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Irish Flax Growers Lists 1796 in County Derry

The Irish Linen Board published a list of nearly 60,000 individuals in 1796. Spinning wheels were awarded based on the number of acres planted. People who planted one acre were awarded 4 spinning wheels and those growing 5 acres were awarded a loom. Donegal and Tyrone had the highest number of awards. Dublin and Wicklow were not included in this list. These extracts contain the name, parish and county. The barony was listed instead of the parish in a few of the records. Also known as the Spinning Wheel list or the Flax Growers Bounty.

The list of county Derry Flax growers records the person's name and the civil parish where they resided.


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Irish Flax Growers List - County Derry

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Surname - First Name - Parish

Adair Samuel Artrea
Adams Andrew Faughanvale
Adams David Clondermot
Adams David Templemore
Adams Hugh Ballinderry
Adams James Desertmartin
Adams John Aghadowey
Adams John Aghanloo
Adams John Clondermot
Adams Joseph Balteagh
Adams Richard Ballinderry
Adams Robert Desertmartin
Adams Robert Faughanvale
Adams William Cumber Upper
Adams William Dungiven
Agnew Adam Ballyscullion
Agnew Henry Ballyscullion
Agnew James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Agnew John Balteagh
Agnew William Maghera
Aickin James Cumber Upper
Aiken David Cumber Upper
Aikin John Faughanvale
Aikin Samuel Cumber Upper
Alcorn Andrew Bovevagh
Alcorn Anthony Bovevagh
Alcorn George Tamlaght Finlagan
Alcorn Henry Tamlaght Finlagan
Alcorn James Tamlaght Finlagan
Alcorn John Cumber Upper
Alexander Francis Clondermot
Alexander Jacob Clondermot
Alexander James Kilcronaghan
Alexander John Clondermot
Alexander John Faughanvale
Alexander Lesley Balteagh
Alexander Mrs. Templemore
Alexander Samuel Clondermot
Alexander Samuel Cumber Upper
Alison Andrew Templemore
Allan John Cumber Upper
Allan John, Jr. Cumber Upper
Allen John Templemore
Allen Margaret Templemore
Allen Michael Artrea
Allen Patrick Desart
Allen William Arboe
Allen William Clondermot
Alleson John Clondermot
Allison John Tamlaght Finlagan
Allison Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Allison Samuel Templemore
Allison William Faughanvale
Allison William Tamlaghtard
Amberson Brice Faughanvale
Anderson Alexander Bovevagh
Anderson David Tamlaght Finlagan
Anderson George Ballinderry
Anderson James Clondermot
Anderson James Templemore
Anderson Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Anderson Margaret Balteagh
Anderson Matthew Killelagh
Anderson Robert Desertlyn
Anderson Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Anderson Thomas Desertlyn
Anderson William Aghadowey
Anderson William Cumber Upper
Anderson William Errigal
Anderson William Kilowen
Andrew James Dunboe
Andrew Jeremiah Drumachose
Andrew John Kilowen
Andrew Samuel Dunboe
Andrew Thomas Dunboe
Andrews James Desertlyn
Andrews James Templemore
Andrews Joseph Templemore
Andrews William Clondermot
Andrews William Desertlyn
Arbuckle William Faughanvale
Arbuthnot Thomas Maghera
Archer Robert Artrea
Archer Robert Tamlaght
Archer Thomas Tamlaght
Archibald Daniel Faughanvale
Archibald David Faughanvale
Archibald James Faughanvale
Archibald Samuel Errigal
Armstrong James Magherafelt
Armstrong John Termoneeny
Armstrong Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly
Armstrong Samuel Balteagh
Armstrong Thomas Dungiven
Armstrong William Tamlaght Finlagan
Arthur James Aghanloo
Arthur John Dungiven
Arthurs James Kilcronaghan
Arwen Daniel Artrea
Ashe Robert Aghanloo
Aston George Arboe
Atcheson Laurence Tamlaght Ocrilly
Atkinson James Magherafelt
Averal Nicholas Ballinderry
Babington Rev. Richard Tamlaght Ocrilly
Bacon Anne Aghanloo
Badger Edward Magherafelt
Badgers William Artrea
Baird James Clondermot
Baird John Faughanvale
Baird Thomas Clondermot
Balfour Rev. Harrison Tamlaghtard
Balfour Rev. John Desertoghill
Ballaugh John Maghera
Ballough Andrew Maghera
Bamford Charles Kilcronaghan
Bamford Hugh Desertmartin
Bane David Dungiven
Bane Manus Templemore
Banford John Aghadowey
Banford Robert Maghera
Banks William Desertlyn
Barber John Desertoghill
Barber John Drumachose
Barber Joseph Drumachose
Barber Robert Drumachose
Barber Robert Faughanvale
Barclay Richard Drumachose
Barker Hugh Artrea
Barker Hugh Lissan
Barkley Hugh Maghera
Barlow John Tamlaght Finlagan
Barnard John Tamlaght Finlagan
Barnard Robert Tamlaght Finlagan
Barnes Robert Templemore
Barnes William Templemore
Barnet Andrew Templemore
Barnet James Bovevagh
Barnet Moses Templemore
Barnet Solomon Bovevagh
Barnet William Templemore
Barr David Cumber Upper
Barr James Artrea
Barr Samuel Aghadowey
Barr Thomas Artrea
Barre David Clondermot
Barre John Balteagh
Barton Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Bates Samuel Magherafelt
Baxter Samuel Ballinderry
Bealey John Ballyaghran
Bealy Abraham Ballyaghran
Bear David Kilcronaghan
Bear Samuel Kilcronaghan
Beard James Cumber Upper
Beard James Tamlaght Finlagan
Beard John Cumber Upper
Beard John Tamlaght Finlagan
Beard Robert Ballynascreen
Beard Samuel Cumber Upper
Beard William Aghadowey
Bearfoot Benjamin Desertmartin
Beatty James Clondermot
Beatty James Desertlyn
Beatty Jane Faughanvale
Beatty Thomas Artrea
Beatty William Cumber Upper
Begly William Bovevagh
Bell George Errigal
Bell James Desertmartin
Bell John Artrea
Bell John Desertmartin
Bell John Lissan
Bell Samuel Errigal
Bellew Thomas Cumber Upper
Bennet Thomas Ballinderry
Bennett John Clondermot
Beresford William Aghadowey
Berkly James Desertmartin
Berryman James Artrea
Berryman John Artrea
Berryman William Kilrea
Beryman Antony Artrea
Best David Templemore
Beton John Ballyaghran
Bevit Michael Artrea
Biggan James Aghanloo
Biggan John Aghanloo
Biggan Robert Aghanloo
Biggar Martin Faughanvale
Biggart Adam Faughanvale
Biggart Alexander Faughanvale
Biggart Hugh Faughanvale
Biggart John Drumachose
Biggart Mary Faughanvale
Bigly James Clondermot
Bigly William Clondermot
Binning John Drumachose
Binning William Drumachose
Birns John Drumachose
Birt Edward Artrea
Black Alexander Kilcronaghan
Black Archibald Desertlyn
Black James Aghadowey
Black James Cumber Upper
Black James Dungiven
Black John Bovevagh
Black John Dunboe
Black John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Black Joseph Cumber Upper
Black Matthew Ballyaghran
Black Richard Tamlaght Finlagan
Black Robert Errigal
Black Samuel Aghadowey
Black Samuel Kilcronaghan
Black Thomas Aghadowey
Blackall Rev. John Faughanvale
Blackburn Robert Clondermot
Blain William Artrea
Blair Adam Tamlaght Ocrilly
Blair Anne Balteagh
Blair Anne Lissan
Blair Brice Artrea
Blair Brice Lissan
Blair James Bovevagh
Blair James Dunboe
Blair James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Blair John Dunboe
Blair Rev. Daniel Tamlaght Finlagan
Blair Robert Artrea
Blair Samuel Balteagh
Blair Samuel Banagher
Blair Samuel Cumber Upper
Blair William Balteagh
Blair William Cumber Upper
Blair William Dunboe
Blaire John Dunboe
Blayney Edward Clondermot
Blee Hugh Templemore
Boal William Tamlaght Ocrilly
Boden James Magherafelt
Boden John Magherafelt
Bogle Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Bolton Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Bond Andrew Cumber Upper
Bond Feddy Cumber Upper
Bond Frederick Cumber Upper
Bond George Cumber Upper
Bond James Cumber Upper
Bond John Cumber Upper
Bond John, Sr. Cumber Upper
Bond Robert Cumber Upper
Bond Samuel Cumber Upper
Bond Thomas Cumber Upper
Bond Thomas, Sr. Cumber Upper
Bond William Clondermot
Bond William Cumber Upper
Booth Christopher Artrea
Booth George Artrea
Booth James Artrea
Booth John Artrea
Bordly Adam Artrea
Borland Mathew Ballynascreen
Bowman Andrew Magherafelt
Bowman John Magherafelt
Bown James Magherafelt
Boyce John Desertlyn
Boyce Michael Templemore
Boyce Robert Clondermot
Boyce Widow Jane Desertlyn
Boyd Archibald Errigal
Boyd Henry Bovevagh
Boyd Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan
Boyd James Aghanloo
Boyd James Tamlaght Finlagan
Boyd John Aghanloo
Boyd John Faughanvale
Boyd John Tamlaght Finlagan
Boyd Robert Lissan
Boyd Samuel Bovevagh
Boyd Thomas Macosquin
Boyd Widow Arboe
Boyle Barnaby Tamlaght Finlagan
Boyle Dorington Dungiven
Boyle Francis Clondermot
Boyle Hugh Dungiven
Boyle Hugh Templemore
Boyle James Dungiven
Boyle James Lissan
Boyle James Tamlaght Finlagan
Boyle John Maghera
Boyle Neil Desertmartin
Boyle Phelix Errigal
Boyle Rev. Adam Tamlaght Ocrilly
Boyle Robert Clondermot
Boyle Stephen Maghera
Boyle Thomas Bovevagh
Brachey John Macosquin
Bradley James Desart
Bradley James Templemore
Bradly Patrick Clondermot
Brannagan Edward Clondermot
Brannan Hugh Templemore
Bredin John Templemore
Bredin William Templemore
Bredon James Templemore
Breen Francis Artrea
Breen Widow Artrea
Breesan James Tamlaght Finlagan
Brennan Bernard Lissan
Brennan Roger Lissan
Bridin William Clondermot
Bright Stewart Derryloran
Brisal Patrick Banagher
Brisan Sheely Cumber Upper
Brisland Thomas Templemore
Brisland William Faughanvale
Brison Hugh Templemore
Brison James Faughanvale
Brison John Faughanvale
Brison Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan
Britton Neal Maghera
Broderick Samuel Clondermot
Brodley Archibald Maghera
Brodley Dominick Faughanvale
Brodley Henry Desertmartin
Brodley Hugh Maghera
Brodley Owen Faughanvale
Brodly Denis Desertmartin
Brodly Dominic Tamlaght Ocrilly
Brodly Dominick Tamlaght Ocrilly
Brodly Edward Magherafelt
Brodly John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Brodly Joseph Magherafelt
Brodly Michael Tamlaght Ocrilly
Brodly Patrick Desertmartin
Brodly Peter Desertmartin
Broley Hugh Faughanvale
Broley Laurence Banagher
Broley Patrick Cumber Upper
Brolley Neil Cumber Upper
Brolly John Aghanloo
Brolly Marcus Balteagh
Brolly William Bovevagh
Brooks Andrew Desertlyn
Brooks John Aghanloo
Broomfield Alexander Dungiven
Broster Daniel Tamlaghtard
Broster James Macosquin
Broster John Macosquin
Broster Robert Macosquin
Broster Samuel Dunboe
Broster William Tamlaghtard
Brown Guy Cumber Upper
Brown Henry Desertlyn
Brown Hugh Magherafelt
Brown Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan
Brown James Artrea
Brown James Templemore
Brown John Artrea
Brown John Bovevagh
Brown John Clondermot
Brown John Desertmartin
Brown John Magherafelt
Brown Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Brown Martha Clondermot
Brown Peter Cumber Upper
Brown Robert Aghadowey
Brown Robert Arboe
Brown Robert Artrea
Brown Robert Magherafelt
Brown Samuel Desertlyn
Brown Thomas Artrea
Brown Thomas Clondermot
Brown Thomas Cumber Upper
Brown William Arboe
Brown William Artrea
Brown William Clondermot
Brown William Magherafelt
Brown William Tamlaght
Brown Wonjor Tamlaght Finlagan
Browne David Templemore
Brunton Samuel Kilcronaghan
Brunton William Kilcronaghan
Bryan Loag Faughanvale
Bryans James Artrea
Bryans John Desertmartin
Bryson James Artrea
Bryson John Artrea
Bryson William Artrea
Buchanan Alexander Cumber Upper
Buchannan James Clondermot
Buchannan Samuel Clondermot
Buchannan Samuel Cumber Upper
Buchannon William Banagher
Buchannon William Templemore
Bullion Charles Desertoghill
Bullion Charles Tamlaghtard
Bunton Miss Magherafelt
Bunton William Magherafelt
Buoyes John Ballyrashane
Buoyes Samuel Ballyrashane
Burke Charles Bovevagh
Burke Dominick Templemore
Burke Michael Bovevagh
Burke Paul Faughanvale
Burke Richard Bovevagh
Burke William Tamlaght Finlagan
Burket Richard Artrea
Burnet James Artrea
Burnett Alexander Artrea
Burnett Henry Clondermot
Burnett John Artrea
Burns James Derryloran
Burns John Derryloran
Burns John Lissan
Burnside John Clondermot
Burrowes Adam Magherafelt
Burrows Thomas Magherafelt
Burside William Kilcronaghan
Cabeen Melinda Artrea
Caims Robert Cumber Upper
Cain John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Cairney Hector Faughanvale
Cairney Henry Faughanvale
Cairns Joseph Cumber Upper
Cairns Thomas Faughanvale
Cairns William Cumber Upper
Calderwood Robert Desertmartin
Caldwel John Clondermot
Caldwel Robert Clondermot
Caldwel Thomas Clondermot
Caldwell Alexander Coleraine
Caldwell Alexander Tamlaghtard
Caldwell Dr. Samuel Desertmartin
Caldwell Elizabeth Dunboe
Caldwell Hugh Magherafelt
Caldwell Isaac Balteagh
Caldwell James Clondermot
Caldwell James Faughanvale
Caldwell John Artrea
Caldwell John Balteagh
Caldwell John Drumachose
Caldwell John Macosquin
Caldwell Joseph Faughanvale
Caldwell Robert Drumachose
Caldwell Widow Cumber Upper
Caldwell William Faughanvale
Caldwell William Magherafelt
Calkey James Aghadowey
Calkey Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Campbell Alexander Bovevagh
Campbell Alexander Templemore
Campbell Anne Magherafelt
Campbell Archibald Tamlaght Ocrilly
Campbell George Bovevagh
Campbell George Magherafelt
Campbell Hugh Macosquin
Campbell James Banagher
Campbell James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Campbell John Artrea
Campbell John Cumber Upper
Campbell John Dunboe
Campbell John Kilcronaghan
Campbell John Maghera
Campbell John Tamlaght Finlagan
Campbell John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Campbell John Tamlaghtard
Campbell Mary Kilcronaghan
Campbell Patrick Magherafelt
Campbell Robert Clondermot
Campbell Robert Cumber Upper
Campbell Robert Derryloran
Campbell Robert Kilcronaghan
Campbell Samuel Maghera
Campbell Samuel Templemore
Campbell Samuel, Jr. Maghera
Campbell Widow Cumber Upper
Campbell Widow Anne Kilcronaghan
Campbell William Banagher
Campbell William Magherafelt
Campbell William Tamlaght Ocrilly
Cane Brian Balteagh
Cane Charles Maghera
Cane Henry Desertmartin
Cane Henry Magherafelt
Cane James Magherafelt
Cane Michael Balteagh
Cane Neal Maghera
Cane Owen Maghera
Cane Rowley Desertmartin
Cannawin Hugh Arboe
Canning Henry Dungiven
Canning John Clondermot
Canning John Errigal
Canning Paul Banagher
Canning Thomas Errigal
Canning Widow Banagher
Canning William Maghera
Cannon William Aghanloo
Cannon William Cumber Upper
Cannon William Drumachose
Carey Arthur Desertmartin
Carey James Desertlyn
Carlan John Banagher
Carlon James Cumber Upper
Carlon Neal Cumber Upper
Carlon Patrick Cumber Upper
Carlon Thomas Clondermot
Carlon Thomas Cumber Upper
Carlton Charles Cumber Upper
Carmichael Daniel Maghera
Carmichael John Dungiven
Carnaughan James Kilcronaghan
Carnaughan Samuel Tamlaght
Carney Patrick Tamlaght Ocrilly
Carney Peter Ballynascreen
Carney Thomas Ballynascreen
Carney William Ballynascreen
Carothers David Templemore
Carothers John Faughanvale
Carrick William Drumachose
Carrol William Clondermot
Carson Edward Cumber Upper
Carson William Derryloran
Carswell James Tamlaght Finlagan
Carswell Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Carswell William Tamlaght Finlagan
Carten Charles Dungiven
Cartin Bryan Clondermot
Carton Bryan Cumber Upper
Carton John Faughanvale
Carton Peter Cumber Upper
Cashedy Francis Artrea
Cashedy John Cumber Upper
Caskey Andrew Dunboe
Caskey Joseph Dunboe
Caskey William Balteagh
Casky Francis Maghera
Casky James Desart
Casky James Dunboe
Cassidy Anne Aghanloo
Cassidy Charles Artrea
Cassidy Edward Tamlaght Finlagan
Cassidy Francis Desertoghill
Cassidy John Templemore
Cassidy Neil Desertoghill
Cassidy Widow Ballinderry
Casten Michael Bovevagh
Cathcart Gilbert Desertlyn
Cathcart John Desertmartin
Cathcart William Desertmartin
Cather John Cumber Upper
Cathers Alexander Clondermot
Cathers William Clondermot
Catherwood Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan
Catherwood Thomas Desertoghill
Causland Con., Esq. Drumachose
Cavanagh Garret Faughanvale
Cavanagh Michael Faughanvale
Chambers Hugh Artrea
Cherry John Tamlaght Finlagan
Cherry Nathaniel Tamlaght Finlagan
Christy Andrew Cumber Upper
Christy Andrew Errigal
Christy Edward Cumber Upper
Christy James Cumber Upper
Christy Rev. David Clondermot
Christy William Cumber Upper
Christy William Errigal
Church Jackson Desart
Clark Alexander Maghera
Clark Hugh Drumachose
Clarke Alexander Tamlaght Finlagan
Clarke Antony Artrea
Clarke Catherine Ballinderry
Clarke Catherine Dunboe
Clarke David Templemore
Clarke Gabriel Artrea
Clarke Jane Kilowen
Clarke John Clondermot
Clarke John Dunboe
Clarke John Kilcronaghan
Clarke John Kilowen
Clarke John Magherafelt
Clarke John, Sr. Dunboe
Clarke Jonathan Dunboe
Clarke Joseph Maghera
Clarke Mary Kilcronaghan
Clarke Mrs. Desertlyn
Clarke Robert Artrea
Clarke Robert Kilcronaghan
Clarke Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Clarke William Cumber Upper
Clarke William Dungiven
Clarke William Kilcronaghan
Clarke William Kilowen
Clarke William Maghera
Clement Henry Tamlaght Ocrilly
Clements Dollaway Ballinderry
Clements James Ballinderry
Clements James Dunboe
Clements John Ballinderry
Clements Robert Cumber Upper
Clendennen James Artrea
Clendennin James Arboe
Clendennin William Templemore
Closkey John Ballynascreen
Clyde James Balteagh
Clyde Samuel Errigal
Clyde William Tamlaghtard
Cochlan Francis Drumachose
Cochran Alexander Banagher
Cochran Andrew Banagher
Cochran Andrew Clondermot
Cochran Edward Clondermot
Cochran George Faughanvale
Cochran James Banagher
Cochran James Cumber Upper
Cochran John Cumber Upper
Cochran John Faughanvale
Cochran John Tamlaght Finlagan
Cochran Samuel Faughanvale
Cochran Thomas Clondermot
Cochran Thomas Faughanvale
Cochran William Cumber Upper
Cochran William Faughanvale
Cochran William Tamlaght Finlagan
Coheran Alexander Drumachose
Coheran Alexander Errigal
Coheran James Dunboe
Coheran Joseph Dunboe
Colgan Patrick Bovevagh
Colgan Philip Tamlaghtard
Colhoun Adam Clondermot
Colhoun David Clondermot
Colhoun David Cumber Upper
Colhoun John Bovevagh
Colhoun Robert Dungiven
Colhoun William Dungiven
Coll Bryan Clondermot
Coll Michael Banagher
Collins Daniel Clondermot
Collins George Cumber Upper
Collins Henry Artrea
Collins Hill Tamlaght Ocrilly
Collins James Cumber Upper
Collins James Desertmartin
Collins John Clondermot
Collins John Tamlaght Finlagan
Collins Mary Clondermot
Collins Patrick Faughanvale
Collons Henry Tamlaght Ocrilly
Colman James Bovevagh
Colreran John Dunboe
Coningham Peter Dunboe
Conlon Anne Lissan
Conlon James Lissan
Conlon Michael Lissan
Conlon Thomas Lissan
Conn Gabriel Tamlaght Finlagan
Conn James Cumber Upper
Conn Joseph Tamlaghtard
Connel David Tamlaghtard
Connel Elizabeth Errigal
Connel James Tamlaght Finlagan
Connell Charles Errigal
Connell James Errigal
Connell John Desertoghill
Connell John Errigal
Connell John Tamlaght Finlagan
Connell Patrick Errigal
Conner James Tamlaght Finlagan
Connery Peter Magherafelt
Conney Widow Banagher
Connon Charles Artrea
Connor Frederick Banagher
Connor Hugh Banagher
Connor Isaac Faughanvale
Connor John Drumachose
Connor John Faughanvale
Connor Mary Balteagh
Connor Richard Banagher
Connor Samuel Cumber Upper
Connor Thomas Magherafelt
Conway Edward Ballinderry
Conway John Errigal
Conwell Edward Artrea
Conwell John Artrea
Conwell John Magherafelt
Conwell Patrick Artrea
Conwill Hugh Artrea
Conyngham James Errigal
Conyngham James Tamlaghtard
Conyngham Matthew Tamlaghtard
Conyngham Robert Errigal
Cook Matthew Bovevagh
Cooper James Ballyscullion
Cord William Tamlaght
Corker Peter Banagher
Corker Peter Faughanvale
Cormick Shane Desertoghill
Corr Arthur Arboe
Corr Charles Arboe
Corr Charles Derryloran
Corr Henry Kilcronaghan
Corr John Lissan
Corr Michael Ballinderry
Corr Owen Lissan
Corr Patrick Arboe
Cosgrave John Maghera
Cosgrove Charles Ballinderry
Cosgrove Hugh Ballinderry
Cosgrove Murtagh Artrea
Cosgrove Patrick Ballinderry
Cosgrove Peter Ballinderry
Cosgrove Philip Ballinderry
Cosgrove Roger Ballinderry
Cosgrove Thomas Ballinderry
Cosgrove Widow Maghera
Courtney James Maghera
Courtney Tdomas Magherafelt
Cowan James Cumber Upper
Cowan James Faughanvale
Cowan Robert Faughanvale
Cowan Samuel Faughanvale
Cowan Widow Faughanvale
Cowan William Ballyscullion
Cowsly Robert Desertmartin
Coyle Bryan Templemore
Coyle Charles Faughanvale
Coyle Henry Tamlaght Finlagan
Coyle Richard, Jr. Faughanvale
Coyle Richard, Sr. Faughanvale
Craig James Faughanvale
Craig John Banagher
Craig John Dunboe
Craig Robert Banagher
Craig Robert Clondermot
Craig Robert Desertlyn
Craig Robert Faughanvale
Craig Samuel Dunboe
Craig Thomas Clondermot
Craig Thomas Faughanvale
Craig William Banagher
Craig William Cumber Upper
Crawford David Lissan
Crawford Hugh Faughanvale
Crawford Hugh Lissan
Crawford James Aghadowey
Crawford James Balteagh
Crawford James Clondermot
Crawford James Templemore
Crawford John Aghadowey
Crawford John Artrea
Crawford John Faughanvale
Creegan Finn Cumber Upper
Creegan James Lissan
Creighton Alexander Errigal
Creighton Edward Clondermot
Creighton Henry Banagher
Creighton John Magherafelt
Crelly Daniel Maghera
Crelly James Maghera
Crelly Patrick Maghera
Crelly William Maghera
Crilly Patrick Desertmartin
Crilly Simon Ballynascreen
Crilly Widow Ballynascreen
Crocket George Tamlaght Ocrilly
Crooks Alexander Derryloran
Cross James Clondermot
Crossin John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Crozer John Ballinderry
Crozet Eaton Desertlyn
Crozet Richard Desertlyn
Crozet Richard, Jr. Desertlyn
Crozet Samuel Ballinderry
Crozet William Artrea
Crozet William Desertlyn
Crumly Alexander Clondermot
Crumly Charles Clondermot
Crumly Hugh Clondermot
Crumly James Clondermot
Crummy Edward Dungiven
Crummy Mark Dungiven
Cudden Hugh Artrea
Cudden William Artrea
Cudder Henry Artrea
Culbert Thomas Clondermot
Culbert William Clondermot
Culbert William Dunboe
Culbertson Samuel Faughanvale
Culbertson Widow Faughanvale
Cullons Thomas Clondermot
Cullons William Clondermot
Cummin James Templemore
Cummins James Clondermot
Cunning Edward Dunboe
Cunning James Coleraine
Cunning James Dunboe
Cunning John Dunboe
Cunning Margaret Dunboe
Cunning Neal Dunboe
Cunning Richard Dunboe
Cunningham Adam Templemore
Cunningham David Clondermot
Cunningham Hugh Cumber Upper
Cunningham James Cumber Upper
Cunningham John Faughanvale
Cunningham Robert Cumber Upper
Cunningham Samuel Dungiven
Cunningham Thomas Cumber Upper
Cunningham William Cumber Upper
Cunningham William Dungiven
Cunninghan David Cumber Upper
Curran John Cumber Upper
Curran Michael Clondermot
Curran Owen Cumber Upper
Curry Andrew Clondermot
Curry Arthur Macosquin
Curry John Clondermot
Curry Martha Clondermot
Curry William Templemore
Cushly Bernard Tamlaght
Cushly Bryan Tamlaght
Cushly Daniel Artrea
Cushly Edward Tamlaght
Cushly Francis Artrea
Cushly James Artrea
Cushly Thomas Ballyscullion
Cust John Tamlaghtard
Dale Joshua Magherafelt
Dalis William Aghadowey
Dallas Joseph Dungiven
Dalrmyple Joseph Errigal
Daly John Bovevagh
Daly Patrick Bovevagh
Daly Simon Artrea
Darragh Samuel Clondermot
Daugherty Philip Clondermot
Davis John Tamlaght Finlagan
Davis Widow Mary Tamlaght Finlagan
Davis William Tamlaght Finlagan
Davise William Faughanvale
Davison Andrew Lissan
Davison Elizabeth Artrea
Davison George Artrea
Davison James Desertlyn
Davison James Lissan
Davison John Ballyscullion
Davison Robert Artrea
Davison Robert Ballyscullion
Davison Robert Desertlyn
Davison Robert Lissan
Davison Widow Tamlaght
Davison William Templemore
Davy Charles Desertmartin
Dawlis George Desertoghill
Dawson Richard Magherafelt
Deehan John Cumber Upper
Deehan Neal Cumber Upper
Deehan Peter Cumber Upper
Deens Archibald Tamlaght Finlagan
Deens James Tamlaght Finlagan
Deeny John Cumber Upper
Deerish Patrick Dungiven
Deery Bernard Magherafelt
Deery George Cumber Upper
Deery James Clondermot
Deery William Cumber Upper
Delap Unknown Templemore
Dempsy James Errigal
Deneston William Clondermot
Deniston George Derryloran
Densmore James Templemore
Derey James Clondermot
Derey Robert Clondermot
Dermot George Cumber Upper
Develin Bernard Artrea
Devenny Henry Clondermot
Devenny James Faughanvale
Devenny Owen Faughanvale
Devin Knogher Clondermot
Devlin Bryan Artrea
Devlin Charles Maghera
Devlin Denis Tamlaght Finlagan
Devlin Edward Artrea
Devlin Edward Desertlyn
Devlin Francis Artrea
Devlin George Cumber Upper
Devlin George Derryloran
Devlin Henry Desertmartin
Devlin Henry Lissan
Devlin Hugh Artrea
Devlin Hugh Ballinderry
Devlin James Clondermot
Devlin James Cumber Upper
Devlin James Lissan
Devlin John Arboe
Devlin John Magherafelt
Devlin Michael Cumber Upper
Devlin Neal Faughanvale
Devlin Owen Tamlaght Finlagan
Devlin Patrick Ballinderry
Devlin Patrick Desertlyn
Devlin Patrick Lissan
Devlin Peter Lissan
Devlin Philip Artrea
Devlin Philip Lissan
Devlin Rose Desertmartin
Diamond Daniel Artrea
Diamond James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Diamond John Ballynascreen
Diamond John Ballyscullion
Diamond Neal Maghera
Diamond Patrick Balteagh
Diamond Rev. John Banagher
Dick John Clondermot
Dick Joseph Aghanloo
Dickan Thomas Cumber Upper
Dickey James Drumachose
Dickey John Drumachose
Dickey Thomas Desertlyn
Dickey William Drumachose
Dickson Brown Tamlaght Ocrilly
Dickson Francis Ballyscullion
Dickson James Cumber Upper
Dickson Joseph Kilcronaghan
Dickson Robert Kilcronaghan
Dillon Dr. Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan
Dillon Hugh Balteagh
Dillon Patrick Clondermot
Dining James Tamlaght Finlagan
Dining Widow Mary Tamlaght Finlagan
Dinning John Drumachose
Dinning Mary Dungiven
Dinning William Drumachose
Dinsmore James Clondermot
Dinsmore John Clondermot
Dinsmore Susannah Balteagh
Ditty Anne Magherafelt
Ditty Bell Magherafelt
Ditty William Arboe
Divan Charles Cumber Upper
Divan Michael Faughanvale
Divan Patrick Cumber Upper
Diven John Banagher
Diven Patrick Banagher
Diven William Aghanloo
Diver William Templemore
Divin Charles Cumber Upper
Divin James Cumber Upper
Doak Margaret Templemore
Dobbin William Magherafelt
Dodds Andrew Aghanloo
Dodds James Aghanloo
Dogherty Daniel Artrea
Dogherty Henry Cumber Upper
Dogherty William Banagher
Doherry Patrick Kilowen
Doherty Anthony Dunboe
Doherty Anthony Tamlaght
Doherty Bryan Dunboe
Doherty Charles Errigal
Doherty Edward Tamlaghtard
Doherty Hugh Dunboe
Doherty John Dunboe
Doherty Michael Dunboe
Doherty Owen Aghanloo
Doherty Patrick Tamlaghtard
Doherty Richard Dunboe
Doherty Robert Dunboe
Doherty Roger Dunboe
Doherty Rose Aghadowey
Doherty William Dunboe
Donaghey Bryan Bovevagh
Donaghey Charles Clondermot
Donaghey Eliza Cumber Upper
Donaghey Francis Bovevagh
Donaghey George Faughanvale
Donaghey Hugh Cumber Upper
Donaghey James Bovevagh
Donaghey James Clondermot
Donaghey James Cumber Upper
Donaghey Michael Cumber Upper
Donaghey Nicholas Ballinderry
Donaghey Owen Cumber Upper
Donaghey Patrick Cumber Upper
Donaghey Phelemy Bovevagh
Donaghey Philip Ballinderry
Donaghey William Cumber Upper
Donaghy Hugh Cumber Upper
Donaghy James Ballinderry
Donald John Banagher
Donald Thomas Cumber Upper
Donelly James Dunboe
Donly John Desertmartin
Donly Philip Desertmartin
Donnaghy Arthur Arboe
Donnaghy Edward Arboe
Donnaghy Edward Artrea
Donnaghy Hugh Desertmartin
Donnaghy John Artrea
Donnaghy John Cumber Upper
Donnaghy Michael Arboe
Donnaghy Patrick Arboe
Donnaghy Widow Arboe
Donnaughy Hugh Arboe
Donnel Robert Clondermot
Donnell Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan
Donnell John Clondermot
Donnell John Templemore
Donnelly Bernard Ballinderry
Donnelly Dominic Clondermot
Donnelly Francis Artrea
Donnelly Francis Ballinderry
Donnelly Francis Magherafelt
Donnelly John Artrea
Donnelly John Ballinderry
Donnelly Michael Lissan
Donnelly Neal Ballinderry
Donnelly Patrick Clondermot
Donnelly Peter Tamlaght Finlagan
Doogal Rev. George Magherafelt
Doogan Patrick Ballynascreen
Dooress Michael Maghera
Doragh Daniel Errigal
Dorrance Samuel Desertoghill
Doudle Bridget Desertlyn
Dougal William Desertlyn
Dougherty Abraham Clondermot
Dougherty Andrew Cumber Upper
Dougherty Audley Bovevagh
Dougherty Barney Tamlaght Finlagan
Dougherty Charles Clondermot
Dougherty Daniel Clondermot
Dougherty Daniel Cumber Upper
Dougherty Daniel Faughanvale
Dougherty Dennis Clondermot
Dougherty Edward Cumber Upper
Dougherty Edward Templemore
Dougherty Francis Clondermot
Dougherty George Clondermot
Dougherty George Templemore
Dougherty Henry Maghera
Dougherty Hugh Clondermot
Dougherty Hugh Faughanvale
Dougherty James Clondermot
Dougherty James Cumber Upper
Dougherty James Faughanvale
Dougherty James Tamlaghtard
Dougherty James Templemore
Dougherty John Banagher
Dougherty John Clondermot
Dougherty John Cumber Upper
Dougherty John Dungiven
Dougherty John Faughanvale
Dougherty John Tamlaghtard
Dougherty Joseph Banagher
Dougherty Lavry Bovevagh
Dougherty Michael Bovevagh
Dougherty Michael Clondermot
Dougherty Michael Cumber Upper
Dougherty Neal Templemore
Dougherty Owen Clondermot
Dougherty Owen Faughanvale
Dougherty Patrick Cumber Upper
Dougherty Philip Faughanvale
Dougherty Shane Dungiven
Dougherty Thomas Clondermot
Dougherty Thomas Cumber Upper
Dougherty Widow Clondermot
Dougherty William Clondermot
Dougherty William Cumber Upper
Dougherty William Faughanvale
Dougherty William Templemore
Douglas Elizabeth Dungiven
Douglas James Bovevagh
Douglas James Dungiven
Douglas Mrs. Bovevagh
Douglas Samuel Bovevagh
Douglas Widow Magherafelt
Douglas William, Jr. Bovevagh
Douglas William, Sr. Bovevagh
Douglass Isaac Clondermot
Douglass James Balteagh
Douglass John Clondermot
Douglass Robert Clondermot
Douny James Tamlaght
Dowdal Arthur Maghera
Dowdal Charles Ballyscullion
Dowgal William Cumber Upper
Dowling John, Jr. Maghera
Downes William Drumachose
Downing Daniel Maghera
Downing Dawson Ballyscullion
Downing George Maghera
Downing James Termoneeny
Downing John Maghera
Downing Samuel Termoneeny
Downing Stawford Maghera
Downing William Maghera
Downs James Tamlaght Finlagan
Dowthart James Drumachose
Doyle Hugh Lissan
Doyle John Desertmartin
Doyle Patrick Lissan
Doyle Philip Lissan
Drake John Ballyscullion
Drennan Jane Arboe
Drennan Thomas Arboe
Drenon Widow Lissan
Dreps Matthew Maghera
Drips James Maghera
Drips Samuel Maghera
Duart James Artrea
Duddy Daniel Cumber Upper
Duddy Denis Faughanvale
Duddy Hugh Faughanvale
Duddy James Faughanvale
Duddy John Faughanvale
Duddy Michael Cumber Upper
Duddy Richard Cumber Upper
Duddy William Faughanvale
Duffin James Artrea
Duncan David Magherafelt
Duncan James Artrea
Duncan John Maghera
Duncan John Magherafelt
Duncan Joseph Magherafelt
Duncan Thomas Magherafelt
Duncan William Maghera
Duncan William Magherafelt
Duncan William Templemore
Dunlap Archibald Dungiven
Dunlap Henry Cumber Upper
Dunlap Hugh Dungiven
Dunlap James Bovevagh
Dunlap James Desertmartin
Dunlap James Dunboe
Dunlap James Faughanvale
Dunlap James Kilcronaghan
Dunlap John Desertoghill
Dunlap John Templemore
Dunlap Mathew Clondermot
Dunlap Robert Aghanloo
Dunlap Samuel Ballywillin
Dunlap Thomas Ballywillin
Dunlap Thomas Dunboe
Dunlap Thomas Magherafelt
Dunlap William Tamlaght Finlagan
Dunn Andrew Cumber Upper
Dunn David Ballinderry
Dunn James Clondermot
Dunn John Clondermot
Dunn John Cumber Upper
Dunn John Faughanvale
Dunn Robert Clondermot
Dunn Robert Cumber Upper
Dunn Samuel Dunboe
Dunn Thomas Artrea
Dunn Widow Cumber Upper
Duns Alexander, Sr. Dungiven
Duns Anne Dungiven
Duns Hans Dungiven
Duns John Dungiven
Duns Samuel Balteagh
Duns Thomas Dungiven
Dunsheeth Anne Lissan
Dychen John Faughanvale
Dyermond Bryan Cumber Upper
Dyermond James Dunboe
Dyermond John Desertoghill
Dyermond Patrick Cumber Upper
Dyermond Patrick Tamlaghtard
Dysart Ezekiel Templemore
Dysart James Aghanloo
Dysart John Aghanloo
Dysart Robert Templemore
Dysart William Templemore
Eagan John Cumber Upper
Eagleson John Dunboe
Eagleson William Dunboe
Eakin Robert Banagher
Early Isaac Desertlyn
Eason John Aghanloo
Ebrim Michael Clondermot
Eccles Widow Artrea
Edwards John Templemore
Eesy James Faughanvale
Ekin Gabriel Artrea
Ekin John Artrea
Ekin John Tamlaght
Ekin Thomas Artrea
Ekin William Artrea
Elberson Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Elder Elizabeth Templemore
Elder James Errigal
Elder John Errigal
Elder William Desertoghill
Elliot Boyd Kilrea
Elliott Arthur Clondermot
Elliott Robert Clondermot
Elliott Thomas Clondermot
Ellis Hugh Magherafelt
Ellis James Cumber Upper
Ellis John Clondermot
Ellis Robert Cumber Upper
Ellis Thomas Cumber Upper
Ellis William Cumber Upper
Ellison John Kilcronaghan
Espy David Lissan
Espy Edward Artrea
Evans Edward Magherafelt
Evans John Termoneeny
Evans Lawson Termoneeny
Evans William Termoneeny
Ewing Alexander Faughanvale
Ewing Benjamin Drumachose
Ewing George Templemore
Ewing James Desertmartin
Ewing Joseph Templemore
Fairy Edward Tamlaght Finlagan
Faith William Dungiven
Falkendar James Cumber Upper
Fanning Rev. Audly Ballyscullion
Faron Bryan Templemore
Faron Edward Faughanvale
Faron Edward Templemore
Faron William Templemore
Farrel Hugh Desertmartin
Farrell Roger Magherafelt
Farrell William Ballyscullion
Faulkner John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Faulkner Robert Lissan
Faulkner Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly
Faulkner Thomas Tamlaght
Faulkner William Lissan
Feaney James Artrea
Feaney Neil Artrea
Feanny Neal Artrea
Fedlie Patrick Faughanvale
Feeney James Cumber Upper
Feeney Patrick Cumber Upper
Feeny James Cumber Upper
Feeny Patrick Cumber Upper
Feeny Robert Balteagh
Feeny Samuel Faughanvale
Feland Patrick Desertmartin
Felland James Desertmartin
Fenell James Dunboe
Feney Barnaby Tamlaght
Fenny Thomas Artrea
Feny Forgy Ballinderry
Ferdy Patrick Artrea
Ferguson Andrew Balteagh
Ferguson Daniel Clondermot
Ferguson Henry Dungiven
Ferguson James Dungiven
Ferguson James Tamlaght
Ferguson John Bovevagh
Ferguson John Clondermot
Ferguson Malcolm Bovevagh
Ferguson Matthew Drumachose
Ferguson Robert Bovevagh
Ferguson Sarah Arboe
Ferguson Thomas Tamlaght
Ferrier Andrew Maghera
Ferris William Desertlyn
Ferson James Artrea
Ferson John Dungiven
Fields George Tamlaght
Fields Widow Artrea
Fimmeny Daniel Arboe
Fimmeny Daniel Derryloran
Fimmeny Michael Arboe
Fimminy Mary Derryloran
Finlay Alexander Drumachose
Fisher Eliza Templemore
Fisher William Aghanloo
Fleming Abraham Templemore
Fleming George Bovevagh
Fleming Isaac Bovevagh
Fleming James Balteagh
Fleming James Banagher
Fleming James Dunboe
Fleming John Bovevagh
Fleming Joseph Templemore
Fleming Richard Banagher
Fleming Robert Dunboe
Fleming Thomas Banagher
Fleming William Desertmartin
Fleming William Tamlaghtard
Floyd Peter Templemore
Foghhill Goerge Tamlaght Ocrilly
Folliard Henry Templemore
Foner James Artrea
Foner Roger Artrea
Forbes Jane Artrea
Forde James Dunboe
Foresythe Matthew Drumachose
Forrest James Balteagh
Forrest James Faughanvale
Forrest Mark Faughanvale
Forrest Thomas Bovevagh
Forrest William Bovevagh
Forrester John Banagher
Forrester Michael Banagher
Forrister Alexander Desertoghill
Forsyth David Faughanvale
Forsyth John Lissan
Forsyth William Faughanvale
Forsyth William Lissan
Forsyth William Tamlaght Finlagan
Forsythe Alexander Aghanloo
Forsythe Henry Aghanloo
Forsythe Henry Desertlyn
Forsythe Isaac Drumachose
Forsythe Jacob Aghanloo
Forsythe John Aghanloo
Forsythe John Balteagh
Forsythe John Templemore
Forsythe Robert Aghanloo
Forsythe Robert Balteagh
Forsythe William Balteagh
Foster Adam Clondermot
Foster Ebenezer Clondermot
Foster Francis Templemore
Foster Robert Ballyscullion
Fowler William Desertmartin
Fowler William Lissan
Freaner Bryan Kilcronaghan
Freaner Daniel Kilcronaghan
Freaner James Kilcronaghan
Freel Barnaby Cumber Upper
Fresly Michael Faughanvale
Frimble Joseph Kilcronaghan
Fulerton John Desart
Fullerton Archibald Desart
Fullerton James Maghera
Fullerton Robert Maghera
Fullerton William Clondermot
Fulton Andrew Drumachose
Fulton Andrew Templemore
Fulton Samuel Drumachose
Fulton Samuel Faughanvale
Fumbleson Thomas Artrea
Funy James Balteagh
Furlow Joseph Errigal
Gage Marcus Tamlaghtard
Galagher James Clondermot
Galagher Thomas Cumber Upper
Galaugher John Faughanvale
Galaugher Joseph Templemore
Gallagher Andrew Clondermot
Gallagher Widow Artrea
Gallaugher Hugh Ballynascreen
Gallaway William Tamlaght Finlagan
Galt Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan
Gamble James Cumber Upper
Gamble John Desertoghill
Gamble Nathaniel Templemore
Gamble Roberet Drumachose
Gamble William Desertoghill
Garahon Jane Cumber Upper
Gardner Robert Clondermot
Gardner William Clondermot
Garner Charles Maghera
Garner John Desertmartin
Garven John Magherafelt
Garven Richard Magherafelt
Gault Robert Kilrea
Gay James Clondermot
Gay John Bovevagh
Gay John Clondermot
Gay Matthew Bovevagh
Gay Robert Clondermot
George Adam Faughanvale
George Archibald Aghanloo
George Gabriel Tamlaght
George James Artrea
George James Dungiven
George John Balteagh
George Matthew Tamlaght
George Robert Dungiven
George Samuel Balteagh
George Sarah Balteagh
George William Artrea
George William Dungiven
George William Tamlaght
George William Tamlaght Finlagan
Getty John Faughanvale
Getty Samuel Faughanvale
Gibbon Neal Aghanloo
Gibson George Arboe
Gibson James Cumber Upper
Gibson John Cumber Upper
Gibson John Dungiven
Gibson Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan
Gibson Joseph Templemore
Gibson Mathew Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gibson Samuel Magherafelt
Gibson Samuel Templemore
Gibson Thomas Cumber Upper
Gibson William Cumber Upper
Giffin John Tamlaght Finlagan
Giffin Joseph Dunboe
Giffin Robert Dunboe
Gilespy Denis Templemore
Gilfeland Alexander Cumber Upper
Gilfilland James Tamlaght Finlagan
Gilfilland John Clondermot
Gilfilland John Faughanvale
Gilfilland Robert Cumber Upper
Gilfilland William Faughanvale
Gilfilliland John Faughanvale
Gilkey Andrew Clondermot
Gilkey Charles Clondermot
Gill John Desertmartin
Gillan Charles Faughanvale
Gillan Henry Dunboe
Gillan James Tamlaghtard
Gillart James Templemore
Gillespie Henry Faughanvale
Gillespie Peter Cumber Upper
Gillespie William Faughanvale
Gillespy John Desertmartin
Gillespy Neal Clondermot
Gillespy Paul Templemore
Gillespy Phillip Templemore
Gilliland David Faughanvale
Gilliland John Faughanvale
Gilliland Matthew Faughanvale
Gilliland Robert Faughanvale
Gilliland William Faughanvale
Gillon Edward Magherafelt
Gillon Hugh Desertmartin
Gilmere Robert Errigal
Gilmon Charles Artrea
Gilmor John Artrea
Gilmor Widow Artrea
Gilmore David Desart
Gilmore James Aghadowey
Gilmore James Errigal
Gilmore James Faughanvale
Gilmore James Magherafelt
Gilmore John Tamlaght Finlagan
Gilmore John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gilmore Robert Aghadowey
Gilmore Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gilmore Thomas Magherafelt
Gilmore Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gilmore Widow Faughanvale
Gilmore William Errigal
Gilmore William Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gitty Andrew Clondermot
Gitty John Clondermot
Glasgow John Desertoghill
Glen Elizabeth Templemore
Glen Jane Aghanloo
Glen William Ballywillin
Glen William Drumachose
Glendenning William Lissan
Glenhome Hugh Magherafelt
Glindee John Faughanvale
Glindee Samuel Faughanvale
Glindee William Faughanvale
Glinn James Faughanvale
Glinn Samuel Cumber Upper
Glinn William Tamlaght Finlagan
Glynn Alexander Cumber Upper
Godfrey James Ballyscullion
Godfrey Thomas Ballyscullion
Godfrey Thomas Clondermot
Gold John Errigal
Gordon James Bovevagh
Gordon John Bovevagh
Gordon John Desertlyn
Gordon Thomas Bovevagh
Gordon Thomas Desertlyn
Gorman Denis Templemore
Gormley Manus Cumber Upper
Gormley Michael Cumber Upper
Gormley Owen Banagher
Gormly James Clondermot
Gormly Michael Cumber Upper
Gormly Patrick Cumber Upper
Gormly Philip Cumber Upper
Gortree John Ballyscullion
Gowley William Derryloran
Graham Archibald Maghera
Graham Archibald Tamlaght Ocrilly
Graham George Desertlyn
Graham James Desertlyn
Graham James Maghera
Graham John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Graham Walter Maghera
Graham Widow Jane Desart
Grant Daniel Ballynascreen
Graves Samuel Magherafelt
Graves William Artrea
Gray David Clondermot
Gray James Aghadowey
Gray John Dungiven
Gray John Maghera
Gray John Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gray Rev. Francis Bovevagh
Gray Robert Maghera
Gray Thomas Errigal
Gray William Maghera
Greave James Cumber Upper
Greave Robert Cumber Upper
Green Ralph Clondermot
Greer Andrew Artrea
Greer James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Gregg Paul Aghanloo
Gregory John Macosquin
Greive Hugh Banagher
Gribbon Henry Artrea
Gribbon Patrick Desertlyn
Grier Andrew Aghadowey
Grier Thomas Aghadowey
Grier William Aghadowey
Grieve Patrick Cumber Upper
Grimbly Robert Aghanloo
Grimes David Clondermot
Grimes John Templemore
Grimes William Clondermot
Grogan John Artrea
Gromley Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan
Groves Hugh Magherafelt
Gruve Walter Clondermot
Guckian Hugh Ballinderry
Guren James Clondermot
Gurn James Dungiven
Guthrie James, Sr. Faughanvale
Guthrie Robert Faughanvale
Guthrie Robert, Jr. Faughanvale
Guthrie William Faughanvale
Guy John Cumber Upper
Guy John, Jr. Faughanvale
Guy John, Sr. Faughanvale
Guy Robert Faughanvale
Guy William Cumber Upper
Gwin Thomas Bovevagh
Gwyn Andrew Clondermot
Gylar James Banagher
Hagan Arthur Banagher
Hagan Arthur Desertmartin
Hagan Bridget Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hagan Charles Magherafelt
Hagan John Magherafelt
Hagan Patrick Desertmartin
Hagan Patrick Desertoghill
Haggan George Arboe
Haggan Henry Desertmartin
Haggan John Arboe
Haggan John Desertmartin
Haggan Patrick Arboe
Haggan Patrick Artrea
Haggan Patrick Ballinderry
Hair Alexander Faughanvale
Hair George Faughanvale
Hairland Thomas Banagher
Halfpenny John Desertlyn
Hall James Clondermot
Hall Joseph Clondermot
Hall Robert Clondermot
Hall Thomas Clondermot
Hamill William Artrea
Hamilton Adam Ballywillin
Hamilton Andrew Clondermot
Hamilton Andrew Templemore
Hamilton Eccles Arboe
Hamilton Henry Ballynascreen
Hamilton Henry Clondermot
Hamilton James Bovevagh
Hamilton James Tamlaght
Hamilton James Templemore
Hamilton John Ballynascreen
Hamilton John Banagher
Hamilton John Cumber Upper
Hamilton Joseph Balteagh
Hamilton Joseph Cumber Upper
Hamilton Rev. William Tamlaght Finlagan
Hamilton Robert Cumber Upper
Hamilton Robert Faughanvale
Hamilton Stephen Clondermot
Hamilton William Bovevagh
Hamilton William Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hamilton Wrath Cumber Upper
Hammerslay James Magherafelt
Hammond William Magherafelt
Hamphill Joseph Aghanloo
Hampsay Richard Dunboe
Hampson Bryan Banagher
Hampson Darby Banagher
Hampson Denis Banagher
Hampson Henry Banagher
Hampson John Banagher
Hampson Manus Banagher
Hancock John Cumber Upper
Hancock Thomas Cumber Upper
Handcock Henry Clondermot
Hanna Robert Clondermot
Hanna Samuel Clondermot
Happer James Kilcronaghan
Happer John Desertlyn
Harbison Matthew Magherafelt
Hare Daniel Clondermot
Hare James Clondermot
Hare William Clondermot
Hargan Denis Clondermot
Harkin Patrick Errigal
Harkness Robert Derryloran
Harkness Thomas Lissan
Harkness Widow Derryloran
Harkness William Lissan
Harper John Clondermot
Harper Rev. James Termoneeny
Harpur Thomas Faughanvale
Harret Eleanor Clondermot
Harrett Edward Clondermot
Harris James Cumber Upper
Hartley Thomas Desertlyn
Harvey Daniel Drumachose
Harvey James Macosquin
Haslatt James Cumber Upper
Haslet George Kilcronaghan
Haslet John Bovevagh
Haslet John Cumber Upper
Haslet Robert Bovevagh
Haslet Samuel Bovevagh
Haslet Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan
Haslet William Bovevagh
Haslet William Kilcronaghan
Haslett George Bovevagh
Haslett Robert, Jr. Cumber Upper
Haslett Robert, Sr. Cumber Upper
Haslett William Aghanloo
Hassan George Cumber Upper
Hasson Barny Cumber Upper
Hasson John Cumber Upper
Hasson Michael Cumber Upper
Hasty James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hatrick James Clondermot
Hatrick James Templemore
Hatrick Joshua Templemore
Hatrick William Templemore
Haveland Bryan Banagher
Haveland James Banagher
Haveland James, Sr. Banagher
Haveland Patrick Banagher
Haveland Thomas Banagher
Havlin Patrick Brigadier Banagher
Haw Archibald Termoneeny
Haw Samuel Termoneeny
Hawthorn Richard Magherafelt
Hayes James Artrea
Haze Andrew Magherafelt
Healy Barny Bovevagh
Healy Patrick Bovevagh
Heany Daniel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Heany James Bovevagh
Heany John Bovevagh
Heany John Dungiven
Heany Michael Templemore
Heany Patrick Banagher
Heany Patrick Bovevagh
Heery William Cumber Upper
Heevry Widow Faughanvale
Helferty Bernard Desertmartin
Hemphil James Tamlaghtard
Hemphill James Tamlaght Finlagan
Henderson George Ballynascreen
Henderson James Clondermot
Henderson John Ballyscullion
Henderson John Derryloran
Henderson Mathew Clondermot
Henderson Ralph Artrea
Henderson Thomas Arboe
Henderson Thomas Kilrea
Henderson William Ballynascreen
Henderson William Kilcronaghan
Heney Murtagh Lissan
Henry Andrew Derryloran
Henry Charles Artrea
Henry Daniel Desertmartin
Henry Edward Desertmartin
Henry Francis Maghera
Henry Henry Maghera
Henry Hugh Magherafelt
Henry James Aghadowey
Henry James Clondermot
Henry James Cumber Upper
Henry James Desertmartin
Henry James Killelagh
Henry John Aghadowey
Henry John Aghanloo
Henry John Balteagh
Henry John Clondermot
Henry John Cumber Upper
Henry John Dungiven
Henry John Kilcronaghan
Henry John Lissan
Henry Joseph Banagher
Henry Joseph Desertmartin
Henry Marvin Faughanvale
Henry Matthew Aghanloo
Henry Michael Lissan
Henry Owen Ballinderry
Henry Patrick Derryloran
Henry Patrick Kilcronaghan
Henry Patrick Magherafelt
Henry Philip Maghera
Henry Robert Clondermot
Henry Robert Desertmartin
Henry Thomas Clondermot
Henry Thomas Desertlyn
Henry Thomas Desertmartin
Henry Thomas Kilcronaghan
Henry Widow Artrea
Henry Widow Lissan
Henry William Clondermot
Henry William Desertmartin
Henry William Faughanvale
Henry William Macosquin
Herriss George Tamlaght
Herriss Robert Desertlyn
Herriss William Tamlaght
Hertiss Samuel Desertlyn
Heruss James Derryloran
Hervy William Templemore
Hesey William Faughanvale
Hessan Alexander Clondermot
Hessan Bryan Banagher
Hessan Cormick Banagher
Hessan Daniel Banagher
Hessan Denis Banagher
Hessan Francis Banagher
Hessan George Clondermot
Hessan Hugh Banagher
Hessan Hugh, Jr. Banagher
Hessan Hugh, Sr. Banagher
Hessan John Banagher
Hessan Michael Banagher
Hessan Patrick Banagher
Hessan Teague Banagher
Hessan Thomas Banagher
Hesson Alexander Desertmartin
Hesson Hugh Desertmartin
Hesson James Desertmartin
Hesson Samuel Desertmartin
Hesson William Desertmartin
Heylands John Tamlaght Finlagan
Hicks William Dunboe
Higarty John Drumachose
Higgans John Errigal
Higgans Owen Errigal
Higgarty Patrick Cumber Upper
Higgerty Francis Kilrea
Higgins John Desertmartin
Higgins Myles Desertmartin
Hill Hugh Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hill Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hill William Arboe
Hillas William Maghera
Hindman David Clondermot
Hindman George Dunboe
Hindman James Artrea
Hindman James Faughanvale
Hindman John Balteagh
Hindman John Clondermot
Hindman Samuel Maghera
Hindman William Clondermot
Hinds James Tamlaght Ocrilly
Hodge Anne Drumachose
Hodge Jane Balteagh
Hogetin John Drumachose
Hogg Alexander Artrea
Hogg James Artrea
Hogg John Arboe
Hogg John Derryloran
Hogg Robert Tamlaght
Hogstin James Balteagh
Hogstin Thomas Balteagh
Hogstin William Balteagh
Holland John Artrea
Holland Stephen Faughanvale
Holmes Daniel Tamlaght Finlagan
Holmes David Bovevagh
Holmes Eliza Bovevagh
Holmes George Desertoghill
Holmes James Desertoghill
Holmes James Tamlaght Finlagan
Hone Alexander Cumber Upper
Hopkins Alexander Aghanloo
Hopkins David Drumachose
Hopkins James Aghanloo
Hopkins James Cumber Upper
Hopkins James Drumachose
Hopkins James, Sr. Cumber Upper
Hopkins John Bovevagh
Hopkins John Desertoghill
Hopkins William Ballywillin
Hopkins William Balteagh
Hopkins William Cumber Upper
Horner Templemore
Horner Anne Balteagh
Horner James Bovevagh
Horner John Balteagh
Horner Thomas Bovevagh
Huey James Faughanvale
Hughes Henry Artrea
Hughes James Desertmartin
Hughes John Aghadowey
Hughes Thomas Kilcronaghan
Hughes William Desertmartin
Hughston John Kilcronaghan
Hughston Thomas Termoneeny
Hull Cornelia Ballinderry
Hull Thomas Maghera
Hull Thomas, Jr. Aghanloo
Hull Thomas, Sr. Aghanloo
Hull William Artrea
Humphrey Joseph Cumber Upper
Humphreys Thomas Bovevagh
Hunter Andrew Agivey
Hunter Andrew Clondermot
Hunter Andrew Tamlaght Finlagan
Hunter Eliza Tamlaght Finlagan
Hunter George Clondermot
Hunter James Clondermot
Hunter James Tamlaght Finlagan
Hunter Jane Bovevagh
Hunter John Desertlyn
Hunter John Faughanvale
Hunter John Kilcronaghan
Hunter Joseph Desertmartin
Hunter Matthew Tamlaght Finlagan
Hunter Robert Agivey
Hunter Robert Desertlyn
Hunter Samuel Errigal
Hunter Widow Clondermot
Hunter William Bovevagh
Hunter William Desertlyn
Hunter William Desertoghill
Hunter William Dunboe
Hunter William Lissan
Hunter William Magherafelt
Hunter William Templemore
Hunter William, Jr. Bovevagh
Hustin John Kilowen
Huston Hugh Dunboe
Huston James Faughanvale
Huston James Maghera
Huston Joseph Clondermot
Huston Joseph Maghera
Huston Moses Artrea
Huston Patrick Kilcronaghan
Huston Peter Cumber Upper
Huston Robert Balteagh
Huston Samuel Maghera
Huston Widow Maghera
Hutcheson Robert Ballynascreen
Hutcheson Thomas Lissan
Hutcheson William Lissan
Hutchinson Esther Dunboe
Hutchinson James Aghanloo
Hutchinson John Dunboe
Hutchinson John, Jr. Desertmartin
Hutchinson Jonathon Artrea
Hutchinson Robert Balteagh
Hutchinson Robert Dunboe
Hutchinson Roger Artrea
Hutchinson Widow Jane Desertmartin
Hutchinson William Desertmartin
Hutchinson William Dunboe
Hutchison Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly
Huthinson John, Sr. Desertmartin
Hutton Alexander Dungiven
Hutton James Banagher
Hutton Samuel Dungiven
Hyland Hugh Balteagh