1826 Election Name Index of County Cavan

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About 1826 Elections County Cavan

This is a list of names of those persons residing in county Cavan, who were permitted to vote in the 1826 General Elections in the United Kingdom and Ireland.



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Index of Names for 1826 Elections in County Cavan

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Surname & Name

Adams Benjamin, Rev
Adams Samuel, Rev.
Adams Charles James
Adams Richard
Adams Cosby
Adams Samuel, Rev.
Adams john
Armstrong James
Armstrong Mr.

Babington Michael
Bailie James
Barry Maxwell Col.
Barry Alexander
Barry Mrs. Charlotte Lumley
Beggan Pat
Bell Andrew
Bell Robert T., Rev
Bell William
Bell Richard
Benison Mr.
Beresford M.G. Rev.
Beresford George, Lord
Bligh Thomas
Booth R. Bell
Booth Andrew Bell
Booth G.T.
Boyle Maxwell J.
Boyle M.J. Esq.
Brady Peter
Brady Andrew
Brady Family
Brady John D.
Brady Bernard
Brady John
Burrowes Thomas, Major
Burrowes William
Burrowes William Esq
Clarke Ralph Bell
Clarke Edward, Mr.
Clarke Edward
Clements Theophilus Lucas
Clements Henry John
Connolly Owen
Coote Charles
Corr Patrick, Rev. PP
Cottingham Edward
Cottingham Henry, Rev.
Cottingham capt.
Crawford two brothrs
Cummins Mr.
Curran John Philpot
Curran Mr.
Curry Mr.
D’Arcy Thomas , Inspector General
Dawson Ralph
Dease Gerald
Denham Jospeh
Devine Bryan
Devine Robert
Dowell Bernard
Druitt Joseph, Rev
Egan Rev. Mr.
Elliot Joseph
Ensor George
Faris Francis Rev.
Farnham Lord
Fegan Edward
Finlay John
Finlay George
Fitzpatrick Thomas
Fitzpatrick Laurence
Fitzpatrick John
Fitzpatrick James
Fitzsimons John, Rev
Flood Terence
Forde William
Forde Mr.
Fox Francis, Rev
Fox Mr.
Glascock William, Mr.
Gore Sir Ralph Bart
Graham William
Graham William, Esq.
Grattan Henry
Gregory William
Halpin C. Dr.
Hamilton Margaret
Hare Edward, Mr.
Hare Edward
Hassard John
Hassard Francis
Hassard John Esq
Hewitt ???
Hodson Robert A.
Humphreys William
Humphreys William jun
Irwin William
Jones Caroline
Kiernan Patrick
Kiernan James
Knipe G.M.
Knipe George M. Esq
Law William Hugh
Lawless Jack
Little Francis
Litton Mr.
Lloyd Capt.
Lynch Judith
Lynch Edward
Magahern Margaret
Magrath Luke Esq.
Marshall Major
Masterson Michael, Mr.
Matchett Thomas
Maun Laurence, Rev.
Maxwell Henry
Maxwell H.
Maxwell Somerset R.
Maxwell Sarah Juliana, Hon.
Mayne John
McCabe Patrick, Rev. PP
McCabe Patrick, Mr
McCabe Richard
Mccabe Billy
Mccabe Denis
McCabe John
McCann George
McDermott Charles, Esq.
McDonald Hugh
McDonald Letitia
McDonnell Alick
McGovern James
McGrath Luke
McGuire Joseph
McGuire Patrick, Dr.
McManus T.
Mervyn Robert
Montgomery Nathaniel
Montgomery Richard
Moore Samuel
Moore John, Rev
Moorhead Richard
Mullen James
Mullen O.
Murphy Michael
Nesbitt Cosby
Nixon Humphrey S. Mr.
Nixon Humphrey Stewart
Nugent G.T.H.
Nugent Thomas
Nugent Christopher E.J.
Nugent C.E.J.
Nugent Oliver
Nugent John C.
O’Connor Hugh, Mr.
O’Reilly Patrick, Rev
O’Reilly James
O’Reilly Patrick, Rev. PP
O’Reilly Terence, Rev.
O’Reilly Terence
O’Reilly Thomas
O’Reilly William, Mr.
O’Reilly Charles, Esq.
O’Reilly Philip, Rev
O’Reilly Farrell, Dr.
O’Reilly John
O’Reilly Luke
O’Reilly Philip
O’Reilly William
O’Reilly Charles
O’Reilly John, Rev.
Palles Andrew C.
Philips Edward
Plunkett James
Pollock John, Rev
Pollock William
Postens Thomas
Pratt Joseph, Col.
Pratt Joseph
Pratt-Winter Anna Maria, Miss
Rafferty Bernard
Rathbourne William
Rathbourne Sophia
Reilly John
Reilly Thomas
Reilly Charles, Esq.
Reilly P.
Reilly Hugh
Reilly Michael, Mr.
Rourke Hugh
Sargent Robert, Rev.
Saunderson Alexander
Saunderson Francis, Rev
Saunderson Francis
Saunderson James Esq

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