Griffith's Valuation: Aghaderg Parish, County Down

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Griffith's Valuation in Aghaderg Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Aghaderg parish and every other parish in county Down and throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Down in 1863 and 1864.


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Griffiths Valuation: Aghaderg Parish 1863 and 1864

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You should also check the records of Aghaderg parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City

Acheson, Margaret L: Meenan
Acheson, Robert L: Drummiller
Adams, Hugh L: Drumnahare
Adamson, Andrew L: Lisnabrague
Adamson, Andrew L: Loughadian
Adamson, James L: Drumsallagh
Adamson, James L: Loughadian
Adamson, John L: Ballygowan
Allen, David L: Ballintaggart
Amberson, David L: Lisnagonnell
Amberson, David L: Meenan
Amberson, John L: Lisnagonnell
Amberson, John L: Meenan
Anderson, David L: Drumnahare
Anderson, David L: Drumsallagh
Anderson, George L: Dromorebrague
Anderson, James L: Drumnahare
Anderson, Michael L: Drumsallagh
Anderson, Michael L: Greenan
Anderson, Rep. Robert L: Dromorebrague
Ashwood, Alexander L: Coolnacran
Back, Gilbert L: Legananny
Back, John L: Caskum
Back, Joseph L: Caskum
Back, William L: Caskum
Back, William, Jr. L: Caskum
Back, William, Sr. L: Caskum
Bagnell, Anne L: Glaskermore
Bailey, James L: Drumnahare
Baird, Christiana L: T: Poyntz Pass
Baird, William L: Edenderry
Balance, William L: Lisnabrague
Balmer, Dorothea L: Glaskermore
Balmer, John L: Dromorebrague
Balmer, Robert L: Ballintaggart
Barber, Samuel L: Ballintaggart
Barclay, Alexander L: Derrydrummuck
Barclay, Alexander L: Glaskerbeg, East
Barclay, Alexander L: Legananny
Barclay, John L: Ballynaskeagh
Barclay, John L: Bovennett
Barclay, John L: Derrydrummuck
Barclay, John L: Scarva
Barclay, Mary L: Caskum
Barks, Mary L: Caskum
Barr, Andrew L: T: Loughbrickland
Barr, James L: Drumnahare
Bart, Jane L: T: Loughbrickland
Beard, James L: Ballintaggart
Beard, Samuel L: Glaskerbeg, West
Beatty, Hugh L: Legananny
Beatty, James L: Edenderry
Beatty, Jane L: Legananny
Beatty, John L: Drumsallagh
Beatty, John L: Edenderry
Beatty, Sarah L: Edenderry
Beck, Alexander L: T: Loughbrickland
Beck, Gilbert L: Dromorebrague
Beck, John L: Dromorebrague N: Brogue
Beck, John L: Dromorebrague N: Tanvally
Beck, John L: Dromorebrague N: Weaver
Beck, Margaret L: Edenderry
Beck, Robert L: Dromorebrague
Beck, Rep. Robert L: Dromorebrague
Bell, Alexander L: Lisnatierny
Bell, Joseph L: Edenderry
Bell, Margaret L: T: Poyntz Pass
Bell, William, Jr. L: Glaskermore
Bell, William, Sr. L: Glaskermore
Bennett, Terence L: Creevy
Bickerstaff, Bridget L: Meenan
Bigham, James L: Drumnahare
Bigham, William L: Drumnahare
Bingham, Ringham L: Lisnabrague
Black, Samuel L: Drummiller
Blair, James L: Dromorebrague
Bleakley, Henry L: Dromorebrague
Bleakley, Isaac L: Dromorebrague
Bleakley, William L: Dromorebrague
Boden, David L: Loughadian
Boggs, Bernard L: T: Poyntz Pass
Boggs, Chambers L: Creevy
Boggs, Hans L: Creevy
Boggs, William L: Ballynaskeagh
Boggs, William L: Creevy
Bohanan, James L: Creevy
Bole, Patrick L: Lisnatierny
Boyd, John L: V: Scarva
Boyle, David L: V: Scarva
Boyle, Dominick L: Loughadian
Bradford, John L: Glaskermore
Bradford, William L: Glaskerbeg, East
Bradley, Owen L: V: Scarva
Brady, Hugh L: Bovennett
Breakey, Peter L: Ballynaskeagh
Brennan, Anne L: Ballyvarley
Brennan, Charles L: Ballyvarley
Brennan, Patrick L: Ballyvarley
Brican, Andrew L: Drumnahare
Bridget, William L: Coolnacran
Brien, Denis L: Drummiller
Bronte, James L: Ballynaskeagh
Bronte, Walsh L: Ballynaskeagh
Browne, Alexander L: Drummiller
Browne, David L: Glenloughan
Browne, Henry L: Coolnacran
Browne, John L: Coolnacran
Browne, Joseph L: Glenloughan
Browne, Peter L: T: Loughbrickland
Browne, Rose L: Ballintaggart
Browne, Samuel L: Coolnacran
Browne, Thomas L: Coolnacran
Browne, Thomas L: T: Loughbrickland
Browne, William L: Glenloughan
Browne, Willliam L: Coolnacran
Bruce, Thomas L: Glaskermore
Bryson, Andrew L: Ballygowan
Bryson, Andrew L: T: Loughbrickland
Bryson, George L: Loughadian
Bryson, William L: Loughadian
Bryson, Willilam L: Ballygowan
Buchanan, James L: Lisnagonnell
Buddock, Joseph L: Glenloughan
Bulla, Jane L: Brickland
Bulla, John L: Brickland
Burnett, Margaret L: Coolnacran
Burnett, Willliam L: Coolnacran
Burns, Anne L: Ballyvarley
Burns, Arthur L: Ballynaskeagh
Burns, Arthur L: Ballyvarley
Burns, Bridget L: Drummiller
Burns, Catherine L: Ballygowan
Burns, Edward L: Lisnagade
Burns, Esther L: Ballyvarley
Burns, Rep. Francis L: Ballyvarley
Burns, George L: Lisnagade
Burns, Henry L: Ballyvarley
Burns, Hugh L: Ballyvarley
Burns, James L: Ballygowan
Burns, James L: Glaskerbeg, East
Burns, James, Jr. L: Ballygowan
Burns, James, Jr. L: Ballyvarley
Burns, James, Sr. L: Ballygowan
Burns, John L: Ballyvarley
Burns, John L: Carrickdrumman
Burns, John L: Shankill
Burns, Mary L: Drumnahare
Burns, Patrick L: Ballygowan
Burns, Patrick L: Ballyvarley
Burns, Rose L: Ballyvarley
Burns, Samuel L: V: Scarva
Byrne, Agnes L: Glaskerbeg, West
Byrne, Catherine L: Glaskerbeg, East
Byrne, Charles L: Glaskermore
Byrne, Daniel L: Glaskerbeg, West
Byrne, Edward L: Glaskermore
Byrne, Hugh L: Glaskermore
Byrne, Hugh, Jr. L: Glaskerbeg, East
Byrne, Hugh, Sr. L: Glaskerbeg, East
Byrne, John L: Glaskerbeg, West
Byrne, John L: Lisnatierny
Byrne, Joseph L: Glaskermore
Byrne, Patrick L: Glaskermore
Cahey, Hugh L: V: Scarva
Caldwell, James L: Lisnatierny
Caldwell, Sarah L: Ballynaskeagh
Caldwell, Walter L: Ballynaskeagh
Campbell, Alexander L: Shankill
Campbell, Andrew L: Scarva
Campbell, Bernard L: Drumsallagh
Campbell, Catherine L: T: Loughbrickland
Campbell, Edward L: Ballyvarley
Campbell, Eliza L: Greenan
Campbell, Eliza L: Legananny
Campbell, Hugh L: T: Loughbrickland
Campbell, James L: Brickland
Campbell, James L: Greenan
Campbell, John L: Edenderry
Campbell, John L: T: Loughbrickland
Campbell, Margaret L: Legananny
Campbell, Margaret Jane L: Carrickdrumman
Campbell, Mary L: Ballintaggart
Campbell, Robert L: Bovennett
Campbell, Robert L: Brickland
Campbell, Robert L: Drumnahare
Campbell, Samuel L: Edenderry
Campbell, Samuel L: Legananny
Campbell, Samuel L: Lisnabrague
Campbell, Thomas L: Glaskerbeg, East
Campbell, William L: Edenderry
Canavan, Patrick L: Glaskermore
Carney, Bernard L: Ballyvarley
Carney, Margaret L: Drumsallagh
Carr, Hugh L: Ballyvarley
Carr, John L: Ballyvarley
Carr, Robert L: Drumnahare
Carr, Robert L: Lisnagonnell
Carsewell, John L: Bovennett
Carsewell, John L: Carrickdrumman
Carsewell, John L: Greenan
Carsewell, John L: Legananny
Carsewell, John L: Lisnagonnell
Carsewell, John L: Meenan
Carsewell, Joseph L: Shankill
Carsewell, Samuel L: Carrickdrumman
Carson, James L: Scarva
Carson, James L: V: Scarva
Carson, James A. L: Glenloughan
Carson, Jane L: Glenloughan
Carson, Rebecca L: Glenloughan
Caulfield, Michael L: V: Scarva
Chambers, Dines L: Scarva N: Rockvale
Chambers, James L: Meenan
Chambers, Margaret L: Ballynaskeagh
Clarke, Alexander L: Loughadian
Clarke, Eliza L: Drumsallagh
Clarke, George L: Drummiller
Clarke, James L: Drummiller
Clarke, Robert L: Drummiller
Clarke, Thomas L: Drummiller
Cloughley, James L: Glenloughan
Clugston, Anna Maria L: Drumsallagh
Clugston, John L: Derrydrummuck
Clugston, Matthew L: Ballynaskeagh
Clugston, Robert L: Bovennett
Cochrane, John L: Glaskermore
Cochrane, Robert L: Scarva
Cockburn, Solomon L: Lisnabrague
Coey, Samuel L: Legananny
Coey, Thomas L: Bovennett
Coey, William L: Legananny
Coffey, John L: Glaskerbeg, East
Collin, Matthew L: Glaskerbeg, East
Collins, Henry L: Drummiller
Conlan, Anne L: Loughadian
Conlan, Arthur L: V: Scarva
Conlan, Hugh L: Bovennett
Conlan, Paul L: Lisnabrague
Conlan, Samuel L: Drummiller
Conley, James L: Drumsallagh
Conley, John L: Bovennett
Connell, Owen L: Lisnagade
Connolly, Edward L: T: Loughbrickland
Connor, Patrick L: Glaskermore
Connor, Philip L: Glaskermore
Connor, William L: Drumsallagh
Conroy, Patrick L: Scarva
Converry, Laurence L: Loughadian
Convery, Michael L: Ballyvarley
Corbett, Robert S. L: Glaskermore
Cosbey, Robert L: Carrickdrumman
Cosby, Samuel L: Drumsallagh
Cott, George L: Glaskermore
Courtney, Bernard L: Lisnagonnell
Courtney, James L: Lisnagonnell
Cousins, Moses L: Scarva
Cowen, Robert L: Meenan
Cowen, Sarah L: Meenan
Cowley, Bernard L: Drummiller
Craig, James L: Ballynaskeagh
Craig, Thomas L: Caskum
Cranny, Bridget L: Lisnatierny
Cranny, James L: Drumsallagh
Cranny, John L: Lisnatierny
Cranny, Patrick L: Drumsallagh
Cranny, Patrick L: Greenan N: Fort
Cranny, Patrick L: Lisnatierny
Cranny, Rosanna L: Lisnatierny
Craw, James L: Ballygowan
Crawford, Rev. Robert L: T: Loughbrickland
Creany, Henry L: Drummiller
Creany, Margaret L: Drummiller
Creany, Rody L: Drummiller
Cromie, David L: Drumsallagh
Cromie, William L: Coolnacran
Crothers, Eliza L: V: Scarva
Crothers, John L: Ballygowan
Crothers, Robert L: T: Poyntz Pass
Crothers, Samuel L: Coolnacran
Crothers, Samuel L: Loughadian
Crowley, Peter L: Dromorebrague
Cully, Andrew L: Shankill
Cully, Robert L: Coolnacran
Cunnaghan, Charles L: Lisnatierny
Cunningham, Charlotte L: Glaskermore
Cunningham, Daniel L: Glaskermore
Cuppers, John L: Ballintaggart
Cupples, Alexander L: Drumnahare
Cupples, Alexander L: Shankill
Cupples, David L: Drumnahare
Cupples, James L: Brickland
Cupples, James L: Caskum
Cupples, James L: Drumnahare
Cupples, James L: Glaskermore
Cupples, John L: Ballintaggart
Cupples, John L: Drumnahare
Cupples, Joseph L: Coolnacran
Cupples, William L: Drumnahare
Curran, Henry L: Ballynaskeagh
Curry, John L: Brickland
Darragh, Joseph L: T: Loughbrickland
Davidson, Benjamin L: V: Scarva
Davidson, Rep. Joseph L: Ballynaskeagh
Davidson, Robert L: Ballintaggart
Davidson, Willliam L: Ballintaggart
Davis, Benjamin L: V: Scarva
Davis, George L: Lisnabrague
Davis, James L: T: Loughbrickland
Davis, Jane L: Drumnahare
Davis, John L: Drumsallagh
Davis, Samuel L: T: Poyntz Pass
Davison, James L: Lisnabrague
Deale, Alexander L: Caskum
Deale, Hugh L: Brickland
Deale, Hugh L: Brickland N: William
Deale, John L: Caskum
Denham, Esther L: Glaskermore
Denison, Anne L: Legananny
Densmer, Robert L: Carrickdrumman
Devlin, Arthur L: Drumsallagh
Devlin, Catherine L: Lisnagonnell
Devlin, Daniel L: Drummiller
Devlin, Deborah L: Drummiller
Devlin, Eleanor L: Coolnacran
Devlin, John L: Drumnahare
Devlin, Mary L: Scarva
Devlin, Michael L: Ballyvarley
Devlin, Michael L: Lisnatierny
Devlin, Patrick L: Ballygowan
Devlin, Patrick L: Bovennett
Devlin, Patrick L: Drumnahare
Dickey, John L: Caskum
Dickey, Margaret L: Caskum
Dixon, David L: Legananny
Dixon, Edward L: Glenloughan
Dixon, George L: Ballyvarley
Dixon, George L: Legananny
Dixon, Hugh L: Ballyvarley
Dixon, Hugh L: Legananny
Dixon, Robert L: Bovennett
Dogherty, Terence L: Drumsallagh
Donaldson, Isabella L: Brickland
Donnelly, Esther L: Creevy
Donnelly, John L: Creevy
Doran, Esther L: T: Loughbrickland
Doran, Henry L: Drumnahare
Doran, John L: Drumnahare
Douglas, John L: Ballintaggart
Douglas, John L: Shankill
Douglas, John, Jr. L: Ballintaggart
Douglas, Sarah L: Glaskermore
Dowey, John L: Ballygowan
Downey, James L: Loughadian
Doyle, Ellen L: Drummiller
Doyle, Henry L: Creevy
Doyle, Henry L: Lisnatierny
Doyle, John L: Loughadian
Doyle, Patrick L: Ballyvarley
Doyle, Patrick L: Drummiller
Drake, Andrew L: Meenan
Drake, John L: Creevy
Dwyer, Jane L: T: Loughbrickland
English, Elizabeth L: Edenderry
English, Robert L: Edenderry
Evans, Elizabeth L: Lisnabrague
Evans, Samuel L: Ballintaggart
Ewart, James L: Brickland
Ewart, Robert L: Derrydrummuck
Fagan, Sarah L: Glaskermore
Falloon, Mary L: Scarva
Farnan, Catherine L: Ballynaskeagh
Farnan, Patrick L: T: Loughbrickland
Farnan, Susan L: Bovennett
Farnan, Terence L: Ballynaskeagh
Feenan, Andrew L: Drummiller
Fegan, Bernard L: Caskum
Fegan, Bernard L: T: Loughbrickland
Fegan, Frank L: Lisnagonnell
Fegan, John L: Glaskerbeg, West
Fegan, John L: Legananny
Fegan, Patrick L: Greenan
Fennell, Robert L: V: Scarva
Ferin, Isabella L: T: Loughbrickland
Ferin, Matthew L: Drummiller
Feris, Anne L: Meenan
Ferris, John L: Lisnagonnell
Ferris, Joseph, Jr. L: Lisnatierny
Ferris, Joseph, Sr. L: Lisnatierny
Ferris, Mary L: Drumsallagh
Ferris, Robert L: Drumnahare
Filbert, Mary L: Glaskerbeg, West
Filbert, Richard L: Brickland
Finlay, John L: Meenan
Fitzpatrick, Daniel L: Ballyvarley
Fitzpatrick, Eliza L: Drumsallagh
Fitzpatrick, Hugh L: Drumsallagh
Fitzpatrick, John L: Drumsallagh
Fitzpatrick, Mary L: Meenan
Fitzpatrick, Susannah L: Meenan
Fitzsimmons, Robert L: Ballynaskeagh
Fivey, Bridget L: Loughadian
Fivey, James L: Loughadian N: Merryfield
Flaherty, Nathaniel L: Bovennett
Flanagan, Henry L: T: Loughbrickland
Fleming, Daniel L: Drumsallagh
Fleming, Thomas L: Meenan
Fleming, William L: Lisnabrague
Flemming, William, Sr. L: Lisnabrague
Fletcher, Esther L: Glaskerbeg, East
Fletcher, Esther L: Glaskermore
Fletcher, John L: Glaskermore
Fletcher, John L: Shankill
Flinn, Thomas L: Caskum
Flynn, Edward L: T: Loughbrickland
Forbes, Henry L: Drumnahare
Forbes, John L: Drumsallagh
Forker, Jane L: T: Poyntz Pass
Forsythe, George L: Coolnacran
Forsythe, Robert L: T: Loughbrickland
Fullerton, James L: Lisnagade
Fullerton, John L: Lisnagade
Fulton, James L: Drumsallagh
Fulton, Jane L: Glenloughan
Fulton, Jane L: Glenloughan N: Scott
Fulton, Samuel L: Drumsallagh
Gaddis, Anne L: Lisnabrague
Gaddis, John L: Legananny
Gaddis, Joseph L: Loughadian
Gahegan, James L: Legananny
Gamble, James L: Coolnacran
Gamble, John L: Ballyvarley
Gamble, William L: Shankill
Gapenby, James L: Dromorebrague
Gapenby, Thomas L: Dromorebrague
Gapenby, William L: Dromorebrague
Garvey, Mary L: Glaskermore
Gawley, Robert L: Lisnagonnell
Geoghegan, Denis, Jr. L: Lisnagade
Geoghegan, Denis, Sr. L: Lisnagade
Geoghegan, Edward L: Lisnagade
Geoghegan, George L: Lisnagade
Geoghegan, John L: V: Scarva
Gibney, Hewston L: Derrydrummuck
Gibney, Joseph L: Drumsallagh
Gibson, Hugh L: Drumsallagh
Gill, Arthur L: Lisnabrague
Gill, Arthur L: Loughadian
Gill, Francis L: Loughadian
Gillespey, Charles L: Scarva
Gillespey, William L: Scarva
Gillespie, William L: Glaskermore
Gillespy, James L: Drumsallagh
Ginniff, John L: Drumnahare
Ginniff, Joseph L: Drumnahare
Goodfellow, Edward L: Drummiller
Gordon, Anne L: Glaskerbeg, East
Gordon, Hugh L: Brickland
Gordon, James L: V: Scarva
Gordon, John L: Ballynaskeagh
Gordon, Rep. John L: Glaskerbeg, East
Gordon, Rep. John L: Glaskerbeg, West
Gordon, Robert L: Greenan
Gordon, Robert L: T: Loughbrickland
Gordon, Samuel L: Shankill
Gourley, Moses L: Ballyvarley
Graham, Arthur L: T: Poyntz Pass
Graham, David L: Loughadian
Graham, David L: Scarva
Graham, George L: T: Poyntz Pass
Graham, James L: Drumsallagh
Graham, James L: Loughadian
Graham, John L: Glenloughan
Graham, John L: Lisnagade
Graham, Mary L: Scarva
Graham, Rachael L: Scarva
Graham, Robert L: Drumsallagh
Graham, Robert L: Scarva
Graham, William L: Creevy
Grant, Philip L: Glaskerbeg, East
Grant, Robert L: Glenloughan
Grant, Robert L: V: Scarva
Gratton, Thomas L: Derrydrummuck
Gray, David L: Ballintaggart
Gray, Rep. John L: Ballintaggart
Gray, William L: T: Loughbrickland
Grealton, Anne L: Creevy
Grealton, Hugh L: Shankill
Grealton, James L: Glaskerbeg, West
Grealton, John L: Glaskerbeg, East
Grealton, John L: Glaskerbeg, West
Grealton, John L: Glaskermore
Grealton, Robert L: Glaskerbeg, East
Grealton, Robert L: Glaskerbeg, West
Grealton, Thomas L: Glaskerbeg, West
Grealton, William L: Ballynaskeagh
Grealton, William L: Glaskerbeg, East
Grealton, William L: Glaskerbeg, West N: Hill
Grealton, William L: Glaskerbeg, West N: Upper
Grealton, William, Jr. L: Glaskerbeg, West
Grealton, William, Sr. L: Glaskerbeg, West
Greaton, James L: T: Loughbrickland
Greenaway, Thomas L: Lisnagade
Greenaway, William L: Scarva
Greenfield, Moses L: Drummiller
Greenfield, Samuel L: Drummiller
Greer, Thomas L: Legananny
Haffey, James L: T: Poyntz Pass
Hale, Alexander L: Drumsallagh
Hale, Edward L: Drumsallagh
Hale, Jacob L: Lisnatierny
Hall, Jane L: Ballyvarley
Halliday, John L: Ballynaskeagh
Hamilton, Dinah L: Dromorebrague
Hamilton, James L: Caskum
Hammond, William L: Lisnabrague
Hanna, William L: Shankill
Hare, William L: Drummiller
Harel, David L: Scarva
Harel, William L: V: Scarva
Harper, James L: Derrydrummuck
Harper, William L: Ballygowan
Harrold, William L: V: Scarva
Harvey, John L: Caskum
Harvey, John L: Drumnahare
Harvey, Robert L: Caskum
Harvey, Samuel L: Caskum
Haslet, John L: Caskum
Haughey, Bernard L: Meenan
Haughey, John L: Drumsallagh
Haughey, John L: Meenan
Hawthorn, Elizabeth L: Derrydrummuck
Hawthorn, Margaret L: V: Scarva
Hawthorn, Mary L: Ballygowan
Hawthorn, Robert L: Ballygowan
Hawthorn, William L: Derrydrummuck
Hawthorne, Alexander L: V: Scarva
Hawthorne, David L: Legananny
Hawthorne, Eliza L: Legananny
Hawthorne, Francis L: Ballintaggart
Hawthorne, Francis L: Meenan
Hawthorne, John L: Carrickdrumman
Hawthorne, John L: Glenloughan
Hawthorne, John L: Scarva
Hawthorne, Joseph L: Lisnagade
Hawthorne, Margaret L: Legananny
Hawthorne, Thomas L: Ballygowan
Hawthorne, William L: Ballygowan
Hayes, Richard L: V: Scarva
Hayes, William L: V: Scarva
Hazlep, David L: Derrydrummuck
Hazlip, John L: Lisnagonnell
Heenan, Joshua L: Dromorebrague
Henderson, Joseph L: Glaskerbeg, East
Henderson, Joseph L: Glaskerbeg, West
Henry, James L: Loughadian
Henry, James L: T: Poyntz Pass
Henry, William L: Derrydrummuck
Henry, William L: Shankill
Herdman, Eliza Anne L: Dromorebrague
Herdman, Robert L: Derrydrummuck
Herdman, William L: Dromorebrague
Heron, Archibald L: Ballygowan
Heron, David L: Lisnagade
Heron, Francis L: Ballintaggart
Higgins, John L: Drumsallagh
Higgins, Michael L: Meenan
Hill, Edward L: Lisnabrague
Hill, James L: Coolnacran
Hill, John L: Lisnagonnell
Hill, Joseph, Jr. L: Lisnagonnell
Hill, Joseph, Sr. L: Lisnagonnell
Hill, Samuel L: Ballygowan
Hill, Samuel L: Coolnacran
Hill, William L: Drumsallagh
Hillan, Catherine L: Ballyvarley
Hillan, Daniel L: Ballyvarley
Hillis, Anne L: Glaskermore
Holmes, Walter L: Brickland
Hopkins, John L: Ballygowan
Hudson, James L: Lisnatierny
Hudson, John L: Legananny
Hudson, Samuel L: Legananny
Hudson, Thomas L: Loughadian
Hudson, William L: Legananny
Hughes, Mary L: Drumnahare
Hughes, Patrick L: Drumnahare
Hunter, George L: Drummiller N: Lock-Keeper
Hutchinson, John L: Dromorebrague
Hutchinson, Joseph L: Drumnahare
Hutchinson, Thomas L: Dromorebrague
Hutchinson, Thomas L: Drumnahare
Hutchison, William L: T: Loughbrickland
Hynes, George L: V: Scarva
Ingram, Alexabder L: Ballynaskeagh
Ingram, James L: Drumnahare
Ingram, John L: Ballynaskeagh
Ingram, John L: Glaskermore
Irvine, James L: Glaskerbeg, East
Irvine, Rachel L: Ballynaskeagh
Irwin, Isaac L: Creevy
Irwin, James L: Creevy
Irwin, John L: Shankill
Jackson, Thomas L: Derrydrummuck
Jamison, John L: Creevy
Jamison, William L: Creevy
Jardine, Edward L: Lisnagonnell
Jenkins, Joseph L: T: Poyntz Pass
Jenkins, Robert L: Carrickdrumman
Johnson, Anne L: Coolnacran
Johnson, Anne L: T: Loughbrickland
Johnson, Thomas L: Carrickdrumman
Johnson, Thomas L: Glaskerbeg, East
Johnson, William L: Carrickdrumman
Johnson, William L: Loughadian
Johnson, William L: T: Poyntz Pass
Jones, George L: Drummiller
Jordan, Edward L: Lisnatierny
Jordan, James L: Ballyvarley
Jordan, Martha L: Derrydrummuck
Jordan, Martha L: Shankill
Jordan, Richard L: Shankill
Kay, John L: Ballyvarley
Kearney, Arthur L: Lisnagade
Kearney, Daniel L: Meenan
Kearney, James L: Lisnagade
Kearney, Mary L: Creevy
Kearney, Patrick L: Lisnagade
Kearney, Peter L: Ballynaskeagh
Kee, John A. L: Coolnacran
Keegan, William L: Ballyvarley
Keinnin, David L: Drummiller
Keinnin, Thomas L: Drummiller
Kelly, Francis L: Glenloughan
Kelly, Francis L: Lisnatierny
Kelly, Henry L: Glenloughan
Kelly, Henry L: V: Scarva
Kelly, James L: Ballyvarley
Kelly, William L: Ballynaskeagh
Kennedy, Hugh L: Ballynaskeagh
Kennedy, James L: Glenloughan
Kennedy, James L: V: Scarva
Kennedy, Mary L: Glenloughan
Kennedy, Mary Anne L: V: Scarva
Kennedy, Robert L: Creevy
Kenny, Hugh L: Ballygowan
Kerns, David L: Coolnacran
Kerr, Anne L: Drumsallagh
Kidd, Isaac L: Glaskerbeg, East
Kidd, Isacc L: Glaskermore
Kincaid, Hugh L: Coolnacran
Kinlay, Patrick L: Lisnagade
Kinley, Eliza L: Ballintaggart
Kinley, John L: T: Loughbrickland
Kinley, Ringham L: T: Loughbrickland
Lackey, James L: Ballygowan
Lackey, Richard L: Ballygowan
Lackey, Robert L: Ballyvarley
Lauder, Eliza, Jr. L: Coolnacran
Lauder, Eliza, Sr. L: Coolnacran
Lavery, Arthur L: Glaskerbeg, East
Lavery, Arthur L: Glaskermore
Lavery, Arthur L: T: Loughbrickland
Lavery, James L: Greenan
Lavery, John L: Ballygowan
Lavery, Patrick L: Lisnagade
Leckey, Hugh L: Ballintaggart
Leckey, James L: Ballintaggart
Leckey, James L: Coolnacran
Lefroy, Rev. Geoffrey L: Drumnahare
Legget, John L: Derrydrummuck
Legget, William L: Dromorebrague
Legget, William L: Drumnahare
Leggett, Hugh L: Loughadian
Lennan, John L: Drumnahare
Lennon, Anne L: Bovennett
Lennon, Bernard L: Drummiller
Lennon, Bernard L: Lisnagade
Lennon, Daniel L: Drummiller
Lennon, Edward L: Lisnagade
Lennon, Ellen L: Drummiller
Lennon, Esther L: Drumsallagh
Lennon, James L: Lisnagade
Lennon, John L: Ballyvarley
Lennon, John L: Lisnagade
Lennon, Margaret L: T: Loughbrickland
Lennon, Michael L: Ballyvarley
Lennon, Patrick L: Drummiller
Lennon, Robert L: Ballygowan
Linden, Alexander L: Lisnatierny
Lindsay, John L: Drumnahare
Lister, Alexander L: Edenderry
Little, James L: Glaskermore
Little, James L: Legananny
Little, John L: Glaskermore
Little, John L: Shankill
Little, Mary L: Shankill
Little, William L: Lisnabrague
Lotton, Charles L: Loughadian
Loughlan, Daniel L: Glaskerbeg, West
Loughlin, Bridget L: Glaskerbeg, West
Loughlin, James L: Loughadian
Loughlin, Thomas L: Glaskerbeg, East
Loughlin, Thomas L: Glaskerbeg, West
Loughlin, Thomas L: Shankill
Lowery, John L: Ballygowan
Lowrey, John L: V: Scarva
Lowry, John L: V: Scarva
Lutton, John L: Legananny
Lyons, Agnes L: Lisnagonnell
Lyons, Clemina L: Creevy
Lyons, Hugh L: Ballintaggart
Lyons, Hugh L: Ballygowan
Lyons, James L: Drumnahare
Lyons, Joseph L: T: Loughbrickland
Lyons, Robert L: Derrydrummuck
Lyons, Samuel L: Creevy
Lyons, William L: Ballintaggart
Macauley, Dinah L: T: Poyntz Pass
Mackay, Thomas L: Drumsallagh
Maddock, John L: Bovennett
Magarry, William L: Loughadian
Magarry, William L: T: Poyntz Pass
Magaw, Hugh L: Drumsallagh
Magee, Anne L: Scarva
Magee, George L: Glaskerbeg, West
Magee, John L: Loughadian
Magee, Patrick L: V: Scarva
Magee, Rody L: Drummiller
Magill, Eliza L: Loughadian
Magill, Eliza L: T: Poyntz Pass
Magill, John L: Ballygowan
Magivern, Daniel L: Drumsallagh
Magivern, John L: Drumsallagh
Magivern, John L: Lisnagonnell
Magivern, John L: Meenan
Magivern, Patrick, Jr. L: Drumsallagh
Magivern, Patrick, Sr. L: Drumsallagh
Magrath, Eleanor L: T: Loughbrickland
Magrath, Henry L: Ballygowan
Magrehan, Peter L: Coolnacran
Mahaffy, Agnes L: Drumsallagh
Mahaffy, Alexander L: Drumsallagh
Mahaffy, Francis L: Lisnatierny
Mahaffy, Isaac L: Drumsallagh
Mahaffy, John L: Drumsallagh
Mahaffy, Joseph L: Drumsallagh
Mahaffy, William L: Drumsallagh
Mahaffy, William L: Lisnagonnell
Main, James L: Derrydrummuck
Maitland, David L: Glaskermore
Malcolmson, Jane L: Glaskerbeg, East
Malcomson, William L: Glaskermore
Malone, James L: Ballynaskeagh
Marks, Nicholas L: Drummiller
Marmion, Michael L: Glaskermore
Martin, Mary L: Coolnacran
Martin, Thomas L: Legananny
Martin, William L: Coolnacran
Martin, William L: Lisnabrague
Mateer, John L: Ballygowan
Mateer, William L: Legananny
Mathers, Thomas L: Edenderry
Mathews, Hamilton L: Ballynaskeagh
Mathews, James L: T: Poyntz Pass
Matlan, John L: Glaskermore
Matthews, Margaret L: T: Loughbrickland
Mattock, John L: Bovennett
McAleavy, Francis L: Scarva
McAleavy, Francis L: V: Scarva
McAlenden, Daniel L: Ballintaggart
McAlevey, Francis L: V: Scarva
McAlevey, Peter L: Loughadian
McAlevy, Charles L: Ballyvarley
McAlevy, Daniel L: Ballyvarley
McAlevy, Henry L: Ballyvarley
McAlevy, John L: Ballyvarley
McAlevy, Mary L: Ballyvarley
McAlinden, Henry L: Ballynaskeagh
McAlinden, James L: Lisnagonnell
McAlindon, Rose L: Ballyvarley
McAlister, David L: Glaskerbeg, West
McAlister, Esther L: Derrydrummuck
McAlister, Esther L: Glaskerbeg, East
McAlister, Esther L: Shankill
McAlister, George L: Derrydrummuck
McAlister, John L: Glaskermore
McAlister, Rep. Joseph L: Glaskermore
McAlister, Mary L: Derrydrummuck
McAlister, Samuel L: Derrydrummuck
McAlister, Samuel L: Glaskermore
McAlister, William L: Derrydrummuck
McAllister, Jonathan L: Ballynaskeagh
McAnally, James L: Shankill
McAnerney, Elizabeth L: V: Scarva
McAnerney, James L: Glenloughan
McAniff, Samuel L: Brickland
McAteer, Charles L: Drummiller
McAteer, Daniel L: Drummiller
McAteer, Matthew L: Drummiller
McAteer, Thomas L: Drummiller
McAverry, Patrick L: Glaskerbeg, East
McAvoy, Arthur L: Caskum
McAvoy, Francis L: Caskum
McAvoy, George L: Shankill
McBirney, Nicholas L: T: Poyntz Pass
McBride, Alexander L: Loughadian
McBride, Archibald L: Legananny
McBurney, David L: Caskum
McCabe, Alexander L: Glaskermore
McCabe, Henry L: Glaskermore
McCabe, John L: Ballynaskeagh
McCabe, John L: Glaskermore
McCaffrey, Henry L: Bovennett
McCaig, James L: Carrickdrumman
McCaig, John L: Lisnagonnell
McCaig, Samuel L: Lisnagonnell
McCaldin, Alexander L: Ballintaggart
McCaldon, James L: Drumnahare
McCaldon, Sarah L: Caskum
McCammon, Hugh L: Ballynaskeagh
McCammon, Hugh L: Derrydrummuck
McCammon, James L: Ballynaskeagh
McCammon, James L: Derrydrummuck
McCann, Mary L: Ballyvarley
McCann, Michael L: Ballyvarley
McCann, Owen L: Loughadian
McCauley, Anne L: Legananny
McCeaveat, Rose L: Ballyvarley
McChesney, John L: Ballynaskeagh
McClaine, Robert L: Ballygowan
McClelland, Adam L: Caskum
McClelland, Adam L: Drumnahare
McClelland, Archibald L: Legananny
McClelland, Rep. James L: Ballygowan
McClelland, James L: Derrydrummuck
McClelland, John L: Derrydrummuck
McClelland, John L: Greenan
McClelland, John L: T: Loughbrickland
McClelland, Joseph L: Drumsallagh
McClelland, Joseph L: Glenloughan
McClelland, Robert L: Ballygowan N: Fir View
McClelland, Thomas L: Bovennett
McClelland, Thomas L: T: Loughbrickland
McClements, John L: Bovennett
McClements, John L: Coolnacran
McClements, Joseph L: Ballygowan
McClements, Joseph L: Coolnacran
McClements, Martha L: Drumnahare
McClements, William L: Edenderry
McClements, William L: Lisnabrague
McClenahan, James M. L: Legananny
McClery, Rose L: Meenan
McClinagh, James L: Derrydrummuck
McClory, Andrew L: Glaskerbeg, East
McClory, Ellen L: Ballynaskeagh
McClory, Hugh L: Ballynaskeagh
McClory, James L: Ballintaggart
McClory, James L: Ballynaskeagh
McClory, James L: T: Loughbrickland
McClory, John L: Drumsallagh
McClory, Owen L: Ballynaskeagh
McClory, Patrick L: Ballynaskeagh
McClory, Peter L: Drumsallagh
McClory, Thomas L: Ballynaskeagh
McClory, Thomas L: Drumsallagh
McClory, William L: Ballynaskeagh
McClory, William L: Drumsallagh
McClory, William L: Loughadian
McCloy, Elizabeth L: V: Scarva
McClury, Patrick L: Brickland
McCollom, Robert L: Creevy
McComb, Archibald L: Loughadian
McComb, Matthew L: Loughadian
McComb, Samuel L: Loughadian
McComb, Thomas L: Lisnabrague
McCombe, John L: Ballyvarley
McConnell, Margaret L: Shankill
McConville, Francis L: Ballyvarley
McConville, Francis L: Glenloughan
McConville, Hugh L: Ballyvarley
McConville, John L: Lisnabrague
McConville, John L: Loughadian
McConville, Peter L: Ballyvarley
McConville, Rose L: Drumsallagh
McConville, Rose L: Lisnabrague
McConville, William L: Lisnabrague
McCormack, James L: Creevy
McCormack, Mary Anne L: Lisnatierny
McCormack, Patrick L: Coolnacran
McCormick, Edward L: Ballyvarley
McCourt, Henry L: Ballintaggart
McCourt, Mary L: Ballynaskeagh
McCourt, Patrick L: Glenloughan
McCourt, Patrick L: V: Scarva
McCoy, Sarah L: Ballyvarley
McCracken, Robert L: Glaskermore
McCracken, Samuel L: Glaskermore
McCracken, William L: Glaskermore
McCreedy, Anne L: T: Loughbrickland
McCreedy, James L: T: Loughbrickland
McCrom, James L: Glaskermore
McCrory, Patrick L: Lisnagonnell
McCullagh, Alexander L: Lisnagonnell
McCullagh, David L: Lisnagonnell
McCullagh, Francis L: Ballynaskeagh
McCullagh, Francis M. L: Creevy
McCullagh, James L: Ballygowan
McCullagh, John L: Creevy
McCullagh, John L: Lisnagonnell
McCullagh, Robert L: Creevy
McCullagh, Robert L: Lisnagonnell
McCullagh, William L: Coolnacran
McCullum, James L: Caskum
McCummisky, William L: Brickland
McCusker, Mary L: Greenan
McDonnell, Arthur L: V: Scarva
McDonnell, Francis L: Lisnagade
McDonnell, John L: V: Scarva
McDowell, Archibald L: Drummiller
McDowell, Mary L: T: Poyntz Pass
McDowell, Samuel L: Dromorebrague
McDunn, Anne L: Shankill
McEleavy, John L: Shankill
McEnniff, Robert L: Shankill
McEvoy, Arthur L: Ballintaggart
McFadden, Henry L: Glaskermore
McFadden, John L: Ballynaskeagh
McFadden, Joseph L: Shankill
McFadden, Mary L: T: Loughbrickland
McFarran, George L: Drumnahare
McGarry, Amelia L: Lisnabrague
McGenity, Felix L: Edenderry
McGivern, Bernard L: Ballintaggart
McGivern, Hugh L: Ballintaggart
McGivern, James L: Ballynaskeagh
McGivern, John L: Glaskermore
McGivern, Patrick L: Ballynaskeagh
McGlory, John L: Glaskerbeg, West
McGough, George L: Glenloughan
McGrath, Bernard L: Ballyvarley
McGrath, Francis L: Ballyvarley
McGrath, Hugh L: Lisnagade
McGrath, James L: Ballyvarley
McGrath, James L: Lisnagade
McGrath, Peter L: Lisnagade
McGrath, Rosanna L: Ballyvarley
McGrath, Thomas L: Lisnagade
McGrory, Patrick L: Glaskerbeg, East
McGuill, Peter L: Derrydrummuck
McIlroy, James L: Ballygowan
McIlroy, James L: Drumnahare
McIlroy, Richard L: Loughadian
McKain, Archibald L: Lisnagonnell
McKane, James L: V: Scarva
McKay, Alice L: Ballyvarley
McKay, Catherine L: Ballyvarley
McKay, David L: Lisnagonnell
McKay, Edward L: Loughadian
McKay, Hugh L: T: Loughbrickland
McKay, James L: Lisnagade
McKay, John L: Ballygowan
McKay, John L: Legananny
McKay, John L: Lisnagade
McKay, Mary L: Ballyvarley
McKay, Mary L: Lisnagade
McKay, Owen L: Legananny
McKay, Patrick L: Lisnabrague
McKay, Rev. Peter L: Coolnacran
McKay, Rev. Peter L: T: Loughbrickland
McKean, John L: Bovennett
McKean, William L: Shankill
McKean, Woods L: Shankill
McKee, Rev. David L: Ballynaskeagh
McKee, Robert L: Drumsallagh
McKenna, Laurence L: Scarva
McKeon, Patrick L: Ballyvarley
McKeone, John L: T: Loughbrickland
McKeone, Michael L: Scarva N: Scarva House
McKeone, Michael L: V: Scarva
McKeone, Patrick L: Ballyvarley
McKeone, Patrick L: Lisnagade
McKeone, Robert L: Scarva
McKeown, Patrick L: Shankill
McKeveregan, John L: Ballyvarley
McKeveregan, Michael L: Lisnagade
McKinley, George L: Ballintaggart
McKnight, Sarah Anne L: Edenderry
McLeane, Hugh L: Ballyvarley
McMahon, John L: Bovennett
McMeehan, Thomas L: T: Loughbrickland
McMeehan, William L: Edenderry
McMeekan, John L: Drumsallagh
McMinn, Moses L: Glenloughan
McMullen, Hugh L: Lisnagade
McMullen, John L: Ballyvarley
McMullen, William L: Lisnagade
McMurray, James L: T: Loughbrickland
McMurray, John L: Glaskermore
McNalty, Matthew L: Ballynaskeagh
McNaughten, George L: Caskum
McNeill, Roger L: Ballyvarley
McParlan, Elizabeth L: Drumsallagh
McShane, Bernard L: Ballyvarley
Meade, Francis L: Legananny
Meade, James L: Legananny
Meade, John L: Drumsallagh
Meehan, Catherine L: Ballyvarley
Meehan, Catherine L: Lisnagonnell
Meehan, Peter L: Glaskerbeg, East
Megaw, Hugh L: Meenan
Megaw, James L: Meenan
Megaw, Thomas L: Meenan
Melvin, Isabella L: Loughadian
Middleton, John L: Ballintaggart
Middleton, John L: Ballintaggart N: Wood Vale
Miller, Andrew L: Ballintaggart
Miller, Robert L: Ballintaggart
Miller, Robert L: Drumnahare
Miller, Robert L: T: Loughbrickland
Miller, Thomas L: T: Loughbrickland
Minnett, Agnes L: Loughadian
Minnett, Anne L: Lisnabrague
Minnett, James L: Coolnacran
Minnis, James L: Loughadian
Minnis, Moses L: Scarva
Minnis, Richard L: Loughadian
Minnis, Robert L: Loughadian
Minnis, Samuel L: Bovennett
Minnis, Samuel L: Loughadian
Miskimmon, George L: T: Loughbrickland
Mitchell, Joseph L: Ballintaggart
Mitchell, Joseph L: Ballynaskeagh
Mitchell, Joseph L: Derrydrummuck
Moffat, Alexander L: Caskum
Moghan, Owen L: Glaskermore
Monaghan, Anne L: Drumsallagh
Monaghan, Edward L: Ballyvarley
Monaghan, George L: Glenloughan
Monaghan, John L: Bovennett
Monaghan, Patrick L: Bovennett
Monaghan, Patrick L: Glenloughan
Mooney, Bridget L: Drummiller
Mooney, Daniel L: Glaskerbeg, West
Mooney, Patrick John L: Meenan
Mooney, William L: Meenan
Moore, George L: Derrydrummuck
Moore, James L: Glaskermore
Moore, John L: Ballyvarley
Moorhead, Anne L: Drumnahare
Moorhead, James L: Ballygowan
Moorhead, James L: Drumnahare
Moorhead, James L: Shankill
Moorhead, John L: Loughadian
Moorhead, Joseph L: Legananny
Moorhead, Margaret L: Ballygowan
Moorhead, Moses L: Loughadian
Moorhead, Robert, Jr. L: Legananny
Moorhead, Robert, Sr. L: Legananny
Morgan, James L: Ballyvarley
Morland, Thomas L: T: Loughbrickland
Morrison, Edward L: Drumnahare
Morrison, James L: Ballynaskeagh
Morrison, James L: Greenan
Morrisson, Archibald L: T: Loughbrickland
Morrisson, James L: Drumnahare
Morton, Hugh L: Ballynaskeagh
Mullen, James L: Lisnagonnell
Mullen, John L: Loughadian
Mullen, William L: V: Scarva
Mulligan, David L: Caskum
Mulligan, David L: Dromorebrague
Mulligan, James L: Caskum
Mulligan, James L: Dromorebrague
Mulligan, Robert L: Derrydrummuck
Mulree, John L: Coolnacran
Murdock, William L: Ballynaskeagh
Murnaghan, Daniel L: Greenan
Murnaghan, Felix L: Greenan
Murnaghan, James L: Ballintaggart
Murnaghan, John L: Ballintaggart
Murnaghan, Rose L: Greenan
Murphy, Catherine L: Ballyvarley
Murphy, James L: Greenan
Murphy, Michael L: Glaskermore
Murrough, John L: Creevy
Neill, Jane L: V: Scarva
Neill, John L: Bovennett
O'Flaherty, Nathaniel L: Bovennett
O'Flaherty, Nathaniel L: Drumnahare
O'Flaherty, Nathaniel L: Greenan
O'Flaherty, Nathaniel L: T: Loughbrickland
O'Hare, Felix L: Lisnatierny
O'Hare, George L: Drumsallagh
O'Hare, John L: Lisnatierny
O'Hare, Mary L: T: Loughbrickland
O'Hare, Patrick L: Glaskermore
O'Hare, Patrick L: Meenan
O'Hare, Peter L: Lisnatierny
O'Hare, William L: Ballintaggart
O'Neill, Henry L: Coolnacran
O'Neill, John L: Glenloughan
O'Neill, Thomas L: Ballyvarley
Overon, Richard L: V: Scarva
Palmer, Grisilda L: Glaskerbeg, West
Parker, Isaac L: Carrickdrumman
Parker, Isaac L: Dromorebrague
Parker, John L: Dromorebrague
Parker, William L: Ballintaggart
Parnell, John L: Drumnahare
Patten, Alexander L: Edenderry
Patten, James L: Glenloughan
Patten, James L: Scarva
Patterson, Agnes L: Glaskermore
Patterson, James L: Caskum
Patterson, James L: Lisnagade
Pea, Ellen L: Glaskermore
Pedan, Jane L: Drumsallagh
Pedan, John L: Drumsallagh
Pedan, Robert L: Drumsallagh
Pedan, Samuel L: Drumsallagh
Pillow, George L: Legananny
Pilson, Esther L: Ballintaggart
Pmh. Gy, John T. Reilly L: V: Scarva
Porter, John L: Dromorebrague
Porter, Joseph L: Dromorebrague
Porter, Samuel L: Dromorebrague
Porter, Thomas L: Dromorebrague
Porter, William L: Dromorebrague
Porter, William L: Lisnagonnell
Potter, Robert L: Drummiller
Potter, Robert L: Legananny
Priestly, Rev. Samuel L: Lisnabrague
Priestly, Rev. Samuel L: Loughadian
Priestly, Rev. Samuel L: Loughadian N: Prospect Lodge
Purdy, Thomas L: Drummiller
Quinn, John L: Ballynaskeagh
Quinn, John L: Loughadian
Quinn, William L: Coolnacran
Radcliffe, Samuel L: Lisnatierny
Ravey, Isabella L: Shankill
Read, Rev. John L: Edenderry N: Diamond Lodge
Read, Rev. William L: Glaskermore
Reavy, Patrick L: Drumsallagh
Redpath, Samuel L: V: Scarva
Reilly, John T. L: Edenderry
Reilly, John T. L: Lisnabrague
Reilly, John T. L: Scarva
Reilly, John T. L: V: Scarva
Reilly, Margaret L: Ballygowan
Reynolds, Michael L: Meenan
Rice, James L: Scarva
Rice, John L: Ballynaskeagh
Rice, John L: Ballyvarley
Rice, Lewis L: Ballyvarley
Rice, Owen L: Scarva
Rice, Rose L: Ballyvarley
Richardson, Simpson L: Scarva
Richardson, Simpson L: V: Scarva
Richman, Alexander L: Lisnabrague
Richman, Alexander L: Loughadian
Riddle, George L: T: Loughbrickland
Riddles, James L: Ballygowan
Risk, James L: Caskum
Risk, William L: Scarva
Robertson, Joseph L: Glaskermore
Robinson, Henry L: Caskum
Robinson, James L: V: Scarva
Robinson, John L: V: Scarva
Robinson, William L: Derrydrummuck
Robinson, William L: Glenloughan
Robinson, William L: V: Scarva
Roddy, Patrick L: Ballintaggart
Rody, Patrick L: Ballynaskeagh
Rogers, Rev. James L: Caskum
Rogers, Rev. James L: Creevy
Rogers, Rev. James L: Glaskermore
Rogers, Jane L: Caskum
Rooney, Margaret L: Loughadian
Ross, Hugh L: T: Loughbrickland
Ross, James L: Greenan
Ross, Joseph L: V: Scarva
Ruddock, James L: Scarva
Ruddock, John L: Scarva
Ruddock, Joseph L: T: Loughbrickland
Ruddock, Sarah L: T: Loughbrickland
Ruddock, William L: Scarva
Russell, James L: T: Loughbrickland
Ryan, Thomas L: Loughadian
Ryan, William L: Drummiller
Sandes, Daniel L: Loughadian
Sandes, Hugh L: Caskum
Sandes, Hugh L: Dromorebrague
Sandes, James L: Shankill
Sandes, John L: Ballynaskeagh
Sandes, John L: Derrydrummuck
Sandes, John L: T: Loughbrickland
Sandes, Mary L: T: Poyntz Pass
Sandes, Patrick L: Lisnagonnell
Sandes, Terence L: Loughadian
Sandes, William L: Drumnahare
Sandes, William L: Lisnagonnell
Saunderson, William L: Lisnabrague N: Union Lodge
Scare, James L: Lisnatierny
Scott, John L: Meenan
Shanks, Eliza L: Coolnacran
Shanks, James L: Lisnabrague
Shanks, James L: Loughadian
Shanks, Joseph L: Coolnacran
Shanks, Samuel L: Lisnabrague
Shanks, William L: Coolnacran
Shanks, William L: Lisnabrague
Shannon, James L: Caskum
Shannon, John L: Brickland
Shannon, John L: Lisnabrague
Shannon, John L: Shankill
Shannon, Joseph L: Lisnabrague
Shannon, Joseph L: Loughadian
Shannon, Margaret L: Lisnabrague
Shannon, Mary L: Brickland
Shannon, Samuel L: Ballynaskeagh
Shaw, George L: Coolnacran
Shaw, Mary L: T: Loughbrickland
Shaw, Thomas L: T: Loughbrickland
Shaw, William L: Coolnacran
Shearan, John L: Caskum
Sheeran, James L: Glaskermore
Sheeran, Michael L: Glaskermore
Sheeran, Philip L: Glaskermore
Sheils, Henry L: Bovennett
Sheils, Patrick L: Lisnatierny
Sheldy, Joseph L: Bovennett
Sheppard, Alexander L: Derrydrummuck
Sheppard, Joseph L: Caskum
Sheppard, Margaret L: Shankill
Sheppard, Margaret L: T: Loughbrickland
Sheran, Daniel L: Ballintaggart
Shiels, James L: T: Loughbrickland
Shiels, Michael L: T: Loughbrickland
Shovelin, Anne L: T: Poyntz Pass
Simms, Rev. Samuel L: Drumnahare
Simms, Rev. Samuel L: T: Loughbrickland
Simpson, Robert L: Ballynaskeagh
Sloan, Alexander L: Edenderry
Sloane, John L: Bovennett
Sloane, Samuel L: Caskum
Smalls, Daniel L: Drummiller
Smart, Agnes L: Drumsallagh
Smart, Thomas, Jr. L: Glaskermore
Smart, Thomas, Sr. L: Glaskermore
Smith, Charles L: V: Scarva
Smith, James L: V: Scarva
Smyth, Charles L: Glenloughan
Smyth, Edward L: Lisnabrague
Smyth, Edward L: Loughadian
Smyth, Esther L: Coolnacran
Smyth, George L: Lisnagade
Smyth, James L: Loughadian
Smyth, James L: Scarva
Smyth, James L: V: Scarva
Smyth, Joseph L: Derrydrummuck
Smyth, Joseph L: Lisnagonnell
Smyth, Terence L: Drumsallagh
Spiers, Matthew L: Shankill
Stephenson, Samuel L: Bovennett
Sterrett, Isabella L: Bovennett
Sterrett, Thomas L: Derrydrummuck
Sterritt, George L: Scarva
Sterritt, Samuel L: Glenloughan
Sterritt, Samuel L: Scarva
Stewart, Charles L: Ballygowan
Stewart, Henry L: V: Scarva
Stewart, James L: Ballygowan
Stewart, Jane L: Ballintaggart
Stewart, John L: Ballygowan
Stewart, John L: Caskum
Stewart, Mary L: Caskum
Stewart, William L: Drummiller
Stewart, William L: Drumnahare
Strain, Peter L: Creevy
Strain, Peter, Sr. L: Creevy
Straine, Daniel L: Drummiller
Straine, Felix L: Lisnagonnell
Straine, Hugh L: Glenloughan
Straine, James L: Lisnagonnell
Straine, Murtagh L: Glaskermore
Straine, Peter L: Ballintaggart
Straine, William L: Ballintaggart
Straine, William L: Brickland
Straine, William L: Derrydrummuck
Tamoney, Bridget L: Loughadian
Tate, John L: Ballynaskeagh
Tate, Solomon L: Carrickdrumman
Taylor, James L: Edenderry
Taylor, James L: Legananny
Taylor, John L: Loughadian
Taylor, Joseph L: Loughadian
Taylor, Robert L: V: Scarva
Taylor, William L: V: Scarva
Teggart, Alexander L: Edenderry
Teggart, James L: Edenderry
Teggart, John L: Edenderry
Thompson, Anne L: Carrickdrumman
Thompson, George L: Glenloughan
Thompson, Hugh L: Caskum
Thompson, John L: Meenan
Thompson, Joseph L: Derrydrummuck
Thompson, Mary L: Greenan
Thompson, Mary L: T: Loughbrickland
Thompson, Robert L: Legananny
Thompson, Samuel L: T: Loughbrickland
Thompson, Solomon L: Caskum
Thompson, William L: Glaskermore
Tinsley, James L: Ballyvarley
Tisdale, Alexander L: Glaskermore
Toal, John L: Glaskermore
Todd, Agnes L: Lisnagonnell
Todd, James L: Ballynaskeagh
Todd, James L: Lisnatierny
Todd, Jane L: Shankill
Todd, John L: Ballygowan
Todd, Thomas L: Glaskerbeg, East
Todd, Thomas L: Glaskerbeg, West
Todd, William L: Glaskerbeg, East
Todd, William L: Glaskerbeg, West
Todd, William L: Glaskermore
Tole, Mary L: Scarva
Traynor, John L: Drumsallagh
Traynor, Michael L: Drumsallagh
Traynor, Stephen L: Loughadian
Traynor, Stephen L: T: Poyntz Pass
Trevor, Edward Hill L: Lisnagade N: Lisnagade House
Trevor, Helen L: Coolnacran
Trevor, Owen L: Lisnagade
Trimble, Joseph L: Ballintaggart
Trumble, James L: Glaskermore
Tuft, William L: Edenderry
Turley, Margaret L: Glaskermore
Vanelly, Patrick L: Ballygowan
Vint, William L: Carrickdrumman
Waddell, Moses L: Carrickdrumman
Waddle, James L: Ballygowan
Waddle, James L: Drumsallagh
Walker, Andrew L: T: Loughbrickland
Walker, John L: Caskum
Walker, Mary Anne L: Ballintaggart
Walker, William L: Ballyvarley
Wallace, Hugh L: Greenan
Wallace, Hugh L: T: Loughbrickland
Wallace, James L: Bovennett
Wallace, James L: Greenan
Wallace, James L: T: Loughbrickland
Wallace, John L: Derrydrummuck
Wallace, John L: Scarva
Walsh, Michael L: Ballintaggart
Ward, John L: Glaskermore
Warnock, John L: Ballygowan
Warnock, John L: Coolnacran
Warnock, William L: Ballygowan
Warnock, William L: Ballyvarley
Warwick, James L: Lisnabrague
Warwick, James L: Scarva
Watson, Robert L: Drumnahare
Watson, Samuel L: Drumnahare
Weir, Joseph L: Ballyvarley
White, Eliza L: Bovennett
White, George L: Scarva
White, James L: Drummiller
White, John L: Lisnagonnell
White, John L: V: Scarva
White, Joseph L: Drummiller
White, Peter L: Lisnagonnell
White, Robert L: Ballynaskeagh
White, Robert L: Drumnahare
White, William L: Drummiller
White, William L: Drumnahare
White, William L: Glenloughan
Whitten, George L: Glenloughan
Whitten, Mary Jane L: Glenloughan
Whtte, John L: Ballynaskeagh
Whyte, John J. L: Coolnacran
Wiggins, John L: Coolnacran
Wilkinson, James L: Loughadian
Wilkinson, Samuel L: Loughadian
Williams, Henry L: V: Scarva
Williamson, Stewart L: Meenan
Willis, Anne L: Ballynaskeagh
Wilson, Jane L: Coolnacran
Wilson, John L: Legananny
Wilson, Joseph L: Derrydrummuck
Wilson, Sarah L: T: Loughbrickland
Wilson, Walter L: Glaskermore
Woods, David L: Lisnatierny
Woods, David L: Meenan
Woods, John, Sr. L: Ballyvarley
Woods, Joseph L: Ballyvarley
Woods, Joseph L: Shankill
Woods, Robert L: Greenan N: Greenan House
Woods, Samuel L: Ballyvarley
Wright, John L: Ballintaggart
Young, James L: Creevy N: Fort
Young, James L: Lisnagonnell N: Fort
Young, James, Jr. L: Creevy
Young, John L: Lisnagonnell
Young, Samuel L: Creevy
Young, Sarah L: Bovennett

County Down Civil Parishes Map

Civil Parishes of County Down

Griffiths Valuation Records county Down

1 Aghaderg

2 Annaclone

3 Annahilt

4 Ardglass

5 Ardkeen

6 Ardquin

7 Ballee

8 Ballyculter

9 Ballyhalbert

10 Ballykinler

11 Ballyphilip

12 Ballytrustan

13 Ballywalter

14 Bangor

15 Blaris

16 Bright

17 Castleboy

18 Clonallan

19 Clonduff

20 Comber

21 Donaghadee

22 Donaghcloney

23 Donaghmore

24 Down

25 Dromara

26 Dromore

27 Drumballyroney

28 Drumbeg

29 Drumbo

30 Drumgath

31 Drumgooland

32 Dundonald

33 Dunsfort

34 Garvaghy

35 Greyabbey

36 Hillsborough

37 Holywood

38 Inch

39 Inishargy

40 Kilbroney

41 Kilclief

42 Kilcoo

43 Kilkeel

44 Killaney

45 Killinchy

46 Killyleagh

47 Kilmegan

48 Kilmood

49 Kilmore

50 Lambeg

51 Loughinisland

52 Maghera

53 Magheradrool

54 Magherahamlet

55 Magheralin

56 Magherally

57 Moira

58 Newry

59 Newtownards

60 Rathmullan

61 Saintfield

62 Saul

63 Seapatrick

64 Shankill

65 Slanes

66 Tullylish

67 Tullynakill

68 Tyrella

69 Warrenpoint

70 Witter