Griffiths Valuation: Lisnadill Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Lisnadill Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Lisnadill parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Lisnadill Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Lisnadill Parish, Co. Armagh

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All Griffiths Valuation records in this page have been published in alphabetical order. Search tip for most web browsers: press Ctrl and F and enter surname or search term. If you are researching particular townlands or areas of this parish, then we suggest that you also use the Ctrl F option in your web browser.

You should also check the records of Lisnadill parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Accles, William L: Ballymoran
Acheson, William L: Farmacaffly
Acheson, William L: Moneypatrick
Adams, Anne L: Lisbanoe
Agnew, Hugh L: Kennedies
Agnew, Mary Jane L: Balleer
Alexander, John L: Armaghbrague
Alexander, Thomas L: Armaghbrague
Allen, Alexander, Jr. L: Corran
Allen, Alexander, Sr. L: Corran
Allen, Elizabeth L: Armaghbrague
Allen, George L: Killyfaddy
Allen, George L: Magheraville
Allen, Graham L: Outlack
Allen, James L: Corran
Allen, James L: Outlack
Allen, John L: Armaghbrague
Allen, John L: Corran
Allen, John L: Lislea
Allen, John L: Moneyquin
Allen, Mary L: Corran
Allen, Patrick L: Armaghbrague
Allen, Robert L: Latmacollum
Allen, Robert L: Outlack
Allen, Thomas L: Drumgaw
Allen, William L: Armaghbrague
Anderson, George L: Armaghbrague
Anderson, James L: Armaghbrague
Anderson, James L: Ballymoran
Andrew, Samuel L: Armaghbrague
Armagh, L: Ballyheridan N: Archbishop of Armagh
Armagh, L: Corran N: Lord Archbishop of Armagh
Armagh, L: Farranamucklagh N: Archbishop of Armagh
Askin, William L: Ballyards
Atkinson, Elizabeth L: Lisnadill
Atkinson, Hampton L: Latmacollum
Atkinson, Hampton L: Lisnadill
Atkinson, John L: Latmacollum
Bailey, Alexander L: Armaghbrague
Bailey, Caleb L: Armaghbrague N: Caleb and Wm.
Bailey, John L: Armaghbrague
Bailey, Joseph L: Armaghbrague
Bailey, Wm. L: Armaghbrague N: Caleb and Wm.
Balfour, John L: Tullybrone
Ballentine, Andrew L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Ballentine, Robert L: Cavanacaw
Ballentine, Robert L: Tirearly
Ballentine, Thomas L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Ballentine, Thomas L: Ballyheridan
Balmer, John L: Killyfaddy
Beatty, David L: Latmacollum
Beatty, Margaret L: Latmacollum
Beatty, William L: Latmacollum
Belford, John L: Killycapple
Bell, Mary L: Ballyards
Bell, Matthew L: Ballynahone Beg.
Bell, William L: Kennedies
Belshaw, Samuel L: Cavanacaw
Berry, James L: Ballymoran
Bews, Edward L: Cavanacaw
Bingham, John L: Armaghbrague
Bingham, Sarah L: Armaghbrague
Birch, John L: Ballybrolly
Black, Benjamin L: Killycapple
Black, Jane L: Killycapple
Black, John L: Latmacollum
Black, John L: Outlack
Black, William L: Lisnadill
Blackenridge, Anne L: Lisbanoe
Blackstock, Dora L: Seagahan
Blair, Rachel L: Armaghbrague
Blemins, William L: Seagahan
Blevins, James L: Cavanacaw
Blevins, John L: Cavanacaw
Bodel, John L: Kennedies
Boland, John L: Kennedies
Boll, Mary L: Ballymoran
Bond, Walter M. G. L: Corran
Bond, Walter M. G. L: Farranamucklagh
Bond, Walter M. G. L: Lislea
Bothwell, Thomas L: Enagh
Boyd, Alexander L: Kennedies
Boyd, Andrew L: Cavanacaw
Boyd, David L: Cavanacaw
Boyd, James L: Armaghbrague
Boyd, James B. L: Balleer
Boyd, James B. L: Ballynagalliagh
Boyd, Robert L: Armaghbrague
Boyd, Robert L: Ballynahone Beg.
Boyd, Robert A. L: Cavanacaw
Boyd, William L: Cavanacaw
Boyd, William L: Cavanacaw N: Farmer
Boyle, Arthur L: Farranamucklagh
Boyle, Michael L: Corran
Boyle, Michael L: Farranamucklagh
Branigan, Bridget L: Kennedies
Brennan, Arthur, Jr. L: Ballymacanab
Brennan, Arthur, Sr. L: Ballymacanab
Briens, Christopher L: Armaghbrague
Briens, John L: Armaghbrague
Briggs, Adam L: Kennedies
Brogan, James L: Armaghbrague
Brookes, David L: Drumconwell
Brookes, James L: Moneypatrick
Brookes, Robert L: Moneypatrick
Brooks, James L: Farmacaffly
Broomfield, James L: Moneyquin
Broomfield, Robert L: Moneyquin
Brown, James L: Killycapple
Browne, John L: Ballyards
Browne, Susan L: Armaghbrague
Browne, William L: Armaghbrague
Burke, Edward L: Armaghbrague
Burke, Samuel L: Seagahan
Burns, Catherine L: Ballynagalliagh
Burns, James L: Ballymoran
Burns, Laurence L: Killycapple
Byrne, Patrick L: Ballyards
Caherty, John L: Killyfaddy
Callaghan, Michael L: Corran
Callaghan, Patrick L: Armaghbrague
Callaghan, Peter L: Corran
Campbell, Anne L: Armaghbrague
Campbell, Bernard L: Tanderagee
Campbell, Catherine L: Armaghbrague
Campbell, Francis L: Armaghbrague
Campbell, Grace L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Campbell, Henry L: Ballyheridan
Campbell, John L: Lisbanoe
Caraher, Owen L: Ballymacanab
Carberry, Mary L: Farranamucklagh
Carberry, Peter L: Corran
Carberry, Peter L: Farranamucklagh
Carraher, Owen L: Tullybrone
Carroll, James L: Ennislare
Carroll, Mary L: Ennislare
Carson, Anne Eliza L: Lisdrumard
Carson, Esther L: Ballynahone Beg.
Carton, James L: Ballyards
Cassells, John L: Kennedies
Cassidy, Dominick L: Armaghbrague
Cassidy, James L: Ballynahone Beg.
Cassidy, John L: Tanderagee
Cassidy, Patrick L: Tanderagee
Castle, Mark L: Armaghbrague
Castle, Mark, Jr. L: Armaghbrague
Castle, Mark, Sr. L: Armaghbrague
Castle, William, Jr. L: Armaghbrague
Castle, William, Sr. L: Armaghbrague
Cavanagh, Charles L: Armaghbrague
Cavanagh, Charles, Jr. L: Corran
Cavanagh, Charles, Sr. L: Armaghbrague
Cavanagh, Mary L: Armaghbrague
Charlemont, L: Ballymacanab N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Cashel N: Earl of Charlemont
Clarke, Catherine L: Armaghbrague
Clarke, Catherine L: Ballymacanab
Clarke, Edward, Sr. L: Ballymacanab
Clarke, Edwrad, Jr. L: Ballymacanab
Clarke, James L: Ballymacanab
Clarke, John L: Armaghbrague
Clarke, Mary L: Armaghbrague
Clarke, Michael L: Ballymacanab
Clarke, Patrick L: Ballymacanab
Clarke, Peter L: Ballymacanab
Clarke, Robert L: Kennedies
Clarke, William L: Armaghbrague
Coghran, Thomas L: Ballymoran
Cole, Catherine L: Corran
Coleman, Ellen L: Armaghbrague
Coleman, Jane L: Armaghbrague
Collins, Bridget L: Corran
Collins, Peter L: Corran
Collins, Peter, Jr. L: Corran
Conlan, David L: Enagh
Conlan, Hugh L: Kennedies
Conlon, John L: Ballynagalliagh
Connolly, Bernard L: Ballyheridan
Connolly, Felix L: Lislea
Connolly, Felix L: Moneyquin
Connolly, John L: Ballyards
Connolly, Michael L: Ballyards
Connolly, Patrick L: Ballyards
Connor, Mary L: Corran
Conry, Daniel L: Lisnadill
Conway, James L: Corran
Conway, John L: Corran
Cooke, John L: Aghavilly
Cooke, Samuel L: Ballynagalliagh
Coppleton, John L: Killycapple
Cornett, John L: Armaghbrague
Cornett, Thomas L: Armaghbrague
Cornett, William L: Armaghbrague
Corr, Arthur L: Corran
Corr, Charles L: Cashel
Corr, Charles L: Foley
Corr, Daniel L: Corran
Corr, Felix L: Corran
Corr, Francis L: Farranamucklagh
Corr, John L: Ballyheridan
Corr, John L: Cashel
Corr, John L: Lislea
Corr, Joseph L: Magheraville
Corr, Mary L: Farranamucklagh
Corr, Michael, Jr. L: Magheraville
Corr, Michael, Sr. L: Magheraville
Corr, Rose L: Tullynagin
Corr, Thomas L: Magheraville
Corr, Thomas L: Moneyquin
Corran, Mary L: Farmacaffly
Corrigan, Peter L: Ballyards
Corrigan, Sarah L: Corran
Corvan, Patrick L: Corran
Cosby, John L: Ballybrolly
Cosgrave, Arthur L: Drumgaw
Cosgrave, Patrick L: Latmacollum
Cotter, Sarah L: Ballyards
Courtney, Clements L: Tullybrone
Courtney, John L: Enagh
Courtney, John L: Tullybrone
Courtney, William L: Tullynagin
Couser, James L: Cavanacaw
Couser, Jane L: Aghavilly
Couser, Rep. Joseph L: Aghavilly
Couser, Rep. Joseph L: Killynure
Couser, William L: Enagh
Couser, William L: Lisbanoe
Couser, William, Jr. L: Aghavilly
Couser, William, Jr. L: Killynure
Couser, William, Sr. L: Aghavilly
Couser, William, Sr. L: Killynure
Cowser, Mary L: Ballymoran
Cowser, Thomas L: Ballymoran
Coyne, Hugh L: Magheraville
Coyne, Michael L: Ballymoran
Coyne, Robert L: Ballyards
Coyne, Thomas L: Drumgaw
Coyne, Thomas L: Killycapple
Coyne, Thomas L: Outlack
Craig, Anne L: Tullynagin
Croghan, Owen L: Ballyards
Cromwell, James L: Lislea
Cromwell, John L: Seagahan
Cromwell, Robert L: Seagahan
Cromwell, Robert L: Tullynagin
Crookshank, Mary Anne L: Killyfaddy
Crosby, John L: Killyfaddy
Crozier, James L: Seagahan
Crozier, John L: Seagahan
Crozier, Robert L: Seagahan
Crozier, Thomas L: Seagahan
Crozier, William L: Ballymoran
Crozier, William L: Seagahan
Crystall, Patrick L: Foley
Cully, James L: Ballybrolly
Cunningham, Henry L: Ballymoran
Cunningham, James L: Ballymoran
Cunningham, James L: Killyfaddy
Cunningham, James, Jr. L: Lisbanoe
Cunningham, James, Sr. L: Lisbanoe
Cunningham, John L: Lisbanoe
Cunningham, Leonard L: Lisbanoe
Cunningham, Thomas L: Ballymacanab
Curran, Rose Anne L: Corran
Curry, John L: Farmacaffly
Curry, Richard L: Ballynagalliagh
Curry, Susan L: Ballynagalliagh
Curry, Thomas L: Ballynagalliagh
Cusker, Arthur L: Ballyards
Davidson, George L: Latmacollum
Davidson, George L: Outlack
Davidson, John L: Ballymoran
Davidson, John W. L: Ballyards
Davidson, John W. L: Lisbanoe
Dean, William L: Armaghbrague
Deens, William L: Armaghbrague
Delany, Patrick L: Lisbanoe
Dennis, Henry L: Killynure
Dennis, Patrick L: Cavanacaw
Dennis, Thomas L: Cavanacaw
Devaney, James L: Armaghbrague
Devanny, James L: Corran
Devlin, Alexander L: Lisnadill
Devlin, Catherine L: Tanderagee
Devlin, James L: Lisnadill
Devlin, John L: Cashel
Devlin, Owen L: Tanderagee
Devlin, Patrick L: Ballymacanab
Devlin, Patrick L: Cashel
Devlin, Patrick L: Tanderagee
Devlin, Peter L: Farranamucklagh
Dickenson, James L: Ballyards
Dickinson, Robert L: Lisbanoe
Dillon, Mary L: Ballymacanab
Dillon, Patrick L: Ballymacanab
Dixon, Samuel, Jr. L: Tanderagee
Dixon, Samuel, Sr. L: Tanderagee
Dobbin, John L: Enagh
Dobbin, Robert L: Enagh
Dodds, John L: Seagahan
Dodds, Joseph L: Aghavilly
Dodds, Joseph L: Magheraville
Dodds, Robert L: Seagahan
Dogherty, Mary Anne L: Corran
Dogherty, Patrick L: Corran
Donaghy, Anne L: Corran
Donaghy, Henry L: Corran
Donaghy, Henry L: Farranamucklagh
Donaghy, Jane L: Drumconwell
Donaghy, John L: Corran
Donaghy, Mary L: Killynure
Donaghy, Mary L: Killynure N: Sarah and Mary
Donaghy, Owen L: Corran N: Ptk. and Owen
Donaghy, Patrick, Jr. L: Corran
Donaghy, Ptk. L: Corran N: Ptk. and Owen
Donaghy, Sarah L: Killynure N: Sarah and Mary
Donaldson, Eliza L: Lisnadill
Donaldson, John L: Ballymoran
Donaldson, Mary L: Outlack
Donaldson, Robert L: Lisnadill
Donnelly, Bernard L: Tanderagee
Donnelly, Bridget L: Corran
Donnelly, Felix L: Ballybrolly
Donnelly, James L: Armaghbrague
Donnelly, James L: Ballyards
Donnelly, James, Sr. L: Armaghbrague
Donnelly, John L: Ballymacanab
Donnelly, John L: Ballynagalliagh
Donnelly, John L: Corran
Donnelly, John L: Tanderagee
Donnelly, Richard L: Tanderagee
Donnelly, Richard L: Tullybrone
Donnelly, Terence L: Tanderagee
Doogan, John L: Ballyheridan
Doran, Michael L: Corran
Dougan, Jane L: Ballymoran
Dougan, William L: Latmacollum
Douglas, John L: Armaghbrague
Downey, Bridget L: Corran
Doyle, Charles L: Outlack
Doyle, Edward L: Armaghbrague
Doyle, John L: Armaghbrague
Doyle, Patrick L: Armaghbrague
Doyle, Patrick L: Tullybrone
Doyle, Terence L: Armaghbrague
Duff, Francis L: Drumconwell
Duffy, Francis L: Lisnadill
Duffy, Patrick L: Tullybrone
Dunafer, Robert L: Kennedies
Duncan, James L: Farmacaffly
Duncan, Samuel L: Broughan
Duncan, Samuel L: Drumconwell
Duncan, Samuel L: Ennislare
Duncan, William L: Drumgaw
Dunlevey, Mary L: Ballynagalliagh
Dunlop, William L: Moneyquin
Edmondson, Alexander L: Ballybrolly
English, William L: Armaghbrague
Erskine, William L: Ballynagalliagh
Ewart, William L: Ballyards
Fagan, James L: Farranamucklagh N: James and John
Fagan, John L: Farranamucklagh N: James and John
Feaghan, Edward L: Corran
Feaghan, Michael L: Corran
Fee, Mary L: Armaghbrague
Feehan, Joseph L: Baltarran
Feemster, William L: Ballymoran
Fegan, Hugh L: Kennedies
Fehan, Edward L: Farmacaffly
Fehan, Terence L: Drumconwell
Ferguson, William L: Ballybrolly
Ferguson, William L: Latmacollum
Finn, John L: Killycapple
Fluke, William L: Kennedies
Fox, Edward L: Ballynagalliagh
Fox, Michael L: Ballynagalliagh
Frame, William L: Tullynagin
Frazer, Jane L: Drumgaw
Freame, Agnes L: Killyfaddy
Fulton, Isaiah L: Corran
Galbraith, Joseph L: Killycapple
Gallogly, Michael L: Ballybrolly
Gallogly, Terence L: Ballybrolly
Galogly, Patrick L: Drumconwell
Garland, Patrick L: Balleer
Garvan, Archibald L: Armaghbrague
Garvan, William L: Armaghbrague
Garvey, Felix L: Enagh
Garvey, James L: Balleer
Garvey, Michael L: Balleer
Garvin, Jane L: Lislea
Geates, William L: Balleer
Gillespie, Thomas L: Cavanacaw
Gillespie, Thomas L: Ennislare
Gillespie, Thomas L: Farmacaffly
Gillow, Samuel L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Gilmour, Hugh L: Ballyards
Girvan, Alice L: Tanderagee
Girvin, Catherine L: Moneyquin
Girvin, James R. L: Ballynagalliagh
Girvin, James R. L: Moneyquin
Glacken, William L: Outlack
Glenny, John L: Killyfaddy
Gologly, Mary L: Broughan
Goragelly, Peter L: Ballyards
Gordon, Andrew L: Lisnadill
Gorman, John L: Ballybrolly
Gorman, John L: Tanderagee
Gorman, Michael L: Ballybrolly
Gorman, Michael L: Tanderagee
Gosford, L: Outlack N: Earl of Gosford and Others
Graham, Rep. Jane L: Armaghbrague
Graham, Susan L: Ballymoran
Graham, Thomas L: Tullybrone
Gray, Bridget L: Lisnadill
Gray, George L: Outlack
Gray, Hugh L: Killycapple
Gray, James, Jr. L: Seagahan
Gray, James, Sr. L: Seagahan
Gray, Robert L: Ballymoran
Gray, Sarah L: Kennedies
Gray, Sarah L: Lisnadill
Gray, William L: Seagahan
Greer, Joshua L: Ennislare
Gregory, John L: Armaghbrague
Gregory, Matthew L: Corran
Gribbans, Bridget L: Corran
Grimes, John L: Corran
Gubby, John L: Lislea
Gunning, Thomas L: Moneypatrick
Guy, Catherine L: Tullybrone
Hacket, Thomas L: Corran
Haffey, James L: Ballyards
Haffey, James L: Cavanacaw
Haffy, Joseph L: Magheraville
Haffy, Peter L: Enagh
Haffy, Peter L: Lisbanoe
Haffy, Peter L: Magheraville
Hagan, Bridget L: Ballynagalliagh
Hagan, Francis L: Ballybrolly
Hagan, John L: Ballyards
Hagen, James L: Ballymacanab
Haggan, James L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Hall, George L: Ballyards
Hall, John L: Ballymoran
Hamill, James L: Baltarran
Hamill, James L: Killycapple
Hamill, John L: Killycapple
Hamill, Thomas L: Kennedies
Hamill, Thomas L: Lisnadill
Hamilton, John, Jr. L: Kennedies
Hamilton, John, Sr. L: Kennedies
Hamilton, William L: Killycapple
Hanley, William L: Armaghbrague
Hanlon, Anne L: Ballybrolly
Hanlon, Anne L: Foley
Hanlon, Ardle L: Tullynagin
Hanlon, James L: Farranamucklagh
Hanlon, James L: Tullynagin
Hanlon, John L: Tanderagee
Hanlon, John L: Tullynagin
Hanlon, Peter L: Ballymacanab
Hanlon, Peter L: Foley
Hanlon, Susan L: Ballybrolly
Hanna, Frances L: Outlack
Hanna, Francis L: Ballymoran
Hanna, John L: Drumconwell
Hanna, John L: Tanderagee
Hanna, John L: Tullybrone
Hanna, William L: Lisdrumard
Hanratty, Francis L: Drumconwell
Hare, Arthur L: Farmacaffly
Harper, John L: Armaghbrague
Hart, Bartholomew L: Foley
Hart, Bernard L: Foley
Hart, Francis L: Killycapple
Hart, Henry L: Foley
Hart, John L: Seagahan
Hart, Michael L: Foley
Hartnett, William L: Armaghbrague
Harvey, Alexander L: Enagh
Harvey, David L: Armaghbrague
Harvey, Francis L: Armaghbrague
Harvey, Hugh L: Armaghbrague
Harvey, James L: Armaghbrague
Harvey, Jno. L: Armaghbrague N: Alexander
Harvey, John L: Armaghbrague
Haslop, Andrew L: Lisbanoe
Hastings, James L: Drumgaw
Hastings, James L: Outlack
Haughey, Hugh L: Armaghbrague
Haughey, John L: Armaghbrague
Haughey, Michael L: Armaghbrague
Hawthorn, James L: Aghavilly
Hawthorn, Thomas L: Aghavilly
Hayes, James L: Lisdrumard
Henry, George L: Ballybrolly
Henry, George L: Ballymoran
Henry, George L: Lisnadill
Henry, John L: Kennedies
Henry, Margaret L: Baltarran
Henry, Mary Jane L: Latmacollum
Henton, Samuel L: Tirearly
Heron, William L: Armaghbrague
Hewston, John L: Tirearly
Hill, Eliza L: Outlack
Hill, Robert L: Latmacollum
Hill, Robert L: Seagahan
Hillan, James L: Armaghbrague
Hillan, Mary L: Kennedies
Hinchey, Samuel L: Tirearly
Hogg, Alexander L: Killycapple
Hogg, John L: Drumgaw
Hogg, Robert L: Armaghbrague
Holland, John L: Ballyheridan
Hollywood, Bernard L: Balleer
Hollywood, George L: Drumgaw
Hollywood, George L: Killycapple
Holmes, Hugh L: Ballybrolly
Howard, John L: Armaghbrague
Hughes, Anne Mary L: Cashel
Hughes, Bernard L: Armaghbrague
Hughes, Bernard L: Ballymacanab
Hughes, Bernard L: Foley
Hughes, Bernard, Jr. L: Cashel
Hughes, Bernard, Sr. L: Cashel
Hughes, Catherine L: Ballybrolly
Hughes, Ellen L: Lisbanoe
Hughes, Henry, Jr. L: Cashel
Hughes, Henry, Sr. L: Cashel
Hughes, James L: Baltarran
Hughes, James L: Cashel
Hughes, Mary L: Cashel
Hughes, Mary L: Cashel N: Donaghy
Hughes, Mary L: Foley
Hughes, Michael L: Ballynahone Beg.
Hughes, Michael L: Cashel
Hughes, Owen L: Cashel
Hughes, Patrick L: Baltarran
Hughes, Rose L: Cashel
Hughes, Thomas L: Ballyheridan
Hughes, Thomas L: Ballynahone Beg.
Hughes, William L: Ballymoran
Hunter, William L: Killyfaddy
Hutcheson, James L: Aghavilly
Hutchinson, Robert L: Killycapple
Ireland, Alexander L: Ballyards
Ireland, David L: Ballynagalliagh
Ireland, David L: Lisnadill
Ireland, James L: Ballynagalliagh
Ireland, James L: Drumconwell
Ireland, Mary Jane L: Ballynagalliagh
Ireland, Robert L: Ballynagalliagh
Ireland, Samuel L: Drumconwell
Ireland, Thomas L: Broughan
Ireland, William L: Farmacaffly
Irvine, James L: Ballynagalliagh
Jamison, Arthur L: Ballymoran
Jamison, George L: Ballymoran
Jamison, James L: Latmacollum
Jeffers, James L: Tullybrone
Jeffers, Mary L: Tullybrone
Jeffers, Matthew L: Armaghbrague
Jeffers, William L: Tullybrone
Jenkins, Andrew L: Armaghbrague
Jenkins, Andrew L: Drumgaw
Jenkins, James L: Armaghbrague
Jenkinson, Henry L: Killycapple
Jenkinson, James L: Killycapple
Jenkinson, William L: Killycapple
Johnston, Andrew L: Ennislare
Johnston, Bernard L: Ballyheridan
Johnston, Bernard L: Farmacaffly
Johnston, Francis L: Ballynagalliagh
Johnston, Francis L: Moneyquin
Johnston, George L: Ennislare
Johnston, George, Jr. L: Ballynagalliagh
Johnston, George, Sr. L: Ballynagalliagh
Johnston, Hans L: Tullybrone
Johnston, James L: Aghavilly
Johnston, James L: Kennedies
Johnston, James L: Lislea
Johnston, James L: Magheraville
Johnston, John L: Ballynagalliagh
Johnston, John L: Corran
Johnston, Robert L: Ballynagalliagh
Johnston, Robert L: Broughan
Johnston, Robt L: Ballynagalliagh N: Thos
Johnston, Sarah L: Aghavilly
Johnston, Thomas L: Moneyquin
Johnston, William L: Ballyards
Johnston, William L: Tullybrone
Johnstone, Robert L: Killyfaddy
Jones, Eleanor L: Enagh
Kane, John L: Kennedies
Kavanagh, William L: Broughan
Kearney, James L: Tanderagee
Kearney, Patrick L: Tanderagee
Kearns, Henry L: Drumconwell
Keegan, James L: Drumconwell
Keenan, Bernard L: Armaghbrague
Keenan, Judith L: Baltarran
Keenan, Judith L: Enagh
Kelly, Andrew L: Armaghbrague
Kelly, James L: Ballyards
Kelly, James L: Farranamucklagh
Kelly, John L: Farranamucklagh
Kelly, Mary L: Corran
Kelly, Rose L: Corran
Kelly, Sarah L: Corran
Kennedy, Robert L: Enagh
Kennedy, Robert L: Kennedies
Kennedy, William L: Armaghbrague
Kenny, Owen L: Killyfaddy
Kernaghan, Mary L: Armaghbrague
Kernaghan, Robert L: Armaghbrague
Kernaghan, Thomas L: Armaghbrague
Kernan, Anne L: Tanderagee
Kernan, George L: Ballybrolly
Kernan, John L: Tanderagee
Kerr, Francis L: Ballymacanab
Kerr, Henry L: Ballymacanab
Kerr, James L: Lislea
Kerr, Michael L: Cashel
Kerr, Peter L: Cashel
Kettleton, Thomas L: Ballybrolly
Keys, Andrew L: Lisbanoe
Keys, James L: Aghavilly
Keys, John L: Magheraville
Keys, Robert L: Aghavilly
Keys, Robert L: Ballyards
Keys, Robert J. L: Ballyards
Keys, Thomas L: Enagh
Keys, Thomas L: Magheraville
Kidd, Osborne L: Ballynahone Beg.
Kidd, Osborne L: Enagh
Kidd, Osborne L: Kennedies
Kidd, Osborne L: Lisbanoe
Kilpatrick, Henry L: Armaghbrague
Kilpatrick, John L: Ballyards
Kilpatrick, Matthew L: Ballyards
Kilpatrick, Sarah Mary L: Killycapple
King, John L: Killycapple
King, John L: Outlack
Kirk, George L: Kennedies
Kirk, John L: Ballyards
Kirk, Thomas L: Lislea
Kirk, William L: Ballyards
Kirker, Robert L: Ballybrolly
Kirkwood, John L: Lisbanoe
Kyle, John L: Killyfaddy
Laing, John L: Ballynagalliagh
Lang, John L: Ballyards
Lappin, Patrick L: Farranamucklagh
Larkin, Owen L: Tullybrone
Larkin, Patrick L: Lislea
Lavery, Philip L: Ballyheridan
Lawson, Rachel L: Tanderagee
Leeman, William L: Armaghbrague
Lemmon, George L: Tirearly
Lemmon, Pooler L: Lisdrumard
Lemmon, Thomas L: Lisdrumard
Lemmon, William L: Lisdrumard
Lennon, Anne L: Cashel
Lennon, James L: Killynure
Lennon, John L: Armaghbrague
Lennon, John L: Corran
Lennon, Margaret L: Cashel
Lennon, Michael L: Corran
Lennon, Wm. L: Foley
Lester, George L: Baltarran
Lindsay, Bernard L: Tanderagee
Lindsay, David L: Ballynagalliagh
Lindsay, John L: Tanderagee
Lindsay, Mary L: Killycapple
Lindsay, Mary Anne L: Seagahan
Lindsay, Patrick L: Tanderagee
Little, David L: Seagahan
Little, John L: Balleer
Lockhart, John L: Tanderagee
Loughran, Bernard L: Cashel
Loughran, Margaret L: Cashel
Lowry, Robert L: Armaghbrague
Lynch, Bernard L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Lyons, John L: Tirearly
Lyons, William L: Kennedies
Macartney, John L: Seagahan
Mackan, Michael L: Corran
Mackan, Patrick L: Farranamucklagh
Mackey, Anne L: Kennedies
Mackey, Patrick L: Ballyards
Mackin, Anne L: Kennedies
Macoun, Catherine L: Armaghbrague
Macoun, John L: Farranamucklagh
Macoun, Owen L: Farranamucklagh
Macoun, Peter L: Farranamucklagh
Maguire, Anne L: Ballynagalliagh
Mains, James L: Lislea
Mallon, Bridget L: Lisnadill
Marks, George L: Lisnadill
Marshall, James L: Ennislare
Martin, Alice L: Enagh
Mason, William L: Killycapple
Matchet, James L: Latmacollum
Matchett, Francis L: Armaghbrague
Mawhinney, Alexander L: Ballybrolly
Maynes, James L: Ballyards
McAleavy, John L: Aghavilly
McAleavy, Patrick L: Tanderagee
McAleavy, Thomas L: Ballynagalliagh
McAlevey, John L: Ballyheridan
McAlevy, Hugh L: Ballyards
McAlevy, Thomas L: Magheraville
McAllister, Eliza L: Armaghbrague
McAllister, James L: Seagahan
McAnallen, Elizabeth L: Cavanacaw
McAnally, Anne L: Corran
McAnally, James L: Ballyards
Mcanally, Peter L: Corran
McArdle, Anne L: Corran
McArdle, Edward L: Cavanacaw
McArdle, Henry L: Seagahan
McArdle, Henry, Jr. L: Corran
McArdle, James L: Ballynagalliagh
McArdle, James L: Seagahan
McArdle, John L: Corran
McArdle, Mary L: Seagahan
McArdle, Susan L: Seagahan
McAteer, John L: Latmacollum
McAvinchy, Patrick L: Lislea
McBride, James L: Armaghbrague
McBride, James L: Ballynahone Beg.
McBride, John L: Armaghbrague
McBride, Joseph L: Armaghbrague
McBride, Robert L: Farmacaffly
McBride, William L: Armaghbrague
McCabe, James L: Cashel
McCaffrey, John L: Lislea
McCaghey, Mary L: Drumconwell
McCall, Hugh L: Tanderagee
McCall, Robert L: Seagahan
McCall, Samuel L: Seagahan
McCann, Catherine L: Lislea
McCann, Ellen L: Lislea
McCann, Francis L: Balleer
McCann, Henry L: Lislea
McCann, James L: Balleer
McCann, James L: Corran
McCann, James L: Lislea
McCann, Jane L: Ballynagalliagh
McCann, Rep. John L: Balleer
McCann, Mary L: Balleer
McCann, Owen L: Lislea
McCann, Patrick L: Corran
McCann, Peter, Jr. L: Balleer
McCann, Peter, Sr. L: Balleer
McCann, Rep. Robert L: Balleer
McCann, Robert L: Drumconwell
McCann, Thomas L: Kennedies
McCann, Thomas L: Lislea
McCann, William L: Balleer
McCarroll, John L: Farranamucklagh
McCartan, Fanny L: Baltarran
McCaul, Hugh L: Farranamucklagh
McCawley, John L: Ballyheridan
McCleave, Bridget L: Armaghbrague
McCleave, David L: Armaghbrague
McCleland, Moses L: Corran
McClelland, Thomas L: Enagh
McClung, Alexander L: Killyfaddy
McClung, James L: Killyfaddy
McClung, John L: Killyfaddy
McClure, Alexander L: Latmacollum
McClure, Alexander L: Outlack
McClure, Eliza L: Outlack
McCluskey, Bernard L: Ballynahone Beg.
McCluskey, James L: Lislea
McCone, Catherine L: Foley
McConnell, James L: Ballymoran
McConnell, John L: Ballyheridan
McCooey, Francis L: Ballynahone Beg.
McCormack, James L: Ballynagalliagh
McCormick, George L: Latmacollum
McCormick, Mary Jane L: Ballymoran
McCoy, James L: Armaghbrague
McCracken, Rachel L: Latmacollum
McCrane, Robert L: Ballymoran
McCreary, John L: Armaghbrague
McCreesh, John L: Ballyards
McCreesh, Robert L: Lislea
McCreesh, Thomas L: Ballyards
McCreish, Edward L: Tanderagee
McCristal, John L: Killyfaddy
McCrory, John L: Farmacaffly
McCrory, Patrick L: Cashel
McCrum, Robert L: Kennedies
McCrum, Robert L: Lisbanoe
McCrum, William L: Ballynahone Beg.
McCrum, William L: Kennedies
McCrystal, Bernard L: Tullynagin
McCullagh, Anne L: Armaghbrague
McCulloch, Joseph L: Ballynagalliagh
McCully, John L: Baltarran
McDonnell, John L: Enagh
McDowell, James L: Tullybrone
McDowell, William L: Tanderagee
McFadden, Thomas L: Armaghbrague
McGahey, Archibald L: Ballymoran
McGaughey, Daniel L: Cashel
McGaughy, Bernard L: Cashel
Mcgee, Catherine L: Corran
McGee, James L: Armaghbrague
McGee, Owen L: Corran
McGee, Patrick L: Corran
McGeown, Ambrose L: Cashel
McGeown, Ambrose L: Farranamucklagh
McGeown, Bernard L: Cashel
McGeown, Charles L: Cashel
McGeown, Henry L: Cashel
McGeown, Hugh L: Cashel
McGeown, James L: Ballymacanab
McGeown, James L: Foley
McGeown, John L: Cashel
McGeown, Patrick L: Seagahan
McGeown, Peter L: Cashel
McGeown, Sarah L: Ballymacanab
McGeown, Thomas L: Cashel
McGeown, Thomas, Jr. L: Cashel
McGill, Charles L: Armaghbrague
McGill, John L: Killycapple
McGinn, Mary L: Ballymacanab
McGiveran, Francis L: Corran
McGlennon, Thomas L: Lislea
McGrath, John L: Armaghbrague
McGrath, Mary L: Enagh
McGrath, Peter L: Cavanacaw
McGuinness, Alexander L: Drumgaw
McGuinness, David L: Tanderagee
McGuinness, Hugh L: Ballybrolly
McGuinness, James L: Ballymacanab
McGuinness, John L: Ballybrolly
McGuirk, Hugh L: Armaghbrague
McGurgan, Francis L: Lislea
McGurgan, Mary L: Enagh
McGurgan, Rose L: Lisbanoe
McGurgan, Terence L: Lislea
McGurgan, Thomas L: Lisbanoe
McHenry, James L: Lislea
McIver, William L: Latmacollum
McKee, Arthur L: Farranamucklagh
McKee, Bernard L: Seagahan
McKee, Charles L: Farranamucklagh
McKee, Denis L: Farranamucklagh
McKee, Denis L: Seagahan
McKee, Felix L: Farranamucklagh
McKee, Francis L: Seagahan
McKee, Henry L: Seagahan
McKee, Hugh L: Armaghbrague
McKee, James L: Seagahan
McKee, James L: Tanderagee
McKee, James, Jr. L: Seagahan
McKee, John L: Balleer
McKee, John L: Ballybrolly
McKee, John L: Kennedies
McKee, Mary L: Ballynagalliagh
McKee, Owen L: Seagahan
McKee, Patrick L: Latmacollum
McKee, Patrick L: Seagahan
Mckee, Peter L: Lisnadill
McKee, Robert L: Armaghbrague
McKee, Thomas L: Armaghbrague
McKee, Thomas L: Seagahan
McKee, William L: Cavanacaw
McKeever, Ellen L: Drumconwell
McKeever, Hugh L: Balleer
McKenna, Bernard L: Armaghbrague
McKenna, Bridget L: Corran
McKenna, Catherine L: Aghavilly
McKenna, Edward L: Cashel
McKenna, James L: Ballyheridan
McKenna, James L: Tanderagee
McKenna, John L: Ballyards
McKenna, John L: Ballynagalliagh
McKenna, John L: Farranamucklagh
McKenna, John L: Tanderagee
McKenna, Joseph L: Ballynagalliagh
McKenna, Lawrence L: Ballyheridan
McKenna, Peter L: Ballyheridan
McKenner, Patrick L: Ballynahone Beg.
McKeown, Charles L: Armaghbrague
McKeown, John L: Ballymoran
McKeown, Mary L: Armaghbrague
McKeown, Tully L: Farranamucklagh
McKernan, Patrick L: Cashel
McKernan, Patrick L: Foley
McKinetry, James L: Broughan
McKinstry, James L: Killyfaddy
McKinstry, John L: Drumgaw
McKinstry, Thomas L: Lislea
McLoughlin, James L: Tanderagee
McLoughlin, Samuel L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
McLoughlin, William L: Ballyheridan
McMahon, John L: Aghavilly
McMahon, Patrick L: Lislea
McMahon, Samuel L: Balleer
McMahon, Thomas L: Tanderagee
McMahon, Thomas L: Tullynagin
McMullen, Henry L: Balleer
McMullen, John L: Ballymoran
McNally, Bernard L: Foley
McNally, Patrick L: Cashel
McNally, Peter L: Foley
McNeary, Martha L: Armaghbrague
McParlan, Edward L: Foley
McParlan, James L: Killycapple
McParlan, Patrick L: Ballybrolly
McParlan, Terence L: Ballymoran
McParland, Anne L: Ballymacanab
McParland, Anne L: Cashel
McParland, Eliza L: Tanderagee
McParland, Francis L: Ballymacanab
McParland, John L: Balleer
McParland, John L: Ballynagalliagh
McParland, Laurance L: Cashel
McParland, Margaret L: Ballymacanab
McParland, Mary L: Farmacaffly
McParland, Michael L: Cashel
McParland, Michael L: Kennedies
McParland, Susan L: Ballynagalliagh
McParland, Thomas L: Ballymacanab
McParlin, Anne L: Seagahan
McParlin, Patrick L: Seagahan
McParlin, Thomas L: Seagahan
McPartland, Bernard L: Corran
McPartland, Charles L: Corran
McPartland, James L: Corran
McPartland, Margeret L: Corran
McPartland, Patrick L: Corran
Mcshane, Francis L: Corran
McShane, John L: Farmacaffly
McShane, Mary L: Farmacaffly
McShane, Patrick L: Ballymacanab
McShane, Thomas L: Ballymacanab
McVarrey, Patrick L: Ballybrolly
McVea, Bernard L: Armaghbrague
McVea, Daniel L: Armaghbrague
McVea, Francis L: Armaghbrague
McVea, James L: Armaghbrague
McVea, Owen L: Armaghbrague
McVey, Francis L: Foley
McWilliams, George L: Ballyards
McWilliams, George L: Ballynahone Beg.
McWilliams, George L: Farmacaffly
Megaw, John L: Drumgaw
Menary, John L: Latmacollum
Meney, Peter L: Tanderagee
Merry, Mary L: Magheraville
Merry, Peter L: Ballybrolly
Miller, William L: Armaghbrague
Minarry, Robert L: Kennedies
Mitchell, George L: Killycapple
Mitchell, George L: Outlack
Mitchell, William L: Killycapple
Moan, James L: Farmacaffly
Moffatt, Anne L: Killyfaddy
Moffatt, Henry L: Tanderagee
Moffatt, John L: Ballybrolly
Moffatt, Thomas L: Broughan
Moffatt, Thomas, Jr. L: Killyfaddy
Moffatt, Thomas, Sr. L: Killyfaddy
Moffet, Henry L: Tullybrone
Moffit, Henry L: Lislea
Moffit, James L: Killycapple
Moffit, John L: Lislea
Moffitt, Henry L: Lislea
Moffitt, James L: Drumgaw
Moffitt, John L: Outlack
Moffitt, Samuel L: Outlack
Moffitt, Thomas L: Drumgaw
Molloy, Anne L: Corran
Molloy, John L: Armaghbrague
Monaghan, Patrick L: Farranamucklagh
Montgomery, Sarah L: Foley
Moody, William L: Armaghbrague
Mooney, Charles L: Foley
Mooney, Francis L: Foley
Moore, Anne L: Lisnadill
Moore, Rep. Berry L: Corran
Moore, George L: Tirearly
Moore, James L: Ballymoran
Moore, James L: Lislea
Moore, James L: Tirearly
Moore, John L: Lislea
Moore, Mary L: Balleer
Moore, Mary L: Ballynagalliagh
Moore, Patrick L: Corran
Moore, Rep. Robert L: Tullybrone
Moore, Thomas L: Corran
Morgan, Patrick L: Corran
Morgan, William L: Drumgaw
Morrison, James L: Tullynagin
Morrison, Jane L: Enagh
Morrison, Mary L: Tullynagin
Morrow, John L: Ballyheridan
Morton, Mary Jane L: Armaghbrague
Mossah, Richard L: Outlack
Muldoon, James L: Lislea
Mulgan, Rev. Mason L: Ballymoran
Mulholland, Jane L: Killycapple
Mullens, Jane L: Ballyards
Murphy, Andrew L: Corran
Murphy, Cath L: Corran N: Cath and ptk.
Murphy, Denis L: Magheraville
Murphy, John, Jr. L: Ballyheridan
Murphy, John, Sr. L: Ballyheridan
Murphy, Patrick L: Armaghbrague
Murphy, Patrick L: Ballymacanab
Murphy, Patrick L: Killycapple
Murphy, Patrick L: Tanderagee
Murphy, Patrick L: Tullybrone
Murphy, Ptk. L: Corran N: Cath and ptk.
Murray, Elizabeth L: Drumgaw
Murray, Francis L: Armaghbrague
Murray, Henry L: Armaghbrague
Murray, Patrick L: Armaghbrague
Nash, Francis L: Ballymoran
Neill, Anne L: Drumconwell
Neill, Charles L: Farmacaffly N: Labourer
Nelson, William L: Baltarran
Nelson, William L: Tirearly
Nesbitt, John L: Cavanacaw
Neville, John L: Killycapple
Neville, Mary L: Killycapple
Neville, Thomas L: Killycapple
Norman, Thomas L: Tanderagee
Nugent, Ann L: Balleer
Nugent, Anne L: Broughan
Nugent, James L: Ballyards
Nugent, James, Jr. L: Ballynagalliagh
Nugent, James, Sr. L: Ballynagalliagh
Nugent, John L: Cashel
Nugent, John L: Foley
Nugent, Patrick L: Drumconwell
Nugent, Patrick L: Ennislare
Nugent, Robert L: Ballynagalliagh
Nugent, Timothy L: Ballyards
O'Brien, Christopher L: Armaghbrague
O'Brien, Christopher L: Corran
O'Brien, Robert L: Armaghbrague
O'Brien, William L: Armaghbrague
O'Callaghan, Felix L: Armaghbrague
O'Callaghan, Patrick L: Armaghbrague
O'Hanlon, Hugh L: Tullybrone
O'Hanlon, John L: Tullybrone
O'Hare, Bridget L: Cashel
O'Hare, Francis L: Seagahan
O'Hare, James L: Killyfaddy
O'Hare, James L: Seagahan
O'Hare, John L: Seagahan
O'Hare, Patrick L: Moneyquin
Oliver, Robert L: Enagh
Oliver, Thomas L: Enagh N: Thomas and Wm.
Oliver, Thomas L: Killynure N: Thomas and Wm.
Oliver, Thomas L: Lisdrumard N: Thomas and Wm.
Oliver, William L: Killynure
Oliver, Wm. L: Enagh N: Thomas and Wm.
Oliver, Wm. L: Killynure N: Thomas and Wm.
Oliver, Wm. L: Lisdrumard N: Thomas and Wm.
O'Neill, Anne L: Corran
O'Neill, Arthur L: Killynure
O'Neill, Charles L: Farmacaffly
O'Neill, Felix L: Killynure
O'Neill, Francis L: Ballymacanab
O'Neill, Francis L: Farranamucklagh
O'Neill, George L: Moneyquin
O'Neill, Hugh L: Drumgaw
O'Neill, John L: Armaghbrague
O'Neill, John L: Lislea
O'Neill, Owen L: Armaghbrague
Orr, Archibald L: Baltarran
Orr, George L: Balleer
Orr, Joseph L: Ballyards
Orr, Mary L: Killyfaddy
O'Toole, Bernard L: Ballymacanab
O'Toole, Henry L: Ballymacanab
O'Toole, John L: Ballymacanab
Owens, Elizabeth L: Baltarran
Palmer, Samuel L: Lislea
Peppard, John L: Armaghbrague
Pepper, Mary L: Latmacollum
Phenix, William L: Latmacollum
Phenix, William L: Lisnadill
Pinkerton, Henry L: Corran
Porter, Alexander L: Killycapple
Porter, Robert L: Killycapple
Porter, William L: Armaghbrague
Powell, Matthew L: Armaghbrague
Powell, Thomas L: Armaghbrague
Prentice, Henry L. L: Ballynagalliagh
Prentice, Henry L. L: Drumconwell
Prentice, Henry L. L: Ennislare
Prentice, Henry L. L: Farmacaffly
Preston, Jeremiah L: Armaghbrague
Price, John L: Corran
Price, John L: Killyfaddy
Quigley, Neal L: Armaghbrague
Quin, Bernard L: Broughan
Quin, Catherine L: Broughan
Quin, Francis L: Balleer
Quin, Francis L: Broughan
Quin, Patrick L: Broughan
Quin, Thomas L: Broughan
Quinn, Mary Anne L: Farranamucklagh
Quinn, Patrick L: Ballymoran
Quinn, Patrick L: Corran
Quinn, Thomas L: Foley
Quinn, William L: Kennedies
Rafferly, Rose L: Farmacaffly
Rafferty, Bernard L: Foley
Rafferty, Rep. Mary L: Farranamucklagh
Rafferty, Peter L: Seagahan
Rafferty, Peter L: Tullybrone
Rafferty, Terence L: Farranamucklagh
Rafferty, Thomas L: Seagahan
Rainey, George L: Ballymoran
Rainey, Thomas L: Drumconwell
Reaney, Robert L: Balleer
Reany, James L: Armaghbrague
Redmond, Joseph L: Cavanacaw
Reid, Clement L: Latmacollum
Reid, James L: Ballymoran
Reid, Mary Ann L: Balleer
Reilly, Thomas L: Ballynahone Beg.
Riggs, J. Stevenson L: Killyfaddy
Robinson, Rev. George L: Cavanacaw
Robinson, Jane L: Seagahan
Robinson, Rose L: Ballynahone Beg.
Robinson, Rep. Thomas L: Aghavilly
Robson, John L: Tullybrone
Rock, Mary L: Ballynagalliagh
Rock, Mary, Jr. L: Ballynagalliagh
Rocks, Anne L: Foley
Rocks, Bernard L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Rocks, Bernard L: Lislea
Rocks, James L: Lislea
Rocks, John L: Ballyards
Rocks, John L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Rocks, John L: Lislea
Rocks, Michael L: Ballymacanab
Rocks, Michael L: Lislea
Rocks, Michael L: Seagahan
Rocks, Sarah L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Rocks, Simon L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Rooney, Francis L: Ballyards
Rooney, Thomas L: Corran
Rorke, Patrick L: Magheraville
Ross, Anne J. L: Latmacollum
Ross, Anne Jane L: Killyfaddy
Ross, James L: Corran
Russell, Ellen L: Outlack
Rutledge, George L: Corran
Scott, James L: Killycapple
Scott, John L: Drumgaw
Scott, Robert L: Ballymoran
Scott, Samuel L: Drumgaw
Scott, Samuel L: Killycapple
Scott, Thomas L: Lisdrumard
Shanks, Thomas L: Drumconwell
Shannon, John L: Ballyards
Sharkey, Henry L: Corran
Sheils, Bernard L: Ballyards
Sheridan, Hugh L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Sheridan, Patrick L: Magheraville
Sheridan, Rosanna L: Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Sherry, Arthur L: Balleer
Shillington, Henry L: Killycapple
Short, Anne L: Farranamucklagh
Short, Bernard L: Ballymacanab
Short, Bernard L: Cashel
Short, Ellen L: Farranamucklagh
Short, Francis L: Seagahan
Short, James L: Seagahan
Short, John L: Cashel
Short, Mary L: Seagahan
Short, Peter L: Foley
Sibbet, Robert L: Cavanacaw
Simonton, David L: Armaghbrague
Simpson, Henry L: Balleer
Simpson, John L: Cavanacaw
Simpson, Robert L: Cavanacaw
Simpson, Robert L: Drumgaw
Simpson, Thomas L: Ballyards
Simpson, Col. Thomas L: Ballyards
Simpson, William L: Drumgaw
Skillen, John L: Killynure
Slacke, Rep. John G. L: Armaghbrague
Slattery, Margaret L: Ballynagalliagh
Slaven, James L: Armaghbrague
Smart, John L: Drumconwell
Smart, Mary Jane L: Enagh
Smith, John L: Armaghbrague
Smith, John L: Drumconwell
Smith, Samuel L: Armaghbrague
Smith, William L: Armaghbrague
Smyth, Michael L: Foley
Somer, Samuel L: Outlack
Spear, Thomas L: Tirearly
Speers, Alexander L: Lisnadill
Stanley, Edward L: Tirearly
Starr, David L: Ballyheridan
Steen, Mary L: Armaghbrague
Steenson, William L: Ballynagalliagh
Steenson, William L: Drumconwell
Stenson, Thomas L: Ballymoran
Stephenson, David L: Corran
Stephenson, Henry L: Corran
Stephenson, Robert L: Corran
Stewart, Henry L: Drumgaw
Stewart, John L: Cavanacaw
Stewart, John L: Drumgaw
Taggart, Patrick L: Foley
Taggert, Samuel L: Killynure
Tate, David L: Killycapple
Tate, Thomas L: Killycapple
Taylor, John L: Armaghbrague
Thomas, Rev. Edward L: Enagh
Thompson, James L: Armaghbrague
Thompson, John L: Ennislare
Thomson, Catherine L: Lislea
Toal, Hugh L: Ennislare
Toal, James L: Ennislare
Toal, John L: Ennislare
Toal, Peter L: Drumconwell
Toner, Arthur, Jr. L: Farranamucklagh
Toner, Arthur, Sr. L: Farranamucklagh
Toner, Bernard L: Foley
Toner, Bridget L: Cashel
Toner, Bridget L: Foley
Toner, Catherine L: Farranamucklagh
Toner, Edward L: Farranamucklagh
Toner, Edward L: Foley
Toner, Francis L: Cashel
Toner, Francis, Jr. L: Farranamucklagh
Toner, Francis, Sr. L: Farranamucklagh
Toner, Francis John L: Foley
Toner, Margaret L: Corran
Toner, Michael L: Farranamucklagh N: Wee
Toner, Michael L: Foley
Toner, Michael, Jr. L: Farranamucklagh
Toner, Michael, Sr. L: Farranamucklagh
Toner, Michl L: Farranamucklagh N: Bernard
Toner, Owen L: Farranamucklagh
Toner, Patrick L: Ballymacanab
Toner, Patrick L: Corran
Toner, Patrick L: Corran N: Patrick
Toner, Patrick L: Corran N: Terence
Toner, Patrick L: Farranamucklagh
Toner, Patrick L: Tullybrone
Toner, Patrick, Sr. L: Corran
Toner, Peter L: Ballyards
Toner, Terence L: Corran
Toner, Terence L: Farranamucklagh
Toole, Thomas L: Baltarran
Tott, William L: Kennedies
Traynor, Philip L: Ballymacanab
Trodden, Anne L: Foley
Trodden, Bell L: Foley
Trodden, Charles L: Lislea
Trodden, Edward L: Foley
Trodden, Felix L: Foley
Trodden, Francis L: Foley
Trodden, James, Jr. L: Foley
Trodden, James, Sr. L: Foley
Trodden, Jane L: Broughan
Trodden, John L: Ballybrolly
Trodden, John L: Tanderagee
Trodden, John, Jr. L: Balleer
Trodden, John, Sr. L: Balleer
Trodden, Mary L: Foley
Trodden, Michael L: Cashel
Trodden, Owen L: Ballybrolly
Trodden, Owen L: Tanderagee
Trodden, Patrick L: Ballybrolly
Trodden, Patrick L: Foley
Trodden, Patrick L: Seagahan
Trodden, Patrick L: Tanderagee
Trodden, Rose L: Foley
Trodden, Sarah L: Ballybrolly
Trodden, Terence L: Ballybrolly
Trodden, Terence L: Foley
Trodden, Thomas L: Foley
Truddan, James L: Corran
Truddan, John L: Farranamucklagh
Truddan, Michael L: Corran
Truddan, Patrick L: Corran
Tweedy, John L: Seagahan
Valelly, Patrick L: Drumconwell
Vallelly, Terence L: Foley
Vallely, Arthur L: Lislea
Vallely, John L: Farranamucklagh
Vance, John L: Ballynahone Beg.
Waddell, William L: Moneyquin
Walker, George P. L: Balleer
Wallace, Robert L: Ballynahone Beg.
Warmington, James L: Balleer
Warmington, James L: Ballybrolly
Warmington, Joseph L: Balleer
Warnock, Daniel L: Armaghbrague
Warnock, James L: Armaghbrague
Warnock, James L: Drumgaw
Warnock, James, Jr. L: Armaghbrague
Warnock, John L: Armaghbrague
Warnock, John L: Armaghbrague N: Robert
Warnock, John L: Drumgaw
Warnock, Joseph L: Armaghbrague
Warnock, Robert L: Drumgaw
Warnock, Samuel L: Armaghbrague
Watson, Elizabeth L: Ballybrolly
Watson, Margaret L: Armaghbrague
Weany, Joseph L: Armaghbrague
Webster, Dorah L: Cavanacaw
Webster, John L: Ballyheridan
Webster, John L: Cavanacaw
Webster, William L: Cavanacaw
Webster, William L: Killycapple
Whiskar, James L: Armaghbrague
Whitley, John L: Drumgaw
Williamson, James L: Seagahan
Williamson, Margaret L: Lisnadill
Wilson, Andrew L: Broughan
Wilson, James L: Moneyquin
Wilson, John L: Lisnadill
Wilson, John L: Moneyquin
Wilson, Joseph L: Balleer
Wilson, Joseph L: Ballyards
Wilson, Joseph L: Ballynagalliagh
Wilson, Joseph L: Broughan
Wilson, Joseph L: Farmacaffly
Wilson, Thomas L: Armaghbrague
Wilton, George L: Farmacaffly
Winter, Robert L: Drumgaw
Woods, Rep. Bernard L: Ballynagalliagh
Woods, Roger L: Ballynagalliagh
Wright, James L: Aghavilly
Wynne, Joseph L: Ballyards
Wynne, Thomas L: Balleer
Wynne, Thomas L: Ballyards
Wynne, Thomas L: Moneyquin N: Bleacher
Wynne, Thomas, Jr. L: Lislea
Wynne, Thomas, Sr. L: Lislea
Young, Isaac L: Cavanacaw

Click for map of civil parishes in county Armagh

Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan