Griffith's Valuation: Kildrumsherdan Parish, County Cavan

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Griffith's Valuation in Kildrumsherdan Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation was carried out in Kildrumsherdan parish and every other parish in county Cavan as well as throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Cavan during 1856 and 1857.


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Griffiths Valuation: Kildrumsherdan Parish 1856 and 1857

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KEY:   Loc: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Acheson, John Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Acheson, John Loc: Lisnageer
Acheson, Margaret Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Adams, James Loc: Drumleague
Adams, John Loc: Cullin
Adams, John Loc: Drumleague
Adams, John Loc: Mullaghboy
Adams, Joseph Loc: Drumleague
Adams, Joseph Loc: Gortin
Adams, Joseph Loc: Rakane
Adams, Joseph Loc: Ratrussan
Adams, Robert Loc: Cullin
Adams, Robert Loc: Drumerkillew
Adams, William Loc: Dernaskeagh
Adams, William Loc: Ratrussan
Addy, Hugh Loc: Corballyquill
Addy, Hugh Loc: Corbeagh
Allen, William Loc: Cabragh
Allen, William Loc: Corbeagh
Allwell, Patrick Loc: Cornanurney
Alwell, Andrew Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Alwell, John Loc: Tonyin
Alwell, Patrick Loc: Corravoggy
Anderson, James Loc: Drumhose
Anderson, John Loc: Killycreeny
Anderson, Margaret Loc: Drumleague
Anderson, William Loc: Killycreeny
Armstrong, Christopher Loc: Mullaghboy
Armstrong, James Loc: Corweelis
Armstrong, James Loc: Doocarrick
Armstrong, Jane Loc: Doocarrick
Armstrong, Robert Loc: Doocarrick
Atkinson, John Loc: Corbeagh
Bailey, James Loc: Corbeagh
Baird, Charles Loc: Corbeagh
Baird, Charles Loc: Cortober
Bannin, Hugh Loc: Labbinlee
Bannin, Michael Loc: Drumgill
Barlow, Anne Loc: Corfad
Barlow, Owen Loc: Corfad
Barnett, John Loc: Cornanurney
Barnett, Thomas Loc: Cornanurney
Beard, John Loc: Loortan
Beatty, George Loc: Carrickalwy
Beatty, George Loc: Long
Beatty, George Loc: Tonaghbane
Beatty, Joseph Loc: Cortober
Beatty, Thomas Loc: Corweelis
Beatty, William Loc: Corbeagh
Beggan, Margaret Loc: Drumgill
Beggan, Michael, Jr. Loc: Drumgill
Beggan, Michael, Sr. Loc: Drumgill
Beggan, Patrick Loc: Drumgill
Bell, David Loc: Drummartin
Bell, Isaac Loc: Ratrussan
Bell, John Loc: Drumeltan
Bell, Mary Loc: Drummartin
Berney, Anne Loc: Lettermore
Berney, George Loc: Dinginavanty
Berney, John Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Berney, William Loc: Campstown
Berry, John Loc: Keeghan
Boden, Robert Loc: Cortober
Bouchier, Mary Loc: Lislea
Bowden, Robert Loc: Tonaghbane
Boyd, John Loc: Corbeagh
Boyd, John Loc: Cortober
Boylan, James Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Boylan, Michael Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Boyle, Alex. Loc: Cabragh
Boyle, Alexander Loc: Drumhirk
Boyle, Rep. Andrew Loc: Cabragh
Boyle, James Loc: Corgreagh
Boyle, James Loc: Drumnagran
Boyle, John Loc: Cabragh
Boyle, John Loc: Drumhirk
Boyle, Maxwell W. Loc: Aghatotan
Boyle, Maxwell W. Loc: Cornabraher
Boyle, Maxwell W. Loc: Drumnatread
Boyle, Maxwell W. Loc: Tievenanass
Boyle, Maxwell W. Loc: Tullyvin
Brady, Bernard Loc: Corfad
Brady, Daniel Loc: Keeghan
Brady, Edward Loc: Drumerkillew
Brady, Edward Loc: Pottleboy
Brady, Elizabeth Loc: Lettermore
Brady, Ellen Loc: Pottleboy
Brady, Francis Loc: Corravoggy
Brady, Francis Loc: Drumnatread
Brady, Francis Loc: Tievenanass
Brady, James Loc: Aghatotan
Brady, James Loc: Claragh
Brady, James Loc: Cornabeagh
Brady, James Loc: Drumsheil
Brady, James Loc: Drumsillagh
Brady, John Loc: Drumhurt
Brady, John Loc: Drummartin
Brady, John Loc: Tievenanass
Brady, Margaret Loc: Drumnagress
Brady, Mary Loc: Corfad
Brady, Matthew Loc: Drumhurt
Brady, Michael Loc: Drumhurt
Brady, Michael Loc: Gortin
Brady, Michael Loc: Tievenanass
Brady, Nicholas Loc: Tonyin
Brady, Nicholas Loc: Tullyard
Brady, Owen Loc: Errigal
Brady, Patrick Loc: Drumhurt
Brady, Patrick Loc: Drumleague
Brady, Terence Loc: Corfad
Brady, Terence Loc: Drumhurt
Brady, Terence Loc: Rakane
Brady, Thomas Loc: Cornabraher
Brady, Thomas Loc: Drumnagran
Brady, Thomas Loc: Tievenanass
Brennan, Matthew Loc: Cornanurney
Brogan, Matthew Loc: Drumnagran
Brogan, Peter Loc: Drummury
Brown, Alexander Loc: Carrickalwy
Brown, Alexander Loc: Corweelis
Brown, Daniel Loc: Corweelis
Brown, Francis Loc: Dinginavanty
Brown, Francis Loc: Leamgeltan
Brown, George Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
Brown, George Loc: Corweelis
Brown, George Loc: Drumnatread
Brown, James Loc: Drumerkillew
Brown, John Loc: Cortober
Brown, Moses Loc: Corweelis
Brown, Thomas Loc: Cortober
Brown, Thomas Loc: Dinginavanty
Brown, Thomas Loc: Leamgeltan
Browne, Edward Loc: Drummury
Brunkard, William Loc: Keeghan
Burke, Robert Loc: Cortober
Burke, Thomas Loc: Corbeagh
Burrowes, Robert Loc: Cornasaus
Burrowes, Robert Loc: Corravoggy
Burrowes, Robert Loc: Drumhose
Burrowes, Robert Loc: Drummartin
Burrowes, Robert Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Burrowes, Robert Loc: Killyvahan
Burrowes, Robert Loc: Labbinlee
Byrne, Michael Loc: Cornasaus
Byrne, Patrick Loc: Drumhurt
Caldwell, William Loc: Drumsheil
Caldwell, William Loc: Mullaghboy
Callaghan, Patrick Loc: Dinginavanty
Callaghan, Thomas Loc: Ratrussan
Camp, James Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Camp, John Loc: Barragh
Camp, Joseph Loc: Barragh
Camp, Margaret Loc: Barragh
Camp, Robert Loc: Barragh
Camp, Thomas Loc: Barragh
Camp, Thomas Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Campbell, James Loc: Corbeagh
Campbell, John Loc: Killycreeny
Campbell, Mary Anne Loc: Carrickalwy
Campbell, Mary Anne Loc: Tonaghbane
Campbell, Thomas Loc: Doocarrick
Campbell, Thomas Loc: Killycreeny
Caragher, John Loc: Killycreeny
Carnew, Anne Loc: Binbane
Carnew, Thomas Loc: Binbane
Carolan, Philip Loc: Ratrussan
Carolin, Philip Loc: Drumnatread
Carolin, Rosanna Loc: Drumnatread
Caserly, Patrick Loc: Drumnatread
Cassell, John Loc: Barragh
Cassell, John Loc: Lisnageer
Cassell, Peter Loc: Lisnageer
Casserly, John Loc: Drumnatread
Casserly, Thomas Loc: Drumnatread
Cassidy, Rev. Hugh Loc: Errigal
Cassidy, Patrick Loc: Drummury
Caulfield, Arthur Loc: Drumeltan
Clarke, John Loc: Drumnatread
Clarke, John Loc: Ratrussan
Clarke, Michael Loc: Drumnatread
Clarke, Patrick Loc: Cornanurney
Clarke, Patrick Loc: Drumnatread
Clarke, Philip Loc: Cornasaus
Clarke, Philip Loc: Leaghin
Clarke, William Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Clarken, James Loc: Dinginavanty
Clarken, James Loc: Drummury
Clarken, Michael Loc: Drumhurt
Clarken, Terence Loc: Drumerkillew
Clarkon, Edward Loc: Carrickalwy
Clarkon, John Loc: Carrickalwy
Clements, Col. Henry T. Loc: Barragh
Clements, Col. Henry T. Loc: Carrickalwy
Clements, Col. Henry T. Loc: Claragh
Clements, Col. Henry T. Loc: Corballyquill
Clements, Col. Henry T. Loc: Corbeagh
Clements, Col. Henry T. Loc: Cortober
Clements, Col. Henry T. Loc: Drumloaghan
Clements, Col. Henry T. Loc: Drummury
Clements, Col. Henry T. Loc: Killycreeny
Clements, Col. Henry T. Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Clements, Col. Henry T. Loc: Tonaghbane
Clements, Theoph. E. L. Loc: Dernaskeagh
Clements, Theoph. E. L. Loc: Mullaghboy
Coleman, Charles Loc: Campstown
Coleman, James Loc: Ratrussan
Coleman, John Loc: Tievenanass
Collins, Bernard Loc: Aghnaglogh
Collins, Bernard Loc: Bindoo
Collins, Bernard Loc: Drumnatread
Collins, John Loc: Bindoo
Collins, Judith Loc: Aghnaglogh
Collins, Mary Loc: Drumnatread
Collins, Owen Loc: Bindoo
Collins, Owen Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Collins, Patrick Loc: Aghnaglogh
Collins, Patrick Loc: Bindoo
Collins, Susan Loc: Drumnatread
Conlan, Peter Loc: Carrickalwy
Connell, Bridget Loc: Gortin
Connell, John Loc: Lislea
Connell, John Loc: Pottleboy
Connell, Maatthew Loc: Corfad
Connell, Matthew Loc: Corfad
Connell, Michael Loc: Aghatotan
Connell, Owen Loc: Gortin
Connell, Patrick Loc: Corfad
Connell, Patrick Loc: Gortin
Cooke, Bernard Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Cooney, Bernard Loc: Ratrussan
Cooney, Cornelius Loc: Cornabeagh
Cooney, Isabella Loc: Drumeltan
Cooney, Matthew Loc: Muff
Cooney, Owen Loc: Muff
Coote, Richard Loc: Drumgill N: Minor
Coote, Richard Loc: Drumsivney N: Minor
Corbett, Alexander Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
Corbett, Robert Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
Corbett, Samuel Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
Corbett, William Loc: Barragh
Corkan, Catherine Loc: Ratrussan
Coulter, James Loc: Corweelis
Coulter, William Loc: Corweelis
Coyle, Bryan Loc: Corfad
Coyle, Catherine Loc: Drumhose
Coyle, Catherine Loc: Long
Coyle, Catherine Loc: Tullyard
Coyle, Ellen Loc: Drumhurt
Coyle, John Loc: Killyvahan
Coyle, Mark Loc: Drumnagran
Coyle, Michael Loc: Drumgill
Coyle, Owen Loc: Muff
Coyle, Patrick Loc: Long
Coyle, Terence Loc: Corfad
Cranston, Thomas Loc: Leaghin
Crawford, Francis Loc: Enagh
Crawford, James Loc: Drumeltan
Crossan, Philip Loc: Tievenanass
Cullivan, John Loc: Drumsillagh
Cullivan, John, Jr. Loc: Drumsillagh
Cullivan, John, Sr. Loc: Drumsillagh
Cullivan, Michael Loc: Drumsillagh
Cummin, Owen Loc: Pottleboy
Cundilin, Mary Loc: Tullyard
Cundilin, Owen Loc: Tullyard
Cunnahan, Bridget Loc: Drumhirk
Cunnelin, Anne Loc: Drumhose
Curran, James Loc: Drumnagran
Cusack, Francis Loc: Lettermore
Cusack, John Loc: Cornabraher
Cusack, Thomas Loc: Lettermore
Daly, James Loc: Gortin
Daly, John Loc: Campstown
Daly, John Loc: Corgreagh
Daly, Matthew Loc: Campstown
Dawley, William Loc: Corgreagh
Dawson, Bernard Loc: Corbeagh
Dawson, Thomas Loc: Corbeagh
Dean, Adam Loc: Drumhirk
Deane, Adam Loc: Cordoagh Lower
Deane, George Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
Deane, George Loc: Long
Deane, John Loc: Cordoagh Lower
Deane, Thomas Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
Deane, Thomas Loc: Cordoagh Lower
Delap, Edward Loc: Cabragh
Delap, Thomas Loc: Corbeagh
Dempsey, Edward Loc: Lislea
Dempsey, Edward Loc: Pottleboy
Dermott, Philip Loc: Cornamucklagh
Develin, Anne Loc: Tonyin
Develin, Anne Loc: Tullyard
Develin, Owen Loc: Tonyin
Deyell, Alexander Loc: Barragh
Deyell, George Loc: Cornanurney
Deyell, George Loc: Drummartin
Deyell, Mary Loc: Drummartin
Dillon, John Loc: Muff
Dillon, Margaret Loc: Muff
Dillon, Michael Loc: Muff
Dillon, Owen Loc: Muff
Dixon, Benjamin Loc: Corbeagh
Dixon, Henry Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
Dixon, James Loc: Corbeagh
Dobbyn, Anne Loc: Cornabeagh
Dobbyn, Anne Loc: Cornamucklagh
Dobbyn, John Loc: Leaghin
Dobbyn, Robert Loc: Leaghin
Dobbyn, William Loc: Leaghin
Doherty, Francis Loc: Drumnagran
Doherty, James Loc: Corbeagh
Doherty, John Loc: Cornagarrow
Doherty, Patrick Loc: Drumnagran
Doherty, Thomas Loc: Drumeltan
Dolan, Jane Loc: Lislea
Donaldson, John Loc: Corravoggy
Donaldson, Margaret Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
Donnelly, George Loc: Cortober
Donnelly, Margaret Loc: Cortober
Donnelly, Mary Loc: Drumnatread
Donohoe, Bernard Loc: Drumnatread
Donohoe, Catherine Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Donohoe, Edward Loc: Drumnagran
Donohoe, Hugh Loc: Tievenanass
Donohoe, James Loc: Drumhirk
Donohoe, James Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Donohoe, James Loc: Greaghnacrosss N: Michl.
Donohoe, John Loc: Aghnaglogh
Donohoe, John Loc: Corravoggy
Donohoe, John Loc: Doocarrick
Donohoe, John Loc: Drumerkillew
Donohoe, John Loc: Drumhirk
Donohoe, John Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Donohoe, John Loc: Lettermore
Donohoe, Laurence Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Donohoe, Margaret Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Donohoe, Michael Loc: Greaghnacrosss N: John
Donohoe, Michl. Loc: Greaghnacrosss N: Phil
Donohoe, Owen Loc: Corravoggy
Donohoe, Patk. Loc: Greaghnacrosss N: Phil
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Aghatotan
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Drumerkillew
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Drumnagress
Donohoe, Patrick Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Donohoe, Robert Loc: Corravoggy
Donohoe, Thomas Loc: Tievenanass
Doogan, Thomas Loc: Lettermore
Douglas, William Loc: Corbeagh
Dowd, Charles Loc: Corbeagh
Dowd, James Loc: Corbeagh
Dowd, James Loc: Corfad
Dowd, Michael Loc: Drumnatread
Dowd, Michael Loc: Labbinlee
Dowd, Owen Loc: Cornanurney
Dowd, Owen Loc: Drumhurt
Dowd, Patrick Loc: Corfad
Dowd, Richard Loc: Corweelis
Dowd, Susan Loc: Corweelis
Drinnan, Catherine Loc: Aghatotan
Drinnan, Catherine Loc: Drumnagran
Drinnan, James Loc: Cornabraher
Drinnan, Michael Loc: Drumsillagh
Drop, Margaret Loc: Corbeagh
Drum, Edward Loc: Drumsheil
Duffy, Charles Loc: Claragh
Duffy, Patrick Loc: Campstown
Duffy, Patrick Loc: Lislea
Duffy, William Loc: Campstown
Dundon, Thomas Loc: Aghatotan
Dunn, John Loc: Killycreeny
Dwyer, Louisa Loc: Pottleboy
Dyas, Thomas Loc: Corick
Eakins, John Loc: Corweelis
Egan, Allan Loc: Lislea
Evans, George Loc: Drumsheil
Evans, William Loc: Drumsheil
Ewart, John Loc: Corbeagh
Fagan, Edward Loc: Drumhurt
Fagan, Elizabeth Loc: Carrickalwy
Fairbairn, Joseph Loc: Drumnagress
Fallon, William Loc: Drumhurt
Falloon, William Loc: Cornabeagh
Falloon, William Loc: Cornamucklagh
Fannin, Foster Loc: Barragh
Fannin, Thomas Loc: Corick
Fannin, Thomas Loc: Tonyin
Farquhar, George Loc: Carrickalwy
Farquhar, James Loc: Corbeagh
Farquhar, William Loc: Carrickalwy
Farquhar, William Loc: Corballyquill
Fay, Bernard Loc: Drumnagran
Fay, James Loc: Ratrussan
Fay, Philip Loc: Aghatotan
Fay, Rosanna Loc: Aghatotan
Fay, Thomas Loc: Bindoo
Fay, Thomas Loc: Errigal
Fearis, Joseph Loc: Tonyin
Ferguson, John Loc: Drummartin
Ferguson, Samuel Loc: Labbinlee
Finlay, Owen Loc: Cornagarrow
Finlay, Thomas Loc: Cornagarrow
Finley, Rep. Anne Loc: Aghnaglogh
Finley, Bridget Loc: Tievenanass
Finley, Hugh Loc: Tievenanass
Finley, Mary Loc: Tievenanass
Finley, Matthew Loc: Tievenanass
Finley, Owen Loc: Tievenanass
Finnegan, Anthony Loc: Ratrussan
Fisher, Samuel Loc: Errigal
Fitzpatrick, James Loc: Tievenanass
Fitzpatrick, Matthew Loc: Labbinlee
Fitzpatrick, Owen Loc: Corfad
Fitzpatrick, Owen Loc: Muff
Fitzsimons, Rev. Peter Loc: Drumhurt
Flack, Ebenezer Loc: Lisnageer
Flack, John Loc: Lisnageer
Flood, Edward Loc: Drumhurt
Flood, John Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Flood, Robert Loc: Drumerkillew
Floody, Bridget Loc: Drumnagress
Floody, Michael Loc: Drumnagress
Foster, Andrew Loc: Drumnagran
Foster, Arthur Loc: Cornabraher
Foster, Robert Loc: Doocarrick
Fox, Rosanna Loc: Bindoo
Foy, Bridget Loc: Aghatotan
Foy, Charles Loc: Killycreeny
Foy, Daniel Loc: Rakane
Foy, Hugh Loc: Drumeltan
Foy, James Loc: Long
Foy, James Loc: Rakane
Foy, John Loc: Campstown
Foy, John Loc: Cornanurney
Foy, John Loc: Lislea
Foy, Mary Loc: Campstown
Foy, Mary Loc: Leamgeltan
Foy, Owen Loc: Corgreagh
Foy, Owen Loc: Cornabeagh
Foy, Owen Loc: Cornamucklagh
Foy, Owen Loc: Drumhose
Foy, Patrick Loc: Drumnagress
Foy, Terence Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Galaher, Susan Loc: Carrickalwy
Galbraith, Edward Loc: Tonymacgilduff
Garahan, Charles Loc: Cornabeagh
Gardiner, David Loc: Doocarrick
Gardiner, Edward Loc: Corweelis
Gardiner, James Loc: Cortober
Gardiner, Robert Loc: Carrickalwy
Gardiner, Robert Loc: Corballyquill
Gardiner, Robert Loc: Corweelis
Genoe, John Loc: Drumhose
Germain, Francis Loc: Pottleboy
Germain, Francis, Jr. Loc: Lislea
Germain, Francis, Sr. Loc: Lislea
Gibson, Elias Loc: Binbane
Gibson, Elias Loc: Drumnatread
Gibson, Patrick Loc: Tievenanass
Gibson, Robert Loc: Ratrussan
Gibson, Robert Loc: Tievenanass
Gibson, Thomas Loc: Binbane
Gibson, Thomas Loc: Drumnatread
Gibson, Wiliam Loc: Binbane
Gibson, William Loc: Binbane
Gibson, William Loc: Drummartin
Ginty, Susan Loc: Bindoo
Glynn, John Loc: Pottleboy
Goddis, John Loc: Carrickalwy
Goddis, John Loc: Corweelis
Godley, Rev. James Loc: Carrickalwy
Graham, Charles Loc: Carrickalwy
Graham, Charles Loc: Corballyquill
Graham, Francis Loc: Tonaghbane
Graham, George Loc: Corweelis
Graham, George Loc: Tonaghbane
Graham, James Loc: Cortober
Graham, James Loc: Tonaghbane
Graham, Thomas Loc: Carrickalwy
Graham, Thomas Loc: Corballyquill
Green, Mary Loc: Corick
Greenan, Hugh Loc: Corbeagh
Greenan, John Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Greenan, Patrick Loc: Corbeagh
Griffin, Robert Loc: Lisnageer
Griffin, Stephen Loc: Cortober
Hagarty, Patrick Loc: Corfad
Haggin, Francis Loc: Lettermore
Haggin, John Loc: Cortober
Hall, David Loc: Coppanagh
Hall, David Loc: Doocarrick
Hall, Samuel Loc: Lisnageer
Hall, Samuel, Jr. Loc: Lettermore
Hall, Samuel, Sr. Loc: Lettermore
Hall, Thomas Loc: Gortin
Hall, Thomas Loc: Lettermore
Hall, William Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Hallam, George Loc: Doocarrick
Hamill, John Loc: Corballyquill
Hanigan, Michael Loc: Cornabeagh
Hanigan, Patrick Loc: Tonyin
Hannavan, Patrick Loc: Cortober
Hannigan, Hugh Loc: Ratrussan
Hannigan, Michael Loc: Claragh
Hannigan, Patrick Loc: Corballyquill
Hannigan, William Loc: Corballyquill
Hare, Daniel Loc: Tonymacgilduff
Harmill, John Loc: Carrickalwy
Haw, James Loc: Lettermore
Haw, James Loc: Lisnageer
Hawthorn, Joseph Loc: Corballyquill
Hewston, James Loc: Corweelis
Hewston, William Loc: Tonaghbane
Hicks, Robert Loc: Cornasaus
Higginbothan, William Loc: Corick
Higgins, James Loc: Drumleague
Higgins, Owen Loc: Drumnagress
Higgins, William Loc: Killycreeny
Holmes, David Loc: Enagh
Holmes, George Loc: Doocarrick
Holmes, Samuel Loc: Corbeagh
Hopkins, Ellen Loc: Barragh
Hopkins, Ellen Loc: Lisnageer
Hughes, James Loc: Drumsillagh
Hughes, John Loc: Drumsillagh
Hughes, Owen Loc: Drumnagran
Hughes, Peter Loc: Drumsillagh
Hutchinson, David Loc: Doocarrick
Hutchinson, Samuel Loc: Ratrussan
Hutchinson, William Loc: Lettermore
Hutchinson, William Loc: Lisnageer
Irwin, Crinus Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper N: Ven. Archdeacon
Irwin, Crinus Loc: Long N: Ven. Arcd.
Jameson, John Loc: Drumnagress
Jameson, John Loc: Leamgeltan
Jameson, Joseph Loc: Claragh
Jameson, Robert Loc: Cabragh
Jameson, Samuel Loc: Drumerkillew
Jameson, William Loc: Drumerkillew
Jameson, William Loc: Errigal
Johnston, Edward Loc: Barragh
Johnston, Elizabeth Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Johnston, George Loc: Barragh
Johnston, George Loc: Campstown
Johnston, George Loc: Drumerkillew
Johnston, John Loc: Tonaghbane
Johnston, Joseph Loc: Barragh
Johnston, Launcelot Loc: Barragh
Johnston, Robert Loc: Lisnageer
Johnston, Wiliam Loc: Barragh
Keelan, Anne Loc: Muff
Keelan, James Loc: Muff
Keely, Michael Loc: Enagh
Keely, Owen Loc: Enagh
Kelly, Bernard Loc: Tievenanass
Kelly, John Loc: Coppanagh
Kelly, John Loc: Tievenanass
Kelly, Michael Loc: Dinginavanty
Kelly, Michael Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Drumgill
Kelly, Patrick Loc: Tievenanass
Kelly, Philip Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Keogh, John Loc: Mullaghboy
Keogh, Margaret Loc: Aghatotan
Keogh, Michael Loc: Tullyard
Kerigan, Thomas Loc: Tonyin
Kettle, John Loc: Long
Kiernan, Mary Loc: Annaghlee
King, Andrew Loc: Corfad
King, Elizabeth Loc: Corfad
King, John Loc: Corfad
King, Owen, Jr. Loc: Corfad
King, Owen, Sr. Loc: Corfad
King, Patrick Loc: Corfad
King, Philip Loc: Corfad
King, Rosanna Loc: Corfad
Kivelin, Margaret Loc: Drumsillagh
McIntee, Margaret Loc: Bindoo
Landrum, George Loc: Corballyquill
Landrum, William Loc: Corballyquill
Latimer, Elizabeth Loc: Carrickalwy
Latimer, James Loc: Drummury
Latimer, Robert Loc: Corbeagh
Latimer, Robert Loc: Cortober
Latimer, William Loc: Drummury
Latimer, William Loc: Drumnagran
Leadbeater, Rep. Garrett Loc: Tievenanass
Lee, Edward Loc: Dinginavanty
Lee, James Loc: Aghatotan
Lee, James Loc: Corfad
Lee, John Loc: Drumnagress
Lee, John Loc: Gortin
Lee, Mary Loc: Gortin
Lee, Matthew Loc: Drumerkillew
Lee, Michael Loc: Corfad
Lee, Michael Loc: Gortin
Lee, Patrick Loc: Cornanurney
Lee, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Corfad
Lee, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Corfad
Lee, Thomas Loc: Dinginavanty
Leggart, Hugh Loc: Coppanagh
Levingston, Samuel Loc: Pottleboy
Liscoe, Robert Loc: Tonymacgilduff
Lithco, Robert Loc: Drummartin
Littheo, Thomas Loc: Drumeltan
Little, Rev. William Loc: Corbeagh
Locketan, James Loc: Campstown
Logan, John Loc: Drumsivney
Logan, John Loc: Lislea
Logan, John Loc: Pottleboy
Loughstan, Charles Loc: Drumerkillew
Loughstan, John Loc: Drumerkillew
Loughtan, William Loc: Cornanurney
Low, Stanley Loc: Mullaghboy
Lundy, Rep. George Loc: Drumerkillew
Lynch, Charles Loc: Corfad
Lynch, Daniel Loc: Aghatotan
Lynch, Edward Loc: Claragh
Lynch, Hugh Loc: Tievenanass
Lynch, John Loc: Claragh
Lynch, John Loc: Drumnagran
Lynch, John Loc: Drumnatread
Lynch, John Loc: Loortan
Lynch, John Loc: Ratrussan
Lynch, John Loc: Tievenanass
Lynch, Rep. Mary Loc: Corravoggy
Lynch, Matthew Loc: Labbinlee
Lynch, Patrick Loc: Corfad
Lynch, Patrick Loc: Tievenanass
Lynch, Peter Loc: Claragh
Lynch, Peter Loc: Ratrussan
Lynch, Philip Loc: Ratrussan
Macintosh, Edward Loc: Campstown
Mackintosh, Edward Loc: Drumsivney
Maclill, Hugh Loc: Corweelis
Maclill, James Loc: Corweelis
Madill, David Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Madill, George Loc: Doocarrick
Madill, James Loc: Doocarrick
Magee, Bernard Loc: Cortober
Magee, Michael Loc: Drumhurt
Magennis, Anne Loc: Claragh
Magennis, Edward Loc: Cornabraher
Magennis, Matthew Loc: Cornamucklagh
Magennis, Michael Loc: Drumeltan
Magennis, Patrick Loc: Claragh
Magennis, Thomas Loc: Aghatotan
Magennis, Thomas Loc: Cornabraher
Magill, John Loc: Carrickalwy
Magill, John Loc: Dernaskeagh
Magill, William Loc: Cordoagh Lower
Magin, Roseanna Loc: Aghatotan
Maguire, Anne Loc: Drumleague
Maguire, Bryan Loc: Drumgill
Maguire, Catherine Loc: Drumgill N: Ml.
Maguire, Cathrn. Loc: Drumgill N: Edw.
Maguire, Connor Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Maguire, Hugh Loc: Drumgill
Maguire, James Loc: Drumgill
Maguire, Joseph Loc: Drumgill
Maguire, Joseph Loc: Drumgill N: Red
Maguire, Laurence Loc: Drumgill
Maguire, Michael Loc: Corravoggy
Maguire, Michael Loc: Killycreeny
Maguire, Partick Loc: Drumgill
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Aghatotan
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Corfad
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Drumgill
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Drumnagran
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Gortin
Maguire, Patrick Loc: Long
Maguire, Peter Loc: Drumgill
Maguire, Philip Loc: Drumgill
Maguire, Terence Loc: Drumgill
Maguire, Thomas Loc: Drumgill
Malone, James Loc: Corick
Malone, James Loc: Drumnagress
Malone, John Loc: Leaghin
Malone, Patrick Loc: Drummartin
Malone, Peter Loc: Labbinlee
Malone, Peter Loc: Tonyin
Malone, Thomas Loc: Dinginavanty
Malone, Thomas Loc: Drumnagress
Malone, Thomas Loc: Leamgeltan
Malone, Thomas Loc: Tonymacgilduff
Markey, Bryan Loc: Lislea
Markey, Patrick Loc: Lislea
Marsden, John Loc: Aghatotan
Marsden, John Loc: Annaghlee
Marsden, John Loc: Cornabraher
Marsden, John Loc: Drumnagran
Marsden, John Loc: Drumsillagh
Marsden, John Loc: Tullyvin
Martin, Alexander Loc: Aghatotan
Martin, James Loc: Drummartin
Martin, John Loc: Corick
Martin, Margaret Loc: Ratrussan
Martin, Samuel Loc: Aghatotan
Martin, Samuel Loc: Cornabraher
Martin, Thomas Loc: Corick
Masterson, Andrew Loc: Tonymacgilduff
Masterson, Hugh Loc: Aghnaglogh
McAdam, Joseph Loc: Doocarrick
McAdam, Robert Loc: Corballyquill
McAdam, Robert Loc: Corbeagh
McArdle, Lucy Loc: Drumnagress
McArdle, Patrick Loc: Drumnagress
McAuley, Edward Loc: Drumnatread
McAuley, Edward Loc: Ratrussan
McAuley, Henry Loc: Cornabraher
McAuley, Henry Loc: Corravoggy
McAveety, James Loc: Dinginavanty
McBreen, Catherine Loc: Corgreagh
McBreen, John Loc: Drumnatread
McBreen, Owen Loc: Dinginavanty
McBreen, Peter Loc: Corfad
McBreen, Philip Loc: Tievenanass
McBride, Catherine Loc: Corfad
McBride, Philip Loc: Corfad
McCabe, Anne Loc: Aghatotan
McCabe, Anne, Jr. Loc: Aghatotan
McCabe, Francis Loc: Tievenanass
McCabe, James Loc: Drumgill
McCabe, John Loc: Cornagarrow
McCabe, John Loc: Corweelis
McCabe, John Loc: Largy or Forthenry
McCabe, Owen Loc: Tievenanass
McCabe, Patrick Loc: Claragh
McCabe, Patrick Loc: Drumhirk
McCabe, Rep. Patrick Loc: Tievenanass
McCabe, Peter Loc: Aghatotan
McCabe, Peter Loc: Drumnagran
McCague, William Loc: Drumeltan
McCague, William Loc: Drummartin
McCann, Anne Loc: Muff
McCann, Bidget Loc: Drumeltan
McCann, Charles Loc: Drumleague
McCann, Edward Loc: Lisnageer
McCann, James Loc: Drumnagran
McCann, James Loc: Pottleboy
McCann, James Loc: Ratrussan
McCann, John Loc: Cornasaus
McCann, John Loc: Drumnatread
McCann, John Loc: Killyvahan
McCann, Mary Loc: Enagh
McCann, Michael Loc: Drumnatread
McCann, Michael Loc: Lettermore
McCann, Patrick Loc: Drumnatread
McCann, Patrick Loc: Enagh
McCann, Patrick Loc: Lettermore
McCann, Peter Loc: Gortin
McCann, Rosanna Loc: Leaghin
McCann, Thomas Loc: Lettermore
McCarroll, Henry Loc: Corravoggy
McCartney, James Loc: Largy or Forthenry
McCartney, Margaret Loc: Largy or Forthenry
McCartney, Thomas Loc: Largy or Forthenry
McCaul, Thomas Loc: Cortober
McCleary, James Loc: Claragh
McCollum, Edward Loc: Corravoggy
McCollum, John Loc: Corgreagh
McConnan, Andrew Loc: Drumeltan
McConnell, William Loc: Corweelis
McCree, Thomas Loc: Campstown
McCree, Thomas Loc: Keeghan
McCrenner, Rosanna Loc: Corbeagh
McCullagh, Ellen Loc: Errigal
McCullagh, James Loc: Dernaskeagh
McCullagh, James Loc: Largy or Forthenry
McCullagh, Robert Loc: Largy or Forthenry
McCullagh, Thomas Loc: Dernaskeagh
McCullen, Bridget Loc: Lettermore
McCullen, Mary Loc: Enagh
McCullin, Philip Loc: Drumsillagh
McDermott, Margaret Loc: Corbeagh
McDonnell, Hugh Loc: Cornasaus
McDonnell, Hugh Loc: Labbinlee
McDonnell, Hugh Loc: Ratrussan
McDonnell, James Loc: Corbeagh
McDonnell, James Loc: Drumnagress
McDonnell, Michael Loc: Drumleague
McDonnell, Patrick Loc: Claragh
McDonnell, Patrick Loc: Pottleboy
McDonnell, Philip Loc: Cornasaus
McDonnell, Philip Loc: Drumgill
McDonnell, Thomas Loc: Corfad
McEnroe, Catherine Loc: Rakane
McEnroe, Edward Loc: Tonyin
McEnroe, Hugh Loc: Drumhurt
McEnroe, James Loc: Tonyin
McEnroe, John Loc: Corgreagh
McEnroe, John Loc: Drummury
McEnroe, Martin Loc: Corbeagh
McEnroe, Patrick Loc: Drummury
McEnroe, Philip Loc: Drumhirk
McFadden, Hugh Loc: Cornasaus
McFadden, Hugh Loc: Keeghan
McFadden, Hugh Loc: Killyvahan
McFadden, Hugh Loc: Leamgeltan
McFadden, Hugh Loc: Tonymacgilduff
McFadden, James Loc: Leaghin
McFadden, John Loc: Leaghin
McFadden, Joseph Loc: Drummartin
McFadden, Joseph Loc: Killyvahan
McFadden, William Loc: Tonyin
McGahy, James Loc: Corbeagh
McGorry, Luke Loc: Cornanurney
McGovern, Anne Loc: Drummartin
McGovern, Farrell Loc: Corfad
McGovern, Farrell Loc: Ratrussan
McGovern, John Loc: Muff
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Corfad
McGovern, Patrick Loc: Muff
McGovern, Philip Loc: Campstown
McGovern, Philip Loc: Tievenanass
McGovern, Thomas Loc: Labbinlee
McGuire, Patrick Loc: Gortin
McGuire, Terence Loc: Drumgill
McGuirk, Arthur Loc: Pottleboy
McGuirk, Thomas Loc: Pottleboy
McIntee, Anne Loc: Aghatotan
McIntee, Arthur Loc: Drumleague
McIntee, Bernard Loc: Errigal
McIntee, Bridget Loc: Gortin
McIntee, Charles Loc: Drumnagran
McIntee, Charles Loc: Gortin
McIntee, Edward Loc: Drumerkillew
McIntee, John Loc: Drumsillagh
McIntee, John Loc: Gortin
McIntee, Joseph Loc: Drumleague
McIntee, Mary Loc: Drumeltan
McIntee, Owen Loc: Coppanagh
McIntee, Patrick Loc: Corravoggy
McIntee, Philip Loc: Gortin
McIntee, Susan Loc: Corfad
McIntee, Terence Loc: Drumnagran
McIntee, Terence Loc: Tonyin
McIntee, Thomas Loc: Gortin
McIntyre, Peter Loc: Dinginavanty
McIver, John Loc: Cornabeagh
McKay, Henry Loc: Corballyquill
McKay, John Loc: Carrickalwy
McKenna, Andrew Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
McKenna, Andrew Loc: Long
McKenna, William Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
McKeon, Eugene Loc: Lislea
McKeon, Hugh Loc: Cortober
McKiernan, Thomas Loc: Drumerkillew
McKnight, Anne Loc: Mullaghboy
McLoughlin, William Loc: Drumhurt
McMahon, Hugh Loc: Claragh
McMahon, Rep. Judith Loc: Cornasaus
McMahon, Margaret Loc: Corbeagh
McMahon, Owen Loc: Campstown
McMahon, Owen Loc: Lislea
McMahon, Patrick Loc: Carrickalwy
McMahon, Roger Loc: Claragh
McManus, Terence Loc: Aghatotan
McManus, Rep. Thos. Loc: Annaghlee
McMinn, John Loc: Corbeagh
McNally, John Loc: Errigal
McQuillin, James Loc: Annaghlee
McQuillin, James Loc: Drumhose
McQuillin, Peter Loc: Tievenanass
Meehan, Laurence Loc: Corbeagh
Meehan, Partick Loc: Keeghan
Mills, James Loc: Cortober
Mills, Mary Anne Loc: Cortober
Mills, Robert Loc: Mullaghboy
Mills, Thomas Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Mills, William Loc: Drumsheil
Mincrieff, Hugh Loc: Enagh
Moghan, Anne Loc: Killycreeny
Moghan, Farrell Loc: Corgreagh
Moghan, John Loc: Drumleague
Moghan, Michael Loc: Drumnagran
Moghan, Patrick Loc: Cornabeagh
Moghan, Rosanna Loc: Cornanurney
Moghan, William Loc: Drumleague
Monahan, Patrick Loc: Drumhose
Moore, Hugh Loc: Leamgeltan
Moore, Hugh Loc: Tonymacgilduff
Moore, James Loc: Leamgeltan
Moore, James Loc: Tonymacgilduff
Moore, William Loc: Leamgeltan
Moorhead, Samuel Loc: Errigal
Morrisson, John Loc: Doocarrick
Morrisson, John Loc: Drumsivney
Morrisson, John Loc: Killycreeny
Morrisson, Roger Loc: Lislea
Morrisson, William Loc: Doocarrick
Morrow, Charles Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
Morrow, Charles Loc: Long
Morrow, Henry Loc: Cornabraher
Morrow, James Loc: Tonaghbane
Morrow, Rep. John Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Moxley, Stephen Loc: Corravoggy
Mullen, Owen Loc: Drummury
Mullen, Terence Loc: Cornanurney
Murray, John Loc: Drumhirk
Murray, Michael, Jr. Loc: Long
Murray, Michael, Sr. Loc: Long
Murtagh, Andrew Loc: Bindoo
Murtagh, Andrew Loc: Drumnatread
Murtagh, John Loc: Drumeltan
Murtagh, Mark Loc: Tullyard
Murtagh, Peter Loc: Muff
Murtagh, Philip Loc: Drumeltan
Murtagh, Roger Loc: Bindoo
Murtagh, Terence Loc: Bindoo
Murtagh, Terence Loc: Ratrussan
Murtagh, Thomas Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Nicholl, Anne Loc: Drumhose
Nicholl, James Loc: Drumhose
Nicholls, Martha Loc: Doocarrick
Nolan, Terence Loc: Aghatotan
Nolan, Terence Loc: Cornabraher
Nolan, Terence Loc: Drumleague
Norris, Alexander Loc: Drumsivney
Nugent, Patrick Loc: Errigal
Oakes, George Loc: Pottleboy
O'Brien, Elizabeth Loc: Dernaskeagh
O'Brien, Francis Loc: Drumnatread
O'Brien, Henry Loc: Drumnatread
O'Brien, John Loc: Dinginavanty
O'Brien, Luke Loc: Aghatotan
O'Brien, Luke Loc: Corgreagh
O'Brien, Luke Loc: Gortin
O'Brien, Luke, Jr. Loc: Aghatotan
O'Brien, Patrick Loc: Aghnaglogh
O'Brien, Patrick Loc: Drumsillagh
Owens, Patrick Loc: Errigal
Patterson, James Loc: Cornasaus
Peat, George Loc: Cortober
Peat, John Loc: Cortober
Pennyfield, Marshall Loc: Corballyquill
Porter, George Loc: Aghatotan
Porter, George Loc: Mullaghboy
Porter, John Loc: Ratrussan
Power, Mary Loc: Corfad
Pritchet, James Loc: Bindoo
Pritchet, Mary Loc: Ratrussan
Quinn, John Loc: Corbeagh
Quinn, William Loc: Corbeagh
Quinn, William Loc: Cortober
Ranston, Edward Loc: Doocarrick
Ranston, Edward Loc: Killycreeny
Reagrah, James Loc: Cornabraher
Reilly, Anne Loc: Drumerkillew
Reilly, Anne Loc: Lettermore
Reilly, Bernard Loc: Corravoggy
Reilly, Bernard Loc: Drumnagran
Reilly, Bridget Loc: Muff
Reilly, Charles Loc: Lislea
Reilly, Connor Loc: Corgreagh
Reilly, Connor Loc: Drumnagran
Reilly, Daniel Loc: Killycreeny
Reilly, Daniel Loc: Rakane
Reilly, Edward Loc: Aghnaglogh
Reilly, Edward Loc: Corgreagh
Reilly, Edward Loc: Drumleague
Reilly, Ellen Loc: Campstown
Reilly, Ellen Loc: Killycreeny
Reilly, Frances Loc: Corgreagh
Reilly, Francis Loc: Corgreagh
Reilly, Francis Loc: Drummartin
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Doocarrick
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Pottleboy
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Ratrussan
Reilly, Hugh Loc: Tonyin
Reilly, James Loc: Aghatotan
Reilly, James Loc: Corravoggy
Reilly, James Loc: Muff
Reilly, James Loc: Ratrussan
Reilly, John Loc: Corgreagh
Reilly, John Loc: Drumhirk
Reilly, John Loc: Drumnagran
Reilly, John, Jr. Loc: Aghnaglogh
Reilly, Luke Loc: Ratrussan
Reilly, Mary Loc: Aghnaglogh
Reilly, Mary Loc: Corgreagh
Reilly, Mary Loc: Corgreagh N: Michl
Reilly, Mary Loc: Labbinlee
Reilly, Mary Loc: Tievenanass
Reilly, Michael Loc: Aghatotan
Reilly, Michael Loc: Corgreagh
Reilly, Michael Loc: Drumhurt
Reilly, Michael Loc: Leaghin
Reilly, Michael Loc: Muff
Reilly, Michael Loc: Ratrussan
Reilly, Owen Loc: Aghnaglogh
Reilly, Owen Loc: Drumeltan
Reilly, Owen Loc: Drumnagran
Reilly, Owen Loc: Drumnatread
Reilly, Owen Loc: Lislea
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Claragh
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Corgreagh
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Cornabeagh
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Cornasaus
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Drumnatread
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Labbinlee
Reilly, Patrick Loc: Pottleboy
Reilly, Peter Loc: Aghnaglogh
Reilly, Peter Loc: Cornasaus
Reilly, Peter Loc: Drumnagress
Reilly, Philip Loc: Aghatotan
Reilly, Philip Loc: Raludan
Reilly, Robert Loc: Pottleboy
Reilly, Robert Loc: Ratrussan
Reilly, Susan Loc: Corgreagh
Reilly, Terence Loc: Tonyin
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Drumerkillew
Reilly, Thomas Loc: Ratrussan
Reilly, Rep. Thomas Loc: Tievenanass
Rice, Bernard Loc: Campstown
Roberts, Rev. Samuel Loc: Cordoagh Glebe Upper
Roberts, Rev. Samuel Loc: Long
Robinson, David Loc: Lisnageer
Robinson, Isabella Loc: Doocarrick
Robinson, James Loc: Doocarrick
Robinson, Mary Loc: Lisnageer
Robinson, William Loc: Lisnageer
Roseman, Robert Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Roundtree, Alexander Loc: Campstown
Roundtree, Alexander Loc: Tievenanass
Roundtree, Charles Loc: Campstown
Roundtree, Charles Loc: Leamgeltan
Roundtree, Charles Loc: Tievenanass
Roundtree, Hugh Loc: Campstown
Roundtree, John Loc: Drummartin
Roundtree, John Loc: Killyvahan
Roundtree, John Loc: Labbinlee
Roundtree, Richard Loc: Cornabeagh
Roundtree, Richard Loc: Cornamucklagh
Roundtree, Richard Loc: Tonymacgilduff
Roundtree, Walter Loc: Drummartin
Roundtree, Walter Loc: Drumnagress
Roundtree, Walter Loc: Tievenanass
Roundtree, William Loc: Cornabeagh
Roundtree, William Loc: Cornamucklagh
Roundtree, William Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Rourke, Thomas Loc: Tievenanass
Rowan, John Loc: Cordoagh Lower
Rowan, Michael Loc: Rakane
Rowen, John Loc: Drumerkillew
Ruddan, Mary Loc: Aghatotan
Ruddan, Mary Loc: Corweelis
Ruddan, Mary Loc: Drumnagran
Ruddan, Patrick Loc: Drumsillagh
Ruddan, Peter Loc: Drumleague
Ruddan, Peter Loc: Drumsillagh
Russ, Mary Loc: Lisnageer
Senton, Anne Loc: Drumsillagh
Senton, Mary Loc: Drumsillagh
Shalvey, Bridget Loc: Cordoagh Lower
Shalvey, Michael Loc: Leamgeltan
Shalvey, Owen Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Shalvy, Patrick Loc: Gortin
Shalvy, Philip Loc: Gortin
Sharp, Hugh Loc: Ratrussan
Sharp, James Loc: Barragh
Sharp, James, M.D. Loc: Lislea
Sharp, John Loc: Ratrussan
Sharp, Rep. Samuel Loc: Binbane
Sharp, Thomas Loc: Barragh
Sharp, Thomas Loc: Doocarrick
Sharp, Thomas Loc: Ratrussan
Sharp, William Loc: Binbane
Sharp, William Loc: Ratrussan
Sheil, Ellen Loc: Muff
Sheil, John Loc: Muff
Sheil, Thomas Loc: Carrickalwy
Short, Francis Loc: Killycreeny
Short, Francis Loc: Loortan
Simmmons, William Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Simmons, Henry Loc: Corbeagh
Simmons, William Loc: Killycreeny
Simmons, William Loc: Lisnageer
Simonds, David Loc: Cortober
Slater, Henry Loc: Doocarrick
Slator, William Loc: Doocarrick
Slevin, Thomas Loc: Barragh
Sloy, Bernard Loc: Enagh
Sloy, Thomas Loc: Coppanagh
Smith, Anne Loc: Corravoggy
Smith, Bartholomew Loc: Drumhirk
Smith, Bernard Loc: Dinginavanty
Smith, Bernard Loc: Greaghnacrosss
Smith, Bridget Loc: Drumnagress
Smith, Bridget Loc: Ratrussan
Smith, Catherine Loc: Ratrussan
Smith, Charles Loc: Drumleague
Smith, Charles Loc: Ratrussan
Smith, Daniel Loc: Ratrussan
Smith, Hugh Loc: Claragh
Smith, James Loc: Aghatotan
Smith, James Loc: Drumhirk
Smith, James Loc: Drumnagran
Smith, James Loc: Drumnatread
Smith, James Loc: Gortin
Smith, James Loc: Long
Smith, James, Jr. Loc: Drumnagran
Smith, John Loc: Corfad
Smith, John Loc: Cornabraher
Smith, John Loc: Dinginavanty
Smith, John Loc: Lettermore
Smith, John Loc: Lislea
Smith, John Loc: Long
Smith, John Loc: Tonyin
Smith, Luke Loc: Drumnagran
Smith, Mary Loc: Aghatotan
Smith, Mary Loc: Corfad
Smith, Mary Loc: Corravoggy
Smith, Mary Loc: Drumnagran
Smith, Mary Loc: Leamgeltan
Smith, Mary Loc: Lettermore
Smith, Matthew Loc: Ratrussan
Smith, Matthew Loc: Tievenanass
Smith, Michael Loc: Binbane
Smith, Michael Loc: Corfad
Smith, Michael Loc: Drumnagran
Smith, Michael Loc: Drumsillagh
Smith, Michael Loc: Keeghan
Smith, Owen Loc: Aghatotan
Smith, Owen Loc: Corfad
Smith, Owen Loc: Gortin
Smith, Owen Loc: Pottleboy
Smith, Patrick Loc: Aghnaglogh
Smith, Patrick Loc: Carrickalwy
Smith, Patrick Loc: Corfad
Smith, Patrick Loc: Dinginavanty
Smith, Patrick Loc: Drumerkillew
Smith, Patrick Loc: Killyvahan
Smith, Patrick Loc: Lettermore
Smith, Patrick Loc: Muff
Smith, Patrick Loc: Pottleboy
Smith, Patrick Loc: Rakane
Smith, Patrick Loc: Ratrussan
Smith, Patrick Loc: Tievenanass
Smith, Patrick, Jr. Loc: Cornagarrow
Smith, Patrick, Sr. Loc: Cornagarrow
Smith, Peter Loc: Corfad
Smith, Peter Loc: Corravoggy
Smith, Peter Loc: Drumhurt
Smith, Peter Loc: Drumnagran
Smith, Peter Loc: Gortin
Smith, Philip Loc: Dinginavanty
Smith, Roger Loc: Corbeagh
Smith, Samuel Loc: Enagh
Smith, Sarah Loc: Pottleboy
Smith, Terence Loc: Corfad
Smith, Terence Loc: Rakane
Smith, Thomas Loc: Claragh
Smith, Rev. Thomas Loc: Corfad
Smith, Thomas Loc: Drumnagran
Smyley, Samuel Loc: Drummartin
Smyley, William Loc: Drummartin
Sorahan, John Loc: Cornasaus
Sorahan, Patrick Loc: Drumhurt
Sorahan, Peter Loc: Cornasaus
Stephens, Joseph Loc: Lettermore
Stephens, Joseph Loc: Lisnageer
Stinson, Elizabeth Loc: Keeghan
Stinson, Elizabeth J. Loc: Largy or Forthenry
Stinson, James Loc: Enagh
Stinson, Thomas Loc: Corbeagh
Tackeny, James Loc: Drumhurt
Tackeny, Mary Loc: Tonyin
Tackeny, Philip Loc: Tullyard
Tackney, Margaret Loc: Dinginavanty
Talbot, George Loc: Pottleboy
Talbot, William Loc: Corbeagh
Tanner, Robert Loc: Corbeagh
Tate, John Loc: Killyvahan
Tate, William Loc: Corballyquill
Tate, William Loc: Cortober
Tottan, Samuel Loc: Aghatotan
Traynor, James Loc: Tullyard
Traynor, Mary Loc: Leaghin
Traynor, Peter Loc: Tullyard
Tully, Anne Loc: Drumsillagh
Tully, John Loc: Drumerkillew
Tully, Mary Loc: Drumerkillew
Tully, Thomas Loc: Carrickalwy
Tummin, Catherine Loc: Drumerkillew
Tummin, James Loc: Drumerkillew
Tummin, James Loc: Drumsillagh
Tummin, James Loc: Gortin
Tummin, Thomas Loc: Cornabraher
Vogan, James Loc: Cornasaus
Vogan, William Loc: Cornasaus
Voyan, Andrew Loc: Dinginavanty
Wallace, James Loc: Drumerkillew
Walsh, Mary Loc: Aghatotan
Walsh, Richard Loc: Drummartin
Walsh, Thomas H. Loc: Corbeagh
Ward, John Loc: Drumerkillew
Ward, Margaret Loc: Tievenanass
Ward, Philip Loc: Drumerkillew
Ward, Thomas Loc: Drumerkillew
Waugh, William Loc: Tonaghbane
Weir, George Loc: Corbeagh
White, John Loc: Drummartin
Whitley, Charles Loc: Corbeagh
Whitley, James Loc: Corbeagh
Whitley, James Loc: Cortober
Whitley, Joseph Loc: Killycreeny
Whitley, Joseph Loc: Loortan
Willis, George Loc: Drumnagress
Woods, James Loc: Aghatotan
Woods, James Loc: Pottleboy
Woods, John Loc: Claragh
Woods, John Loc: Drumerkillew
Woods, John Loc: Pottleboy
Woods, Patrick Loc: Gortin
Woods, Peter Loc: Corgreagh
Woods, Robert Loc: Drumnagran
Woods, Thomas Loc: Corgreagh
Wright, William Loc: Drumnagress
Wyley, John Loc: Leaghin

Map of Civil Parishes in county Cavan

Civil Parish Records of County Cavan

Other county Cavan Parish Records

1 Annagelliff

2 Annagh

3 Ballintemple

4 Bailieborough

5 Ballymachugh

6 Castlerahan

7 Castleterra

8 Crosserlough

9 Denn

10 Drumgoon

11 Drumlane

12 Drumlumman

13 Drumreilly

14 Drung

15 Enniskeen

16 Kilbride

17 Kildallan

18 Kildrumsherdan

19 Killashandra

20 Killinagh

21 Killinkere

22 Kilmore

23 Kinawley

24 Knockbride

25 Larah

26 Lavey

27 Loughran Castlekeeran

28 Lurgan

29 Moybolgue

30 Mullagh

31 Munterconnaught

32 Scrabby

33 Shercock

34 Templeport

35 Tomregan

36 Urney