Griffith's Valuation: Tamlaght O Crilly Parish, County Derry

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Griffith's Valuation in Tamlaght O Crilly Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Tamlaght O Crilly parish and every other parish in county Derry / Londonderry as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Londonderry / Derry in 1858 and 1859.


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Griffiths Valuation: Tamlaght O Crilly Parish 1858 and 1859

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You should also check the records of Tamlaght O Crilly parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City

Adams, Alexander L: Drumagarner
Adams, Andrew L: Drumagarner
Adams, David L: Gortmacrane
Adams, John L: Tyanee
Adams, Michael L: Glenone
Adams, Robert L: Tyanee
Adams, Thomas L: Drumagarner
Adderson, Bernard L: Killygullib Glebe
Adderson, Bridget L: Killygullib Glebe
Adderson, Neal L: Killygullib Glebe
Adderson, Patrick L: Killygullib Glebe
Adderson, Robert L: Killygullib Glebe
Agnew, Robert L: Drumard
Aikin, Peter L: Tyanee
Anderson, Henry L: Drumlane
Anderson, James L: Drumlane
Anderson, Thomas L: Drumlane
Anderson, Thomas L: Killygullib Glebe
Andrew, Joseph L: Bovedy
Andrew, William L: Bovedy
Armstrong, James L: Inishrush
Armstrong, John L: Lisnagroat
Armstrong, Thomas L: Drumlane
Armstrong, William L: Drumard
Atkinson, James L: Killymuck Glebe
Atkinson, Robert L: Timaconway
Atkinson, Stewart L: Lismoyle
Atkinson, Thomas L: Timaconway
Atkinson, William L: Lismoyle
Atkinson, William L: Timaconway
Ballance, James L: Drumane
Ballantine, James L: Drumnacanon
Ballantine, James L: Inishrush
Ballantine, Robert L: Inishrush
Barber, James L: Drumard
Barclay, James L: Drumoolish
Barclay, Sarah L: Inishrush
Bartley, John L: Tyanee
Bateson, Baronet Robert L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Bateson, Baronet Robt. L: Eden
Bateson, Baronet Robt. L: Inishrush
Bateson, Baronet Robt L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Beatty, Catherine L: Tyanee
Beatty, James L: Glenone
Beatty, Robert L: Glenone
Beatty, William L: Glenone
Begley, John L: Moneysallin
Begley, Patrick L: Moneysallin
Begly, James L: Gortmacrane
Bellingham, Adam L: Moneysallin
Berryman, Robert L: Drumlane
Bicknell, George L: Ballynian N: Agent Wcom.
Bicknell, George L: Lismoyle N: Agent Wcom.
Bicknell, George L: Lisnagroat N: Agent Wcom.
Bicknell, George L: Moneysallin N: Agent. Wcom
Bicknell, George L: Timaconway N: Agent
Birt, Arthur L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Birt, Bridget, Jr. L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Birt, Bridget, Sr. L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Birt, John L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Birt, Mary L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Birt, Michael L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Birt, Nicholas L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Birt, Thomas L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Black, Daniel L: Gortmacrane
Black, Isaac L: Drumard
Black, James L: Drumnacanon
Black, James L: Drumoolish
Black, John L: Drumoolish
Black, William L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Blair, David L: Drumnacanon
Blair, Joseph L: Drumlane
Blaney, Denis L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Blaney, James L: Glenone
Blaney, Loughlin L: Tyanee
Blaney, Neal L: Tyanee
Bloomfield, Anne L: Drumard
Bogs, Samuel L: Drumnacanon
Bolton, James L: Lismoyle
Bolton, Jane L: Lismoyle
Bolton, John L: Lismoyle
Bolton, John L: Lismoyle N: Deaf
Bolton, Saml. L: Lismoyle N: Of the Fort
Bolton, Samuel W. L: Lismoyle
Bolton, Sarah L: Bovedy
Bolton, Sloane L: Lismoyle
Bolton, Thomas L: Lismoyle
Bolton, William L: Ballynian
Bolton, William, Jr. L: Lismoyle
Bolton, William, Sr. L: Lismoyle
Bovel, Samuel L: Drumlane
Boy, Joseph L: Moneysallin
Boyd, Henry L: Ballynian
Boyd, Henry L: Lismoyle
Boyd, Hugh L: Drumard
Boyd, Hugh L: Lismoyle
Boyd, John L: Drumagarner
Boyd, John L: Glenone
Boyd, John L: Lismoyle
Boyd, John, Jr. L: Glenone
Boyd, Michael L: Lismoyle
Boyd, Robert, Jr. L: Lismoyle
Boyd, Robert, Sr. L: Lismoyle
Boyd, Samuel L: Lismoyle
Boyland, Mary L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Boyle, John L: Drumard
Bradley, Andrew L: Moneysallin
Bradley, Bernard L: Drumagarner
Bradley, Charles L: Drumagarner
Bradley, James L: Drumagarner
Bradley, John L: Drumagarner
Bradley, John L: Drumard
Bradley, Mary L: Drumsaragh
Bradley, Matilda L: Drumagarner
Bradley, Murtagh L: Drumagarner
Bradley, Neal L: Killygullib Glebe
Bradley, Patrick L: Drumagarner
Bradley, Rose L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Bradley, Save L: Drumagarner
Bradley, Thomas L: Drumagarner
Broomfield, John L: Killygullib Glebe
Brown, Robin L: Drumoolish
Browne, Henry L: Glenone
Browne, William L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Browne, William, Jr. L: Glenone
Burleton, John L: Killygullib Glebe
Burleton, Sarah L: Killygullib Glebe
Calderwood, James L: Drumagarner
Calderwood, James L: Drumane
Calderwood, James L: Gortmacrane
Calderwood, Thomas L: Gortmacrane
Calderwood, William L: Gortmacrane
Campbell, Alexander L: Lisnagroat
Campbell, Archbd., Jr. L: Lisnagroat
Campbell, Archbd., Sr. L: Lisnagroat
Campbell, Archibald L: Moneysallin
Campbell, James L: Lismoyle
Campbell, James L: Lisnagroat
Campbell, John L: Tyanee
Campbell, Paul L: Drumsaragh
Campbell, Stewart L: Drumard
Campbell, William L: Drumoolish
Campbell, William L: Lisnagroat
Carberry, Patrick L: Glenone
Carmichael, Hugh L: Killymuck Glebe
Carmichael, James L: Killygullib Glebe
Carr, Mary L: Lisnagroat
Carr, William L: Lisnagroat
Carroll, Anthony L: Glenone
Casement, Julius L: Inishrush
Casement, Julius L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Casey, Donal L: Glenone
Casey, Duncan L: Glenone
Casey, Hugh L: Glenone
Caskey, Jane L: Lismoyle
Caskey, Matthew L: Timaconway
Caskey, William L: Timaconway
Cassidy, Anne L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Cassidy, Arthur L: Eden
Cassidy, Arthur L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Cassidy, Bartholomew L: Tyanee
Cassidy, Francis L: Bovedy
Cassidy, Francis L: Gortmacrane
Cassidy, Henry L: Drumoolish
Cassidy, Henry L: Mullaghnamoyagh
Cassidy, John L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Cassidy, John L: Mullaghnamoyagh
Cassidy, Manus L: Bovedy
Cassidy, Margaret L: Drumagarner
Cassidy, Margaret L: Gortmacrane
Cassidy, Michael L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Cassidy, Nicholas L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Cassidy, Pat L: Gortmacrane N: Pat
Cassidy, Patrick L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Cassidy, Patrick L: Mullaghnamoyagh
Cassidy, William, Jr. L: Mullaghnamoyagh
Casssidy, Patrick L: Gortmacrane N: Cormac
Catherwood, John L: Glenone
Chambers, Anne L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Chambers, Thomas L: Killymuck Glebe
Clarke, James L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Clarke, James L: Drumoolish
Clarke, Margaret L: Eden
Clarke, Samuel L: Drumagarner
Clarke, William L: Drumagarner
Clements, Hugh L: Glenone
Clements, John L: Glenone
Clements, Robert L: Glenone
Clements, William L: Glenone
Clinton, Ellen L: Drumane
Collins, John L: Killymuck Glebe
Collins, Patrick L: Glenone
Collins, William L: Drumard
Connaberry, Anne L: Lisnagroat
Connell, James L: Gortmacrane
Convery, Bernard L: Tyanee
Convery, Catherine L: Tyanee
Convery, James, Jr. L: Tyanee
Convery, James, Sr. L: Tyanee
Convery, Margaret L: Tyanee
Convery, Patrick L: Tyanee
Courtenay, James L: Glenone
Courtenay, James L: Inishrush
Courtenay, James L: Tyanee
Cox, Laurence L: Glenone
Coyle, Michael L: Timaconway
Craig, Margaret L: Drumagarner
Crawford, Felix L: Drumagarner
Crawford, John L: Moneysallin
Crawford, Richard L: Drumagarner
Crawford, William L: Drumagarner
Crawford, William L: Moneysallin
Crilly, James L: Drumnacanon
Crilly, John L: Ballynian
Crilly, John L: Gortmacrane
Crilly, Michael L: Ballynian
Crilly, Michael L: Lisnagroat
Crilly, Patrick L: Lisgorgan Glebe
Crilly, Paul L: Ballynian
Cristle, Felix L: Glenone
Crockett, Anne L: Drumard
Crockett, Anne L: Drumnacanon
Crockett, Archibald L: Drumnacanon
Crockett, George L: Drumnacanon
Crockett, George, Jr. L: Drumnacanon
Crockett, James L: Drumlane
Crockett, James L: Drumnacanon
Crockett, John L: Drumnacanon
Crockett, Johnston L: Drumnacanon
Crockett, Johnston L: Drumoolish
Crockett, Jonathan L: Drumnacanon
Crockett, Paul L: Drumnacanon
Daley, James L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Daley, William L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Dalrymple, Robert L: Killymuck Glebe
Daly, Bryan L: Inishrush
Daly, Daniel L: Glenone
Daly, Thomas L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Daly, William L: Glenone
Daniel, David L: Killygullib Glebe
Davidson, James L: Bovedy
Davis, Jane L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Dempsy, Edward L: Gortmacrane
Dickey, Rev. Joseph L: Drumane
Dillon, John L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Dimond, Alice L: Inishrush
Dimond, Anne L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Dimond, Felix L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Dimond, Henry L: Gortmacrane
Dimond, Henry, Jr. L: Tyanee
Dimond, Henry, Sr. L: Tyanee
Dimond, Hugh L: Tyanee
Dimond, James L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Dimond, James L: Ballynian
Dimond, James L: Gortmacrane
Dimond, James L: Tyanee
Dimond, John L: Ballynian
Dimond, John L: Inishrush
Dimond, John L: Killygullib Glebe
Dimond, John L: Killymuck Glebe N: Jenny
Dimond, John L: Killymuck Glebe N: Pat
Dimond, John L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Dimond, Mary L: Drumane
Dimond, Mary L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Dimond, Patrick L: Tyanee
Dimond, Vincent L: Tyanee
Dinsmore, Samuel L: Drumard
Dinsmore, Samuel L: Drumlane
Dogherty, Archibald L: Eden
Dogherty, Edward L: Tyanee
Dogherty, James L: Eden
Doherty, Alexander L: Glenone
Doherty, Edward L: Bovedy
Doherty, James L: Drumnacanon
Doherty, John L: Drumoolish
Doherty, Thomas L: Drumsaragh
Donaghy, John L: Eden
Donaldson, Isaac L: Killymuck Glebe
Donaldson, John L: Drumnacanon
Donaldson, William L: Drumnacanon
Donnelly, John L: Glenone
Donnelly, William L: Eden
Doogan, Jane L: Glenone
Doogan, Mary L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Doole, Robert L: Tyanee
Doole, William L: Tyanee
Downey, George L: Eden
Doyle, Patrick L: Tyanee
Dugald, Elizabeth L: Drumnacanon
Dugan, Bernard L: Glenone
Duggan, Andrew L: Inishrush
Dusey, Martin L: Glenone
Dutton, John L: Killygullib Glebe
Dysart, Hugh L: Eden
Egleson, John L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Ellis, Hercules L: Tyanee
Evans, George L: Inishrush
Evans, Robert L: Tyanee
Fahan, George L: Bovedy
Falkner, John L: Killygullib Glebe
Farrell, William L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Faulkner, Ady L: Killygullib Glebe
Faulkner, Ady. L: Killygullib Glebe
Finlay, Gerald L: Inishrush
Fitzpatrick, Rev. Jas. L: Bovedy
Fleming, James L: Eden
Flemming, John L: Bovedy
Flemming, Robert L: Bovedy
Foster, Rev. Charles S. L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Fowler, John L: Glenone
French, Benjamin L: Tyanee
French, Rev. Edward L: Mullaghnamoyagh
French, George L: Tyanee
French, Robert L: Tyanee
French, William L: Moneystaghan Ellis
French, William L: Tyanee
Gamble, Hugh L: Bovedy
Gamble, John L: Bovedy
Gamble, John L: Glenone
Gamble, John L: Killygullib Glebe
Gamble, Robert L: Bovedy
Gardiner, George L: Timaconway
Gardiner, Thomas L: Lisgorgan Glebe
Garvagh, Lady L: Tyanee
Getty, Michael L: Bovedy
Gibson, James L: Drumoolish
Gibson, James L: Inishrush
Gibson, Jane L: Inishrush
Gibson, Margaret L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Gibson, Margaret L: Drumoolish
Gibson, Matthew L: Drumoolish
Gibson, Thomas L: Glenone
Gillman, James L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Gilmour, Alexander L: Bovedy
Gilmour, Andrew L: Drumagarner
Gilmour, Rev. James L: Bovedy
Gilmour, John L: Bovedy
Gilmour, John L: Lismoyle
Gilmour, Robert L: Bovedy
Gilmour, Robert L: Drumagarner
Gilmour, Robt. L: Bovedy N: Beg
Gilmour, Samuel L: Bovedy
Gilmour, William L: Bovedy
Gilmour, William, Jr. L: Bovedy
Gilmour, William, Sr. L: Bovedy
Given, Nathaniel L: Timaconway
Glasgow, James L: Inishrush
Gordon, John L: Lisnagroat
Gordon, William L: Drumard
Graham, James L: Moneysallin
Graham, Jane L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Graham, John L: Gortmacrane
Graham, John L: Moneysallin
Graham, Ray L: Moneysallin
Graham, Robert L: Moneysallin
Graham, Samuel L: Lisnagroat
Graham, Samuel L: Moneysallin
Graham, William L: Drumagarner
Graham, William L: Gortmacrane
Gray, Samuel L: Gortmacrane
Greene, Rev. Godfrey L: Killygullib Glebe
Greer, John L: Inishrush
Greer, Mary L: Tyanee
Greer, Robert L: Timaconway
Gribbin, Arthur L: Gortmacrane
Gribbin, Felix L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Gribbin, Henry L: Gortmacrane
Gribbin, James L: Gortmacrane
Gribbin, Jane L: Gortmacrane
Gribbin, John L: Gortmacrane
Gribbin, John L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Gribbin, John L: Moneystaghan Macpeake N: John
Gribbin, Patk. L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Gribbin, Thomas L: Gortmacrane
Grimes, Thomas L: Drumane
Guthrie, Hugh L: Glenone
Hagan, Francis L: Drumane
Hagan, John L: Tyanee
Hagarty, Andrew L: Ballynian
Hagarty, Francis L: Tyanee
Hagarty, John L: Killymuck Glebe
Hagarty, Peter L: Tyanee
Halliday, Andrew L: Drumlane
Halliday, James L: Tyanee
Halliday, Robert L: Drumoolish
Hamilton, Hugh L: Killymuck Glebe
Hamilton, James L: Killymuck Glebe
Hartley, Andrew L: Eden
Hastie, Samuel L: Inishrush
Hastings, James L: Inishrush
Heary, Sarah L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Henry, Bernard L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Henry, Bernard L: Eden
Henry, Bernard L: Killymuck Glebe
Henry, Bernard L: Tyanee
Henry, Charles L: Glenone
Henry, Cormack L: Drumane
Henry, Daniel L: Glenone
Henry, Daniel L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Henry, Daniel L: Mullaghnamoyagh
Henry, Denis L: Gortmacrane
Henry, Felix L: Glenone
Henry, Felix L: Tyanee N: Strand
Henry, Felix, Jr. L: Tyanee
Henry, Felix, Sr. L: Tyanee
Henry, Harry L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Henry, Harry L: Mullaghnamoyagh
Henry, Harry L: Tyanee N: Hillhead
Henry, Harry L: Tyanee N: Of the Hill
Henry, Harry, Sr. L: Drumagarner
Henry, Harry, Sr. L: Tyanee
Henry, Hugh L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Henry, James L: Glenone
Henry, James L: Inishrush
Henry, James L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Henry, James L: Mullaghnamoyagh
Henry, James L: Tyanee
Henry, James, Sr. L: Tyanee
Henry, John L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Henry, John L: Gortmacrane
Henry, John L: Lisnagroat
Henry, John L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Henry, John L: Tyanee
Henry, Kate L: Gortmacrane
Henry, Kate L: Lisnagroat
Henry, Margaret L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Henry, Mary L: Tyanee
Henry, Michael L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Henry, Patrick L: Drumagarner
Henry, Patrick L: Drumsaragh
Henry, Patrick L: Glenone
Henry, Patrick L: Lisnagroat
Henry, Patrick L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Henry, Peter L: Drumagarner
Henry, Roger L: Gortmacrane
Heyland, Langford L: Drumard
Heyland, Langford L: Drumlane
Heyland, Langford L: Drumnacanon
Heyland, Langford L: Drumoolish
Higgins, Bernard L: Drumard
Holmes, John L: Bovedy
Holmes, John L: Tyanee
Hoome, John L: Tyanee
Hunter, John L: Eden
Hunter, Richard L: Tyanee
Hunter, Thomas L: Drumagarner
Hunter, William L: Bovedy
Hunter, William L: Drumnacanon
Huston, Arthur L: Drumsaragh
Huston, Arthur L: Killygullib Glebe
Huston, Stewart L: Drumsaragh
Huston, William L: Killymuck Glebe
Huston, William L: Lisgorgan Glebe
Hutchinson, Creighton L: Drumagarner
Hutchinson, Creighton L: Drumane
Hutchinson, Creighton L: Eden
Hutchinson, Rep. Geo. L: Eden
Hutton, Thomas L: Killygullib Glebe
Irwin, Joseph L: Drumoolish
Irwin, Robert L: Tyanee
Irwin, Robin L: Lisnagroat
Jameson, Robert L: Killymuck Glebe
Jamison, John L: Moneysallin
Johnston, Hugh L: Killygullib Glebe
Johnston, Isaiah L: Drumard
Johnston, James, Jr. L: Drumsaragh
Johnston, James, Sr. L: Drumsaragh
Johnston, Jas. L: Drumsaragh N: Mary
Jones, Jane L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Kane, Andrew L: Gortmacrane
Kane, Anne L: Bovedy
Kane, Anne L: Moneysallin
Kane, Archibald L: Killygullib Glebe
Kane, Bernard L: Gortmacrane
Kane, Bridget L: Moneysallin
Kane, Catherine L: Gortmacrane
Kane, Daniel L: Gortmacrane
Kane, Francis L: Gortmacrane
Kane, Hugh L: Killygullib Glebe
Kane, Hugh L: Moneysallin
Kane, Hugh L: Tyanee
Kane, James L: Gortmacrane
Kane, John L: Drumagarner
Kane, John L: Gortmacrane
Kane, John L: Gortmacrane N: Anna
Kane, John L: Gortmacrane N: Brockedy
Kane, John L: Inishrush
Kane, John L: Lisgorgan Glebe
Kane, John L: Moneysallin
Kane, Mark L: Drumard
Kane, Michael L: Gortmacrane
Kane, Patrick L: Drumard
Kane, Patrick L: Lisgorgan Glebe
Kane, Paul L: Gortmacrane
Kane, Rosanna L: Tyanee
Kane, Sarah L: Drumagarner
Kearney, Denis L: Drumnacanon
Kearney, James L: Drumnacanon
Kearney, James L: Eden
Kearney, John L: Eden
Kearney, Michael L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Kearney, Patrick L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Kearney, Patrick L: Tyanee
Kearney, Roderick L: Glenone
Keenan, Daniel L: Tyanee
Keenan, Henry L: Glenone
Keenan, Henry L: Tyanee
Keenan, James L: Glenone
Keenan, Jane L: Glenone
Keenan, John L: Tyanee
Keenan, John, Jr. L: Moneysallin
Keenan, John, Sr. L: Moneysallin
Keenan, Robert L: Tyanee
Keenan, William L: Drumagarner
Kelly, James L: Glenone
Kelly, John L: Killygullib Glebe
Kelly, Margaret L: Killygullib Glebe
Kelly, Mary L: Lisnagroat
Kelso, Isaiah L: Drumard
Kelsy, Abigail L: Drumoolish
Kelsy, Hugh L: Drumlane
Kelsy, James L: Drumlane
Kelsy, James L: Drumoolish
Kelsy, John L: Bovedy
Kelsy, John L: Drumlane
Kelsy, John L: Killygullib Glebe
Kelsy, Samuel L: Drumoolish
Kelsy, William L: Drumlane
Kelsy, Wm L: Drumoolish N: and Bros
Kennan, Patrick L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Kennedy, John L: Killygullib Glebe
Kennedy, Samuel L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Kenny, John L: Timaconway
Kilpatrick, Allan L: Lisnagroat
Kilpatrick, Joseph L: Killygullib Glebe
Kirkpatrick, Adam L: Drumane
Kirkwood, Isaac L: Gortmacrane
Kirkwood, John L: Gortmacrane
Kirkwood, Robert L: Killygullib Glebe
Kirkwood, William L: Bovedy
Kirkwood, William L: Killygullib Glebe
Kirkwood, William L: Killymuck Glebe
Kirkwood, William L: Moneysallin
Knox, Rev. James S. L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Kyle, Anne L: Tyanee
Kyle, John L: Tyanee
Kyle, Samuel L: Tyanee
Laferty, Margaret L: Bovedy
Lagan, Patrick L: Inishrush
Laif, Joseph L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Lamon, Hugh L: Timaconway
Lappan, William L: Drumard
Larkin, Francis L: Gortmacrane
Larkin, Hugh L: Drumnacanon
Laverty, James L: Killymuck Glebe
Laverty, John L: Glenone
Lee, James L: Killymuck Glebe
Lennon, James L: Killygullib Glebe
Lennon, Rody L: Killygullib Glebe
Lennox, Henry L: Moneysallin
Lennox, James L: Killygullib Glebe
Lennox, James L: Moneysallin
Lennox, John L: Moneysallin
Lennox, Robert L: Moneysallin
Lily, Mary L: Drumane
Linn, Robert L: Drumlane
Loughlin, James L: Glenone
Loughlin, James L: Lisgorgan Glebe
Loughlin, James L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Loughlin, Samuel L: Drumnacanon
Lynn, Henry L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Macaw, Alexander L: Eden
Macaw, Charles L: Tyanee
Macaw, George L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Macaw, James L: Inishrush
Macaw, James L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Macaw, James L: Tyanee
Macaw, Jas. L: Eden N: and Another
Macaw, Jas. L: Inishrush N: Carpenter
Macaw, Kennedy L: Inishrush
Macaw, Kennedy L: Tyanee
Macaw, Samuel R. L: Inishrush
Macaw, Samuel R. L: Tyanee
Madden, Bernard L: Tyanee
Madden, Daniel L: Tyanee
Madden, Daniel L: Tyanee N: John
Madden, Edward L: Tyanee
Madden, Felix L: Tyanee
Madden, Felix L: Tyanee N: Cock
Madden, Francis L: Tyanee
Madden, Henry L: Inishrush
Madden, Henry L: Tyanee
Madden, John L: Inishrush
Madden, John L: Tyanee
Madden, Laurence L: Tyanee
Madden, Patrick L: Tyanee
Madden, William L: Tyanee
Madigan, William L: Tyanee
Madole, John L: Drumsaragh
Magill, James L: Drumard
Magill, John, Jr. L: Drumard
Magill, John, Sr. L: Drumard
Magill, Rody L: Drumard
Magill, William L: Drumnacanon
Magill, William L: Inishrush
Magragh, Patrick L: Glenone
Maguire, Archibald L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Maguire, Denis L: Eden
Maguire, James L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Maguire, James L: Glenone
Maguire, John L: Tyanee
Maguire, Patrick L: Eden
Maguire, Richard L: Drumagarner
Maguire, Thomas L: Bovedy
Margy, Emily L: Ballynian
Margy, Francis L: Drumagarner
Margy, James L: Ballynian
Marley, James L: Eden
Marlin, Martin L: Drumlane
Marlin, Patrick L: Drumlane
Marshall, John L: Tyanee
Marshall, Robert L: Tyanee
Martin, Charles L: Drumnacanon
Martin, William L: Drumsaragh
Maxwell, Andrew L: Inishrush
Mayberry, Alexander L: Bovedy
Mayberry, Anne L: Tyanee
Mayberry, Elizabeth L: Tyanee
Mayberry, John L: Gortmacrane
Mayberry, Ray L: Lisnagroat
Mayberry, Thomas L: Drumlane
Mayberry, William L: Lisnagroat
Mayberry, William L: Tyanee
McAleese, Robert L: Lismoyle
McAllister, Charles L: Timaconway
McAllister, Daniel L: Drumlane
McAllister, Fanny L: Drumard
McAllister, Hacky L: Bovedy
McAllister, James L: Killygullib Glebe
McAllister, John L: Bovedy
McAllister, John L: Drumoolish
McAllister, John L: Killymuck Glebe
McAnally, Charles L: Tyanee
McAnally, Daniel L: Tyanee
McAnally, Patrick L: Tyanee
McAnally, Thomas L: Tyanee
McAnulla, James L: Drumoolish
McAtamney, Felix L: Inishrush
McAteer, James L: Glenone
McAteer, James L: Tyanee
McAteer, John L: Drumlane
McAteer, John L: Glenone
McAteer, John L: Tyanee
McAteer, Margaret L: Glenone
McAteer, Michael L: Tyanee
McAteer, Neal L: Tyanee
McAteer, Patrick L: Inishrush
McAteer, Patrick L: Tyanee
McAteer, Samuel L: Killymuck Glebe
McAteer, Thomas L: Glenone
McAteer, Thomas L: Tyanee
McAteer, William L: Tyanee
McCahy, Alexander L: Bovedy
McCahy, Archibald L: Tyanee
McCahy, Charles L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McCahy, David L: Killymuck Glebe
McCahy, George L: Bovedy
McCahy, George L: Tyanee
McCahy, Hill L: Killymuck Glebe
McCahy, Huston L: Killymuck Glebe
McCahy, Huston L: Lisgorgan Glebe
McCahy, Isabella L: Tyanee
McCahy, James L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McCahy, James L: Killygullib Glebe
McCahy, James L: Killymuck Glebe
McCahy, John L: Drumard
McCahy, John L: Glenone
McCahy, John L: Killymuck Glebe
McCahy, Kate L: Drumard
McCahy, Lawrence L: Killygullib Glebe
McCahy, Margaret L: Killymuck Glebe
McCahy, Matthew L: Drumnacanon
McCahy, Nathaniel L: Tyanee
McCahy, Patrick L: Killymuck Glebe
McCahy, Robert L: Killygullib Glebe
McCahy, Robert L: Tyanee
McCahy, Robert, Jr. L: Killymuck Glebe
McCahy, Robert, Sr. L: Killymuck Glebe
McCahy, Thomas L: Killymuck Glebe
McCahy, Timothy L: Killygullib Glebe
McCahy, William L: Killymuck Glebe N: John
McCahy, William L: Killymuck Glebe N: Tom
McCallion, Bernard L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McCallion, Elizabeth L: Killygullib Glebe
McCallion, James L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McCallion, Patrick L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McCallion, Robert L: Inishrush
McCampbell, John L: Gortmacrane
McCann, Catherine L: Killygullib Glebe
McCann, James L: Lisnagroat
McCann, John L: Gortmacrane
McCann, John L: Killygullib Glebe
McCann, Martha L: Lisnagroat
McCann, Michael L: Lisnagroat
McCann, Patrick L: Drumsaragh
McCann, Patrick L: Killygullib Glebe
McCann, Sarah L: Killygullib Glebe
McCann, William L: Killygullib Glebe
McCarthy, Samuel L: Tyanee
McCartney, James L: Drumsaragh
McCaw, Archibald L: Drumane
McCaw, Bernard L: Bovedy
McCaw, Ellen L: Bovedy
McCaw, John L: Bovedy
McCaw, Robert L: Bovedy
McClean, John L: Drumagarner
McClean, John L: Killygullib Glebe
McClean, Margaret L: Drumagarner
McCloy, Bernard L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McCloy, Bernard L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McCloy, Daniel L: Eden
McCloy, Daniel, Jr. L: Mullaghnamoyagh
McCloy, Daniel, Sr. L: Mullaghnamoyagh
McCloy, Henry L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McCloy, James L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McCloy, James L: Eden
McCloy, John L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McCloy, John L: Glenone
McCloy, John L: Mullaghnamoyagh
McCloy, John, Jr. L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McCloy, John, Sr. L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McCloy, Mary L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McCloy, Michael L: Mullaghnamoyagh
McCloy, Neal L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McCloy, Neil L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McCloy, William L: Tyanee
McCollum, Anne L: Mullaghnamoyagh
McConnaghty, William L: Drumard
McConnell, Charles L: Drumlane
McConnell, James L: Inishrush
McConnell, John L: Drumoolish
McConnell, John L: Killygullib Glebe
McConnell, Robert L: Inishrush
McCook, Daniel L: Killymuck Glebe
McCoole, John L: Timaconway
McCord, Archibald L: Killygullib Glebe
McCord, James L: Timaconway
McCord, Joseph L: Killygullib Glebe
McCormick, Felix L: Glenone
McCormick, James L: Inishrush
McCotter, Catherine L: Killygullib Glebe
McCotter, Donaghy L: Drumnacanon
McCotter, Elizabeth L: Killygullib Glebe
McCotter, Francis L: Killymuck Glebe
McCotter, John L: Drumnacanon
McCotter, John L: Killygullib Glebe
McCoy, William L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McCracken, Isabella L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McCready, Arthur L: Inishrush
McCready, Isaac L: Inishrush
McCready, John L: Ballynian
McCready, Laurence L: Ballynian
McCready, Margaret L: Inishrush
McCready, Patrick L: Ballynian
McCreevy, Anthony L: Drumagarner
McCreevy, John L: Drumagarner
McCristle, John L: Glenone
McCullagh, Daniel L: Tyanee
McCullagh, John L: Inishrush
McCullagh, Mary L: Glenone
McCullagh, Robert L: Glenone
McCullagh, William L: Drumlane
McDade, Jane L: Killygullib Glebe
McDade, William L: Killygullib Glebe
McDonald, John L: Drumagarner
McDonnell, Charles L: Drumagarner
McDonnell, Patrick L: Gortmacrane
McElfatrick, John L: Drumlane N: and Bros
McElfatrick, Ruth L: Ballynian
McElfatrick, Thompson L: Ballynian
McElroy, John L: Glenone
McErlane, Bernard L: Glenone
McErlane, Daniel L: Glenone
McErlane, Daniel L: Inishrush
McErlane, Daniel L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McErlane, Donald L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McErlane, Edward L: Glenone
McErlane, George L: Glenone
McErlane, Henry L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McErlane, Henry L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McErlane, Hugh L: Lisnagroat
McErlane, Hugh L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McErlane, James L: Glenone
McErlane, John L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McErlane, John L: Glenone
McErlane, John L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McErlane, John, Jr. L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McErlane, Martha L: Glenone
McErlane, Mary L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McErlane, Neal L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McErlane, Patrick L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McErlane, Patrick L: Mullaghnamoyagh
McErlane, Patrick L: Tyanee
McErlane, Peter L: Glenone
McErlane, Thaddeus L: Glenone
McErlane, Thaddeus L: Tyanee
McFadden, Margaret L: Glenone
McFall, Daniel L: Tyanee
McFall, Henry L: Tyanee
McFall, James L: Inishrush
McFall, Patrick L: Tyanee
McGahy, James L: Lismoyle
McGilligan, Daniel L: Drumard
McGonnigle, Patrick L: Drumane
McGorrick, Michael L: Eden
McGrannell, Sarah L: Glenone
McGrath, Patrick L: Glenone
McGregor, Anne L: Tyanee
McGregor, James L: Tyanee
McGroark, Edward L: Killymuck Glebe
McGroarke, John L: Timaconway
McGuickan, Michael L: Killymuck Glebe
McGuigan, Bernard L: Lisgorgan Glebe
McGuiggan, Hugh L: Eden
McHatton, Bernard L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McHenry, James L: Drumagarner
McHenry, James L: Drumnacanon
McHenry, Jas L: Drumagarner N: Cottier
McHenry, John L: Drumagarner
McHenry, John L: Drumnacanon
McHenry, John L: Gortmacrane
McHenry, Mary L: Gortmacrane
McIlfatrick, Allan L: Drumsaragh
McIlmogue, William L: Gortmacrane
McIlree, Davison L: Killymuck Glebe
McIntyre, James L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McIntyre, John L: Inishrush
McIntyre, John L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McIntyre, Roger L: Gortmacrane
McIntyre, William L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McKay, Charles L: Gortmacrane
McKay, Denis L: Lisnagroat
McKay, James L: Bovedy
McKay, John L: Drumard
McKay, John L: Lisnagroat
McKay, Margaret L: Killygullib Glebe
McKay, Thomas L: Drumard N: Farmer
McKay, Thomas L: Drumard N: Mason
McKay, Thomas L: Killygullib Glebe
Mckeefry, James, Jr. L: Lisgorgan Glebe
McKeefry, James, Sr. L: Lisgorgan Glebe
McKeefry, Patrick L: Lisgorgan Glebe
McKeefry, William L: Lisgorgan Glebe
McKeefry, William L: Moneysallin
McKenna, Francis L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McKenna, Thomas L: Killygullib Glebe
McKeon, Daniel L: Gortmacrane
McKeon, James L: Killygullib Glebe
McKeon, Neal, Jr. L: Killygullib Glebe
McKeon, Pat. L: Killygullib Glebe N: Neal
McKeon, Patrick L: Drumagarner
McKeon, Patrick L: Killygullib Glebe
McKeon, Thomas L: Drumagarner
McKeown, William L: Inishrush
McLarey, Bernard L: Timaconway
McLarey, Daniel L: Moneysallin
McLarey, Harry L: Lisnagroat N: John, Harry McLarey
McLarey, Hugh L: Killygullib Glebe
McLarey, John L: Lisnagroat N: John, Harry McLarey
McLarey, John L: Moneysallin
McLarey, John Harry L: Lisnagroat N: John, Harry McLarey
McLarey, John Harry L: Moneysallin
McLarey, Margaret L: Killygullib Glebe
McLarey, Rose L: Killygullib Glebe
McLarey, Thomas L: Killygullib Glebe
McLarry, John, Jr. L: Glenone
McLarry, Thomas L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McLary, Anne L: Ballynian
McLary, Michael L: Ballynian
McLean, Alexander L: Drumsaragh
McLoughlin, Alexander L: Drumsaragh
McLoughlin, Bernard L: Killygullib Glebe
McLoughlin, Bridget L: Inishrush
McLoughlin, Charles L: Gortmacrane
McLoughlin, Daniel L: Glenone
McLoughlin, Daniel L: Inishrush
McLoughlin, Francis L: Eden
McLoughlin, Francis L: Inishrush
McLoughlin, Henry L: Inishrush
McLoughlin, Hugh L: Inishrush
McLoughlin, John L: Drumane
McLoughlin, John L: Gortmacrane
McLoughlin, John L: Inishrush
McLoughlin, Patrick L: Inishrush
McMihill, Joseph L: Killymuck Glebe
McMullan, Duncan L: Ballynian
McMullan, John L: Drumane
McMullan, Patrick L: Ballynian
McMullen, Alexander L: Glenone
McMullen, John L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McMullen, Patrick L: Glenone
McMullin, Alexander L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McNamie, Rev. James L: Inishrush
McNeill, Edward L: Tyanee
McNeill, John L: Drumnacanon
McNeill, John L: Glenone
McNeill, Neal L: Drumnacanon
McNeilly, Thomas L: Killygullib Glebe
McOrlean, John L: Drumnacanon
McPeak, Arthur L: Drumnacanon
McPeak, John L: Ballynian
McPeake, Anne L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McPeake, Hugh L: Inishrush
McPeake, Hugh L: Tyanee
McPeake, Jane L: Tyanee
McPeake, John L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McPeake, John, Jr. L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Mcpeake, John, Jr. L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McPeake, John, Sr. L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McPeake, Manus L: Inishrush
McPeake, Margaret L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McPeake, Patrick L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McPeake, Susan L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
McQuaid, James L: Drumagarner
McRannell, Eliza L: Killygullib Glebe
McRannell, George L: Moneysallin
McRannell, Jas., Jr. L: Killygullib Glebe
McRannell, Jas., Sr. L: Killygullib Glebe
McRannell, John L: Killygullib Glebe
McRannell, John L: Moneysallin
McRannell, Mary L: Killygullib Glebe
McRannell, Robert L: Killygullib Glebe
McRannell, Sarah L: Moneysallin
McReery, Anthony L: Drumard
McRunnell, Hugh L: Lismoyle
McShane, Eliza L: Killygullib Glebe
McShane, Francis L: Killymuck Glebe
McShane, Henry L: Killygullib Glebe
McShane, James L: Killygullib Glebe
McShane, John L: Ballynian
McShane, Mary L: Drumard
McShane, Patrick L: Killymuck Glebe
McShane, Roger L: Ballynian
McShane, William L: Killygullib Glebe
McShannig, Hugh L: Drumane
McTaggart, Daniel L: Moneysallin
McTamney, Henry L: Tyanee
McTamney, Hugh L: Tyanee
McTamney, James L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McTamney, James L: Tyanee
McTamney, Jas., Jr. L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McTamney, John L: Tyanee
McTamney, Manus L: Moneystaghan Ellis
McTamney, Manus L: Tyanee
McTamney, Michael L: Drumane
McTamney, Michael L: Gortmacrane
McTamney, Michael L: Tyanee
McTamney, Roderick L: Tyanee
McTamney, Thomas L: Tyanee
McTamney, William L: Tyanee
McTamny, Jno. L: Ballynian N: Owen
McTamny, Michael L: Ballynian
McWherter, Robert L: Ballymacpeake Lower
McWiggin, Catherine L: Gortmacrane
Meehan, John L: Gortmacrane
Meenan, Arthur L: Gortmacrane
Meenan, Charles L: Gortmacrane
Meenan, Francis L: Gortmacrane
Meenan, John L: Gortmacrane
Merrin, John L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Michael, James L: Killygullib Glebe
Michael, John, Jr. L: Drumane
Michael, John, Sr. L: Drumane
Mihill, Alexander L: Lismoyle
Mihill, Archibald L: Bovedy
Mihill, Dougald L: Bovedy
Mihill, Hugh L: Bovedy
Mihill, James L: Bovedy
Mihill, James L: Bovedy N: Tom
Mihill, James L: Lismoyle
Mihill, Jas. L: Bovedy N: Steady
Mihill, John L: Bovedy
Mihill, John L: Bovedy N: Big
Mihill, Margaret L: Bovedy
Mihill, Robert L: Bovedy
Mihill, Samuel L: Bovedy
Mihill, Thomas L: Bovedy
Mihill, William L: Bovedy N: Big
Mihill, Wm. L: Bovedy N: Archy
Mihill, Wm. L: Bovedy N: Roonin
Milhill, James L: Lismoyle
Millar, Rev. John H. L: Killygullib Glebe
Millar, Tristram L: Drumane
Miller, George L: Drumlane
Miller, James L: Drumard
Miller, John L: Drumoolish
Miller, Samuel L: Drumard
Miller, Sarah L: Drumlane
Mollaghan, Hugh L: Gortmacrane
Molloy, Henry L: Glenone
Molloy, James L: Ballynian
Montgomery, James L: Lismoyle
Montgomery, Wm. L: Bovedy
Moone, Edward L: Lisnagroat
Moone, Joseph L: Lisnagroat
Moone, William L: Lisnagroat
Mooney, Charles L: Ballynian
Mooney, Henry L: Killygullib Glebe
Mooney, Hugh L: Tyanee
Mooney, James L: Killygullib Glebe
Mooney, James L: Tyanee
Mooney, Mary L: Killygullib Glebe
Moore, George L: Inishrush
Moore, John L: Inishrush
Moran, James L: Killygullib Glebe
Moran, Margaret L: Killygullib Glebe
Moran, Michael L: Ballynian
Morrison, Archibald L: Killygullib Glebe
Morrison, Hugh L: Glenone
Morrison, Hugh L: Killygullib Glebe
Morrison, Malcolm L: Killygullib Glebe
Mulholland, Alex L: Eden
Mulholland, Alex. L: Eden
Mulholland, Alex. L: Eden N: David
Mulholland, Andw. L: Eden
Mulholland, Archibald L: Glenone
Mulholland, Bernard, Jr. L: Eden
Mulholland, Daniel L: Glenone
Mulholland, David, Jr. L: Eden
Mulholland, David, Sr. L: Eden
Mulholland, Edward L: Eden
Mulholland, Felix L: Tyanee
Mulholland, Frederick L: Drumoolish
Mulholland, Henry L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Mulholland, Henry L: Eden
Mulholland, Henry L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Mulholland, Hugh L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Mulholland, Hugh L: Glenone
Mulholland, Hugh L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Mulholland, James L: Eden
Mulholland, Jane L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Mulholland, Jane L: Eden
Mulholland, Jas., Jr. L: Eden
Mulholland, Jas., Sr. L: Eden
Mulholland, Jn., Jr. L: Eden
Mulholland, Jn., Sr. L: Eden
Mulholland, John L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Mulholland, John L: Drumoolish
Mulholland, John L: Eden
Mulholland, John L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Mulholland, Maria L: Eden
Mulholland, Patrick L: Balltmacpeake Lower
Mulholland, Patrick L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Mulholland, Patrick L: Drumoolish
Mulholland, Rody L: Killymuck Glebe
Mulholland, Rody L: Lisgorgan Glebe
Mulholland, Sarah L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Mulholland, Thomas L: Eden
Mulholland, Thompson L: Eden
Mulholland, William L: Drumnacanon
Mulholland, William L: Eden
Mullan, Charles L: Drumoolish
Mullan, John L: Drumard
Mullan, John L: Gortmacrane
Mullan, Margaret L: Drumard
Mullan, Patrick L: Drumagarner
Mullan, Patrick L: Drumard
Mullan, Sarah L: Lisgorgan Glebe
Mullen, Joseph L: Tyanee
Mullen, Thomas L: Tyanee
Mullholland, Alex. L: Inishrush
Mullholland, Bernard, Sr. L: Eden
Murdock, James L: Glenone
Murdock, James L: Inishrush
Murdock, James, Sr. L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Murdock, Robert L: Glenone
Murphy, Anne L: Lisnagroat
Murphy, Archibald L: Moneysallin
Murray, Bernard L: Drumard
Murray, Catherine L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Murray, James L: Drumard
Murray, Neal L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Neeson, Charles L: Lisnagroat
Neill, Sarah L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Neilly, Geo., Jr. L: Timaconway
Neilly, Rep. Geo., Sr. L: Timaconway
Neilly, Hill L: Killymuck Glebe
Neilly, James L: Timaconway
Neilly, Thomas L: Killymuck Glebe
Neilly, Thomas L: Timaconway
Neilson, Robert L: Drumoolish
Nesbitt, Rep. Wm. G. D. L: Glenone
Nicholl, John L: Glenone
Nugent, James L: Tyanee
O'Crilly, Peter L: Ballynian
O'Hara, Bernard L: Killygullib Glebe
O'Kane, Daniel L: Drumagarner
O'Kane, Patrick L: Gortmacrane
Oliver, James L: Gortmacrane
Oliver, John L: Killygullib Glebe
O'Neill, Bernard L: Drumard
O'Neill, Bridget L: Ballynian
O'Neill, Charles L: Drumlane
O'Neill, Cornelius L: Glenone
O'Neill, Cornelius L: Moneystaghan Ellis
O'Neill, Daniel L: Ballymacpeake Lower
O'Neill, Daniel L: Gortmacrane
O'Neill, Felix L: Eden
O'Neill, Felix L: Tyanee
O'Neill, Francis L: Ballynian
O'Neill, James L: Ballymacpeake Lower
O'Neill, James L: Moneysallin
O'Neill, Jane L: Eden
O'Neill, John L: Ballymacpeake Lower N: Jack
O'Neill, John L: Ballymacpeake Lower N: Sonny
O'Neill, John L: Ballynian
O'Neill, John L: Eden N: Jack
O'Neill, John L: Gortmacrane
O'Neill, John L: Killygullib Glebe
O'Neill, John L: Moneystaghan Ellis
O'Neill, John, Jr. L: Ballymacpeake Lower
O'Neill, Michael L: Gortmacrane
Orr, Andrew L: Bovedy
Orr, Andrew L: Gortmacrane
Orr, Andrew L: Inishrush
Orr, John L: Bovedy
Orr, Margaret L: Eden
Orr, William L: Inishrush
Palmer, Walter L: Killygullib Glebe
Palmer, William L: Killygullib Glebe
Park, Alexander L: Bovedy
Park, John L: Bovedy
Park, Thomas L: Bovedy
Parke, Thomas L: Eden
Paton, James L: Drumnacanon
Patterson, James L: Gortmacrane
Patterson, John L: Gortmacrane
Patterson, Robert L: Gortmacrane
Patterson, Robert L: Lisnagroat
Patterson, William L: Bovedy
Patton, Andrew L: Tyanee
Patton, James L: Tyanee
Patton, John L: Tyanee
Patton, Thomas L: Killygullib Glebe
Paul, Adam L: Moneysallin
Paul, Anne Jane L: Moneysallin
Paul, John L: Bovedy
Paul, Rev. John T. L: Drumagarner
Paul, Thomas L: Bovedy
Paul, William L: Moneysallin
Pickett, Joseph L: Bovedy
Pickett, Robert L: Bovedy
Pollock, Archibald L: Eden
Pollock, Robert L: Drumoolish
Preston, James L: Tyanee
Preston, John L: Tyanee
Preston, Robert, Sr. L: Tyanee
Quigg, Michael L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Quigley, Charles L: Drumnacanon
Quin, Anne L: Gortmacrane
Quin, Arthur L: Gortmacrane
Quin, Arthur L: Timaconway N: Pat
Quin, Arthur J. L: Ballynian
Quin, Ellen L: Gortmacrane
Quin, Ellen L: Moneysallin
Quin, Francis L: Ballynian
Quin, James, Jr. L: Ballynian
Quin, James, Sr. L: Ballynian
Quin, John L: Lisgorgan Glebe
Quin, Patrick L: Bovedy
Quin, Thomas L: Gortmacrane
Quinn, Ann L: Killygullib Glebe
Quinn, Dominick L: Drumnacanon
Quinn, Esther L: Killygullib Glebe
Quinn, Francis L: Lisgorgan Glebe
Quinn, Rep. Thomas L: Ballynian
Rankin, William L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Rath, Thomas John L: Drumsaragh
Ray, Robert L: Timaconway
Rea, Bernard L: Tyanee
Rea, John L: Drumane
Reed, John L: Killygullib Glebe
Reid, Patrick L: Killygullib Glebe
Reilly, Robert L: Inishrush
Richey, John L: Gortmacrane
Richmond, Denis L: Bovedy
Richmond, Mary L: Tyanee
Rob, Samuel L: Gortmacrane
Roe, Donald L: Glenone
Roe, Francis L: Drumoolish
Roe, John L: Drumard
Roe, John L: Drumlane
Roe, John L: Drumoolish
Roe, Joseph L: Glenone
Roe, Robin L: Drumoolish
Roe, Thomas L: Drumoolish
Rogers, Anne L: Inishrush
Rogers, Bernard L: Lisnagroat
Rogers, Hugh L: Lisnagroat
Ross, Susan L: Drumagarner
Scott, Adam L: Tyanee
Scott, Alexander L: Lismoyle
Scott, Anne L: Lismoyle
Scott, Charles L: Ballynian
Scott, Robert L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Scott, Thomas L: Eden
Scott, William L: Tyanee
Scullion, Felix L: Glenone
Scullion, Henry L: Drumane
Scullion, Hugh L: Glenone
Scullion, James L: Gortmacrane
Scullion, Michael L: Glenone
Scullion, Michael, Jr. L: Glenone
Scullion, Patrick L: Tyanee
Scullion, Peter L: Eden
Scullion, Sarah L: Glenone
Scullion, Sarah L: Gortmacrane
Simms, William, Jr. L: Drumnacanon
Simms, William, Sr. L: Drumnacanon
Simpson, John L: Lisnagroat
Simpson, Robert L: Lisnagroat
Sims, William L: Drumard
Sims, William L: Drumard N: Big
Sims, William, Jr. L: Drumlane
Sims, William, Sr. L: Drumlane
Slammon, John L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Slammon, Sarah L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Sloane, Charles L: Tyanee
Sloane, James L: Drumlane
Sloane, John L: Drumlane
Sloane, Robert L: Tyanee
Sloane, William L: Lismoyle
Smith, Andrew L: Drumard
Smith, Andrew L: Drumnacanon
Smith, Rev. George L: Killymuck Glebe
Smith, James L: Drumane
Smith, James L: Glenone
Smith, Jane L: Drumsaragh
Smith, John L: Drumane
Smith, John, Jr. L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Smith, John, Sr. L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Smith, Washington L: Drumlane
Smith, Washington L: Inishrush
Smith, William L: Glenone
Smith, William L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Smyrl, Anne L: Drumoolish
Smyrl, Paul L: Drumoolish
Smyth, James L: Inishrush
Smyth, Rev. James L: Inishrush
Spallin, John L: Bovedy
Spear, Margaret L: Drumnacanon
Spelan, Eleanor L: Inishrush
Stark, Richard L: Drumagarner
Starratt, Charles L: Killygullib Glebe
Starratt, Daniel L: Timaconway
Starratt, Hugh L: Ballynian
Starratt, John L: Timaconway
Starratt, Stewart L: Lismoyle
Steele, David L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Stephens, Rep. Spencer L: Killymuck Glebe
Stewart, Arthur L: Drumlane
Stewart, Bernard L: Drumagarner
Stewart, Charles L: Tyanee
Stewart, Henry L: Tyanee
Stewart, James L: Drumlane
Stewart, James L: Lismoyle
Stewart, James L: Lismoyle N: Island
Stewart, James L: Timaconway
Stewart, John L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Stewart, John L: Killymuck Glebe N: James
Stewart, John L: Killymuck Glebe N: Tom
Stewart, John L: Lismoyle
Stewart, John L: Tyanee
Stewart, John, Jr. L: Killygullib Glebe
Stewart, John, Sr. L: Killygullib Glebe
Stewart, Joseph L: Killymuck Glebe
Stewart, Margaret L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Stewart, Margaret L: Drumard
Stewart, Mary A. L: Lismoyle
Stewart, McCartney L: Killymuck Glebe
Stewart, Robert L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Stewart, Robert L: Lismoyle
Stewart, Robin L: Lismoyle
Stewart, Samuel L: Killymuck Glebe
Stewart, Samuel L: Timaconway
Stewart, Thomas L: Killymuck Glebe
Stewart, Thomas L: Lismoyle
Stewart, William L: Ballymacpeake Lower
Stewart, William L: Drumard
Stewart, William L: Killymuck Glebe
Stewart, William L: Lismoyle
Stewart, William L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Stinson, Daniel L: Killygullib Glebe
Stinson, James L: Killygullib Glebe
Stinson, Leslie L: Drumard
Strafford, L: Eden N: Earl of Strafford
Strafford, L: Inishrush N: Earl of Strafford
Strafford, L: Moneystaghan Ellis N: Earl of Strafford
Stuart, Mary L: Killygullib Glebe
Sweeny, John L: Timaconway
Taggart, Thomas L: Tyanee
Taylor, Hugh L: Drumane
Taylor, James L: Drumnacanon
Taylor, Margaret L: Killymuck Glebe
Taylor, Samuel L: Drumnacanon
Taylor, Thomas L: Tyanee
Taylor, William L: Drumane
Thom, Alexander L: Timaconway
Thom, Mary Jane L: Timaconway
Thompson, Daniel L: Drumlane
Thrimble, Gordon L: Bovedy
Thrimble, Robert L: Bovedy
Thrimble, William L: Bovedy
Toner, Charles L: Killygullib Glebe
Toner, John L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Tonor, Charles L: Killygullib Glebe
Torrens, Isabella L: Bovedy
Torrens, James L: Drumagarner
Torrens, Jane L: Drumagarner
Torrens, John, Jr. L: Drumagarner
Torrens, John, Sr. L: Drumagarner
Torrens, Kennedy L: Drumagarner
Torrens, Mary L: Drumagarner
Torrens, Robert L: Drumsaragh
Trench, Lady Louisa L: Eden
Trench, Lady Louisa L: Inishrush
Trench, Lady Louisa L: Moneystaghan Ellis
Trench, Lady Louisa L: Moneystaghan Macpeake
Turner, Mary L: Killygullib Glebe
Twohill, Anthony L: Gortmacrane
Twohill, William L: Killygullib Glebe
Vance, Joseph L: Drumane
Vance, Mary Jane L: Drumane
Vance, Robert L: Drumane
Vance, Smith L: Drumane
Waddera, William L: Lismoyle
Walker, William L: Timaconway
Wallace, Anne L: Lisnagroat
Wallace, Archibald L: Bovedy
Wallace, Robert L: Lisnagroat
Wallace, Smith L: Bovedy
Wallace, Thomas L: Bovedy
Wallace, William L: Bovedy
Wallace, William L: Killygullib Glebe
Walsh, John, Jr. L: Inishrush
Walsh, John, Sr. L: Inishrush
Warren, Rev. John L: Glenone
Warwick, Hugh L: Bovedy
Warwick, Robert L: Bovedy
Watt, John L: Drumlane
White, Hugh L: Inishrush
White, James L: Drumoolish
White, William L: Killygullib Glebe
Williamson, Alexander L: Killymuck Glebe
Williamson, Hugh L: Drumard
Williamson, Hugh L: Drumnacanon
Williamson, James L: Killygullib Glebe
Williamson, James L: Killymuck Glebe
Williamson, John L: Drumnacanon
Williamson, John L: Killymuck Glebe
Williamson, John L: Timaconway
Williamson, Thomas L: Drumnacanon
Williamson, William L: Killymuck Glebe
Wilson, Daniel L: Drumagarner
Wilson, George L: Killymuck Glebe
Wilson, John L: Glenone
Wilson, Samuel L: Killymuck Glebe
Wilson, Samuel L: Tyanee
Wilson, Sarah L: Gortmacrane
Wilson, Thomas L: Killymuck Glebe
Wilson, William L: Tyanee
Woods, John L: Drumane
Woods, Mary L: Drumane
Woods, Sarah L: Gortmacrane
Woods, Thomas, Jr. L: Drumane
Woods, Thomas, Sr. L: Drumane
Workman, Anne L: Drumnacanon
Workman, Daniel L: Drumoolish
Workman, James L: Drumoolish
Workman, Joseph L: Drumoolish
Workman, Mary L: Killygullib Glebe
Workman, William L: Killymuck Glebe
York, David L: Eden
York, Henry L: Drumnacanon
York, Henry, Jr. L: Eden
York, Henry, Sr. L: Eden
York, Robert L: Eden
Young, George L: Drumane
Young, John L: Inishrush
Young, Mary L: Drumagarner
Young, Robert L: Killymuck Glebe
Young, William L: Drumard
Young, William L: Moneystaghan Ellis

Map of Civil Parishes in county Derry

Civil Parishes of County Derry

Griffiths Valuation - Other Derry Parishes

1 Aghadowey

2 Aghanloo

3 Agivey

4 Arboe

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyaghran

8 Ballymoney

9 Ballynascreen

10 Ballyrashane

11 Ballyscullion

12 Ballywillin

13 Balteagh

14 Banagher

15 Bovevagh

16 Carrick

17 Clondermot

18 Coleraine

19 Cumber Lower

20 Cumber Upper

21 Derryloran

22 Desertlyn

23 Desertmartin

24 Desertoghill

25 Drumachose

26 Dunboe

27 Dungiven

28 Errigal

29 Faughanvale

30 Kilcronaghan

31 Kildollagh

32 Killelagh

33 Killowen

34 Kilrea

35 Learmount

36 Lissan

37 Macosquin

38 Maghera

39 Magherafelt

40 Magilligan

41 Tamlaght

42 Tamlaght Finlagan

43 Tamlaght O Crilly

44 Templemore

45 Termoneeny