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Irish Flax Growers Lists 1796 in County Derry

The Irish Linen Board published a list of nearly 60,000 individuals in 1796. Spinning wheels were awarded based on the number of acres planted. People who planted one acre were awarded 4 spinning wheels and those growing 5 acres were awarded a loom. Donegal and Tyrone had the highest number of awards. Dublin and Wicklow were not included in this list. These extracts contain the name, parish and county. The barony was listed instead of the parish in a few of the records. Also known as the Spinning Wheel list or the Flax Growers Bounty.

The list of county Derry Flax growers records the person's name and the civil parish where they resided.


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Irish Flax Growers List - County Derry

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Surname - First Name - Parish

Tagart Hugh Ballinderry
Tate John Balteagh
Tate John Dunboe
Tate John Errigal
Tate Lydia Clondermot
Tate Samuel Clondermot
Tate Thomas Errigal
Tate William Dunboe
Taylor Ambrose Ballinderry
Taylor George Bovevagh
Taylor James Ballynascreen
Taylor John Ballynascreen
Taylor John Lissan
Taylor John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Taylor Robert Bovevagh
Taylor Thomas Ballynascreen
Taylor William Lissan
Teadly John Clondermot
Teat John Tamlaght Finlagan
Tedlie James Faughanvale
Tedlie Robert Faughanvale
Tedlie Stephen Faughanvale
Tedlie William Faughanvale
Thistle James Desertlyn
Thompson Adam Faughanvale
Thompson Alexander Balteagh
Thompson Alexander Clondermot
Thompson Benj. Faughanvale
Thompson Benjamin Cumber Upper
Thompson George Clondermot
Thompson Henry Cumber Upper
Thompson Hugh Banagher
Thompson Hugh Clondermot
Thompson Hugh Cumber Upper
Thompson Isaac Templemore
Thompson James Ballinderry
Thompson James Clondermot
Thompson James Dungiven
Thompson John Aghadowey
Thompson John Artrea
Thompson John Balteagh
Thompson John Banagher
Thompson John Clondermot
Thompson John Cumber Upper
Thompson John Drumachose
Thompson John Tamlaght Finlagan
Thompson John Templemore
Thompson John, Jr. Cumber Upper
Thompson John, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan
Thompson Joseph Desertlyn
Thompson Joseph Faughanvale
Thompson Joseph Templemore
Thompson Matthew Faughanvale
Thompson Matthew Tamlaght
Thompson Matthew Tamlaght Finlagan
Thompson Moses, Sr. Cumber Upper
Thompson Robert Aghadowey
Thompson Robert Banagher
Thompson Robert Bovevagh
Thompson Robert Clondermot
Thompson Robert Faughanvale
Thompson Robert Tamlaght Finlagan
Thompson Robert Templemore
Thompson Samuel Balteagh
Thompson Samuel Dunboe
Thompson William Artrea
Thompson William Balteagh
Thompson William Bovevagh
Thompson William Cumber Upper
Thompson William Dungiven
Thompson William Maghera
Thompson William Tamlaght Finlagan
Thorp George Dunboe
Threw Thomas Maghera
Tilly John Magherafelt
Tinny Patrick Clondermot
Todd Andrew Tamlaght Finlagan
Todd Archibald Banagher
Todd Robert Cumber Upper
Todd Thomas Banagher
Todd Thomas Cumber Upper
Tom Simon Cumber Upper
Tonar Edward Clondermot
Toner Cecilia Clondermot
Toner Daniel Desertlyn
Toner Daniel Desertoghill
Toner Patrick Banagher
Toner Patrick Desertmartin
Toner Patrick Tamlaght Ocrilly
Toner Widow Desertmartin
Tonner Catherine Faughanvale
Tony Samuel Clondermot
Toore Thomas Clondermot
Torance James Banagher
Torbet Moses Artrea
Torbite Matthew Aghanloo
Torbitt Matthew Aghanloo
Torbitt William Aghanloo
Torence James Balteagh
Torey Hamilton Clondermot
Torrance John Balteagh
Torrance John Drumachose
Torrance John Tamlaght Finlagan
Torrence James Aghadowey
Torrens John Templemore
Tory Hamilton Clondermot
Tory James Clondermot
Tosh James Macosquin
Tracy James Ballynascreen
Tracy Oliver Artrea
Tressey Manus Cumber Upper
Tressey Owen Cumber Upper
Tressy Henry Cumber Upper
Tressy Hugh Cumber Upper
Tressy Michael Cumber Upper
Tressy Philemy Cumber Upper
Turner David Templemore
Turner John Templemore
Tyler John Drumachose
Tyler John Tamlaght Finlagan
Tyler Thomas Aghanloo
Wade John Arboe
Wade Nixon Cumber Upper
Wade Susannah Ballinderry
Wales Thomas Errigal
Walker Aaron Ballyaghran
Walker Adam Faughanvale
Walker Alexander Templemore
Walker David Cumber Upper
Walker David Desertlyn
Walker George Cumber Upper
Walker James Clondermot
Walker James Tamlaght
Walker John Ballyaghran
Walker John Balteagh
Walker John Faughanvale
Walker John Templemore
Walker Joseph Faughanvale
Walker Stuart Ballynascreen
Walkinshaw John Killelagh
Wallace Charles Kilcronaghan
Wallace David Drumachose
Wallace James Dungiven
Wallace James Tamlaght Finlagan
Wallace John Aghanloo
Wallace John Banagher
Wallace John Tamlaght Finlagan
Wallace Mary Tamlaght Ocrilly
Wallace Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Wallace William Desertoghill
Wallace William Tamlaght Finlagan
Waller John Magherafelt
Walls Bryan Desertmartin
Walls James Artrea
Walls John Artrea
Walls Philip Artrea
Walsh Bridget Magherafelt
Walsh James Clondermot
Walsh James Magherafelt
Walsh John Templemore
Walsh Thomas Templemore
Walter Henry Errigal
Ward Adam Arboe
Ward Adam Magherafelt
Ward Barney Cumber Upper
Ward Bernard Magherafelt
Ward Eleanor Ballyscullion
Ward John Cumber Upper
Ward Matthew Derryloran
Ward Michael Cumber Upper
Ward Neal Arboe
Warden Robert Faughanvale
Warden Warren Clondermot
Warden William Bovevagh
Wark Alexander Dunboe
Wark Daniel Dunboe
Wark Hugh Cumber Upper
Wark Robert Cumber Upper
Wark Samuel Cumber Upper
Wark Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Wark William Cumber Upper
Wark William Drumachose
Warnock George Clondermot
Warnock Henry Clondermot
Warnock James Clondermot
Warnock John Clondermot
Warnock Robert Banagher
Warnock Walter Clondermot
Warrack Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Warren William Clondermot
Warrock John Desart
Wason John Templemore
Waste Henry Faughanvale
Waste John Faughanvale
Waters Henry Artrea
Waters John Artrea
Waters Joseph Artrea
Waters Leonard Artrea
Waters William Dungiven
Watson Andrew Tamlaght
Watson Charles Templemore
Watson James Desertlyn
Watson James Templemore
Watson James Termoneeny
Watson John Lissan
Watson Rev. Mr. Desertlyn
Watson Richard Clondermot
Watson Robert Templemore
Watson Samuel Artrea
Watson Thomas Artrea
Watson Widow Tamlaght
Watson William Arboe
Watt David Banagher
Watt James Dungiven
Watt James Templemore
Watt Joseph Dungiven
Watt Robert Dungiven
Watt Thomas Dungiven
Watt William Dungiven
Watt William Templemore
Weer Joseph Kilowen
Weer Robert Macosquin
Wells James Clondermot
White Alexander Kilcronaghan
White Archibald Kilcronaghan
White David Desart
White James Banagher
White James Tamlaght Finlagan
White John Banagher
White Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
White Robert Ballywillin
White Robert Drumachose
White Thomas Bovevagh
White William Kilcronaghan
Whiteside John Dungiven
Whiteside Major Cumber Upper
Whiteside Rev. Mr. Ballynascreen
Whiteside Richard Cumber Upper
Whiteside Thomas Cumber Upper
Whiteside Thomas Faughanvale
Whiteside William Cumber Upper
Wier Francis Desertlyn
Wier James Magherafelt
Wier John Desertlyn
Wier John Desertmartin
Wier John Magherafelt
Wigton Robert Cumber Upper
Wiley Alexander Magherafelt
Wiley George Magherafelt
Wiley Joseph Clondermot
Wiley Joseph Magherafelt
Wiley Oliver Balteagh
Wiley Richard Templemore
Wiley Robert Magherafelt
Wiley Robert Templemore
Wiley Sampson Artrea
Williams Arthur Ballinderry
Williams Charles Cumber Upper
Williams George Cumber Upper
Williams George Faughanvale
Williams George Maghera
Williams Henry Dungiven
Williams Mary Magherafelt
Williams Thomas Cumber Upper
Williamson James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Williamson John Aghadowey
Williamson John Dunboe
Williamson Widow Maghera
Williamson William Maghera
Willock James Templemore
Willock John Desertoghill
Willock Samuel Templemore
Wills Robert Clondermot
Wilson Alexander, Jr. Faughanvale
Wilson Andrew Banagher
Wilson David Artrea
Wilson Esther Desertlyn
Wilson George Tamlaght Finlagan
Wilson Henry Banagher
Wilson Henry Maghera
Wilson Henry Tamlaght Finlagan
Wilson Hugh Banagher
Wilson Hugh Faughanvale
Wilson James Aghanloo
Wilson James Artrea
Wilson James Desart
Wilson James Errigal
Wilson James Tamlaght
Wilson James Tamlaght Finlagan
Wilson James, Jr. Clondermot
Wilson James, Sr. Clondermot
Wilson John Aghanloo
Wilson John Artrea
Wilson John Clondermot
Wilson John Desertoghill
Wilson John Maghera
Wilson John Tamlaght Finlagan
Wilson Michael Tamlaght
Wilson Moses Tamlaght Finlagan
Wilson Robert Artrea
Wilson Robert Clondermot
Wilson Robert Cumber Upper
Wilson Robert Lissan
Wilson Samuel Balteagh
Wilson Samuel Drumachose
Wilson Samuel Maghera
Wilson Thomas Clondermot
Wilson Thomas Templemore
Wilson Widow Tamlaght
Wilson William Ballinderry
Wilson William Clondermot
Wilson William Cumber Upper
Wilson William Faughanvale
Wilson William Tamlaght
Wilson William Tamlaght Finlagan
Wilson William Tamlaght Ocrilly
Winchester William Magherafelt
Winson Henry Ballinderry
Wirlan Henry Clondermot
Wisby Alexander Dunboe
Wishy Joseph Balteagh
Witheraw William Faughanvale
Withnow Samuel Banagher
Withnow Thomas Banagher
Withrow Alexander Banagher
Withrow James Banagher
Withrow James Templemore
Withrow Joseph Banagher
Withrow William Banagher
Woodburn Alexander Errigal
Woodburn Nathaniel Errigal
Woodburn Robert Errigal
Woodburn Thomas Errigal
Woods Andrew Arboe
Woods Hamilton Artrea
Woods James Artrea
Woods James Desertlyn
Woods John Balteagh
Woods Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly
Woods Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Woodside Thomas Ballinderry
Woodside William Desertmartin
Workman Aaron Tamlaght Ocrilly
Workman James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Workman Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly
Wrath John Dunboe
Wray James Bovevagh
Wray James Dunboe
Wray Richard Clondermot
Wray William Bovevagh
Wright Andrew Desertlyn
Wright John Artrea
Wright John Magherafelt
Wright Joseph Lissan
Wright Robert Templemore
Wright Samuel Lissan
Wright Thomas Desertlyn
Wright William Desertlyn
York Henry Magherafelt
Young Herbert Artrea
Young James Drumachose
Young John Artrea
Young John Clondermot
Young John Faughanvale
Young John Kilcronaghan
Young Robert Bovevagh
Young Samuel Tamlaght
Young Samuel Termoneeny
Young William Faughanvale
Young William Tamlaght Finlagan