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Irish Flax Growers Lists 1796 in County Derry

The Irish Linen Board published a list of nearly 60,000 individuals in 1796. Spinning wheels were awarded based on the number of acres planted. People who planted one acre were awarded 4 spinning wheels and those growing 5 acres were awarded a loom. Donegal and Tyrone had the highest number of awards. Dublin and Wicklow were not included in this list. These extracts contain the name, parish and county. The barony was listed instead of the parish in a few of the records. Also known as the Spinning Wheel list or the Flax Growers Bounty.

The list of county Derry Flax growers records the person's name and the civil parish where they resided.


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Irish Flax Growers List - County Derry

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Surname - First Name - Parish

McAfee Hugh Faughanvale
McAfee James Faughanvale
McAferson John Faughanvale
McAlameny William Tamlaght Ocrilly
McAlanny Hugh Kilrea
McAlees John Dunboe
McAleese Thomas Errigal
McAleny Charles Clondermot
McAleny James Clondermot
McAleny Owen Clondermot
McAleny Patrick Clondermot
McAlister Col. Coleraine
McAllister Francis Desart
McAllister John Cumber Upper
McAllister John Desart
McAllister John Drumachose
McAllister Toal Maghera
McAllister Widow Jane Drumachose
McAnally Daniel Arboe
McAnally John Derryloran
McAnarry James Tamlaght Ocrilly
McAnarry Robert Desertmartin
McAnary John Tamlaght Ocrilly
McAncely James Desertoghill
McAnully James Bovevagh
McAnully Roger Bovevagh
McAnulty Hugh Clondermot
McAnulty John Cumber Upper
McAnulty Patrick Bovevagh
McAnunny William Lissan
McAnurland James Tamlaght Finlagan
McApherson David Errigal
McApherson James Errigal
McApherson John Errigal
McAready Anne Killelagh
McAready Dominic Tamlaght Ocrilly
McAready James Maghera
McArthur William Cumber Upper
McAteer John Bovevagh
McAuley John Cumber Upper
McAuly James Templemore
McAuly Robert Templemore
McAuly Samuel Templemore
McAvry John Lissan
McAvry Laurence Lissan
McBary Andrew Faughanvale
McBay Edward Clondermot
McBey David Clondermot
McBride Andrew Desertmartin
McBride Patrick Ballynascreen
McCafferty Daniel Faughanvale
McCafferty Edward Faughanvale
McCafferty Patrick Clondermot
McCafferty William Clondermot
McCahan Thomas Dunboe
McCahey John Tamlaght Ocrilly
McCaih John Desertlyn
McCaih Robert Desertlyn
McCaliion James Balteagh
McCallan Robert Cumber Upper
McCallion Bryan Bovevagh
McCallion Bryan Cumber Upper
McCallion Doal Clondermot
McCallion James Dunboe
McCallion John Clondermot
McCallion John Errigal
McCallion Neal Aghanloo
McCallion Neil Cumber Upper
McCallion Patrick Faughanvale
McCan John Artrea
McCandry John Tamlaght Ocrilly
McCane Alexander Kilcronaghan
McCane John Lissan
McCann Ambrose Lissan
McCann Anne Ballyscullion
McCann Bernard Artrea
McCann Christopher Ballyscullion
McCann Neal Maghera
McCann Robert Derryloran
McCann Thomas Artrea
McCann William Derryloran
McCanna Arthur Kilcronaghan
McCanna Teague Maghera
McCannon Richard Aghanloo
McCarnan Neal Arboe
McCarnen James Arboe
McCarnon James Faughanvale
McCarran Patrick Clondermot
McCarrin Nicholas Desertmartin
McCarter Arthur Arboe
McCarter John Macosquin
McCarter William Clondermot
McCartney Andrew Artrea
McCartney Daniel Artrea
McCartney Henry Artrea
McCartney John Artrea
McCartny Patrick Ballinderry
McCarton Thomas Clondermot
McCasky Robert Derryloran
McCaugherin John Artrea
McCaughey William Tamlaght Ocrilly
McCaughin William Tamlaght Ocrilly
McCaughy Widow Derryloran
McCaughy William Tamlaght Ocrilly
McCaul Patrick Templemore
McCausland Abraham Clondermot
McCausland Capt. Con. Drumachose
McCausland Rev. Mark Tamlaght Finlagan
McCausland Robert Clondermot
McCausland William Dungiven
McCay Alexander Kilrea
McCay Alexander Lissan
McCay Patrick Killelagh
McCay Thomas Kilrea
McCay Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
McCeverly John Artrea
McChrystal Daniel Desertmartin
McChrystal James Desertmartin
McChrystal Patrick Desertmartin
McChrystal Rose Desertmartin
McChrystal Thomas Desertmartin
McChrystall John Desertmartin
McClamon John Drumachose
McClamon Roger Bovevagh
McClary John Tamlaghtard
McClary William Aghanloo
McClasky Bryan Cumber Upper
McClatchy David Magherafelt
McClay James Tamlaghtard
McClean Daniel Ballyscullion
McClean Hector Faughanvale
McClean James Faughanvale
McClean James Kilcronaghan
McClean John Magherafelt
McClean William Magherafelt
McCleelry John Artrea
McCleery Andrew Lissan
McCleery James Artrea
McCleery Samuel Artrea
McCleland Fergus Bovevagh
McCleland Hugh Dunboe
McCleland James Bovevagh
McCleland John Dunboe
McCleland John Dungiven
McCleland Robert Clondermot
McCleland Samuel Dungiven
McCleland Thomas Bovevagh
McCleland William Dungiven
McClelland David Balteagh
McClelland James Kilcronaghan
McClelland Matthew Drumachose
McClelland Thomas Balteagh
McClelland Thomas Drumachose
McClelland William Balteagh
McClelland William Clondermot
McClelland William Errigal
McClenaghan Charles Bovevagh
McClenaghan John Bovevagh
McClenaghan Robert, Jr. Bovevagh
McClenaghan Robert, Sr. Bovevagh
McClenahan John Desertoghill
McClenahan Michael Balteagh
McClernan Francis Ballynascreen
McClernan Joseph Artrea
McClernan Thomas Artrea
McClernon John Artrea
McClintock Henry Cumber Upper
McClintock James Templemore
McClintock John Templemore
McClosker Patrick Ballynascreen
McCloskey Art Roe Dungiven
McCloskey Arthur Bovevagh
McCloskey Arthur Cumber Upper
McCloskey Arthur Dungiven
McCloskey Arthur Faughanvale
McCloskey Brian Cumber Upper
McCloskey Brian Dungiven
McCloskey Bryan Bovevagh
McCloskey Bryan Dungiven
McCloskey Charles Bovevagh
McCloskey Daniel Cumber Upper
McCloskey Daniel Dungiven
McCloskey Darby Dungiven
McCloskey Denis Banagher
McCloskey Denis Bovevagh
McCloskey Denis, Sr. Bovevagh
McCloskey Edward Bovevagh
McCloskey Edward Cumber Upper
McCloskey Edward Dungiven
McCloskey Eleanor, Sr. Banagher
McCloskey Francis Dungiven
McCloskey George Clondermot
McCloskey George Dungiven
McCloskey Henry Dungiven
McCloskey Hugh Banagher
McCloskey Hugh Faughanvale
McCloskey Hugh Roe Banagher
McCloskey James Balteagh
McCloskey James Bovevagh
McCloskey James Clondermot
McCloskey James Cumber Upper
McCloskey Jane Dungiven
McCloskey John Bovevagh
McCloskey John Cumber Upper
McCloskey John Dungiven
McCloskey John Faughanvale
McCloskey Manases Dungiven
McCloskey Manus Banagher
McCloskey Manus Desertoghill
McCloskey Mary Bovevagh
McCloskey Maurice Banagher
McCloskey Michael Banagher
McCloskey Michael Cumber Upper
McCloskey Michael Dungiven
McCloskey Owen Banagher
McCloskey Owen Bovevagh
McCloskey Owen Cumber Upper
McCloskey Owen Dungiven
McCloskey Patrick Bovevagh
McCloskey Patrick Clondermot
McCloskey Patrick Cumber Upper
McCloskey Patrick Dungiven
McCloskey Paul Dungiven
McCloskey Peter Balteagh
McCloskey Peter Bovevagh
McCloskey Phelemy Banagher
McCloskey Rev. Patrick Dungiven
McCloskey Richard Bovevagh
McCloskey Richard Dungiven
McCloskey Rose Dungiven
McCloskey Shane Art Dungiven
McCloskey Shelah Dungiven
McCloskey Thomas Bovevagh
McCloskey Thomas Cumber Upper
McCloskey Thomas Dungiven
McCloskey Timlin Dungiven
McClosky Eleanor, Jr. Banagher
McClosky James Aghanloo
McClosky Patrick Dungiven
McClosky Richard Banagher
McClosky Roger Banagher
McClosky Thomas Banagher
McClosky William Faughanvale
McCloud John Drumachose
McCloud William Drumachose
McCloy Daniel Maghera
McCloy Neil Artrea
McClure James Drumachose
McClurg Anne Bovevagh
McClurg Thomas Ballynascreen
McCluskey Elizabeth Bovevagh
McClusky Patrick Banagher
McColgan John Tamlaghtard
McColgan Michael Tamlaghtard
McColla John Maghera
McCollaugh Joseph Lissan
McComb John Cumber Upper
McComb Thomas Cumber Upper
McComb William Cumber Upper
McCombs Mary Clondermot
McConaghey Daniel Bovevagh
McConaghey Hugh Dungiven
McConaghey Mary Dungiven
McConaghey Robert Dungiven
McConagle James Faughanvale
McConagle Joseph Cumber Upper
McConahy John Dunboe
McConkey James Lissan
McConkey John Lissan
McConna Henry Maghera
McConnel Arthur Clondermot
McConnel William Clondermot
McConnel William Dungiven
McConway John Desart
McCook Archibald Errigal
McCook John Dungiven
McCool Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
McCool Thomas Balteagh
McCool William Dungiven
McCool William Maghera
McCord Bernard Artrea
McCord James Derryloran
McCord Mark Derryloran
McCord Thomas Artrea
McCord William Desertlyn
McCorkle Alexander Tamlaght Finlagan
McCorkle Andrew Templemore
McCorkle Thomas Templemore
McCorkle William Tamlaght Finlagan
McCormick Bryan Dungiven
McCormick Henry Clondermot
McCormick James Desertlyn
McCormick James Drumachose
McCormick James Faughanvale
McCormick John Coleraine
McCormick Owen Killelagh
McCotter Henry Bovevagh
McCotter John Tamlaght Ocrilly
McCown John Faughanvale
McCoy William Tamlaght Ocrilly
McCra William Artrea
McCrackan Adam Desertmartin
McCrackan Elizabeth Kilcronaghan
McCrackan John Dunboe
McCrackan Matthew Dunboe
McCrackan Robert Desertmartin
McCracken Charles Bovevagh
McCracken Jacob Bovevagh
McCracken James Dunboe
McCrackin William Tamlaght Finlagan
McCrea James Tamlaght Finlagan
McCrea John Lissan
McCreght David Lissan
McCrogher Francis Dungiven
McCrossin Patrick Cumber Upper
McCrystal Thomas Kilcronaghan
McCullagh Hugh Cumber Upper
McCullagh John Cumber Upper
McCullaugh Archibald Lissan
McCullaugh George Lissan
McCullaugh William Ballyscullion
McCullaugh William Lissan
McCullough Joshua Clondermot
McCully David Clondermot
McCully George Bovevagh
McCully Hugh Cumber Upper
McCully Jacob Bovevagh
McCully James Bovevagh
McCully John Bovevagh
McCully John Tamlaght Finlagan
McCully Joseph Bovevagh
McCully Joseph, Jr. Bovevagh
McCully Joseph, Sr. Bovevagh
McCully Matthew Bovevagh
McCully Robert Bovevagh
McCully Thomas Bovevagh
McCully William Bovevagh
McCunn Hugh Faughanvale
McCunn William Faughanvale
McCurdy John Errigal
McCurdy Patrick Artrea
McCurristin Widow Jane Drumachose
McCutcheon William Clondermot
McDead James Aghanloo
McDead James Tamlaght Ocrilly
McDermot Denis Templemore
McDermot John Clondermot
McDermot Patrick Clondermot
McDevit Charles Faughanvale
McDevit John Cumber Upper
McDevitt James Clondermot
McDevitt John Templemore
McDivett James Faughanvale
McDonagh Cormick Banagher
McDonagh Geroge Banagher
McDonagh Henry Banagher
McDonagh James Banagher
McDonagh James Cumber Upper
McDonagh John Cumber Upper
McDonagh Manases Banagher
McDonagh Neal Banagher
McDonagh Owen Banagher
McDonagh Stephen Faughanvale
McDonald James Clondermot
McDonald John Tamlaght Finlagan
McDonnel Alexander Tamlaght Ocrilly
McDonnell Peter Ballynascreen
McDonnell Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
McDougal James Clondermot
McDougal James, Sr. Clondermot
McDowel James Maghera
McEldowney James Cumber Upper
McElhatton Robert Faughanvale
McElhinney William Banagher
McElhinny William Cumber Upper
McElvaar Chares Cumber Upper
McElvenney James Faughanvale
McElwain Daniel Lissan
McEntire Elizabeth Errigal
McEntire James Aghadowey
McEntire James Drumachose
McEntire John, Jr. Tamlaght Finlagan
McEntire John, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan
McEntire Patrick Aghadowey
McEntire William Tamlaght Finlagan
McEntosh David Desertoghill
McFadden Adam Bovevagh
McFadden John Bovevagh
McFadden Philip Templemore
McFadden William Bovevagh
McFall Archibald Banagher
McFall Margaret Clondermot
McFall William Balteagh
McFarlan John Faughanvale
McFarland Alexander Aghanloo
McFarland Andrew Banagher
McFarland James Dungiven
McFarland James Faughanvale
McFarland John Dungiven
McFarland John Tamlaght Finlagan
McFarland John Templemore
McFarland Robert Banagher
McFarland Robert Faughanvale
McFarland Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly
McFarland Walter Magherafelt
McFarland William Clondermot
McFaul William Balteagh
McFecters Andrew Faughanvale
McFeely Bryan Banagher
McFeely John Faughanvale
McFeely Thomas Clondermot
McFeeters James Cumber Upper
McFeeters Robert Cumber Upper
McFeeters William Cumber Upper
McFeeters William, Jr. Cumber Upper
McFelly James Banagher
McFerion James, Sr. Templemore
McFerson James, Jr. Templemore
McFerson John Templemore
McFerson Samuel Dungiven
McFrederick John Templemore
McFullan Charles Artrea
McFullan James Artrea
McFullan Michael Ballyscullion
McFullan Patrick Artrea
McFullan Philip Artrea
McFullin Charles Maghera
McFullin Hugh Lissan
McFullone Henry Maghera
McFullone John Lissan
McGahan Thomas Aghadowey
McGahon Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
McGanigle Patrick Clondermot
McGanigle Robert Clondermot
McGannerty Hugh Artrea
McGannerty Peter Artrea
McGarnell Owen Drumachose
McGarvey John Artrea
McGarvey William Desertlyn
McGeah Sarah Desertlyn
McGee Daniel Tamlaght
McGee James Tamlaght Ocrilly
McGee John Tamlaght Ocrilly
McGee Toal Ballinderry
McGeehan Daniel Desertmartin
McGeehan James Desertmartin
McGeehan James Tamlaghtard
McGill John Faughanvale
McGill Malcolm Tamlaght Ocrilly
McGill Michael Aghanloo
McGill Robert Arboe
McGill Robert Kilcronaghan
McGill Widow Kilcronaghan
McGill William Aghanloo
McGilligan James Dungiven
McGillion Henry Desertlyn
McGinness Michael Faughanvale
McGinnis Charles Faughanvale
McGinnis James Faughanvale
McGinnis John Faughanvale
McGinnis Owen Faughanvale
McGinnis Philip Faughanvale
McGinnis Roger Faughanvale
McGinnis William Cumber Upper
McGinniss Edward Cumber Upper
McGlade John Desertlyn
McGlinahy Edward Clondermot
McGlinchy James Desertmartin
McGlinshey Edward Clondermot
McGlinshey John Banagher
McGlinshy Patrick Clondermot
McGlinshy Patrick Templemore
McGlone Bernard Desertmartin
McGlone John Lissan
McGlosky Thomas Bovevagh
McGoan Edward Artrea
McGoane Daniel Artrea
McGolpin Hugh Ballyscullion
McGolpin Margaret Magherafelt
McGonagle Charles Faughanvale
McGonagle Henry Faughanvale
McGonagle John Dunboe
McGonagle William Templemore
McGonnigal Terrence Magherafelt
McGonnigle Michael Clondermot
McGonnigle William Clondermot
McGorrery Bernard Ballinderry
McGorrery Edward Tamlaght
McGorrery James Artrea
McGorrery Joseph Ballinderry
McGoveran Anne Desertmartin
McGoveran Bernard Desertmartin
McGoveran Peter Desertmartin
McGoveran Thomas Desertmartin
McGovery Patrick Artrea
McGowan Alexander Kilcronaghan
McGowan Andrew Kilcronaghan
McGowan Daniel Clondermot
McGowan James Balteagh
McGowan Margaret Kilcronaghan
McGowan Patrick Balteagh
McGowan Samuel Kilcronaghan
McGowan William Clondermot
McGowan William Kilcronaghan
McGown Edward Tamlaght Finlagan
McGown Francis Tamlaght Finlagan
McGrady Mary Lissan
McGrady Patrick Lissan
McGranahan Bryan Bovevagh
McGranel Hugh Bovevagh
McGrannel Manus Clondermot
McGrannel William Clondermot
McGrigar Widow Ann Drumachose
McGriger Margaret Dunboe
McGrogan Anne Artrea
McGrunny John Lissan
McGuckean Michael Artrea
McGuckian Edward Desertmartin
McGuckian Eleanor Desertlyn
McGuckian Hugh Ballinderry
McGuckian Hugh Tamlaght
McGuckian James Desertmartin
McGuckian John Ballinderry
McGuckian John Desertmartin
McGuckian Michael Desertmartin
McGuckian Patrick Ballinderry
McGuckian William Ballinderry
McGuewan James Maghera
McGugan Widow Ann Desart
McGuig Malcolm Aghadowey
McGuigan Edward Dungiven
McGuigan James Clondermot
McGuigan James Tamlaghtard
McGuigan Myles Desertmartin
McGuigan Neil Desertmartin
McGuigan Patrick Dungiven
McGuigan Stephen Artrea
McGuigan Thomas Ballynascreen
McGuikean Daniel Artrea
McGuiness Patrick Cumber Upper
McGuinness Hugh Cumber Upper
McGuinness Widow Artrea
McGuire Charles Errigal
McGuire John Cumber Upper
McGurk Thomas Desertlyn
McGurk Thomas Kilcronaghan
McGwigan Hugh Ballynascreen
McGwigan John Ballynascreen
McGwigan Michael Ballynascreen
McHarg Archibald Desart
McHarg James Desart
McHenry Neal Dungiven
McHenry Patrick Banagher
McIbry Clarke Bovevagh
McIldoon Patrick Clondermot
McIldory James Derryloran
McIldory John Derryloran
McIldory Nocher Derryloran
McIldory Phelix Derryloran
McIldowney James Bovevagh
McIlgrew Bernard Lissan
McIlgrew John Lissan
McIlhannon Hugh Artrea
McIlhannon John Lissan
McIlhannon Patrick Lissan
McIlhinney William Clondermot
McIlhone Denis Magherafelt
McIlmogue William Tamlaght Ocrilly
McIlmoyle James Aghanloo
McIlroy Benjamin Artrea
McIlroy James Drumachose
McIlrroy William Balteagh
McIlsar James Dungiven
McIlsar Thomas Dungiven
McIlteany John Artrea
McIlure William Templemore
McIlvenny John Templemore
McIlvenny Samuel Templemore
McIlwain Alexander Artrea
McIlwain John Artrea
McIlwain Joseph Templemore
McIlwain Patrick Clondermot
McIlwain Robert Artrea
McIlwain Rose Artrea
McIlwee Dominick Maghera
McIlwee William Clondermot
McIntire Abraham Faughanvale
McIntire Edward Clondermot
McIntire James Cumber Upper
McIntire Nathaniel Aghadowey
McIntosh Edward Drumachose
McIntosh Hugh Clondermot
McIntosh Robert Faughanvale
McIntosh William Drumachose
McIrlane Michael Tamlaght Ocrilly
McIrlane Titus Tamlaght Ocrilly
McJunkins Robert Clondermot
McKane John Banagher
McKane Robert Clondermot
McKeag Thomas Drumachose
McKee Alexander Macosquin
McKee Bryan Ballinderry
McKee Cormick Tamlaght
McKee Henry Magherafelt
McKee James Arboe
McKee James Ballinderry
McKee James Derryloran
McKee John Artrea
McKee John Derryloran
McKee John Errigal
McKee John Lissan
McKee John Magherafelt
McKee Margaret Ballinderry
McKee Neal Maghera
McKee Patrick Ballinderry
McKee Robert Derryloran
McKee Robert Lissan
McKee William Lissan
McKeever Charles Artrea
McKeever Edward Artrea
McKeever John Cumber Upper
McKeever Laughlin Artrea
McKeever Mary Balteagh
McKeever Michael Lissan
McKeever Owen Artrea
McKeevor Bryan Faughanvale
McKeevor James Faughanvale
McKeevor John Clondermot
McKeevor Owen Faughanvale
McKeffery William Tamlaght Ocrilly
McKegny James Maghera
McKegny Patrick Maghera
McKeig James Faughanvale
McKendry Henry Ballyscullion
McKenny Joseph Maghera
McKenny Thomas Magherafelt
McKeon Catherine Balteagh
McKeon George Desertmartin
McKeon James Balteagh
McKeon James Desertlyn
McKeon John Desertlyn
McKeon Owen Desertmartin
McKeon Robert Desertmartin
McKeone Henry Tamlaght
McKeown Toal Artrea
McKewen Philip Ballinderry
McKibbin John Desertlyn
McKilbin Samuel Desertlyn
McKim Robert Dunboe
McKinley Alexander Cumber Upper
McKinley Patrick Clondermot
McKinley Thomas Clondermot
McKinley William Cumber Upper
McKinly James Clondermot
McKinny George Faughanvale
McKinny John Faughanvale
McKinny Michael Faughanvale
McKinny Patrick Faughanvale
McKinny William Clondermot
McKinny William Faughanvale
McKisack William Drumachose
McKissock Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
McKnogher Michael Balteagh
McLamon John Tamlaght Finlagan
McLane Charles Bovevagh
McLane Daniel Bovevagh
McLane Daniel Kilowen
McLane James Bovevagh
McLannon Bryan Cumber Upper
McLaughlin Anthony Dungiven
McLaughlin Bryan Cumber Upper
McLaughlin Bryan Dungiven
McLaughlin Catherine Cumber Upper
McLaughlin Edward Aghanloo
McLaughlin Edward Cumber Upper
McLaughlin Edward Faughanvale
McLaughlin James Aghanloo
McLaughlin James Cumber Upper
McLaughlin James Dungiven
McLaughlin James, Sr. Cumber Upper
McLaughlin John Cumber Upper
McLaughlin John Dungiven
McLaughlin John Faughanvale
McLaughlin John Tamlaght Finlagan
McLaughlin John Tamlaghtard Mcgilligan
McLaughlin Mary Faughanvale
McLaughlin Michael Clondermot
McLaughlin Michael Cumber Upper
McLaughlin Michael Templemore
McLaughlin Neal Clondermot
McLaughlin Neal Cumber Upper
McLaughlin Neal Dungiven
McLaughlin Neal Faughanvale
McLaughlin Owen Cumber Upper
McLaughlin Patrick Faughanvale
McLaughlin Philip Clondermot
McLaughlin Philip Cumber Upper
McLaughlin Shane Dungiven
McLaughlin Thomas Banagher
McLaughlin Thomas Cumber Upper
McLaughlin Widow Banagher
McLaughlin William Cumber Upper
McLaughlin William Tamlaght Finlagan
McLea James Clondermot
McLea Robert Clondermot
McLea Samuel Clondermot
McLean William Tamlaght Finlagan
McLees John Banagher
McLeland Anne Cumber Upper
McLeland John Tamlaght Finlagan
McLinchey Hugh Clondermot
McLinchy George Cumber Upper
McLinchy Patrick Cumber Upper
McLindsy Hugh Cumber Upper
McLone James Tamlaght Finlagan
McLoughlin George Clondermot
McLoughlin George Cumber Upper
McLoughlin James Clondermot
McLoughlin Michael Clondermot
McLoughlin Rev. John Ballynascreen
McLucas Aaron Templemore
McLucas John Templemore
McLucas Walter Templemore
McMagee James Cumber Upper
McMains Mathew Balteagh
McManus George Ballinderry
McManus James Ballinderry
McMaster Francis Arboe
McMaster James Clondermot
McMaster John Magherafelt
McMaugham Peter Artrea
McMaughan James Ballinderry
McMaughan James Magherafelt
McMaw Matthew Desertoghill
McMenamon Charles Cumber Upper
McMenemon William Faughanvale
McMichael Alexander Tamlaght Ocrilly
McMichael Archibald Tamlaght Ocrilly
McMichael Daniel Desart
McMichael James Tamlaght Ocrilly
McMichael John Tamlaght Finlagan
McMillan William Cumber Upper
McMillar Alexander Faughanvale
McMootry James Artrea
McMullan Alexander Aghanloo
McMullan Ephrain Errigal
McMullan Hugh Errigal
McMullan James Ballywillin
McMullan James Errigal
McMullan John Ballyscullion
McMullan John Cumber Upper
McMullan John Errigal
McMullan Michael Desertoghill
McMullan Robert Kilcronaghan
McMullin James Dunboe
McMullin William Clondermot
McMurdy Robert Cumber Upper
McMurray John Desertlyn
McMurray John Tamlaght
McNamara John Ballinderry
McNamara William Tamlaghtard
McNamee James Cumber Upper
McNaught John Cumber Upper
McNeal John Clondermot
McNeal John Faughanvale
McNeal Thomas Bovevagh
McNeal William Clondermot
McNeal William Faughanvale
McNealis James Cumber Upper
McNeel Archibald Ballywillin
McNeel Matthew Dunboe
McNeil Henry Clondermot
McNeil John Drumachose
McPeak Henry Artrea
McPeak Henry, Sr. Artrea
McPeak Hugh Artrea
McPeak James Ballyscullion
McPeak Philip Artrea
McPherson Joseph Clondermot
McPherson Thomas Clondermot
McPike Patrick Errigal
McPoil Patrick Tamlaghtard
McPullan John Artrea
McQuade Philip Arboe
McQuane James Artrea
McQueelan Joseph Ballyscullion
McQueelan Stafford Ballyscullion
McQuelan William Derryloran
McQuewn Francis Termoneeny
McQuillan John Aghadowey
McQuiston John Banagher
McQuon John Maghera
McQuone Anne Termoneeny
McQuone Henry Tamlaght Ocrilly
McReady John Maghera
McReer John Clondermot
McReer Robert Clondermot
McReynolds John Tamlaght Ocrilly
McShane Edward Desertoghill
McShane Francis Maghera
McShane Patrick Cumber Upper
McShane Paul Tamlaght Ocrilly
McShane William Tamlaght Ocrilly
McSparran Archibald Bovevagh
McSparran Mary Banagher
McTaggart Owen Cumber Upper
McTeague Bryan Bovevagh
McTeague Hugh Dungiven
McTeague John Lissan
McVea Francis Artrea
McVea Hugh Ballinderry
McVea John Ballinderry
McVea Neil Tamlaght
McVea Patrick Tamlaght
McVea Paul Artrea
McWilliams Brian Ballynascreen
McWilliams Daniel Ballynascreen
McWilliams Edward Ballinderry
McWilliams Edward Ballynascreen
McWilliams Francis Ballynascreen
McWilliams Francis Ballyscullion
McWilliams John Ballynascreen
McWilliams John Ballyscullion
McWilliams Neal Ballyscullion
McWilliams Roger Ballynascreen
McWilliams Roger Ballyscullion
McWilliams Widow Artrea
McWilliamson Mary Maghera
Mackey John Ballyaghran
Mackey John Templemore
Mackey Joseph Faughanvale
Mackey Moses Templemore
Mackey Patrick Templemore
Mackle James Artrea
Mackle John Artrea
Mackle Nicholas Artrea
Mackle Rev. James Artrea
Macklin Thomas Cumber Upper
Mackril Henry Maghera
Madden George Tamlaght Ocrilly
Madden James Maghera
Madden Patrick Tamlaght Ocrilly
Madden Thomas Faughanvale
Maffet Widow Faughanvale
Magee George Cumber Upper
Magee George Dunboe
Magee John Clondermot
Magee John Dunboe
Magee Simon Cumber Upper
Magee William Cumber Upper
Magennis John Templemore
Magennis Patrick Templemore
Maghon Joseph Faughanvale
Magill Patrick Cumber Upper
Maginnis Edward Clondermot
Maginnis James Clondermot
Maginnis John Clondermot
Maginnis Patrick Templemore
Maginnis Richard Clondermot
Maginnis Thomas Clondermot
Maharg George Clondermot
Maharg Mathew Clondermot
Mahon Patrick Templemore
Mairs Benjamin Desertmartin
Mairs David Desertlyn
Mairs Thomas Desertmartin
Major Alexander Faughanvale
Major Henry Faughanvale
Major Sarah Faughanvale
Major Thomas Faughanvale
Malcolm John Balteagh
Malcolm Patrick Balteagh
Malone Antony Tamlaght
Malone Charles Ballinderry
Malone Dominick Tamlaght
Malone Fergus Tamlaght
Mancely Alexander Lissan
Maneight William Magherafelt
Mann Thomas Magherafelt
Marchbank Robert Kilcronaghan
Mardock Richard Desertmartin
Margy Patrick Desertoghill
Markey John Templemore
Markey William Magherafelt
Marks John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Marky Andrew Templemore
Marlen John Magherafelt
Marlin Anne Derryloran
Marlin George Maghera
Marlin John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Marlin Mary Maghera
Marlin Robert Maghera
Mars Hugh Clondermot
Marshal Bernard Tamlaght
Marshal David Clondermot
Marshal James Faughanvale
Marshal John Cumber Upper
Marshal Joseph Cumber Upper
Marshal Robert Cumber Upper
Marshal Samuel Cumber Upper
Marshal William Clondermot
Marshal William Cumber Upper
Marshall David Cumber Upper
Marshall Ezekial Drumachose
Marshall John Clondermot
Marshall John Drumachose
Marshall William Cumber Upper
Martin Alexander Kilcronaghan
Martin Alexander Termoneeny
Martin Andrew Drumachose
Martin Hugh Arboe
Martin Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan
Martin James Arboe
Martin James Desertlyn
Martin James Tamlaght Finlagan
Martin John Tamlaght Finlagan
Martin John Termoneeny
Martin Matthew Arboe
Martin Nathaniel Tamlaght Finlagan
Martin Oliver Tamlaght Finlagan
Martin Robert Tamlaght Finlagan
Martin Samuel Ballynascreen
Martin Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Martin Theophilus Tamlaght Finlagan
Martin Thomas Aghanloo
Martin William Tamlaght Finlagan
Martry Samuel Templemore
Mathews William Macosquin
Matthews James Dunboe
Matthews William Dunboe
Maughlen John Magherafelt
Mawheny Arthur Magherafelt
Mawhiney John Magherafelt
Maxwell David Desertlyn
Maxwell Ezekiel Bovevagh
Maxwell John Desertlyn
Maxwell Robert Aghanloo
Maxwell Thomas Aghanloo
Maxwell Thomas Desertoghill
Maxwell William Aghanloo
May Henry Maghera
May James Clondermot
May Joseph Maghera
Mayberry Richard Tamlaght Ocrilly
Mayberry William Tamlaght Ocrilly
Mean James Derryloran
Mean Rose Derryloran
Mearns David Aghadowey
Mearns Hugh Aghadowey
Mearns Joseph Aghadowey
Mearns Tristram Aghadowey
Mecklin John Cumber Upper
Medegan Daniel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Meek Daniel Desertlyn
Meek James Tamlaght
Meek Michael Balteagh
Mehard Alexander Aghadowey
Melican James Magherafelt
Mellon Bryan Ballyscullion
Mellon Bryan Lissan
Mellon Charles Artrea
Mellon John Desertmartin
Mellon Redmond Lissan
Menaugh William Artrea
Menon John Artrea
Merdock Sarah Desertmartin
Michael John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Michael Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Michael William Tamlaght Ocrilly
Michaels Thomas Faughanvale
Millar Edward Dungiven
Millar James Cumber Upper
Millar James Faughanvale
Millar James Tamlaght Finlagan
Millar John Cumber Upper
Millar John Tamlaght Finlagan
Millar Mathew Cumber Upper
Millar Matthew Cumber Upper
Millar Michael Cumber Upper
Millar Robert Cumber Upper
Millar Samuel Artrea
Millar Samuel Cumber Upper
Millar William Cumber Upper
Millar William Faughanvale
Millen Agnes Dunboe
Millen James Dunboe
Millen Joseph Dunboe
Millen William Dunboe
Miller Alexander Drumachose
Miller Andrew Clondermot
Miller Arthur Tamlaght Ocrilly
Miller Benjamin Tamlaght Finlagan
Miller Ford Clondermot
Miller Geroge Cumber Upper
Miller James Clondermot
Miller James Errigal
Miller James Tamlaght Finlagan
Miller John Aghadowey
Miller John Clondermot
Miller John Desertlyn
Miller John Drumachose
Miller John Macosquin
Miller John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Miller Joseph Clondermot
Miller Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Miller Matthew Tamlaght Finlagan
Miller Rev. Herry Clondermot
Miller Robert Clondermot
Miller Thomas Derryloran
Miller Widow Elizabeth Desart
Miller William Bovevagh
Miller William Clondermot
Miller William Dungiven
Miller William Tamlaght Finlagan
Milliken David Tamlaght Finlagan
Millikin Thomas Agivey
Millin Sarah Errigal
Mills Catherine Templemore
Mills David Clondermot
Mills Patrick Templemore
Mills Robert Clondermot
Minteeth Robert Banagher
Mitchel David Clondermot
Mitchel James Cumber Upper
Mitchel John Clondermot
Mitchel John Cumber Upper
Mitchel John Tamlaght Finlagan
Mitchel John Termoneeny
Mitchel Josias Clondermot
Mitchel Robert Clondermot
Mitchel Samuel Clondermot
Mitchell David Clondermot
Mitchell George Dungiven
Mitchell James Artrea
Mitchell James Clondermot
Mitchell James Cumber Upper
Mitchell James Lissan
Mitchell John Artrea
Mitchell Oby Kilcronaghan
Mitchell Robert Desertmartin
Mitchell Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan
Moffet Adam Faughanvale
Moffet Andrew Aghanloo
Moffet William Faughanvale
Molloy James Magherafelt
Money David Cumber Upper
Money Henry Tamlaght Ocrilly
Money James Cumber Upper
Money John Cumber Upper
Money Richard Macosquin
Monteith Andrew Clondermot
Montgomery Adam Tamlaght Ocrilly
Montgomery Henry Tamlaght Finlagan
Montgomery Henry, Jr. Tamlaght Finlagan
Montgomery Hugh Maghera
Montgomery John Aghadowey
Montgomery John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Montgomery Joseph Banagher
Montgomery Josias Templemore
Montgomery Robert Desertoghill
Montgomery Robert Templemore
Montgomery William Aghadowey
Montgomery William Faughanvale
Mooberry James Cumber Upper
Mooberry John Cumber Upper
Moody Robert Templemore
Moody William Tamlaght Finlagan
Moony Neal Faughanvale
Moore Alexander Drumachose
Moore Andrew Faughanvale
Moore Archibald Desertmartin
Moore Ebrim Balteagh
Moore Edward Tamlaght Finlagan
Moore Ezekiel, Jr. Templemore
Moore Ezekiel, Sr. Templemore
Moore George Bovevagh
Moore George Errigal
Moore James Aghadowey
Moore James Cumber Upper
Moore James Faughanvale
Moore James Tamlaght Finlagan
Moore John Ballynascreen
Moore John Balteagh
Moore John Bovevagh
Moore John Faughanvale
Moore John Templemore
Moore Jonathan Tamlaghtard
Moore Joseph Faughanvale
Moore Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Moore Mark Tamlaght Finlagan
Moore Moses Templemore
Moore Nathan Tamlaght Finlagan
Moore Newman Tamlaght Finlagan
Moore Robert Dungiven
Moore Robert Errigal
Moore Robert Kilcronaghan
Moore Robert Templemore
Moore Samuel Kilcronaghan
Moore Tristram Tamlaght Finlagan
Moore William Bovevagh
Moore William Drumachose
Moore William Tamlaght Finlagan
Moore William, Jr. Tamlaght Finlagan
Moorhead Henry Cumber Upper
Moorhead Robert Tamlaght Finlagan
Moran Patrick Artrea
Moran Patrick Derryloran
Morgan Edward Ballynascreen
Morgan Henry Artrea
Morgan William Ballinderry
Morin Hugh Cumber Upper
Morrison Alexander Faughanvale
Morrison Charles Cumber Upper
Morrison David Clondermot
Morrison Henry Aghadowey
Morrison Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan
Morrison James Cumber Upper
Morrison James Faughanvale
Morrison James Tamlaght Finlagan
Morrison John Clondermot
Morrison John Dunboe
Morrison John Dungiven
Morrison John Tamlaght Finlagan
Morrison Joseph Dungiven
Morrison Michael Cumber Upper
Morrison Neil Cumber Upper
Morrison Robert Cumber Upper
Morrison Robert Dungiven
Morrison Robert Faughanvale
Morrison Robert Tamlaght Finlagan
Morrison Sarah Templemore
Morrison Thomas Dungiven
Morrison William Cumber Upper
Morrison William Dunboe
Morrison William Faughanvale
Morrison William Tamlaght Finlagan
Morrow Adam Clondermot
Morrow Alexander Desertmartin
Morrow Charles Bovevagh
Morrow Charles Desertlyn
Morrow Hugh Bovevagh
Morrow James Artrea
Morrow John Desertlyn
Morrow John Desertmartin
Morrow William Clondermot
Morrow William Dunboe
Morton Andrew Magherafelt
Morton Francis Magherafelt
Morton James Magherafelt
Morton John Magherafelt
Mountgarret Warren Clondermot
Msan Widow Eleanor Arboe
Mulberry John Clondermot
Mulberry William Clondermot
Muldoon Margaret Desertlyn
Muldoon Patrick Artrea
Muldoon Patrick Maghera
Muldoon Phelix Artrea
Mulheron James Cumber Upper
Mulhollan Patrick Tamlaghtard
Mulholland Andrew Desertlyn
Mulholland Charles Artrea
Mulholland David Banagher
Mulholland David Dungiven
Mulholland Henry Artrea
Mulholland Henry Desertoghill
Mulholland Hugh Ballyscullion
Mulholland James Ballyscullion
Mulholland John Desertmartin
Mulholland John Maghera
Mulholland Owen Banagher
Mullan Alexander Cumber Upper
Mullan Anne Bovevagh
Mullan Brian Balteagh
Mullan Charles Cumber Upper
Mullan Charles Faughanvale
Mullan Edward Faughanvale
Mullan Edward Tamlaght Finlagan
Mullan Elizabeth Maghera
Mullan Elizabeth Magherafelt
Mullan George Banagher
Mullan George Faughanvale
Mullan Henry Banagher
Mullan Hugh Cumber Upper
Mullan James Aghanloo
Mullan James Ballinderry
Mullan James Banagher
Mullan James Cumber Upper
Mullan James Faughanvale
Mullan James Tamlaght Finlagan
Mullan John Aghadowey
Mullan John Aghanloo
Mullan John Balteagh
Mullan John Banagher
Mullan John Faughanvale
Mullan Manases Banagher
Mullan Mary Aghanloo
Mullan Michael Banagher
Mullan Patrick Banagher
Mullan Patrick Cumber Upper
Mullan Patrick Drumachose
Mullan Phelemy Bovevagh
Mullan Robert Bovevagh
Mullan Susannah Banagher
Mullan Thomas Banagher
Mullan Thomas Cumber Upper
Mullan Thomas, Jr. Faughanvale
Mullan Thomas, Sr. Faughanvale
Mullan Widow Faughanvale
Mullan William Aghadowey
Mullen Elinor Errigal
Mullen Michael Faughanvale
Mullon Anne Derryloran
Mullon Hugh Killelagh
Mullon Mary Killelagh
Mulloy Parrick Ballynascreen
Munnell Thomas Ballynascreen
Murchland John Tamlaght Finlagan
Murchland Martha Aghanloo
Murchland William Aghanloo
Murphy David Faughanvale
Murphy Edward Ballynascreen
Murphy James Cumber Upper
Murphy Peter Cumber Upper
Murphy Robert Clondermot
Murphy Thomas Cumber Upper
Murray George Coleraine
Murray James Ballyscullion
Murray James Faughanvale
Murray Jane Faughanvale
Murray John Artrea
Murray John Faughanvale
Murray Owen Faughanvale
Murray Philip Cumber Upper
Murray Richard Templemore
Murray Roger Faughanvale
Murray Thomas Cumber Upper
Murray Widow Artrea
Murrel John Balteagh
Murrel Robert Balteagh
Murrell Henry Balteagh
Murrell John Balteagh
Murrell Nathaniel Desart
Murrell Robert Dunboe
Murrell Samual Desart
Murren James Templemore
Murry Widow Ballinderry
Natt Margaret Tamlaght Finlagan
Neal Robert Dunboe
Nealis William Cumber Upper
Neel John Banagher
Neel William Aghanloo
Neelson Daniel Arboe
Neely George Bovevagh
Neely George Tamlaght Ocrilly
Neely John Kilcronaghan
Neely John Tamlaght Finlagan
Neely John, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan
Neely Joseph Faughanvale
Neely Samuel Maghera
Neely William Faughanvale
Neely William Tamlaght Finlagan
Neil Robert Bovevagh
Neil Robert Tamlaght Finlagan
Neilis John Clondermot
Neill Robert Tamlaght Finlagan
Neilson Alexander, Sr. Faughanvale
Nelson Hugh Ballywillin
Nervans John Dunboe
Nesbit Hugh Tamlaght
Nesbit William Tamlaght
Newtown James Dunboe
Nichol Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan
Nicholas Edward Faughanvale
Nicholas Philip Cumber Upper
Nicholas William Cumber Upper
Nicholson Patrick Clondermot
Nimock Samuel Dunboe
Nixon James Cumber Upper
Nixon Simon Cumber Upper
Nobbs Robert Cumber Upper
Nodwell John Magherafelt
Nodwell Matthew Magherafelt
Nodwell William Artrea
Nogher James Magherafelt
Norris Hugh Templemore
Norris James Ballyrashane
Norris John Dunboe
Norris Robert Dunboe
Norry William Cumber Upper
Nutt David Bovevagh
Nutt James Faughanvale
Nutt William Templemore
O'Bryan Arthur Faughanvale
O'Devin Arthur Templemore
O'Gilby Alexander Cumber Upper
O'Hail Neal Dunboe
O'Healy Cormick Bovevagh
O'Heany Owen Dungiven
O'Kane Bryan Tamlaght Ocrilly
O'Kane Cornelius Desertoghill
O'Kane Frederick Tamlaght Finlagan
O'Kane Honor Cumber Upper
O'Kane John Cumber Upper
O'Kane Michael Cumber Upper
O'Kane Richard Faughanvale
O'Kealy Roger Dungiven
O'Mullan Owen Banagher
O'Neal Arthur Ballyscullion
O'Neal Arthur Cumber Upper
O'Neal Arthur Desertlyn
O'Neal Bryan Cumber Upper
O'Neal Charles Ballyscullion
O'Neal Henry Cumber Upper
O'Neal Henry Magherafelt
O'Neal James Maghera
O'Neal John Maghera
O'Neal John Termoneeny
O'Neal Neal Tamlaght Ocrilly
O'Neal Owen Cumber Upper
O'Neal Phelix Ballyaghran
O'Neale Bryan Ballinderry
O'Neil Bernard Artrea
O'Neil Charles Tamlaght
O'Neil Con. Artrea
O'Neil Edward Templemore
O'Neil Fardy Desertmartin
O'Neil Henry Desertlyn
O'Neil Hugh Artrea
O'Neil John Artrea
O'Neil John Kilcronaghan
O'Neil Matthew Artrea
O'Neil Neil Artrea
O'Neil Paul Artrea
O'Neil Peter Artrea
O'Neil Phelix Desertlyn
O'Neill Bryan Artrea
O'Neill Henry Artrea
O'Regan Peter Kilrea
Ogilby Dr. Robert Tamlaght Finlagan
Oliver Henry Balteagh
Oliver James Balteagh
Oliver James Drumachose
Oliver John Macosquin
Oliver Joseph Aghanloo
Oliver Nathaniel Aghanloo
Oliver Samuel Balteagh
Oliver Thomas Balteagh
Oliver William Balteagh
Orald John Tamlaght Finlagan
Orr Elizabeth Desertmartin
Orr George Clondermot
Orr Hugh Clondermot
Orr Isaac Clondermot
Orr James Clondermot
Orr John Balteagh
Orr John, Jr. Desart
Orr John, Sr. Desart
Orr Joseph Clondermot
Orr Richard Faughanvale
Orr Samuel Clondermot
Orr William Cumber Upper
Orr William Desertmartin
Orril William Termoneeny
Orughton William Banagher
Osborne John Clondermot
Osborne John Tamlaght Finlagan
Osborne Rev. Joseph Bovevagh
Osborne Samuel Bovevagh
Osborne William Bovevagh
Osburn Samuel Clondermot
Ossler Alexander Artrea
Ossler David Artrea
Ossler James Artrea
Otterson Arthur Kilcronaghan
Otterson John Kilcronaghan
Otterson John, Jr. Kilcronaghan
Otterson Matthew Kilcronaghan
Otterson Patrick Desertmartin
Otterson Robert Termoneeny
Otterson William Desertmartin