Griffith's Valuation: Clonallan Parish, County Down

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Griffith's Valuation in Clonallan Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Clonallan parish and every other parish in county Down and throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Down in 1863 and 1864.


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Griffiths Valuation: Clonallan Parish 1863 and 1864

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You should also check the records of Clonallan parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City

Aiken, Robert L: Aghnamoira
Barclay, Agnes L: Clonallon Glebe
Barr, John L: Carrickmacstay
Barry, John L: Aghnamoira
Barry, Michael L: Mayo
Barry, Peter L: Croan
Bennett, John L: Croan
Berry, Anne L: Carrickcrossan
Berry, Daniel L: Carrickcrossan
Berry, James L: Tamnaharry
Berry, Michael L: Ballydulany
Berry, Michael L: Ballyvally
Berry, Michael L: Clontafleece
Berry, Michael L: Mayo
Berry, Patrick L: Mayo
Berry, Peter L: Aughnagon
Berry, Peter L: Carrickcrossan
Berry, Peter L: Carrogs
Berry, Rose L: Ballyvally
Berry, Thomas L: Carrickcrossan
Berry, Thomas L: Carrickcrossan N: Michael
Bradley, Archibald L: Burren
Bradley, Daniel L: Cabragh
Bradley, Elizabeth L: Cabragh
Bradley, James L: Cabragh
Bradley, John L: Ballydulany
Bradley, John L: Cabragh
Bradley, Mary L: Cabragh
Bradley, Murtagh L: Cabragh
Bradley, Murtagh L: Mayo
Bradley, Owen L: Edentrumly
Bradley, Patrick L: Ballyvally
Bradley, Peter L: Milltown
Bradley, Rose L: Cabragh
Brady, Constantine L: Carrogs
Brady, Denis C. L: Aughnagon
Brady, Henry L: Carrogs
Brady, John L: Carrogs
Brady, John L: Carrogs / Ryan's Town
Brady, John L: Tamnaharry
Brady, Margaret L: Carrickcrossan
Brady, Mary L: Carrogs N: Terry
Brady, Terence L: Carrogs
Brady, Thomas L: Carrogs
Breaky, John L: Burren
Breen, Mary L: Carrickcrossan
Breen, Mary L: Croan
Breen, Peter L: Croan
Brennan, Anne L: Aghnamoira
Brennan, Bridget L: Carrickcrossan
Brennan, Daniel, Jr. L: Carrickcrossan
Brennan, Daniel, Sr. L: Carrickcrossan
Brennan, James L: Aghnamoira
Brennan, John L: Carrickcrossan
Brennan, Michael L: Carrickcrossan
Brennan, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan
Brennan, Peter L: Aghnamoira
Buchanan, Mary L: Ballydesland
Burns, Daniel L: Milltown
Burns, James L: Ballyvally
Burns, John L: Bavan
Burns, Rose L: Clontafleece N: Pat
Burns, Thomas L: Ballydulany
Burns, Thomas L: Bavan
Burton, Margaret L: Burren
Butterfield, Bridget L: Bavan
Butterfield, Elizabeth L: Bavan
Butterfield, Henry L: Bavan
Butterfield, James L: Bavan
Butterfield, Peter L: Bavan
Butterfield, Peter L: Mayo
Buttervield, Henry L: Cullion
Byrne, Bridget L: Carrogs N: John
Byrne, Daniel L: Burren
Byrne, Daniel L: Tamnaharry
Byrne, Edward L: Burren
Byrne, Edward L: Carrogs N: Burren
Byrne, Edward L: Carrogs N: John
Byrne, Edward, Sr. L: Burren
Byrne, Eliza L: Burren
Byrne, Ellen L: Carrogs N: James
Byrne, James L: Aghavilly
Byrne, James L: Burren
Byrne, James L: Carrickmacstay
Byrne, John L: Aghavilly
Byrne, John L: Carrogs N: Peter
Byrne, Mary L: Burren
Byrne, Mary L: Carrogs
Byrne, Michael L: Aghavilly
Byrne, Michal L: Clontafleece
Byrne, Patrick L: Burren
Byrne, Patrick L: Carrogs
Byrne, Patrick L: Carrogs / Ryan's Town N: James
Byrne, Patrick L: Lurgancanty
Byrne, Peter L: Aghavilly
Byrne, Peter L: Aughnagon
Byrne, Peter L: Burren
Byrne, Peter L: Carrogs N: Ned
Byrne, Peter L: Clontafleece
Byrne, Peter, Sr. L: Carrogs
Byrne, Rose L: Aghavilly N: Pat
Byrne, Thomas L: Aghavilly
Callaghan, John L: Burren
Campbell, Anne L: Aughnagon
Campbell, Bernard L: Aughnagon
Campbell, Bernard L: Cabragh
Campbell, Felix L: Lurgancanty
Campbell, Margaret L: Aughnagon
Campbell, Patrick L: Clontafleece
Campbell, Thomas L: Tamnaharry
Carr, Hugh L: Ballyvally
Carr, James L: Mayo
Carr, John L: Mayo
Carroll, Mary L: Carrickcrossan
Carvill, John L: Clontafleece
Carvill, Owen L: Clontafleece
Carvill, Peter L: Milltown
Carvill, Rep. Peter L: Tamnaharry
Carville, John L: Ballyvally
Carville, John L: Tamnaharry
Carville, Michael L: Tamnaharry
Carville, Patrick L: Tamnaharry
Carville, Patrick L: Tamnaharry N: Little
Carville, Peter L: Tamnaharry
Carville, William L: Ballyvally
Caulfield, Mary L: Carrickmacstay
Caulfield, Peter L: Ballydesland N: Carrick
Caulfield, Peter L: Ballyrussell
Caulfield, Peter L: Carrickmacstay
Chambers, Andrew L: Cullion
Chambers, Elizabeth L: Cullion
Chambers, James L: Cullion
Chambers, John L: Cullion
Chappell, Obid L: Aghnamoira
Collins, Alice L: Aghnamoira N: Barney
Collins, Francis L: Mayo
Collins, John L: Aghnamoira
Collins, Mary L: Aghnamoira N: Ned
Collins, Michael L: Aghnamoira
Colvin, David L: Clontafleece
Colvin, John L: Clontafleece
Connolly, Arthur L: Carrickmacstay
Connolly, Arthur L: Carrogs
Connolly, Bernard L: Clonallon Glebe
Connolly, Bridget L: Burren N: Owen
Connolly, Edward L: Clonallon Glebe
Connolly, Hugh L: Burren
Connolly, James L: Burren
Connolly, James L: Carrickmacstay N: Burren
Connolly, James L: Carrickmacstay N: Smith
Connolly, Jno. L: Burren N: Smith
Connolly, John L: Carrickmacstay
Connolly, John L: Carrogs
Connolly, Laurence L: Carrickmacstay
Connolly, Margaret L: Burren N: Edward
Connolly, Michael L: Burren
Connolly, Michael L: Carrickmacstay
Connolly, Owen L: Carrickmacstay
Connolly, Patrick L: Ballydesland
Connolly, Patrick L: Carrogs
Connolly, Peter L: Burren
Connolly, Peter L: Carrickmacstay
Copeland, James L: Cullion
Corkey, Isaac L: Donaghaguy
Coscor, James L: Carrickcrossan
Coscor, Owen L: Carrickcrossan
Cowan, Thomas L: Cullion
Coyle, Mary L: Ballyvally
Cranny, Edward L: Clonallon Glebe
Cranny, Mary L: Croan
Cranny, Sarah L: Clonallon Glebe
Crawford, James L: Aghnamoira
Crawford, Robert L: Aghnamoira
Crawley, James L: Aughnagon
Crone, William L: Aughnagon
Cunningham, Hugh L: Aughnagon
Cunningham, Isaac L: Burren
Cunningham, William L: Burren
Curlett, Daniel L: Ballyrussell
Curtis, Michael L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
Curtis, Thomas L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
Denvir, John L: Ballydesland
Denvir, John L: Burren
Denvir, John L: Donaghaguy
Depoe, John L: Ballyrussell
Derkin, Anne L: Burren
Derkin, Anne L: Donaghaguy
Devine, Richard L: Burren
Devine, Robert L: Burren
Devlin, James L: Aughnagon
Devlin, John L: Carrogs
Devlin, Patrick L: Aughnagon
Devlin, Patrick L: Bavan
Dickenson, J. W. L: Milltown
Donnan, Alexander L: Ballydesland
Donnan, Alexander L: Donaghaguy
Donnan, John L: Donaghaguy
Donnan, Robert L: Ballydesland
Doran, Bernard L: Tamnaharry
Doran, Edward, Jr. L: Lurgancanty
Doran, Edward, Sr. L: Lurgancanty
Doran, Ellen L: Clontafleece
Doran, Hugh L: Lurgancanty
Doran, James L: Lurgancanty
Doran, James L: Tamnaharry
Doran, Michael L: Ballyrussell
Doran, Peter L: Lurgancanty
Dowd, James L: Burren
Dowdall, Matthew L: Mayo
Dowdall, Michael L: Mayo
Downey, Daniel L: Ballydulany
Downey, Hugh L: Ballydulany
Downey, James L: Ballydulany
Downey, James L: Carrogs
Downey, James L: Tamnaharry
Downey, Jno. L: Ballydulany N: Grocer
Downey, John L: Ballydulany
Downey, John L: Ballydulany N: Grocer
Downey, John L: Ballydulany N: John
Downey, John L: Mayo
Downey, John L: Tamnaharry N: Leo
Downey, John L: Tamnaharry N: Mayo
Downey, John M. L: Ballydulany
Downey, Mary L: Ballydulany
Downey, Murtagh L: Edentrumly
Downey, Owen L: Tamnaharry
Downey, Patrick L: Ballydulany
Downshire, Marquis L: Carmeen N: Marquis of Downshire
Doyle, Daniel L: Lurgancanty
Doyle, Hugh L: Aughnagon
Doyle, John L: Ballydulany
Doyle, Mary L: Ballyvally
Drain, Bridget L: Burren
Drain, Henry L: Burren
Durkan, John L: Carrickmacstay
Dyas, Joseph L: Burren
English, Thomas L: Milltown
Ervin, George L: Ballydesland
Ervin, George L: Ballyrussell
Fagan, Arthur L: Carrickcrossan
Fagan, Arthur, Jr. L: Mayo
Fagan, Arthur, Sr. L: Mayo
Fagan, Bernard L: Carmeen
Fagan, Bernard L: Mayo
Fagan, Bridget L: Mayo
Fagan, Catherine L: Bavan
Fagan, Catherine L: Bavan N: Morgan
Fagan, Ellen L: Carrickcrossan
Fagan, Hugh L: Ballyvally
Fagan, Hugh L: Carmeen
Fagan, John L: Carrickcrossan
Fagan, Mary L: Carmeen
Fagan, Michael L: Carrickcrossan
Fagan, Owen L: Mayo
Fagan, Patrick L: Bavan
Fagan, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan
Fagan, Patrick, Jr. L: Carrickcrossan
Fagan, Patrick, Sr. L: Carrickcrossan
Fagan, Terence L: Carrickcrossan
Fagan, William L: Ballydulany
Fahy, Jane L: Clonallon Glebe
Fairon, Owen L: Ballyvally
Falloon, James L: Tamnaharry
Feenan, John L: Carrickcrossan
Feenan, John L: Croan
Fegan, Bernard L: Aghnamoira
Fegan, Edward L: Donaghaguy
Fegan, Hugh L: Clonallon Glebe
Fegan, John L: Milltown
Fegan, Mary L: Aghavilly
Fegan, Murtagh L: Aghavilly
Fegan, Murtagh L: Ballyrussell
Fegan, Peter L: Aghavilly
Ferguson, William L: Ballyrussell
Fern, James L: Tamnaharry
Fern, Michael L: Tamnaharry
Fern, Patrick L: Tamnaharry
Fitzpatrick, Hugh L: Croan
Fitzpatrick, James L: Ballymaconaghy
Fitzpatrick, John L: Aughnagon
Fitzpatrick, John L: Ballyvally
Fitzpatrick, John L: Carrickcrossan
Fitzpatrick, John L: Croan
Fitzpatrick, Michael L: Bavan
Fitzpatrick, Owen L: Ballydesland
Fitzpatrick, Patrick L: Aughnagon
Fitzpatrick, Patrick L: Ballyvally
Fitzpatrick, Patrick L: Clontafleece
Fitzpatrick, Patrick L: Milltown
Fitzpatrick, Peter L: Milltown
Fitzsimon, Henry L: Clontafleece
Fitzsimons, Edward L: Carrickmacstay
Fitzsimons, George L: Carrickmacstay
Fitzsimons, Michael L: Carrickmacstay
Fitzsimons, Patrick L: Carrickmacstay
Fitzsimons, Peter L: Carrickmacstay
Fitzsimons, Robert L: Clontafleece
Flanagan, Catherine L: Carrickcrossan
Flanagan, James L: Ballydesland
Flanagan, James L: Donaghaguy
Flanagan, John L: Mayo
Flanagan, Owen L: Carrickcrossan
Flanagan, Patrick L: Ballyrussell
Flanagan, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan
Flanagan, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan N: Ned
Flanagan, Patrick L: Donaghaguy
Flanagan, Patrick, Jr. L: Carrickcrossan
Flanagan, Peter L: Carrickcrossan
Flanagan, Peter L: Croan
Flanagan, Peter L: Croan N: Parabane
Flanaghan, Charles L: Aghnamoira
Fletcher, William L: Clonallon Glebe
Freeman, John L: Carmeen
Gardiner, Cecil L: Clonallon Glebe
Garvey, Christopher L: Aghavilly
Garvey, Christopher L: Clontafleece
Garvey, Michael L: Aughnagon
Garvey, Michael L: Milltown
Garvey, Patrick L: Aughnagon
Garvey, Thomas L: Aughnagon
Garvey, Thomas L: Ballyrussell
Gibney, Samuel L: Donaghaguy
Gordon, Joseph L: Ballydesland
Gorman, Hugh L: Mayo
Gorman, Michael L: Mayo
Gorman, Terence L: Bavan
Grandy, Joseph L: Donaghaguy
Grant, Bridget L: Ballydulany
Grant, Bridget L: Bavan
Grant, Edward L: Bavan
Grant, Elizabeth L: Carmeen
Grant, Hugh L: Ballydulany
Grant, Hugh L: Carrogs
Grant, Hugh L: Mayo
Grant, Hugh L: Tamnaharry N: Mayo
Grant, Hugh S. L: Ballydulany
Grant, James L: Aughnagon
Grant, James L: Ballyvally
Grant, James L: Edentrumly
Grant, John L: Aughnagon
Grant, Margaret L: Carmeen
Grant, Margaret L: Tamnaharry
Grant, Michael L: Aughnagon
Grant, Michael L: Ballydulany
Grant, Owen L: Clontafleece
Grant, Patrick L: Ballyrussell
Grant, Rep. Patrick L: Ballyvally
Grant, Patrick L: Edentrumly
Grant, Patrick, Jr. L: Ballyvally
Grant, Patrick, Sr. L: Ballyvally
Grant, Peter L: Ballydulany
Grant, Peter L: Mayo
Grant, Peter L: Tamnaharry
Grant, Philip L: Carmeen
Grant, Terence L: Ballydulany
Grant, Thomas L: Ballydulany
Greene, Edward L: Aghnamoira
Gribbin, Margaret L: Burren
Gribbin, Susan L: Carrogs
Gribbon, Bridget L: Ballydulany
Gribbon, Bridget L: Ballyvally
Gribbon, James L: Ballyvally
Gribbon, John L: Ballyvally
Gribbon, Patrick L: Ballyvally
Gribbon, Patrick L: Edentrumly
Gribbon, Patrick L: Mayo
Grimes, John L: Bavan
Grimes, Mary L: Burren
Grimes, Mary L: Donaghaguy
Hadden, William L: Burren
Hagan, Margaret L: Aughnagon
Hall, Maj. M. L: Donaghaguy
Hall, Roger L: Aghnamoira
Hall, Roger L: Ballydesland
Hall, Roger L: Burren
Hall, Roger L: Donaghaguy
Halliday, Alexander L: Aghnamoira
Hamilton, Rep. Captain L: Edentrumly
Hamilton, Harriet L: Carrickmacstay
Hamilton, Harriet L: Tamnaharry
Hamilton, Harriet L: Tamnaharry N: Tamnaharry Hs.
Hanlon, James L: Ballydesland
Hanna, John L: Bavan
Hanna, John L: Cabragh
Hanna, William L: Bavan
Hanna, William, Sr. L: Bavan
Hannah, James L: Cullion
Hanratty, John L: Tamnaharry
Harpur, Isaac L: Clonallon Glebe
Haughy, Bernard L: Aughnagon
Havem, James L: Clontafleece
Hays, Anthony L: Aughnagon
Heany, Bernard L: Croan
Heany, Bridget L: Mayo
Heany, John L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
Heany, Laurence L: Carrogs
Heany, Michael L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
Heany, Patrick L: Mayo
Heenan, George L: Ballydesland
Hegan, Henry L: Aughnagon
Hegan, Patrick L: Tamnaharry
Higgins, Bridget L: Mayo
Higgins, Daniel L: Ballyvally
Higgins, Daniel L: Edentrumly
Higgins, Francis L: Aughnagon
Higgins, Hugh L: Ballydesland
Higgins, Stephen L: Ballyvally
Hill Trevor, Lord A. E. L: Tamnaharry
Hillian, Bridget L: Tamnaharry
Hillion, Catherine L: Burren N: Jas.
Hillion, Daniel L: Aughnagon
Hillion, John L: Aughnagon
Hillion, Patrick L: Burren
Hoey, James L: Ballydesland
Hoey, James L: Donaghaguy
Hughes, Bridget L: Tamnaharry
Hughes, Daniel L: Carrickmacstay
Hughes, James L: Milltown
Hughes, John, Jr. L: Tamnaharry
Hughes, John, Sr. L: Tamnaharry
Hughes, Michael L: Carrickmacstay
Humphries, James L: Bavan
Hutchinson, Anne L: Tamnaharry
Jinks, Rose L: Aughnagon
Jones, John L: Burren
Kane, Thomas L: Tamnaharry
Keane, Bridget L: Mayo
Keane, Felix L: Mayo
Keane, Hugh L: Mayo
Keane, William L: Mayo
Keenan, Bernard L: Cabragh
Keenan, Bernard L: Cullion
Keenan, Daniel L: Edentrumly
Keenan, James L: Bavan
Keenan, James L: Cabragh
Keenan, John L: Cabragh
Keenan, John L: Carrickcrossan
Keenan, John L: Clontafleece
Keenan, Michael L: Cabragh
Keenan, Owen L: Cabragh
Keenan, Patrick L: Bavan
Keenan, Patrick L: Cabragh
Keenan, Patrick L: Edentrumly
Keenan, Patrick J. L: Cabragh
Keenan, Thomas L: Bavan
Kelly, Eliza L: Carrogs
Kelly, James L: Carrickcrossan
Kelly, John L: Carrickcrossan
Kelly, Michael L: Cabragh
Kelly, Patrick L: Cabragh
Kelly, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan
Kelly, Rose L: Croan
Kenny, Anne L: Burren
Kenny, Anne L: Donaghaguy
Kenny, Catherine L: Ballydesland
Kenny, Catherine L: Burren
Kenny, Daniel L: Ballydulany
Kenny, Felix L: Ballyvally
Kenny, Felix L: Ballyvally N: Soldier
Kenny, Patrick L: Ballydulany
Keown, Michael L: Ballymaconaghy
Kerr, Anthony L: Burren
Kerr, Catherine L: Aughnagon
Kerr, Edward L: Burren
Kerr, George L: Aughnagon
Kerr, John L: Ballydesland
Kerr, John L: Burren
Kerr, Patrick L: Burren
Killin, Hugh L: Tamnaharry
Killion, Catherine L: Aughnagon
Killion, Catherine L: Milltown
Killion, Thomas L: Aughnagon
Lanagan, Alexander L: Clonallon Glebe
Lavery, Margaret L: Mayo
Linden, George L: Ballymaconaghy
Lindsay, Alexander L: Carmeen
Lindsay, Patrick L: Aughnagon
Lindsay, Rose L: Aughnagon
Lively, Bernard L: Cabragh
Lively, Patrick L: Cullion
Lively, Patrick L: Milltown
Loughran, Elizabeth L: Ballyvally
Loughran, John L: Ballyvally
Loughran, Michael L: Ballyvally
Loughran, Patrick L: Ballyvally
Loughran, Stephen L: Ballyvally
Loughran, Thomas L: Ballyvally
Lowry, Eliza L: Burren
Lynas, Francis L: Carmeen
Lynas, James L: Carmeen
Lynas, Patrick L: Carmeen
Lynus, George L: Carrickmacstay
Lynus, Matthew L: Carrickmacstay
Lynus, Owen L: Clontafleece
Lyons, Mary L: Croan
Lyster, Alexander L: Ballymaconaghy
Lyster, Andrew L: Clonallon Glebe
Lyster, Andrew L: Donaghaguy
Lyster, John L: Ballyrussell
Lyster, John L: Cullion
Macken, Bridget L: Ballydulany
Macken, Joseph L: Edentrumly
Macken, Margaret L: Ballyvally
Macken, Mary L: Edentrumly
Macken, Murtagh L: Ballyvally
Macken, Peter L: Ballydulany
Macken, Peter L: Edentrumly
Mackrell, Hugh L: Mayo
Macourt, Bridget L: Burren
Magee, Alice L: Aughnagon
Magee, Anne L: Aughnagon
Magee, Anne L: Ballymaconaghy
Magee, Bernard L: Aughnagon
Magee, Bernard L: Milltown
Magee, Charles L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
Magee, Felix L: Aughnagon
Magee, Hugh L: Tamnaharry
Magee, James L: Burren
Magee, James L: Milltown
Magee, John L: Aghavilly N: Jack
Magee, Rep. Margaret L: Tamnaharry
Magee, Patrick L: Aughnagon
Magee, Patrick L: Milltown
Magee, Peter L: Aghavilly N: Fardy
Magee, Peter L: Clontafleece N: Fardy
Magee, Thomas L: Aghavilly
Magee, Thomas L: Ballyrussell
Magee, Thomas L: Milltown
Maginn, Daniel L: Aghavilly
Magoiny, Mary L: Tamnaharry
Magone, Alexander L: Cabragh
Magone, Arthur L: Cabragh
Magone, Daniel L: Cabragh
Magone, Hugh L: Cabragh
Magone, John L: Cabragh N: James
Magone, John, Jr. L: Cabragh
Magone, John, Sr. L: Cabragh
Magone, Michael L: Cabragh
Magowan, Anne L: Aghnamoira
Magrath, Michael L: Aughnagon
Maguigan, John L: Tamnaharry
Maguigan, Owen L: Burren
Maguigan, Thomas L: Burren
Maguiness, Felix L: Carrogs
Maguire, John L: Carrickmacstay
Maguire, Patrick L: Carrickmacstay
Mahood, Alexander L: Aghnamoira
Major, John L: Clonallon Glebe
Mallan, Michael L: Ballyvally
Malone, Francis L: Ballydulany
Marks, Robert L: Clonallon Glebe
Marmion, Mary L: Croan
Martin, John L: Ballydesland
Martin, John L: Ballyrussell
McAdaragh, Jno. L: Tamnaharry N: John
McAdaragh, Jno. L: Tamnaharry N: Pat
McAdaragh, Patrick L: Tamnaharry N: Barney
McAdaragh, Thomas L: Clontafleece
McAleavy, Anthony L: Aughnagon
McAleavy, John L: Aughnagon
McAlevy, Hugh L: Milltown
McAlinden, Anne L: Ballyvally
McAlinden, Bernard L: Ballyvally
McAlinden, Edward L: Ballyvally
McAlinden, Hugh L: Bavan
McAlinden, James L: Ballyvally
McAlinden, John L: Bavan
McAlinden, Patrick L: Bavan
McAlinden, Thomas L: Ballyvally
McAlindin, Sarah L: Carrogs
McAlindon, Patrick L: Carrickmacstay
McAlister, Alexander L: Ballymaconaghy
McAnulty, Alice L: Ballyrussell
McAnulty, Bernard L: Carrickmacstay
McAnulty, Bernard L: Tamnaharry
McAnulty, Daniel L: Burren
McAnulty, Edward L: Tamnaharry
McAnulty, James L: Ballyrussell
McAnulty, John, Jr. L: Tamnaharry
McAnulty, John, Sr. L: Tamnaharry
McAnulty, Mary L: Ballydesland N: Paul
McAnulty, Mary A. L: Ballydesland
McAnulty, Michael L: Tamnaharry
McAnulty, Owen L: Ballydesland
McAnulty, Owen L: Ballyrussell
McAnulty, Owen L: Donaghaguy
McAnulty, Patrick L: Ballydesland
McAnulty, Patrick L: Burren
McAnulty, Peter L: Ballydesland
McAnulty, Peter L: Carrogs
McAnulty, Peter L: Tamnaharry
McAnulty, Stephen L: Burren
McAtee, Michael L: Milltown
McAtee, Rose L: Milltown
McAteer, Bernard L: Carrickmacstay
McAteer, Edward L: Aghnamoira
McAteer, Ellen L: Aghnamoira
McAteer, George L: Aghnamoira
McAteer, John L: Carrogs
McAteer, Neal L: Clonallon Glebe
McAteer, Owen L: Tamnaharry
McAteer, Patrick L: Carrogs
McAvoy, Daniel L: Cabragh
McAvoy, Eliza L: Cullion
McAvoy, Hugh L: Tamnaharry
McAvoy, James, Sr. L: Cabragh
McAvoy, Luke L: Cabragh
McAvoy, Patrick L: Burren
McAvoy, Stephen L: Tamnaharry
McCaffrey, Patrick L: Milltown
McCarl, Owen L: Milltown
McCartan, John L: Lurgancanty
McCarten, Michael L: Aghavilly
McCarten, Michael L: Clontafleece
McCarten, Patrick L: Lurgancanty
McCartney, John L: Clonallon Glebe
McCartney, Robert L: Clonallon Glebe
McCartney, William L: Ballyrussell
McCarton, Anthony L: Carrickcrossan
McCarton, Daniel L: Carrickcrossan
McCarton, Mary L: Carrickcrossan
McCarton, Michael L: Carrickcrossan
McCarton, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan
McCavery, Michael L: Aghnamoira
McClein, Samuel L: Burren
McClein, Samuel L: Donaghaguy
McClory, John L: Ballyvally
McClory, Laurence L: Ballydulany
McClory, Mark L: Ballydulany
McClory, Mark L: Ballyvally
McClory, Patrick L: Ballyvally
McClory, Peter L: Ballyvally
McClury, Margaret L: Carrickmacstay
McCollom, William L: Clontafleece
McCommiskey, Daniel L: Ballyvally
McConvill, Rep. Daniel L: Burren
McConvill, Margaret L: Tamnaharry
McConvill, Michael L: Donaghaguy
McConvill, Terence L: Carrogs
McConvill, Thomas L: Donaghaguy
McConville, Anthony L: Cullion
McConville, Bernard L: Ballyvally
McConville, Daniel L: Cullion
McConville, John L: Cullion
McConville, Michael L: Cullion N: Harley
McConville, Michael L: Cullion N: Michael
McConville, Patrick L: Bavan
McConville, Patrick L: Cullion
McConville, Patrick L: Mayo
McConville, Peter L: Milltown
McConville, Roger L: Cullion
McConville, Rose L: Cullion
McConville, Rose L: Mayo
McCormick, Catherine L: Milltown
McCormick, Rev. Joseph L: Carrickcrossan
McCourt, Anne L: Carrickmacstay
McCourt, Henry L: Carrickmacstay
McCourt, Hugh L: Carrickmacstay
McCourt, Hugh L: Edentrumly
McCourt, James L: Carrickmacstay
McCourt, John L: Carrickmacstay
McCourt, Margaret L: Ballydesland
McCovera, Owen L: Clontafleece
McCoy, Daniel L: Bavan
McCoy, John L: Edentrumly
McCoy, John L: Mayo
McCoy, Margaret L: Clonallon Glebe
McCoy, Mary L: Mayo
McCromb, Moses L: Cullion
McCullough, John L: Aghnamoira
McDaragh, Anne L: Lurgancanty
McDonnell, Catherine L: Carrogs N: William
McDonnell, Daniel L: Carrogs
McDonnell, James L: Carrogs
McDonnell, John L: Carrogs
McElroy, Bernard L: Edentrumly
McElroy, Patrick L: Ballydulany
McEvett, Hugh L: Milltown
McEvett, Michael L: Milltown
McEvett, Michael L: Tamnaharry
McEvett, Patrick L: Aughnagon
McEvett, William L: Aghnamoira
McEvitt, Edward L: Milltown
McEvoy, Bridget L: Burren N: Peter
McEvoy, Bridget L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter N: Barney
McEvoy, Daniel L: Cabragh
McEvoy, James L: Cabragh
McEvoy, John L: Burren
McEvoy, John L: Mayo N: and Another
McEvoy, Luke L: Cabragh
McEvoy, Patrick L: Bavan
McEvoy, Patrick L: Cabragh
McEvoy, Patrick L: Carrogs N: James
McEvoy, Patrick L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter N: Art
McEvoy, Patrick L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter N: James
McEvoy, Patrick, Jr. L: Carrickmacstay
McEvoy, Patrick, Sr. L: Carrickmacstay
McEvoy, Peter L: Bavan
McEvoy, Peter L: Cabragh
McEvoy, Peter L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter N: James
McEvoy, Peter L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter N: Patrick
McGarry, William L: Ballymaconaghy
McGeany, Hugh L: Edentrumly
McGeany, Michael L: Edentrumly
McGee, Felix L: Mayo
McGee, James L: Mayo
McGee, Owen L: Ballyvally
McGee, Patrick L: Mayo
McGee, Peter L: Ballyvally
McGee, Rose L: Mayo
McGinn, Anne L: Ballyvally
McGinnerty, Terence L: Burren
McGinty, William L: Carrickcrossan
McGivern, Andrew L: Aghnamoira
McGivern, Edward L: Aghnamoira
McGivern, John L: Aghnamoira
McGivern, Thomas L: Donaghaguy
McGowan, William L: Croan
McGowran, William L: Cabragh
McGrath, John L: Milltown
McGuigan, John L: Carrickmacstay
McGuigan, Patrick L: Burren
McGuinness, Margaret L: Cabragh
McGuinness, Mary L: Cullion
McGuinness, Mary L: Mayo
McKee, Elizabeth L: Ballymaconaghy
McKenna, Catherine L: Carrickmacstay
McKenna, James L: Milltown
McKenna, John L: Aghavilly
McKenna, John L: Ballyrussell
McKeon, Anne L: Ballydulany
McKeon, John L: Bavan
McKernan, Elizabeth L: Carrogs
McKernan, John L: Carrogs
McKernan, Patrick L: Carrogs
McKernan, Peter L: Carrogs
McKernan, Peter L: Carrogs / Ryan's Town
McKernan, Rose L: Carrogs N: Tom
McKey, Daniel L: Milltown
McKey, James L: Milltown
McKey, Michael L: Milltown
McKey, Patrick L: Milltown
McKinistrey, James L: Cabragh
McKinistrey, John L: Cabragh
McKivitt, Alice L: Ballyvally
McKivitt, Bernard L: Ballyvally
McKivitt, Felix L: Ballyvally
McKivitt, Felix L: Mayo
McKivitt, James L: Ballyvally
McKivitt, Patrick L: Ballyvally
McLoughlin, Anne L: Carrogs
McMahon, Mary L: Burren N: Pat
McMahon, Mary L: Mayo
McMahon, Peter L: Cullion
McMahon, Thomas L: Ballyvally
McManus, Bernard L: Aughnagon
McManus, Bridget L: Bavan
McManus, Daniel L: Aughnagon N: Benagh
McManus, Daniel L: Tamnaharry
McManus, Henry L: Milltown
McManus, John L: Aughnagon
McManus, Peter L: Aughnagon
McMurray, Robert L: Ballydesland
McMurray, Robert L: Ballyrussell
McMurray, Robert L: Donaghaguy
McNeill, Henry L: Ballydesland N: Burren
McNeill, Henry L: Burren
McNeilly, Robert L: Aghavilly
McPartlan, Michael L: Carrickmacstay
McPartland, Mary L: Bavan
McPoland, Joseph L: Mayo
McPolin, Denis L: Aughnagon
McSherry, Bernard L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
McSoale, Bridget L: Mayo
McStay, Bernard L: Ballyvally
McStay, Hugh L: Cabragh
McStay, Michael L: Cabragh
McStay, Peter L: Cabragh
McStay, Rose L: Ballyvally
McVeigh, Daniel L: Carrickmacstay
McVeigh, Fergus L: Carrickmacstay
McVeigh, James L: Ballydulany
McVeigh, James L: Carrickmacstay N: John
McVeigh, John L: Aghnamoira
McVeigh, John L: Burren N: John
McVeigh, Rep. John L: Carrickmacstay N: John
McVeigh, Mary L: Milltown
McVeigh, Patrick L: Carrickmacstay
McVeigh, Peter L: Burren N: John
McVeigh, Stephen L: Aghnamoira
Meade, Hon. Robt. L: Carrogs N: Trus.
Mearly, James L: Cabragh
Mellon, Bridget L: Burren
Minnett, Eliza L: Cullion
Mitchell, Samuel L: Cullion
Moan, Neal L: Ballydesland
Monroe, Charles L: Burren
Monroe, John L: Burren
Montgomery, Elizabeth L: Aghavilly
Mooney, Hugh L: Bavan
Mooney, John L: Milltown
Mooney, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan
Mooney, Patrick L: Milltown
Mooney, Patrick L: Tamnaharry
Mooney, Rose L: Carrickcrossan
Mooney, Sarah L: Bavan
Mooney, Thomas L: Cullion
Mooney, William L: Carrickcrossan
Moony, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan
Moore, Patrick L: Ballyvally
Moore, Samuel L: Ballyvally
Moore, Thomas L: Milltown
Moore, William L: Edentrumly
Morgan, Edward L: Croan
Morgan, Ellen L: Mayo
Morgan, James L: Ballyvally
Morgan, James L: Cullion
Morgan, John L: Ballydulany
Morgan, John L: Bavan
Morgan, Matthew L: Mayo
Morgan, Michael L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
Morgan, Michael L: Croan
Morgan, Owen L: Carrickcrossan
Morgan, Owen L: Croan
Morgan, Patrick L: Bavan
Morgan, Patrick L: Croan
Morgan, Robert L: Lurgancanty
Morgan, William L: Tamnaharry
Morris, Felix L: Bavan
Morris, James L: Mayo
Morris, John L: Cullion
Morrison, John L: Aughnagon
Mullan, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan
Murdock, James L: Burren
Murdock, Samuel L: Burren
Murphy, Archibald L: Donaghaguy
Murphy, Bernard L: Ballydulany
Murphy, Catherine L: Ballydulany
Murphy, Catherine L: Edentrumly
Murphy, Charles L: Milltown
Murphy, Christopher L: Carrickcrossan
Murphy, Daniel L: Aghavilly
Murphy, Elizabeth L: Tamnaharry N: Owen
Murphy, Francis L: Cullion
Murphy, James L: Ballyvally
Murphy, James L: Lurgancanty
Murphy, John L: Ballydesland
Murphy, John L: Donaghaguy
Murphy, Mark L: Ballymaconaghy
Murphy, Sarah L: Ballymaconaghy
Murphy, Terence L: Edentrumly
Murray, James L: Burren
Murray, James L: Donaghaguy
Neill, Rose L: Carrogs
Nesbitt, Alexander L: Cullion
Nesbitt, John L: Cullion
Nesbitt, William L: Cullion
Niblock, George L: Cabragh
Niblock, James L: Cabragh
Niblock, Robert L: Cabragh
Niblock, William L: Bavan
Nicholson, Elizabeth L: Ballyvally
Norris, James L: Carrickmacstay
Norris, John L: Carrickmacstay
Norris, John L: Carrogs / Ryan's Town
Norris, Laurence L: Carrogs
Norris, Laurence L: Carrogs / Ryan's Town
Nugent, Richard L: Donaghaguy
O'Brien, John L: Carrogs
O'Hagan, Hugh L: Clontafleece
O'Hagan, James L: Mayo
O'Hara, Felix L: Milltown
O'Hare, Arthur L: Cabragh
O'Hare, Arthur L: Carrickcrossan
O'Hare, Bernard L: Carrickcrossan
O'Hare, Bernard L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
O'Hare, Catherine L: Carrickcrossan
O'Hare, Edward L: Bavan
O'Hare, Edward L: Mayo
O'Hare, Ellen L: Cabragh
O'Hare, Felix L: Cabragh
O'Hare, Francis L: Croan
O'Hare, Hugh L: Bavan
O'Hare, James L: Ballydulany
O'Hare, James L: Lurgancanty
O'Hare, James, Jr. L: Carrickcrossan
O'Hare, James, Sr. L: Carrickcrossan
O'Hare, John L: Milltown
O'Hare, Margaret L: Cabragh
O'Hare, Mary L: Mayo
O'Hare, Michael L: Carrogs / Ryan's Town
O'Hare, Michael L: Croan
O'Hare, Owen L: Cabragh
O'Hare, Owen L: Milltown
O'Hare, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan
O'Hare, Patrick L: Croan
O'Hare, Peter L: Ballyvally
O'Hare, Peter L: Mayo
O'Hare, Peter L: Tamnaharry N: Leo
O'Hare, Peter L: Tamnaharry N: Mayo
O'Hare, Rose Anne L: Milltown
O'Hare, Sarah L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
O'Neill, Bridget L: Milltown
O'Neill, Bridget L: Tamnaharry N: Hugh
O'Neill, Charles L: Mayo
O'Neill, Daniel L: Mayo
O'Neill, James L: Mayo
O'Neill, John L: Ballydulany
O'Neill, John L: Edentrumly
O'Neill, Margaret L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
O'Neill, Mary L: Mayo N: McGee
O'Neill, Michael L: Mayo
O'Neill, Owen L: Tamnaharry
O'Neill, Patrick L: Aughnagon
O'Neill, Patrick L: Ballyvally
O'Neill, Patrick L: Tamnaharry
O'Neill, Patrick L: Tamnaharry N: Road
O'Neill, Sarah L: Tamnaharry N: Bryan
O'Rourke, John L: Edentrumly
Parks, George L: Mayo
Perry, James L: Aghavilly
Piper, Catherine L: Donaghaguy
Polin, John L: Burren
Quinn, Bernard L: Aughnagon
Quinn, Bernard L: Edentrumly
Quinn, Patrick L: Mayo
Quinn, Patrick L: Milltown
Quinn, Thomas L: Aghavilly
Quinn, Thomas L: Carmeen
Reid, Thomas L: Bavan
Rice, James L: Tamnaharry
Rice, John L: Aghnamoira
Rice, John L: Mayo
Rice, Michael L: Burren
Rice, Patrick L: Mayo
Richards, Rev. Edward L: Clonallon Glebe
Robinson, John L: Ballydesland
Roche, Thomas L: Carrogs
Rogers, John L: Ballymaconaghy
Rogers, Margaret L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Alice L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Arthur L: Edentrumly
Rooney, Arthur L: Lurgancanty
Rooney, Bernard L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Bernard L: Mayo
Rooney, Bridget L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Bridget L: Edentrumly
Rooney, Bridget L: Mayo
Rooney, Catherine L: Edentrumly
Rooney, Catherine L: Mayo
Rooney, Constantine L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Daniel L: Edentrumly
Rooney, Daniel L: Mayo
Rooney, Daniel L: Tamnaharry
Rooney, Denis L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Edward L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Elizabeth L: Clontafleece
Rooney, Hugh L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Rev. Hugh L: Mayo
Rooney, James L: Mayo
Rooney, Jno. L: Ballyvally N: Bernard
Rooney, John L: Ballyvally N: Daniel
Rooney, John L: Ballyvally N: Francis
Rooney, John L: Ballyvally N: James
Rooney, John L: Ballyvally N: Thomas
Rooney, John L: Ballyvally N: William
Rooney, John L: Edentrumly
Rooney, John L: Mayo
Rooney, Loughlin L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Luke L: Lurgancanty
Rooney, Mary L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Mary L: Ballyvally N: John
Rooney, Mary L: Ballyvally N: McKivitt
Rooney, Mary L: Edentrumly
Rooney, Matthew L: Mayo
Rooney, Murtagh L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Owen L: Edentrumly
Rooney, Patrick L: Ballyvally N: More
Rooney, Patrick L: Ballyvally N: Pat
Rooney, Patrick L: Carrickmacstay
Rooney, Peter L: Clontafleece
Rooney, Peter L: Edentrumly
Rooney, Peter L: Mayo
Rooney, Peter L: Mayo N: Francis
Rooney, Peter L: Mayo N: Fras.
Rooney, Roger L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Roger L: Mayo
Rooney, Rose L: Ballyvally
Rooney, Stephen L: Mayo
Ryan, Catherine L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter N: Art
Ryan, Daniel L: Mayo
Ryan, Edward L: Aghnamoira
Ryan, James L: Carrogs
Ryan, Mary L: Cullion
Ryan, Patrick L: Carrickmacstay
Ryan, Patrick L: Carrogs N: Hill
Ryan, Patrick L: Carrogs N: Peter
Ryan, Patrick L: Carrogs / Ryan's Town
Ryan, Peter L: Burren
Ryan, Peter L: Carrogs
Ryan, Rose L: Cabragh
Ryan, Stephen L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
Sally, Patrick L: Ballyvally
Savage, Belle L: Bavan
Savage, Catherine L: Aghnamoira
Savage, James L: Ballydulany
Savage, James L: Burren
Savage, John L: Ballydesland
Savage, John L: Donaghaguy
Savage, Mary L: Ballyvally
Savage, Thomas L: Ballydesland
Savage, William L: Lurgancanty
Scott, George L: Donaghaguy
Semple, Anthony L: Burren
Sheeky, John L: Donaghaguy
Sheeky, Luke L: Donaghaguy
Sheils, James L: Aghavilly
Sherdian, Thomas L: Ballymaconaghy
Sheridan, Thomas L: Ballyrussell
Sloan, James L: Aghavilly
Sloane, John, Jr. L: Carmeen
Sloane, Mary L: Ballydulany
Sloane, Patrick L: Carmeen
Sloane, Robert L: Cullion
Small, Edward L: Edentrumly
Small, John L: Mayo
Small, Patrick L: Mayo
Small, Rose L: Donaghaguy
Smith, Bernard L: Aughnagon
Smith, Bernard L: Edentrumly
Smith, Edward L: Aughnagon
Smith, Elizabeth L: Clontafleece
Smith, James L: Milltown
Smith, Jno. L: Aughnagon N: Edenmore
Smith, John L: Ballymaconaghy
Smith, John, Jr. L: Aughnagon
Smith, Margaret L: Carrickcrossan
Smith, Margaret L: Croan
Smith, Owen L: Carmeen
Smith, Patrick L: Aughnagon N: Pat
Smith, Patrick L: Aughnagon N: William
Smith, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan
Smith, Patrick L: Croan
Stoope, Samuel L: Bavan N: Barnes
Stoope, Sarah L: Bavan
Stoope, William L: Bavan
Strain, Edward L: Milltown
Sturgeon, Robert L: Burren
Taylor, Arthur, Sr. L: Mayo
Taylor, William L: Bavan
Taylor, William L: Cullion
Thompson, Anthony L: Clonallon Glebe
Todd, Mary L: Cabragh
Todd, Mary L: Croan
Todd, Robert L: Croan
Toner, David L: Mayo
Torley, Michael L: Aghavilly
Travers, John L: Ballymaconaghy
Travers, Mary L: Milltown
Traynor, Henry L: Aughnagon
Traynor, Hugh L: Carrogs
Traynor, Hugh L: Clonallon Glebe
Traynor, James L: Croan
Traynor, John L: Carrickcrossan
Traynor, John L: Croan
Traynor, John L: Cullion
Traynor, Mary L: Burren
Traynor, Owen L: Carrogs / Lough Quarter
Traynor, Patrick L: Milltown
Traynor, Rose L: Carrogs N: Michael
Tremble, Ellen L: Croan
Tumelty, Ellen L: Donaghaguy
Tumelty, John L: Donaghaguy
Tumelty, Ross L: Donaghaguy
Turley, Peter L: Ballydulany
Turner, William L: Mayo
Walker, John L: Aghavilly
Ward, John L: Donaghaguy
Ward, John L: Tamnaharry
Watson, George L: Clonallon Glebe
Watson, William L: Aghavilly
Watson, William L: Clonallon Glebe
Watson, William L: Clontafleece
Watterson, Terence L: Aghavilly
White, Allen L: Burren
White, John L: Clonallon Glebe
White, Peter L: Ballymaconaghy
Wilson, Hugh L: Burren
Wilson, John L: Ballydesland
Wilson, Margaret L: Donaghaguy
Wilson, Sarah L: Burren
Wilson, Thomas L: Croan
Woods, Ellen L: Ballydesland
Woods, Felix L: Milltown
Woods, James L: Carrogs
Woods, Patrick L: Carrickcrossan
Woods, Peter L: Milltown

County Down Civil Parishes Map

Civil Parishes of County Down

Griffiths Valuation Records county Down

1 Aghaderg

2 Annaclone

3 Annahilt

4 Ardglass

5 Ardkeen

6 Ardquin

7 Ballee

8 Ballyculter

9 Ballyhalbert

10 Ballykinler

11 Ballyphilip

12 Ballytrustan

13 Ballywalter

14 Bangor

15 Blaris

16 Bright

17 Castleboy

18 Clonallan

19 Clonduff

20 Comber

21 Donaghadee

22 Donaghcloney

23 Donaghmore

24 Down

25 Dromara

26 Dromore

27 Drumballyroney

28 Drumbeg

29 Drumbo

30 Drumgath

31 Drumgooland

32 Dundonald

33 Dunsfort

34 Garvaghy

35 Greyabbey

36 Hillsborough

37 Holywood

38 Inch

39 Inishargy

40 Kilbroney

41 Kilclief

42 Kilcoo

43 Kilkeel

44 Killaney

45 Killinchy

46 Killyleagh

47 Kilmegan

48 Kilmood

49 Kilmore

50 Lambeg

51 Loughinisland

52 Maghera

53 Magheradrool

54 Magherahamlet

55 Magheralin

56 Magherally

57 Moira

58 Newry

59 Newtownards

60 Rathmullan

61 Saintfield

62 Saul

63 Seapatrick

64 Shankill

65 Slanes

66 Tullylish

67 Tullynakill

68 Tyrella

69 Warrenpoint

70 Witter