Griffiths Valuation: Killyman Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Killyman Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Killyman parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Killyman Parish and throughout county Armagh in 1864.

You should also check the records of Killyman parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Killyman Parish, Co. Armagh

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All Griffiths Valuation records in this page have been published in alphabetical order. Search tip for most web browsers: press Ctrl and F and enter surname or search term. If you are researching particular townlands or areas of this parish, then we suggest that you also use the Ctrl F option in your web browser.



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Alcock, William L: Derrycorry, North
Annett, Thomas L: Derryhubbert, East
Annett, Thomas L: Mullenakill, North
Ash, Samuel L: Mullenakill, North
Ash, Samuel L: Mullenakill, West
Baxter, George L: Derrycorry, South.
Baxter, George L: Derryhirk
Baxter, George L: Derryhubbert, South
Baxter, George L: Mullenakill, West
Berry, Robert L: Mullenakill, West
Blevins, David L: Derryhubbert, East
Blevins, David L: Mullenakill, North
Blevins, John L: Mullenakill, North
Blevins, Margaret L: Mullenakill, North
Blevins, William L: Mullenakill, North
Boyd, George L: Derryhubbert, South
Boyle, Owen L: Derrycorry, South.
Bryan, Daniel L: Clonmore
Bugby, William L: Mullahead
Bunting, Sarah L: Mullahead
Bunting, Thomas L: Mullahead
Burns, Thomas L: Derryhubbert, East
Cassidy, William L: Clontyclay
Cherry, Robert L: Derryhirk
Cherry, Robert L: Mullenakill, West
Cherry, Samuel L: Derryhubbert, East
Cherry, Samuel L: Mullenakill, West
Cherry, Thomas L: Derrycorry, North
Cherry, Thomas L: Derryhirk
Cherry, Thomas L: Mullenakill, West
Cherry, William L: Derryhubbert, South
Clarke, Adam L: Derrycorry, South.
Clements, John L: Derryhirk
Cochrane, Henry L: Mullahead
Conlan, Bernard L: Clonmore
Connolly, Bernard L: Clontyclay
Corner, James L: Mullahead
Coyne, John L: Clontyclay
Crawford, Andrew L: Derryhubbert, East
Crone, Robert L: Mullenakill, West
Cusher, Thomas L: Mullahead
Davidson, Thomas L: Mullenakill, North
Davison, William Henry L: Derrycorry, North
Doherty, James L: Mullenakill, West
Donaghy, James L: Clonmore
Donaghy, Peter L: Clonmore
Donaghy, Thomas L: Clonmore
Douglas, John L: Mullenakill, West
Downey, Benjamin L: Derryhirk
Dugan, John L: Derrycorry, South
Duke, Richard L: Derryhubbert, East
Duke, Richard L: Mullenakill, West
Dynes, John L: Clontyclay
Dynes, John, Jr. L: Clontyclay
Dynes, John, Sr. L: Clontyclay
Dynes, Philip L: Derrycorry, North
Dynes, Richard L: Clonmore
Dynes, Rose L: Clontyclay
Dynes, Thomas L: Clonmore
Elliot, Robert, Jr. L: Clontyclay
Elliot, Robert, Sr. L: Clontyclay
Elliott, James L: Mullenakill, West
Elliott, William L: Mullenakill, West
Ewart, Eliza L: Mullahead
Ewing, John L: Mullahead
Farmer, John L: Clontyclay
Fearon, Thomas L: Clontyclay
Finn, Daniel L: Clonmore
Finn, John, Jr. L: Clonmore
Finn, John, Sr. L: Clonmore
Fitzsimons, Henry L: Mullahead
Fleming, George L: Derrycorry, South.
Fox, Daniel L: Clonmore
Fox, Edward L: Mullenakill, North
Fox, Edward L: Mullenakill, West
Fox, John L: Clontyclay
Francis, James L: Mullahead
Fullerton, John L: Clontyclay
Gamble, Henry L: Mullahead
Gibson, James L: Derryhubbert, South
Gibson, James L: Mullahead
Gilpin, Richard L: Derrycorry, South
Gilpin, Richard L: Derrycorry, South.
Gowdy, Margaret L: Mullenakill, North
Gracey, Jane L: Mullahead
Gracey, Thomas L: Mullahead
Greene, Henry L: Clontyclay
Greene, Jacob L: Mullenakill, North
Grimby, William L: Derryhirk
Grimley, Edward L: Clonmore
Grimley, Owen L: Clonmore
Grimley, Patrick L: Clonmore
Grimley, Sarah L: Clonmore
Haddock, Jacob L: Mullahead
Hagan, Charles L: Clonmore
Hall, Mary Anne L: Derryhubbert, South
Hall, William L: Derrycorry, North
Hamill, Bernard L: Clonmore
Hamill, James L: Clonmore
Hamill, Sarah L: Clonmore
Hamill, Sarah L: Clontyclay
Hamilton, James L: Mullenakill, North
Hamilton, John L: Derrycorry, South.
Hamilton, John L: Mullenakill, North
Hamilton, Silas L: Mullenakill, North
Handcock, James L: Mullenakill, West
Harken, John L: Mullahead
Hasleton, Isabella L: Mullenakill, North
Havern, Bartholomew L: Clonmore
Hayes, George L: Clonmore
Hayes, George L: Clontyclay
Hayes, John L: Clonmore
Hayes, Mary Jane L: Clontyclay
Hayes, Thomas L: Clontyclay
Healy, William L: Clontyclay
Horner, Benjamin L: Derrycorry, South.
Hughes, Charlotte L: Clontyclay
Hughes, Eliza L: Mullahead
Hughes, John L: Mullahead
Hunter, Matthew L: Mullenakill, West
Irwin, Andrew L: Derrycorry, South.
Irwin, Thomas L: Mullahead
Jackson, John L: Clonmore
Jackson, Joseph L: Derryhubbert, East
Jackson, Joseph L: Mullenakill, North
Jackson, Joseph L: Mullenakill, West
Jackson, Thos. David L: Mullenakill, North
Jackson, William L: Mullenakill, North
Jones, James L: Mullahead
Jones, John L: Mullahead
Joyce, Richard L: Clonmore
Keane, James L: Derrycorry, North
Kelly, James L: Mullahead
Kelly, John L: Clontyclay
Kelso, Sarah L: Derryhubbert, East
Kelso, William L: Derryhubbert, East
Kelso, William L: Mullenakill, North
Kenny, Anne L: Mullenakill, North
Kenny, James L: Mullahead
Kenny, Thomas L: Mullahead
Kilpatrick, Robert L: Mullenakill, North
Kilpatrick, Robert L: Mullenakill, West
Larkin, Thomas L: Clonmore
Laverty, William L: Mullahead
Little, John L: Clonmore
Madders, John L: Mullahead
M'Anally, Susan L: Clonmore
Matchett, George L: Derrycorry, South
Maynes, John L: Mullahead
Maynes, Thomas L: Mullahead
Mc Adam, Anne L: Derryhirk
Mc Ateer, John L: Mullahead
Mc Ateer, Joseph L: Mullahead
Mc Ateer, Samuel, Jr. L: Mullahead
Mc Call, William L: Derrycorry, South.
Mc Call, William L: Mullenakill, West
Mc Clearin, Michael L: Clonmore
Mc Clelland, John L: Mullenakill, West
Mc Dowell, John L: Clontyclay
Mc Farlane, Joseph L: Derryhubbert, East
Mc Gowan, Felix L: Derrycorry, North
Mc Gowan, Peter L: Derrycorry, North
Mc Guinness, Edward L: Mullahead
Mc Intyre, Samuel L: Mullahead
Mc Keown, William L: Derrycorry, South
M'Clearin, Bernard L: Clonmore
M'Clearin, Michael L: Clonmore
M'Cluskey, James L: Clonmore
M'Cluskey, Thomas L: Clonmore
Mc Nally, John L: Derryhubbert, East
Mc Nally, William L: Derrycorry, North
Mc Nally, William L: Derrycorry, South
Mc Parland, John L: Clontyclay
Mc Sorley, James L: Mullahead
Millar, William L: Derrycorry, South
Milligan, Robert L: Mullahead
M'Kee, John L: Clonmore
M'Kittrick, George L: Clonmore
Montgomery, Sarah L: Mullahead
Montgomery, Wm. L: Mullahead
Morris, Seth L: Mullahead
Morris, William H. L: Mullahead
Morrow, Martha L: Mullenakill, North
Moss, John L: Clonmore
Mullen, Francis L: Clontyclay
Mullen, John L: Clontyclay
Mullen, William L: Mullenakill, North
Neal, James L: Derryhubbert, East
Neill, Ellen L: Mullahead
Neill, James L: Mullenakill, West
Neill, Jeremiah L: Mullahead
Neill, William L: Mullahead
O'Brien, Frances L: Derryhubbert, South
O'Neill, John L: Clontyclay
Painter, John L: Mullenakill, West
Potts, James L: Derrycorry, North
Potts, William L: Derrycorry, North
Potts, William L: Mullenakill, West
Quinn, John L: Mullahead
Read, Thomas L: Derrycorry, South.
Richardson, Joseph L: Derrycorry, South.
Robinson, James L: Derryhubbert, East
Roe, James L: Clontyclay
Rogers, Thomas L: Derryhubbert, South
Shannon, Alexander L: Derrycorry, North
Simmonton, David L: Derrycorry, North
Simpson, Margaret L: Mullahead
Sloan, Adam L: Clonmore
Smyth, Robert L: Derrycorry, North
Smyth, William L: Clonmore
Stratton, Joseph L: Mullahead
Totton, John L: Derrycorry, North
Totton, John L: Derryhirk
Tullerton, John L: Clonmore
Vallely, John L: Clonmore
Verner, Baronet William L: Clontyclay
Verner, Baronet William L: Derrycorry, North
Verner, Baronet William L: Derrycorry, South
Verner, Baronet William L: Derrycorry, South.
Verner, Baronet William L: Derryhirk
Verner, Baronet William L: Derryhubbert, East
Verner, Baronet William L: Derryhubbert, North
Verner, Baronet William L: Derryhubbert, South
Verner, Baronet William L: Mullenakill, North
Verner, Baronet William L: Mullenakill, South
Verner, Baronet William L: Mullenakill, West
Watson, William L: Derrycorry, North
Watson, William L: Derryhirk
Watt, John L: Derrycorry, South.
Webster, John L: Mullenakill, North
Wiley, Thomas L: Derrycorry, North
Williamson, Robert L: Derryhirk
Wilson, John L: Clontyclay
Wilson, Valentine L: Mullahead
Winter, Daniel L: Derrycorry, North

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Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan