Griffiths Valuation: Seagoe Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Seagoe Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Seagoe parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Seagoe Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Seagoe Parish, Co. Armagh

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You should also check the records of Seagoe parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Abraham, John L: Drumnagoon
Abraham, John L: Knockmenagh
Abraham, Richard L: Seagoe, Lower.
Abraham, Robert L: Aghacommon
Adamson, William L: Killycomain
Alexander, John L: Turmoyra
Allan, James L: Knockramer
Allan, Margaret L: Drumgask
Allen, John L: Turmoyra
Allen, Nicholas L: Silverwood
Anderson, Francis L: Drumgor
Anderson, James L: Turmoyra
Anderson, John L: Drumnakelly
Anderson, John L: Turmoyra
Archer, Joseph L: Knocknamuckly
Armstrong, T: Portadown, Watson's-Street N: and Co, Watson and Armstrong
Armstrong, T: Portadown, Watson's-Street. N: and Co, Watson and Armstrong
Armstrong, George L: Balteagh
Armstrong, George L: Drumgor
Armstrong, Jane L: Drumgor
Armstrong, Robert T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Armstrong, Thomas L: Edenderry
Armstrong, Thomas T: Portadown
Asden, James L: Seagoe, Lower.
Atkinson, Arthur L: Tarsan
Atkinson, Charlotte L: Tarsan
Atkinson, Dynes L: Tamnaficarbet
Atkinson, Dynes L: Tarsan
Atkinson, James L: Seagoe, Lower.
Atkinson, John L: Carn
Atkinson, Mary L: Lylo
Atkinson, Richard L: Tarsan
Atkinson, Robert L: Carn
Atkinson, Robert L: Tarsan
Atkinson, William L: Tarsan
Atkinson, Woolsey L: Edenderry
Atkinson, Woolsey T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Baily, John T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Barelay, Jane T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Baxter, Elizabeth L: Annaloist
Baxter, George L: Drumnakelly
Baxter, John L: Annaloist
Baxter, Joseph L: Annaloist
Baxter, Samuel L: Drumnakelly
Baxter, William L: Turmoyra
Baxter, William, Jr. L: Annaloist
Baxter, Rep. Wm., Sr. L: Annaloist
Beatty, James L: Tarsan
Bell, Anne L: Hacknahay
Bell, Ellen L: Lylo
Bell, Ellen L: Seagoe, Upper.
Bell, Joseph L: Moyraverty
Bell, Richard L: Hacknahay
Bell, William L: Edenderry
Bell, William L: Knock
Bell, William L: Knocknamuckly
Bell, William L: Seagoe, Upper.
Bell, William John L: Bocombra
Berry, Mary Anne L: Seagoe, Lower.
Best, David L: Bocombra
Best, David L: Killycomain
Best, Henry L: Balteagh
Best, Isaac L: Balteagh
Best, James L: Ballyhannon
Best, James L: Ballymacrandal
Best, James L: Balteagh
Best, James L: Knockmenagh
Best, Jane L: Bocombra
Best, Jane L: Drumgor
Best, John L: Balteagh
Best, John L: Balteagh N: Billy
Best, John L: Balteagh N: Fifer
Best, John L: Lisnisky
Best, John L: Tamnaficarbet
Best, John, Jr. L: Moyraverty
Best, John, Sr. L: Moyraverty
Best, Mary L: Drumnagoon
Best, Mary Anne L: Lisnisky
Best, Ralph L: Ballyhannon
Best, Richard L: Bocombra
Best, Richard L: Tarsan
Best, Richard T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Best, Ritchie L: Bocombra
Best, Robert L: Killycomain
Best, Sarah, Jr. L: Moyraverty
Best, Sarah, Sr. L: Moyraverty
Best, William John L: Drumgor
Best, William John L: Seagoe, Upper.
Bicket, William L: Drumgor
Bickett, James L: Kilvergan
Bickett, Pierce L: Drumnagoon
Bickett, William L: Drumnagoon
Bingham, Margaret L: Edenderry
Black, Alexander L: Knock
Black, Elizabeth L: Ballygargan
Black, Jane T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Black, John L: Drumgask
Black, Joseph L: Crossmacahilly
Black, Matthew L: Hacknahay
Black, William L: Moyraverty
Blacker, George L: Breagh
Blacker, Stewart L: Carrick
Blacker, Stewart L: Drumlisnagrilly
Blayney, James L: Ballynamony
Blayney, James L: Ballynamony N: Dan
Blayney, Jas L: Ballynamony N: Pensioner
Blayney, John L: Ballynamony
Blayney, Patrick L: Ballynamony
Bonis, Elizabeth L: Drumgor
Bonis, Mary Anne L: Drumgor
Bonis, Sarah L: Drumgor
Boston, James L: Annloist
Boston, John L: Annloist
Boston, Rebecca L: Annloist
Boyce, James L: Tamnaficarbet
Boyce, James L: Tamnafiglassan
Boyd, Elizabeth T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Boyd, Hugh L: Crossmacahilly
Boyd, Mary T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Boyd, Thomas L: Annloist
Boyd, Thomas L: Ballymacrandal
Boyd, Thomas L: Turmoyra
Boyd, William T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Boyle, Henry L: Drumnakelly
Boyle, John L: Ballynamony
Boyle, Jonathan L: Drumgor
Boyle, Thomas L: Turmoyra
Boyle, William L: Tamnaficarbet
Bradshaw, James L: Breagh
Bradshaw, Joseph L: Breagh
Bradshaw, Joseph L: Drumnacanvy
Brady, Hannah T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Brady, James L: Edenderry
Brady, John T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Brankin, Henry T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Breen, Thomas L: Tamnaficarbet
Brennan, Joseph L: Seagoe, Upper.
Brennan, Rev. R. L: Seagoe, Lower.
Brennan, Rev. R. L: Seagoe, Upper.
Bridget, Isaac L: Carn
Bridget, James L: Annloist
Bright, George L: Edenderry
Bright, George T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Brown, Elizabeth L: Lylo
Brown, George L: Tamnaficarbet
Brown, Grisella L: Ballynacor
Brown, James L: Clanrolla
Brown, Joseph L: Ballynacor
Brown, Patrick L: Silverwood
Brown, Thomas L: Edenderry
Brown, William L: Breagh
Brown, William L: Drumgor
Brown, William L: Killycomain
Browne, Aaron L: Drumgask
Browne, Elizabeth L: Drumgor
Browne, John L: Drumgask
Browne, John T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Browne, Richard L: Crossmacahilly
Browne, Robert L: Moyraverty
Browne, William L: Drumgask
Browne, William T: Portadown, Watson's-Lane
Bull, John L: Knockmenagh
Bulla, James L: Lisnisky
Bulla, James, Jr. L: Ballymacrandal
Bulla, John L: Lisnisky
Bullock, George L: Drumnagoon
Bullock, George L: Kernan
Bullock, Jane L: Drumnagoon
Bullock, John L: Drumnagoon N: Champagne
Bullock, John L: Drumnagoon N: Forge
Bullock, John L: Drumnagoon N: Red
Bullock, John L: Drumnagoon N: Road
Bullock, Ralph L: Ballyhannon
Bullock, Ralph L: Ballymacrandal
Bullock, Ralph L: Levaghery
Bullock, Richard William L: Drumnagoon
Bullock, Robert L: Tamnaficarbet
Bullock, Samuel L: Drumnagoon
Bullock, William L: Ballyhannon
Bullock, William L: Ballymacrandal
Bullock, William L: Drumnagoon N: Road
Bullock, William L: Levaghery
Bullock, William, Jr. L: Drumnagoon
Bullock, William, Sr. L: Drumnagoon
Bunting, Anthony L: Knockmenagh
Bunting, Mary L: Drumgask
Bunting, William L: Killycomain
Bunton, Thomas L: Kilvergan
Burell, Anne L: Levaghery
Burke, William L: Silverwood
Burns, George, Jr. L: Kinnegoe
Burns, George, Sr. L: Kinnegoe
Burns, James L: Kinnegoe
Burns, John L: Aghacommon
Burns, John L: Drumnakelly
Burns, Thomas L: Kinnegoe
Burns, Thomas L: Tamnafiglassan
Burns, William L: Annloist
Burns, William L: Kinnegoe
Burrel, Robert T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Burrell, Anne L: Hacknahay
Burrell, Anne L: Levaghery
Burrell, John L: Annloist
Burrell, John L: Knock
Burrell, Robert L: Bocombra
Burrell, Robert L: Lylo
Cadell, James L: Carn
Cairns, John L: Lisnamintry
Calvert, Edward L: Ballymacrandal
Calvert, Edward L: Breagh
Calvert, Edward L: Drumnacanvy
Calvert, John L: Ballymacrandal
Calvert, Leonard L: Breagh
Calvert, Leonard L: Crossmacahilly
Calvert, Robert L: Breagh
Calvert, William L: Moyraverty N: and Another
Calvert, William J. L: Ballyhannon
Calvert, William John L: Ballymacrandal
Campbell, Daniel T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Campbell, David L: Breagh
Campbell, George L: Edenderry
Campbell, Henry L: Kinnegoe
Campbell, John L: Breagh
Campbell, John T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Campbell, John L: Turmoyra
Campbell, Joseph L: Silverwood
Campbell, Nicholas L: Knock
Campbell, Robert L: Crossmacahilly
Campbell, Robert L: Edenderry
Campbell, Robert L: Kinnegoe
Campbell, William L: Knock
Campbell, Wm. John L: Lylo
Capper, John L: Silverwood
Capper, William L: Drumgask
Carberry, Hugh T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Carberry, James L: Kinnegoe
Carberry, John L: Ballynamony
Carberry, Joseph L: Kinnegoe
Carberry, William L: Turmoyra
Carey, James L: Turmoyra
Carleton, Thomas T: Portadown
Carroll, Andrew L: Aghacommon
Carroll, Rose L: Ballynacor
Carvill, Francis L: Kinnegoe
Carvill, James L: Drumnagoon
Carvill, James L: Edenderry
Carvill, John L: Ballynacor
Carvill, William L: Ballynacor
Carvill, William L: Lylo
Cassell, Richard L: Turmoyra
Cassells, Edward L: Drumnakelly
Cassidy, Henry L: Ballynacor
Cassidy, James L: Aghacommon
Cassidy, Thomas L: Edenderry
Castles, Catherine L: Annloist
Castles, Elizabeth L: Drumgor
Castles, James L: Annloist
Castles, Jane L: Annloist
Caulfield, Bernard L: Aghacommon
Chambers, Anne L: Ballygargan
Chambers, George L: Edenderry
Chambers, James L: Drumgask
Chambers, John L: Knocknamuckly
Chambers, William L: Ballydonaghy
Chambers, William L: Ballymacrandal
Chambers, William L: Hacknahay
Chase, George T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Cherry, John L: Killycomain
Cherry, William L: Knocknamuckly
Cinnamond, D'Arcy L: Killycomain
Clarke, Mary L: Killycomain
Clarke, Mary T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Clayton, David L: Lisnisky
Clayton, John L: Levaghery
Clayton, Sarah Jane T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Clifford, Owen T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Cochrane, Thomas L: Ballydonaghy
Collins, Francis L: Seagoe, Lower.
Collins, Henry L: Derryvore
Collins, James L: Kernan
Collins, James L: Seagoe, Upper.
Collins, John L: Seagoe, Lower.
Collins, John L: Seagoe, Upper.
Collins, Joseph L: Kernan
Collins, William L: Ballynacor
Collins, William L: Drumnagoon
Colman, James L: Ballynamony
Colman, James L: Silverwood
Colman, Margaret L: Knockramer
Colman, Patrick L: Ballynamony
Colman, Philip L: Ballynamony
Conlan, George L: Carn
Connery, Andrew L: Killycomain
Connolly, James L: Aghacommon
Connor, Michael L: Drumgor
Connor, Patrick L: Kinnegoe
Connor, Richard T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Connor, Thomas L: Kinnegoe
Cooke, John L: Hacknahay
Cooke, Jonh L: Levaghery
Cooke, Matthew L: Levaghery
Cooper, James L: Edenderry
Cooper, John L: Moyraverty
Cooper, Robert L: Drumgask
Cooper, Robert T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Cooper, William L: Drumgask
Cordner, William L: Drumgask
Cordy, Anne L: Carn
Cordy, Jane L: Carn
Cordy, John L: Carn
Cordy, Margaret L: Carn
Corkan, James L: Clanrolla
Corkan, James L: Drumgor
Corkan, William L: Lisnamintry
Corr, James L: Knocknamuckly
Corr, John L: Knocknamuckly
Corr, John L: Tannaghmore, West.
Corr, Margaret L: Knocknamuckly
Corr, Michael, Jr. L: Knocknamuckly
Corr, Michael, Sr. L: Knocknamuckly
Corr, Patrick L: Derryvore
Corry, John L: Kernan
Corry, John L: Seagoe, Upper.
Corry, Ruth L: Clanrolla
Costelloe, James L: Carn
Coulter, Calvert L: Tannaghmore, West.
Coulter, David L: Tarsan
Coulter, John L: Tarsan
Coulter, John, Jr. L: Tarsan
Coulter, John, Sr. L: Tarsan
Coulter, Joseph L: Tannaghmore, West.
Coulter, Michael L: Turmoyra
Coulter, Robb L: Seagoe, Lower.
Coulter, Robert L: Tarsan
Coulter, Samuel L: Edenderry
Coulter, Samuel L: Tarsan
Coulter, William L: Tarsan
Courtney, Thomas L: Breagh
Cowley, Anthony L: Killycomain
Coyle, James T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
Craig, Charles L: Drumlisnagrilly
Craig, James L: Drumgor
Craig, John L: Moyraverty
Craig, Joseph L: Balteagh
Craig, Richard L: Moyraverty
Craig, Robert L: Tarsan
Craig, William L: Breagh
Craig, William L: Drumlisnagrilly
Craig, William L: Moyraverty
Craig, William L: Tarsan
Crawford, Thomas T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Creany, Margaret L: Kinnegoe
Croghan, Thomas T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Crossy, Rachel L: Silverwood
Cuddy, Margaret L: Lisnisky
Cullen, Hugh T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Cullen, Loughlin L: Ballynamony
Cummins, Denis L: Ballynamony
Cummins, James T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Cummins, Moses L: Moyraverty
Cummins, William L: Drumgask
Cunningham, John T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
Cunningham, Walter L: Drumgor
Cunningham, William L: Drumnakelly
Cuppage, Thomas L: Ballynamony
Cuppage, Rep. Thos. L: Silverwood
Curran, John L: Lisnamintry
Curran, John L: Lisnisky
Curry, John L: Kernan
Curry, William L: Lylo
Cush, William L: Silverwood
Daly, Archibald T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
Dalzell, Robert L: Killycomain
Dalzell, Robert L: Seagoe, Lower.
Darragh, Henry L: Tamnaficarbet
Davis, Alexander L: Ballygargan
Davis, George L: Turmoyra
Davis, John L: Ballygargan
Davison, Elizabeth L: Ballygargan
Davison, Isaac L: Breagh
Davison, James L: Balteagh
Davison, Joseph L: Ballygargan
Davison, Mary L: Ballygargan
Dawson, Rev. Abraham L: Ballygargan
Dawson, Letitia T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Dawson, William T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Dawson, William T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Dennison, Anne L: Drumnakelly
Dickson, Dickey L: Lisnisky
Dickson, James, Jr. L: Lisnisky
Dickson, James, Sr. L: Lisnisky
Dickson, Thomas L: Lisnisky
Dickson, William L: Lisnisky
Dillon, James T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Dilworth, James L: Kernan
Dilworth, Robert L: Balteagh
Dilworth, Robert L: Drumnagoon
Dilworth, Robert L: Lisnisky
Dilworth, Robert L: Lylo
Dilworth, Thomas L: Lisnisky
Dilworth, William, Jr. L: Crossmacahilly
Dilworth, William, Sr. L: Crossmacahilly
Dixon, Dickie L: Clanrolla
Dixon, George L: Ballygargan
Dixon, James L: Drumgor
Dixon, James L: Tamnafiglassan
Dixon, John L: Ballygargan
Dixon, John L: Tamnafiglassan
Dixon, William L: Ballygargan
Doherty, Edward L: Tamnaficarbet
Doherty, John L: Tamnaficarbet
Doherty, Robert L: Knockmenagh
Doherty, William L: Tamnaficarbet
Donaghy, John L: Drumnagoon
Donaghy, Patrick L: Aghacommon
Donaghy, Patrick L: Tannaghmore, West.
Donnelly, James L: Tannaghmore, West.
Doon, Rep. Edward L: Kinnegoe
Doon, Hugh L: Ballynamony
Doran, Edward L: Drumgask
Douglas, Hilary L: Kinnegoe
Douglas, John L: Aghacommon
Douglas, Moses L: Kinnegoe
Douglas, Robert L: Kinnegoe
Dowd, Matthew L: Ballynamony
Dowey, William L: Drumnakelly
Down, Meridith L: Ballynamony
Doyle, Denis L: Kinnegoe
Doyle, Elizabeth L: Lisnisky
Doyle, James L: Silverwood
Duck, Sarah L: Moyraverty
Duffy, John L: Knocknamuckly
Duffy, Joseph L: Tannaghmore, West.
Duffy, Margaret L: Knocknamuckly
Duffy, William L: Knocknamuckly
Dunbar, John L: Moyraverty
Dynes, George T: Portadown, Watson's-Lane
Dynes, Isaac L: Crossmacahilly
Dynes, Margaret L: Crossmacahilly
Dynes, Oliver L: Crossmacahilly
Dynes, Ralph L: Knockmenagh
Dynes, Thomas L: Crossmacahilly
Dynes, Thomas L: Moyraverty
Dynes, Valentine L: Crossmacahilly
Dynes, William L: Moyraverty
Elliott, George L: Breagh
Elliott, Rev. Leonard D. L: Edenderry
Elliott, Rev. Leonard D. L: Seagoe, Upper.
Ellis, Jane L: Boconnell
England, David L: Drumnacanvy
England, David L: Hacknahay
England, George L: Ballydonaghy
England, George L: Ballydonaghy N: Rachel
England, Henry L: Ballynaghy
England, James L: Ballydonaghy
England, James L: Hacknahay
England, James L: Knock
England, John L: Ballydonaghy
England, John L: Hacknahay
England, Joseph L: Knock
England, Nicholas L: Knock
England, Phoebe L: Hacknahay
England, Rachel L: Ballydonaghy
England, Robert L: Knocknamuckly
England, Samuel L: Ballyhannon
England, Thomas L: Knocknamuckly
England, Thomas L: Levaghery
England, William, Jr. L: Ballydonaghy
England, William, Sr. L: Ballydonaghy
Erne, John L: Levaghery
Erne, Joseph L: Levaghery
Erskine, William L: Killycomain
Evans, John L: Drumgor
Evans, Terence L: Aghacommon
Ewart, Thomas L: Lisnamintry
Ewings, Henry L: Kernan
Falloon, Charles L: Ballynamony
Falloon, Henry L: Edenderry
Falloon, James L: Balteagh
Falloon, Peter L: Tannaghmore, West.
Farr, David L: Hacknahay
Feenan, James T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Ferguson, John L: Ballynacor
Fernan, Mary L: Crossmacahilly
Ferris, Bernard L: Drumnakelly
Ferris, Mary L: Ballynamony
Finlay, John L: Edenderry
Finn, Rose L: Tamnaficarbet
Finnigan, Elizabeth T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Fitzsimmons, Joshua L: Moyraverty
Fitzsimmons, Nathl L: Moyraverty
Fitzsimmons, Robert L: Moyraverty
Flavelle, James L: Moyraverty
Flavelle, Robert L: Moyraverty
Fleming, Henry L: Moyraverty
Fleming, Richard L: Ballynamony
Fleming, Susan L: Moyraverty
Fleming, Thomas L: Ballymacrandal
Fleming, Thomas L: Hacknahay
Fleming, William L: Ballynamony
Fleming, William L: Lylo
Fletcher, James L: Killycomain
Fletcher, James L: Knocknamuckly
Fletcher, Sarah L: Killycomain
Forbes, Andrew T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Forde, William L: Drumnagoon
Forseyth, Thomas L: Clanrolla
Forsythe, James L: Derryvore
Forsythe, Robert L: Carn
Fowler, Joseph L: Killycomain
Fowler, William L: Ballydonaghy
Fox, John L: Killycomain
Fox, Joseph L: Tamnaficarbet
Fox, Thomas L: Ballynamony
Freeland, Mary L: Edenderry
Freeland, William T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Frew, Arthur L: Edenderry
Friars, Samuel L: Knocknamuckly
Friars, William L: Knocknamuckly
Friars, William L: Seagoe, Upper.
Friers, George T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Fulton, Robert L: Drumnakelly
Furvey, James L: Kinnegoe
Furvey, William John L: Kinnegoe
Gallagher, Arabella L: Ballynamony
Gallagher, Charles T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Gardner, Bradshaw L: Moyraverty
Gardner, George L: Moyraverty
Gaskin, James L: Kilvergan
Gaskin, John L: Kilvergan
Gaskin, Richard L: Kilvergan
Geddis, Andrew L: Annaloist N: Lurgan
Geddis, Andrew L: Annloist
Geddis, Andrew L: Annloist N: Big
Geddis, Andrew L: Knockramer
Geddis, Henry L: Knocknamuckly
Geddis, John L: Knockramer
Gibson, Elizabeth L: Drumgor
Gibson, Esther L: Crossmacahilly
Gibson, James L: Lylo
Gibson, James T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
Gibson, John L: Crossmacahilly
Gibson, Robert L: Drumgor
Gibson, Robert L: Moyraverty
Gibson, Thomas L: Silverwood
Gibson, Thomas L: Tamnafiglassan
Gibson, William L: Ballymacrandal
Gibson, William L: Balteagh
Giffin, James T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Gilbert, Jonathan L: Ballynacor
Gilbert, Richard L: Ballynacor
Gilbert, Thomas L: Ballynacor
Gilbert, William L: Seagoe, Upper.
Gilkinson, Francis L: Tarsan
Gilkinson, William L: Tarsan
Gillespie, John L: Ballygargan
Gillespie, Joseph L: Ballynaghy
Gillespie, Joseph L: Knocknamuckly
Gilpin, Anne L: Tamnafiglassan
Gilpin, Dynes L: Balteagh
Gilpin, Dynes L: Tamnafiglassan
Gilpin, Dynes, Sr. L: Balteagh
Gilpin, George L: Balteagh
Gilpin, Henry L: Balteagh
Gilpin, James L: Balteagh
Gilpin, James L: Kilvergan
Gilpin, James L: Tamnafiglassan
Gilpin, Jane L: Tamnafiglassan
Gilpin, John L: Lisnisky
Gilpin, John L: Moyraverty
Gilpin, John L: Tamnaficarbet
Gilpin, John L: Tamnafiglassan
Gilpin, John, Jr. L: Balteagh
Gilpin, John, Sr. L: Balteagh
Gilpin, Thomas L: Drumnagoon
Gilpin, William L: Balteagh
Gilpin, William L: Clanrolla
Gilpin, William L: Drumgor
Gilpin, William L: Seagoe, Upper.
Gilpin, William L: Silverwood
Gilpin, William L: Tamnafiglassan
Gilson, Jane L: Drumgor
Ginniff, Hugh L: Seagoe, Upper.
Goold, William T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Gordon, James L: Ballynamony
Gordon, James L: Boconnell
Gordon, James L: Edenderry
Gordon, James L: Turmoyra
Gordon, John L: Ballynacor
Gordon, Thomas L: Ballyhannon
Gordon, Thomas L: Boconnell
Gracey, Anne L: Knocknamuckly
Gracey, Daniel L: Drumgor
Gracey, Halliday L: Drumgor
Gracey, Jane L: Knocknamuckly
Gracey, John L: Drumgor
Gracey, Rachel L: Knocknamuckly
Gracey, Thomas, Jr. L: Knocknamuckly
Graham, Archibald L: Kernan
Graham, Boyd L: Kinnegoe
Graham, Charles L: Lisnisky
Graham, George L: Ballygargan
Graham, James, Jr. L: Kernan
Graham, James, Sr. L: Kernan
Graham, Jane L: Lisnisky
Graham, Jane L: Tarsan
Graham, John L: Edenderry
Graham, John L: Kinnegoe
Graham, Nathaniel L: Lylo
Graham, Robert L: Moyraverty
Graham, Robert T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Graham, Thomas L: Lylo
Graham, William L: Lisnamintry
Graham, William L: Lisnisky
Grant, Thomas L: Edenderry
Grayson, Edward L: Boconnell
Grayson, Francis L: Boconnell
Grayson, John L: Boconnell
Grayson, Rachel L: Boconnell
Grayson, Thomas L: Boconnell
Grayson, William L: Boconnell
Grayson, William L: Knockramer
Greacy, Abraham L: Balteagh
Greacy, John L: Silverwood
Greene, John L: Silverwood
Greene, Mary L: Silverwood
Greenlee, Elizabeth T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
Greenway, Francis L: Seagoe, Upper.
Greenway, George L: Hacknahay
Greenwood, Isaac L: Edenderry
Greer, John W. L: Annaloist
Greer, John W. L: Drumnakelly
Gregson, Alexander L: Drumgor
Gregson, James L: Drumgor
Gregson, Robert L: Drumgor
Gregson, William L: Drumgor
Grew, Mary L: Edenderry
Grew, Mary L: Levaghery
Gribben, Sarah L: Ballynacor
Gribbin, James L: Ballygargan
Gribbin, Mary L: Tamnaficarbet
Grimes, Anne L: Killycomain
Grimes, Archibald L: Kilvergan
Grimes, John L: Silverwood
Grimson, William L: Crossmacahilly
Grimson, Zacharish L: Kernan
Gullery, Henry L: Clanrolla
Gullery, Patrick L: Clanrolla
Guy, Andrew L: Breagh
Guy, Anne L: Derryvore
Guy, Francis L: Ballyhannon
Guy, John L: Seagoe, Lower.
Guy, Thomas, Jr. L: Derryvore
Guy, Thomas, Sr. L: Derryvore
Guy, William L: Ballyhannon
Haddick, John L: Moyraverty
Hagan, Henry L: Drumnakelly
Hagan, Terence L: Drumnakelly
Hagan, Terence L: Turmoyra
Haggen, James L: Balteagh
Haggin, James L: Tannaghmore, West.
Haizley, James L: Drumnakelly
Hall, Andrew L: Lisnisky
Hall, Isaac L: Kernan
Hall, Isaac L: Lisnisky
Hall, Isaac L: Seagoe, Upper.
Hall, Isabella L: Kernan
Hall, John L: Kernan
Hall, Joseph L: Kernan
Hall, Moses L: Kernan
Hall, Thomas L: Carn
Hall, William L: Lisnisky
Halliday, James L: Drumgask
Halliday, John L: Moyraverty
Hamilton, David L: Knockramer
Hamilton, James L: Kinnegoe
Hamilton, Samuel L: Seagoe, Lower.
Hamilton, William L: Hacknahay
Hampton, John T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Hanlon, Hugh L: Drumgor
Hanlon, John L: Clanrolla
Hanna, Andrew L: Boconnell
Hanna, Eakins L: Boconnell
Hanna, Henry L: Turmoyra
Hanna, John L: Ballygargan
Hanna, William L: Turmoyra
Hanratty, John L: Ballynamony
Hanratty, Thomas L: Ballynamony
Hara, Anne L: Bocombra
Hara, Daniel L: Ballynacor
Hara, John L: Bocombra
Hara, Margaret L: Bocombra
Hardy, Anne L: Knocknamuckly
Hare, Henry T: Portadown, Watson's-Lane
Hare, James T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Harlan, Thomas L: Edenderry
Harlan, William T: Portadown, Watson's-Lane
Harland, William J. L: Drumgask
Harris, Benjamin L: Tamnaficarbet
Harris, John L: Edenderry
Harrison, Jane L: Ballygargan
Harrison, John L: Crossmacahilly
Harrison, John L: Moyraverty
Harrison, John, Jr. L: Lisnamintry
Harrison, John, Sr. L: Lisnamintry
Harrison, Pierce L: Drumgask
Harrison, Robert L: Ballygargan
Harrison, Sibby L: Lylo
Hart, George L: Ballygargan
Hart, John L: Ballygargan
Hart, Thomas L: Ballygargan
Harte, David L: Turmoyra
Harte, John L: Turmoyra
Harvey, Catherine L: Drumnagoon
Harvey, John L: Drumnagoon
Hazelton, Hamilton L: Silverwood
Hazelton, Thomas L: Silverwood
Hazleton, Hamilton L: Drumnakelly
Healy, Dominick L: Boconnell
Healy, Dominick L: Silverwood
Healy, Peter L: Silverwood
Heany, Daniel L: Drumnagoon
Heany, Margaret L: Levaghery
Henderson, Felix, Jr. L: Boconnell
Henderson, Felix, Sr. L: Boconnell
Henderson, Hannah L: Seagoe, Lower.
Henderson, Hannah L: Tarsan
Henderson, James L: Carn
Hendron, Thomas L: Aghacommon
Hennon, Luke L: Aghacommon
Hennon, Peter L: Aghacommon
Henry, William L: Lylo
Hepburn, Neill L: Aghacommon
Hepburn, Owen L: Aghacommon
Hewitt, Esther L: Ballynamony
Hewitt, Hall L: Tamnaficarbet
Hewitt, James L: Drumgask
Hewitt, James L: Drumgor
Hewitt, Jane L: Aghacommon
Hewitt, John L: Tamnaficarbet
Hewitt, Joseph L: Ballynacor
Hewitt, Joseph T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Hewitt, Mary Anne L: Tamnaficarbet
Hewitt, Samuel L: Ballynamony
Hewitt, Samuel L: Tamnaficarbet
Hewitt, William L: Tamnaficarbet
Hickland, Elizabeth L: Drumnagoon
Hickland, Thomas L: Drumnagoon
Hickland, William L: Drumnakelly
Higginson, John L: Levaghery
Higginson, William L: Ballyhannon
Hill, Isaac L: Ballynamony
Hinnen, John L: Tannaghmore, West.
Hinnen, Patrick L: Tannaghmore, West.
Hinnen, Paul L: Tannaghmore, West.
Hobbs, John L: Drumgor
Hoey, Bernard L: Breagh
Hoey, Michael L: Ballydonaghy
Hogan, John L: Drumgor
Holland, George L: Seagoe, Upper.
Holland, John L: Derryvore
Holland, Martha L: Derryvore
Holland, Robert L: Derryvore
Holland, William L: Knocknamuckly
Hollywood, Francis T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Holmes, Sarah L: Killycomain
Holmes, William J. L: Seagoe, Upper.
Holywood, John L: Seagoe, Upper.
Honeyford, Benjamin L: Ballydonaghy
Hopps, William L: Clanrolla
Hopps, William L: Crossmacahilly
Hopps, William L: Lisnamintry
Hospital, William L: Seagoe, Upper.
Howard, William T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
Hoy, Bernard L: Killycomain
Hughes, Cinnamond L: Aghacommon
Hughes, Henry L: Balteagh
Hughes, John L: Hacknahay
Hughes, John T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Hughes, Patrick L: Turmoyra
Hughes, Richard L: Breagh
Hughes, Robert L: Knockmenagh
Hughes, William L: Hacknahay
Hughes, William L: Knocknamuckly
Hughes, William T: Portadown, Watson's-Lane
Hull, Adam L: Kinnegoe
Hull, John L: Silverwood
Hull, Joseph T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Humphreys, James L: Kernan
Humphreys, John L: Aghacommon
Hunter, William L: Knock
Hutchinson, David L: Drumnagoon
Hutchinson, Thomas L: Ballynamony
Hutton, Henry L: Ballymacrandal
Irwin, David L: Seagoe, Lower.
Irwin, David T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
Irwin, James L: Edenderry
Irwin, James L: Tarsan
Irwin, John L: Ballynacor
Irwin, John L: Carn
Irwin, John L: Drumnagoon
Irwin, John L: Tarsan
Irwin, Thomas L: Tarsan
Irwin, Thomas T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
James, William T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
Jelly, William L: Levaghery
Jenkinson, Thomas T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Jennett, Anne L: Breagh
Jennett, John L: Clanrolla
Jennett, Robert L: Hacknahay
Jennett, William L: Moyraverty
Jennings, Margaret L: Drumgor
Jennings, Susan L: Drumgor
Johnson, Francis L: Knockmenagh
Johnson, Francis L: Levaghery
Johnson, Frederick L: Knockramer
Johnson, James L: Killycomain
Johnson, John L: Clanrolla
Johnson, John L: Knockmenagh
Johnson, Mordecai L: Knockmenagh
Johnson, Philip L: Silverwood
Johnson, Wilson L: Clanrolla
Johnston, James T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Johnston, John T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
Johnston, Mordecai L: Lylo
Jones, Charles L: Drumgor
Jones, Eliza L: Moyraverty
Jones, Elizabeth, Jr. L: Moyraverty
Jones, Elizabeth, Sr. L: Moyraverty
Jones, Henry T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Jones, James L: Ballyhannon
Jones, James L: Ballymacrandal
Jones, James L: Moyraverty
Jones, John L: Ballyhannon
Jones, John L: Drumgor
Jones, Thomas L: Moyraverty
Jones, Valentine L: Crossmacahilly
Jones, Valentine L: Moyraverty
Jones, William L: Drumgor
Jordan, John L: Hacknahay
Joyce, George L: Levaghery
Joyce, James L: Hacknahay
Joyce, James L: Knock
Joyce, James L: Levaghery
Joyce, Jane L: Hacknahay
Joyce, John L: Balteagh
Joyce, Valentine L: Levaghery
Kane, Arthur T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Kane, Bernard L: Turmoyra
Kane, James L: Ballymacrandal
Kane, John L: Drumnacanvy
Kane, Mary L: Tarsan
Kane, Owen L: Turmoyra
Kane, Thomas L: Turmoyra
Kavanagh, Elizabeth L: Hacknahay
Kavanagh, James L: Breagh
Kavanagh, James L: Drumlisnagrilly
Kavanagh, James L: Drumnacanvy
Kearney, Daniel L: Drumgask
Kearns, John L: Edenderry
Kellow, Charles L: Levaghery
Kellow, Thomas L: Levaghery
Kellow, Thomas L: Seagoe, Upper.
Kelly, Charles L: Kinnegoe
Kelly, Elizabeth L: Drumgask
Kelly, George T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Kelton, Matthew L: Moyraverty
Kennedy, Christopher L: Killycomain
Kennedy, James L: Edenderry
Kennedy, James L: Turmoyra
Kennedy, Timothy L: Knocknamuckly
Keogh, William L: Kernan
Kernan, Sarah T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Kerr, George L: Balteagh
Kerr, George L: Drumgor
Kerr, Hugh L: Drumnakelly
Kerr, James L: Breagh
Kerr, John L: Aghacommon
Kettleton, Mary T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Key, James L: Knock
Kidd, James L: Drumgask
Kiddel, Henry L: Ballynacor
Kilpatrick, George L: Tamnaficarbet
Kilpatrick, Isaiah T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Kilpatrick, John L: Balteagh
Kilpatrick, John L: Tamnafiglassan
Kingham, William L: Drumnakelly
Kingsborough, Robert L: Ballyhannon
Kinkead, Alexander T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Kinnear, Joseph L: Crossmacahilly
Kirk, Alphonso L: Ballynacor
Kirk, David L: Ballynacor
Kirk, David L: Tamnaficarbet
Kittle, Elizabeth L: Tarsan
Kittle, Hugh L: Levaghery
Kittle, James L: Edenderry
Kittle, James L: Levaghery
Lamb, Margaret T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
Lappen, Mary L: Tamnaficarbet
Laverty, John L: Tamnaficarbet
Lavery, Arthur L: Drumnagoon
Lavery, Edward L: Kilvergan
Lavery, Henry L: Drumnagoon
Lavery, Henry L: Kilvergan
Lavery, Hugh L: Balteagh
Lavery, Hugh L: Kilvergan
Lavery, James L: Ballynamony
Lavery, John L: Ballynamony
Lavery, John L: Drumgask
Lavery, Leonard L: Silverwood
Lavery, Mary L: Kernan
Lavery, Patrick L: Balteagh
Lavery, Robert L: Drumnagoon
Lawnsdale, George L: Annloist
Leggitt, Peter L: Tamnafiglassan
Lennon, Bernard L: Ballynamony
Lennon, Henry L: Ballynamony
Lennon, James L: Annaloist
Lennon, James L: Turmoyra
Lennon, John L: Annloist
Lennon, Patrick T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Lennon, William L: Annaloist
Leslie, Thomas L: Edenderry
Leveson, John L: Hacknahay
Levingston, Anne T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Levingston, Grace L: Ballyhannon
Levingston, James L: Ballygargan
Levingston, James L: Knockramer
Levingston, John L: Knocknamuckly
Levingston, Joseph L: Ballygargan
Levingston, Richard L: Lisnamintry
Levingston, Thomas L: Hacknahay
Levingston, Valentine L: Drumgask
Lewie, John L: Levaghery
Lewis, David L: Moyraverty
Lewis, John T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Lindsay, Charles L: Lylo
Lindsay, James L: Drumgor
Lindsay, William L: Killycomain
Little, Elizabeth L: Killycomain
Little, Thomas L: Ballynamony
Livingston, James L: Silverwood
Lockhart, Rachel L: Knocknamuckly
Logan, Henry T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Lougheed, Joseph L: Edenderry
Loughlin, John T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Loughran, Edward L: Ballynamony
Loughran, Patrick L: Silverwood
Lowry, William L: Silverwood
Lurgan, Lord L: Annloist
Lurgan, Lord L: Boconnell
Lurgan, Lord L: Knockramer
Lurgan, Lord L: Turmoyra
Lutten, William L: Ballymacrandal
Lutten, William L: Breagh
Lutton, Rep. Abraham L: Moyraverty
Lutton, Andrew J. L: Edenderry
Lutton, Andrew J. T: Portadown
Lutton, Andrew. J. T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Lutton, Andrew J. T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
Lutton, Andrew James L: Levaghery
Lutton, James L: Edenderry
Lutton, William L: Levaghery
Lynas, David L: Kernan
Lynas, James L: Silverwood
Lynas, Jane L: Drumgor
Lynas, John L: Drumgor
Lynas, Joseph L: Carn
Lynas, Mary L: Killycomain
Lynas, Thomas L: Drumgor N: Tom
Lynas, Thomas, Jr. L: Drumgor
Lynas, Thomas, Sr. L: Drumgor
Lynch, Edward L: Boconnell
Lynch, James L: Silverwood
Lynch, Patrick L: Tamnafiglassan
Lynch, Peter L: Tamnafiglassan
Lynn, Charles L: Levaghery
Lynn, Elizabeth L: Breagh
Lynn, William J. L: Drumnakelly
Macamson, Hugh L: Kernan
Macan, John L: Drumnakelly
Macartney, John L: Crossmacahilly
Mackle, John L: Kilvergan
Mackle, Joseph L: Drumgask
Mackle, William L: Ballynacor
Maclure, James L: Ballynacor
Macoun, Harriett L: Kinnegoe
Macoun, John L: Crossmacahilly
Macoun, John L: Drumgor
Macoun, John L: Moyraverty
Macoun, John L: Tamnafiglassan
Macoun, Robert L: Kinnegoe
Macredy, John L: Ballygargan
Macrory, Henry L: Ballynacor
Madden, John L: Turmoyra
Madden, Wilson L: Kinnegoe
Magee, Catherine L: Silverwood
Magee, Edward L: Breagh
Magee, George L: Ballynacor
Magee, Henry L: Carn
Magee, Henry L: Carn N: Shelty
Magee, Henry L: Tamnafiglassan
Magee, Isabella L: Carn
Magee, James L: Annloist
Magee, John L: Tarsan
Magee, Margaret L: Levaghery
Magee, Sarah L: Carn
Magee, William L: Tarsan
Magennis, Roger L: Kinnegoe
Magill, Henry L: Drumnakelly
Magill, James L: Drumgor
Magill, James L: Levaghery
Magill, John L: Drumnakelly
Magill, Joseph L: Drumgor
Maginn, John L: Drumnagoon
Maginn, William L: Drumnagoon
Maginn, William L: Tamnaficarbet
Maglone, John L: Silverwood
Magowan, Samuel L: Moyraverty
Magrath, James L: Ballynamony
Magrath, Richard L: Drumgask
Majorr, Robert L: Ballynacor
Malcomson, James L: Ballynamony
Malcomson, James L: Boconnell
Malcomson, Jane L: Bocombra
Malcomson, John L: Drumnagoon
Malcomson, John L: Lisnamintry
Malcomson, Joseph L: Lisnamintry
Malcomson, Robert L: Lisnamintry
Malcomson, Thomas L: Bocombra
Mallard, William L: Drumnakelly
Mallen, Archibald L: Ballymacrandal
Mallon, Patrick L: Silverwood
Manchester, L: Ballynacor N: Duke of Manchester
Manchester, L: Seagoe, Upper. N: Duke of Manchester
Marlay, Samuel T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Marsden, Anne L: Drumnagoon
Marsden, George L: Kinnegoe
Marsden, Robert L: Drumnagoon
Marsden, Thomas L: Kinnegoe
Marshall, Edward L: Clanrolla
Marshall, Isaac L: Knockmenagh
Marshall, Mary L: Clanrolla
Martin, Catherine L: Tamnafiglassan
Martin, Hamilton L: Moyraverty
Martin, John L: Edenderry
Martin, John L: Moyraverty
Martin, Robert L: Edenderry
Martin, Robert L: Lisnisky
Martin, William T: Portadown
Martin, William T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Matchett, Richard L: Seagoe, Lower.
Matchett, Thomas L: Levaghery
Mathers, William L: Carn
Mathers, William T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Mathews, Anne L: Silverwood
Mathews, Henry L: Annaloist
Mathews, James L: Turmoyra
Mathews, William L: Tannaghmore, West.
Mawell, Ellen T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
Mawhirt, Aaron L: Drumgask
Mawhirt, James L: Drumgask
Mawhirt, John L: Annloist
Mawhirt, John L: Boconnell
Mawhirt, John L: Drumgask
Mawhirt, Thomas L: Drumgask
May, William T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Mayers, Samuel L: Tamnaficarbet
Maynes, Samuel L: Tamnaficarbet
Maze, Anne L: Knocknamuckly
Maze, James L: Knocknamuckly
Maze, Jane L: Knocknamuckly
Maze, Mary L: Hacknahay
Maze, Sheppard L: Knocknamuckly
McAlinden, Hugh L: Turmoyra
McAlinden, William L: Kinnegoe
McAlindon, Arthur, Jr. L: Tannaghmore, West.
McAlindon, Arthur, Sr. L: Tannaghmore, West.
McAlindon, Hugh, Jr. L: Tannaghmore, West.
McAlindon, Hugh, Sr. L: Tannaghmore, West.
McAlindon, James, Jr. L: Tannaghmore, West.
McAlindon, John L: Aghacommon
McAlister, Charles L: Ballynamony
McAlister, William L: Ballynamony
McAllister, Joseph L: Drumnakelly
McAllister, Michael L: Tamnaficarbet
McAnulty, James L: Drumgor
McAnulty, James, Jr. L: Drumgor
McAtamney, Eugene L: Aghacommon
McAtamney, Sarah L: Aghacommon
McBride, James L: Bocombra
McBride, Mary T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
McCabe, Alexander L: Ballynacor
McCabe, John L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCabe, Mary L: Ballynacor
McCabe, Matthew L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCabe, Samuel L: Ballynacor
McCabe, Thomas L: Ballynacor
McCaffrey, Henry T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
McCaghey, Joseph T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
McCaghley, Arthur L: Drumnakelly
McCaghley, Richard L: Derryvore
McCaghley, William L: Derryvore
McCahilly, Patrick L: Turmoyra
McCall, John L: Aghacommon
McCann, Anne L: Balteagh
McCann, Bernard L: Ballynamony
McCann, Charles L: Aghacommon
Mccann, Charles L: Drumgor
McCann, Charles L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCann, Edmond L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCann, Edward L: Aghacommon
McCann, Edward L: Balteagh
Mccann, Edward L: Drumgor
McCann, Edward L: Tamnafiglassan
McCann, Edward L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCann, Ellen L: Moyraverty
McCann, Felix L: Aghacommon
McCann, Felix L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCann, Henry L: Ballyhannon
McCann, Hugh L: Ballynacor
McCann, Hugh L: Ballynamony
McCann, Hugh L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCann, James L: Ballyhannon
McCann, James L: Ballynacor
McCann, James L: Ballynamony
Mccann, James L: Ballynamony
McCann, James L: Knocknamuckly
McCann, John L: Ballyhannon
Mccann, John L: Ballynamony
McCann, John L: Knocknamuckly
McCann, John L: Moyraverty
McCann, John L: Tannaghmore, West.
Mccann, Luke L: Ballynamony
Mccann, Mark L: Drumgor
McCann, Mary L: Aghacommon
McCann, Matthew L: Ballynamony
McCann, Nicholas L: Ballyhannon
McCann, Nicholas L: Breagh
McCann, Oliver L: Aghacommon
McCann, Owen L: Ballynamony
McCann, Patrick L: Aghacommon N: Big
McCann, Patrick L: Aghacommon N: Little
McCann, Patrick L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCann, Richard L: Crossmacahilly
McCann, Sarah L: Aghacommon
McCann, Thomas L: Ballyhannon
McCann, William L: Ballymacrandal
McCann, William L: Seagoe, Upper.
McCann, William L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCarron, James L: Tamnaficarbet
McCart, Robert T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
McCart, William L: Drumgask
McCaughey, Jonh L: Levaghery
Mccaughley, James L: Annloist
McChrystal, William L: Killycomain
McClean, Henry L: Drumgor
McClelland, James T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
McClelland, Thomas L: Ballymacrandal
McCloghan, Sarah T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
McClure, Mary Jane L: Carn
McClure, Richard L: Tamnaficarbet
McCluskey, Bernard L: Ballygargan
McCluskey, Bernard L: Ballynamony
McCluskey, Charles L: Ballygargan
McCluskey, James L: Aghacommon
McCluskey, James L: Ballygargan
McCluskey, John L: Lylo
McCollum, Andrew L: Kilvergan
McCollum, James L: Drumgask
McCollum, Mary L: Drumgask
McConaghy, Bernard L: Carn
Mcconaghy, Michael L: Annloist
McConaghy, Rebecca L: Drumnagoon
Mcconaghy, Richard L: Drumgor
McConchy, Andrew L: Kilvergan
McConchy, Joseph L: Drumnagoon
McConchy, Joseph L: Tarsan
McConchy, William L: Tarsan
McConnell, James T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
McConvile, Anne L: Knocknamuckly
McConvill, Bernard L: Ballynamony
McConvill, David L: Drumnakelly
McConvill, David L: Turmoyra
McConvill, James L: Ballynamony
McConvill, James L: Tannaghmore, West.
McConvill, John L: Drumnakelly
McConvill, John L: Silverwood
McConvill, Mary L: Ballynamony
McConville, Cecilia L: Drumnagoon
McConville, Edw., Jr. L: Drumgor
McConville, Edward L: Drumgask
McConville, Edward, Sr. L: Drumgor
McConville, George L: Aghacommon
McConville, James L: Drumgor
McConville, John L: Hacknahay
McConville, John L: Knocknamuckly
McConville, John L: Levaghery
McConville, John T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
McConville, Joseph T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
McConville, Mary L: Drumgask
McConville, Owen L: Knocknamuckly
McConville, Sarah L: Drumgask
McConville, Thomas L: Knocknamuckly
McConville, William L: Moyraverty
McCord, Andrew T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
McCormack, James L: Ballyhannon
McCormack, James L: Lylo
McCormick, George L: Ballygargan
McCormick, James L: Lylo
McCormick, John L: Ballyhannon
McCormick, Margaret L: Seagoe, Upper.
McCormick, Mary Anne L: Killycomain
McCormick, Nicholas L: Ballyhannon
McCormick, Thomas L: Knocknamuckly
McCormick, William L: Lylo
McCorr, James L: Boconnell
McCorry, Cormac L: Silverwood
Mccorry, Henry L: Annaloist
McCorry, Henry L: Boconnell
McCorry, Henry L: Silverwood
McCorry, Henry L: Turmoyra
McCorry, James L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCorry, James L: Turmoyra
McCorry, John L: Silverwood
McCourt, John L: Drumgask
Mccourt, John L: Drumgor
McCourt, John L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCourt, Owen L: Tannaghmore, West.
McCoy, Anne L: Ballymacrandal
McCreary, Thomas L: Lisnisky
McCreedy, Robert L: Ballygargan
McCreery, Thomas L: Knockmenagh
McCreery, William L: Knockmenagh
McCrory, William L: Edenderry
McCullagh, John L: Drumgask
McCullagh, Robert L: Seagoe, Upper.
McCullough, Elizabeth L: Drumgask
McCully, James L: Seagoe, Upper.
McCully, James L: Tamnafiglassan
McCully, John L: Ballynacor
McCusker, Henry L: Ballynamony
McCusker, Hugh L: Ballynamony
McCusker, Hugh L: Knockramer
McCusker, James L: Knockramer
McCusker, Jane L: Turmoyra
McCusker, John L: Boconnell
McCusker, Patrick L: Boconnell
McCusker, Thomas L: Ballynamony
McCutchen, William L: Edenderry
McCutcheon, Blacker T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
McCutcheon, Samuel T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
McDonnell, Anne L: Aghacommon
McDonnell, John L: Edenderry
McDonnell, John L: Silverwood
McDonnell, Thomas T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
McDowell, Alevander L: Levaghery
McDowell, Alexander T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
McDowell, Andrew L: Drumnagoon
McDowell, James L: Drumgor
McDowell, James L: Killycomain
McDowell, Jane L: Tamnaficarbet
McDowell, Mary L: Drumnagoon
McDowell, Samuel L: Drumgor
McEvoy, Bernard L: Knocknamuckly
McEvoy, Lucas L: Knocknamuckly
McEvoy, Thomas L: Knocknamuckly
McFadden, James L: Moyraverty
McFadden, Thomas L: Moyraverty
McGeough, Ellen L: Turmoyra
McGeown, Daniel L: Balteagh
McGeown, Daniel L: Kilvergan
McGeown, James L: Ballynamony
McGibben, Henry L: Kinnegoe
McGibbon, Felix L: Tamnaficarbet
McGill, James L: Knockramer
McGlade, Catherine L: Clanrolla
McGladery, William T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
McGrane, Thomas L: Silverwood
McGrane, William L: Ballynamony
McGuiggan, Charles L: Turmoyra
McGuinness, Anne L: Silverwood
McGuinness, Bernard L: Balteagh
McGuinness, Christopher L: Balteagh
McGuinness, John L: Ballydonaghy
McGuinness, John L: Ballygargan
McGuinness, John L: Ballymacrandal
McGuinness, John L: Ballynaghy
McGuinness, John L: Hacknahay
McGuinness, Sarah L: Kernan
McGuinness, William L: Balteagh
McGuire, John L: Knocknamuckly
McGuirk, Peter T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
McGuirk, Thomas T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
McGurgan, James T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
McGurk, James L: Drumnagoon
McIlduff, Bernard L: Tarsan
McIlduff, Richard L: Silverwood
McIlernan, Ruth L: Carn
McIlroy, George L: Edenderry
McIlveen, St. John T: Portadown Bridge-Street
McIver, William T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
McKane, John L: Breagh
McKay, Eliza L: Turmoyra
McKee, Alexander L: Drumnagoon
McKee, Alexander L: Kernan
McKee, Andrew L: Carn
McKee, Andrew L: Kernan
McKee, Andrew L: Killycomain
McKee, Elizabeth L: Kernan
McKee, John L: Drumnagoon
McKee, John, Jr. L: Kernan
McKee, John, Sr. L: Kernan
McKee, Samuel L: Kernan
McKeon, Robert T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
McKeown, Bernard L: Turmoyra
McKeown, James L: Ballymacrandal
McKeown, James L: Seagoe, Lower.
McKeown, John L: Ballygargan
McKeown, John L: Derryvore
McKeown, Mary L: Drumnagoon
McKeown, Michael L: Lylo
McKeown, Patrick L: Ballygargan
McKeown, Terence L: Bocombra
McKeown, William L: Ballygargan
McKeown, William L: Kernan
McKerr, Hugh L: Moyraverty
McKerr, James L: Crossmacahilly
McKerr, James L: Moyraverty
McKerr, Jane L: Lisnisky
McKerr, John L: Aghacommon
McKerr, Robert L: Knocknamuckly
McKerr, Thomas L: Moyraverty
McKew, Hugh L: Ballynamony
McKinstry, John L: Ballynaghy
McKinstry, Samuel L: Ballynamony
McKnight, William L: Ballynacor
McKnight, William L: Tamnaficarbet
McLeveny, Thomas L: Kinnegoe
McLinden, Culla L: Tannaghmore, West.
Mclindon, Hugh L: Annaloist N: Big
Mclindon, Hugh L: Annloist N: Mill
McLindon, James L: Aghacommon
Mclindon, John L: Annaloist
Mclindon, John L: Annloist
Mclindon, Patrick L: Annaloist
McLoughlin, James L: Killycomain
McLoughlin, John L: Killycomain
McLoughlin, Margaret L: Killycomain
McLoughlin, Robert L: Breagh
McLoughlin, Thomas L: Lylo
McLoughlin, Thomas L: Moyraverty
McLoughlin, William John L: Moyraverty N: and Another
McMahon, Anne L: Tannaghmore, West.
McMahon, John T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
McManus, Richard T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
McMullan, John T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
McMullen, Eliza L: Drumgask
McMullen, James L: Drumnakelly
McMurray, Arthur L: Crossmacahilly
McMurray, David L: Crossmacahilly
McMurray, Dynes L: Crossmacahilly
McMurray, George L: Ballygargan
McMurray, James L: Ballynaghy
McMurray, James E. L: Ballygargan
McMurray, John L: Ballynaghy
McMurray, John L: Drumlisnagrilly
McMurray, John L: Drumnacanvy
McMurray, Robert L: Ballyhannon
McMurray, Samuel L: Ballynaghy
McMurray, Samuel L: Crossmacamilly
McMurray, Sarah L: Knock
McMurray, Thomas L: Crossmacahilly
McMurray, William L: Ballygargan
McMurray, William L: Ballyhannon
McMurray, William L: Ballynaghy
McMurray, William L: Crossmacahilly
McMurray, William L: Crossmacahilly N: Cottier
McMurray, William L: Drumnacanvy
McMurry, Arthur T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
McMurtagh, James L: Tannaghmore, West.
McNab, James L: Drumgor
McNab, John L: Drumgor
Mcnab, Thomas L: Drumgor
McNally, James L: Drumgor
Mcnally, John L: Annloist
McNally, John L: Ballymacrandal
Mcnally, Nicolas L: Annloist
Mcnally, Richard L: Annloist
McNally, Thomas L: Breagh
McNally, William L: Ballymacrandal
McNally, William L: Ballynamony
McNeece, Mary L: Carn
McNeill, John L: Moyraverty
McNeill, Malcolm L: Moyraverty
McNeill, Patrick L: Silverwood
McParland, William L: Ballynacor
McQuaid, Margaret L: Hacknahay
McRoberts, John L: Ballyhannon
McRory, Jane L: Tarsan
McRory, Thomas L: Bocombra
McRory, Thomas L: Tarsan
Mcshane, Elizabeth L: Ballynamony
Mcshane, Hugh L: Ballynamony
McShane, John L: Knockramer
McShane, John L: Turmoyra
McShane, Thomas L: Turmoyra
McSherry, Anne L: Ballynamony
McSherry, John L: Ballygargan
McSherry, Patrick L: Ballygargan
McSherry, Sarah L: Ballynamony
McSherry, Valentine L: Aghacommon
McStavock, Neill L: Turmoyra
McStea, Henry L: Kinnegoe
McVeagh, Maria L: Silverwood
McVeagh, Thomas L: Kinnegoe
McVeigh, Ellen L: Crossmacahilly
McVeigh, Patrick L: Crossmacahilly
McWhinny, Robert L: Drumgor
Mears, Joseph L: Annloist
Medlow, Samuel L: Drumgor
Metcalf, Henry L: Seagoe, Lower.
Metcalf, Henry L: Tarsan
Metcalf, John L: Tarsan
Metcalf, John T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Metcalf, Joseph L: Seagoe, Lower.
Metcalf, Sarah L: Drumgask
Metcalf, William L: Seagoe, Lower.
Middleton, James L: Lisnamintry
Miles, Henry L: Kinnegoe
Miller, Henry L: Tamnafiglassan
Miller, James L: Tamnaficarbet
Miller, John L: Kinnegoe
Miller, William L: Kinnegoe
Minnis, James T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
Mitchell, Andrew L: Drumgask
Mitchell, John L: Drumgask
Mitchell, Robert L: Moyraverty
Mitchell, Samuel L: Moyraverty
Mitchell, William L: Ballynamony
Moffett, Malcomson L: Lisnamintry
Moffett, Richard L: Lisnamintry
Moffitt, James L: Clanrolla
Moffitt, John L: Clanrolla
Moffitt, Richard L: Balteagh
Moffitt, William L: Clanrolla
Molloy, Neill L: Turmoyra
Monahan, John L: Tannaghmore, West.
Monroe, Daniel L: Levaghery
Monroe, James L: Drumlisnagrilly
Monroe, James L: Drumnacanvy
Monroe, James L: Levaghery
Monroe, Mary L: Levaghery
Monroe, William L: Levaghery
Montgomery, Ellen T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Montgomery, John L: Derryvore
Montgomery, Mary T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Montgomery, Robert L: Derryvore
Montgomery, Stewart L: Lylo
Moore, Andrew T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Moore, George T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Moore, James L: Knocknamuckly
Moore, William L: Ballynamony
Morgan, Rev. Laurence L: Aghacommon
Morgan, Thomas L: Aghacommon
Morrison, James L: Drumgask
Morrison, John L: Levaghery
Morrison, Robert L: Drumnakelly
Morrison, Samuel L: Clanrolla
Morrow, Arthur L: Ballynamony
Morrow, Arthur L: Bird's Island
Morrow, Arthur L: Kinnegoe
Morrow, James L: Bird's Island
Morrow, James L: Kinnegoe
Morrow, James L: Tannaghmore, West.
Morrow, John L: Kinnegoe
Morrow, William J. L: Ballygargan
Moyers, John L: Boconnell
Moyers, John L: Knockramer
Mucklagh, John T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
Mulholland, Elizabeth L: Drumnakelly
Mulholland, George L: Drumnakelly
Mulholland, Thomas L: Ballynacor
Mulholland, William L: Drumnakelly
Mullan, Francis T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Mullen, John L: Ballynamony
Mulligan, John L: Levaghery
Munro, James L: Knocknamuckly
Murphy, John L: Tamnaficarbet
Murphy, Mary L: Kilvergan
Murphy, Patrick L: Knocknamuckly
Murray, Andrew L: Kinnegoe
Murray, Henry L: Crossmacahilly
Murray, John L: Ballynamony
Murray, John L: Drumgor
Murray, John L: Drumnakelly
Murray, John L: Turmoyra
Murray, Sarah L: Kinnegoe
Murray, Thomas L: Turmoyra
Murtagh, Henry L: Ballynamony
Murtagh, James L: Aghacommon
Murtagh, James L: Ballynamony
Murtagh, John L: Ballynamony N: Big
Murtagh, John L: Ballynamony N: Wee
Neill, David L: Knock
Neill, Henry L: Ballydonaghy
Neill, James L: Aghacommon
Neill, John L: Hacknahay
Neill, Mary L: Kinnegoe
Neill, Mary L: Knock
Neill, Ruth L: Kinnegoe
Neill, William L: Kinnegoe
Neill, William L: Knock
Nelson, Hugh L: Silverwood
Nelson, James L: Hacknahay
Nesbitt, George L: Seagoe, Lower.
Nesbitt, John L: Lylo
Nesbitt, Margaret L: Moyraverty
Nesbitt, Robert L: Kernan
Nesbitt, Rep. Robert L: Lisnamintry
News, Edward L: Silverwood
News, James L: Silverwood
News, John L: Silverwood
Nichol, Patrick L: Ballynamony
Nicholas, John L: Knock
Nicholson, James L: Boconnell
Nicholson, John L: Annloist
Nicholson, John L: Silverwood
Nicholson, Robert L: Drumgask
Nicholson, Thomas L: Silverwood
Nixon, James L: Kilvergan
O'Brien, Joseph L: Knockramer
O'Hagan, John L: Drumnakelly
O'Hanlon, Jane L: Kinnegoe
O'Hara, Arthur L: Drumgor
O'Hara, Charles L: Ballynamony
O'Hara, Jacob L: Aghacommon
O'Hara, Patrick L: Drumgor
O'Hare, Elizabeth Anne L: Kilvergan
O'Neill, Arthur L: Kinnegoe
O'Neill, Arthur L: Knocknamuckly
O'Neill, Charles L: Aghacommon
O'Neill, James L: Derryvore
O'Neill, John L: Derryvore
Orr, John T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Orr, Joseph L: Edenderry
Overend, Elizabeth L: Ballyhannon
Overend, John L: Ballyhannon
Owens, Elizabeth L: Drumgask
Paiden, William L: Silverwood
Parks, Thomas L: Clanrolla
Partland, George L: Edenderry
Patten, Edward L: Knocknamuckly
Patten, Greenway, Jr. L: Knocknamuckly
Patten, Greenway, Sr. L: Knocknamuckly
Patten, Jno. L: Knocknamuckly N: Hacknahay
Patten, John L: Ballydonaghy
Patten, John L: Ballymacrandal
Patten, John L: Hacknahay
Patten, John L: Knocknamuckly
Patten, Lucy L: Knocknamuckly
Patten, Thomas L: Ballymacrandal
Patten, Thomas L: Knocknamuckly
Patton, Thomas L: Carn
Patton, William L: Lisnisky
Pentland, Edward T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Pentland, John L: Ballyhannon
Pentleton, Alexander L: Crossmacahilly
Pentleton, Alexander L: Moyraverty
Pentleton, Elizabeth Anne L: Seagoe, Lower.
Pentleton, John L: Crossmacahilly
Pentleton, Robert L: Lylo
Pentleton, Thomas L: Kernan
Phayre, William L: Balteagh
Phelps, Thomas L: Ballydonaghy
Phillips, Samuel L: Carn
Pickering, Alexander L: Kinnegoe
Pickering, James L: Kinnegoe
Porter, David L: Clanrolla
Porter, David L: Seagoe, Lower.
Porter, George L: Seagoe, Lower.
Porter, Henry L: Ballynacor
Porter, Henry L: Seagoe, Lower.
Porter, James L: Knocknamuckly
Porter, John L: Seagoe, Lower.
Porter, Margaret L: Ballynacor
Porter, Richard L: Seagoe, Lower.
Quail, James L: Levaghery
Quail, John L: Moyraverty
Quarry, George L: Edenderry
Quigley, William L: Silverwood
Quinn, Ellen L: Knock
Quinn, Francis L: Turmoyra
Raverty, Hugh L: Lylo
Ray, Fanny L: Tamnafiglassan
Rea, Joseph L: Balteagh
Reany, Anne L: Carn
Reavy, Hugh T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Reavy, John L: Tarsan
Reddy, Dynes L: Drumgask
Reddy, James L: Carn
Redmond, Arthur T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Redmond, Henry L: Killycomain
Redmond, Thomas T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Redpath, John L: Ballynaghy
Reed, Robert L: Kernan
Reid, Archibald L: Aghacommon
Reid, James L: Ballygargan
Reid, John L: Ballygargan N: Black
Reid, John L: Ballygargan N: Red
Reid, John L: Kilvergan
Reid, Robert L: Tarsan
Reid, Thomas L: Ballygargan
Reid, William L: Seagoe, Lower.
Reid, William L: Tarsan
Reid, William J. T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Reilly, Judith L: Tamnafiglassan
Reilly, Sarah L: Lylo
Reside, Isabella T: Portadown, Watson's-Lane
Reynolds, Alice T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
Rice, John T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Richardson, James L: Drumgask
Richardson, John G. L: Ballydonaghy
Robb, Hamilton T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Robb, Mary L: Tarsan
Robinson, Anne L: Seagoe, Lower.
Robinson, Anthony L: Ballynacor
Robinson, Dawson L: Tamnaficarbet
Robinson, Elizabeth L: Ballyhannon
Robinson, Elizabeth L: Breagh
Robinson, Ellen L: Seagoe, Lower.
Robinson, George L: Drumnacanvy
Robinson, Hugh L: Edenderry
Robinson, John L: Ballyhannon
Robinson, John L: Lisnamintry
Robinson, John L: Lylo
Robinson, John. A. T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Robinson, Margaret L: Lisnamintry
Robinson, Mary L: Balteagh
Robinson, Susannah L: Edenderry
Robinson, Thomas L: Tamnafiglassan
Robinson, Watson L: Lylo
Robinson, William L: Crossmacahilly
Robinson, William L: Lisnamintry
Robinson, William L: Lylo N: The Pound
Robinson, Wm. L: Lylo N: Lylo
Rock, Alexander L: Tarsan
Rock, Denis, Jr. L: Carn
Rock, Denis, Sr. L: Carn
Rock, Mary L: Edenderry
Rogers, Alexander L: Ballygargan
Rogers, George L: Ballyhannon
Rogers, James L: Ballygargan
Rogers, James L: Knocknamuckly
Rogers, John L: Ballygargan
Rogers, John L: Ballyhannon
Rogers, John L: Killycomain
Rogers, Matthew L: Clanrolla
Rogers, Thomas L: Ballygargan N: Jas.
Rogers, Thomas L: Ballygargan N: Tom
Rogers, Thomas L: Ballyhannon
Rogers, William L: Ballygargan
Rooney, Felix L: Drumnagoon
Rooney, Felix L: Tamnaficarbet
Rooney, Isabella L: Tamnaficarbet
Rooney, Jacob L: Levaghery
Rooney, James L: Tamnaficarbet
Rooney, John L: Turmoyra
Rooney, Mark L: Aghacommon
Rooney, Sarah T: Portadown
Rooney, Thomas L: Drumnagoon
Rowan, Mary Anne L: Turmoyra
Rowley, James L: Moyraverty
Ruddell, Anne T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Ruddell, David L: Ballynacor
Ruddell, David L: Tamnaficarbet
Ruddell, David, Jr. L: Ballynacor
Ruddell, Frederick L: Clanrolla
Ruddell, Frederick L: Tarsan
Ruddell, George L: Aghacommon
Ruddell, George L: Tamnafiglassan
Ruddell, George L: Tannaghmore, West.
Ruddell, Harrison L: Ballynacor
Ruddell, James T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
Ruddell, John L: Killycomain
Ruddell, Mary L: Carn
Ruddell, Samuel L: Drumnakelly
Ruddell, Samuel L: Turmoyra
Ruddell, Thomas L: Ballynamony
Ruddell, Thomas L: Knockmenagh
Ruddell, Thomas L: Knockramer
Ruddell, Thomas L: Lisnisky
Ruddell, William L: Carn
Ruddell, William L: Drumnagoon
Ruddell, William John L: Tamnafiglassan
Ruddle, David L: Tamnaficarbet
Ruddock, John L: Ballynaghy
Ruddy, Joseph L: Lisnisky
Rusk, Eleanor L: Crossmacahilly
Rusk, William L: Ballynacor
Russell, Alex L: Drumgor N: David
Russell, Alex L: Drumgor N: Robert
Russell, Alexander, Sr. L: Drumgor
Russell, David L: Drumgor
Russell, James L: Drumgor
Russell, John L: Clanrolla
Russell, John L: Drumgor
Russell, Thomas L: Drumgor
Russell, Thomas L: Edenderry
Russell, William L: Levaghery
Russell, William L: Tarsan
Sands, John L: Edenderry
Sargent, Alice L: Seagoe, Lower.
Sargent, Joseph L: Kernan
Sargent, Robert L: Kernan
Sargent, Susan L: Seagoe, Lower.
Saunders, Valentine T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Saunderson, John L: Levaghery
Saurin, James L: Seagoe, Lower. N: Ven.
Saurin, James L: Seagoe, Upper. N: Ven
Savage, John L: Tannaghmore, West.
Scott, James L: Drumgask
Scott, John L: Seagoe, Upper.
Scott, Robert L: Carn
Scullion, Jeremiah L: Kinnegoe
Scully, Charles L: Aghacommon
Shankes, James L: Ballynamony
Shanks, James L: Knockmenagh
Shanks, John L: Kernan
Sharman, Stuart T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
Shearman, George L: Ballygargan
Shearman, George L: Killycomain
Shearman, Thomas L: Hacknahay
Sheehy, Mary L: Moyraverty
Sheeky, Bernard L: Ballygargan
Sheeky, James L: Ballygargan
Sheeky, Loughlin L: Ballygargan
Sheeky, Patrick L: Ballygargan
Sheenan, James L: Silverwood
Sheils, Arthur L: Ballynamony
Sheils, Rep. Henry L: Ballynamony
Sheppard, Elliott L: Drumlisnagrilly
Sheppard, George L: Drumlisnagrilly
Sheppard, James L: Silverwood
Sheppard, John L: Seagoe, Lower.
Sheppard, Richard L: Drumlisnagrilly
Sheppard, Robert L: Drumlisnagrilly
Sherman, George, Jr. T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Sherman, George, Sr. T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Shillington, Thomas A. T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
Simonton, Charles L: Knockmenagh
Simpson, George L: Ballynacor
Simpson, Rachel L: Kernan
Slevin, James T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Sloan, John L: Drumgask
Sloan, John L: Moyraverty
Sloan, Joshua L: Moyraverty
Sloan, Mary Anne L: Drumnagoon
Sloan, Thomas L: Drumgask
Sloan, William L: Moyraverty
Smith, John L: Ballygargan
Smith, Mary L: Clanrolla
Smith, William L: Silverwood
Somerville, Adam L: Moyraverty
Somerville, Henry L: Ballyhannon
Somerville, Rebecca L: Knock
Somerville, Robert, Jr. L: Knock
Somerville, Robert, Sr. L: Knock
Somerville, Thomas L: Edenderry
Somerville, William T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Spence, John L: Drumnacanvy
Spence, John L: Hacknahay
Spence, John L: Knocknamuckly
Spence, Thomas L: Ballydonaghy
Spence, Thomas L: Hacknahay
Spence, Thomas L: Knocknamuckly
Spiddell, Lemmy L: Moyraverty
Spratt, John L: Lylo
Sprint, Isabella T: Portadown, Watson's-Lane
Steenson, James L: Edenderry
Steenson, John L: Edenderry
Stephenson, William L: Clanrolla
Stevenson, Henry L: Drumgor
Stevenson, James L: Drumgor
Stevenson, John L: Annloist
Stevenson, Thomas L: Drumnakelly
Stevenson, William L: Drumgor
Stewart, Elizabeth Anne L: Aghacommon
Stewart, Henry T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
Stewart, John L: Drumnagoon
Stoops, Robert L: Seagoe, Upper.
Story, Jane L: Tannaghmore, West.
Sturgeon, John L: Ballyhannon
Sturgeon, John L: Breagh
Sturgeon, William L: Ballyhannon
Summerland, Thomas L: Edenderry
Surplis, Anne L: Annaloist
Surplis, Edward L: Annloist
Surplis, Elizabeth L: Annloist
Surplis, James L: Annloist
Surplis, James, Jr. L: Annloist
Surplis, James, Sr. L: Annloist
Surplis, Sarah L: Annloist
Surplis, Thomas L: Annloist
Sweeny, John L: Derryvore
Sweeny, John L: Seagoe, Lower.
Sweeny, Richard L: Seagoe, Lower.
Sweeny, Thomas L: Levaghery
Sweeny, William L: Seagoe, Lower.
Sye, William L: Turmoyra
Taggart, John L: Edenderry
Tapley, Thomas L: Balteagh
Tate, John L: Aghacommon
Tate, Samuel L: Aghacommon
Tate, William L: Clanrolla
Taylor, Sarah L: Tamnaficarbet
Thomond, James L: Drumnagoon
Thompson, Hannah L: Knockramer
Thompson, John T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
Thompson, Joshua L: Knock
Thompson, Richard L: Drumgor
Thompson, Robert L: Ballydonaghy
Thompson, William L: Bocombra
Thompson, William L: Breagh
Thompson, William L: Seagoe, Upper.
Thornton, Joseph L: Edenderry
Tiffony, James L: Ballynacor
Tilworth, Richard L: Drumnagoon
Tippen, James L: Crossmacahilly
Tippen, Matthew L: Crossmacahilly
Toner, Henry L: Kinnegoe N: Draper
Toner, Henry, Jr. L: Kinnegoe
Toner, Mary L: Kinnegoe
Toner, Mary L: Kinnegoe N: William
Trench, James L: Ballyhannon
Trodden, Maurice L: Derryvore
Tuft, William L: Drumnagoon
Turbell, Stewart L: Tarsan
Turk, Sarah L: Ballynacor N: Peacefield
Turkington, Edward L: Drumgask
Turkington, Edward L: Turmoyra
Turkington, Geo., Jr. L: Turmoyra
Turkington, George L: Turmoyra
Turkington, George, Sr. L: Turmoyra
Turkington, James L: Turmoyra
Turkington, John L: Levaghery
Turkington, John L: Turmoyra
Turtle, James L: Drumnakelly
Twibill, Joseph L: Tamnaficarbet
Twybles, Stewart L: Tarsan
Twynam, Charles L: Balteagh
Twynam, Charles L: Derryvore
Twynam, Ellen L: Lylo
Twynam, Ellen L: Tarsan
Twynam, James L: Ballyhannon
Twynam, Leonard L: Ballyhannon
Twynam, Mary Anne L: Moyraverty
Twynam, Robert L: Crossmacahilly
Twynam, Robert L: Kernan
Twynam, Thomas L: Moyraverty
Twynam, William L: Knockmenagh
Twynam, William L: Knockmenagh N: Lylo
Twynam, William L: Lylo
Twynam, William L: Moyraverty
Twynham, Emily L: Moyraverty
Uprichard, James L: Drumgask
Vannert, John L: Ballynacor
Vaughan, Anne L: Ballygargan
Vaughan, Elizabeth L: Lylo
Vaughan, George L: Ballydonaghy
Vaughan, George L: Killycomain
Vaughan, James L: Ballygargan
Vaughan, Jane L: Hacknahay
Vaughan, Joseph L: Hacknahay
Vaughan, William L: Killycomain
Veitch, Robert L: Breagh
Wait, William L: Ballynamony
Wakefield, Thomas L: Ballynaghy
Wakefield, Thomas L: Drumnacanvy
Walker, L: Killycomain
Walker, Abraham L: Levaghery
Walker, Isaac L: Seagoe, Upper.
Walker, Isaac T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Walker, John L: Kernan
Walker, John L: Kernan N: Clerk
Walker, John L: Seagoe, Lower.
Walker, John L: Seagoe, Upper. N: Clerk
Walker, Joseph L: Kernan
Walker, Maria L: Edenderry
Walker, Maria L: Levaghery
Walker, Moses, Sr. L: Kernan
Walker, Robert L: Kernan
Walker, Stewart L: Kernan
Walker, Thomas T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Walker, Wetheral T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Wallace, Mary L: Moyraverty
Wallace, Thomas L: Moyraverty
Wallace, William L: Drumgor
Wallace, William L: Moyraverty
Walsh, Arthur L: Aghacommon
Walsh, Eliza L: Kernan
Walsh, James L: Aghacommon
Walsh, Richard L: Aghacommon
Walsh, William L: Aghacommon
Waterson, John T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Waterson, William J. T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Watson, T: Portadown Bridge-Steet. N: Armstrong and Co
Watson, T: Portadown, Watson's-Street N: and Co, Watson and Armstrong
Watson, T: Portadown, Watson's-Street. N: and Co, Watson and Armstrong
Watson, James L: Knocknamuckly
Watson, John L: Killycomain
Watson, Joseph L: Ballyhannon
Watson, Richard L: Knocknamuckly
Watson, Thomas L: Killycomain
Watson, William L: Bocombra
Watson, William L: Killycomain
Watson, William L: Knocknamuckly
Webb, David L: Clanrolla
Webb, Edward L: Clanrolla
Webb, Edward L: Lylo
Webb, Henry L: Drumgor
Webb, James L: Clanrolla
Webb, James L: Drumgor
Webb, James L: Lylo
Webb, John L: Clanrolla
Webb, Joseph L: Drumgor
Webb, Joseph L: Knockramer
Webb, Mary L: Lylo
Webb, Richard L: Clanrolla
Webb, Watson L: Lylo
Webb, William L: Lylo
Weir, Anne L: Killycomain
Weir, James L: Breagh
Weir, James L: Knocknamuckly
Weir, John L: Ballynaghy
Weir, John, Jr. L: Knocknamuckly
Weir, John, Sr. L: Knocknamuckly
Weir, Joseph L: Breagh
Weir, Noble L: Knocknamuckly
Weir, Robert L: Knocknamuckly
Weir, Samuel L: Killycomain
Weir, William L: Ballymacrandal
Wells, Robert L: Turmoyra
Whaley, Jane L: Derryvore
Whaley, Jonathan L: Breagh
Whisker, Hamilton L: Edenderry
White, David L: Kernan
White, James L: Killycomain
White, Jane L: Balteagh
White, Robert L: Bocombra
White, Robert L: Killycomain
White, William L: Moyraverty
White, William T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Whiteside, John L: Lisnamintry
Whitton, Eliza T: Portadown, Watson's-Street.
Whitton, Robert L: Levaghery
Wier, Joseph L: Edenderry
Wilkinson, John L: Drumnakelly
Williams, Robert L: Breagh
Williams, Thomas L: Silverwood
Williamson, George L: Kilvergan
Williamson, George L: Tannaghmore, West.
Williamson, James L: Kilvergan
Williamson, James L: Tannaghmore, West.
Williamson, John L: Drumnagoon
Wilson, Alexander L: Seagoe, Upper.
Wilson, Anne L: Moyraverty
Wilson, George L: Drumgor
Wilson, James L: Ballymacrandal
Wilson, James L: Breagh
Wilson, James L: Lisnisky
Wilson, John L: Balteagh
Wilson, John L: Killycomain
Wilson, John L: Moyraverty
Wilson, John T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Wilson, Joseph L: Lisnisky
Wilson, Leonard L: Lisnisky
Wilson, Mary L: Lisnisky
Wilson, Mary L: Moyraverty
Wilson, Mary T: Portadown, Bright-Street.
Wilson, Matthew L: Clanrolla
Wilson, Meredyth L: Kernan
Wilson, Robert L: Kernan
Wilson, Robert L: Seagoe, Upper.
Wilson, Thomas L: Ballymacrandal
Wilson, Thomas L: Seagoe, Upper.
Wilson, Thomas T: Portadown, Carrickblacker-Rd
Wilson, William L: Moyraverty
Wilson, William L: Turmoyra
Winchester, James L: Knocknamuckly
Windsor, Conway L: Ballynamony
Wolsey, Jno L: Seagoe, Upper. N: Carpenter
Woodhouse, James T: Portadown Bridge-Steet.
Woods, Peter L: Breagh
Woods, William John L: Drumnacanvy
Woolsey, John T: Portadown, Foundry-Street
Wright, George L: Kernan
Wright, James L: Edenderry
Wright, John L: Ballyhannon
Wright, John L: Knock
Wright, Mary L: Tamnaficarbet
Wright, Robert L: Ballyhannon
Young, James L: Killycomain

Click for map of civil parishes in county Armagh

Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan