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Griffith's Valuation in Templeport Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation was carried out in Templeport parish and every other parish in county Cavan as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in Templeport parish, county Cavan during 1856 and 1857.


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Griffiths Valuation: Templeport Parish 1856 and 1857

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KEY:   Loc: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Annesley, Loc: Legnaderk N: Earl of Annesley
Armstrong, Thomas Loc: Killycrin
Bannan, Bridget Loc: Boley
Bannan, Francis Loc: Coologe
Bannan, Hugh Loc: Boley
Bannan, Hugh Loc: Coologe
Bannan, James Loc: Coologe
Bannan, John Loc: Coologe
Bannan, John Loc: Kilsob
Bannan, Mark Loc: Derrycassan
Bannan, Michael Loc: Coologe
Bannan, Michael Loc: Kilsob
Bannan, Patrick Loc: Coologe
Bannan, Patrick Loc: Kilsob
Bannan, Sarah Loc: Coologe
Bannan, Thomas Loc: Killycluggin
Bannon, Hugh Loc: Owengallees
Bannon, James Loc: Toberlyan
Bannon, John Loc: Bawnboy
Bannon, Manus Loc: Toberlyan
Bannon, Terence Loc: Toberlyan
Barnes, Thomas Loc: Killycrin
Barrett, James Loc: Killymoriarty
Barrett, Thomas Loc: Gortaclogher
Barrett, Thomas, Jr. Loc: Gortaclogher
Barrett, Thomas, Sr. Loc: Gortaclogher
Baxter, Bernard Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Baxter, Charles Loc: Corneen
Baxter, Cormack Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Baxter, Denis Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Baxter, Elizabeth Loc: Corneen
Baxter, Farrell Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Baxter, Hugh Loc: Derrycassan
Baxter, Hugh Loc: Killycrin
Baxter, John Loc: Drumlougher
Baxter, Owen Loc: Corneen
Baxter, Owen Loc: Owencam
Baxter, Patk. Loc: Clontycarnaghan N: Little
Baxter, Patrick Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Baxter, Patrick Loc: Kildoagh
Baxter, Terence Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Baxter, Thomas Loc: Boley
Baxter, Thomas Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Baxter, Thomas Loc: Drumlougher
Baxter, Thomas Loc: Kildoagh
Baxter, Thomas Loc: Owengallees
Baxter, William Loc: Greaghnadoony
Beatty, Emma Loc: Bawnboy
Beatty, Rep. James Loc: Kilsob
Beatty, Rep. James Loc: Lakefield
Beatty, Rep. James Loc: Newtown
Beatty, William Loc: Gortnacargy
Beatty, Rev. Wm. Loc: Mullaghmore
Benison, John W. Loc: Kilsob
Benison, John W. Loc: Mullaghmore
Benison, John Wm. Loc: Mullaghmore
Bennett, John Loc: Corran
Beresford, Lord John G. Loc: Clontycarnaghan N: Rt Hon Most Rev
Beresford, Lord John G. Loc: Prospect N: Hon. and Most Rev.
Berne, Owen Loc: Tullyveela
Berrin, Francis Loc: Teeboy
Berrin, Peter Loc: Teeboy
Bessett, Henry Loc: Lecharrownahone
Bird, Ellen Loc: Curraghvah
Bird, Peter Loc: Curraghvah
Blashford, William Loc: Corran
Blashford, William Loc: Killycluggin
Blashford, William Loc: Rosehill
Blashford, William Loc: Tonyrevan
Bolton, Rev. Lynden Loc: Burren
Bowles, John Loc: Tullyloughfin
Braden, Barbara Loc: Kilnavert
Brady, Anne Loc: Cavanaquill
Brady, Anne Loc: Lecharrownahone
Brady, Bernard Loc: Brackley
Brady, Bernard Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Brady, Bernard Loc: Gortnavreeghan
Brady, Charles Loc: Crossmakelagher
Brady, Daniel Loc: Lecharrownahone
Brady, Hugh Loc: Brackley
Brady, Hugh Loc: Burren
Brady, Hugh Loc: Port
Brady, James Loc: Bofealan
Brady, James Loc: Brackley
Brady, James Loc: Cavanaquill
Brady, Jenny Loc: Muinaghan
Brady, John Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Brady, John Loc: Keenagh
Brady, John Loc: Killywillin
Brady, Owen Loc: Kilsallagh
Brady, Owen Loc: Port
Brady, Patrick Loc: Brackley
Brady, Patrick Loc: Derrylahan
Brady, Patrick Loc: Killycluggin
Brady, Patrick Loc: Kilsob
Brady, Patrick Loc: Muinaghan
Brady, Patrick Loc: Port
Brady, Patrick Loc: Tonyrevan
Brady, Peter Loc: Muinaghan
Brady, Philip Loc: Burren
Brady, Susan Loc: Brackley
Brady, Susan Loc: Brackley N: and Co
Breadon, Thomas Loc: Derrycassan
Brennan, Margaret Loc: Gortaclogher
Brierly, George Loc: Moneynure
Brooks, George Loc: Killyneary
Brooks, Jane Loc: Ballymagauran
Brooks, John Loc: Killyran
Broxton, John Loc: Derryvahan
Burke, Miles Loc: Derrycassan
Burnes, Thomas Loc: Kilsob
Campbell, Bridget Loc: Lannanerriagh
Carrigan, James Loc: Carnmaclean
Carrigan, James Loc: Mullaghlea Glen
Carroll, Owen Loc: Carrick East
Carson, William Loc: Gortmore
Carson, William Loc: Moherreagh
Carthy, Marks Loc: Bawnboy
Carthy, Patrick Loc: Kilsob
Cassidy, Bernard Loc: Brackley
Cassidy, Bernard Loc: Coppanaghbane
Cassidy, Bernard Loc: Gortullaghan
Cassidy, Cormack Loc: Corlough
Cassidy, Cormick Loc: Curraghvah
Cassidy, Francis Loc: Tirnawannagh
Cassidy, James Loc: Ballynamaddoo
Cassidy, John Loc: Bellavally Lower
Cassidy, John Loc: Drumhurrin
Cassidy, Luke Loc: Arderry
Cassidy, Mary Loc: Bellavally Lower
Cassidy, Michael Loc: Brackley
Cassidy, Michael Loc: Owengallees
Cassidy, Michael Loc: Tullytrasna
Cassidy, Michael Loc: Tullywaum
Cassidy, Owen Loc: Leitra
Cassidy, Owen Loc: Owencam
Cassidy, Patrick Loc: Brackley
Cassidy, Patrick Loc: Coppanaghbane
Cassidy, Patrick Loc: Owencam
Cassidy, Patrick Loc: Tullywaum
Cassidy, Peter Loc: Bellavally Lower
Cassidy, Peter Loc: Tullytrasna
Cassidy, Peter Loc: Tullywaum
Cassidy, Philip Loc: Tullywaum
Clarke, Patrick Loc: Drumbeagh
Cleary, James Loc: Tirnawannagh
Clingin, Margaret Loc: Tawnagh
Coffey, James Loc: Bawnboy
Coffey, James Loc: Bawnboy N: Lodgers
Coffey, James Loc: Corrasmongan
Connell, Patrick Loc: Killycluggin
Connolly, Rev. Richd. Loc: Cor
Connolly, Thomas Loc: Cor
Corneen, John Loc: Cartronnagilta
Cosgrave, Bernard Loc: Camagh
Cosgrave, Peter Loc: Camagh
Cox, James Loc: Tullywaum
Crawford, Arthur Loc: Boley
Crawford, Arthur Loc: Gortaclogher
Crawford, Arthur Loc: Killyran
Cross, John Loc: Erraran
Cross, John Loc: Mullaghlea
Cullen, Garret Loc: Drumhurrin
Cullen, James, Jr. Loc: Drumhurrin
Cullen, James, Sr. Loc: Drumhurrin
Cullen, Joseph Loc: Corneenflynn
Cullen, Michael Loc: Drumhurrin
Cullen, Patrick Loc: Drumhurrin
Cullen, Simon Loc: Drumhurrin
Cullen, Terence Loc: Curraghvah
Curnan, Dominick Loc: Corratawy
Curnan, James Loc: Corratawy
Curnan, Manus Loc: Corratawy
Curnan, Owen Loc: Corratawy
Curran, Anne Loc: Corratillan
Curran, Bridget Loc: Tullynamoltra
Curran, Edward Loc: Crossmakelagher
Curran, Farrell Loc: Corratillan
Curran, Francis Loc: Corrachomera
Curran, Hugh Loc: Teeboy
Curran, James Loc: Altinure
Curran, James Loc: Corratillan
Curran, Margaret Loc: Lannanerriagh
Curran, Michael Loc: Corratillan
Curran, Patrick Loc: Lannanerriagh
Curran, Patrick Loc: Teeboy
Curran, Peter Loc: Corrachomera
Curran, Peter Loc: Drumbeagh
Curran, Peter Loc: Lannanerriagh
Curran, Peter Loc: Tullyveela
Curran, Thomas Loc: Corratillan
Curren, John Loc: Greaghnadoony
Curry, James Loc: Toberlyan Duffin
Curry, Patrick Loc: Muinaghan
D'Arcy, Edward Loc: Cartronnagilta
D'Arcy, Hugh Loc: Cartronnagilta
D'Arcy, Hugh Loc: Leitra
D'Arcy, James Loc: Cartronnagilta
D'Arcy, James Loc: Tullywaum
Darcy, John Loc: Carrick West
D'Arcy, John Loc: Corlough
Darcy, John Loc: Curraghglass
D'Arcy, John Loc: Tullybrack
D'Arcy, Michael Loc: Altcrock
D'Arcy, Patrick Loc: Cartronnagilta
D'Arcy, Thomas Loc: Corlough
D'Arcy, Thomas Loc: Muineal
D'Arcy, Thomas Loc: Owencam
D'Arcy, Thomas Loc: Teeboy
D'Arcy, Thomas, Sr. Loc: Owencam
Davis, Edward Loc: Sruhagh
Davis, John Loc: Munlough South
Deane, Bernard Loc: Legnagrow
Deering, Anne Loc: Garvary
Delace, James Loc: Keenagh
Delace, James Loc: Kilsallagh
De Lacy, Patrick Loc: Creea
De Lacy, Stephen Loc: Bellavally Upper
Devan, John Loc: Derrymony
Devan, Patrick Loc: Derrymony
Devan, Richard Loc: Derrymony
Devine, Arthur Loc: Muineal
Devine, Bridget Loc: Derrymony
Devine, Owen Loc: Derryconnessy
Devine, Patrick Loc: Arderry
Devine, Peter Loc: Arderry
Devine, Rosanna Loc: Arderry
Divine, Patrick Loc: Muineal
D'Lacy, Patrick Loc: Derrynananta Lower
D'Lacy, Stephen Loc: Derrynananta Lower
Dobbin, Leonard Loc: Corneen
Dobbin, Leonard Loc: Munlough North
Dodd, William Loc: Legnaderk
Dolan, Alice Loc: Corneenflynn
Dolan, Anne Loc: Corrachomera
Dolan, Anne Loc: Culliagh
Dolan, Anne Loc: Tullyveela
Dolan, Bernard Loc: Coppanaghbane
Dolan, Bernard Loc: Coppanaghmore
Dolan, Bridget Loc: Bellavally Upper
Dolan, Bridget Loc: Corracleigh
Dolan, Bridget Loc: Derrynatuan
Dolan, Catherine Loc: Corrachomera
Dolan, Catherine Loc: Gowlagh South
Dolan, Cornelius Loc: Gubnagree
Dolan, Dominick Loc: Erraran
Dolan, Ellen Loc: Bursan
Dolan, Farrell Loc: Curraghvah
Dolan, Felix Loc: Cloncurkney
Dolan, Felix Loc: Coppanaghbane
Dolan, Felix Loc: Corboy Glebe
Dolan, Felix Loc: Curraghvah
Dolan, Felix Loc: Gowlat
Dolan, Francis Loc: Kilsob
Dolan, Francis Loc: Lattone
Dolan, Francis Loc: Legglass
Dolan, Francis Loc: Mullaghmore
Dolan, Honoria Loc: Coppanaghmore
Dolan, Hugh Loc: Altateskin
Dolan, Hugh Loc: Altnasheen
Dolan, Hugh Loc: Corrachomera
Dolan, Hugh Loc: Tirnawannagh
Dolan, Hugh Loc: Tullybrack
Dolan, James Loc: Altachullion Lower
Dolan, James Loc: Cloncurkney
Dolan, James Loc: Corboy Glebe
Dolan, James Loc: Corneenflynn
Dolan, James Loc: Corrachomera
Dolan, James Loc: Curraghvah
Dolan, James Loc: Derrylahan
Dolan, James Loc: Drumlougher
Dolan, James Loc: Drumlougher N: Young
Dolan, James Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper N: Luke
Dolan, James Loc: Lakefield
Dolan, James Loc: Mullaghmore
Dolan, James Loc: Owengallees
Dolan, James Loc: Tullyveela
Dolan, James Loc: Tullywaum
Dolan, James, Jr. Loc: Drumlougher
Dolan, James, Sr. Loc: Drumlougher
Dolan, John Loc: Altnasheen
Dolan, John Loc: Corneenflynn
Dolan, John Loc: Drumhurrin
Dolan, John Loc: Drumhurrin N: Farrelly
Dolan, John Loc: Legnagrow
Dolan, John, Jr. Loc: Gowlat
Dolan, John, Sr. Loc: Gowlat
Dolan, Laurence Loc: Tullynacross
Dolan, Margaret Loc: Bellavally Upper
Dolan, Margaret Loc: Drumhurrin
Dolan, Margaret Loc: Gowlat
Dolan, Margaret Loc: Tullytiernan
Dolan, Mary Loc: Arderry
Dolan, Mary Loc: Cloncurkney
Dolan, Mary Loc: Coppanaghbane
Dolan, Michael Loc: Bellavally Upper
Dolan, Michael Loc: Cornagunleog
Dolan, Michael Loc: Corracleigh
Dolan, Michael Loc: Drumlougher
Dolan, Michael Loc: Gowlat
Dolan, Michael Loc: Owengallees
Dolan, Michael Loc: Stranadarragh
Dolan, Michael, Sr. Loc: Drumlougher
Dolan, Owen Loc: Aghnacollia
Dolan, Owen Loc: Altachullion Lower
Dolan, Patk. Loc: Gowlat N: Felix
Dolan, Patk. Loc: Tullynacross N: Peter
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Arderry
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Coppanaghmore
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Corlough
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Corrachomera
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Curraghvah
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Derrynatuan
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Gowlat N: Peter
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Gubnagree
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Lannanerriagh
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Teeboy
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Tirnawannagh
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Tonlegee
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Tullynacross
Dolan, Patrick Loc: Tullytiernan
Dolan, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Gowlat
Dolan, Peter Loc: Altachullion Lower
Dolan, Peter Loc: Eaglehill
Dolan, Peter Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper
Dolan, Peter Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper N: Haigue
Dolan, Peter Loc: Knockmore
Dolan, Peter Loc: Moneenabrone
Dolan, Peter Loc: Mullaghlea Glen
Dolan, Peter Loc: Tullynacross
Dolan, Philip Loc: Moneensauran
Dolan, Rose Loc: Mullaghlea Glen
Dolan, Terence Loc: Bellavally Upper N: Hotel
Dolan, Terence Loc: Curraghglass N: Hotel
Dolan, Terence Loc: Drumhurrin N: Hotel
Dolan, Terence Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper N: Hotel
Dolan, Terence Loc: Legnagrow
Dolan, Terence Loc: Tullynacross
Dolan, Terence, Jr. Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper
Dolan, Terence, Sr. Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Aghnacollia
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Altnasheen
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Bawnboy
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Carrick West
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Coppanaghmore
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Corlough
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Curraghvah
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Derrynacreeve
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Drumhurrin
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Gowlat
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Owencam N: Jack
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Owencam N: Terry
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Tullynaconspod
Dolan, Thomas Loc: Tullynacross
Dolan, Thomas, Jr. Loc: Corrachomera
Dolan, Thomas, Sr. Loc: Corrachomera
Dolan, Tierney Loc: Tullynacross
Dolan, Timothy Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper
Donohoe, Bernard Loc: Derrymony
Donohoe, Bernard Loc: Keenagh
Donohoe, Charles Loc: Killycrin
Donohoe, Ellen Loc: Derryragh
Donohoe, Francis Loc: Ballymagauran
Donohoe, Francis Loc: Burren
Donohoe, Francis Loc: Derryragh
Donohoe, Francis Loc: Gorteen
Donohoe, Hugh Loc: Derrycassan
Donohoe, Hugh Loc: Drumane
Donohoe, Hugh Loc: Gorteen
Donohoe, James Loc: Owengallees
Donohoe, John, Jr. Loc: Derrycassan
Donohoe, John, Sr. Loc: Derrycassan
Donohoe, Mary Loc: Derryragh
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Ballymagauran
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Derrycassan
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Derrymony
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Derryragh
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Killywillin
Donohoe, Peter Loc: Brackley
Donohoe, Thomas Loc: Kilnavert
Donohoe, William Loc: Gorteen
Donohy, James Loc: Owengallees
Donohy, Michael Loc: Owengallees
Doonan, Patrick Loc: Corneen
Doonan, Patrick Loc: Munlough North
Dowlar, Francis Loc: Brackley
Dowler, Anne Loc: Brackley
Downes, William Loc: Corboy Glebe
Downey, Anne Loc: Lissanover
Downey, John Loc: Killyran
Downey, Robert Loc: Killyran
Drum, Matthew Loc: Killywillin
Duffy, James Loc: Derrybeg
Duffy, Michael Loc: Derrynaslieve
Duffy, Michael Loc: Scrabby
Duffy, Patrick Loc: Derrybeg
Duffy, Patrick Loc: Scrabby
Duffy, Thomas Loc: Derrybeg
Duffy, Thomas Loc: Derrynaslieve
Duffy, Thomas Loc: Teeboy
Dunlevy, Francis Loc: Moneynure
Edwards, Michael Loc: Drumlougher
Elliott, Sarah Loc: Derrynacreeve
Fahey, Anne Loc: Moherloob
Fannin, Mary Loc: Bellaleenan
Fannin, Patrick Loc: Bellaleenan
Farley, Terence Loc: Corrasmongan
Farrell, John Loc: Brackley
Farrelly, Bernard Loc: Kilsob
Farrelly, James Loc: Culliagh
Farrelly, James Loc: Port
Farrelly, John Loc: Port
Farrelly, Owen Loc: Bawnboy
Farrelly, Owen Loc: Curraghvah
Farrelly, Owen Loc: Killyneary
Farrelly, Thomas Loc: Burren
Fee, Alexander Loc: Killyran
Fee, Alice Loc: Boley
Fee, Arthur Loc: Killyran
Fee, James Loc: Muinaghan
Fee, Thomas Loc: Muinaghan
Fee, William Loc: Boley
Fee, William Loc: Killyran
Fife, Launcelot Loc: Corrasmongan
Finlay, David Loc: Bawnboy
Finlay, David Loc: Brackley
Finlay, David Loc: Carrick East
Finlay, David Loc: Lakefield
Finlay, David Loc: Mullaghmore
Finlay, Francis Loc: Camagh
Finlay, Francis Loc: Cor
Finlay, Francis Loc: Corracholia More
Finlay, Francis Loc: Gorteen
Finlay, Francis Loc: Keenagh
Finlay, George Loc: Cor
Finlay, George Loc: Knockmore
Finlay, George Loc: Moneynure
Finlay, George Loc: Port
Finlay, John Loc: Brackley
Finlay, John Loc: Ray
Finlay, Launcelot Loc: Ballymagauran
Finlay, Sir Thomas Loc: Arderry
Finlay, Thomas Loc: Ballymagauran
Finlay, Sir Thomas Loc: Killywaum
Finlay, Sir Thomas Loc: Teeboy
Finlay, William Loc: Ballymagauran
Finnegan, Mary Loc: Killymoriarty
Finnegan, Michael Loc: Killymoriarty
Fitzpatrick, Rev. Loc: Cloncurkney
Fitzpatrick, Bernard Loc: Coppanaghmore
Fitzpatrick, Bridget Loc: Gortnavreeghan
Fitzpatrick, Bridget Loc: Tawnagh
Fitzpatrick, Catherine Loc: Knockmore
Fitzpatrick, Edward Loc: Corneenflynn
Fitzpatrick, Edward Loc: Derrylahan
Fitzpatrick, Hugh Loc: Coologe
Fitzpatrick, James Loc: Ardvagh
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Coppanaghmore
Fitzpatrick, John Loc: Lecharrownahone
Fitzpatrick, Michael Loc: Coppanaghmore
Fitzpatrick, Michael Loc: Killyran
Fitzpatrick, Owen Loc: Legglass
Fitzpatrick, Peter Loc: Legglass
Fitzpatrick, Peter Loc: Moneensauran
Fitzpatrick, Philip Loc: Culliagh
Fitzpatrick, Terence Loc: Derrylahan
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Loc: Curraghvah
Flanagan, Bernard Loc: Ballynamaddoo
Flanagan, Christopher Loc: Ballynamaddoo
Flanagan, John Loc: Coppanaghbane
Flanagan, Richard Loc: Gortnavreeghan
Flanagan, Thomas Loc: Ballynamaddoo
Flanigan, Bernard Loc: Killycrin
Flanigan, Michael Loc: Keenagh
Flanigan, William Loc: Killycrin
Flynn, John Loc: Burren
Flynn, Nicholas Loc: Boley
Flynn, Patrick Loc: Boley
Flynn, Patrick Loc: Cornagunleog
Flynn, Patrick Loc: Killywillin
Flynn, Thomas Loc: Burren
Foghlan, Thomas Loc: Cornagunleog
Fox, Bryan Loc: Corratillan
Fox, Charles Loc: Gowlagh South
Fyfe, Launcelot Loc: Kilsob
Fyfe, William Loc: Killycluggin
Fyfe, William Loc: Toberlyan Duffin
Gaddis, Henry Loc: Gortullaghan
Gaddis, Jane Loc: Gortullaghan
Gaddis, William Loc: Mullaghlea
Gallagher, Mary Loc: Derrycassan
Gallaher, Francis Loc: Ballymagauran
Gallon, James Loc: Burren
Geraghty, Bryan Loc: Killywaum
Gibson, Alice Loc: Greagh
Gibson, John Loc: Boley
Gibson, Margaret Loc: Drumbeagh
Gibson, Richard Loc: Boley
Gibson, Richard Loc: Killyran
Gibson, Robert Loc: Drumbeagh
Gibson, Thomas Loc: Boley
Gibson, William Loc: Cloneary
Gilleese, Patrick Loc: Burren
Gilleese, Peter Loc: Tawnagh
Gilleese, Philip Loc: Altinure
Gilronan, John Loc: Derrymony
Gilronan, Peter Loc: Derrymony
Gilroy, Owen Loc: Bawnboy
Gilroy, Owen Loc: Corrasmongan
Glacy, Catherine Loc: Cronery
Goodfellow, Henry Loc: Gortnaleck
Goodwin, Patrick Loc: Gortnavreeghan
Goold, Arthur Loc: Killyneary
Goold, William Loc: Corrasmongan
Goold, William Loc: Kilsob
Gough, Robert Loc: Killymoriarty
Grennan, Patrick Loc: Porturlan
Grimes, John Loc: Drumlougher
Harden, Hugh Loc: Cloncurkney
Harkness, Francis Loc: Sruhagh
Harren, Hugh Loc: Drumlougher
Hart, Bridget Loc: Knockgorm
Harte, John Loc: Carrick West
Hassard, J. H. Loc: Cloncurkney
Hassard, Mary Loc: Bawnboy
Hassard, R. Loc: Cloncurkney
Hassard, Robert Loc: Killyneary
Hayes, Thomas Loc: Killycluggin
Hayes, Thomas Loc: Tonyrevan
Heavy, Bryan Loc: Lannanerriagh
Heavy, Joseph Loc: Gortnacargy
Heavy, Joseph Loc: Tirnawannagh
Heavy, Owen Loc: Tullyveela
Heavy, Patrick Loc: Eaglehill
Heavy, Patrick Loc: Moherreagh
Heavy, Peter Loc: Moherreagh
Henderson, Catherine Loc: Ray
Henderson, Richard Loc: Camagh
Hicks, Richard Loc: Derrynacreeve
Huggins, Blakeley Loc: Killyran
Huggins, Blakely Loc: Boley
Hynes, Philip Loc: Altnasheen
Jackson, Patrick Loc: Ballymagauran
Jackson, Patrick Loc: Derryragh
Johnston, Alexander Loc: Ballymagirril
Johnston, George Loc: Killywillin
Johnston, James Loc: Corran
Johnston, James Loc: Greagh
Johnston, John Loc: Bawnboy
Johnston, Capt. John Loc: Bawnboy
Johnston, John Loc: Boley
Johnston, John Loc: Brackley
Johnston, John Loc: Killyran
Johnston, John Loc: Killywillin
Johnston, Ojhn Loc: Carrick East
Johnston, Robert Loc: Gortullaghan
Johnston, Robert Loc: Porturlan
Johnston, Thomas Loc: Ballymagirril
Johnston, Thomas Loc: Killywillin
Johnston, William Loc: Sruhagh
Keleher, John Loc: Lannanerriagh
Keleher, Thomas Loc: Owengallees
Kelleher, James Loc: Drumlaydan
Kelliher, Anne Loc: Kildoagh
Kelliher, Anne Loc: Tawnagh
Kelliher, James Loc: Bellaleenan
Kelliher, James Loc: Kildoagh
Kelliher, John Loc: Kilsallagh
Kelliher, John Loc: Toberlyan Duffin
Kelliher, John Loc: Tullynaconspod
Kelliher, Matthew Loc: Scrabby
Kelliher, Michael Loc: Brackley
Kelliher, Michael Loc: Muineal
Kelliher, Patrick Loc: Gortnavreeghan
Kelliher, Patrick Loc: Kilsallagh
Kelliher, Patrick Loc: Munlough North
Kelliher, Patrick Loc: Tawnagh
Kelliher, Philip Loc: Corneen
Kells, Alexander Loc: Scrabby
Kells, Elliott Loc: Scrabby
Kells, Frederick Loc: Derrymore
Kells, Hewitt Loc: Urhannagh
Kells, James Loc: Lecharrownahone
Kells, John Loc: Ballymagauran
Kells, Joseph Loc: Killynaff
Kells, Mary Anne Loc: Scrabby
Kells, Moses Loc: Killynaff
Kells, Richard Loc: Bofealan
Kells, Richard Loc: Cavanaquill
Kells, Richard Loc: Killynaff
Kells, Richard Loc: Urhannagh
Kells, Robert Loc: Killynaff
Kells, William Loc: Crossmakelagher
Kells, William Loc: Killycluggin
Kells, William Loc: Tonyrevan
Kelly, Mary Loc: Drumane
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Cornacleigh
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Leitra
Kennedy, John Loc: Teeboy
Kennedy, Philip Loc: Corrachomera
Kiernan, Bernard Loc: Killycluggin
Kiernan, Francis Loc: Derryragh
Kiernan, Hugh Loc: Corrachomera
Kiernan, James Loc: Cronery
Kiernan, Mary Loc: Killycrin
Kiernan, Mary Loc: Stranadarragh
Kiernan, Owen Loc: Cronery
Kiernan, Peter Loc: Killywillin
Kiernan, Thomas Loc: Ballynamaddoo
Kilbride, James Loc: Newtown
Kilbride, Nathaniel Loc: Tullybrack
King, Bridget Loc: Altinure
King, Eliza Loc: Derrybeg
King, Hugh Loc: Bellaleenan
King, Hugh Loc: Culliagh
King, John Loc: Derrynacreeve
King, John Loc: Derrynaslieve
King, John Loc: Gortullaghan
King, John Loc: Kilsob
King, John Loc: Knockmore
King, John Loc: Moherloob
King, John Loc: Teeboy
King, Michael Loc: Scrabby
King, Patrick Loc: Teeboy
King, Thomas Loc: Derrymore
King, Thomas Loc: Greaghnadoony
King, Thomas Loc: Knockmore
Kinsella, Patrick Loc: Port
Lardner, Daniel Loc: Kildoagh
Latimer, Charles Loc: Lannanerriagh
Lawder, James Loc: Gortnaleck
Lawrence, Thomas Loc: Crossmakelagher
Leonard, Peter Loc: Eaglehill
Lilly, Patrick Loc: Tullyveela
Logan, Francis Loc: Derrycassan
Lonergan, Hugh Loc: Tirnawannagh
Lowry, George Loc: Mullaghlea
Lucas, John Loc: Porturlan
Lundy, Hugh Loc: Corranierna
Lunny, Edward Loc: Garvary
Lynch, Hugh Loc: Ballymagauran
Lynch, Hugh Loc: Kildoagh
Lynch, Hugh Loc: Killywillin
Lynch, Thomas Loc: Crossmakelagher
Lynch, Thomas Loc: Gowlagh North N: Hugh
Lynch, Thomas Loc: Gowlagh North N: John
Lynch, Thomas Loc: Killycluggin
Macaran, John Loc: Derryragh
Macarn, John Loc: Keenagh
Macarn, John Loc: Kilsallagh
Macarn, Patrick Loc: Kilsallagh
Macarn, Thomas Loc: Kilsallagh
Magee, Bryan Loc: Cartronnagilta
Magee, Henry Loc: Boley
Magee, Henry Loc: Gortaclogher
Magee, John Loc: Drumlougher
Magee, John Loc: Gortaclogher
Magee, John Loc: Killyran
Magee, Michael Loc: Cartronnagilta
Magee, Patrick Loc: Cartronnagilta
Magee, Patrick Loc: Cronery
Magee, Thomas Loc: Gortaclogher
Magee, William Loc: Ballymagirril
Mageerty, Bryan Loc: Drumane
Mageerty, James Loc: Drumane
Mageerty, John Loc: Lecharrownahone
Mageerty, Patrick Loc: Drumane
Mageerty, Patrick Loc: Lecharrownahone
Magharan, John Loc: Mullaghlea
Magreal, Owen Loc: Garvalt Lower
Maguire, Alexander Loc: Derrylahan
Maguire, Bernard Loc: Kilsob
Maguire, Charles Loc: Derrylahan
Maguire, Edward Loc: Legnagrow
Maguire, Ellen Loc: Legnagrow
Maguire, Felix Loc: Drumhurrin
Maguire, Francis Loc: Altinure
Maguire, Francis Loc: Derrylahan
Maguire, Francis Loc: Drumhurrin
Maguire, Hugh Loc: Kilsob
Maguire, Hugh Loc: Newtown
Maguire, James Loc: Derrylahan
Maguire, John Loc: Cornagunleog
Maguire, John Loc: Kilsob
Maguire, John Loc: Legnagrow
Maguire, John Loc: Tawnagh
Maguire, Mary Loc: Altachullion Lower
Maguire, Mary Loc: Curraghvah
Maguire, Mary Loc: Keenagh
Maguire, Michael Loc: Altnasheen
Maguire, Michael Loc: Corratawy
Maguire, Nathaniel Loc: Drumlaydan
Maguire, Patk. Loc: Derrylahan N: Bawn
Maguire, Patk. Loc: Derrylahan N: Little
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Altinure
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Altnasheen
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Corran
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Curraghvah
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Derrylahan N: Big
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Gortnavreeghan
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Legnagrow
Maguire, Peter Loc: Altnasheen
Maguire, Peter Loc: Burren
Maguire, Peter Loc: Curraghvah
Maguire, Peter Loc: Mullaghlea Glen
Maguire, Philip Loc: Altnasheen
Maguire, Philip Loc: Derrynatuan
Maguire, Philip Loc: Drumhurrin
Maguire, Philip Loc: Legnagrow
Maguire, Thomas Loc: Altnasheen
Mailiff, William Loc: Killynaff
Malaey, James Loc: Derrycassan
Malavy, James Loc: Derrycassan
Malavy, Patrick Loc: Derrycassan
Maliff, Edward Loc: Bofealan
Martin, Ally Loc: Garvary
Martin, Francis Loc: Muinaghan
Martin, James Loc: Muinaghan
Martin, John Loc: Muinaghan
Martin, John Loc: Teeboy
Martin, Patrick Loc: Cronery
Martin, Patrick Loc: Culliagh
Martin, William Loc: Keenagh
Martin, William Loc: Port
Masterson, Edward Loc: Corran
Maveety, Thomas Loc: Prospect
Maxwell, Michael Loc: Teeboy
Maxwell, Patrick Loc: Stranadarragh
Maxwell, Rosanna Loc: Teeboy
McAdams, Terence Loc: Kilsob
McAulay, Edward Loc: Corneenflynn
McAulay, John Loc: Derrylahan
McAulay, Michael Loc: Ardvagh
McAulay, Patrick Loc: Derrylahan
McAulay, Peter Loc: Ardvagh
McAulay, Peter Loc: Tullytiernan
McAveety, Ellen Loc: Altcrock
McAveety, Hugh Loc: Altcrock
McAvenue, Philip Loc: Derrycassan
McBrien, Charles Loc: Cloncurkney
McBrien, Cormack Loc: Altachullion Lower
McBrien, Daniel Loc: Gowlagh South
McBrien, Hugh Loc: Corrachomera
McBrien, Hugh Loc: Gortmore
McBrien, Hugh Loc: Gowlagh South
McBrien, Hugh Loc: Greaghnadoony
McBrien, John Loc: Gowlagh South
McBrien, Patrick Loc: Altachullion Lower
McBrien, Patrick Loc: Corrachomera
McBrien, Peter Loc: Ardvagh
McCabe, Bridget Loc: Leitra
McCabe, Lackey Loc: Ballymagirril
McCaffrey, Christopher Loc: Brackley
McCaffrey, Christr. Loc: Brackley
McCaffrey, James Loc: Gortullaghan
McCaffrey, John Loc: Cloncurkney
McCaffrey, John Loc: Gortullaghan
McCaffrey, John Loc: Gowlagh South
McCaffrey, Michael Loc: Cronery
McCaffrey, Michael Loc: Derrycassan
McCaffrey, Michael Loc: Torrewa
McCaffrey, Nathaniel Loc: Carrick East
McCaffrey, Thomas Loc: Bawnboy
McCann, Patrick Loc: Kilnavert
McCanty, James Loc: Derrylahan
McCarton, Philip Loc: Toberlyan Duffin
McCaul, James Loc: Burren
McCaul, William Loc: Killyran
McCauley, James Loc: Eaglehill
McCauley, Thomas Loc: Corran
McCaully, Patrick Loc: Tullynamoltra
McCawley, Edward Loc: Corrachomera
McCawley, Edward Loc: Leitra
McCawley, John Loc: Tullywaum
McCawley, Mary Loc: Cornacleigh
McCawley, Patrick Loc: Derrycassan
McClusky, Anne Loc: Kildoagh
McConnell, Alexander Loc: Burren
McConnell, Denis Loc: Coologe
McConnell, Elizabeth Loc: Derrycassan
McConnell, John Loc: Coologe
McConnell, Robert Loc: Kildoagh
McDermot, Ellen Loc: Ballymagauran
McDermot, Francis, Sr. Loc: Gorteen
McDermot, Fras., Jr. Loc: Gorteen
McDermot, James Loc: Moherreagh
McDermot, John Loc: Ballymagauran
McDermot, Mary Loc: Gorteen
McDermot, Owen Loc: Gorteen
McDermott, Johanna Loc: Drumane
McDermott, John Loc: Ballymagauran
McDermott, John Loc: Killywillin
McDermott, Thomas Loc: Derrycassan
McEroe, Patrick Loc: Cor
McGee, Terence Loc: Bellavally Lower
McGinn, Bernard Loc: Derrycassan
McGinn, Francis Loc: Derrycassan
McGinn, John Loc: Derrycassan
McGinn, Patrick Loc: Derrycassan
McGinn, Thomas Loc: Derrycassan
McGlinn, Bernard Loc: Altachullion Lower
McGolrick, Bridget Loc: Cloncurkney
McGolrick, Edward Loc: Lannanerriagh
McGolrick, Elizabeth Loc: Clarbally
McGolrick, Francis Loc: Altachullion Upper
McGolrick, Francis Loc: Altateskin
McGolrick, Honoria Loc: Altinure
McGolrick, Hugh Loc: Altachullion Upper
McGolrick, Hugh Loc: Altcrock
McGolrick, Hugh Loc: Tullyloughfin
McGolrick, James Loc: Altinure
McGolrick, James Loc: Teeboy
McGolrick, John Loc: Drumbeagh
McGolrick, John Loc: Moneynure
McGolrick, John Loc: Stranadarragh
McGolrick, John Loc: Tullynamoltra
McGolrick, Margaret Loc: Altachullion Upper
McGolrick, Margaret Loc: Altcrock
McGolrick, Michael Loc: Altachullion Upper
McGolrick, Michael Loc: Altcrock
McGolrick, Michael Loc: Corracholia More
McGolrick, Michael Loc: Derryvella
McGolrick, Michael Loc: Scrabby
McGolrick, Michael Loc: Tirnawannagh
McGolrick, Michael Loc: Tullyloughfin
McGolrick, Ml., Jr. Loc: Altcrock
McGolrick, Patrick Loc: Altachullion Lower
McGolrick, Patrick Loc: Altachullion Upper
McGolrick, Patrick Loc: Altinure
McGolrick, Patrick Loc: Altnadarragh
McGolrick, Patrick Loc: Cornagunleog
McGolrick, Patrick Loc: Corracholia Beg
McGolrick, Patrick Loc: Mullaghmore
McGolrick, Patrick Loc: Tullybrack
McGolrick, Patrick Loc: Tullyloughfin N: Gilmor
McGolrick, Patrick Loc: Tullyloughfin N: Michael
McGolrick, Patrick Loc: Tullyloughfin N: Widow
McGolrick, Peter Loc: Altachullion Upper
McGolrick, Peter Loc: Altateskin
McGolrick, Peter Loc: Cloncurkney
McGolrick, Peter Loc: Tullybrack
McGolrick, Peter Loc: Tullyloughfin
McGolrick, Philip Loc: Owencam
McGolrick, Ptk. Loc: Tullyloughfin N: Big
McGolrick, Thomas Loc: Altcrock
McGolrick, Thomas Loc: Altinure
McGolrick, Thomas Loc: Gortnacargy
McGoolrick, Gilbert Loc: Bellavally Lower
McGoolrick, Hugh Loc: Bellavally Upper
McGoolrick, James Loc: Bellavally Lower
McGoolrick, Judith Loc: Bellavally Lower
McGoolrick, Michael Loc: Bellavally Lower
McGoolrick, Patrick Loc: Bellavally Lower
McGoolrick, Philip Loc: Bellavally Lower
McGoorty, James Loc: Garvalt Lower
McGoorty, James Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper
McGorlick, Michael Loc: Moherloob
McGorlick, Philip Loc: Moneenabrone
McGovern, Anne Loc: Carrick West
McGovern, Anne Loc: Derrynananta Lower
McGovern, Anne Loc: Lannanerriagh
McGovern, Anne Loc: Legglass
McGovern, Anne Loc: Mully Lower
McGovern, Anne Loc: Mully Upper
McGovern, Anthony Loc: Corboy Glebe
McGovern, Anthony Loc: Curraghvah
McGovern, Arthur Loc: Curraghglass
McGovern, Arthur Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, Bartholomew Loc: Curraghvah
McGovern, Bartholomew Loc: Tullynacleigh
McGovern, Barthw. Loc: Carnmaclean
McGovern, Bartley Loc: Carnmaclean
McGovern, Bartley Loc: Moneenabrone
McGovern, Bernard Loc: Cloncurkney
McGovern, Bernard Loc: Corrasmongan
McGovern, Bernard Loc: Curraghglass
McGovern, Bernard Loc: Derrycassan
McGovern, Bernard Loc: Derrynananta Lower
McGovern, Bernard Loc: Derrynananta Upper
McGovern, Bridget Loc: Ballymagauran
McGovern, Bridget Loc: Carrick West
McGovern, Bridget Loc: Curraghglass
McGovern, Bridget Loc: Knockmore
McGovern, Bridget Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Brien Loc: Gortmore
McGovern, Bryan Loc: Altshallan
McGovern, Bryan Loc: Carnmaclean
McGovern, Bryan Loc: Corneenflynn
McGovern, Bryan Loc: Derrynananta Upper
McGovern, Bryan Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper
McGovern, Bryan Loc: Lannanerriagh
McGovern, Bryan Loc: Legnagrow
McGovern, Bryan Loc: Mullaghlea Glen
McGovern, Catherine Loc: Carrick West
McGovern, Catherine Loc: Corneenflynn
McGovern, Catherine Loc: Derryvahan
McGovern, Charles Loc: Ardvagh
McGovern, Charles Loc: Bellaleenan
McGovern, Charles Loc: Bellavally Upper
McGovern, Charles Loc: Derrylahan
McGovern, Charles Loc: Derryvahan
McGovern, Charles Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, Charles Loc: Owengallees
McGovern, Cormack Loc: Scrabby
McGovern, Cormick Loc: Bursan
McGovern, Cormick Loc: Legglass
McGovern, Cormick Loc: Legnagrow
McGovern, Cornelius Loc: Derryvahan
McGovern, Cornelius Loc: Owengallees
McGovern, Daniel Loc: Owencam
McGovern, Denis Loc: Lannanerriagh
McGovern, Denis Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Edward Loc: Corrachomera
McGovern, Edward Loc: Corranierna
McGovern, Edward Loc: Gubnagree
McGovern, Edward Loc: Knockmore
McGovern, Edward Loc: Legglass
McGovern, Edward Loc: Teeboy
McGovern, Edward Loc: Tullynaconspod
McGovern, Edward Loc: Tullytrasna
McGovern, Edward Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Felix Loc: Tullyloughfin
McGovern, Francis Loc: Drumhurrin
McGovern, Francis Loc: Knockmore
McGovern, Francis Loc: Moherreagh
McGovern, Francis Loc: Tullyloughfin
McGovern, Francis Loc: Tullynaconspod
McGovern, Francis Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Francis, Sr. Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Frank Loc: Derrynananta Upper
McGovern, Frank Loc: Knockgorm
McGovern, Frank Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, Frank Loc: Mully Upper
McGovern, Frans., Jr. Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Frans., Sr. Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Fras., Jr. Loc: Tullybrack
McGovern, Fras., Jr. Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Fras., Sr. Loc: Tullybrack
McGovern, George Loc: Owengallees
McGovern, Gilbert Loc: Creea
McGovern, Honoria Loc: Mullaghmore
McGovern, Hororia Loc: Mullaghmore
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Clarbally
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Clarbally N: Hugh
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Clarbally N: Patk.
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Corracholia Beg
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Corrachomera
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Derrycassan
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Derryvella
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Eaglehill
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Gortnacargy
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Greaghnadoony
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Lannanerriagh
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Leitra
McGovern, Rev. Hugh Loc: Mullaghlea
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Mully Upper
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Tonlegee
McGovern, Hugh Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Hugh, Jr. Loc: Tullybrack
McGovern, Hugh, Sr. Loc: Tullybrack
McGovern, James Loc: Corrachomera
McGovern, James Loc: Curraghvah
McGovern, James Loc: Derrynananta Lower
McGovern, James Loc: Drumbeagh
McGovern, James Loc: Garvalt Lower
McGovern, James Loc: Killywaum
McGovern, James Loc: Lannanerriagh
McGovern, James Loc: Moherreagh
McGovern, James Loc: Moneenabrone
McGovern, James Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, James Loc: Mullaghlea Glen
McGovern, James Loc: Mully Lower
McGovern, James Loc: Mully Upper
McGovern, Jas., Jr. Loc: Curraghglass
McGovern, Jas., Sr. Loc: Curraghglass
McGovern, Jas., Sr. Loc: Garvalt Lower
McGovern, Johanna Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, John Loc: Ballynamaddoo
McGovern, John Loc: Bellaleenan
McGovern, John Loc: Cartronnagilta
McGovern, John Loc: Corrachomera
McGovern, John Loc: Corranierna
McGovern, John Loc: Crossmakelagher
McGovern, John Loc: Curraghvah
McGovern, John Loc: Derrylahan
McGovern, John Loc: Derryvahan
McGovern, John Loc: Derryvella
McGovern, John Loc: Erraran
McGovern, John Loc: Gubnagree
McGovern, John Loc: Killywaum
McGovern, John Loc: Kilsob
McGovern, John Loc: Knockmore
McGovern, John Loc: Legnagrow
McGovern, John Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, John Loc: Mullaghlea
McGovern, John Loc: Mully Upper
McGovern, John Loc: Tonlegee
McGovern, John, Jr. Loc: Creea
McGovern, John, Sr. Loc: Creea
McGovern, Laurence Loc: Curraghabweehan
McGovern, Margaret Loc: Gowlagh South
McGovern, Margaret Loc: Kilsallagh
McGovern, Mary Loc: Curraghabweehan
McGovern, Mary Loc: Derrybeg
McGovern, Mary Loc: Mully Upper
McGovern, Matthew Loc: Derrybeg
McGovern, Matthew, Jr. Loc: Tonlegee
McGovern, Matthew, Sr. Loc: Tonlegee
McGovern, Mchl., Sr. Loc: Legglass
McGovern, Michael Loc: Altnasheen
McGovern, Michael Loc: Ardvagh
McGovern, Michael Loc: Ballynamaddoo
McGovern, Michael Loc: Bellavally Lower
McGovern, Michael Loc: Bellavally Upper
McGovern, Michael Loc: Bursan
McGovern, Michael Loc: Derryconnessy
McGovern, Michael Loc: Derrylahan
McGovern, Michael Loc: Knockmore
McGovern, Michael Loc: Lattone
McGovern, Michael Loc: Legatraghta
McGovern, Michael Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, Michael Loc: Mullaghlea Glen
McGovern, Michael Loc: Mully Lower
McGovern, Michael Loc: Tullyminister
McGovern, Michael Loc: Tullynaconspod
McGovern, Michael Loc: Tullytrasna
McGovern, Michael Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Michl. Loc: Moneensauran N: Jas.
McGovern, Ml. Loc: Ardvagh N: Rue
McGovern, Ml., Jr. Loc: Mully Lower
McGovern, Owen Loc: Altnasheen
McGovern, Owen Loc: Altshallan
McGovern, Owen Loc: Ardvagh
McGovern, Owen Loc: Bellavally Lower
McGovern, Owen Loc: Bursan
McGovern, Owen Loc: Clarbally
McGovern, Owen Loc: Corracholia More
McGovern, Owen Loc: Corrachomera
McGovern, Owen Loc: Corranierna
McGovern, Owen Loc: Derrynananta Lower
McGovern, Owen Loc: Lannanerriagh
McGovern, Owen Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, Owen Loc: Mully Lower
McGovern, Patk. Loc: Clarbally N: Hugh
McGovern, Patk. Loc: Clarbally N: Tom
McGovern, Patk., Jr. Loc: Altshallan
McGovern, Patk., Jr. Loc: Derrynananta Lower
McGovern, Patk., Sr. Loc: Altshallan
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Altateskin
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Altateskin N: Altnadava
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Altnadarragh N: Terry
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Ardvagh
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Bellavally Lower
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Carnmaclean
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Clarbally N: Deinvilla
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Corneenflynn
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Corracholia Beg
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Corracholia More
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Culliagh
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Curraghabweehan
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Derrynananta Lower
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Derrynaslieve
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Derryvella
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Drumbeagh
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Erraran
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Gortnacargy
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Kilsallagh
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Knockgorm
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Knockmore
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Lattone
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Legatraghta
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Moherreagh
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Moneenabrone
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Muinaghan
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Owengallees
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Tullybrack
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Tullycrafton
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Tullynaconspod
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Corlough
McGovern, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Creea
McGovern, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Gortmore
McGovern, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Corlough
McGovern, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Creea
McGovern, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Gortmore
McGovern, Peter Loc: Altnadarragh
McGovern, Peter Loc: Altshallan
McGovern, Peter Loc: Ardvagh
McGovern, Peter Loc: Bellavally Upper
McGovern, Peter Loc: Carrick West
McGovern, Peter Loc: Corlough
McGovern, Peter Loc: Corneenflynn
McGovern, Peter Loc: Curraghglass
McGovern, Peter Loc: Derrylahan
McGovern, Peter Loc: Derrynananta Lower
McGovern, Peter Loc: Knockmore
McGovern, Peter Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, Peter Loc: Stranadarragh
McGovern, Philip Loc: Altateskin
McGovern, Philip Loc: Altcrock
McGovern, Philip Loc: Altnadarragh
McGovern, Philip Loc: Bellavally Lower
McGovern, Philip Loc: Corracleigh
McGovern, Philip Loc: Curraghglass
McGovern, Philip Loc: Derrylahan
McGovern, Philip Loc: Drumbeagh
McGovern, Philip Loc: Legglass
McGovern, Philip Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, Ptk. Loc: Altateskin N: Mac
McGovern, Robert Loc: Altnasheen
McGovern, Ter., Jr. Loc: Legnagrow
McGovern, Ter., Sr. Loc: Legnagrow
McGovern, Terence Loc: Curraghglass
McGovern, Terence Loc: Curraghvah
McGovern, Terence Loc: Derrynananta Lower
McGovern, Rev. Terence Loc: Kilsallagh
McGovern, Terence Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, Terence Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Ternece Loc: Knockgorm
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Bellaleenan
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Cornacleigh
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Corracholia More
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Corrachomera
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Creea
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Curraghglass
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Derryconnessy
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Derryconnessy N: Muineal
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Derrylahan
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Derrymony
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Derrynacreeve
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Derrynananta Lower
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Derrynananta Upper
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Eaglehill
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Garvalt Lower
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Gortnacargy
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Greaghnadoony
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Killymoriarty
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Kilsallagh
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Lannanerriagh
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Legglass
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Legnagrow N: Charles
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Legnagrow N: Felix
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Legnagrow N: Peter
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Muineal
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Stranadarragh
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Tawnagh
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Tirnawannagh
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Tonlegee
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Tullytrasna
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Tullyveela N: Frans
McGovern, Thomas, Jr. Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Thos. Loc: Clarbally N: Frank
McGovern, Thos. Loc: Clarbally N: Tom
McGovern, Thos. Loc: Knockmore N: Big
McGovern, Thos., Jr. Loc: Tullyveela
McGovern, Ths. Loc: Knockmore N: Black
McGovern, Ths. Loc: Knockmore N: Frank
McGovern, Tiernan Loc: Derrynananta Lower
McGovern, Ts. Loc: Knockmore N: Matthew
McGovern, William Loc: Derrynananta Upper
McGovern, William Loc: Moneensauran
McGovern, Winifred Loc: Altshallan
McGrath, Bernard Loc: Derrynananta Upper
McGrath, Charles Loc: Derrynananta Upper
McGuire, Charles Loc: Lattone
McGuire, Francis Loc: Carrick West
McGuire, Hugh Loc: Corlough
McGuire, Hugh Loc: Derrycassan
McGuire, John Loc: Gowlan
McGuire, Michael Loc: Gowlan
McGuire, Patrick Loc: Altnasheen
McGuire, Patrick Loc: Burren
McGuire, Patrick Loc: Corlough
McGuire, Patrick Loc: Lannanerriagh
McGuire, Patrick Loc: Lecharrownahone
McGuire, Patrick Loc: Moneenabrone
McGuire, Philip Loc: Moneenabrone
McGuire, Thomas Loc: Lannanerriagh
McGuire, Wm., Jr. Loc: Gowlan
McGuire, Wm., Sr. Loc: Gowlan
McHugh, Andrew Loc: Lannanerriagh
McHugh, Andrew Loc: Legatraghta
McHugh, Catherine Loc: Cronery
McHugh, Cormick Loc: Legatraghta
McHugh, Edward Loc: Legatraghta
McHugh, Francis Loc: Greagh
McHugh, Gilbert Loc: Legatraghta
McHugh, Hugh Loc: Cronery
McHugh, James Loc: Lannanerriagh
McHugh, James Loc: Legatraghta
McHugh, John Loc: Ballynamaddoo
McHugh, John Loc: Burren
McHugh, John Loc: Teeboy
McHugh, Mary Loc: Bawnboy
McHugh, Michael Loc: Moneensauran
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Curraghglass
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Lannanerriagh
McHugh, Patrick Loc: Legatraghta
McHugh, Philip Loc: Burren
McHugh, Terence Loc: Legatraghta
McHugh, Terence Loc: Moneensauran
McHugh, Thomas Loc: Arderry
McHugh, Thomas Loc: Derrylahan
McHugh, Thomas Loc: Lannanerriagh
McHugh, Thomas Loc: Legatraghta
McHugh, Thomas Loc: Moneensauran
McIntyre, Daniel Loc: Killycluggin
McIntyre, James Loc: Corran
McIntyre, John Loc: Toberlyan
McIntyre, Patrick Loc: Corran
McIntyre, Philip Loc: Corran
McIntyre, Thomas Loc: Corran
McIntyre, Thomas Loc: Kildoagh
McKeirnan, Thomas Loc: Ballynamaddoo
McKenna, Andrew Loc: Killycrin
McKenna, Andrew Loc: Kilsallagh
McKenna, Bernard Loc: Burren
McKenna, Francis Loc: Killywaum
McKenna, Owen Loc: Killywaum
McKeon, John Loc: Port
McKeon, Margaret Loc: Lannanerriagh
McKernan, John Loc: Corratawy
McKernan, John, Jr. Loc: Corratawy
McKernan, Thomas Loc: Corneenflynn
McKiernan, Bernard Loc: Killycluggin
McKiernan, Bernard Loc: Mullaghlea
McKiernan, Bernard Loc: Tawnagh
McKiernan, Bridget Loc: Cronery
McKiernan, Cornelius Loc: Gowlagh North
McKiernan, Cornelius Loc: Killycrin
McKiernan, Daniel Loc: Corrasmongan
McKiernan, Daniel Loc: Toberlyan
McKiernan, Fergus Loc: Muinaghan
McKiernan, Francis Loc: Cronery
McKiernan, Francis Loc: Killywaum
McKiernan, Francis Loc: Toberlyan
McKiernan, Hugh Loc: Burren
McKiernan, Hugh Loc: Killymoriarty
McKiernan, Hugh, Jr. Loc: Killymoriarty
McKiernan, James Loc: Corratillan
McKiernan, James Loc: Cronery
McKiernan, James Loc: Gowlagh North
McKiernan, James Loc: Torrewa
McKiernan, John Loc: Ballynamaddoo
McKiernan, John Loc: Gortmore
McKiernan, John Loc: Gowlagh North
McKiernan, John Loc: Killycrin
McKiernan, John Loc: Toberlyan Duffin
McKiernan, Michael Loc: Cloneary
McKiernan, Michael Loc: Owengallees
McKiernan, Owen Loc: Ballynamaddoo
McKiernan, Owen Loc: Burren
McKiernan, Owen Loc: Gowlagh North
McKiernan, Rev. Owen Loc: Toberlyan Duffin
McKiernan, Owen Loc: Torrewa
McKiernan, Patrick Loc: Ballymagauran
McKiernan, Patrick Loc: Bellaleenan
McKiernan, Patrick Loc: Gowlagh North
McKiernan, Patrick Loc: Killycrin
McKiernan, Peter Loc: Cloneary
McKiernan, Philip Loc: Kilsob
McKiernan, Susan Loc: Gowlagh North
McKiernan, Thomas Loc: Gowlagh North
McKiernan, Thomas Loc: Killycrin
McLoughlin, James Loc: Coppanaghmore
McLoughlin, John Loc: Curraghvah
McLoughlin, Michael Loc: Gowlagh South
McLoughlin, Patrick Loc: Coppanaghbane
McLoughlin, Patrick Loc: Coppanaghmore
McLoughlin, Tiernan Loc: Coppanaghmore
McManus, Catherine Loc: Corran
McManus, Charles Loc: Drumbeagh
McManus, Charles Loc: Tullywaum
McManus, Felix Loc: Boley
McManus, Felix Loc: Gortaclogher
McManus, Henry Loc: Boley
McManus, Hugh Loc: Cartronnagilta
McManus, Hugh Loc: Derrylahan
McManus, Hugh Loc: Moherloob
McManus, James Loc: Cartronnagilta
McManus, James Loc: Corraclassy
McManus, James Loc: Gortullaghan
McManus, James Loc: Greaghnadoony
McManus, James Loc: Knockmore
McManus, James Loc: Tullytrasna
McManus, John Loc: Arderry
McManus, John Loc: Derrynananta Lower
McManus, John Loc: Legglass
McManus, Mary Loc: Moherloob
McManus, Michael Loc: Cartronnagilta
McManus, Michael Loc: Cloncurkney
McManus, Michael Loc: Kildoagh
McManus, Owen Loc: Arderry
McManus, Owen Loc: Tullywaum
McManus, Patrick Loc: Cornacleigh
McManus, Peter Loc: Derrynacreeve
McManus, Philip Loc: Arderry
McManus, Philip Loc: Derrymony
McManus, Philip Loc: Derrymore
McManus, Philip Loc: Knockmore
McManus, Philip Loc: Scrabby
McManus, Philip Loc: Tullytrasna
McManus, Terence Loc: Kildoagh
McManus, Terence Loc: Owencam
McManus, Thomas Loc: Corneenflynn
McManus, Thomas Loc: Owengallees
McShanahy, Hugh Loc: Cartronnagilta
McShanahy, Jas. Loc: Stranadarragh N: Fox
McSorley, Michael Loc: Brackley
McSpirit, John Loc: Drumbeagh
McSweeny, Michael Loc: Corneenflynn
McSweeny, Patrick Loc: Burren
McTagart, Hugh Loc: Derrycassan
McTagart, Mary Loc: Derrycassan
McTaggert, John Loc: Kilnavert
McTaggert, Owen Loc: Killywillin
McTaggert, Philip Loc: Kilnavert
McTaggert, William Loc: Gortnaleck
McTaggert, William Loc: Kilnavert
McTeague, Augustus Loc: Tirnawannagh
McTeague, Augustus Loc: Tirnawannagh N: and Others
McTeague, Ellen Loc: Corlough
McTeague, Francis Loc: Bawnboy
McTeague, Hugh Loc: Culliagh
McTeague, Hugh Loc: Tullandreen
McTeague, James Loc: Corraclassy
McTeague, James Loc: Tirnawannagh
McTeague, James Loc: Tullandreen
McTeague, Michael Loc: Arderry
McTeague, Michael Loc: Tullynaconspod
McTeague, Owen Loc: Bellaleenan
McTeague, Patrick Loc: Bellaleenan
McTeague, Patrick Loc: Mullaghmore
McTeague, Patrick Loc: Tullandreen
McTeague, Peter Loc: Clontycarnaghan
McTeague, Peter Loc: Kilsob
McTurnan, Michael Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper
McVeety, James Loc: Drumbeagh
McVeety, Owen Loc: Corlough
Meehan, Francis Loc: Corlough
Miles, Bernard Loc: Drumlougher
Miles, John Loc: Cor
Miles, Thomas Loc: Cor
Miles, Thomas Loc: Drumlougher
Moffatt, Mary Loc: Derrycassan
Montgomery, John Loc: Drumbeagh
Montgomery, William Loc: Drumbeagh
Moore, Edward Loc: Stranadarragh
Moore, Robert Loc: Muinaghan
Morrow, Michael Loc: Kildoagh
Muldoon, Thomas Loc: Brackley
Mullamphy, Hugh Loc: Derrynacreeve
Mullamphy, Hugh Loc: Derryvella
Mullamphy, Hugh Loc: Drumbeagh
Mullamphy, Laur. Loc: Curraghabweehan
Mullavy, Daniel Loc: Burren
Mullavy, David Loc: Burren
Mullavy, Isabella Loc: Burren
Mullavy, Owen Loc: Burren
Mullavy, Patrick Loc: Burren
Mullens, Bridget Loc: Killycrin
Mulligan, Thomas Loc: Burren
Mullrain, Thomas Loc: Drumhurrin
Mulvey, Thomas Loc: Cornagunleog
Murphy, Anne Loc: Corratillan
Murphy, Bernard Loc: Tirnawannagh
Murphy, Francis Loc: Corratillan
Murphy, Francis Loc: Culliagh
Murphy, John Loc: Bawnboy
Murphy, John Loc: Culliagh
Murphy, Mary Loc: Arderry
Murphy, Owen Loc: Moherreagh
Murphy, Owen Loc: Mullaghlea
Murphy, Patrick Loc: Cornacleigh
Murphy, Thomas Loc: Cornacleigh
Murphy, Thomas Loc: Killyneary
Murray, Francis Loc: Gortullaghan
Murray, Francis Loc: Kilnavert
Murray, John Loc: Moherreagh
Murray, Patrick Loc: Kilnavert
Murray, Patrick Loc: Lissanover
Murray, Patrick Loc: Port
Murray, Patrick Loc: Urhannagh
Murray, William Loc: Cavanaquill
Murray, William Loc: Kilsallagh
Myles, Edward Loc: Stranadarragh
Netterfield, Isaac Loc: Lecharrownahone
Netterfield, James Loc: Lecharrownahone
Netterfield, Mosas Loc: Lecharrownahone
Netterfield, Moses Loc: Crossmakelagher
Nixon, Thomas Loc: Greagh
O'Brien, James Loc: Cloncurkney
O'Brien, James Loc: Gowlagh South
O'Brien, John Loc: Coologe
O'Donnell, James Loc: Lecharrownahone
O'Donnell, John Loc: Lecharrownahone
O'Donnell, Margaret Loc: Lecharrownahone
O'Donnell, Michael Loc: Corratillan
O'Hara, John Loc: Corlough
O'Hara, Patrick Loc: Gortnavreeghan
O'Hara, Patrick Loc: Gowlat
O'Hara, Richard Loc: Gortnavreeghan
O'Hara, William Loc: Bellaleenan
O'Hara, William Loc: Lannanerriagh
Peaton, James Loc: Arderry
Plunkett, Catherine Loc: Newtown
Plunkett, George Loc: Keenagh
Plunkett, James Loc: Bawnboy
Plunkett, James Loc: Culliagh
Plunkett, James Loc: Kilsob
Plunkett, John Loc: Bawnboy
Plunkett, John Loc: Corrasmongan
Plunkett, John Loc: Cronery
Plunkett, John Loc: Gortnacargy
Plunkett, John Loc: Killywaum
Plunkett, John Loc: Kilsob
Plunkett, John Loc: Munlough South
Plunkett, Mary Loc: Keenagh
Plunkett, Mary Loc: Kilsallagh
Plunkett, Thomas Loc: Bawnboy
Plunkett, Thomas Loc: Kilsob
Plunkett, Thomas Loc: Torrewa
Powell, Margaret Loc: Munlough North
Powell, Robert Loc: Munlough North
Prior, Bernard Loc: Corratillan
Prior, Bernard Loc: Cronery
Prior, Denis Loc: Ballymagauran
Prior, Felix Loc: Owencam
Prior, Hugh Loc: Corracholia Beg
Prior, Hugh Loc: Derryvella
Prior, John Loc: Ballymagauran
Prior, John Loc: Derrycassan
Prior, John Loc: Tullytrasna
Prior, Mary Loc: Owencam
Prior, Patrick Loc: Arderry
Prior, Patrick Loc: Burren
Prior, Thomas Loc: Corlough
Prior, Thomas Loc: Corratillan N: Old
Prior, Thomas Loc: Derrycassan
Prior, Thos. Loc: Corratillan N: Young
Quinn, Thomas Loc: Tullybrack
Rainbird, John Loc: Newtown
Reilly, Andrew Loc: Toberlyan Duffin
Reilly, Anne Loc: Ballymagauran
Reilly, Anne Loc: Gortaclogher
Reilly, Anne Loc: Gortnavreeghan
Reilly, Conor Loc: Legnagrow
Reilly, Edward Loc: Kildoagh
Reilly, Elizabeth Loc: Kilnavert
Reilly, Francis Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Reilly, Francis Loc: Derrylahan
Reilly, Francis Loc: Derryragh
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Bawnboy
Reilly, James Loc: Corrasmongan
Reilly, James Loc: Crossmakelagher
Reilly, James Loc: Owengallees
Reilly, James Loc: Toberlyan
Reilly, James Loc: Toberlyan Duffin
Reilly, Johanna Loc: Scrabby
Reilly, John Loc: Ballynamaddoo
Reilly, John Loc: Bawnboy
Reilly, John Loc: Boley
Reilly, John Loc: Cornacleigh
Reilly, John Loc: Cronery
Reilly, John Loc: Gortaclogher
Reilly, John Loc: Gortnavreeghan
Reilly, John Loc: Killywaum
Reilly, John Loc: Moherreagh
Reilly, John Loc: Munlough North
Reilly, Margaret Loc: Lecharrownahone
Reilly, Margaret Loc: Toberlyan
Reilly, Mary Loc: Altachullion Lower
Reilly, Mary Loc: Derrylahan
Reilly, Michael Loc: Altachullion Lower
Reilly, Michael Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Reilly, Michael Loc: Corneen
Reilly, Michael Loc: Cronery
Reilly, Michael Loc: Kilsallagh
Reilly, Michael Loc: Munlough North
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Clontycarnaghan N: Big
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Corneen
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Legnagrow
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Munlough North
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Tirnawannagh
Reilly, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Corneen
Reilly, Peter Loc: Cronery
Reilly, Peter Loc: Culliagh
Reilly, Peter Loc: Lattone
Reilly, Peter Loc: Teeboy
Reilly, Peter Loc: Tonlegee
Reilly, Philip Loc: Culliagh
Reilly, Philip Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper
Reilly, Terence Loc: Lecharrownahone
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Coppanaghbane
Reilly, William Loc: Clontycarnaghan
Reynolds, James Loc: Erraran
Reynolds, William Loc: Ballymagauran
Reynolds, William Loc: Derryvahan
Reynolds, William Loc: Garvary
Robinson, Humphrey Loc: Prospect
Robinson, Margaret Loc: Prospect
Robinson, William Loc: Prospect
Robinson, William Loc: Scrabby
Roche, David Loc: Curraghglass
Roche, Edward Loc: Curraghglass
Roche, James Loc: Curraghvah
Roche, Patrick Loc: Curraghvah
Rochfort, John D. Loc: Bawnboy
Rochfort, John D. Loc: Corrasmongan
Rochfort, John D. Loc: Killyneary
Rooney, Matthew Loc: Gortaclogher
Rorke, Andrew Loc: Kilnavert
Rorke, Edward Loc: Bawnboy
Rorke, Felix Loc: Corran
Rorke, Felix Loc: Killycluggin
Rorke, Hugh Loc: Ballynamaddoo
Ross, Thomas Loc: Corran
Roundtree, Owen Loc: Bellavally Lower
Roundtree, Owen Loc: Tullandreen
Roundtree, Peter Loc: Bellavally Lower
Rourke, Daniel Loc: Derrycassan
Rourke, Hugh Loc: Derryvahan
Rourke, John Loc: Derryvahan
Rourke, John Loc: Gortnavreeghan
Rourke, John Loc: Kilsallagh
Rourke, John Loc: Tawnagh
Rourke, Mary Loc: Derryvahan
Rourke, Michael Loc: Curraghabweehan
Rourke, Miles Loc: Derrycassan
Roycraft, Robert Loc: Lissanover
Roycroft, Robert Loc: Tonyhallagh
Rudden, Charles Loc: Owengallees
Rudden, Edward Loc: Drumlougher
Rudden, Edward Loc: Owengallees
Rutledge, Forster Loc: Ballymagirril
Scarlett, Catherine Loc: Drumbeagh
Scarlett, James Loc: Gortaclogher
Scarlett, Launcelot Loc: Ray
Shannan, James Loc: Killycrin
Shannan, Michael Loc: Killycrin
Shannan, Philip Loc: Killycrin
Shannan, Thomas Loc: Gortnavreeghan
Shannon, Daniel Loc: Cavanaquill
Shannon, John Loc: Legnagrow
Shannon, Patrick Loc: Ardvagh
Sheanan, John Loc: Gortaclogher
Sheanan, Robert Loc: Ballymagauran
Sheanan, Robert Loc: Killywillin
Sheridan, Anne Loc: Altnasheen
Sheridan, Daniel Loc: Creea
Sheridan, James Loc: Drumhurrin
Sheridan, John Loc: Drumhurrin
Sheridan, John Loc: Gub or Garvalt Upper
Sheridan, John Loc: Moneensauran
Sheridan, Patrick Loc: Mully Upper
Sheridan, Peter Loc: Creea
Sheridan, Peter Loc: Garvalt Lower
Sheridan, Philip Loc: Corneenflynn
Sheridan, Philip Loc: Creea
Sheridan, Thomas Loc: Altnasheen
Slack, Arthur R. Loc: Ballymagirril
Slack, Arthur R. Loc: Cornagunleog
Slack, Arthur R. Loc: Stranadarragh
Slack, Thomas Loc: Ballymagauran
Slack, Thomas Loc: Gortaclogher
Slack, Thomas Loc: Killywillin
Slevin, Francis Loc: Cloncurkney
Slevin, Francis Loc: Gowlagh South
Smith, Bernard Loc: Killywillin
Smith, Catherine Loc: Stranadarragh
Smith, Francis Loc: Killycrin
Smith, Francis Loc: Toberlyan Duffin
Smith, Hugh Loc: Boley
Smith, James Loc: Derryragh
Smith, James Loc: Knockmore
Smith, James Loc: Sruhagh
Smith, James Loc: Teeboy
Smith, James Loc: Toberlyan Duffin
Smith, John Loc: Burren
Smith, John Loc: Derrycassan
Smith, John Loc: Sruhagh
Smith, John Loc: Teeboy
Smith, John Loc: Teeboy N: John
Smith, John, Sr. Loc: Teeboy
Smith, Michael Loc: Arderry
Smith, Owen Loc: Boley
Smith, Owen Loc: Cornagunleog
Smith, Owen Loc: Greagh
Smith, Patrick Loc: Burren
Smith, Patrick Loc: Killycrin
Smith, Rev. Patrick Loc: Muinaghan
Smith, Patrick Loc: Teeboy
Smith, Peter Loc: Coologe
Smith, Peter Loc: Teeboy
Smith, Philip Loc: Teeboy
Smith, Robert Loc: Sruhagh
Smith, Thomas Loc: Arderry
Smith, Thomas Loc: Owencam
Smith, Thomas Loc: Teeboy N: Teacher
Smith, Thomas, Jr. Loc: Teeboy
Smith, Thomas, Sr. Loc: Teeboy
Spotten, James Loc: Cornagunleog
Spotten, James Loc: Greagh
Spotton, James Loc: Ballymagauran
Spotton, James Loc: Ballymagirril
Stewart, William Loc: Killyran
Story, Francis Loc: Tawnagh
Story, George Loc: Tawnagh
Stringer, Bridget Loc: Bawnboy
Swan, Margaret Loc: Mullaghmore
Tagart, Francis Loc: Crossmakelagher
Tagart, James Loc: Bofealan
Tagart, William Loc: Bofealan
Taylor, David Loc: Derrymore
Taylor, Rev. John Loc: Corboy Glebe
Taylor, John Loc: Garvary
Taylor, John Loc: Killyran
Taylor, Mark Loc: Garvary
Taylor, Thomas Loc: Drumane
Taylor, Thomas Loc: Lecharrownahone
Taylor, Thomas Loc: Scrabby
Taylor, William Loc: Killyran
Timmins, John Loc: Ballymagauran
Toher, Farrell Loc: Gortaclogher
Toher, John Loc: Gortaclogher
Tomulty, Felix Loc: Bellavally Lower
Tomulty, James Loc: Bellavally Lower
Tugman, John Loc: Porturlan
Tugman, Thomas Loc: Carrick East
Tugman, Thomas Loc: Ray
Veitch, Daniel Loc: Drumane
Wallace, Matthew Loc: Moneynure
Wallace, Robert Loc: Prospect
Wallace, Solomon Loc: Moherreagh
Ward, Patrick Loc: Kilsob
Widdis, John Loc: Killyran
Wilcocks, Henry Loc: Port
Wilcocks, Henry Loc: Toberlyan
Wilcocks, Henry Loc: Toberlyan Duffin
Wilcocks, William Loc: Ballymagauran
Wilcocks, William Loc: Killywillin
Williams, Edward Loc: Drumbeagh
Williams, William Loc: Drumbeagh
Wynn, Cormack Loc: Owencam

Map of Civil Parishes in county Cavan

Civil Parish Records of County Cavan

Other county Cavan Parish Records

1 Annagelliff

2 Annagh

3 Ballintemple

4 Bailieborough

5 Ballymachugh

6 Castlerahan

7 Castleterra

8 Crosserlough

9 Denn

10 Drumgoon

11 Drumlane

12 Drumlumman

13 Drumreilly

14 Drung

15 Enniskeen

16 Kilbride

17 Kildallan

18 Kildrumsherdan

19 Killashandra

20 Killinagh

21 Killinkere

22 Kilmore

23 Kinawley

24 Knockbride

25 Larah

26 Lavey

27 Loughran Castlekeeran

28 Lurgan

29 Moybolgue

30 Mullagh

31 Munterconnaught

32 Scrabby

33 Shercock

34 Templeport

35 Tomregan

36 Urney