Griffith's Valuation: Aghanunshin Parish, County Donegal

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Griffith's Valuation in Aghanunshin Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation was carried out in Aghanunshin parish and every other parish in county Donegal as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in Aghanunshin parish, county Donegal during 1857.


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Griffiths Valuation: Aghanunshin Parish 1857

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KEY:   Loc: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Armor, Thomas Loc: Loughnagin
Armstrong, Charles Loc: Loughnagin
Baird, John Loc: Eighterross
Berney, Barbara Loc: Aghalenty
Berny, James Loc: Castlewray
Berny, Prudence Loc: Ballymaleel
Blackwood, James Loc: Glebe
Blackwood, James Loc: Kiltoy
Blackwood, James Loc: Magheranan
Bovaird, Alexander Loc: Loughnagin
Bovaird, James, Jr. Loc: Loughnagin
Bovaird, James, Sr. Loc: Loughnagin
Bovaird, Robt. Loc: Loughnagin N: Black
Bovaird, Robt. Loc: Loughnagin N: Dromhil
Bovaird, Robt. Loc: Loughnagin N: Rocks
Bovaird, William Loc: Loughnagin N: Dromhil
Bovaird, Wm. Loc: Loughnagin N: Dromhil
Bovaird, Wm. Loc: Loughnagin N: Rocks
Boyce, Charles Loc: Ballymaleel
Boyce, Charles Loc: Loughagannon
Boyce, Edward Loc: Kiltoy
Boyce, James Loc: Aghalenty
Boyce, John Loc: Aghalenty
Boyce, John Loc: Ballyboencurragh
Boyd, William Loc: Kiltoy
Boyle, Joseph Loc: Cornagill
Boyle, Thomas Loc: Loughnagin
Bradley, Daniel Loc: Glebe
Bradley, John Loc: Glebe
Bradley, Neal Loc: Cornagill
Buchanan, Samuel Loc: Lisnanees, Upper
Campbell, William Loc: Glebe
Carr, John Loc: Knockybrin
Carson, William Loc: Loughnagin
Clarke, Andrew Loc: Greenhill
Clarke, William Loc: Camblestown
Colhoun, Thomas Loc: Knockybrin
Cramshy, John Loc: Cornagill
Crerand, John Loc: Castlebane
Crerand, John Loc: Woodland
Crerand, John Loc: Woodland N: Lodgers
Crossan, Anthony Loc: Woodland
Crossan, George Loc: Knockybrin
Crossan, Isabella Loc: Woodland
Crossan, James Loc: Loughagannon N: James
Crossan, James Loc: Loughagannon N: Wm.
Crossan, James Loc: Woodland
Crossan, John Loc: Woodland
Crossan, Manus Loc: Woodland
Crossan, Mary Loc: Woodland
Crossan, Michael Loc: Loughagannon
Crossan, Patrick Loc: Knockybrin
Crossan, Patrick Loc: Woodland
Crossan, Rose Loc: Eighterross
Crossan, William Loc: Loughagannon N: Jas.
Crossan, William, Jr. Loc: Woodland
Crossan, William, Sr. Loc: Woodland
Crossan, Wm. Loc: Loughagannon N: Baillie
Crossan, Wm., Jr. Loc: Woodland
Davis, Alexander Loc: Glebe
Deeny, Patrick Loc: Ballyboencurragh
Deeny, Roger Loc: Camblestown
Deeny, Roger Loc: Deenystown
Deeny, William Loc: Camblestown
Deeny, William Loc: Deenystown
Dening, James Loc: Kiltoy
Dick, John Loc: Glebe
Doherty, John Loc: Woodland
Doherty, Neal Loc: Deenystown
Doherty, William Loc: Camblestown
Doory, Daniel Loc: Cornagill
Dunlap, John Loc: Ballyboencurragh
Dunlap, John Loc: Cornagill
Dunlap, Mary Loc: Cornagill
Elliott, John Loc: Cornagill
Elliott, William Loc: Glebe
Elliott, William Loc: Loughnagin
Farrell, James Loc: Loughnagin
Fryer, Daniel Loc: Glebe
Gallagher, George Loc: Loughagannon
Gallagher, William Loc: Knockybrin
Gibson, John Loc: Loughnagin
Greer, Thomas Loc: Eighterross
Halliday, Hugh Loc: Roughpark
Hearne, John Loc: Lanehead
Hegarty, Rose Loc: Ballyboencurragh
Higney, Dominick Loc: Magheranan
Hood, William Loc: Drumnaskea
Hughes, George Loc: Ardarawer
Irwin, Rev. John Loc: Glebe
Jackson, Joseph Loc: Drumnaskea
Keeling, Manus Loc: Deenystown
Kelly, Catherine Loc: Knockybrin
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Loughnagin
Lee, Henry Loc: Drumnaskea
Lee, John Loc: Drumnaskea
Lockhart, Charles Loc: Ballymaleel
Macpherson, James Loc: Glebe
Maher, Anne Loc: Camblestown
Malseed, John Loc: Knockybrin
Mansfield, Francis Loc: Bogay
Mansfield, Francis Loc: Castlewray
Mansfield, Francis Loc: Eighterross
Mansfield, Francis Loc: Greenhill
Mansfield, Francis Loc: Lanehead
Mansfield, Margaret Loc: Castlewray
May, William Loc: Cornagill
McBay, Andrew Loc: Glebe
McBay, Arthur Loc: Glebe
McBay, John Loc: Lisnanees, Upper
McBay, William Loc: Lisnanees, Upper
McCauley, Denis, Jr. Loc: Glebe
McCauley, Denis, Sr. Loc: Glebe
McClay, Anne Loc: Lanehead
McClay, Robert Loc: Ballyboencurragh
McCloy, William Loc: Castlewray
McClusky, Joseph Loc: Roughpark
McCrossan, Ellen Loc: Woodland
McDevitt, Bernard Loc: Loughagannon
McDevitt, Neal Loc: Aghalenty
McDevitt, Patrick Loc: Loughagannon
McDevitt, Philip Loc: Loughagannon
McGettigan, Patrick Loc: Loughagannon
McGettigan, William Loc: Loughagannon
McIlehnny, John Loc: Loughnagin
McIlhenny, Alexander Loc: Loughnagin
McIlhenny, Alexander Loc: Roughpark
McIlhenny, John Loc: Loughnagin
McIlhenny, Samuel Loc: Loughnagin
McManus, Thomas Loc: Ballymaleel
McWard, Henry Loc: Kiltoy
Mitchell, James Loc: Loughnagin
Montgomery, Henry Loc: Lisnanees, Upper
Montgomery, William Loc: Lisnanees, Upper
Morrow, Henry Loc: Ballyboencurragh
Morrow, Henry Loc: Ballymaleel
Morrow, James Loc: Ballyboencurragh
Morrow, James Loc: Drumnaskea
Mucklerath, Mary Loc: Drumnaskea
Mulholland, James Loc: Camblestown
Mulholland, John Loc: Camblestown
Mulholland, John Loc: Deenystown
Murray, Daniel Loc: Castlewray
Murray, Daniel Loc: Lanehead
Noble, Samuel Loc: Ballymaleel
Norry, Samuel Loc: Lisnanees, Lower
O'Donnell, Arthur Loc: Loughagannon
O'Donnell, Daniel Loc: Loughagannon
O'Donnell, David Loc: Castlebane
O'Donnell, Henry Loc: Loughagannon
O'Donnell, Isabella Loc: Loughagannon
O'Donnell, Manus Loc: Loughagannon
Orr, William Loc: Castlebane
Osborne, Hugh Loc: Eighterross
Patterson, Alexander Loc: Ballyboencurragh
Porter, Charles Loc: Roughpark
Porter, Thomas Loc: Glebe
Ramsay, David Loc: Kiltoy
Ramsay, David Loc: Loughnagin
Ramsay, David Loc: Loughnagin
Ramsay, David, Jr. Loc: Magheranan
Ramsay, David, Sr. Loc: Magheranan
Ramsay, Elizabeth Loc: Kiltoy
Reed, Robert Loc: Cornagill
Reilly, Mary Loc: Roughpark
Robinson, James Loc: Kiltoy
Robinson, William Loc: Roughpark
Russell, Alexander Loc: Kiltoy
Russell, James Loc: Kiltoy
Spear, William, Jr. Loc: Ballyboencurragh
Spear, William, Sr. Loc: Ballyboencurragh
Spear, Wm., Sr. Loc: Ballyboencurragh N: Lodgs.
Speare, William Loc: Drumnaskea
Starrit, Alexander Loc: Aghalenty
Starrit, David Loc: Cornagill
Starrit, George Loc: Glebe
Starrit, Robert Loc: Glebe
Starrit, Thomas Loc: Bogay
Starrit, William Loc: Lisnanees, Upper
Stewart, Alexander Loc: Loughnagin
Stewart, Charles Loc: Aghalenty
Stewart, James Loc: Magheranan
Stewart, Robert Loc: Lisnanees, Lower
Talyor, Walter Loc: Greenhill
Taylor, Martha Loc: Drumnaskea
Teaz, William Loc: Ballymaleel
Toner, Hugh Loc: Cornagill
Walker, Joseph Loc: Ballymaleel
Wall, Margaret Loc: Woodland
Wood, James Loc: Drumnaskea
Wood, James G. Loc: Eighterross
Wray, William Loc: Lisnanees, Lower
Wray, William Loc: Roughpark
Wyley, Samuel Loc: Magheranan

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