Griffith's Valuation: Magheracross Parish, County Fermanagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Magheracross Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Magheracross parish and every other parish in county Fermanagh as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Fermanagh in 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Magheracross Parish 1862

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You should also check the records of Magheracross parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Adams, Alexander L: Ballydoolagh
Adams, James L: Ballydoolagh
Adams, John L: Ballydoolagh
Adams, Mary L: Ballydoolagh
Aiken, Sarah T: Bellanamallard
Allen, Hugh L: Drumsloe
Allen, John L: Sidaire
Allen, William T: Bellanamallard
Anderson, Anne L: Coolgarran
Anderson, Elizabeth L: Killymittan
Anderson, Elizabeth T: Bellanamallard
Anderson, John G. L: Sidaire
Anderson, Joseph L: Ballydoolagh
Anderson, William L: Craghan
Anderson, William L: Drumrainy
Anderson, William L: Drumsloe
Anderson, William L: Glencoonra
Anderson, William L: Salloon
Anderson, William T: Bellanamallard
Andrew, Alice L: Sidaire
Andrew, Arthur L: Sidaire
Archdall, Edward L: Sidaire
Archdall, Nicholas L: Drumcullion
Archdall, Nicholas L: Kilgortnaleague
Armstrong, Abel L: Drumcullion
Armstrong, Alexander L: Coolgarran
Armstrong, Alexander T: Bellanamallard
Armstrong, Andrew L: Craghan
Armstrong, Andrew T: Bellanamallard
Armstrong, Anne L: Cleenaghan
Armstrong, Anne L: Drumcreen
Armstrong, Charles L: Currin
Armstrong, David L: Drumkeen
Armstrong, James L: Currin
Armstrong, James L: Drumbulcan
Armstrong, Jane L: Drumcullion
Armstrong, Jas. T: Bellanamallard
Armstrong, John L: Currin
Armstrong, John L: Currin N: Lough Side
Armstrong, John L: Drumrainy
Armstrong, John L: Drumsloe
Armstrong, John L: Relagh
Armstrong, John T: Bellanamallard
Armstrong, John, Jr. L: Sidaire
Armstrong, John, Sr. L: Sidaire
Armstrong, Robert L: Beagh
Armstrong, Robert L: Coolgarran
Armstrong, Robert L: Drumconnis
Armstrong, Samuel L: Sidaire
Armstrong, Thomas L: Magheracross
Armstrong, William L: Baragh
Armstrong, William L: Drumrainy
Armstrong, William L: Killee
Armstrong, William L: Killymittan
Armstrong, William L: Salloon
Armstrong, William T: Bellanamallard
Armstrong, Wm., Jr. L: Drumbulcan
Armstrong, Wm., Sr. L: Drumbulcan
Atwell, Noble L: Magheracross
Ball, Francis L: Drumcullion
Ball, Francis L: Drummurry
Ball, Francis L: Kilgortnaleague
Ball, Henry L: Drumbulcan
Barton, Sarah T: Bellanamallard
Beattie, James L: Gortaloughan
Beatty, Barbara L: Drummurry
Beatty, Barbara L: Salloon
Beatty, Barbara L: Sidaire
Beatty, Barbara T: Bellanamallard
Beatty, Christopher L: Currin
Beatty, Francis T: Bellanamallard
Beatty, James L: Drumcullion
Beatty, James L: Killymittan
Beatty, Jane L: Beagh
Beatty, John L: Coa
Beatty, John L: Craghan
Beatty, Robert L: Beagh
Beatty, Robert L: Killee
Beatty, Robert, Sr. L: Beagh
Beatty, William L: Cleenaghan
Beatty, William L: Drumcreen
Beatty, William T: Bellanamallard
Beggs, Edward T: Bellanamallard
Bell, Richard L: Gortaloughan
Betty, William L: Ferney
Betty, William L: Killymittan
Blakely, Charles L: Mullaghmeen
Blakely, Guy L: Mullaghmeen
Blakely, Henry L: Mullaghmeen
Blakely, Joseph L: Mullaghmeen
Blakely, Mary L: Mullaghmeen
Blakely, Matthew L: Mullaghmeen
Blakely, Rebecca L: Mullaghmeen
Blakely, Thomas L: Ardgart
Blakely, William L: Mullaghmeen
Blakley, Robert L: Cavanalough Glebe
Blayney, Ellen L: Knockmanoul
Bleakley, William L: Sessiaghs
Booth, Hugh L: Kilgortnaleague
Booth, Jane L: Sidaire
Booth, John L: Ballydoolagh
Bowles, Robert L: Ballydoolagh
Bowles, Robert L: Knockmanoul
Bowles, Thomas L: Ferney
Boyle, Ellen L: Lettermoney
Boyle, Mary T: Bellanamallard
Brady, Peter T: Bellanamallard
Breen, Edward L: Salloon
Breen, Edward T: Bellanamallard
Breen, Frances L: Killee
Breen, George L: Magheracross
Breen, Henry L: Baragh
Breen, Henry L: Drumsloe
Breen, Henry L: Salloon
Breen, James L: Coa
Breen, John L: Salloon
Breen, Michael L: Ardgart
Breen, Owen L: Drumcullion
Breen, Robert L: Drummurry
Breen, Robert L: Relagh N: Big
Breen, Robert L: Relagh N: Little
Breen, William L: Cleenaghan
Breen, William L: Magheracross
Breen, William L: Relagh N: Big
Breen, William L: Relagh N: Little
Brien, John L: Relagh
Brown, Henry, Jr. L: Salloon
Brown, Henry, Sr. L: Salloon
Brown, John L: Drumsloe
Brown, Robert L: Ballydoolagh
Browne, William L: Beagh
Burke, Rev. Henry A. L: Drumkeen
Burke, Michael L: Cavanalough Glebe
Burke, Michael L: Drumkeen
Burke, Michael L: Magheracross
Burleigh, Thomas L: Drumsloe
Burns, John L: Drumcullion
Cadden, Anky L: Knockmanoul
Cadden, Elilzabeth T: Bellanamallard
Cadden, Eliza L: Drumrainy
Cadden, James L: Drumconnis
Cahill, Patrick T: Bellanamallard
Cahill, Thomas T: Bellanamallard
Caldwell, John L: Drumrainy
Callaghan, William L: Drumbulcan
Campbell, Francis L: Drumcullion
Campbell, Henry L: Drumcullion
Campbell, Henry L: Drummurry
Campbell, John L: Craghan
Campbell, John L: Drumcreen
Campbell, Richard L: Currin
Campbell, Richard L: Drummurry
Campbell, Richard L: Sidaire
Campbell, Robert L: Drumcullion
Campbell, William L: Drummurry
Carrothers, Robert L: Derryraghan
Cassidy, Charles T: Bellanamallard
Cassidy, Patrick L: Relagh
Cassidy, Thomas L: Killymittan
Cathcart, Anne L: Cavantillycormick
Chapman, Elizabeth L: Ballydoolagh
Chapman, Ralph L: Ballydoolagh
Chapman, Thomas L: Ballydoolagh
Chittick, Charles L: Tullyrain
Christie, David L: Drumbulcan
Clarke, James T: Bellanamallard
Clarke, Robert L: Glencoonra
Cleary, James L: Salry
Cleary, Patrick L: Currin
Cluff, Elizabeth L: Cleenaghan
Cluff, Thomas L: Killymittan
Collum, Catherine L: Ferney
Collum, John L: Drumsloe
Connolly, Edward L: Killee
Connolly, James T: Bellanamallard
Connolly, Michael T: Bellanamallard
Corr, Francis L: Killymittan
Corrigan, Catherine L: Beagh
Corrigan, Gerard T: Bellanamallard
Corrigan, Thomas L: Sessiaghs
Corrigan, William L: Currin
Corron, Bernard L: Relagh
Corron, James L: Ardgart
Corron, John L: Ardgart
Corron, Mary L: Knockmanoul
Corron, Patrick L: Ardgart
Coulter, Andrew L: Ballydoolagh
Coulter, John L: Ballydoolagh
Coulter, Joseph L: Ballydoolagh
Coulter, Mary L: Ballydoolagh
Coulter, Mary L: Derryraghan
Coulter, William L: Drumbulcan
Cowan, Adam L: Sidaire
Cranston, Michael L: Ballydoolagh
Crawford, Andrew L: Drumconnis
Crean, William L: Magheracross
Creighton, John T: Bellanamallard
Creighton, Margaret L: Salry
Creighton, Noble L: Knockmanoul
Crowe, Thomas L: Coolgarran
Crowe, Thomas L: Lettermoney
Crozier, Andrew L: Drumconnis
Crozier, Andrew L: Mullaghmeen
Crozier, Catherine L: Craghan
Crozier, George L: Ballydoolagh
Crozier, James L: Drumconnis
Crozier, James L: Drummurry
Crozier, John L: Bellanamallard
Crozier, John L: Coa
Crozier, John L: Craghan
Crozier, John L: Drummurry
Crozier, John L: Drumrainy
Crozier, John L: Salry
Crozier, John L: Sidaire
Crozier, John T: Bellanamallard
Crozier, Robert L: Bellanamallard
Crozier, Robert L: Craghan
Crozier, Thomas T: Bellanamallard
Crozier, William T: Bellanamallard
Cullen, Catherine T: Bellanamallard
Cullen, John L: Coolgarran
Cunningham, George L: Cavanalough Glebe
Curry, Nathaniel, Jr. L: Mullaghmeen
Curry, Nathaniel, Sr. L: Mullaghmeen
D'Arcy Irvine, Henry M. L: Coolgarran
D'Arcy Irvine, Henry M. L: Glencoonra
D'Arcy Irvine, Henry M. L: Lettermoney
D'Arcy Irvine, Henry M. L: Sessiaghs
Darragh, Charles L: Beagh
Dick, Mary L: Salloon
Dick, Mary T: Bellanamallard
Dixon, Irwin L: Salry
Doherty, Charles L: Ballydoolagh
Donnelly, Anne L: Killee
Donnelly, Bernard L: Cavanalough Glebe
Donnelly, Charles L: Cavanalough Glebe
Donnelly, Henry L: Cavanalough Glebe
Donnelly, John, Jr. L: Coa
Donnelly, John, Sr. L: Coa
Donnelly, Patrick L: Cavanalough Glebe
Donnelly, Patrick L: Coa
Donnelly, Patrick L: Derryraghan
Dorgan, Patrick L: Drumbulcan
Doyle, Thomas L: Sidaire
Early, John L: Drumrainy
Early, Patrick L: Beagh
Early, Thomas L: Gortaloughan
Edwards, John L: Cavantillycormick
Edwards, Mark L: Drumkeen
Edwards, Mark T: Bellanamallard
Edwards, Robert T: Bellanamallard
Edwards, William L: Cavantillycormick
Edwards, William L: Coa
Elliott, Alexander L: Cleenaghan
Elliott, Andrew L: Knockmanoul
Elliott, Edward L: Ferney
Elliott, Eliza L: Salry
Elliott, Grace L: Drummurry
Elliott, James L: Drumsloe
Elliott, James L: Ferney
Elliott, James L: Salry
Elliott, James T: Bellanamallard
Elliott, Margaret L: Drumsloe
Elliott, Rebecca L: Ballydoolagh
Elliott, Robert L: Salry
Elliott, Sarah L: Ballydoolagh
Elliott, William L: Drumsloe
Elliott, William L: Ferney
Elliott, William L: Relagh
Elliott, William T: Bellanamallard
Elliott, William, Jr. L: Ferney
Emerson, John L: Coa
Emerson, Noble L: Cavanalough Glebe
Emerson, William L: Cavantillycormick
Enniskillen, L: Ballydoolagh N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Mullaghmeen N: Earl of Enniskillen
Fair, James L: Drumsloe
Farmer, Terence L: Drumcreen
Farmer, Thomas L: Mullaghmeen
Farry, Andrew L: Coa
Farry, Anne L: Cavantillycormick
Farry, Darby L: Ballydoolagh
Farry, Dominick L: Cavantillycormick
Farry, James L: Cavantillycormick
Farry, James L: Tullyrain
Farry, John L: Cavanalough Glebe
Farry, John L: Cavantillycormick
Farry, John L: Coa
Farry, Patrick L: Beagh
Farry, Patrick L: Cavanalough Glebe
Farry, Patrick L: Coa
Farry, Thomas L: Relagh
Ferris, James L: Ballydoolagh
Fife, Elizabeth T: Bellanamallard
Fife, James L: Currin
Fife, James L: Drumcullion
Fife, John L: Ballydoolagh
Fife, Robert L: Drumcullion
Fife, William L: Drumcullion
Fitzpatrick, Jane L: Drumcullion
Flaherty, Henry L: Drumkeen
Flaherty, Henry L: Drummurry
Flaherty, Henry T: Bellanamallard
Foster, Robert L: Lettermoney
Fox, Eliza L: Gortaloughan
Fox, John L: Cavanalough Glebe
Frith, Samuel L: Cooltrain
Frith, Samuel L: Relagh
Frith, William L: Gortaloughan
Fyffe, Bridget L: Beagh
Fyffe, Edward L: Beagh
Fyffe, Hannah L: Beagh
Fyffe, James L: Beagh
Fyffe, John L: Beagh
Fyffe, Thomas L: Beagh
Gallagher, Denis L: Magheracross
Gallagher, Hugh L: Cavanalough Glebe
Gardiner, Edward T: Bellanamallard
Gibson, Catherine L: Drumkeen
Gibson, Hugh T: Bellanamallard
Gillespie, Leonard L: Lettermoney
Gillespie, Richard L: Beagh
Gilmore, Robert L: Cavanalough Glebe
Gorely, Edward L: Mullaghmeen
Graham, Alexander L: Drumcullion
Graham, Andrew L: Drumcullion
Graham, Anne L: Cleenaghan
Graham, Charles L: Knockmanoul
Graham, James L: Ballydoolagh
Graham, Jane L: Ballydoolagh
Graham, John L: Sidaire
Graham, John R. L: Knockmanoul
Graham, Mary T: Bellanamallard
Graham, Robert L: Lettermoney
Graham, Thomas L: Kilgortnaleague
Graham, William L: Drumsloe
Graham, William L: Knockmanoul N: Fair View
Graham, William L: Knockmanoul N: Nanagh
Graham, William L: Knockmanoul N: The Walk
Grainger, William L: Knockmanoul
Greene, Anne L: Killee
Greene, Hugh L: Cavanalough Glebe
Greene, John L: Killee
Greene, Margaret, Sr. L: Killee
Greene, Michael, Jr. L: Killee
Greene, Michael, Sr. L: Killee
Greene, Michl. L: Killee N: Kilnman
Greene, Patrick L: Killee
Greene, Patrick, Jr. L: Killee
Greene, Patrick, Sr. L: Killee
Greene, Thomas L: Killee
Greene, Thomas L: Killymittan
Haddick, Isaac L: Relagh
Hales, John L: Craghan
Hall, Thomas L: Drumsloe
Halliday, Alexander L: Kilgortnaleague
Halliday, William A. L: Craghan
Halliday, William A. L: Salloon
Halloran, John T: Bellanamallard
Hamilton, Catherine L: Beagh
Hare, Thomas L: Magheracross
Hargan, Margaret L: Derryraghan
Harraran, John L: Ballydoolagh
Henderson, Alice L: Currin
Henderson, Andrew L: Currin
Henderson, George T: Bellanamallard
Henderson, Isabella T: Ballinamallard
Henderson, Isabella T: Bellanamallard
Hethering, Noble L: Sidaire
Hetherington, Christr. L: Baragh
Hetherington, James L: Glencoonra
Hetherington, James T: Bellanamallard
Hetherington, John L: Glencoonra
Higgins, James L: Beagh
Higgins, James L: Killee
Higgins, Patrick L: Killee
Higgins, Thomas L: Beagh
Hoey, John L: Drumcreen
Hoey, Sarah L: Sidaire
Holywell, John L: Knockmanoul
Howe, William L: Knockmanoul
Hughes, Michael L: Coa
Hunter, Andrew, Jr. L: Coa
Hunter, Andrew, Sr. L: Coa
Hunter, James L: Coa
Hunter, Jane L: Coa
Hurst, Anthony L: Tullyrain
Hurst, James L: Killee
Hurst, Lendrum L: Tullyrain
Hurst, Margaret T: Bellanamallard
Hurst, Mary T: Bellanamallard
Hurst, Mitchel L: Tullyrain
Hurst, Rebecca L: Tullyrain
Hurst, Stephen L: Beagh
Hurst, Stephen L: Tullyrain
Hurst, William L: Beagh
Hurst, William L: Craghan
Hurst, William, Jr. L: Tullyrain
Hurst, William, Sr. L: Tullyrain
Hutchinson, Anne L: Currin
Irvine, Anne L: Coa
Irvine, Gerard L: Sessiaghs
Irvine, James L: Currin
Irvine, Margaret L: Cavantillycormick
Irvine, Walter L: Sessiaghs
Irvine, William L: Cavantillycormick
Irvine, William L: Currin
Irwin, Alexander L: Drumcullion
Irwin, George L: Drumbulcan
Irwin, Henry L: Drumbulcan
Irwin, Jane L: Currin
Irwin, John L: Cavanalough Glebe
Irwin, John L: Cavantillycormick
Irwin, William L: Coolgarran
Irwin, William L: Lettermoney
Jenkins, Anne L: Sidaire
Jennings, James T: Bellanamallard
Jervis, Abraham T: Bellanamallard
Jervis, Robert L: Coolgarran
Jobb, Joseph T: Bellanamallard
Johnson, Arthur L: Mullaghmeen
Johnson, Jane T: Bellanamallard
Johnson, William L: Drumbulcan
Johnson, William T: Bellanamallard
Johnston, Elliott L: Currin
Johnston, Jane L: Drumrainy
Johnston, John L: Mullaghmeen
Johnston, Robert L: Drumcreen
Jones, Christopher L: Lettermoney
Kearn, John L: Derryraghan
Keenan, Hugh L: Ferney
Kelly, Patrick L: Salloon
Kenny, George T: Bellanamallard
Kerr, Anne T: Bellanamallard
Kerr, Christopher T: Bellanamallard
Kerr, Margaret L: Drumkeen
Kerr, William L: Knockmanoul
Kidney, Henry L: Ferney
Kidney, Robert L: Salry
Kidney, William T: Bellanamallard
Kirk, John L: Currin
Lavelle, Owen L: Cavanalough Glebe
Law, Anne T: Bellanamallard
Law, Christopher T: Bellanamallard
Ledley, Margaret L: Knockmanoul
Lee, Robert L: Ballydoolagh
Lendrum, James L: Craghan
Lendrum, James L: Drumcreen
Lendrum, James L: Magheracross
Leonard, Mary L: Drumbulcan
Lindsay, John L: Magheracross
Little, Henry L: Relagh
Little, Robert L: Currin
Logan, Hugh L: Knockmanoul
Logan, James L: Cavantillycormick
Long, Jane L: Knockmanoul
Love, Charles L: Craghan
Love, James L: Coa
Love, John L: Cavanalough Glebe
Love, Margaret L: Cavanalough Glebe
Love, Patrick L: Cavanalough Glebe
Love, Patrick T: Bellanamallard
Love, Thomas L: Beagh
Lytle, James L: Drumrainy
Macan, Andrew L: Killymittan
Macan, Bridget L: Beagh
Macan, Hannah L: Killymittan
Macan, James L: Ballydoolagh
Macan, Michael L: Magheracross
Macan, Michael, Jr. L: Beagh
Macan, Michael, Sr. L: Beagh
Macan, Thomas L: Beagh
Macartney, James L: Drumconnis
Maclean, William T: Bellanamallard
Magee, Andrew L: Drumcullion
Magee, Patrick L: Cleenaghan
Magennis, Edward L: Baragh
Magrath, David T: Bellanamallard
Maguire, Catherine T: Bellanamallard
Maguire, John L: Coa
Maguire, John L: Drumbulcan
Maguire, Patrick L: Killee
Maguire, Thomas L: Drumcullion
Mairs, John L: Ballydoolagh
Mairs, Mary L: Ballydoolagh
Mairs, Thomas L: Ballydoolagh
Manning, John T: Bellanamallard
Martin, Patrick L: Glencoonra
Masterson, Christopher L: Mullaghmeen
Masterson, John L: Drumbulcan
Masterson, John L: Mullaghmeen
Masterson, Sarah L: Mullaghmeen
Masterson, Thomas L: Gortaloughan
McAleer, Henry L: Salloon
McAnaspie, Charles L: Beagh
McAnerney, Samuel T: Bellanamallard
McAuley, John L: Knockmanoul
McBreen, Rose L: Ballydoolagh
McBride, Robert L: Craghan
McCabe, Mary L: Knockmanoul
McCabe, William L: Cavantillycormick
McCaffrey, Edward L: Ballydoolagh
McCaffrey, Hugh T: Bellanamallard
McCaffrey, James L: Knockmanoul
McCaffrey, James T: Bellanamallard
McCaffrey, Margaret L: Knockmanoul
McCaffrey, Thomas L: Currin
McCann, John L: Cleenaghan
McCann, John L: Killee
McClelland, Alexander L: Knockmanoul
McClelland, Isabella L: Knockmanoul
McClelland, John L: Cleenaghan
McClelland, John T: Bellanamallard
McClelland, Margaret L: Knockmanoul
McColgan, James L: Gortaloughan
McCosker, Andrew L: Drumconnis
McCosker, Catherine L: Ardgart
McCosker, Catherine L: Gortaloughan
McCosker, Charles L: Ballydoolagh
McCosker, Charles L: Gortaloughan
McCosker, Daniel L: Ballydoolagh
McCosker, Edward L: Ardgart
McCosker, Jane L: Drumcreen
McCosker, Jane L: Gortaloughan
McCosker, Mary L: Ballydoolagh
McCosker, Patrick L: Ballydoolagh
McCosker, Redmond L: Ballydoolagh
McCosker, Thomas L: Ardgart
McCosker, Thomas L: Craghan
McCosker, Thomas L: Gortaloughan
McCosker, Thomas, Jr. L: Gortaloughan
McCosker, Thomas, Sr. L: Gortaloughan
McCosker, Thos., Sr. L: Gortaloughan
McCullagh, James L: Baragh
McCullagh, James L: Drummurry
McCusker, Mary L: Drumcullion
McDonagh, Hugh L: Currin
McDonagh, Thomas L: Coolgarran
McElroy, Edward L: Cavanalough Glebe
McFarland, George L: Salloon
McGaughran, Robert L: Drumbulcan
McGaughy, John L: Knockmanoul
McGaughy, Michael L: Beagh
McGaughy, William L: Knockmanoul
McGeraghty, James L: Salloon
McGlinchy, Thomas L: Beagh
McGoldrick, Charles L: Beagh
McGorman, Thomas T: Bellanamallard
McGowan, Francis L: Lettermoney
McGregor, Mary L: Currin
McGregor, Noble L: Lettermoney
McIlbride, John L: Salloon
McKenna, Hugh L: Cavantillycormick
McKenna, William L: Killee
McLoughlin, Bernard L: Beagh
McLoughlin, Rev. John L: Drumconnis
McLoughlin, Owen L: Beagh
McLoughlin, Patrick L: Killymittan
McLoughlin, Torrens L: Beagh
McManus, Catherine L: Cavantillycormick
McManus, John L: Cleenaghan
McManus, John L: Magheracross
McManus, William L: Coa
McManus, William L: Drumrainy
McMenimin, James L: Craghan
McMulken, Andrew L: Killee
McMulken, Edward L: Cleenaghan
McMulken, Edward L: Killee
McMulken, Michael L: Killee
McMulken, Michael, Sr. L: Killee
McMullen, Jane T: Bellanamallard
McQuaid, Anne L: Beagh
McQuaid, Edward L: Ballydoolagh
McQuaid, Edward L: Killymittan
McQuaid, Felix L: Killee
McQuaid, James L: Glencoonra
McQuaid, James L: Killee N: The Rocks
McQuaid, Jas. L: Killee N: Crocknagilla
McQuaid, John L: Glencoonra
McQuaid, John L: Killee
McQuaid, John L: Sidaire
McQuaid, Launcelot L: Killymittan
McQuaid, Launcelot L: Sidaire
McQuaid, Patrick L: Coa
McQuaid, Patrick L: Killymittan
McQuaid, Peter L: Beagh
McQuaid, Terence L: Beagh
McQuillan, Anne L: Derryraghan
McSorley, Hugh L: Salloon
McSorley, William L: Baragh
Meldrum, Fanny L: Glencoonra
Miller, Joseph L. T: Bellanamallard
Mitchell, Henry L: Ballydoolagh
Mitchell, Jane L: Ballydoolagh
Moffatt, Andrew L: Cleenaghan
Moffatt, Henry L: Drumbulcan
Moffatt, John L: Drumbulcan
Moffatt, William L: Salloon
Mohan, Sarah L: Mullaghmeen
Monahan, Margaret L: Sidaire
Monahan, Patrick L: Derryraghan
Moore, George L: Ballydoolagh
Moore, James L: Gortaloughan
Moore, Jane L: Sidaire
Moore, Thomas L: Drummurry
Moran, William L: Baragh
Morris, Noble L: Drumrainy
Morrison, Edward L: Currin
Morrison, George L: Currin
Morrison, James L: Currin
Morrison, John L: Cavanalough Glebe
Morrison, Rebecca T: Bellanamallard
Morrison, William L: Currin
Mosgrove, Thomas L: Drummurry
Muldoon, William L: Lettermoney
Mulhern, John L: Salloon
Mulrain, William L: Craghan
Murphy, Mary T: Bellanamallard
Murphy, William L: Baragh
Murray, Charles L: Drumconnis
Murray, Francis L: Drumcullion
Musgrave, Catherine L: Magheracross
Nelson, Andrew L: Kilgortnaleague
Nixon, George L: Drumrainy
Nixon, John L: Knockmanoul
Nixon, Richard L: Knockmanoul
Noble, Adam L: Kilgortnaleague
Noble, Christopher L: Knockmanoul
Noble, John H. L: Kilgortnaleague
Noble, Samuel L: Drumkeen
Noble, Thomas L: Drumrainy
Noble, Wiliam L: Kilgortnaleague
Noble, William L: Sidaire
Nolan, Patrick T: Bellanamallard
O'Brien, Hugh L: Magheracross
Owens, Patrick L: Craghan
Owens, Thomas L: Craghan
Palmer, George L: Drumcullion
Parker, John L: Ferney
Patterson, James L: Drumcullion
Patterson, James L: Drumrainy
Patterson, James L: Ferney
Patterson, James T: Bellanamallard
Persse, William L: Derryraghan
Phair, Alexander L: Knockmanoul
Phayre, Edward L: Drumsloe
Phayre, Edward L: Salloon
Phayre, Thomas L: Drumkeen
Porteous, Lucy L: Mullaghmeen
Porter, Robert L: Gortaloughan
Potter, James T: Bellanamallard
Potter, John L: Salloon
Potter, Thomas L: Kilgortnaleague
Potters, Thomas T: Bellanamallard
Reilly, Patrick L: Beagh
Richie, William L: Lettermoney
Robinson, Christopher L: Cleenaghan
Robinson, James L: Drumcreen
Robinson, John L: Derryraghan
Robinson, Thomas L: Drumconnis
Robinson, William L: Cleenaghan
Robinson, William L: Magheracross
Rolleston, James L: Drumrainy
Rolleston, James T: Bellanamallard
Rollestone, James T: Bellanamallard
Rollestone, John L: Baragh
Rutledge, Jane L: Beagh
Scallan, Charles L: Gortaloughan
Scollan, Edward L: Drumcullion
Scollan, Edward L: Killymittan
Scollan, John L: Beagh
Shannon, Robert L: Gortaloughan
Sharpe, William L: Sidaire
Singleton, Thomas C. L: Salry
Singleton, Thomas C. T: Bellanamallard
Smith, Adam L: Derryraghan
Smith, Anne L: Derryraghan
Smith, John L: Cavantillycormick
Spratt, James L: Sidaire
Spratt, John L: Paris Island Litt
Spratt, William L: Coolgarran
Stewart, Edward L: Drumbulcan
Stewart, William T: Bellanamallard
Sumerville, John L: Tullyrain
Sumerville, Robert L: Tullyrain
Sweeny, Rebecca L: Ballydoolagh
Thompson, David L: Sessiaghs
Thompson, John L: Currin
Tumman, John L: Killee
Tummon, James L: Cavanalough Glebe
Vance, William L: Cavantillycormick
Veitch, James L: Drumrainy
Veitch, James T: Bellanamallard
Walker, John L: Cavantillycormick
Walmsley, Charles L: Knockmanoul
Walmsley, Edward L: Drumconnis
Watson, James L: Beagh
Watson, Joseph L: Beagh
West, Jonathan L: Drumkeen
White, Henry L: Drumkeen
Whittaker, Catherine L: Drumcullion
Whittaker, Rev. John L: Drumcullion
Whittaker, Rev. John L: Ferney
Wiley, James L: Sidaire
Wiley, Joseph L: Drumcullion
Wilkin, Charles L: Drumconnis
Wilkin, James L: Sidaire
Williams, James L: Knockmanoul
Wilson, John L: Salry
Wilson, John T: Bellanamallard
Wilson, Richard L: Sidaire
Woods, Andrew L: Cavanalough Glebe
Woods, Mary L: Sidaire
Woods, Patrick L: Ballydoolagh
Woods, Thomas L: Drumcreen
Wright, John L: Currin
Wynne, Edward L: Sidaire

Map of Civil Parishes in county Fermanagh

Civil Parish Records of County Fermanagh

Other Fermanagh Parish Records

1 Aghalurcher

2 Aghavea

3 Belleek

4 Boho

5 Cleenish

6 Clones

7 Currin

8 Derrybrusk

9 Derryvullan

10 Devenish

11 Drumkeeran

12 Drummully

13 Enniskillen

14 Galloon

15 Inishmacsaint

16 Killesher

17 Kinawley

18 Magheracross

19 Magheraculmoney

20 Rossorry

21 Templecarn

22 Tomregan

23 Trory