Griffith's Valuation: Galloon Parish, County Fermanagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Galloon Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Galloon parish and every other parish in county Fermanagh as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Fermanagh in 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Galloon Parish 1862

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You should also check the records of Galloon parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Abraham, Alexander L: Kilmore
Abraham, Rev. Thomas T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Adams, Christopher L: Derryad
Adams, Francis L: Cullion
Adams, Francis L: Kilgarrett
Adams, Francis T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Adams, Margaret L: Lisnashillida
Adams, Robert L: Gortgommon
Adams, Robert L: Lurganboy
Adams, William L: Gortgranagh
Allen, Andrew L: Aghnahinch
Allen, Andrew L: Kilgarrett
Allen, Elliott L: Aghnahinch
Allen, James L: Corscreenagh
Allen, James L: Drumquillia
Allen, James L: Farm
Allen, James L: Kilgarrett
Allen, James L: Legmacaffry
Allen, John L: Aghnahinch
Allen, Thomas L: Aghnahinch
Allen, Thomas L: Loughkillygreen
Allen, William L: Cullion
Allen, William L: Kilturk South
Allen, William L: Loughkillygreen
Allen, William L: Mullaghgare
Allwill, Thomas L: Killard
Alwell, John L: Drumbullog
Alwell, John L: Ratoal
Armstrong, Alice L: Drumgallan
Armstrong, Andrew L: Ratoal
Armstrong, Arabella L: Cavanacurragh
Armstrong, Archibald L: Ballyhullagh
Armstrong, Archibald L: Cormonalea
Armstrong, Archibald L: Drumsastry
Armstrong, Arthur L: Drumbullog
Armstrong, Charles L: Ballyhullagh
Armstrong, Charles L: Baltreagh
Armstrong, Charles L: Clonelty
Armstrong, Charles L: Legmacaffry
Armstrong, Christopher L: Cloncarn
Armstrong, Christopher L: Drumgallan
Armstrong, Christopher L: Drummusky
Armstrong, Christopher L: Keeran Beg
Armstrong, Creighton L: Killycarnan
Armstrong, Edward L: Fargrim
Armstrong, Eliza L: Lisnaknock
Armstrong, Frances L: Kilturk South
Armstrong, Frances L: Lehinch
Armstrong, Frances L: Lisnaknock
Armstrong, Francis L: Cornabrass
Armstrong, George L: Carrowmore
Armstrong, George L: Drumbullog
Armstrong, George L: Midhill
Armstrong, George L: Ratoal
Armstrong, Henry L: Killycarnan
Armstrong, James L: Cloncarn
Armstrong, John L: Aghnahinch
Armstrong, John L: Killycarnan
Armstrong, John L: Kilroot
Armstrong, John L: Knockmackegan
Armstrong, John L: Milltate
Armstrong, Philip L: Ballyhullagh
Armstrong, Philip L: Drumsastry
Armstrong, Philip L: Killaspeenan
Armstrong, Robert L: Bohasset
Armstrong, Robert L: Cavanacurragh
Armstrong, Robert L: Drummaw
Armstrong, Robert L: Kilroot
Armstrong, Robert L: Loughkillygreen
Armstrong, Thomas L: Cavanacurragh
Armstrong, Thomas L: Derrysteaton
Armstrong, Thomas L: Drumbullog
Armstrong, Thomas L: Kilmore
Armstrong, Thomas L: Ratoal
Armstrong, William L: Drummaw
Armstrong, William L: Fargrim
Armstrong, William L: Loughkillygreen
Atwell, Alexander L: Derrysteaton
Atwell, Samuel L: Derrysteaton
Atwell, Thomas L: Derrysteaton
Atwell, William L: Derrysteaton
Baily, Thomas L: Kilready
Balfour, James L: Belleisle
Bannon, George L: Agharoosky East
Bannon, Margaret L: Carrowmaculla
Bannon, Michael L: Kilmore North
Bannon, Owen L: Kilmore North
Bates, Margaret L: Derryad
Bayley, Alexander L: Killycarnan
Bayley, Thomas L: Mullyduff
Beatty, Jonathan L: Gortgommon
Beatty, Jonathan L: Killaghy
Beatty, Jonathan L: Kilnakirk
Beatty, Joseph L: Aghnahinch
Beatty, Joseph L: Drumguillagh
Beatty, Joseph L: Mullynagowan
Beatty, Joseph L: Piper's Hill
Beatty, Joseph T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Beatty, Samuel L: Cornavray
Beatty, Samuel L: Doohat
Beatty, Samuel L: Drumgallan
Beatty, Thomas L: Bohora
Beatty, Thomas L: Doohat
Beatty, Thomas L: Gortleet
Beatty, Thomas L: Kilmacbrack
Beatty, Thomas L: Kilnakirk
Beatty, Thomas L: Mullaghlehan
Beatty, Thomas L: Mullydinnity
Beatty, William L: Cullion
Beatty, William L: Derrydoon
Beatty, William L: Drumquillia
Beatty, William L: Lurganboy
Beatty, William T: Newtownbutler
Beavis, George L: Derryad
Beggan, Bernard L: Corlatt
Beggan, Hugh L: Bleanish Island
Beggan, Hugh L: Kilmore North
Beggan, James L: Kilmore North
Beggan, John L: Bohasset
Beggan, John L: Ports
Beggan, Michael L: Ports
Beggan, Philip L: Bunneill
Beggan, Sarah L: Bunneill
Beggan, Thomas L: Ports
Beggin, Bernard L: Coolnasillagh
Beggin, Owen L: Tattycam
Beggin, Thos., Jr. L: Coolnasillagh
Beggin, Thos., Sr. L: Coolnasillagh
Bell, Joseph L: Leitrim
Bell, Richard L: Drumquillia
Bell, Richard T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Bird, Ellen L: Derrycanon
Boardman, William L: Ballagh
Boardman, William L: Monanacloy
Bowes, Alexander L: Clonmaulin
Bowes, Francis L: Ballywillin
Bowes, Francis L: Legmacaffry
Bowes, Henry L: Lislarris
Bowes, John L: Kilturk South
Bowes, Robert L: Lislarris
Bowes, Sarah L: Keeran Beg
Bowes, William L: Ballagh
Bowes, William L: Keeran Beg
Boylan, William L: Kilturk South
Brady, Edward L: Baltreagh
Brady, John L: Magheramore
Brady, John L: Tattygare
Braiden, Samuel L: Clonumphry
Braiden, Thomas L: Kilturk South
Bredin, Thomas T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Bredin, Rev. William T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Breen, Hugh L: Monanacloy
Breen, James L: Milltate
Brennan, Rose T: Newtownbutler
Brewster, Thomas L: Clonelty
Bride, John L: Derrycorby
Brien, Alexander L: Mullaghboy
Brien, Thomas L: Keady
Brooks, William L: Aghnahinch
Brooks, William L: Sandholes
Brown, William L: Agharoosky East
Browne, Anne L: Keeran Beg
Browne, Edward L: Gortgarvan
Browne, James L: Drumrearty
Browne, James L: Killynacran
Browne, Jane T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Browne, Margaret L: Lurganboy
Browne, Robert L: Drumrearty
Browne, William L: Gortbrannan
Browne, William L: Gortgarvan
Browne, William L: Gortraw
Bryan, William L: Killard
Bryans, Elizabeth L: Derrylea
Bryans, James L: Dernish Island
Bryans, James L: Derrycanon
Bryans, James L: Moorlough
Bryans, Jane L: Moorlough
Bryans, Thomas L: Tiraffy
Bryans, William L: Dernish Island
Bryans, William L: Derrtlea
Bryans, William L: Killard
Bryans, William L: Magheramore
Burns, Patrick L: Cornavray
Burns, Patrick L: Drumbrughas West
Burns, Peter L: Cornavray
Burns, Philip L: Killynacran
Bussell, Daniel L: Kilready
Bussell, Daniel L: Mullyduff
Bussell, Rep. Edward L: Drumcaw
Bussell, Rep. Edward L: Screevagh
Bussell, Edward, Sr. L: Cornavray
Bussell, Edward, Sr. L: Corsenshin
Bussell, Edward, Sr. L: Garraroosky
Bussell, Edward, Sr. L: Mullaghboy
Bussell, Hugh L: Kilready
Bussell, Hugh L: Mullyduff
Bussell, John L: Brannish
Bussell, John L: Culliondoo
Bussell, John L: Garraroosky
Bussell, John L: Sallaghy
Bussell, Thomas L: Lurganboy
Bussell, Thomas T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Bussell, William L: Ballywillin
Bussell, William L: Derrtlea
Bussell, William L: Knockmackegan
Butler, Humphrey L: Derrygennedy
Butler, Humphrey L: Killalahard
Cadden, Alexander L: Drumlone
Cadden, Felix L: Culliondoo
Cadden, Hugh L: Monanacloy
Cadden, John L: Mullyduff
Cadden, Patrick L: Askill
Callaghan, James L: Loughkillygreen
Campbell, Alexander L: Cloghagaddy
Campbell, Ephraim T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Campbell, Henry L: Clonmaulin
Campbell, Patrick L: Clonmaulin
Campbell, Thomas L: Clonmaulin
Cane, Rachel L: Lurganboy
Carberry, James L: Cornavray
Carberry, Patrick L: Kilmacbrack
Carbery, Michael L: Donagh
Carey, Alexander L: Keeran More
Carey, Alexander L: Kilmore North
Carey, Catherine L: Killyroo
Carey, Ellen L: Keeran More
Carey, Hugh L: Loughkillygreen
Carey, Hugh L: Moorlough
Carey, James L: Killaspeenan
Carey, James L: Killyroo
Carey, James L: Lettergreen
Carey, John L: Bellmount
Carey, Mary L: Killaspeenan
Carey, Michael L: Kilmacbrack
Carey, Owen L: Killaspeenan
Carey, Patrick L: Bohasset
Carey, Patrick L: Killyroo
Carey, Philip L: Killyroo
Carey, Thomas L: Belleisle
Carey, Thomas L: Killyroo
Carey, Thomas L: Lettergreen
Carley, Francis L: Bellmount
Carmichael, Sarah L: Drumbrughas West
Carroll, Anne L: Clonmaulin
Carroll, Jane L: Killycarnan
Carroll, Philip L: Killyclonny
Cassidy, Andrew L: Coolnasillagh
Cassidy, James L: Drumhose
Cassidy, James L: Foremass
Cassidy, James L: Manor Water House
Cassidy, James L: Tattygare
Cassidy, William L: Loughkillygreen
Cathcart, John L: Deal Island
Cathcart, John L: Staff Island
Cathcart, John L: Tonregee Island
Cathcart, Thomas L: Creaghmacwallen Island
Cathcart, Thomas L: Deal Island
Cathcart, Thomas L: Staff Island
Cavendish Butler, Hon. Henry L: Crehan Island
Cavendish Butler, Hon. Henry L: Derryad
Cherson, Abraham L: Drumgoland
Cherson, Abraham L: Sheeny
Cherson, Francis L: Drumgoland
Cherson, Francis L: Sheeny
Clarke, David L: Mullyduff
Clarke, David T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Clarke, Eleanor L: Gortgommon
Clarke, Eleanor T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Clarke, Isabella L: Drumcru
Clarke, Isabella L: Drumgoland
Clarke, Isabella L: Drumquillia
Clarke, Isabella L: Gortgommon
Clarke, Isabella L: Killalahard
Clarke, Isabella L: Lehinch
Clarke, Isabella L: Lurganboy
Clarke, Isabella L: Ringvilla
Clarke, Isabella L: Sheeny
Clarke, Isabella T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Clarke, Israel L: Cornabrass
Clarke, James L: Ballyhullagh
Clarke, James L: Drumhose
Clarke, James L: Keady
Clarke, James L: Manor Water House
Clarke, James L: Milltate
Clarke, James L: Moorlough
Clarke, Rev. James T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Clarke, Jane L: Gortgarvan
Clarke, John L: Kilgarrett
Clarke, John L: Loughkillygreen
Clarke, Samuel L: Maherareagh
Clarke, Thomas L: Loughkillygreen
Cleary, Catherine L: Ballyhullagh
Cleary, Daniel L: Gortgommon
Cleary, Daniel T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Clendenning, Hamilton L: Killycarnan
Clendenning, Saml. L: Killycarnan
Clendenning, Thos. L: Killycarnan
Clerkin, John L: Screevagh
Clifford, Gerrard L: Gortgarvan
Clingan, George L: Belleisle
Clingan, James H. L: Ports
Clingan, Richard L: Belleisle
Clingan, William L: Derrtlea
Clingan, William L: Derryad
Clinging, Thomas L: Kilmacbrack
Collins, John L: Derryany
Collins, Mary L: Drumlone
Collins, Owen L: Derrycanon
Collins, Patrick L: Derrycanon
Collins, Patrick L: Drumhose
Collins, Thomas L: Derryany
Conlon, Francis L: Askill
Conlon, Francis L: Landbrock
Conlon, John L: Landbrock
Connolly, James L: Cormonalea
Connolly, James T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Connolly, Jane L: Farm
Connolly, John L: Doohat
Connolly, John L: Drumbrughas West
Connolly, John L: Sheeny
Connolly, Laurence T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Connolly, Michael L: Derrygennedy
Connolly, Patrick L: Cormonalea
Connolly, Philip L: Clonelty
Coogan, Bridget T: Newtownbutler
Cooke, Isaac T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Corrigan, Edward L: Ballywillin
Corrigan, Edward L: Killaghy
Corrigan, Edward L: Kilready
Corrigan, Edward T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Corrigan, James L: Agharoosky East
Corrigan, John T: Newtownbutler
Corrigan, William T: Newtownbutler
Corry, William L: Ringvilla N: and Others
Cosgrave, James, Jr. L: Kevenagh
Cosgrave, James, Sr. L: Kevenagh
Cosgrave, John L: Killyraw
Cosgrave, Patrick L: Baltreagh
Cosgrove, Bernard L: Keeran More
Cosgrove, John L: Greaghcashel
Cosgrove, Peter L: Greaghcashel
Coulson, Christopher L: Aghagay
Coulson, Christopher L: Bellmount
Coulson, Christopher L: Clonmaulin
Coulson, Christopher L: Clonumphry
Coulson, Christopher L: Gortgarvan
Coulson, Christopher L: Gortgommon
Coulson, Christopher L: Mullaghlehan
Coulson, Christopher T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Coulson, Christopher L: Tantybulk
Coulson, Christr., Jr. T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Coulson, Corry L: Drummusky
Coulson, Elizabeth L: Killalahard
Coulson, Henry L: Killalahard
Coulson, James T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Coulson, Jas. L: Gortgommon
Coulson, John L: Clonumphry
Coulson, John L: Galloon
Coulson, John L: Lisnashillida
Coulson, John L: Mullynagowan
Coulson, William L: Bellmount
Coulson, William L: Clonumphry
Coulter, Jane L: Ballywillin
Coulter, Mary L: Ballywillin
Coulter, Mary L: Legmacaffry
Coulter, Robert L: Ballywillin
Coulter, Samuel L: Clonelty
Coulter, Samuel L: Legmacaffry
Coulter, Samuel L: Mullyduff
Coulter, Thomas L: Ballagh
Coulter, Thomas L: Clonelty
Coulter, Thomas L: Legmacaffry
Courtney, Henry L: Crockerahoas
Courtney, James T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Courtney, Rebecca L: Crockerahoas
Courtney, Rebecca L: Starraghan
Cox, Edmond L: Drumsastry
Coyle, Anne L: Clonelty
Coyle, Edward L: Clonelty
Coyle, John T: Newtownbutler
Coyle, Philip L: Clonelty
Coyle, Thomas L: Clonelty
Crawford, Charles L: Derryad
Crawford, David L: Gubb
Crawford, Edward L: Derryad
Crawford, Edward L: Keady
Crawford, George L: Derrycanon
Crawford, Hugh L: Derryad
Crawford, Samuel L: Derryad
Crawford, Samuel L: Gortgranagh
Credan, Rev. L: Carrigans
Creddan, Patrick L: Lettergreen
Creden, Mary T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Criggans, Patrick T: Newtownbutler
Cross, John L: Mullaghboy
Cross, John L: Screevagh
Crowe, Anne L: Kilready
Crozier, John L: Ballywillin
Crozier, John L: Gortraw N: Gortraw House
Crozier, John T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Crudden, Daniel L: Kilturk North
Crudden, Feelix L: Knockboy
Crudden, Felix L: Kilmore North
Crudden, James L: Kilmore North
Crudden, James L: Knockboy
Curnan, John L: Greaghcashel
Curry, James L: Dernish Island
Curry, John L: Bleanish Island
Daly, James T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Dane, Christopher T: Newtownbutler
Darling, John L: Cornabrass
Dawson, Thomas L: Kilturk South
Delap, John L: Drumgallan
Delap, John L: Kilmore North
Delemere, Mary Anne L: Feugh
Devitt, Edward L: Corsale
Devitt, Edward L: Drumlone
Dixon, Anne L: Drumhose
Dixon, Anne L: Killycarnan
Dixon, Arthur L: Carrigans
Dixon, John L: Derrycanon
Doherty, Gerrard L: Killynacran
Doherty, John L: Sallaghy N: and Another
Doherty, Mary T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Doherty, Patrick L: Drumcaw
Donaghy, Philip L: Keeran More
Donaghy, Philip L: Kilmore North
Donegan, James L: Drumguillagh
Donegan, James L: Drumsastry
Donegan, James L: Killyroo
Donegan, James L: Kilnakirk
Donegan, James L: Lettergreen
Donegan, James T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Donegan, John L: Drumrainduff
Donegan, John L: Killaspeenan
Donegan, John L: Kilnakirk
Donegan, John L: Mullyned
Donegan, John L: Rockfield
Donegan, Terence L: Ballywillin
Donegan, William L: Drumrainduff
Donohoe, Bridget L: Lisnashillida
Donohoe, Thomas L: Drumgoland
Doonan, Armour L: Gortgarvan
Doonan, James L: Ringvilla
Doonan, John L: Kilroot
Doonan, Thomas, Jr. L: Kilroot
Doonan, Thomas, Sr. L: Kilroot
Doonan, William H. L: Kilroot
Dowling, Patrick L: Corsale
Downey, Edward L: Ballagh
Downey, George L: Ballagh
Downey, George L: Coolnasillagh
Downey, James L: Ballagh
Downey, James L: Mullaghlehan
Downey, John L: Ballagh
Downey, William L: Ballagh
Duffy, Francis L: Askill
Duffy, Patrick L: Gubb
Dundas, Francis L: Derrymacrow
Dunlop, James L: Drumsastry
Elliott, Rep. George L: Drumrainduff
Elliott, James L: Ballywillin
Elliott, James L: Knockmackegan
Elliott, James L: Lurganboy
Elliott, John L: Clonmaulin
Elliott, Margaret L: Derrysteaton
Erne, L: Aghadrum N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Cloncarn N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Conckera N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Crom N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Derrybeg West N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Inishfendra N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Knocknabrass N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Lislea (Knockballymore) N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Maherareagh N: Earl of Erne
Evans, Samuel L: Drumguillagh
Evans, Samuel L: Mulnahorn
Evans, Samuel T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Fallon, John L: Drumcaw
Farfell, Francis L: Drumcru
Farrell, James L: Lehinch
Farrell, William L: Cornavray
Farrell, William L: Lehinch
Faucett, Andrew L: Baltreagh
Faucett, Charles L: Drumbullog
Faucett, John L: Baltreagh
Faucett, John L: Killynacran
Faucett, Thomas L: Baltreagh
Fawcett, Charles L: Kilmore
Fawcett, George L: Drumhose
Fawcett, James L: Cormonalea
Fawcett, James L: Drumhose
Fawcett, John L: Derrylee
Fawcett, John L: Drumrearty
Fawcett, Joseph L: Derrylea
Fawcett, Joseph L: Tiraffy
Fawcett, Robert L: Derrylee
Fawcett, William L: Drumlone
Fee, James L: Lurganboy
Fee, William L: Derrycorby
Fitch, Hugh L: Lurganboy
Fitzgerald, James L: Drumguillagh
Fitzgerald, James T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Fitzpatrick, Catherine L: Inishfendra
Fitzpatrick, Catherine L: Sramee Island
Fitzpatrick, Denis T: Newtownbutler
Fitzpatrick, Edward L: Drumgoland
Fitzpatrick, Hugh L: Derrysteaton
Fitzpatrick, Hugh L: Galloon
Fitzpatrick, John L: Derrykeny
Fitzpatrick, John L: Galloon
Fitzpatrick, John L: Gubb
Fitzpatrick, Matthew L: Derrykeny
Fitzpatrick, Michael L: Derrykeny
Fitzpatrick, Michael L: Drumbullog
Fitzpatrick, Michael T: Newtownbutler - Main St N: and Others
Fitzpatrick, Peter L: Drumbrughas West
Fitzpatrick, Peter L: Inishfendra
Fitzpatrick, Peter L: Sramee Island
Fitzpatrick, Philip L: Derrydoon
Fitzpatrick, Philip L: Kevenagh
Fleming, George L: Kilturk West
Fleming, Henry L: Derrymacrow
Fleming, Henry L: Killard
Fleming, Hugh L: Derrymacrow
Fleming, Hugh L: Killard
Fleming, James L: Derrymacrow
Fleming, James L: Killard
Fleming, Thomas L: Killard
Fleming, Thomas L: Kilturk West
Fleming, Thomas, Jr. L: Derrymacrow
Fleming, Thomas, Sr. L: Derrymacrow
Fleming, William L: Bleanish Island
Fleming, William L: Kilturk West
Forster, James L: Cloghagaddy
Forster, James L: Lissagorry Glebe
Forster, Thomas L: Cormonalea
Forster, Rep. William L: Cormonalea
Foster, Archibald L: Clonelty
Foster, Arthur L: Carrowmore
Foster, Charles L: Artinagh
Foster, Charles L: Cavanacurragh
Foster, Charles L: Drumbullog
Foster, Charles L: Kilnakirk
Foster, John L: Coolnasillagh
Foster, John L: Kilnakirk
Foster, Robert L: Agharoosky East
Foster, Robin L: Coolnasillagh
Fox, John L: Lettergreen
Gaherty, Bridget L: Greaghatirrive
Gallagher, John L: Mullynagowan
Gardiner, Edward L: Gortgranagh
Gardiner, James L: Derryad
Gardiner, William L: Derrycanon
Gardiner, William L: Drumlone
Gavan, Thomas L: Foremass
Gawley, Gilbert L: Gortgarvan
Gilleece, James L: Cormonalea
Gilleese, William L: Derrycanon
Gillies, John T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Gilliland, George T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Gilroy, James L: Leitrim
Gleeson, John L: Kilmore North
Gleeson, John L: Knockboy
Glendenning, Hamilton L: Parsonsgreen Glebe
Goggin, William L: Drumclay
Goggin, William L: Drumcru
Goodwin, James L: Kevenagh
Goodwin, John L: Gubb
Goodwin, John L: Kilturk South
Goodwin, Mary L: Gubb
Goodwin, Patrick T: Newtownbutler
Gould, Frances L: Drumbrughas East
Gould, James L: Cullion
Gould, Michael L: Cornabrass
Gould, Thomas L: Derrysteaton
Gould, William L: Cornabrass
Gould, William L: Sandholes
Gowan, Edward T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Graham, Elizabeth T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Graham, Francis L: Cornavray
Graham, Hugh L: Brannish
Graham, John L: Killynacran
Graham, John L: Sandholes
Graham, Richard L: Sandholes
Graham, Rose L: Baltreagh
Graham, Thomas L: Derryad
Graham, William L: Cornavray
Grayden, Joseph L: Corscreenagh
Graydon, Catherine L: Kilnakirk
Graydon, Rep. Joseph L: Cullion
Graydon, William L: Baltreagh
Graydon, William L: Piper's Hill
Greddan, William L: Killaspeenan
Gregg, Mary L: Feugh
Grew, Bernard L: Kilturk North
Guddon, Maria L: Ballyhullagh
Gunn, Andrew L: Kilnacran
Gunn, Edward L: Derrtlea
Gunn, Hugh L: Kilnacran
Gunn, James L: Bohora
Gunn, James L: Corscreenagh
Gunn, James L: Drumgallan
Gunn, James L: Kilnacran
Gunn, John L: Derrtlea
Gunn, John L: Killyroo
Gunn, John L: Kilnacran
Gunn, Patrick L: Kilnacran
Haire, Henry L: Greaghcashel
Haire, James L: Ballagh
Haire, James L: Keeran Beg
Haire, James L: Kilturk North
Hamilton, Charles L: Derryad
Hamilton, James L: Aghnahinch
Hamilton, James L: Drumclay
Hamilton, James L: Gortgommon
Hamilton, James L: Mulnahorn
Hamilton, John L: Mullynavannoge (Oak Field)
Hamilton, John P. L: Drumbrughas West
Hamilton, John P. L: Lislea (Knockballymore)
Hamilton, Richard L: Aghagay
Handy, Michael T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Hanley, John L: Derrygennedy
Hanley, John L: Doohat
Hanna, George L: Culliondoo
Hanna, George L: Tiraffy
Hare, James L: Coolnasillagh
Harper, Alexander L: Kilturk West
Hart, Michael L: Clonmaulin
Harte, Thomas L: Clonmaulin
Heatherton, John L: Cullion
Henry, Adam L: Carrigans
Henry, Eliza L: Carrigans
Henry, George L: Carrigans
Hicks, Archibald L: Bun
Hicks, Francis J. L: Bun
Hicks, James L: Greaghatirrive
Hicks, John L: Bun N: Hollow
Hicks, John L: Bun N: Shop
Hicks, John L: Cornabrass
Hicks, John L: Drumbrughas East
Hicks, Joseph L: Bun
Hicks, Mary L: Killalahard
Holiday, Mary L: Lislarris
Hopkins, William T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Howell, William L: Milltate
Hughes, Anne T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Hutchinson, Margaret L: Conckera
Hutchinson, Margt. L: Conckera
Hutchinson, Robert L: Clonumphry
Hutchinson, Samuel L: Clonumphry
Hutchinson, Samuel L: Gortgarvan
Hutchinson, Sophia L: Conckera
Hynes, Margaret L: Loughkillygreen
Irwin, Francis L: Culliondoo
Irwin, Francis L: Tiraffy
Irwin, James L: Ballagh
Irwin, John L: Drumclay
Irwin, John L: Drumgoland
Irwin, John L: Sheeny
Irwin, Thomas L: Leitrim
Irwin, William L: Ballyhullagh
Irwin, William L: Tattygare
Jackson, Henry L: Corscreenagh
Jackson, James L: Gortgarvan
Jackson, Jane L: Corscreenagh
Job, Robert L: Derrycanon
Johns, James L: Agharoosky West
Johnston, Hugh L: Killynubber
Johnston, James L: Aghnahinch
Johnston, James L: Clonelty
Johnston, James L: Drumquillia
Johnston, James L: Gortgommon
Johnston, James L: Gubb
Johnston, James L: Kilgarrett
Johnston, James L: Killynubber
Johnston, James L: Mulnahorn
Johnston, James T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Johnston, John L: Tattycam
Johnston, John L: Tonnaboy
Johnston, William L: Belleisle
Johnston, William L: Gubb
Johnston, William L: Keeran Beg
Johnston, William L: Tattycam
Jones, Andrew L: Cullion
Jones, Arthur T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Jones, Henry L: Cullion
Jones, James L: Cullion
Jones, John L: Loughkillygreen
Jones, John T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Jones, Mary L: Kilready
Jones, Robert L: Cullion
Kane, William L: Derryad
Kearns, Daniel L: Dernish Island
Kearns, James L: Dernish Island
Kearns, James L: Derrylea
Kearns, John L: Dernish Island
Kearns, John L: Knockmaddaroe
Kearns, John L: Mullyduff
Kearns, Michael L: Derrylea
Kearns, Patrick L: Aghnahinch
Kearns, Patrick L: Ringvilla
Kearns, Patrick T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Kearns, Peter L: Farm
Kearns, Thomas L: Conckera
Kearns, Thomas L: Milltate
Keenan, Arthur L: Drumlone
Keenan, Bernard T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Keenan, Francis T: Newtownbutler
Keenan, James L: Drumlone
Keenan, Mary L: Drummurl Glebe
Kells, James L: Carrigans
Kells, James L: Clonumphry
Kells, John L: Conckera
Kells, John L: Kilturk South
Kelly, Edward L: Donagh
Kelly, James L: Derrygennedy
Kenny, Michael L: Doohat
Kerberry, Isabella L: Drumbarry
Kerberry, Isabella L: Kilmore
Kerns, John L: Moorlough
Kerr, Robert L: Drumralla
Kerr, Robert L: Feugh
Kerr, Robert L: Leitrim
Kettell, William L: Sheeny
Kettle, William L: Ballywillin
Kettle, William L: Gortraw
Kettyle, George L: Derryad
Kettyle, James, Jr. L: Derryad
Kettyle, James, Sr. L: Derryad
Kettyle, Rep. John L: Derryad
Kettyle, John, Jr. L: Derryad
Kettyle, John, Sr. L: Derryad
Kettyle, Johnathan L: Gortgranagh
Kettyle, William L: Derryad
Kettyle, William L: Gortgranagh
King, George L: Drumbullog
King, George L: Ratoal
Kirby, Thomas L: Keeran Beg
Kirk, Robert L: Clonelty
Kittell, William L: Drumgoland
Knipe, Jane L: Mullyduff
Lanesborough, L: Aghnahinch N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Clonelty N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Cornabrass N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Cullion N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Drumcru N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Drumquillia N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Drumrainduff N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Drumralla N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Farm N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Kilgarrett N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Killaspeenan N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Killycarnan N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Leitrim N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Lettergreen N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, L: Sandholes N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, T: Newtownbutler N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, T: Newtownbutler - Clones St N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, T: Newtownbutler - Main St N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lanesborough, T: Newtownbutler - Main St. N: Earl of Lanesborough
Lang, Adam L: Leitrim
Lang, Martha L: Drumralla
Lang, Robert L: Drumralla
Lang, Robert L: Feugh
Lang, William L: Farm
Leary, Patrick L: Leitrim
Leary, Philip L: Leitrim
Leonard, Luke L: Donagh
Leonard, Patrick L: Coolnasillagh
Leonard, Thomas L: Drumbarry
Leonard, Thomas L: Kilmore
Liddell, Joseph L: Cornavray
Liddell, Noble L: Derryany
Liddell, Noble L: Gortgranagh
Liddell, Robert L: Kilturk West
Liddell, Thomas L: Derrylee
Liddell, Thomas L: Gortgranagh
Liddell, Thomas L: Tiraffy
Liddell, William L: Derrtlea
Liddle, Joseph L: Derrycorby
Liddle, Joseph L: Killalahard
Liddle, Robert L: Derrycorby
Liddle, William L: Killalahard
Lipton, James T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Little, Andrew L: Drumralla
Little, Andrew L: Feugh
Little, Andrew L: Leitrim
Little, Anne L: Feugh
Little, Ellen L: Cloghagaddy
Little, Ellen L: Keeran Beg
Little, James L: Leitrim
Little, Robert L: Cloghagaddy
Litton, John L: Aghagay
Litton, John L: Drumclay
Litton, John L: Gortgommon
Litton, John T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Lloyd, Elizabeth T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Logan, Catherine L: Derrtlea
Logan, John L: Brannish
Logan, William L: Drumbarry
Logan, William L: Kilmore
Louth, Mary L: Belleisle
Lynch, John L: Donagh
Lynch, Peter L: Kilturk North
Lynch, Rose L: Kilturk North
Lynn, James T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Madden, John L: Brannish
Madden, John L: Clevaghy
Madden, John L: Derryad
Madden, John L: Derrycanon
Madden, John L: Drumhose
Madden, John L: Gortgranagh
Madden, John L: Keady
Madden, John L: Manor Water House
Madden, John L: Screevagh
Madill, David L: Kilturk South
Magennis, John L: Keady N: and Another
Magillie, Philip L: Farm
Maginness, James L: Derrygennedy
Maguire, Alice L: Milltate
Maguire, Andrew L: Drumbrughas West
Maguire, Bernard L: Cuslea
Maguire, Bernard L: Drumbullog
Maguire, Bernard L: Kilmore
Maguire, Bernard L: Kilnacran
Maguire, Bridget L: Carrowmaculla
Maguire, Bridget L: Drumhose
Maguire, Catherine L: Drumguillagh
Maguire, Catherine L: Lissagorry Glebe
Maguire, Catherine L: Mullaghbreedin
Maguire, Charles L: Cornavray
Maguire, Charles L: Derrygennedy
Maguire, Charles L: Killyraw
Maguire, Cornelius L: Aghanaglogh
Maguire, Edward L: Ballywillin
Maguire, Edward L: Knockmackegan
Maguire, Elizabeth L: Drummurl Glebe
Maguire, Elliot L: Kilready
Maguire, Elliot L: Legmacaffry
Maguire, Francis L: Ballyhullagh
Maguire, Francis L: Ringvilla
Maguire, Hugh L: Kilready
Maguire, Hugh L: Lurganboy
Maguire, Hugh L: Mullyduff
Maguire, Hugh T: Newtownbutler
Maguire, James L: Baltreagh
Maguire, James L: Derrycorby
Maguire, James L: Derrygennedy
Maguire, James L: Kilnacran
Maguire, James L: Lissagorry Glebe
Maguire, James L: Lurganboy
Maguire, James L: Monanacloy
Maguire, John L: Aghanaglogh
Maguire, John L: Bowarran
Maguire, John L: Bunneill
Maguire, John L: Clonelty
Maguire, John L: Derrylea
Maguire, John L: Drumbrughas West
Maguire, John L: Drummurl Glebe
Maguire, John L: Killyclonny
Maguire, John L: Killyraw
Maguire, John L: Loughkillygreen
Maguire, John L: Ports
Maguire, Mary L: Greaghatirrive
Maguire, Mary L: Kilnacran
Maguire, Mary L: Mullaghblaney
Maguire, Matthew L: Magheramore
Maguire, Michael L: Derrycorby
Maguire, Michael L: Derrydoon
Maguire, Patrick L: Bohasset
Maguire, Patrick L: Corscreenagh
Maguire, Patrick L: Derrylea
Maguire, Patrick L: Drumlone
Maguire, Patrick L: Kilnacran
Maguire, Patrick L: Knockmackegan
Maguire, Patrick L: Lissagorry Glebe
Maguire, Patrick L: Mullaghblaney
Maguire, Patrick L: Mullaghbreedin
Maguire, Patrick, Jr. L: Aghanaglogh
Maguire, Patrick, Sr. L: Aghanaglogh
Maguire, Philip L: Drummurl Glebe
Maguire, Philip L: Drummurl Glebe N: Labourer
Maguire, Philip L: Gubb
Maguire, Philip L: Mullaghboy
Maguire, Robert L: Drumralla
Maguire, Robert L: Mullyduff
Maguire, Samuel L: Lettergreen
Maguire, Thomas L: Aghadreenan Glebe
Maguire, Rep. Thomas L: Baltreagh
Maguire, Thomas L: Corscreenagh
Maguire, Thomas L: Cuslea
Maguire, Thomas L: Kilnacran
Maguire, Thomas L: Monanacloy
Maguire, William L: Aghadreenan Glebe
Malone, John L: Lislea (Knockballymore)
Martin, Catherine L: Killycarnan
Martin, James L: Kilmore North
Martin, John L: Kilready
Martin, John, Jr. L: Agharoosky East
Martin, Philip L: Kilmore North
Martin, Philip L: Kilturk North
Marvin, Michael L: Clonmaulin
Maxwell, James L: Derrycanon
May, James L: Derrycanon
Mayne, Rep. John C. L: Lurganboy
Mays, James L: Drumhose
McAdam, Bernard L: Landbrock
McAdam, Bridget L: Lurganboy
McAdam, Edwd. L: Landbrock N: Barney
McAdam, Edwd. L: Landbrock N: Daniel
McAdam, Edwd. L: Landbrock N: Owen
McAdam, James L: Kevenagh
McAdam, James L: Landbrock
McAdam, James L: Landbrock N: Owen
McAdam, John L: Killynubber
McAdam, John L: Landbrock
McAdam, Patrick L: Kevenagh
McAdam, Patrick L: Landbrock
McAdam, Rose L: Kevenagh
McAdam, Terence L: Landbrock
McAdams, Margaret L: Donagh
McAleece, Mary L: Lettergreen
McAloon, Owen L: Drumlone
McAloon, Patrick L: Kilready
McAtaggart, Edward L: Corlatt
McAtaggart, John L: Killyclonny
McAvenna, James T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
McAvenna, Mary L: Lehinch
McAvenney, Hugh L: Doohat
McAvenney, Patrick L: Doohat
McAvenny, Francis L: Drumgoland
McAvenny, James L: Drumgoland
McAvenue, John L: Ballywillin
McAvenue, Mary L: Gubb
McAvenue, Patrick L: Kevenagh
McAvenue, Thomas L: Ballywillin
McBrien, John L: Killard
McBryan, James L: Gubb
McBryan, Patrick L: Drumbullog
McBryan, Patrick L: Kilmore
McCabe, Anne L: Derrtlea
McCabe, Elizabeth L: Derrtlea
McCabe, Terence L: Mullynagowan
McCaffrey, Denis L: Mullaghcapple
McCaffrey, Dennis L: Bellmount
McCaffrey, Edward L: Bowarran
McCaffrey, Edward L: Mullaghcapple
McCaffrey, Edward L: Mullaghcapple Glebe
McCaffrey, Edward L: Ports
McCaffrey, Edward L: Screevagh
McCaffrey, James L: Agharoosky West
McCaffrey, James L: Derrymacrow
McCaffrey, James L: Tattycam
McCaffrey, John L: Mullyduff
McCaffrey, John L: Ports
McCaffrey, Mary L: Baltreagh
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Coolnasillagh
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Derrykeny
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Drumbarry
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Kilmore
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Leitrim
McCaffrey, Patrick T: Newtownbutler - Main St
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Tattycam
McCaffrey, Robert T: Newtownbutler - Main St
McCaffry, James L: Kilready
McCaffry, James L: Lislarris
McCahary, Michael L: Derrylea
McCarney, James L: Feugh
McCarney, James L: Kilturk South
McCarney, John T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
McCart, Mary L: Carrowmaculla
McClean, John L: Ballywillin
McClean, John L: Mulnahorn
McClean, John L: Piper's Hill
McClean, Jonh L: Lettergreen
McClelland, Andrew L: Cormonalea
McClelland, Jane L: Cormonalea
McClelland, Simon L: Cormonalea
McClintock, John L: Derrydoon
McClintock, John L: Landbrock
McConnell, Bernard L: Greaghcashel
McConnell, Terence L: Greaghcashel
McCormack, Anne L: Drumbrughas West
McCormack, Bernard L: Culliondoo
McCormack, Bernard L: Mullaghboy
McCormack, Catherine L: Drumgallan
McCormack, Cathrine L: Drumbrughas West
McCormack, John L: Mullaghboy
McCormack, Michael L: Cullindoo
McCormack, Michael L: Mullaghboy
McCormack, Thomas L: Kilmore North
McCormick, Hugh L: Bohasset
McCormick, James L: Conckera
McCormick, Peter L: Cormonalea
McCosker, Anthony L: Drumbrughas West
McCoy, Margaret L: Killalahard
McCrudden, Phelim L: Drumcaw
McCullion, Elizabeth L: Cornavray
McCullion, Patrick L: Kilturk North
McCullion, Thomas L: Kilturk North
McCusker, Alice L: Tonnaboy
McCusker, Anthony L: Cornavray
McCusker, Anthony L: Drumrearty
McCusker, Anthony L: Killyclonny
McCusker, James L: Cornavray
McCusker, John L: Cornavray
McCusker, John L: Corsale
McCusker, John L: Drumlone
McCutcheon, Alex. L: Conckera
McCutcheon, Alexander L: Conckera
McDermott, Bernard L: Derrykeny
McDermott, Catherine T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
McDermott, Eliza L: Lettergreen
McDermott, Margaret L: Leitrim
McDermott, Mark T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
McDermott, Mary L: Lettergreen
McDermott, Patrick L: Cornavray
McDermott, Patrick L: Derrykeny
McDermott, Patrick L: Drumhose
McDermott, Thomas T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
McDonagh, Anne L: Gubb
McDonagh, Anne L: Kevenagh
McDonagh, Anne L: Killyclonny
McDonagh, Ellen L: Corscreenagh
McDonagh, Fras., Jr. L: Gubb
McDonagh, Fras., Sr. L: Gubb
McDonagh, Hugh L: Artinagh
McDonagh, Hugh L: Drumbullog
McDonagh, John L: Galloon
McDonagh, Michael L: Gubb
McDonagh, Michael L: Kevenagh
McDonagh, Michael L: Killyclonny
McDonagh, Philip L: Clonmaulin
McDonagh, Philip L: Corscreenagh
McDonagh, Terence L: Corscreenagh
McDonnell, Alexander L: Carrowmaculla
McDonnell, Alexander L: Kilmore North
McDonnell, Arthur L: Bunneill
McDonnell, Bernard L: Derrydoon
McDonnell, Bernard L: Kilmore North
McDonnell, Catherine L: Drumgallan
McDonnell, Charles L: Derrykeny
McDonnell, Edward L: Fargrim
McDonnell, Hugh L: Ballyhullagh
McDonnell, Hugh L: Carrowmaculla
McDonnell, Hugh L: Drumralla
McDonnell, Hugh L: Killycarnan
McDonnell, James L: Carrowmaculla
McDonnell, James L: Culliondoo
McDonnell, James L: Kilmore North
McDonnell, James L: Lettergreen
McDonnell, James L: Lislarris
McDonnell, James T: Newtownbutler - Main St
McDonnell, James, Jr. L: Agharoosky West
McDonnell, James, Sr. L: Agharoosky West
McDonnell, Jerome L: Bunneill
McDonnell, John L: Coolnasillagh
McDonnell, John L: Fargrim
McDonnell, John T: Newtownbutler - Main St
McDonnell, Judith L: Killynubber
McDonnell, Mary L: Drumgallan
McDonnell, Michael L: Derrymacrow
McDonnell, Rep. Michl. L: Rockfield
McDonnell, Patrick L: Feugh
McDonnell, Patrick L: Keeran More
McDonnell, Patrick L: Kilmore North
McDonnell, Patrick L: Lurganboy
McDonnell, Peter L: Corscreenagh
McDonnell, Peter L: Moorlough
McDonnell, Peter T: Newtownbutler - Main St N: and Others
McDonnell, Philip L: Feugh
McDonnell, Reynold L: Derrykeny
McDonnell, Robert L: Keeran More
McDonnell, Robert L: Killaspeenan
McDonnell, Roger L: Agharoosky West
McDonnell, Roger L: Lislarris
McDonnell, Rose L: Clonmaulin
McDonough, Patrick L: Aghnahinch
McElgin, Francis L: Drumlone
McElginn, Charles L: Derrylea
McElgun, Bernard L: Kilmore North
McElgun, James L: Carrowmaculla
McElgunn, John L: Gubb
McElgunn, Patrick T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
McEnerny, Matthew L: Derrygennedy
McEvoy, Thomas L: Killynacran
McGernan, John L: Clonelty
McGernan, Joseph L: Knockmackegan
McGernan, Thomas L: Mullynagowan
McGernon, Catherine T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
McGernon, John T: Newtownbutler
McGovern, Alice L: Drummurl Glebe
McGovern, Anthony L: Drummurl Glebe
McGovern, Francis L: Drummurl Glebe
McGovern, James L: Ports
McGovern, John L: Derrycanon
McGovern, John L: Kilturk South
McGovern, Michael L: Cornavray
McGovern, William L: Mullynagowan
McGowan, Bernard L: Drummurl Glebe
McGrady, Daniel T: Newtownbutler - Main St
McGrory, Rose L: Donagh
McGuigan, Catherine L: Kilgarrett
McGuire, Patrick L: Corlatt
McGuire, Thomas L: Askill
McGurty, John L: Milltate
McIlgun, James L: Carrowmaculla
McIllroy, Patrick L: Tattycam
McIlroy, James T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
McIlroy, John L: Feugh
McIlroy, Michael L: Bellmount
McIlroy, Patrick L: Mullaghblaney
McIntyre, David L: Derrycanon
McIver, Catherine L: Killynubber
McIver, James L: Killynubber
McKearn, Owen T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
McKearney, Hugh L: Monanacloy
McKearney, Joseph L: Gortbrannan
McKeeve, Edward L: Derrycorby
McKeever, James L: Baltreagh
McKeever, John T: Newtownbutler - Main St
McKeever, William L: Ballagh
McKenna, James L: Mullyduff
McKenna, James T: Newtownbutler
McKernan, Daniel L: Drumbrughas West
McKernan, Edward L: Drumbrughas West
McKernan, James L: Donagh
McKernan, James L: Sandholes
McKernan, Jane L: Derrycorby
McKernan, John L: Clonmaulin
McKernan, Thomas L: Clonmaulin
McKernan, Thomas L: Drumrainbane
McKernan, William L: Drumbrughas West
McKernan, William L: Parsonsgreen Glebe
McKiernan, Edward L: Cornavray
McKnight, Charlotte L: Knockboy
McKnight, Charlotte L: Rockfield
McLarkin, Bernard L: Carrowmaculla
McLarkin, Thomas L: Carrowmaculla
McLoughlin, Bernard T: Newtownbutler
McLoughlin, Patrick T: Newtownbutler
McLoughlin, Thomas L: Killyclonny
McMahon, Daniel L: Derrtlea
McMahon, James L: Derrtlea
McMahon, James L: Ports
McMahon, John L: Clonmaulin
McMahon, John L: Derrygennedy
McMahon, John L: Drumralla
McMahon, John L: Killard
McMahon, John L: Killycarnan
McMahon, John L: Kilmore North
McMahon, John L: Rockfield
McMahon, Mary L: Ringvilla
McMahon, Michael L: Killard
McMahon, William L: Killynubber
McManus, Andrew L: Landbrock
McManus, Anthony L: Ballyhullagh
McManus, Anthony L: Derrylea
McManus, Bernard L: Kilturk South
McManus, Charles L: Kilturk North
McManus, Francis L: Moorlough
McManus, Hugh L: Derrylea
McManus, Hugh L: Tattygare
McManus, James L: Knockmaddaroe
McManus, Michael L: Drumlone
McManus, Patrick L: Lurganboy
McManus, Peter L: Drummurl Glebe
McManus, Philip L: Brannish
McManus, Sarah L: Kilready
McNamee, Mary L: Kilturk South
McNulty, Thomas L: Derrylea
McPhhillips, Edward L: Kilturk South
McPhilips, William L: Carrigans
McPhillips, William L: Kilturk South
McQuade, John L: Bellmount
McQuade, John L: Lislarris
McQuilken, Anne L: Parsonsgreen Glebe
McQuillan, Andrew L: Drummurl Glebe
McQuillan, Bernard L: Doohat
McQuillan, Catherine L: Landbrock
McQuillan, Catherine T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
McQuillan, Hugh L: Kilnacran
McQuillan, James L: Clonmaulin
McQuillan, Judith T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
McQuillan, Peter L: Gortgranagh
McVeity, William L: Cloncarn
Mealey, John L: Drumhose
Mealey, John L: Foremass
Mills, Charles L: Ballagh
Mills, Joseph L: Cloghagaddy
Mitchell, William L: Moorlough
Moan, Bernard L: Keeran More
Moan, Charles L: Carrowmaculla
Moan, Edward L: Keeran More
Moan, James, Jr. L: Carrowmaculla
Moan, James, Sr. L: Carrowmaculla
Moan, John L: Carrowmaculla
Moan, John L: Greaghcashel
Moan, John L: Keeran More
Moan, Mark L: Carrowmaculla
Moan, Mary L: Keeran More
Moan, Michael L: Bowarran
Moan, Michael L: Carrowmaculla
Moan, Owen L: Greaghcashel
Moan, Patrick L: Keeran More
Moffat, Mary L: Magheramore
Moinagh, Patrick L: Ballywillin
Molloy, Jane L: Feugh
Monaghan, Hugh L: Aghnahinch
Moore, Eliza L: Lisnaknock
Moore, Elizabeth L: Killaspeenan
Moore, Elizabeth L: Piper's Hill
Moore, George L: Derrymacrow
Moore, James L: Conckera
Moore, James L: Gortraw
Moore, John L: Derryad
Moore, Thomas L: Aghnahinch
Moore, Thomas L: Sheeny
Moore, Thomas T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Moore, Thomas T: Newtownbutler - Main St N: Lodgers
Moore, William L: Killaghy
Moore, William L: Loughkillygreen
Moorhead, John L: Conckera
Moorhead, Robert L: Conckera
Morris, James L: Gortbrannan
Morris, James L: Kilready
Morris, James L: Ports
Morrison, Edward L: Corsale
Morrison, Edward L: Screevagh
Morrison, Jane L: Loughkillygreen
Morrison, John L: Tattygare
Morrison, Joseph L: Culliondoo
Morrison, Robert L: Tonnaboy
Morrison, William L: Lisnashillida
Morrison, William L: Loughkillygreen
Morrow, Robert L: Derrykeny
Morrow, Thomas L: Donagh
Morrow, William L: Kilmore North
Morrow, William L: Rockfield
Morton, Edward L: Killalahard
Morton, George L: Killyclonny
Morton, William L: Killyclonny
Mowan, Patrick L: Drumsastry
Mowen, Edward L: Bohora
Mowen, James L: Bohora
Mowen, John L: Kilmacbrack
Mowen, Michael L: Bohasset
Mowen, Michael L: Kilmacbrack
Moynagh, Edward T: Newtownbutler
Muldoon, Daniel L: Derryany
Muldoon, Daniel L: Derrylea
Muldoon, Danl. L: Derrtlea N: Labourer
Muldoon, James L: Drumlone
Muldoon, James L: Drummurl Glebe
Muldoon, Mary L: Derryany
Muldoon, Thomas L: Derrtlea
Mullen, Thomas L: Carrowmaculla
Mulligan, John L: Keeran More
Mulligan, Margaret L: Agharoosky East
Mulligan, Philip L: Drumbullog
Mulligan, Philip L: Kilmore
Munsey, John L: Drumgallan
Munsey, John L: Kilmore North
Murphy, Bernard L: Cornavray
Murphy, Bernard L: Kilmacbrack
Murphy, Catherine L: Kilmacbrack
Murphy, Edward L: Kilmacbrack
Murphy, Eliza L: Ratoal
Murphy, John L: Drumhose
Murphy, John T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Murphy, Patrick L: Foremass
Murphy, Terence L: Drumsastry
Murphy, Thomas L: Loughkillygreen
Murray, Catherine L: Agharoosky West
Murray, Catherine L: Lislarris
Murray, Daniel T: Newtownbutler
Murray, Francis L: Derrtlea
Murray, George L: Moorlough
Murray, Hannah L: Legmacaffry
Murray, James L: Derryad
Murray, James L: Derrykeny
Murray, Matthew L: Killard
Murray, Patrick L: Derrykeny
Murray, Peter L: Parsonsgreen Glebe
Murray, Thomas, Jr. L: Drumhose
Murray, Thomas, Jr. L: Moorlough
Murray, Thomas, Sr. L: Drumhose
Murray, Thomas, Sr. L: Moorlough
Nailor, James L: Cornabrass
Nawn, Hugh L: Ports
Nawn, John L: Derrymacrow
Nawn, John L: Killard
Nawn, John L: Ports
Neeson, Margaret L: Drumgallan
Neil, Patrick L: Kilturk South
Neille, Bernard L: Clonmaulin
Neille, James L: Sandholes
Neille, John L: Clonmaulin
Nelson, Margaret L: Kilmore North
Nicholl, Catherine L: Clonmaulin
Nicholl, Patrick L: Clonmaulin
Nixon, Rev. Alexander L: Lislea (Knockballymore)
Nixon, Armour L: Derrycorby
Nixon, Armour L: Derrygennedy
Nixon, Edward L: Bellmount
Nixon, James L: Drumgole
Nixon, Jane L: Derrygennedy
Nixon, John L: Clonumphry
Nixon, John L: Lislarris
Nixon, Montgomery D. L: Kilroot
Nixon, Robert L: Derryad N: and Others
Nixon, Robert L: Derrycorby
Nixon, Robert L: Derrygennedy
Nixon, William L: Derrycorby
Nixon, William L: Drumgole
Noble, Alexander L: Drumrainbane
Noble, Alexander L: Knockmaddaroe
Noble, John L: Keeran Beg
Noble, Mary L: Ballywillin
O'Brien, Bernard L: Conckera
O'Donnell, James L: Cloncarn
Ormston, Mungo L: Bohora
Ormston, Mungo L: Cavanacurragh
Patterson, Mrs. L: Inishfendra
Patterson, Hugh L: Gubb
Peters, Ellen T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Peters, Forbes L: Drumquillia
Peters, Forbes L: Gortgommon
Peters, Forbes T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Petty, John L: Feugh
Phair, Edward L: Drumcaw
Plunkett, Robert L: Derryad
Plunkett, Thomas L: Derryad
Porter, Rev. J. G. L: Belleisle
Porter, John G. V. L: Belleisle
Porter, John V. G. L: Killygowan Island
Prunty, James L: Derrybeg East
Prunty, Thomas L: Rockfield
Quail, Robert L: Baltreagh
Quinn, Matthew L: Tattycam
Rea, James L: Doohat
Reddy, Thomas L: Loughkillygreen
Rehill, Patrick L: Drummurl Glebe
Reid, Ellen T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Reid, John L: Drummaw
Reihill, John L: Tattycam
Reilly, Henry L: Galloon
Reilly, James L: Drumguillagh
Reilly, James L: Galloon
Reilly, John L: Cullion
Reilly, John L: Drumguillagh
Reilly, John L: Killyraw
Reilly, John L: Screevagh
Reilly, John T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Reilly, Michael L: Mullynagowan
Reilly, Michael T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Reilly, Patrick L: Kevenagh
Reilly, Patrick L: Killyraw
Reilly, Philip L: Drumclay
Reilly, Philip L: Gortgommon
Reilly, Philip L: Lurganboy
Reilly, Philip T: Newtownbutler
Reilly, Philip T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Reilly, Thomas L: Gortgarvan
Reilly, William L: Gortgommon
Renwick, Arthur L: Maherareagh
Renwick, George L: Tiraffy
Renwick, Susan L: Derrycorby
Rice, Margaret T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Richardson, Rev. John L: Clonmaulin
Richardson, Rev. John L: Parsonsgreen Glebe
Richardson, Samuel L: Carrigans
Ricks, Edward L: Corlatt
Robinson, Anne L: Legmacaffry
Robinson, Christopher L: Killynacran
Robinson, Christr. L: Killynacran
Robinson, John L: Derrycanon
Robinson, John L: Feugh
Robinson, John L: Leitrim
Robinson, John L: Mullyduff
Robinson, John T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Robinson, Sue L: Kilmore North
Robinson, Susan L: Rockfield
Robinson, William L: Clonelty
Robinson, William L: Derrycorby
Robinson, William L: Feugh
Robinson, William L: Leitrim
Rodden, Dorcas L: Leitrim
Rodden, John L: Leitrim
Rogers, Charles L: Donagh
Rooney, John L: Keeran More
Rooney, John L: Kilmore North
Rooney, Mary L: Kilturk South
Rooney, William L: Ballyhullagh
Rorke, Lawrence L: Moorlough
Rourke, Patrick L: Clonmaulin
Scarlett, Jn. L: Lurganboy
Scarlett, John L: Kilready
Scarlett, John L: Lurganboy
Scarlett, John, Jr. L: Lislarris
Scarlett, John, Sr. L: Lislarris
Scollen, James L: Ballagh
Scollin, Hugh L: Kilmacbrack
Scollon, Thomas L: Bellmount
Scott, Arthur L: Drummaw N: Drummaw Lodge
Scott, James L: Agharoosky East
Scott, James L: Killycarnan
Scott, Ralph L: Ballywillin
Scott, Ralph L: Drummaw
Scott, Ralph L: Fargrim N: Highgate Lodge
Scott, Ralph L: Lislarris
Scott, Richard L: Cloncarn
Sewell, Alexander L: Drumralla
Sewell, Esther L: Clonelty
Sewell, Henry L: Clonelty
Shaw, James L: Drumgoland
Shaw, James T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Shaw, Jas. L: Gortgommon
Sheals, Patrick L: Drumgoland
Sheils, Jane L: Derryad
Sheridan, Daniel L: Derrysteaton
Sheridan, Daniel L: Galloon
Sheridan, John T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Sherry, Alexander L: Mockbeggar
Sherry, Alexander L: Ports
Sherry, Alicia L: Corlatt
Sherry, Edward L: Bellmount
Sherry, George L: Ports
Sherry, James L: Clonmaulin
Sherry, James L: Gortgommon
Shields, Thompson L: Ringvilla
Shiels, Anne L: Drumbrughas West
Shiels, Daniel L: Drumbrughas West
Skelton, Francis L: Donagh
Smith, Catherine L: Knockmackegan
Smith, Ellen T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Smith, Ellen T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Smith, James L: Askill
Smith, Jane L: Gortgommon
Smith, Jane T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Smith, John L: Conckera
Smith, John L: Derrygennedy
Smith, John L: Greaghatirrive
Smith, John L: Tonnaboy
Smith, Mary L: Belleisle
Smith, Michael L: Clonmaulin
Smith, Michael L: Keeran More
Smith, Patrick L: Kilturk South
Smith, Patrick L: Mullyduff
Smith, Richard L: Derrysteaton
Smith, Thomas L: Cavanacurragh
Smith, Thomas L: Drumbarry
Smith, Thomas L: Kilmore
Smith, Thomas L: Mullaghlehan
Stenson, Abraham L: Gortgarvan
Stephens, James L: Kilturk South
Stutt, William L: Ballagh
Stutt, William L: Keeran Beg
Swift, Charles L: Derrygennedy
Swift, Hugh T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Swift, James L: Lettergreen
Swift, John L: Drumbullog
Swift, John L: Kilmore
Swift, Peter L: Keady
Swift, Peter L: Lettergreen
Swift, Peter L: Manor Water House
Tarleton, Isaac L: Drummurl Glebe
Tarleton, Isaac L: Kilturk West
Tarlton, Isaac L: Clonmin Glebe
Taylor, Lewis L: Kilroot
Thompson, James L: Gortbrannan
Thompson, James L: Gortraw
Thompson, James L: Lisnaknock
Thompson, Jason L: Derryad
Thompson, John L: Ballywillin
Thompson, John L: Gortbrannan
Thompson, John L: Gortraw
Thompson, William L: Cornabrass
Thompson, William L: Cullion
Thompson, William L: Drumcru N: Cornabrass
Thompson, William L: Drumcru N: Drumcru
Thornhill, Rev. Jonathan L: Drumclay
Thornhill, Rev. Jonathan T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Tierney, Bernard L: Coolnasillagh
Tierney, James L: Baltreagh
Tierney, Rev. John L: Coolnasillagh
Tierney, John L: Killyclonny
Tierney, Martin L: Doohat
Tierney, Thomas L: Coolnasillagh
Timmon, James L: Galloon
Toman, Bernard L: Derryad
Tottenham, Loftus A. L: Askill
Tottenham, Loftus A. L: Corscreenagh
Tracey, Philip L: Killyraw
Tummin, Hugh L: Landbrock
Tummin, James L: Landbrock
Tummon, Patrick L: Clonmaulin
Wade, William L: Mullynagowan
Wadsworth, George L: Agharoosky West
Wadsworth, George L: Lislarris
Wadsworth, James L: Kilready
Wadsworth, James L: Lurganboy
Wadsworth, James L: Mullyduff
Wadsworth, John L: Agharoosky West
Wadsworth, John L: Ballywillin
Wadsworth, John L: Clonelty
Wadsworth, John L: Drumralla
Wadsworth, John L: Feugh
Wadsworth, John L: Knockmackegan
Wadsworth, John L: Legmacaffry
Wallace, Catherine L: Derrygennedy
Wallace, Mary L: Carrowmaculla
Wallace, William L: Leitrim
Walsh, James L: Askill
Walsh, Joseph L: Askill
Walsh, Joseph L: Corlatt
Walsh, Joseph L: Drumbrughas East
Walsh, Margaret L: Knockmackegan
Walsh, Richard L: Corlatt
Walsh, Robert L: Corlatt
Ward, Rev. Hugh T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Ward, Richard L: Kilturk South
Ward, Robert L: Kilturk South
Ward, William L: Carrigans
Ward, William L: Kilturk South
Waters, John L: Clonelty
Watson, Matthew L: Donagh
Watters, William L: Kilready
Waugh, George L: Derryad
Wedgworth, John L: Drumcru
Weir, Miss L: Bellmount
Weir, Miss L: Gortgarvan
West, David L: Clonelty
West, Francis L: Ballywillin
West, Francis L: Knockmackegan
West, James L: Clonelty
West, John L: Mullynagowan
West, Mary Anne L: Clonelty
West, Thomas, Jr. L: Clonelty
West, Thomas, Sr. L: Clonelty
West, William L: Drumralla
West, William L: Kilgarrett
Wiggans, Robert L: Ballagh
Wiggins, James L: Cloncarn
Wiggins, James L: Mullynagowan
Wiggins, James T: Newtownbutler - Clones St
Wiggins, John L: Knockmackegan
Wiggins, Samuel L: Mullynagowan
Williamson, Joseph L: Loughkillygreen
Wilson, Charles L: Derrycorby
Wilson, Charles L: Kilnakirk
Wilson, George L: Ringvilla
Wilson, Thomas T: Newtownbutler
Winford, John L: Cornabrass
Winter, James T: Newtownbutler - Main St
Winters, Mary L: Leitrim
Winters, Patrick L: Drumralla
Wray, Edward L: Derrtlea
Wray, John L: Ports
Wright, Joseph L: Kilturk South
Wynne, Hugh L: Killyclonny
Wynne, Thomas T: Newtownbutler - Clones St

Map of Civil Parishes in county Fermanagh

Civil Parish Records of County Fermanagh

Other Fermanagh Parish Records

1 Aghalurcher

2 Aghavea

3 Belleek

4 Boho

5 Cleenish

6 Clones

7 Currin

8 Derrybrusk

9 Derryvullan

10 Devenish

11 Drumkeeran

12 Drummully

13 Enniskillen

14 Galloon

15 Inishmacsaint

16 Killesher

17 Kinawley

18 Magheracross

19 Magheraculmoney

20 Rossorry

21 Templecarn

22 Tomregan

23 Trory