Griffith's Valuation: Aghadowey Parish, County Derry

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Griffith's Valuation in Aghadowey Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation took place in Aghadowey parish and every other parish in county Derry / Londonderry as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Londonderry / Derry in 1858 and 1859.


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Griffiths Valuation: Aghadowey Parish 1858 and 1859

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You should also check the records of Aghadowey parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City

Adams, James L: Ballybritain
Adams, James L: Ballymenagh
Adams, John L: Ardreagh
Adams, John L: Ballydevitt
Adams, John L: Cullyramer
Adams, John L: Killykergan
Adams, Thomas L: Carranroe
Alexander, George L: Ballygawley
Alexander, Hugh L: Lisnamuck
Alexander, John L: Keely
Alexander, Margaret L: Mullaghinch
Alexander, Rev. Robert L: Craiglea Glebe
Alexander, Robert L: Mullinabrone
Alexander, Samuel L: Mullinabrone
Alexander, Torrens L: Mayoghill
Anderson, Hen. L: Mullaghinch N: Agent Wcoi.
Anderson, Henry L: Droghed N: Agent Wcoi.
Anderson, James L: Collins
Anderson, John L: Ardreagh
Anderson, Thomas L: Collins
Anderson, William L: Ballinrees
Anderson, William L: Lisnamuck
Archbold, Alexander L: Ardreagh
Archbold, David L: Clagan
Archbold, David L: Coolhill
Archbold, Hugh L: Ballybritain
Archbold, Hugh L: Clagan
Archbold, Robert L: Mullaghinch
Archbold, Thomas L: Gorran
Archbold, William L: Clagan
Archibald, Alexander L: Clarehill
Archibald, William L: Glenkeen
Arthur, John L: Collins
Arthur, John L: Cornamuclagh
Bacon, John L: Ballycaghan
Baird, Alexander L: Ballynacally Beg
Baird, Alexander L: Ballynacally More
Barlow, Richard L: Ballydevitt
Barr, Archibald L: Killykergan
Barr, Higginbotham L: Drumsteeple
Barr, John L: Caheny
Barr, John L: Seygorry
Barr, Robert L: Collins
Barr, Robert L: Drumsteeple
Barr, William L: Collins
Barry, William L: Drumsteeple
Bartley, Alexander L: Ballinrees
Bartley, Alexander L: Ballygawley
Bartley, Alexander L: Ballynacally Beg
Bartley, Alexander L: Cullycapple
Bartley, Alexander L: Moneycarrie Lower
Bartley, Alexander L: Mullaghinch
Bartley, Geo. L: Mullaghinch N: and Co
Bartley, George L: Ballinrees N: and Co
Bartley, George L: Ballynacally Beg N: and Co
Bartley, George L: Cullycapple
Bartley, George L: Moneycarrie Lower N: and Co
Bartley, George L: Mullaghinch
Baxter, James L: Drumacrow
Baxter, Thomas L: Ballynacally Beg
Bennett, Thomas L: Ballydevitt
Berns, Anne L: Glenkeen
Beverlen, John L: Cullycapple
Black, Alexander L: Craigmore
Black, George L: Aghadowey
Black, Hugh L: Craigmore
Black, James L: Craigmore
Black, James, Jr. L: Craigmore
Black, James, Sr. L: Craigmore
Black, John L: Mullan
Blair, Andrew L: Crosscanley Glebe
Blair, Hugh L: Crosscanley Glebe
Blair, James L: Ballylintagh
Blair, James L: Collins
Blair, Robert L: Ballylintagh
Blair, Robert L: Crosscanley Glebe
Blair, Robert L: Crossmakeever
Blair, Samuel L: Crosscanley Glebe
Blair, Thomas L: Ballylintagh
Blair, William L: Ballylintagh
Blair, William L: Ballynacally More
Blake, John L: Ballynacally Beg
Blake, Judith L: Cullyramer
Boon, David L: Mullinabrone
Boyce, John L: Meavemanougher
Boyce, John L: Moneycarrie Upper
Boyce, Thomas L: Gorran
Boyd, Andrew L: Ballyclough
Boyd, Edward L: Aghadowey
Boyd, Edward L: Ballynacally Beg
Boyd, Hugh L: Ballybritain
Boyd, Hugh L: Mullaghinch
Boyd, John, Jr. L: Crosscanley Glebe
Boyd, John, Sr. L: Crosscanley Glebe
Boyd, Kennedy L: Killeague
Boyd, Margaret L: Ballygawley
Boyd, Thomas L: Collins
Boyd, Thomas L: Crosscanley Glebe
Boyd, Thomas L: Killykergan
Boyle, David L: Killykergan
Boyle, James L: Cornamuclagh
Boyle, Jane L: Mullaghinch
Boyle, John L: Collins
Boyle, John L: Cornamuclagh
Boyle, John L: Drumeil
Boyle, Patrick L: Cornamuclagh
Boyle, Sarah L: Crossmakeever
Bradley, Edward L: Seygorry
Bradley, James L: Tamlaght
Bradley, Rose L: Drumeil
Bradon, Isabella L: Ballynacally More
Brolly, John L: Moneycarrie Lower
Brown, Rev. John L: Droghed
Brown, Robert L: Mayboy
Browne, David L: Gortin Mayoghill
Browne, Grace L: Cullyramer
Browne, James L: Drumacrow
Browne, James L: Gorran
Browne, John L: Drumacrow
Browne, John L: Gortin Mayoghill
Browne, John L: Scalty
Browne, Patrick L: Cullyramer
Browne, Robert L: Bovagh
Bryce, Rev. James L: Ballyclough
Burnside, Anne L: Cullyramer
Byrne, Jane L: Meavemanougher
Caldwell, William L: Aghadowey
Cameron, John L: Ardreagh
Campbell, Alexander L: Ballybritain
Campbell, Henry L: Ballynacally Beg
Campbell, Joseph L: Drumeil
Campbell, Mary L: Ballylintagh
Campbell, Mary L: Kiltest
Campbell, William L: Ballygawley
Canning, John L: Ballynacally Beg
Cannon, Patrick, Jr. L: Craigmore
Carr, Elizabeth L: Mullaghinch
Carr, John L: Ballygawley
Carr, John L: Ballynacally Beg
Carrick, Anne L: Gorran
Carroll, Patrick L: Carranroe
Carson, Hugh L: Clintagh
Carson, Robert L: Carranroe
Caska, John L: Ballymenagh
Caskey, Paul L: Meencraig
Cassidy, Bridget L: Clagan
Caully, Daniel L: Aghadowey
Chambers, John L: Clarehill
Cherry, John L: Mullaghinch
Clarke, Ellen L: Ballygawley
Clarke, James L: Bovagh
Clarke, John L: Cornamuclagh
Clarke, John L: Cullyramer
Clarke, Sarah L: Cullycapple
Clarke, William L: Gortin Mayoghill N: and Co
Cluskey, James L: Caheny
Clyde, William L: Crossmakeever
Cochran, James L: Aghadowey
Cochrane, Alexander L: Shanlongford
Cochrane, Benjamin L: Moneycarrie Upper
Cochrane, James L: Collins
Cochrane, James L: Mullaghinch
Cochrane, John L: Mullaghinch
Cochrane, Robert J. L: Ballymenagh
Cochrane, Samuel L: Caheny
Cochrane, Samuel L: Coolhill
Cochrane, William L: Ballymenagh
Coleman, Patrick L: Landmore
Collins, Anne L: Knockaduff
Collins, James L: Knockaduff
Connell, Arthur L: Meavemanougher
Connell, Ellen L: Aghadowey
Connell, Hugh L: Tamlaght
Connell, John L: Meavemanougher
Connell, Patrick L: Ballybritain
Connell, Thomas L: Meencraig
Connor, Bernard L: Craigmore
Connor, Charles L: Meavemanougher
Connor, James L: Craigmore
Connor, John L: Meavemanougher
Conway, James L: Caheny
Conway, Jane L: Caheny
Cox, Fanny L: Caheny
Cox, Robert L: Bovagh
Cox, Robert L: Landmore
Cox, Samuel L., M.D. L: Ballybritain
Cox, Thomas L: Ballyclough
Cox, Thomas L: Crosscanley Glebe
Coyle, Archibald L: Seygorry
Craig, John L: Moneycarrie Upper
Crawford, King L: Craigmore
Crawford, Benjamin L: Managher
Crawford, James L: Craigmore
Crawford, James L: Managher
Crawford, James, Jr. L: Craigmore
Crilly, James L: Tamlaght
Crilly, Mary L: Cullyramer
Crowe, George L: Crossmakeever
Cunningham, John L: Ballynacally More
Cunningham, John L: Clarehill
Cunningham, Robt. L: Ballynacally More
Cunningham, William L: Crosscanley Glebe
Cunningham, Wm. L: Ballynacally More
Curry, John L: Ballynacally More
Curry, Moorehead L: Keely
Dallas, George L: Moneybrannon
Dallis, William L: Killykergan
Daly, John L: Bovagh
Darra, John L: Tamlaght
Darragh, James L: Meavemanougher
Davison, Matthew L: Mullinabrone
Deane, Samuel L: Mullinabrone
Deanes, James L: Ballygawley
Deenes, John L: Caheny
Dempsey, Alexander L: Cornamuclagh
Dempsey, Alexander L: Risk
Dempsey, Bernard L: Ballycaghan
Dempsey, Bernard L: Cornamuclagh
Dempsey, Bernard L: Risk
Dempsey, Bryan L: Drumeil
Dempsey, Catherine L: Glenkeen
Dempsey, Daniel L: Bovagh
Dempsey, Denis L: Drumeil
Dempsey, Francis L: Mullaghinch
Dempsey, James L: Drumeil
Dempsey, James L: Risk
Dempsey, John L: Ballycaghan
Dempsey, Mortimer L: Drumeil
Dempsey, Patk. L: Cornamuclagh N: Landagivey
Dempsey, Patk. L: Drumeil N: John
Dempsey, Patk. L: Drumeil N: Morty
Dempsey, Patrick L: Carranroe
Dempsey, Patrick L: Cornamuclagh
Dempsey, Patrick L: Drumeil N: Ned
Dempsey, Patrick L: Risk
Dempsey, William L: Bovagh
Dempsey, William L: Drumeil
Denning, John L: Moneycarrie Upper
Devlin, James L: Cullyramer
Dickins, James L: Drumeil
Dillon, James L: Killykergan
Dimond, Henry L: Mullinabrone
Dimond, Patrick L: Mullinabrone
Dinsmore, Thomas L: Tamlaght
Dinsmore, William L: Gortincoolhill
Dixon, James L: Ballynacally Beg
Dogherty, James L: Cullycapple
Doherty, Alexander L: Bovagh
Doherty, Alexander L: Mayoghill
Doherty, Hannah L: Mullaghinch
Doherty, Henry L: Glenkeen
Doherty, Hugh L: Mullaghinch
Doherty, James L: Kiltest
Doherty, John L: Aghadowey
Doherty, John L: Mullaghinch
Doherty, John L: Risk
Doherty, Patrick L: Bovagh
Doherty, Robert L: Caheny
Doherty, Roger L: Gorran
Donnelly, William L: Seygorry
Dontan, James L: Killykergan
Doogan, William L: Seygorry
Doolish, John L: Drumacrow
Doorish, John L: Seygorry
Douglas, Robert L: Crossmakeever
Downes, David L: Killeague
Duff, James L: Carranrallagh
Duff, Violet L: Carranrallagh
Dunbar, George L: Clagan
Dunbar, George L: Landmore
Dunbar, George L: Risk
Dunlap, Simon L: Cornamuclagh
Dunning, George L: Lisnamuck
Elder, James L: Clintagh
Elder, James L: Cullycapple
Elder, John L: Ballylintagh
Elgin, James L: Crosscanley Glebe
Elgin, Thomas L: Crosscanley Glebe
English, William L: Crevolea
Esbil, Robert L: Ballylintagh
Fahender, James L: Ballygawley
Faith, William L: Ballynacally Beg
Faith, William L: Moneybrannon
Farlow, James L: Shanlongford
Feery, Catherine L: Mayboy
Feery, Michael L: Mayboy
Ferris, Bernard L: Tamlaght
Ferris, Patrick L: Tamlaght
Finlay, Alexander L: Aghadowey
Finlay, Alexander, Sr. L: Aghadowey
Fisher, Alexander L: Moneybrannon
Fleming, Hugh L: Mayoghill
Forsyth, James L: Ballynacally Beg
Foster, Henry L: Glenback
Foster, James L: Glenback
Freame, John L: Ballynacally Beg
Frizell, John L: Crossmakeever
Fulton, James L: Ballyclough
Gage, Andrew L: Moneybrannon
Gamble, Hugh L: Knockaduff
Gamble, Hugh L: Managher
Gammel, Mary L: Landmore
Gammel, Thomas L: Clagan
Gault, James L: Gorran
Getty, James L: Ballylintagh
Gibbons, Patrick L: Drumeil
Gibson, Andrew L: Clintagh
Gibson, John L: Clintagh
Gibson, Robert L: Ballynacally Beg
Gibson, Thomas L: Killykergan
Gibson, William L: Crossmakeever
Giles, James L: Mayboy
Giles, John L: Gorran
Gillan, John L: Meavemanougher
Gillan, Patrick L: Ardreagh
Gillan, Robert L: Meavemanougher
Gillen, Edmond L: Glenback
Gillespie, Andrew L: Knockaduff
Gilmore, Alexander L: Caheny
Gilmore, Alexander L: Moneycarrie Upper
Gilmore, Anne L: Mayoghill
Gilmore, David L: Rusky
Gilmore, George L: Ballywillin
Gilmore, George L: Carranrallagh
Gilmore, George L: Crevolea
Gilmore, James L: Ballynacally Beg
Gilmore, James L: Caheny
Gilmore, James L: Carranrallagh
Gilmore, James L: Clarehill
Gilmore, James L: Crevolea
Gilmore, Jane L: Aghadowey
Gilmore, Jane L: Glenkeen
Gilmore, John L: Ardreagh
Gilmore, John L: Ballynacally Beg
Gilmore, John L: Ballywillin
Gilmore, John L: Carranrallagh
Gilmore, John L: Glenkeen
Gilmore, Martha L: Carranrallagh
Gilmore, Samuel L: Ballyclough
Gilmore, Thomas L: Caheny
Gilmore, William L: Carranrallagh
Gilmore, William L: Glenkeen
Glass, James L: Ballyclough
Glass, James L: Crevolea
Glenn, Samuel L: Aghadowey
Glynn, William L: Craigmore
Goold, Thomas L: Shanlongford
Gordon, Thomas L: Moneycarrie Lower
Gormly, James L: Mullinabrone
Gott, William L: Carranroe
Gray, Anne L: Mullinabrone
Gray, Jane L: Cullycapple
Gray, Margaret L: Cullycapple
Gray, Robert L: Aghadowey
Gray, Robert L: Cullycapple
Gressam, Hugh L: Ballygawley
Gressam, Hugh L: Ballygawley N: Lodgers
Gressam, Longford L: Ballynacally Beg
Gressam, Martha L: Ballygawley
Gressam, Richard L: Ballynacally Beg
Grimes, George L: Lisnamuck
Hall, James L: Ardreagh
Hall, James L: Clarehill
Hall, John L: Ardreagh
Hall, Robert L: Ardreagh
Hampsey, John L: Lisnamuck
Hampsey, Mary L: Clarehill
Hamsey, James L: Aghadowey
Hanson, George L: Ballylintagh
Hanson, George L: Crosscanley Glebe
Harken, John L: Meencraig
Harkin, Charles L: Meavemanougher
Harkin, John L: Ballynacally Beg
Harrow, Thomas L: Aghadowey
Hazlett, Robert L: Bovagh
Hazlett, Robert L: Caheny
Hegarty, Andrew L: Ballydevitt
Hegarty, Charles L: Clagan
Hegarty, George L: Cornamuclagh
Hegarty, Thomas L: Drumeil
Hemphill, Andrew L: Crevolea
Hemphill, Rep. Curtis L: Aghadowey
Hemphill, Rep. Curtis L: Ballybritain
Hemphill, Rep. Curtis L: Ballywillin
Hemphill, James L: Aghadowey
Hemphill, James L: Crevolea
Hemphill, James L: Seygorry
Hemphill, Jane L: Meavemanougher
Hemphill, John L: Crevolea
Hemphill, William L: Ballybritain
Hemphill, William L: Mullan
Henderson, John L: Mullan
Heney, Daniel L: Cullycapple
Heney, Robert L: Cullycapple
Heney, Thomas L: Cullycapple
Heney, William L: Cullycapple
Henry, Anne L: Kiltest
Henry, David L: Lisboy
Henry, James L: Craiglea Glebe
Henry, James L: Mullan
Henry, John L: Ballynacally Beg
Henry, John L: Mullan
Henry, John L: Seygorry
Henry, Mary L: Lisnamuck
Henry, Matthew L: Mullan
Henry, Samuel L: Lisnamuck
Henry, William L: Mullinabrone
Herald, George L: Mayoghill
Herald, George L: Mullaghinch
Herral, Alexander L: Risk
Herral, John, Jr. L: Risk
Herral, John, Sr. L: Risk
Hervison, William L: Ballynacally More
Hill, Alexander L: Ballygawley
Hill, Catherine L: Mullinabrone
Hill, James L: Mullinabrone
Hill, James L: Seygorry
Hill, Thomas L: Bovagh
Hill, William L: Caheny
Hilliard, Charles L: Ballynacally Beg
Hodge, James L: Ballynacally More
Hodge, Mary L: Mullan
Hogg, Alexander L: Coolhill
Hogg, Anne L: Caheny
Hogg, James L: Aghadowey
Hogg, James L: Crosscanley Glebe
Hogg, John L: Clarehill
Hogg, Rankin L: Gortin Mayoghill
Hogg, Thomas L: Gortincoolhill
Hogg, Thomas, Jr. L: Caheny
Hogg, Thomas, Sr. L: Caheny
Hogg, William L: Caheny
Hull, Anne L: Mullaghinch
Hull, Hugh L: Crossmakeever
Hull, Hugh L: Moneycarrie Upper
Hull, James L: Moneycarrie Upper
Hull, John L: Seygorry
Hull, Thomas L: Mullinabrone
Humphrey, Alexander L: Lisnamuck
Hunter, David L: Ballycaghan
Hunter, George L: Glenback
Hunter, Joseph L: Mullaghinch
Hunter, Leslie L: Mullaghinch
Hunter, Matthew L: Ballycaghan
Hunter, Samuel L: Carranrallagh
Hunter, William L: Craiglea Glebe
Hutchings, James L: Ballynacally Beg
Hutchings, John L: Crosscanley Glebe
Hutchings, Robert L: Aghadowey
Hutchins, Alexander L: Caheny
Hutchinson, Thomas L: Ardreagh
Hutchison, John L: Ballynacally More
Hutchison, William L: Ballynacally More
Irwin, Robert L: Mullinabrone
Irwin, Samuel L: Carranroe
Irwin, William L: Carranroe
Jackson, James L: Mayoghill
Jackson, William L: Crevolea
Jameson, John L: Crossmakeever
Jameson, Robert L: Managher
Jameson, Samuel L: Keely
Jameson, Thomas L: Crossmakeever
Jefferson, William L: Aghadowey
Johnston, Anne L: Lisnamuck
Johnston, James L: Caheny
Johnston, John L: Clintagh
Johnston, Rebecca L: Clintagh
Johnston, Robert L: Clintagh
Johnston, William L: Killeague
Kane, Anne L: Ardreagh
Kane, Bernard L: Drumeil
Kane, Bernard L: Meencraig
Kane, George L: Inchadoghill
Kane, James L: Ballynacally Beg
Kane, James L: Clarehill
Kane, James L: Mayoghill
Kane, John L: Mullinabrone
Kane, Mary L: Mullan
Kane, Maurice L: Kiltest
Kane, Patrick L: Drumeil
Kane, Patrick L: Landmore
Kane, Sarah L: Craigmore
Kane, William L: Craigmore
Kealy, Patrick L: Ballymenagh
Keane, James L: Killeague
Kearns, James L: Mayoghill
Kellagher, Ellen L: Ballygawley
Kellagher, Hugh L: Caheny
Kellagher, John L: Cullyramer
Kellagher, Susan L: Caheny
Kellagher, William L: Caheny
Kelly, Andrew L: Ballynacally Beg
Kelly, John L: Drumacrow
Kelly, Mary L: Knockaduff
Kelly, Samuel L: Cullycapple
Kelsey, Robert L: Inchadoghill
Kennedy, Alexander L: Caheny
Kennedy, Alexander L: Cullyramer
Kennedy, Church L: Cullyramer
Kennedy, Eliza L: Ballyclough
Kennedy, Henry L: Ballylintagh
Kennedy, Hugh L: Ballinrees
Kennedy, Hugh L: Ballygawley
Kennedy, Hugh L: Clagan
Kennedy, Hugh L: Cullyramer
Kennedy, Hugh L: Killeague
Kennedy, Hugh L: Knockaduff
Kennedy, James L: Ballyclough
Kennedy, James L: Tamlaght
Kennedy, John L: Ballyclough
Kennedy, John L: Mayoghill
Kennedy, John L: Tamlaght
Kennedy, John, Jr. L: Ballycaghan
Kennedy, John, Sr. L: Ballycaghan
Kennedy, Matthew L: Collins
Kennedy, Matthew, Jr. L: Collins
Kennedy, Samuel L: Caheny
Kennedy, Samuel L: Collins
Kennedy, Samuel, Jr. L: Caheny
Kennedy, Thomas L: Caheny
Kennedy, William L: Ballycaghan
Kennedy, William L: Caheny
Killough, Jane L: Cullyramer
Kinders, Martin L: Clagan
King, Hugh L: Craigmore
King, Sarah L: Craigmore
King, Thomas L: Craigmore
Knight, Thomas L: Mullaghinch
Knox, Hugh L: Clarehill
Knox, John L: Clarehill
Knox, John L: Rusky
Knox, Martha L: Mullaghinch
Knox, Robert L: Aghadowey
Knox, Robert L: Ballynacally Beg
Knox, Robert, Jr. L: Clarehill
Knox, Robert, Sr. L: Clarehill
Knox, Samuel L: Mullaghinch
Kyle, John L: Caheny
Kyle, Mary L: Caheny
Lancey, James L: Ballygawley
Lancey, James L: Bovagh
Lancey, James L: Gortin Mayoghill
Lane, Alexander, M.D. L: Mullan
Lecky, James Orr L: Keely
Lennan, John L: Gortin Mayoghill
Leslie, Hugh L: Aghadowey
Leslie, Hugh L: Ballyclough
Leslie, Hugh L: Ballynacally Beg
Little, Robert L: Cullyramer
Little, Samuel L: Cullyramer
Logan, Samuel L: Drumeil
Long, John L: Crossmakeever
Loughridge, Samuel L: Gortin Mayoghill
Loughry, John L: Meavemanougher
Loughry, John L: Tamlaght
Loughry, Mary L: Mayboy
Loughry, Thomas L: Mayboy
Lowe, Thomas L: Glenback
Lynch, Edward L: Meencraig
Lynd, John L: Gortin Mayoghill
Lynd, John L: Mayoghill
Lynd, Mary L: Gortin Mayoghill
Lynn, Andrew, Jr. L: Knockaduff
Lynn, Andrew, Sr. L: Knockaduff
Lynn, William L: Mullinabrone
Madden, Mary L: Killykergan
Madden, Mary L: Mullaghinch
Madigan, Francis L: Tamlaght
Madigan, Rose L: Kiltest
Magill, James L: Ballynacally Beg
Magrath, Frederick L: Glenkeen
Magrath, James L: Droghed
Magrath, John L: Ardreagh
Magrath, William L: Glenkeen
Malone, James L: Rusky
Malone, William, Jr. L: Rusky
Malone, William, Sr. L: Rusky
Martin, Henry L: Mullinabrone
Martin, James L: Mullinabrone
Martin, John L: Cullycapple
Martin, William L: Mullaghinch
Mathews, Benjamin L: Clintagh
Maxwell, James L: Ballynacally More
Maxwell, Robert L: Ballynacally Beg
Maxwell, William L: Ballynacally More
Maybury, Samuel L: Moneycarrie Upper
McAfee, Hugh L: Mullaghinch
McAfee, William L: Keely
McAlister, Andrew L: Carranrallagh
McAlister, Daniel L: Mullaghinch
McAlister, David L: Moneycarrie Upper
McAlister, Ellen L: Clarehill
McAlister, Ellen L: Rusky
McAlister, James L: Mullan
McAlister, James L: Mullinabrone
McAlister, John L: Mullaghinch
McAlister, William L: Lisboy
McAlister, William L: Mullan
McAllister, William L: Ballynacally Beg
McArthur, Mathew L: Lisnamuck
McAteer, John L: Ballymenagh
McAteer, Joseph L: Ballymenagh
McAteer, Thomas L: Bovagh
McAteer, William L: Ballymenagh
Mcateer, William L: Bovagh
McCahy, Alexander L: Ballygawley
McCamphill, Stephen L: Tamlaght
McCandless, Hutchinson L: Knockaduff
McCandless, Samson L: Ballydevitt
McCann, Arthur L: Ardreagh
McCann, Hugh L: Risk
McCann, John L: Carranroe
McCauley, Alexander L: Killykergan
McCauley, Alexander L: Mullinabrone
McCauley, George L: Moneycarrie Upper
McCauley, James L: Ballybritain
McCauley, James L: Carranrallagh
McCauley, James L: Moneycarrie Upper
McCauley, John L: Ballybritain
McCauley, John L: Moneycarrie Upper
McCauley, Thomas L: Mayoghill
McCleary, William L: Moneybrannon
McCloy, James L: Tamlaght
McCloy, John L: Clagan
McCloy, John L: Tamlaght
McCloy, Robert L: Ardreagh
McCloy, Robert L: Carranrallagh
McCloy, Thomas L: Clagan
McCloy, William L: Clagan
McCluskey, Cormack L: Aghadowey
McCluskey, Daniel L: Keely
McCluskey, John L: Ballybritain
McCluskey, John L: Clagan
McConaghy, Joseph L: Shanlongford
McCook, Matthew L: Ballylintagh
McCooke, William L: Cullyramer
McCormack, Elizabeth L: Aghadowey
McCormack, James L: Carranrallagh
McCormack, James L: Meavemanougher
McCormack, Patrick L: Mayboy
McCotter, Bridget L: Drumeil
McCotter, Hugh L: Aghadowey
McCotter, James L: Inchadoghill
McCotter, Patrick L: Clagan
McCoy, James L: Collins
McCoy, John L: Moneybrannon
McCoy, William L: Moneybrannon
McCrannell, Manus L: Risk
McCreedy, Thomas L: Cullyramer
McCullen, James L: Drumeil
McCullen, Michael L: Mullinabrone
McCullen, Philip L: Drumeil
McCurdy, Martha L: Shanlongford
McCurdy, Robert L: Craigmore
McCurdy, William L: Shanlongford
McDonnell, Alex. L: Clagan
McDonnell, Alexander L: Tamlaght
McDowell, James L: Ballynacally Beg
McDowell, James L: Mullan
McElish, James L: Glenkeen
McElree, James L: Moneybrannon
McElree, John L: Ballybritain
McElroy, Clarke L: Inchadoghill
McElroy, George L: Ballygawley
McElroy, James L: Landmore
McElroy, John L: Droghed
McElroy, John L: Inchadoghill
McElroy, Robert L: Rusky
McElvar, James L: Mayoghill
McElvar, James L: Seygorry
McEntyre, Hannah L: Collins
McEntyre, Hugh L: Rusky
McEntyre, Robert L: Ballinrees
McEtanly, Kate L: Mullinabrone
McFadden, Hugh L: Mullaghinch
McFall, Thomas L: Ballynacally Beg
McFetridge, Alex. L: Mayoghill
McFetridge, Archibald L: Crossmakeever
McFetridge, James L: Ballinrees
McFetridge, James L: Ballyclough
McFetridge, James L: Ballygawley
McFetridge, James L: Cullyramer
McFetridge, James L: Menagh
McFetridge, John L: Ardreagh
McFetridge, John L: Carranrallagh
McFetridge, John L: Mullinabrone
McFetridge, John L: Seygorry
McFetridge, Joseph L: Lisnamuck
McFetridge, Matthew L: Collins
McGarry, James L: Gortin Mayoghill
McGeary, Bridget L: Mullinabrone
McGoogan, Samuel L: Mayoghill
McGowan, Henry L: Drumeil
McGowrey, James L: Lisnamuck
McGrath, Edmund L: Mayoghill
McGrath, Elizabeth L: Ballynacally Beg
McHenry, Joseph L: Clagan
McHenry, Patrick L: Aghadowey
McHenry, Patrick L: Gortincoolhill
McIntyre, William L: Drumsteeple
McKeag, Sarah L: Drumeil
McKeague, Alexander L: Collins
McKearns, John L: Knockaduff
McKee, Francis L: Ballybritain
McKeeman, Daniel L: Bovagh
McKeeman, Daniel L: Mullaghinch
McKeeman, James L: Bovagh
McKeeman, John L: Bovagh
McKeeman, John L: Gortin Mayoghill
McKeeman, Robert L: Mullaghinch
McKeeman, Solomon L: Glenkeen
McKeever, John L: Shanlongford
McKenna, Daniel L: Gortincoolhill
McKenny, John L: Ballybritain
McKeon, Alexander L: Cullycapple
McKerg, Sarah L: Cornamuclagh
McKerne, John L: Lisnamuck
McKey, Thomas L: Crosscanley Glebe
McLarry, Bernard L: Ballygawley
McLarry, Bernard L: Craigmore
McLarry, John L: Kiltest
McLarry, John, Jr. L: Craigmore
McLarry, John, Sr. L: Craigmore
McLarry, Murtagh L: Craigmore
McLarry, Murtagh L: Kiltest
McLarry, Thomas L: Kiltest
McLean, Hannah L: Bovagh
McLean, Henry L: Bovagh
McLean, William L: Mullaghinch
McLees, Daniel L: Glenkeen
McLeese, James L: Cornamuclagh
McLester, William L: Ballybritain
McLoughlin, John L: Cornamuclagh
McLoughlin, John L: Culdrum
McLoughlin, John L: Risk
McMaster, Archibald L: Clintagh
McMath, Robert L: Mullan
McMichael, Elizabeth L: Mullaghinch
McMichael, John L: Mullaghinch
McMichael, William L: Ballinrees
McMullan, Daniel L: Ballynacally More
McMullen, Alexander L: Ballynacally More
McMullen, Samuel L: Mullinabrone
McMurrety, James L: Crossmakeever
McMurtrey, David L: Collins
McMurtrey, Hugh L: Lisnamuck
McMurtrey, Jane L: Drumsteeple
McNab, David L: Killeague
McNab, James L: Killeague
McNab, William L: Ballyclough
McNeale, Daniel L: Aghadowey
McNeale, James L: Aghadowey
McNeary, Henry L: Gorran
McNeary, Thomas L: Gorran
McNeill, Archibald L: Ballywillin
McNeill, Edward L: Ballygawley
McNeill, John L: Gorran
McNeill, Joseph L: Ballydevitt
McNeill, Robert L: Aghadowey
McNeill, Robert L: Ballynacally More
McNeill, William L: Ballygawley
McNicholl, Thomas L: Crevolea
McQuaid, Jane L: Collins
McQuigg, Douglas L: Glenkeen
McQuigg, James L: Cullycapple
McQuigg, James L: Glenkeen
McQuigg, John L: Glenback
McQuigg, Thomas L: Knockaduff
McQuigg, Thomas L: Rusky
McQuigg, William L: Knockaduff
McQuigg, William L: Rusky
McQuilkin, James L: Aghadowey
McQuilkin, Neal L: Gortin Mayoghill
McQuilkin, Robert L: Clagan
McQuilkin, Sarah L: Seygorry
McQuilkin, William L: Clagan
McQuirk, William L: Drumsteeple
McShane, Hugh L: Drumsteeple
McShane, Thomas L: Drumsteeple
Mearns, Hugh L: Knockaduff
Mearns, John L: Drumsteeple
Mearns, John L: Glenback
Mearns, John L: Knockaduff
Mears, James L: Ballylintagh
Mears, James L: Culdrum
Mears, John L: Crevolea
Mellan, Michael L: Drumeil
Merns, Hugh L: Ballinrees
Millan, John L: Shanlongford
Millar, Anne L: Ardreagh
Millar, William L: Aghadowey
Miller, Alexander L: Ballylintagh
Miller, Alexander L: Caheny
Miller, Alexander L: Crevolea
Miller, Alexander L: Dernagross
Miller, Bryce L: Mullan
Miller, James L: Caheny
Miller, James L: Dernagross
Miller, John L: Caheny
Miller, John L: Drumacrow
Miller, John L: Moneybrannon
Miller, John L: Shanlongford
Miller, Samuel L: Ballydevitt
Miller, Samuel L: Dernagross
Miller, Samuel, Jr. L: Dernagross
Miller, William L: Clarehill
Miller, William L: Drumacrow
Milliken, John L: Ardreagh
Milliken, John L: Lisnamuck
Milliken, Robert L: Ardreagh
Milliken, Thomas L: Ardreagh
Milliken, William L: Ardreagh
Milliken, William L: Bovagh
Minagher, Patrick L: Mayboy
Mitchell, John L: Rusky
Mitchell, Margaret L: Craiglea Glebe
Mitchell, William L: Lisnamuck
Moffitt, John L: Craigmore
Moffitt, Mary L: Craigmore
Moffitt, Thomas L: Craigmore
Montgomery, Andrew L: Craigmore
Montgomery, Jn., Jr. L: Craigmore
Montgomery, Jn., Sr. L: Craigmore
Montgomery, John L: Crossmakeever
Montgomery, Margt. L: Crossmakeever
Montgomery, Mary L: Crossmakeever
Montgomery, Robert L: Craigmore
Montgomery, William L: Crossmakeever
Moody, Robert L: Gorran
Moon, Archibald L: Lisnamuck
Moon, James L: Managher
Moon, John L: Clarehill
Moon, Mary L: Mullaghinch
Moon, Thomas L: Clarehill
Moon, Thomas L: Rusky
Mooney, Daniel L: Ardreagh
Mooney, James L: Clarehill
Mooney, John L: Managher
Moore, Edward L: Killeague
Moore, James L: Ballynacally Beg
Moore, James L: Ballynacally More
Moore, James L: Moneycarrie Upper
Moore, John L: Aghadowey
Moore, John L: Gorran
Moore, Robert L: Crossmakeever
Moore, Samuel L: Ballygawley
Moore, Thomas L: Ballynacally Beg
Moore, William L: Ballygawley
Moore, William L: Crevolea
Morell, John L: Mayoghill
Morrison, Andrew L: Ballymenagh
Morrison, George, Jr. L: Crossmakever
Morrison, George, Sr. L: Crossmakeever
Morrison, Henry L: Crossmakeever
Morrison, Hugh L: Cullyramer
Morrison, John L: Ballymenagh
Morrow, John L: Mullaghinch
Mullan, Daniel L: Aghadowey
Mullan, Isabella L: Gorran
Mullan, John L: Mayboy
Mullan, Patrick L: Mayboy
Mullen, Arthur L: Kiltest
Mullen, Catherine L: Meavemanougher
Mullen, Catherine L: Moneycarrie Upper
Mullen, Denis L: Kiltest
Mullen, Dermot L: Kiltest
Mullen, James L: Kiltest
Mullen, James L: Meencraig N: Owen
Mullen, Jas. L: Meencraig N: Bryan
Mullen, John L: Kiltest
Mullen, John L: Kiltest N: Pat
Mullen, John L: Kiltest N: Patrick
Mullen, Michael L: Meencraig
Mullen, Owen L: Meencraig
Mullen, Patk. L: Kiltest N: Molloy
Mullen, Patrick L: Kiltest N: James
Mullen, Patrick L: Meencraig
Mullen, Patrick, Jr. L: Kiltest
Mullen, Patrick, Sr. L: Kiltest
Mullen, Rose L: Kiltest
Mullen, Thomas L: Meavemanougher
Mullen, William L: Killeague
Mullins, Francis L: Craigmore
Mullins, Hugh L: Clintagh
Mullins, John L: Lisnamuck
Mullins, Patrick L: Craigmore
Mullins, Patrick L: Drumeil
Mullins, Thomas L: Ballymenagh
Mullins, Thomas L: Craigmore
Murphy, James L: Keely
Murphy, Solomon L: Ballybritain
Murphy, Thomas L: Ballinrees
Murray, Hugh L: Mullaghinch
Nelson, John L: Bovagh
Nelson, Samuel L: Mullinabrone
Nicholl, Andrew L: Clintagh
Nimox, Joseph L: Ballinrees
Norris, John L: Crossmakeever
Norry, John L: Cullyramer
Nowry, George L: Caheny
Nowry, James L: Cullycapple
O'Beirne, James L: Drumsteeple
O'Connell, Cormack L: Mayboy
O'Connell, Francis L: Mayboy
O'Lecky, James L: Ballydevitt
O'Lecky, James L: Clarehill
O'Lecky, James L: Rusky
Oliver, James L: Gorran
O'Neill, Daniel L: Killykergan
Orr, George L: Ballybritain
Orr, James L: Bovagh
Orr, Jane L: Caheny
Orr, John L: Crevolea
Orr, John L: Glenkeen
Orr, William L: Ballybritain
Pagan, James L: Tamlaght
Parker, John L: Cullyramer
Patterson, John L: Glenkeen
Patterson, Samuel L: Killykergan
Pattison, Alexander L: Drumacrow
Pattison, Hugh L: Crossmakeever
Pattison, Joseph L: Ballinrees
Pattison, Richard L: Clintagh
Pattison, Samuel L: Drumacrow
Pattison, Thomas L: Ballynacally More
Pattison, William L: Clintagh
Patton, Jane L: Mayoghill
Patton, John L: Collins
Paul, David L: Collins
Paul, James L: Meavemanougher
Paul, John L: Ardreagh
Paul, John L: Ballynacally Beg
Paul, Samuel, Jr. L: Seygorry
Paul, Samuel, Sr. L: Seygorry
Peden, Hugh, Jr. L: Mayoghill
Peden, Hugh, Sr. L: Mayoghill
Peden, James L: Mayoghill
Peden, John L: Mayoghill
Peden, John L: Moneybrannon
Peden, Maryanne L: Clintagh
Peden, Robert L: Mayoghill
Perry, David L: Mullaghinch
Perry, James L: Glenback
Perry, James L: Scalty
Perry, Samuel L: Scalty
Platt, William L: Ballybritain
Pooke, Sarah L: Mullaghinch
Quarry, L: Tamlaght
Quigg, Alexander L: Caheny
Quigg, Daniel L: Caheny
Quigg, Henry L: Mullinabrone
Quigg, James L: Cullyramer
Quigg, John L: Bovagh
Quigg, John L: Cullycapple
Quigg, Patrick L: Mullinabrone
Quigg, Robert L: Caheny
Quinn, John L: Meavemanougher
Quinn, John L: Shanlongford
Quinn, Laurence L: Shanlongford
Raines, Edward L: Lisnamuck
Ranger, John L: Cornamuclagh
Rankin, Hugh L: Lisboy
Rankin, Isabella L: Moneycarrie Upper
Rankin, James L: Crevolea
Rankin, James L: Killykergan
Rankin, John L: Lisboy
Rankin, John L: Mullinabrone
Rankin, Robert L: Killykergan
Rankin, Samuel L: Gorran
Rankin, Thomas L: Lisboy
Rankin, William L: Moneycarrie Upper
Reid, Alexander L: Mayoghill
Reid, James L: Crosscanley Glebe
Richmond, James L: Craiglea Glebe
Richmond, John L: Clintagh
Robertson, John L: Killeague
Robinson, Andrew L: Killykergan
Robinson, Andrew, Jr. L: Killykergan
Robinson, David L: Ballynacally More
Robinson, John L: Crevolea
Robinson, John L: Gorran
Robinson, William L: Ballylintagh
Robinson, William L: Killykergan
Rogers, Hugh L: Scalty
Rogers, Mary L: Scalty
Rogers, Robert L: Crevolea
Rogers, Robert L: Scalty
Rogers, Sarah L: Knockaduff
Rogers, Thomas L: Killeague
Rogers, William L: Knockaduff
Rosborough, James L: Ballycaghan
Rosborough, James L: Caheny
Rosborough, John L: Ballydevitt
Ross, James, Jr. L: Managher
Ross, James, Sr. L: Managher
Ross, Matthew L: Ballinrees
Ross, Samuel L: Ballinrees
Roxborough, John L: Carranrallagh
Roxborough, John L: Crossmakeever
Roxborough, Richard L: Bovagh
Savage, Jane L: Collins
Savage, John L: Ballinrees
Savage, William L: Knockaduff
Scott, Alexander L: Mayboy
Scullion, John L: Caheny
Scullion, Patrick L: Caheny
Semple, Hugh L: Killykergan
Sharkey, Robert L: Ballygawley
Shirley, Catherine L: Scalty
Shirley, John L: Glenback
Shirley, Robert L: Clintagh
Shirley, Robert L: Scalty
Shirley, Valentine L: Ballynacally Beg
Simpson, John L: Inchadoghill
Smith, David L: Killykergan
Smith, Henry L: Lisnamuck
Smith, Jackson L: Keely
Smith, Jacob L: Crevolea
Smith, James L: Aghadowey
Smith, James L: Aghadowey N: and Co
Smith, James L: Crevolea N: and Co
Smith, James L: Mullan N: and Co
Smith, John L: Ballydevitt
Smith, John L: Mullaghinch
Smith, Samuel L: Killykergan N: Trus.
Smith, Samuel L: Moneycarrie Upper N: Trus.
Smith, Susan L: Managher
Smyth, Isabella L: Glenkeen
Smyth, Robert L: Glenkeen
Smyth, Samuel L: Ballyclough
Smyth, Samuel L: Knockaduff
Souters, John L: Aghadowey
Staritt, Robert L: Droghed
Starrett, Thomas L: Mullinabrone
Stenson, Samuel L: Ballymenagh
Stephens, John L: Clagan
Stephens, John L: Meavemanougher
Stephenson, James L: Gortincoolhill
Sterling, Rep. John B. L: Ardreagh
Sterling, Rep. John B. L: Carranrallagh
Stewart, Andrew L: Ballycaghan
Stewart, Andrew L: Clintagh
Stewart, Andrew L: Killeague
Stewart, George L: Collins
Stewart, Hugh L: Gortincoolhill
Stewart, John L: Ballynacally Beg
Stewart, John L: Ballynacally Beg N: Labourer
Stewart, John L: Clintagh
Stewart, John L: Cullyramer
Stewart, John L: Gortincoolhill
Stewart, John L: Inchadoghill
Stewart, Mary L: Clarehill
Stewart, Thomas L: Carranroe
Stewart, William L: Ballynacally Beg
Stewart, William L: Mayoghill
Stewart, William L: Moneycarrie Upper
Stirling, Blair L: Moneycarrie Lower
Stuart, James L: Bovagh
Studdart, Stuart L: Bovagh
Taggart, Neal L: Clagan
Tannahill, Andrew L: Killeague
Tannahill, Douglas L: Ballycaghan
Taylor, Hugh L: Glencurb
Thomas, James L: Ballydevitt
Thomas, James L: Ballywillin
Thompson, Alexander L: Clintagh
Thompson, Daniel L: Ballywillin
Thompson, George L: Ballycaghan
Thompson, James L: Ballycaghan
Thompson, James L: Cullycapple
Thompson, James L: Glenkeen
Thompson, John L: Ballynacally Beg
Thompson, John L: Cullycapple
Thompson, John L: Drumacrow
Thompson, Robert L: Drumacrow
Thompson, Saml., Sr. L: Caheny
Thompson, Samuel L: Ballywillin
Thompson, Thomas L: Collins
Thompson, William L: Ballinrees
Thompson, William L: Cullycapple
Thompson, William L: Gortincoolhill
Tighe, John L: Lisnamuck
Till, Jane L: Ballynacally More
Till, Samuel L: Ballynacally More
Torrance, David L: Carranroe
Torrance, John L: Carranroe
Torrens, Alexander L: Mullaghinch
Torrens, Hugh L: Craiglea Glebe
Torrens, James L: Mayoghill
Torrens, John L: Bovagh
Torrens, John L: Carranrallagh
Torrens, John L: Cullyramer
Torrens, John L: Gortin Mayoghill
Torrens, Samuel L: Craiglea Glebe
Torrens, Samuel L: Mayoghill
Toy, John L: Cullyramer
Toy, Neal L: Carranroe
Toy, Neal L: Gortincoolhill
Turner, David L: Cullyramer
Usher, Archibald, Sr. L: Knockaduff
Usher, James L: Ballynacally Beg
Usher, James L: Knockaduff
Vincent, Hugh L: Ballygawley
Wade, David L: Lisboy
Walker, Alexander L: Lisnamuck
Walker, Samuel L: Crevolea
Walker, Samuel L: Mullan
Wallace, James L: Ballygawley
Wallace, Jane L: Mullaghinch
Wallace, John L: Droghed
Wallace, John L: Mullaghinch
Wallace, Joseph L: Mullaghinch
Wallace, Robert L: Clagan
Wallace, Robert L: Mullaghinch
Wallace, Samuel L: Mullaghinch
Wallace, Stephen L: Mullaghinch
Wallace, Thomas L: Cullycapple
Wallace, William L: Mullaghinch
Waterford, Marquis L: Bovagh N: Marquis of Waterford
Waterford, Marquis L: Caheny N: Marquis of Waterford
Waterford, Marquis L: Gortin Mayoghill N: Marquis of Waterford
Waterford, Marquis L: Mayboy N: Marquis of Waterford
Waterford, Marquis L: Mayoghill N: Marquis of Waterford
Watt, Anne L: Mullan
Watt, James L: Ballinrees
Wcoi, L: Drumeil
Weir, Joseph L: Ballywillin
Weir, William L: Ballygawley
White, Joseph L: Ballybritain
White, Thomas L: Drumacrow
Wilkinson, William L: Aghadowey
Williamson, Hugh L: Clagan
Williamson, Hugh L: Craigmore
Williamson, Thomas L: Ballyclough
Williamson, William L: Drumacrow
Wilson, Andrew L: Ballywillin
Wilson, Elizabeth L: Ballycaghan
Wilson, Elizabeth L: Killeague
Wilson, George L: Clintagh
Wilson, George L: Mullaghinch
Wilson, John L: Clarehill
Wilson, John L: Lisnamuck
Wilson, Maria L: Ballinrees
Wilson, Maria L: Ballybritain
Wilson, Maria L: Collins
Wilson, Maria L: Lisnamuck
Wilson, Mary L: Ballygawley
Wilson, Robert L: Clarehill
Wilson, Robert L: Dernagross
Wilson, Thos. L: Cullycapple
Wilson, William L: Lisboy
Woodend, David L: Drumacrow
Woodend, Robert L: Killykergan
Woods, Thomas L: Coolhill
Woods, William L: Coolhill
Woods, William L: Mullinabrone
Work, Alexander L: Keely
Workman, Andrew L: Mullan
Workman, William L: Crevolea
Workman, William L: Knockaduff
Workman, William L: Moneybrannon
Young, Anne L: Gorran
Young, David L: Gorran
Young, George L: Ballynacally More
Young, James L: Ballynacally More
Young, James L: Meavemanougher
Young, John L: Ballynacally More
Young, Mary L: Cornamuclagh
Young, Mary L: Drumeil
Young, Samuel L: Gorran
Young, William L: Ballynacally Beg
Young, William L: Ballynacally More
Young, William L: Gorran

Map of Civil Parishes in county Derry

Civil Parishes of County Derry

Griffiths Valuation - Other Derry Parishes

1 Aghadowey

2 Aghanloo

3 Agivey

4 Arboe

5 Artrea

6 Ballinderry

7 Ballyaghran

8 Ballymoney

9 Ballynascreen

10 Ballyrashane

11 Ballyscullion

12 Ballywillin

13 Balteagh

14 Banagher

15 Bovevagh

16 Carrick

17 Clondermot

18 Coleraine

19 Cumber Lower

20 Cumber Upper

21 Derryloran

22 Desertlyn

23 Desertmartin

24 Desertoghill

25 Drumachose

26 Dunboe

27 Dungiven

28 Errigal

29 Faughanvale

30 Kilcronaghan

31 Kildollagh

32 Killelagh

33 Killowen

34 Kilrea

35 Learmount

36 Lissan

37 Macosquin

38 Maghera

39 Magherafelt

40 Magilligan

41 Tamlaght

42 Tamlaght Finlagan

43 Tamlaght O Crilly

44 Templemore

45 Termoneeny