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Griffith's Valuation in Inver Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation was carried out in Inver parish and every other parish in county Donegal as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in Inver parish, county Donegal during 1857.


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Griffiths Valuation: Inver Parish 1857, county Donegal

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KEY:   Loc: = Location     N: = Notes     Vl: = Village     Tn: = Town

Allingham, Andrew Loc: Fanaghans
Allingham, Andrew Loc: Port
Allingham, Edward Loc: Drumadart
Armstrong, Andrew Loc: Meenawullaghan
Barron, John Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Barton, Hugh W. Loc: Port
Baskin, Catherine Loc: Mountcharles
Baskin, Oliver Loc: Mountcharles
Baskin, Oliver Tn: Mountcharles
Bates, Elizabeth Loc: Munterneese
Baxter, Joseph Loc: Mountcharles
Beatty, William Loc: Gortaward
Blair, Rose Loc: Fanaghans
Blake, Bridget Loc: Salthill Demesne
Blake, Hugh Loc: Meentanakill
Blake, James Loc: Meenagranoge
Blake, James Loc: Meentanakill
Blake, Mary Loc: Mountcharles
Blake, Mary Tn: Mountcharles
Blake, William Loc: Meenagran
Blake, William Loc: Mountcharles
Blake, William Tn: Mountcharles
Blayney, James Loc: Gortaward
Blayney, John Loc: Drumgorman
Blayney, Matthew Loc: Gortaward
Blayney, Patrick Loc: Gortaward
Bogle, John Loc: Mountcharles
Bogle, John Tn: Mountcharles
Bogle, Robert Loc: Mountcharles
Bonar, Neal Loc: Altcor
Bonar, Peter Loc: Legnawley Glebe
Boner, Thomas Loc: Drumbeagh
Bonner, Neal Loc: Altcor
Boyd, James Loc: Drumduff
Boyd, Margaret Loc: Mountcharles
Boyle, Anne Loc: Drumgorman
Boyle, Bryan Loc: Meenagran
Boyle, Catherine Loc: Drumkeelan
Boyle, Connell Loc: Altcor
Boyle, Connell Loc: Meenaguse Beg
Boyle, Francis Loc: Knockagar
Boyle, Hugh Loc: Casheloogary
Boyle, Hugh Loc: Drumrone
Boyle, Isabella Loc: Meenaguse Beg
Boyle, James Loc: Ballymacahil
Boyle, James Loc: Casheloogary
Boyle, James Loc: Lettermore
Boyle, James Loc: Lettermore N: Little
Boyle, James Loc: Meenagran
Boyle, James Loc: Sallows
Boyle, John Loc: Casheloogary
Boyle, John Loc: Drumconor
Boyle, John Loc: Drumgorman Barr
Boyle, John Loc: Lettermore
Boyle, Margaret Loc: Ballymacahil
Boyle, Mary Loc: Luaghnabrogue
Boyle, Michael Loc: Sallows
Boyle, Michael, Jr. Loc: Luaghnabrogue
Boyle, Michael, Sr. Loc: Luaghnabrogue
Boyle, Owen Loc: Lettermore
Boyle, Owen Loc: Luaghnabrogue
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Casheloogary
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Luaghnabrogue
Boyle, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Tievedooly
Boyle, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Tievedooly
Boyle, Susan Loc: Ardbane
Boyle, Thaddeus Loc: Tullynagreana
Boyle, Thomas Loc: Tullynagreana
Boyle, William Loc: Glencoagh
Branigan, Elizabeth Loc: Tullycumber
Branigan, James Loc: Meenagran
Branigan, Neal Loc: Tullycumber
Branigan, Owen Loc: Tullycumber
Brazer, Thomas Loc: Clover-Hill or Drumbeg
Brennan, Bryan Loc: Cranny, Lower
Brennan, Daniel Loc: Meenacurrin
Brennan, Donnell Loc: Drumrainy
Brennan, James Loc: Crumlin
Brennan, James Loc: Meenawullaghan
Brennan, John Loc: Glencoagh
Brennan, Margaret Loc: Salthill Demesne
Brennan, Patrick Loc: Meenacurrin
Breslin, Anne Loc: Sallows
Breslin, Connell Loc: Drumadart
Breslin, Connell Loc: Drummacachapple
Breslin, Connell Loc: Kilmacreddan
Breslin, Ellen Loc: Meentacor
Breslin, Francis Loc: Casheloogary
Breslin, James Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Breslin, James Loc: Drumnalost
Breslin, James Loc: Drumrainy
Breslin, James Loc: Meentacreeghan
Breslin, James Loc: Tullynaglack
Breslin, Michael Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Breslin, Owen Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Breslin, Patrick Loc: Drumadart
Breslin, Patrick Loc: Lettertreane
Breslin, Rose Loc: Drumnalost
Breslin, William Loc: Coolshangan
Brice, George Loc: Mullanboys
Brice, Hugh Loc: Drummacacullen
Brien, Edward Loc: Leagans
Brittan, Jane Loc: Mullanboys
Brogan, Anthony Loc: Munterneese
Brogan, Condy Loc: Drumnaheark West
Brogan, Condy Loc: Roes
Brogan, Daniel Loc: Point
Brogan, Edward Loc: Drumbeagh
Brogan, Edward Loc: Drumconor
Brogan, Edward Loc: Tullyvoos
Brogan, James Loc: Ballymacahil
Brogan, James Loc: Lettermore
Brogan, James Loc: Meenagran
Brogan, James Loc: Munterneese
Brogan, James Loc: Tullinlough
Brogan, James Loc: Tullynaha
Brogan, James, Jr. Loc: Drumagraa
Brogan, James, Sr. Loc: Drumagraa
Brogan, John Loc: Hall Demesne
Brogan, John Loc: Mountcharles
Brogan, John Tn: Mountcharles
Brogan, John Loc: Tullinlough
Brogan, John Loc: Tullynagreana
Brogan, Margaret Loc: Meenagran
Brogan, Margaret Loc: Point
Brogan, Patrick Loc: Drumcoe
Brogan, Patrick Tn: Mountcharles
Brogan, Thomas Loc: Drumbeagh
Brogan, William Loc: Drumrone
Brogan, William Loc: Roes
Browne, George Loc: Hall Demesne
Browne, George Tn: Mountcharles
Buchanan, Alexander Loc: Glencoagh
Buchanan, Alexander Loc: Mountcharles
Buchanan, Alexander Tn: Mountcharles
Buchanan, Anne Loc: Drumkeelan
Buchanan, George Tn: Mountcharles
Buchanan, James Loc: Drumkeelan
Buchanan, Thomas Loc: Mountcharles
Burke, William Loc: Gortaward
Burns, Bridget Loc: Drumkeelan
Burns, David Loc: Drumkeelan
Burns, Edward Loc: Drumkeelan
Burns, James Loc: Cranny Upper
Burns, James Loc: Roes
Burns, John Tn: Mountcharles
Burns, Margaret Loc: Drumnaheark West
Burns, Michael, Jr. Loc: Drumkeelan
Burns, Michael, Sr. Loc: Drumkeelan
Burns, Patrick Loc: Roes
Bustard, John Loc: Drumrainy
Byrne, Anne Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Byrne, Charles Loc: Drumnacarry
Byrne, James Loc: Cranny, Lower
Byrne, John Loc: Gortaward
Byrne, Margaret Loc: Keeloges
Byrne, Mary Loc: Gortaward
Byrne, Michael Loc: Drumgorman
Byrne, Michael Tn: Mountcharles
Byrne, Owen Loc: Drumbeagh
Byrne, Patrick Loc: Drumbeagh
Byrne, Patrick Loc: Drumconor
Byrne, Patrick Loc: Tamur
Byrne, Rose Loc: Legnawley Glebe
Byrne, Sarah Loc: Drumgorman
Byrne, Thomas Loc: Mullanboys
Campbell, Andrew Loc: Drumcoe
Campbell, Andrew Loc: Munterneese
Campbell, Bridget Loc: Killin
Campbell, Catherine Loc: Killin
Campbell, Catherine Tn: Mountcharles
Campbell, Charles Loc: Coolshangan
Campbell, Charles Loc: Killin
Campbell, Denis Loc: Salthill Demesne
Campbell, Dominic Loc: Salthill Demesne
Campbell, James Loc: Drumcoe
Campbell, James Loc: Lettertreane
Campbell, James Loc: Point
Campbell, James Tn: Mountcharles
Campbell, John Loc: Disert
Campbell, John Loc: Drumnacarry
Campbell, Marcella Tn: Mountcharles
Campbell, Margaret Loc: Drumnaheark West
Campbell, Maurice Loc: Lettertreane
Campbell, Patrick Loc: Coolshangan
Campbell, Patrick Loc: Edenamuck
Campbell, Patrick Loc: Raneely
Campbell, Patrick Loc: Tullyvoos
Campbell, Robert Loc: Mullanboys
Campbell, Thomas Loc: Coolshangan
Campbell, Unity Loc: Killin
Cannon, Bryan Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Cannon, Charles Loc: Casheloogary
Cannon, Denis Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Cannon, James Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Cannon, James Loc: Drumbeagh
Cannon, James Loc: Drumgorman
Cannon, James Loc: Glencoagh
Cannon, James Loc: Gortaward
Cannon, James Loc: Inver Glebe
Cannon, James Loc: Mountcharles
Cannon, James Tn: Mountcharles
Cannon, Jane Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Cannon, Jas. Tn: Mountcharles N: Jas. Cannon's Lodgers
Cannon, Margaret Loc: Coolshangan
Cannon, Patk. Loc: Drumkeelan N: Villy
Cannon, Patrick Loc: Drumkeelan
Cannon, Patrick Loc: Drumrainy
Cannon, Patrick Loc: Glencoagh
Cannon, Patrick Loc: Lettertreane
Cannon, Patrick Loc: Mullanboys
Cannon, Ptk. Loc: Drumkeelan N: Villy
Canon, Edward Loc: Killin
Canon, James Loc: Altcor
Carr, Bryan Loc: Killin
Carr, Connell Loc: Meentacor
Carr, James Loc: Meenawullaghan
Carr, James Loc: Tievedooly
Carr, John Loc: Meenawullaghan
Carr, Michael Loc: Meenawullaghan
Carr, Phelim Loc: Casheloogary
Carr, Thomas Loc: Drumgorman
Carre, Rev. Henry Loc: Inver Glebe
Carter, Samuel Loc: Mountcharles
Cassidy, Andrew, Jr. Loc: Carraduffy
Cassidy, Andrew, Sr. Loc: Carraduffy
Cassidy, George Loc: Carraduffy
Cassidy, George Loc: Killin
Cassidy, Hugh Loc: Drumadart
Cassidy, Hugh Loc: Kilmacreddan
Cassidy, Jane Loc: Port
Cassidy, John Loc: Derryhirk
Cassidy, John Loc: Killin
Cassidy, John, Jr. Loc: Carraduffy
Cassidy, John, Sr. Loc: Carraduffy
Cassidy, Norah Loc: Tullynagreana
Cassidy, Patrick Loc: Tievedooly
Cassidy, Peter Loc: Drumfin
Cassidy, Peter Loc: Meenacharbet
Cassidy, Samuel Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Cassidy, Samuel Loc: Drumbeagh
Caterson, John Loc: Tullyvoos
Cavanagh, Michael Loc: Gortaward
Channing, Mary Loc: Drumnaheark East
Clancy, Henry Loc: Drumard
Clancy, Patrick Loc: Drumbaran
Clancy, Peter Loc: Drumard
Clancy, Susan Loc: Coolshangan
Clancy, Teague Loc: Derryhirk
Clancy, William Loc: Drumbaran
Clarke, Andrew Loc: Gortaward
Clovin, John Loc: Tullyvoos
Colter, Andrew Loc: Raneely
Colter, George Loc: Creevins
Colter, John Loc: Raneely
Colvin, Andrew, Jr. Loc: Tullyvoos
Colvin, Andrew, Sr. Loc: Tullyvoos
Colvin, Henry Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Colvin, Henry Loc: Drumbeagh
Colvin, Henry Loc: Mullanboys
Colvin, John Loc: Tullinlagan
Colvin, Patrick Loc: Tullinlagan
Colvin, Richard Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Colvin, Thomas Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Colvin, William Loc: Rock N: Craig
Colvin, William Loc: Rock N: Rock
Conagham, Thomas Loc: Drumkeelan
Conaghan, Charles Loc: Drumatumpher
Conaghan, Denis Loc: Cranny, Lower
Conaghan, Edward Loc: Tullyvoos
Conaghan, Hugh Loc: Carraduffy
Conaghan, Hugh Loc: Kilmacreddan
Conaghan, James Loc: Drumatumpher
Conaghan, James Loc: Kilmacreddan
Conaghan, James Loc: Tullyvoos
Conaghan, John Loc: Fanaghans
Conaghan, John Loc: Gortaward
Conaghan, John Loc: Mullanboys
Conaghan, Margaret Loc: Drumgorman
Conaghan, Mark Loc: Port
Conaghan, Mary Loc: Drumbeagh
Conaghan, Matthew, Jr. Loc: Point
Conaghan, Matthew, Sr. Loc: Point
Conaghan, Patrick Loc: Cranny, Lower
Conaghan, Patrick Loc: Drumduff
Conaghan, Patrick Loc: Keeloges
Conaghan, Patrick Loc: Tullyvoos
Conaghan, Thomas Loc: Dromore
Conaghan, Thomas Loc: Drumcoe
Conaghan, Thomas Loc: Drumkeelan
Conaghan, Valentine Loc: Drumfin
Connor, Ellen Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Connor, Ellen Loc: Drumkeelan
Connor, Neal Loc: Drumkeelan
Connor, Patrick Loc: Letterbarra
Conwell, Patrick Loc: Drumbeagh
Conyngham, Marquis Loc: Drumnalost N: Marquis of Conyngham
Conyngham, Marquis Loc: Hall Demesne N: Marquis of Conyngham
Conyngham, Marquis Loc: Mountcharles N: Marquis of Conyngham
Conyngham, Marquis Loc: Salthill Demesne N: Marquis of Conyngham
Cooper, William Loc: Drumfin
Corr, Anne Loc: Mountcharles
Corr, Anne Tn: Mountcharles
Corscadden, John Loc: Raneely
Corscaden, George Loc: Gortaward
Corscaden, James Loc: Gortaward
Corscaden, Robert Loc: Gortaward
Coulter, Adam Loc: Gortaward
Coulter, Alexander Loc: Gortaward
Coulter, Andrew Loc: Munterneese
Coulter, Daniel Loc: Fanaghans
Coulter, Patrick Loc: Munterneese
Coulter, Patrick Loc: Point
Coulter, Richard Loc: Point
Coulter, Robert, Jr. Loc: Munterneese
Coulter, Robert, Sr. Loc: Munterneese
Coulter, William Loc: Gortaward
Cowan, Margaret Loc: Mountcharles
Cowan, Margaret Tn: Mountcharles
Coyle, James Loc: Tullinlough
Coyle, John Loc: Tullinlough
Creighton, Robert Loc: Rock
Crowe, William Loc: Mountcharles
Cruise, Daniel J. Loc: Salthill Demesne
Cunnahan, Henry Loc: Drumaneary
Cunnahan, James Loc: Drumaneary
Cunningham, James Loc: Port
Cunningham, John Loc: Mountcharles
Cunningham, John Loc: Port
Curless, Patrick Loc: Mullanboys
Curran, Denis Loc: Casheloogary
Curran, Denis Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Curran, Edward Loc: Clover-Hill or Drumbeg
Curran, John Loc: Buncronan
Curran, John Loc: Casheloogary
Curran, John Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Davis, George Loc: Altcor
Davis, Robert Loc: Altcor
Deasley, Jane Loc: Mountcharles
Deery, Edward, Jr. Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Deery, Edward, Sr. Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Delany, Ambrose Loc: Letterbarra
Delap, Rev. Alexander Tn: Mountcharles
Dever, Charles Loc: Mullanboys
Dever, James Loc: Drumard
Dever, James Loc: Drumbaran
Dever, James Loc: Drumduff
Dever, Owen Loc: Drumnalost
Dever, Tully Loc: Ballymacahil
Deviny, Patrick Loc: Mountcharles
Devlin, Cornelius Loc: Drumbeagh
Dobson, John Loc: Inver Glebe
Dogherty, Margaret Loc: Killin
Doherty, Anthony Loc: Ballymacahil
Doherty, Anthony Loc: Casheloogary
Doherty, Anthony Loc: Killin
Doherty, Catherine Loc: Leagans
Doherty, Connell Loc: Sallows
Doherty, Daniel Loc: Tullytrasna
Doherty, George Loc: Meentacor
Doherty, Hannah Loc: Tullytrasna
Doherty, Hugh Loc: Casheloogary
Doherty, James Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Doherty, James Loc: Drumagraa
Doherty, James Loc: Drumrone
Doherty, James Loc: Tullytrasna
Doherty, John Loc: Ballymacahil
Doherty, John Loc: Casheloogary
Doherty, John Loc: Killin
Doherty, Michael Loc: Meentacor
Doherty, Michael, Jr. Loc: Tullytrasna
Doherty, Michael, Sr. Loc: Tullytrasna
Doherty, Owen Loc: Meenawullaghan
Doherty, Patrick Loc: Ballymacahil
Doherty, Patrick Loc: Meenagran
Doherty, Philip Loc: Mountcharles
Doherty, Philip Tn: Mountcharles
Doherty, Thomas Loc: Dromore
Doherty, Thomas Loc: Mountcharles
Doherty, Thomas Loc: Salthill Demesne
Doherty, Thomas Loc: Tullytrasna
Donegan, John Loc: Fanaghans
Donnell, Anne Loc: Inver Glebe
Donnell, Charles Loc: Drumboarty
Donnell, Francis Loc: Drumcoe
Donnell, Hugh Loc: Legnawley Glebe
Donnell, John Loc: Drumboarty N: Jack
Donnell, Patrick Loc: Altcor
Dorain, Donnell Loc: Killin
Doran, James Loc: Mountcharles
Dorian, Bernard Loc: Rafoarty
Dorian, Catherine Loc: Drumnakilly
Dorian, Charles Loc: Drumfin
Dorian, Connell Loc: Drumfin
Dorian, Daniel Loc: Drumfin
Dorian, Edward Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Dorian, Hannah Loc: Kilmacreddan
Dorian, James Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Dorian, John Loc: Casheloogary
Dorian, John Loc: Cranny, Lower
Dorian, John Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Dorian, John Loc: Drumnakilly
Dorian, John Loc: Tawnygorm
Dorian, John, Jr. Loc: Legnawley Glebe
Dorian, John, Sr. Loc: Legnawley Glebe
Dorian, Margaret Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Dorian, Norah Loc: Drumnakilly
Dorian, Patrick Loc: Buncronan
Dorian, Patrick Loc: Casheloogary
Dorian, Patrick Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Dorian, Thomas Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Dorian, Thomas Loc: Inver Glebe
Dormin, Michael Tn: Mountcharles
Dorreen, Charles Loc: Drumcoe
Dorreen, Elizabeth Loc: Drumcoe
Dorreen, Michael Loc: Drumcoe
Downey, William Loc: Inver Glebe
Duncan, James Loc: Drumaneary
Duncan, John Loc: Drumaneary
Duncan, William Loc: Drumaneary
Duncan, William Loc: Drumconor
Dunion, James Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Dunion, James Loc: Drumbeagh
Dunion, Michael Loc: Munterneese
Dunion, Owen Loc: Tullycumber
Dunion, Thomas Loc: Gargrim
Dunion, Thomas Loc: Munterneese
Dunion, Thomas Loc: Tullycumber
Dunlevy, Anthony Loc: Cranny Upper
Dunlevy, James Loc: Meenacurrin
Dunlevy, Matthew Loc: Cranny Upper
Dunlevy, Patrick Loc: Sallows
Dunne, Charles Loc: Hall Demesne
Dunnion, Owen Loc: Drumbeagh
Dyer, Farrell Loc: Mullanboys
Edwards, William Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Edwards, William Loc: Inver Glebe
Elliot, Hugh Loc: Drumcoe
Elliot, James, Jr. Loc: Raneely
Elliot, James, Sr. Loc: Raneely
Elliot, Jane Loc: Raneely
Elvin, John Loc: Drummacachapple
Fahy, Patrick Loc: Knockagar
Feely, John Loc: Drumard N: Very Rev
Feely, John Loc: Drumard N: Very Rev.
Fitzsimons, James Loc: Drumcoe
Fitzsimons, James Loc: Gortaward
Fitzsimons, James Loc: Mullanboys
Flaherty, Hugh Loc: Mountcharles
Foy, Catherine Loc: Mountcharles
Frazer, James Loc: Clover-Hill or Drumbeg
Freeborn, James Loc: Point
Freeborn, William Loc: Point
Freebourne, William Loc: Raneely
Freel, Anne Loc: Leagans
Freel, Bryan Loc: Creevins
Freel, Bryan Loc: Drumagraa
Freel, Charles Loc: Casheloogary
Freel, Charles Loc: Drumagraa
Freel, Charles Loc: Leagans
Freel, Daniel Loc: Keeloges
Freel, Francis Loc: Creevins
Freel, Hugh Loc: Drumaneary
Freel, James Loc: Drumagraa
Freel, James Loc: Legnawley Glebe
Freel, James Tn: Mountcharles
Freel, Jeremiah Loc: Drumkeelan
Freel, John Loc: Cranny, Lower
Freel, John Loc: Drumnalost
Freel, John Loc: Glencoagh
Freel, John Loc: Killin
Freel, Margaret Loc: Creevins
Freel, Owen Loc: Keeloges
Freel, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Keeloges
Freel, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Keeloges
Freel, Thomas Loc: Casheloogary
Freil, Owen Loc: Drumcoe
Freil, Patrick Loc: Drumcoe
Friel, Owen Loc: Tullinlagan
Fury, Andrew Loc: Cranny, Lower
Fury, Charles Loc: Sallows N: Pat
Fury, Charles, Jr. Loc: Sallows
Fury, Connell Loc: Sallows
Fury, Francis Loc: Drumcoe
Fury, James Loc: Drumnakilly
Fury, James Loc: Sallows
Fury, Mary Loc: Drummacacullen
Fury, Mary Loc: Point
Fury, Patrick Loc: Altcor
Fury, Patrick Loc: Disert
Fury, Patrick Loc: Fanaghans
Fury, Patrick Loc: Sallows
Fury, Robert Loc: Sallows
Fury, Roger Loc: Derryhirk
Fury, Roger Loc: Drummacacullen
Fury, Teague Loc: Fanaghans
Fyffe, William Loc: Mountcharles
Gallagher, Andrew Loc: Edenamuck
Gallagher, Anne Loc: Casheloogary
Gallagher, Anthony Loc: Ballymacahil
Gallagher, Anthony Loc: Letterbarra
Gallagher, Bernard Tn: Mountcharles
Gallagher, Bridget Loc: Altcor
Gallagher, Bridget Loc: Inver Glebe
Gallagher, Bryan Loc: Ballymacahil
Gallagher, Bryan Loc: Mountcharles
Gallagher, Catherine Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Gallagher, Catherine Loc: Killin
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Ballymacahil
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Edenamuck
Gallagher, Charles Loc: Meenagran
Gallagher, Connell Loc: Leagans
Gallagher, Connell Loc: Meenagran
Gallagher, Connell Loc: Mountcharles
Gallagher, Cormack Loc: Ballymacahil
Gallagher, Daniel Loc: Drumkeelan
Gallagher, Daniel Loc: Meenagran
Gallagher, Daniel, Jr. Loc: Roes
Gallagher, Daniel, Sr. Loc: Roes
Gallagher, Denis Loc: Ballymacahil
Gallagher, Denis Loc: Fanaghans
Gallagher, Denis Loc: Letterfad
Gallagher, Denis Loc: Sallows
Gallagher, Donnell Loc: Meenagran
Gallagher, Edward Loc: Casheloogary
Gallagher, Edward Loc: Fanaghans
Gallagher, Edward Loc: Inver Glebe
Gallagher, Francis Loc: Drumnakilly
Gallagher, Grace Loc: Killin
Gallagher, Hannah Loc: Cranny, Lower
Gallagher, Hannah Loc: Drumnakilly
Gallagher, Henry Loc: Ballymacahil
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Cronaslieve
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Drumnacarry
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Point
Gallagher, Hugh Loc: Roes
Gallagher, Hugh, Jr. Loc: Drumnaheark West
Gallagher, Hugh, Sr. Loc: Drumnaheark West
Gallagher, James Loc: Ballymacahil
Gallagher, James Loc: Casheloogary
Gallagher, James Loc: Disert
Gallagher, James Loc: Drumbaran
Gallagher, James Loc: Drumnacarry
Gallagher, James Loc: Fanaghans
Gallagher, James Loc: Meenagran
Gallagher, James Loc: Mountcharles
Gallagher, James Loc: Sallows
Gallagher, James, Jr. Loc: Ballymacahil
Gallagher, Jane Loc: Mountcharles
Gallagher, Jas., Sr. Loc: Ballymacahil
Gallagher, John Loc: Drumkeelan
Gallagher, John Loc: Drumnacarry
Gallagher, John Loc: Fanaghans
Gallagher, John Loc: Legnawley Glebe
Gallagher, John Loc: Luaghnabrogue
Gallagher, John Loc: Salthill Demesne
Gallagher, Mary Loc: Ardbane
Gallagher, Mary Loc: Drummacacullen
Gallagher, Michael Loc: Drumbaran
Gallagher, Michael Loc: Keeloges
Gallagher, Michl., Jr. Loc: Casheloogary
Gallagher, Ml., Jr. Loc: Casheloogary
Gallagher, Ml., Sr. Loc: Casheloogary
Gallagher, Neal Loc: Lettertreane
Gallagher, Neal Loc: Sallows
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Disert
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Sallows
Gallagher, Rev. Patk. Loc: Drumatumpher
Gallagher, Patk., Jr. Loc: Drumnacarry
Gallagher, Patk., Sr. Loc: Drumnacarry
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Casheloogary
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Drumard
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Drumbaran
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Legnawley Glebe
Gallagher, Patrick Loc: Meenacahan
Gallagher, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Cronaslieve
Gallagher, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Cronaslieve
Gallagher, Teague Loc: Meenagran
Gallagher, Thomas Loc: Lettertreane
Gallagher, Thomas Loc: Meenagran
Gallagher, William Loc: Knockagar
Gallaher, Hugh Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Gildea, Anne Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Gildea, Anne Loc: Drumbeagh
Gildea, Denis Loc: Drumrone
Gildea, Isabella Loc: Lettermore
Gildea, Patrick Loc: Killin
Gildea, Phelim Loc: Meenagran
Gillan, James Loc: Clover-Hill or Drumbeg
Gillepie, Patrick Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Gillespie, Abigail Loc: Dromore
Gillespie, Anne Loc: Derryhirk
Gillespie, Bryan Loc: Drumbaran
Gillespie, Bryan Loc: Drumkeelan
Gillespie, Bryan Loc: Drumrone
Gillespie, Catherine Loc: Drumconor
Gillespie, Charles Loc: Disert
Gillespie, Charles Loc: Sallows
Gillespie, Connell Loc: Tullynagreana
Gillespie, Denis Loc: Hall Demesne
Gillespie, Denis Loc: Mountcharles
Gillespie, Denis Tn: Mountcharles
Gillespie, Ellen Loc: Fanaghans
Gillespie, James Loc: Disert
Gillespie, James Loc: Sallows
Gillespie, John Loc: Drumrone
Gillespie, Neal Loc: Drumbaran
Gillespie, Patrick Loc: Drumbaran
Gillespie, Patrick Loc: Fanaghans
Gillespie, Patrick Loc: Mountcharles
Gillespie, Patrick Loc: Sallows
Gillespie, Thomas Loc: Drumrone
Given, Henry Loc: Hall Demesne
Given, Margaret Loc: Tullynaha
Glacken, Michael Loc: Drumconor
Gleckin, Alexander Loc: Drumduff
Gleckin, Alexander Loc: Mullanboys
Gleckin, Catherine Loc: Mullanboys
Gleckin, Philip Loc: Drumatumpher
Glen, Denis Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Glen, John Loc: Dromore
Glen, Samuel Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Glenn, John Loc: Mountcharles
Graham, James Loc: Port
Graham, Michael Loc: Raneely
Graham, Richard Loc: Drumcoe
Graham, Robert Loc: Raneely
Griffin, Ambrose Loc: Gargrim
Griffin, Anthony Loc: Drumagraa
Griffin, Anthony Loc: Drumboarty
Griffin, Barbara Loc: Mountcharles
Griffin, Catherine Loc: Roes
Griffin, Daniel Loc: Leagans
Griffin, Edward Loc: Casheloogary
Griffin, Edward Loc: Leagans
Griffin, George Loc: Mountcharles
Griffin, George Loc: Tullynaha
Griffin, Grace Loc: Drumagraa
Griffin, James Loc: Drumboarty
Griffin, James Loc: Drumnaheark East
Griffin, John Loc: Drumnakilly
Griffin, John Loc: Hall Demesne
Griffin, John Tn: Mountcharles
Griffin, Margaret Loc: Drumnakilly
Griffin, Mary Loc: Drumagraa
Griffin, Michael Loc: Drumboarty
Griffin, Michael Loc: Leagans
Griffin, Michael Loc: Mountcharles
Griffin, Michael Loc: Roes
Griffin, Patrick Loc: Gargrim
Griffin, Patrick Loc: Keeloges
Griffin, Patrick Tn: Mountcharles
Griffin, Peter Loc: Drumboarty
Griffin, Peter Loc: Meenagranoge
Griffin, Peter Loc: Tullynaha
Griffin, Philip Loc: Tullycumber
Griffin, Susan Loc: Drumnaheark East
Griffin, Thomas Loc: Drumboarty
Griffin, William Loc: Salthill Demesne
Griffith, James Loc: Tullynagreana
Hagarty, Michael Tn: Mountcharles
Hagarty, Patrick Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Hagerty, Andrew Loc: Edenamuck
Hagerty, Charles Loc: Drumcoe
Hagerty, Connell Loc: Crumlin
Hagerty, Connell Loc: Meenawullaghan
Hagerty, Denis Loc: Letterbarra
Hagerty, George Loc: Dromore
Hagerty, Hugh Loc: Crumlin
Hagerty, Hugh Loc: Tullyvoos
Hagerty, John Loc: Drumnalost
Hagerty, John Loc: Drumrone
Hagerty, Margaret Loc: Letterbarra
Hagerty, Owen Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Hagerty, Patrick Loc: Crumlin
Hagerty, Patrick Loc: Drumbaran
Hagerty, Patrick Loc: Letterbarra
Hagerty, Patrick Loc: Meenawullaghan
Hahy, Connor Loc: Letterbarra
Hahy, Denis Loc: Drumrone
Hahy, Denis Loc: Lettertreane
Hahy, Edward Loc: Letterfad
Hahy, James Loc: Drumrainy
Hahy, James Loc: Drumrone
Hahy, James Loc: Tievedooly
Hahy, Mary Loc: Letterbarra
Haman, Andrew Loc: Rock
Haman, John Loc: Rock
Hamilton, Edward Loc: Altcor
Hamilton, George Loc: Altcor
Hamilton, George Loc: Munterneese
Hamilton, Hugh Loc: Altcor
Hamilton, James Loc: Mountcharles
Hamilton, John Tn: Mountcharles
Hamilton, Louis Loc: Drumgorman Barr
Hamilton, Mary Tn: Mountcharles
Hamilton, Robert Loc: Mountcharles
Hamilton, Thomas Loc: Drumaneary
Harahy, Bridget Loc: Edenamuck
Harahy, Bryan, Jr. Loc: Edenamuck
Harahy, Bryan, Sr. Loc: Edenamuck
Harahy, Catherine Loc: Casheloogary
Harahy, Charles Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Harahy, Connell Loc: Meenacurrin
Harahy, Daniel Loc: Meenagran
Harahy, Denis Loc: Meenagran
Harahy, Ellen Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Harahy, Hannah Loc: Glencoagh
Harahy, James Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Harahy, James Loc: Drumkeelan
Harahy, James Loc: Drumnaheark West
Harahy, James Loc: Glencoagh
Harahy, James, Jr. Loc: Ballymacahil
Harahy, James, Sr. Loc: Ballymacahil
Harahy, Jeremiah Loc: Casheloogary
Harahy, John Tn: Mountcharles
Harahy, John, Jr. Loc: Drumconor
Harahy, John, Sr. Loc: Drumconor
Harahy, Julia Loc: Meenagran
Harahy, Maragret Loc: Drumconor
Harahy, Mary Loc: Coolshangan
Harahy, Michael Loc: Drumkeelan
Harahy, Michael Loc: Drumrainy
Harahy, Neal Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Harahy, Neal Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Harahy, Neal Loc: Glencoagh
Harahy, Neal Loc: Glencoagh N: Bawn
Harahy, Owen Loc: Meenagran
Harahy, Patk. Loc: Drumconor N: Owen
Harahy, Patrick Loc: Drumconor N: John
Harahy, Patrick Loc: Drumkeelan
Harahy, Patrick Loc: Meenagran
Harahy, Rose Loc: Mullanboys
Harahy, Thomas Loc: Casheloogary
Harahy, Thomas Loc: Legnawley Glebe
Harkin, Andrew Loc: Drumadart
Harkin, Catherine Loc: Meenawullaghan
Harkin, Denis Loc: Glencoagh
Harkin, Denis Loc: Mullanboys
Harkin, Denis Tn: Mountcharles
Harkin, Hugh Loc: Mountcharles
Harkin, James Loc: Killin
Harkin, John Loc: Drumconor
Harkin, John Loc: Mountcharles
Harkin, John Loc: Munterneese
Harkin, Thomas Loc: Meenawullaghan
Harley, Bryan Loc: Derryhirk
Harley, Connell Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Harley, Hugh Loc: Drumbaran
Harley, James Loc: Luaghnabrogue
Harley, John Loc: Knockagar
Harley, Patrick Loc: Drumatumpher
Harley, Unity Loc: Drumard
Harvey, Owen Loc: Gortaward
Harvey, Susan Loc: Drumbeagh
Harvey, Susan Loc: Mullanboys
Healy, Anne Loc: Drumrainy
Healy, James Loc: Drumcoe
Hegarty, Hugh Loc: Meenawullaghan
Hely, Catherine Loc: Tievedooly
Hely, James Loc: Tullynagreana
Hely, Patrick Loc: Drumcoe
Henderson, Geo., Sr. Loc: Kilmacreddan
Henderson, George, Jr. Loc: Kilmacreddan
Henderson, Robert Loc: Kilmacreddan
Henderson, William Tn: Mountcharles
Higginbotham, Andrew Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Higginbotham, Andw. Loc: Inver Glebe
Higginbotham, Patrick Loc: Fanaghans
Higgins, Francis Loc: Derryhirk
Higgins, William Loc: Drumatumpher
Hone, James Loc: Mountcharles
Hone, James Tn: Mountcharles
Houghton, John Loc: Brenter
Houghton, John Loc: Crumlin
Houghton, John Loc: Drummeenanagh
Houghton, John Loc: Knocknahorna
Houghton, John Loc: Rafoarty
Houghton, John Loc: Seahill & Tuckmill Hill
Houghton, John Loc: Tawnygorm
Houghton, John Loc: Tievedooly
Houghton, John Loc: Tonregee
Hughes, James Loc: Creevins
Hughes, James Loc: Hall Demesne
Hughes, James Loc: Knockagar
Hughes, James Loc: Salthill Demesne
Hughes, James Tn: Mountcharles
Hughes, John Loc: Creevins
Hughes, William Loc: Creevins
Hurley, Hugh Loc: Drumard N: Condy
Hurley, Hugh Loc: Drumard N: Jas.
Hurley, Hugh, Sr. Loc: Drumard
Hurley, James Loc: Drumard
Jervis, Arthur Loc: Drumaneary
Jervis, Hugh Loc: Drumaneary
Jervis, Margaret Loc: Drumaneary
Jervis, William Loc: Salthill Demesne
Johnston, James Loc: Drumduff
Kavanagh, Patrick Loc: Drumconor
Kearney, Edward Loc: Point
Kearney, Ellen Tn: Mountcharles
Kearney, William Tn: Mountcharles
Kearns, Dominick Loc: Knockagar
Kearns, John Loc: Drumard
Kearns, Mary Loc: Knockagar
Kearns, Michael Loc: Knockagar
Kearns, Patrick Loc: Knockagar
Keeny, John Loc: Drumcoe
Keeny, William Loc: Munterneese
Kelly, Anthony Loc: Glencoagh
Kelly, Charles Loc: Letterfad
Kelly, Charles Loc: Lettermore
Kelly, Charles Loc: Sallows
Kelly, Daniel Loc: Drumnaheark East
Kelly, Daniel Loc: Drumrone
Kelly, Daniel Loc: Letterfad
Kelly, Daniel Loc: Roes
Kelly, Edward Loc: Roes
Kelly, George Loc: Roes
Kelly, James Loc: Letterbarra
Kelly, James Loc: Lettermore
Kelly, James Loc: Lettertreane
Kelly, James Loc: Mountcharles
Kelly, James Loc: Roes
Kelly, John Loc: Ardbane
Kelly, John Loc: Carraduffy
Kelly, John Loc: Sallows
Kelly, Owen Loc: Killin
Kelly, Teague Loc: Ardbane
Kennedy, Anne Loc: Letterfad
Kennedy, Charles Loc: Kilmacreddan
Kennedy, Connell Loc: Lettertreane
Kennedy, Edward Loc: Drumcoe
Kennedy, Edward Loc: Drumrainy
Kennedy, Ellen Loc: Meenacahan
Kennedy, John Loc: Drumnalost
Kennedy, John Loc: Letterbarra
Kennedy, Margaret Loc: Drumrainy
Kennedy, Mary Loc: Drumnalost
Kennedy, Michael Loc: Lettertreane
Kennedy, Patrick Loc: Fanaghans
Kennedy, Patrick Loc: Port
Kenny, Bridget Loc: Lettertreane
Kenny, Charles Loc: Coolshangan
Kenny, Daniel Loc: Meenacharbet
Kenny, Denis Loc: Lettertreane
Kenny, James Loc: Tullynagreana
Kenny, Jas. Loc: Drumnalost N: Jas. and Mary
Kenny, John Loc: Casheloogary
Kenny, John Loc: Tullynagreana
Kenny, Mary Loc: Drumnalost
Kenny, Mary Loc: Drumnalost N: Jas. and Mary
Kenny, Neal Loc: Coolshangan
Kenny, Patrick Loc: Coolshangan
Kenny, Patrick Loc: Meenacharbet
Kenny, Rose Loc: Letterfad
Keriban, Andrew Loc: Drumatumpher
Keriban, Andrew Loc: Meenybraddan
Keriban, Anne Loc: Drumrone
Keriban, Charles Loc: Derryhirk
Keriban, Edward Loc: Tamur
Keriban, Francis Loc: Meentanakill
Keriban, Patrick Loc: Meenybraddan
Keriban, Sarah Loc: Derryhirk
Kerin, Michael Loc: Drumcoe
Kerr, James Loc: Tullyvoos
Kerrigan, James Loc: Coolshangan
Kerrigan, John Loc: Sallows
Kerrigan, Patrick Loc: Coolshangan
Kerrigan, Thomas Loc: Drumagraa
Kevin, Michael Loc: Drumboarty
Kilpatrick, George Loc: Coolshangan
Kilpatrick, James Loc: Drumatumpher
Kilpatrick, Margaret Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Kilpatrick, William Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Kinahan, Catherine Loc: Drumbeagh
Kirk, George Loc: Glencoagh
Kirk, George Loc: Mountcharles
Kirk, William Loc: Drumconor
Kirk, William Loc: Mullanboys
Kyle, Elizabeth Loc: Mountcharles
Kyle, Hannah Loc: Mountcharles
Kyle, Henry Loc: Mountcharles
Kyle, Joesph Loc: Mountcharles
Kyle, John Loc: Hall Demesne
Kyle, John Loc: Mountcharles
Lahan, James Loc: Tullynagreana
Lenahan, Anne Loc: Dromore
Lenahan, James Loc: Dromore
Lenehan, James Loc: Drumnalost
Lenehan, John Loc: Drumnalost
Leslie, Anne Loc: Drumrainy
Leslie, Ellen Loc: Drumrainy
Lockyer, James Loc: Killin
Lockyer, William Loc: Point
Logan, John Loc: Glencoagh
Logan, John Tn: Mountcharles
Long, Alexander Loc: Mountcharles
Long, Alexander Tn: Mountcharles
Long, John Loc: Drumaneary
Long, Joseph Loc: Drumaneary
Long, Margaret Loc: Drumconor
Long, Samuel Loc: Dromore
Longan, Mary Loc: Carrakeel
Love, Daniel Loc: Inver Glebe
Love, Washington Loc: Rock
Lyons, Alexander Loc: Leagans
Lyons, James Loc: Leagans
Lyons, John Loc: Dromore
Lyons, Margaret Loc: Gortaward
Lyons, Mary Loc: Leagans
Lyons, Richard Loc: Salthill Demesne
Magrath, Cornelius Loc: Letternacahy
Magrath, Daniel Loc: Drumbeagh
Magrath, John Loc: Tullynagreana
Magrath, Patrick Loc: Casheloogary
Maguire, Bryan Loc: Meenagranoge
Maguire, Bryan Loc: Tamur
Maguire, Catherine Loc: Meenybraddan
Maguire, Charles Loc: Tamur
Maguire, Denis Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Maguire, Denis Loc: Drumatumpher
Maguire, Denis Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Maguire, Denis Loc: Knockagar
Maguire, Denis Loc: Meenybraddan
Maguire, Ellen Loc: Meenagranoge
Maguire, Ellen Loc: Tamur
Maguire, Francis Loc: Drumkeelan
Maguire, Hugh Loc: Bonnyglen
Maguire, Hugh Loc: Cranny Upper
Maguire, Hugh Loc: Meenybraddan
Maguire, James Loc: Mountcharles
Maguire, James Loc: Salthill Demesne
Maguire, James Loc: Tullynagreana
Maguire, Jane Loc: Salthill Demesne
Maguire, John Loc: Drumcoe
Maguire, John Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Maguire, John Loc: Salthill Demesne
Maguire, John Loc: Tamur
Maguire, John, Jr. Loc: Meenybraddan
Maguire, John, Sr. Loc: Meenybraddan
Maguire, Neal Loc: Knockagar
Maguire, Philip Loc: Drumatumpher
Maguire, Roger, Jr. Loc: Meenybraddan
Maguire, Roger, Sr. Loc: Meenybraddan
Maguire, Susan Loc: Knockagar
Maguire, William Loc: Drumatumpher
Mahaffy, Thomas Loc: Drumduff
Major, Sophia Loc: Kilmacreddan
Malley, Isabella Loc: Lettermore
Malley, Patrick Loc: Lettermore
Malley, William Loc: Drumnalost
Malone, Anne Loc: Coolshangan
Mandrum, John Loc: Kilmacreddan
Manwell, George Loc: Drumrainy
Martin, Patrick Loc: Letterbarra
Maxwell, James Loc: Point
Maxwell, Robert Loc: Point
McAdam, James Loc: Drumkeelan
McAdam, John Loc: Mountcharles
McAloon, Catherine Loc: Lettermore
McAloon, Daniel Loc: Lettermore
McAloon, James Loc: Lettermore
McAloon, Patrick Loc: Meentacreeghan
McAloon, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Lettermore
McAloon, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Lettermore
McAna, George Loc: Drumnalost
McAndrew, Edward Loc: Fanaghans
McAndrew, John Loc: Inver Glebe
McAndrew, Michael Loc: Fanaghans
McAnurrin, Edward Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
McAnurrin, Edward Loc: Keeloges
McAnurrin, James, Jr. Loc: Keeloges
McAnurrin, James, Sr. Loc: Keeloges
McAnurrin, John Loc: Casheloogary
McAnurrin, Susan Loc: Drumnakilly
McAuley, Edward Loc: Kilmacreddan
McAveety, James Loc: Raneely
McBrierty, Bridget Loc: Ballymacahil
McBrierty, Bryan Loc: Drumrone
McBrierty, Catherine Loc: Meenawullaghan
McBrierty, Charles Loc: Ballymacahil
McBrierty, Patrick Loc: Casheloogary
McBrierty, Thomas Loc: Hall Demesne
McBrierty, William Loc: Ballymacahil
McCabe, Charles Loc: Meenacahan
McCabe, Charles Loc: Meentanakill
McCabe, Edward Loc: Meenacahan
McCabe, Edward Loc: Meentanakill
McCabe, James Loc: Tullynaha
McCabe, Marcella Loc: Tamur
McCabe, Owen Loc: Meenacahan
McCafferty, Catherine Loc: Mountcharles
McCahill, Anne Loc: Drumnacarry
McCahill, Bryan Loc: Drummacachapple
McCahill, Catherine Loc: Lettermore
McCahill, Catherine Loc: Tullycumber
McCahill, Charles Loc: Drumbaran
McCahill, Connell Loc: Gargrim
McCahill, Denis Loc: Drummacachapple
McCahill, Denis Loc: Meenagran
McCahill, Denis Loc: Tullynagreana
McCahill, Hugh Loc: Drumgorman
McCahill, Hugh Loc: Inver Glebe
McCahill, James Loc: Drumagraa
McCahill, James Loc: Drumgorman
McCahill, James Loc: Drummacacullen
McCahill, James Loc: Killin
McCahill, Marcella Loc: Killin
McCahill, Michael Loc: Drummacachapple
McCahill, Michael, Jr. Loc: Drumnacarry
McCahill, Michael, Sr. Loc: Drumnacarry
McCahill, Owen Loc: Ballymacahil
McCahill, Owen Loc: Killin
McCahill, Patrick Loc: Carraduffy
McCahill, Patrick Loc: Drumard
McCahill, Patrick Loc: Drumbaran
McCahill, Patrick Loc: Drummacachapple
McCahill, Patrick Loc: Drummacacullen
McCahill, Patrick Loc: Drumnacarry
McCahill, Patrick Loc: Killin
McCahill, Thomas Loc: Carraduffy
McCahill, William Loc: Ballymacahil
McCahill, William Loc: Carraduffy
McCahill, William Loc: Drumnacarry
McCahill, William Loc: Drumnalost
McCahill, William Loc: Killin
McCahy, Denis Loc: Clover-Hill or Drumbeg
McCann, James Loc: Drumkeelan
McCarthy, Catherine Loc: Mountcharles
McCarthy, Charles Loc: Dromore
McCarthy, Charles Loc: Mountcharles
McCarthy, Thomas Loc: Mountcharles
McCaul, Charles Loc: Drumgorman Barr
McCaul, Patrick Loc: Drumcoe
McClean, John Loc: Meenawullaghan
McCloskey, Abigail Loc: Drumard
McCloskey, James Loc: Tullynagreana
McCloskey, Peter Loc: Drumard
McClosky, Hugh Loc: Meenawullaghan
McClosky, Peter Loc: Fanaghans
McClure, Elizabeth Loc: Munterneese
McClure, John Loc: Tullinlagan
McCollig, Hugh Loc: Drummacacullen
McCollig, John Loc: Clover-Hill or Drumbeg
McCollig, Neal Loc: Kilmacreddan
McCollig, William Loc: Drummacacullen
McCollion, James Loc: Drumcoe
McCollum, Anthony Loc: Drumnaheark East
McCollum, Catherine Loc: Drumnaheark East
McCollum, Catherine Loc: Drumnaheark West
McCollum, Francis Loc: Drumnaheark East
McCollum, Frank Loc: Drumnaheark East
McCollum, James Loc: Edenamuck
McCollum, Margaret Loc: Drumnaheark East
McCollum, Owen Loc: Drumnaheark West
McCollum, Patrick Loc: Drumnaheark East
McCollum, Patrick Loc: Drumnaheark West
McCollum, William Loc: Drumkeelan
McCollum, William Loc: Drumnaheark East
McCollum, William Loc: Drumnaheark West
McConnell, Charles Loc: Meenawullaghan
McConnell, Robert Loc: Mullanboys
McCormack, Michael Tn: Mountcharles
McCormick, Michael Loc: Rock
McCready, James Loc: Crumlin
McCready, Mary Loc: Altcor
McCready, Mary Loc: Drumfin
McCready, Michael Loc: Tievedooly
McCreedy, Mary Loc: Altcor
McCullagh, Mary Loc: Brenter
McCullion, Francis Loc: Sallows
McDermott, Ellen Loc: Drumboarty
McDermott, James Loc: Knockagar
McDermott, James Loc: Salthill Demesne
McDermott, John Loc: Drumboarty
McDermott, John Loc: Glencoagh
McDevitt, Anthony Loc: Meenybraddan
McDevitt, Charles Loc: Carrakeel
McDevitt, Charles Loc: Drumadart
McDevitt, Daniel Loc: Carrakeel
McDevitt, Daniel Loc: Meenybraddan
McDevitt, Dominick Loc: Cranny, Lower
McDevitt, Frances Loc: Keeloges
McDevitt, Francis Loc: Carrakeel
McDevitt, Francis Loc: Casheloogary
McDevitt, Francis Loc: Drumadart
McDevitt, James Loc: Casheloogary
McDevitt, John Loc: Casheloogary
McDevitt, John Loc: Drumfin
McDevitt, John Loc: Keeloges
McDevitt, Michael Loc: Hall Demesne
McDevitt, Patrick Loc: Letterfad
McDevitt, William Loc: Casheloogary
McDier, Bryan Loc: Tullycumber
McDier, James Loc: Drumnalost
McDonagh, Michael Loc: Ballybrollaghan
McDonagh, Thomas Loc: Fanaghans
McDyer, Anne Loc: Drumfin
McDyer, Bridget Loc: Edenamuck
McDyer, Catherine Loc: Drumfin
McDyer, Hugh Loc: Meenacharbet
McDyer, James Loc: Carrakeel
McDyer, Patrick Loc: Drumfin
McFadden, Connell Loc: Casheloogary
McFarlane, Mary Loc: Rock
McGarvey, Mary Loc: Mullanboys
McGettigan, James Loc: Crumlin
McGettigan, James Loc: Meenagranoge
McGettigan, Jas. Loc: Meenagranoge N: Neal
McGettigan, Jas. Loc: Meentanakill N: Neal
McGettigan, Jas., Jr. Loc: Meentanakill
McGettigan, Jas., Sr. Loc: Meentanakill
McGettigan, Jhn., Jr. Loc: Meentanakill
McGettigan, John Loc: Meenagranoge
McGettigan, John, Jr. Loc: Meentanakill
McGettigan, John, Sr. Loc: Meentanakill
McGinley, Charles Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
McGinley, Denis Loc: Casheloogary
McGinly, Denis Loc: Drumfin
McGlashin, James Loc: Drumconor
McGlennahy, Teague Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
McGlinchey, Edward Loc: Glencoagh
McGlinchey, Edward Loc: Mountcharles
McGlinchey, Edward Tn: Mountcharles
McGrerty, Anthony Loc: Drummacacullen
McGrerty, Connell Loc: Coolshangan
McGrerty, Edward Loc: Coolshangan
McGrerty, Hugh Loc: Carraduffy
McGrerty, John Loc: Drumnalost
McGroarty, Andrew Loc: Ardbane
McGroarty, Catherine Loc: Drumbeagh
McGroarty, Catherine Loc: Fanaghans
McGroarty, Catherine Loc: Mullanboys
McGroarty, Charles Loc: Casheloogary
McGroarty, Charles Loc: Drumbeagh
McGroarty, Connell Loc: Gargrim
McGroarty, Cornelius Loc: Sallows
McGroarty, Daniel Loc: Letterfad
McGroarty, Denis Loc: Drumnaheark West
McGroarty, James Loc: Drumkeelan
McGroarty, James Loc: Meenawullaghan
McGroarty, James Loc: Sallows
McGroarty, James, Jr. Loc: Sallows
McGroarty, James, Sr. Loc: Sallows
McGroarty, Jas. Loc: Sallows N: Mineen
McGroarty, John Loc: Casheloogary
McGroarty, John Loc: Drumbeagh
McGroarty, John Loc: Mullanboys
McGroarty, Margaret Loc: Gargrim
McGroarty, Michael Loc: Meenawullaghan
McGroarty, Michael Loc: Sallows
McGroarty, Owen Loc: Sallows
McGroarty, Patrick Loc: Ballybrollaghan
McGroarty, Patrick Loc: Drumconor
McGroarty, Patrick Loc: Leagans
McGroarty, Patrick Loc: Meenawullaghan
McGroarty, Patrick Loc: Munterneese
McGroarty, Patrick Loc: Tievachorky
McGroarty, William Loc: Drumgorman Barr
McGroary, Sarah Tn: Mountcharles
McGrory, Connell Loc: Tullynaha
McGrory, James Loc: Tullynaha
McGrory, James, Jr. Loc: Tullynaha
McGrory, James, Sr. Loc: Tullynaha
McGrory, Margaret Loc: Tullynaha
McGrory, Mary Loc: Tullynaha
McGruddy, Connell Loc: Ballymacahil
McGruddy, Cormack Loc: Drumnalost
McGruddy, James Loc: Drumbaran
McGruddy, James Loc: Drumnalost
McGruddy, James Loc: Letterfad
McGruddy, Michael Loc: Letterfad
McGruddy, Neal Loc: Drumard
McGruddy, Owen Loc: Letterfad
McGruddy, Patrick Loc: Drumbaran
McGruddy, Patrick Loc: Letterfad
McGuire, Bryan Loc: Meenacahan
McGurty, Anne Loc: Keeloges
McGurty, James Loc: Keeloges
McGurty, John, Jr. Loc: Keeloges
McGurty, John, Sr. Loc: Keeloges
McGurty, Michael Loc: Drumrone
McGurty, Michael Loc: Keeloges
McGurty, Michael Loc: Keeloges N: Chas
McGurty, Michl. Loc: Keeloges N: John
McGurty, Neal Loc: Keeloges N: John
McGurty, Neal Loc: Keeloges N: Wm
McHugh, Charles Loc: Ballymacahil
McHugh, Charles Loc: Drumagraa
McHugh, Charles Loc: Drumnakilly
McHugh, Connell Loc: Ardbane
McHugh, Connell Loc: Sallows
McHugh, Constantine Loc: Letterfad
McHugh, Daniel Loc: Bonnyglen
McHugh, Donnell Loc: Cranny, Lower
McHugh, Edward Loc: Ardbane
McHugh, James Loc: Mullanboys
McHugh, James Loc: Sallows
McHugh, John Loc: Sallows
McHugh, Manus Loc: Meenacloghspar
McHugh, Manus Loc: Sallows
McHugh, Michael Loc: Casheloogary
McHugh, Michael Loc: Gargrim
McHugh, Neal Loc: Gargrim
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Casheloogary
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Drumagraa
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Drumnakilly
McHugh, Peter Loc: Drumbeagh
McHugh, Rose Loc: Fanaghans
McHugh, Thomas Loc: Ballymacahil
McHugh, Thomas Loc: Drumagraa
McHugh, Thomas Loc: Fanaghans
McHugh, Thomas Loc: Mullanboys
McIntyre, Charles Loc: Drumduff
McIntyre, William Loc: Drumduff
McIntyre, William Loc: Glencoagh
McIntyre, William Tn: Mountcharles
McIver, Bryan Loc: Crumlin
McIver, Ellen Loc: Crumlin
McIvor, Bryan Loc: Meenawullaghan
McIvor, Bryan Loc: Tawnygorm
McIvor, Hugh Loc: Drumnalost
McIvor, John Loc: Drumnalost
McIvors, John Loc: Meenawullaghan
McJunken, James Loc: Drumatumpher
McJunken, James Loc: Drummacacullen
McJunken, John Loc: Drumatumpher
McJunken, John Loc: Drummacacullen
McJunken, Matthew Loc: Drummacacullen
McKay, Hugh Loc: Ballybrollaghan
McKay, Hugh Loc: Drumkeelan
McKay, Moses Loc: Crumlin
McKay, Robert Loc: Ballybrollaghan
McKay, Robert Loc: Drumkeelan
McKeely, William Loc: Inver Glebe
McKelvy, Edward Loc: Drumboarty
McKelvy, Edward Loc: Tullynagreana
McKelvy, John Loc: Tullynagreana
McKennatt, John Loc: Tullycumber
McKenny, Thomas Loc: Drumnalost
McKew, Thomas Loc: Inver Glebe
McKey, Andrew Loc: Cranny, Lower
McKey, Margaret Loc: Dromore
McLafferty, John Loc: Munterneese
McLafferty, Patrick Loc: Munterneese
McLafferty, William Loc: Munterneese
McLoughlin, James Tn: Mountcharles
McLoughlin, Joseph Loc: Hall Demesne
McLoughlin, Joseph Tn: Mountcharles
McLoughlin, Thomas Loc: Drumconor
McManus, Charles Loc: Lettermore
McManus, James Loc: Drumnalost
McManus, James Loc: Lettermore
McManus, James Loc: Meenagran
McManus, Teague Loc: Drumnalost
McMongile, John Loc: Mountcharles
McMonigle, John Loc: Meenagran
McMonigle, Margaret Loc: Cronacarkfree
McMonigle, Teague Loc: Killin
McMullen, Ellen Loc: Glencoagh
McMulligan, Michael Loc: Mountcharles
McMunn, Andrew Loc: Cranny, Lower
McNealy, Anthony Loc: Drumbeagh
McNealy, Cornelius Loc: Drumbeagh
McNeely, Manus Loc: Altcor
McNeely, Manus Loc: Meenagranoge
McNeely, William Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
McNeilly, Anthony Loc: Glencoagh
McNeilly, Anthony Tn: Mountcharles
McNulty, Charles Loc: Keeloges
McNulty, Peter Loc: Keeloges
McRorty, Charles Loc: Tullynagreana
McRorty, Patrick Loc: Tullynagreana
McRory, Cornelius Loc: Tullynagreana
McRory, James Loc: Tullynagreana
McShane, James Loc: Ardbane
McShane, Patrick Loc: Meenacahan
McSwyne, Michael Loc: Tullycumber
Meehan, Andrew Loc: Letterfad
Meehan, Anne Loc: Drumbeagh
Meehan, Barthw. Loc: Drumnalost
Meehan, Bridget Loc: Inver Glebe
Meehan, Bridget Loc: Keeloges
Meehan, Bryan Loc: Gortaward
Meehan, Bryan Loc: Lettertreane
Meehan, Charles Loc: Casheloogary
Meehan, Charles Loc: Drumbeagh N: Owen
Meehan, Charles Loc: Drumkeelan
Meehan, Charles Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Meehan, Charles Loc: Inver Glebe
Meehan, Charles Loc: Legnawley Glebe
Meehan, Charles Loc: Lettertreane
Meehan, Charles, Jr. Loc: Drumbeagh
Meehan, Charles, Sr. Loc: Drumbeagh
Meehan, Connell Loc: Meentanakill
Meehan, Connell Loc: Tamur
Meehan, Daniel Loc: Killin
Meehan, Daniel Loc: Meenacharbet
Meehan, Denis Loc: Drumnaheark East
Meehan, Denis Loc: Knockagar
Meehan, Ellen Loc: Ballymacahil
Meehan, Ellen Loc: Killin
Meehan, George Loc: Point
Meehan, Hugh Loc: Ballymacahil
Meehan, Hugh Loc: Casheloogary
Meehan, Hugh Loc: Drumbeagh
Meehan, Hugh Loc: Drummacacullen
Meehan, Hugh Loc: Meenawullaghan
Meehan, Hugh Loc: Mountcharles
Meehan, Hugh Loc: Point
Meehan, Hugh Loc: Tullyvoos
Meehan, Isabella Loc: Letterfad
Meehan, Isabella Loc: Meentanakill
Meehan, James Loc: Casheloogary
Meehan, James Loc: Drumnaheark East
Meehan, James Loc: Drumnalost
Meehan, James Loc: Drumnalost N: Bawn
Meehan, James Loc: Killin
Meehan, James Loc: Knockagar
Meehan, James Loc: Letterfad
Meehan, James Loc: Point
Meehan, James Tn: Mountcharles
Meehan, James Loc: Tamur
Meehan, James Loc: Tullynagreana
Meehan, James, Jr. Loc: Drummacacullen
Meehan, James, Sr. Loc: Drummacacullen
Meehan, John Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Meehan, John Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Meehan, John Loc: Ballymacahil
Meehan, John Loc: Crumlin
Meehan, John Loc: Drumkeelan
Meehan, John Loc: Drummacacullen
Meehan, John Loc: Fanaghans
Meehan, John Loc: Gortaward
Meehan, John Loc: Hall Demesne
Meehan, John Loc: Meenawullaghan
Meehan, John Loc: Point
Meehan, John Loc: Port
Meehan, John, Jr. Loc: Drumnalost
Meehan, John, Jr. Loc: Tullyvoos
Meehan, John, Sr. Loc: Drumnalost
Meehan, John, Sr. Loc: Tullyvoos
Meehan, Mary Loc: Ballymacahil
Meehan, Mary Loc: Keeloges
Meehan, Mary Loc: Killin
Meehan, Mary Loc: Meenacharbet
Meehan, Maurice Loc: Keeloges
Meehan, Neal Loc: Lettertreane
Meehan, Owen Loc: Drumbeagh
Meehan, Owen Loc: Drumkeelan
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Ballymacahil
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Cranny, Lower
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Drumbeagh
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Drumconor
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Glencoagh
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Killin
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Letterfad
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Meenacurrin
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Point
Meehan, Patrick Loc: Tullynagreana
Meehan, Peter Loc: Killin
Meehan, Phelim Loc: Drumgorman
Meehan, Philip Loc: Letternacahy
Meehan, Robert Tn: Mountcharles
Meehan, Roger Loc: Coolshangan
Meehan, Susan Loc: Drumnaheark East
Meehan, Teague Loc: Meentanakill
Meehan, Teague Loc: Tamur
Meehan, Thomas Loc: Cranny, Lower
Meehan, Thomas Loc: Inver Glebe
Meehan, William Loc: Crumlin
Meehan, William Loc: Killin
Meehan, William Loc: Meenawullaghan
Mehhan, Henry Loc: Drumduff
Melligan, James Loc: Salthill Demesne
Millar, George Loc: Drumcoe N: George and Hugh
Millar, George, Jr. Loc: Drumcoe
Millar, Hugh Loc: Drumcoe
Millar, Hugh Loc: Drumcoe N: George and Hugh
Millar, Hugh, Jr. Loc: Drumcoe
Millar, Mary Loc: Mountcharles
Millar, Matthew Loc: Drumgorman
Millar, Patrick Loc: Drumcoe N: Andy
Millar, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Drumcoe
Millar, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Drumcoe
Miller, Arthur Loc: Creevins
Miller, Hugh Loc: Drumaneary
Miller, Hugh Loc: Knockagar
Miller, John Loc: Creevins
Miller, John Loc: Drumaneary
Miller, Mary Tn: Mountcharles
Miller, Patrick Loc: Creevins
Miller, Patrick Loc: Drumaneary
Miller, Patrick Loc: Letternacahy
Minealy, Anthony Loc: Mountcharles
Moghan, Andrew Loc: Drumard
Moghan, Andrew Loc: Gargrim
Moghan, Andrew Loc: Tullycumber
Moghan, Charles Loc: Drumard
Moghan, Charles Loc: Drumbaran
Moghan, Charles Loc: Gargrim
Moghan, Charles Loc: Tullycumber
Moghan, Denis Loc: Drumboarty
Moghan, James Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Moghan, James Loc: Drummacachapple
Moghan, James Loc: Letterfad
Moghan, Michael Loc: Gargrim
Moghan, Owen Loc: Tullycumber N: Charles
Moghan, Owen Loc: Tullycumber N: Pat
Moghan, Owen Loc: Tullycumber N: Thomas
Moghan, Patrick Loc: Drumard
Moghan, Patrick Loc: Gargrim
Moghan, Patrick Loc: Tullycumber
Moghan, Thomas Loc: Gargrim
Moghan, Thomas Loc: Tullycumber
Moghan, William Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Moghan, William Loc: Letterfad
Moghan, William Loc: Tullynagreana
Molloy, Anne Tn: Mountcharles
Molloy, Bridget Loc: Drumard
Molloy, Charles Loc: Inver Glebe
Molloy, Margaret Tn: Mountcharles
Molloy, Patrick Loc: Drumnaheark West
Monaghan, Bridget Loc: Drumkeelan
Monaghan, Mary Loc: Drumkeelan
Monaghan, Patrick Loc: Drumkeelan
Monahan, Anne Loc: Mountcharles
Monahan, Anne Tn: Mountcharles
Monahan, Catherine Loc: Gargrim
Monahan, Catherine Loc: Roes
Monahan, Charles Loc: Gargrim
Monahan, Christopher Loc: Dromore
Monahan, Christopher Loc: Mountcharles
Monahan, Daniel Loc: Gargrim
Monahan, Denis Loc: Sheskinatawy
Monahan, James, Jr. Loc: Gargrim
Monahan, James, Sr. Loc: Gargrim
Monahan, Patrick Loc: Drumkeelan
Monahan, Patrick Loc: Edenamuck
Monahan, Patrick Loc: Meenagran
Montgomery, James Loc: Drumbeagh
Montgomery, Robert Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Montgomery, Robert Loc: Drumnakilly
Montgomery, Thomas Loc: Port
Montgomery, William Loc: Drumbeagh
Morgan, Thomas Loc: Rock
Moyhan, Neal Loc: Drumrone
Mulhearn, Alexander Loc: Drumgorman Barr
Mulhearn, Anthony Loc: Drumgorman Barr
Mulhearn, James Loc: Casheloogary
Mulhearn, James Loc: Drumboarty
Mulhearn, James Loc: Letterfad
Mulhern, Patrick Loc: Keeloges
Mullan, Richard Loc: Drumrone
Mullen, James Loc: Inver Glebe
Mullen, Richard Loc: Letterfad
Mulreany, Andrew Loc: Drumaneary
Mulreany, Anne Loc: Drumgorman
Mulreany, Anne Loc: Hall Demesne
Mulreany, Anne Loc: Mountcharles
Mulreany, Anne Tn: Mountcharles
Mulreany, Austin Tn: Mountcharles
Mulreany, Charles Loc: Drumaneary
Mulreany, Cornelius Loc: Drumaneary
Mulreany, Daniel Loc: Kilmacreddan
Mulreany, Denis Loc: Drumnalost
Mulreany, Hugh Loc: Drumard
Mulreany, Hugh Loc: Mountcharles
Mulreany, Hugh Tn: Mountcharles
Mulreany, John Loc: Drumlaghtafin
Mulreany, John Loc: Mountcharles
Mulreany, John Tn: Mountcharles
Mulreany, Mary Loc: Drumnalost
Mulreany, Neal Loc: Drumnalost
Munday, Jane Loc: Mountcharles
Munealy, Catherine Loc: Drumconor
Munealy, George Loc: Drumconor
Murdock, Elizabeth Loc: Mountcharles
Murdock, Elizabeth Tn: Mountcharles
Murray, Denis Loc: Drumconor
Murray, Edward Loc: Tullynagreana
Murray, Edward Loc: Tullynaha
Murray, George Loc: Mountcharles
Murray, George Tn: Mountcharles
Murray, John Loc: Tullyvoos
Murray, William Loc: Tullynagreana
Murrin, Edward Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Murrin, Jane Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Murrin, John Loc: Drumrainy
Neill, Denis Loc: Hall Demesne
Nesbitt, Hugh Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Nesbitt, Thomas, Jr. Loc: Kilmacreddan
Nesbitt, Thomas, Sr. Loc: Kilmacreddan
Nesbitt, William Loc: Port
Nowd, James Loc: Meenawullaghan
Nowd, Robert Loc: Meenawullaghan
O'Connell, Anne Loc: Drumcoe
O'Connell, Anne Loc: Munterneese
O'Donnell, Anne Loc: Sallows
O'Donnell, Bridget Loc: Meentacor
O'Donnell, Bridget Loc: Sallows
O'Donnell, Bryan Loc: Meenagranoge
O'Donnell, Bryan Loc: Tamur
O'Donnell, Catherine Tn: Mountcharles
O'Donnell, Connell Loc: Disert
O'Donnell, Denis Loc: Drumboarty
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Dromore
O'Donnell, Hugh Loc: Salthill Demesne
O'Donnell, James Loc: Drumaneary
O'Donnell, James Loc: Sallows
O'Donnell, John Loc: Drumboarty
O'Donnell, John, Jr. Loc: Sallows
O'Donnell, John, Sr. Loc: Sallows
O'Donnell, Mary Loc: Keeloges
O'Donnell, Michael Loc: Legnawley Glebe
O'Donnell, Michael Loc: Sallows
O'Donnell, Neal Loc: Sallows
O'Donnell, Owen Loc: Ballymacahil
O'Donnell, Owen Loc: Ballymacahil N: Cotter
O'Donnell, Owen, Jr. Loc: Tullynagreana
O'Donnell, Owen, Sr. Loc: Tullynagreana
O'Donnell, Patrick Loc: Disert
O'Donnell, Patrick Loc: Sallows
O'Donnell, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Tullynagreana
O'Donnell, Roger Loc: Meentacor
O'Hara, James Loc: Meentacor
O'Hara, Neal Loc: Drumnaheark East
O'Hara, Thomas Loc: Mountcharles
Oliver, Elizabeth Loc: Altcor
O'Neill, John Loc: Drumgorman
Parks, Thomas Loc: Drumfin
Patterson, Francis Loc: Kilmacreddan
Patterson, Francis Loc: Port
Patterson, Thomas Loc: Hall Demesne
Patterson, Thomas Loc: Kilmacreddan
Patterson, Thomas Loc: Port
Phillips, Hugh Loc: Salthill Demesne
Porter, Andrew Loc: Drumadart
Porter, Robert Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Porterville, John Loc: Seahill & Tuckmill Hill
Quin, Edward Loc: Mountcharles
Quin, John Loc: Tullynagreana
Quin, Margaret Loc: Tullynagreana
Quin, Michael Loc: Tullynagreana
Quin, Patrick Loc: Ballymacahil
Quin, Patrick Loc: Hall Demesne
Quin, Patrick Loc: Mountcharles
Quin, Patrick Loc: Tullynagreana
Quin, Peter Loc: Tullynagreana
Quinn, Catherine Loc: Drumbeagh
Quinn, Catherine Loc: Mountcharles
Quinn, John Loc: Knockagar
Quinn, Michael Loc: Mullanboys
Quinn, Patrick Tn: Mountcharles
Quinn, Peter Loc: Drumconor
Ramsay, Hugh Loc: Drumnaheark East
Ramsay, Patrick Loc: Meenawullaghan
Reid, Thomas Loc: Mullanboys
Richey, Andrew Loc: Creevins
Richey, James Loc: Creevins
Robinson, Alexander Tn: Mountcharles
Robinson, Benjamin Loc: Mountcharles
Rose, Henry, Jr. Loc: Inver Glebe
Rose, Henry, Sr. Loc: Inver Glebe
Rose, James Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Rose, John Loc: Inver Glebe
Rose, Michael Loc: Coolshangan
Rose, Michael Loc: Inver Glebe
Rose, Thomas Loc: Inver Glebe
Rose, Unity Loc: Fanaghans
Rose, William Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Rose, William Loc: Legnawley Glebe
Rowan, Charles Loc: Gortaward
Russell, Joseph Loc: Mountcharles
Russell, Joseph Tn: Mountcharles
Russell, Robert Loc: Salthill Demesne
Scanlan, Anne Loc: Drumadart
Scanlan, Bryan Loc: Carrakeel
Scanlan, Bryan Loc: Drumadart
Scanlan, James Loc: Carrakeel
Scanlan, Patrick Loc: Coolshangan
Scott, Alexander Loc: Drumgorman Barr
Scott, Andrew Loc: Dromore
Scott, Anne Loc: Gortaward
Scott, Anne Loc: Mullanboys
Scott, George Loc: Mullanboys
Scott, Hugh Loc: Clogheravaddy
Scott, Hugh Loc: Creevins
Scott, Hugh Loc: Dromore
Scott, Hugh Loc: Drumaneary
Scott, Hugh Loc: Drumbeagh
Scott, Hugh Loc: Drumconor
Scott, Hugh Loc: Hall Demesne
Scott, Hugh Loc: Mountcharles
Scott, Hugh Loc: Salthill Demesne
Scott, Hugh Tn: Mountcharles
Scott, Hugh Loc: Tullinlagan
Scott, Hugh, Jr. Loc: Mountcharles
Scott, Hugh, Jr. Tn: Mountcharles
Scott, Hugh, Sr. Loc: Glencoagh
Scott, Hugh, Sr. Loc: Mountcharles
Scott, Hugh, Sr. Tn: Mountcharles
Scott, James Loc: Munterneese
Scott, James, Jr. Loc: Creevins
Scott, James, Jr. Loc: Tullyvoos
Scott, James, Sr. Loc: Creevins
Scott, James, Sr. Loc: Tullyvoos
Scott, John Loc: Drumconor
Scott, John Loc: Drumgorman Barr
Scott, John Loc: Meenawullaghan
Scott, Matthew Loc: Dromore
Scott, Matthew Loc: Glencoagh
Scott, Richard Loc: Dromore
Scott, Robert Loc: Cranny, Lower
Scott, Thomas Loc: Dromore
Scott, Thomas Loc: Drumgorman Barr
Scott, Thomas Loc: Salthill Demesne
Shales, Daniel, Jr. Loc: Mountcharles
Shales, Daniel, Sr. Loc: Mountcharles
Shales, Patrick Loc: Dromore
Shales, Patrick Loc: Mountcharles
Shanahan, Charles Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Shanahan, Owen Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Shanahan, Sarah Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Shannon, James Loc: Inver Glebe
Shannon, Patrick Loc: Keeloges
Shannon, Thomas Loc: Casheloogary
Shannon, William Loc: Keeloges
Sheeran, Donnell Loc: Disert
Sheeran, Patrick Loc: Disert
Shevelin, Patrick Loc: Dromore
Shevelin, William Loc: Dromore
Sinclair, William Loc: Altcor
Sinclair, William Loc: Ballymacahil
Sinclair, William Loc: Bonnyglen
Sinclair, William Loc: Carraduffy
Sinclair, William Loc: Clover-Hill or Drumbeg
Sinclair, William Loc: Cranny Upper
Sinclair, William Loc: Cranny, Lower
Sinclair, William Loc: Drumduff
Sinclair, William Loc: Drummacacullen
Sinclair, William Loc: Drumnacarry
Sinclair, William Loc: Killin
Sinclair, William Loc: Meenagranoge
Sinclair, William Loc: Meenybraddan
Sivelin, Owen Loc: Glencoagh
Slevin, Edward Loc: Tullynagreana
Slevin, John Tn: Mountcharles
Slevin, John Loc: Tullynagreana
Slevin, Owen Loc: Lettermore
Spence, Andrew Loc: Mountcharles
Spence, Andrew Tn: Mountcharles
Spence, William Loc: Mountcharles
Spence, William Tn: Mountcharles
Spencer, Thomas Loc: Mountcharles
Stevenson, John Loc: Altcor
Stevenson, Patrick Loc: Altcor
Stewart, Andrew Loc: Drumduff
Stewart, Hugh Loc: Drumgorman
Stewart, James Loc: Buncronan N: Billy
Stewart, James Loc: Buncronan N: Long
Stewart, James Loc: Drumgorman
Stewart, Jas. Loc: Buncronan N: Thernton
Stewart, Jas. Loc: Rock N: Long
Stewart, Jas. Loc: Rock N: Thernton
Stewart, John Loc: Buncronan
Stewart, John Loc: Drumconor
Stewart, Matthew Loc: Cranny Upper
Stewart, Thomas Loc: Buncronan
Stewart, Thomas Loc: Drumduff
Stewart, William Loc: Buncronan
Stewart, William Loc: Cranny, Lower
Stewart, William Loc: Mullanboys
Strong, Alexander Loc: Drumatumpher
Sweeney, Connell Loc: Drumatumpher
Sweeny, Charles Loc: Coolshangan
Sweeny, Charles Loc: Drumfin
Sweeny, Dominic Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Sweeny, Dominick Loc: Sallows
Sweeny, Francis Loc: Sallows
Sweeny, Henry Loc: Drumkeelan
Sweeny, Hugh Loc: Drummacacullen
Sweeny, James Loc: Drummacachapple
Sweeny, James Loc: Drummacacullen
Sweeny, James Loc: Fanaghans
Sweeny, James Loc: Inver Glebe
Sweeny, John Loc: Drummacacullen
Sweeny, Mary Loc: Sallows
Sweeny, Michael Loc: Letterfad
Sweeny, Michael Loc: Sallows
Sweeny, Neal Loc: Sallows
Sweeny, Patrick Loc: Meentacreeghan
Sweeny, Patrick Loc: Tullynaglack
Sweeny, Thomas Loc: Fanaghans
Thomas, Adw. Loc: Disert N: Harry
Thomas, Andw. Loc: Disert N: Pat
Thomas, Connell Loc: Disert
Thomas, James Loc: Drumboarty
Thomas, James Loc: Lettertreane
Thomas, James Loc: Tievachorky
Thomas, John Loc: Mountcharles
Thomas, Patrick Loc: Disert
Thomas, Patrick Loc: Sallows
Thompson, Alexander Loc: Fanaghans
Thompson, George Loc: Rock
Thompson, Jane Loc: Mountcharles
Thompson, Jane Tn: Mountcharles
Thompson, John Loc: Rock
Thompson, Walter Loc: Rock
Tobin, James Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Tolan, Daniel Loc: Fanaghans
Tolan, Denis Loc: Keeloges
Tolan, Donnell Loc: Keeloges
Tolan, Edward Loc: Luaghnabrogue
Tolan, Hugh Loc: Tievachorky
Tolan, James Loc: Ardaghy Glebe
Tomminy, John Loc: Drumadart
Tracy, Thomas Loc: Gortaward
Travers, Patrick Loc: Mountcharles
Tully, Catherine Loc: Tievedooly
Tully, Edward Loc: Tievedooly
Tully, Ellen Loc: Fanaghans
Tully, Ellen Loc: Port
Tully, John Loc: Leagans
Tully, William Loc: Killin
Tunny, Hugh Loc: Munterneese
Tunny, John Loc: Munterneese
Underwood, David Loc: Fanaghans
Underwood, Esther Loc: Carrakeel
Underwood, Esther Loc: Drumadart
Vance, Alexander Loc: Drumgorman
Vance, Andrew Loc: Kilmacreddan
Vance, Hugh Loc: Gortaward
Vance, John Loc: Drumadart
Vance, John Loc: Drumgorman
Vance, Patrick Loc: Drumgorman
Walker, Archibald Loc: Kilmacreddan
Walker, William Loc: Munterneese
Walker, William, Jr. Loc: Dromore
Walker, William, Sr. Loc: Dromore
Wallace, James Loc: Cranny, Lower
Wallace, Thomas Loc: Mullanboys
Walsh, Alexander Loc: Altcor
Walsh, James, Sr. Loc: Drumduff
Ward, Bryan Loc: Meenawullaghan
Ward, Catherine Loc: Ballybrollaghan
Ward, George Loc: Disert
Ward, James Loc: Drumkeelan
Ward, Mary Loc: Drumboarty
Ward, Neal Loc: Drumcoe
Ward, Patrick Loc: Disert
Ward, Patrick Loc: Leagans
Ward, William Loc: Drumboarty
Wark, John Loc: Mountcharles
Wark, John Tn: Mountcharles
Watt, Frederick Loc: Drumconor
Waugh, James Loc: Drumagraa
Waugh, James Loc: Drumkeelan
Waugh, Michael Tn: Mountcharles
Waugh, Thomas Loc: Lettermore
Waugh, Thomas Loc: Meenagran
Waugh, Thomas Loc: Tullycumber
Williamson, Charles Loc: Glencoagh
Williamson, Charles Loc: Mountcharles
Williamson, Charles Tn: Mountcharles
Williamson, Ellen Tn: Mountcharles
Williamson, George Loc: Drumnaheark West
Williamson, Isabella Loc: Edenamuck
Williamson, Isabella Loc: Roes
Williamson, James Loc: Mountcharles
Williamson, John Loc: Roes
Williamson, Mary Loc: Mountcharles
Williamson, Patrick Loc: Edenamuck
Williamson, Patrick Loc: Roes
Williamson, Steven Loc: Mountcharles
Wilson, George Loc: Munterneese
Wilson, John Loc: Drumduff
Wilson, John Loc: Kilmacreddan
Wilson, William Loc: Cranny, Lower
Wilson, William Loc: Drumgorman
Woodcock, Jonathan Loc: Rock
Wray, Andrew Loc: Drumfin

Map of Civil Parishes in county Donegal

Civil Parish Records of County Donegal

Other county Donegal Parish Records

1 Aghanunshin

2 All Saints

3 Aughnish

4 Barr of Inch

5 Burt

6 Clonca

7 Clondahorky

8 Clondavaddog

9 Clonleigh

10 Clonmany

11 Convoy

12 Conwal

13 Culdaff

14 Desertegny

15 Donagh

16 Donaghmore

17 Donegal

18 Drumhome

19 Fahan Lower

20 Fahan Upper

21 Gartan

22 Glencolumbkille

23 Kilbarron

24 Kilcar

25 Killaghtee

26 Killea

27 Killybegs Upper

28 Killybegs Lower

29 Killygarvan

30 Killymard

31 Kilmacrenan

32 Kilteevoge

33 Inch

34 Inishkeel

35 Inishmacsaint

36 Inver

37 Leck

38 Lettermacaward

39 Mevagh

40 Moville Lower

41 Moville Upper

42 Muff

43 Raphoe

44 Raymoghy

45 Raymunterdoney

46 Stranorlar

47 Taughboyne

48 Templecarn

49 Templecrone

50 Tullaghobegley

51 Tullyfern

52 Urney