Griffith's Valuation: Arboe Parish, County Tyrone

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Griffith's Valuation in Arboe Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Arboe parish and every other parish in county Tyrone as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Tyrone in 1851.


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Griffiths Valuation: Arboe Parish 1851

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You should also check the records of Arboe parish from the Tithe Applotment books recorded during the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Alexander, Robert J. L: Farsnagh
Alexander, Robert J. L: Kilmascally
Alexander, Robert J. L: Kinrush
Alexander, Robert J. L: Sessia
Allen, Thomas L: Tamlaghtmore
Anderson, Charles L: Carnan
Anderson, Charles L: Feagh
Anderson, Joseph L: Ballymaguire
Arbernethy, James L: Drumard
Ballantine, William L: Ballymaguire
Banagan, Francis L: Ballymurphy
Banagan, Francis L: Mullanahoe
Banagan, Hugh L: Drumenny Conygham
Banagan, James L: Drumenny Conygham
Banagan, John L: Mullanahoe
Banagan, Mary Anne L: Killygonlan
Banagan, Patrick L: Drumenny Conygham
Baxter, William L: Ballymaguire
Bell, James L: Ballymaguire
Bell, James L: Ballynafeagh
Bell, James L: Tamnavally
Bell, John L: Gortnagwyg
Bell, Robert L: Drumard
Bell, Ross L: Gortigal
Bell, Samuel L: Dromore
Bell, Sarah L: Dromore
Bell, Thomas L: Gortigal
Bell, William L: Dromore
Bell, William L: Eary Lower
Bell, William L: Elagh
Bell, William L: Mullaghwotragh
Best, David L: Mullaghglass
Biggar, Anne L: Kilmascally
Biggar, Thomas L: Kilmascally
Biggar, William L: Killywoolaghan
Biggar, William L: Tamnavally
Bleeks, Jervis L: Gortigal
Bleeks, John L: Elagh
Bleeks, Margaret L: Killycolpy
Bleeks, William L: Killycolpy
Boden, John L: Killycolpy
Booth, Benjamin L: Ballymaguire
Booth, George L: Elagh
Booth, George L: Killymenagh
Booth, James L: Elagh
Booth, James L: Killygonlan
Booth, John L: Killymenagh
Booth, Margaret L: Elagh
Boyd, Jane L: Ballynafeagh
Boylan, Michael L: Drumenny Stewart
Bradley, Hugh L: Annaghmore
Bradley, Jno L: Anneeter Beg N: Thatcher
Bradley, Jno. L: Anneeter Beg N: Thatcher
Bradley, John L: Annaghmore
Bradley, John L: Annaghmore N: Anneeter
Bradley, John L: Annaghmore N: Thatcher
Bradley, John L: Anneeter Beg N: William
Bradley, John L: Anneeter Beg N: Wm
Bradley, John L: Killywoolaghan
Bradley, John L: Tamlaghtmore
Bradley, Patrick L: Tamnavally
Bradly, Sarah L: Trickvallen
Brady, Anthony L: Killywoolaghan
Brady, Edw. L: Killywoolaghan
Brady, James L: Killycolpy
Brady, James L: Killywoolaghan
Brady, John L: Killywoolaghan
Brady, Mark L: Killywoolaghan
Brady, Thomas L: Killywoolaghan
Breen, Michael L: Ballymurphy
Brennan, John L: Annaghmore
Brennan, Margaret L: Kinrush
Brennan, Mark L: Annaghmore
Brennan, Patrick L: Annaghmore
Brennan, Teague L: Annaghmore
Brennan, Teague L: Anneeter Beg
Brown, Andrew L: Aghacolumb
Brown, John L: Tamlaghtmore
Brown, William L: Tamlaghtmore
Browne, Neilson L: Killycolpy
Bryson, Robert L: Sessia
Burns, James L: Killywoolaghan
Campbell, Anne L: Killygonlan
Campbell, Charles L: Cluntoe Quin
Campbell, Charles L: Sessia
Campbell, Daniel L: Sessia
Campbell, Francis L: Ballymurphy
Campbell, Francis L: Farsnagh
Campbell, Henry L: Farsnagh
Campbell, Henry L: Sessia
Campbell, Hugh L: Killywoolaghan
Campbell, James L: Anneeter More
Campbell, Jane L: Killygonlan
Campbell, John L: Gortnagwyg
Campbell, Joseph L: Farsnagh
Campbell, Joseph L: Sessia
Campbell, Mary L: Elagh
Campbell, Michael L: Kinturk
Campbell, Michl. L: Sessia
Campbell, Michl, Jr. L: Sessia
Campbell, Michl, Sr. L: Sessia
Campbell, Patrick L: Anneeter More
Campbell, Patrick L: Killygonlan
Campbell, Sarah L: Sessia
Campbell, William L: Sessia
Canavan, Charles L: Drumenny Conygham
Canavan, Charles L: Killycolpy
Canavan, Francis L: Killycolpy
Canavan, Francis L: Killywoolaghan
Canavan, Hugh L: Carnan
Canavan, James L: Carnan
Canavan, James L: Killycolpy
Canavan, John L: Killycolpy
Canavan, John L: Killywoolaghan
Canavan, Joseph L: Carnan
Canavan, Margaret L: Killycolpy
Canavan, Michael L: Drumenny Conygham
Carberry, Thomas L: Killywoolaghan
Carn, Susan L: Tamnavally
Carr, John L: Brookend
Carr, Philip L: Feagh
Carr, William L: Killygonlan
Carron, Peter L: Trickvallen
Cassidy, Bernard L: Cluntoe
Cassidy, Felix L: Cluntoe
Cassidy, Felix L: Killymenagh
Cassidy, Francis L: Cluntoe
Cassidy, Isabella L: Annaghmore
Cassidy, James L: Cluntoe
Cassidy, James L: Drumenny Stewart
Cassidy, John L: Cluntoe
Cassidy, John L: Drumenny Conygham
Cassidy, John L: Kinrush
Cassidy, John L: Kinturk
Caulfield, James A. L: Killycolpy
Cavanagh, James L: Killycolpy
Chambers, John L: Ballymaguire
Cheevers, John L: Tamlaghtmore
Chichester O Neill, Rev. W. L: Mullanahoe
Christie, John L: Gortnagwyg
Clarke, Catherine L: Lurgyroe
Clarke, Joseph L: Mullanahoe
Clarke, Robert L: Elagh
Coleman, Stewart L: Lurgyroe
Collins, Anne L: Drumenny Stewart
Collins, Thomas L: Ballynargan
Coney, Andrew L: Killycanavan Upper
Coney, Margaret L: Ballymurphy
Coney, Neal L: Killycanavan Upper
Conlan, Elizabeth L: Farsnagh
Conlan, Hugh L: Anneeter More
Conlan, Hugh L: Kinrush
Conlan, John L: Kinrush
Conlan, John L: Mullanahoe
Conlan, Thomas L: Anneeter More
Connelly, Thomas L: Killycolpy
Connolly, Felix L: Cluntoe
Connolly, Francis L: Cluntoe
Connolly, John L: Cluntoe
Connolly, John L: Kinrush
Conway, Michael L: Elagh
Corr, Bernard L: Anneeter Beg
Corr, Bernard L: Farsnagh
Corr, Bernard L: Kilmascally
Corr, Charles L: Drumenny Conygham
Corr, Denis L: Drumhubbert
Corr, Francis L: Annaghmore
Corr, Francis L: Sessia
Corr, Hugh L: Kilmascally
Corr, James L: Brookend
Corr, James L: Kilmascally
Corr, John L: Anneeter Beg
Corr, Joseph L: Drumenny Conygham
Corr, Joseph L: Drumhubbert
Corr, Joseph L: Sessia
Corr, Patrick L: Dromore
Corr, Patrick L: Drumhubbert
Corr, Patrick L: Kinturk
Corr, Thomas L: Kilmascally
Coscoran, Bernard L: Aghacolumb
Coscoran, Patrick L: Aghacolumb
Coscoran, Peter L: Aghacolumb
Cosgrove, Luke L: Mullaghglass
Cosgrove, Mary L: Annaghmore
Costello, Catherine L: Drumenny Conygham
Cowan, John L: Ballynargan
Cowan, Robert L: Sessia
Coyle, Daniel L: Farsnagh
Coyle, James L: Farsnagh
Coyle, John L: Farsnagh
Coyle, Martha L: Farsnagh
Creehan, Sarah L: Farsnagh
Creighton, James L: Mullaghglass
Creighton, Samuel L: Elagh
Creighton, Samuel L: Mullaghglass
Crozier, George L: Cluntoe
Crozier, James L: Cluntoe
Curry, Henry L: Carnan
Daly, Bernard L: Kinrush
Daly, John L: Mullaghwotragh
Deehan, John L: Drumenny Conygham
Devlin, Alexander L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Anne L: Kinrush
Devlin, Anne. S. L: Lurgyroe
Devlin, Anthony L: Anneeter More
Devlin, Archibald L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Archibald L: Kinrush
Devlin, Archibald L: Mullanahoe N: Owen
Devlin, Arthur L: Lurgyroe
Devlin, Bernard L: Drumenny Conygham
Devlin, Bernard L: Killycanavan Upper
Devlin, Bernard L: Kinrush
Devlin, Bridget L: Cluntoe Quin
Devlin, Catherine L: Killycanavan Lower
Devlin, Charles L: Kinrush
Devlin, Cornelius L: Elagh
Devlin, Daniel L: Cluntoe Quin
Devlin, Daniel L: Kinrush
Devlin, Dudley L: Drumenny Conygham N: Wheelwright
Devlin, Dudley L: Drumenny Stewart
Devlin, Dudley L: Killygonlan
Devlin, Dudley L: Kinrush
Devlin, Edward L: Killygonlan
Devlin, Edward L: Kinrush
Devlin, Edwd L: Mullanahoe N: Stewart
Devlin, Francis L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Francis L: Ardean
Devlin, Francis L: Farsnagh
Devlin, Francis L: Lurgyroe
Devlin, Henry L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Henry L: Drumenny Conygham
Devlin, Henry L: Drumenny Stewart
Devlin, Henry L: Drumhubbert
Devlin, Henry L: Killygonlan
Devlin, Henry L: Mullanahoe N: More
Devlin, Hugh L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Hugh L: Annaghmore N: More
Devlin, Hugh L: Ardean
Devlin, Hugh L: Ardean N: More
Devlin, Hugh L: Drumard
Devlin, Hugh L: Kinrush
Devlin, Hugh L: Mullanahoe N: Hudy
Devlin, Hugh L: Sessia
Devlin, Hugh L: Trickvallen
Devlin, James L: Annaghmore
Devlin, James L: Ardean
Devlin, James L: Cluntoe Quin
Devlin, James L: Drumenny Srewart
Devlin, James L: Drumenny Stewart
Devlin, James L: Drumenny Stewart N: Culla
Devlin, James L: Drumhubbert
Devlin, James L: Killygonlan
Devlin, James L: Kinrush
Devlin, James L: Mullanahoe N: Roger
Devlin, James L: Trickvallen
Devlin, Jas. L: Kinrush
Devlin, John L: Anneeter Beg
Devlin, John L: Anneeter More
Devlin, John L: Ardean
Devlin, John L: Drumenny Stewart
Devlin, John L: Elagh
Devlin, John L: Gortnagwyg
Devlin, John L: Killygonlan
Devlin, John L: Killymenagh
Devlin, John L: Kilmascally
Devlin, John L: Kinrush
Devlin, Rep. John L: Kinrush
Devlin, John L: Mullanahoe N: Boy
Devlin, John L: Mullanahoe N: Edward
Devlin, John L: Sessia
Devlin, John L: Tamlaghtmore
Devlin, John L: Tamnavally
Devlin, John L: Trickvallen
Devlin, John, Jr. L: Mullanahoe
Devlin, John, Sr. L: Drumenny Stewart
Devlin, John, Sr. L: Mullanahoe
Devlin, Joseph L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Joseph L: Anneeter More
Devlin, Joseph L: Cluntoe
Devlin, Laur L: Mullanahoe N: Owen
Devlin, Laurence L: Mullanahoe N: More
Devlin, Margaret L: Dromore
Devlin, Margaret L: Mullanahoe
Devlin, Mark L: Trickvallen
Devlin, Mary L: Dromore
Devlin, Mary L: Drumenny Conygham N: Of the Bridge
Devlin, Mary L: Killymenagh
Devlin, Mary L: Kinrush
Devlin, Matthew L: Drumenny Conygham
Devlin, Michael L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Michael L: Mullanahoe N: More
Devlin, Michl L: Mullanahoe N: Owen
Devlin, Neal L: Drumard
Devlin, Neal L: Kinrush
Devlin, Neal L: Lurgyroe
Devlin, Owen L: Aghacolumb
Devlin, Owen L: Mullanahoe N: Stewart
Devlin, Patk L: Mullanahoe N: Banker
Devlin, Patk L: Mullanahoe N: Hudy
Devlin, Patrick L: Aghacolumb
Devlin, Patrick L: Ardean
Devlin, Patrick L: Cluntoe Quin
Devlin, Patrick L: Drumenny Conygham
Devlin, Patrick L: Killygonlan
Devlin, Patrick L: Kinrush
Devlin, Patrick L: Lurgyroe
Devlin, Patrick L: Sessia
Devlin, Patrick L: Tamnavally
Devlin, Paul L: Lurgyroe
Devlin, Peter L: Drumenny Stewart N: Carpenter
Devlin, Philip L: Annaghmore
Devlin, Philip L: Ardean
Devlin, Philip L: Kinrush
Devlin, Robert L: Killygonlan
Devlin, Roger L: Lurgyroe
Devlin, Sarah L: Kinrush
Devlin, Susan L: Ardean
Devlin, Susan L: Mullanahoe
Devlin, Terence L: Trickvallen
Devlin, Thomas L: Drumhubbert
Devlin, Thomas L: Mullanahoe N: Gast
Devlin, Thos L: Mullanahoe N: Gast
Devlin, William L: Sessia
Devlin, Winifred L: Killygonlan
Dillon, John L: Farsnagh
Dillon, Mary L: Farsnagh
Donaghy, Arthur L: Annaghmore
Donaghy, Bernard L: Ballymurphy
Donaghy, Bernard L: Kilmascally
Donaghy, Bridget L: Killycanavan Lower
Donaghy, Charles L: Killygonlan
Donaghy, Elizabeth L: Kinrush
Donaghy, Henry L: Lurgyroe
Donaghy, James L: Ardean
Donaghy, James L: Dromore
Donaghy, John L: Sessia
Donaghy, Michael L: Ardean
Donaghy, Sarah L: Lurgyroe
Donaghy, William L: Ballymurphy
Donnell, Michael L: Farsnagh
Donnelly, Charles L: Carnan
Donnelly, Charles L: Killymenagh
Donnelly, Daniel L: Brookend
Donnelly, Daniel L: Killycanavan Upper
Donnelly, Daniel L: Mullanahoe
Donnelly, Felix L: Ballymurphy
Donnelly, James L: Elagh
Donnelly, James, Jr. L: Killymenagh
Donnelly, James, Sr. L: Killymenagh
Donnelly, John L: Ballymurphy
Donnelly, John L: Carnan
Donnelly, John L: Killygonlan
Donnelly, John L: Killymenagh
Donnelly, John, Sr. L: Killymenagh
Donnelly, Laurence L: Killymenagh
Donnelly, Margaret L: Dromore
Donnelly, Mary Anne L: Carnan
Donnelly, Michael L: Farsnagh
Doolin, Jas. L: Drumenny Conyngham N: Of the Lane
Doolin, Neal L: Drumenny Stewart
Doorish, Charles L: Killycanavan Lower
Doorish, Daniel L: Farsnagh
Doorish, Hugh L: Farsnagh
Doorish, James L: Farsnagh
Doorish, Jane L: Farsnagh
Doorish, John L: Kinrush
Doorish, Martha L: Farsnagh
Doorish, Mary L: Kinrush
Doorish, Owen L: Farsnagh
Doorish, Patrick L: Farsnagh
Doorish, Patrick L: Kilmascally
Doorish, Thomas L: Sessia
Dorian, Bridget L: Aghacolumb
Dorian, Daniel L: Aghacolumb
Dorian, Hugh L: Aghacolumb
Dormon, William L: Carnan
Doyle, Pk L: Drumenny Stewart
Drum, Bernard L: Drumenny Stewart
Drum, Terence L: Drumenny Stewart
Duff, William L: Drumenny Conygham
Duff, William L: Drumenny Stewart
Duffin, Bernard L: Drumenny Conygham
Duffin, Hugh L: Trickvallen
Duffin, James L: Trickvallen
Duffin, John L: Elagh
Duffin, Mary L: Elagh
Duffin, Mary L: Killymenagh
Duffin, Patrick L: Trickvallen
Duffin, Terence L: Trickvallen
Duffy, James, Jr. L: Carnan
Duffy, James, Jr. L: Stuart Hall
Duffy, James, Sr. L: Carnan
Dunne, Sarah L: Ballymaguire
Edmund, Samuel L: Killywoolaghan
Elder, John L: Dromore
Elder, John L: Elagh
Elliott, John L: Mullaghwotragh
Espy, Rachel L: Mullaghglass
Evans, John L: Brookend
Farr, Ezekiel L: Killycolpy
Farrell, Elizabeth L: Brookend
Farrell, Francis L: Kilmascally
Farrell, Matthew L: Brookend
Farrell, Robert L: Tamnavally
Farrell, Thomas L: Brookend
Ferguson, John L: Mullaghglass
Ferguson, Margaret L: Killymenagh
Ferguson, Mary Anne L: Aghacolumb
Forbes, Robert L: Drumenny Conygham
Forbes, William L: Cluntoe Quin
Forbes, William L: Drumenny Conygham
French, Aaron L: Farsnagh
Fry, Isaac L: Tamlaghtmore
Fry, Samuel L: Tamlaghtmore
Fullan, Jane L: Kinrush
Fullan, Jane L: Sessia
Gass, Sarah L: Dromore
Gerahty, Rev. James L: Tamnavally
Gibson, Thomas L: Carnan
Gillespie, Isabella L: Trickvallen
Gillis, James L: Dromore
Gillis, John L: Dromore
Gillis, Mary L: Dromore
Gilmore, Daniel L: Kinrush
Gilmore, Jane L: Drumenny Srewart
Glacken, Francis L: Drumard
Glacken, Hugh L: Drumard
Glacken, John L: Drumard
Glasgow, John L: Ballynargan
Gourley, James L: Killycolpy
Graham, Constantine L: Killymenagh
Graham, James L: Killycolpy
Graham, John L: Ballynafeagh
Graham, John L: Elagh
Graham, Matthew L: Elagh
Graham, Michael L: Cluntoe Quin
Gray, Eliza L: Ballynargan
Grimes, Jane L: Annaghmore
Guinness, Samuel L: Killywoolaghan
Gunning, James L: Killycolpy
Hagan, Arthur L: Carnan
Hagan, Arthur L: Drumenny Conygham
Hagan, Charles L: Drumenny Conygham
Hagan, Daniel L: Drumenny Conygham
Hagan, Daniel L: Killycanavan Upper
Hagan, Edward L: Drumenny Conygham
Hagan, Francis L: Anneeter More
Hagan, Henry L: Drumenny Conygham N: Wee
Hagan, Henry L: Sessia
Hagan, Henry, Sr. L: Drumenny Conygham N: Or Ned
Hagan, James L: Anneeter Beg N: Farmer
Hagan, James L: Anneeter Beg N: Mason
Hagan, James L: Killywoolaghan
Hagan, James L: Lurgyroe
Hagan, John L: Anneeter Beg
Hagan, John L: Killycanavan Lower
Hagan, John L: Killycanavan Upper
Hagan, John L: Kilmascally
Hagan, John L: Lurgyroe
Hagan, John, Sr. L: Drumenny Conygham N: Or Humphrey
Hagan, Michael L: Drumenny Conygham
Hagan, Michael L: Trickvallen
Hagan, Patrick L: Drumennt Conygham
Hagan, Patrick L: Drumenny Stewart
Hagan, Patrick L: Killycanavan Upper
Hamill, Joseph L: Carnan
Hamill, Margaret L: Carnan
Hamilton, Alexander L: Stuart Hall
Hamilton, Henry L: Tamlaghtmore N: Dunbar
Hamilton, Henry, Sr. L: Tamlaghtmore
Hamilton, Hugh L: Tamlaghtmore
Hamilton, Isabella L: Tamlaghtmore
Hamilton, James L: Dromore
Hamilton, James L: Killymenagh
Hamilton, Jane L: Tamlaghtmore
Hamilton, John L: Ballymaguire
Hamilton, John L: Brookend
Hamilton, John L: Tamlaghtmore
Hamilton, Robert L: Dromore
Hamilton, Robert L: Elagh
Hamilton, Robert L: Tamlaghtmore
Hamilton, Thomas L: Gortigal
Hamilton, William, Sr. L: Tamlaghtmore
Hamilton, Wm., Jr. L: Tamlaghtmore
Hannon, James L: Cluntoe Quin
Hannon, James L: Kinrush
Hannon, John L: Kinrush
Hannon, Michael L: Kinrush
Hannon, Owen L: Kinrush
Hannon, Susan L: Kinrush
Harbison, Adam L: Dromore
Harkness, Andrew, Jr. L: Mullaghwotragh
Harkness, John L: Drumenny Stewart
Harkness, John, Sr. L: Mmullaghwotragh
Henderson, Ellen L: Carnan
Henderson, Thomas L: Killymenagh
Henry, Benjamin L: Lurgyroe
Henry, James L: Killycolpy
Henry, James L: Killywoolaghan
Henry, James L: Lurgyroe
Henry, James L: Trickvallen
Henry, John L: Anneeter Beg
Henry, John L: Dromore
Henry, John L: Killywoolaghan
Henry, John L: Kinrush
Henry, John L: Lurgyroe
Henry, John L: Mullanahoe
Henry, Thomas L: Drumenny Conygham
Henry, Thomas L: Lurgyroe
Henry, William L: Kinrush
Higgins, Patrick L: Brookend
Hnery, Hugh L: Trickvallen
Hodge, Mary L: Anneeter Beg
Hogg, Courtney L: Tamlaghtmore
Hogg, Rachel L: Tamlaghtmore
Holland, Charles L: Mullanahoe
Holmes, Rev. Robert L: Ballynargan
Hunter, James L: Carnan
Hunter, Letitia L: Kinrush
Hunter, Thomas L: Killymenagh
Hutton, Richard L: Tamlaghtmore
Irwin, Thomas L: Killymenagh
Johnston, George L: Elagh
Judge, Hugh L: Carnan
Judge, James L: Carnan
Judge, John L: Carnan
Judge, John, Jr. L: Carnan
Junk, Robert L: Ballynafeagh
Junk, Robert L: Feagh
Junk, Robert L: Gortigal
Junk, Robert L: Mullaghglass
Junk, Thomas L: Gortigal
Keelan, William L: Killycolpy
Keenan, John L: Elagh
Keightley, Stewart L: Mullanahoe
Kelly, Alexander L: Dromore
Kelly, Arthur L: Dromore
Kelly, Catherine L: Killycolpy
Kelly, Daniel L: Dromore
Kelly, Felix L: Dromore
Kelly, Francis L: Sessia
Kelly, James L: Carnan
Kelly, John L: Cluntoe
Kelly, John L: Eary Lower
Kelly, Michael L: Carnan
Kelly, Patrick L: Ardean
Kelly, Patrick L: Killymenagh
Kelly, Thomas L: Eary Lower
Kennedy, Daniel L: Dromore
Kennedy, Robert L: Carnan
Kievnahan, Patrick L: Dromore
Kimmons, Catherine L: Carnan
Kitly, Margaret L: Anneeter Beg
Knightley, Stuart L: Killycanavan Upper
Lammon, John L: Elagh
Lapsley, Mary Anne, Jr. L: Brookend
Lapsley, Maryanne L: Brookend
Lapsley, William L: Aghacolumb
Lapsley, William L: Killywoolaghan
Lapsley, William L: Tamnavally
Laverty, Bernard, Jr. L: Elagh
Laverty, Bernard, Sr. L: Elagh
Laverty, Charles L: Killymenagh
Laverty, John L: Elagh
Laverty, John L: Trickvallen
Laverty, Neal L: Elagh
Laverty, Thomas L: Elagh
Laverty, Thomas L: Trickvallen
Lavery, Bernard L: Drumenny Conygham
Lavery, William John L: Drumenny Conygham
Lawernce, John L: Brookend
Ledley, George L: Mullaghwotragh
Leonard, Samuel L: Gortnagwyg
Linny, Bernard L: Killycolpy
Linny, Hugh L: Carnan
Little, John L: Drumard
Little, John L: Drumhubbert
Little, Thomas L: Killycolpy
Lynd, John L: Sessia
Lynd, Patrick L: Sessia
Lynn, John L: Kinturk
Lynn, William L: Annaghmore
M Camly, Sarah L: Mullaghwotragh
M Cartney, Andrew L: Drumenny Stewart
M Cartney, William L: Drumenny Stewart
M Grath, Daniel L: Drumenny Stewart
M Keever, Patrick L: Mullaghwotragh
M Mullan, Mary L: Mullaghwotragh
Mackey, Rev. David L: Killycolpy
Mackey, John L: Brookend N: Trustees
Mackey, John L: Elagh N: Trustees
Mackey, John L: Killymenagh N: Trustees
Mackey, John L: Killywoolaghan N: Trustees
Madden, Michael L: Ballymurphy
Magee, Catherine L: Kinrush
Magee, Henry L: Trickvallen
Maguire, Thomas L: Carnan
Mallaghan, Francis L: Cluntoe Quin
Mallow, John L: Drumenny Conygham
Maneely, Hugh L: Ballymaguire
Maneely, James L: Dromore
Maneely, James L: Tamlaghtmore
Maneely, Joseph L: Tamlaghtmore
Maneely, Robert L: Dromore
Maquade, John L: Aghacolumb
March, Isaiah L: Killywoolaghan
March, Uriah L: Aghacolumb
Marks, Charlotte L: Kinturk
Marks, John L: Drumenny Conygham
Marks, John L: Mullaghglass
Marshall, Anne L: Drumard
Marshall, James L: Ballymaguire
Marshall, Robert L: Ballymaguire
Marshall, William L: Tamlaghtmore
Martin, George L: Carnan
Martin, Gilbert L: Carnan
Martin, James L: Mullaghglass
Martin, Jeremiah L: Brookend
Martin, John L: Brookend
Martin, Patrick L: Kinrush
Matthews, John L: Killycolpy
Maurice, Owen L: Killygonlan
Maxwell, Anne L: Aghacolumb
Maxwell, Robert W. L: Killygonlan
Mcaleer, Matthew L: Killycolpy
Mcaleer, Robert L: Carnan
Mcallister, Charles L: Aghacolumb
Mcallister, Isabella L: Killywoolaghan
Mcallister, John L: Aghacolumb
Mcallister, Luke L: Tamnavally
Mcanulty, John L: Killycolpy
Mcartney, Andrew L: Mullaghwotragh
Mcartney, William L: Mullaghwotragh
Mcataggart, Hugh L: Killywoolaghan
McAtaggart, Margaret L: Anneeter More
Mcbride, Andrew L: Dromore
McBride, Andrew L: Tamlaghtmore
McBride, Bernard L: Mullaghglass
McBride, Bernard L: Tamlaghtmore
Mccan, Arthur L: Cluntoe Quin
McCan, Joseph L: Annaghmore
Mccann, Andrew L: Carnan
Mccann, George L: Carnan
Mccann, George L: Killycolpy
McCann, James L: Carnan
Mccann, Jane L: Kinrush
Mccann, John L: Killycolpy
Mccann, Letitia L: Dromore
Mccann, Margaret L: Aghacolumb
Mccann, Mary L: Kinrush
Mccann, Sarah L: Cluntoe
Mccann, Thomas L: Carnan
McClay, James L: Drumenny Stewart
McConnell, William L: Tamlaghtmore
McCord, James L: Dromore
Mccord, James L: Gortnagwyg
Mccord, John L: Dromore
Mccord, Samuel L: Ballynargan
McCord, Thomas L: Ballymaguire
Mccrawford, Robert L: Ballymaguire
Mccreight, Rep. Daniel L: Drumard
Mccullagh, Benjamin L: Ballymaguire
Mccullagh, Charles L: Killycolpy
Mccullagh, Geo. L: Dromore N: Lodgers
Mccullagh, George L: Dromore
McCullagh, John L: Annaghmore
Mccullagh, John L: Annaghmore
Mccullagh, John L: Sessia
Mccullagh, Mary L: Killycolpy
McCullagh, Patrick L: Annaghmore
Mccullagh, Patrick L: Annaghmore
Mcdonnell, Alexander L: Killycolpy
Mcdonnell, Archibald L: Carnan
McDonnell, James L: Carnan
Mcdonnell, John L: Carnan
Mcdonnell, William L: Carnan
McEldoon, John L: Anneeter Beg
Mcerlane, Hugh L: Killygonlan
Mcerlane, James L: Kilmascally
Mcerlane, James L: Kinrush
Mcerlane, Mary L: Tamnavally
McErlane, Matthew L: Mullanahoe
McGaw, William L: Drumard
Mcgeary, Ellen L: Kinrush
Mcgeary, William L: Kinrush
Mcguckian, Thomas L: Farsnagh
McGuckin, Anthony L: Kinturk
Mcguckin, George L: Kilmascally
Mcguckin, James L: Killycanavan Lower
Mcguckin, James L: Kinrush
McGuckin, Paul L: Kinturk
Mcguckin, Sarah L: Killycanavan Lower
Mcguckin, Thomas L: Killycanavan Lower
McGuckin, Thomas L: Lurgyroe
McGuckin, William L: Annaghmore
Mcguiggan, Charles L: Killywoolaghan
McGuiggan, Francis L: Killycanavan Upper
Mcguiggan, Francis L: Killywoolaghan
McGuiggan, Francis L: Mullaghglass
Mcguiggan, Henry L: Killywoolaghan
McGuiggan, Henry L: Mullaghglass
Mcguiggan, Isaac L: Killywoolaghan
Mcguiggan, James L: Killywoolaghan
Mcguiggan, John L: Dromore
Mcguiggan, John L: Killywoolaghan
Mcguiggan, John L: Kilmascally
McGuiggan, John L: Lurgyroe
McGuiggan, John L: Mullaghglass
Mcguiggan, Mary L: Dromore
Mcguiggan, Sarah L: Killywoolaghan
McGuiggan, Thomas L: Lurgyroe
McGurk, Francis L: Annaghmore
McIiroy, Edward L: Lurgyroe
Mcilderry, Charles L: Farsnagh
McIldoon, Bernard L: Elagh
Mcilhone, Henry L: Trickvallen
Mcilree, Andrew L: Dromore
Mcilroy, Terence L: Killymenagh
Mcilroy, William L: Killycanavan Lower
Mcilvanna, Felix L: Killywoolaghan
Mcilvanna, John L: Kinrush
Mcilvanna, Patrick L: Ballymurphy
McIntire, Samuel L: Sessia
Mcintyre, Anne L: Eary Lower
Mcintyre, Archibald L: Killymenagh
McKee, Hugh L: Drumenny Stewart
McKee, John L: Anneeter Beg
Mckee, John L: Anneeter Beg
McKee, John L: Kinturk N: Black
McKee, John L: Kinturk N: Fanny
McKee, Michael L: Annaghmore
Mckee, Michael L: Annaghmore
McKee, Patrick L: Kinturk
McKee, Terence L: Kinturk
Mckeever, Catherine L: Ballymurphy
Mckeever, John L: Killygonlan
McKeever, Michael L: Anneeter Beg
McKeever, Patrick L: Mullanahoe
Mckenna, Robert L: Kinrush
Mckeon, Alexander L: Carnan
Mckeon, Anne L: Trickvallen
Mckeon, Arthur L: Tamnavally
Mckeon, Charles L: Cluntoe Quin
Mckeon, Daniel L: Kinrush
Mckeon, George L: Kinrush
Mckeon, Henry L: Ballymurphy
Mckeon, Hugh L: Killywoolaghan
Mckeon, Hugh L: Mullaghglass
Mckeon, Isabella L: Trickvallen
Mckeon, John L: Ballymurphy
Mckeon, John L: Killygonlan
Mckeon, John L: Kinrush
Mckeon, Mary L: Ballymurphy
Mckeon, Patrick L: Tamnavally
Mckeon, William L: Kinturk
Mckeown, Joseph L: Aghacolumb
McKeown, Robert L: Tamlaghtmore
Mckibben, James L: Gortigal
Mckibben, William L: Gortigal
McLarnon, Patrick L: Kinturk
McLernen, James L: Killymenagh
McLernon, Joseph L: Anneeter More
McLernon, Sarah L: Anneeter More
Mcmanus, Andrew L: Carnan
Mcmanus, Hugh L: Killycolpy
Mcmanus, John L: Gortnagwyg
McMillen, Daniel L: Lurgyroe
McMurdy, Thomas L: Carnan
Mcnally, Arthur L: Killywoolaghan
Mcnally, Bernard L: Killywoolaghan
McNally, James L: Annaghmore
Mcnally, James L: Annaghmore
Mcnally, James L: Killycanavan Lower
McNally, James L: Killywoolaghan
Mcnally, James L: Killywoolaghan
Mcnally, John L: Annaghmore
McNally, John L: Annaghmore N: Bailiff
McNally, John L: Annaghmore N: Farmer
Mcnally, John L: Killywoolaghan
McNally, Joseph L: Annaghmore
Mcnally, Joseph L: Annaghmore
McNally, Patrick L: Annaghmore
Mcnally, Patrick L: Killywoolaghan
McNally, Peter L: Annaghmore
Mcneece, Rev. James L: Trickvallen
Mcneece, Rev. Thos. L: Aghacolumb
Mcpherson, Archibald L: Carnan
Mcquade, Margaret L: Aghacolumb
Mcquillan, Catherine L: Kinrush
McReynolds, Anthony L: Ballynargan
Mcreynolds, Martha L: Dromore
Mcreynolds, Samuel L: Carnan
Mcreynolds, Samuel L: Dromore
Mcreynolds, Samuel L: Feagh
McReynolds, Thomas L: Ballymaguire
Mcreynolds, Thomas L: Mullaghglass
Mcshane, Anne L: Carnan
Mcshane, Anne L: Killycolpy
Mcshane, Bridget L: Killycolpy
Mcshane, James L: Killycolpy
McShane, John L: Mullanahoe
McSloy, Bernard L: Cluntoe Quin
McSloy, Hugh L: Drumenny
Mcsloy, Hugh L: Drumenny Conygham
Mcsloy, James L: Drumenny Conygham
McSloy, James L: Drumenny Stewart
Mcsloy, James L: Trickvallen
Mcsloy, Letitia L: Trickvallen
Mcsloy, Mary L: Drumenny Conygham
McSloy, Patrick L: Annaghmore
Mcsloy, Patrick L: Annaghmore
McSloy, Patrick L: Anneeter More
McStravig, Isabella L: Sessia
Mcstravig, Isabella L: Sessia
McStravig, Mary L: Sessia
Mcstravig, Mary L: Sessia
Mctaggart, John L: Dromore
Mctaggart, Patrick L: Dromore
Mctaggart, Patrick L: Killycolpy
Mctaggart, Sarah L: Drumard
Mcteague, Charles L: Killycolpy
McVeagh, Francis L: Kinturk
McVeagh, George L: Mullaghglass
McVeagh, James L: Mullaghglass
Mcveagh, John L: Ballymaguire
Mcveagh, John L: Kilmascally
McVeagh, John L: Mullaghglass
Mcveagh, Robert L: Mullaghglass
Mcveagh, Thomas L: Elagh
Mcvey, William L: Killygonlan
Means, Charles L: Killycanavan Upper
Means, Charles L: Lurgyroe
Means, Daniel L: Lurgyroe
Means, Edward L: Killycanavan Upper
Means, Isaac L: Ballynafeagh
Means, Isaac L: Gortigal
Means, James L: Lurgyroe
Means, John L: Killycanavan Upper
Means, John L: Lurgyroe
Means, Terence L: Killycanavan Upper
Meenagh, Henry L: Killycolpy
Meenagh, John L: Killycolpy
Mehaffy, James L: Gortigal
Mehaffy, John L: Gortigal
Mehaffy, Sarah L: Gortigal
Mellon, Henry L: Tamnavally
Mellon, Hugh L: Kilmascally
Mellon, James L: Carnan
Mellon, James L: Drumenny Conygham
Mellon, John L: Carnan
Mellon, John L: Drumenny Conygham
Mellon, John L: Mullaghwotragh
Mellon, John L: Mullanahoe
Mellon, John L: Trickvallen
Mellon, Joseph L: Tamnavally
Mellon, Patrick L: Aghacolumb
Mellon, Patrick L: Killywoolaghan
Mellon, Thomas L: Carnan
Miller, John L: Ballynargan
Miller, John L: Brookend
Miller, Thomas L: Killywoolaghan
Mitchell, Mary L: Ballymurphy
Mitchell, Robert L: Feagh
Mkeever, Hugh L: Mullaghwotragh
Moffett, Elizabath L: Mullaghwotragh
Molloy, John L: Carnan
Montague, Rev. Chas. L: Brookend
Montague, Sarah L: Kinrush
Mooney, Ellen L: Drumenny Conygham
Mooney, James L: Drumenny Conygham
Mooney, John L: Drumenny Conygham
Mooney, John L: Drumenny Stewart
Mooney, Patrick L: Drumenny Conygham
Mooney, Ptk L: Anneeter Beg N: Drumeeny
Mooney, Ptk. L: Anneeter Beg N: Drumeeny
Morris, John L: Dromore
Muldoon, James L: Anneeter Beg
Muldoon, John L: Anneeter Beg
Muldoon, Johnick L: Anneeter Beg
Muldoon, Sarah L: Ballymurphy
Mulholland, Bridget L: Mullaghglass
Mulholland, Catherine L: Carnan
Mulholland, Catherine L: Mullaghglass
Mulholland, John L: Aghacolumb
Mulholland, John L: Killywoolaghan
Mulholland, Margaret L: Mullaghglass
Mullan, Catherine L: Mullaghglass
Mullan, Charles L: Cluntoe
Mullan, Charles L: Drumenny Stewart
Mullan, Charles L: Mullaghwotragh
Mullan, James L: Kinrush
Mullan, Michael L: Kinrush
Mullen, Hugh L: Brookend
Mullen, William L: Killycanavan Lower
Murphy, Robert L: Carnan
Murphy, Robert L: Feagh
Murray, Hugh L: Annaghmore
Murray, Hugh L: Drumenny Conygham
Murray, Hughr L: Annaghmore
Nc Nally, Peter L: Annaghmore
Neill, George L: Mullaghwotragh
Neill, William L: Drumenny Conygham
Newton, Robert L: Sessia
Norris, George L: Aghacolumb
Norris, James L: Tamlaghtmore
Norris, John L: Tamlaghtmore
Norris, Robert L: Mullaghglass
O'Donnell, John L: Killycolpy
Ohara, Bernard L: Aghacolumb
Ohara, Daniel L: Aghacolumb
Ohara, Henry L: Aghacolumb
Ohara, Honor L: Aghacolumb
Ohara, John L: Aghacolumb
Ohara, Mary L: Aghacolumb
Ohara, Michael L: Aghacolumb
O'Neill, Alexander L: Drumenny Conygham
O'Neill, Bernard L: Dromore
O'Neill, Bernard L: Killygonlan
O'Neill, Bernard L: Killygonlan N: Moss
O'Neill, Bernard L: Killymenagh
O'Neill, Bernard L: Killywoolaghan
O'Neill, Charles L: Killycolpy
O'Neill, Charles L: Killygonlan
O'Neill, Charles L: Trickvallen
O'Neill, Edward L: Mullanahoe
O'Neill, Francis L: Annaghmore
O'Neill, Francis L: Killywoolaghan
O'Neill, Henry L: Annaghmore
O'Neill, Henry L: Cluntoe
O'Neill, Henry L: Killycolpy
O'Neill, Henry L: Killygonlan
O'Neill, Henry L: Killywoolaghan
O'Neill, Hugh L: Ardean
O'Neill, Hugh L: Killywoolaghan
O'Neill, Isabella L: Mullanahoe
O'Neill, James L: Killywoolaghan
O'Neill, James L: Kilmascally
O'Neill, Jane L: Brookend
O'Neill, John L: Aghacolumb
O'Neill, John L: Annaghmore
O'Neill, John L: Ballymurphy
O'Neill, John L: Cluntoe
O'Neill, John L: Killycolpy
O'Neill, John L: Killygonlan
O'Neill, John L: Killywoolaghan
O'Neill, John L: Kinrush
O'Neill, John L: Lurgyroe
O'Neill, John L: Trickvallen
O'Neill, Lewis L: Kilmascally
O'Neill, Luke L: Killycolpy
O'Neill, Michael L: Mullanahoe
O'Neill, Neal L: Aghacolumb
O'Neill, Neal L: Brookend
O'Neill, Patrick L: Drumard
O'Neill, Patrick L: Killygonlan
O'Neill, Patrick L: Mullanahoe
O'Neill, Peter L: Mullanahoe
O'Neill, Sarah L: Killygonlan
O'Neill, Susan L: Killygonlan
O'Neill, Toal L: Killywoolaghan
Orr, John L: Brookend
Orr, William L: Brookend
Orr, William L: Killywoolaghan
Patterson, Rep. George L: Mullaghwotragh
Patterson, Thomas L: Mullaghwotragh
Purvis, Ambrose L: Mullanahoe
Purvis, James L: Brookend
Purvis, James L: Killycanavan Upper
Purvis, James L: Mullanahoe
Purvis, James L: Mullanhoe
Purvis, Richard L: Brookend
Purvis, Richard L: Killycanavan Upper
Purvis, Richard L: Mullanahoe
Purvis, Richard L: Mullanhoe
Purvis, Sarah L: Brookend
Purvis, Sarah L: Killycanavan Upper
Purvis, Silas L: Killycanavan Upper
Purvis, Silas L: Mullanahoe
Purvis, Silas L: Mullanhoe
Purvis, William L: Kinrush
Quin, Andrew L: Carnan
Quin, Andrew L: Killycolpy
Quin, Bernard L: Killycolpy
Quin, Bridget L: Killygonlan
Quin, Catherine L: Mullanahoe
Quin, Charles L: Carnan
Quin, Charles L: Killycolpy
Quin, Charles L: Killygonlan
Quin, Daniel L: Cluntoe Quin N: Big
Quin, Daniel L: Cluntoe Quin N: Wee
Quin, Daniel L: Sessia
Quin, Denis L: Cluntoe Quin
Quin, Denis L: Kinrush
Quin, Elizabeth L: Anneeter More
Quin, Felix L: Anneeter More
Quin, Francis L: Ardean
Quin, Francis L: Cluntoe Quin
Quin, Francis L: Cluntoe Quin N: Canny
Quin, Francis L: Killycolpy
Quin, Francis L: Kinrush
Quin, George L: Killygonlan
Quin, Hugh L: Anneeter Beg
Quin, James L: Cluntoe Quin
Quin, James L: Mullanahoe
Quin, Jno L: Anneeter More N: Cluntoe Quin
Quin, Jno. L: Anneeter More N: Cluntoe Quin
Quin, John L: Ardean
Quin, John L: Dromore
Quin, John L: Killycolpy
Quin, John L: Killygonlan
Quin, John L: Killywoolaghan
Quin, John L: Kinrush
Quin, John L: Kinturk
Quin, Lewis L: Ardean
Quin, Margaret L: Kinrush
Quin, Mary L: Ardean N: Kitty
Quin, Mary L: Cluntoe Quin N: Bartley
Quin, Mary L: Cluntoe Quin N: Kitty
Quin, Matthew L: Killycolpy
Quin, Michael L: Cluntoe Quin
Quin, Michael L: Killycolpy
Quin, Michael L: Mullanahoe
Quin, Michael L: Sessia
Quin, Olivia L: Anneeter Beg
Quin, Patk. L: Ardean N: Publican
Quin, Patrick L: Cluntoe Quin
Quin, Patrick L: Drumenny Stewart
Quin, Patrick L: Kilmascally
Quin, Peter L: Kinturk
Quin, St. John L: Ballymurphy
Quin, St. John L: Trickvallen
Quin, Terence L: Lurgyroe
Quinn, Anne L: Killymenagh
Quinn, Arthur L: Killycanavan Upper
Quinn, Arthur L: Killygonlan
Quinn, Bernard L: Killymenagh
Quinn, Charles L: Aghacolumb
Quinn, Charles L: Killymenagh
Quinn, Daniel L: Killycanavan Upper
Quinn, Daniel L: Mullaghglass
Quinn, Edward L: Cluntoe
Quinn, Francis L: Killycanavan Upper
Quinn, Hannah L: Ballymurphy
Quinn, Hugh L: Drumard
Quinn, Hugh L: Drumhubbert
Quinn, James L: Cluntoe
Quinn, James L: Drumard
Quinn, James L: Killycolpy
Quinn, Jas. L: Cluntoe
Quinn, Rep. John L: Ballymurphy
Quinn, John L: Cluntoe
Quinn, John L: Killymenagh
Quinn, John L: Mullaghglass
Quinn, John L: Tamlaghtmore N: Dromore
Quinn, Rep. Mark L: Annaghmore
Quinn, Mark L: Cluntoe
Quinn, Matthew L: Cluntoe
Quinn, Neal L: Cluntoe
Quinn, Patrick L: Killycolpy
Quinn, Patrick L: Killymenagh
Quinn, Rose L: Killymenagh
Quinn, Terence L: Annaghmore N: Bartley
Quinn, Thomas L: Annaghmore
Raney, Robert L: Eary Lower
Raney, Samuel L: Gortigal
Raney, William L: Gortigal
Reed, David L: Gortnagwyg
Reid, James L: Drumard
Reilly, Samuel L: Carnan
Rice, Edward L: Ballymurphy
Richardson, Benjamin L: Killygonlan
Richardson, Elizabeth L: Gortnagwyg
Richardson, John L: Gortnagwyg
Richardson, Robert L: Drumard
Richardson, William L: Killygonlan
Robinson, Hugh L: Eary Lower
Robson, Hugh L: Ballynafeagh
Robson, Hugh L: Feagh
Rock, Bernard L: Drumenny Conygham
Rock, Bernard L: Killygonlan
Rock, Charles L: Drumenny Conygham
Rock, Charles L: Kinturk
Rock, Edward L: Kinrush
Rock, Neal L: Cluntoe Quin
Rolands, Abigail L: Gortnagwyg
Rollins, John L: Brookend
Rollins, Leonard L: Brookend
Roney, Bernard L: Trickvallen
Rorke, John L: Mullaghglass
Rourke, John L: Ballymaguire
Rourke, John L: Elagh
Rourke, Patrick L: Elagh
Ryan, Patrick L: Annaghmore
Ryan, Patrick L: Anneeter Beg
Ryan, William L: Kinturk
Sands, Sarah L: Ballymaguire
Sands, William L: Killycolpy
Sanna, Hugh L: Dromore
Sanna, John L: Killycolpy
Sanna, Robert L: Drumhubbert
Scaton, John L: Carnan
Scullion, Mary L: Drumenny Stewart
Scullion, Murty L: Drumenny Stewart
Scullion, William L: Drumenny Stewart
Sharpe, Thomas L: Kilmascally
Sharpe, Thomas L: Lurgyroe
Shaw, William L: Killygonlan
Sheals, Hugh L: Kilmascally
Sheals, Maria L: Kilmascally
Sheeky, James L: Drumenny Conygham
Sheeky, Thomas L: Kinrush
Short, Felix L: Killygonlan
Short, Francis L: Kinrush
Small, Francis L: Tamnavally
Small, Hugh L: Cluntoe
Small, Mary L: Cluntoe
Small, Patrick L: Cluntoe
Smart, Patrick L: Brookend
Smith, John L: Ballymaguire
Smith, Thomas L: Aghacolumb
Stenson, John L: Drumard
Stewart, Hugh L: Mullaghwotragh
Stewart, Margaret L: Killycolpy
Stewart, William L: Gortigal
Stewart, William L: Mullaghglass
Story, Duncan L: Sessia
Stuart, L: Annaghmore N: Ven. Archdeacon
Stuart, L: Annaghmore N: Ven. Archdeacon.
Stuart, L: Anneeter Beg N: Ven. Archdeacon
Stuart, L: Anneeter Beg N: Ven. Archdeacon.
Stuart, L: Kinturk N: Ven. Archdeacon
Taggart, Arthur L: Killygonlan
Taggart, John L: Carnan
Taggart, Peter L: Killygonlan
Tassy, Henry L: Cluntoe
Tassy, Sarah L: Kinrush
Taylor, John L: Killywoolaghan
Tennison, James L: Killygonlan
Thompson, Levingston L: Ballymurphy
Thompson, Levingston L: Trickvallen
Thomson, Wm. Geo. L: Mullaghwotragh
Toland, Daniel L: Killycanavan Lower
Toland, William L: Killycanavan Lower
Toland, William L: Sessia
Traynor, Christopher L: Ardean
Traynor, James L: Eary Lower
Treanor, Christopher L: Farsnagh
Treanor, Christopher L: Sessia
Trench, Mary E. S. L: Drumenny Conygham
Trench, Mary. E. S. L: Mullaghwotragh
Walker, John L: Ballymaguire
Walker, Joseph L: Tamlaghtmore
Walker, William L: Ballymaguire
Walker, William L: Mullaghglass
Wall, Henry L: Mullaghglass
Wall, John L: Mullaghglass
Wann, Isabella L: Killywoolaghan
Wann, Samuel L: Killywoolaghan
Warnock, Sarah L: Brookend
Waters, Eliza L: Ballymaguire
Waters, James L: Tamnavally
Waters, John L: Tamnavally
Waters, Robert L: Tamnavally
Waters, Thomas L: Killycolpy
Waters, William L: Killycolpy
Waters, William L: Killywoolaghan
Whan, Henry L: Killywoolaghan
Wharl, Margaret L: Drumenny Conygham
White, George L: Brookend
White, Hugh L: Brookend
White, Hugh L: Killygonlan
White, Thomas L: Brookend
Whiteside, John, M.D. L: Killycolpy
Whiteside, Thomas L: Killycolpy
Wilcocks, St. George L. L: Brookend
Wilkinson, James L: Dromore
Wilson, Robert L: Ballynargan
Wilson, William, Jr. L: Ballynargan
Wilson, William, Sr. L: Ballynargan
Woolaghan, Samuel L: Killywoolaghan
Wray, Samuel L: Tamlaghtmore
Wright, Adam L: Kilmascally
Wright, James L: Dromore
Wright, Martha L: Ballynafeagh
Wright, Rachel L: Carnan
Wright, Richard L: Kilmascally
Wright, Robert L: Carnan
Wright, Robert L: Dromore
Wyley, Robert L: Ballynargan
Young, Walter L: Sessia

Map of Civil Parishes in county Tyrone

Civil Parish Records of County Tyrone

Other county Tyrone Parish Records

1 Aghaloo

2 Aghalurcher

3 Arboe

4 Ardstraw

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyclog

8 Bodoney Lower

9 Bodoney Upper

10 Camus

11 Cappagh

12 Carnteel

13 Clogher

14 Clogherny

15 Clonfeacle

16 Clonoe

17 Cumber Upper

18 Derryloran

19 Desertcreat

20 Donacavey

21 Donaghedy

22 Donaghenry

23 Donaghmore

24 Dromore

25 Drumglass

26 Drumragh

27 Errigal Keerogue

28 Errigal Trough

29 Kildress

30 Killeeshil

31 Killyman

32 Kilskeery

33 Leckpatrick

34 Lissan

35 Longfield East

36 Longfield West

37 Magheracross

38 Pomeroy

39 Tamlaght

40 Termonamongan

41 Termonmaguirk

42 Tullyniskan

43 Urney