Drumlumman Graveyard Inscriptions, Drumlumman Parish, County Cavan

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About this Drumlumman Graveyard

This cemetery is situated halfway on the R.394 Rd in Drumlumman civil Parish in county Cavan Ireland. This graveyard once was used to bury members of the Church of Ireland in Drumlumman parish but is now used to bury the congregations of both Church of Ireland and Catholics. Several headstones are worn and impossible to read although there are also recent graves and headstones.



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Drumlumman Graveyard Inscription, Drumlumman Parish, County Cavan,

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Bagnall, Margaret Anne, d. 1 Oct 1938, age: 63yr, sister of Richard
Bagnall, Richard, d. 24 Jan 1900, age: 24yr, brother of Margaret Anne
Beatty, Charles, no dates, oldest son of John, erected by John T. and Maria Beatty
Dolan, John, d. 1926, age: 62yr, father of John, Finea
Dolan, John, d. Aug 1900, son of John
Gaffney, Bridget M. Enneik, no dates, wife of Charles
Gaffney, Bridget, d. 28 Sep 1972
Gaffney, Charles, d. 10 Dec 1801, age: 78yr, husband of Bridget
Gillcrest, Michael, d. 6 Jan 1759, age: 58yr
Kirk, Issac, d. 4 Apr 1915, age: 29yr, son of John James & Sarah Alicia
Kirk, John James, d. 2 Feb 1920, age: 64yr, husband of Sarah Alicia
Kirk, Sarah Alica, d. 22 Apr 1908, age: 52yr, wife of John James
Kirk, Victoria, d. May 1923, age: 29yr, daughter of John James & Alicia
Mangan, James, d. 25 May 1931, age: 80yr, husband of Julia
Mangan, Julia, d. Mar 1923, age: 83yr, wife of James, Dublin
Moore, Bridget, d. 27 Mar 1915, sister of Matthew
Moore, Bridget, d. 4 Oct 1946, wife of Owen
Moore, Matthew, d. 24 Dec 1858, age: 52yr, husband of Molly, Williamstown, Finea
Moore, Molly, d. 19 Sep 1986, wife of Owen
Moore, Owen, d. 26 May 1923, father of Matthew
Moore, Owen, d. 26 May 1923, husband of Molly
Morrow, Andrew, d. 18 Aug 1950, age: 85yr, husband of Maria (Bagnell), Kincola
Morrow, Isabella Margaret, d. 21 Aug 1923, age: 18yr
Morrow, Isabella, b. 1837, d. 1 Jul 1917, wife of Joseph
Morrow, Joseph R., d. 11 Oct 1992, age: 81yr
Morrow, Joseph, b. 1814, d. 23 Jun 1903, husband of Isabella
Morrow, Maria Bagnall, d. 3 Mar 1939, age: 67yr
Reilly, Connell, d. 24 Apr.1762, age: 76yr, husband of Mary
Reilly, Hugh, d. 1764
Reilly, Mary, no dates, wife of Connell
Stratford, Alan, d. 17 Nov 1997, age: 69yr
Stratford, Catherine, d. 27 Jul 1931, age: 80yr, wife of Mark, Kilcola
Stratford, Ethel, d. 2 Mar 1980, age: 85yr, wife of Mark
Stratford, Joyce, d. Mar 1976, age: 61yr, daughter of Mark & Ethel
Stratford, Mark, d. 1 Oct 1956, age: 65yr, son of Mark & Catherine
Stratford, Mark, d. 12 May 1938, age: 82yr, husband of Catherine
Walker, Alexander, d. 1831
Walker, James (Lieut), cant read date, erected by Elizabeth Walker
Walker, Samuel Alexander, d. 4 Nov 1968, age: 72yr, Finea, erected by his wife & family

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