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About Templeport Cemetery and Parish

Templeport, a civil parish, in county of Cavan. It is situated on the confines of the county of Leitrim, comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, 42,172 statute acres, of which 1532¾ are water, and 25,767 are applotted under the tithe act. It contains eight lakes: in the lake of Templeport is an island called Inch, on which are the picturesque ruins of an abbey founded by St. Maedoc, or Maodhoy, in the 6th century; attached to it is a cemetery still used as a burial-place. At Kilnavat are also the remains of an ancient monastery, of which there are no particulars on record, with an extensive burial-place still in use.



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Inscription Names of Templeport Cemetery in County Cavan

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Surname, First Name, Date of death


Alexander Francis
Alexander Frederick 21/06/1872
Alexander William 03/07/1871


Bannan Francis
Bannon Mary 28/06/1911
Bannon Michael 14/04/1949
Betty Emma Anne 08/04/1874
Betty Frederick 20/06/1863
Blachford Corney Chidley 29/08/1722
Blachford William 28/03/1727
Blashford Ambrose
Blashford Frances
Blashford John
Blashford John
Blashford Mary
Blashford Thomas
Blashford (nee) Maghee Mary
Blashford (nee) Renald Mary
Bourke John 20/06/1824
Brady Felix 1786
Brady (nee) Keavin Ann 24/03/1768
Breadon Henry 10/02/1897
Bryan Henry 17/09/1766
Bryan (nee) Irwin Margiot 07/05/1798

Cassidy Mary Teresa 29/05/1943
Coffey George James 15/11/1960
Coffey (nee) Matilda Eva 15/01/1964
Cooper Henrietta 18/05/1875
Crawford Andrew 15/09/1819
Crawford Mary ??/03/1818
Cross Jane 20/10/1861
Cross John 17/02/1892

Deane Edmund 29/08/1717
Deane Marcus 10/1787
Deane Willia 05/10/1737
Deane William
Deane Fieri Fergalus 1719
Dolan Anne 12/07/1848
Dolan Bridget 05/04/1919
Dolan Bridget
Dolan Francis 20/0/1897
Dolan Hugh 06/08/1898
Dolan Kate 20/11/1890
Dolan Mary 12/03/1926
Dolan William 10/12/1763

Elliott Herbert William 07/05/1915
Ellis Gore 17/01/1822
Ellis Gore 11/06/1799
Ellis Margaret 26/06/1899
Ellis Mary 07/12/1821

Fawcett John 27/06/1824
Fee Anne Jane 17/03/1953
Fee Anne Jane
Fee William 05/04/1939
Finlay Amelia 18/09/1888
Finlay Anna 30/05/1851
Finlay David 11/09/1890
Finlay George 23/01/1855
Finlay George Alexander 25/04/1916
Finlay Isabella 12/06/1928
Finlay John 12/06/1921
Flinn Peter 14/02/1770
Flinn (nee) Devin Naby 12/06/1802
Flynn Alias 27/11/1824
Flynn Bryan 22/05/1843

Gibson Fanny
Gibson James
Gorby Annie
Gorby Robert
Guddin Francis 03/10/1784
Guddin (nee) Maguire Rose 25/10/1787

Halpin Caroline Isabella Emma 05/08/1966
Halpin William Henry 17/04/1937
Hearn Adela Grace Georgina 16/08/1887
Hearn Elizabeth Mary Adelaide 21/01/1891
Hearn Elizabeth Mary Emily 19/02/1898
Hearn George Marcus 26/08/1890
Hearn John Henry 20/04/1890
Hume Elizabeth 17/07/1780
Hume Richard 20/08/1786
Hume Robert 05/11/1777
Hunt Charlotte Augusta 09/02/1911
Hunt Edward Langford 11/08/1907
Hunt Elizabeth Frances 01/04/1900
Hunt V. E. 17/08/1922
Hunt W. M. 19/07/1925
Hutton Albert 27/09/1887
Hutton Ethel Maud 22/04/1960
Hutton Georgina 18/01/1923
Hutton Kathleen Mary 19/07/1896
Hutton Robert 09/07/1920
Hutton Stamford H. 15/04/1900

Johnstone Arthur Henry 24/07/1954
Johnstone Robert Henry 11/05/1934

Kells Christopher 02/11/1807
Kells Margaret
Kells Martha
Kells Martha 11/04/1952
Kells Mary 02/09/1901
Kells Ralph
Kells Richard
Kells Richard 18/02/1936
Kells Richard 20/03/1911
Kells Robert
Kells William 10/03/1889
Kells Williams 17/01/1827
Kiernan Deaniel 07/07/1782
Kiernan Felix 01/1756
Kiernan John ??/03/1769
Kiernan Magy 05/1736
King Bridget 21/10/1959
King Ellen 11/12/1940
King Francis 17/03/1773
King George 10/03/1966
King Hugh 11/04/1773
King Hugh 25/12/1772
King Hugh 26/12/1772
King James 02/06/1945
King John 04/10/1947
King John 22/10/1782
King Judy 22/11/1756
King Michael 01/12/1963
King Philip 11/12/1890
King (nee) Brady Mary 09/05/1762
King (nee) McGauran Cally 11/10/1776

La Nauze Ellen 23/08/1985
La Nauze Thomas Tessier 1852
Lauder James 05/10/1825
Lauder Thomas
L'Estrance Augusta Caroline 15/06/1874
L'Estrance George Henry 24/04/1870
L'Estrance Henry George 13/11/1887

Magan Fanny 08/08/1887
Magauran Peter 12/05/1764
Magee Hannah 13/02/1866
Magee John 10/03/1884
Magee Letta Florence
Magee Mary Anne 23/04/1882
Magee Thomas 28/08/1901
Magovern Bridget
Magovern Ellen 1873
Magovern John
Margaret Lilian 06/08/1940
McCabe John 02/12/1790
McDermot (nee) Shenan Ellenor 01/12/1782
McDermot (nee) Smyth Margret 1760
McGauran Edward 08/1797
McGauran (nee) McKiernan Bridget 11/1837
McGoldrick Anne 09/01/1925
McGoldrick Francis 22/02/1934
McGoldrick Francis 13/08/1944
McGoldrick John 27/11/1959
McGoldrick Mary 12/04/1947
McGoldrick Patrick 04/10/1958
McKelligot Elizabeth
McKelligot John
McKelligot Susan
McKiernan Mary 27/06/1937
McKiernan Owen 04/11/1772
McKiernan Philip 01/04/1918
McKiernan Rose 12/09/1789
McManus Bridget 11/07/1916
McManus Michael 08/04/1906
McManus Patrick 13/02/1889
McTague Jas. 01/1785
McTeigue Ellen 19/03/1876
Myles Bridget 21/05/1788
Myles Edward 26/11/1787

Noble Elizabeth 21/02/1810

O'Burns Philip 08/07/1775
O'Burns (nee) Dolan Ann 02/1771

Plunkett Mary 13/05/1898

Rawlins Fanny 20/03/1892
Rawlins Joseph 06/10/1907
Rawlins Joseph 06/10/1907
Rawlins Margaret Alice 21/03/1932
Reilly Andrew
Reilly James
Reilly Mary 09/04/1917
Reilly Patrick 06/07/1790
Roe William Alexander 31/08/1916
Roycroft Ann 08/01/1881
Roycroft Elizabeth Charlotte 10/01/1894
Roycroft John Charles 08/06/1863
Roycroft Rebecca 22/09/1912
Roycroft Robert 30/05/1881
Rutledge Anna Elizabeth 17/04/1891
Rutledge Catherine 01/04/1950
Rutledge Maria 11/10/1900
Rutledge Richard 05/02/1929
Rutledge William 09/09/1914

Sanders (nee) Alexander Margaret
Scarlett Elizabeth
Scarlett James 08/1893
Scarlett James
Shanan Philip 20/06/1770
Shanan Wenis 08/05/1772
Shanan (nee) Lee Catherine
Smith Robert
Smith (nee) Gorby Sarah E.
Stewart Anna Mary 07/03/1938
Stewart Atwell 11/05/1964
Stewart Herbert Edwin 19/04/1924
Stewart John David 29/06/1925
Stewart Margaret
Stewart William
Stewart William
Stewart William Henry 08/10/1966
Storey George 19/06/1898
Storey Katherine 24/05/1919
Storey Nixon
Storey Robert 22/05/1900
Swanne Elizabeth
Swanne Richard 12/10/1794
Swanne Richard

Taylor William 08/02/1889
Tegart Eliza 24/07/1882
Tegart Mary Anne 22/05/1884
Tegart William 20/05/1900
Tegart William 30/08/1856
Tessier Thomas 1852

Wardell (nee) Hunt Augusta L. 30//06/1951
Wilcox Henry 03/10/1952

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