Griffith's Valuation: Magheraculmoney Parish, County Fermanagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Magheraculmoney Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Magheraculmoney parish and every other parish in county Fermanagh as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Fermanagh in 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Magheraculmoney Parish 1862

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You should also check the records of Magheraculmoney parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Acheson, Dorah T: Kesh
Acheson, Dorothea L: Rosscolban
Acheson, Robert L: Stranadarriff
Acheson, Thomas L: Agharainy
Acheson, Thomas L: Gubbaroe
Acheson, Thomas L: Mantlin
Acheson, Thomas L: Rosscah
Acheson, Thomas L: Rosscolban
Acheson, William L: Mantlin
Acheson, William L: Rosscolban
Acheson, William T: Kesh
Aiken, James L: Drumkeen
Aiken, James T: Ederny - Main Street
Aiken, John L: Ederny
Aiken, John L: Raw
Aiken, Thomas, Jr. L: Parkhill
Alexander, Margaret L: Drumhoney
Anderson, Alexander L: Ballynant
Anderson, Alexander L: Tattykeel Lower
Anderson, Robert L: Drumwhinny
Apartments, L: Drumard N: Teachers
Archdall, Mervyn L: Ardatrave
Archdall, Mervyn L: Ardore
Archdall, Mervyn L: Cleenishgarve Island
Archdall, Mervyn L: Creefin Island
Archdall, Mervyn L: Crevinishaughy Island
Archdall, Mervyn L: Deerahan Island
Archdall, Mervyn L: Inishmakill
Archdall, Mervyn L: Inishmore or Davy
Archdall, Mervyn L: Strongbow Island
Archdall, Mervyn L: White Island
Archdall, Mervyn L: Kiltierney
Archdall, Robert L: Drumbane
Archdall, Robert L: Drumhoney
Archdall, Robert L: Drumreane
Archdall, William L: Drumard
Archdall, William L: Drumbarna
Archdall, William L: Drumwhinny
Archdall, William L: Gorteen
Archdall, William L: Gubbaroe
Archdall, William L: Cleenishmeen Island
Archdall, William L: Rosscolban
Archdall, William T: Kesh
Armstrong, Rep. Allan L: Nedsherry
Armstrong, Andrew L: Croneen
Armstrong, Andrew L: Manoo
Armstrong, Charles L: Mullaghfarne
Armstrong, Charles L: Tullanaginn
Armstrong, Christr. L: Parkhill
Armstrong, David L: Cloy
Armstrong, Edward L: Goladoo
Armstrong, Edward L: Tullanaginn
Armstrong, Hugh L: Rosscolban
Armstrong, Hugh T: Kesh
Armstrong, Irvine L: Glenarn
Armstrong, Irvine L: Lack
Armstrong, Irvine L: Stranahone
Armstrong, Irvine T: Lack
Armstrong, James L: Drumgivery
Armstrong, James L: Inish Beg or Tom'
Armstrong, James L: Mullanrody
Armstrong, John L: Drumgivery
Armstrong, John L: Goladoo
Armstrong, John L: Lurganboy
Armstrong, John L: Mullanrody
Armstrong, John L: Nedsherry
Armstrong, John L: Stranadarriff
Armstrong, John L: Tullanaginn
Armstrong, Letitia L: Rosscolban
Armstrong, Letitia T: Kesh
Armstrong, Robert L: Edenagee
Armstrong, Robert L: Rosscolban
Armstrong, Thomas L: Tullanaginn
Armstrong, William L: Croneen
Armstrong, William L: Drumhoney
Armstrong, William L: Edenagee
Armstrong, William L: Mullaghfarne
Armstrong, William L: Parkhill
Armstrong, Winifred L: Edenagee
Athill, Edward L: Ardvarny West
Athill, Edward L: Drumnacross
Athill, Edward T: Lack
Barton, Richard L: Largy
Barton, William L: Glenarn
Beacom, George L: Clareview
Beacom, Henry L: Gorteen
Beacom, John L: Gubbaroe
Beacom, John L: Rosscolban
Beacom, Robert L: Aghaleague
Beacom, William L: Gubbaroe
Beacom, William L: Kinnausey Island
Beacon, Andrew L: Drumbarna
Beatty, Anne L: Stranahone
Beatty, Guy L: Stranahone
Beatty, Oliver L: Stranahone
Beatty, Richard L: Drumard
Beatty, Rowland L: Gorteen
Beggs, Edward L: Tullanaguiggy
Beggs, Matthew L: Drumwhinny
Belford, Alexander L: Lisingle
Belford, Irvine L: Rosscolban
Belford, Irvine T: Kesh
Belford, James L: Gubbaroe
Bell, Francis L: Drumadraghy
Bell, Henry L: Edenamohill Under
Bell, John L: Edenamohill Under
Bell, Thomas L: Drummacalara
Bell, William L: Drumard
Bell, William L: Edenamohill Under
Bell, William L: Lisingle
Belton, Thomas L: Drumkeen
Belton, Thomas T: Ederny - Lack Road
Betty, John L: Drumreane
Birney, George L: Slievebane
Birney, John L: Slievebane
Birney, Thomas L: Slievebane
Birney, William L: Slievebane
Blessington, Thomas L: Meenmore
Bowles, Thomas L: Lack
Bowles, Thomas T: Lack
Boyd, James L: Barnalackan
Boyd, John L: Barnalackan
Boyd, William L: Barnalackan
Boyle, Frederick L: Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
Boyle, Margaret L: Edenclaw Great
Boyle, Margaret L: Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
Boyle, William L: Carn
Brandon, Andrew L: Aghaleague
Brandon, Connor L: Stranadarriff
Brandon, Henry L: Drumadraghy
Brandon, John L: Mullanasaggart N: and Partners
Brandon, John L: Tullanaglug
Breen, Andrew L: Aghaleague
Breen, Bridget L: Glenarn
Breen, Edward L: Aghaleague
Breen, Francis L: Glenarn
Breen, James, Sr. L: Glenarn
Breen, Jane T: Ederny - Main Street
Breen, John L: Aghaleague
Breen, Nicholas L: Glenarn
Breen, Patrick L: Glenarn
Breen, Patrick L: Stranadarriff
Breen, Philip L: Glenarn
Breen, Thomas L: Aghaleague
Breen, Thomas L: Glenarn N: Hill
Breen, Thomas, Sr. L: Glenarn
Brimstone, John, Jr. L: Slievebane
Brimstone, John, Sr. L: Slievebane
Brimstone, Thomas L: Slievebane
Britain, John T: Kesh
Britain, Samuel L: Edenclaw Great
Britain, Samuel L: Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
Brown, Edward L: Edenamohillblack
Brown, James L: Rosscolban
Brown, John L: Edenamohillblack
Brown, Mary L: Rosscolban
Browne, Alexander L: Drummacalara
Browne, Alexander L: Tullanaglug
Browne, Christopher L: Glenarn
Browne, Mary L: Rosscolban
Butler, Catherine L: Leaghan
Callion, John L: Tattykeel Upper
Campbell, Hugh L: Lurganboy
Campbell, Hugh L: Nedsherry
Campbell, William L: Rosscolban
Campbell, William T: Kesh
Carlton, Hugh L: Drummacalara
Carlton, William L: Drumsawna
Carrigan, Thomas T: Ederny - Main Street
Cassidy, Anne L: Aghagaffert
Cathers, John L: Ardvarny East
Cathers, Matthew L: Slievebane
Chadwick, James L: Drumnacross
Clarke, Andrew L: Nedsherry
Clements, David L: Drumcahy
Cochrane, Henry L: Drumwhinny
Cochrane, Henry L: Lisingle
Collins, James L: Drumkeen
Collins, William T: Kesh
Colter, William L: Drumcrin
Colwell, Robert T: Ederny - Main Street
Connelly, Owen L: Glenarn
Connolly, Anthony L: Rosscolban
Connolly, George L: Slievebane
Connolly, Jane L: Largy
Connolly, Patrick L: Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
Connor, Francis L: Rosscolban
Connor, John L: Drumwhinny
Connor, John L: Lisingle
Connor, Myles L: Killycappy
Connor, Thomas L: Killycappy
Cooper, James L: Edenclaw Great
Cooper, Jane L: Edenclaw Great
Cooper, William L: Aghaleague
Corrigan, Andrew L: Aghaleague
Corrigan, James L: Aghaleague
Corrigan, James L: Killycappy
Corrigan, John L: Aghaleague
Corrigan, Terence T: Kesh N: and Others
Corry, Mary L: Drumreane
Corry, Patrick L: Edenamohillblack
Coughlan, Patrick T: Kesh
Coulter, Alexander L: Drumhoney
Cowan, Matthew L: Drumgivery
Coyle, James L: Aghinver
Crawford, John L: Clareview
Crawford, Robert L: Mantlin
Crawley, Selina T: Ederny - Main Street
Creighton, Henry L: Rosscolban
Creighton, Henry T: Kesh
Crozier, Christopher L: Aghinver
Crozier, Christopher L: Cady
Crozier, Christopher L: Clareview
Crozier, Hugh L: Drummoyagh
Crozier, James, Jr. L: Drumcose
Crozier, James, Sr. L: Drumcose
Crozier, John L: Drumcose
Crozier, John L: Gorteen
Crozier, Richard L: Drumwhinny
Crozier, Robert L: Lack
Crozier, Thomas L: Gubbaroe
Cullen, James T: Ederny - Lack Road
Cullen, James T: Ederny - Main Street
Curran, Andrew L: Meenmore
Dane, James L: Ardore
D'Arcy Irvine, Henry M. L: Aghaleague
D'Arcy Irvine, Henry M. L: Gay Island
D'Arcy Irvine, Henry M. L: Sheemuldoon
Deazley, John L: Edenaclogh
Devany, Denis L: Glenarn
Dixon, James L: Aghinver
Dolan, Edward L: Edenamohillblack
Dolan, Owen L: Edenamohillblack
Donnelly, Christopher T: Ederny - Main Street
Donnelly, Felix L: Carrickagreany
Donnelly, Francis L: Carrickagreany
Donnelly, Francis L: Lurganboy
Donnelly, Hannah L: Lurganboy
Donnelly, James L: Goladoo
Donnelly, Michael L: Glenarn
Donnelly, Owen L: Nedsherry
Donnelly, Patrick L: Goladoo
Donnelly, Patrick L: Tullanaginn
Donnelly, Peter L: Mullanrody
Donnelly, Peter, Jr. L: Carrickagreany
Donnelly, Peter, Sr. L: Carrickagreany
Donnelly, Sarah L: Nedsherry
Donnelly, Terence L: Carrickagreany
Doran, Mary L: Drummacalara
Dowd, Thomas L: Cady
Dowling, Owen L: Rosscolban
Drandon, Elizabeth L: Letterboy
Duncan, George L: Tullycallrick
Duncan, William L: Aghagaffert
Dundas, Aaron L: Rosscolban
Dundas, Thomas L: Drumreane
Dunkin, George L: Ederny
Dunkin, George T: Ederny - Main Street
Dunkin, James T: Ederny - Main Street
Elliott, Richard L: Rosscolban
Elliott, Richard T: Kesh
Emery, Anne L: Drumsawnamore
Emery, John L: Croneen
Emery, John T: Lack
Emery, William L: Drumsawnamore
Emery, William L: Edenclaw Great
Evans, Francis L: Lack
Evans, Francis L: Stranahone
Evans, Henry L: Glenarn
Evans, Robert L: Aghaleague
Evans, Robert L: Glenarn N: Black
Evans, Robert L: Lack
Evans, Robert T: Lack
Evans, Robert, Jr. L: Glenarn
Evans, Robert, Jr. L: Largy
Evans, Robert, Sr. L: Largy
Evans, Samuel L: Kilsmullan
Eves, Adam L: Rosscolban
Eves, Adam T: Kesh
Ewen, Matthew L: Stranadarriff
Farrell, Anne L: Kilsmullan
Fleming, John L: Carn
Fleming, John L: Glenarn
Flynn, Bernard T: Kesh
Frazer, Christopher L: Agharainy
Funston, Mary L: Drumsawnamore
Galagly, Bridget L: Glenarn
Gallagher, Anne L: Croneen Barr
Gallagher, Bridget L: Kilsmullan
Gallagher, Catherine L: Kilsmullan
Gallagher, Darby L: Kilsmullan
Gallagher, Felix L: Tullanaglare N: Jem
Gallagher, Felix L: Tullanaglare N: Mick
Gallagher, Francis L: Croneen Barr
Gallagher, Francis L: Kilsmullan
Gallagher, Francis L: Largy
Gallagher, Hugh L: Croneen Barr
Gallagher, Hugh L: Kilsmullan
Gallagher, Hugh T: Ederny - Main Street
Gallagher, Hugh, Jr. L: Meenmore
Gallagher, Hugh, Sr. L: Meenmore
Gallagher, James L: Croneen Barr
Gallagher, James L: Drumadraghy
Gallagher, James L: Kilsmullan N: Hill
Gallagher, James L: Kilsmullan N: Rock
Gallagher, James L: Lurganboy
Gallagher, James L: Nedsherry
Gallagher, Jno. T: Kesh N: and Others
Gallagher, John L: Killycappy
Gallagher, John L: Kilsmullan
Gallagher, John L: Meenmore
Gallagher, Margaret T: Lack
Gallagher, Owen L: Meenmore
Gallagher, Owen L: Sheemuldoon
Gallagher, Patrick L: Edenclaw Great
Gallagher, Patrick L: Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
Gallagher, Patrick L: Kilsmullan
Gallagher, Patrick L: Meenmore
Gallagher, Patrick L: Sheemuldoon
Gallagher, Richard L: Meenmore
Gallagher, Terence L: Kilsmullan
Galooly, Owen L: Stranadarriff
Galoughly, James L: Cady
Galoughly, James L: Gorteen
Gibson, Alexander L: Shanmullagh
Gibson, Hugh L: Drumbane
Gibson, William T: Kesh
Gilmore, James L: Cornacrea
Ginn, James L: Ederny
Glass, Irvine L: Ardore
Gormley, Hugh L: Drumhoney
Gormley, James L: Glenarn
Graham, Alexander L: Aghaleague
Graham, Alexander L: Tullanaguiggy
Graham, Anne T: Ederny - Main Street
Graham, Arthur L: Tullanaglare
Graham, Ellen L: Tullanaguiggy
Graham, Francis L: Drummacalara
Graham, George L: Aghaleague
Graham, George L: Tullanaginn
Graham, James L: Mullaghfarne
Graham, John L: Aghaleague
Graham, John L: Drummoyagh
Graham, John L: Rosscolban
Graham, John T: Ederny - Main Street
Graham, Thomas L: Edenagee
Graham, William L: Aghaleague
Graham, William L: Gargrim
Graham, William L: Shanmullagh
Graham, William L: Tullanaglare
Greehan, Jane L: Letterboy
Greene, Farrell L: Raw
Greene, Francis L: Fargrim
Greene, Patrick L: Raw
Gunnis, Thomas L: Drumreane
Gunnis, William L: Drumreane
Hamilton, Christopher L: Manoo
Hamilton, George L: Leaghan
Hannigan, Patrick T: Ederny - Main Street
Haran, Terence L: Drumbarna
Harnen, Margaret L: Meenmore
Healy, Francis L: Lurganboy
Henderson, Elizabeth L: Drumadraghy
Henry, Robert L: Tullanaginn
Henry, Thomas T: Ederny - Main Street
Hicks, Mary T: Ederny - Main Street
Hill, Thomas L: Aghaleague
Hill, William L: Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
Hoey, William L: Drumwhinny
Hoey, William L: Rosscolban
Howard, James L: Tattykeel Lower
Humpheries, Johnston L: Drumbane
Humpheries, Johnston L: Drumreane
Humphreys, John T: Kesh
Humphries, Bernard L: Ardvarny West
Humphries, Christopher L: Drumhoney
Humphries, Christr. L: Drumbarna
Humphries, James L: Rosscolban
Humphries, Jas., Jr. L: Slievebane
Humphries, Jas., Sr. L: Slievebane
Humphries, John L: Clareview
Humphries, John L: Drumhoney
Humphries, John L: Slievebane
Humphries, John L: Slievebane N: Jas.
Humphries, Johnston L: Rosscolban
Humphries, Richard L: Cady
Humphries, Richard L: Crevinish
Humphries, Richard L: Duck Island
Humphries, Richard L: Horse Island
Humphries, Thomas L: Drumhoney
Humphries, Wm., Sr. L: Slievebane
Hunmphreys, Thomas T: Kesh
Hunter, David L: Lack
Hunter, William L: Carn
Hynes, James L: Edenclaw Great
Ingram, David L: Diviny
Ingram, David L: Drumcahy
Ingram, David L: Largy
Ingram, Deborah L: Aghaleague
Ingram, James, Jr. L: Diviny
Ingram, James, Sr. L: Diviny
Ingram, John L: Drumcose
Ingram, William L: Diviny
Irvine, Alexander L: Stranadarriff
Irvine, Andrew L: Raw
Irvine, Charles L: Largy
Irvine, David L: Glenarn
Irvine, Elizabeth L: Parkhill
Irvine, Francis L: Tullanaglug
Irvine, George L: Drummoyagh
Irvine, James L: Drumbane
Irvine, James L: Manoo
Irvine, John G. L: Edenaclogh
Irvine, John G. L: Glenarn
Irvine, John G. T: Lack
Irvine, Mary T: Ederny - Lack Road
Irvine, Robert L: Drummoyagh
Irvine, Robert T: Kesh N: and Others
Irvine, Thomas L: Drumnarullagh
Irvine, William L: Drummacalara
Irvine, William, Jr. L: Stranadarriff
Irvine, William, Sr. L: Stranadarriff
Irwin, William T: Kesh N: and Others
Johnston, Christopher L: Drumhoney
Johnston, Christopher L: Ederny
Johnston, David L: Stranadarriff
Johnston, Edward L: Largy
Johnston, Francis L: Rosscolban
Johnston, Francis T: Kesh
Johnston, James L: Glenarn
Johnston, John L: Drumcrin
Johnston, John L: Manoo
Johnston, John L: Tullanaguiggy
Johnston, John L: Tullycallrick
Johnston, Mary L: Lack
Johnston, Oliver L: Croneen
Johnston, Robert L: Drumhoney
Johnston, Rowland L: Rosscolban
Johnston, Susan L: Lack
Johnston, Susan L: Largy
Johnston, Susan T: Lack
Johnston, Thomas L: Tullanaguiggy
Johnston, William L: Crevinish
Johnston, William L: Drumreane
Johnston, William L: Rabbit Island
Johnston, William L: Lack
Johnston, William L: Rosscolban
Johnston, William T: Kesh
Johnston, William T: Lack
Judge, James L: Drumkeen
Judge, James T: Ederny - Lack Road
Junkins, John L: Aghama
Keane, Norah L: Edenamohillblack
Keane, Owen L: Edenamohillblack
Kearns, Eliza L: Drumgivery
Keely, Owen L: Clareview
Kelly, Bernard T: Ederny - Lack Road
Keowan, Cornelius L: Parkhill
Keown, Cornelius L: Drumgivery
Keown, John L: Ardore
Keown, John L: Drummoyagh
Kerr, Charles L: Drumkeen
Kerr, Charles L: Ederny
Kerr, Charles T: Ederny - Main Street
Kerr, John L: Edenaclogh
Kettles, Peter L: Gorteen
Kettles, William L: Cornacrea
Keys, Arthur L: Stranahone
Keys, Charles L: Glenarn
Keys, Christopher T: Ederny - Main Street
Keys, Eliza, Jr. L: Aghaleague
Keys, Francis L: Lack
Keys, Francis T: Lack
Keys, Henry L: Tullanaguiggy
Keys, Henry, Sr. L: Tullanaguiggy
Keys, Irvine L: Glenarn
Keys, Irvine T: Kesh
Keys, Isabella L: Rosscolban
Keys, James L: Drumbarna
Keys, James L: Tullanaguiggy
Keys, Robert L: Drumgivery
Keys, Robert L: Mullanrody
King, James L: Ederny
Knox, Andrew L: Aghaleague
Knox, Andrew L: Drumsawna
Knox, Andrew L: Drumsawnamore
Knox, Andrew L: Mullanrody
Knox, Andrew L: Raw
Knox, Anne L: Mullanrody N: Frank
Knox, Arthur L: Drumsawnamore
Knox, James L: Ardvarny East
Knox, James L: Mullanrody
Knox, John L: Drumgivery
Knox, Joseph L: Drumnarullagh
Knox, Joseph L: Drumsawnamore
Knox, Margaret L: Mullanrody N: Andy
Knox, Robert L: Shanmullagh
Knox, Thomas L: Drumsawna
Knox, Thomas L: Mullanrody
Knox, William L: Mullanrody
Knox, William, Jr. L: Drumsawnamore
Knox, William, Sr. L: Drumsawnamore
Ladely, John T: Kesh
Law, Irvine L: Carn
Law, Irvine L: Cloy
Law, James L: Mullaghfarne
Law, Mary L: Carn
Law, Thomas L: Carn
Law, Thomas L: Cloy
Leatham, James L: Barnalackan
Leith, Robert L: Kiltierney
Little, Anne L: Edenamohill Under
Loftus, Lord Adam L: Ardess Glebe
Loftus, Lord Adam L: Edenclaw Great
Loftus, Lord Adam L: Meenmore
Loftus, Lord Adam L: Tattykeel Upper
Loftus, Lord Adam L: Tullanaglug
Lutterell, Thomas L: Drumwhinny
Lynch, William L: Rosscolban
Lysle, Henry L: Drumsawna
Mackey, Catherine L: Drumadraghy
Mackey, Edward L: Drumcrin
Mackey, Michael L: Lavaran
Mackey, Thomas L: Drumadraghy
Magee, Christopher L: Drumnacross
Magee, Hugh L: Raw
Magee, Mary L: Drummacalara
Magee, Mary L: Ederny
Magee, Mary T: Ederny - Main Street
Magee, Thomas L: Agharainy
Magrath, Edward L: Carrickagreany
Magrath, Edward T: Ederny - Main Street
Magrath, James L: Glenarn
Magrath, Mary L: Raw
Maguire, Anne L: Lurganboy
Maguire, Bernard L: Crevinish
Maguire, Bernard L: Drumkeen
Maguire, Bernard L: Mullanasaggart
Maguire, Bernard T: Ederny - Lack Road N: Butcher
Maguire, Bernard T: Ederny - Main Street
Maguire, Bridget L: Sheemuldoon
Maguire, Bridget L: Sheemuldoon N: Owen
Maguire, Bryan L: Largy
Maguire, Catherine L: Largy N: Mic.
Maguire, Catherine L: Leaghan
Maguire, Charles L: Largy
Maguire, Ellen L: Drumadraghy
Maguire, Francis L: Drumnacross
Maguire, Hugh L: Drumhoney
Maguire, Hugh L: Leaghan
Maguire, James L: Crevinish
Maguire, James L: Drumard
Maguire, Jane L: Largy
Maguire, Jas. L: Largy N: Hollow
Maguire, John L: Crevinish
Maguire, John L: Drummacalara
Maguire, John L: Sheemuldoon
Maguire, John L: Sheemuldoon N: Owen
Maguire, John L: Sheemuldoon N: Pat
Maguire, John T: Ederny - Main Street
Maguire, John L: Tullanaguiggy
Maguire, John, Jr. L: Drumkeen
Maguire, John, Sr. L: Drumkeen
Maguire, John, Sr. L: Ederny
Maguire, John, Sr. T: Ederny - Lack Road
Maguire, John, Sr. T: Ederny - Main Street
Maguire, Margaret L: Rosscolban
Maguire, Margaret T: Kesh
Maguire, Mary L: Lack
Maguire, Mary L: Largy N: James
Maguire, Owen L: Largy
Maguire, Patrick L: Largy N: Rock
Maguire, Philip L: Sheemuldoon
Maguire, William L: Lurganboy
Mahaffey, James L: Tullycallrick
Marshall, Robert L: Clareview
Marshall, Robert L: Gubbaroe
Marshall, William L: Camplany
Marshall, William L: Gubbaroe
Martin, Alexander L: Tattykeel Lower
Martin, Irvine L: Drumcahy
Maxwell, James L: Edenamohillblack
McAneely, Thomas L: Drumard
McAnern, Humphrey L: Drumwhinny
McAnern, Walter L: Mullanasaggart
McAteer, William T: Lack
McBrien, John L: Mantlin
McBryan, Michael L: Glenarn
McCabe, Anne L: Drumhoney
McCabe, John L: Tullanaguiggy
McCaffrey, Elizabeth L: Mantlin
McCaffrey, James L: Drumard
McCaffrey, John L: Drumhoney
McCaffry, John L: Drumgivery
McCaffry, Thomas L: Drumgivery
McCann, Honoria L: Raw
McCann, Hugh L: Sheemuldoon
McCann, Neal L: Sheemuldoon
McCann, Thomas L: Lurganboy
McCarn, Owen L: Largy
McCarney, Michael L: Kilsmullan
McCarney, Richard L: Kilsmullan
McClure, James L: Drumard
McConnell, Arthr. T: Ederny - Lack Road N: and Others
McConnell, Arthur L: Drummacalara
McConnell, Patrick L: Largy
McCormick, James L: Drumcahy
McCormick, James L: Rosscolban
McCosker, Francis L: Stranadarriff
McCoy, Alexander L: Rosscolban
McCoy, Alexander T: Kesh
McCready, James L: Drumadraghy
McCulley, Robert L: Drumgivery
McCusker, Fardy L: Largy
McCusker, Felix L: Largy
McCusker, Mary L: Largy
McCusker, Patrick L: Largy
McDaniel, William L: Rosscolban
McDermott, John L: Sheemuldoon
McDermott, Patrick L: Drumadraghy
McDonagh, Charles L: Ardore
McDonagh, George L: Ardore
McDonagh, John L: Ederny
McDonagh, John T: Ederny - Main Street
McDonagh, Patrick L: Ardore
McDonagh, Robert L: Slievebane
McDonagh, William L: Tullanaglare
McDonnell, James L: Drumgivery
McDonnell, William L: Drumhoney
McDonnell, William L: Drummoyagh
McDonnell, William T: Kesh
McEnerny, John L: Rosscolban
McFarland, Alex. L: Aghagaffert
McFarland, John L: Drumsawnamore
McFarland, Joseph L: Raw
McFarland, William L: Aghagaffert
McFaughy, Thomas L: Cady
McFoughy, Thomas L: Cornacrea
McGahy, Richard L: Tullanaguiggy
McGeraghty, Hugh T: Kesh
McGilly, Terence L: Sheemuldoon
McGirr, Catherine L: Glenarn
McGirr, Edward L: Glenarn
McGirr, James L: Sheemuldoon
McGirr, Patrick L: Sheemuldoon
McGlinchy, Mary L: Largy N: John
McGlynn, John L: Raw
McGlynn, Susan L: Gubbaroe
McGoley, John L: Slievebane
McGolrick, Charles L: Cady
McGorlick, Patrick T: Lack
McGovern, John L: Aghagaffert
McGovern, John L: Drumkeen
McGovern, John L: Ederny
McGovern, Joseph L: Aghagaffert
McGovern, Michael L: Drumcahy
McGovern, Thomas L: Aghagaffert
McGovern, Thomas L: Drumgivery
McGrade, Cormick L: Ardvarny East
McGrath, Patrick L: Camplany
McGregor, James L: Parkhill
McGregor, James L: Slievebane
McGregor, John L: Manoo
McGuinness, Philip L: Drumcose
McGuinness, Thomas L: Glenarn
McGuire, Bridget L: Edenamohillblack
McGuire, Mary L: Glenarn
McGurren, James L: Drumard
McGurren, James L: Drummoyagh
McHugh, Patrick L: Drumsawna
McIlroy, Bernard L: Raw
McIlroy, Bernard L: Raw N: and Partners
McIntyre, William L: Largy
McKenna, Sarah L: Largy
McKervey, James, Jr. L: Glenarn
McKervey, James, Sr. L: Glenarn
McKervey, Owen L: Glenarn
McLoughlin, Patrick L: Largy
McLoughlin, Patrick L: Meenmore
McMahon, Michael L: Largy
McManus, Bridget L: Raw
McManus, Francis L: Rosscolban
McManus, James L: Camplany
McManus, James L: Gubbaroe
McManus, Margaret L: Raw
McManus, Owen L: Clareview
McMenamin, Edward L: Rosscolban
McMenamin, Edward T: Kesh
McMenamin, William T: Kesh
McMulkin, Owen T: Lack
McMulkin, Terence T: Lack
McMullen, Alexander L: Drumcahy
McMullen, Alexander L: Killycappy
McMullen, James L: Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
McMullin, Terence L: Lack
McMurty, Anne L: Glenarn
McNeely, James T: Ederny - Main Street N: and Others
McNulty, Catherine L: Meenmore
McNulty, James L: Sheemuldoon
McNulty, John T: Lack
McPeak, Catherine L: Largy
McPeak, Sarah L: Largy
McQuade, Andrew L: Croneen Barr
McQuade, Denis L: Drumsawnamore
McQuade, Dudley L: Largy
McQuade, Henry L: Ardore
McQuade, James L: Croneen Barr
McQuade, James L: Largy
McQuade, John L: Drumhoney
McQuade, Patrick L: Croneen Barr
McQuade, Patrick L: Largy
McQuade, Terence L: Largy
McQuaid, Owen T: Ederny - Main Street
McSorley, William L: Lack
McSorley, William L: Leaghan
Melly, Charles L: Carrickagreany
Melly, Charles L: Drumsawnamore
Miller, Thomas T: Lack
Milligan, Alexander L: Drumsawnamore
Mitchell, George L: Leaghan
Moffett, George L: Kilsmullan
Moffett, James L: Lack
Moffett, James L: Largy
Moffett, James T: Lack
Moffett, Thomas L: Kilsmullan
Monaghan, Catherine L: Agharainy
Monaghan, Christopher L: Slievebane
Monaghan, Edward T: Ederny - Main Street
Monaghan, John L: Edenaclogh
Monaghan, John L: Edenamohill Under
Monaghan, Mary L: Ederny
Monaghan, Mary T: Ederny - Main Street
Monaghan, Owen L: Edenamohill Under
Monaghan, Patrick L: Cady
Monaghan, Patrick L: Kiltierney
Montgomery, George L: Gorteen
Moore, David L: Tullycallrick
Moore, William L: Raw
Moore, William L: Tullycallrick
Moran, Cormick L: Mullanrody
Moran, William L: Mullanrody
Morris, Margaret L: Edenclaw Great
Morris, Owen L: Croneen
Morris, Philip L: Aghagaffert
Morris, Philip L: Parkhill
Morrison, Charles L: Drummoyagh
Morrison, John T: Ederny - Lack Road
Morrisson, Noble L: Mantlin
Morrow, Christopher L: Gubbaroe
Morrow, Henry L: Ederny
Morrow, James L: Tullanaglug
Morrow, John L: Drumhoney
Morrow, Joseph L: Aghagaffert
Morrow, William L: Lavaran
Morrow, William L: Leaghan
Muldoon, Andrew L: Drumard
Muldoon, Christopher L: Drumard
Muldoon, Christopher L: Slievebane
Muldoon, Christr., Jr. L: Fargrim
Muldoon, Christr., Sr. L: Fargrim
Muldoon, James L: Glenarn
Muldoon, John L: Drumbarna
Muldoon, John L: Fargrim
Muldoon, Patrick L: Gubbaroe
Muldoon, Patrick T: Kesh
Muldoon, Peter L: Edenamohillblack
Muldoon, Thomas L: Drumcahy
Mulhern, James T: Ederny - Lack Road
Mulligan, James L: Croneen
Mulligan, John L: Edenamohill Under
Mulligan, Joseph L: Rosscolban
Mulligan, Thomas L: Mantlin
Mulrain, Catherine L: Drumadraghy
Mulrain, Jane L: Tullanaguiggy
Mulraine, William L: Croneen
Murphy, Nicholas L: Drumard
Murphy, Patrick T: Ederny - Main Street
Murphy, William L: Drumkeen
Murphy, William L: Stranadarriff
Murphy, William T: Ederny - Main Street
Murray, James L: Aghinver
Napier, Charles L: Rosscolban
Nelson, William L: Parkhill
Nethery, John L: Edenclaw Great
Noble, L: Tullycallrick
Noble, Andrew L: Slievebane
Noble, James L: Slievebane
Noble, John L: Drumsawna
Noble, John L: Slievebane N: James
Noble, William L: Slievebane
O'Donnell, Cornelius L: Nedsherry
O'Donnell, Hugh L: Nedsherry
O'Donnell, John L: Nedsherry
O'Donnell, Owen L: Leaghan
O'Donnell, Patrick L: Nedsherry
Office, L: Rosscolban
O'Kane, John L: Glenarn
Oliver, Colwell L: Letterboy
Oliver, John L: Letterboy
O'Neill, Henry L: Largy
O'Neill, John L: Drumcahy
O'Reilly, William T: Ederny - Main Street
Owens, Bridget T: Ederny - Main Street
Owens, Edward L: Mullanrody
Owens, James L: Goladoo
Owens, John L: Goladoo
Owens, John L: Mullanrody
Patterson, John L: Mantlin
Patterson, John L: Rosscolban
Patterson, John T: Kesh
Patterson, Samuel L: Aghaleague
Phillips, Robert L: Barnalackan
Phillips, Robert L: Drummacalara
Phillips, Robert L: Ederny
Porter, Matthew L: Killycappy
Potters, Mary L: Drummacalara
Quinn, Catherine L: Aghama
Quinn, Flora L: Drummoyagh
Reid, James L: Mullanasaggart
Richardson, William L: Drumgivery
Robinson, James L: Aghama
Robinson, James L: Mantlin
Robinson, John L: Raw
Ross, Thomas L: Rosscolban
Ross, Thomas T: Kesh
Rowe, Matthew L: Drumard
Rowe, Robert L: Mantlin
Russell, Alexander L: Drumcose
Rutledge, Rev. John Y. L: Drummoyagh
Scallan, Bridget T: Ederny - Lack Road
Scallon, Bridget L: Ederny
Scallon, Bridget T: Ederny - Main Street
Scollan, James L: Aghinver
Scollon, William L: Cady
Scott, William L: Drumwhinny
Shannon, George T: Ederny - Main Street
Shannon, James L: Cady
Shannon, John L: Aghinver
Shannon, John T: Ederny - Lack Road
Shannon, John T: Ederny - Main Street
Simpson, Anne L: Kilsmullan
Simpson, Christopher L: Ardore
Simpson, Christopher L: Gargrim
Simpson, Robert L: Aghaleague
Simpson, Robert L: Kilsmullan
Simpson, Thomas L: Aghaleague
Simpson, Thomas, Jr. L: Aghaleague
Slevin, Bridget L: Rosscolban
Slevin, Bridget T: Kesh
Sloan, John L: Ardvarny West
Smollan, Peter L: Drumkeen
Smollan, Peter L: Glasmullagh
Somerville, Robert L: Aghagaffert
Spear, George L: Lack
Spear, George T: Lack
Spear, Matthew L: Lack
Spear, Robert L: Lack
Spear, Thomas L: Croneen
Spear, William L: Croneen
Spratt, John L: Rosscolban
Sproule, Charles L: Edenamohill Under
Sproule, Charles L: Tattykeel Lower
Sproule, James L: Rosscolban
Sproule, John L: Ballynant
Sproule, John L: Killylea
Sproule, John L: Mullanasaggart
Sproule, Joseph L: Killylea
Sproule, William L: Lack
Sproule, William T: Lack
Stack, Rev. Charles M. L: Lack
Stewart, Charles T: Ederny - Main Street
Stewart, James L: Slievebane
Stewart, William L: Drumkeen
St. George, Capel L: Aghinver
Strong, John L: Edenclaw Great
Stuart, Charles L: Ederny
Stuart, Richard L: Lisingle
Sweeny, Catherine T: Ederny - Main Street
Swift, John L: Drummacalara
Swift, Peter L: Mullanrody
Teague, Owen L: Sheemuldoon
Thompson, Alexander L: Drumard
Thompson, David L: Gorteen
Thompson, Elizabeth L: Largy
Thompson, William L: Drumgivery
Tugman, James L: Drumnarullagh
Tumath, George L: Ardvarny West
Tumath, John L: Drummacalara
Vertue, Archibald L: Stranadarriff
Vertue, John L: Rosscolban
Vertue, Johnston L: Lavaran
Vertue, Robert L: Stranahone
Vertue, Thomas L: Stranahone
Vertue, William L: Edenaclogh
Walmsley, Catherine L: Drumcahy
Walmsley, Charles L: Tullanaglug
Walmsley, George L: Tattykeel Upper
Walmsley, James L: Drumcahy
Walmsley, John L: Mullanasaggart
Walmsley, Matthew L: Aghama
Walmsley, Matthew L: Mantlin
Walmsley, Matthew L: Tullanaglug
Walmsley, Robert L: Tullanaglug
Walmsley, William L: Drumnacross
Walmsley, William L: Fargrim
Walmsley, William L: Leaghan
Walmsley, William L: Tullanaglug
Ward, Thomas L: Drumreane
Warke, Mary L: Rosscolban
Warnock, Samuel T: Ederny - Main Street
Wasson, David L: Edenclaw Great
Watson, Andrew L: Stranahone
Watson, George L: Stranadarriff
Watson, William L: Stranahone
Weir, Christopher L: Lack
Weir, Christopher T: Lack
Weir, Esther L: Stranadarriff
Weir, James L: Stranadarriff
Weir, Peter L: Drumwhinny
Weir, Robert L: Stranadarriff
Weir, Thomas L: Stranadarriff
West, Rev. William T: Ederny - Lack Road
West, Rev. Wm. L: Drumkeen
West, Rev. Wm. L: Ederny
West, Rev. Wm. T: Ederny - Main Street
Weyer, William L: Edenclaw Great
Whittaker, Francis L: Glenarn
Whittaker, Francis L: Stranahone
Whittaker, Thomas T: Lack
Wilkin, James L: Croneen
Wilkin, William L: Largy
Wilson, Charles T: Lack
Wilson, Francis L: Tullanaginn
Wilson, John L: Lisingle
Wilson, John L: Stranahone
Wilson, Joseph L: Tullanaglare
Wilson, Robert L: Lack
Wilson, Robert L: Stranahone
Wilson, Thomas L: Drumard
Wilson, Thomas T: Kesh
Wilson, William L: Drumgivery
Wray, Andrew L: Sheemuldoon
Wyer, Christopher L: Glenarn
Wyer, James L: Edenagee
Young, James L: Croneen Barr
Young, William L: Croneen Barr

Map of Civil Parishes in county Fermanagh

Civil Parish Records of County Fermanagh

Other Fermanagh Parish Records

1 Aghalurcher

2 Aghavea

3 Belleek

4 Boho

5 Cleenish

6 Clones

7 Currin

8 Derrybrusk

9 Derryvullan

10 Devenish

11 Drumkeeran

12 Drummully

13 Enniskillen

14 Galloon

15 Inishmacsaint

16 Killesher

17 Kinawley

18 Magheracross

19 Magheraculmoney

20 Rossorry

21 Templecarn

22 Tomregan

23 Trory