Griffiths Valuation: Kilmore Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Kilmore Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Kilmore parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Kilmore Parish and throughout county Armagh in 1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Kilmore Parish, Co. Armagh

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All Griffiths Valuation records in this page have been published in alphabetical order. Search tip for most web browsers: press Ctrl and F and enter surname or search term. If you are researching particular townlands or areas of this parish, then we suggest that you also use the Ctrl F option in your web browser.

You should also check the records of Kilmore parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Acheson, Robert L: Derryloughan
Adams, Corry L: Brackagh.
Adams, Curry L: Brackagh.
Adams, William L: Ballylisk
Adams, William L: Brackagh.
Addey, Mary Jane L: Castleraw
Adis, Robert L: Ballylisk
Agar, John L: Tamnaghmore
Agar, John L: Tamnaghvelton
Agnew, Aaron L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Albin, Anne Jane L: Maynooth
Albin, Anne Jane L: Rockmacreeny
Albin, Anne Jane L: Shewis
Albin, Christopher L: Rockmacreeny
Albin, Hugh L: Rockmacreeny
Albin, John L: Rockmacreeny
Albin, Thomas L: Shewis
Albin, William L: Rockmacreeny
Allen, Benjamin L: Kincon
Allen, Charles L: Creenagh
Allen, George L: Cloghan
Allen, George L: Kilmacanty
Allen, George L: Shewis
Allen, Jacob L: Mulladry
Allen, James L: Derryloughan
Allen, John L: Ballynahinch
Allen, Joseph L: Liskyborough
Allen, Robert L: Cloghan
Allen, Robert L: Corcreevy
Allen, Robert L: Creenagh
Allen, Robert L: Liskyborough
Allen, Robert, Jr. L: Shewis
Allen, Robert, Sr. L: Shewis
Allen, Sarah L: Shewis
Allen, Thomas L: Liskyborough
Allen, Thomas, Jr. L: Shewis
Allen, Thomas, Sr. L: Shewis
Allen, William L: Derryloughan
Anderson, Alexander L: Annareagh
Anderson, Clements L: Derryhale
Anderson, James L: Aghory
Anderson, James L: Derryhale
Anderson, Jane L: Derryhale
Anderson, John L: Ballyloughan
Anderson, Joseph L: Aghory
Anderson, Joseph L: Money
Anderson, Robert L: Mullalelish
Anderson, William L: Ballybreagh
Anderson, William L: Ballyloughan
Anderson, William L: Cornascreeb
Andrews, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Annesley, George L: Ballintaggart
Armstrong, Alice L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Armstrong, Thomas L: Ballylisk
Armstrong, William L: Ballybreagh
Arran, Susan L: Unshinagh
Ashcroft, Barbra L: Rich Hill, The Square
Ashcroft, Christian L: Ballybreagh
Ashcroft, James L: Mullalelish
Ashcroft, John L: Ballybreagh
Atkinson, Carleton L: Kilmore
Atkinson, Carleton L: Money
Atkinson, Charles L: Ballytrue
Atkinson, Francis L: Ballywilly
Atkinson, Rev. Hans L: Cavan
Atkinson, Rev. Hans L: Money
Atkinson, Jane L: Ballytrue
Atkinson, John L: Ballywilly
Atkinson, Matthew L: Ballytrue
Atkinson, Richard L: Ballytrue
Atkinson, Richard L: Money
Atkinson, Thomas L: Tullymore
Atkinson, William L: Annaboe
Atkinson, William L: Cornascreeb
Atkinson, William L: Kilmore
Babe, Anthony L: Aghory
Babe, Christopher L: Mullahead
Babe, John L: Cornascreeb
Babe, Thomas L: Mullavilly
Bacon, Louisa L: Ballyleny
Bacon, Louisa L: Derryhale
Bacon, Louisa L: Mulladry
Bacon, Louisa L: Mullaletragh
Bacon, Louisa L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Bacon, Louisa L: Rockmacreeny
Baines, George L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Baines, John L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Ballentine, William L: Aghory
Ballentine, William L: Ballyloughan
Balmer, George L: Ballyknock
Balmer, George L: Ballylisk
Balmer, John L: Ballyknock
Balmer, Thomas L: Ballyknock
Barrett, Gregory L: Rockmacreeny
Barriskil, Anne L: Brackagh.
Bartram, William L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Bartrim, David L: Ballyleny
Bartrim, John L: Shewis
Bartrim, Thomas L: Mullalelish
Bates, Mary Anne L: Derryloughan
Beatty, John L: Aghory
Beatty, John L: Tamnaghmore
Beatty, Robert L: Brackagh.
Beck, Anne L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Beck, Anne L: Rich Hill, The Square
Beck, Charles L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Bell, Chesteer L: Tamnaghmore
Bell, Chester L: Tamnaghvelton
Bell, Eliza L: Tullymore
Bell, Isaac L: Cornascreeb
Bell, Jane L: Annaboe
Bell, Jane L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Bell, John L: Tamnaghmore
Bell, Mary L: Drumard Primate
Benison, Thomas L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Bennett, John L: Ballylisk
Benson, James L: Ballyknock
Benson, James L: Tamnaghvelton
Benson, John L: Ballintaggart
Benson, Thomas L: Ballyknock
Berry, Joseph L: Ballyhagan
Berry, Joseph L: Kilmacanty
Berry, William L: Bottlehill
Bertram, Jane L: Brackagh.
Bertrim, Thomas L: Mulladry
Best, George L: Cordrain
Best, James L: Ballyloughan
Best, James L: Drumard (Jones)
Best, James L: Drumnahunshin
Best, James L: Liskyborough
Best, James L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Best, James L: Rich Hill, The Square
Best, James L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Best, Richardson L: Ballyloughan
Best, Robert L: Maynooth
Best, Robert L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Best, Robert L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Bird, James L: Cordrain
Black, James L: Drumnahunshin
Black, John L: Mulladry
Blackburn, William L: Brackagh.
Blacker, John L: Mullahead
Blacker, Joseph L: Brackagh.
Blacker, Samuel L: Brackagh.
Blacker, Samuel L: Mullahead
Blacker, William L: Brackagh.
Blakely, John L: Aghory
Blakes, Anne L: Ballyleny
Blakley, Thomas L: Derryhale
Boats, James L: Aghory
Boles, William L: Tullygarden
Boomer, John L: Mulladry
Bourne, H. M. L: Mullahead
Bournes, Thomas L: Ballintaggart
Boyce, Elisha L: Corcreevy
Boyce, William L: Corcreevy
Boyd, Hugh L: Bottlehill
Boyd, William L: Tamnaghvelton
Boyle, Francis L: Rich Hill, Irish Street N: and Others
Boyle, George L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Boyle, Robert L: Annaboe
Bradford, William L: Rockmacreeny
Bradley, John L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Bradshaw, James L: Annaboe
Brann, James L: Cornascreeb
Brann, William L: Aghory
Brann, William L: Ballynahinch
Breen, Ellen L: Clonroot
Breen, Francis L: Clonroot
Breen, Henry L: Drumard (Jones)
Breen, John L: Mullaletragh
Breen, Thomas L: Clonroot
Breen, William L: Clonroot
Brennan, William L: Aghory
Bridget, Jacob L: Drumard Primate
Bridget, John L: Drumard Primate
Bridget, Richard L: Ballybreagh
Bridget, Richard L: Mullalelish
Bridget, Thomas L: Clonroot
Bridget, William L: Ballybreagh
Bridget, William L: Clonroot
Brien, Arthur L: Ballywilly
Brisland, John L: Liskyborough
Brown, George L: Derryhale
Brown, James L: Mullalelish
Brown, Robert L: Ballyknock
Brown, Robert L: Mullaletragh
Brown, William L: Mullahead
Browne, Anne L: Creenagh
Browne, Eliza L: Drumard (Jones)
Browne, John L: Creenagh
Browne, Mary L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Browne, Robert L: Kilmore
Brownley, Henry L: Derryhale
Brownley, Thomas L: Ballybreagh
Brownley, William L: Ballintaggart
Bryne, James L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Bunting, John L: Rich Hill, The Square
Bunting, Thomas L: Mullaletragh
Bunton, Thomas L: Crewcat
Burgess, James L: Castleraw
Burns, John L: Lisavague
Byrne, John L: Bottlehill
Byrne, John L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Byrnes, Andrew L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Byrnes, James L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Byrnes, John L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Cain, Wolsey L: Drumard (Jones)
Callaghan, Ellen L: Drumnahunshin
Callaghan, George L: Drumnahunshin
Callaghan, George L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Callaghan, James L: Drumnahunshin
Callaghan, John L: Castleraw
Callaghan, Joseph L: Ballynahinch
Callaghan, Robert L: Cordrain
Callaghan, William L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Callaghan, William L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Callahan, Robert L: Cordrain
Calvert, Anne L: Annahugh
Calvert, Anne L: Ballywilly
Calwell, Anne L: Ballyloughan
Calwell, John L: Ballyloughan
Calwell, Thomas L: Ballyloughan
Camlin, James L: Derryhale
Campbell, Anne L: Ballyknock
Campbell, Edward L: Mulladry
Campbell, George L: Creenagh
Campbell, George L: Rockmacreeny
Campbell, James L: Lisavague
Campbell, John L: Ballyknock
Campbell, Lydia L: Mulladry
Campbell, Mary L: Drumard Primate
Campbell, Michael L: Lisavague
Campbell, Michael L: Tamnaghvelton
Campbell, Peter L: Cornascreeb
Campbell, Richard L: Rockmacreeny
Campbell, William L: Ballyleny
Carr, Catherine L: Tullymore
Carr, Edward L: Cavan
Carr, Edward L: Tullymore
Carr, Francis L: Mulladry
Carr, Henry L: Creenagh
Carr, James L: Brackagh.
Carr, James L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Carr, James L: Unshinagh
Carr, John L: Drumard Primate
Carr, John L: Money
Carr, John L: Tullymore
Carr, Peter L: Derryhale
Carr, Robert L: Liskyborough
Carr, Rose L: Kilmore
Carr, Sarah L: Ballywilly
Carr, Valentine L: Brackagh.
Carr, Valentine L: Lisavague
Carr, William L: Tullymore
Carrick, Charles L: Derryhale
Carroll, Eliza L: Cornascreeb
Carroll, John L: Cordrain
Carson, Henry L: Ballynahinch
Carson, James L: Ballynahinch
Carson, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Carson, Thomas L: Ballyloughan
Carson, Thomas L: Ballynahinch
Cartmill, Thomas L: Mullaletragh
Cassells, Anne L: Derryloughan
Cassells, Robert L: Derryloughan
Cassidy, James L: Ballintaggart
Cassidy, James L: Bottlehill
Cassidy, Joseph L: Drumard Primate
Cassidy, Patrick L: Cornascreeb
Castles, Verner L: Tullymore
Cattleton, Matthew L: Cornascreeb
Chambers, Thomas L: Mullalelish
Chapman, Anne L: Bottlehill
Chapman, Anne L: Clonroot N: Nancy
Chapman, Anne L: Drumard Primate
Chapman, Daniel L: Ballintaggart
Chapman, Daniel L: Derryhale
Chapman, Daniel L: Drumnahunshin
Chapman, Daniel L: Mulladry
Chapman, John L: Mulladry
Chapman, Joseph L: Derryhale
Chapman, Joseph L: Drumnahunshin
Chapman, Robert L: Ballintaggart
Chapman, Thomas L: Derryhale
Chapman, Thomas L: Mulladry
Cinnamond, Thomas L: Ballintaggart
Clarke, Thomas L: Tullymore
Clatchey, Thomas L: Bottlehill
Claton, Richard L: Ballylisk
Clayton, George L: Cordrain
Clayton, James L: Cornascreeb
Clayton, Jane L: Tamnaghvelton
Clayton, Mary L: Brackagh.
Clayton, Mary L: Unshinagh
Clayton, Ralph L: Money
Cleaton, William L: Tamnaghmore
Clements, James L: Tamnaghmore
Clements, James L: Tamnaghvelton
Clements, John L: Tullygarden
Clendenning, John L: Ballintaggart
Clendenning, Samuel. H. L: Ballybreagh
Clendenning, Samuel H. L: Mulladry
Clendenny, George L: Cornascreeb
Clinton, David L: Mulladry
Clinton, James L: Aghory
Clinton, John L: Mullalelish
Clinton, Nicholas L: Tullygarden
Cloghley, George L: Ballyknock
Cochrane, David L: Mullahead
Cochrane, Ellen L: Ballyknock
Cochrane, Henry L: Mullahead
Cochrane, Robert L: Ballyknock
Cochrane, Robert L: Cornascreeb
Cochrane, Samuel L: Tamnaghvelton
Cochrane, William L: Brackagh.
Coghran, Anne L: Tamnaghvelton
Cole, John L: Lisavague
Cole, Joseph L: Mulladry
Cole, Mary L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Colven, Sarah L: Liskyborough
Colvin, John L: Mullalelish
Colvin, John L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Colvin, Joseph L: Mullalelish
Colvin, Rebecca L: Tullymore
Colvin, Sarah L: Mullalelish
Colvin, William L: Ballybreagh
Colvin, William L: Mulladry
Conlan, Denis L: Tamnaghvelton
Conlan, Edward L: Castleraw
Conn, John L: Castleraw
Conn, William L: Lisavague
Conn, William L: Tamnaghmore
Conn, William L: Tamnaghvelton
Connolly, Patrick L: Drumard (Jones)
Connor, Bernard L: Castleraw
Connor, James L: Cloghan
Connor, John L: Cloghan
Connor, Michael L: Tullymore
Connor, William L: Rich Hill, The Square
Conway, William L: Ballywilly
Cooke, Anne L: Lissheffield
Cooke, James L: Ballintaggart
Cooke, John L: Castleraw
Cooke, Richard L: Lissheffield
Cooney, Mary L: Mullavilly
Cooper, Thomas L: Clonroot
Cooper, William L: Rockmacreeny
Cope, Anna L: Creenagh
Corner, Charles L: Ballintaggart
Corner, James L: Brackagh.
Corner, Robert L: Unshinagh
Corner, Stewart L: Brackagh.
Corr, Henry L: Cornascreeb
Corrigan, Eliza L: Kilmore
Corrigan, Francis L: Tullymore
Corrigan, James L: Lurgancot
Corrigan, James L: Tullymore
Corrigan, John L: Mulladry
Corrigan, Mary L: Castleraw
Corrigan, Patrick L: Drumnahunshin
Costello, Rev. John E. L: Derryhale
Courtney, Clements L: Ballintaggart
Courtney, Clements L: Derryhale
Courtney, George L: Drumard Primate
Courtney, Mary L: Drumnahunshin
Courtney, Robert L: Clonroot
Courtney, Robert L: Drumard Primate
Courtney, William L: Bottlehill
Cousins, John L: Ballywilly
Cousser, James L: Cordrain
Cowan, Andrew L: Ballylisk
Cowan, Charles L: Ballylisk
Cowan, Eliza L: Cornascreeb
Cowan, Robert L: Cornascreeb
Cowan, Thomas L: Cornascreeb
Cox, John L: Ballywilly
Cox, John L: Derryhale
Cox, John L: Mulladry
Cox, Philip L: Derryhale
Cox, Robert L: Castleraw
Cox, Thomas L: Derryhale
Cox, Thomas L: Mulladry
Cox, Thomas L: Mullalelish
Cox, Thomas L: Tamnaghvelton
Coyle, Joseph L: Tullygarden
Craig, James L: Tamnaghmore
Craig, Joseph L: Ballyknock
Cranson, William L: Cavan
Cranston, James L: Creenagh
Cranston, James L: Drumard (Jones)
Cranston, John L: Ballyhagan
Cranston, William L: Annareagh N: Course Lodge
Creggan, William L: Ballintaggart
Crilly, Eliza L: Bottlehill
Crockett, Thomas L: Ballywilly
Cromie, Rev. William L: Ballintaggart
Cromie, Rev. William L: Derryhale
Crowthers, Anthony L: Mullalelish
Crowthers, Antony L: Ballyloughan
Crowthers, Samuel L: Ballyloughan
Crozier, Mary Anne L: Derryhale
Crozier, Richard L: Corcreevy
Crozier, Richard L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Crozier, Richard L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Cuddy, William L: Derryhale
Cull, Thomas L: Ballyknock
Cullen, Daniel L: Tullymore
Cullen, David L: Tamnaghvelton
Cullen, Edward L: Ballywilly
Cullen, Francis L: Derryhale
Cullen, James L: Ballytrue
Cullen, James L: Tullymore
Cullen, Jane L: Annahugh
Cullen, John L: Annahugh
Cullen, John L: Ballywilly
Cullen, Mary L: Clonroot
Cullen, Michael L: Ballytrue
Cullen, Patrick L: Annahugh
Cullen, Sarah L: Tullymore
Cullen, Thomas L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Cullen, William L: Aghory
Cullen, William L: Ballywilly
Cully, Thomas L: Rockmacreeny
Cummins, Alexander L: Mullahead
Cummins, James L: Clonroot
Cummins, Robert L: Mullahead
Cummins, Thomas L: Mullahead
Cunningham, Bernard L: Lurgancot
Cunningham, Henry L: Annahugh
Cunningham, James L: Annahugh
Cunningham, John L: Lurgancot
Cunningham, Patrick L: Ballywilly
Cunningham, Patrick L: Lurgancot
Cunningham, Peter L: Lurgancot
Cunningham, Thomas L: Lissheffield
Curran, Patrick L: Ballyhagan
Curran, Robert L: Annahugh
Curran, Sarah L: Tullymore
Curry, George L: Clonroot
Curry, George L: Drumard Primate
Curry, Issac L: Cordrain
Curry, Issac, Jr. L: Cordrain
Curry, James L: Annahugh
Curry, James L: Ballylisk
Curry, John L: Annahugh
Curry, John L: Cordrain
Curry, John L: Tamnaghvelton
Curry, John, Jr. L: Cordrain
Curry, John, Sr. L: Cordrain
Curry, Michael L: Cordrain
Curry, Robert L: Cordrain
Cushen, Robert L: Tamnaghmore
Daisy, Anne L: Creenagh
Daisy, James L: Creenagh
Daisy, John L: Ballyhagan
Daisy, Sarah L: Cavan
Dale, Anne L: Ballyleny
Dale, Anne L: Lurgancot
Dale, Francis L: Annaboe
Dale, John L: Ballyleny
Dalzelle, Allen L: Annaboe
Dalzelle, Moses L: Lurgancot
Davidson, James L: Ballyleny
Davies, Robert L: Ballyknock
Davis, Robert L: Ballylisk
Davis, Robert H. L: Cornascreeb
Davison, Catherine L: Ballybreagh
Davison, James L: Aghory
Davison, Robert H. L: Aghory
Davison, William L: Ballybreagh
Dawson, William L: Brackagh.
Dawson Preston, Abrm L: Mulladry
Delap, John L: Tamnaghmore
Dermott, Clement L: Mullavilly
Dermott, John L: Bottlehill
Dermott, Laurence L: Brackagh.
Dermott, Sarah L: Brackagh.
Dermott, William L: Brackagh.
Derry, Edward L: Money
Derry, John L: Kilmacanty
De Salis, L: Brackagh. N: Count
Devine, Francis L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Devlin, John L: Ballyknock
Devlin, Mary L: Ballyknock
Devlin, William L: Corcreevy
Doak, Ann L: Mullahead
Dobson, George L: Ballintaggart
Dobson, George L: Mulladry
Dodd, Mary Anne L: Derryloughan
Dogherty, Alexander L: Rockmacreeny
Dogherty, Henry L: Ballintaggart
Donaghy, Alice L: Creenagh
Donaghy, Anne L: Ballyhagan
Donaghy, Mary A. L: Ballyhagan
Donaghy, Thomas L: Ballintaggart
Donahy, Thomas L: Mullavilly
Donaldson, James L: Drumard Primate
Donaldson, James L: Drumnahunshin
Donaldson, James L: Mulladry
Donaldson, John L: Clonroot
Donnell, William L: Kilmore
Donnelly, Benjamin L: Tamnaghvelton
Donnelly, Bernard L: Tullymore
Donnelly, Charles L: Cordrain
Donnelly, George L: Cavan
Donnelly, James L: Money
Donnelly, John L: Cavan
Donnelly, John L: Cloghan
Donnelly, John L: Cornascreeb
Donnelly, John L: Lisavague
Donnelly, Joseph L: Liskyborough
Donnelly, Joseph L: Maynooth
Donnelly, Patrick L: Cavan
Donnelly, Patrick L: Money
Donnelly, Patrick L: Tullymore
Donnelly, Terence L: Tullymore
Donnelly, Thomas L: Cornascreeb
Douglas, Owen L: Rich Hill, The Square
Douglas, Robert L: Aghory
Douglas, William L: Tullyroan
Doway, William L: Tamnaghvelton
Dowglasse, Owen L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Downey, John L: Ballybreagh
Downey, Robert L: Annareagh
Dramson, John L: Ballylisk
Drennan, William L: Annahugh
Duffin, Catherine L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Duffy, James L: Tamnaghmore
Duffy, James L: Tamnaghvelton
Duffy, Patrick L: Bottlehill
Duffy, Patrick L: Tamnaghvelton
Duffy, Thomas L: Tamnaghmore
Duke, James L: Derryhale
Duke, Martha L: Ballytrue
Duncan, William L: Derryhale
Duncan, William L: Mulladry
Eccles, James L: Lurgancot
Egar, John L: Aghory
Elliott, John L: Drumard Primate
Elliott, Robert L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Elliott, Thomas L: Clonroot
English, James L: Ballybreagh
Evans, John L: Corcreevy
Ewart, James L: Brackagh.
Ewell, David L: Annahugh
Fairn, Edward L: Mulladry
Fairn, John L: Mulladry
Falloon, Elizabeth L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Falloon, Ellen L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Falloon, John L: Mulladry
Falloon, John, Jr. L: Ballyleny
Falloon, John, Sr. L: Ballyleny
Falloon, William L: Ballyleny
Falloon, William L: Derryhale
Faloon, John L: Cloghan
Fannin, James L: Brackagh.
Farley, John L: Brackagh.
Farquhar, John L: Ballylisk
Farquhar, Robert L: Ballyknock
Feenan, John L: Brackagh.
Ferguson, James L: Corcreevy
Ferguson, James L: Mullaletragh
Ferrin, Anne L: Tamnaghvelton
Ferrin, Edward L: Mullavilly
Ferrin, James L: Cornascreeb
Ferrin, James, Jr. L: Cornascreeb
Ferrin, James, Sr. L: Cornascreeb
Ferrin, Michael L: Ballyknock
Ferrin, Patrick L: Cornascreeb
Ferry, John L: Ballytrue
Finegan, George L: Drumnahunshin
Finegan, John L: Drumard Primate
Finegan, Peter L: Drumnahunshin
Finlay, William L: Tamnaghmore
Finn, James L: Cornascreeb
Finn, James L: Lisavague
Finn, James L: Tamnaghmore
Finn, James L: Tamnaghvelton
Finn, James, Sr. L: Lisavague
Finnegan, William L: Ballintaggart
Fitzharris, Thomas L: Ballyloughan
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth L: Tamnaghmore
Flanagan, Robert L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Flavelle, Mary L: Derryhale
Flavelle, William L: Derryhale
Ford, Robert L: Aghory
Forde, David L: Ballynahinch
Forde, Ellen L: Ballynahinch
Forde, William L: Ballynahinch
Forker, George L: Ballyleny
Forker, George L: Mulladry
Forker, Samuel L: Ballyleny
Forker, Samuel L: Ballywilly
Forsythe, Rev. James L: Aghory
Foster, David L: Maynooth
Foster, Rep. David L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Foster, Elliot L: Liskyborough
Foster, Elliot L: Maynooth
Foster, Elliott L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Foster, George L: Ballyhagan
Foster, Jane L: Lissheffield
Foster, Joseph L: Ballyloughan
Fowler, Ellen L: Ballytrue
Francis, James L: Ballylisk
Freeborn, James L: Ballintaggart
Freer, James L: Tamnaghmore
Frizelle, William L: Crewcat
Fullerton, Ballentine L: Mullalelish
Fullerton, George L: Aghory
Fullerton, John L: Rockmacreeny
Fullerton, Robert L: Ballyleny
Fullerton, Robert L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Gabbett, Rev. Edward L: Annaboe
Gaddis, William L: Ballyknock
Gallagher, Daniel L: Ballyhagan
Gamble, James L: Ballylisk
Gamble, John L: Ballylisk
Gamble, Robert L: Ballyknock
Gamble, William L: Mullahead
Gamble, William L: Mullaletragh
Gardiner, Hugh L: Ballintaggart
Gardiner, James L: Liskyborough
Gardiner, John L: Annaboe
Gardiner, John L: Liskyborough
Gardiner, Robert L: Ballintaggart
Gardiner, Robert L: Tullymore
Gardiner, Singleton L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Gardiner, Thomas L: Corcreevy
Garvin, John L: Ballintaggart
Gates, John L: Drumard Primate
Gates, Thomas L: Ballintaggart
Gay, Sarah L: Lisavague
Geraghty, Jane L: Tamnaghvelton
Gettis, John L: Ballintaggart
Gibson, Anne L: Mullalelish
Gibson, James L: Liskyborough
Gibson, James L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Gibson, James L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Gibson, Jno. L: Derryhale
Gibson, John L: Cornascreeb
Gibson, John L: Crewcat
Gibson, Dr. John L: Crewcat
Gibson, John L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Gibson, Robert L: Tamnaghvelton
Gibson, Samuel L: Brackagh.
Gibson, Thomas L: Crewcat
Gibson, William L: Ballyleny
Gibson, William L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Gilbert, John L: Mulladry
Gillespie, Eliza L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Gillespie, James L: Ballylisk
Gillespie, Jane L: Lisavague
Gillespie, John L: Lisavague
Gillespie, William L: Lisavague
Gilmore, Hans L: Ballylisk
Gilmore, James L: Tullymore
Gilmore, John L: Ballylisk
Gilmore, Joseph L: Ballylisk
Girvan, William L: Cloghan
Glass, Edward L: Tamnaghmore
Glass, Nathaniel L: Lisavague
Glass, Samuel L: Creenagh
Glass, Samuel L: Lissheffield
Glover, James L: Clonroot
Glover, James L: Drumard (Jones)
Gordon, John L: Maynooth
Gordon, John L: Shewis
Gordon, Samuel L: Drumnahunshin
Gorman, Daniel L: Creenagh
Gough, Henry L: Unshinagh
Gough, John L: Brackagh.
Gough, John L: Unshinagh
Gough, Thomas L: Cornascreeb
Gough, Thomas L: Lisavague
Gough, Thomas L: Mullavilly
Gough, Thomas L: Tamnaghvelton
Gracey, Daniel L: Ballyknock
Graham, Charles L: Mullalelish
Graham, Eliza Jane L: Ballyleny
Graham, Francis L: Cornascreeb
Graham, Francis L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Graham, Hampton L: Kilmore
Graham, James L: Ballintaggart
Graham, James L: Mullalelish
Graham, John L: Bottlehill
Graham, John L: Clonroot
Graham, Joseph L: Bottlehill
Graham, Joseph L: Kilmore
Graham, Robert L: Derryhale
Graham, Robert L: Tamnaghmore
Graham, Robert L: Tamnaghvelton
Graham, Samuel L: Tamnaghmore
Graham, Thomas L: Derryhale
Graham, Thomas L: Mulladry
Gray, Charles L: Ballywilly
Gray, James L: Bottlehill
Gray, John L: Bottlehill
Gray, Mary L: Cloghan
Gray, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Gray, Robert L: Drumnahunshin
Gray, Robert L: Rich Hill, The Square
Gray, William L: Ballintaggart
Gray, William L: Bottlehill
Gray, William L: Liskyborough
Green, William L: Ballyleny
Greenalee, William L: Ballynahinch
Greene, Isabella Eliza L: Mullahead
Greene, William L: Ballyloughan
Greenway, Adam L: Cordrain
Greenway, George L: Cordrain
Greer, Alexander L: Derryhale
Greer, Alexander L: Mulladry
Greer, Alexander L: Mullalelish
Greer, Anne L: Mullalelish
Greer, Ellen L: Aghory
Greer, Hutchison L: Derryhale
Greer, Hutchison L: Mullalelish
Greer, James L: Ballybreagh
Greer, James L: Derryhale
Greer, James L: Mullalelish
Greer, Jane L: Lisavague
Greer, Jane L: Tamnaghmore
Greer, John L: Lurgancot
Greer, Margaret L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Greer, Mary L: Tamnaghmore
Greer, Nathaniel L: Annareagh
Greer, Nathaniel L: Ballynahinch
Greer, Nathaniel L: Cornascreeb
Greer, Richardson L: Annaboe
Greer, Thomas L: Mullalelish
Greer, William L: Liskyborough
Greer, William L: Maynooth
Greer, William L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Grier, Anne L: Ballyleny
Grier, Thomas L: Ballyleny
Grimley, William L: Ballyleny
Groves, Rev. Henry C. L: Ballyknock
Grundle, Robert L: Tamnaghmore
Grundle, Thomas L: Cornascreeb
Guy, Hugh L: Ballyleny
Guy, John L: Tullygarden
Haddock, Isaac L: Mullaletragh
Hagan, Catherine L: Kilmacanty
Hagan, James L: Ballywilly
Hagan, Lawrence L: Ballywilly
Hagan, Patrick L: Drumard Primate
Hagan, Sarah L: Cloghan
Hagan, William L: Cavan
Haligan, John L: Maynooth
Hall, Henry L: Derryloughan
Hall, John L: Annaboe
Hall, John L: Clonroot
Hall, John L: Cordrain
Hall, William L: Annaboe
Hall, William L: Annareagh
Hall, William L: Ballyleny
Hall, William L: Ballynahinch
Hall, William L: Drumnahunshin
Halligan, Anne L: Tullymore
Halligan, Francis L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Halligan, James L: Clonroot
Halligan, John L: Annareagh
Halligan, John L: Corcreevy
Halligan, John L: Derryhale
Halligan, Lucinda L: Mulladry
Halligan, Robert L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Halligan, Samuel L: Maynooth
Halligan, Thomas L: Castleraw
Halligan, Thomas L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Halligan, William L: Castleraw
Halligan, William L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Hamill, Henry L: Brackagh.
Hamill, Henry L: Unshinagh
Hamill, Jane L: Ballylisk
Hamill, Jane L: Cordrain
Hamill, John L: Brackagh.
Hamill, John, Jr. L: Brackagh.
Hamill, John, Sr. L: Brackagh.
Hamill, Robert L: Unshinagh
Hamill, Thomas L: Bottlehill
Hamilton, George L: Kincon
Hamilton, John L: Ballyhagan
Hamilton, John L: Cavan
Hamilton, Matthew L: Crewcat
Hammon, John L: Tullymore
Hampton, Alice L: Ballytrue
Hampton, Christopher L: Creenagh
Hampton, Christphr. L: Kilmacanty
Hampton, David L: Drumard Primate
Hampton, Edward L: Ballyleny
Hampton, Edward L: Mullaletragh
Hampton, Henry L: Drumard (Jones)
Hampton, John L: Ballytrue
Hampton, John L: Ballywilly
Hampton, John L: Creenagh
Hampton, John L: Drumard Primate
Hampton, John L: Kilmacanty
Hampton, John L: Lurgancot
Hampton, John L: Mullaletragh
Hampton, John L: Mullaletragh N: Henry
Hampton, Mary L: Tullygarden
Hampton, Seth L: Drumard Primate
Hampton, Thomas L: Ballywilly
Hampton, Thomas L: Lurgancot
Hampton, Verner L: Ballywilly
Hampton, William L: Drumard Primate
Haney, John L: Cornascreeb
Hanlon, Edward L: Brackagh.
Hanlon, Edward L: Unshinagh
Hanlon, James L: Ballylisk
Hanlon, James L: Brackagh.
Hanlon, James L: Unshinagh
Hanlon, John L: Ballyknock
Hanlon, Patrick L: Mullahead
Hanratty, Matthew L: Ballintaggart
Harden, Rep. James L: Ballybreagh
Hardy, Alexander L: Liskyborough
Hardy, Alexander L: Maynooth
Hardy, Charles L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Hardy, Charles L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Hardy, Elizabeth L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Hardy, James L: Ballyknock
Hare, Absalom L: Brackagh.
Hare, Andrew L: Ballylisk
Hare, Archibald L: Ballynahinch
Hare, Ellen L: Creenagh
Hare, Henry L: Bottlehill
Hare, Isabella L: Ballyknock
Hare, James L: Ballyloughan
Hare, John L: Ballytrue
Hare, John L: Tamnaghvelton
Hare, John L: Unshinagh
Hare, Joseph L: Ballybreagh
Hare, Joseph L: Rockmacreeny
Hare, Margaret L: Cordrain
Hare, Moses L: Derryhale
Hare, William L: Derryhale
Harker, Henry L: Ballyleny
Harker, Henry L: Mullalelish
Harker, William L: Ballyknock
Harker, William L: Cornascreeb
Harris, Eliza L: Mullavilly
Harrison, James L: Ballynahinch
Harrison, Richard L: Ballynahinch
Harrison, Robert L: Ballynahinch
Harrison, Thomas L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Harrison, William L: Mullavilly
Hart, Maurice L: Ballyloughan
Hayes, Edward L: Clonroot
Hayes, James L: Castleraw
Hayes, James L: Clonroot
Hayes, John L: Drumnahunshin
Hayes, William L: Drumnahunshin
Healy, John L: Ballytrue
Healy, John L: Drumard Primate
Healy, John L: Lurgancot
Heathwood, James L: Tamnaghmore
Heathwood, William L: Brackagh.
Heathwood, William L: Tamnaghmore
Heatley, James, Jr. L: Ballynahinch
Heatley, James, Sr. L: Ballynahinch
Heatley, John L: Ballynahinch
Heatley, Philip L: Ballynahinch
Heatly, James L: Ballyloughan
Heenan, Jeremiah L: Lisavague
Henderson, James L: Ballytrue
Henderson, James L: Cornascreeb
Henderson, James L: Lurgancot
Henderson, Jason L: Lurgancot N: Jemmy
Henderson, Mary L: Tamnaghvelton
Henderson, Robert L: Cornascreeb
Henderson, Samuel L: Cavan
Henderson, William L: Mullalelish
Henry, John L: Ballybreagh
Henry, William L: Mullalelish
Herse, Sarah L: Cornascreeb
Hewes, Thomas L: Mullahead
Hewitt, Alexander L: Ballintaggart
Hewitt, Alexander L: Drumard Primate
Hewitt, Dinah L: Ballintaggart
Hewitt, Dinah L: Derryhale
Hewitt, Eliza L: Ballintaggart
Hewitt, Eliza L: Derryhale
Hewitt, Elizabeth L: Ballywilly
Hewitt, Elizabeth L: Bottlehill
Hewitt, George L: Bottlehill
Hewitt, George L: Clonroot
Hewitt, George L: Drumard Primate
Hewitt, George, Jr. L: Bottlehill
Hewitt, Henry L: Drumnahunshin
Hewitt, Isaac L: Bottlehill
Hewitt, Isaac L: Drumard Primate
Hewitt, Isacc L: Drumard Primate N: Big
Hewitt, James L: Bottlehill
Hewitt, James L: Clonroot
Hewitt, Jane L: Clonroot N: Widow
Hewitt, Jane L: Drumard Primate
Hewitt, Johanna L: Drumard Primate
Hewitt, John L: Ballintaggart
Hewitt, John L: Mulladry
Hewitt, John L: Mullalelish
Hewitt, Jonathan, Sr. L: Clonroot
Hewitt, Jones L: Clonroot
Hewitt, Joseph L: Ballintaggart
Hewitt, Joseph L: Ballynahinch
Hewitt, Joseph L: Mulladry
Hewitt, Joseph L: Mullaletragh
Hewitt, Joshua L: Clonroot
Hewitt, Josiah L: Drumard Primate
Hewitt, Mark L: Clonroot
Hewitt, Mary Anne L: Drumnahunshin
Hewitt, Phoebe L: Drumnahunshin
Hewitt, Richard L: Bottlehill
Hewitt, Richard L: Clonroot
Hewitt, Richard L: Drumard Primate
Hewitt, Robert L: Ballintaggart
Hewitt, Robert L: Ballynahinch
Hewitt, Robert L: Clonroot
Hewitt, Robert L: Drumard Primate
Hewitt, Robert, Jr. L: Clonroot
Hewitt, Sarah L: Drumard Primate
Hewitt, Thomas L: Clonroot
Hewitt, Thomas L: Drumard Primate
Hewitt, Thomas L: Lurgancot
Hewitt, William L: Ballyhagan
Hewitt, William, Jr. L: Clonroot
Hewitt, William, Jr. L: Drumard Primate
Hewitt, William, Sr. L: Clonroot
Hewitt Jun., Jonathan L: Clonroot
Heyburn, Joseph L: Tullymore
Heyburn, Michael L: Tullygarden
Heyburn, Rep. Michael L: Tullymore
Hobbs, John L: Lurgancot
Hobbs, Robert L: Kilmacanty
Hobson, George L: Ballyhagan
Hobson, George L: Ballywilly
Hobson, George L: Kilmore
Hobson, George L: Money
Hodgen, Arnon L: Brackagh.
Hodgins, Arnold L: Lisavague
Hodgins, Arnold, Jr. L: Brackagh.
Hodgins, Arnold, Sr. L: Brackagh.
Hodgins, Henry L: Brackagh.
Hodgins, William L: Brackagh.
Hoey, John L: Aghory
Hoey, John L: Ballyloughan
Hoey, John L: Mullalelish
Hoey, Mary L: Ballyloughan
Hoey, Thomas L: Ballyloughan
Holland, Sgt. Charles L: Corcreevy
Holland, John L: Lisavague
Holland, John L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Holland, Matthew L: Ballyknock
Holland, Matthew L: Tamnaghvelton
Holland, Samuel L: Lisavague
Holland, William L: Aghory
Hopper, John L: Bottlehill
Horner, Alexander L: Ballyknock
Horner, Alexander L: Tamnaghvelton
Horner, James L: Ballyknock
Horner, William L: Ballyknock
Horner, William L: Lisavague
Hughes, Andrew L: Annahugh
Hughes, Bridget L: Annahugh
Hughes, Catherine L: Castleraw
Hughes, Eliza L: Annahugh
Hughes, James L: Annahugh
Hughes, James L: Ballywilly
Hughes, John L: Cornascreeb
Hughes, Mary L: Annahugh
Hughes, Mary L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Hughes, Patrick L: Annahugh
Hughes, Patrick L: Derryhale
Hughes, Samuel L: Ballylisk
Hughes, Sarah L: Annahugh
Hughes, Terence L: Ballyknock
Hughes, Thomas L: Annaboe
Hughes, Thomas L: Annahugh
Hughes, Thos. L: Annahugh N: Hollow
Hughes, William L: Ballyknock
Hunniford, James L: Ballintaggart
Hunniford, Thomas L: Ballintaggart
Hunter, Anne L: Tamnaghmore
Hunter, Mary L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Hunter, William L: Mullahead
Hutchings, Mathew L: Tamnaghvelton
Hutchison, Archibald L: Ballynahinch
Hutchison, David L: Maynooth
Hutchison, Eliza L: Cloghan
Hutchison, George L: Cloghan
Hutchison, George L: Liskyborough
Hutchison, George L: Shewis
Hutchison, James L: Ballynahinch
Hutchison, James L: Cloghan N: Butcher
Hutchison, James L: Cloghan N: Jas
Hutchison, John L: Ballynahinch
Hutchison, John L: Liskyborough
Hutchison, John L: Mullalelish
Hutchison, Mark L: Shewis
Hutchison, Richard L: Liskyborough
Hutchison, Samuel L: Creenagh
Hutchison, Samuel L: Tullygarden
Hutchison, William L: Ballynahinch
Hutchison, William L: Cloghan
Hutchison, William L: Liskyborough
Hutchison, William L: Mulladry
Hyde, John L: Bottlehill
Irwin, Jacob L: Brackagh.
Irwin, James L: Brackagh.
Irwin, James L: Cavan
Irwin, James L: Mullahead
Irwin, Jane L: Brackagh.
Irwin, John L: Ballylisk
Irwin, John L: Brackagh.
Irwin, John L: Crewcat
Irwin, John L: Tamnaghmore
Irwin, Rev. John L: Tamnaghvelton
Irwin, Mary L: Shewis
Irwin, Patrick L: Mullaletragh
Irwin, Richard L: Ballyleny
Irwin, Samuel L: Brackagh.
Irwin, Thomas L: Ballylisk
Irwin, Thomas L: Brackagh.
Irwin, Sgt. William L: Crewcat
Irwin, William L: Crewcat N: Larry
Irwin, William, Jr. L: Brackagh.
Irwin, William, Sr. L: Brackagh.
Irwin, Wm. L: Brackagh.
Jackson, George L: Unshinagh
Jackson, Henry L: Ballylisk
Jackson, James L: Clonroot
Jackson, James L: Crewcat
Jackson, John L: Ballybreagh
Jackson, John L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Jackson, Jonathan L: Lisavague
Jackson, Jonathon L: Lisavague
Jackson, Joseph L: Derryloughan
Jackson, Joseph L: Lisavague
Jackson, Joseph L: Liskyborough
Jackson, Joseph L: Maynooth
Jackson, Joseph L: Mulladry
Jackson, Joseph L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Jackson, Joseph L: Rich Hill, Broad Street.
Jackson, Josiah L: Mullalelish
Jackson, Mary L: Ballintaggart
Jackson, Mary L: Crewcat
Jackson, Moses L: Ballybreagh
Jackson, Philip L: Mulladry
Jackson, Thomas L: Mullalelish
Jameson, Alexander L: Ballylisk
Jameson, Eliza L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Jameson, John L: Ballylisk
Jeffers, David L: Tamnaghmore
Jeffers, James L: Cornascreeb
Jeffery, David L: Aghory
Jeffery, Francis L: Aghory
Jeffery, Issac L: Annareagh
Jeffery, James L: Aghory
Jeffery, John L: Aghory
Jeffery, Robert L: Aghory
Jeffery, Thomas L: Aghory
Jeffries, Thomas L: Ballyknock
Jeffry, James L: Cornascreeb
Jeffry, James L: Tamnaghmore
Jeffs, Bailie L: Rich Hill, The Square
Jeffs, John L: Maynooth
Jenkinson, Abraham L: Shewis
Jenkinson, David L: Annaboe
Jenkinson, Henry L: Cloghan
Jenkinson, James L: Cloghan
Jenkinson, James L: Drumard (Jones)
Jenkinson, James L: Mullaletragh
Jenkinson, John L: Shewis
Jenkinson, Joseph L: Shewis
Jenkinson, Mary L: Ballintaggart
Jenkinson, William L: Shewis
Johnston, Baptist L: Annareagh
Johnston, Francis L: Corcreevy
Johnston, Rep. Hugh L: Ballynahinch
Johnston, James L: Corcreevy
Johnston, John L: Liskyborough
Johnston, John L: Rockmacreeny
Johnston, Mordecai L: Derryloughan
Johnston, Mordecai L: Tullymore
Johnston, Morgan L: Annahugh
Johnston, Morgan L: Tullymore
Johnston, Robert L: Ballyhagan
Johnston, Robert L: Castleraw
Johnston, Robert L: Kilmacanty
Johnston, Robert L: Tullymore
Jones, Rev. James L: Annaboe
Jones, Rev. James L: Kilmore
Jones, Rev. James, Jr. L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Jones, Jane L: Annaboe
Jones, Mary L: Mullaletragh
Jones, Samuel L: Drumard (Jones)
Jones, Sarah L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Jones, Thomas L: Mullaletragh
Jones, William L: Drumard (Jones)
Jordan, L: Ballylisk N: Widow
Joyce, Andrew L: Brackagh.
Joyce, Jane L: Brackagh.
Joyce, John L: Brackagh.
Joyce, Thomas L: Mullahead
Joyce, Thomas L: Tamnaghvelton
Kane, Carleton L: Drumard (Jones)
Kane, Carleton L: Mullaletragh
Kane, Daniel L: Annahugh
Kane, John L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Kane, William L: Ballynahinch
Keane, John L: Lisavague
Kearney, John L: Tamnaghvelton
Keegan, James L: Ballywilly
Keegan, John L: Ballyhagan
Keegan, Joseph L: Ballyhagan
Keegan, Margaret L: Drumard Primate
Keegan, Peter L: Ballyhagan
Keegan, Thomas L: Ballyhagan
Keegan, Thomas L: Creenagh
Keegan, William L: Annahugh N: Low
Keegan, William L: Annahugh N: Upper
Keenaghan, David L: Annahugh
Keenan, Anne L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Keenan, Patrick L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Keirns, Amelia L: Ballyloughan
Kelly, Daniel L: Bottlehill
Kelly, Edward L: Creenagh
Kelly, Edward L: Lissheffield
Kelly, Eliza L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Kelly, Francis L: Ballywilly
Kelly, Francis L: Kilmacanty
Kelly, George L: Mullaletragh
Kelly, Rep. John L: Ballywilly
Kelly, John L: Cavan
Kelly, John L: Creenagh
Kelly, John L: Tullymore
Kelly, Margaret L: Creenagh
Kelly, Margaret L: Money
Kelly, Michael L: Drumard (Jones)
Kelly, Owen L: Bottlehill
Kelly, Thomas L: Mullavilly
Kelly, Thomas L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Kelly, William L: Bottlehill
Kennedy, George L: Cloghan
Kennedy, James L: Unshinagh
Kennedy, John L: Ballylisk
Kennedy, Joseph L: Ballylisk
Kennedy, Robert L: Tamnaghmore
Kennedy, Samuel L: Tullymore
Kennedy, William L: Liskyborough
Kenny, James L: Mulladry
Kenny, Jane L: Mulladry
Kenny, Robert L: Mulladry
Kerr, Alexander L: Ballyloughan
Kerr, James L: Cordrain
Kerr, William L: Brackagh.
Kew, Robert L: Tamnaghmore
Kilchrist, Patrick L: Lurgancot
Killips, Henry L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Killips, James L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Killips, John L: Tamnaghvelton
Killips, Thomas L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Killips, William L: Ballylisk
Kilpatrick, Francis L: Ballyleny
Kincaid, John L: Lissheffield
King, George L: Ballyhagan
King, George L: Creenagh
King, George L: Kilmacanty
King, John L: Clonroot
King, John L: Tullymore
King, Thomas L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
King, William L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Knipe, John L: Derryhale
Knipe, Jonathan L: Derryhale
Knipe, William L: Derryhale
Kyle, Jane L: Mullaletragh
Lackey, John L: Bottlehill
Lamb, Henry L: Castleraw
Lamb, James L: Ballyleny
Lamb, James L: Drumnahunshin
Lamb, Jane L: Drumnahunshin
Lamb, John L: Castleraw
Lamb, John L: Tullymore
Lamb, Thomas L: Drumnahunshin
Lane, William L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Langtry, John L: Ballyleny
Langtry, John L: Maynooth
Langtry, John L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Lappan, Alexander L: Derryhale
Lappan, James L: Ballintaggart
Lappan, James L: Bottlehill
Lappan, James L: Derryhale
Lappan, Jane L: Mulladry
Lappan, William L: Ballybreagh
Larkin, John L: Cornascreeb
Latimer, Mary Ann L: Cornascreeb
Laurence, Thomas L: Mullahead
Laverty, George L: Brackagh.
Laverty, Henry L: Ballyhagan
Laverty, Hugh L: Ballylisk
Laverty, John L: Brackagh.
Laverty, Joseph L: Unshinagh
Laverty, Patrick L: Brackagh.
Laverty, Samuel L: Lisavague
Laverty, Thomas L: Brackagh.
Lavery, Jacob L: Mullahead
Lavery, William L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Lawrenson, John L: Mullahead
Lee, Mark L: Ballylisk
Lee, Thomas L: Ballywilly
Lennon, Michael L: Tamnaghmore
Lennon, Patrick L: Tamnaghmore
Lennon, Thomas L: Tamnaghmore
Lennon, William L: Ballynahinch
Leslie, Patrick L: Ballyloughan
Lewis, Alexander L: Aghory
Lewis, David L: Aghory
Lewis, James L: Aghory
Lewis, John L: Aghory
Lindsay, James L: Ballyloughan
Lindsay, Jane L: Ballyleny
Lindsay, John L: Ballintaggart
Little, John L: Annahugh
Little, John L: Brackagh.
Little, John L: Mulladry
Loan, John L: Ballywilly
Logan, James, Jr. L: Ballynahinch
Logan, James, Sr. L: Ballynahinch
Logan, Jane L: Ballynahinch
Logan, Rep. John L: Ballynahinch
Logan, Martha L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Logan, Robert L: Annareagh
Logan, Robert L: Derryhale
Logan, William L: Ballyleny
Loney, Abraham L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Loney, James L: Annareagh
Loney, James L: Corcreevy
Loney, John L: Ballynahinch
Loney, John L: Liskyborough
Loney, Robert L: Corcreevy N: Big
Loney, Robert L: Corcreevy N: Wee
Loney, Sarah L: Corcreevy
Loney, Sarah L: Liskyborough
Loney, Thomas L: Liskyborough
Loney, William L: Ballyleny
Loney, William L: Corcreevy
Loney, William L: Crewcat
Loney, William L: Liskyborough
Long, Moses L: Cloghan
Louey, John L: Annaboe
Louey, Robert L: Clonroot
Loughead, John L: Derryhale
Low, James L: Lisavague
Lowden, John L: Money
Lowden, William L: Money
Lucas, Ellen L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Ludlow, Abraham L: Castleraw
Ludlow, Abraham L: Kincon
Lynas, Joseph L: Drumard Primate
Lynch, George L: Annahugh
Lynes, Richard L: Mullavilly
Lynes, Thomas L: Lisavague
Lynes, William L: Lisavague
Lynes, William, Jr. L: Lisavague
Lynes, William, Sr. L: Lisavague
Lynn, Robert L: Brackagh.
M Caldin, Rev. Andrew L: Corcreevy
Mackey, Benjamin L: Ballyhagan
Mackey, Benjamin L: Castleraw
Mackey, Benjamin L: Kincon
Mackey, Benjamin L: Maynooth
Mackey, Benjamin L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Mackey, Benjiamin L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Mackey, John L: Kincon
Mackey, Joseph L: Ballyhagan
Mackey, William L: Ballyhagan
Madders, Anne L: Brackagh.
Magee, Arthur L: Creenagh
Magee, Eliza L: Crewcat
Magennis, Edward L: Ballytrue
Magennis, John L: Ballybreagh
Malcomson, Hugh L: Tamnaghmore
Malley, Joseph L: Liskyborough
Manchester, L: Cordrain N: Duke of Manchester
Marley, Joseph L: Ballintaggart
Marley, Michael L: Ballintaggart
Marshall, William L: Ballyloughan
Marshall, William L: Money
Marshall, William L: Mullalelish
Martin, John L: Kilmore
Martin, Owen L: Derryloughan
Mason, John L: Ballyleny
Mason, Samuel L: Ballyleny
Mason, Samuel L: Tamnaghmore
Mathers, Mary Jane L: Mullahead
Mathews, James L: Ballintaggart
Maxwell, William L: Derryhale
McAdam, Thomas L: Tamnaghvelton
McAleese, Anne L: Lurgancot
McAleese, John L: Tullymore
McAlister, James L: Cavan
McAllister, James L: Ballyhagan
McAllister, James L: Kilmacanty
McAlroy, Benjamin L: Ballyloughan
McAnally, Catherine L: Lurgancot
McAnally, John L: Clonroot
McAnally, Sarah L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
McArdle, John L: Aghory
McAtasney, Margaret L: Annaboe
McAtee, John L: Ballyleny
McAtee, John L: Drumard (Jones)
McAteer, Bernard L: Brackagh.
McAteer, John L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
McAteer, Miller L: Mullahead
McAteer, Samuel L: Brackagh.
McAteer, Samuel L: Mullahead
McAteer, Samuel, Sr. L: Mullahead
McBroom, Archibald L: Derryhale
McBroom, Isaac L: Derryhale
McBroom, James L: Derryhale
McBroom, James L: Drumnahunshin
McBroom, James L: Mulladry
McBroom, James L: Mulladry
McBroom, Mary L: Clonroot
McBroom, Thomas L: Drumnahunshin
McBroom, William L: Derryhale
McBroom, William L: Drumnahunshin
McBroom, William L: Mulladry
McCallan, John L: Cornascreeb
McCallan, John L: Lisavague
McCallan, Matthew L: Lisavague
McCallan, Matthew L: Tamnaghmore
McCallen, John L: Unshinagh
McCann, Andrew L: Lurgancot
McCann, Anne L: Ballintaggart
McCann, Anne L: Ballytrue
McCann, Anne L: Lurgancot
McCann, Bernard L: Ballyhagan
McCann, Bernard L: Castleraw
McCann, Daniel L: Lurgancot
McCann, Eliza L: Castleraw
McCann, Eliza L: Lurgancot
McCann, Ellen L: Liskyborough
McCann, George L: Annareagh
McCann, George L: Ballintaggart
McCann, Henry L: Castleraw
McCann, James L: Ballytrue
McCann, Jane L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
McCann, John L: Annaboe
McCann, John L: Annareagh
McCann, John L: Drumard Primate
McCann, John L: Lurgancot
McCann, John L: Mullahead
McCann, Mary L: Castleraw
McCann, Mary L: Lurgancot
McCann, Mary L: Tullymore
McCann, Patrick L: Drumard Primate
McCann, Patrick L: Lurgancot
McCann, Terence L: Annaboe
McCann, William L: Ballytrue
McCarrester, Francis L: Mulladry
McCarroll, Patrick L: Mullavilly
McCart, Frank L: Cloghan
McCart, James L: Cloghan
McCart, John L: Cloghan
McCartney, Robert L: Cloghan
McCartney, Robert L: Drumard Primate
McCaul, Robert L: Mulladry
McClatchey, Edward L: Drumard Primate
McClatchey, James L: Ballintaggart
McClatchey, John L: Ballintaggart
McClatchey, Richard L: Drumard Primate
McClatchey, Robert L: Bottlehill
McClatchey, Sarah L: Ballintaggart
McClatchey, Thomas L: Ballintaggart
McClatchey, William L: Annahugh
McClatchey, William L: Clonroot
McClean, William L: Ballyknock
McClelland, David L: Annahugh
McClelland, David L: Derryloughan
McClelland, George L: Derryhale
McClelland, John L: Annahugh
McClelland, Robert L: Annahugh
McClelland, Robert L: Ballyloughan
McClogher, Robert L: Brackagh.
McClogher, Thomas L: Ballylisk
McClune, Robert L: Ballyknock
McClure, James L: Aghory
McClure, James L: Ballybreagh
McClure, John L: Ballyloughan
McClure, Robert L: Clonroot
McCluskey, John L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
McCluskey, William L: Ballybreagh
McConnell, Edward L: Ballyknock
McConnell, James L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
McConnell, John L: Lisavague
McConnell, William L: Ballynahinch
McConville, Anthony L: Cornascreeb
McConville, John L: Cornascreeb
McConville, John, Jr. L: Cornascreeb
McCormack, L: Ballyknock N: Widow
McCormack, Arthur L: Cordrain
McCormack, Catherine L: Castleraw
McCormack, George L: Ballintaggart
McCormack, James L: Kincon
McCormack, Margaret L: Kilmacanty
McCormack, William L: Cloghan
McCreer, William L: Tullymore
McCullagh, George L: Derryloughan
McCullagh, William L: Annahugh
McDermott, Margaret L: Brackagh.
McDonagh, James L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
McDonald, David L: Ballyloughan
McDonnell, Alexander L: Annahugh
McDonnell, Anne L: Lissheffield
McDonnell, Edward L: Brackagh.
McDonnell, James L: Ballyhagan
McDonnell, John L: Ballywilly
McDonnell, Rev. John L: Drumnahunshin
McDonnell, Margaret L: Annahugh
McDonnell, Mary L: Tullymore
McDonnell, Michael L: Cornascreeb
McDonnell, Sarah L: Mullahead
McDonnell, Thomas L: Rockmacreeny
McDonnell, William L: Clonroot
McDowell, James L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
McElry, William L: Ballintaggart
McFadden, James L: Brackagh.
McFadden, James L: Clonroot
McFadden, James L: Cornascreeb
McFadden, Mark L: Clonroot
McFadden, Mary L: Cornascreeb
McFadden, Patrick L: Aghory
McFarland, Francis L: Derryloughan
McFarland, John L: Tullymore
McGall, Denis L: Cloghan
McGearty, Elizabeth L: Clonroot
McGee, Bernard L: Cloghan
McGee, Charles L: Lisavague
McGee, Edward L: Cloghan
McGee, Hugh L: Tamnaghvelton
McGee, James L: Tamnaghvelton
McGee, John L: Ballintaggart
McGee, John L: Creenagh
McGee, William L: Ballintaggart
McGee, William L: Cornascreeb
McGee, William L: Tamnaghvelton
McGeery, Isabella L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
McGeery, John L: Ballynahinch
McGeogh, Anne L: Lurgancot
McGeogh, James L: Ballytrue
McGeogh, John L: Annahugh
McGeogh, John L: Ballytrue
McGeogh, John L: Kilmore
McGeogh, Patrick L: Lurgancot
McGeough, Wm. John L: Mulladry
McGeraghty, John L: Ballyhagan
McGill, Patrick L: Money
McGill, Sarah L: Creenagh
McGivern, Bernard L: Brackagh.
McGivern, Bernard L: Mullahead
McGowan, John L: Ballybreagh
McGowan, Mary L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
McGowan, Richard L: Ballylisk
McGowan, Thomas L: Tullygarden
McGrath, Hugh L: Brackagh.
McGuinness, Edward L: Cornascreeb
McGuinness, James L: Brackagh.
McGuinness, John L: Derryloughan
McGuinness, John L: Mullahead
McGuinness, Margaret L: Brackagh.
McGuinness, Robert L: Tullymore
McGurgan, Mary L: Lurgancot
McHugh, Anthony L: Drumard Primate
McHugh, George L: Drumard Primate
McHugh, John L: Drumard Primate
McHugh, Michael L: Lurgancot
McHugh, Robert L: Drumnahunshin
McHugh, William L: Lurgancot
McIlroy, Alexander L: Ballylisk
McIlroy, Daniel L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
McIlroy, Thomas L: Cordrain
McKee, James L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
McKee, James L: Tullygarden
McKee, John L: Derryloughan
McKee, John L: Tullygarden
McKee, Samuel L: Mulladry
McKee, Samuel L: Tamnaghmore
McKee, Thomas L: Tullygarden
McKeever, Arthur L: Annahugh
McKeever, Daniel L: Annahugh N: Carman
McKeever, Daniel L: Annahugh N: Rock
McKeever, Daniel, Jr. L: Annahugh
McKeever, George L: Tullymore
McKeever, Henry L: Annahugh N: Carman
McKeever, James L: Annahugh
McKeever, Margaret L: Cavan
McKeever, Patrick L: Tullymore
McKenna, Hugh L: Drumard Primate
McKenna, John L: Tullymore
McKenna, Owen L: Annahugh
McKenna, Owen L: Bottlehill
McKenny, Eliza L: Cornascreeb
McKeon, David L: Ballyloughan
McKeon, Francis L: Derryloughan
McKeon, James L: Ballyloughan
McKeon, James L: Brackagh.
McKeon, John L: Derryloughan
McKeon, Michael L: Annahugh
McKeon, William L: Derryloughan
McKeown, Hugh L: Unshinagh
McKeown, James L: Ballywilly
McKeown, John L: Ballybreagh
McKeown, Michael L: Ballywilly
McKeown, William L: Mullalelish
McKernan, William L: Brackagh.
McKillip, Samuel L: Cloghan
McKinley, Anne L: Cornascreeb
McKinley, Catherine L: Aghory
McKinley, Eliza L: Ballyloughan
McKinly, Anne L: Cornascreeb
McKittrick, Joseph L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
McLean, James L: Aghory
McLean, John L: Ballynahinch
McLindon, Arthur L: Tamnaghvelton
McLoughlin, Edward L: Creenagh
McMahon, Alexander L: Ballyleny
McMahon, Hannah L: Tamnaghmore
McMullen, Elizabeth L: Annaboe
McMullen, Henry L: Clonroot
McMullen, James L: Aghory
McMullen, James L: Ballyloughan
McMullen, Margaret L: Lurgancot
McMullen, Robert L: Ballyloughan
McMullen, William L: Aghory
McMullen, William L: Cornascreeb
McMullin, Francis L: Annaboe
McMurray, Alexander L: Tullymore
McMurray, John L: Cordrain
McNally, Ellen L: Cornascreeb
McNeill, John L: Tamnaghmore
McNeill, Owen L: Tamnaghmore
McParland, Anne L: Ballywilly
McParland, Arthur L: Castleraw
McParland, James L: Mullaletragh
McParland, John L: Ballywilly
McParland, John L: Bottlehill
McQuade, Daniel L: Ballywilly
McQuade, Ellen L: Tullymore
McQuade, John L: Ballyhagan
McQuade, John L: Derryhale
McQuade, Mary L: Ballytrue
McQuade, Patrick L: Tullymore
McQuaid, Sarah L: Castleraw
McQueelan, Hugh L: Cordrain
McQueelin, Rachel L: Mullavilly
McQuillan, Alexander L: Mullalelish
McQuillan, James L: Drumnahunshin
McReady, Hugh L: Drumnahunshin
McShane, Mary L: Annaboe
McSorley, James L: Mullahead
McVey, Mary L: Creenagh
McWilliams, Edward L: Rich Hill or Legacorry
Mears, Gabriel L: Cloghan
Mellon, William L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Milliagan, George L: Ballyknock
Milligan, Anne L: Tamnaghmore
Milligan, Anne L: Tamnaghvelton
Milligan, Hugh L: Ballyknock
Milligan, Richard L: Tamnaghmore
Milligan, Richard L: Tamnaghvelton
Milligan, Samuel L: Tamnaghvelton
Minnis, John L: Bottlehill
Mitchell, James L: Lurgancot
Mitchell, William L: Clonroot
Moan, Bridget L: Annahugh
Moan, Patrick L: Annahugh
Moan, Stephen L: Clonroot
Moles, Margaret L: Clonroot
Monan, Patrick L: Mulladry
Moneypenny, Charles L: Cornascreeb
Moneypenny, Charles L: Tamnaghmore
Moneypenny, Chas. L: Cornascreeb
Moneypenny, Margaret L: Cordrain
Moneypenny, William L: Ballylisk
Moneypenny, William L: Brackagh.
Montgomery, Anne L: Clonroot
Montgomery, James L: Mulladry
Mooney, Patrick L: Ballyknock
Moore, James L: Ballyleny
Moore, James L: Ballynahinch
Moore, John L: Ballyleny N: John
Moore, John L: Ballyleny N: School-Master
Moore, John L: Ballynahinch
Moore, John L: Drumard Primate
Moore, John L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Moore, Mary Anne L: Ballynahinch
Moore, Thomas L: Ballynahinch
Moore, William L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Morgan, Felix L: Lurgancot
Morgan, Peter L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Morgan, Richard L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Morrison, James L: Derryhale
Morrison, John L: Ballyloughan
Morrison, John L: Drumnahunshin
Morrison, John L: Lissheffield
Morrison, Thomas L: Tamnaghvelton
Morrow, John L: Annaboe
Morrow, John L: Annahugh
Morrow, John L: Ballylisk
Morrow, Robert L: Ballintaggart
Morrow, William L: Ballintaggart
Moutray, Francis, Jr. L: Tullymore
Moutray, Francis, Sr. L: Tullymore
Mulholland, John L: Tamnaghvelton
Mulholland, Joseph L: Ballintaggart
Mullan, John L: Unshinagh
Mullen, John L: Lurgancot
Mullen, Mary L: Castleraw
Mullen, Michael L: Cornascreeb
Mullen, Robert L: Money
Mullen, Terence L: Kilmore
Murdock, John L: Mulladry
Murphy, Hugh L: Tamnaghmore
Murphy, John L: Brackagh.
Murphy, John L: Tamnaghmore
Murphy, Patrick L: Brackagh.
Murphy, Patrick L: Lurgancot
Murphy, Patrick L: Mullahead
Murray, George L: Tullymore
Murray, John L: Tullymore
Neall, James L: Tamnaghvelton
Neil, Anne L: Ballyloughan
Neile, Henry L: Ballytrue
Neile, James L: Ballytrue
Neill, Anne L: Aghory
Neill, Anne L: Ballyloughan N: Nancy
Neill, Charles L: Kilmore
Neill, Felix L: Bottlehill
Neill, George L: Ballybreagh
Neill, George L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Neill, Hugh L: Cavan
Neill, James L: Bottlehill
Neill, James L: Cavan
Neill, John L: Ballynahinch
Neill, Mary L: Tamnaghmore
Neill, Moses L: Derryloughan
Neill, Patrick L: Bottlehill
Neill, Samuel L: Brackagh.
Neill, Thomas L: Derryhale
Neill, William L: Brackagh.
Nelson, John L: Mullaletragh
Nelson, Robert L: Brackagh.
Nesbit, George L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Nesbit, Thomas L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Nesbitt, Thos L: Rich Hill, Mill Street N: and Another
Nettleton, William L: Aghory
Neville, John L: Unshinagh
Newell, Eliza L: Ballytrue
Newell, Thomas L: Tullymore
Nicholl, John L: Mullahead
Nixon, Hiram L: Annaboe
Nixon, James L: Tamnaghmore
N'Nally, Thomas L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Nugent, Charles L: Tamnaghmore
Nugent, Margaret L: Ballylisk
O'Brien, John S. L: Cordrain
Odgers, Joseph L: Ballywilly
Odgers, Robert L: Ballyhagan
O'Hanlon, Mary L: Aghory
O'Hara, John L: Mullahead
O'Hare, Anne L: Mulladry
O'Hare, Eliza L: Ballyhagan
O'Hare, John L: Ballytrue
Oliver, Thomas L: Ballylisk
O'Neill, Charles L: Ballyhagan
O'Neill, Jane L: Ballywilly
O'Neill, Mary L: Castleraw
O'Neill, Prudence L: Ballywilly
Orr, James L: Aghory
Orr, James L: Shewis
Orr, John L: Annareagh
Orr, John L: Ballyloughan N: John
Orr, John William L: Ballyloughan
Orr, Mary L: Drumnahunshin
Orr, Susan L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Orr, Susannah L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Orr, William L: Castleraw
Overend, John L: Brackagh.
Overend, William L: Mullalelish
Parks, Richard L: Ballyloughan
Parks, Samuel L: Ballyloughan
Parks, William L: Ballyloughan
Parks, William L: Ballynahinch
Partridge, Henry L: Tamnaghvelton
Patterson, Henry L: Lisavague
Patterson, John L: Cornascreeb
Patterson, Samuel L: Cornascreeb
Patterson, Thomas L: Aghory
Patton, Alexander L: Ballyknock
Peacock, William L: Money
Pearson, Absalom L: Drumnahunshin
Pearson, Amelia L: Annaboe
Pearson, Anne L: Mullaletragh
Pearson, Edward L: Cavan
Pearson, Edward L: Kilmacanty
Pearson, Eliza L: Drumard (Jones)
Pearson, Isaac L: Drumnahunshin
Pearson, Jacob L: Ballyleny
Pearson, Jacob L: Drumnahunshin
Pearson, Jacob L: Mullaletragh
Pearson, James L: Ballyhagan
Pearson, John L: Tullygarden
Pearson, Jos. L: Mullaletragh N: Quaker
Pearson, Joseph L: Ballyhagan
Pearson, Joseph L: Creenagh
Pearson, Joseph L: Drumard (Jones)
Pearson, Joseph L: Mullaletragh N: Big
Pearson, Joseph L: Mullaletragh N: Red
Pearson, Joseph L: Shewis
Pearson, Joshua L: Money
Pearson, Joshua L: Mullaletragh
Pearson, Josiah L: Drumard (Jones)
Pearson, Josiah L: Kilmore
Pearson, Matthew L: Clonroot
Pearson, Samuel L: Derryhale
Pearson, Samuel L: Kilmacanty
Pearson, Thomas L: Mullaletragh
Pearson, William L: Ballyleny
Pearson, William L: Clonroot
Pearson, William H. L: Drumnahunshin
Pearson, Wilson L: Mullaletragh
Pedlow, Edward L: Cordrain
Pedlow, Joesph L: Clonroot
Pedlow, Thomaws L: Unshinagh
Perry, Robert L: Aghory
Pillar, John L: Aghory
Platt, Martha L: Annahugh
Plunkett, Robert A. L: Mullahead
Porter, Archibald L: Ballynahinch
Potts, John L: Annaboe
Potts, Joseph L: Annaboe
Prescott, George L: Ballyknock
Prescott, Sampson L: Derryloughan
Pressick, James, Jr. L: Shewis
Pressick, James, Sr. L: Shewis
Pressick, William L: Mullalelish
Pressick, William L: Shewis
Preston, Abraham L: Ballyhagan
Preston, Abraham D. L: Money
Preston, Dawson L: Annahugh
Preston, Francis L: Derryhale
Preston, George L: Clonroot
Preston, James L: Ballintaggart
Preston, James L: Ballynahinch
Preston, John L: Ballyleny
Preston, John L: Ballynahinch
Preston, John L: Clonroot
Preston, John L: Mulladry
Preston, Robert L: Clonroot
Preston, Robert L: Derryhale
Preston, Thomas L: Brackagh.
Preston, Thomas L: Clonroot
Preston, Thomas L: Drumard Primate
Preston, William L: Derryhale
Pritchard, Joseph L: Mullavilly
Pritchard, William L: Tamnaghmore
Proctor, George L: Annareagh
Proctor, George L: Rockmacreeny
Proctor, Isabella L: Corcreevy
Proctor, Isabella L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Proctor, James L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Proctor, John L: Cloghan
Proctor, John L: Corcreevy
Proctor, John L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Proctor, Thomas L: Creenagh
Proctor, William L: Ballintaggart
Pullman, William J. L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Purdy, Eliza L: Crewcat
Purdy, Samuel L: Ballybreagh
Qua, Rep. Francis L: Cordrain
Quarry, George L: Ballylisk
Quarry, George L: Cordrain
Quarry, George L: Mullavilly
Quick, John L: Lissheffield
Quin, Ellen L: Ballylisk
Quin, John L: Ballylisk
Quinn, Arthur L: Ballyknock
Quinn, Arthur L: Cornascreeb
Quinn, Britta L: Drumnahunshin
Quinn, Eliza L: Lisavague
Quinn, Hugh L: Mullahead
Quinn, Joeph L: Mulladry
Quinn, John L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Quinn, Michael L: Cornascreeb
Quinn, Patrick L: Ballyleny
Quinn, Patrick L: Cornascreeb
Quinn, Patrick L: Creenagh
Quinn, Patrick L: Mullahead
Quinton, Jane L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Rafferty, John L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Rafferty, Patrick L: Mullahead
Ramsay, John L: Tamnaghvelton
Ray, James L: Tamnaghmore
Redmond, John L: Derryloughan
Redmond, John W. L: Annareagh
Redmond, John W. L: Ballyhagan
Redmond, John W. L: Cloghan
Redmond, John W. L: Corcreevy
Redmond, John W. L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Redmond, John W. L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Redmond, John W. L: Tullygarden
Redmond, John W. L: Tullymore
Redmond, John Walker L: Maynooth
Redpath, John L: Ballylisk
Redpath, Joseph L: Unshinagh
Reed, George L: Drumard Primate
Reed, James L: Clonroot
Reed, James L: Drumard Primate
Reed, John L: Derryhale
Reed, John L: Drumard Primate N: Jack
Reed, John L: Drumard Primate N: John
Reed, John L: Unshinagh
Reed, Joseph L: Bottlehill
Reid, John L: Ballyleny
Reilly, Samuel L: Creenagh
Reily, Daniel L: Rockmacreeny
Renahan, John L: Cordrain
Reynolds, John L: Ballywilly
Reynolds, Patrick L: Ballywilly
Rice, Anne L: Tamnaghmore
Riddell, John L: Clonroot
Riddell, Joseph L: Clonroot
Riddell, Joseph L: Drumard (Jones)
Riddell, Walter L: Ballyleny
Riddell, William L: Clonroot
Riddle, James L: Cornascreeb
Riddle, John L: Annareagh
Riddle, John L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Riddle, Robert L: Annareagh
Riddle, Robert L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Riddle, Walter L: Maynooth
Robb, Benjamin L: Ballyknock
Robb, James L: Lisavague
Robb, William L: Cornascreeb
Robb, William L: Lisavague
Robinson, Anne L: Tullymore
Robinson, Charlotte L: Drumnahunshin
Robinson, Edward L: Corcreevy
Robinson, Edward L: Liskyborough
Robinson, Eliza L: Annahugh
Robinson, Eliza L: Liskyborough
Robinson, George L: Drumard Primate
Robinson, George L: Liskyborough
Robinson, James L: Derryloughan
Robinson, John L: Annaboe
Robinson, John L: Ballywilly
Robinson, John L: Mullavilly
Robinson, Joseph L: Drumnahunshin
Robinson, Margaret L: Liskyborough
Robinson, Moses L: Tullymore
Robinson, Patrick L: Brackagh.
Robinson, Rebecca L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Robinson, Richard L: Annahugh
Robinson, Richard L: Tullymore
Robinson, William L: Ballylisk
Robinson, William L: Castleraw
Robinson, William L: Derryhale
Robinson, William L: Derryloughan
Robinson, William L: Drumnahunshin
Roddy, James L: Drumard (Jones)
Rogers, Isabella L: Ballywilly
Ross, George L: Aghory
Ross, James L: Creenagh
Ross, James L: Lissheffield
Ross, John L: Aghory
Ross, John L: Annahugh
Ross, John L: Ballyhagan
Ross, John L: Cloghan
Ross, John L: Kilmacanty
Ross, John L: Liskyborough
Ross, John, Sr. L: Creenagh
Rountree, Charles L: Ballynahinch
Rountree, Charles L: Derryhale
Rountree, Charles L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Rountree, John L: Mullaletragh
Rountree, Jones L: Derryhale
Rountree, Jones L: Mulladry
Rountree, Meredyth L: Mulladry
Rountree, Robert L: Mullalelish
Rountree, Thomas L: Corcreevy
Rountree, William L: Ballyleny
Rountree, William L: Mulladry
Rountree, William L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Rountree, William L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Rowan, Mary L: Shewis
Rowntree, Maria L: Drumard Primate
Ruddell, John L: Ballintaggart
Ruddle, Henry L: Ballintaggart
Ruddle, John L: Ballintaggart
Ruddle, John L: Mulladry
Ruddock, Edward L: Ballyleny
Ruddock, Edward L: Mulladry
Ruddock, Laurence L: Derryloughan
Ruddock, Rachel L: Derryloughan
Ruddock, Thomas L: Derryloughan
Ruddock, William L: Derryloughan
Running, William L: Cloghan
Rutherford, Robert L: Money
Salis, De L: Ballylisk N: Count
Salis, De L: Brackagh. N: Count
Salis, De L: Cornascreeb N: Count
Sandford, Archibald L: Ballybreagh
Sandford, Archibald L: Derryhale
Sandford, James L: Ballyloughan
Sandford, John L: Ballyloughan
Sandford, Thomas L: Ballybreagh
Saunderson, Annabella L: Mullahead
Saunderson, John L: Ballyhagan
Saunderson, John L: Ballywilly
Saunderson, John L: Kilmacanty
Scott, Robert L: Cloghan
Scott, William L: Cloghan
Shanks, Richard L: Aghory
Shannon, Henry L: Tamnaghmore
Shannon, Moses L: Shewis
Sharkey, Bernard L: Cornascreeb
Sheils, Thomas L: Ballyknock
Sherry, Robert L: Aghory
Simpson, William L: Mullaletragh
Singleton, George L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Sinton, Benjamin L: Cornascreeb
Sinton, Benjamin L: Tamnaghmore
Sinton, Curry L: Tamnaghmore
Sinton, Jacob L: Cornascreeb
Sinton, James L: Unshinagh
Sinton, John L: Crewcat
Sinton, John L: Rockmacreeny
Sinton, John L: Tamnaghmore
Sinton, Robert L: Tamnaghmore
Sinton, Robert L: Tamnaghvelton
Sinton, Thomas L: Tamnaghmore
Sinton, Thomas L: Tamnaghvelton
Sinton, Thos. L: Rockmacreeny
Sinton, William L: Tamnaghmore
Sinton, William H. L: Tamnaghmore
Skeath, Isaac L: Ballynahinch
Skeith, James L: Mulladry
Skuse, Rev. Charles L: Ballyleny
Sleith, Mary L: Clonroot
Sleith, Thomas L: Ballywilly
Slevin, Patrick L: Tullygarden
Sloan, Anne L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Sloane, Adam L: Annaboe
Smith, Eliza L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Smith, Erasmus L: Rich Hill, Broad Street.
Smith, John L: Ballylisk
Smith, John L: Lisavague
Smith, Mary L: Ballytrue
Smith'S, Erasmus L: Kilmore N: M and female Sch-Hse
Smyth, Mary L: Mullaletragh
Somerville, Alexander L: Ballyleny
Somerville, James L: Rockmacreeny
Somerville, John Thomas L: Rockmacreeny
Somerville, Joseph L: Tamnaghmore
Spear, James L: Cornascreeb
Spear, Robert L: Lisavague
Spence, David L: Annareagh
Spence, David L: Mullaletragh
Spence, David L: Rich Hill, The Square
Spence, George L: Kilmacanty
Spence, George L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Spence, Henry L: Ballyleny
Spence, Henry L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Spence, James L: Annareagh
Spence, John L: Ballynahinch
Spence, John L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Spence, Robert L: Annareagh
Spence, Thomas L: Annareagh
Sprint, Thomas L: Derryhale
Stanley, Henry L: Derryhale
Stanley, James L: Ballintaggart
Stanley, John L: Ballintaggart
Stanley, John L: Derryhale
Stanley, Thomas L: Ballyloughan
Steenson, Andrew L: Ballyleny
Steenson, John L: Ballynahinch
Steenson, Martha L: Annareagh
Steenson, Mary L: Ballynahinch
Steenson, Mary L: Ballytrue
Steenson, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Steenson, Thomas L: Kilmore
Stevenson, Anne L: Derryhale
Stevenson, Robert L: Annaboe
Stewart, David L: Tamnaghvelton
Stewart, James L: Ballywilly
Stewart, John L: Ballylisk
Stewart, Michael L: Ballytrue
Stewart, Samuel L: Rockmacreeny
Stothers, Anne L: Ballyhagan
Stothers, Anne L: Kilmacanty
Stothers, David L: Tullymore
Stothers, George L: Tullymore
Stothers, James L: Derryloughan
Stothers, John L: Annahugh
Stothers, John L: Ballyhagan
Stothers, Joseph L: Derryloughan
Stothers, Joseph L: Tullymore
Stothers, Maxwell L: Derryloughan
Stothers, Moses L: Ballyhagan
Stothers, Robert L: Annahugh
Stothers, Robert L: Derryloughan
Stott, James L: Ballintaggart
Stratton, Joseph L: Mullahead
Sturgeon, Andrew L: Drumnahunshin
Sturgeon, Richard L: Drumnahunshin
Sturgeon, Richard L: Mulladry
Sweeny, James L: Drumard Primate
Taggart, David L: Ballybreagh
Taggart, Hector L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Tate, Robert L: Mullaletragh
Tayler, James, Jr. L: Cordrain
Taylor, Edward L: Ballyknock
Taylor, George L: Mullahead
Taylor, James, Sr. L: Cordrain
Taylor, Jane L: Bottlehill
Taylor, John L: Cordrain
Taylor, Richard L: Ballytrue
Taylor, Richard L: Ballywilly
Taylor, Robert L: Ballyhagan
Taylor, Robert L: Bottlehill
Taylor, Robert L: Tullymore
Taylor, William L: Cordrain
Thompson, Eliza L: Creenagh
Thompson, James L: Brackagh.
Thompson, James L: Cornascreeb
Thompson, John L: Brackagh.
Thompson, John L: Cornascreeb
Thompson, Robert L: Lurgancot
Thompson, Sarah L: Tamnaghmore
Thompson, Thomas L: Aghory
Thompson, William L: Ballyhagan
Thompson, William L: Brackagh.
Thompson, William L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Thornbury, Thomas L: Ballyleny
Thornton, Ely L: Tamnaghvelton
Thornton, John L: Ballyknock
Thornton, John L: Tamnaghvelton
Thornton, William L: Tamnaghvelton
Timmons, Richard L: Drumard (Jones)
Timons, John L: Ballynahinch
Tinman, Arthur L: Ballintaggart
Tinman, Edward L: Ballintaggart
Tinman, Thomas L: Ballintaggart
Tipping, William L: Ballintaggart
Toal, Mary L: Clonroot
Togher, Thomas L: Mullalelish
Togher, William L: Aghory
Tole, Edward L: Brackagh.
Tole, George L: Brackagh.
Tole, Mary L: Tamnaghvelton
Tole, Patrick L: Mullahead
Tole, Sylvester L: Unshinagh
Toner, James L: Drumnahunshin
Toner, John L: Money
Topley, David L: Clonroot
Topley, Jane L: Bottlehill
Topley, John L: Clonroot
Topley, Richard L: Cavan
Topley, Samuel L: Drumnahunshin
Toppan, Thomas L: Ballybreagh
Totten, James L: Tamnaghvelton
Totten, John L: Mulladry
Totten, William L: Cordrain
Towel, John L: Money
Traynor, Eliza L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Treanor, Bernard L: Ballintaggart
Tremble, John L: Money
Trotter, Henry L: Ballylisk
Trotter, James L: Ballylisk
Trotter, James L: Unshinagh
Trotter, John L: Cordrain
Trotter, John, Jr. L: Ballintaggart
Trotter, John, Sr. L: Ballintaggart
Trotter, Ralph L: Brackagh.
Trotter, Richard, Jr. L: Ballylisk
Trotter, Richard, Sr. L: Ballylisk
Troughton, Anne L: Mullalelish
Troughton, Edward L: Ballynahinch
Troughton, Edward L: Mullalelish
Troughton, George L: Mullalelish
Troughton, John L: Ballyleny
Troughton, John L: Drumard (Jones)
Troughton, John L: Drumnahunshin
Troughton, John L: Mulladry
Troughton, John, Jr. L: Mullalelish
Troughton, John, Sr. L: Mullalelish
Troughton, Joseph, Jr. L: Mullalelish
Troughton, Martha L: Ballyleny
Troughton, Mary Jane L: Mullaletragh
Troughton, Thomas L: Annaboe
Troughton, Thomas L: Ballynahinch
Troughton, Thomas L: Ballywilly
Troughton, Thomas L: Drumard (Jones)
Troughton, Thos L: Mullalelish N: Jos
Troughton, Thos. L: Mullalelish N: Ned
Troughton, Thos, Sr. L: Mullalelish
Troughton, William L: Annaboe
Trowell, Edward L: Ballyhagan
Tudor, Anne L: Derryhale
Tudor, John L: Derryhale
Tudor, John L: Mulladry
Tudor, William L: Derryhale
Turner, Anne L: Tamnaghmore
Turner, James L: Tamnaghvelton
Turner, Robert L: Tamnaghvelton
Turner, William L: Cordrain
Turner, William L: Tamnaghmore
Turner, William L: Tamnaghvelton
Turtle, John L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Turtle, William L: Ballylisk
Turtle, William J. L: Mullavilly
Twinan, Samuel L: Cornascreeb
Valentine, Robert L: Ballyleny
Vance, James L: Cordrain
Vance, Samuel L: Cordrain
Vance, Sarah L: Cordrain
Walker, James L: Ballintaggart
Walker, Jno. L: Ballyleny N: Redmond
Walker, John L: Cloghan
Walker, John L: Mulladry
Walker, Matilda L: Mullalelish
Walker, Samuel L: Cloghan
Walker, Thomas L: Ballyleny
Walker, Thomas L: Corcreevy
Walker, Thomas L: Drumard (Jones)
Walker, Thomas L: Maynooth
Walker, Thomas L: Mullaletragh
Walker, Thomas L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Walker, Thomas L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Walker, Thomas L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Walker, William L: Cloghan
Walker, William L: Creenagh
Walker, Yhomas L: Mulladry
Wallace, Jane L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Wallace, John L: Aghory
Wallace, John L: Aghory N: Miller
Wallace, John L: Cornascreeb
Wallace, John L: Mullalelish
Wallace, Mary L: Aghory
Wallace, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Walsh, William L: Tullygarden
Ward, Henry L: Ballintaggart
Ward, William L: Derryloughan
Watson, Alexander L: Ballintaggart
Watson, John L: Ballytrue
Watson, John L: Cornascreeb
Watson, John L: Tamnaghmore
Watson, John L: Unshinagh
Watson, William L: Mullavilly
Waugh, David L: Derryhale
Weir, Anne L: Corcreevy
Weir, Anne L: Mullaletragh
Weir, Henry L: Money
Weir, Henry L: Tullymore
Weir, Issac L: Brackagh.
Weir, Rachel L: Cornascreeb
Weir, Thomas L: Tullymore
Weir, Thomas L: Unshinagh
Weir, William L: Drumard Primate
West, John L: Kincon
Wetherall, Anne L: Mulladry
White, Eliza L: Ballybreagh
White, James L: Bottlehill
White, John L: Ballybreagh
White, John L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
White, Thomas L: Ballybreagh
White, Thomas L: Cornascreeb
Whitley, James L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Whitley, John L: Drumnahunshin
Whitley, John L: Mulladry
Whitley, Jones L: Drumnahunshin
Whitley, Jones L: Mulladry
Whitten, John L: Ballywilly
Whitten, John L: Lisavague
Wiggins, Robert L: Bottlehill
Wiley, Sarah L: Rich Hill, Mill Street
Wilkin, Richard L: Kilmore
Williamson, Benjamin L: Ballyhagan
Williamson, Benjamin L: Kincon
Williamson, Gabriel L: Creenagh
Williamson, Hugh L: Rockmacreeny
Williamson, Joseph L: Creenagh
Williamson, Robert L: Aghory
Williamson, William L: Ballyhagan
Williamson, William L: Kilmacanty
Williamson, William L: Rockmacreeny
Willis, James L: Mullahead
Wilson, Andrew L: Castleraw
Wilson, Andrew L: Mulladry
Wilson, Benjamin L: Castleraw
Wilson, Catherine L: Aghory
Wilson, George L: Ballyloughan
Wilson, George L: Cavan
Wilson, George L: Mulladry
Wilson, George L: Mullalelish
Wilson, James L: Brackagh.
Wilson, James L: Cavan
Wilson, James L: Cornascreeb
Wilson, James L: Derryloughan
Wilson, Jane L: Mullalelish N: James
Wilson, Jane L: Mullalelish N: Thomas
Wilson, John L: Ballyknock
Wilson, John L: Ballynahinch
Wilson, John L: Brackagh.
Wilson, John L: Cavan
Wilson, John L: Cornascreeb
Wilson, John L: Derryhale
Wilson, John L: Mulladry
Wilson, John L: Mullalelish
Wilson, John L: Mullalelish N: Jack
Wilson, Joseph L: Castleraw
Wilson, Joseph L: Derryhale
Wilson, Joseph L: Mullalelish
Wilson, Nicholas L: Aghory
Wilson, Ralph L: Ballyknock
Wilson, Ralph L: Ballylisk
Wilson, Richard L: Ballyknock
Wilson, Robert L: Ballyloughan
Wilson, Robert L: Cloghan
Wilson, Robert L: Rich Hill, Broad Street
Wilson, Singleton L: Annareagh
Wilson, Singleton L: Mullalelish
Wilson, Singleton L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Wilson, Thomas L: Mullalelish
Wilson, William L: Ballybreagh
Wilson, William L: Ballyleny
Wilson, William L: Ballynahinch
Wilson, William L: Cornascreeb
Wilson, William L: Maynooth
Wilson, William L: Mulladry
Wisdom, William L: Lurgancot
Woods, James L: Ballyleny
Woods, James L: Creenagh
Woods, James L: Tullygarden
Woods, Jane L: Ballynahinch
Woods, John L: Mullalelish
Woods, Letitia L: Ballyloughan
Woods, William L: Liskyborough
Woodside, Anne L: Tamnaghmore
Woolsey, George, Jr. L: Tamnaghvelton
Woolsey, George, Sr. L: Tamnaghvelton
Woolsey, Meredith L: Lisavague
Wray, James L: Lisavague
Wright, Archibald L: Bottlehill
Wright, Eliza L: Derryhale
Wright, Francis L: Derryhale
Wright, George L: Brackagh.
Wright, Henry L: Brackagh.
Wright, Henry L: Derryhale
Wright, Henry L: Mulladry
Wright, Henry, Jr. L: Ballylisk
Wright, Rep. Henry, Sr. L: Ballylisk
Wright, James L: Ballylisk
Wright, James L: Derryhale
Wright, James L: Drumnahunshin
Wright, James L: Mulladry
Wright, James L: Mullavilly
Wright, James L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Wright, James L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry
Wright, James L: Unshinagh
Wright, James, Jr. L: Ballylisk
Wright, James, Jr. L: Derryhale
Wright, James, Sr. L: Ballylisk
Wright, Jas. L: Rich Hill, or Legacorry N: Publican
Wright, John L: Cornascreeb
Wright, John L: Derryhale
Wright, John L: Lisavague
Wright, John L: Unshinagh
Wright, Joseph L: Lisavague
Wright, Joseph L: Liskyborough
Wright, Mary L: Derryloughan
Wright, Robert L: Derryhale
Wright, Samuel L: Rich Hill, Irish Street
Wright, Samuel L: Rich Hill, The Square
Wright, Sarah L: Ballyknock
Wright, Sarah L: Tullymore
Wright, Sturgeon L: Lisavague
Wright, Thomas L: Derryhale
Wright, Thomas L: Mulladry
Wright, William L: Ballybreagh
Wright, William L: Ballylisk
Wright, William L: Cloghan
Wright, William L: Derryhale
Wright, William L: Unshinagh
Wrigth, Thomas L: Brackagh.
Young, Mary L: Tamnaghmore

Click for map of civil parishes in county Armagh

Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan