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Griffith's Valuation in Shercock Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation was carried out in Shercock parish and every other parish in county Cavan as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in Shercock parish, county Cavan during 1856 and 1857.


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Griffiths Valuation: Shercock Parish 1856 and 1857

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KEY:   Loc: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Ackens, James Loc: Crocklusty
Adams, Benjamin Loc: Lisdrumskea
Adams, Capt. Benjamin Loc: Shinan
Adams, Rev. Dean Loc: Cornalara
Adams, Dean Loc: Derry N: Very Rev.
Adams, Rev. Dean Loc: Killcrossduff
Adams, Rev. Dean Loc: Tullybrick
Adams, James Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St N: Surgeon
Adams, Robert Loc: Nolagh
Aikens, James Loc: Drumad
Aikens, Robert Loc: Drumad
Aikens, Robert Loc: Killcrossbeg
Aikens, William Loc: Drumad
Anderson, John Loc: Killcrossduff
Argue, Robert Loc: Killcrossbeg
Argue, Robert Loc: Tullybrick
Argue, Thomas Loc: Derry
Argue, William Loc: Tullybrick
Belch, William Loc: Killcrossbeg
Bell, Joseph Loc: Ralaghan
Berne, Owen Loc: Darkley
Bloomer, Edward Loc: Latteriff
Bloomer, Edward Loc: Lecks
Bloomer, James Loc: Darkley
Bloomer, James Loc: Lecks
Bloomer, John Loc: Latteriff
Bloomer, Mary Loc: Latteriff
Blumer, Edward Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Boyle, Charles Loc: Glasleck
Boyle, Charles Loc: Ralaghan
Boyle, Ellen Loc: Killcrossduff
Boyle, John Loc: Killcrossduff
Boyle, Patrick Loc: Corraghy
Boyle, Philip Loc: Killcrossduff
Brady, James Loc: Darkley
Brady, John Loc: Nolagh
Brady, Judith Loc: Glasleck
Brady, Owen Loc: Glasleck
Brady, Owen Loc: Ralaghan
Brady, Patrick Loc: Glasleck
Brady, Thomas Loc: Glasleck
Brennan, James Loc: Annaghierin
Brennan, James Loc: Corraghy
Brown, Thomas Loc: Corravilla
Browne, Abraham Loc: Killcrossbeg
Browne, John Loc: Killcrossbeg
Browne, Samuel Loc: Corclare
Browne, Samuel Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Coothill Rd
Browne, Samuel Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Browne, William Loc: Killcrossbeg
Byrne, Owen Loc: Cornalara
Byrne, Thomas Loc: Cornalara
Caffery, Patrick Loc: Corraghy
Cahill, Peter Loc: Nolagh
Callaghan, James Loc: Ralaghan
Callaghan, Michael Loc: Killcrossduff
Callaghan, Michael Loc: Ralaghan
Callaghan, Patrick Loc: Glasleck
Callaghan, Patrick Loc: Nolagh
Callaghan, Peter Loc: Croley
Callaghan, Peter Loc: Lisdrumskea
Callan, Philip Loc: Killcrossduff
Campbell, Anne Loc: Drumlom
Campbell, James Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Campbell, Joseph Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Carney, Catherine Loc: Derry
Carney, Patrick Loc: Lisdrumskea
Carolan, Charles Loc: Crossmakeelan
Carolan, Mary Loc: Killcrossduff
Carolan, Peter Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Carolan, Peter Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - O. B'
Carolan, Peter Loc: Shinan
Carroll, Thomas Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Cassidy, Patrick Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Coothill Rd
Cassidy, Peter Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Coothill Rd
Clarke, Andrew Loc: Nolagh
Clarke, Anne Loc: Annaghierin
Clarke, Betty Loc: Annaghierin
Clarke, Catherine Loc: Glasleck
Clarke, Charles Loc: Ralaghan
Clarke, Daniel Loc: Glasleck
Clarke, Elizabeth Loc: Cornalara
Clarke, Ellen Loc: Nolagh
Clarke, Ellen Loc: Ralaghan
Clarke, Frances Loc: Glasleck
Clarke, Francis Loc: Annaghierin
Clarke, Francis Loc: Croley
Clarke, Francis Loc: Ralaghan
Clarke, James Loc: Killcrossduff
Clarke, John Loc: Killcrossduff
Clarke, John Loc: Nolagh
Clarke, Judith Loc: Ralaghan
Clarke, Laurence Loc: Nolagh
Clarke, Lawrence Loc: Glasleck
Clarke, Michael Loc: Crossmakeelan
Clarke, Michael Loc: Lisdrumfad
Clarke, Michael Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Clarke, Michael Loc: Nolagh
Clarke, Michael Loc: Rabane
Clarke, Michael Loc: Ralaghan
Clarke, Michael Loc: Tullybrick
Clarke, Owen Loc: Crossmakeelan
Clarke, Owen Loc: Glasleck
Clarke, Owen Loc: Killcrossduff
Clarke, Owen Loc: Nolagh
Clarke, Owen Loc: Ralaghan
Clarke, Patrick Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Clarke, Patrick Loc: Nolagh
Clarke, Patrick Loc: Ralaghan
Clarke, Patrick Loc: Shinan
Clarke, Peter Loc: Annaghierin
Clarke, Philip Loc: Derry
Clarke, Sarah Loc: Ralaghan
Clarke, Terence Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Clarke, Terence Loc: Nolagh
Clarke, Terence Loc: Shinan
Clarke, Thomas Loc: Derry
Clarke, Thomas Loc: Glasleck
Clarke, Thomas Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Clarke, Thomas Loc: Shinan
Clarke, Thomas Loc: Tullybrick
Clarke, William Loc: Lecks
Clerkins, John Loc: Darkley
Clisdell, Anne Loc: Drumad
Clisdell, James Loc: Darkley
Clisdell, James Loc: Drumad
Coffey, Francis Loc: Cornalara
Coffey, Martin Loc: Cornalara
Coffey, Martin Loc: Cornaleen
Coffey, Michael Loc: Lecks
Comesky, Luke Loc: Nolagh
Connelly, Arthur Loc: Lisdrumskea
Connolly, Thomas Loc: Lisdrumskea
Connolly, Valentine Loc: Cornalara
Connor, Anne Loc: Lecks
Connor, John Loc: Glasleck
Connor, John Loc: Shinan
Connor, Michael Loc: Glasleck
Connor, Michael Loc: Ralaghan
Connor, Patrick Loc: Lisdrumfad
Connor, Peter Loc: Corbeagh
Connor, Peter Loc: Lisdrumfad
Connor, Thomas Loc: Glasleck
Cooney, Charles Loc: Nolagh
Cooney, Daniel Loc: Nolagh
Cooney, Edward Loc: Nolagh
Cooney, Ellen Loc: Nolagh
Cooney, Michael Loc: Nolagh
Cooney, Niell Loc: Nolagh
Cooney, Patrick Loc: Lecks
Cooney, Philip Loc: Nolagh
Cooper, Hugh Loc: Drumad
Cor, Mary Loc: Glasleck
Corkey, John Loc: Corbeagh
Coyle, Alice Loc: Lecks
Coyle, Bridget Loc: Croley
Coyle, Patrick Loc: Cornaleen
Coyle, Patrick Loc: Lecks
Coyle, Patrick Loc: Lisdrumskea
Cranston, Obadiah Loc: Tullybrick
Cranston, William Loc: Nolagh
Crawson, Philip Loc: Corbeagh
Cullam, Rev. R. M. Loc: Derry
Daly, Edward Loc: Corbeagh
Daly, Philip Loc: Carrickcreeny
Dangan, Thomas Loc: Killcrossduff
Daniel, Edward Loc: Corravilla
Daniel, James Loc: Lisdrumskea
Davidson, James Loc: Drumad
Davidson, Robert Loc: Drumad
Davidson, Robert Loc: Glasleck
Davidson, Samuel Loc: Rabane
Dermott, Dominick Loc: Lisdrumskea
Dermott, Dominick Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Dermott, Francis Loc: Carrickcreeny
Dermott, John Loc: Carrickcreeny
Dermott, Michael Loc: Killcrossduff
Dermott, Patrick Loc: Croley
Dermott, Patrick Loc: Lecks
Dermott, Philip Loc: Carrickcreeny
Donaghan, Michael Loc: Lisdrumskea
Donaghy, Bernard Loc: Latteriff
Donegan, Michael Loc: Killcrossduff
Donnery, Edward Loc: Croley
Donnery, Patrick Loc: Croley
Doran, James Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Coothill Rd
Dowdy, John Loc: Lisdrumskea
Drum, Bernard Loc: Shinan
Duffy, Edward Loc: Cornaleen
Duffy, Felix Loc: Cornaleen
Duffy, Francis Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Duffy, James Loc: Croley
Duffy, James Loc: Darkley
Duffy, James Loc: Lecks
Duffy, Matthew Loc: Crossmakeelan
Duffy, Michael Loc: Corbeagh
Duffy, Nicholas Loc: Lecks
Duffy, Owen Loc: Derry
Duffy, Philip Loc: Corbeagh
Duffy, Robert Loc: Corbeagh
Duffy, Thomas Loc: Lecks
Duggan, Francis Loc: Darkley
Dunn, Rev. James Loc: Croley
Dunn, Rev. James Loc: Lisdrumskea
Eakan, James Loc: Derry
Farrelly, Bernard Loc: Ralaghan
Farrelly, Catherine Loc: Glasleck
Farrelly, Catherine Loc: Killcrossduff
Farrelly, Daniel Loc: Glasleck
Farrelly, Ellen Loc: Ralaghan
Farrelly, Laurence Loc: Killcrossduff
Farrelly, Mary Loc: Ralaghan
Farrelly, Peter Loc: Killcrossduff
Farrelly, Philip Loc: Glasleck
Fay, Hugh Loc: Crocklusty
Finlay, James Loc: Carrickcreeny
Fitzsimon, John Loc: Glasleck
Fitzsimon, John Loc: Ralaghan
Fitzsimons, Anne Loc: Croley
Fitzsimons, John Loc: Derry
Fitzsimons, John Loc: Lecks
Flanagan, Jane Loc: Carrickcreeny
Fox, Thomas Loc: Killcrossduff
Fox, Thomas Loc: Nolagh
Fox, William Loc: Drumad
Foy, Catherine Loc: Lisnadarragh
Gallaghan, Catherine Loc: Killcrossduff
Gallagher, Owen Loc: Latteriff
Gallagher, Thomas Loc: Ralaghan
Geenty, Barney Loc: Croley
Geenty, Thomas Loc: Lisdrumfad
Gibson, Thomas Loc: Nolagh
Gillan, Patrick Loc: Killcrossduff
Gillon, Mary Loc: Carrickcreeny
Gilmore, George Loc: Nolagh
Ginty, Peter Loc: Ralaghan
Gogarty, John Loc: Killcrossduff
Gordon, John Loc: Lecks
Gormley, John Loc: Lisnadarragh
Gray, John Loc: Derry
Gray, Martha Loc: Carrickcreeny
Gray, Robert Loc: Derry
Hagan, Felix Loc: Lecks
Hagan, James Loc: Lisdrumskea
Halfpenny, John Loc: Drumlom
Halfpenny, John Loc: Ralaghan
Halfpenny, Thomas Loc: Ralaghan
Hall, Edward Loc: Lisdrumskea
Hall, Edward Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Hall, Jemima Loc: Corravilla
Hall, Thomas Loc: Corravilla
Hall, William Loc: Corravilla
Hand, Catherine Loc: Cornalara
Hand, Catherine Loc: Glasleck
Hand, Francis Loc: Glasleck
Hand, Owen Loc: Glasleck
Harris, Rev. John Loc: Carrickcreeny
Harris, Rev. John Loc: Crocklusty
Harris, Rev. John Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Harris, Rev. John Loc: Rabane
Heuston, John James Loc: Drumlom
Hewson, John Loc: Darkley
Hickey, Peter Loc: Drumad
Hickey, Peter Loc: Killcrossbeg
Hogan, James Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Hogan, John Loc: Lisdrumfad
Hurst, William Loc: Carrickcreeny
Irwin, David Loc: Shinan
Jackson, Henry Loc: Lisnadarragh
Johnston, George Loc: Killcrossbeg
Johnston, John Loc: Lisdrumskea
Johnston, Thomas Loc: Carrickcreeny
Johnstone, John Loc: Corravilla
Johnstone, John Loc: Lisnadarragh
Johnstone, John Loc: Shinan
Jones, Benjamin Loc: Drumlom
Jones, James, Jr. Loc: Annaghierin
Jones, James, Sr. Loc: Annaghierin
Jones, John Loc: Drumlom
Kearney, Patrick Loc: Lecks
Keenan, Barney Loc: Derry
Keenan, Edward Loc: Cornalara
Kelly, Alexander Loc: Drumad
Kelly, George Loc: Glasleck
Kelly, Henry Loc: Lisnadarragh
Kennedy, Elizabeth Loc: Carrickcreeny
Kennedy, John Loc: Corclare
Kennedy, Thomas Loc: Carrickcreeny
Kinahan, Daniel Loc: Carrickcreeny
Kindelan, Bernard Loc: Nolagh
Kindelan, Edward Loc: Nolagh
King, Anne Loc: Killcrossduff
King, Anne Loc: Ralaghan
King, James Loc: Latteriff
King, James Loc: Ralaghan
King, Patrick Loc: Nolagh
King, Patrick Loc: Ralaghan
King, Thomas Loc: Glasleck
Lamb, Patrick Loc: Glasleck
Lamb, Simon Loc: Killcrossduff
Lannon, John Loc: Croley
Larkin, Owen Loc: Lisataggart
Larkin, Patrick Loc: Lisataggart
Leary, John Loc: Drumad
Leary, John Loc: Lisdrumskea
Leary, Michael Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Coothill Rd
Leavey, John Loc: Croley
Lennan, Michael Loc: Nolagh
Levey, Michael Loc: Carrickcreeny
Levey, Michael Loc: Corclare
Lindsay, William Loc: Killcrossbeg
Loughran, Patrick Loc: Lisataggart
Lucas, Bridget Loc: Crossmakeelan
Lucas, Mary Loc: Nolagh
Lynch, Alice Loc: Glasleck
Lynch, Bernard Loc: Killcrossduff
Lynch, Charles Loc: Lisdrumfad
Lynch, Charles Loc: Nolagh
Lynch, David Loc: Carrickcreeny
Lynch, Edward Loc: Nolagh
Lynch, Hugh Loc: Crossmakeelan
Lynch, Hugh, Sr. Loc: Nolagh
Lynch, James Loc: Lisdrumskea
Lynch, John Loc: Carrickcreeny
Lynch, John Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Lynch, John Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - O. B'
Lynch, Joseph Loc: Lisdrumfad
Lynch, Joseph Loc: Lisdrumskea
Lynch, Joseph Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Lynch, Mary Loc: Crossmakeelan
Lynch, Mary Loc: Lecks
Lynch, Mary Loc: Nolagh
Lynch, Michael Loc: Lecks
Lynch, Michael Loc: Nolagh
Lynch, Patrick Loc: Crossmakeelan
Lynch, Patrick Loc: Ralaghan
Lynch, Peter Loc: Carrickcreeny
Lynch, Peter Loc: Crossmakeelan
Lynch, Peter Loc: Lisdrumskea
Lynch, Peter Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Lynch, Peter Loc: Nolagh
Lynch, Philip Loc: Crossmakeelan
Lynch, Terence Loc: Nolagh
Lynch, Thomas Loc: Rabane
Maguire, Peter James Loc: Darkley
Martin, Henry Loc: Lisdrumskea
Martin, Henry Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Martin, Hugh Loc: Lecks
Martin, James Loc: Glasleck
Martin, James Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Martin, John Loc: Croley
Martin, Owen Loc: Glasleck
Martin, Owen Loc: Killcrossduff
Martin, Patrick Loc: Glasleck
Martin, Patrick Loc: Lecks
Martin, Patrick Loc: Ralaghan
Martin, William Loc: Carrickcreeny
May, Benjamin Loc: Carrickcreeny
May, Samuel Loc: Carrickcreeny
McAneeny, Bryan Loc: Lisdrumskea
McCabe, Anne Loc: Nolagh
McCabe, Bernard Loc: Carrickcreeny
McCabe, Catherine Loc: Glasleck
McCabe, James Loc: Corravilla
McCabe, Simon Loc: Corraghy
McCall, Joseph Loc: Croley
McCall, Owen Loc: Lisdrumskea
McCallan, Rev. Randal Loc: Darkley
McCamus, Mary Anne Loc: Carrickcreeny
McCamus, Mary Anne Loc: Lisdrumfad
McCartney, Robert Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
McCaul, Charles Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
McCaul, Owen Loc: Darkley
McCaul, Owen Loc: Glasleck
McCluskey, Anne Loc: Lisdrumfad
McCluskey, Connor Loc: Ralaghan
McClusky, Owen Loc: Lisdrumfad
McComas, Margaret Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
McComas, Mary Anne Loc: Corbeagh
McComb, Charles Loc: Croley
McComb, Charles Loc: Lisataggart
McComb, Charles Loc: Lisdrumfad
McComb, Jane Loc: Killcrossbeg
McComb, Thomas Loc: Croley
Mcconnell, Andrew Loc: Crossmakeelan
McConnell, Frances Loc: Ralaghan
McConnell, James Loc: Ralaghan
McConnell, James Loc: Ralaghan N: Old
McCullagh, Lucinda Loc: Corraghy
McCullagh, Thomas Loc: Annaghierin
McCullagh, Thomas Loc: Darkley
McCullagh, Thomas Loc: Drumlom
McCullagh, William Loc: Darkley
McCullagh, William Loc: Glasleck
McCullagh, William Loc: Killcrossbeg
McDanniel, Owen Loc: Nolagh
McEntee, Michael Loc: Rabane
McEntee, Michael, Jr. Loc: Annaghierin
McEntee, Michael, Sr. Loc: Annaghierin
McEvoy, Thomas Loc: Lisdrumfad
McGahey, Robert Loc: Lisdrumskea
McGahey, Robt. Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St N: Lodgers
McGahy, Robert Loc: Lisdrumskea
McGahy, Robert Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
McGee, Anthony Loc: Corravilla
McGee, Anthony Loc: Glasleck
McGee, Michael Loc: Corravilla
McGee, Owen Loc: Lisdrumskea
McGee, Patrick Loc: Annaghierin
McGee, Peter Loc: Crocklusty
McGee, Philip Loc: Annaghierin
McGee, Rose Loc: Annaghierin
McGee, Thomas Loc: Latteriff
McGinn, Michael Loc: Nolagh
McGrady, Mary Loc: Lisdrumskea
McGrath, Patrick Loc: Carrickcreeny
McGuire, Betty Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - O. B'
McGuire, Hugh Loc: Darkley
McGuire, Peter Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
McGuire, Peter James Loc: Shinan
McGuire, Terence Loc: Lisdrumskea
McGuire, Terence Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
McIntee, Daniel Loc: Lisdrumskea
McIntee, James Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
McIntee, Laurence Loc: Derry
McIntee, Patrick Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
McInteer, Alice Loc: Nolagh
McInteer, Bernard Loc: Glasleck
McInteer, Bernard Loc: Ralaghan
McInteer, Edward Loc: Glasleck
McInteer, Edward Loc: Ralaghan
McInteer, James Loc: Glasleck
McInteer, John Loc: Lecks
McInteer, Laurence Loc: Killcrossduff
McInteer, Michael Loc: Nolagh
McInteer, Michael Loc: Ralaghan
McInteer, Owen Loc: Nolagh
McInteer, Owen Loc: Ralaghan
McInteer, Patrick Loc: Killcrossduff
McInteer, Patrick Loc: Latteriff
McInteer, Patrick Loc: Lecks
McInteer, Patrick Loc: Ralaghan
McInteer, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Lecks
McInteer, Peter Loc: Ralaghan
Mcinteer, Thomas Loc: Killcrossduff
McKay, Edward Loc: Lecks
Mckay, Margaret Loc: Killcrossduff
McKenna, Connor Loc: Corbeagh
McKenna, Constantine Loc: Lisdrumfad
McKenna, Hugh Loc: Darkley
McKenna, James Loc: Lisdrumskea
McKenna, James Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
McKenna, Patrick Loc: Latteriff
McKenna, Peter Loc: Lisdrumskea
McKenna, Peter Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
McKibbin, John Loc: Killcrossbeg
McKiltrick, Peter Loc: Killcrossbeg
McLoughlin, Isaac Loc: Corravilla
McLoughlin, William Loc: Corravilla
McMahon, Mary Loc: Carrickcreeny
McManus, Patrick Loc: Corravilla
McNally, Patrick Loc: Crocklusty
McPhillips, Anne Loc: Annaghierin
McPhillips, Francis Loc: Annaghierin
McPhillips, Owen Loc: Ralaghan
McPhillips, Patrick Loc: Glasleck
McWilliams, James Loc: Drumlom
Middleton, William Loc: Corraghy
Middleton, William Loc: Drumlom
Middleton, Wm. Loc: Corraghy
Miles, James Loc: Darkley
Miles, John Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - O. B'
Miles, Thomas Loc: Carrickcreeny
Mills, John Loc: Latteriff
Mines, Catherine Loc: Glasleck
Mitchell, Ingram Loc: Nolagh
Monaghan, Philip Loc: Rabane
Mooney, Bridget Loc: Cornalara
Mooney, Michael Loc: Cornalara
Moore, James Loc: Crossmakeelan
Moore, Robert Loc: Nolagh
Morgan, James Loc: Lisdrumskea
Morgan, Patrick Loc: Croley
Morrow, Edward Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Morrow, John Loc: Nolagh
Mullin, Bernard Loc: Darkley
Mullin, Bridget Loc: Corravilla
Murtagh, James Loc: Derry
Murtagh, Philip Loc: Derry
Murtha, Bernard Loc: Cornalara
Murtha, John Loc: Killcrossduff
Murtha, Patrick Loc: Killcrossduff
Neill, Bernard Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Neilson, James Loc: Corbeagh
Nelson, James Loc: Corraghy
Nelson, Joseph Loc: Corclare
Nelson, Joseph Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Niblock, James Loc: Derry
Niblock, William Loc: Derry
Niblock, William Loc: Ralaghan
Norris, William Loc: Corravilla
Nulty, Catherine Loc: Rabane
Nulty, James Loc: Rabane
Nulty, Patrick Loc: Rabane
Nulty, Rose Loc: Rabane
Nulty, Thomas Loc: Rabane
Office, Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Orr, James Loc: Crossmakeelan
Orr, James Loc: Drumad
Phips, Owen M. Loc: Rabane
Reburn, George Loc: Lisdrumskea
Reburn, George Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Reburn, Henry Loc: Lisdrumskea
Reburn, James Loc: Drumlom
Reburn, John Loc: Latteriff
Reburn, John Loc: Lisnadarragh
Reburn, John Loc: Shinan
Reburne, George Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Reilly, Anne Loc: Darkley
Reilly, Barney Loc: Corbeagh
Reilly, Catherine Loc: Darkley
Reilly, Charles Loc: Corbeagh
Reilly, Connor Loc: Crossmakeelan
Reilly, Edward Loc: Lisdrumskea
Reilly, Elizabeth Loc: Glasleck
Reilly, Francis Loc: Corbeagh
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Crocklusty
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Derry
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Killcrossduff
Reilly, James Loc: Corbeagh
Reilly, James Loc: Crossmakeelan
Reilly, James Loc: Killcrossbeg
Reilly, James Loc: Lisdrumfad
Reilly, James Loc: Nolagh
Reilly, James Loc: Rabane
Reilly, James Loc: Ralaghan
Reilly, John Loc: Crocklusty
Reilly, John Loc: Crossmakeelan
Reilly, John Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - O. B'
Reilly, John Loc: Nolagh
Reilly, John Loc: Rabane
Reilly, John Loc: Ralaghan
Reilly, Mary Loc: Crocklusty
Reilly, Mary Loc: Rabane
Reilly, Michael Loc: Corbeagh
Reilly, Miles Loc: Crossmakeelan
Reilly, Owen Loc: Crossmakeelan
Reilly, Owen Loc: Nolagh
Reilly, Owen Loc: Rabane
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Corbeagh
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Glasleck
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Killcrossbeg
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Tullybrick
Reilly, Peter Loc: Killcrossbeg
Reilly, Philip Loc: Corbeagh
Reilly, Philip Loc: Lisdrumskea
Reilly, Philip Loc: Nolagh
Reilly, Terence Loc: Rabane
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Darkley
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Killcrossduff
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Coothill Rd
Rice, Anne Loc: Killcrossduff
Richey, James Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Richie, James Loc: Lisdrumskea
Rock, Philip Loc: Annaghierin
Rogers, Laurence Loc: Nolagh
Rogers, Laurence Loc: Ralaghan
Rogers, Patrick Loc: Crocklusty
Rogers, Patrick Loc: Nolagh
Ross, William Loc: Corraghy
Roundtree, John Loc: Crossmakeelan
Rusk, John Loc: Annaghierin
Rusk, John Loc: Drumlom
Rutherford, Robert Loc: Derry
Ruxdon, William Loc: Corclare
Ruxton, William Loc: Carrickcreeny
Ruxton, William Loc: Corbeagh
Ruxton, William Loc: Corclare
Ruxton, William Loc: Corravilla
Ruxton, William Loc: Crocklusty
Ruxton, William Loc: Croley
Ruxton, William Loc: Darkley
Ruxton, William Loc: Lecks
Ruxton, William Loc: Lisdrumskea
Ruxton, William Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Ruxton, William Loc: Rabane
Sheridan, Andrew Loc: Tullybrick
Shields, James Loc: Glasleck
Short, Bernard Loc: Nolagh
Singleton, Henry Loc: Annaghierin
Singleton, Henry Loc: Crossmakeelan
Singleton, Henry Loc: Drumad
Singleton, Henry Loc: Glasleck
Singleton, Henry Loc: Nolagh
Singleton, Henry Loc: Ralaghan
Sloan, George Loc: Derry
Sloan, John Loc: Derry
Sloane, George Loc: Tullybrick
Sloane, Isaac Loc: Carrickcreeny
Sloane, Isaac Loc: Corclare
Sloane, Isaac Loc: Lisdrumskea
Sloane, Isaac Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Sloane, Isaac Loc: Shinan
Sloane, William Loc: Corclare
Sloane, William Loc: Lisdrumfad
Sloane, William Loc: Lisdrumskea
Sloane, William Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Smith, James Loc: Nolagh
Smith, John Loc: Corbeagh
Smith, John Loc: Nolagh
Smith, Owen Loc: Nolagh
Smith, Peter Loc: Killcrossduff
Smyth, Edward Loc: Tullybrick
Smyth, John Loc: Tullybrick
Smyth, Philip Loc: Crossmakeelan
Snodden, William Loc: Darkley
Sorahan, Hugh Loc: Lisdrumskea
Sorraghan, Cecilia Loc: Carrickcreeny
Spottles, Henry Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Coothill Rd
Standish, James Loc: Corravilla
Stanhope, George Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
Sullivan, Hugh Loc: Croley
Taylor, Alexander Loc: Lecks
Taylor, Alexander Loc: Tullybrick
Taylor, Edward Loc: Lecks
Taylor, Robert Loc: Lecks
Taylor, William Loc: Lecks
Tierney, Michael Loc: Cornalara
Tierney, Patrick Loc: Cornalara
Tierney, Peter Loc: Killcrossduff
Tierney, Thomas Loc: Cornalara
Traynor, Anne Loc: Ralaghan
Traynor, James Loc: Nolagh
Traynor, James Loc: Ralaghan
Traynor, John Loc: Nolagh
Traynor, John Loc: Ralaghan
Traynor, Laurence Loc: Nolagh
Traynor, Laurence Loc: Ralaghan
Traynor, Patrick Loc: Drumad
Traynor, Patrick Loc: Killcrossbeg
Traynor, Patrick Loc: Ralaghan
Traynor, Philip Loc: Ralaghan
Traynor, Thomas Loc: Lisdrumfad
Traynor, Thomas Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Coothill Rd
Traynor, Thomas Loc: Ralaghan
Traynor, William Loc: Ralaghan
Tully, Patrick Loc: Shinan
Wallace, Benjamin Loc: Carrickcreeny
Wallace, John Loc: Carrickcreeny
Wallace, Samuel Loc: Lisdrumskea
Ward, Anne Loc: Lisdrumskea
Ward, Charles Loc: Ralaghan
Ward, Francis Loc: Killcrossduff
Ward, James Loc: Killcrossduff
Ward, John Loc: Killcrossduff
Ward, Michael Loc: Killcrossduff
Ward, Rose Loc: Crocklusty
Ward, Terence Loc: Killcrossduff
White, Hugh Loc: Drumad
White, Hugh Loc: Nolagh
White, James Loc: Annaghierin
White, James Loc: Drumad
White, Robert Loc: Drumad
White, Robert Loc: Drumlom
White, Thomas Loc: Lisdrumskea T: Shercock - Main St
White, William Loc: Crocklusty
White, William Loc: Drumad
Wright, Edward Wm. Loc: Shinan
Wright, John Loc: Carrickcreeny
Young, Isabella Loc: Latteriff

Map of Civil Parishes in county Cavan

Civil Parish Records of County Cavan

Other county Cavan Parish Records

1 Annagelliff

2 Annagh

3 Ballintemple

4 Bailieborough

5 Ballymachugh

6 Castlerahan

7 Castleterra

8 Crosserlough

9 Denn

10 Drumgoon

11 Drumlane

12 Drumlumman

13 Drumreilly

14 Drung

15 Enniskeen

16 Kilbride

17 Kildallan

18 Kildrumsherdan

19 Killashandra

20 Killinagh

21 Killinkere

22 Kilmore

23 Kinawley

24 Knockbride

25 Larah

26 Lavey

27 Loughran Castlekeeran

28 Lurgan

29 Moybolgue

30 Mullagh

31 Munterconnaught

32 Scrabby

33 Shercock

34 Templeport

35 Tomregan

36 Urney