Griffiths Valuation: Montiaghs Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Montiaghs Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Montiaghs parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Montiaghs Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Montiaghs Parish, Co. Armagh

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All Griffiths Valuation records in this page have been published in alphabetical order. Search tip for most web browsers: press Ctrl and F and enter surname or search term. If you are researching particular townlands or areas of this parish, then we suggest that you also use the Ctrl F option in your web browser.

You should also check the records of Montiaghs parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Abraham, Alexander L: Derryadd
Abraham, Edward L: Derryadd
Abraham, George L: Derryadd
Abraham, John L: Derryadd
Abraham, Michael L: Derryadd
Abraham, Michael L: Derryinver
Abraham, Michael L: Derrymacash
Abraham, Rob. L: Derryadd N: Grocer
Abraham, Robert L: Derryadd N: The Lough
Abraham, Robert L: Derryinver
Abraham, Robert L: Derryloste
Abraham, Robert L: Derrymacash
Abraham, Robert L: Derrymacash N: Grocer
Abraham, Robt. L: Derryadd N: Grocer
Abraham, William L: Derrymacash
Adamson, Ellen L: Derryinver
Adamson, William John L: Derryinver
Addey, Edward L: Derryinver
Addey, Edward L: Derryloste
Addey, Samuel L: Derryinver
Addey, Sarah L: Derryinver
Anderson, David L: Derrytrasna
Archer, Edward L: Derrytagh, North
Armstrong, John L: Derryadd
Armstrong, Robert L: Derryinver
Atkinson, Edward L: Derryinver
Atkinson, Hugh L: Derryinver
Atkinson, Robert L: Ardmore
Austin, Arthur L: Derryinver
Austin, James L: Derryinver
Austin, John L: Derryinver
Barnett, John L: Derryadd
Bennett, Thomas L: Derrymacash
Best, Richard L: Derryadd
Blair, Francis L: Ballynery
Blair, Mary L: Ballynery
Blayney, Patrick L: Derrymacash
Bogue, Michael L: Derrycor
Boyce, David L: Derryloste
Boyle, Peter L: Derrytagh, South.
Breen, Bernard L: Derryloste
Breen, Daniel L: Derryloste
Breen, Edward L: Derryloste
Breen, John L: Derryloste
Breen, Michael L: Derrytagh, North
Breen, Thomas L: Derryloste
Browne, Robert L: Ballynery
Bunton, Thomas L: Ardmore
Burns, Charles L: Derrytagh, South.
Burns, Edward L: Ballynery
Burns, John L: Derrytagh, North
Burns, Patrick L: Derrycor
Burns, Patrick L: Derrytagh, North
Burns, Sarah L: Derrytagh, North
Cabry, William L: Derrycor
Cairns, Daniel L: Ballynery
Cairns, George L: Derrytagh, South.
Cairns, James L: Ballynery
Cairns, John L: Ballynery
Cairns, Margaret L: Derrytagh, South.
Cairns, Matthew L: Derryadd
Cairns, Patrick L: Ballynery
Cairns, William L: Ballynery
Cairns, William L: Derrytagh, South.
Cairns, William L: Derrytrasna
Campbell, Hugh L: Derrycor
Campbell, John L: Ballynery
Campbell, Robert L: Derrytagh, North
Carey, Hugh L: Derrytagh, North
Carey, James L: Derrytagh, North
Carroll, Daniel L: Ballynery
Carroll, James L: Derrytagh, South.
Carvill, John L: Ballynery
Carvill, Patrick, Jr. L: Ballynery
Carvill, Patrick, Sr. L: Ballynery
Carvill, Robert L: Ballynery
Castles, Dawson L: Derryadd
Castles, Edward L: Derrytagh, North
Castles, James L: Derrytagh, North
Castles, John L: Derryadd
Castles, Margaret L: Derryadd
Castles, Richard L: Derryadd
Castles, William L: Ballynery
Castles, William L: Derryadd
Castles, William L: Derrymacash
Caulfield, John L: Derrytrasna
Clarke, Abraham L: Derrytagh, North
Cochrane, John L: Derrytagh, North
Connolly, James L: Derrytagh, North
Connolly, Patrick L: Derryadd
Conway, John L: Derryloste
Conway, John L: Derrytagh, North
Cordner, Christopher L: Derryinver
Cordner, Christopher L: Derryinver N: Long
Cordner, Christopher L: Derryinver N: Wee
Cordner, Christopher, Jr. L: Derryinver
Cordner, Edward L: Derryinver
Cordner, Jane L: Derryloste
Cordner, Jane L: Derrytrasna
Cordner, Mary L: Derryloste
Cordner, Stephen L: Derryloste
Cordner, Stevenson L: Derryinver
Cordner, Uzziah L: Derryinver
Cordner, William L: Derryloste
Cordner, William John L: Derryloste
Corr, Henry L: Derrymacash
Corr, Hugh L: Derrytagh, North
Corville, Daniel L: Ballynery
Cosgrave, Michael L: Derrytagh, South.
Coulter, Calvert L: Derrymacash
Crawford, John L: Derrytrasna
Creany, Hugh L: Derrytagh, North
Crilly, John L: Derrytagh, South.
Crimmins, Denis L: Derrymacash
Crosby, John L: Derryadd
Crossy, John L: Derryadd
Cull, Thomas L: Derryadd
Devlin, Felix L: Derryadd
Devlin, Felix L: Derrytagh, North
Devlin, Francis L: Derryadd
Devlin, Mary L: Ballynery
Dilworth, William L: Derrytagh, South.
Dolan, Mary L: Derryadd
Donaghy, James L: Ballynery
Donnelly, Alexander L: Derrytagh, North
Donnelly, Arthur L: Derryadd
Donnelly, Edward L: Derryinver
Donnelly, Edward L: Derrytagh, North
Donnelly, John L: Ardmore
Donnelly, John L: Derryloste
Donnelly, Peter L: Derrytrasna
Donnelly, Thomas L: Derrytrasna
Doogan, Alexander L: Ardmore
Doogan, Bartholomew L: Ardmore
Doogan, Mary Anne L: Ardmore
Doon, Daniel L: Derrymacash
Doon, Edward L: Derrymacash
Doon, James L: Derrymacash
Dowd, Patrick L: Derrytagh, South.
Dowds, Charles L: Derryadd
Doyle, Ellen L: Derrytagh, North
Doyle, Ellen L: Derrytrasna
Doyle, Hugh L: Derrytagh, North
Drew, Thomas L: Derrytrasna
Duffy, James L: Derryinver
Dynes, Acheson L: Derrytagh, South.
Dynes, Alexander, Jr. L: Derryadd
Dynes, Alexander, Sr. L: Derryadd
Dynes, Arthur L: Derryadd
Dynes, Henry L: Ballynery
Dynes, Henry L: Derryadd
Dynes, James L: Ballynery
Dynes, John L: Ballynery
Dynes, John L: Derryinver
Dynes, Ralph L: Ballynery
Dynes, Ralph L: Derrymacash
Dynes, Richard L: Ballynery
Dynes, William L: Ballynery
Emmerson, Francis L: Ardmore
Emmerson, Robert L: Ardmore
Evans Lewis, Rev. John L: Derryadd
Falloon, John L: Derrytrasna
Farrell, Henry L: Ballynery
Farrell, John, Jr. L: Ballynery
Farrell, John, Sr. L: Ballynery
Farrell, Patrick L: Ballynery
Fforde, Francis L: Derrymacash
Fitzsimons, Samuel L: Ballynery
Forde, Francis F. L: Derryadd
Fox, John L: Ballynery
Fox, Samuel L: Derrytrasna
Gallagher, James L: Derrytagh, North
Gallagher, James L: Derrytrasna
Gallagher, Patrick L: Derrytagh, North
Galloway, William L: Ballynery
Garvan, Andrew L: Ballynery
Gibson, Joseph L: Derryinver
Gibson, Robert L: Derryinver
Gibson, Thomas L: Ardmore
Gibson, Thomas L: Derrytagh, North
Gilkinson, William, Jr. L: Derrytagh, North
Gilkinson, William, Sr. L: Derrytagh, North
Girvan, Francis L: Derryadd
Goodfellow, Michael L: Derryadd
Green, Margaret L: Ardmore
Green, William L: Ardmore
Greer, James L: Derrytrasna
Gribbin, William John L: Derryadd
Guy, William L: Ballynery
Haddock, John L: Derryadd
Hagan, Ann L: Derrytrasna
Hagan, Catherine L: Derrytagh, North
Hagan, Catherine L: Derrytagh, South.
Hagan, Edward L: Derrytrasna
Hagan, Henry L: Derrycor
Hagan, Henry L: Derrytagh, North
Hagan, James L: Derrytagh, North
Hagan, James L: Derrytagh, South.
Hagan, John L: Derrytrasna
Hagan, Joseph L: Derrytagh, North
Hagan, Rose L: Derrytagh, North
Haghey, Arthur L: Derrytagh, North
Hamill, Anne L: Derryinver
Hamill, Arthur L: Derrycor
Hamill, Bernard L: Derryinver
Hamill, Catherine L: Derryinver
Hamill, James L: Derrytagh, North
Hamill, Michael L: Derrytagh, North
Hamill, William L: Derrycor
Hamill, William L: Derryinver
Harcourt, James L: Ardmore
Haughey, James L: Derryadd
Hazlett, John L: Derrytagh, North
Heany, Bernard L: Derrytagh, South.
Hendron, Anne L: Derrytagh, South.
Hendron, Daniel L: Derrytagh, South.
Hendron, John L: Derrytagh, South.
Hendron, John, Jr. L: Derrytagh, South.
Hendron, John, Sr. L: Derrytagh, South.
Hendron, Nicholas L: Derrytagh, South.
Hendron, Oliver L: Derrytagh, South.
Hendron, Patrick L: Derrycor
Hennon, Arthur L: Derrymacash
Hennon, Elizabeth L: Derrymacash
Hennon, Felix L: Derryadd
Hennon, Henry L: Derrymacash
Hennon, James L: Ballynery
Hennon, James L: Derrymacash
Hennon, John L: Ballynery
Heron, William L: Derryinver
Hewitt, Jane L: Derryinver
Hewitt, John L: Derryinver
Hewitt, Samuel L: Derrymacash
Holland, David L: Derryadd
Humphreys, Alex L: Derryinver
Humphreys, Alexander L: Derryinver
Humphreys, Alexander L: Derrytagh, North
Humphreys, Anne L: Derrymacash
Humphreys, Hannah L: Derryadd
Humphreys, Hannah L: Derrymacash
Humphreys, James L: Derrymacash
Humphreys, John L: Derryadd
Humphreys, John L: Derryinver
Humphreys, Margaret L: Derryadd
Humphreys, Margery L: Derrymacash
Humphreys, Mary L: Derryadd
Humphreys, Robert L: Derryadd
Humphreys, Robert L: Derrytagh, North
Humphreys, Samuel L: Derryadd
Humphreys, Thomas L: Derrytagh, North
Humphreys, Thomas L: Derrytrasna
Humphreys, Thos., Jr. L: Derryadd
Humphreys, Thos., Sr. L: Derryadd
Humphrieys, Margaret L: Derryadd
Hutchison, Rep. David L: Derryinver
Iiduff, Michael L: Derryadd
Irwin, John L: Ballynery
Johnson, Thomas L: Ballynery
Johnston, William John L: Ballynery N: and Others
Jones, James L: Ballynery
Jones, John L: Derrymacash
Kane, John L: Ballynery
Kane, William L: Derryadd
Keenan, Charles L: Derrytrasna
Kelly, Catherine L: Derryloste
Kelly, John L: Ballynery
Kelly, Patrick L: Derrytagh, South.
Kelly, Thomas L: Derrytagh, North
Kelly, Thomas L: Derrytrasna
Kelly, William L: Derryloste
Kerr, Christopher L: Derrytagh, South.
Kilpatrick, James L: Derrytagh, North
Kittle, Hugh L: Ballynery
Kittle, John L: Ballynery
Kittle, Richard L: Ballynery
Kittle, William L: Ballynery
Kittle, William, Jr. L: Ballynery
Kittle, William, Sr. L: Ballynery
Kittles, David L: Derrytrasna
Laverty, Jane L: Derryadd
Laverty, Rose L: Derryadd
Lavery, Henry L: Derrymacash
Lavery, John L: Derrytagh, North
Leney, William L: Derryadd
Leney, Willian L: Derryadd
Lennon, Alexander L: Derrytagh, North
Lennon, Felix L: Derrycor
Lennon, James L: Derryinver N: Big
Lennon, James L: Derryinver N: Wee
Lennon, John L: Derryadd
Lennon, John, Jr. L: Derrycor
Lennon, John, Sr. L: Derrycor
Lennon, Margaret L: Derrytagh, North
Lennon, Stewart L: Derrycor
Lewis, James L: Ardmore
Lewis, Rev. John E. L: Derryadd
Lindsay, James L: Derryinver
Little, Thomas L: Ardmore
Lurgan, Lord L: Ardmore
Lurgan, Lord L: Ballynery
Lurgan, Lord L: Derryadd
Lurgan, Lord L: Derryinver
Lurgan, Lord L: Derryloste
Lurgan, Lord L: Derrymacash
Lurgan, Lord L: Derrytagh, North
Lurgan, Lord L: Derrytagh, South.
Lurgan, Lord L: Derrytrasna
Lynch, Edward L: Derrytagh, North
Macauley, Samuel L: Derryadd
Madden, Thomas L: Derryadd
Maguire, James L: Derryloste
Maguire, John L: Derryinver
Mallan, Elizabeth L: Derryloste
Mallen, John L: Ardmore
Mallon, Bernard L: Derryadd
Mallon, Henry L: Derryloste
Martin, Cornelius L: Derrymacash
Masser, Michael L: Derrytrasna
Matchet, James L: Derryadd
Matchet, Richard L: Derryadd
Mathers, Henry L: Derrytagh, South.
Mathers, Henry L: Derrytrasna
Mathers, Hugh L: Derrytrasna
Mathers, John L: Derrytrasna
McAleece, Daniel L: Ardmore
McAlindon, Abel L: Derrymacash
McAlindon, Felix L: Ballynery
McAlindon, Hugh L: Derrymacash
McAnenny, John L: Derrytagh, South.
McArdle, John L: Ballynery
McBride, Thomas L: Ballynery
McCaghley, Daniel L: Ballynery
McCaghley, Daniel L: Derrycor
McCaghley, Edward L: Derrytagh, North
McCaghley, Eliza L: Ballynery
McCaghley, Hugh L: Derrytagh, North
McCaghley, John L: Ballynery
McCaghley, John L: Derrytagh, North N: Pensioner
McCaghley, John L: Derrytagh, North N: Yellow
McCaghley, John, Sr. L: Derrytagh, North
McCaghley, Mary L: Ballynery
McCaghley, Peter L: Ballynery
McCann, Arthur L: Derrycor
McCann, Edward L: Derrytrasna
McCann, Henry L: Ballynery
McCann, Hugh L: Derrycor
McCann, James L: Derrycor
McCann, James L: Derryinver
McCann, John L: Derryinver
McCann, John L: Derrytrasna
McCann, Matthew L: Derrymacash
McCann, Richard L: Derrytagh, South.
McCann, Thomas L: Derryinver
McClelland, William L: Derryinver
McClusky, Edward L: Ballynery
McClusky, John L: Ballynery
McCoddan, John L: Derrymacash
McComb, Martha L: Derryadd
McComb, Richard L: Derryadd
McConnell, Bernard L: Derryinver
McConnell, Owen L: Derrytagh, North
McConnell, William L: Ballynery
McConvill, Francis L: Ballynery
McConvill, Hugh L: Ballynery
McConvill, James L: Derryloste
McConvill, Meredith L: Derryinver
McConvill, William L: Ballynery
McConville, John L: Derrytrasna
McCorry, Charles L: Derryinver
McCorry, Mary L: Derryinver
McDonnell, Anne L: Derrymacash
McDonnell, David L: Derrytagh, North
McDonnell, Eneas L: Derrytrasna
McDonnell, Henry L: Derrytrasna
McDonnell, James L: Derrytrasna
McDonnell, James, Jr. L: Derrytrasna
McDonnell, Jas. L: Derrytrasna N: Eneas
McDonnell, Patrick L: Derrytrasna
McDonnell, Susannah L: Derrytagh, South.
McDonnell, William L: Derryinver
McDonnell, William L: Derrytrasna
McDowell, Hugh L: Derrytagh, North
McDowell, James L: Derrytagh, North
McDowell, John L: Derrytagh, North
McDowell, John L: Derrytrasna
McDowell, Moses L: Derrytagh, North
McDowell, Thomas L: Derrymacash
McFadden, Anne L: Ballynery
McGarland, Peter L: Derrytagh, North
McGeown, Arthur L: Derrycor
McGeown, Arthur L: Derrytagh, North
McGeown, Bernard L: Derrytrasna
McGeown, Felix L: Derrycor
McGeown, Francis L: Derryinver
McGeown, George L: Derrytagh, South.
McGeown, Grace L: Derrytrasna
McGeown, Hannah L: Derrycor
McGeown, Hugh L: Derryadd
McGeown, Hugh L: Derrytagh, South.
McGeown, John L: Ballynery
McGeown, John L: Derryadd
McGeown, John L: Derrycor
McGeown, John L: Derrymacash
McGeown, John L: Derrytagh, South.
McGeown, Nathaniel L: Ballynery
McGeown, Patk., Jr. L: Derrycor
McGeown, Patk., Sr. L: Derrycor
McGeown, Patrick L: Ballynery
McGeown, Patrick L: Derryadd
McGeown, Patrick L: Derryloste
McGeown, Patrick L: Derrytrasna
McGeown, Peter L: Derryadd
McGeown, Rose L: Derryadd
McGeown, Rose L: Derrytagh, South.
McGeown, Sarah L: Derrycor
McGeown, Sarah L: Derryloste
McGeown, William L: Derryloste
McGurr, John L: Derryloste
McGurran, Henry L: Derryadd
McGurran, Henry L: Derrymacash
McGurran, James L: Derryadd
McGurran, James L: Derrytagh, North
McGurran, John L: Ardmore
McGurran, John L: Derrytagh North
McGurran, John L: Derrytagh, North
McIlduff, Bernard L: Derryadd
McIlduff, James L: Derrymacash
McIlduff, John L: Derrymacash
McIlduff, Mary L: Ballynery
McIlduff, Michael L: Derryadd
McIlduff, William L: Derrytagh, South.
McKeavney, Mark L: Derryinver
McKee, Patrick L: Derrytagh, North
McKenny, Alexander L: Derryinver
McKenny, George L: Derryinver
McKenny, John L: Derryinver
McKenny, Mary L: Derryinver
McKenny, Michael L: Derryinver
McKenny, Robert L: Derryinver
McKenny, Stewart L: Derryinver
McKenny, William L: Derryinver
McKeown, Hugh L: Ballynery
McKeown, James L: Derrytagh, North
McKeown, John L: Derryinver
McKeown, John L: Derrytagh, North
McLinden, Anne L: Derrytagh, North
McLinden, Arthur L: Derrycor
McLinden, Edward L: Derrytagh, North
McLinden, Henry L: Derrytrasna
McLinden, Hugh L: Derrytagh, North
McLinden, Isabella L: Derrytagh, North
McLinden, Patrick L: Derrytrasna
McLinden, William John L: Derrytrasna
McLindon, Patrick L: Derrytagh, North
McMahan, Hugh L: Derrycor
McMahon, Charles L: Derrytrasna
McMahon, Edward L: Derrytrasna
McMahon, Elizabeth L: Derrytagh, North
McMahon, Ellen L: Derrytrasna
McMahon, James L: Derrytagh, North
McMahon, James L: Derrytagh, South.
McMahon, Margaret L: Derrytagh, South.
McMahon, Margaret L: Derrytrasna
McMahon, Mark L: Derrycor
McMahon, Redmond L: Derrytrasna
McMahon, William L: Derrytagh, North
McMahon, William L: Derrytagh, South.
McManus, Alexander L: Derrytrasna
McMurtagh, James L: Derrymacash
McNeece, Hugh L: Ballynery
McNeece, Joseph L: Derrytagh, North
McNeill, William L: Derrytagh, North
McRory, John L: Ballynery
McShane, Daniel L: Derrytagh, North
McShane, Isabella L: Derryadd
McShane, John L: Ballynery
McShane, John L: Derrytagh, South.
McSherry, Edward L: Ardmore
McSherry, James L: Ardmore
McStravick, Catherine L: Derrytagh, South.
McStravick, Ellen L: Ballynery
McStravick, Ellen L: Derrytagh, South.
McStravick, Henry L: Derrytagh, South.
McStravick, Hugh L: Derrytrasna
McStravick, James L: Derrytagh, South.
McStravick, Jno L: Derrytagh, South. N: Jno
McStravick, John L: Ballynery
McStravick, John L: Derrytagh, South.
McStravick, John L: Derrytagh, South. N: Dynes
McStravick, Mortimer L: Derrytagh, South.
McStravick, Neal L: Derryadd
McStravick, Patrick L: Derrytagh, South.
McStravick, Patrick, Jr. L: Derrytagh, South.
McStravick, Peter L: Derrytrasna
McVeagh, Patrick L: Derrytagh, South.
Metcalf, James L: Derryinver
Metcalf, John L: Derryinver
Metcalf, John L: Derrytrasna
Metcalf, Margaret L: Derryinver
Metcalf, Richard L: Derryinver
Metcalf, Thomas L: Derryinver
Metcalf, William L: Derryinver
M'Kerr, John L: Derrytagh, South.
Monahan, Alexander L: Ardmore
Moore, Henry L: Derryadd
Moore, Sarah L: Ardmore
Morgan, Rev. Laur. L. L: Derrytrasna
Mulholland, John L: Ardmore
Mullen, James L: Derrycor
Mullen, Patrick L: Derrycor
Murphy, Alexander, Jr. L: Derryadd
Murphy, Alexander, Sr. L: Derryadd
Murphy, Christopher L: Derryadd
Murphy, Edward L: Derryadd
Murphy, John L: Derrytagh, South.
Murphy, Richard L: Derryinver
Murphy, Richard, Jr. L: Derryadd
Murphy, Richard, Sr. L: Derryadd
Murphy, Robert L: Ardmore
Murphy, Robert L: Derryadd
Murphy, Robert L: Derryinver
Murphy, Saunders L: Derryinver
Murphy, William Alex L: Derryinver
Murray, David L: Ballynery
Murray, David L: Derrytrasna
Murray, Edward L: Derrytrasna
Murray, John L: Derryloste
Murray, Mary L: Derryloste
Murray, Peter L: Derryloste
Murray, William L: Derryloste
Murray, William John L: Ballynery
Neeson, Bernard L: Ballynery
Neeson, John L: Ballynery
Neill, Charles L: Derrytagh, South.
Neill, Felix L: Derrycor
Nowlan, William L: Derrytagh, North
Ogle, James L: Ardmore
O'Neill, Catherine L: Derrytagh, North
O'Neill, Hugh L: Ballynery
O'Neill, James L: Derryadd
O'Neill, James L: Derrytagh, North
O'Neill, John L: Ballynery
O'Neill, John L: Derrytagh, North
O'Neill, John L: Derrytrasna
O'Neill, Margaret L: Ballynery
O'Neill, Patrick L: Derryadd
O'Neill, William L: Derrytagh, North
Parkes, David L: Ardmore
Parkes, David, Jr. L: Derrytagh, North
Parkes, David, Sr. L: Derrytagh North
Parkes, David, Sr. L: Derrytagh, North
Pearson, Jacob L: Derryinver
Phillips, Samuel L: Derryloste
Phillips, Thomas L: Derryloste
Pickering, James L: Derryadd
Pickering, Richard L: Ardmore
Poland, Owen L: Ardmore
Poland, Owen L: Derryadd
Quin, James L: Derrymacash
Quin, John L: Derryinver
Quin, John L: Derrytagh, North
Quin, Patrick L: Derryadd
Quinn, James L: Derrytagh, North
Quinn, John L: Derryadd
Quinn, Joseph L: Derrytagh, North
Rafferty, Jane L: Ballynery
Read, Bernard L: Derrytrasna
Read, James L: Derryloste
Read, James L: Derrytrasna
Read, William L: Derrytrasna N: Billy
Read, William, Jr. L: Derrytrasna
Rennick, Thomas L: Derrytagh, North
Richardson, Abraham L: Derryinver
Richardson, George L: Derryinver
Richardson, John L: Derryinver
Richardson, Margery L: Derryinver
Richardson, Mary L: Derryinver
Richardson, Michael L: Derryinver
Richardson, Richard L: Derryinver
Richardson, Robert L: Derryinver
Robb, Mary L: Ballynery
Robinson, George L: Ardmore
Ruddell, Mary L: Derryadd
Ruddell, Sam L: Derryadd N: and Others
Ruddell, Samuel L: Derryadd
Russell, Robert L: Derrymacash
Russell, William L: Derryadd
Sargent, Jane L: Derryinver
Sargent, John L: Derryinver
Scullion, Anne L: Derryadd
Scullion, Bernard L: Ballynery
Scullion, Catherine L: Derryadd
Scullion, Catherine L: Derrymacash
Scullion, James L: Derryadd
Scullion, James L: Derrytagh, North
Scullion, John L: Derryadd
Sharkey, James L: Derrytrasna
Simington, Alexander L: Derryinver
Skelton, Henry L: Derrytagh, North
Small, John L: Derrytagh, North
Small, Patrick L: Derrytagh, North
Smith, John L: Derrycor
Steenson, Anne L: Ardmore
Steenson, Christopher L: Ardmore
Steenson, Edward L: Ardmore
Steenson, James L: Ardmore
Steenson, John L: Ardmore
Stephenson, Christr. L: Ballynery
Stevenson, Christopher L: Derryadd
Stevenson, Edward L: Derrytrasna
Stevenson, John L: Derryloste
Stevenson, John L: Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Joseph L: Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Richard L: Derryinver
Stevenson, Richard L: Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Thomas L: Derrytrasna
Stevenson, William L: Derrytrasna
Stevenson, William, Jr. L: Derrytrasna
Stewart, Denis, Jr. L: Derrymacash
Stewart, Denis, Sr. L: Derrymacash
Taggart, Mary L: Derryloste
Tate, Hannah L: Derryadd
Tate, James L: Ardmore
Tate, Samuel L: Derrymacash
Tate, William L: Derrymacash
Thompson, Bernard L: Ballynery
Thompson, John L: Ardmore
Thompson, John L: Derrytagh, North
Thompson, Levingston L: Derrycor
Thompson, Thomas L: Derrymacash
Thompson, William L: Derrymacash
Thompson, Willioam L: Derrymacash
Tierney, John L: Derrycor
Tighe, Bernard L: Derrytagh, South.
Tighe, Bernard L: Derrytrasna
Tighe, Charles L: Derrytagh, South.
Tighe, Thomas L: Derrytagh, South.
Toner, James L: Ballynery
Traynor, Hugh L: Derrytagh, North
Turkington, David L: Derryinver
Turkington, David L: Derryloste
Turkington, David L: Derrytrasna
Turkington, David, Sr. L: Derryloste
Turkington, Edward L: Derrytagh, North
Turkington, Fanny L: Derryinver
Turkington, Fanny L: Derryloste
Turkington, James L: Derryinver
Turkington, James L: Derryloste
Turkington, John L: Derryinver
Turkington, John L: Derryloste
Turkington, John L: Derrytrasna
Turkington, Joseph L: Derryadd
Turkington, Joseph L: Derryloste
Turkington, Margaret L: Derryinver
Turkington, Martha L: Derrytrasna
Turkington, Nathaniel L: Derryloste
Turkington, Oliver L: Derryloste
Turkington, Robert, Jr. L: Derryinver
Turkington, Robert, Sr. L: Derryinver
Turkington, Samuel, Jr. L: Derryloste
Turkington, Samuel, Sr. L: Derryloste
Turkington, Sarah L: Derryinver
Turkington, Stevenson L: Derryloste
Turkington, Stevenson L: Derrytrasna
Turkington, Thomas L: Derryinver
Turkington, William L: Derryadd
Turkington, Wm., Sr. L: Derryloste
Turkington, Wm. John L: Derryloste
Turkinton, Robert L: Derryinver N: Wee
Turkinton, William, Jr. L: Derryloste
Vallely, Patrick L: Derrytagh, North
Vennert, Joseph L: Derryinver
Walker, John L: Derryinver
Walsh, Henry L: Derrycor
Walsh, Rose Anne L: Derryloste
Walsh, Rose Anne L: Derrytrasna
Waring, Joseph L: Derryadd
Waring, Thomas L: Derryadd
Waring, Thomas L: Derrymacash
Webb, John L: Derrymacash
White, David L: Derryloste
Whiteside, Alexander L: Derryinver
Wilkinson, Edward L: Derryinver
Wilkinson, William L: Derryinver
Wilson, Christopher L: Derryinver
Wilson, Francis L: Derryinver
Wilson, James L: Derryinver
Wilson, Jane L: Derryinver
Wilson, John L: Derryinver
Wilson, Maryanne L: Derryinver
Wortley, Ellen L: Derrytrasna
Wright, George L: Derryloste

Click for map of civil parishes in county Armagh

Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan