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Irish Flax Growers Lists 1796 in County Derry

The Irish Linen Board published a list of nearly 60,000 individuals in 1796. Spinning wheels were awarded based on the number of acres planted. People who planted one acre were awarded 4 spinning wheels and those growing 5 acres were awarded a loom. Donegal and Tyrone had the highest number of awards. Dublin and Wicklow were not included in this list. These extracts contain the name, parish and county. The barony was listed instead of the parish in a few of the records. Also known as the Spinning Wheel list or the Flax Growers Bounty.

The list of county Derry Flax growers records the person's name and the civil parish where they resided.


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Irish Flax Growers List - County Derry

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Surname - First Name - Parish

Paglee James Faughanvale
Pain Alexander Desertmartin
Palmer Henry Desertmartin
Palmer Joab Desertmartin
Palmer Joab Lissan
Palmer Robert Desertmartin
Park John Kilcronaghan
Park Robert Kilcronaghan
Parkhill Adam Faughanvale
Parkhill Agnes Faughanvale
Parkhill John Faughanvale
Parkhill Lanty Clondermot
Parkhill Samuel Faughanvale
Parkhill William Faughanvale
Paskhill Robert Faughanvale
Patchel Edward Clondermot
Patchel Thomas Clondermot
Patchell John Faughanvale
Patchell Robert Faughanvale
Patchell William Cumber Upper
Paterson Alexander Artrea
Paterson James Desart
Paterson John Artrea
Paterson Samuel Desertlyn
Paterson Thomas Artrea
Paterson Thomas Tamlaght
Patison Robert Balteagh
Paton Daniel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Patterson Alexander Ballynascreen
Patterson Alexander Maghera
Patterson Andrew Dungiven
Patterson Henry Magherafelt
Patterson Hugh Dunboe
Patterson James Templemore
Patterson James Termoneeny
Patterson John Faughanvale
Patterson John Maghera
Patterson John Magherafelt
Patterson John Termoneeny
Patterson Joseph Clondermot
Patterson Joseph Maghera
Patterson Matthew Faughanvale
Patterson Robert Maghera
Patterson Thomas Maghera
Patterson Thomas Magherafelt
Pattison Alexander Balteagh
Patton Abraham Tamlaght Finlagan
Patton Edward Desart
Patton Robert Tamlaght Finlagan
Patton Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Patton Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan
Patton Widow Rachel Drumachose
Patton Widow Sarah Desertoghill
Patton William Tamlaght Finlagan
Paul Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan
Paul James Tamlaght Finlagan
Paul John Magherafelt
Paul Widow Magherafelt
Payne Robert Clondermot
Payne William Clondermot
Peacock William Kilcronaghan
Peery John Tamlaght Finlagan
Peery Joseph Balteagh
Peoples James Balteagh
Peoples Thomas Aghanloo
Perry John Aghadowey
Pettan Patrick Bovevagh
Petterson John Magherafelt
Petton Darby Faughanvale
Petton Patrick Cumber Upper
Petton Patrick Faughanvale
Pevice William Artrea
Pheland Arthur Desertmartin
Philips Thomas Desertmartin
Phillips George Banagher
Pickram James Artrea
Piggot George Bovevagh
Piggot James Bovevagh
Piggot Joseph Bovevagh
Pinkerton Samuel Templemore
Piper Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan
Platt Henry Templemore
Platt James Templemore
Platt John Templemore
Platt Robert Templemore
Plovers Francis Dungiven
Poalk Alexander Clondermot
Poalk James Clondermot
Poalk James Dunboe
Poalk James Dungiven
Poalk John Bovevagh
Poalk John Clondermot
Poalk John Drumachose
Poalk Robert Bovevagh
Poalk Samuel Bovevagh
Poleek Jane Tamlaght Ocrilly
Poleek Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly
Pollick John Cumber Upper
Pollock Charles Clondermot
Pollock James Faughanvale
Pollock Joseph Cumber Upper
Pollock Robert Clondermot
Pollock Robert Cumber Upper
Pollock Samuel Faughanvale
Pollock Samuel, Jr. Faughanvale
Pollock Thomas Clondermot
Port George Ballinderry
Port James Ballinderry
Port John Ballinderry
Port Joseph Ballinderry
Port Robert Ballinderry
Porter Henry Desertmartin
Porter Henry Kilcronaghan
Porter James Templemore
Porter Jane Templemore
Porter Moses Templemore
Porter Robert Templemore
Porter Thomas Clondermot
Porter William Cumber Upper
Porter William Desertmartin
Porter William Templemore
Posten John Dungiven
Posten Thomas Dungiven
Potter William Desertlyn
Proctor George Faughanvale
Province James Faughanvale
Province Joseph Faughanvale
Provines Alexander Errigal
Purdon Thomas Dunboe
Pursley James Tamlaght Finlagan
Pursley Robert Tamlaght Finlagan
Pyane John Kilcronaghan
Quig Andrew Balteagh
Quig James Bovevagh
Quig James Dunboe
Quig John Balteagh
Quig John Kilowen
Quig Neil Kilowen
Quig Richard Dunboe
Quig William Balteagh
Quigg John Tamlaght Finlagan
Quigley Alexander Cumber Upper
Quigley Anthony Cumber Upper
Quigley David Cumber Upper
Quigley James Drumachose
Quigley John Ballynascreen
Quigly Edward Dungiven
Quigly Evans Bovevagh
Quigly Hugh Templemore
Quigly James Artrea
Quigly James Faughanvale
Quigly Neal Magherafelt
Quigly Patrick Dungiven
Quin Anne Faughanvale
Quin Bridget Ballinderry
Quin Francis Cumber Upper
Quin Hugh Cumber Upper
Quin James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Quin John Artrea
Quin John Clondermot
Quin John Kilcronaghan
Quin Matthew Arboe
Quin Michael Aghanloo
Quin Patrick Ballinderry
Quin Phelix Artrea
Quin Philip Artrea
Quin Richard Clondermot
Quin Robert Derryloran
Quin Thomas Ballynascreen
Quin Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Quinn Francis Tamlaght Ocrilly
Quinn Hugh Ballinderry
Quinn William Ballinderry
Rafferty John Desart
Rainy Robert Artrea
Ralston James Bovevagh
Ralston Robert Faughanvale
Ramage Isaac Clondermot
Ramage James Clondermot
Ramage William Clondermot
Ramsay Alexander Templemore
Ramsay John Bovevagh
Ramsay John Desertlyn
Ramsay John Dungiven
Ramsay Samuel Dungiven
Ramsay Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Ramsay William Clondermot
Randles Joseph Magherafelt
Randles Robert Desertlyn
Randles Samuel Desertlyn
Randles Thomas Magherafelt
Rankin Alexander Drumachose
Rankin Hugh Errigal
Rankin James Artrea
Rankin James Errigal
Rankin James Templemore
Rankin John Clondermot
Rankin John Kilowen
Rankin Martha Errigal
Rankin Mathew Clondermot
Rankin Neil Drumachose
Rankin Richard Kilcronaghan
Rankin William Tamlaght
Rea James Artrea
Rea John Artrea
Rea John Desertlyn
Rea John Tamlaght
Rea Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Read Henry Balteagh
Read Robert Aghadowey
Read Robert Drumachose
Read William Aghadowey
Reagh James Faughanvale
Realy William Banagher
Redfern Benjamin Magherafelt
Redfern Benjamin, Jr. Magherafelt
Redgay William Faughanvale
Reed Frederick Tamlaght Finlagan
Reed James Clondermot
Reed James Derryloran
Reed James Dungiven
Reed James Templemore
Reed John Ballynascreen
Reed John Balteagh
Reed John Derryloran
Reed John Desertlyn
Reed John Tamlaght Finlagan
Reed Joseph Banagher
Reed Thomas Derryloran
Reed William Derryloran
Regan Rev. Mr. Tamlaght Ocrilly
Regan Widow Desertmartin
Reid James Tamlaght Finlagan
Reilly James Derryloran
Reilly Michael Magherafelt
Reilly William Clondermot
Reily James Balteagh
Reynolds Andrew Derryloran
Reynolds Joseph Maghera
Reynolds Thomas Tamlaghtard
Reynolds William Lissan
Rice Oliver Artrea
Rice Percy Artrea
Richardson James Artrea
Richardson John Kilowen
Richey Andrew Magherafelt
Richy John Artrea
Richy John Desertlyn
Richy John Tamlaght Finlagan
Rickey William Banagher
Riddle David Clondermot
Riddles James Faughanvale
Riddles Williams Faughanvale
Ridle John Maghera
Ritchey Anne Bovevagh
Ritchey James Clondermot
Robinson Adam Magherafelt
Robinson David Aghadowey
Robinson David Cumber Upper
Robinson David Faughanvale
Robinson Elizabeth Aghadowey
Robinson Ezekiel Faughanvale
Robinson George Tamlaghtard
Robinson Hugh Aghadowey
Robinson James Banagher
Robinson James Bovevagh
Robinson John Balteagh
Robinson John Faughanvale
Robinson Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Robinson Matthew Dunboe
Robinson Peter Tamlaght Finlagan
Robinson Thomas Bovevagh
Robinson Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan
Robinson William Aghadowey
Robinson William Faughanvale
Roddan Thomas Faughanvale
Rodgers Alexander Templemore
Rodgers John Bovevagh
Rodgers John Maghera
Rodgers Robert Dungiven
Rodgers William Magherafelt
Roe Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Rogers Alexander Tamlaght Finlagan
Rogers Francis Clondermot
Rogers George Aghadowey
Rogers Hugh Aghadowey
Rogers Hugh, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan
Rogers John Artrea
Rogers John Clondermot
Rogers John Desertlyn
Rogers John Tamlaght Finlagan
Rogers Mark Tamlaght Finlagan
Rogers William Clondermot
Rogres John Artrea
Roney John Derryloran
Rooney William Desertmartin
Rosborough John Cumber Upper
Rosborough Major Cumber Upper
Rose Edward Magherafelt
Rosebrook John Bovevagh
Rosebrough Alexander Cumber Upper
Rosebrough George Cumber Upper
Rosebrough Robert Cumber Upper
Rosebrugh William, Jr. Banagher
Rosebrugh William, Sr. Banagher
Ross Alexander Clondermot
Ross David Dungiven
Ross David Faughanvale
Ross Edward Faughanvale
Ross Isaac Clondermot
Ross James Cumber Upper
Ross James Dungiven
Ross James Faughanvale
Ross John Balteagh
Ross John Cumber Upper
Ross John Dunboe
Ross John Dungiven
Ross John Faughanvale
Ross Joseph Clondermot
Ross Joseph Faughanvale
Ross Michael Cumber Upper
Ross Robert Clondermot
Ross Robert Cumber Upper
Ross Robert Faughanvale
Ross Samuel Errigal
Ross William Drumachose
Ross William Faughanvale
Row Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly
Rowan Robert Faughanvale
Rusk James Clondermot
Russel Arthur Clondermot
Russel James Clondermot
Russel John Clondermot
Ryans Michael Tamlaght Finlagan
Ryd Alexander Desertlyn
Saggerston James Faughanvale
Sample Patrick Desertmartin
Sampson Ralph Derryloran
Sampson Rev. George Aghanloo
Samson Anne Maghera
Sandford James Artrea
Sands Andrew Desertmartin
Sands James Desertmartin
Sands Robert Desertmartin
Savage James Clondermot
Savage James Cumber Upper
Savage Owen Cumber Upper
Savage Robert Termoneeny
Savage William Faughanvale
Scales James Aghanloo
Scales John Aghanloo
Scales Thomas, Jr. Aghanloo
Scales Thomas, Sr. Aghanloo
Scallion Sheela Banagher
Scoby James Faughanvale
Scott Andrew Banagher
Scott Andrew Templemore
Scott David Templemore
Scott Edward Artrea
Scott Edward Dungiven
Scott Ephraim Balteagh
Scott Gideon Drumachose
Scott Henry Faughanvale
Scott Isaac Artrea
Scott John Artrea
Scott John Killelagh
Scott John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Scott John Templemore
Scott Joseph, Jr. Dungiven
Scott Joseph, Sr. Dungiven
Scott Mark Dungiven
Scott Martha Balteagh
Scott Matthew Dungiven
Scott Oliver Cumber Upper
Scott Robert Cumber Upper
Scott Robert Faughanvale
Scott Samuel Artrea
Scott Samuel Balteagh
Scott Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Scott Thomas Cumber Upper
Scott Widow Cumber Upper
Scott Widow Dungiven
Scott William Balteagh
Scott William Faughanvale
Scullion Daniel Ballyscullion
Scullion Mary Artrea
Scullion Philip Ballyscullion
Selfridge James Desertoghill
Selfridge Robert Dungiven
Selfridge Samuel Faughanvale
Semple Archibald Clondermot
Semple Robert Clondermot
Sergen John Magherafelt
Shales James Clondermot
Shales James Dungiven
Shales John Dungiven
Shanks William Derryloran
Shannon Adam Desertlyn
Shannon Denis Balteagh
Shannon Dr. George Magherafelt
Shannon Ephraim Balteagh
Shannon Ephraim Templemore
Shannon George Desertlyn
Shannon James Drumachose
Shannon Samuel Drumachose
Shary Bernard Artrea
Shaw John Templemore
Shaw Robert Maghera
Shaw Robert Templemore
Shaw Thomas Tamlaght
Shaw Widow Tamlaght
Shaw William Derryloran
Sheals James Tamlaght Finlagan
Sheals Rose Ballywillin
Shephard Samuel Ballinderry
Shepherd James Ballinderry
Shepherd John Ballinderry
Shepherd Richard Artrea
Shepherd Samuel Ballinderry
Shepherd Timothy Ballinderry
Shepherd William Ballinderry
Sheria John Aghadowey
Sheria John Agivey
Sheria William Agivey
Sherra James Aghanloo
Sherrard Andrew Clondermot
Sherrard Anne Tamlaght Finlagan
Sherrard David Cumber Upper
Sherrard Henry Tamlaght Finlagan
Sherrard James Clondermot
Sherrard James Cumber Upper
Sherrard James Faughanvale
Sherrard Mathew Clondermot
Sherrard Robert Desertlyn
Sherrard William Tamlaght Finlagan
Sherrin Allen Aghanloo
Sherrin William Aghanloo
Shield William Kilcronaghan
Shinoch James Desertoghill
Shirkey Owen Cumber Upper
Short Thomas Clondermot
Silfridge Jane Balteagh
Silly William Magherafelt
Simm James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Simm William Tamlaght Ocrilly
Simmerell William Dunboe
Simon James Desertoghill
Simpson Anne Desertlyn
Simpson George Artrea
Simpson Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan
Simpson James Cumber Upper
Simpson John Coleraine
Simpson John Cumber Upper
Simpson John Desertlyn
Simpson John Lissan
Simpson Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Simpson Matthew Cumber Upper
Simpson Rachael Lissan
Simpson Robert Desertlyn
Simpson Robert Lissan
Simpson Robert, Jr. Tamlaght Finlagan
Simpson Robert, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan
Simpson William Artrea
Simpson William Cumber Upper
Simpson William Desertlyn
Simpson William Drumachose
Sinclair John Ballynascreen
Sinclair Mary Kilcronaghan
Sinclair Thomas Magherafelt
Sinclair William Desertlyn
Sinkler John Ballynascreen
Sleater John Templemore
Sleater Thomas Templemore
Slemins Thomas Tamlaght
Slemmens Robert Tamlaght
Slemmins William Artrea
Sloan Alexander Faughanvale
Sloan David Ballyrashane
Sloan David Desertlyn
Sloan John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Sloan Thomas Desertlyn
Sloan Thomas Tamlaght
Sloan Widow Desertlyn
Sloan William Maghera
Slone James Maghera
Slone Robert Maghera
Sloss John Kilcronaghan
Sloss Moses Maghera
Smalwood John Clondermot
Smiley James Dungiven
Smiley Joseph Dunboe
Smiley Thomas Templemore
Smirl John Kilrea
Smirrell Samuel Dunboe
Smith Alexander Desertoghill
Smith Alexander Errigal
Smith Archibald Clondermot
Smith Archibald Faughanvale
Smith Charles Clondermot
Smith David Aghanloo
Smith David Cumber Upper
Smith David Macosquin
Smith David Tamlaght Finlagan
Smith Edward Macosquin
Smith Elizabeth Tamlaght Ocrilly
Smith George Desertlyn
Smith George Faughanvale
Smith Hugh Bovevagh
Smith Hugh Errigal
Smith Isaiah, Jr. Bovevagh
Smith Isaiah, Sr. Bovevagh
Smith James Clondermot
Smith James Desertlyn
Smith James Lissan
Smith James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Smith James, Jr. Drumachose
Smith James, Sr. Drumachose
Smith Jane Clondermot
Smith John Clondermot
Smith John Cumber Upper
Smith John Desertlyn
Smith John Drumachose
Smith John Dunboe
Smith John Lissan
Smith John Templemore
Smith Margaret Maghera
Smith Mary Magherafelt
Smith Rebecca Clondermot
Smith Rev. John Kilrea
Smith Robert Clondermot
Smith Robert Cumber Upper
Smith Robert Drumachose
Smith Robert Lissan
Smith Samuel Desertlyn
Smith Thomas Cumber Upper
Smith Thomas Lissan
Smith Valentine Agivey
Smith Widow Artrea
Smith Widow Cumber Upper
Smith Widow Eleanor Drumachose
Smith William Ballywillin
Smith William Clondermot
Smith William Cumber Upper
Smith William Desertlyn
Smith William Drumachose
Smith William Lissan
Smyley Samuel Bovevagh
Snipe Michael Artrea
Snodgrass Samuel Faughanvale
Somerill Thomas Clondermot
Speer Samuel Magherafelt
Speer William Magherafelt
Speer William Tamlaght Ocrilly
Spotswood John Ballyscullion
Sprit Hugh Artrea
Sproul David Clondermot
Sprowle Esther Clondermot
Sprowle John Clondermot
Stafford Francis Ballyscullion
Stawford Robert Ballyscullion
Steed James Maghera
Steel Alexander Tamlaght Finlagan
Steel Christopher Tamlaght Finlagan
Steel David Templemore
Steel Hugh Bovevagh
Steel James Magherafelt
Steel Rev. Robert Dungiven
Steel Robert Magherafelt
Steel Samuel Artrea
Steel William Bovevagh
Steel William Magherafelt
Steen John Balteagh
Steen Rev. Mr. Tamlaght
Steen Samuel Templemore
Steen Thomas Templemore
Stenage James Desertmartin
Stephenson John Bovevagh
Stephenson John Cumber Upper
Stephenson John Faughanvale
Stephenson Robert Faughanvale
Sterling Andrew Faughanvale
Sterling Charles, Jr. Bovevagh
Sterling Henry Bovevagh
Sterling John Tamlaght Finlagan
Sterling Robert Bovevagh
Sterling Robert Dunboe
Sterling Robert Faughanvale
Sterling Thomas Ballyrashane
Sterling William Dunboe
Stett John Desertlyn
Stevens John Bovevagh
Stevenson James Bovevagh
Stevenson James Clondermot
Stevenson John Clondermot
Stevenson John Drumachose
Stevenson Robert Clondermot
Stevenson Thomas Clondermot
Stevenson William Clondermot
Stewart Alexander Templemore
Stewart Charles Desart
Stewart Charles Drumachose
Stewart Daniel Templemore
Stewart David Desertlyn
Stewart David Templemore
Stewart George Dungiven
Stewart George Faughanvale
Stewart Henry Balteagh
Stewart Hugh Magherafelt
Stewart James Balteagh
Stewart James Clondermot
Stewart James Derryloran
Stewart James Desertmartin
Stewart James Drumachose
Stewart John Bovevagh
Stewart John Clondermot
Stewart John Desart
Stewart John Desertlyn
Stewart John Errigal
Stewart John, Sr. Desertlyn
Stewart Katherine Clondermot
Stewart Mary Bovevagh
Stewart Matthew Clondermot
Stewart Michael Desart
Stewart Patrick Clondermot
Stewart Rev. Alexander Balteagh
Stewart Robert Aghadowey
Stewart Robert Desertlyn
Stewart Robert Drumachose
Stewart Robert Magherafelt
Stewart Samuel Clondermot
Stewart Thomas Agivey
Stewart Thomas Ballywillin
Stewart Thomas Faughanvale
Stewart William Clondermot
Stewart William Desertlyn
Stewart William Dungiven
Stewatt Andrew Arboe
Stinton Hugh Magherafelt
Stinton Thomas Derryloran
Stirling Templemore
Stitt James Magherafelt
Stoop Adam Aghanloo
Stoop John Faughanvale
Story William Tamlaght
Strangford Thomas Faughanvale
Strawbridge John Clondermot
Strawbridge Robert Clondermot
Stuart Andrew Lissan
Stuart John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Stuart Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Stunkard William Balteagh
Sugerson William Cumber Upper
Summerland Hugh Ballyscullion
Summerland William Ballyscullion
Summers John Aghanloo
Summers William Drumachose
Swan James Cumber Upper
Swan Paul Cumber Upper
Swan Samuel Cumber Upper
Swan Thomas Balteagh
Swan Thomas Cumber Upper
Swan William Cumber Upper
Swan William Faughanvale
Swann Hugh Cumber Upper
Swann James Cumber Upper
Sweeney Elizabeth Clondermot
Sweeny John Faughanvale
Sweeny Patrick Tamlaghtard