Presbyterian Church Records in County Armagh

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Presbyterian church records in County Armagh

Most Presbyterian church records in county Armagh and throughout Ireland began in last 18th and early 19th centuries. Presbyterianism came to Ulster from Scotland in the 17th century but its freedom was severely curtailed by penal enactments to the extent that it was illegal until 1782 for Presbyterian ministers to perform marriages even of Presbyterians and only from 1845 could they legally marry a Presbyterian and a member of the Church of Ireland.

Religious and civil persecution resulting from the Penal Laws meant that many Presbyterian baptisms, marriages and burials are to be found in the registers of the Church of Ireland until well into the 18th century.

Burial registers for Presbyterian churches are uncommon as there were few Presbyterian burial grounds. Although Presbyterian registers and those of other denominations were not subject to state control and therefore there was no requirement to place them in the Public Record Office of Ireland for safe-keeping, there are still few registers going back into the 18th century.


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Presbyterian Records details of each Parish in county Armagh

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Presbyterian Parish Records available for Research

Armagh Parish

1st Armagh Presbyterian

Baptisms, 1707-28, 1796-1803 and 1825-1949; marriages, 1707-28, 1796-1823 and 1825-1910; lists of seatholders, 1851, 1852 and 1857; indexes to baptisms, 1707-1803, and to marriages, 1707-1809; copies of session accounts, 1707-32, with a list of session members,1707.

MIC1P/4; D1759/1B; T/636/47-50

Session accounts, 1707-32; committee minutes, 1821- 34; session minutes, 1707-9; session and committee minutes, 1845-1938; stipend list, 1820; account book, 1821-34.

In Presbyterian Historical Society

2nd Armagh Presbyterian

Baptisms, 1825-1915; marriages, 1825-1924.


3rd Armagh Presbyterian

Baptisms, 1837-1916; marriages, 1838-1907.


The Mall Presbyterian (2nd and 3rd) [United in 1916 and became known as 3rd and then as the Mall] Baptisms, 1916-86.


Ballymore Parish

Clare Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1824-1945; marriages, 1825-1936; financial report, 1917-18.

MIC1P/329; CR5

Cremore Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1831-; marriages, 1832-.

In local custody

Poyntzpass Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1850-1938; session minutes, 1869-1923.


Marriages, 1846-

In local custody

Tandragee Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1835-1913; mar8riages, 1835-1916.


Tyrone’s Ditches Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1793-1838 with gaps; marriages, 1794- 1844; deaths, 1800-32; stipend accounts, 1790-1835; lists of catechists, 1833-45; financial report, 1917-18.

MIC1P/457; CR5

Clonfeacle Parish

Benburb Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1874-1985; marriages, 1827-8 and 1845- 1936; committee minutes, 1858-1923. MIC1P/60; MIC1P/460

Eglish Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1856-1963; marriages, 1846-1936; deaths, 1858-1927; session minutes, 1858-1963; communion roll, 1858-1961.


Moy Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1851-1986; marriages, 1852-1917; committee minutes, 1853-69 and 1871-99; communion roll, 1933-44; lease of land in Moy for the erection of the church, 1854.

MIC1P/36; CR/3/36

Creggan Parish

Creggan or Freeduff Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1835-1948; marriages, 1837-1936; deaths, 1860-1927; accounts, 1835-9; communicants’ roll, 1861-1928; session minutes, 1837-93 and 1902-22; list of seatholders, 1765; list of subscribers to church funds, 1795; history of the congregation from 1734.

[For records before 1835 see under 1st Newtownhamilton below.]


Derrynoose Parish

1st Keady (or The Temple)Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1838-1938; marriages, 1845-1920.


Drumcree Parish

Portadown (Armagh Road or 2nd) Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1868-1985; marriages, 1869-1930.


Eglish Parish

Knappagh Presbyterian Church

[No pre-1900 baptism registers]

Marriages, 1846-1923; printed history, 1839-1989, which includes a congregational list, 1884.


Keady Parish

Armaghbreague Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1908-84; marriages, 1848-1936.


2nd Keady Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1855-1906; marriages, 1845-1936.


Baptisms, 1819 and 1826-54; marriages, 1819-44.

In local custody

Tassagh Presbyterian Church

Baptisms,1843-1940; marriages, 1845-1919.


Kilclooney Parish

Cladymore Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1848-; marriages, 1845-.

In local custody

Redrock Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1808-1986; marriages, 1812-1936; stipend and other accounts, 1807-58; lists of new communicants, 1808-97; transfer certificates, 1808-47.


Kildarton Parish

Drumminis Presbyterian Church

[Originally in Mullaghbrack parish]

Baptisms, 1858-1996; marriages, 1846-1936.


Killeavy Parish

Bessbrook Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1854-1914; marriages, 1857-1917.


Kilmore Parish

Ahorey Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1834-1908; marriages, 1834-1933; session minutes, 1850-57; new communicants, 1837-57; collections and accounts, 1834-7.


Richhill Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1848-1960; marriages, 1826-8 and 1845- 1936; communion roll, 1889-1950. MIC1P/372;


Vinecash Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1838-1931; marriages, 1825-8 and 1838- 1903; list of communicants, 1849, 1882-5, 1892-1902 and 1911-24; session minutes, 1898, 1904, 1910, 1924-5 and 1931; committee minutes, 1937-44; stipend lists, 1879-1922; history of the church, 1697-1923; accounts relating to the building of new church, 1878-9.


Loughgall Parish

Loughgall (Cloveneden) Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1842-1965; marriages, 1819-22, 1826-8, 1845-79 and 1881-1925.

MIC1P/287; T/049/1

Loughgilly Parish

Kingsmills Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1842-.

In local custody

Mountnorris Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1810-48; marriages, 1804-27.


Baptisms, 1813-71.

In Presbyterian Historical Society

Tullyallen Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1834-85; notes on congregational history, 1829-75; communicants’ list, 1854-83.


Baptisms, 1792-1834; marriages, 1868-.

In local custody

Death roll book, 1884-90.

In Presbyterian Historical Society

Montiaghs Parish

Bellville Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1863-1980; marriages, 1875-1934.


Mullaghbrack Parish

1st Markethill Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1843-89; marriages, 1845-1936.

MIC1P/428; T2853/3-5

2nd Markethill Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1821-1926; marriages, 1821-1924; communion roll, c.1860-c.1907.

MIC1P/429; T2853/1

Newry Parish

Katesbridge Presbyterian Church

[United with Ballydown in 1938]

Baptisms, 1866-1929; marriages, 1867-1935; lists of communicants, 1867, 1869-70, 1873 and 1876-1901; session minutes, 1872, 1876 and 1899; deaths, 1909- 41.


1st Newry (Sandy's Street) Presbyterian Church

[see also under Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church above]

Baptisms, 1829-1916; marriages, 1830-1916.


Young People’s Guild committee minutes, 1901-03, and report, 1904-5.

In Presbyterian Historical Society

Newry, Downshire Road Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1849-1965; marriages, 1845-1909; communicants’ roll, 1884-99.


Ryans Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1851-.

In local custody

Newtownhamilton Parish

Clarkesbridge Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1822-50; marriages, 1840-45; lists of communicants, 1822-62.


Baptisms, 1822-1954; lists of communicants, 1822- 1954.

In Presbyterian Historical Society

1st Newtownhamilton Presbyterian Church

[Up until 1835 1st Newtownhamilton and Creggan were united] Register book containing list of session members, 1833, details of families by townland, 1833, accounts, 1832-36, stipend accounts with names, 1832-35, deaths, 1833-c.1836, and lists of poor people supported, c.1833.


Baptisms, 1833-90; marriages, 1833-89.

In local custody

2nd Newtownhamilton Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1823-1915; marriages, 1823-44 and 1862- 1936; new communicants, 1823-61; communion roll, c.1870-1938; session minutes, 1827-9, with censures, 1824-9; lists of membership certificates received and given, 1823-41; census of the congregation, 1826.


Tullyvallen Presbyterian Church

Financial report, 1917-18.


Seagoe Parish

1st Portadown Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1839-1954; marriages, 1838-1900; session minutes, 1855-80.


Shankill Parish

1st Lurgan Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1746-1965, with index, 1746-1877; marriages, 1746, 1754, 1759 and 1845-1929.


Hill Street, Lurgan Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1861-1961; marriages, 1864-1916; committee and congregational minutes, 1861-1922.


Tartaraghan Parish

Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1853-1962; marriages, 1845-1921.


Tynan Parish

Drumhillery Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1866-1930; marriages, 1845-1936.


Baptisms, 1829-65; marriages, 1834-44.

In local custody

Lislooney Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1836-1923; marriages, 1845-1919.


Middletown Presbyterian Church

Baptisms, 1829-1984; marriages, 1847-1936.