Griffiths Valuation: Tartaraghan Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Tartaraghan Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Tartaraghan parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Tartaraghan Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Tartaraghan Parish, Co. Armagh

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All Griffiths Valuation records in this page have been published in alphabetical order. Search tip for most web browsers: press Ctrl and F and enter surname or search term. If you are researching particular townlands or areas of this parish, then we suggest that you also use the Ctrl F option in your web browser.

You should also check the records of Tartaraghan parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Abraham, William L: Ballynarry
Abraham, William L: Derrylard
Adair, Robert L: Derryaugh
Adams, Richard L: Cloncore
Allen, Alexander L: Ballynarry
Allen, Henry L: Derrylee
Allen, James L: Clonmakate
Allen, James L: Drummannon
Allen, Moses L: Drummannon
Allen, Richard L: Clonmacash
Allen, William L: Eglish
Anderson, Edward L: Derrylee
Anderson, James L: Derrinraw
Angel, Michael L: Derrykeeran
Armstrong, Richard L: Ballynarry
Armstrong, William L: Ballynarry
Ash, Samuel L: Cronkill
Ash, Samuel L: Derrylee
Atkinson, John L: Cranagill
Atkinson, Joseph L: Brughas
Atkinson, Joseph L: Clonmacash
Atkinson, Joseph L: Cranagill
Atkinson, Joseph L: Dressogagh
Atkinson, Joseph L: Drumanphy
Atkinson, Joseph L: Magaraty (Crow Hill)
Atkinson, Joseph L: Teagy
Atkinson, Thomas L: Ballynarry
Atkinson, William L: Brughas
Atkinson, William L: Teagy
Barns, Isabella L: Ballynarry
Baxter, Abby L: Gallrock
Baxter, George L: Maghery
Baxter, George L: Maghery N: and Others
Beavy, Loughlin L: Derrycaw
Bell, Adam L: Derrykeevan
Bell, David L: Derrykeeran
Bell, David L: Derrykeevan
Bell, James L: Ballynarry
Bell, Richard L: Derrykeeran
Bell, William L: Derrykeeran
Bell, William L: Derrykeevan
Benison, William L: Breagh
Benson, Arthur L: Derrykeeran
Benson, James L: Cloncore
Benson, John L: Ballynarry
Benson, John L: Cranagill
Benson, John L: Teagy
Benson, Robert L: Clonmakate
Benson, Robert L: Derrykeevan
Benson, Samuel L: Teagy
Benson, William L: Derryane
Benson, William L: Teagy
Bentley, David L: Derrinraw
Bentley, David L: Derrykeeran
Bentley, William Thos L: Derrinraw
Best, Ellen L: Cloncarrish
Best, John L: Derrylard
Best, Richard L: Derryaugh
Best, Samuel L: Derryaugh
Best, Thomas L: Gallrock
Best, Valentine L: Derryaugh
Black, Joseph L: Cloncore
Black, Joseph L: Derrykeeran
Black, Mary Anne L: Cloncore
Black, Mary Anne L: Derrinraw
Black, Mary Anne L: Derrykeeran
Blair, John L: Cronkill
Blair, John L: Derrylee
Blevins, James L: Cronkill
Bond, Walter M. G. L: Derrycor
Bond, Walter M. G. L: Eglish
Bond, Walter M'G. L: Eglish
Bothwell, Hugh L: Cloncore
Bothwell, Thomas L: Derrylard
Bourne, William L: Derrinraw
Boyce, Christopher L: Derrykeevan
Boyce, David L: Derrinraw
Boyce, George L: Breagh
Boyce, James L: Derrinraw
Boyce, John L: Derrinraw
Boyce, John L: Derryaugh
Boyce, Joseph L: Breagh
Boyce, Mary L: Breagh
Boyce, Thomas L: Cloncore
Boyce, Thomas L: Derrykeevan
Boyce, William L: Derrylileagh
Boyd, James L: Derryaugh
Boyd, John L: Derrylileagh
Boyd, Thomas L: Derrinraw
Boyle, John L: Breagh
Bradley, Anne L: Breagh
Brankin, Felix L: Derrykeeran
Brennan, Robert L: Ballynarry
Brennan, Robert L: Cloncore
Brennan, William L: Ballynarry
Breslan, James L: Derrylee
Breslan, John L: Derrylee
Breslan, John L: Maghery
Briggs, Joseph L: Drummannon
Briggs, Robert L: Drummannon
Briggs, Walter L: Derrinraw
Broughton, Ferdk. L: Eglish N: Secretary
Brown, Anne Jane L: Cronkill
Brown, Ellen L: Cloncore
Brown, Francis L: Clonmakate
Brown, George L: Derrylileagh
Brown, James L: Derrylileagh
Brown, John L: Derrykeeran
Brown, Joseph L: Derrylileagh
Brown, Margaret L: Derrylileagh
Brown, Samuel L: Derrylileagh
Brown, William L: Ballynarry
Browne, John L: Cloncore
Browne, Joseph L: Derrylee
Brownlee, John L: Derrylard
Bulla, Joseph L: Derrinraw
Burgess, Robert L: Teagy
Burgess, Thomas L: Clonmakate
Burns, James L: Gallrock
Calvert, Leonard L: Clonmakate
Campbell, Charles, Jr. L: Maghery
Campbell, Charles, Sr. L: Maghery
Campbell, Chas., Sr. L: Maghery
Campbell, Daniel L: Maghery
Campbell, Edward L: Derryaugh
Campbell, Ellen L: Derryaugh
Campbell, Felix L: Gallrock
Campbell, George L: Derrylard
Campbell, George L: Gallrock
Campbell, James L: Derrykeeran
Campbell, John L: Derrycaw N: Bog
Campbell, John L: Derrycaw N: Lease
Campbell, John L: Derrylard
Campbell, John L: Derrylee
Campbell, John L: Maghery
Campbell, Mary L: Maghery N: Barney
Campbell, Mary L: Maghery N: Jn
Campbell, Mary L: Maghery N: John
Campbell, Matthew L: Derrylee
Campbell, Michael L: Maghery
Campbell, Owen L: Maghery
Campbell, Patrick L: Cranagill
Campbell, Patrick L: Derrylard
Campbell, Rose L: Derryaugh
Campbell, Rose L: Maghery
Campbell, Thomas L: Derrylard
Campbell, Thomas L: Drummannon
Campbell, Thomas L: Maghery
Campbell, Thos. L: Maghery N: Jn
Campbell, Thos. L: Maghery N: John
Cappagh, Thomas L: Magaraty (Crow Hill)
Carr, Denis L: Derrylileagh
Carr, Owen L: Derrylileagh
Carrick, William L: Derrinraw
Carrick, William L: Derrykeevan
Carvel, Robert L: Cloncore
Carville, Robert L: Clonmakate
Cassidy, James L: Derrinraw
Cassidy, John L: Derrinraw
Castles, David L: Cloncore
Castles, David L: Derrykeeran
Castles, Edward L: Derrykeevan
Castles, James L: Cloncore
Castles, James L: Derrinraw
Castles, John L: Cloncore
Castles, Robert L: Cloncore
Castles, Robert L: Derrinraw
Chapman, Daniel L: Cloncore
Chapman, Daniel L: Derrinraw
Chapman, John L: Breagh
Charlemont, L: Derrylard N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Maghery N: Earl of Charlemont
Cinnamond, Garner L: Cloncore
Cinnamond, Garner L: Derrinraw
Cinnamond, Samuel L: Cloncore
Clarke, James L: Derrylee
Clarke, Thomas L: Derrylileagh
Clelland, James L: Derryaugh
Clements, Charles L: Maghery
Clewley, Richard L: Clonmacash
Clifford, George L: Cloncore
Clifford, Robert L: Ballynarry
Clifford, Robert L: Cloncore
Clifford, Thomas L: Ballynarry
Clifford, William L: Derrinraw
Clifford, William John L: Ballynarry
Clively, Anne L: Tarthlogue
Clooly, William L: Derrycaw
Clulow, Joseph L: Derrycor
Cochrane, Henry L: Drumanphy
Coghran, James L: Drummannon
Cole, James L: Cloncore
Collin, John L: Derrinraw
Collins, Daniel L: Cloncore
Collum, William L: Cloncarrish
Colton, James L: Derrylee
Conlon, Anne L: Derrykeeran
Conlon, John L: Clontylew
Conlon, Joseph L: Clontylew
Conlon, Joseph L: Tarthlogue
Conlon, William L: Maghery
Conn, James L: Derrinraw
Conn, James L: Derrycaw
Conn, James L: Derrylard
Conn, John L: Derrycor
Conn, John L: Eglish
Conn, Joseph L: Clonmacash
Conn, Joseph L: Gallrock
Conn, William L: Clonmacash
Connolly, Felix L: Derrykeeran
Connolly, James L: Derrinraw
Connolly, Meredith L: Derryaugh
Connolly, Toal L: Derrinraw
Cooke, James L: Cloncarrish
Cooke, James L: Drumanphy
Cooley, Moses L: Clonmacash
Copeland, Thomas L: Eglish
Corey, James L: Maghery
Corner, John L: Cloncore
Corner, John L: Derrinraw
Corrigan, John L: Cloncore
Corry, Henry L: Derryaugh
Cotherwood, George L: Clonmakate
Coulter, John L: Derryadd
Courtney, Christopher L: Derryadd
Courtney, John, Jr. L: Derryadd
Courtney, John, Sr. L: Derryadd
Cowan, Andrew L: Clonmakate
Cowan, James L: Cranagill
Cowan, John L: Clonmakate
Craig, Henry L: Derrycaw
Craig, Joshua L: Breagh
Craig, William L: Drummannon
Cranston, James L: Derrykeeran
Cranston, Joseph L: Clonmakate
Crawford, Andrew, Jr. L: Derrylee
Crawford, Andrew, Sr. L: Derrylee
Crawford, Robert, Jr. L: Derrylee
Crealy, Anne L: Eglish
Crealy, Jane L: Teagy
Crealy, John L: Teagy
Crealy, Owen L: Gallrock
Crealy, Thomas L: Cranagill
Crealy, Thomas L: Teagy
Crilly, Henry L: Derrykeeran
Crilly, Mary L: Derrykeeran
Crilly, Michael L: Derrykeeran
Croan, Robert L: Maghery
Crone, Robert L: Cronkill
Crone, Robert L: Derryane
Crone, Robert L: Derrylee
Cross, Henry L: Derrylee
Crudden, Daniel L: Clonmacash
Culbert, Edward L: Drummannon
Cullen, Edward L: Eglish
Cullen, James L: Gallrock
Cullen, John L: Derrinraw
Cullen, Patrick L: Breagh
Cullen, Patrick L: Eglish
Cullen, Thomas L: Brughas
Cullin, John L: Derrinraw
Cullin, John L: Derrykeeran
Currin, Patrick L: Derrylard
Daly, Bernard L: Clonmacash
Dalzeel, James L: Drummannon
Dalzell, John L: Cranagill
Dalzelle, William L: Cloncore
Davison, Henry L: Eglish
Davison, Joseph L: Breagh
Delap, Thomas L: Tarthlogue
Devlin, Elizabeth L: Cloncore
Devlin, Francis L: Cranagill
Devlin, George L: Clonmacash
Devlin, John L: Clonmacash
Devlin, John L: Tarthlogue
Devlin, Joseph L: Clonakle
Devlin, Kate L: Tarthlogue
Devlin, Owen L: Tarthlogue
Dillon, Margaret L: Derryaugh
Dilworth, John L: Derrinraw
Dines, John L: Cloncore
Dixon, Joseph L: Derryaugh
Dodds, Robert L: Cronkill
Donnelly, Arthur L: Derrylileagh
Donnelly, Daniel L: Derryaugh
Donnelly, Felix L: Cloncore
Donnelly, James L: Cloncore
Donnelly, James L: Derryaugh
Donnelly, James L: Derrylard
Donnelly, John L: Derryaugh
Doogan, James L: Derrinraw
Doogan, James L: Derrykeevan
Doogan, John L: Derrinraw
Doogan, John L: Derrykeevan
Doogan, Joseph L: Cloncore
Doon, Anne L: Teagy
Doran, Andrew L: Derrinraw
Doran, William L: Derrinraw
Douglas, John L: Derrylee
Dowd, Robert L: Derrinraw
Dudgeon, William L: Derrycor
Duke, Ezekiel L: Cloncarrish
Dunbar, John L: Derrykeevan
Dunbar, Rose L: Derrykeevan
Dunbar, Thomas L: Derrykeevan
Dunlap, Charles L: Drummannon
Dunlap, John L: Tarthlogue
Dunlop, Eliza L: Derrinraw
Dunlop, James L: Brughas
Dunlop, James L: Teagy
Dunlop, Jane L: Clonakle
Dunlop, John L: Drummannon
Dunlop, Joseph L: Clonakle
Dunlop, Joseph L: Derrinraw
Dunlop, Reford L: Brughas
Dunlop, Robert L: Clonakle
Dunlop, Robert L: Derrinraw
Dunlop, Thomas L: Clonakle
Dunlop, Thomas L: Derrinraw
Dunlop, Thomas L: Magaraty (Crow Hill)
Durkin, John L: Derrinraw
Dynes, Henry L: Derrinraw
Edgar, Richard L: Derrykeeran
Eldon, James L: Clonmacash
Eldon, John L: Tarthlogue
Eldon, Samuel L: Tarthlogue
Eldon, William L: Clonmacash
Elliott, James L: Cronkill
Elliott, James L: Derrylee
Elliott, Martha L: Cronkill
Evans, Janes L: Derrykeeran
Evans, John L: Derrinraw
Falls, John L: Derrykeeran
Falls, Winifred L: Derrycaw
Farley, William L: Derrinraw
Farley, William L: Derrylee
Farnan, Denis L: Derrinraw
Farnan, Robert L: Derrinraw
Farquhar, Arthur L: Breagh
Farquhar, Daniel L: Derryaugh
Farquhar, Henry L: Clonmakate
Farquhar, James L: Derryaugh
Farquhar, John L: Derryaugh
Farquhar, Richard L: Derryaugh
Farquhar, William L: Derryaugh
Farquhar, William, Jr. L: Derryaugh
Farr, Francis L: Cloncore
Farrell, Charles L: Derrinraw
Farrell, John L: Cloncore
Fea, Anne L: Derrylard
Fearins, Henry L: Clonmacash
Fearins, Robert L: Clonmacash
Ferguson, James L: Derrinraw
Ferguson, Robert L: Drummannon
Ferin, Daniel L: Eglish
Ferrin, Anna Maria L: Derrinraw
Ferrin, Bernard L: Derrinraw
Ferrin, Gregory L: Derrinraw
Ferrin, John L: Derrykeeran
Ferrin, Patrick L: Derrinraw
Ferrin, Patrick L: Derrykeeran
Ferrin, Roderick L: Derrinraw
Finn, James L: Gallrock
Finn, Michael L: Derrycaw
Finn, Michael L: Gallrock
Fitzgerald, Richard L: Derryaugh
Fitzpatrick, Edward L: Derrykeeran
Flanagan, James L: Derrykeeran
Fleming, James L: Ballynarry
Forbes, David L: Cloncore
Forbes, Henry L: Clonmakate
Forbes, James L: Clonmakate
Forbes, James L: Derrylard
Forbes, John L: Ballynarry
Forbes, John L: Derrinraw
Forbes, Joshua L: Derrykeevan
Forbes, William L: Ballynarry
Forbes, William L: Cloncore
Ford, Benjamin L: Derrinraw
Ford, David L: Derrinraw
Ford, John L: Ballynarry
Ford, John L: Derrinraw
Ford, John L: Derrykeeran
Ford, William L: Derrylard
Forin, Bernard L: Tarthlogue
Forker, Martha L: Clonmakate
Fox, David L: Cronkill
Fox, Edward L: Derrylard
Fox, Edward L: Derrylee
Fox, James L: Derrylard
Fox, James, Jr. L: Derrylard
Fox, John L: Cloncore
Fox, John L: Clonmacash
Fox, John L: Derrylard
Fox, Joseph L: Derrylileagh
Fox, Mary L: Clonmakate
Fox, Mary L: Derrylard
Fox, Mary L: Derrylee
Fox, Michael L: Derrylard
Fox, Peter L: Gallrock
Fox, Samuel L: Breagh
Fox, Samuel L: Tarthlogue
Fox, Thomas, Jr. L: Derrylard
Fox, Thomas, Sr. L: Derrylard
Fox, William L: Cloncore
Fox, William L: Cronkill
Fox, William L: Derrinraw
Fox, William L: Derryane
Fox, William L: Derrylee
Fox, William L: Teagy
Frazer, Alexander L: Clonakle
Frazer, George L: Cronkill
Frazer, George L: Derrylee
Freeburn, Ellen L: Derrinraw
Freeburn, Richard L: Derrycaw
Fulton, Hugh L: Derrylard
Fulton, James L: Derrylileagh
Fulton, Richard L: Derrinraw
Gallagher, Alexander L: Derrylileagh
Gallagher, James L: Derrycor
Gallagher, Thomas L: Ballynarry
Gamble, Owen L: Maghery
Gardiner, George L: Drumanphy
Gardiner, John L: Drumanphy
Gardiner, John L: Drummannon
Gates, Thomas L: Ballynarry
Gates, William L: Ballynarry
Geddis, John L: Derrykeeran
Gilbert, Henry M. L: Clonmacash
Gillen, George L: Cloncore
Gilmore, John L: Derrykeevan
Gilmore, William L: Breagh
Glenny, Robert L: Derryadd
Goodbody, William L: Derrylee
Graham, Rev. Christ L: Derryadd
Grant, James L: Derrycaw
Gray, James L: Ballynarry
Gray, James L: Derrinraw
Gray, Margaret L: Derrykeevan
Gray, Mathew L: Clonmakate
Gray, Thomas L: Derrykeeran
Greenaway, Eliza L: Derrycor
Greenaway, Francis L: Derrycor
Greenaway, George L: Derrycor
Greene, Jacob L: Cronkill
Greene, Jacob L: Derrylee
Greenway, James L: Ballynarry
Greenway, Robert L: Derrycaw
Greer, John L: Magaraty (Crow Hill)
Greer, Joseph L: Derrylee
Grimes, John L: Derrykeeran
Grimes, William L: Derrykeevan
Grimley, Bernard L: Maghery
Hadden, Anne L: Ballynarry
Hadden, James L: Cranagill
Hadden, John L: Cloncore
Haddon, David L: Derrylard
Haddon, James L: Brughas
Hagan, Patrick L: Maghery
Halfpenny, Henry L: Derrykeeran
Halfpenny, John L: Derrinraw
Hall, John L: Derrycor
Hall, Joseph L: Derrinraw
Hall, Thomas L: Breagh
Hall, Walter L: Derrycor
Halligan, Anthony L: Derrinraw
Halligan, John L: Derrinraw
Hamill, Daniel L: Breagh
Hamill, Edward L: Derrinraw
Hamill, Felix, Jr. L: Breagh
Hamill, Felix, Sr. L: Breagh
Hamill, Henry L: Cloncore
Hamill, Hugh L: Derrykeevan
Hamill, James L: Cranagill
Hamill, John L: Breagh
Hamill, John L: Cloncore
Hamill, Patrick L: Breagh
Hamill, Patrick L: Derrykeeran
Hamill, Patrick L: Derrykeevan
Hamilton, James L: Cronkill
Hamilton, James L: Derrylee
Hamilton, John L: Derrylee
Hamilton, John L: Tarthlogue
Hamilton, Silas L: Derrylee
Hamilton, Thomas L: Tarthlogue
Handcock, James L: Derrylee
Hanlon, Thomas L: Derrykeeran
Hanna, Martha L: Derrylee
Hanna, Robert L: Ballynarry
Hare, James L: Derrykeeran
Hare, Joseph L: Derrykeeran
Harrington, Mary Jane L: Derryaugh
Harrison, James L: Cloncore
Harrison, James L: Clonmacash
Harrison, John L: Derryaugh
Harrison, John L: Drummannon
Harrison, William L: Drummannon
Harvey, Fanny L: Gallrock
Hattin, William L: Derrykeevan
Haw, Thomas L: Ballynarry
Hazelton, William L: Derrylee
Hazleton, William L: Cronkill
Heenan, Mary L: Derrinraw
Helfordy, John L: Derrylileagh
Henderson, Edward L: Gallrock
Henderson, James L: Derrylard
Henderson, John L: Ballynarry
Henderson, Samuel L: Drumanphy
Hendren, Bernard L: Derrykeeran
Hendren, Michael L: Derrinraw
Hendren, Michael L: Derrykeeran
Hendren, Nicholas L: Derrykeeran
Hendry, Thomas L: Cronkill
Hennan, Edward L: Derrycaw
Hennan, Mary L: Derrinraw
Hennan, Mary L: Derrycaw
Hennan, William L: Derrinraw
Herdman, Thomas L: Derrinraw
Heuston, Archibald L: Derrylileagh
Hewitt, James L: Clonmakate
Hewitt, James L: Derrinraw
Hewitt, William L: Derrylard
Hewitt, William L: Derrylileagh
Honeyford, Gregory L: Ballynarry
Houghton, Eliza L: Derrylard
Hughes, John L: Derryane
Hughes, John L: Tarthlogue
Hughes, Thomas L: Eglish
Hume, Robert L: Derrylard
Humphreys, Alexander L: Cloncore
Hunt, Rebecca L: Derryadd
Hunt, William L: Derryadd
Hunter, George L: Derrinraw
Hunter, Jane L: Derrykeeran
Hunter, John L: Teagy
Hunter, Richard L: Derrykeevan
Hunter, William L: Cloncore
Hurst, Robert L: Derrinraw
Hussick, John L: Cloncore
Hutton, Joseph L: Derrylard
Hyde, James L: Derrykeeran
Hyde, Robert L: Cranagill
Hynes, John L: Derryadd
Hynes, Joseph L: Derryane
Hynes, Thomas L: Cronkill
Innis, George L: Derryane
Irvine, Anne L: Gallrock
Irvine, Jane L: Eglish
Irwin, Jane L: Derrylileagh
Irwin, John L: Cloncarrish
Irwin, John L: Cronkill
Irwin, John L: Derrylee
Irwin, Robert L: Clonmakate
Irwin, Samuel L: Cronkill
Irwin, Samuel L: Derrylee
Irwin, Thomas L: Cronkill
Irwin, William L: Clonmacash
Jackson, Anne Jane L: Cloncore
Jackson, Arthur L: Derrylileagh
Jackson, David L: Ballynarry
Jackson, David L: Clonmakate
Jackson, Esther L: Ballynarry
Jackson, George L: Derrylard
Jackson, Henry L: Cloncarrish
Jackson, James L: Cloncarrish
Jackson, John L: Ballynarry
Jackson, John L: Derrycor
Jackson, Joseph L: Clonmakate
Jackson, Joseph L: Clontylew
Jackson, Martha L: Teagy
Jackson, Mary Anne L: Clonmakate
Jackson, Moses L: Ballynarry
Jackson, Richard L: Ballynarry
Jackson, Robert L: Derrylard
Jackson, Robert L: Derrylee
Jackson, Thomas L: Ballynarry
Jackson, Thomas L: Derryane
Jackson, Thomas L: Derrylard
Jackson, Thos. David L: Derryane
Johnson, Francis L: Tarthlogue
Johnson, James L: Tarthlogue
Johnson, John L: Drumanphy
Johnson, Martha L: Tarthlogue
Johnson, Matthew L: Tarthlogue
Johnson, Samuel, Jr. L: Tarthlogue
Johnson, Samuel, Sr. L: Tarthlogue
Johnson, William L: Derrycor
Johnson, William L: Tarthlogue
Johnston, John L: Cloncarrish
Johnston, John L: Eglish
Johnston, Richard L: Cloncarrish
Jordan, Anne L: Breagh
Just, Thomas L: Cloncore
Kane, James L: Gallrock
Keane, Patrick L: Derryane
Keane, Thomas L: Derryane
Kearns, Daniel L: Cloncore
Keenan, Hugh L: Breagh
Kells, Thomas L: Drummannon
Kells, William L: Breagh
Kelly, Arthur L: Maghery
Kelly, John L: Derryadd
Kelly, Joseph L: Cloncore
Kelly, Thomas L: Drumanphy
Kelly, Thomas L: Eglish
Kelsoe, John L: Cloncarrish
Kelsoe, William L: Cloncarrish
Kennedy, Alexander L: Clonmacash
Kennedy, Joseph L: Ballynarry
Kennedy, Robert L: Ballynarry
Kennedy, Robinson L: Ballynarry
Kenny, Jane L: Clonakle
Kilpatrick, David L: Ballynarry
Kilpatrick, David L: Clonmakate
Kilpatrick, James L: Clonmakate
Kilpatrick, James L: Tarthlogue
Kilpatrick, Robert L: Maghery
King, John L: Clonmacash
Kirbey, Joseph L: Cronkill
Kirbrey, Joseph L: Derrylee
Kirkland, John L: Clonmakate
Langtry, John L: Breagh
Lappin, Anne L: Ballynarry
Lappin, Daniel L: Derrykeeran
Lappin, George L: Cloncore
Lappin, Henry L: Derrinraw
Lappin, James L: Cloncore
Lappin, James L: Derrykeeran
Lappin, John L: Cloncore
Lappin, John L: Derrykeeran
Lappin, John L: Eglish
Lappin, William L: Derrykeeran
Larkin, Anne L: Derrinraw
Larkin, Francis L: Eglish
Larkin, Joseph L: Cloncore
Lawson, James L: Clonmacash
Lawson, Jonathan L: Eglish
Leggit, George L: Derrykeeran
Leggit, John L: Ballynarry
Leggit, William L: Ballynarry
Lennan, George L: Cloncarrish
Lennan, John L: Clonmakate
Lennan, Samuel L: Breagh
Lennan, William L: Clonmakate
Lester, Isabella L: Breagh
Lester, John L: Breagh
Lestor, Isabella L: Breagh
Lettermore, Andrew L: Derryane
Levingston, John L: Teagy
Lewis, Robert L: Eglish
Lewis, Thomas L: Eglish
Lindsay, Anne L: Derryaugh
Lindsay, Mary L: Clontylew
Lindsay, William L: Ballynarry
Little, William L: Cranagill
Lock, Mary L: Teagy
Lock, William L: Derrycor
Logan, Michael L: Derrykeeran
Love, James L: Cloncarrish
Lutton, John L: Derrinraw
Lynch, Edward L: Drummannon
Lynch, Henry L: Drummannon
Lynch, Samuel L: Drummannon
Lyster, Mrs. L: Drummannon
Macartney, James L: Derrylileagh
Machett, Richard L: Clonmakate
Mackell, Bernard L: Derrinraw
Mackell, Bernard L: Derrylard
Mackell, Bryan L: Derrylard
Mackell, Charles L: Derrylard
Mackell, Daniel L: Derrylard
Mackell, Edward L: Derrinraw
Mackell, Edward L: Derrykeeran
Mackell, James L: Derrinraw
Mackell, John L: Derrinraw
Mackell, John, Sr. L: Derrinraw
Mackell, Patrick, Jr. L: Derrinraw
Mackell, Patrick, Sr. L: Derrinraw
Mackell, Sarah L: Derrinraw
Mackell, Terence L: Derrykeeran
Mackell, Timothy L: Derrylard
Maconvill, John L: Derrinraw
Madden, Daniel L: Gallrock
Madden, Francis L: Gallrock
Madden, Isabella L: Gallrock
Madden, John, Jr. L: Gallrock
Madden, John, Sr. L: Gallrock
Madden, Patrick L: Gallrock
Madden, Thomas L: Gallrock
Madigan, John L: Eglish
Madigan, Stephen L: Eglish
Magee, Christopher L: Cloncore
Magee, Edward L: Ballynarry
Magee, Edward L: Derrylileagh
Magee, Henry L: Clonmakate
Magee, John L: Cranagill
Magee, John L: Derrycaw
Magee, John L: Derrylileagh
Magee, Patrick L: Maghery
Magee, William L: Clonmakate
Magee, William L: Derrylard
Mageoghegan, James L: Derryaugh
Magill, William L: Cloncore
Maginness, James L: Drumanphy
Maglinn, Thomas L: Derrinraw
Maguire, James L: Derrinraw
Maguire, John L: Maghery
Magurk, Owen L: Derryaugh
Mahaffy, Matthhew L: Derrinraw
Major, Robert L: Cranagill
Mallagh, John L: Derrykeeran
Marley, Mary L: Cranagill
Martin, George L: Ballynarry
Martin, George L: Derrycaw
Martin, William L: Derrycaw
Martin, William L: Derrylard
Matcheft, Francis L: Derrycaw
Matchet, Abraham L: Derrylard
Matchet, Christopher L: Derrylard
Matchet, William L: Derrylard
Matchett, Anne L: Derrycor
Matchett, Anne L: Gallrock
Matchett, Archibald L: Breagh
Matchett, Christopher L: Clonmacash
Matchett, Eliza L: Derrylee
Matchett, James L: Breagh
Matchett, James L: Cloncore
Matchett, John L: Derrycaw
Matchett, John L: Derrykeeran
Matchett, Jonathan L: Magaraty (Crow Hill)
Matchett, Joseph L: Cloncarrish
Matchett, Mary Anne L: Breagh
Matchett, Mary Jane L: Breagh
Matchett, Moses L: Cloncarrish
Matchett, Richard L: Ballynarry
Matchett, Richard L: Cloncore
Matchett, Richard L: Derrycaw
Matchett, Richard L: Derrylard
Matchett, Sarah Ann L: Cloncore
Mathers, John H. L: Derrinraw
Mathers, John H. L: Derrykeeran
Mathews, John L: Derrykeeran
Maxwell, William L: Derrinraw
May, James L: Cranagill
McAdam, George L: Derrycor
McAdam, Henry L: Cloncore N: Bailiff
McAdam, Henry L: Cloncore N: Bridge
McAdam, Henry, Jr. L: Cloncore
McAdam, James L: Cloncore
McAdam, James L: Derryaugh
McAdam, John, Jr. L: Derryaugh
McAdam, John, Sr. L: Derryaugh
McAdam, Richard L: Drumanphy
McAdam, William L: Cloncore
McAdam, William L: Derrinraw
McAdam, William L: Derrykeevan
McAdams, Henry L: Derrycor
McAdams, John L: Cloncarrish
McAdams, John, Sr. L: Derryaugh
McAlindon, Felix L: Derryaugh
McAlindon, John L: Derrylileagh
Mc. Anally, John L: Clonmakate
McAnally, John L: Derrinraw
McAnally, John L: Derrykeeran
McAnally, John L: Gallrock
McAnally, Joseph L: Derrykeeran
McAnally, Mary L: Derryaugh
McAnally, Thomas L: Ballynarry
McAneny, Catherine L: Gallrock
McAneny, Daniel L: Gallrock
McAneny, John L: Gallrock
McAneny, Thomas L: Gallrock
McAnulty, Margaret L: Maghery
McAnulty, Neal L: Maghery
McAnulty, Patrick L: Maghery
McAtamney, Michael L: Derrylard
McAtasney, James L: Derrinraw
McAteer, Simon L: Magaraty (Crow Hill)
McCaffry, John L: Breagh
McCaffry, Sally L: Ballynarry
McCann, Arthur L: Derrylard
McCann, Daniel L: Derrykeeran
McCann, Douglas L: Drumanphy
McCann, Elizabeth L: Ballynarry
McCann, John L: Ballynarry
McCann, John L: Derrykeeran
McCann, John L: Derrykeevan
McCann, John L: Derrylard
McCann, John L: Drummannon
McCann, John L: Magaraty (Crow Hill)
McCann, Joseph L: Maghery
McCann, Mark L: Maghery
McCann, Patrick L: Derrinraw
McCann, Sarah L: Derrinraw
McCann, Thomas L: Cloncore
McCann, Thomas L: Derrinraw
McCann, William L: Derrycaw
McCartney, Elizabeth L: Derrykeeran
McCausland, John L: Derrykeevan
McCausland, Oliver L: Derrykeevan
McCausland, William L: Ballynarry
McClean, John L: Tarthlogue
McClelland, George L: Ballynarry
McClelland, George L: Derrylard
McClelland, John L: Derryadd
McClelland, John L: Derrylard
McClure, John L: Derryane
McClure, John L: Derryaugh
McCluskey, John L: Derrylileagh
McConvill, Bernard, Jr. L: Cloncore
McConvill, Bernard, Sr. L: Cloncore
McConvill, James L: Derrykeeran
McConvill, John L: Derrykeeran
McConvill, Mary L: Cloncore
McConvill, William L: Cloncore
McConville, David L: Cloncore
McConville, Francis L: Cloncore
McConville, James L: Cloncore
McConville, James L: Derrinraw
McConville, John L: Breagh
McConville, Owen L: Cloncore
McConville, William, Sr. L: Cloncore
McCoo, Mary L: Eglish
McCorey, James L: Derrinraw
McCourt, James L: Derrylileagh
McCullagh, Robert L: Drummannon
McCullough, Robert L: Cloncore
McCullough, Thomas L: Ballynarry
McCurry, James, Jr. L: Cloncore
McCurry, James, Sr. L: Cloncore
McDonnell, Archibald L: Gallrock
McDonnell, James L: Gallrock
McFarland, James L: Ballynarry
McFarland, Owen L: Derrylard
McFarlane, Henery L: Cloncarrish
McGarry, Denis L: Derrinraw
McGarry, Ellen L: Maghery
McGeary, James L: Derryane
McGeoghegan, Patrick L: Derryaugh
McGeown, Owen L: Derryaugh
McGirr, John L: Cranagill
McGone, John L: Derrykeevan
McGowan, Francis L: Derrycor
McGowan, George L: Eglish
McGowan, James L: Derrycor
McGowan, James L: Eglish
McGowan, James L: Teagy
McGowan, John L: Eglish
McGuck, James L: Maghery
McGuiness, Thomas L: Drummannon
McGuirk, Denis L: Derrinraw
McIver, James L: Breagh
McIver, John L: Derrykeevan
McKee, John L: Maghery
McKee, Joseph L: Cloncore
McKee, Michael L: Maghery
McKee, Neal L: Maghery
McKee, Sarah L: Cloncore
McKeever, James L: Teagy
McKeever, John L: Teagy
McKenna, Charles L: Cloncore
McKenna, John L: Derrinraw
McKenna, William L: Derryadd
McKeoan, Hugh L: Derrinraw
McKeown, George L: Ballynarry
McKevitt, Felix L: Derrinraw
McKitrick, John L: Derryaugh
McKitrick, William L: Derrycaw
McLoughlin, James L: Cranagill
McMahon, John L: Derrylee
McMahon, Michael L: Derrykeeran
McMurray, Margaret L: Cloncore
McNeece, Francis L: Eglish
McNeece, Francis L: Teagy
McNeece, James L: Teagy
McNeill, James L: Teagy
McNeill, John L: Teagy
McNeill, Robert L: Cranagill
McNeill, Robert L: Teagy
McParland, James L: Derrinraw
McPartlan, Eneas L: Derrinraw
McPartland, James L: Derrinraw
McPeak, Michael L: Derrylileagh
McQuade, John L: Cloncarrish
McQuaid, Edward L: Cranagill
McQuaid, John L: Cranagill
McQuaid, William L: Cranagill
McQuillen, Matthew L: Cloncore N: and Another
McRory, Francis L: Derrylileagh
McVeigh, John L: Derrykeeran
McVeigh, Mary L: Derrykeeran
McVey, Susan L: Clonmacash
McWheelan, John L: Cranagill
McWilliams, James L: Gallrock
Mears, John L: Derrykeeran
Melvin, William J. L: Teagy
Mercer, Arthur L: Ballynarry
Mercer, Arthur L: Cloncore
Mercer, Arthur L: Clonmakate
Mercer, Arthur L: Derrykeevan
Mercer, James L: Breagh
Metcalf, Patrick L: Brughas
Metcalf, Robert L: Ballynarry
Metcalf, Samuel L: Cloncore
Miles, John L: Derrinraw
Miller, Catherine L: Breagh
Miller, John L: Derrylard
Miller, William L: Breagh
Miller, William L: Derrylard
Millin, John L: Maghery
Millin, Thomas L: Derrylard
Milsop, Abraham L: Cloncarrish
Milsop, Esau L: Clonmacash
Milsop, Jacob L: Cloncarrish
Milsop, James L: Derrykeevan
Milsop, John L: Cloncore
Milsop, Joseph L: Breagh
Milsop, William L: Teagy
Mitten, James L: Ballynarry
Mitten, James L: Derrinraw
Mooney, Ellen L: Derryaugh
Moore, Henry L: Derrykeeran
Moore, William L: Derrykeeran
Morrow, James L: Drummannon
Morrow, Mary L: Cloncore
Mulholland, Anne L: Derryaugh
Mulholland, Elizabeth L: Cloncarrish N: and Another
Mulholland, John L: Clonakle
Mulholland, John L: Maghery
Mulholland, Mary Anne L: Cloncore
Mullagh, John L: Derrinraw
Mullen, David L: Teagy
Mullen, John L: Derrinraw
Mullen, John L: Teagy
Mulligan, Samuel L: Cranagill
Mullin, Arthur L: Derrycaw
Mullin, James L: Maghery
Mullin, Patrick L: Derrycaw
Murphy, Andrew L: Teagy
Murphy, James L: Cloncarrish
Murphy, John L: Teagy
Murphy, Margaret L: Derrinraw
Murphy, Owen L: Derrinraw
Murray, Edward L: Derrylileagh
Murray, James L: Ballynarry
Murray, Mary Ann L: Derrycaw
Murray, Robert L: Ballynarry
Murray, Thomas L: Ballynarry
Murray, William L: Ballynarry
Nash, Teresa L: Breagh
Neal, Francis L: Gallrock
Neal, Henry L: Gallrock
Neeson, Patrick L: Eglish
Neill, Charles L: Derrykeeran
Neill, Francis L: Derrykeeran
Neill, Henry L: Eglish
Neill, Hugh L: Derrykeeran
Neill, John L: Derrylileagh
Neill, Mary L: Eglish
Neill, William L: Ballynarry
Neill, William L: Cloncore
Newell, William L: Cloncore
Nicholson, Harriet L: Cranagill
Nicholson, Joseph L: Cranagill
Nicholson, Joseph L: Derrylileagh
Nicholson, Thomas L: Derrykeeran
Nicholson, William L: Drummannon
Nugent, Daniel L: Derrykeevan
Nugent, James L: Breagh
Nugent, John L: Clontylew
Nugent, Martin L: Breagh
Obre, R. S. L: Breagh
Obre, R. S. L: Cloncarrish
Obre, R. S. L: Clontylew
Obre, R. S. L: Derryaugh
Obre, R. S. L: Derrycaw
Obre, Ralph S. L: Tarthlogue
Obre, Robert L: Breagh
O'Brien, John L: Cranagill
O'Donnell, Anne L: Derrylard
O'Donnell, Daniel L: Maghery
O'Donnell, Henry L: Maghery
O'Donnell, Hugh L: Maghery
O'Donnell, James L: Derrylard
O'Hanlon, James L: Derrinraw
O'Hanlon, Margaret L: Ballynarry
O'Hanlon, Patrick L: Gallrock
O'Hanlon, Redmond L: Ballynarry
Orr, John L: Breagh
Orr, Joseph L: Cranagill
Palmer, Edward L: Cloncarrish
Palmer, James L: Cloncarrish
Palmer, Moses L: Clonmakate
Palmer, William, Sr. L: Derrycor
Parks, John L: Cloncore
Patterson, John L: Clonmakate
Patterson, John L: Derrinraw
Patterson, Thomas L: Derrinraw
Peacock, William L: Clonmakate
Pearson, Andrew L: Derrykeeran
Pentland, Jane L: Derrykeevan
Philips, James L: Derrykeevan
Philips, Thomas L: Derrykeevan
Platt, Henry L: Clonmacash
Potts, William L: Clonakle
Potts, William L: Teagy
Prenty, James L: Gallrock
Prenty, Owen L: Gallrock
Prenty, Patrick L: Gallrock
Prenty, Thomas L: Gallrock
Prescot, Thomas L: Clonmacash
Prescott, John L: Derrylileagh
Prescott, Simon L: Clontylew
Prescott, William L: Teagy
Preston, William L: Derrinraw
Price, David L: Drummannon
Price, James L: Teagy
Proctor, George L: Ballynarry
Prunty, Sally L: Derrykeevan
Prunty, Thomas L: Derrycaw
Quinn, James L: Derrykeeran
Quinn, John L: Derrylard
Quinn, Margaret L: Derrykeeran
Quinn, Robert L: Derrylee
Rafferty, Peter L: Drumanphy
Raleigh, Elizabeth L: Cranagill
Ramsey, Anne L: Derryadd
Read, Samuel L: Magaraty (Crow Hill)
Reaney, James L: Cloncore
Reany, James L: Derrinraw
Reany, John L: Derrinraw
Reany, Wilson L: Derrinraw
Reavy, Daniel L: Derrycaw
Redmond, Edward L: Cloncarrish
Redmond, John L: Drumanphy
Redmond, John L: Drummannon
Redmond, Philip L: Drummannon
Richardson, John L: Cronkill
Richardson, Joseph L: Derrylard
Riddell, Elizabeth L: Cloncore
Riddell, John L: Cloncore
Riddell, Sarah L: Clonakle
Ritchey, David L: Cloncarrish
Ritchey, Thomas L: Cloncarrish
Ritchie, David L: Ballynarry
Ritchie, Joseph L: Ballynarry
Ritchie, Rober L: Magaraty (Crow Hill)
Ritchie, Samuel L: Ballynarry
Robb, John L: Breagh
Robinson, Abraham L: Drummannon
Robinson, Alexander L: Breagh
Robinson, Andrew L: Clonmakate
Robinson, Anne L: Ballynarry
Robinson, Anne L: Magaraty (Crow Hill)
Robinson, Daniel L: Derryaugh
Robinson, George L: Derrinraw
Robinson, George L: Eglish
Robinson, Rev. George L: Eglish
Robinson, James L: Derryaugh
Robinson, John L: Derryaugh
Robinson, Robert L: Ballynarry
Robinson, Robert L: Cloncarrish
Robinson, Robert L: Derrycaw N: and Another
Robinson, Thomas L: Ballynarry
Robinson, Thomas L: Clonmakate
Robinson, Thomas L: Derryaugh
Robinson, Thomas L: Drummannon
Robinson, Thomas L: Eglish
Robinson, William L: Cranagill
Robinson, William L: Derrinraw
Rodgers, Christopher L: Eglish
Rodgers, Walter L: Eglish
Rodgers, William, Jr. L: Eglish
Rodgers, William, Sr. L: Eglish
Roe, Anne L: Ballynarry
Rogers, Alexander L: Gallrock
Rogers, James L: Cloncore
Ross, William L: Maghery
Rowe, George L: Derrylard
Russell, John L: Drummannon
Russell, Margaret L: Derrycor
Russell, Matthew L: Breagh
Sally, James L: Tarthlogue
Sargent, Joseph L: Clonmacash
Sergeant, Charlotte L: Cloncarrish
Sergeant, Thomas L: Cloncarrish
Sergeant, William L: Derrinraw
Shillington, Averell L: Derrykeeran
Simington, Anne L: Ballynarry
Simington, James L: Clonmakate
Simington, Thomas L: Derrylard
Simmington, James L: Derryane
Simons, Benjamin L: Ballynarry
Simons, Jane L: Ballynarry
Skelton, Benjamin L: Derrylileagh
Skelton, Daniel L: Derryaugh
Skelton, Daniel L: Derrylard
Skelton, Henry L: Derryaugh
Skelton, James L: Derryaugh
Skelton, Joshua L: Derryaugh
Skelton, Margaret L: Derryaugh
Skelton, Patrick L: Derryaugh
Skelton, Thomas L: Derryaugh
Skelton, William L: Derryaugh
Slator, Mary L: Cranagill
Sloan, George L: Clonakle
Sloane, Robert L: Drumanphy
Smith, Edward L: Teagy
Smith, George L: Derryaugh
Smith, James L: Ballynarry
Smith, James L: Derrinraw
Smith, James, Jr. L: Clonmakate
Smith, James, Sr. L: Clonmakate
Smith, John L: Cranagill
Smith, John L: Derrinraw
Smith, John L: Derrykeeran
Smith, John L: Derrylileagh N: Bog
Smith, John L: Derrylileagh N: Wood
Smith, Rev. John A. L: Ballynarry
Smith, Joseph L: Ballynarry
Smith, Joseph L: Clonmakate
Smith, Robert L: Derrylileagh N: Hill
Smith, Samuel L: Derrykeeran
Smith, Thomas L: Ballynarry
Smith, Thomas L: Clonmakate
Smith, Thomas L: Derrylileagh N: Big
Smith, Thomas L: Derrylileagh N: Johny
Smith, Thomas, Sr. L: Derrylileagh
Smith, William L: Cloncarrish
Smith, William L: Cloncore
Smith, William L: Derrykeeran
Smyth, David L: Derryane
Smyth, George L: Clonmacash
Smyth, Hamilton L: Derrykeevan
Smyth, Robert L: Derryane
Smyth, Robert L: Derrylileagh
Smyth, Robert L: Drumanphy
Smyth, Sarah L: Breagh
Smyth, William, Jr. L: Derrykeevan
Smyth, William, Sr. L: Derrykeevan
Somerville, George L: Cloncore
Sparrow, Robert L: Derrylee
Spears, Thomas L: Derrykeeran
Stanley, Charles L: Ballynarry
Stanley, Charles L: Derrinraw
Stanley, Edward L: Clonmakate
Stanley, Henry L: Derrykeevan
Stephenson, Henry L: Gallrock
Stephenson, Massah L: Tarthlogue
Stephenson, William L: Gallrock
Stevenson, Edward L: Derrycaw
Stevenson, Henry L: Ballynarry
Stevenson, Henry L: Breagh
Stevenson, Henry L: Cloncarrish
Stevenson, Henry L: Clontylew
Stevenson, James L: Cloncarrish
Stevenson, James L: Derrycaw
Stevenson, Letitia L: Cloncore
Stevenson, Mercer L: Ballynarry
Stevenson, Thomas L: Ballynarry
Stevenson, William L: Clonmakate
Stinson, Elizabeth L: Derrycaw
Stinson, Robert L: Derrylileagh
Stothers, David L: Cloncore
Stothers, John L: Gallrock
Strain, James L: Derrykeevan
Strain, William L: Derrinraw
Sturgeon, John L: Tarthlogue
Sullivan, James, Jr. L: Derrylard
Sullivan, James, Sr. L: Derrylard
Sullivan, John L: Cloncore
Sullivan, Robert L: Cloncore
Sullivan, Robert L: Derrykeevan
Sullivan, Thomas L: Derrylard
Sullivan, William L: Cloncore
Sullivan, William, Jr. L: Cloncore
Swain, Anne L: Derrinraw
Swain, Edward L: Derrinraw
Swales, Abraham L: Derrinraw
Swales, Thomas L: Cloncore
Swords, Caleb L: Cranagill
Symth, John L: Drummannon
Symth, Thomas L: Derryadd
Symth, Thomas L: Derryane
Taggart, Joseph L: Clonmakate
Taggart, Moses L: Derryaugh
Taggart, Moses, Jr. L: Ballynarry
Taggart, Moses, Sr. L: Ballynarry
Taggart, Robert L: Ballynarry
Tate, Dawson L: Derrinraw
Taylor, Anne L: Ballynarry
Taylor, Robert L: Derrykeeran
Taylor, Samuel L: Ballynarry
Taylor, Samuel L: Derryadd
Tedford, Anne L: Derrykeevan
Tedford, Christopher L: Derrykeevan
Tedford, George L: Derrinraw
Tedford, John L: Cloncarrish
Tedford, Thomas L: Cloncore
Tedford, William John L: Cloncarrish
Teggart, Joseph L: Derrycaw
Telford, Francis L: Derrykeeran
Telford, George L: Derrinraw
Telford, George L: Derrykeeran
Telford, Nicholas L: Derrycaw
Telford, Nicholas L: Derrykeeran
Telford, Robert L: Cloncarrish
Telford, Robert L: Derrycaw
Telford, Stewart L: Gallrock
Tenison, Hugh L: Derrylard
Tenison, John L: Derrylard
Tenison, William L: Derrylard
Tennison, David L: Derrylard
Tennison, Edward L: Gallrock
Tennison, James L: Gallrock
Tennison, Thomas L: Derrylard
Tennnison, James L: Gallrock
Thompson, Archibald L: Gallrock
Thompson, Elizabeth L: Cranagill
Thompson, James L: Derryaugh
Thompson, James L: Derrylileagh
Thompson, John L: Gallrock
Thompson, Nathaniel L: Derrylard
Thompson, Thomas L: Clonakle
Tipping, John L: Ballynarry
Todd, William L: Teagy
Toes, Richard L: Cloncore
Toes, Richard L: Derrinraw
Toes, Richard L: Derrykeeran
Toes, William L: Cloncore
Tomlinson, William L: Derrinraw
Topley, John L: Cloncore
Topley, John L: Derrinraw
Topley, Richard L: Cloncore
Topley, Richard L: Derrinraw
Totten, Darcy L: Cranagill
Totten, Richard L: Cranagill
Trotter, John L: Derryane
Trotter, William L: Cloncore
Troughton, Isaac L: Drumanphy
Troughton, James L: Drumanphy
Troughton, John L: Derrycaw
Troughton, Richard L: Derrycaw
Troughton, Richard L: Drumanphy
Troughton, Robert L: Derrycaw
Trouton, William L: Cloncore
Trueman, Abraham L: Cloncarrish
Trueman, Ralph L: Cloncarrish
Trueman, Robert L: Cloncarrish
Trueman, Thomas L: Breagh
Trueman, Thomas L: Cloncarrish
Tureman, Thomas L: Breagh
Turkington, Samuel L: Ballynarry
Turkington, William L: Derrykeeran
Twinam, James L: Derrykeeran
Vallely, Henry L: Cloncore
Venart, Alexander L: Derrykeeran
Venart, Anne L: Cloncore
Venart, John L: Cloncore
Venart, John L: Derrycaw
Venart, Martha L: Ballynarry
Verner, James L: Derryane
Verner, John L: Derryane
Verner, Robert L: Derryadd
Verner, Thomas L: Derryadd
Verner, Thomas L: Derryane
Verner, Baronet William L: Derryadd
Verner, Baronet William L: Derryane
Verner, Baronet William L: Derrylee
Wakefield, Thomas L: Cloncore
Wakefield, Thomas C. L: Derrinraw
Walsh, Catherine L: Derrinraw
Walsh, Henry L: Derrinraw
Walsh, William L: Cranagill
Ward, Francis L: Eglish
Ward, William L: Eglish
Warnock, William L: Derrykeevan
Watson, Anne L: Cloncore
Watson, Christopher L: Ballynarry
Watson, Christopher L: Clonmakate
Watson, Christopher L: Derrinraw
Watson, James L: Derrinraw
Watson, Samuel H. L: Ballynarry N: and Another
Watt, James L: Drummannon
Webster, Samuel L: Drummannon
Weir, John L: Derrycaw
Weir, Richard L: Derrinraw
Wetherall, John L: Derrylard
Wetherell, John L: Derrykeeran
Wiley, John L: Drummannon
Wiley, John L: Gallrock
Wiley, William L: Derrylard
Wiley, William L: Drummannon
Wilkinson, Anne L: Cloncore
Wilkinson, John L: Derryadd
Wilkinson, Robert L: Derrykeeran
Willas, Ruth L: Derrylileagh
Williamson, Christopher L: Derrycor
Williamson, Edward L: Derrylard
Williamson, James L: Derrycor
Williamson, Jn. L: Ballynarry N: Stanley
Williamson, John L: Ballynarry
Williamson, John L: Cloncore
Williamson, John L: Derryaugh
Williamson, Maria L: Derrycor
Williamson, Richard L: Derrycor
Williamson, Robert L: Derrycaw
Williamson, Robert L: Derrylee
Williamson, William L: Breagh
Willis, George L: Cronkill
Willis, John L: Derrycor
Willis, Richard L: Eglish
Willis, Thomas L: Derrycor
Willis, William L: Derrylee
Wilson, Alexander, Jr. L: Derrylee
Wilson, Alexander, Sr. L: Derrylee
Wilson, Daniel L: Ballynarry
Wilson, David L: Ballynarry
Wilson, David L: Cloncore
Wilson, David L: Derrinraw
Wilson, David L: Derryaugh
Wilson, George L: Ballynarry
Wilson, James L: Derryane
Wilson, John L: Cloncore
Wilson, John L: Derrinraw
Wilson, Joseph L: Derrinraw
Wilson, Joseph L: Derrylee
Wilson, Richard L: Ballynarry
Wilson, Thomas L: Derrykeeran
Wilson, William L: Ballynarry
Wilson, William L: Cloncore
Wilson, William L: Derrylard
Winter, Daniel L: Derrycaw
Woodhouse, Atkinson L: Ballynarry
Woodhouse, Dorothy L: Drummannon
Woodhouse, John L: Coney Island
Woodhouse, John L: Derrycaw
Woodhouse, Sarah L: Magaraty (Crow Hill)
Woodhouse, Thomas L: Derrykeeran
Woodhouse, Thomas A. L: Derrinraw
Woodhouse, William L: Derryaugh
Woods, David L: Derryadd
Woods, David L: Gallrock
Woods, James L: Derrycaw
Woods, James L: Teagy
Woods, John L: Derrinraw
Woods, John L: Derrylard
Woods, John L: Drummannon
Woods, Loftus L: Ballynarry
Woods, Loftus L: Clonmakate
Woods, Loftus L: Derrylard
Woods, Martha L: Ballynarry
Woods, Thomas L: Ballynarry
Woods, Thomas L: Derryaugh
Woods, Thomas L: Derrycor
Woods, Thomas L: Eglish
Woods, William L: Derrinraw
Woods, William L: Drumanphy
Wortley, William L: Clonmakate
Wright, Anne L: Teagy
Wright, Daniel L: Cranagill
Wright, Elizabeth L: Derrykeevan
Wright, George L: Cranagill
Wright, James L: Cloncarrish
Wright, James L: Derrykeevan
Wright, John L: Derrycaw
Wright, Marshal L: Derrykeevan
Wright, Moses L: Cranagill
Wright, William L: Derrinraw
Wright, William L: Derrykeevan
Wylie, James L: Clonmakate
Wylie, John L: Derrinraw
Wylie, Margaret L: Derrinraw
Yeats, Alexander L: Derrylard
Yeats, Thomas L: Derrinraw
Yeats, Thomas L: Derrylard
Young, John L: Derryadd

Click for map of civil parishes in county Armagh

Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan