Griffith's Valuation: Aghalurcher Parish, County Fermanagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Aghalurcher Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Aghalurcher parish and every other parish in county Fermanagh as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Fermanagh in 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Aghalurcher Parish 1862

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You should also check the records of Aghalurcher parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Abbott, James L: Farranaconaghy
Abbott, Richard L: Aghamore South
Abbott, Richard L: Dooross
Abbott, Thomas L: Farranasculloge
Abraham, Robert L: Tattenaheglish
Acheson, Elizabeth L: Lisadearny
Adams, Edward L: Carrickpolin
Adams, James L: Millwood
Adams, Thomas L: Carrickpolin
Adams, Thomas L: Derrycullion
Adams, William L: Killygullan
Adams, William T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Aikens, William L: Brobrohan
Alexander, John L: Tattenabuddagh
Alexander, Thomas T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Allen, John L: Drumroosk
Allen, Martha L: Drumroosk
Allwil, Esabella L: Drumgoon
Anderson, Archbd., Jr. L: Altawark
Anderson, Archbd., Sr. L: Altawark
Anderson, Armor L: Foglish
Anderson, Elizabeth L: Derrynavogy
Anderson, James L: Grogey
Anderson, John L: Altawark
Anderson, John L: Tattynucle
Anderson, Lucy L: Cooneen
Anderson, Marianne L: Cushwash
Anderson, Mary Anne T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Anderson, William L: Altawark
Anderson, William L: Cooneen
Annon, John T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Annon, John T: Lisnaskea - Water-Lane
Archdall, Edward L: Sheebeg
Armstrong, Andrew L: Mongibbaghan
Armstrong, Anne T: Lisnaskea
Armstrong, Anne T: Lisnaskea N: and Others
Armstrong, Blayny L: Shanaghy
Armstrong, Christopher L: Killashanbally
Armstrong, Christopher T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Armstrong, Elizabeth L: Aghnaskew
Armstrong, Elizabeth L: Grogey
Armstrong, Francis T: Maguiresbridge
Armstrong, George L: Carrickmacosker
Armstrong, George L: Drumguiff
Armstrong, Hugh L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Armstrong, Hugh L: Drumgoon
Armstrong, Hugh T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Armstrong, Isabella T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Armstrong, James L: Coolcrannell
Armstrong, James L: Coollane
Armstrong, James L: Cushwash
Armstrong, James L: Farranasculloge
Armstrong, James L: Macknagh
Armstrong, Jane L: Barnhill
Armstrong, Jane L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Armstrong, Jane L: Crockaness
Armstrong, Jane L: Glasdrumman
Armstrong, Jane L: Killygullan
Armstrong, Jane T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Armstrong, Jane T: Lisnaskea
Armstrong, John L: Curraghfad
Armstrong, John L: Drumgoon
Armstrong, John L: Henrystughan
Armstrong, Margaret T: Maguiresbridge
Armstrong, Philip L: Derryloman
Armstrong, Robert L: Derryhurdin
Armstrong, Thomas L: Crocknagrally
Armstrong, Thomas L: Crocknagrally N: Coolecran
Armstrong, Thomas L: Gortgarran
Armstrong, William L: Croaghan
Armstrong, William L: Drumany
Armstrong, William L: Drumgoon
Armstrong, William L: Drummack
Armstrong, William L: Drummeer
Armstrong, William L: Killashanbally
Armstrong, William L: Mongibbaghan
Armstrong, William L: Tattinderry
Arnold, George L: Toney
Atwell, James L: Killybane
Atwill, Isabella L: Tattinderry
Atwill, Maria T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Atwill, Richard L: Aghnaskew
Bailey, Thomas N. L: Derryloman
Baird, George L: Brobrohan
Baker, John L: Cooltrane
Bamford, Christopher L: Ramult
Banford, James L: Cavanaleck
Banford, James L: Tattynucle
Bannon, Martin T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Bannon, Michael L: Corranewy
Bannon, Patrick T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Barron, Catherine T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Baxter, Edward L: Cooneen
Baxter, George T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Baxter, James L: Tattenabuddagh
Baxter, John L: Bohattan
Baxter, John L: Tattynucle
Baxter, Johnston L: Cooneen
Baxter, Patrick L: Cornakessagh
Baxter, Patrick L: Tattenalee
Baxter, Robert L: Cooneen
Bayley, Rev. Wm. Robt. L: Attybaron
Beatty, Anne L: Corlough
Beatty, Edward L: Corlacky
Beatty, Francis L: Corraclare
Beatty, George, Jr. L: Cleen
Beatty, George, Sr. L: Cleen
Beatty, James L: Aghavoory
Beatty, James L: Aghnaskew
Beatty, James L: Ballymacaffry
Beatty, John L: Corlough
Beatty, John L: Killarbran
Beatty, John L: Owenskerry
Beatty, John L: Rafintan
Beatty, John L: Raw
Beatty, Joseph L: Agheeghter
Beatty, Matthew L: Derrintony
Beatty, Noble L: Derryloman
Beatty, Richard L: Cavanaleck
Beatty, Robert L: Claraghy
Beatty, Samuel L: Rafintan
Beatty, Thomas L: Corlough
Beatty, William L: Lisoneill
Beatty, William T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Beatty, William T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Bell, Abraham L: Corrard
Bell, Abraham L: Killygullan
Bell, George L: Corrard
Bell, James L: Mullaghmakervy
Bell, James L: Tattynucle
Bell, Robert L: Corrard
Bell, Samuel L: Bohattan
Bell, Samuel L: Carrowgarragh
Bell, William L: Bohattan
Bell, William L: Killynamph
Belly, Anne L: Cushwash
Benson, John L: Henrystughan
Benson, William L: Corralongford
Berney, Margaret L: Lisnagole
Betty, Andrew L: Tullykenneye
Betty, William L: Tattinderry
Birney, Anne J. L: Longfield
Birney, George L: Longfield
Birney, Mary L: Tireeghan
Black, Isabella T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Blackburne, Joseph L: Drumcoo
Blair, Jane L: Altawark
Blair, Sarah L: Corranewy
Blakeley, Rebecca L: Farranasculloge
Blakely, John L: Aghavoory
Bleakley, Rebecca L: Coolcrannell
Boardman, Archibald L: Coolbeg
Boardman, James L: Coolbeg
Bogue, Bernard L: Derrycrum
Bogue, Daniel L: Derrycrum
Bogue, Daniel L: Derryloman
Bogue, Daniel L: Eskeragh
Bogue, Denis L: Aghacramphill
Bogue, Francis L: Eshnasillog More
Bogue, Francis L: Grogey
Bogue, James L: Grogey
Bogue, James L: Longfield
Bogue, John L: Crocknagrally
Bogue, John L: Eshnasillog More
Bogue, John L: Grogey
Bogue, John L: Tattenabuddagh
Bogue, Margaret L: Curraghfad
Bogue, Mary L: Longfield
Bogue, Michael L: Altagoaghan
Bogue, Owen L: Eshnasillog More
Bogue, Owen L: Grogey
Bogue, Robert L: Crocknagrally
Bogue, Robert L: Derryloman
Bogue, Robert L: Lurganbane
Bogue, Rep. Terence L: Derrycrum
Bogue, Thomas L: Cooneen
Booth, Matthew L: Drumbrughas North
Bowels, William L: Grogey
Bowes, James L: Hollybrook
Bowles, Henry T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Boyd, Edward L: Tullykenneye
Boyd, James L: Ramult
Boyd, Margaret L: Clonmacfelimy
Brackenridge, Geo. C. L: Corranewy
Brackenridge, Geo. C. L: Corrard
Bradshaw, William R. L: Slush Hill
Bradshaw, Wm. Riddell L: Slush Hill
Brady, Archibald L: Kilmore
Brady, Bernard L: Inishroosk
Brady, Edward L: Inishroosk
Brady, James L: Kilmore
Brady, John L: Drumharriff
Brady, John L: Inishroosk
Brady, John L: Kilmore
Brady, Michael L: Inishroosk
Brady, Patrick L: Inishroosk
Brady, Patrick L: Kilmore
Brady, Terence L: Kilmore
Breadin, Rev. William L: Rossbeg
Bredin, Christopher L: Mullaghfad
Bredin, Eliza L: Rafintan
Bredin, John L: Crocknagrally
Bredin, John L: Derrintony
Bredin, Robert L: Lislea
Bredin, Robin L: Ballymacaffry
Breen, Alice L: Brobrohan
Breen, Andrew L: Carrickpolin
Breen, Bernard L: Crocknanane
Breen, John L: Carrickpolin
Breen, Michael L: Aghavoory
Breen, Michael L: Curryann
Breen, Michael L: Drumbrughas North
Breen, Michael L: Eshbane
Breen, Patrick L: Oghill
Brennan, Mary T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Bresland, Anne T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Bresland, Anne T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Bresland, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Breslin, Andrew L: Drumbaghlin
Breslin, Elizabeth L: Aghnaskew
Breslin, Hugh L: Clay
Breslin, Hugh L: Killyrover
Breslin, James L: Drumbaghlin
Breslin, Jane L: Clay
Breslin, John L: Clay
Breslin, John L: Drumbaghlin
Breslin, John L: Drummeer
Breslin, John L: Killyrover
Breslin, Patrick L: Coolcrannell
Breslin, Patrick L: Curragh
Breslin, Patrick L: Drumroo
Breslin, Patrick L: Geddagh Island
Breslin, Thomas, Sr. L: Killyrover
Breslin, William L: Ederdacurragh
Brewster, Sarah L: Drumcoo
Bridges, John T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Brien, Catherine T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Briens, Hugh L: Grogey
Brooke, George F. L: Lurganbane
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Altagoaghan
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Cavanaleck
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Claraghy
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Colebrook Demesne
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Cooltrane
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Corralongford
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Cran
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Derrycrum
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Derryloman
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Dooederny
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Eskeragh
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Grogey
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Killarbran
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Lurganbane
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Moneyneddy
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Mongibbaghan
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Rafintan
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Ramult
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Tattynucle
Brooke, Baronet Victor A. L: Tattyreagh
Brown, Joseph L: Ramult
Brown, William L: Cavanaleck
Brown, William L: Ramult
Browne, Elizabeth L: Raw
Browne, Forbes L: Grogey
Browne, Joseph L: Tattyreagh
Browne, Margaret L: Brobrohan
Browne, Martha L: Grogey
Browne, Mary T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Bryan, William L: Derryree
Bryans, Alexaander L: Carrowgarragh
Bryans, Anne L: Carrowgarragh
Bryans, Edward L: Henrystughan
Bryans, Francis L: Farranasculloge
Bryans, Francis L: Macknagh
Bryans, John T: Lisnaskea
Bryans, William L: Drumbrughas South
Bryson, James L: Altawark
Bryson, John L: Altawark
Bryson, Maxwell L: Grogey
Buchanan, Francis L: Corfannan
Buchanan, Jane L: Kilronan
Burgess, James T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Burke, Joseph L: Comaghy
Burnside, Bridget L: Ramult
Burnside, James L: Altagoaghan
Burnside, James L: Tattenaheglish
Burnside, James, Jr. L: Cornarooslan
Burnside, Jas., Sr. L: Cornarooslan
Burnside, John L: Cornarooslan
Burnside, Robert L: Cornarooslan
Burnside, William, Jr. L: Grogey
Burnside, William, Sr. L: Grogey
Burnside, Rev. Wm. S. L: Bohattan
Burnside, Rev. Wm. S. L: Cran
Bushell, Francis T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow N: and Another
Bussell, Edward L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Bussell, Edward L: Rossgad
Bussell, Francis L: Aghnaskew
Bussell, Henry L: Drumcramph
Bussell, John L: Aghnaskew
Bussell, Margaret L: Mullynascarty
Bussell, Thomas L: Aghnaskew
Bussell, William L: Drumcramph
Bussell, William L: Mullynascarty
Bustard, Eliza T: Maguiresbridge
Butler, James L: Derrynavogy
Cadden, James T: Lisnaskea - Water-Lane
Caddin, James L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Cairns, James L: Mullynaburtlan
Caldwell, James L: Ramult
Callaghan, Hugh L: Tireeghan
Callaghan, James L: Cornarooslan
Callaghan, Patk. L: Altagoaghan N: Black
Callaghan, Patrick L: Altagoaghan
Callaghan, Patrick L: Tireeghan
Callaghan, Peter L: Mullaghfad
Callaghan, Rep. Philip L: Altagoaghan
Callaghan, Thos. L: Altagoaghan N: Hill
Callaghan, Thos. L: Altagoaghan N: Red
Callaghan, Ths. L: Altagoaghan N: Master
Campbell, John L: Altnaponer
Campbell, John L: Corralongford
Campbell, John L: Killypaddy
Campbell, Patrick L: Altmartin
Canavan, John L: Slush Hill
Canavan, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St. N: and Others
Carberry, James L: Drumgoon
Carberry, James T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Carey, Judith L: Bunnahesco
Carey, Terence L: Bunnahesco
Carleton, James L: Cornakessagh
Carlisle, Matthew L: Crockaness
Carolan, John L: Killarbran
Carr, L: Derryhurdin
Carr, George L: Tattenaheglish
Carr, John L: Dooross
Carr, John L: Tattenaheglish
Carr, Samuel L: Cornarooslan
Carr, Samuel L: Mullynavale
Carr, Thomas L: Tattenaheglish
Carr, Walter L: Tattenaheglish
Carr, William L: Altagoaghan
Carroll, Mary L: Drummeer
Carroll, Peter L: Tattenalee
Carrothers, Christphr. L: Cornarooslan
Carrothers, Mary Anne T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Carrothers, Wm. L: Cornarooslan N: Long
Carrothers, Wm. L: Cornarooslan N: Short
Carson, Christopher L: Foglish
Carson, Jason L: Tully North
Carson, John L: Slush Hill
Carter, Charles L: Carrickpolin
Carters, John L: Longfield
Cassidy, Andrew L: Drumharriff
Cassidy, Bernard L: Glasdrumman
Cassidy, Catherine L: Altawark
Cassidy, Edward L: Cooneen
Cassidy, Edward L: Killyrover
Cassidy, Edward T: Maguiresbridge
Cassidy, Hugh L: Coollane
Cassidy, Hugh L: Crockadreen
Cassidy, James L: Drumhaw
Cassidy, James L: Eshbralley
Cassidy, James L: Killyrover
Cassidy, John L: Eshbralley
Cassidy, John L: Killyrover
Cassidy, Patrick L: Altagoaghan
Cassidy, Patrick L: Clay
Cassidy, Patrick L: Congo
Cassidy, Philip L: Ederdacurragh
Cassidy, Philip L: Eshbralley
Cassidy, Ruth L: Drumhaw
Cassidy, Thomas L: Drumhaw
Cassidy, William T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Chambers, Joseph T: Lisnaskea
Chartres, Elizabeth L: Drumcoo
Chartres, John L: Acres
Chartres, John L: Bunnahesco
Chartres, John L: Ederdacurragh
Chartres, John L: Killyrover
Chartres, Wlliam L: Cornashannel
Christie, John L: Bohattan
Clafferty, Edward L: Farranasculloge
Clafferty, Hannah L: Farranasculloge
Clarke, Christopher L: Drumgoon
Clarke, Christopher L: Farranasculloge
Clarke, Christopher L: Macknagh
Clarke, James L: Corranewy
Clarke, Noble L: Kilmore North
Clarke, Patrick L: Dooederny
Clarke, Robert L: Drummack
Clarke, William L: Aghamore North
Clefford, Michael L: Killygullan
Clements, David L: Corraclare
Clifferty, Matthew L: Altagoaghan
Clifferty, Peter L: Tully South
Clifferty, William L: Mullynavale
Clifford, Francis L: Carrickawick
Clifford, Francis L: Knocks
Clifford, Hugh L: Killycrutteen
Clifford, James L: Carrickawick
Clifford, Jane L: Tully North
Clifford, John L: Eshbane
Clifford, John L: Eshcarcoge
Clifford, John T: Lisnaskea
Clifford, Patrick L: Mullaghkeel or Ballymacil
Clifford, Sarah L: Corradillar
Clifford, Thomas L: Corradillar
Cochran, William L: Tireeghan
Cochrane, Bernard L: Coalhill
Collins, Catherine T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Collins, Hugh L: Curragh
Collins, Hugh L: Tully South
Collins, John L: Aghnaskew
Collins, John L: Dooross
Collins, John L: Drumroo
Collins, John L: Ederdacurragh
Collins, John T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Collins, Patrick L: Barnhill
Collins, Patrick L: Derrychulla
Collins, Patrick L: Killypaddy
Collins, Patrick L: Kilmore South
Collins, Patrick L: Rafintan
Collins, Patrick L: Rossgad
Collum, John L: Curryann
Collum, John L: Drumbaghlin
Collum, John L: Farranasculloge
Comiskey, Thomas T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Condell, Joseph L: Derryloman
Condell, Joseph L: Eskeragh
Connolly, Anne T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Connolly, Edward L: Aghavoory
Connolly, Edward L: Henrystughan
Connolly, Hugh L: Drumbrughas North
Connolly, Hugh L: Kilronan
Connolly, James L: Drumbrughas North
Connolly, John L: Kilronan
Connolly, Thomas L: Doocharn
Connolly, Thomas T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Connolly, Thomas L: Tattinderry
Connolly, William L: Coolcrannell
Connor, Patrick L: Barnhill
Conway, Patrick T: Lisnaskea
Cooke, Edward L: Cavanaleck
Cooke, Rep. George L: Derrintony
Cooke, James L: Grogey
Cooke, James L: Tullykenneye
Cooke, Robert L: Killarbran
Cooke, William L: Brobrohan
Cooke, William L: Cavanaleck
Cooke, William T: Lisnaskea - Main Street N: and Others
Copeland, John L: Lisnagole
Corbet, William L: Coollane
Corr, Christopher T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Corrigan, James L: Rafintan
Corry, Hugh L: Carricknabrattoge
Corry, Samuel L: Slush Hill
Cosgrave, Bernard L: Eshbane
Cosgrave, Elizabeth L: Atnamollyboy
Cosgrave, Francis L: Coalhill
Cosgrave, James L: Clay
Cosgrave, James L: Eshbane
Cosgrave, James L: Knocks
Cosgrave, Mary L: Coalhill
Cosgrave, Nathaniel L: Knocks
Cosgrave, Patrick L: Mullaghkeel or Ballymacil
Cosgrove, Patrick T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Cosker, Bernard L: Altagoaghan
Cosker, Hugh L: Cornarooslan
Coulter, Archibald L: Cran
Coulter, Charles L: Mullaghfad
Coulter, Thomas L: Crocknagrally
Cowan, Rev. Henry T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Cowan, James L: Brobrohan
Cowan, Patrick T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Cowan, Thomas L: Carrickpolin
Cowan, William, Jr. L: Foglish
Cowan, William, Sr. L: Foglish
Cowen, David L: Tattyreagh
Cowen, Samuel L: Tattyreagh
Coy, James L: Tattynucle
Coyle, Edward T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Coyle, Thomas L: Cornakessagh
Cranston, Ellen L: Drumbrughas North
Crawford, Hugh T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Crawford, James L: Farranacurky
Crawford, John L: Killycloghy
Cregan, Rose L: Drumcoo
Creggan, James T: Maguiresbridge
Croarken, Alice L: Carrickpolin
Croarken, John L: Brobrohan
Croarken, Joseph L: Carrickpolin
Croarken, Michael L: Tattenabuddagh
Croarken, Patrick L: Carrickpolin
Crorkin, David L: Slush Hill
Crowe Wright, Joseph L: Mullaghfad
Crowe Wright, Joseph L: Mullynavale
Crudden, Anne L: Foglish
Crudden, Edward L: Altagoaghan
Crudden, James L: Altagoaghan
Crudden, Patrick L: Drumbrughas North
Crudden, Patrick L: Lisnagole
Crudden, Samuel L: Agheeghter
Culligan, Edward L: Coolcrannell
Culligan, Patrick L: Coolcrannell
Cumberland, Samuel L: Corralongford
Curran, John L: Corralongford
Curran, Patrick L: Coalhill
Dalton, James L: Tully North
Dalton, Thomas L: Lislea
Daly, William L: Cavanagarvan
Darcy, Patrick L: Inishroosk
Davenport, George T: Lisnaskea
Davenport, Thomas T: Lisnaskea - Castle-Lane
Dawson, Christopher L: Altawark
Dawson, John L: Altawark
Deane, Robert L: Lislea
Deehan, James L: Altawark
Deehan, Patrick L: Altawark
Deering, Rev. Wm. W. L: Eshbralley
Deering, Rev. Wm. W. L: Kilronan
Deering, Rev. Wm. W. T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Deery, John L: Drumharriff
Delap, Edward L: Tattynucle
Delmore, Henry T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Dennett, Henry L: Eskeragh
Dennis, Noble L: Coolcrannell
Denny, Rep. A. L: Aghnaskew
Denny, Rep. A. L: Bunnahesco
Denny, Rep. A. L: Drumliff
Denny, Rep. A. L: Killyrover
Devers, William T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Dickson, Eliza L: Corlacky
Dickson, James L: Tireeghan
Dickson, Robert L: Cornakessagh
Dolan, Timothy T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Donaldson, Thomas L: Millwood
Donegan, Rev. James L: Drumgoon
Donnelly, Bernard L: Mullaghfad
Donnelly, Bernard L: Mullynavale
Donnelly, John L: Coalhill
Donnelly, Robert L: Claraghy
Donnelly, Rose L: Carrickpolin
Doonen, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Doran, James L: Drumcoo
Doran, Patrick L: Eshcarcoge
Doran, Peter T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Doran, Susan L: Tattyreagh
Dorian, Bernard L: Mullaghfad
Dorian, Michael L: Mullaghfad
Dorrian, Patrick L: Foglish
Douglas, James L: Aghinure
Douglas, William L: Aghinure
Douglas, William L: Drumgoon
Doyne, James T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Droogan, Sophia L: Atnamollyboy
Drum, Susan T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Duffy, Catherine L: Drumgoon
Duffy, John L: Tully North
Duffy, Margaret L: Forfey
Duffy, Mary L: Killyrover
Duffy, Michael T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Duggan, Mary L: Drummack
Duggan, Mary L: Mullynascarty
Duncan, Arthur L: Corraclare
Duncan, Joseph L: Derrycullion
Dundas, Edward L: Doochan
Dundas, Edward L: Drumcru
Dundas, Edward L: Henrystughan
Dundas, Henry L: Henrystughan
Dundas, John L: Henrystughan
Dunlop, Alexander T: Lisnaskea
Dunlop, Christopher L: Foglish
Dunlop, Edward L: Aghavoory
Dunlop, Edward L: Cavanagarvan
Dunlop, James L: Mongibbaghan
Dunlop, John L: Killarbran
Dunlop, John L: Tirenny
Dunlop, Joseph L: Corralongford
Dunlop, Robert L: Cooneen
Dunne, Arthur T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Dunne, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Early, Charles L: Coolcrannell
Ebbitt, Thomas L: Killygullan
Ebbitt, Thomas T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Elliott, Anne L: Corlough
Elliott, Eleanor T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Elliott, James L: Cornarooslan
Elliott, Robert L: Derryloman
Elliott, Thomas L: Slush Hill
Elliott, William L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Elliott, William L: Farranaconaghy
Elliott, William L: Farranasculloge
Elliott, William L: Killycrutteen
Elliott, William L: Killygullan
Elliott, William L: Killypaddy
Elliott, William L: Macknagh
Elliott, William T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Emerson, George L: Cooneen
Emerson, James L: Derrycrum
Emerson, John L: Carrickpolin
Emerson, William L: Foglish
Erne, L: Attybaron N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Carrowgarragh N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Carrowhony N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Cornashee N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Drumbrughas North N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Eshbane N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Killygullan N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Killynamph N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Killypaddy N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Lisnagole N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Shanaghy N: Earl of Erne
Erne, L: Sraharory N: Earl of Erne
Erne, T: Lisnaskea - Main Street N: Earl of Erne
Erne, T: Lisnaskea N: Earl of Erne
Erskine, Hannah L: Forfey
Erskine, John L: Grogey
Erskine, John L: Tattenabuddagh
Evitt, Andrew L: Derrynavogy
Fair, Alexander L: Slush Hill
Fair, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Farrell, John L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Farrell, Robert L: Killygullan
Farrell, Robert T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Farrell, William L: Drumhaw
Farrell, William T: Lisnaskea
Faucett, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Faulkner, Bernard T: Lisnaskea - Castle-Lane
Faulkner, Francis L: Drumharriff
Fawcett, John L: Bunnahesco
Fawcett, William L: Glasdrumman
Fay, Matthew L: Crocknagrally
Feague, Thomas L: Aghamore South
Fearis, John T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Ferry, Matthew T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Fiddes, Joseph L: Mullynavale
Finlay, Alexander L: Killycloghy
Finlay, Alexander L: Tirenny
Finlay, David L: Tully North
Finlay, George L: Grogey
Finlay, John L: Curryann
Finlay, Richard L: Grogey
Fisher, Mary L: Tattenaheglish
Fitzgerald, Patrick L: Coollane
Fitzhenry, Bernard T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Fitzpatrick, Christopher L: Crocknagowan
Fitzpatrick, Francis L: Curragh
Fitzpatrick, Francis L: Doocharn
Fitzpatrick, James L: Coolaran
Fitzpatrick, James L: Eshbralley
Fitzpatrick, John L: Carricknabrattoge
Fitzpatrick, John L: Coalhill
Fitzpatrick, Thomas L: Curragh
Flanagan, Alice L: Clay
Flanagan, Bernard L: Corranewy
Flanagan, James L: Farranacurky
Flanagan, James L: Hollybrook
Flanagan, Jane L: Drumbadmore
Flanagan, John L: Drummeer
Flanagan, Robert L: Drumliff
Flanagan, Susan L: Cleen
Fleming, George L: Carrickpolin
Fleming, James L: Tattynucle
Flynn, Patrick L: Toney
Forde, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Forde, Patrick L: Aghnaskew
Forster, Andrew L: Glasdrumman
Forster, Francis L: Glasdrumman
Forster, George L: Carrickmacosker
Forster, James L: Attybaron
Forster, James L: Killypaddy
Forster, James L: Lisoneill
Forster, James L: Mullaghkeel or Ballymacil
Forster, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Forster, Jane L: Aghnaskew
Forster, Jane T: Maguiresbridge
Forster, John L: Aghnaskew
Forster, John L: Coolcrannell
Forster, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Forster, Margaret L: Henrystughan
Forster, Margaret L: Henrystughan N: and Others
Forster, Margaret T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Forster, Rosetta T: Maguiresbridge - Main St. N: Lodgers
Forster, Thomas L: Keenaghy
Forster, Thomas L: Mullaghkeel or Ballymacil
Forster, Wm. T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Forsythe, James L: Ramult
Foster, James L: Killygullan
Foster, John L: Glasdrumman
Foster, John L: Knocks
Foster, John L: Lisnagole
Foster, John T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Foster, Letitia L: Ballymacaffry
Foster, Robert L: Croaghan
Foster, Walter L: Dooederny
Foster, William L: Dooederny
Foster, William L: Killygullan
Fox, Letitia L: Foglish
Foy, Charles L: Mullynavale
Foy, Mary L: Mullynavale
Foy, Matthew L: Mullynavale
Francy, James L: Cornarooslan
Freckleton, Margaret L: Grogey
Fury, Ellen L: Farranacurky
Fyffe, Catherine L: Creaghanchreesty Island
Fyffe, Catherine L: Shanaghy
Fyffe, Thomas L: Shanaghy
Gallagher, Bernard T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Gallagher, Hugh L: Moughley
Gallagher, James T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Gallagher, John L: Drumliff
Gallagher, Susan L: Henrystughan
Gallon, Hugh L: Derrychulla
Gardiner, Archibald L: Aghnaskew
Gardiner, Archibald, Jr. L: Lisadearny
Gardiner, Archibald, Sr. L: Lisadearny
Gardiner, James L: Tattyreagh
Gardiner, John L: Drumleagues Big
Gardiner, John L: Lisadearny
Gardiner, William L: Altnaponer
Gardiner, William L: Corrard
Gartside Tipping, Gartside L: Drumany
Gavan, James L: Carrowhony
Gavan, Patrick L: Carrowhony
Gavan, Patrick L: Drumbrughas North
Gavan, Thomas L: Oghill
Gavin, John L: Lisnagole
Gawley, John L: Cavanaleck
Gibson, Elizabeth T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Gillanders, William L: Tattyreagh
Gilleece, James L: Eshnagorr
Gilleece, Rose T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Gilles, Patrick L: Coolcrannell
Gillespie, John L: Derryloman
Gillespie, John L: Longfield
Gilligin, Felix L: Mullaghfad
Girr, John T: Lisnaskea - Castle-Lane
Girvan, Richard L: Derrynavogy
Girvan, Samuel L: Derrynavogy
Glass, Ellen L: Foglish
Glass, Robert L: Curraghfad
Glass, William L: Coolaran
Gledstanes, Ambrose U. L: Killashanbally
Gledstanes, Ambrose U. L: Kilmore North
Gledstanes, Ambrose U. L: Lebally
Gledstanes, Ambrose U. T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Gledstanes, Ambrose U. L: Tully North
Glover, William T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Glynn, James L: Farranacurky
Glynn, William L: Farranacurky
Godfrey, George T: Lisnaskea
Going, Mary T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Going, Patrick L: Rafintan
Goodwin, William T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Gordon, Eliza T: Maguiresbridge
Gordon, Isaac L: Rafintan
Gordon, James T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Gorman, Elizabeth L: Drumgoon
Gough, John T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Graham, Alexander L: Forfey N: Forfey
Graham, Andrew L: Aghamore North
Graham, Andrew L: Grogey
Graham, Andrew T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Graham, Anne L: Grogey
Graham, Archibald L: Drumgoon
Graham, Archibald T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Graham, Francis L: Cooneen
Graham, Francis L: Drumgoon
Graham, Francis L: Lislea
Graham, Francis J. L: Kilmore
Graham, Francis J. L: Rossmacaffry
Graham, Isabella L: Corraclare
Graham, James L: Dooross
Graham, James L: Drumleagues Little
Graham, James L: Erdinagh
Graham, James L: Eshanummer
Graham, John L: Ballymakeeny
Graham, Mary L: Corrard
Graham, Robert L: Cooneen
Graham, Robert L: Tattenabuddagh
Graham, Samuel L: Crockadreen
Graham, William L: Aghacramphill
Graham, William L: Aghinure
Graham, William L: Altagoaghan
Graham, William L: Cooneen
Graham, William L: Corraclare
Graham, William L: Corrard
Graham, William L: Drumhack
Graham, William L: Drumleagues Big
Graham, William L: Drummack
Graham, William T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Graham, William L: Tatteevagh
Graham, William T: Lisnaskea
Granary, Andrew L: Carrickpolin
Granary, John L: Carrickpolin
Granary, Patrick L: Corlough
Granlees, Anne L: Lisadearny
Gray, Michael L: Dooederny
Greadon, Joseph L: Drumbad Beg
Greene, James L: Tully South
Greenlees, James L: Henrystughan
Greenlees, John L: Henrystughan
Grey Porter, Rev. John L: Drumhaw
Grey Porter, Rev. John L: Drumleagues Big
Grey Porter, Rev. John L: Drummack
Grey Porter, Rev. John L: Inishleague
Grey Porter, Rev. John T: Lisnaskea
Grey Porter, Rev. John L: Tully South
Grier, John L: Grogey
Griffin, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Guinness, John L: Corlough
Gunn, Bernard L: Atnamollyboy
Gunn, Hugh L: Creaghawaddy Island
Gunn, Hugh L: Inishturk
Gunn, Rep. John L: Atnamollyboy
Gunn, John L: Cornarooslan
Gunn, Joseph L: Cushwash
Gunn, Joseph T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Gunn, Patrick L: Coalhill
Gunn, Philip L: Altawark
Hackett, James L: Grogey
Haire, Francis L: Drumcrin
Haire, James L: Lisoneill
Haire, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Haire, William T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Hall, L: Aghalun N: Protestant
Hall, Anne T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Hall, Christopher T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Hall, Edward L: Mullynavale
Hall, James L: Kiltenamullagh
Hall, John L: Drumlught
Hall, John L: Kilmore North
Hall, John L: Kiltenamullagh
Hall, John L: Lebally
Hall, John L: Millwood
Hall, Margery L: Killashanbally
Hall, Margery T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Hall, Moses L: Killynamph
Hall, Richard L: Derrycorban
Hall, Richard L: Farranacurky
Hall, Sarah L: Slush Hill
Hall, William L: Drumlught
Hall, William L: Leraw
Hall, William L: Tirenny
Halliday, Thomas L: Owenskerry
Halpin, James L: Coolaran
Hamilton, Andrew T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Hamilton, Robert T: Maguiresbridge
Hamilton, William L: Grogey
Hanlon, James L: Tullykenneye
Hanlon, Redmond L: Eshthomas
Hanly, William L: Millwood
Hanna, Owen L: Cooneen
Hannigan, Felix L: Clonmacfelimy
Hannigan, Felix T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Hannigan, Sarah L: Drumleagues Big
Harne, Sarah L: Tully North
Harper, Francis L: Ramult N: Exec. Of
Harvey, James L: Derrynavogy
Hassard, Thomas L: Millwood
Hawe, James L: Attybaron
Hawell, Catherine L: Derryasna
Hawill, Judith L: Bunnahesco
Haywood, Peter L: Coolcrannell
Haywood, Peter T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Henderson, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Henderson, Maryanne L: Coolcrannell
Henry, John L: Cavanaleck
Herbert, Francis L: Tattyreagh
Herbert, James T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Hicks, Anne T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Hillock, Alexander L: Claraghy
Hillock, Edward L: Ramult
Hillock, Francis L: Ramult
Hillock, William L: Derrycullion
Hoey, James L: Erdinagh
Hoey, John L: Corlacky
Hoey, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Hoey, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St. N: Lodgers
Hoey, Joseph L: Tattinderry
Hoey, Richard L: Corlacky
Hoey, Samuel L: Derrynavogy
Hoey, William L: Carrickpolin
Hoey, Willliam L: Grogey
Hogg, Jason L: Eshthomas
Hogg, John L: Drumcrin
Hogg, John L: Eshnascreen
Hogg, John L: Lisadearny
Hogg, Richard L: Owenskerry
Hogg, Robert L: Eshnascreen
Hogg, Thomas L: Altawark
Hogg, William L: Cooneen
Holdsworth, William T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Hopps, Alexander L: Killashanbally
Hopps, Alexander T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Howe, Thomas L: Slush Hill
Hughes, James L: Altmartin
Hughes, Jane L: Carrowgarragh
Hughes, John L: Derrycorban
Hughes, Patrick L: Derrycorban
Hughes, Terence L: Altmartin
Hughes, Terence L: Legatillida
Hume, David L: Glasdrumman
Humphrey, Charles L: Cornakessagh
Hunt, Ambrose L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Hunt, Ambrose L: Killygullan
Hunt, Ambrose, M.D. L: Killygullan
Hunter, William L: Lislea
Hurst, Anne T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Hurst, Henry L: Tattynucle
Hurst, Thomas L: Forfey
Hynes, John L: Killashanbally
Hynes, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Ingram, Margaret L: Cushwash
Irvine, Andrew T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Irvine, Andrew L: Tattenalee
Irvine, Mary T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Irvine, Robert L: Tattenalee
Irwin, Andrew L: Drumgoon
Irwin, Arthur L: Coolcrannell
Irwin, Arthur T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Irwin, Arthur T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Irwin, Arthur L: Tattinderry
Irwin, James L: Dooross
Irwin, John L: Killycloghy
Irwin, Thomas L: Coolcrannell
Irwin, Thomas T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Irwin, Thomas T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Jackson, James L: Drumhaw
Jackson, John T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Jackson, William T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Jamieson, John L: Grogey
Johnson, Adam L: Killyrover
Johnston, Andrew L: Cran
Johnston, Anne L: Cran
Johnston, Christopher L: Raw
Johnston, Elizabeth L: Killybane
Johnston, George L: Dooederny
Johnston, James L: Aghnaskew
Johnston, James L: Coolcrannell
Johnston, James L: Corlacky
Johnston, James L: Corralongford
Johnston, James L: Eshanummer
Johnston, James L: Killashanbally
Johnston, James L: Rafintan
Johnston, James T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Johnston, James T: Maguiresbridge - Main St. N: Lodgs.
Johnston, James L: Toney
Johnston, John L: Crocknagrally
Johnston, John L: Kilmore North
Johnston, John L: Tattynucle
Johnston, Joseph L: Derryloman
Johnston, Joseph, Jr. L: Mullaghfad
Johnston, Joseph, Sr. L: Mullaghfad
Johnston, Mary L: Cran
Johnston, Patrick L: Drumbadmore
Johnston, Thomas L: Clay
Johnston, William L: Owenskerry
Johnston, William T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Johnston, William L: Tattenabuddagh
Jones, Henry L: Derryree
Jones, Henry T: Lisnaskea - Main Street N: Smith
Jones, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Jordan, Thomas L: Corlacky
Jordon, Mary L: Aghacramphill
Joyce, Letitia L: Drumgoon
Joyce, Letitia T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L N: Lodgers
Joyce, Letitia T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Kane, James L: Derrintony
Kavanagh, Margaret L: Coolcrannell
Kavanagh, Mary L: Aghnaskew
Kearns, Anne T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Kearns, John L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Keely, Edward L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Keenan, Anne L: Altnaponer
Keenan, Catherine L: Brobrohan
Keenan, Felix L: Altawark
Keenan, Felix L: Altnaponer
Keenan, Felix L: Atnamollyboy
Keenan, Felix L: Stripe
Keenan, George T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Keenan, Hugh L: Atnamollyboy
Keenan, Hugh L: Legatillida
Keenan, James L: Atnamollyboy
Keenan, John L: Grogey
Keenan, Luke L: Stripe
Keenan, Michael L: Congo
Keenan, Rep. Patrick L: Cooneen
Keenan, Thomas T: Maguiresbridge
Kelly, Catherine T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Kelly, Daniel L: Cornashee
Kelly, George L: Attybaron
Kelly, George L: Cornashee
Kelly, Hugh L: Knocks
Kelly, John L: Tattyreagh
Kelly, Michael L: Grogey
Kelly, Patrick L: Killypaddy
Kennedy, James L: Rafintan
Kennedy, James L: Tattenabuddagh
Kennedy, John L: Longfield
Kennedy, John L: Tattenabuddagh
Kennedy, Ninian L: Tattenabuddagh
Kennedy, Thomas, Jr. L: Tattenabuddagh
Kennedy, Thomas, Sr. L: Tattenabuddagh
Kennedy, William L: Tattenabuddagh
Kenny, John L: Drummack
Kenny, Thomas L: Cavanagarvan
Kenwell, William L: Agheeghter
Kenwell, William L: Longfield
Kerins, Ellen L: Tattenabuddagh
Kernahan, Francis L: Foglish
Kerr, John L: Aghamore South
Kerr, Richard L: Corfannan
Kettyle, Francis L: Coolaran
Kettyles, John L: Carrickmacosker
Keys, Adam L: Brobrohan
Kidd, Abraham L: Owenskerry
Kidd, Anthony L: Altmartin
Kidd, Anthony L: Attyclannabryan
Kidd, Anthony L: Corralongford
Kidd, Anthony L: Mullaghfad
Kidd, Anthony L: Tattyreagh
Kidd, John L: Grogey
Kidd, Oliver L: Derrynavogy
Kidd, Oliver L: Tattenaheglish
Kidney, John L: Corlacky
Kidney, John L: Raw
Kidney, Margaret L: Doogary
Kidney, William L: Carrickpolin
Kidney, William L: Corlacky
Kilbride, Isabella T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Kirkpatrick, John L: Drumhack
Kirkpatrick, William L: Cavanaleck
Kirwan, James L: Carrickpolin
Kirwan, John L: Carrickpolin
Laird, Alexander L: Derrintony
Laird, Alexander L: Grogey
Laird, Alexander L: Raw
Laird, James L: Tattenaheglish
Lanill, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Larkin, Daniel T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Lavery, Neal T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Lavery, Neil L: Coolcrannell
Law, Charles L: Lebally
Law, George L: Killashanbally
Law, George L: Lebally
Law, John T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Law, Maria L: Lebally
Law, Thomas L: Drummeer
Lawill, Rose L: Drumcoo
Lawwell, Anthony L: Tattyreagh
Lee, Ellen L: Barnhill
Leech, Andrew L: Inishfausy
Lees, Johhn L: Coollane
Lees, John L: Mullaghmore
Lendrum, Edward L: Agheeghter
Lendrum, George L: Cleen
Lendrum, John L: Cleen
Leonard, Denis L: Knocks
Leonard, James L: Knocks
Leonard, James T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Leonard, John L: Derrintony
Leonard, John L: Derrycullion
Leslie, Blayney L: Creaghanameelta Island
Leslie, Blayney L: Hollybrook
Leslie, Blayney L: Inishcollan
Leslie, Blayney L: Knocks
Leslie, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Levison, William T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Liddell, Hugh L: Crocknagrally
Liddell, Jane T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Liddell, Mark L: Mongibbaghan
Liddell, William L: Erdinagh N: Wee
Liddell, William, Jr. L: Erdinagh
Liddell, William, Sr. L: Erdinagh
Linchey, Margaret L: Farranasculloge
Lindsay, Samuel L: Ramult
Lindsay, William L: Millwood
Lindsay, William L: Mongibbaghan
Linn, George L: Erdinagh
Linn, Hugh L: Tattynucle
Linn, John L: Aghavoory
Linn, John L: Ramult
Linn, Robert L: Cleen
Linn, Robert L: Foglish
Linn, Samuel L: Tattynucle
Linn, Walter L: Erdinagh
Linn, William L: Derryloman
Linn, William L: Tattynucle
Lipsett, Joseph L: Henrystughan
Lipsett, Joseph L: Mullaghmakervy
Little, Christopher L: Derrycrum
Little, Eliza L: Agheeghter
Little, George L: Agheeghter
Little, Isabella L: Foglish
Little, James L: Brobrohan
Little, James L: Killarbran
Little, John L: Cooneen
Little, John L: Foglish
Little, Mary Anne L: Mullaghkeel or Ballymacil
Little, Robert L: Cushwash
Little, Robert L: Foglish
Little, Robert L: Tirenny
Little, Thomas L: Foglish
Little, Thomas L: Tattynucle
Little, Veech L: Foglish
Little, William L: Agheeghter
Little, William L: Foglish
Little, William L: Mullaghfad
Livingston, Charles L: Tattenabuddagh
Lloyd, Thomas L: Cornashee
Lonynig, Patrick L: Cleen
Lovett, Barbara T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Lowry, Henry L: Mullaghfad
Lowry, Hugh L: Mullaghfad
Lowry, John L: Drumroo
Lowry, Samual L: Mullaghfad
Lucy, Robert L: Drummack
Lucy, Robert L: Gortgarran
Lucy, William L: Doogary
Lunny, Bernard L: Gortgarran
Lunny, Denis L: Drumhack
Lunny, James L: Aghamore North
Lunny, James L: Kilmore
Lunny, Jane L: Henrystughan
Lunny, John L: Drumleagues Big
Lunny, John L: Farranaconaghy
Lunny, John L: Henrystughan
Lunny, John L: Kilmore
Lunny, Patk. L: Kilmore South N: White
Lunny, Patrick L: Kilmore South N: Black
Lunny, Patrick L: Kilmore South N: White
Lunny, William L: Clay
Lynch, James T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Lynch, John L: Carrowhony
Lynch, John L: Drumbrughas North
Lynch, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Lynch, Patrick T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Lynch, Terence L: Cushwash
Lynch, Terence L: Knocks
Lynch, Thomas L: Carrowhony
Lynch, Thomas L: Drumbrughas North
Macartney, Anne L: Dooross
Macartney, James L: Moneymakinn
Macartney, James L: Oghill
Mackel, William L: Tattenabuddagh
Macrory, Bridget L: Drumhack
Macrory, Patrick L: Drumhack
Magee, John L: Aghacramphill
Magee, Thomas L: Drumbrughas North
Maginn, John L: Crocknagrally
Magrain, Thomas T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Magrath, Patrick L: Crocknagrally
Maguire, Anne L: Eshnasillog Beg
Maguire, Arthur L: Tattenalee
Maguire, Catherine L: Boleyhill
Maguire, Catherine L: Kilronan
Maguire, Christopher L: Lislea
Maguire, Connor L: Tattynucle
Maguire, Daniel L: Coalhill
Maguire, Daniel L: Crummy
Maguire, Denis L: Drumbrughas North
Maguire, Denis T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Maguire, Edward L: Derryree
Maguire, Edward L: Kilronan
Maguire, Edward L: Lisoneill
Maguire, Edward L: Naan Island West
Maguire, Edward T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Maguire, Edward L: Tirenny
Maguire, Ellen T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Maguire, Francis L: Derrychaan
Maguire, Francis L: Grogey
Maguire, Francis L: Tattynucle
Maguire, Hugh L: Grogey
Maguire, Hugh T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Maguire, Hugh L: Tully South
Maguire, James L: Aghacramphill
Maguire, James L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Maguire, James L: Crummy
Maguire, James L: Drumgoon
Maguire, James L: Grogey
Maguire, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Maguire, James L: Tattenabuddagh
Maguire, James L: Tireeghan
Maguire, James L: Tully South
Maguire, John L: Aghamore South
Maguire, John L: Carrickawick
Maguire, John L: Carrickmacosker
Maguire, John L: Cavanagarvan
Maguire, John L: Crocknagowan
Maguire, John L: Foglish
Maguire, John L: Hollybrook
Maguire, John L: Killycrutteen
Maguire, John L: Kilronan N: Of Carrick
Maguire, John L: Kilronan N: Stone Mason
Maguire, John T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Maguire, John, Jr. L: Aghacramphill
Maguire, John, Jr. L: Boleyhill
Maguire, John, Sr. L: Aghacramphill
Maguire, John, Sr. L: Boleyhill
Maguire, Mary L: Derryloman
Maguire, Mary L: Inishcreenry
Maguire, Mary L: Lislea
Maguire, Michael L: Carrickpolin
Maguire, Patrick L: Attyclannabryan
Maguire, Patrick L: Grogey
Maguire, Patrick L: Tattenabuddagh
Maguire, Peter L: Tully South
Maguire, Rev. Peter L: Tullyneevin
Maguire, Philip L: Crockadreen
Maguire, Philip L: Knocks
Maguire, Philip L: Mullynaburtlan
Maguire, Philip L: Naan Island East
Maguire, Robert L: Aghavoory
Maguire, Robert L: Atnamollyboy
Maguire, Samuel L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Maguire, Samuel L: Cornashee
Maguire, Samuel L: Killygullan
Maguire, Samuel T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Maguire, Thomas L: Aghavoory
Maguire, Thomas L: Killygullan
Maguire, Thomas T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Maguire, William L: Claraghy
Magurk, James L: Coollane
Magurn, John L: Corraclare
Maneece, William L: Attybaron
Maneece, William L: Derryree
Maneece, William L: Drumbrughas North
Manus, Michael L: Drumcoo
Marron, Joseph L: Bohattan
Martin, Bernard L: Inishore
Martin, Bryan L: Creaghawaddy Island
Martin, Bryan L: Inishturk
Martin, Denis L: Killashanbally
Martin, Denis T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Martin, Hannah L: Crocknagowan
Martin, Hugh L: Tattenabuddagh
Martin, Hugh, Jr. L: Trannish
Martin, Hugh, Sr. L: Trannish
Martin, James L: Cooneen
Martin, James L: Derrychaan
Martin, James L: Trannish
Martin, John L: Cornashannel
Martin, John L: Drumgoon
Martin, John L: Killashanbally
Martin, John L: Millwood
Martin, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Martin, Joseph T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Martin, Owen L: Trannish
Martin, Owen, Jr. L: Crocknanane
Martin, Owen, Sr. L: Crocknanane
Martin, Patrick L: Cooneen
Martin, Patrick L: Killashanbally
Martin, Patrick T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Martin, Patrick L: Trannish
Martin, Thomas L: Slush Hill
Martin, Thomas L: Trannish
Masterson, Robert T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Matthews, J. E. L: Lisduff
Maxwell, Thomas T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Mayers, William T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Mayngan, James L: Carrickpolin
McAloon, Andrew T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
McAloon, Anne L: Legatillida
McAloon, Charlotte L: Macknagh
McAloon, Hugh L: Drumcon
McAloon, Hugh L: Legatillida
McAloon, James L: Drumcon
McAloon, Peter L: Derrycrum
McAloon, Phelimy L: Altawark
McAnesky, Hugh T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
McAnulty, Hugh L: Killygullan
McAnulty, Hugh T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McArdle, Philip L: Slush Hill
McArow, Hugh L: Drumgoon
McArow, Hugh T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
McArow, James L: Kilmore North
McArow, John L: Kilmore North
McAtaggart, James L: Coolcrannell
McAtaggart, James L: Killyrover
McAuley, William L: Killyrover
McAvey, Edward T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
McAvey, Owen L: Drumgoon
McAvey, Owen T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
McAvey, Patrick T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
McAvinea, Joseph T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
McBarron, Michael L: Drumhack
McBierne, Francis L: Mullaghfad
McBrien, Felix T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McBrien, Francis L: Killygullan
McBrien, Hugh L: Barnhill
McBrien, James L: Killygullan
McBrien, John L: Barnhill
McBrien, John L: Shanaghy
McBrien, Owen T: Lisnaskea
McBryan, Patrick L: Drumbrughas North
McCabe, Thomas L: Coolcrannell
McCaffary, Philip L: Cooneen
McCaffrey, Bernard L: Altnaponer
McCaffrey, Bernard L: Carrickpolin
McCaffrey, Denis L: Derryloman
McCaffrey, Edward L: Derrychaan
McCaffrey, Edward T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McCaffrey, Francis L: Moughley
McCaffrey, Hugh T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McCaffrey, James L: Farranacurky
McCaffrey, James L: Mullynavale
McCaffrey, James L: Slush Hill
McCaffrey, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McCaffrey, Johm L: Coollane
McCaffrey, John L: Dooross
McCaffrey, John T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McCaffrey, Mary L: Drumcoo
McCaffrey, Mary L: Millwood
McCaffrey, Philip L: Doochan
McCaffrey, Philip L: Henrystughan
McCaffrey, Philip L: Slush Hill
McCaffrey, Rose L: Drumbrughas North
McCaffrey, Thomas L: Henrystughan
McCaffrey, Thomas L: Knocks
McCaffrey, Thomas L: Rossmacall
McCaffrey, Thomas L: Slush Hill
McCaffrey, William T: Lisnaskea N: and Others
McCaffry, John L: Croaghan
McCaffry, Margaret T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McCaghery, Charles L: Cooneen
McCaghery, Charles L: Corlacky
McCaghery, James L: Cooneen
McCahary, Matthew L: Drumbrughas North
McCall, John L: Barnhill
McCann, Christopher L: Lislea
McCara, Patrick L: Macknagh
McCarron, Owen L: Cooneen
McCarter, John L: Drumcoo
McCarthy, Callaghan T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McCartney, Margaret L: Mongibbaghan
McCaul, Anne T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McCaul, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McClelland, Samuel L: Carrowgarragh
McClennan, John L: Tattenabuddagh
McClintock, Alexander L: Lebally
McClintock, James L: Lebally
McClintock, John L: Drumharriff
McClintock, John, Jr. L: Kilmore North
McClintock, John, Sr. L: Kilmore North
McClintock, William L: Drummeer
McCloskey, Felix L: Eshcarcoge
McClure, George L: Drummack
McClure, James T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
McCluskey, Bernard L: Eshthomas
McCluskey, Denis L: Eshmeen
McCluskey, Felix L: Eshbane
McCluskey, Thomas L: Stripe
McCollum, Robert L: Rafintan
McConkey, John L: Derrynavogy
McConnell, Hugh L: Rafintan
McConnell, Hugh L: Ramult
McConnell, James L: Aghacramphill
McConnell, James L: Aghavoory
McConnell, John L: Mullaghmakervy
McConnell, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
McConnell, Michael L: Tully North
McCormack, Charles L: Eshmeen
McCormack, John L: Mullynaburtlan
McCormack, Mary L: Mullynaburtlin
McCormack, Michael L: Killycrutteen
McCormack, Owen L: Cushwash
McCormack, Owen L: Farranasculloge
McCormack, Patrick L: Kingstown
McCormack, Terence L: Mullynaburtlan
McCormick, Rep. Hugh L: Mullynaburtlan
McCormick, James L: Eshmeen
McCormick, John L: Sraharory
McCormick, Patrick L: Lough Hill
McCorry, Bridget L: Mullynaburtlan
McCosker, John L: Tireeghan
McCosker, Margaret L: Coolaran
McCourt, Bryan L: Farranacurky
McCourt, James L: Drumbaghlin
McCourt, John L: Farranacurky
McCourt, Patrick L: Curryann
McCracken, Samuel L: Longfield
McCullagh, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
McCusker, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
McCusker, William L: Barnhill
McDonagh, James L: Coolcrannell
McDonagh, Margaret L: Drumbaghlin
McDonagh, Owen L: Curryann
McDonagh, Patrick L: Carrickawick
McDonnell, Anne L: Eshnagorr
McDonnell, James L: Derrycorban
McDonnell, John L: Doogary
McDonnell, John T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McDonnell, Owen L: Eshnagorr
McDonnell, Thomas L: Eshnagorr
McElgin, Edward L: Carrickpolin
McElgun, Rose L: Eshbane
McElgunn, Bernard L: Kilmore South
McElgunn, James L: Creaghnarourke Island
McElgunn, James L: Inishcollan
McElgunn, James L: Inishcorkish
McElgunn, James L: Rabbit Island
McElgunn, Michael L: Barnhill
McElgunn, Michael L: Killypaddy
McElgunn, Michael L: Naan Island West
McElgunn, Patrick L: Cornashee
McElgunn, Patrick L: Naan Island South
McElgunn, Patrick L: Naan Island West
McElgunn, Rep. Thos. L: Edergole Island
McElroy, Arthur L: Stripe
McElroy, Bernard L: Altawark
McElroy, Bernard L: Hollybrook
McElroy, Bernard L: Sraharory
McElroy, Bridget L: Altawark
McElroy, Charles L: Altagoaghan
McElroy, Charles, Jr. L: Altagoaghan
McElroy, Charles, Sr. L: Altagoaghan
McElroy, Denis L: Coollane
McElroy, Denis, Jr. L: Killycloghy
McElroy, Denis, Sr. L: Killycloghy
McElroy, Edward L: Altagoaghan
McElroy, Edward L: Corlacky
McElroy, Edward, Jr. L: Attyclannabryan
McElroy, Edward, Sr. L: Attyclannabryan
McElroy, Felix L: Drumcramph
McElroy, Francis L: Altagoaghan
McElroy, Francis L: Derrycullion
McElroy, Henry L: Cornarooslan
McElroy, Hugh L: Carrickpolin
McElroy, Isabella L: Erdinagh
McElroy, James L: Altagoaghan
McElroy, James L: Altawark
McElroy, James L: Carrickpolin
McElroy, James L: Cornarooslan
McElroy, James L: Eshanummer
McElroy, James L: Tireeghan
McElroy, John L: Atnamollyboy
McElroy, John L: Attyclannabryan
McElroy, John L: Cooneen
McElroy, John L: Derrycrum
McElroy, John L: Derrycullion
McElroy, John L: Eshbane
McElroy, John L: Mullynaburtlan
McElroy, Margaret L: Tireeghan
McElroy, Mary L: Altawark
McElroy, Mary L: Cooneen
McElroy, Mary T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McElroy, Matthew L: Altagoaghan
McElroy, Michael L: Attyclannabryan
McElroy, Patrick L: Aghnaskew
McElroy, Patrick L: Coalhill
McElroy, Patrick L: Derrycrum
McElroy, Patrick L: Derrycullion
McElroy, Peter L: Altagoaghan
McElroy, Philip L: Attyclannabryan
McElroy, Robert L: Altawark
McElroy, Robert L: Cooneen
McElroy, Samuel L: Cornarooslan
McElroy, Sarah L: Mullaghkeel or Ballymacil
McElroy, Terence L: Altawark
McElroy, Terence L: Cooneen
McElroy, William L: Killycloghy
McGeraghty, James L: Clay
McGinn, Charles L: Altnaponer
McGinn, James L: Cornakessagh
McGinn, John L: Carrickpolin
McGirr, James L: Foglish
McGoldrick, John T: Maguiresbridge
McGovern, John L: Derrycorban
McGrath, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McGrath, Mark T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McGreary, Patrick L: Tireeghan
McGreavy, Edward T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
McGrory, Bridget L: Drumleagues Big
McHugh, Francis L: Lisnagole
McHugh, Mary L: Killygullan
McIlroy, Charles L: Bunnahesco
McIlroy, Hugh L: Coalhill
McIlroy, Hugh T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
McIlroy, James L: Killynamph
McIlroy, Jane T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
McIlroy, John L: Killyrover
McIlroy, Laurence L: Henrystughan
McIlroy, Mary L: Slush Hill
McIlroy, Owen L: Killycloghy
McIlroy, Patrick L: Killyrover N: and Others
McIlwaine, Anna L: Drumgoon
McIlwaine, Anna T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
McIlwaine, Elizabeth L: Drumgoon
McIlwaine, Elizabeth T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
McIntyre, James L: Lisduff
McIntyre, James T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
McKearney, Cathrine L: Aghnaskew
McKelvey, John L: Corralongford
McKenna, Ellen T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
McKenna, Mary L: Doocharn
McKenna, Thomas L: Henrystughan
McKenny, James L: Corfannan
McKeon, Hugh T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
McKeon, Mary T: Maguiresbridge
McKeown, Johnston L: Curraghfad
McKeown, Johnston L: Derrycrum
McKevlin, Mary L: Curryann
McKnight, James L: Derrynavogy
McLoughlin, James L: Aghavoory
McLoughlin, Patrick L: Tattynucle
McMahon, Bernard L: Atnamollyboy
McMahon, Edward L: Carrickpolin
McMahon, Edward L: Raw
McMahon, Giles T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McMahon, Hugh L: Farranasculloge
McMahon, James L: Tattenaheglish
McMahon, John L: Altnaponer
McMahon, John L: Atnamollyboy
McMahon, Patrick L: Atnamollyboy
McMahon, Patrick L: Farranasculloge
McMahon, Patrick L: Henrystughan
McMahon, Philip L: Cornarooslan
McMahon, Thomas L: Atnamollyboy
McMahon, Thomas L: Cornarooslan
McManus, Anne L: Mullynaburtlan
McManus, Anthony L: Corradillar
McManus, Arthur T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McManus, Benjamin L: Kilmore
McManus, Catherine L: Slush Hill
McManus, Charles L: Killyrover
McManus, Edward L: Barnhill
McManus, Ellen L: Corradillar
McManus, Felix L: Mullynaburtlan
McManus, Francis T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McManus, James L: Bunnahesco
McManus, James L: Drumcoo
McManus, James L: Drumcramph
McManus, James L: Drumharriff
McManus, James L: Eshbane
McManus, James L: Lisoneill
McManus, James L: Tattenabuddagh
McManus, Jane L: Derryasna
McManus, John L: Bunnahesco
McManus, John L: Clonmacfelimy
McManus, John L: Tirenny
McManus, John L: Tully South
McManus, Judith L: Tully South
McManus, Laurence L: Bunnahesco
McManus, Laurence L: Drumcoo
McManus, Mary T: Maguiresbridge
McManus, Michael L: Curragh
McManus, Owen T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McManus, Patrick L: Garvaghy
McManus, Patrick L: Moneymakinn
McManus, Patrick L: Mullynaburtlan
McManus, Peter L: Kilmore
McManus, Philip T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
McManus, Susan L: Coolcrannell
McManus, Susan L: Tully South
McManus, Terence T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McManus, Thomas L: Carrickawick
McManus, Thomas L: Drumgoon
McManus, Thomas L: Lisoneill
McMillen, James L: Knocks
McMillen, John L: Coalhill
McMinn, Johnston L: Grogey
McMullen, Alexander L: Carrickpolin
McMullen, Alexander L: Grogey
McMullen, Hugh L: Drummack
McMullen, Hugh L: Tully North
McMullen, James L: Drummack
McMullen, John L: Grogey
McMullen, Michael L: Drummack
McMullen, Terence L: Drummack
McMullen, Thomas L: Tirenny
McMullen, William T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
McMullin, Hugh L: Drumcramph
McMullin, James L: Drumcramph
McNamara, Michael L: Carrickpolin
McNamara, Patrick L: Grogey
McNiel, Anne T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McNulty, Hugh L: Drumbaghlin
McNulty, Hugh L: Macknagh
McNulty, Thomas L: Derrycorban
McNulty, Thomas L: Farranacurky
McQuade, Francis L: Henrystughan
McQuade, Francis L: Slush Hill
McQuade, Patrick L: Glasdrumman
McQuaid, Bridget L: Cornarooslan
McQuaid, Henry L: Eshnasillog More
McQuaid, James L: Altagoaghan
McQuaid, Neal T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
McVeety, James L: Kiltenamullagh
McVeety, John T: Maguiresbridge
Meaghan, Denis L: Cornakessagh
Meegan, Edward L: Tattynucle
Meehan, Charles L: Carrickpolin
Meehan, Daniel L: Tattenaheglish
Meehan, Ellen L: Carrickpolin
Meehan, James L: Lurganbane
Meehan, John L: Tattenaheglish
Meldrum, John L: Eshbralley
Mellon, John L: Forfey
Mellon, John L: Legatillida
Mellon, Patrick L: Legatillida
Mellon, Thomas L: Forfey
Mitchell, James L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Mitchell, John L: Agheeghter
Mitchell, John L: Comaghy
Mitchell, John L: Longfield
Mitchell, Robert L: Agheeghter
Mitchell, Robert L: Comaghy
Mitchell, Thomas L: Killybane
Mitchell, William L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Mitchell, William L: Dooederny
Mitchell, William L: Tattynucle
Mitchell, William L: Tireeghan
Moan, Anthony L: Eshnasillog Beg
Moan, Bernard L: Eshnasillog Beg
Moan, Bernard T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Moan, Catherine L: Altmartin
Moan, Catherine L: Atnamollyboy
Moan, Francis L: Eshnasillog Beg
Moan, James L: Altmartin
Moan, James L: Altnaponer
Moan, James L: Attyclannabryan
Moan, James L: Eshnasillog Beg
Moan, John L: Carricknabrattoge
Moan, John L: Eshnasillog Beg
Moan, Mary L: Crockadreen
Moan, Patrick L: Altmartin
Moan, Patrick L: Attyclannabryan
Moan, Patrick L: Eshnasillog Beg
Moan, Peter L: Altmartin
Moan, Peter L: Curraghfad
Moan, Philip L: Atnamollyboy
Moan, Thomas L: Altawark
Moan, Thomas L: Altmartin
Moan, Thomas L: Attyclannabryan
Moan, Thomas, Jr. L: Eshnasillog Beg
Moan, Thomas, Sr. L: Eshnasillog Beg
Moffatt, John T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Moffett, Anne L: Cavanagarvan
Moghan, Peter L: Crocknagrally
Monaghan, Edward T: Maguiresbridge
Monaghan, John L: Drumgoon
Montgomery, Rep. Captain L: Drumcoo N: In Chancery
Montgomery, Andrew L: Longfield
Montgomery, Anne L: Drumcramph
Montgomery, Anne L: Drumharriff
Montgomery, Ellen L: Drumgoon
Montgomery, Ellen T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow N: and Another
Montgomery, Francis L: Clay
Montgomery, Gabriel L: Killygullan
Montgomery, Gabriel T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Montgomery, George L: Cavanaleck
Montgomery, Hannah L: Cavanaleck
Montgomery, Hugh L: Eshmeen
Montgomery, Jane L: Drumhack
Montgomery, John L: Drumcoo
Montgomery, John L: Tireeghan
Montgomery, Margery L: Killypaddy
Montgomery, Mary J. T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Montgomery, Robert L: Cavanaleck
Montgomery, Robert L: Corraclare
Montgomery, Robert L: Ederdacurragh
Montgomery, Robert L: Eshmeen
Montgomery, Robert L: Tattynucle
Montgomery, Robert L: Tullykenneye
Montgomery, Thomas L: Corraclare
Montgomery, William L: Cavanaleck
Montgomery, William L: Clay
Moore, James L: Drumbadmore
Moore, James L: Inishcreenry
Moore, John L: Coolbeg
Moore, Mary L: Corrachrow
Moore, Mary L: Derryasna
Moore, Price L: Aghavoory
Moore, William L: Drumbad Beg
Moorhead, Charles L: Ballymakeeny
Moorhead, Charles L: Derrychulla
Morisson, Rebecca L: Slush Hill
Morris, Patrick L: Tireeghan
Morrison, Edward L: Cornashee
Morrison, Edward L: Eshnagorr
Morrison, George L: Lisnagole
Morrison, James L: Aghinure
Morrison, James L: Carrowgarragh
Morrison, James L: Ederdacurragh
Morrison, John L: Carrickmacosker
Morrison, John L: Cornashee
Morrison, Margaret L: Drumgoon
Morrison, Richard L: Carrowgarragh
Morrison, William L: Aghinure
Morrison, William L: Drummack
Morrisson, Irwin T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Morrisson, James L: Kilmore
Morrisson, John L: Grogey
Morrow, Anne L: Cavanaleck
Morrow, James L: Derryloman
Muldoon, Owen T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Muldoon, Patrick L: Trahanacarrick Island
Muldoon, Patrick L: Trannish
Mullanevy, Owen T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Mullanify, James L: Mullynascarty
Mullen, James L: Derrynavogy
Mullen, James L: Munville
Mullen, James L: Rafintan
Mullen, Michael L: Doogary
Mullen, Thomas L: Tattenalee
Mulligan, James L: Cornakessagh
Mulligan, James L: Mullynavale
Mulligan, James L: Shanaghy
Mulligan, John L: Atnamollyboy
Mulligan, John L: Drumcramph
Mulligan, John L: Drumgoon
Mulligan, John L: Mullynavale
Mulligan, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Mulligan, John L: Tattinderry
Mulligan, Michael L: Cornakessagh
Mulligan, Thomas L: Corradillar
Murphy, Bernard T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Murphy, Charles L: Inishroosk
Murphy, Christopher L: Corradillar
Murphy, Christopher L: Lislea
Murphy, Daniel L: Farranacurky
Murphy, Hugh L: Tattyreagh
Murphy, James L: Coalhill
Murphy, James L: Cran
Murphy, James L: Dooross
Murphy, James L: Inishroosk
Murphy, James L: Lebally
Murphy, John L: Barnhill
Murphy, John L: Coolcrannell
Murphy, John L: Mullynavale
Murphy, John T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow N: and Another
Murphy, Mary L: Cooneen
Murphy, Owen L: Clonmacfelimy
Murphy, Patrick L: Drumliff
Murphy, Philip L: Aghnaskew
Murphy, Philip L: Drumliff
Murphy, Rose L: Killashanbally
Murphy, Thaddeus L: Eshnasillog More
Murphy, Thomas L: Corfannan
Murphy, William L: Aghnaskew
Murphy, William L: Drumgoon
Murphy, Wm. T: Lisnaskea - Main Street N: and Others
Murray, John L: Crockaness
Murtagh, John L: Killycloghy
Naan, Anne T: Lisnaskea - Castle-Lane
Naan, Edward L: Tattyreagh
Naan, Hugh L: Coolcrannell
Naan, James L: Altnaponer
Naan, Patrick L: Altagoaghan
Naan, Patrick L: Altnaponer
Naan, Peter L: Altnaponer
Nahan, William L: Eshmeen
Neale, Robert L: Keenaghy
Neely, Alexander L: Rafintan
Neely, John L: Rafintan
Neely, John L: Tattynucle
Neely, Nathaniel L: Ramult
Neeson, Alice L: Drumbrughas North
Neeson, Catherine T: Lisnaskea - Water-Lane
Neeson, Felix T: Lisnaskea N: and Others
Neeson, James L: Drumbrughas North
Neeson, John L: Forfey
Neeson, John L: Tattenaheglish
Neeson, Patrick L: Drumbrughas North
Neeson, Philip L: Corranewy
Neeson, Thomas L: Macknagh
Neeson, William L: Drumbrughas North
Nelson, James L: Drumgoon
Nelson, James T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Nelson, Thomas L: Derrycullion
Nevin, Francis L: Tattyreagh
Nevin, Galbraith L: Rafintan
Nevin, Hugh, Jr. L: Mullaghfad
Nevin, Hugh, Sr. L: Mullaghfad
Nevin, Richard L: Mullaghfad
Nevin, Richard L: Rafintan
Nicholl, Simon L: Slush Hill
Nixon, George L: Kilmore
Nixon, John L: Aghnaskew
Nixon, John L: Drumleagues Big
Nixon, John L: Drumlught
Nixon, John L: Drummack
Nixon, John L: Littlehill
Nixon, Robert L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Nixon, Thomas L: Drumleagues Big
Nixon, William L: Drumliff
Nixon, William L: Garvoghill
Noble, Alice L: Munville
Noble, Andrew L: Derryloman
Noble, Arthur L: Henrystughan
Noble, Arthur L: Slush Hill
Noble, George L: Aghnaskew
Noble, James T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Noble, James A. T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Noble, James Alex. L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Noble, John L: Croaghan
Noble, John L: Derryhurdin
Noble, John L: Drumcunny
Noble, John L: Drumhaw
Noble, John L: Gortacharn
Noble, John L: Rossbeg
Noble, John T: Lisnaskea - Main Street N: and Others
Noble, Margaret L: Barnhill
Noble, Margaret J. T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Noble, Mark L: Attybaron
Noble, Mark L: Carrowhony
Noble, Mark L: Coalhill
Noble, Mark L: Cushwash
Noble, Mark L: Derryhurdin
Noble, Mark L: Derryree
Noble, Mark L: Drumbad Beg
Noble, Mark L: Drumharriff
Noble, Martha L: Drumhack
Noble, Mary L: Lisadearny
Noble, Richard L: Derryhurdin
Noble, Richard L: Munville
Noble, Rev. Robert L: Carricknabrattoge
Noble, William L: Carrickmacosker N: Carrick
Noble, William L: Gortacharn
Noble, William L: Henrystughan
Noble, William L: Lisoneill
Noble, William L: Munville
Noble, William Alex. L: Forfey
Nolan, Anne L: Carrickawick
Nolan, Bernard L: Carrickawick
Nolan, Bernard L: Coolcrannell
Nolan, Charles L: Eshbane
Nolan, Denis L: Crocknagowan
Nolan, Francis L: Crocknagowan
Nolan, James L: Crocknagowan
Nolan, John L: Crocknagowan
Nolan, John L: Glasdrumman
Nolan, Thomas L: Carrickawick
Noland, James L: Boleyhill
Norris, James L: Coalhill
Nowlan, Bernard L: Altnaponer
Nowlan, Bridget L: Altnaponer
Nowlan, Hugh L: Legatillida N: Big
Nowlan, Hugh L: Legatillida N: Wee
Nowlan, James L: Altnaponer
Nowlan, Peter L: Mullynavale
Nowlan, Terence L: Legatillida
Nowlan, Thomas L: Crockadreen
Nowlan, Thomas L: Legatillida
Nowlan, Thomas L: Mullynavale
O'Berne, Thomas T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Office, T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Offices, L: Aghalun
Offices, L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Offices, L: Cooltrang
O'Neill, Mary L: Altnaponer
Orr, Henry L: Carrickpolin
Orr, John L: Carrickpolin
Owens, Felix L: Altmartin
Owens, Francis L: Altmartin
Owens, Francis L: Curraghfad
Owens, John, Jr. L: Legatillida
Owens, John, Sr. L: Legatillida
Owens, Philip L: Curraghfad
Paisley, Robert L: Tully North
Paisley, Thomas L: Curryann
Palmer, William L: Foglish
Palmer, William L: Tully North
Parkinson, Jackson L: Edergole
Parkinson, James L: Tully North
Parkinson, Robert L: Aghinure
Patterson, Anne L: Tirenny
Patterson, John L: Cleenriss
Patterson, John L: Croaghan
Patterson, John L: Forfey
Patterson, John L: Tullyneevin
Patterson, Joseph L: Keenaghy
Paul, Beatty L: Derrynavogy
Perry, Mark L: Lisnagole
Phair, Edward L: Kilmore
Phair, James L: Currogs
Phair, James L: Ramult
Phair, John L: Castle Balfour Demesne N: and Another
Phair, John L: Kilmore
Phair, Robert L: Currogs
Phair, Robert L: Henrystughan
Phair, Thomas L: Cornashee
Phair, William L: Drumleagues Big
Phair, William L: Drummack
Phair, William L: Henrystughan
Phair, William L: Kilmore
Piper, John L: Mongibbaghan
Portis, Rutherford L: Killashanbally
Portis, Rutherford T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Potts, Elizabeth L: Drumgoon
Potts, Elizabeth T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Potts, Elizabeth L: Tattinderry
Potts, Robert L: Millwood
Primrose, James L: Tattenabuddagh
Primrose, William L: Tattenabuddagh
Prunty, Edward L: Drumbrughas North
Quinn, Eliza T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Rafferty, Anne L: Crocknagrally
Rafferty, Bridget L: Foglish
Rafferty, Edward L: Crocknagrally
Rafferty, Hugh L: Eshbane
Rafferty, James L: Grogey
Rafferty, Michael L: Crocknagrally
Rainbird, John T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Rainbird, William T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Rainburd, James L: Drummack
Rankin, Sarah L: Ramult
Rea, Alexander L: Owenskerry
Rea, Henry L: Derrynavogy
Rea, Irwin L: Owenskerry
Rea, James L: Owenskerry
Rea, John L: Cavanagarvan
Rea, Thompson L: Derrycullion
Rea, William L: Owenskerry
Rea, Wm. L: Owenskerry
Redmond, Thomas T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Rehill, Francis L: Creaghamanone Island
Rehill, Francis L: Inishroosk
Rehill, Francis L: Mountjoy Island
Rehill, James L: Trannish
Rehill, John L: Inishroosk
Rehill, Michael L: Inishroosk
Rehill, Michael L: Trannish
Rehill, Thomas L: Aghamore North
Rehill, Thomas L: Farranacurky
Rehill, Thomas L: Naan Island West
Reid, Ellen L: Cornarooslan
Reid, Francis L: Derrycullion
Reid, Hugh L: Mullaghfad
Reid, Hugh L: Tullykenneye
Reid, James L: Cornarooslan
Reid, James L: Derrynavogy
Reid, John L: Foglish
Reid, Margaret L: Foglish
Reid, Mary L: Corralongford
Reid, Matthew L: Bohattan
Reid, Moses L: Mullaghfad
Reid, Thomas L: Derrycullion
Reid, William L: Cornarooslan
Reid, William L: Foglish
Reilly, Andrew L: Coolaran
Reilly, Anne L: Glasdrumman
Reilly, Charles L: Carrowgarragh
Reilly, James L: Glasdrumman
Reilly, James L: Killygullan
Reilly, Mary L: Crockaness
Reilly, Patrick L: Altawark
Reilly, Philip L: Aghalurcher Glebe
Reilly, Richard L: Coolbeg
Reilly, Thomas L: Coolcrannell
Reilly, Thomas L: Drumliff
Rennick, Robert L: Farranasculloge
Rennick, Thomas L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Renwick, George L: Tullykenneye
Renwick, John L: Coolaran
Renwick, Thomas T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Rice, James L: Lisoneill
Rice, Thomas L: Killygullan
Robinson, Alexander L: Aghamore North
Robinson, Andrew L: Drumcoo
Robinson, Christopher T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Robinson, Henry L: Mullaghfad
Robinson, James L: Cornarooslan
Robinson, James L: Lisnagole
Robinson, James L: Tattenaheglish
Robinson, Jane L: Dooederny
Robinson, Jane L: Drumgoon
Robinson, Thomas L: Altagoaghan
Robinson, Thomas L: Altnaponer
Robinson, William L: Altnaponer
Robinson, William L: Drumbrughas North
Robinson, William L: Drumhaw
Robinson, William L: Lisnagole
Robinson, William T: Lisnaskea
Rogers, Charles L: Eshanummer
Rogers, William L: Derrynavogy
Rooney, Bartholomew T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Rooney, Bernard L: Tully South
Rooney, James L: Carrickpolin
Rooney, James L: Creaghawaddy Island
Rooney, James L: Inishturk
Rooney, Mary T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Rooney, Patrick L: Carrickpolin
Rose, Catherine L: Cushwash
Ross, Andrew L: Lebally
Ross, David L: Derrintony
Ross, James L: Killynamph
Ross, Jane L: Aghnaskew
Ross, Robert L: Derrycullion
Ross, Robert L: Raw
Ross, Thomas L: Kiltenamullagh
Ross, William L: Derryloman
Rowan, William L: Millwood
Rowe, Margaret T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Rowe, William T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Rutherford, James L: Coolcrannell
Rutherford, James T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Rutherford, James T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Rutherford, James L: Tattinderry
Rutherford, John L: Rafintan
Rutherford, Mary L: Rafintan
Rutherford, William L: Claraghy
Rutledge, Jno. L: Cooneen N: David
Rutledge, Jno. L: Cooneen N: James
Rutledge, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Rutledge, Samuel L: Cooneen
Rutledge, Samuel T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Sandles, James W. L: Killashanbally
Sandles, James W. T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Sandles, James W. L: Tully North
Scallan, Charles L: Drumliff
Scallan, Edward L: Drumliff
Scallan, John L: Drumliff
Scarlett, Margaret T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Scarlett, Mary L: Drumlught
Scholes, George L: Tattenalee
Scholes, Thomas L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Scholes, Thomas T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Scollen, Edward L: Eshmeen
Scollen, James T: Maguiresbridge
Scollen, John T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Seery, Matthew T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Seery, Michael L: Drumgoon
Sharkey, John L: Drumbaghlin
Shaw, Martin L: Aghnaskew
Shaw, Martin L: Lisadearny
Shaw, William L: Corralongford
Sheil, James L: Tattynucle
Sherry, Patrick L: Mullynavale
Sherry, Thomas L: Aghamore South
Sherry, Thomas L: Moughley
Shevlan, Connor L: Derrycrum
Simington, Joseph L: Tattenaheglish
Simington, Samuel L: Tattenaheglish
Simonton, George L: Cran
Simonton, James L: Ramult
Sleator, William L: Drumharriff
Smith, Francis L: Aghinure
Smith, Francis L: Carrickawick
Smith, John L: Aghinure
Smith, John T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Smith, Margaret T: Lisnaskea
Smith, Mary L: Eshcarcoge
Smith, Patrick L: Kilronan
Smith, Samuel T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Smyth, John L: Attybaron
Smyth, John L: Cornashee
Smyth, John L: Drumhaw
Smyth, John L: Killygullan
Smyth, John L: Lisoneill
Smyth, John L: Rossmacole
Somers, James L: Drumgoon
Somerville, James L: Corlough
Somerville, Margt. L: Corlough
Somerville, Saml. L: Corlough
Somerville, Susan L: Derrycullion
Steen, John L: Clonmacfelimy
Steen, John L: Erdinagh
Steen, John L: Grogey
Stewart, Alexander L: Drumhaw
Stewart, Alexander T: Lisnaskea
Swindle, John L: Attybaron
Swindle, Matthew L: Gortacharn
Tarlton, John L: Derrychulla
Tarlton, William L: Derrychulla
Taylor, Rev. John T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Taylor, John E. L: Cran
Teague, Edward, Jr. L: Dooross
Teague, Edward, Sr. L: Dooross
Teague, Patrick L: Dooross
Teevan, Charles L: Glasdrumman
Thomond, Terence L: Drumbaghlin
Thompson, Catherine L: Killygullan
Thompson, Edward J. T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Thompson, James L: Cavanaleck
Thompson, James L: Killycrutteen
Thompson, James L: Millwood
Thompson, John L: Croaghan
Thompson, John L: Derrycrum
Thompson, John L: Erdinagh
Thompson, John L: Foglish
Thompson, John L: Slush Hill
Thompson, John T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Thompson, Joseph L: Tully South
Thompson, Liddell L: Carrowhony
Thompson, Mark L: Killycloghy
Thompson, Matthew L: Cornarooslan
Thompson, Robert L: Mullaghfad
Thompson, Thomas L: Carrickmacosker
Thompson, Thomas L: Cavanaleck
Thompson, Thomas L: Cornakessagh
Thompson, William L: Tattyreagh
Thsscholes, Crichton Loan F. T: Lisnaskea - Main Street N: Treasurer
Tierney, Denis T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Tierney, John L: Cran
Tierney, John L: Dooederny
Tierney, John T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Tierney, William T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Tierney, William T: Lisnaskea N: and Others
Timmons, James L: Trannish
Tollan, Owen L: Mullaghkeel or Ballymacil
Toomath, James L: Mullaghmakervy
Trainor, James T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L N: and Others
Travers, John L: Derrycullion
Traynor, Denis L: Attyclannabryan
Treanor, James L: Tattinderry
Trenor, Francis L: Derrycrum
Trimble, Andrew L: Tattenaheglish
Trimble, James L: Derrycullion
Trimble, John L: Carrickpolin N: Billy
Trimble, John, Jr. L: Carrickpolin
Trimble, John, Sr. L: Carrickpolin
Trimble, Richard L: Edergole
Trimble, Thomas L: Eshbane
Trimble, William L: Carrickpolin
Trimble, William L: Derrycullion
Trotter, John L: Drumgoon
Trotter, Thomas T: Maguiresbridge - Chapel L
Turney, Bernard L: Drumharriff
Turney, Thos. L: Drumharriff
Vance, Arthur L: Tullyneevin
Vance, Fleming L: Raw
Vance, Mary L: Tully South
Veitch, Sarah T: Maguiresbridge - Gledstow
Walker, John L: Millwood
Walker, Richard L: Corlough
Walker, Robert L: Corlough
Warnock, John L: Bohattan
Warnock, John L: Cran
Warnock, Owen L: Hollybrook
Warnock, Patrick L: Eshbralley
Watkins, Joseph L: Drumbrughas North
Watkins, Joseph L: Knocks
Watkins, Thomas L: Lisnagole
Watson, John L: Aghavoory
Weir, William L: Tattenaheglish
Wherry, Isabella T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
White, Adam L: Coolcrannell
White, Adam L: Drumgoon
White, Adam T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
White, Michael L: Drumharriff
White, William L: Cornakessagh
White, William L: Derryloman
Whitely, John L: Drumgoon
Whitley, Robert L: Cooneen
Whitley, William L: Cavanaleck
Wiley, Catherine L: Cooneen
Wiley, Edward L: Tully North
Wiley, Robert L: Drumgoon
Wilkin, James L: Drumbad Beg
Williamson, John L: Lebally
Willis, George Paul L: Dooross
Willis, George Paul L: Hollybrook
Willis, George Paul L: Moughley
Willis, George Paul L: Tully South
Willis, James L: Drumroo
Willoughby, Francis L: Drumliff
Wilson, Andrew L: Derrychaan
Wilson, Andrew L: Friars Island
Wilson, Andrew L: Kilmore South
Wilson, Crozier L: Corlough
Wilson, David L: Tattenaheglish
Wilson, Ellen L: Cavanaleck
Wilson, Fanny L: Brobrohan
Wilson, George T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Wilson, Hamilton T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Wilson, James L: Kingstown
Wilson, Jane T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Wilson, John L: Lislea
Wilson, Robert L: Carrickpolin
Wilson, Robert L: Killyrover
Wilson, Robert T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Wilson, Thomas L: Drumleagues Big
Wilson, William T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Wilson, William L: Tattenabuddagh
Wilson, William T: Lisnaskea
Woods, James L: Tullyneevin
Woods, John L: Millwood
Woods, John L: Tullyneevin
Woods, Margaret T: Maguiresbridge - Main St.
Woods, William L: Carrickawick
Woodwright, Rev. Wm. L: Cooneen
Wray, James L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Wray, James L: Killygullan
Wray, James T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Wright, Anne L: Cornarooslan
Wright, David L: Castle Balfour Demesne
Wright, David L: Cushwash
Wright, David T: Lisnaskea - Main Street
Wylie, Charles L: Kilmore North
Yaw, George T: Maguiresbridge

Map of Civil Parishes in county Fermanagh

Civil Parish Records of County Fermanagh

Other Fermanagh Parish Records

1 Aghalurcher

2 Aghavea

3 Belleek

4 Boho

5 Cleenish

6 Clones

7 Currin

8 Derrybrusk

9 Derryvullan

10 Devenish

11 Drumkeeran

12 Drummully

13 Enniskillen

14 Galloon

15 Inishmacsaint

16 Killesher

17 Kinawley

18 Magheracross

19 Magheraculmoney

20 Rossorry

21 Templecarn

22 Tomregan

23 Trory