Griffiths Valuation: Loughgilly Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Loughgilly Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Loughgilly parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Loughgilly Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Loughgilly Parish, Co. Armagh

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All Griffiths Valuation records in this page have been published in alphabetical order. Search tip for most web browsers: press Ctrl and F and enter surname or search term. If you are researching particular townlands or areas of this parish, then we suggest that you also use the Ctrl F option in your web browser.

You should also check the records of Loughgilly parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Acheson, Joshua L: Ballydogherty
Adair, Alexander L: Lisnisk
Adams, Eliza L: Ballenan
Adams, John L: Lisnisk
Adams, Samuel L: Ballenan
Adams, Samuel L: Lisadian
Adams, Thomas L: Rathconvil
Adams, William L: Ballenan
Adams, William L: Lisadian
Aikins, John L: Tullyherron
Aikins, Robert L: Drumcrow
Allen, Robert L: Cornagrally
Anderson, Agnes L: Killycarn Upper
Anderson, Daniel L: Tullyherron
Andrew, Hugh L: Carrickgallogly
Andrew, Hugh L: Carrowmannan
Andrew, Moses L: Carrowmannan
Armstrong, Arthur L: Crunagh
Armstrong, George L: Drumgane
Armstrong, James L: Drumgane
Armstrong, James L: Drumgane
Comment : Grocer
Armstrong, Joseph L: Ballygorman
Atcheson, Alexander L: Crunagh
Atcheson, David L: Cornagrally
Atcheson, David L: Killycarn Lower
Atcheson, David L: Killycarn Upper
Atcheson, Gordon L: Ballydogherty
Atcheson, John L: Killycarn Upper
Barber, Mary L: Ballenan
Barber, William J. L: Ballenan
Barron, Andrew L: Drumharriff
Barron, Irwin L: Lisadian
Beatty, John L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Beatty, Robert L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Beetles, Thomas L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Bell, James L: Ballydogherty
Bell, James L: Drumnahoney
Bell, James L: Drumnahunshin
Bell, John L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Bell, Robert L: Carrowmannan
Bell, Robert L: Drumnahoney
Bennett, Daniel L: Belleek
Bennett, Daniel L: Belleek, V: Belleek
Bennett, Daniel L: Carrowmannan
Bennett, Hugh L: Carrickgallogly
Bennett, James L: Carrowmannan
Bennett, Michael L: Carrickgallogly
Birch, William L: Drumcrow
Bird, Patrick L: Mountnorris
Blacker, Peter L: Tullyherron
Blair, Hugh L: Mountnorris
Boyd, Robert L: Drumgane
Boylan, Anthony L: Ballygorman
Boylan, Margaret L: Lesh
Boylan, Mary L: Drummond
Boylan, Patrick L: Ballygorman
Comment : Minor
Boyle, Arthur L: Drumharriff
Boyle, Arthur L: Drummond
Boyle, Arthur L: Lisnalee
Boyle, Daniel L: Creggan Upper
Boyle, Daniel L: Drumnahoney
Boyle, Edward L: Drummond
Boyle, Edward L: Lisnalee
Boyle, John L: Ballydogherty
Boyle, John L: Drumharriff
Boyle, John L: Greyhillan
Boyle, John L: Maytone
Boyle, John L: Mountnorris
Boyle, John L: Tullyherron
Boyle, John L: Tullywinny
Boyle, Peter L: Drumnahoney
Boyle, William L: Tullywinny
Bradley, Bernard L: Drummond
Bradley, Bernard L: Lesh
Bradley, Bernard, Jr. L: Lesh
Bradley, Henry L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Bradley, James L: Lesh
Bradshaw, William L: Drummilt
Branagan, Mary L: Carrowmannan
Branaghan, Hugh L: Belleek
Branford, Anne L: Belleek
Branford, William L: Belleek
Bratly, John L: Lurgyross
Bridgen, Fanniah L: Carrowmannan
Bridgen, James L: Carrowmannan
Brittles, Thomas L: Tullyallen
Brown, James L: Lisadian
Brown, Mary L: Drumnahoney
Brown, Robert L: Mavemacullen
Browne, Rep. Ellen L: Ballenan
Browne, Rep. Ellen L: Rathconvil
Browne, James L: Ballenan
Browne, James L: Carran
Browne, James L: Kilcon
Browne, Margaret L: Rathconvil
Browne, Martha L: Carran
Browne, Mary-Anne L: Rathconvil
Browne, Robert L: Killycarn Lower
Browne, Samuel L: Lisnisk
Browne, William L: Lisnisk
Browne, William, Sr. L: Ballenan
Bryans, William L: Killycarn Upper
Buchanan, George L: Bolton
Comment : and Another
Buchanan, Rebecca L: Rathconvil
Buller, Eliza Jane L: Ballyvally
Burke, Mrs. L: Kilcon
Burke, John L: Carrickananny
Burke, John L: Carrickgallogly
Burke, John L: Drumnahoney
Burke, William L: Creggan Upper
Burniston, Adam L: Bolton
Burniston, Andrew L: Bolton
Burniston, Matthew L: Bolton
Burniston, Samuel L: Cornagrally
Burns, Alexander L: Carrowmannan
Burns, Ellen L: Carrickgallogly
Burns, John L: Carrowmannan
Burns, John L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Burns, John L: Tullyah
Burns, Michael L: Carrowmannan
Burns, Patrick L: Carrickgallogly
Burns, Patrick L: Tullyah
Burns, William L: Carrowmannan
Byers, George L: Derlett
Byers, George L: Drumgane
Byers, Rep. Samuel L: Drumgane
Byers, William L: Mountnorris
Byrne, Patrick L: Mountnorris
Caldwell, John L: Keady Beg
Caldwell, John L: Tullyallen
Caleton, John L: Mavemacullen
Callaghan, Owen L: Tullyah
Callan, John L: Mavemacullen
Campbell, Arthur L: Carrowmannan
Campbell, Hugh L: Keady More
Campbell, John L: Ballenan
Campbell, John L: Carrickgallogly
Campbell, Margaret L: Carran
Campbell, Mary L: Tullyah
Campbell, Peter L: Tullywinny
Campbell, Terence L: Ballygorman
Canon, Bernard L: Drumcrow
Carlisle, Thomas L: Ballydogherty
Carr, John L: Keady Beg
Carroll, Nicholas L: Belleek
Carson, William L: Drummilt
Carter, John L: Crankey
Chambers, George L: Carrickananny
Chambers, John L: Belleek
Chambers, John L: Belleek, V: Belleek
Chambers, John L: Lisadian
Chambers, William L: Keady Beg
Christy, John L: Drumcrow
Clarke, Hugh L: Cornagrally
Clarke, John L: Ballenan
Clarke, Sarah L: Mountnorris
Cleland, Margaret L: Rathcarbry
Close, William L: Drumgane
Clugston, William L: Drumgane
Coghran, Clarke L: Killycarn Upper
Coghrane, Robert L: Killycarn Upper
Cole, David L: Keady Beg
Cole, George L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Cole, James L: Brackagh
Colleston, Thomas L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Collins, Ellen L: Carrowmannan
Collins, Jane L: Lurgyross
Collins, Rose L: Tullyah
Cope, Rep. Francis L: Creeve
Cope, Rep. Francis L: Keady More
Copeland, William L: Drumcrow
Corner, Samuel L: Lisadian
Corr, John L: Lesh
Corr, Michael L: Belleek
Corr, Patrick L: Keady Beg
Cosgrave, Thomas L: Keady More
Cosgrove, David L: Ballygorman
Cosgrove, Maria L: Tullywinny
Cosgrove, Mary L: Carrowmannan
Cosgrove, Paul L: Drumharriff
Cosgrove, William L: Ballygorman
Coughran, William J. L: Keady More
Courtney, Eliza L: Lisadian
Couser, Jane L: Ballyvally
Couser, Jane L: Mullaghmore
Couser, William L: Lisadian
Cowan, Michael L: Lesh
Cowan, Patrick L: Crunagh
Cox, Thomas L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Cregg, Mary L: Derlett
Crilly, John L: Carrickananny
Crilly, Patrick L: Lesh
Crilly, Robert L: Creggan Upper
Crilly, Thomas L: Carrickananny
Crozier, William L: Lisadian
Cuhans, Martha L: Keady More
Cully, James L: Lisnalee
Cully, John L: Ballenan
Cully, Richard L: Creggan Upper
Cully, Susan L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Cully, Thomas L: Crunagh
Cully, William L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Cunningham, Catherine L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Cunningham, Esther L: Mavemacullen
Cunningham, John L: Rathconvil
Cunningham, Owen L: Drumnahunshin
Cunningham, Robert L: Rathconvil
Cunningham, William L: Mavemacullen
Curran, Elizabeth L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Currans, Joseph L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Daly, Anne L: Tullyah
Darcy, Anthony L: Drumharriff
Darcy, Anthony L: Tullywinny
Davidson, James L: Drummond
Davidson, John L: Ballydogherty
Davis, Samuel L: Rathconvil
Davis, William L: Ballenan
Davison, Archibald L: Belleek
Davison, Archibald L: Carrowmannan
Davison, John L: Belleek
Deehan, Edward L: Carrickgallogly
Deehan, James L: Belleek
Deehan, John L: Belleek
Deehan, Patrick L: Belleek
Delany, Thomas L: Lisnalee
Delany, Thomas L: Mountnorris
Denny, Charles L: Rathconvil
Devitt, John L: Tullyah
Devlin, Daniel L: Lesh
Devlin, Henry L: Mavemacullen
Devlin, Hugh L: Ballygorman
Devlin, John L: Tullyah
Dillan, John, Jr. L: Cornagrally
Dillan, John, Sr. L: Cornagrally
Dillan, Thomas L: Cornagrally
Dillon, John L: Mullaghmore
Dillon, John L: Rathconvil
Dinsmore, Francis L: Ballydogherty
Dobbyn, James L: Cornagrally
Dollaghan, Andrew L: Drumnahunshin
Donaldson, Eliza L: Tullyallen
Donaldson, James L: Cornagrally
Donaldson, James L: Mountnorris
Donaldson, James L: Mullaghmore
Donaldson, James L: V: Mountnorris
Donnelly, Henry L: Lisadian
Donnelly, James L: Lisadian
Donnelly, James, Sr. L: Lisadian
Donnelly, John L: Drumharriff
Donnelly, John L: Lisadian
Donnelly, Mary L: Tullyah
Donnelly, Owen, Jr. L: Lisadian
Donnelly, Owen, Sr. L: Lisadian
Donnelly, Patrick L: Drumharriff
Donnelly, Peter L: V: Mountnorris
Donnelly, Sarah L: Drumharriff
Doogan, Henry L: Crunagh
Doran, Peter L: Belleek, V: Belleek
Douglas, Archibald L: Killycarn Upper
Douglas, Archibald L: Lisnisk
Douglas, Archibald L: Mullaghmore
Douglas, David L: Cornagrally
Douglas, David L: Rathconvil
Douglas, Henry L: Cornagrally
Douglas, Henry L: Mullaghmore
Douglas, John L: Carran
Douglas, John L: Cornagrally
Douglas, John L: Killycarn Upper
Douglas, John L: Mullaghmore
Doyle, Anne L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Doyle, John L: Tullyah
Doyle, Loughlin L: Drumnahunshin
Drayne, Mary L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Duggan, John L: Drumgane
Duggan, John L: Keady More
Dunbar, George L: Ballydogherty
Edgar, John H. L: Drumnahoney
Edger, Joseph L: Ballyvally
Elliott, James L: Lisadian
Elliott, John L: Belleek
Elliott, John L: Lisadian
Elliott, Robert L: Drumharriff
Elliott, Robert L: Lisadian
Elliott, Robert L: Rathcarbry
Estan, Eliza L: Mountnorris
Evans, John L: Ballyvally
Evans, John L: Carran
Everegen, Sarah M. L: Carrowmannan
Ewart, Mary Anne L: Ballenan
Fagan, Mary L: Belleek
Feenan, Anne L: Maytone
Feenan, Daniel L: Drumharriff
Feenan, Hugh L: Maytone
Feenan, Hugh L: Tullyherron
Feenan, Hugh, Jr. L: Mountnorris
Feenan, James L: Mountnorris
Feenan, John L: Mountnorris
Feenan, John L: Tullyherron
Feenan, Patrick L: V: Mountnorris
Feenan, William L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Ferguson, James L: Mullaghmore
Ferguson, Robert L: Lisnisk
Ferguson, Thomas L: Cornagrally
Ferris, Charles L: Ballenan
Ferris, John L: Ballenan
Finlay, Rev. John L: Carrickgallogly
Finnegan, Hugh L: Drumharriff
Finnegan, Hugh L: Tullywinny
Fisher, Alexander L: Ballenan
Fisher, Jane L: Brackagh
Fisher, Jane L: Carran
Flack, Margaret L: Brackagh
Flack, Margaret L: Cornagrally
Fleming, Eliza L: Cornagrally
Fleming, Thomas L: Mountnorris
Forde, William L: Drumnahunshin
Freeman, Anne L: Corrinure
Freeman, Hugh L: Corrinure
Freeman, Patrick L: Maytone
Fullerton, Robert L: Killycarn Upper
Fulton, David L: Brackagh
Fulton, James L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Gaddis, William L: Tullywinny
Garland, James L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Garland, Richard L: Greyhillan
Garland, Richard L: Maytone
Garland, Richard L: Mountnorris
Garvey, John L: Tullyah
Garvey, Pater L: Tullyah
Garvey, Peterr L: Tullyah
Garvin, James L: Carrowmannan
Gass, George L: Crunagh
Gass, George L: Derlett
Gass, Henry L: Mavemacullen
Gass, Rachel L: Crunagh
Gass, Rachel L: Derlett
Gass, Robert L: Rathconvil
Geeney, Francis L: Carrowmannan
Gerrott, Hugh L: Drumharriff
Gettis, David L: Lisnisk
Gibson, Hugh L: Drummond
Gibson, James L: Lesh
Gibson, John L: Crankey
Gibson, William L: Crunagh
Gillilan, John L: Derlett
Gilliland, George L: Tullyallen
Girvin, John L: Drummond
Girvin, John L: Tullyherron
Girvin, Margaret L: Kilcon
Girvin, Robert L: Balllygorman
Girvin, Robert L: Kilcon
Girvin, Samuel L: Tullyherron
Glassy, James L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Glassy, James L: Tullyallen
Gollogy, Anne L: Lurgyross
Gordan, James L: Corrinare
Gordan, James L: Lisnisk
Gordan, Martha L: Killycarn Upper
Gordon, Agnes L: Mountnorris
Gordon, Eliza L: Tullyherron
Gordon, James L: Lisnisk
Gosford, L: Belleek
Comment : Earl of Gosford
Gosford, L: Carrowmannan
Comment : Earl of Gosford
Goss, George L: Tullyallen
Gracey, Joseph L: Rathcarbry
Graham, Cornelius L: Drumharriff
Graham, Cornelius L: Tullywinny
Graham, Daniel L: Carrowmannan
Graham, David, Jr. L: Tullywinny
Graham, David, Sr. L: Tullywinny
Graham, James L: Tullywinny
Graham, Jane L: Tullywinny
Graham, John L: Tullywinny
Graham, Joseph L: Tullywinny
Graham, Margaret L: Tullywinny
Graham, Samuel L: Tullywinny
Graham, William L: Drumharriff
Graham, William L: Mavemacullen
Graham, William L: Tullywinny
Comment : Jas
Graham, Wm L: Tullywinny
Comment : John
Grant, Robert L: Mavemacullen
Gray, George L: Crunagh
Gray, George L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Gray, George L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Gray, George L: Maytone
Gray, James L: Lisadian
Gray, Richard L: Ballyvally
Gray, Robert W. L: Lisnisk
Greer, James L: Cornagrally
Greer, John L: Cornagrally
Greer, Robert L: Drumgane
Greer, Thomas L: Ballygorman
Griffith, William L: Corrinare
Guy, Henry L: Carrowmannan
Guy, Michael L: Carrickgallogly
Guy, Owen L: Carrowmannan
Guy, Patrick L: Carrowmannan
Hackian, Patrick L: Drumcrow
Hadden, Hugh L: Keady More
Hadden, John L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Hadden, Robert L: Keady Beg
Hadden, Robert L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Haddon, James L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Hail, John L: Mullaghmore
Haire, David L: Carran
Haire, George L: Carran
Haire, Joseph L: Carran
Hale, John, Jr. L: Cornagrally
Hale, John, Sr. L: Cornagrally
Hall, John L: Ballygorman
Hall, Jordan L: V: Mountnorris
Hall, Margaret L: Ballygorman
Hall, Rachel L: Ballygorman
Hall, Robert L: Keady More
Hall, Robert L: V: Mountnorris
Hall, Robert G. L: Keady Beg
Hall, William L: Keady Beg
Hall, William L: Lisnalee
Halliday, George L: Crankey
Hamilton, Esther L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Hamilton, Fergus L: Corrinare
Hamilton, Ferguson L: Ballenan
Hamilton, Ferguson L: Creeve
Hamilton, James L: Cornagrally
Hamilton, James L: Corrinare
Hamilton, John L: Cornagrally
Hamilton, John L: Corrinare
Hamilton, John L: Keady Beg
Hamilton, John L: Lisnisk
Hamilton, William L: Cornagrally
Hamilton, William L: Creeve
Hamilton, William, Sr. L: Cornagrally
Hampton, William L: Lurgyross
Hanna, Hugh L: Corrinare
Hanna, Isaac L: Ballydogherty
Hanna, William L: Ballydogherty
Hanratty, Bernard L: Keady Beg
Hanratty, Mary L: Lisnalee
Hare, Joseph L: Mavemacullen
Harper, Robert L: Rathcarbry
Harper, William L: Lisadian
Harper, William L: Rathcarbry
Harper, William, Jr. L: Lisadian
Harper, William, Sr. L: Lisadian
Harris, Henry L: Lisnalee
Harris, Henry L: Rathcarbry
Harris, James L: Lisnalee
Harris, John L: Lisnalee
Harrison, Francis L: Tullywinny
Harrison, William L: Carrowmannan
Harrison, William L: Drumnahoney
Hasty, Samuel L: Killycarn Upper
Hawthorne, James L: Kilcon
Hawthorne, Sml, Jr. L: Kilcon
Hawthorne, Sml., Sr. L: Kilcon
Hayes, Patrick L: Belleek
Heavey, David L: Greyhillan
Henderson, Daniel L: Maytone
Henderson, John L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Henderson, John L: Maytone
Heney, Alexander L: Crunagh
Henry, John L: Creeve
Henry, Nathaniel L: Creeve
Henry, Robert L: Crankey
Heraghty, Catherine L: Maytone
Heraghty, Owen L: Tullyherron
Herron, Archibald L: Tullyherron
Hill, William L: Derlett
Holland, James L: Crankey
Holliday, Jane L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Hooke, Thomas R. L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Hookes, James L: Keady Beg
Hooks, James L: Creggan Lower
Hooks, James L: Creggan Upper
Hooks, James L: Drumnahoney
Hooks, John L: Creggan Upper
Horner, John L: Tullywinny
Hughes, James L: Carrowmannan
Hughes, Robert L: Drumgane
Hughes, William L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Hughes, William L: Mountnorris
Hutcheson, David L: Killycarn Upper
Hutcheson, David L: Mountnorris
Hutcheson, James L: Carran
Hutcheson, John L: Cornagrally
Hutcheson, John L: Killycarn Upper
Hutcheson, John, Jr. L: Killycarn Upper
Hutcheson, John, Sr. L: Killycarn Upper
Hutcheson, Margaret L: Ballyvally
Hutcheson, Margaret L: Killycarn Lower
Hutchinson, Margaret L: Mountnorris
Hutchison, John L: Mullaghmore
Ingram, James L: Keady More
Ingram, James L: Mountnorris
Ingram, John L: Mountnorris
Ingram, Thomas L: Mountnorris
Ingram, Thomas L: Tullyallen
Ingram, William L: Keady More
Irvine, Richard L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Irwin, Archibald L: Keady More
Irwin, Rev. Charles K. L: Bolton
Irwin, Rev. Charles K. L: Drummilt
Irwin, Rev. Charles K. L: Lisnalee
Irwin, Rev. Chas K. L: Cornagrally
Irwin, David L: Maytone
Irwin, Eliza L: Keady More
Irwin, George L: Keady Beg
Irwin, Isabella L: Keady More
Irwin, James L: Ballygorman
Irwin, James L: Keady More
Irwin, Rep. James L: Keady More
Irwin, John L: Keady More
Irwin, John L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Irwin, John L: Maytone
Irwin, Joseph L: Keady More
Irwin, Joseph L: Kilcon
Irwin, Joseph J. L: Mountnorris
Irwin, Margaret J. L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Irwin, Richard L: Mountnorris
Irwin, Samuel L: Keady More
Irwin, Thomas L: Keady More
Irwin, William L: Keady More
Jackson, James L: Crunagh
Jackson, Thomas L: Ballygorman
Jennings, John L: Drumcrow
Jennings, Patrick L: Derlett
Jennings, Robert L: Drumcrow
Johnson, Samuel L: Drumharriff
Johnston, Flora L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Johnston, John L: Mavemacullen
Judge, James L: Carrickgallogly
Judge, John L: Drumnahoney
Kearney, John L: Greyhillan
Kearney, John L: Lisadian
Kearney, Peter L: Lisadian
Kearns, John L: Ballydogherty
Keating, Rose L: Carrickgallogly
Kelly, Hugh L: Crankey
Kelly, James L: Drumnahunshin
Kennedy, John L: Keady More
Kenny, Patrick L: Drummond
Kerison, Francis L: Ballenan
Kernaghan, John L: Keady Beg
Kernaghan, Mary Anne L: Keady Beg
Kernaghan, William L: Keady Beg
Kernan, Thomas L: Drumnahoney
Kilpatrick, George L: Crunagh
Kilpatrick, James L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Kilpatrick, James M. L: Lurgyross
Kilpatrick, John L: Lurgyross
Kilpatrick, Martha L: Lurgyross
Kimmins, Joseph L: Lisdrumchor Upper
King, Mary L: Belleek
King, Patrick L: Belleek
King, Patrick L: Carrowmannan
King, William L: Carrowmannan
Kinnell, Eliza L: Rathcarbry
Kirk, William L: Tullyallen
Kitchen, James L: Ballydogherty
Kitchen, Joseph L: Ballydogherty
Larkin, Hugh L: Mullaghmore
Larkin, James L: Cornagrally
Larkin, James L: Drummond
Larkin, James L: Mullaghmore
Laycock, James L: Killycarn Upper
Leeman, Mary Anne L: Lurgyross
Lennon, John L: Drummilt
Lindon, John L: Corrinare
Lindon, John L: Rathconvil
Littlewood, William L: Mavemacullen
Lloyd, Henry L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Lockart, George L: Lisnalee
Lockart, Mary L: Lisnalee
Lockhart, George L: Drummond
Lockhart, William L: Crunagh
Lockhart, Rep. Wm L: Tullyah
Longhead, Margaret L: Lisadian
Looe, John L: Lisadian
Loughead, James L: Crunagh
Loughead, James L: Drumgane
Loughead, Robert L: Drumgane
Loughrane, Cath L: Tullyah
Loughrane, James L: Tullyah
Loughrane, John L: Tullyah
Loughrane, Mary L: Tullyah
Loughrane, Michael L: Tullyah
Loughrane, Patrick L: Tullyah
Lowden, Robert L: Lurgyross
Lowe, Catherine L: Drummond
Lowe, Eliza L: Lesh
Lowe, Stephen L: Lisnalee
Lowry, John L: Mountnorris
Lowry, William L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Lynas, Daniel L: Ballygorman
Lyndon, Hugh L: Carrickananny
Lyndon, Laurence L: Carrickananny
Lyons, Richard L: Drumnahoney
Macartney, J. W. E. L: Ballydogherty
Maccle, Daniel L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Macken, John L: Carrowmannan
Mackin, Patrick L: Corrinure
Macrory, Thomas L: Ballydogherty
Madden, Bernard L: Lesh
Madden, Peter L: Lesh
Mageeney, Thomas L: Belleek
Magennis, Arthur L: Tullyah
Magennis, Denis L: Carrowmannan
Magennis, Edward L: Drumharriff
Magennis, Evar L: Tullywinny
Magennis, James L: Lisadian
Magennis, John L: Belleek
Magennis, John L: Belleek, V: Belleek
Magennis, John L: Drumharriff
Magennis, John L: Lisadian
Magennis, Terence L: Carrowmannan
Maguire, Michael L: Keady Beg
Malcolmson, Robert L: Cornagrally
Malcomson, James L: Ballyvally
Malcomson, John L: Bolton
Malcomson, Robert L: Bolton
Malcomson, Samuel, Jr. L: Bolton
Malcomson, Samuel, Sr. L: Bolton
Mallin, Peter L: Maytone
Mallon, Terence L: Drumnahunshin
Malone, Patrick L: Ballenan
Markey, Catherine L: Carrickgallogly
Markey, Catherine L: Drumnahunshin
Markey, Catherine L: Tullyah
Markey, Daniel L: Drumharriff
Markey, John L: Carrickgallogly
Markey, Margaret L: Belleek
Markey, Margaret L: Belleek, V: Belleek
Markey, Michael L: Drumnahoney
Markey, Patrick L: Belleek
Markey, Patrick L: Tullyah
Marshall, Benjamin L: Bolton
Marshall, Benjamin L: Killycarn Upper
Marshall, Benjamin L: Mullaghmore
Marshall, David S. L: Drumgane
Martin, George L: Drummond
Martin, John L: Ballygorman
Martin, John, Jr. L: Ballygorman
Martin, Rev. John D. L: Derlett
Martin, Joseph L: Ballygorman
Martin, Robert L: Ballygorman
Martin, William L: Ballenan
Mason, John L: Crankey
Mathers, Francis L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Maxwell, David L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Maxwell, Joseph L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Maxwell, Mary L: Cornagrally
Maxwell, William L: Mountnorris
McAllister, John L: Tullyah
McAnulty, Bernard L: Tullywinny
McAnulty, John L: Drumharriff
McAnulty, Rep. John L: Lisadian
McAnulty, John L: Tullywinny
McAnulty, Peter L: Carrowmannan
McArdle, Anne L: Tullyah
McArdle, Bernard L: Belleek, V: Belleek
McArdle, Bernard L: Carrowmannan
McArdle, John L: Belleek
McArdle, John L: Carrickananny
McArdle, John L: Tullyah
McArdle, Michael L: Carrowmannan
McArdle, Thomas L: Tullyah
McArdle, William L: Killycarn Upper
McArea, Toal L: Corrinure
McAteer, Eliza L: Maytone
McAteer, Patrick L: Maytone
McBirney, John L: Belleek
McCamly, John L: Mountnorris
McCann, Arthur L: Lisadian
McCann, Edward L: Lisdrumchor Lower
McCann, Hugh L: Tullyah
McCann, John L: Drumgane
McCann, Peter L: Tullyah
McCart, George L: Derlett
McCarthy, Terence L: Ballydogherty
McCarthy, Terence L: Lesh
McCartney, John L: Drumgane
McCartney, William T. L: Bolton
McCaul, Thomas L: Tullyallen
McClean, George L: Crunagh
McClean, Hugh L: Crunagh
McClean, John L: Maytone
McClean, John L: Mountnorris
McClean, John L: V: Mountnorris
McCleary, John L: Carran
McCleary, Samuel L: Carran
McClelland, Christ L: Carran
McClelland, David L: Bolton
McClelland, James L: Ballygorman
McClelland, James L: Keady Beg
McClelland, James L: Keady More
McClelland, James L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McClelland, James L: Mavemacullen
McClelland, John L: Brackagh
McClure, James L: Lisadian
McClure, John L: Drumharriff
McClure, John L: Lisadian
McClure, Samuel L: Greyhillan
McCluskey, John L: Carrickgallogly
McCluskey, John L: Drumnahoney
McColdon, Joseph L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McComb, David L: Keady More
McComb, Eliza L: Drumcrow
McComb, James L: Belleek
McComb, James L: Belleek, V: Belleek
McComb, James L: Carrowmannan
McComb, James L: Drumcrow
Comment : Minor
McComb, James L: Keady Beg
McComb, John L: Belleek
McComb, John L: Belleek, V: Belleek
McComb, Mary L: Ballyvally
McComb, Mary L: Drumcrow
McComb, Robert L: Belleek
McComb, Robert L: Belleek, V: Belleek
McComb, Robert L: Carrowmannan
McComb, Robert L: Keady Beg
McComb, Samuel L: Greyhillan
McComb, Samuel L: Keady Beg
McConnell, Anne L: Tullyah
McConnell, Jane L: Carrickananny
McConnell, John L: Tullyah
McConnell, Moses L: Tullyah
McConville, Andrew L: Lesh
McConville, Arthur L: Tullyah
McConville, Edward L: Drumharriff
McConville, James L: Carrowmannan
McConville, John L: Ballydogherty
McConville, Mary L: Carrowmannan
McConville, Mary L: Lesh
McCorkill, Leonard L: Mountnorris
McCourt, Henry L: Lesh
McCourt, James L: Ballygorman
McCourt, James L: Tullyah
McCourt, Matthew L: Tullyah
McCourt, Samuel L: Ballygorman
McCourt, Sebina L: Lesh
McCoy, Daniel L: Carrowmannan
McCoy, Henry L: Carrowmannan
McCready, George L: Keady More
McCready, Gordon L: Keady More
McCready, Marshall L: Keady More
McCreery, John L: Mavemacullen
McCreery, Joseph L: Mavemacullen
McCreery, Samuel L: Mavemacullen
McCullagh, Adam L: Ballydogherty
McCullagh, George L: Tullywinny
McCullagh, Hugh L: Tullyallen
McCullagh, Thomas L: Maytone
McCullagh, Thomas L: Tullyallen
McCullagh, Torence L: Tullyallen
McCullagh, William L: Rathcarbry
McCullen, John L: Ballydogherty
McCune, Samuel L: Ballygorman
McDermott, Michael L: Belleek
McDonnell, Alexander L: Drumnahoney
McDonnell, Alexander L: Drumnahunshin
McDonnell, Arthur L: Belleek
McDonnell, Bernard L: Carrowmannan
McDonnell, Ellen L: Carrowmannan
McDonnell, Francis L: Carrowmannan
McDonnell, James L: Tullywinny
McDonnell, Jane L: Drumnahunshin
McDonnell, Peter L: Lisadian
McDonnell, Peter L: Tullyallen
McDonnell, Samuel L: Carrickgallogly
McDonnell, Thomas L: Tullywinny
McDowell, Alexander L: Derlett
McDowell, Alexander L: Mountnorris
McDowell, Archibald L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McDowell, Henry L: Ballydogherty
McDowell, John L: Ballydogherty
McDowell, John L: Lurgyross
McDowell, Robert L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McDowell, Robert L: Tullyallen
McElheran, Terence L: Tullywinny
McElroy, David L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McElroy, David L: Lisnalee
McElroy, Francis L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McElroy, Henry L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McElroy, Hugh L: Belleek
McElroy, James L: Crankey
McElroy, John L: Crankey
McElroy, Joseph L: Keady More
McElroy, Owen L: Carrowmannan
McElroy, Patrick L: Carrowmannan
McElroy, Stewart L: Lisadian
McElroy, William L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McElroy, William, Jr. L: Crankey
McElroy, William, Sr. L: Crankey
McEvay, Hugh L: Corrinure
McEwen, Eliza L: Ballenan
McEwen, Thomas L: Derlett
McEwen, Rev. Wm H. L: Mountnorris
McGee, Anne L: Drumcrow
McGeeney, Thomas L: Belleek, V: Belleek
McGeeney, Thomas L: Carrowmannan
McGeeny, Isabella L: Carrowmannan
McGiffin, Charles L: Lurgyross
McGiffin, James L: Lurgyross
McGowan, Andrew L: Keady More
McGowan, Joseph L: Creggan Lower
McGowan, Margaret L: Creggan Lower
McGowan, Margaret L: Keady More
McGowan, Thomas L: Drumcrow
McGowan, William L: Drumcrow
McGowan, William L: Tullyherron
McGrath, Agnes L: Ballygorman
McGrath, Francis L: Drumgane
McGreggor, Agnes L: Keady Beg
McGuirk, Margaret L: Carrowmannan
McGurk, John L: Belleek, V: Belleek
McIlroy, Eliza L: Corrinare
McIlroy, Mary L: Creeve
McKean, James L: Drumgane
McKee, John L: Keady Beg
McKee, John L: Kilcon
McKee, John L: Lisadian
McKee, Joseph L: Mullaghmore
McKenna, James L: Carrowmannan
McKenna, Samuel L: Drumgane
McKenny, John L: Lurgyross
McKenny, Robert L: Lurgyross
McKeon, Catherine L: Lisadian
McKeon, Denis L: Carrowmannan
McKeon, Edward L: Tullywinny
McKeon, Edward, Jr. L: Drumharriff
McKeon, Edward, Sr. L: Drumharriff
McKeon, Felix L: Tullywinny
McKeon, Henry, Jr. L: Drumharriff
McKeon, Henry, Sr. L: Drumharriff
McKeon, James L: Drumharriff
McKeon, John L: Drumharriff
McKeon, Laurence L: Drumharriff
McKeon, Michael L: Drumnahoney
McKeon, Owen L: Tullyah
McKeon, Patk L: Drumharriff
Comment : Bernard
McKeon, Patk L: Drumharriff
Comment : Emily
McKeon, Patk L: Drumharriff
Comment : John
McKeon, Patrick L: Tullywinny
McKeon, Peter L: Belleek
McKeon, Peter L: Carrowmannan
McKeon, Peter L: Drumharriff
McKeon, Peter L: Tullywinny
McKervin, Peter L: Keady Beg
McKevitt, Owen L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McKinley, David L: Cornagrally
McKinley, David L: Lisnalee
McKinley, David, Jr. L: Ballygorman
McKinley, David, Sr. L: Ballygorman
McKinley, George L: Lisnalee
McKinley, James L: Ballygorman
McKinley, John L: Ballygorman
McKinley, Moses L: Ballygorman
McKinley, William L: Ballydogherty
McKinley, William L: Cornagrally
McKkeon, Bernard L: Drumharriff
McKnight, James L: Belleek
McKnight, Jas. L: Belleek
Comment : Sam
McKnight, John L: Belleek
McKnight, Robert L: Belleek
McKnight, Samuel L: Lurgyross
McKnight, William L: Belleek, V: Belleek
McKnight, William L: Drumnahoney
McLindon, Peter L: Rathcarbry
McLoughlin, Felix L: Tullyah
McMahon, Rev. John L: Tullyherron
McMahon, Robert L: Carran
McMahon, Robert L: Killycarn Lower
McMahon, Robert L: Mavemacullen
McManus, James L: Lesh
McManus, James, Jr. L: Lesh
McManus, John L: Ballydogherty
McMullan, Anne L: Rathcarbry
McMullan, David L: Lisadian
McMullan, David L: Rathcarbry
McMullan, Eliza L: Tullyah
McMullan, Henry, Jr. L: Rathcarbry
McMullan, Hugh L: Lisadian
McMullan, William L: Rathcarbry
McMurran, Anne L: V: Mountnorris
McMurray, Archibald L: Lisnalee
McMurray, David L: Lisnalee
McMurray, Robt L: Corrinare
McMurray, William L: Keady Beg
McParland, Arthur L: Carrickgallogly
McParland, Bernard L: Carrickananny
McParland, Bridget L: Belleek
McParland, Denis L: Tullyah
McParland, Edward L: Tullyherron
McParland, Edward L: Tullywinny
McParland, Felix L: Tullyah
McParland, James L: Belleek
McParland, James L: Carrowmannan
Comment : Pat
McParland, James L: Tullyah
Mcparland, Jas. L: Belleek
Comment : Terence
McParland, Jas L: Carrowmannan
Comment : Terence
McParland, John L: Drummilt
McParland, John L: Drumnahoney
McParland, Michael L: Belleek
McParland, Michl, Jr. L: Greyhillan
McParland, Owen L: Keady Beg
McParland, Patk, Jr. L: Belleek
McParland, Patrick L: Carrickgallogly
McParland, Patrick L: Tullyah
McParland, Peter L: Carrickananny
McParland, Peter L: Carrickgallogly
McParland, Richd, Sr. L: Greyhillan
McParland, Robert L: Tullyherron
McParland, Thomas L: Drummilt
McPartland, Patrick L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McPartland, Sarah L: Crunagh
McQuade, Patrick L: Ballyvally
McQuade, Patrick L: Mullaghmore
McQuade, Peter L: Ballyvally
McQuillan, Alexander L: Cornagrally
McQuillan, Eliza L: Cornagrally
McShane, Diminick L: Tullyah
McShane, Felix, Jr. L: Tullyah
McShane, Francis L: Tullyah
McShane, James L: Mountnorris
McShane, James L: Tullyah
McShane, John L: Belleek
McShane, Neil L: Tullyah
McShane, Owen L: Lisadian
McShane, Patrick L: Drumharriff
McShane, Sabina L: Drumnahoney
Comment : and Another
McShane, Sebina L: Corrinure
McSherry, Arthur L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McSherry, Patrick L: Lisdrumchor Upper
McStay, John L: Carrowmannan
McVerry, Francis L: Belleek
McVerry, Owen L: Belleek
McVerry, Patrick L: Carrowmannan
McVerry, Peter L: Carrowmannan
McWhirter, Elizabeth L: Lurgyross
McWhirter, John L: Tullyallen
McWhirter, Robert L: Lurgyross
McWhirter, Robert L: Tullyallen
Meehan, John L: Derlett
Megaghey, George L: Mountnorris
Megaghey, William L: Maytone
Melson, Sarah L: Corrinare
Micken, Bernard L: Ballenan
Miles, Agnes L: V: Mountnorris
Millar, James L: Ballydogherty
Milligan, Patrick L: Mountnorris
Mills, Alexander L: Maytone
Minor, Wm. Murphy L: Brackagh
Miscampbell, James L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Mitchell, Alexander L: Crunagh
Mitchell, David L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Mitchell, David L: Lurgyross
Mitchell, George L: Drumgane
Mitchell, John L: Drumnahunshin
Moan, Francis L: Tullyherron
Moan, James L: Ballygorman
Moan, Margaret L: Lisnalee
Moan, Matthew L: Drummond
Moffit, James L: Tullyallen
Moffitt, Isabella L: Tullyallen
Moffitt, Mary Anne L: Keady More
Moffitt, Robert L: Drumharriff
Moffitt, Thomas L: Drumharriff
Moffitt, Thomas L: Lisadian
Moffitt, William L: Tullyallen
Monaghan, Francis L: Mountnorris
Monaghan, Peter L: Lisnalee
Monaghan, Samuel L: Kilcon
Monaghan, Thomas L: Ballygorman
Moone, John L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Mooney, James L: Maytone
Moore, Anne J. L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Moore, John L: Mountnorris
Moore, William L: Lurgyross
Moorehead, Robert L: Lisadian
Morrison, John L: Creggan Lower
Morrow, George L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Morrow, James L: Lisnisk
Mulder, William L: Mavemacullen
Muldrew, John L: Cornagrally
Muldrew, Susan L: Ballygorman
Mullan, John L: Belleek
Mullan, John L: Tullyah
Mullins, David L: Tullyherron
Mullins, James L: Ballygorman
Mullins, James L: Kilcon
Mullins, John L: Ballygorman
Mullins, John L: Kilcon
Mullins, Samuel L: Kilcon
Mundra, Alexander L: Bolton
Murdaugh, Greer L: Killycarn Upper
Murgan, Hugh L: Lisadian
Murgan, Mark L: Lisadian
Murgan, Peter L: Lisadian
Murphy, Anne L: Belleek
Murphy, Catherine L: Creggan Lower
Murphy, Catherine L: Drummilt
Murphy, James L: Creeve
Murphy, John L: Drummond
Murphy, Kevin L: Greyhillan
Murphy, Mary L: Killycarn Upper
Murphy, Owen L: Carrowmannan
Murphy, Owen L: Mountnorris
Murphy, Patrick L: Belleek
Murphy, Patrick L: Carrowmannan
Murphy, Richard L: Mountnorris
Murphy, Richard L: Tullyherron
Murphy, Richard L: V: Mountnorris
Murphy, Terence L: Greyhillan
Murphy, Thomas L: Tullyallen
Murray, Alice, Jr. L: Drummond
Murray, Alice, Sr. L: Drummond
Murray, Charles L: Greyhillan
Murray, Henry L: Maytone
Murtagh, Patrick L: Cornagrally
Neal, William L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Neill, John L: Mullaghmore
Neill, William L: Mullaghmore
Nesbitt, John L: Drumcrow
Nesbitt, Thomas L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Nesbitt, William L: Drumcrow
Neville, James L: Ballygorman
Newal, William L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Newell, Leonard L: Belleek
Newell, Mary L: Belleek
Newell, William L: Belleek
Nicholl, David L: Ballenan
Nicholl, David L: Corrinare
Nicholl, James L: Lisnisk
Nicholl, John L: Corrinare
Nicholson, Joseph L: Tullyah
Nogher, James L: Lisadian
Nugent, John L: Drumnahunshin
O'Callaghan, James L: Belleek
O'Callaghan, John L: Belleek
O'Hare, Anthony L: Carrickgallogly
O'Hare, Ellen L: Drumharriff
O'Hare, Ellen L: Lisadian
O'Hare, Francis L: Carrowmannan
O'Hare, John L: Ballydogherty
O'Hare, John L: Belleek
O'Hare, John L: Carrickgallogly
O'Hare, John L: Carrowmannan
O'Hare, Owen L: Carrickgallogly
O'Hare, Patrick L: Ballydogherty
O'Neill, Francis L: Carrowmannan
O'Neill, John L: Greyhillan
Ord, Samuel L: Drummilt
Orr, John L: Mountnorris
Paisley, James L: Carran
Parker, Arthur L: Tullyallen
Parks, Samuel L: Lurgyross
Paterson, Alexander L: V: Mountnorris
Paterson, Isaac L: Cornagrally
Paterson, James L: Mountnorris
Patten, George L: Tullyah
Patten, John L: Mullaghmore
Patterson, Catherine L: Drumcrow
Patterson, Eliza L: Tullywinny
Patterson, Henry L: Drumnahunshin
Patterson, John L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Patterson, Robert L: Drumcrow
Patterson, Robert L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Patterson, William L: Drumnahoney
Patton, Deorge, Jr. L: Carrickananny
Patton, George L: Carrowmannan
Patton, Hugh L: Carrickananny
Patton, John L: Carrowmannan
Patton, Thomas L: Carrickananny
Patton, William L: Belleek, V: Belleek
Patton, William L: Carrickananny
Patton, William L: Carrickgallogly
Patton, Wm L: Carrickgallogly
Comment : Lodgers
Paul, Anna L: Ballygorman
Paul, Cosgrove L: Lisadian
Paul, James L: Ballygorman
Paul, James L: Creggan Lower
Paul, John L: Ballydogherty
Paul, Robert L: Ballydogherty
Paul, Robert L: Ballygorman
Pauley, James L: Killycarn Upper
Perry, John L: Drummond
Porter, James L: Ballenan
Porter, James L: Ballyvally
Porter, John L: Tullyallen
Porter, Sarah L: Kilcon
Porter, Thomas L: Ballenan
Porter, Thomas L: Kilcon
Porter, William L: Killycarn Lower
Pratt, Thomas L: V: Mountnorris
Preston, John L: Carrickgallogly
Preston, Matilda L: Carrickgallogly
Preston, William L: Carrickgallogly
Qua, Agnes L: Bolton
Comment : Robert
Qua, Agnes L: Bolton
Comment : Samuel
Qua, Agnes L: Cornagrally
Comment : Robert
Qua, David L: Bolton
Qua, David L: Mullaghmore
Qua, James L: Bolton
Qua, James L: Mountnorris
Qua, John L: Bolton
Qua, Robert L: Ballyvally
Qua, William L: Lisadian
Quail, Mary Anne L: Crunagh
Quinn, Bernard L: Tullyah
Quinn, Daniel L: Greyhillan
Quinn, Daniel L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Quinn, Mary L: Tullyah
Quinn, Michael L: Ballydogherty
Quinn, Michael L: Tullyah
Quinn, Patrick L: Carrickgallogly
Quinn, Patrick L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Quinn, Terence L: Belleek
Raferty, Isaac L: Ballydogherty
Rafferty, Clarke L: Lisnisk
Rafferty, James L: Mountnorris
Rafferty, James L: Mullaghmore
Rafferty, John L: Lisnisk
Rafferty, Joseph L: Ballydogherty
Ramsay, John L: Bolton
Reid, William L: Lisadian
Reynolds, Anne L: Tullywinny
Reynolds, John L: Tullyah
Rice, Catherine L: Tullyah
Rice, Eleanor L: Kilcon
Rice, Felix L: Mullaghmore
Rice, John L: Tullyah
Rice, Mary L: Drumharriff
Ripton, L: Mavemacullen
Comment : Widow
Roan, David L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Robb, David L: Belleek
Robb, John L: Carrickgallogly
Robb, John L: Drumnahoney
Robb, Samuel L: Drumnahoney
Robb, William L: Belleek, V: Belleek
Robb, William L: Carrowmannan
Robb, William L: Drumnahoney
Robinson, Isaac L: Ballenan
Robinson, James L: Crankey
Robinson, William L: Ballydogherty
Rodgers, James L: Tullywinny
Rogers, David L: Tullywinny
Rogers, Watson L: Tullywinny
Roland, William L: Drummilt
Rollins, Thomas L: Maytone
Rolston, Agnes L: Mavemacullen
Rolston, David L: Mavemacullen
Rolston, Martha L: Mavemacullen
Rolston, Mary L: Mavemacullen
Rooney, John L: Tullyah
Ross, John L: Carrowmannan
Ross, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Ross, William L: Crankey
Rowan, Andrew L: Mullaghmore
Russell, Agnes L: Tullyallen
Russell, John L: Bolton
Russell, John L: Mountnorris
Russell, Mary L: Mountnorris
Russell, Sydney L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Savage, Edward L: Drumharriff
Savage, Mary L: Killycarn Upper
Scar, David L: V: Mountnorris
Scott, Alexander L: Creggan Lower
Scott, John L: Creggan Lower
Scott, Thomas L: Creggan Lower
Comment : Lower
Scott, Thomas L: Creggan Upper
Scott, Thomas L: Creggan Upper
Comment : Lower
Scott, Thomas L: Derlett
Sewright, Samuel L: Ballydogherty
Shannon, Joseph L: Derlett
Shaw, Alexander L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Shaw, William L: Carran
Sheilds, Anne L: Maytone
Sheilds, David L: Killycarn Lower
Sheilds, Thomas L: Brackagh
Sheilds, William L: Killycarn Lower
Sheils, Bernard L: Maytone
Sheils, William L: Ballyvally
Shields, David L: Balydogherty
Shields, George L: Ballydogherty
Shields, John L: Ballydogherty
Shields, Robert L: Crankey
Shiels, John L: Drumcrow
Shilliday, Jane L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Short, John L: Mountnorris
Silcock, Rev. James L: Mountnorris
Silcock, Rev. James L: V: Mountnorris
Simms, William L: Crunagh
Simpson, John L: Mountnorris
Sinclair, Abraham L: Lisnalee
Sinclair, Thomas L: Drumharriff
Sinclair, Thomas L: Lisadian
Sinnott, Parker George L: Drumcrow
Slavin, Eliza L: Mavemacullen
Sleeth, Joseph L: Creggan Lower
Sleeth, Samuel L: Creggan Lower
Sleeth, Thomas L: Creggan Lower
Sleeth, Thomas L: Tullyherron
Sleeth, William L: Creggan Lower
Smith, James L: Mavemacullen
Smith, Mary L: Ballydogherty
Smith, Patrick L: Tullyah
Steele, Francis L: Brackagh
Steele, Francis L: Carran
Steele, Francis L: Rathconvil
Steele, Sarah L: Carran
Steele, William L: Brackagh
Steele, Rep. William L: Brackagh
Steele, William L: Carran
Steenson, Mary L: Derlett
Stephenson, Archibald L: Rathconvil
Stephenson, Robert L: Drumgane
Stephenson, Samuel L: Rathconvil
Stephenson, William L: Ballenan
Stephenson, William L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Stephenson, William L: Rathconvil
Stewart, Alexander L: Keady Beg
Stewart, Andrew L: Lisdrumchor Lower
Stewart, Anne L: Creeve
Stewart, David L: Ballydogherty
Stewart, Hugh L: Ballenan
Stewart, Hugh L: Creeve
Stewart, Hugh L: Lisnisk
Stewart, James L: Lurgyross
Stewart, John L: Ballydogherty
Stewart, John L: Creeve
Stewart, John L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Stewart, John Lowry L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Stewart, William L: Corrinare
Stewart, William L: Drummilt
Stewart, William L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Stinson, James L: Mavemacullen
Stitt, Nathaniel L: Keady Beg
Strain, Rev. Alexander L: Rathconvil
Summerville, John L: Drumharriff
Swansey, Martin L: Corrinure
Symms, James L: Ballygorman
Taylor, David L: Ballygorman
Taylor, James L: Tullyah
Taylor, John L: Tullyah
Taylor, John, Jr. L: Tullyah
Taylor, William L: Tullyah
Thompson, Hugh L: Greyhillan
Thompson, John L: Carrowmannan
Thompson, John L: Keady More
Thompson, John L: Lisnalee
Thompson, John L: Mavemacullen
Thompson, John S. L: Carran
Thompson, Stewart L: Lisnalee
Toale, James L: Tullyah
Todd, James L: Lisadian
Todd, John L: Lisadian
Toner, Denis L: Corrinure
Toner, Denis L: Maytone
Toner, Eliza L: Corrinure
Toner, John L: Belleek, V: Belleek
Toner, John L: Corrinure
Toner, John L: Corrinure
Comment : English
Toner, John L: Maytone
Comment : English
Toner, John, Jr. L: Drumcrow
Toner, Loughlin L: Corrinure
Toner, Loughlin L: Drumcrow
Toner, Loughlin L: Maytone
Toner, Patrick L: Keady Beg
Toner, Robert L: Lisnalee
Toner, Thomas L: Brackagh
Toner, Thomas L: Mavemacullen
Totten, Mary L: V: Mountnorris
Totten, Samuel L: Ballygorman
Totten, Samuel L: Tullyallen
Treanor, John L: Belleek
Treanor, Patrick L: Carrowmannan
Treanor, Rose L: Drumnahoney
Tremble, David L: Lurgyross
Trousdale, Thomas L: Drumnahunshin
Trousdale, Thomas L: Keady More
Troy, Michael L: Carrickgallogly
Turley, Michael L: Drumnahoney
Turley, Michael L: Drumnahunshin
Turley, Patrick L: Drumnahoney
Turley, Patrick L: Drumnahunshin
Turner, Robert L: Mavemacullen
Usher, Margaret L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Vance, Robert L: Drumgane
Vennard, Thomas L: Mullaghmore
Vint, Alexander L: Mullaghmore
Vint, Eliza L: Kilcon
Vint, James L: Kilcon
Vint, Thomas L: Kilcon
Vint, William L: Kilcon
Waddell, John L: Tullyallen
Waddell, Samuel L: Tullyallen
Walker, James L: Mountnorris
Walker, James L: V: Mountnorris
Walker, William L: Derlett
Walker, William L: Tullyallen
Wallace, James L: Lisadian
Wallace, James L: Lisnalee
Wallace, James L: Rathcarbry
Wallace, John, Jr. L: Rathcarbry
Wallace, John, Sr. L: Rathcarbry
Wallace, Mary L: Rathcarbry
Wallace, Robert L: Rathcarbry
Wallace, William L: Creggan Upper
Walsh, Alexander L: Creggan Upper
Walsh, Hugh L: Creggan Upper
Walsh, John L: Carrowmannan
Walsh, Thomas L: Carrowmannan
Ward, Eliza L: Cornagrally
Ward, John L: Cornagrally
Ward, Patrick L: Cornagrally
Warnock, Henry L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Warnock, James L: Lisdrumchor Upper
Warnock, James L: Rathcarbry
Warwick, Maria L: Rathconvil
Waterson, Patrick L: V: Mountnorris
Watson, John L: Carrowmannan
Watson, John L: Rathcarbry
Watson, Matthew L: Belleek, V: Belleek
Watt, Agnes L: Mountnorris
Whelan, James L: Carrickananny
Whelan, John L: Drumnahoney
White, Esther L: Tullyallen
Whiteside, David L: Killycarn Lower
Whiteside, David L: Rathconvil
Whiteside, George L: Cornagrally
Whiteside, George L: Drumcrow
Whiteside, George L: Killycarn Lower
Whiteside, George L: Lisnisk
Whiteside, James L: Mavemacullen
Whiteside, Margaret L: Killycarn Lower
Williamson, George L: Tullywinny
Williamson, William L: Rathcarbry
Willis, John L: Brackagh
Wilson, Henry L: Cornagrally
Wilson, James L: Cornagrally
Wilson, John L: Carrowmannan
Wilson, John L: Cornagrally
Wilson, Joseph L: Drumharriff
Wilson, Joseph L: Lisadian
Wilson, Joseph L: Rathcarbry
Wilson, Margaret L: Mullaghmore
Wilson, Samuel L: Rathconvil
Wilson, William L: Cornagrally
Woods, James L: Keady Beg
Young, John L: Brackagh

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Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan