mcgoldrick, James L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mcgoldrick, James L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mcgoldrick, Michael L: Gortmore
Mcgoldrick, Owen L: Botera Lower
Mcgoldrick, Peter L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mcgolrick, Andrew L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcgolrick, Catherine L: Edergoole Lower
Mcgolrick, Catherine L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcgolrick, James T: Omagh
Mcgolrick, John L: Laughmuck (Wallace)
Mcgolrick, Michael T: Omagh
Mcgolrick, Patrick T: Omagh
Mcgonigle, David L: Mullanatoomog
Mcgonigle, John L: Cloghog Upper
Mcgonigle, Michael L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Mcgorlick, Brian L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mcgorlick, Charles L: Ballygowan
Mcgorlick, Thomas L: Kiltamnagh
Mcgorman, David L: Mullanatoomog
McGorman, James L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Mcgorman, Joseph L: Mullanatoomog
Mcgorman, Samuel L: Calkill
Mcgorman, William L: Tantramurry
Mcgorman, William L: Tattysallagh
Mcgourlick, William L: Cloghfin
McGovern, Bernard L: Mullaghmore
Mcgovern, Bernard T: Omagh
Mcgovern, Owen L: Aghadulla
Mcgovern, Terence L: Castletown
Mcgowan, Edward L: Lissan
McGowan, Francis L: Tully
Mcgowan, James L: Tircur
Mcgrath, Bernard L: Dunmullan
Mcgrath, Charles L: Tattysallagh
Mcgrath, John L: Dunbreen
Mcgrath, John L: Tattysallagh
Mcgrath, Patrick L: Tattynure
Mcgrath, Patrick L: Tircur
Mcgreade, Bernard T: Omagh
Mcgrew, James L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcgrew, Samuel L: Creevangar (Alexander)
Mcguiggan, Bernard L: Rylagh
McGuiggan, Daniel L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Mcguiggan, Edward L: Cloghfin
Mcguiggan, Eliza L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Mcguiggan, James L: Tattynure
Mcguiggan, John L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mcguiggan, Neal T: Omagh
Mcguiggan, Owen L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mcguiggan, Patrick L: Lislimnaghan
Mcguinness, Dominick L: Aghalane
Mcguinness, Dominick L: Killins
McGuinness, Nathaniel L: Tattraconnaghty
Mcguire, Bridget L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcguire, Edward L: Kivlin
Mcguire, Eliza L: Tamlaght
Mcguire, Ellen L: Garvagh
Mcguire, James L: Ballygowan
Mcguire, James L: Dergmoney Upper
Mcguire, James L: Gortmore
Mcguire, John L: Cloghog Lower
Mcguire, John L: Garvagh
Mcguire, Mary L: Dergmoney Upper
Mcguire, Philip L: Ballygowan
Mcguire, Robert L: Rylands
Mcguire, Rose Anne L: Dergmoney Upper
Mcguirk, Edward L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcgurgan, Bernard T: Omagh
Mcgurgan, Margaret T: Omagh
Mcgurke, David L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcgurke, John L: Kiltamnagh
Mchugh, Andrew L: Erganagh Glebe
Mchugh, Daniel L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
McHugh, Edward L: Lisnamallard
Mchugh, Felix L: Mullanatoomog
Mchugh, Francis T: Omagh
Mchugh, Henry T: Omagh
Mchugh, James L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mchugh, James L: Mullanatoomog
Mchugh, James, Jr. L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mchugh, John L: Backfarm
Mchugh, Myles L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mchugh, Philip T: Omagh
McHugh, Rose L: Lisnamallard
Mchugh, Rose Anne L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcinerney, Timothy T: Omagh
Mcivor, Daniel L: Lissan
Mckay, Alexander L: Gortmore
Mckeage, Hugh T: Omagh
Mckearns, James L: Beagh
Mckeary, Samuel L: Aghnamoyle
Mckee, Patrick T: Omagh
Mckeegan, Francis L: Aghalane
Mckeegan, Michael L: Aghalane
Mckeever, Charles L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Mckeever, Dominick L: Drumconnelly
Mckeever, Mary L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mckeevers, Hugh L: Kiltamnagh
Mckeevers, Rose Anne L: Gortmore
Mckelvey, Michael T: Omagh
Mckelvey, William L: Gortmore
Mckelvey, William L: Gortrush
Mckenaghan, Samuel L: Botera Lower
Mckenna, Alice L: Culmore
Mckenna, Alice L: Glencordial
Mckenna, Charles L: Glencordial
Mckenna, Edward L: Killycurragh
Mckenna, Francis L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mckenna, John L: Ballynamullan
Mckenna, John L: Glencordial
Mckenna, John T: Omagh
Mckenna, Michael L: Lisnagirr
Mckenna, Patrick L: Castleroddy Glebe
Mckenna, Peter L: Lisnagirr
Mckenna, Rosanna L: Erganagh Glebe
Mckenna, Thomas L: Glencordial
Mckenna, William L: Ballynahatty
Mckenny, Charles L: Erganagh Glebe
Mckenny, Denis L: Cloghfin
Mckenny, Henry L: Ballykeel
Mckenny, Hugh L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mckenny, James L: Cloghfin
McKenny, James L: Tully
Mckenny, John L: Ballykeel
Mckenny, John L: Cloghfin
Mckenny, John L: Erganagh Glebe
McKenny, Owen L: Mullaghmore
Mckenny, William L: Cloghfin
Mckeon, David L: Rosnamuck
Mckeon, John L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mckeraghan, James L: Freughmore
Mckeraghan, Thomas L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Mckernan, Bernard L: Dergmoney Upper
Mckernan, Charles L: Edergoole Upper
Mckernan, James L: Dergmoney Lower
Mckernan, Peter L: Drumshanly
Mckinhan, James L: Gortinagin
Mckinley, Alex., Jr. L: Botera Upper
Mckinley, Alex., Sr. L: Botera Upper
Mckinley, Eliza L: Rakeeragh
Mckinley, John L: Drudgeon
Mckinley, Robert L: Botera Upper
Mckinney, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcknight, Joseph T: Omagh
Mcknight, Robert L: Calkill
Mcloughlin, Anne L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcloughlin, Charles L: Dunbreen
Mcloughlin, Charles L: Golan
Mcloughlin, Charles L: Tattykeel
Mcloughlin, Hugh L: Dunbreen
Mcloughlin, James L: Gortrush
Mcloughlin, James T: Omagh
Mcloughlin, John L: Gortinagin
Mcloughlin, John L: Gortmore
Mcloughlin, John L: Kilmore
Mcloughlin, John L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcloughlin, John T: Omagh
Mcloughlin, John L: Tattykeel
Mcloughlin, Mary L: Ballykeel
Mcloughlin, Mary L: Tattysallagh
Mcloughlin, Patrick L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mcloughlin, Philip L: Tattysallagh
Mcloughlin, Sarah L: Ballygowan
Mcloughlin, William L: Erganagh Glebe
Mcmahon, Arthur L: Gortmore
Mcmahon, David L: Eskeradooey
Mcmahon, Edward L: Glencordial
Mcmahon, John L: Glencordial
Mcmahon, Margaret L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcmalgon, Peter L: Drumconnelly
Mcmanus, Andrew L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Mcmaster, James L: Cloghfin
Mcmaster, John L: Coolnagard Lower
Mcmaster, John L: Gortnacreagh
Mcmaster, John T: Omagh
Mcmaster, Robert L: Gortmore
Mcmaster, Robert L: Gortrush
Mcmaster, Robert T: Omagh
Mcmaster, Robt. L: Gortmore T: Omagh N: Lodgers
Mcmasters, Alexander L: Crosh
Mcmearty, Patrick L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Mcmellon, Michael L: Doogary
Mcmenamin, Amelia L: Ballykeel
Mcmenamin, Francis L: Ballykeel
Mcmenamin, John L: Ballykeel
Mcmullen, Alexander L: Dergmoney Lower
Mcmullen, James L: Killybrack
McMullen, James L: Mullaghmore
Mcmullin, Alexander T: Omagh
Mcmurray, Samuel L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcnab, John L: Killinure
Mcnab, Phelimy L: Knockmoyle
Mcnally, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcnamee, Rev. Bernd. L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcnamee, Charles L: Beltany
Mcnamee, Francis L: Tattynure
Mcnamee, James L: Ballynamullan
Mcnamee, James L: Beltany
Mcnamee, James L: Tamlaght
Mcnamee, John L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcnamee, Laurence L: Dunbreen
Mcnamee, Laurence L: Kingarrow
Mcnaught, James L: Gortrush
Mcneill, Archibald L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mcneill, Daniel L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mcneill, James L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mcneill, Jane L: Dunmullan
Mcneill, Thomas L: Carony
Mcnelan, Catherine L: Rylagh
Mcnesby, Dominick L: Aghadulla
Mcnicholl, William L: Cloghfin
Mcnickle, James L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcnickle, John T: Omagh
Mcnulty, Cormack L: Culmore
Mcnulty, Cormack L: Gortmore
Mcnulty, Michael L: Culmore
Mcnulty, Owen L: Culmore
Mcphelimy, James L: Cavanacaw Lower
Mcphelimy, James L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mcphelimy, James T: Omagh
Mcphelimy, John L: Cloghog Lower
McPhelimy, John L: Mullaghmore
Mcphelimy, Owen L: Aghaleag
Mcphelimy, William L: Aghaleag
Mcphelimy, William L: Lammy
Mcquade, Henry L: Carrigans
Mcquaid, Henry L: Gortinagin
Mcqueston, John L: Eskeradooey
Mcquilliger, William L: Carrigans
Mcshane, Patrick L: Dunmullan
Mcsorley, James L: Ballynamullan
Mcsorley, James L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mcsorley, John L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Mcsorley, John T: Omagh
Mcsorley, Joseph L: Drumconnelly
Mcsorley, Mary L: Dunwish
Mcsweeny, John T: Omagh
McSwiggan, Anne L: Tully
Mcswiggan, Arthur L: Cullion
Mcswiggan, Charles L: Lislap East
Mcswiggan, Edward L: Tamlaght
Mcswiggan, Edward L: Tirmurty
McSwiggan, Edward L: Tully
Mcswiggan, Hugh L: Tattynure
Mcswiggan, James L: Ballynamullan
Mcswiggan, James L: Killycurragh
Mcswiggan, James L: Lislap East
Mcswiggan, John T: Omagh
Mcswiggan, Mary L: Killycurragh
Mcswiggan, Michael L: Ballynaquilly
Mcswiggan, Susan L: Ballynamullan
Mcswiggan, Susanna L: Killycurragh
McTaggart, Charles L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Mctaggart, Cornelius L: Dunbreen
Mcteague, Patrick L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcveigh, Hannah T: Omagh
Mcveigh, John T: Omagh
Mcvey, Anne L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcvey, David L: Freughmore
Mcvey, Henry L: Stroancarbadagh
Mcvey, James L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcvey, John L: Freughmore
Mcvey, Michael L: Relaghdooey
Mcvey, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill
Mcvey, Peter L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mcwilliams, James L: Kiltamnagh
Mcwilliams, John L: Edergoole Upper
Mcwilliams, Robert L: Blacksessiagh
Mcwilliams, Thomas L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Mcwilliams, William L: Freughmore
Means, Robert L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Meany, Patrick L: Gortmore
Mears, Robert T: Omagh
Meehan, James L: Gortnacreagh
Meehan, Samuel L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Meeke, Jas. T: Omagh N: Bank Manager
Meenan, John T: Omagh
Mellon, Archibald L: Gortnacreagh
Mellon, Archibald L: Tully
Mellon, Bernard L: Eskeradooey
Mellon, George L: Gortmore
Mellon, James L: Eskeradooey
Mellon, James L: Lisnagirr
Mellon, John L: Deerpark (Mccormick)
Mellon, Joseph L: Ballygowan
Mellon, Paul L: Aghee
Mellon, Roger L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Mellon, William L: Gortnacreagh
Mellon, William L: Tattraconnaghty
Memnagh, Charles L: Mullanatoomog
Miller, Daniel L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Miller, George L: Blacksessiagh
Miller, James L: Kilmore
Miller, James L: Mullagharn
Miller, Robert L: Golan
Miller, Thomas L: Castletown
Mills, Joseph L: Rylagh
Mills, Margaret L: Mullaghmore
Minnagh, Margaret L: Clanabogan Lower
Mitchell, John L: Clanabogan Lower
Mitchell, John L: Clanabogan Upper
Mitchell, John L: Racolpa
Mitchell, Rev. Josias L: Connywarren
Mitchell, Margaret L: Clanabogan Upper
Moin, Robert L: Tullycunny
Moin, William L: Tullycunny
Molloy, Francis L: Tattysallagh
Molloy, John L: Aghadulla
Moloney, George A. L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Molony, George A. L: Gortrush
Molony, George A. L: Meeting House Hill
Monaghan, Edward L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Monaghan, John L: Aghnamoyle
Monahan, Alexander L: Glengawna
Monteith, Archbd. L: Tircur
Monteith, Archibald L: Tircur
Monteith, David L: Kingarrow
Monteith, James L: Tircur
Monteith, Jane L: Cloghog Lower
Monteith, John L: Creevanmore (Hunter)
Monteith, John L: Farrest
Monteith, Joseph L: Carrigans
Monteith, Js. L: Tircur
Monteith, William L: Dunbreen
Monteith, William L: Rylagh
Montgomery, James L: Relaghdooey
Montgomery, Samuel L: Tattykeel
Mooney, Bridget L: Lisanelly
Mooney, James L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mooney, James T: Omagh
Moore, Alexander L: Aghalane
Moore, Alexander L: Killins
Moore, Andrew L: Rakeeragh
Moore, Arch. L: Tirmurty N: Minor
Moore, Archibald L: Tircur
Moore, Archibald Jno. L: Tirmurty
Moore, David L: Calkill
Moore, David L: Lurganboy
Moore, Isaac L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Moore, James L: Cloghog Upper
Moore, James L: Dunwish
Moore, Jane L: Cranny
Moore, John L: Gortnacreagh
Moore, John L: Mullaghmore
Moore, Joseph L: Drumragh (P. Mccausland)
Moore, Margaret L: Cranny
Moore, Margaret L: Gillygooly
Moore, William L: Crosh
Moore, William L: Maine
Moran, Anne L: Mullaghmore
Moran, Anne T: Omagh
Moran, John T: Omagh
Moran, William L: Beltany
More, John L: Aghee
Morgan, Felix L: Dergmoney Lower
Morgan, Felix L: Dergmoney Upper
Morgan, Felix L: Mullaghmore
Morgan, James L: Dergmoney Upper
Morris, Alice L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Morris, Felix L: Killybrack
Morris, Henry L: Aghadulla
Morris, Hugh L: Ballygowan
Morris, Hugh L: Edergoole Upper
Morris, Mary L: Edergoole Upper
Morris, Michael L: Cavanacaw Lower
Morris, Thomas L: Castleroddy Glebe
Morrison, James L: Culbuck
Morrison, James L: Killybrack
Morrison, James L: Mullaghmore
Morrison, James L: Tircur
Morrison, John L: Coolnagard Upper
Morrison, Patrick L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Morrison, Susanna L: Mullaghmore
Morrison, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Morrisson, William L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Morrow, Robert L: Gortinagin
Moss, Hannah L: Gortmore
Moss, Hannah T: Omagh
Moss, Patrick L: Freughmore
Mossey, Peter L: Cullion
Muldoon, Edward L: Stroancarbadagh
Muldoon, John L: Fireagh (Gardiner)
Muldowny, John L: Fireagh (Thompson)
Mullally, John T: Omagh
Mullen, Charles L: Lisnamallard
Mullen, Edmund L: Knockmoyle
Mullen, Francis L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Mullen, Henry L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Mullen, James L: Farrest
Mullen, John L: Castletown
Mullen, Michael L: Tamlaght
Mullen, Patrick L: Lisnamallard
Mullen, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Mulligan, Patrick L: Beltany
Mullin, James T: Omagh
Mullin, Owen L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mullin, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mullin, Peter L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mullin, Sarah L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Mullin, William L: Meeting House Hill
Mullin, William L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Mullins, Andrew L: Drumshanly
Mullins, Anne L: Clanabogan Lower
Mullins, Catherine L: Garvagh
Mullins, Charles L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mullins, Cormick L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mullins, Denis L: Mullanatoomog
Mullins, Dominick L: Tattysallagh
Mullins, Edward L: Clanabogan Upper
Mullins, Francis L: Aghnamoyle
Mullins, Francis L: Lammy
Mullins, Francis L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mullins, Francis L: Tullycunny
Mullins, Hugh L: Tattysallagh
Mullins, James L: Botera Upper
Mullins, James L: Tattysallagh
Mullins, John L: Clanabogan Lower
Mullins, John L: Kiltamnagh
Mullins, John L: Laughmuck (Wallace)
Mullins, John L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mullins, Laurence L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mullins, Michael L: Stroancarbadagh
Mullins, Michael L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mullins, Michael L: Tattysallagh
Mullins, Neal L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mullins, Owen L: Clanabogan Lower
Mullins, Owen L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Mullins, Owen L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mullins, Patrick L: Clanabogan Lower
Mullins, Patrick L: Tattykeel (Buchannan)
Mullins, Patrick L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Mullins, Patrick L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mullins, Patrick L: Tattysallagh
Mullins, Peter L: Cavanacaw
Mullins, Robert L: Dergmoney Lower
Mullins, Robert L: Tattysallagh
Mullins, Roger L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Mullins, Samuel L: Gortmore
Mullins, Thomas L: Cavanacaw Upper
Mullins, William T: Omagh
Mulmahera, James L: Reaghan
Mulrain, Anne L: Beltany
Murdoch, John, Jr. L: Golan
Murdoch, John, Sr. L: Golan
Murphy, James L: Maine
Murphy, John L: Dergmoney Lower
Murphy, John L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Murphy, John L: Tireagh (Cochrane)
Murphy, Patrick L: Dergmoney Lower
Murphy, Patrick T: Omagh
Murphy, Robert L: Coolnagard Upper
Murphy, Thomas L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Murray, John L: Cavanacaw Lower
Murray, John L: Drumconnelly
Murray, Julia Annie T: Omagh N: Superioress
Murray, Patrick L: Tamlaght
Murray, William T: Omagh
Murray, William L: Tattynure
Neely, Anne T: Omagh
Neill, Hugh L: Edergoole Lower
Neill, John L: Lammy
Neill, Margaret L: Golan
Neill, Michael L: Culmore
Nelis, John L: Dergmoney Lower
Nelis, John L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Nelis, John T: Omagh
Nelis, Stephen T: Omagh
Nelson, Robert L: Carrigans
Nelson, Robert T: Omagh
Nelson, William L: Gortmore
Nelson, William L: Lisnamallard
Neville, John L: Killycurragh
Nevins, John L: Gortrush
Newell, Margaret L: Lissan
Newtown, Robert L: Ballygowan
Nicholl, Robert L: Crosh
Nicholls, William L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Nixon, George L: Crosh
Nixon, George L: Racolpa
Nixon, George L: Tirquin
Nixon, James L: Racolpa
Nixon, John L: Aghalane
Nixon, John L: Ballygowan
Nixon, John L: Coolnagard Upper
Nixon, John L: Knockmoyle
Nixon, John L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Nixon, John L: Mullanatoomog
Nixon, Mary L: Tattysallagh
Nixon, Mary L: Tirquin
Nixon, Robert L: Beagh
Nixon, Robert L: Tattykeel
Nixon, Robert L: Tirquin
Nixon, William L: Gortinagin
Noble, James L: Killyclogher
Noble, James T: Omagh
Norris, John L: Drum
Norris, John L: Tully
Norris, Joseph L: Drumragh (J. Mccausland)
Norris, Joseph L: Relaghdooey
Norris, Thomas L: Tattykeel
Nugent, Charles L: Ballynamullan
Nugent, Charles T: Omagh
Nugent, Edward L: Lislimnaghan
Nugent, Francis L: Ballynamullan
Nugent, Henry L: Ballygowan
Nugent, Henry L: Gillygooly
Nugent, Hugh L: Deerpark (Mccormick)
Nugent, James L: Aghaleag
Nugent, James L: Ballynamullan
Nugent, James, Jr. L: Ballynamullan
Nugent, Jane L: Carony
Nugent, John L: Cavanacaw Lower
Nugent, John L: Cloghfin
Nugent, John L: Deerpark (Mccormick)
Nugent, John L: Dergmoney Lower
Nugent, John L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Nugent, John L: Glengawna
Nugent, John L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Nugent, John L: Relaghdooey
Nugent, John L: Tamlaght
Nugent, Mary L: Botera Lower
Nugent, Patrick L: Ballygowan
Nugent, Patrick L: Ballynamullan
Nugent, Patrick L: Glengawna
Nugent, Peter L: Ballygowan
Nugent, Peter L: Drumconnelly
Nugent, Peter L: Lisnamallard
Nugent, Phelimy L: Mullagharn
Nugent, William L: Erganagh Glebe
Nulty, William L: Cranny
Obrien, Edward L: Cloghog Lower
Obrien, Jane L: Cranny
Obrien, Margaret L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Odoherty, Rev. Daniel L: Carony
Odonnell, Barthw. L: Reaghan
Odonnell, Catherine L: Tircur
Odonnell, Charles L: Corranarry
Odonnell, Daniel L: Glencordial
Odonnell, Denis L: Boheragh
Odonnell, Hamilton L: Gortmore
Odonnell, Hugh L: Ballynatubbrit
Odonnell, Hugh L: Tircur
Odonnell, James L: Ballykeel
Odonnell, James L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Odonnell, James T: Omagh
Odonnell, Jane L: Ballynatubbrit
Odonnell, John L: Ballynatubbrit
Odonnell, John L: Deerpark (Clarke)
Odonnell, John L: Fireagh (Gardiner)
Odonnell, John L: Glencordial
Odonnell, John L: Lisnaharney
Odonnell, John T: Omagh
Odonnell, John L: Rylands
Odonnell, John L: Tircur
Odonnell, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Odonnell, Thomas L: Ballynatubbrit
Odonnell, William L: Ballykeel
Oflaherty, Charles L: Knockmoyle
Oflaherty, Charles L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Oflaherty, Hugh L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Ogilby, William L: Corradinna
Ohara, Michael L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Ohara, Robert L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Okane, James T: Omagh
Okane, Rev. Manasses T: Omagh
Okane, Rev. Manus L: Meeting House Hill
Okane, Susanna L: Cloghog Lower
Okane, Susanna L: Cloghog Upper
Okane, Susanna L: Culbuck
Oliphant, Catherine T: Omagh
Oliver, Andrew L: Eskeradooey
Oneill, Bridget L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Oneill, Daniel L: Tattynure
Oneill, Edward L: Beragh
O'Neill, Francis L: Mullaghmore
Oneill, Frederick L: Carrigans
O'Neill, Hugh L: Mullaghmore
O'Neill, John L: Lisnamallard
Oneill, John L: Reaghan
Oneill, Joseph L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
O'Neill, Margaret L: Lisnamallard
Oneill, Mary L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Oneill, Owen L: Cloghfin
Oneill, Patrick T: Omagh
Oneill, Roger L: Carrigans
Oneill, Sarah L: Tattynure
Orafferty, James T: Omagh
Orr, Alexander L: Killybrack
Orr, Alexander L: Tully
Orr, Andrew L: Killybrack
Orr, Anne T: Omagh
Orr, Benjamin L: Edergoole Lower
Orr, James L: Corranarry
Orr, James L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Orr, James L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Orr, James T: Omagh
Orr, James L: Tattykeel
Orr, Jane L: Tarlum
Orr, John L: Gortmore
Orr, John L: Gortrush
Orr, John L: Meeting House Hill
Orr, John T: Omagh
Orr, Luke L: Killybrack
Orr, Rebecca T: Omagh
Orr, Robert L: Beragh
Orr, Robert L: Maine
Orr, Samuel L: Glencordial
Orr, Samuel L: Gortinagin
Orr, Thomas L: Dunmullan
Orr, William L: Castletown
Orr, William L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Orr, William O. L: Lisnamallard
Osborne, Joseph T: Omagh
Osborne, Robert L: Ballynaquilly
Osborne, William L: Dergmoney Lower
Osborne, William L: Edergoole Upper
Osborne, William L: Mullaghmore
Osborne, William L: Mullanatoomog
Osborough, Andrew L: Corlea
Osborough, Andrew L: Gillygooly
Osborough, James L: Gillygooly
Osborough, Jno. L: Gillygooly N: Workman
Osborough, John L: Gillygooly
Osborough, John L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Osborough, Samuel L: Corlea
Osborough, Thomas L: Gillygooly
Osborough, William L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Parke, James L: Cavanacaw Lower
Patrick, John L: Gortnacreagh
Patrick, John L: Killinure
Patterson, Andrew L: Dunmullan
Patterson, Andrew L: Erganagh Glebe
Patterson, Hugh L: Cornabracken
Patterson, James L: Drumconnelly
Patterson, James L: Dunbreen
Patterson, James L: Gortinagin
Patterson, James, Jr. L: Dunbreen
Patterson, Jane L: Erganagh Glebe
Patterson, John L: Erganagh Glebe
Patterson, John L: Eskeradooey
Patterson, Joseph L: Dunbreen
Patterson, Joseph L: Kingarrow
Patterson, Joseph, Jr. L: Dunbreen
Patterson, Martha L: Dunbreen
Patterson, Mary L: Dunbreen
Patterson, Mary T: Omagh
Patterson, Matthew L: Dunbreen
Patterson, Richard L: Garvagh
Patterson, Robert L: Castletown
Patterson, Robert L: Culbuck
Patterson, Samuel L: Erganagh Glebe
Patterson, Samuel L: Gillygooly
Patterson, Thomas L: Kingarrow
Patterson, William L: Gillygooly
Patton, James L: Carrigans
Patton, James L: Carrigans N: Lodger
Patton, Matthew T: Omagh
Paul, Charles L: Aghadulla
Paul, John T: Omagh
Paul, Myles L: Drumshanly
Paul, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Peak, James L: Gortmore
Pegnam, George L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Perry, Alexander L: Drudgeon
Perry, Edward L: Creevangar (Alexander)
Perry, James L: Drudgeon
Perry, John L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Pinkerton, James L: Lurganboy
Pinkerton, John L: Lurganboy
Plummer, William T: Omagh
Pollock, Alexander L: Kingarrow
Pollock, Andrew L: Reaghan
Pollock, Charles L: Dunwish
Pollock, Charles L: Farrest
Porter, Alexander L: Killinure
Porter, Anne L: Gammy
Porter, James T: Omagh
Porter, Rev. John G. L: Ballynahatty
Porter, Rev. John G. L: Rakeeragh
Porter, Luke L: Gammy
Porter, William L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Preston, Richard L: Tamlaght
Quinlan, Jas. L: Tully N: and Others
Quinn, Alexander L: Aghadulla
Quinn, Anne L: Ballygowan
Quinn, Bernard L: Corranarry
Quinn, Charles L: Lammy
Quinn, Edward L: Ballygowan
Quinn, Edward L: Mullaghmore
Quinn, Hugh L: Mullaghmore
Quinn, Hugh T: Omagh
Quinn, John L: Eskeradooey
Quinn, John L: Gillygooly
Quinn, John L: Mullanatoomog
Quinn, Margaret T: Omagh
Quinn, Michael L: Botera Upper
Quinn, Michael L: Drumragh (P. Mccausland) N: and Another
Quinn, Michael L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Quinn, Owen L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Quinn, Patrick L: Aghadulla
Quinn, Patrick L: Aghalane
Quinn, Patrick L: Castleroddy Glebe
Quinn, Patrick L: Clanabogan Upper
Quinn, Patrick, Jr. L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Quinn, Patrick, Sr. L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Quinn, Richard L: Calkill
Quinn, Robert L: Botera Upper
Quinn, Roger L: Lisnamallard
Quinn, Sarah L: Castleroddy Glebe
Quinn, Thomas L: Dergmoney Lower
Quinn, Thomas T: Omagh
Quinn, Thomas L: Sedennan
Quirke, John L: Cullion
Radcliffe, Rev. Stephen L: Erganagh Glebe
Radcliffe, Rev. Stephen L: Kingarrow
Rafferty, Charles L: Fernagh
Rafferty, James L: Dergmoney Lower
Rafferty, James L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Rafferty, James L: Dergmoney Upper
Rafferty, Michael L: Fernagh
Rafferty, Michael L: Racolpa
Rafferty, Patrick L: Beragh
Rafferty, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Rafferty, Thomas T: Omagh
Ramsay, John L: Kilmore
Ramsay, Patrick L: Drumshanly
Ramsay, Robert L: Cranny
Rankin, Matthew L: Faccary
Rankin, Matthew L: Inisclan
Ray, Robert L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Ray, Sarah L: Kiltamnagh
Reed, William L: Lisanelly
Reid, Bernard L: Kiltamnagh
Reid, James L: Aghee
Reid, John L: Kiltamnagh
Reid, Manasses L: Aghee
Reid, Patrick L: Aghaleag
Reid, Richard L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Renny, John L: Calkill
Reppey, Hugh L: Lisnagirr
Reppey, William L: Lisnagirr
Reppey, William L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Rice, Anne L: Ballynamullan
Rice, John L: Cloghfin
Richardson, William L: Dunmullan
Richardson, William L: Farrest
Robertson, Anne L: Inisclan
Robertson, James L: Carony
Robertson, John L: Mullaghmore
Robinson, Andrew L: Calkill
Robinson, Charles L: Killinure
Robinson, George L: Ballykeel
Robinson, George L: Tirmurty
Robinson, James L: Killinure
Robinson, James L: Tattykeel
Robinson, James L: Tully
Robinson, John L: Gortmore
Robinson, John L: Killinure
Robinson, John T: Omagh
Robinson, John L: Tully
Robinson, John James L: Tirmurty
Robinson, Nathaniel L: Tattykeel
Robinson, Robert L: Ballykeel
Robinson, Robert L: Dunmullan
Robinson, Sarah L: Calkill
Rodgers, Andrew L: Aghee
Rodgers, Andrew L: Cavanacaw Lower
Rodgers, William L: Cavanacaw Lower
Rodgers, William L: Cavanacaw Upper
Rogers, Andrew L: Cavanacaw Upper
Rogers, Andrew L: Tattykeel (Rogers)
Rogers, George L: Tullycunny
Rogers, James T: Omagh
Rogers, John L: Meeting House Hill
Rogers, Mary L: Ballynahatty
Rogers, Sarah T: Omagh
Rollestone, Andrew L: Ballynaquilly
Rollestone, John L: Tirquin
Ross, Isabella L: Knockmoyle
Roy, Michael L: Killyclogher
Ruddell, Joseph L: Gortgranagh
Ruddell, Thomas L: Gortgranagh
Rush, Edward T: Omagh
Rush, Michael L: Tattraconnaghty
Rutledge, John L: Inisclan
Rutledge, Wm. T. L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Ryan, John L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Sarsfield, John L: Killybrack
Scallan, Henry L: Aghadulla
Scalvey, Michael L: Culbuck
Scarlett, Alexander L: Lisnamallard
Scarlett, Alexander T: Omagh
Scarlett, Anne T: Omagh
Scott, Charles L: Connywarren
Scott, Charles L: Rylagh
Scott, Charles L: Straughroy
Scott, David L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Scott, David L: Tattynagole
Scott, Eliza L: Gortinagin
Scott, James L: Cloghog Lower
Scott, James L: Gortinagin
Scott, James L: Gortnacreagh
Scott, James L: Lisnamallard
Scott, James L: Mullaghmore
Scott, James L: Tattynure
Scott, John L: Castletown
Scott, Robert L: Drumconnelly
Scott, Robert L: Knockmoyle
Scott, Robert L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Scott, Robert L: Tantramurry
Scott, Samuel L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Scott, William L: Deerpark (Mccormick)
Scott, William L: Gortmore
Scott, William L: Lisanelly
Scott, William L: Lisnamallard
Scott, William L: Mullaghmore
Scott, William T: Omagh
Scott, William L: Tirmurty
Semple, James L: Mullaghmore
Semple, Samuel T: Omagh
Semple, Sarah L: Corlea
Shanahan, Henry L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Shanahan, Henry T: Omagh
Shanklin, Sarah L: Castletown
Shannon, Felix L: Dergmoney Upper
Shannon, Isabella L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Shannon, Patrick L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Shannon, Patrick L: Meeting House Hill
Shannon, Patrick T: Omagh
Shaw, Baxter L: Eskeradooey
Shaw, Timothy L: Eskeradooey
Shaw, William L: Eskeradooey
Sheenan, Mary T: Omagh
Sheilds, Robert L: Knockmoyle
Sheilds, William L: Lislap West
Sheils, James L: Edergoole Upper
Sheils, James L: Kiltamnagh
Sheils, Joseph L: Kiltamnagh
Sheils, Sarah L: Kiltamnagh
Sherrard, Charles L: Killinure
Sherrard, James L: Killinure
Sherry, Charles T: Omagh
Sherry, Dominick L: Gortmore
Shields, Robert L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Shiels, James L: Maine
Shiels, John L: Mullaghmore
Simpson, Francis T: Omagh
Simpson, John L: Rylagh
Simpson, William L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Simpson, William L: Rylagh
Skeffington, David L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Skiffington, James T: Omagh
Slevin, Charles L: Gortmore
Slevin, Edward T: Omagh
Slevin, James L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Smith, Andrew L: Killybrack
Smith, Anne L: Aghaleag
Smith, Archibald L: Ballynaquilly
Smith, Catherine L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Smith, Charles L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Smith, Charles L: Tantramurry
Smith, Hugh L: Lisnamallard
Smith, Hugh L: Relaghdooey
Smith, Hugh L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Smith, James L: Aghadulla
Smith, James L: Ballynahatty
Smith, James L: Culmore
Smith, James L: Dergmoney Lower
Smith, James T: Omagh
Smith, John L: Relaghdooey
Smith, Joseph T: Omagh
Smith, Mary L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Smith, Neal L: Culmore
Smith, Patrick L: Ballynahatty
Smith, Patrick L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Smith, Patrick T: Omagh
Smith, Patrick, Jr. L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Smith, Patrick, Sr. L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Smith, Peter L: Culmore
Smith, Peter L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Smith, Rebecca L: Aghalane
Smith, Robert L: Botera Lower
Smith, Robert L: Gillygooly
Smith, Terence T: Omagh
Smith, William, Jr. L: Gillygooly
Smith, William, Sr. L: Dunwish
Smith, William, Sr. L: Gillygooly
Smyth, William T: Omagh
Somerville, Andrew L: Killybrack
Somerville, James T: Omagh
Spillar, Rep. Geo. T. T: Omagh
Spiller, Rep. Geo. T. L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Spiller, Rep. George T. L: Dergmoney Lower T: Omagh
Spiller, Rep. George T. L: Lislimnaghan
Sproule, Andrew L: Kiltamnagh
Sproule, Andrew L: Stroancarbadagh
Sproule, Oliver L: Stroancarbadagh
Sproule, Robert L: Cloghog Lower
Sproule, Robert L: Coolnagard Upper
Sproule, Robert L: Dergmoney Upper
Sproule, Robert L: Sedennan
Stack, Mrs. T: Omagh
Stack, Rep. Charles M. L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Stack, Rep. Chas. M. L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Stack, George H. L: Mullaghmore
Stack, Richard L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Stack, Richard T: Omagh
Stack, Tempe T: Omagh
Stack, Rev. Thomas L. L: Coolnagard Upper
Stack, Rev. Thomas L. L: Mullaghmore
Stack, Rep. Thos. T: Omagh
Stacks, Richard L: Coolnagard Upper
Stanford, William L: Tattysallagh
Starr, Arthur L: Gortmore
Starr, Bernard L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Starr, Edward L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Starr, Francis L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Starr, Henry L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Starr, James L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Starr, Margaret L: Ballygowan
Starr, Patrick L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Starr, Peter L: Edergoole Upper
Starrs, Bernard L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Starrs, Thomas L: Stroancarbadagh
Starrs, William L: Mullanatoomog
Steed, Charles L: Botera Upper
Steele, David L: Beltany
Steele, Samuel L: Beltany
Steele, Samuel L: Lurganboy
Steele, William L: Mullagharn
Steen, Andrew L: Creevangar (Alexander)
Steen, Andrew L: Creevangar (White)
Stephens, Thomas L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Stephenson, Charles L: Deerpark (Mccormick)
Stew, Hugh T: Omagh
Stewart, Alexander T: Omagh
Stewart, Andrew L: Rosnamuck
Stewart, Andrew L: Tully
Stewart, Anne L: Laughmuck (Wallace)
Stewart, George L: Mullanatoomog
Stewart, Robert L: Erganagh Glebe
Stewart, Samuel L: Tirmurty
Stewart, Thomas L: Rosnamuck
Stewart, William L: Cullion
Storr, Mary L: Drumconnelly
Stuart, Alexander G. L: Creevangar (Alexander)
Stuart, Alexander G. L: Fireagh (Gardiner)
Stuart, Alexander G. L: Fireagh (Thompson)
Swan, John L: Castletown
Sweeney, Catherine L: Edergoole Lower
Sweeney, Denis L: Edergoole Lower
Sweeny, Andrew T: Omagh
Sweeny, James T: Omagh
Sweeny, John L: Ballygowan
Sweeny, William L: Kiltamnagh
Swift, Rev. Richard M. L: Killins
Swiggan, Edward L: Mullaghmore
Taggart, Anne L: Tarlum
Taggart, Margaret L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Taggart, Michael T: Omagh
Taggart, Patrick L: Erganagh Glebe
Taggart, William L: Connywarren
Taggart, William T: Omagh
Taggart, William L: Tircur
Tait, John L: Beltany
Tallon, John L: Lisanelly
Tallon, John T: Omagh
Taylor, John L: Blacksessiagh
Taylor, John L: Dergmoney Lower
Taylor, John L: Drudgeon
Teague, Francis L: Cloghfin
Teague, James L: Calkill
Teague, James L: Killyclogher
Teague, Patrick L: Lisnamallard
Thompson, John L: Fireagh (Thompson)
Thompson, John T: Omagh
Thompson, Rev. Mungo N. L: Aghnamoyle
Thompson, Thomas L: Carrigans
Thompson, William L: Corlea
Thompson, William L: Fireagh (Thompson)
Thorpe, Esther T: Omagh
Tierney, Francis L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Tierney, Mary L: Rylands
Tierney, Owen L: Mullaghmore
Tinne, John L: Lisnamallard
Tobin, Patrick L: Beltany
Todd, James L: Botera Lower
Todd, James L: Corlea
Todd, James L: Maine
Todd, John L: Meeting House Hill
Todd, John T: Omagh
Todd, William L: Killybrack
Todd, William L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Todd, William, Jr. L: Corlea
Todd, William, Sr. L: Corlea
Tomin, Patrick L: Ballynamullan
Tomney, John L: Aghadulla
Tomney, Patrick L: Aghadulla
Toner, John L: Ballynamullan
Toner, William L: Mullaghmore
Tones, William L: Mullanatoomog
Tonor, Bernard L: Tamlaght
Tonor, James L: Cavanacaw Upper
Tonor, Robert L: Doogary
Towler, William L: Tirquin
Toy, John L: Lisnamallard
Tracey, Sarah L: Cornabracken
Tracy, James L: Ballygowan
Tracy, John L: Corranarry
Tracy, Michael L: Drumragh (P. Mccausland)
Tracy, Neal L: Faccary
Tracy, Owen L: Faccary
Tracy, Patrick L: Faccary
Tracy, Peter L: Mullaghmore
Tracy, Thomas L: Faccary
Traynor, Francis L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Traynor, Francis T: Omagh
Turbott, Matthew L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Turner, James L: Ballynamullan
Turner, Robert L: Killycurragh
Vaughan, James L: Mullaghmore
Veldon, Alexander L: Maine
Veldon, Henry L: Mullanatoomog
Veldon, James L: Botera Upper
Victory, Edward T: Omagh
Wade, Wilhelmina L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Walker, Andrew L: Tattynagole
Walker, Henry L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Walker, John L: Calkill
Walker, John L: Castletown
Walker, John T: Omagh
Walker, John L: Tantramurry
Walker, Martha T: Omagh
Walker, William L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Wallace, Robert L: Ballygowan
Walsh, Edward L: Lisnamallard
Walsh, Jane L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Ward, Felix L: Culmore
Ward, Francis L: Dergmoney Lower
Ward, Thomas L: Drumconnelly
Warnock, William L: Drumragh (Caldwell)
Warrington, James L: Castletown
Warrington, James L: Mountjoy Forest West Division
Wason, Andrew L: Cavanacaw Upper
Watson, James L: Doogary
Watson, James L: Inisclan
Watson, James L: Lissan
Watson, Jane L: Ballygowan
Watson, Jane L: Gillygooly
Watson, Jane L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Watson, John L: Botera Lower
Watson, John L: Cavanacaw Lower
Watson, John L: Mullaghmenagh Lower
Watson, John L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Watson, John T: Omagh N: Lodgers
Watson, John L: Sedennan
Watson, Joseph L: Mullaghmenagh Lower
Watson, Joseph L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Watson, Sarah Anne L: Mullaghmenagh Upper
Watson, William L: Cloghog Lower
Weldon, John L: Killybrack
West, Travers J. L: Cranny
Whaley, George L: Crosh
White, Bernard L: Cullion
White, Bernard, Jr. L: Cullion
White, George L: Fireagh (Gardiner)
White, George L: Gortmore T: Omagh N: Lodgers
White, George L: Laughmuck (Wallace)
White, George, Jr. L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
White, George, Sr. L: Beagh
White, George, Sr. L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
White, James L: Loughmuck (Alcorn)
White, James L: Rylands
White, James L: Tireagh (Cochrane)
White, John L: Gortrush
White, Joseph L: Stroancarbadagh
White, Margaret L: Cullion
White, Margaret L: Dergmoney Lower
White, Margaret T: Omagh
White, Matthew L: Fireagh (Gardiner)
White, Matthew L: Tireagh (Cochrane)
White, Richard L: Gortmore T: Omagh
White, Robert L: Creevangar (White)
White, Robert L: Fireagh (Gardiner)
White, William L: Fireagh (Thompson)
White, William L: Rylands
Whitten, James L: Corranarry
Whyte, Sidney Selina T: Omagh
Wiley, James L: Cloghog Lower
Wiley, Robert L: Dunwish
Wilkins, Robert L: Gortmore
Wilkinson, Alexander L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Wilkinson, Archibald L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Wilkinson, Charles L: Lisanelly
Wilkinson, John L: Mountjoy Forest East Division
Wilkinson, Robert L: Dunmullan
Williamson, Andrew L: Rosnamuck
Wilson, Alexander L: Cloghog Upper
Wilson, Anne L: Rylagh
Wilson, Fleming L: Doogary
Wilson, Fleming L: Tattykeel
Wilson, Henry L: Rosnamuck
Wilson, James L: Dunwish
Wilson, James L: Garvagh
Wilson, James L: Gortmore
Wilson, James L: Kilmore
Wilson, James L: Mullanatoomog
Wilson, James T: Omagh
Wilson, James L: Tattykeel
Wilson, John L: Carony
Wilson, John T: Omagh
Wilson, John L: Tattykeel
Wilson, Mary L: Tattykeel
Wilson, Robert L: Gortnacreagh
Wilson, Samuel L: Cavanacaw Upper
Wilson, Stewart L: Gortmore
Wilson, Stewart L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Wilson, Thade L: Dunbreen
Wilson, Thomas L: Tattykeel
Wilson, William L: Cloghog Lower
Wilson, William T: Omagh
Woods, James L: Gillygooly
Woods, William L: Gortmore
Wright, Joseph L: Killybrack
Wright, William L: Meeting House Hill T: Omagh
Wynne, Abraham L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Young, Adam L: Gortmore T: Omagh
Young, Edward L: Tattykeel
Young, Hugh L: Tattyreagh Glebe
Young, James L: Blacksessiagh
Young, James L: Tattykeel
Young, John L: Aghnamoyle
Young, John L: Ballynamullan
Young, John L: Edergoole Lower
Young, Mary L: Rakeeragh
Young, Robert L: Mullagharn
Young, Thomas L: Tattyreagh Glebe

Map of Civil Parishes in county Tyrone

Civil Parish Records of County Tyrone

Other county Tyrone Parish Records

1 Aghaloo

2 Aghalurcher

3 Arboe

4 Ardstraw

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyclog

8 Bodoney Lower

9 Bodoney Upper

10 Camus

11 Cappagh

12 Carnteel

13 Clogher

14 Clogherny

15 Clonfeacle

16 Clonoe

17 Cumber Upper

18 Derryloran

19 Desertcreat

20 Donacavey

21 Donaghedy

22 Donaghenry

23 Donaghmore

24 Dromore

25 Drumglass

26 Drumragh

27 Errigal Keerogue

28 Errigal Trough

29 Kildress

30 Killeeshil

31 Killyman

32 Kilskeery

33 Leckpatrick

34 Lissan

35 Longfield East

36 Longfield West

37 Magheracross

38 Pomeroy

39 Tamlaght

40 Termonamongan

41 Termonmaguirk

42 Tullyniskan

43 Urney