Griffith's Valuation: Cleenish Parish, County Fermanagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Cleenish Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Cleenish parish and every other parish in county Fermanagh as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Fermanagh in 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Cleenish Parish 1862

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You should also check the records of Cleenish parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Abercrombie, Hugh L: Bohevny
Abercrombie, Thomas L: Bohevny
Adams, Robert L: Snowhill
Ahern, Owen L: Gardenhill
Aiken, Thomas L: Faughard
Alexander, George L: Cloon
Archdall, Edward L: Derryaghna
Archdall, Edward L: Derrycormick
Archdall, Edward L: Derrygiff
Archdall, Edward L: Derryscobe
Archdall, Edward L: Drumnamalragh
Archdall, Edward L: Trillick
Archdall, Robert L: Ring
Armstrong, Alexander L: Beagho
Armstrong, Christopher L: Gortdonaghy
Armstrong, David L: Drumane
Armstrong, James L: Cornagee
Armstrong, James L: Creenagho
Armstrong, James L: Derryshandra
Armstrong, James L: Drumane
Armstrong, James L: Gortdonaghy
Armstrong, James L: Keelagho
Armstrong, James L: Kiltyfelan
Armstrong, James L: Shanmullagh
Armstrong, James L: Tents
Armstrong, James, Jr. L: Trillick
Armstrong, James, Sr. L: Trillick
Armstrong, Jane L: Ross
Armstrong, Jane T: Lisbellaw - Hollybank Rd.
Armstrong, John L: Letterbreen
Armstrong, Margaret T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Armstrong, Philip L: Farnamullan
Armstrong, Philip L: Rossavally
Armstrong, Rebecca T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Armstrong, Robert L: Gortdonaghy
Armstrong, Robert L: Shanmullagh
Armstrong, Simon L: Lanaghran
Armstrong, Thomas L: Skreen
Armstrong, Thompson L: Gortdonaghy
Armstrong, Thompson L: Ross
Armstrong, William L: Snowhill
Arthur, Edward L: Skea
Arthur, George L: Derryinch
Arthur, James L: Lurgandarragh Big
Arthurs, John L: Drumageever
Arthurs, Thomas L: Gortadrehid
Atcheson, James L: Derryleck
Aurin, Archibald T: Lisbellaw - Tempo Road
Ball, William L: Skea
Bannon, James L: Mountdrum
Bannon, Robert L: Mountdrum
Bannon, Robert L: Tattymacall
Bannon, William L: Mountdrum
Barclay, James L: Tonyloman
Beacom, James L: Faughard
Beacom, James L: Tattymacall
Beacom, John L: Tattygare
Beacom, John L: Tattymacall
Beatty, Henry L: Drumconor
Beatty, Moore L: Derryaghna
Beatty, Moore L: Derrygiff
Belfourd, Alexander L: Drumbargy
Belfourd, Andrew L: Tonyteige
Belfourd, Catherine L: Tonyteige
Belfourd, John L: Tonyteige
Belfourd, Samuel L: Ardtonnagh
Belfourd, William L: Tonyteige
Bell, Joseph L: Tonyloman
Benson, Henry L: Letterbreen
Benson, William L: Derryscobe
Benson, William L: Letterbreen
Beresford, Thomas L: Skea
Betty, Archibald L: Farnamullan
Betty, Charles L: Farnamullan
Betty, John L: Farnamullan N: Hill
Betty, John L: Farnamullan N: Hollow
Betty, Moore L: Bellanaleck
Betty, William L: Farnamullan
Black, Joseph T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Black, Jospeh T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Blair, James L: Gortatole
Blair, James L: Moneyouragan
Blakely, Anne L: Tonyloman
Bowdell, George L: Drumhirk
Bowdell, Thomas L: Moybrone
Bowles, James L: Drumaran
Boyd, Edward L: Drumaran
Boyd, Thomas L: Cloonatrig
Boyd, William L: Ardtonnagh
Boyd, William L: Cloonatrig
Boylan, Mary L: Mullan
Boylan, Owen L: Mullylusty
Boylan, Patrick L: Mullylusty
Boyle, Anne L: Drumbargy
Boyle, James L: Rossavally
Boyle, John L: Rossavally
Boyle, Neal L: Drumbargy
Bracken, Andrew L: Derryhowlaght West
Bracken, James L: Aughrim
Bracken, James L: Mullylusty
Bracken, James L: Slapragh
Bracken, James L: Templenaffrin
Bracken, John L: Moybrone
Bracken, Mary L: Bohevny
Bracken, Mary L: Cornahawla
Bracken, William L: Carrickaloughan
Bracken, William L: Carricknaseer
Bracken, William C. L: Gortahurk West
Brady, Edward L: Drumconlan West
Brady, Henry L: Corraglass West
Brady, Mary T: Lisbellaw - Hollybank Rd.
Brady, Rose L: Cloonatrig
Brady, Thomas T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Brady, William L: Cavanmore
Brady, William L: Kilrooskagh
Brady, William L: Kilrooskagh Island
Breen, Henry L: Drumderg
Breen, John L: Derreens East
Breen, John L: Derrychurra
Breen, Patrick L: Boshinny
Brennan, Patrick L: Derryinch
Breslan, John L: Skea
Bridge, Matthew L: Ederdaglass or Hollybank
Bridge, Matthew L: Faughard
Bridge, Matthew T: Lisbellaw - Hollybank Rd.
Brien, Henry L: Moylehid
Brien, Matthew L: Moylehid
Briharty, Hugh L: Drumcoo
Britton, James L: Drumconlan East
Browne, Eliza L: Moybane
Browne, Eliza L: Mullygarry
Browne, James L: Coolbuck
Browne, James L: Mullygarry
Brownlee, Christopher L: Leam More
Brownlee, Christopher L: Moykeel
Brownlee, Isaac L: Drumsillagh
Brownlee, Isaac L: Gardrum
Brownlee, James L: Carrickmacflaherty
Brownlee, James L: Derryscobe
Brownlee, James L: Gardenhill
Brownlee, James L: Gortahurk East
Brownlee, James L: Moybane
Brownlee, John L: Bohevny
Brownlee, John L: Cornagee
Brownlee, John L: Drumageever
Brownlee, John L: Drumsillagh
Brownlee, John L: Gardrum
Brownlee, Robert L: Moykeel
Brownlee, Thomas L: Drumageever
Brownlee, Thomas L: Moybane
Brownlee, Thomas L: Moykeel
Brownlee, Thos. L: Drumageever N: Black
Brownlee, William L: Drumageever
Brownlee, William L: Moykeel
Brownlee, Wm., Jr. L: Gardrum
Brownlee, Wm., Sr. L: Gardrum
Bruce, Thomas L: Oakfield
Bryan, George L: Tonyloman
Bryan, James L: Carrickabweehan
Bryan, James L: Drumaran
Bryan, James L: Gortahurk West
Bryan, Richard L: Carneyhill
Bryans, Rose L: Coolbuck
Buchanan, Anne L: Belcoo East
Buchanan, Arthur L: Aughlish
Buchanan, Christopher L: Killycreen East
Buchanan, Christopher L: Killycreen West
Buchanan, John L: Drumaran
Buchanan, Richard L: Mullygarry
Buchanan, William L: Belcoo East
Buchanan, William L: Moykeel
Buchanan, William L: T/Belcoo
Burgess, John L: Derreens East
Burgess, William L: Derreens East
Burke, Patrick L: Tattygare
Burns, Anne L: Tullinteskin
Bushell, Thomas L: Oakfield
Callaghan, Christopher L: Oakfield
Callaghan, Philip L: Coolbuck
Campbell, Henry L: Boshinny
Campbell, John T: Lisbellaw - Hollybank Rd.
Campbell, John L: Tattygare
Campbell, Margaret L: Coolbuck
Campbell, Mary L: Tattymacall
Carmichael, James L: Drumrainy
Carmichael, William L: Ross
Carpenter, Richard L: T/Belcoo
Carr, Edward L: Derryvogue
Carr, William L: Skea
Carroll, David T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
Carroll, Mary L: Drumad
Carson, Christopher L: Drumsroohil
Carson, Edward L: Drumbargy
Carson, James L: Farnamullan
Carson, James L: Rossavally
Carson, John L: Carrickabweehan
Carson, John L: Carrickmacsparrow
Carson, John L: Corraglass
Carson, John L: Creenagho
Carson, John L: Drumbargy
Carson, John L: Drumderg
Carson, John L: Drumlaghy
Carson, John L: Moybane
Carson, John L: Rahallan
Carson, Robert, Jr. L: Drumderg
Carson, Robert, Sr. L: Drumderg
Carson, Samuel L: Corraglass
Carson, Thomas L: Cleggan
Carson, William L: Carneyhill
Carty, James L: Skea
Casey, Catherine L: Cornagee
Cassidy, Anne L: Aghannagh
Cassidy, Edward L: Cloonatrig
Cassidy, Henry L: Cloonatrig
Cassidy, James L: Cloonatrig
Cassidy, James L: Drumageever
Cassidy, Joseph L: Tonyloman
Cassidy, Margaret L: Cloonatrig
Cassidy, Margaret L: Derryinch
Cassidy, Margaret L: Tonyloman
Cassin, John L: Carrontreemall
Cassin, John L: Mullylusty
Cathcart, Adam L: Tonyloman
Cathcart, Isaac L: Derryscobe
Cathcart, John L: Cloonaveel
Cathcart, John L: Drumawillin
Chapman, Ralph L: Coolbuck
Chapman, Ralph L: Derryhoney
Charleton, Robert L: Rushin
Charters, William L: Drumdran
Charters, William L: Farnamullan
Cheyne, John L: Bellanaleck
Clancey, Terence L: Drumbargy
Clarke, Rev. Andrew S. L: Carrontreemall
Clarke, Rev. Andrew S. L: Drumsroohil
Clarke, Robert L: Coolbuck
Clarke, Thomas L: Derryhoney
Cleary, Luke L: Derrychurra
Cleary, Patrick L: Sessiagh West
Clingen, Alexander L: Tattymacall
Collins, Charles L: Drumad
Collum, Archibald L: Gortdonaghy
Collum, Archibald L: Tonyloman
Collum, Archibald L: Tullybellina
Collum, Hugh L: Drumconor
Collum, John L: Tonyteige
Collum, Robert L: Drumconor
Collum, Simon L: Drumconor
Connolly, James L: Drumnamalragh
Convey, Margaret L: Derrychurra
Convey, Robert L: Greaghnagleragh
Convey, Thomas L: Cornacully
Cooney, Bernard L: Derreens East
Cooney, Hugh L: Sessiagh West
Cooney, John L: Sessiagh West
Cooney, Patrick L: Sessiagh West
Copeland, Edward L: Cloonaveel
Copeland, Henry T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Copeland, Henry T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
Copeland, Henry L: Tattygare
Copeland, James L: Ederdaglass or Hollybank
Copeland, James L: Farnamullan
Copeland, James L: Faughard
Copeland, James L: Mullybritt
Copeland, James T: Lisbellaw - Hollybank Rd.
Copeland, James T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Cormick, William L: Mullybritt
Cormick, William T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Corrigan, Andrew L: Killycreen East
Corrigan, Bernard L: Mullaghmore
Corrigan, Bridget L: Tully
Corrigan, Catherine L: Cavancarragh
Corrigan, Catherine L: Kiltyfelan
Corrigan, Catherine L: Rushin
Corrigan, Edward L: Killyphort
Corrigan, Francis L: Ballysroonagh
Corrigan, Francis L: Gardenhill
Corrigan, Francis L: Killycreen East
Corrigan, Hugh L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Corrigan, Hugh L: Sessiagh West
Corrigan, John L: Derryinch
Corrigan, John L: Inishkeen Island
Corrigan, John, Jr. L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Corrigan, John, Sr. L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Corrigan, Judith L: Ballintempo
Corrigan, Michael L: Samsonagh
Corrigan, Patrick L: Kiltyfelan
Corrigan, Patrick L: Mullylusty
Corrigan, Patrick L: Samsonagh
Corrigan, Philip L: Killycreen East
Corrigan, Philip L: Tullybrack or Ora More
Corrigan, Philip L: Tullynacor
Corrigan, Richard L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Corrigan, Thomas L: Carricadrantan
Corrigan, Thomas L: Greaghaphort
Corrigan, Thomas L: Lurgan
Corrigan, Thomas L: Mullanshellistragh
Corrigan, Thomas L: Samsonagh
Corrigan, Thomas L: Tullynacor
Cossin, James L: Cavantreeduff
Coulter, James L: Brockagh
Cox, Margaret L: Derryhowlaght West
Cox, Patrick L: Lanaghran
Cox, Patrick L: Moykeel
Cox, Thomas L: Boshinny
Cox, Thomas T: Lisbellaw - Hollybank Rd.
Coyle, Catherine L: Farnamullan
Craig, Robert L: Cornacully
Craig, Robert L: Tullyrossmearn
Craig, Thomas L: Cavanmore
Craig, Thomas L: Gorteen
Craigh, William L: Cavantreeduff
Cranston, James L: Derryhowlaght West
Cranston, Robert L: Bellanaleck
Crawford, Acheson L: Derreens East
Crawford, Robert L: Beagho
Crooke, Eliza Teresa L: Moybane
Crowe, Carleton L: Belcoo West
Crowe, Carlton L: Belcoo East
Crowe, James L: Carrontreemall
Crowe, John L: Carrontreemall
Crozier, John L: Derrygiff
Crozier, John L: Derryleck
Cunningham, Henry L: Letterbreen
Cunningham, James L: Gardrum
Curnen, James L: Drumad
Curnen, Jane L: Drumad
Curran, Charles L: Farnamullan
Curran, James L: Skea
Curran, John L: Farnamullan
Curran, William L: Tonyloman
Cutler, George L: Ross
Daly, James L: Tonyloman
Daly, John L: Drumharriff
Daly, Thomas L: Derryhowlaght West
Daly, William L: Drumsillagh
Davidson, Rev. Robert L: Tattygare
Davis, Thomas L: Drumrainy
Day, Margaretta B. L: Farnamullan
De Lacy, Rev. Hugh L: Gorteen
Devine, Thomas L: Mullaghdun
Devlin, John L: Drumconlan East
Devlin, William L: Cleggan
Doherty, Charles L: Greenwoodhill
Doherty, John L: Ballysooragh
Doherty, John L: Corrateskin
Doherty, Michael L: Carrickmacsparrow
Doherty, Patrick L: Derreens West
Doherty, Patrick L: Greenwoodhill
Dolan, Daniel L: Drumkeenagh
Dolan, James L: Kilrooskagh
Dolan, James L: Kilrooskagh Island
Dolan, John L: Derryhowlaght West
Dolan, Michael L: Kilrooskagh
Dolan, Michael L: Kilrooskagh Island
Dolan, Peter L: Skea
D'Olier, Richard L: Ross
Donaldson, John L: Tattymacall
Donnelly, Catherine L: Coasan
Donnelly, John L: Rahallan
Doogan, James L: Corralea
Doogan, John L: Derryhowlaght West
Doogan, John L: Rossavally
Dooms, Mary T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Dowler, William L: Derryinch
Dowler, William L: Gortdonaghy
Downey, Andrew L: Beagho
Drinan, Hugh L: Oakfield
Drinan, James L: Oakfield
Drinan, Oliver L: Moybrone
Drum, Andrew L: Drumharriff
Drum, John L: Sessiagh West
Drum, William L: Skea
Duffy, Charles L: Skea
Duffy, Rose L: Mullanawinna
Dundas, Charles L: Samsonagh
Dunlop, John L: Drumad
Dunlop, John L: Faughard
Dunlop, John T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Dunlop, John T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
Dunne, Elizabeth L: Mullaghmore
Dunne, John L: Ring
Dwyer, Mary L: Mullymesker
Edie, John L: Faughard
Edie, John L: Mullybritt
Elliott, Alexander L: Derryhoney
Elliott, James L: Drumconlan East
Elliott, James L: Moybane
Elliott, John, Jr. L: Coolbuck
Elliott, John, Sr. L: Coolbuck
Elliott, Rebecca L: Coolbuck
Elliott, Rebecca L: Drumad
Elliott, Robert L: Moybrone
Elliott, Thomas L: Belcoo East
Elliott, Thomas L: Belcoo West
Elliott, William L: Drumderg
Elliott, William L: Drumhirk
Elliott, William L: Tattygare
Enniskillen, L: Derreens East N: Earl of Enniskillen
Enniskillen, L: Derryhowlaght West N: Earl of Enniskillen
Erek, Wentworth L: Gortdonaghy
Erek, Wentworth L: Ross
Ewart, Thomas, Jr. L: Drumcolgny
Ewart, Thomas, Sr. L: Drumcolgny
Fallon, James L: Derryinch
Farley, George L: Derreens East
Farmer, Felix L: Mullaghmaddy
Farmer, Hugh L: Aughlish
Farmer, Isabella L: Cavancarragh
Farmer, Jane L: Abohill
Farmer, Mary L: Ballysooragh
Farmer, Owen L: Ballysroonagh
Farmer, Patrick L: Abocurragh
Farmer, Patrick L: Mullaghmaddy
Farmer, Patrick L: Sessiagh West
Farmer, Terence L: Ballysooragh
Farmer, Thomas L: Mullaghmaddy
Farmer, Thomas, Jr. L: Abocurragh
Farrell, Martha L: Tattygare
Farry, Edward L: Cavanmore
Farry, Edward L: Lurgan
Farry, Patrick L: Carrontreemall
Farry, Patrick L: Drumcoo
Faucett, Francis L: Mullyard
Faucett, James L: Mullaghmore
Faucett, John L: Aghavass
Faucett, John L: Cavancarragh
Faucett, John L: Cavanmore
Faucett, John, Jr. L: Leam Beg
Faucett, Mary Anne L: Cloonaveel
Faucett, Rev. William L: Cloonaveel
Faucett, William L: Tents
Fawcet, Margaret L: Tonyloman
Fee, James L: Gardenhill
Feely, John L: Lattone
Ferguson, Andrew L: Point
Ferguson, Bryan L: Slapragh
Ferguson, Derby L: Skea
Ferguson, Hugh L: Teebane
Ferguson, James L: Teebane
Ferguson, John L: Tents
Ferguson, Maria L: Inishteige
Finn, Edward L: Derryhowlaght West
Fishbourne, Joseph L: T/Belcoo
Flanagan, Edward L: Samsonagh
Flanagan, James L: Skea
Fleming, Patrick L: Lattone
Flood, Alexander L: Corraderrybrock
Flood, Alexander L: Gorteen
Flynn, John L: Drumbargy
Flynn, Mary L: Drumbargy
Ford, John L: Mullybritt
Forde, Charles L: Coolbuck
Forde, Ellen L: Lurgandarragh Big
Forde, James L: Coolbuck
Forde, James L: Mountdrum
Forde, Jane L: Mountdrum
Forde, Jane L: Tattymacall
Forde, John T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Forde, John L: Tattymacall
Forde, Johnston L: Mountdrum
Forde, William L: Coolbuck
Forde, William L: Mountdrum
Fowler, Robert L: Skreen
Foy, Patrick L: Tonlisderritt
Frazer, Elizabeth L: Lisbofin
Frazer, George L: Letterbreen N: and Others
Frazer, Hugh L: Derrynim
Frazer, John L: Cavancarragh
Frazer, John L: Drumsillagh
Frith, Alexander L: Carneyhill
Frith, Maryanne L: Skea
Frizell, James L: Corraglass
Gallagher, Alice L: Tullyrossmearn
Gallagher, Bridget L: Killycreen West
Gallagher, James L: Killycreen West
Gallagher, James L: Teebane
Gallagher, Mary L: Drumcully
Gallagher, Patrick L: Drumcully
Gallagher, Patrick L: Teebane
Gallagher, Roger L: Lattone
Gallagher, William L: Tattymacall
Gamble, Edward L: Belcoo East
Gamble, Edward L: Belcoo West
Gamble, Edward L: T/Belcoo
Gamble, John L: Lanaghran
Gamble, John L: Rossavally
Gamble, Robert L: Coolyermer
Gamble, Samuel L: Coolyermer
Gardiner, John T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Gardner, Noble L: Drumad
Gilleece, Thomas L: Derryhowlaght West
Gilleese, John L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Gilleese, Michael L: Cornagee
Gillese, Michael L: Carrickmacsparrow
Gilligan, James L: Derrycormick
Gilmurray, Peter L: Leam More
Gilmurry, Bernard L: Drumaran
Gilmurry, Bernard L: Gortahurk West
Gilroy, Hugh L: Drumbargy
Glenn, Margaret L: Farnamullan N: and Another
Glover, Charlotte T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Glynn, William L: Farnamullan
Going, James L: Ring
Good, Robert L: Farnamullan
Goodwin, Peter L: Drumcully
Gordon, Catherine L: Carrontreemall
Gordon, Peter L: Drumcully
Gorman, Henry L: Cloonaveel
Gormley, James L: Drumman
Gossan, John L: T/Belcoo
Gott, John L: Derreens East
Gott, Thomas L: Derreens East
Gott, Thomas L: Drumsillagh
Gough, Isaac L: Skea
Gough, Thomas L: Skea
Graham, Baptist L: Faughard
Graham, Baptist T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Graham, James L: Farnamullan
Graham, Noble L: Farnamullan
Graham, William T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Gray, Ellen L: Drumcoo
Gray, James L: Ora Beg
Gray, Patrick L: Drumcoo
Gray, Thomas L: Ora Beg
Greddan, William L: Derryhoney
Greene, Cormack L: Tullyrossmearn
Greene, Edward L: Tonlisderritt
Greene, Eleanor L: Gardrum
Greene, Hugh L: Cornagee
Greene, Hugh L: Corralea
Greene, James L: Belcoo West
Greene, James L: Point
Greene, James L: Tonlisderritt
Greene, John L: Belcoo East
Greene, John L: Belcoo West
Greene, Judith L: Ballysroonagh
Greene, Mary L: Cavanmore
Greene, Mary L: Lurgan
Greene, Owen L: Gortatole
Greene, Owen L: Tents
Greene, Patrick L: Derreens West
Greene, Patrick L: Lurgan
Greene, Patrick L: Tonlisderritt
Greene, Thomas L: Cornagee
Greene, Thomas L: T/Belcoo
Greenlees, Catherine L: Coolbuck
Gregg, George L: Farnamullan
Gregg, John L: Carneyhill
Grimes, L: Derrycormick N: Widow
Guinness, Thomas L: Farnamullan
Guinness, William L: Meenawargy
Hall, Albert L: Tattymacall
Hall, Edward L: Mullymesker
Hall, John L: Drumconlan East
Hall, Richard L: Lattone
Hall, Richard L: Slapragh
Hall, William L: Oakfield
Hall, William L: Skea
Hamilton, Alexander L: Mullycovet
Hamilton, Charles L: Mullycovet
Hamilton, Hugh L: Tattymacall
Hanley, John L: Moybrone
Haran, Thomas L: Tullynacor
Harden, Hugh L: Killycreen West
Harden, Owen L: Killycreen West
Harden, Patrick L: Killycreen West
Hare, George L: Gortdonaghy
Harney, Hugh L: Killycreen East
Harney, Patrick L: Killycreen East
Harrison, Catherine L: Lurgan
Hassard, Aleaxander G. L: Gardenhill
Hassard, Alex. G. L: Mullylusty
Hassard, Alexander G. L: Aughrim
Hassard, Alexander G. L: Carricadrantan
Hassard, Alexander G. L: Carrickmacflaherty
Hassard, Alexander G. L: Carrownalegg
Hassard, Alexander G. L: Killycreen East
Hassard, Andrew L: Skea
Hassard, George L: Derrychurra
Hassard, George L: Skea
Hassard, Robert L: Rushin
Hayes, Edmond L: Tattygare
Hayes, Robert E. T: Lisbellaw - Tempo Road
Hazlett, Robert L: Farnamullan
Hemphill, Ellen L: Faughard
Hemphill, Ellen T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Hemphill, William L: Drumad
Henderson, Henry L: Carneyhill
Henderson, James L: Derrycormick
Henderson, John L: Derrycormick
Henderson, John L: Faughard
Henderson, John L: Mullybritt
Henderson, Robert L: Derrycormick
Henderson, Robert L: Drumrainy
Hewson, Robert L: Moybrone
Hewson, William L: Corraglass
Hewston, John L: Moylehid
Higgins, James L: Cleggan
Higgins, John L: Gortahurk West
Higgins, Thomas L: Cleggan
Higgins, Thomas L: Farnamullan
Hill, Robert T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
Hilliard, James L: Rossavally
Hinds, Hugh L: Sessiagh West
Hinds, James L: Sessiagh West
Hinds, John L: Sessiagh West
Hinds, Maurice L: Sessiagh West
Hinds, Patrick L: Sessiagh West
Hodgins, Samuel L: Skea
Hogg, John L: Beagho
Howe, Elizabeth L: Drumderg
Howe, George L: Corrateskin
Howe, James L: Moylehid
Howe, James L: Tents
Howe, John L: Derrynim
Howe, John L: Drumaran
Howe, John L: Drumcolgny
Howe, John L: Drumderg
Howe, John L: Moneyouragan
Howe, John L: Moylehid
Howe, John L: Tents
Howe, John, Jr. L: Carrickabweehan
Howe, John, Sr. L: Carricknaseer
Howe, Mervyn L: Tattymacall
Howe, Thomas L: Corrateskin
Howe, Thomas, Jr. L: Derryleck
Howe, Thomas, Sr. L: Derryleck
Howe, William L: Derryleck
Howe, William L: Drumderg
Howe, William L: Drumnamalragh
Hughes, Jane T: Lisbellaw - Tempo Road
Hultahann, Hugh L: Mullymesker
Humphries, William L: Trillick
Hunter, Francis L: Tattygare
Hurst, George L: Glasmullagh
Hurst, George L: Moylehid
Hurst, Hugh L: Tattygare
Hynes, John L: Skea
Irwin, Edward L: Carneyhill
Irwin, Thomas L: Drumconlan East
Irwin, Thomas L: Gortahurk East
Irwin, Thomas L: Lisbofin
Johnson, John T: Lisbellaw - Tempo Road
Johnson, Mary L: Coolbuck
Johnston, Adam L: Brockagh
Johnston, Adam L: Corraglass
Johnston, Adam L: Derreens East
Johnston, Alexander L: Derryhowlaght West
Johnston, Alexander L: Lurgandarragh Big
Johnston, Anne L: Gortadrehid
Johnston, Catherine L: Coolbuck
Johnston, Jane L: Lurgandarragh Big
Johnston, Jas., Jr. L: Drumlaghy
Johnston, Jas., Sr. L: Drumlaghy
Johnston, John L: Cavanmore
Johnston, John L: Coolbuck
Johnston, John L: Lurgan
Johnston, John L: Lurgandarragh Big
Johnston, John L: Moybrone
Johnston, John L: Tents
Johnston, John L: Tonlisderritt
Johnston, Launcelot L: Mullaghmore
Johnston, Stephen L: Derryhowlaght West
Johnston, Thomas L: Lurgandarragh Big
Johnston, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Johnston, William L: Beagho
Johnston, William L: Drumlaghy
Johnstone, George L: Snowhill
Johnstone, Saml. Y. L: Snowhill
Johnstone, Samuel Y. L: Beagho
Johnstone, Samuel Y. L: Derryhoney
Jones, Agustus T. L: Rushin
Jones, Augustus T. L: Bellanaleck
Jones, Charles J. L: Moybrone
Jones, John L: Skea
Jones, John L: T/Belcoo
Jones, Lewis L: Drumcully
Jones, Mary L: Drumcully
Jones, Michael L: Drumcully
Jones, Thomas M. H. L: Ballintempo
Jones, Thomas M. H. L: Belcoo East
Jones, Thomas M. H. L: Belcoo West
Jones, Thomas M. H. L: Corraderrybrock
Jones, Thomas M. H. L: Garrow or Buck Islands
Jones, Thomas M. H. L: Lurgan
Jones, Thomas M. H. L: T/Belcoo
Judge, Francis L: Corraglass West
Judge, James L: Cornacully
Judge, John L: Corraglass West
Judge, Michael L: Cavancarragh
Judge, Michael L: Corralea
Judge, Patrick L: Toppan
Kane, Margaret L: Moybane
Keany, Francis L: Slapragh
Keany, Hugh L: Lattone
Keany, James L: Drumkeenagh
Keany, Margaret L: Lattone
Keany, Mary L: Lattone
Keany, Thade L: Drumkeenagh
Keany, Thomas L: Drumkeenagh
Kearns, John L: Drumsillagh
Keena, Patrick L: Tullybrack or Ora More
Keenan, Anne L: Samsonagh
Keenan, Bernard L: Rossavally
Keenan, Francis L: Mullygarry
Keenan, James L: Drumbargy
Keenan, John L: Mullygarry
Keenan, John L: Samsonagh
Keenan, Patrick L: Cloonatrig
Keenan, Ralph L: Tonyloman
Kelly, James L: Bellanaleck
Kelly, Michael L: Drumcully
Kelly, Terence L: Tonyloman
Keon, Mary L: Drumcully
Kerr, James L: Abocurragh
Kerr, James L: Abohill
Kerrigan, John L: Tattygare
Kerrigan, John L: Tattymacall
Keys, James, Jr. L: Derryinch
Keys, James, Sr. L: Derryinch
Keys, Richard L: Cloonatrig
Kilbride, Owen L: Skea
Kilcart, George L: Gorteen
Kilgollan, James L: Killycreen West
Kilgollan, James L: Tullybrack or Ora More
Kilgun, Alec L: Toppan
Kilgun, Daniel L: Greaghnagleragh
Kilgun, Daniel L: Toppan
Kilgun, Hugh L: Toppan
Kilgun, James L: Greaghnagleragh
Kilgun, Thomas L: Greaghnagleragh
Kilmurray, John L: Kiltyfelan
King, Charles L: Gortdonaghy
Knox, Andrew L: Tattygare
Laird, Robert L: Tattymacall
Lattimer, Joseph L: Ardtonnagh
Lawwell, Hugh L: Moybane
Leonard, Andrew L: Corraglass West
Leonard, Andrew L: Drumelly
Leonard, Bridget L: Derreens West
Leonard, Bryan L: Aghavass
Leonard, Charles L: Drumelly
Leonard, Connor L: Corralea
Leonard, Cornelius L: Drumman
Leonard, Daniel L: Corralea
Leonard, Denis L: Abocurragh
Leonard, Denis L: Belcoo East
Leonard, Denis L: Corraderrybrock
Leonard, Denis L: Kiltyfelan
Leonard, Denis L: T/Belcoo
Leonard, Felix L: Drumcoo
Leonard, Felix L: Meenarainy
Leonard, Francis L: Drumman
Leonard, Hugh L: Abocurragh
Leonard, Hugh L: Aghavass
Leonard, Hugh L: Carrontreemall
Leonard, James L: Drumrainy
Leonard, James L: Killycreen West
Leonard, John L: Abocurragh
Leonard, John L: Belcoo West
Leonard, John L: Carrontreemall
Leonard, John L: Cornagee
Leonard, John L: Derreens East
Leonard, John L: Drumane
Leonard, John L: Drumcoo
Leonard, John L: Drumelly
Leonard, John L: Killycreen East
Leonard, John L: Meenawargy
Leonard, John L: T/Belcoo
Leonard, Mary L: Cavancarragh
Leonard, Owen L: Kilrooskagh
Leonard, Owen L: Kilrooskagh Island
Leonard, Owen L: Templenaffrin
Leonard, Patrick L: Aghavass
Leonard, Patrick L: Coasan
Leonard, Patrick L: Corraderrybrock
Leonard, Dr. Patrick L: Corralea
Leonard, Patrick L: Corrateskin
Leonard, Patrick L: Derreens West
Leonard, Patrick L: Mullan
Leonard, Patrick, Jr. L: Corralea
Leonard, Patrick, Jr. L: Derreens West
Leonard, Patrick, Sr. L: Corralea
Leonard, Susan L: Drumrainy
Leonard, Thomas L: Coasan
Leonard, Thomas L: Killycreen East
Leonard, Thomas L: Killycreen West
L'Estrange, George C. L: Samsonagh
Lidy, John L: Mullan
Lilley, Francis L: Derrychurra
Lilley, Patrick L: Mullymesker
Lilly, Bernard L: Drumelly
Lilly, Bridget L: Drumelly
Lilly, Catherine L: Mullaghmore
Lilly, Charles L: Drumelly
Lilly, Charles L: Meenawargy
Lilly, Denis L: Carricadrantan
Lilly, Eleanor L: Leam More
Lilly, James L: Meenawargy
Lilly, John L: Aghannagh
Lilly, Owen L: Meenawargy
Lilly, Owen L: Mullan
Lilly, Patrick L: Carricadrantan
Lilly, Patrick L: Cavancarragh
Lilly, Patrick L: Coasan
Lilly, Patrick L: Derreens West
Lilly, Patrick L: Drumelly
Lilly, Thomas L: Corraglass West
Lilly, Thomas L: Derreens East
Little, Aleaxander L: Mullymesker
Little, John L: Moybane
Little, Thomas L: Gortadrehid
Love, James L: Samsonagh
Love, Martha L: Letterbreen
Lowrey, Richard L: Tattymacall
Lowry, Alexander L: Drumad
Lucey, Andrew L: Moybane
Lucey, Anthony L: Moybrone
Lucey, John L: Moybrone
Lucey, Robert L: Drumconor
Lucey, Robert L: Moybrone N: Hollows
Lucey, Robert L: Moybrone N: Of Road
Lunney, Hugh L: Tully
Lunney, James L: Rushin
Lunney, John L: Rossdoney
Lunney, Mary L: Crockareddy
Lunney, Robert L: Ardtonnagh
Lunney, Robert L: Tully
Lunney, William, Jr. L: Tonyteige
Lunny, Felix L: Mullaghmaddy
Lunny, John L: Cloonaveel
Lunny, Patrick L: Drumconlan West
Lunny, Patrick L: Mullaghmaddy
Lunny, Philip L: Abohill
Lyons, Patrick L: Carneyhill
Macauley, Anne T: Lisbellaw - Tempo Road
Macauley, Thomas T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Mackel, Bernard L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Mackel, Mary L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Mackel, Michael L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Macnamara, Margaret L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Magee, Edward L: Drumad
Magee, John L: Derryhowlaght West
Magee, John L: Drumcolgny
Magee, Terence L: Skea
Magill, Edward L: Aughlish
Magoorty, Francis L: Ballysroonagh
Magorty, Peter L: T/Belcoo
Magrath, Edward L: Meenarainy
Magrath, James L: Cornahawla
Maguire, L: Derryhowlaght West N: Widow
Maguire, Anne L: Bellanaleck
Maguire, Bernard L: Coolyermer
Maguire, Bernard L: Corraglass West
Maguire, Charles L: Aughlish
Maguire, Charles L: Samsonagh
Maguire, Edward, Jr. L: Aughlish
Maguire, Edward, Sr. L: Aughlish
Maguire, Francis L: Carrickmacsparrow
Maguire, Francis L: Toppan
Maguire, James L: Cloonatrig
Maguire, James L: Cornagee
Maguire, James L: Derryscobe
Maguire, James L: Drumhirk
Maguire, James, Jr. L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Maguire, James, Sr. L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Maguire, John L: Ardtonnagh
Maguire, John L: Cornacully
Maguire, John L: Ring
Maguire, John L: Skea
Maguire, Mary L: Drumsroohil
Maguire, Mary L: Oakfield
Maguire, Michael L: Derreens East
Maguire, Patrick L: Aghannagh
Maguire, Patrick L: Cloonatrig
Maguire, Patrick L: Lattone
Maguire, Patrick L: Lurgan
Maguire, Patrick, Jr. L: Mullaghdun
Maguire, Patrick, Jr. L: Ring
Maguire, Patrick, Sr. L: Mullaghdun
Maguire, Patrick, Sr. L: Ring
Maguire, Peter L: Carrickabweehan
Maguire, Philip L: Cloonaveel
Maguire, Philip L: Drumawillin
Maguire, Philip L: Samsonagh
Maguire, Thomas L: Aughlish
Martin, Charles L: Bellanaleck
Martin, Edward L: Cloon
Martin, Eliza L: Faughard
Martin, Hugh L: Skea
Martin, John L: Drumad
Martin, Patrick L: Tonyloman
Martin, Patrick L: Tully
Martin, William L: Tonyloman
Mason, James L: Drumhirk
Mason, John L: Cornacully
McAleer, James L: Bellanaleck
McAnulty, Owen L: Meenarainy
McAroe, Rose L: Tattymacall
McAtaggart, John L: Tullybrack or Ora More
McAtaggart, Peter L: Dornogagh
McAvey, John L: Tonyloman
McBarron, Andrew L: Cornagee
McBarron, Robert L: Cornagee
McBrien, Hugh L: Moybane
McBrien, James L: Coolbuck
McBryan, Francis L: Rossdoney
McBryan, Henry L: Rossdoney
McBryan, John L: Ring
McBryan, William L: Rossdoney
McCaffrey, Bryan L: Derrycormick
McCaffrey, Hugh L: Sessiagh West
McCaffrey, Neal L: Letterbreen
McCaffrey, Owen L: Bellanaleck
McCaffrey, Owen L: Sessiagh West
McCaffrey, Terence L: Meenarainy
McCann, Cormack L: Carrickmacsparrow
McCann, Cormack L: Corraderrybrock
McCann, Cormack L: Mullanawinna
McCanny, William L: Farnamullan
McCart, Patrick L: Mullybritt
McCart, Patrick T: Lisbellaw - Hollybank Rd.
McCartney, James L: Derrycormick
McCartney, James L: Moylehid
McCauley, Ellen T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
McCauley, James, Jr. L: Drumcolgny
McCauley, James, Sr. L: Drumcolgny
McCauley, Thomas L: Aghavass
McConnell, Bernard L: Tully
McConnell, Michael L: Tully
McCormack, John L: Bellanaleck
McCourt, Alice L: Cavancarragh
McCourt, Henry L: Leam More
McCourt, Hugh L: Drumderg
McCourt, John, Jr. L: Bohevny
McCourt, John, Jr. L: Drumderg
McCourt, John, Sr. L: Drumderg
McCourt, Patrick L: Belcoo East
McCourt, Patrick L: Belcoo West
McCourt, Patrick L: Cavancarragh
McCreary, John L: Farnamullan
McCreary, Joseph L: Farnamullan
McCreary, Samuel L: Farnamullan
McCreery, James L: Faughard
McCreery, James T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
McCreery, John L: Faughard N: Cooper
McCreery, John T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
McCreery, Robert L: Faughard
McCue, Neill T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
McCue, Neill T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
McCue, Thomas L: Rossdoney
McCusker, Anthony L: Ring
McCusker, Michael L: Tattygare
McCutcheon, John L: Derryscobe
McDonagh, James L: Tattymacall
McDonagh, Michael L: Mullycovet
McDonnell, Hugh L: Skea
McDonnell, Robert L: Rossavally
McElgun, Thomas L: Derrychurra
McElmurry, Patrick L: Moybane
McElroy, John L: Crottan
McElroy, John L: Drumman
McEntaggart, James L: Corrateskin
McEvery, Matthew L: Cavancarragh
McEvina, Matthew L: Gorteen
McFadden, Catherine L: Drumcully
McFadden, Eliza L: Brockagh
McFadden, John L: Kilrooskagh
McFadden, Timothy L: Drumcully
McFarland, James T: Lisbellaw - Tempo Road
McGahy, Hugh T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
McGahy, James T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
McGahy, John L: Mullybritt
McGahy, John T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
McGarran, John L: Ballysooragh
McGarran, John L: Point
McGarran, Michael L: Ballysooragh
McGarran, Michael L: Point
McGarran, Owen L: Point
McGarran, Patrick L: Ballysooragh
McGarran, Patrick L: Point
McGarran, Terence L: Ballysooragh
McGee, John L: Kiltyfelan
McGee, John L: Mullylusty
McGinny, Charles L: Mullylusty
McGivney, Catherine L: Rossdoney
McGivney, Hugh L: Sessiagh West
McGivney, Michael L: Rossdoney
McGivney, Rep. Michl. L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
McGivney, Owen L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
McGivney, Patrick L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
McGloan, Terence L: Derreens East
McGloane, Anne L: Rahallan
McGlone, John L: Bellanaleck
McGlone, John L: Tonyloman
McGoarty, Francis L: Lattone
McGoarty, John L: Lattone
McGoarty, Patrick L: Lattone
McGoldrick, William L: Skea
McGolrick, Anne L: Cornacully
McGolrick, Edward L: Cornacully
McGolrick, Rose L: Cornacully
McGoorty, Hugh L: Mullanawinna
McGoosey, Peter L: Drumcoo
McGorren, Terence L: Corrateskin
McGovern, Andrew L: Mullylusty
McGovern, Catherine L: Killycreen West
McGovern, James L: Killycreen West
McGovern, Michael L: Mullyardlougher
McGovern, Thomas L: Gardenhill
McGovern, Thomas L: Mullyardlougher
McGovern, Thomas L: Mullylusty
McGowan, John L: Carrickmacsparrow
McGowan, Thomas L: Tullyrossmearn
McGrane, Peter L: Killycreen West
McGrann, Thomas L: Aughrim
McGrann, Thomas L: Drumcoo
McGrath, Bernard L: Greenwoodhill
McGrath, Francis L: Ballysooragh
McGrath, Francis L: Greenwoodhill
McGrath, Francis L: Killycreen East
McGrath, Francis, Sr. L: Greenwoodhill
McGrath, James L: Cornacully
McGrath, James L: Kiltyfelan
McGrath, John L: Cornacully
McGrath, John L: Mullycovet
McGrath, Mark L: Derryaghna
McGrath, Mary L: Greenwoodhill
McGrath, Patrick L: Dornogagh
McGrath, Patrick L: Drumawillin
McGrath, Patrick L: Drumconlan West
McGrath, Patrick L: Kiltyfelan
McGrath, Patrick L: Mullycovet
McGrath, Patrick, Jr. L: Drumawillin
McGrory, Grace L: Mullylusty
McGrory, James L: Meenawargy
McGrory, James L: Mullanawinna
McGrory, James L: Mullylusty
McGrory, John L: Mullylusty
McGrory, Owen L: Mullanawinna
McGrory, Patrick L: Coasan
McGrory, Thomas L: Meenawargy
McGuinness, Bernard L: Skea
McGuinness, Patrick L: Teebane
McGuire, Anne L: Kilrooskagh
McGuire, Hugh L: Gortahurk West
McGuire, John T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
McGuire, Philip L: Gortahurk West
McGuire, Thomas L: Dornogagh
McGurn, James L: Crockareddy
McGurn, James L: Tonyteige
McGurn, Mary L: Crockareddy
McGurn, Patrick L: Crockareddy
McGurren, Margaret L: Coolbuck
McHiggin, John L: Meenarainy
McHiggins, Denis L: Mullan
McIldoon, Philip L: Sessiagh West
McKeague, Samuel L: Samsonagh
McKearny, William L: Gardrum
McKeegan, Patrick L: Corralea
McKenna, Philip L: Rossavally
McKernan, Mary T: Lisbellaw - Tempo Road
McKiernan, Hugh L: Tullynacor
McKnight, Christopher L: Bellanaleck
McLoughlin, Francis L: Rushin
McLoughlin, Michael L: Leam More
McManus, Bernard L: Tattymacall
McManus, Bryan L: Sessiagh West
McManus, Connor L: Derryinch
McManus, Daniel L: Drumconlan East
McManus, Edward L: Drumdran
McManus, Hugh L: Derryinch
McManus, Hugh L: Drumelly
McManus, James L: Carrontreemall
McManus, James L: Drumdran
McManus, James L: Sessiagh West
McManus, John L: Ballysooragh
McManus, John L: Farnamullan
McManus, John L: Gortahurk West
McManus, John L: Sessiagh West N: Farmer
McManus, John, Sr. L: Sessiagh West
McManus, Mary L: Sessiagh West
McManus, Owen L: Sessiagh West
McManus, Patrick L: Derryaghna
McManus, Patrick L: Samsonagh
McManus, Patrick L: Sessiagh West
McManus, Patrick L: Toppan
McManus, Patrick, Jr. L: Sessiagh West
McManus, Patrick, Sr. L: Sessiagh West
McManus, Philip L: Carrontreemall
McManus, Redmond L: Drumdran
McManus, Thomas L: Sessiagh West
McMullen, Andrew L: Gortdonaghy
McMullen, James L: Ross
McMullen, William L: Gortdonaghy
McMunn, John L: Drumad
McNamara, John L: Carrontreemall
McNamara, Owen L: Carrontreemall
McNamara, Owen L: Dornogagh
McPhearson, John L: Kiltyfelan
McPhilip, John L: Coolbuck
McSharry, Hugh L: Tents
McSperratt, Peter T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
McTaggart, David L: Belcoo West
McTaggart, Patrick L: Sessiagh West
McVeaty, Joseph L: Drumrainy
Meehan, Thomas L: Belcoo East
Meehan, Thomas L: Belcoo West
Michael, Hugh L: Derryhowlaght West
Michael, Neill L: Derryhowlaght West
Miles, Robert L: Skreen
Miller, Andrew L: Aghannagh
Miller, George L: Aghannagh
Mitchell, George L: Gortahurk East
Mitchell, John L: Bellanaleck
Mitchell, John L: Coolyermer
Monaghan, Alexander L: Tonyloman
Monaghan, Bernard L: Tonyloman
Monaghan, Edward L: Drumane
Monaghan, James L: Gardrum
Monaghan, James L: Samsonagh
Monaghan, Mary L: Derreens East
Monaghan, Mary L: Drumane
Monaghan, Robert L: Tonlisderritt
Monahan, Eliza L: Farnamullan
Monday, Arthur L: Gardenhill
Montgomery, Andrew L: Cloonatrig
Montgomery, George L: Derrygiff
Montgomery, James L: Derrygiff
Montgomery, James L: Tonyteige
Montgomery, John L: Derrygiff
Montgomery, John L: Tonyteige
Montgomery, Mary L: Tonyteige
Montgomery, Thomas L: Faughard
Montgomery, Thomas T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Moohan, Bartley L: Tullinteskin
Moore, James L: Farnamullan
Moore, John T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
Moore, William T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Moore, William T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
Morrison, Andrew L: Farnamullan
Morrison, Francis L: Farnamullan
Morrison, George L: Drumaran
Morrison, Susan T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Morrison, Susan L: Tattygare
Moutray, John L: Drumad
Mulhearn, Thomas L: Corraglass
Mulhern, Anthony L: Rossdoney
Mullally, James L: Abocurragh
Mullanafy, Hugh L: Skea
Mulligan, John L: Mullaghmore
Mundy, Arthur L: Corrateskin
Mundy, James, Jr. L: Corrateskin
Mundy, James, Sr. L: Corrateskin
Mundy, Philip L: Ballysooragh
Murphy, James, Jr. L: Sessiagh West
Murphy, James, Sr. L: Sessiagh West
Murphy, Owen L: Sessiagh West
Murphy, Owen L: Skreen
Murphy, Patrick L: Sessiagh West
Murphy, Terence L: Skea
Murphy, William L: Drumad
Murphy, William L: Rossdoney
Murray, Francis L: Carricadrantan
Murray, James L: Greaghnagleragh
Murray, James L: Meenarainy
Murray, Patrick L: Leam More
Murray, Thomas L: Meenarainy
Naun, George T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Neill, James L: Bellanaleck
Nixon, Alexander L: Bellanaleck
Nixon, Andrew L: Abohill
Nixon, Catherine L: Derryinch
Nixon, Rep. Frederick L: Tonyloman
Nixon, Hugh L: Cornahawla
Nixon, James L: Drumcolgny
Nixon, James L: Tonyloman
Nixon, Jane L: Derryinch
Nixon, John L: Cornahawla
Nixon, John L: Drumcolgny
Nixon, Phibbs L: Mullylusty
Nixon, William L: Cornahawla
Nixon, William L: Gortnaderg
Nixon, William L: Mullylusty
Noble, George L: Moykeel
Noble, John L: Snowhill
Noble, Montgomery L: Carneyhill
Noble, Thomas L: Snowhill
Nolan, Hugh L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Nolan, Michael L: Rossdoney (Carnacarra)
Nolan, Thomas L: Cloonatrig
Nugent, William L: Corraglass
O'Brien, Denis L: Drumcully
O'Brien, James L: Drumcully
O'Brien, John L: Cavanmore
O'Brien, Philip L: Drumcully
O'Brien, Thomas L: Drumad
O'Dolan, Andrew L: Rushin
O'Hara, Robert L: Cornagee
O'Hara, Robert L: Drumharriff
O'Neill, Patrick L: Derreens East
O'Neill, Patrick L: Derryhowlaght West
Ovens, James L: Drumcully
Ovens, James L: Tullybellina
Overend, John L: Snowhill
Owens, Patrick L: Cloonatrig
Pakenham, Anne L: Corrateskin
Pakenham, Robert L: Corraglass
Pakenham, William L: Ballysooragh
Parker, Andrew L: Drumad
Parker, William L: Ora Beg
Patterson, Thomas L: Drumrainy
Payne, John L: Snowhill
Phillips, Hugh T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
Porter, Rev. John G. L: Coolbuck
Porter, Rev. John G. L: Derryhoney
Porter, Rev. John G. L: Drumdran
Porter, Rev. John G. L: Faughard
Porter, Rev. John G. L: Mountdrum
Porter, Rev. John G L: Mullybritt
Porter, Rev. John G. T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Porter, Rev. John G. T: Lisbellaw - Tempo Road
Porter, Rev. John G. L: Tattygare
Porter, Rev. John G. L: Tattymacall
Porteus, Richard L: Cloonatrig
Prestor, Mary L: Cloonaveel
Price, Alexander L: Tonyloman
Price, Richard L: Rossdoney
Price, Robert L: Rossavally
Price, Robert L: Tonyloman
Price, William L: Bellanaleck
Prunty, Hugh L: Drumad
Quigley, Mary L: Drumbargy
Quigley, Owen L: Mullymesker
Quigley, Patrick L: Rossavally
Quigley, Patrick L: Sessiagh West
Quigley, William L: Sessiagh West
Quinn, John L: Greaghaphort
Quinn, Patrick L: Mullaghdun
Raffles, James H. L: Bellanaleck
Rankin, John L: Corraglass
Rankin, John L: Gardrum
Rankin, John L: Letterbreen
Renchy, John L: Coolbuck
Renwick, Mary T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Renwick, Robert L: Tattymacall
Richardson, Anthony L: Beagho
Rinchy, John L: Mountdrum
Roberts, Hugh L: Cloonaveel
Robinson, Alexander L: Tully
Robinson, Barbara L: Tonyloman
Robinson, John L: Ardtonnagh
Robinson, John L: Bellanaleck
Robinson, John L: Derrychurra
Roe, James L: Skea
Rogers, James L: Mullan
Rooney, Catherine T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
Rooney, Daniel L: Drumcully
Rooney, John, Jr. L: Moybrone
Rooney, John, Sr. L: Moybrone
Rooney, Thos. L: Skea N: and Others
Ross, James T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Ross, John L: Tonyloman
Rourke, Anne L: Slapragh
Rutledge, James L: Corraglass
Rutledge, James L: Derryhoney
Rutledge, William L: Drumcolgny
Scales, Anne L: Cavancarragh
Scales, Samuel L: Belcoo East
Scales, Samuel L: Belcoo West
Scales, William L: Cavancarragh
Scales, William L: Gorteen
Scarlett, William L: Gortdonaghy
Scollan, Patrick L: Derryscobe
Scollan, Terence L: Killycreen East
Scollan, Thomas L: Cavancarragh
Scollan, William L: Drumelly
Scollon, John L: Belcoo East
Scott, Nicholas L: Drumharriff
Scott, Nicholas L: Mullyardlougher
Scott, Robert L: Derryhoney
Shaw, Samuel L: Coolbuck
Simpson, Henry L: Derryscobe
Slevin, James L: Slapragh
Slevin, John L: Bellanaleck
Slevin, John L: Cloonatrig
Smith, James L: Derrychurra
Smith, John L: Mullymesker
Smith, Samuel L: Derryhowlaght West
Somerville, Thomas L: Drumad
Spence, Gabriel L: Rushin
Spence, John L: Skea
Spence, William L: Rushin
Spollan, Patrick L: Ora Beg
Stafford, Andrew L: Bohevny
Stafford, James L: Cornahawla
Stafford, Thomas L: Bohevny
Stafford, Thomas, Jr. L: Bohevny
Steele, John L: Cloonaveel
Stenson, Alexander L: Gortadrehid
Stenson, James L: Tattygare
Stewart, Edmund T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Stewart, James L: Rosscorkey Island
Stewart, Marcella T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Stewart, Ralph L: Cloonaveel
Stewart, Robert L: Skea
Stewart, Robin L: Mullynavarnoge
Stewart, Thomas L: Kilrooskagh
Stock, John L: Beagho
Strong, George L: Aughlish
Surplice, John L: Rossdoney
Surplice, Mary L: Killywillin
Swiney, Charles H. L: Tattygare
Taylor, Andrew L: Derryhowlaght West
Taylor, Thomas L: Skea
Thompson, George L: Tattygare
Thompson, James L: Coolbuck
Thompson, James L: Snowhill
Thompson, John L: Farnamullan
Thompson, Thomas L: Coolbuck
Thompson, William L: Ross
Timoney, John L: Slapragh
Tomanay, James L: Rossdoney
Tomanay, Patrick L: Rossdoney
Toomley, Peter L: Killycreen West
Tormey, Patrick L: Skea
Touchbourne, Andrew L: Brockagh
Touchbourne, Catherine L: Mullygarry
Touchbourne, Robert L: Moybane
Tudman, Francis L: Drumrainy
Vaughan, James L: Drumrainy
Walker, George L: Beagho
Wallace, John L: Oakfield
Wallace, Susan L: Derryhowlaght West
Walls, John L: Oakfield
Walmsley, William L: Derreens East
Walsh, Christopher L: Killywillin
Walsh, Christopher L: Skea
Walsh, Matthew L: Tonyloman
Ward, Alice L: Meenarainy
Ward, James L: Meenarainy
Ward, James L: Mullymesker
Warrell, James L: Farnamullan
Waterson, Gabriel L: Moneyouragan
Waterson, John L: Moneyouragan
Waterson, William L: Tonardrum
Watkin, George T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
Wedgeworth, James L: Drumconlan East
Wedgeworth, Richard L: Drumconlan East
Weir, James L: Cloonaveel
Weir, James L: Letterbreen
Weir, John L: Derryaghna
Weir, John L: Drumrainy
Weir, Margaret L: Skreen
Weir, William L: Corraglass
West, William L: Drumad
Wherry, James L: Lurgandarragh Big
White, Christopher L: Brockagh
White, James T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
White, James T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
White, John L: Carrickabweehan
White, Robert T: Lisbellaw - Main Street
White, Samuel L: Lurgandarragh Big
White, Thomas L: Mullybritt
White, Thomas T: Lisbellaw - The Rock Lane
White, William L: Ring
Whitely, Henry L: Tattygare
Whitley, George L: Faughard
Whitley, Richard T: Lisbellaw - Tempo Road
Whitley, Robert T: Lisbellaw - Tempo Road
Whitley, Thomas T: Lisbellaw - Tempo Road
Whitly, John L: Coolbuck
Wilcock, John L: Derryhowlaght West
Wilkin, James L: Beagho
Wilkin, James L: Tattymacall
Willgoss, George L: Corraglass
Williamson, Charles L: Drumad
Williamson, Thomas L: Corraglass
Willock, Rev. William Alx L: Killywillin
Willock, Rev. Wm. A. L: Drumad
Wilson, Charles L: Derryscobe
Wilson, Christopher L: Bellanaleck
Wilson, Christopher L: Mullymesker
Wilson, Christopher L: Oakfield
Wilson, James L: Cleggan
Wilson, James L: Drumageever
Wilson, Jason L: Culliagh
Wilson, Sarah L: Letterbreen
Wilson, Thomas L: Ring
Wilson, William L: Culliagh
Wilson, William L: Rahallan
Wilson, William H. L: Derryscobe
Wilson, William H. L: Gortahurk East
Wilson, William H. L: Letterbreen
Wood, Richard L: Derryscobe
Woods, Edward L: Derryscobe
Woods, John L: Boshinny
Woods, John L: Samsonagh
Young, Rev. Walter L: Faughard

Map of Civil Parishes in county Fermanagh

Civil Parish Records of County Fermanagh

Other Fermanagh Parish Records

1 Aghalurcher

2 Aghavea

3 Belleek

4 Boho

5 Cleenish

6 Clones

7 Currin

8 Derrybrusk

9 Derryvullan

10 Devenish

11 Drumkeeran

12 Drummully

13 Enniskillen

14 Galloon

15 Inishmacsaint

16 Killesher

17 Kinawley

18 Magheracross

19 Magheraculmoney

20 Rossorry

21 Templecarn

22 Tomregan

23 Trory