Griffiths Valuation: Killevy Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Killevy Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Killevy parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Killevy Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Killevy Parish, Co. Armagh

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You should also check the records of Killevy parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Abbot, James L: Cloghreagh
Abbott, James L: Glassdrummond Contd
Adair, George L: Goragh
Adair, John L: Goragh Contd
Adair, Robert L: Glassdrummond Contd
Adams, Samuel L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Adamson, Robert L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Adamson, Samuel L: Maytown
Adamson, Sarah L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Agnew, Andrew L: Kilrea
Agnew, Andrew L: Serse
Agnew, Bridget L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Agnew, David L: Killybodagh
Agnew, John L: Serse
Agnew, Margaret L: Serse
Aikens, Robert L: Glassdrummond Contd
Alderdice, Thomas L: Latt Contd
Alderdice, William L: Mullaghglass
Alexander, David L: Mullaghglass
Allen, James L: Killeen
Allen, Joseph L: Duvernagh
Allen, Patrick L: Newtown
Allen, Paul L: Ellisholding
Andrew, Francis L: Cloghoge Contd
Anterson, Allen L: Maytown
Anterson, Allen L: Mullaghglass
Anterson, John L: Duvernagh
Anterson, John L: Latt Contd
Anterson, John L: Maytown
Anterson, John L: Mullaghglass
Ard, Michael L: Tullyhappy
Armstrong, James L: Aghadavoyle
Aslmore, Alexander L: Carrickbrackan
Atkinson, Edward L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Atkinson, Edward D. L: Cloghreagh
Atkinson, Edward D. L: Mullaghglass
Atkinson, John L: Maytown
Atkinson, Mary C. L: Cloghreagh
Atkinson, Mary C. L: Mullaghglass
Atkinson, William N. L: Glassdrummond Contd
Aylmer, Anne L: Serse
Aylmer, James L: Cloghreagh
Babe, John L: Drumintee
Babe, Laurence L: Ballinliss
Babe, Michael L: Drumintee
Babe, Philip L: Drumintee
Baggs, Thomas L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Baggs, William L: Eshwary
Bailey, Patrick L: Eshwary
Baird, Anne L: Knockduff
Barclay, Nathaniel L: Aghadavoyle
Barnes, William L: Eshwary
Barr, James L: Clogharevan
Barron, Andrew L: Duvernagh
Barron, Charles L: Duvernagh
Barron, Charles, Jr. L: Duvernagh
Barry, Alice L: Ballynalack
Barry, Catherine L: Carrickbroad
Barry, Charles L: Aghmakane
Barry, Charles L: Ballynalack
Barry, Ellen L: Aghmakane
Barry, Ellen L: Carrickbroad
Barry, Francis L: Ballynalack
Barry, Hugh L: Ballynalack
Barry, James L: Aghadavoyle
Barry, James L: Carrickbroad
Barry, Margaret L: Drumilly
Barry, Michael L: Ballynalack
Barry, Michael L: Cross. Camlough
Barry, Michael L: Drumilly
Barry, Oliver L: Ballynalack
Barry, Rose L: Carrickbroad
Barry, Thomas L: Ballynalack
Barry, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
Barry, Thos. L: Ballynalack N: Oliver
Baxter, Hugh L: Mullaghglass
Baxter, James L: Duvernagh
Baxter, John L: Duvernagh
Baxter, Samuel L: Duvernagh
Beetles, Richard L: Duvernagh
Beggan, Philip L: Keggall
Begley, Mary L: Drumintee N: Peter
Begley, Michael L: Carrickbroad
Begly, Mary L: Carrickbroad
Begly, Mary L: Carrickbroad N: Peter
Bell, Anne L: Drumilly
Bell, James L: Drumilly
Bell, James L: Lissummon
Bell, Jane L: Latt Contd
Bell, John L: Serse
Bell, Joseph L: Carnagat Contd
Bell, Margaret L: Serse
Bell, Michael L: Serse
Bennett, Anne L: Ballard
Bennett, Anne L: Ballintemple
Bennett, Denis L: Killeen
Bennett, James L: Ballard N: Peter
Bennett, James L: Ballard N: Red
Bennett, James, Jr. L: Ballard
Bennett, John L: Ballard
Bennett, John L: Cross. Camlough
Bennett, Patrick L: Ballard
Benning, George L: Maghernahely
Bennison, Joseph L: Cloghreagh
Berry, Mary L: Carrickcloghan
Berry, Mary L: Carrickcloghan N: Pat
Berry, Michael L: Keggall
Berry, Thomas L: Carrickcloghan
Best, Ellen L: Carnagat Contd
Best, Henry L: Carnagat Contd
Best, James L: Eshwary
Best, Robert L: Cloghinny
Best, Robert L: Cloghreagh
Best, Robert L: Maytown
Best, Robert L: Mullaghglass
Best, Robert L: Tullyhappy
Best, Samuel L: Eshwary
Best, Solomon L: Cloghinny
Best, William L: Cloghinny
Black, Bryan L: Drumintee
Black, Esther L: Druminted
Black, James L: Ballynalack
Black, James L: Clontygora
Black, James L: Drumilly
Black, John L: Clogharevan
Black, John L: Clontygora
Black, Margaret L: Clogharevan
Black, Michael L: Drumintee
Black, Patrick L: Clontygora N: James
Black, Patrick L: Clontygora N: Peter
Black, Peter L: Drumintee
Black, Rose L: Clontygora
Black, William L: Clontygora
Black, William L: Duvernagh
Boles, Anne L: Carnagat Contd
Boyd, James, Sr. L: Killybodagh
Boyd, Joseph L: Duvernagh
Boyd, Robert L: Derrywilligan
Boyd, Samuel L: Lissummon
Boyle, L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Boyle, Anne L: Ballynalack N: Anthony
Boyle, Anne L: Ballynalack N: John
Boyle, Anne L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook N: John
Boyle, Bridget L: Ballynalack
Boyle, Catherine L: Ballynalack
Boyle, Denis L: Clontygora
Boyle, Dominick L: Clontygora
Boyle, Edward L: Ballynalack
Boyle, Edward L: Maghernahely
Boyle, Edward L: Newtown
Boyle, Elizabeth L: Ballynalack
Boyle, Elizabeth L: Cloghoge Contd
Boyle, Felix L: Ballynalack
Boyle, Felix L: Clontygora
Boyle, Francis L: Ballynalack
Boyle, James L: Cloghreagh
Boyle, James L: Lissummon
Boyle, John L: Aghayalloge
Boyle, John L: Ballynalack
Boyle, John L: Eshwary
Boyle, John, Jr. L: Aghayalloge
Boyle, John, Jr. L: Ballymacdermot
Boyle, Margaret L: Maghernahely
Boyle, Mary L: Ballynalack
Boyle, Matthew L: Ballynalack
Boyle, Michael L: Ballynalack
Boyle, Michael L: Carrickbroad
Boyle, Michael L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Boyle, Michael L: Clontygora
Boyle, Michael L: Duburren
Boyle, Patrick L: Aghmakane N: Widow
Boyle, Patrick L: Clontygora
Boyle, Peter L: Carrickbrackan
Boyle, Peter L: Clontygora N: Owen
Boyle, Richard L: Ballynalack
Boyle, Stephen L: Aghayalloge
Boyle, Terence L: Ballynalack
Boyle, Terence L: Drumintee
Boyle, Terence L: Killeen
Boyle, Thomas L: Clontygora
Boyle, Thomas L: Clontygora N: James
Bradley, Patrick L: Cloghreagh
Bradley, Peter L: Cloghreagh
Brady, John L: Carrickcroppan
Brady, Matthew L: Maghernahely
Brady, Patrick L: Carrickcroppan
Brady, Terence L: Carrickcloghan
Brady, Thomas L: Keggall
Brannagan, Felix L: Cloghinny
Brannigan, Felix L: Enagh
Breen, Owen L: Aghadavoyle
Breen, Patrick L: Aghadavoyle
Brennan, Anne L: Mullaghglass
Brennan, Bridget L: Carrickbroad
Brennan, Ellen L: Carrickbroad
Brennan, Hugh L: Kilmonaghan
Brennan, James L: Carrickbrackan
Brennan, James L: Carrickbroad
Brennan, James, Jr. L: Carrickbroad
Brennan, John L: Carrickbroad
Brennan, Matthew L: Carrickbroad
Brennan, Michael L: Carrickbroad
Brennan, Michael L: Drumintee
Brennan, Owen L: Carrickbroad
Brennan, Richard L: Carrickbroad
Brennan, Rose L: Carrickbroad
Brennan, Rose L: Clontygora
Briars, William L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Briggs, William L: Cloghreagh
Brody, Matthew L: Eshwary
Brown, James L: Mullaghglass
Brown, James, Sr. L: Mullaghglass
Brown, Margaret L: Mullaghglass
Brown, Samuel L: Maytown
Brown, Thomas L: Maytown
Brown, William L: Maytown
Browne, James L: Derrywilligan
Browne, James L: Drumbanagher
Browne, James L: Mullaghglass
Browne, Jane L: Mullaghglass
Browne, John L: Mullaghglass
Browne, Mary L: Mullaghglass
Browne, Thomas L: Mullaghglass
Browne, Thomas L: Mullaghglass N: Maytown
Browne, William L: Mullaghglass
Bryne, Bernard L: Corrinshigo
Bryne, Daniel L: Clontygora
Bryne, Hugh L: Cloghreagh
Bryne, John L: Clogharevan
Bryne, Margaret L: Cloghreagh
Bryne, Michael L: Cloghoge Contd
Buchanan, John L: Tullyhappy
Buchanan, Martha L: Tullyhappy
Buchanan, Robert L: Tullyhappy
Buchanan, Stuart L: Latt
Buchanan, William L: Tullyhappy
Buckley, John L: Eshwary
Burke, John L: Carnagat Contd
Burke, John L: Cloghoge Contd
Burke, Michael L: Cloghoge Contd
Burne, Michael L: Clogharevan
Burns, Bernard L: Duburren
Burns, Edward L: Aghadavoyle
Burns, Edward L: Drumilly
Burns, Felix L: Drumilly
Burns, Francis L: Duburren
Burns, Francis L: Lissaraw
Burns, Hugh L: Lislea
Burns, James L: Drumilly
Burns, James L: Lislea
Burns, John L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Burns, John L: Lislea
Burns, John L: Lissaraw
Burns, John L: Lissummon
Burns, Loughlin L: Duburren
Burns, Margaret L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Burns, Matthew L: Drumilly
Burns, Michael L: Duburren
Burns, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Burns, Patrick L: Lislea
Burns, Patrick L: Lissaraw N: Bryan
Burns, Patrick, Jr. L: Lissaraw
Burns, Patrick, Sr. L: Lissaraw
Burns, Peter L: Lissummon
Burns, Rose L: Ballynalack
Burns, Sarah L: Drumilly
Butler, William L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Byrne, Bernard L: Carrickbrackan
Byrne, Bernard L: Cross. Camlough
Byrne, Catherine L: Cross. Camlough N: John
Byrne, Charles L: Keggall
Byrne, Edward L: Carnagat
Byrne, Edward L: Cross. Camlough
Byrne, Francis L: Eshwary
Byrne, Henry L: Clontygora
Byrne, Henry L: Cross. Camlough
Byrne, John L: Carrickcloghan
Byrne, John L: Seafin
Byrne, Mary L: Cross. Camlough N: Peter
Byrne, Michael, Jr. L: Carrickcloghan
Byrne, Michael, Sr. L: Carrickcloghan
Byrne, Peter L: Ballymacdermot
Byrne, Thomas L: Carrickcloghan
Cahill, Peter L: Glassdrummond Contd
Caldwell, Mary L: Tullyhappy
Callaghan, Bryan L: Drumilly
Callaghan, Edward L: Sturgan
Callaghan, Elizabeth L: Seafin N: John
Callaghan, Jno L: Drumintee N: Paddy
Callaghan, John L: Drumintee
Callaghan, Mary L: Seafin
Callaghan, Mary L: Seafin N: Owen
Callaghan, Michael L: Kilrea
Callaghan, Michael L: Lissummon
Callaghan, Neal L: Mullaghglass
Callaghan, Owen L: Drumintee
Callaghan, Owen L: Lissaraw
Callaghan, Owen L: Mullaghglass
Callaghan, Patrick L: Lissaraw
Calvert, Reuben L: Goragh
Campbell, Alex L: Cloghoge N: Butcher
Campbell, Cath L: Corrinshigo N: Pat
Campbell, Edward L: Killybodagh
Campbell, James L: Carrickbroad
Campbell, James L: Corrinshigo
Campbell, John L: Ballymacdermot
Campbell, John L: Carnagat Contd
Campbell, John L: Carrickcroppan
Campbell, John L: Cloghoge Contd
Campbell, John L: Corrinshigo
Campbell, John L: Duburren
Campbell, John L: Eshwary
Campbell, John, Sr. L: Lislea
Campbell, Judith L: Carrickbroad
Campbell, Laurence L: Aghadavoyle
Campbell, Laurence L: Carrickbroad
Campbell, Margaret L: Eshwary
Campbell, Margt L: Corrinshigo
Campbell, Mary L: Aghadavoyle
Campbell, Mary L: Corrinshigo
Campbell, Mary L: Cross. Camlough
Campbell, Mary, Jr. L: Lislea
Campbell, Matthew L: Carrickbroad
Campbell, Michael L: Carnagat
Campbell, Michael L: Corrinshigo
Campbell, Michael L: Lislea
Campbell, Neal L: Cross. Camlough
Campbell, Owen L: Killeen
Campbell, Patrick L: Carnagat
Campbell, Patrick L: Carricknagalliagh
Campbell, Patrick L: Cloghoge
Campbell, Patrick L: Duburren
Campbell, Patrick L: Lislea
Campbell, Peter L: Aghadavoyle
Campbell, Peter L: Keggall
Campbell, Richard L: Killeen
Campbell, Rose L: Aghadavoyle
Campbell, Ross L: Corrinshigo
Campbell, Samuel L: Aghadavoyle
Campbell, Thomas L: Carricknagalliagh
Canavan, Patrick L: Aghadavoyle
Canlan, Stephen L: Annahaia
Canlan, Terence L: Annahaia
Carr, Daniel L: Lissummon
Carr, Edward L: Carrickbroad
Carr, Francis L: Serse
Carr, James L: Carrickbroad
Carr, John L: Aghadavoyle
Carr, John L: Ballintemple
Carr, Michael L: Ballintemple
Carr, Michael L: Carrickbroad
Carriston, Owen L: Clonlum
Carriston, Terence L: Clonlum
Carroll, Anne L: Carrickbrackan
Carroll, Henry L: Ballynalack
Carroll, John L: Ballymacdermot
Carroll, John L: Carrickcroppan
Carroll, Patrick L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Carroll, Susan L: Duburren
Carswell, Samuel L: Maghernahely
Carswell, Sarah L: Maghernahely
Cartmell, David L: Duvernagh
Cartmell, James L: Carnagat Contd
Cartmell, John L: Mullaghglass
Cartmell, Thomas L: Mullaghglass
Cartmell, William L: Mullaghglass
Carty, James L: Lesh
Carty, John L: Lesh
Carty, Terence L: Lesh
Casey, John L: Carrickbrackan
Casey, Lucy L: Carrickbrackan
Casey, Patrick L: Aghadavoyle
Casgrove, Anne L: Eshwary
Cassidy, Daniel L: Clonlum
Cassidy, James L: Cloghreagh
Cassidy, James L: Clonlum
Cassidy, John L: Clonlum
Cassidy, Laurence L: Clonlum
Cassidy, Matthew L: Ballard
Cassidy, Michael L: Ballard
Cassidy, Michael L: Clonlum
Cassidy, Michael L: Lislea
Cassidy, Owen L: Killeen
Cassidy, Patrick L: Ballard
Cassidy, Patrick L: Killeen
Cassidy, Peter L: Killeen
Cassidy, Terence L: Lislea
Cassidy, Thomas L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Caulfield, Sarah L: Goragh
Cavert, James L: Killybodagh
Cements, Patrick L: Ballard
Chambers, Michael L: Mullaghglass
Chambre, Hunt Walsh L: Annahaia
Chambre, Meredith L: Aghadavoyle
Chambre, Meredith L: Annahaia
Charlemoht, L: Eshwary N: Earl of Charlemoht
Charlemont, L: Ballynalack N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Carrickbrackan N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Carrickcroppan, Camlough N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Cross. Camlough N: Earl of Charlemont
Clark, Patrick L: Ellisholding
Clarke, Daniel L: Clontygora
Clarke, Elizabeth L: Clontygora
Clarke, Francis L: Drumbanagher
Clarke, George L: Drumbanagher
Clarke, George L: Goragh Contd
Clarke, George L: Serse
Clarke, Hugh L: Clontygora
Clarke, James L: Duvernagh
Clarke, James L: Knockduff
Clarke, James L: Tullyhappy
Clarke, John L: Clontygora
Clarke, John L: Derrywilligan
Clarke, John L: Goragh Contd
Clarke, Joseph L: Drumbanagher
Clarke, Joseph L: Killybodagh
Clarke, Michael L: Cloghoge Contd
Clarke, Michael L: Ellisholding
Clarke, Michael L: Killeen
Clarke, Patrick L: Clontygora
Clarke, Patrick L: Killeen
Clarke, Patrick L: Sturgan
Clarke, Samuel L: Goragh
Clarke, Solomon L: Goragh Contd
Clarke, Thomas L: Killybodagh
Clarke, Tole L: Cloghreagh
Clermont, Lord L: Killeen
Close, Maxwell L: Drumbanagher
Close, Maxwell L: Killybodagh
Close, Maxwell L: Kilrea
Close, Maxwell L: Lissummon
Cockburn, Maxwell L: Drumbanagher
Coleman, Mary L: Carrickbroad
Colgan, William L: Mullaghglass
Colgan, William L: Tullyhappy
Colligan, Michael L: Meigh
Colligan, Patrick L: Ellisholding
Collins, Alice L: Carrickcroppan
Collins, Andrew L: Lissummon
Collins, Bridget L: Lissummon
Collins, Bryan L: Drumintee
Collins, Edward L: Drumilly
Collins, Francis L: Clogharevan
Collins, Francis L: Eshwary
Collins, Henry L: Cloghoge Contd
Collins, James L: Carrickcroppan
Collins, John L: Drumintee
Collins, Joseph L: Carrickbrackan
Collins, Joseph L: Carrickcroppan
Collins, Mary Anne L: Carrickcroppan
Collins, Michael L: Drumilly
Collins, Samuel L: Kilmonaghan
Collins, Sarah L: Clogharevan
Collogan, Peter L: Aghayalloge
Cologan, James L: Aghayalloge
Cologan, James L: Tamnaghbane
Cologan, Joseph L: Aghayalloge
Cologan, Judith L: Aghayalloge
Cologan, Maria L: Mullaghglass
Cologan, Michael L: Aghayalloge
Cologan, Peter L: Ballymacdermot
Cologan, Sarah L: Mullaghglass
Cologan, Thomas L: Aghayalloge
Cologan, Thomas, Jr. L: Aghayalloge
Colvin, Mary Anne L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Colwell, John L: Duvernagh
Colwell, Robert L: Maytown
Colwell, William, Jr. L: Derrywilligan
Colwell, William, Sr. L: Derrywilligan
Comisky, Michael L: Drumintee
Comisky, Redmond L: Drumintee
Comisky, Sarah L: Drumintee
Conery, James L: Killeen
Conlan, Stephen L: Annahaia
Conn, William L: Cloghreagh
Conn, William L: Duvernagh
Connellan, Mary L: Meigh
Connellan, Patrick L: Meigh
Connelly, Hugh L: Ballymacdermot
Connelly, James L: Goragh Contd
Conner, Joseph L: Cloghoge Contd
Connolly, Alice L: Annahaia
Connolly, Andrew L: Annahaia
Connolly, Bernard L: Latt
Connolly, Denis L: Drumintee
Connolly, Felix L: Carrickbroad
Connolly, John L: Cloghreagh
Connolly, Mary L: Killeen
Connolly, Michael L: Drumilly
Connor, Francis L: Ellisholding
Connor, Jno L: Ellisholding N: Cloghoge
Connor, John L: Aghayalloge
Connor, John L: Cloghoge Contd
Connor, Sarah L: Drumintee
Conway, Peter L: Killeen
Cooper, James L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Copeland, John L: Tullyhappy
Copeland, Margaret L: Aghadavoyle
Copeland, Mary L: Knockduff
Copeland, William L: Tullyhappy
Copleton, James L: Clogharevan
Corbett, Stephen L: Kilmonaghan
Cortley, James L: Duvernagh
Cosgrove, Hugh L: Cross. Camlough
Cosgrove, John L: Drumilly
Cosgrove, Peter L: Drumilly
Coulter, Launcelot L: Clontygora
Coulter, Launcelot L: Killeen
Courtney, Esther L: Duvernagh
Courtney, Hannah L: Corrinshigo
Courtney, Henry L: Corrinshigo
Courtney, James L: Corrinshigo
Courtney, John L: Corrinshigo
Courtney, Patrick L: Corrinshigo
Coyle, Bridget L: Cloghoge Contd
Coyle, Peter L: Cloghoge Contd
Craig, John L: Cloghreagh
Crawford, Mary L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Crawford, Mary L: Maghernahely
Crawley, Elizabeth L: Clontygora
Crawley, Elizabeth L: Killeen
Cregan, Rose L: Cross. Camlough
Crilly, Ambrose L: Carrickcroppan
Crilly, Anne L: Carrickbrackan N: Bill
Crilly, Catherine L: Maghernahely
Crilly, Colon L: Carrickcroppan
Crilly, Daniel L: Carrickcroppan
Crilly, Denis L: Clontygora
Crilly, Hugh L: Carrickbrackan
Crilly, John L: Aghadavoyle
Crilly, John L: Cloghreagh
Crilly, Margaret L: Carrickbrackan N: Dan
Crilly, Patrick L: Carrickcroppan N: Ned
Crilly, Patrick L: Sturgan
Crilly, Patrick, Sr. L: Carrickcroppan
Crilly, Peter L: Aghadavoyle
Cromey, Anne L: Seafin
Cromey, Bridget L: Ballinliss
Cromey, Denis L: Ballinliss
Cromey, Edward L: Seafin
Cromey, Francis L: Ballinliss
Cromey, James L: Ballinliss
Cromey, John L: Ballymacdermot
Cromey, Mary L: Ballinliss
Cromey, Mary L: Ballinliss N: Pat
Cromey, Mary L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Cromey, Matthew L: Ballinliss
Cromey, Thomas L: Ballinliss
Cromie, Rev. Thomas L: Maghernahely
Crommy, Patrick L: Aghadavoyle
Crozier, George L: Knockduff
Crozier, George L: Serse
Crozier, William L: Serse
Cruikshank, James L: Corrinshigo
Crummie, Ellen L: Ballintemple
Crummie, Mary L: Ballintemple
Crummie, Patrick L: Ballintemple
Cunningham, Alice L: Clonlum
Cunningham, Bernard L: Meigh
Cunningham, Bernd L: Meigh
Cunningham, Bridget L: Carrickbroad
Cunningham, Bridget L: Clonlum
Cunningham, Francis L: Clonlum
Cunningham, James L: Clonlum
Cunningham, John L: Carrickbroad
Cunningham, Michael L: Carnagat Contd
Cunningham, Michl, Jr. L: Cloghoge Contd
Cunningham, Owen L: Ballintemple
Cunningham, Owen, Jr. L: Clonlum
Cunningham, Owen, Sr. L: Clonlum
Cunningham, Stephen L: Aghayalloge
Cunningham, Stephen L: Killeen
Curran, Alexander L: Crankey
Curran, Anne L: Cloghreagh
Curran, James L: Aghadavoyle
Curran, James L: Carrickbroad
Curran, John L: Mullaghglass
Curran, Mary L: Serse
Curran, William L: Cloghreagh
Curren, James L: Glassdrummond Contd
Curry, John L: Carrickcroppan
Curry, Joseph L: Mullaghglass
Curtis, Bryan L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Curtis, Catherine L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Curtis, John L: Glassdrummond Contd
Daly, Andrew G. L: Cloghoge Contd
Daly, Anne L: Carrickbroad
Daly, Catherine L: Carrickbroad
Daly, Denis L: Killeen
Daly, Dominick L: Carnagat Contd
Daly, Dominick L: Killeen
Daly, Esther L: Carrickbroad
Daly, Margaret L: Ellisholding
Daly, Mary L: Lesh
Daly, Michael L: Drumintee
Daly, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Daly, Ptolemy L: Lissaraw
Daly, Tole L: Eshwary
Darcy, James L: Ballynalack
Darcy, Rep. Owen L: Ballynalack
Darcy, Patrick L: Lissaraw
Darcy, Peter L: Ballynalack
Darey, Rep. Owen L: Ballynalack
Darey, Patrick L: Eshwary
Darey, Peter L: Ballynalack
Darley, James L: Sturgan
Darragh, Richard L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Davidson, William L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Davis, Mary L: Carnagat
Deehan, Bernard L: Carrickbrackan
Deehan, Bernard L: Ellisholding
Deehan, Maria L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Deffin, James L: Carrickbrackan
Delany, James L: Carrickcroppan
Delany, James L: Enagh
Devett, Daniel L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Devine, John L: Serse
Devine, William L: Corrinshigo
Devitt, Owen L: Drumilly
Devitt, Patrick L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Devitt, Patrick L: Duburren
Devlin, Arthur L: Lesh
Devlin, Bernard L: Carricknagalliagh
Devlin, Charles L: Ballymacdermot
Devlin, Francis L: Lesh
Devlin, Henry L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Devlin, James L: Aghayalloge
Devlin, James L: Lesh
Devlin, James L: Serse
Devlin, John L: Ballinliss
Devlin, Owen L: Ballynalack
Devonport, Hamilton L: Clonlum
Dick, Samuel L: Duvernagh
Diganny, Charles L: Drumintee
Dillon, John L: Enagh
Dillon, John L: Tullyhappy
Dillon, William L: Tullyhappy
Dixon, Albert L: Mullaghglass
Dodd, James L: Goragh Contd
Doherty, Mary L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Donaghy, John L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Donaghy, Thomas L: Ballintemple
Donald, Joseph L: Drumbanagher
Donnald, Sarah L: Crankey
Donnell, Charles L: Killybodagh
Donnellan, Bernard L: Sturgan
Donnellan, Hugh L: Sturgan
Donnelly, Hugh L: Lislea
Donnelly, James L: Aghadavoyle
Donnelly, John L: Aghadavoyle
Donnelly, John L: Ballard
Donnelly, John L: Cloghreagh
Donnelly, Margaret L: Lislea
Donnelly, Owen L: Aghayalloge
Donnelly, Patrick L: Cloghreagh
Donnelly, Patrick L: Lislea
Donnelly, Thomas L: Aghayalloge
Donnelson, James L: Mullaghglass
Dooley, Laurence L: Carrickbroad
Dooley, Thimas L: Clontygora
Doran, Anne L: Ballard
Doran, Edward L: Aghmakane
Doran, James L: Aghmakane
Doran, James L: Meigh
Doran, John L: Cross. Camlough
Doran, John, Sr. L: Aghmakane
Doran, Maria L: Kilrea
Doran, Maria L: Lissummon
Doran, Michael L: Aghmakane
Doran, Michael L: Aghmakane N: Peter
Doran, Patrick L: Aghmakane
Doran, Patrick L: Cross. Camlough
Doran, Patrick, Jr. L: Aghmakane
Doran, Peter L: Kilrea
Doran, Peter L: Lissummon
Doran, Thomas L: Aghmakane
Doran, William L: Aghmakane
Dougherty, William L: Cross. Camlough
Douney, Edward L: Mullaghglass
Dowey, James L: Meigh
Dowey, William L: Meigh
Dowglasse, George L: Kilmonaghan
Dowglasse, George L: Knockduff
Downey, Michael L: Drumintee
Doyle, Bernard L: Aghayalloge
Doyle, John L: Carrickbrackan
Doyle, John L: Carrickcroppan
Doyle, John L: Carrickcroppan, Camlough N: Lodgers
Doyle, John L: Cross. Camlough
Doyle, John L: Drumilly
Doyle, John, Jr. L: Drumilly
Doyle, Loughlin L: Drumilly
Doyle, Margaret L: Carnagat
Doyle, Owen L: Carnagat
Doyle, Owen L: Drumilly
Doyle, Owen L: Lissaraw
Doyle, Patrick L: Drumilly
Doyle, Patrick L: Knockduff
Drumgoole, Anne L: Carrickbrackan
Drumgoole, John L: Carrickbrackan
Drumgoole, Peter L: Carrickbrackan
Drumgoole, Peter, Jr. L: Carrickbrackan
Duffy, Bernard L: Cloghoge Contd
Duffy, James L: Carrickbroad
Duffy, Michael L: Aghayalloge
Duggan, Catherine L: Ellisholding
Dunne, Hugh L: Drumintee
Dunne, John L: Drumintee
Dunne, Owen L: Drumintee
Durnan, Anne L: Carrickbroad
Durnan, John, Jr. L: Clonlum
Durnan, John, Sr. L: Clonlum
Durnan, Michael L: Carrickbroad
Durnan, Terence L: Clonlum
Durnan, William L: Aghadavoyle
Egan, Susan L: Carrickcloghan
Ellis, Thomas L: Lissummon
Elroy, Thomas L: Cloghreagh
Evans, Michael L: Sturgan
Ewart, Alexander L: Duvernagh
Ewart, Alexander L: Tullyhappy
Ewart, James, Sr. L: Tullyhappy
Ewart, John L: Tullyhappy
Faeron, Bridget L: Tamnaghbane N: Pat
Fagan, Elizabeth L: Duburren
Fagan, Patrick L: Drumilly
Fagan, Peter L: Duburren
Fagan, Stephen L: Duburren
Fagen, Owen L: Clonlum
Fallon, Michael L: Aghayalloge
Farley, William L: Maytown
Farmer, Henry L: Newtown
Farmer, Hugh L: Cloghoge Contd
Farmer, Pete L: Newtown
Farmer, Thomas L: Aghadavoyle
Farran, John L: Knockduff
Farrell, Anne L: Carrickbroad
Farrell, John L: Carrickbroad
Farrell, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Farrell, Patrick L: Cross. Camlough
Farrell, Peter L: Carrickbroad
Farrell, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
Fearan, Edward L: Eshwary
Fearn, Rep. Felix L: Drumilly
Fearns, Bryan L: Ballintemple
Fearns, Francis L: Duburren
Fearns, Grace L: Ballintemple
Fearns, John L: Drumilly
Fearns, Patrick L: Duburren
Fearns, Thomas L: Duburren
Fearon, Arthur L: Tamnaghbane
Fearon, Bartholmew L: Aghayalloge
Fearon, Bartholomew L: Ballymacdermot
Fearon, Bartholomew L: Keggall
Fearon, Bernard L: Aghayalloge
Fearon, Bridget L: Ballinliss N: Tom
Fearon, Bryan L: Ballinliss
Fearon, Catherine L: Tamnaghbane N: Owen
Fearon, Edward L: Tamnaghbane N: Bryan
Fearon, Edward L: Tamnaghbane N: Charles
Fearon, Grace L: Tamnaghbane N: Pat
Fearon, James L: Ballinliss
Fearon, John L: Ballinliss N: Jack
Fearon, John L: Ballinliss N: Mick
Fearon, John L: Carrickbrackan
Fearon, John L: Seafin
Fearon, John L: Seafin N: Mick
Fearon, John L: Tamnaghbane N: James
Fearon, John L: Tamnaghbane N: Slater
Fearon, Margaret L: Clonlum
Fearon, Margaret L: Tamnaghbane N: Murty
Fearon, Mary L: Keggall
Fearon, Mary L: Tamnaghbane N: Mick
Fearon, Matthew L: Ballinliss
Fearon, Michael L: Carnagat
Fearon, Michael L: Keggall
Fearon, Michael L: Tamnaghbane N: Andy
Fearon, Michael L: Tamnaghbane N: Mick
Fearon, Michael L: Tamnaghbane N: Peter
Fearon, Owen L: Tamnaghbane
Fearon, Owen L: Tamnaghbane N: Slater
Fearon, Patrick L: Ballinliss N: Mick
Fearon, Patrick L: Ballinliss N: Stephen
Fearon, Patrick L: Tamnaghbane N: Denis
Fearon, Patrick L: Tamnaghbane N: Henry
Fearon, Patrick L: Tamnaghbane N: Myles
Fearon, Peter L: Ballinliss N: Butcher
Fearon, Peter, Jr. L: Ballinliss
Fearon, Stephen L: Aghayalloge
Fearon, Stephen L: Clonlum
Fearon, Terence L: Tamnaghbane
Fearon, Thomas L: Clonlum
Fee, Catherine L: Drumintee
Fee, Henry L: Drumintee
Feehan, Eliza L: Clogharevan
Feehan, Terence L: Eshwary
Feenan, Joseph L: Mullaghglass
Fegan, Edward L: Cloghreagh
Fegan, Hugh L: Keggall
Fegan, Mary L: Drumintee
Fegan, Matthew L: Maghernahely
Fegan, Patrick L: Maghernahely
Fegan, Peter L: Keggall
Fegan, Sarah L: Keggall
Ferigan, Owen L: Cloghoge
Ferrigan, Alexander L: Cloghreagh
Ferrigan, Anne L: Cloghoge Contd
Ferrigan, Anne L: Ellisholding
Ferrigan, Bernard L: Ellisholding
Ferrigan, Bridget L: Cloghoge Contd N: Ned
Ferrigan, Mary L: Newtown
Ferrigan, Peter L: Newtown
Ferrigan, Richard L: Newtown
Ferris, Hugh L: Mullaghglass
Ferris, James L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Finch, James L: Lissummon
Finch, Robert L: Lissummon
Finch, Thomas L: Lissummon
Finch, William L: Lissummon
Finegan, Laurence L: Seafin
Finegan, Owen L: Ballymacdermot
Finigan, Hugh L: Aghayalloge
Finigan, Owen L: Aghayalloge
Finnegan, Patrick L: Aghadavoyle
Finnegan, Robert L: Aghadavoyle
Finnegan, Stephen L: Aghadavoyle
Finnigan, Bernard L: Drumintee
Fisher, Robert L: Duvernagh
Fitzpatrick, Mary L: Lislea
Flanagan, Alice L: Cloghreagh
Fleet, Thomas L: Duvernagh
Fleming, Robert L: Aghadavoyle
Forde, Thomas L: Aghadavoyle
Forsythe, Ellen L: Glassdrummond Contd
Forsythe, George L: Latt
Forsythe, Isaac L: Carrivekeeny
Forsythe, Joshua L: Knockduff
Forsythe, Margaret L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Forsythe, Robert L: Latt Contd
Forsythe, Thomas L: Cloghinny
Foster, Hugh L: Duvernagh
Foster, John L: Cloghreagh
Fowler, Joseph L: Glassdrummond Contd
Foxall, John L: Aghadavoyle
Foxall, John L: Clonlum
Frame, David L: Clogharevan
Frame, David L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Francis, John L: Latt Contd
Frazer, Samuel L: Corrinshigo
Freeborne, John L: Duvernagh
Frith, Rev. John. B. L: Ballintemple
Frizelle, William L: Clonlum
Gallagher, Bridget L: Carrickbroad
Gallagher, Catherine L: Drumintee
Gallagher, Ellen L: Drumintee
Gallagher, George L: Keggall
Gallagher, Nicholas L: Aghadavoyle
Gallagher, Owen L: Carrickbroad
Gallagher, Susan L: Carrickbroad
Gallagher, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
Gamble, Sarah L: Clogharevan
Garvey, Edward L: Aghmakane
Garvey, Edward L: Ballard
Garvey, Michael L: Keggall
Garvey, Patrick L: Aghmakane
Geddes, Isaac L: Maytown
Gerrard, William L: Kilrea
Gerrard, William L: Knockduff
Gibson, Hugh L: Crankey
Gibson, John L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Gillespie, Joseph L: Mullaghglass
Glass, Joseph L: Eshwary
Glass, Robert L: Duvernagh
Golgaly, Bernard L: Eshwary
Goodman, Bernard L: Cloghoge Contd
Gordan, Eliza L: Kilmonaghan
Gordon, Eliza L: Drumbanagher
Gordon, Eliza L: Knockduff
Gordon, Hugh L: Serse
Gordon, Joseph L: Serse
Gordon, Robert L: Cross. Camlough
Gordon, William L: Mullaghglass
Gordon, William L: Serse
Goss, James L: Killeen
Gourley, Isaac L: Duvernagh
Gourley, John L: Duvernagh
Gourley, John, Sr. L: Duvernagh
Gourley, Robert L: Mullaghglass
Gourley, Samuel L: Derrywilligan
Gourley, William L: Duvernagh
Gourley, William L: Mullaghglass
Gracy, Joseph L: Tullyhappy
Graham, Cornelius L: Lissaraw
Graham, David L: Eshwary
Graham, James L: Carnagat Contd
Graham, James L: Duvernagh
Graham, James L: Latt Contd
Graham, John L: Cloghreagh
Graham, John, Sr. L: Duvernagh
Graham, Joseph L: Duvernagh
Graham, Levingston L: Drumilly
Graham, Margaret L: Duvernagh
Graham, Mary L: Latt Contd
Graham, Robert L: Derrywilligan
Graham, Robert L: Glassdrummond Contd
Graham, Robert L: Latt Contd
Graham, Samuel L: Eshwary
Graham, Sarah L: Clogharevan
Graham, Sarah L: Duvernagh
Graham, Thomas L: Clogharevan
Graham, William L: Eshwary
Graham, William L: Glassdrummond Contd
Grant, Bernard L: Aghadavoyle
Grant, Bridget L: Ballard
Grant, Charles L: Aghayalloge
Grant, Hugh L: Carrickcroppan
Grant, James L: Aghadavoyle
Grant, John L: Carrickbroad
Grant, Joseph L: Aghadavoyle
Grant, Peter L: Aghadavoyle
Grant, Thomas L: Aghadavoyle
Grant, Thomas L: Clonlum
Grattan, James L: Ballintemple
Grattan, John L: Lissummon
Gray, Henry G. L: Glassdrummond
Gray, Henry G. L: Mullaghglass
Gray, Henry G. L: Mullaghglass N: Lodgers
Gray, Loughlin L: Clonlum
Gray, Owen L: Clonlum
Green, William L: Clogharevan
Greer, Archibald L: Mullaghglass
Greer, Archibald L: Tullyhappy
Greer, George L: Duvernagh
Greer, Jane L: Duvernagh
Greer, John L: Cloghinny
Grimley, Owen L: Lesh
Grogan, Neal L: Aghadavoyle
Grogan, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
Grossed, James L: Serse
Guy, Patrick L: Ballard
Hadden, James L: Derrywilligan
Hadden, John L: Crankey
Hadden, William L: Drumbanagher
Haddock, Joseph L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Hagan, Elizabeth L: Drumilly
Hagan, Henry L: Kilmonaghan
Hagan, Hugh L: Drumilly
Hagan, Joseph L: Drumbanagher
Hagan, Mary Anne L: Mullaghglass
Hagan, Michael L: Aghadavoyle
Hagan, Owen L: Carrickbroad
Hall, James L: Tullyhappy
Hall, Jane L: Cloghreagh
Hall, John L: Clogharevan
Hall, Roger L: Cloghinny
Hall, Roger L: Glassdrummond Contd
Hall, Roger L: Goragh
Halliday, George L: Crankey
Hallion, Daniel L: Clontygora
Hallion, John L: Clontygora
Hamill, Robert L: Mullaghglass
Hamilton, Anne L: Mullaghglass
Hamilton, John L: Tullyhappy
Hamilton, William L: Derrywilligan
Hamilton, William L: Latt
Hamilton, William L: Mullaghglass
Hanaway, Daniel L: Aghayalloge
Hanaway, Francis L: Aghayalloge
Hanaway, James L: Aghayalloge
Hanaway, John L: Clogharevan
Hanaway, Patk L: Aghayalloge N: Denis
Hanaway, Patrick L: Aghayalloge
Hanaway, Peter L: Aghayalloge
Hanaway, Peter L: Aghayalloge N: Bill
Hanaway, William L: Aghayalloge
Hancock, Thomas L: Cloghinny
Handcock, Thomas L: Kilmonaghan
Handcock, William L: Kilmonaghan
Hanley, Robert L: Glassdrummond Contd
Hanlon, Anne L: Clontygora
Hanlon, Anne L: Killeen N: Owen
Hanlon, Bernard L: Carrickcloghan
Hanlon, Bernard L: Clonlum
Hanlon, Bridget L: Ballard
Hanlon, Bryan L: Seafin
Hanlon, Catherine L: Aghadavoyle
Hanlon, Catherine L: Ballard
Hanlon, Daniel L: Clonlum
Hanlon, Daniel L: Clontygora
Hanlon, Daniel L: Ellisholding
Hanlon, Edmond L: Clogharevan
Hanlon, Edward L: Aghayalloge
Hanlon, Edward L: Clonlum N: Pat
Hanlon, Edwd L: Clonlum N: Barthw
Hanlon, Esther L: Lislea
Hanlon, Hugh L: Clonlum
Hanlon, Hugh L: Corrinshigo
Hanlon, Hugh L: Eshwary
Hanlon, Hugh L: Seafin N: John
Hanlon, James L: Ballard
Hanlon, James L: Clontygora
Hanlon, James L: Duburren
Hanlon, James L: Sturgan
Hanlon, John L: Ballard
Hanlon, John L: Cloghoge Contd
Hanlon, John L: Clontygora
Hanlon, John L: Killeen
Hanlon, John L: Killybodagh
Hanlon, John L: Seafin
Hanlon, John, Jr. L: Duburren
Hanlon, John, Sr. L: Duburren
Hanlon, Loughlin L: Ballard
Hanlon, Mary L: Ballard
Hanlon, Mary L: Duburren
Hanlon, Mary L: Eshwary
Hanlon, Mary L: Lesh
Hanlon, Mary L: Meigh
Hanlon, Mary L: Serse
Hanlon, Michael L: Ballard
Hanlon, Owen L: Clonlum
Hanlon, Owen L: Clonlum N: Barthw
Hanlon, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Hanlon, Patrick L: Cloghoge N: Road
Hanlon, Patrick L: Cloghoge Contd N: Village
Hanlon, Peter L: Carrivemaclone
Hanlon, Peter L: Clonlum
Hanlon, Redmond L: Aghayalloge
Hanlon, Redmond L: Clontygora
Hanlon, Richard L: Seafin
Hanlon, Stephen L: Aghayalloge
Hanlon, Stephen L: Ballintemple
Hanlon, Terence L: Clontygora
Hanlon, Terence L: Duburren
Hanlon, Thomas L: Ballard
Hanlon, William L: Cloghoge Contd
Hanna, John L: Maytown
Hanna, Joseph L: Duvernagh
Hannaway, Mary L: Tullyhappy
Hanratty, Edward L: Drumintee
Hanratty, John L: Aghadavoyle
Hanratty, John L: Carrivekeeny
Hanratty, Mary L: Aghadavoyle
Hanratty, Michael L: Carrickbroad
Hanratty, Michael L: Carrivekeeny
Hanratty, Myles L: Clonlum
Hanratty, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Hanratty, Peter L: Aghadavoyle
Hanratty, Peter L: Carrivekeeny
Hanratty, Stephen L: Clonlum
Hanratty, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
Hardy, Bridget L: Ballinliss N: Larry
Hardy, Judith L: Ballinliss N: Stephen
Hardy, Patrick L: Ballinliss
Harland, Thomas L: Maghernahely
Harland, Thomas L: Maytown
Harland, Thomas L: Mullaghglass
Harley, Richard L: Drumbanagher
Harper, Joseph L: Aghadavoyle
Harpur, Sarah L: Ellisholding
Harpur, William L: Ellisholding
Harris, Bernard L: Lissummon
Harrison, Thomas L: Duvernagh
Harrisson, Francis L: Eshwary
Hart, Ferdinand L: Annahaia
Hart, Margaret L: Annahaia
Hart, Michael L: Annahaia
Hart, Neal L: Tamnaghbane
Hart, Stephen L: Annahaia
Harty, Mary Anne L: Carrickcroppan
Harvey, Bryan L: Drumintee
Harvey, Charles L: Knockduff
Harvey, Frank L: Drumintee
Harvey, Patrick, Jr. L: Drumintee
Harvey, Patrick, Sr. L: Drumintee
Harvey, Thomas L: Drumintee
Hasley, Samuel L: Drumbanagher
Hasley, William L: Drumbanagher
Hatton, John L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Haughey, Daniel L: Meigh
Haughey, Edward L: Meigh
Haughy, Michael L: Aghayalloge
Hawthorn, Hugh L: Tullyhappy
Hawthorn, Thomas L: Aghadavoyle
Hayes, Daniel L: Eshwary
Hayes, Edward L: Duvernagh
Hayes, John L: Drumilly
Hayes, John L: Duvernagh
Hayes, Mary L: Glassdrummond Contd
Hazley, Richard L: Killybodagh
Heaney, Anne L: Maytown
Heaney, Edward L: Ballymacdermot
Heaney, Michael L: Ballymacdermot
Heany, Michael L: Aghayalloge
Heany, Michael L: Carrickbroad
Heany, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Heany, Thomas L: Aghadavoyle
Heany, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
Hearne, Samuel L: Duvernagh
Hearne, Thomas L: Maytown
Hearty, Bryan L: Ballintemple
Hearty, Patrick L: Ballintemple
Hearty, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
Heeny, Robert L: Drumbanagher
Hegan, Laurence L: Ellisholding
Henderson, Robert L: Mullaghglass
Heney, Peter L: Maytown
Hening, George L: Mullaghglass
Hening, James L: Mullaghglass
Hening, Robert L: Maytown
Henning, John L: Cloghinny
Henning, John L: Derrywilligan
Henning, John L: Latt
Henry, Alexander L: Duvernagh
Henry, Edward L: Corrinshigo
Henry, Eliza L: Kilmonaghan
Henry, James L: Ballintemple
Henry, John L: Kilrea
Henry, Margaret L: Kilrea
Henry, Michael L: Ballintemple
Henry, Nathaniel L: Kilrea
Henry, Owen L: Ballintemple
Henry, Patrick L: Tamnaghbane
Henry, Robert L: Crankey
Henry, Robert L: Killybodagh
Henry, Thomas L: Kilmonaghan
Henry, William L: Carnagat Contd
Herron, Michael L: Carrickbrackan
Hewetson, Rev. James L: Goragh
Hewetson, Rev. James L: Goragh Contd
Hoey, Anne L: Seafin N: Ned
Hoey, Felix L: Meigh
Hoey, Laurence L: Seafin
Hoey, Michael L: Seafin
Hoey, Peter L: Meigh
Holland, George L: Serse
Hollywood, Bridget L: Duburren
Hollywood, Daniel L: Cloghoge Contd
Hollywood, Daniel L: Ellisholding
Hollywood, Francis L: Duburren
Hollywood, John L: Corrinshigo
Hollywood, John L: Duburren
Hollywood, Michael L: Carrickbroad
Hollywood, Terence L: Duburren
Hollywood, Thomas L: Ballynalack
Hollywood, Thomas L: Cloghoge
Horner, Joseph L: Duvernagh
Horner, Mary L: Maghernahely
Hughes, Anne L: Ballintemple
Hughes, Anne L: Drumintee
Hughes, Arthur L: Duvernagh
Hughes, Bernard L: Cloghreagh
Hughes, Bernard L: Lissaraw
Hughes, Bridget L: Aghayalloge
Hughes, Denis L: Cloghreagh
Hughes, Edward L: Carrickbroad
Hughes, James L: Keggall
Hughes, John L: Aghadavoyle
Hughes, John L: Lissaraw
Hughes, John L: Meigh
Hughes, Judith L: Eshwary
Hughes, Manus L: Carrickcroppan, Camlough
Hughes, Mary L: Cloghreagh
Hughes, Michael L: Aghadavoyle
Hughes, Owen L: Aghadavoyle
Hughes, Owen L: Ballard
Hughes, Patrick L: Aghadavoyle
Hughes, Patrick L: Keggall
Hughes, Patrick L: Meigh
Hughes, Peter L: Aghadavoyle
Hughes, Peter L: Aghmakane
Hughes, Peter L: Kilmonaghan
Hughes, Rose L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Hughes, Stephen L: Aghadavoyle
Hughes, Thomas L: Clonlum
Hughes, William L: Aghmakane
Hughes, William L: Carrickcloghan
Humphries, Michael L: Carricknagalliagh
Hunt Chambre, L: Aghadavoyle
Hunter, James L: Cloghreagh
Hunter, James L: Maytown
Hunter, James L: Mullaghglass
Hunter, John L: Cross. Camlough
Hunter, Moses L: Cloghinny
Hunter, Moses L: Corrinshigo
Hunter, William L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Hurley, Patrick L: Kilmonaghan
Hutton, Thomas L: Mullaghglass N: and Brothers
Ingram, Robert L: Duvernagh
Irwin, Agnes L: Knockduff
Irwin, Rev. Alexander L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Irwin, Rev. Alexander L: Ballintemple
Irwin, Rev. Alexander L: Carricknagalliagh
Irwin, George L: Tullyhappy
Irwin, John L: Clogharevan
Irwin, John L: Cloghinny
Irwin, John L: Goragh N: Clogh
Irwin, John L: Goragh Contd N: Goragh
Irwin, Mary L: Duvernagh
Irwin, Robert L: Cloghinny
Irwin, Robert L: Goragh Contd
Irwin, William L: Cloghinny
Jackson, Margaret L: Mullaghglass
Jackson, Matthew L: Cloghoge Contd
Jemphrey, James L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Jennings, Bridget L: Ellisholding
Jennings, Charles L: Seafin
Jennings, Daniel L: Lissummon
Jennings, John L: Cloghoge
Jennings, Mary L: Carrivekeeny
Johnston, Adam L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Johnston, James L: Carrickbroad
Johnston, James L: Drumbanagher
Johnston, Robert L: Corrinshigo
Johnston, William L: Goragh Contd
Jones, Thomas M. H. L: Drumintee
Jordan, John L: Carrivekeeny
Jordan, Rep. John L: Ellisholding
Jordan, Luke L: Ballymacdermot
Jordan, Matthew L: Aghadavoyle
Jordan, Patrick L: Clontygora
Jordan, William L: Corrinshigo
Kaerney, Peter L: Sturgan
Kane, Bernard L: Carrickcroppan
Kane, Bridget L: Ellisholding N: Pat
Kane, Bridget L: Newtown N: Ned
Kane, Edward L: Clontygora
Kane, Elizabeth L: Killeen
Kane, John L: Drumilly
Kane, John L: Killeen
Kane, Laurence L: Killeen
Kane, Owen L: Newtown N: Pat
Kane, Owen L: Newtown N: Peter
Kane, Philip L: Killeen
Kane, Rose L: Aghayalloge N: John
Kane, Sarah L: Newtown N: Mick
Kane, Thomas L: Drumilly
Kavanagh, Michael L: Carricknagalliagh
Kearn, James L: Goragh Contd
Kearnan, Andrew L: Duvernagh
Kearnan, Margaret L: Duvernagh
Kearney, Alice L: Aghadavoyle
Kearney, Alice L: Carrickcloghan
Kearney, Bridget L: Cloghoge
Kearney, James L: Carrickcloghan
Kearney, John L: Cloghoge
Kearney, John L: Keggall
Kearney, Laurence L: Enagh
Kearney, Margaret L: Cloghoge
Kearney, Mary L: Lislea
Kearney, Michael L: Carrickcloghan
Kearney, Michael L: Lislea
Kearney, Owen L: Clonlum
Kearney, Owen L: Lislea
Kearney, Patrick L: Duvernagh
Kearney, Peter L: Duburren
Kearney, Peter L: Lislea
Kearney, Thomas L: Annahaia
Kearney, William L: Carrickcloghan
Kearns, David L: Tullyhappy
Kedley, Thomas L: Carrivekeeny
Keenan, Elizabeth L: Seafin
Keenan, James L: Drumintee
Keenan, Mary L: Aghadavoyle
Kelly, Alice L: Keggall
Kelly, Bernard L: Corrinshigo
Kelly, Catherine L: Ellisholding
Kelly, Cormick L: Killeen
Kelly, George L: Aghadavoyle
Kelly, Hugh L: Crankey
Kelly, Hugh L: Serse
Kelly, James L: Carricknagalliagh
Kelly, James L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Kelly, James L: Killeen
Kelly, James L: Sturgan
Kelly, Joseph L: Carrickbrackan
Kelly, Margaret L: Carrickbrackan
Kelly, Margaret L: Cross. Camlough
Kelly, Margaret L: Serse
Kelly, Owen L: Annahaia N: Hawthorn Hill
Kelly, Patrick L: Killeen
Kelly, Philip L: Glassdrummond Contd
Kelly, Robert L: Kilrea
Kelly, Thomas L: Aghadavoyle
Kelly, Thomas L: Aghayalloge
Kelly, Timothy L: Knockduff
Kelly, William L: Goragh Contd
Kelly, William L: Knockduff
Kelly, William L: Serse
Kennedy, Robert L: Duvernagh
Kennedy, Robert L: Kilmonaghan
Kennedy, Rose L: Ballard
Kennedy, Thomas L: Mullaghglass
Kennedy, William L: Kilmonaghan
Kennedy, William L: Kilrea
Kenny, Anne L: Carrickbrackan
Kenny, Edward L: Cross. Camlough
Kenny, Mary L: Ellisholding N: Tom
Kenny, Mary L: Killeen
Kenny, Owen L: Killeen
Kenny, Terence L: Annahaia
Kerr, Francis L: Cross. Camlough
Kerr, Francis L: Keggall
Kerr, George L: Keggall
Kerr, John L: Cross. Camlough
Kerr, Margaret L: Cross. Camlough
Kerr, Margaret L: Keggall
Kerr, Mary L: Keggall N: Mick
Kerr, Matthew L: Keggall
Kerr, Owen L: Ballinliss
Kerr, Samuel L: Ballymacdermot
Kerr, Samuel L: Glassdrummond Contd
Killeen, Anne L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Kilpatrick, Arthur L: Mullaghglass
King, Elizabeth L: Goragh Contd
King, Henry L: Aghmakane
King, Hugh L: Sturgan
King, James L: Killeen
King, John L: Sturgan
King, John L: Sturgan N: Lodgers
King, Patrick L: Clontygora
King, Rose L: Clontygora N: Larry
Kirley, Esther L: Drumintee
Lackey, Jeremiah L: Clogharevan
Lamb, Ellen L: Carrickbrackan
Lamb, James L: Duvernagh
Lamb, James L: Glassdrummond Contd
Lamb, William L: Glassdrummond Contd
Lannon, James L: Carnagat
Larken, Edward L: Carrickbroad
Larken, Mary L: Carrickbroad
Larkin, Alice L: Keggall
Larkin, Andrew L: Keggall
Larkin, Bernard L: Aghayalloge
Larkin, Bernard L: Seafin
Larkin, Bernard, Jr. L: Aghayalloge
Larkin, Daniel L: Keggall
Larkin, George L: Keggall
Larkin, James L: Annahaia
Larkin, John L: Ballintemple
Larkin, John L: Carrickbroad
Larkin, John L: Keggall
Larkin, John L: Lesh
Larkin, Joseph L: Carrickbrackan
Larkin, Laurence L: Keggall
Larkin, Loughlin L: Clonlum
Larkin, Margaret L: Ballintemple
Larkin, Margaret L: Clonlum
Larkin, Mary L: Ballymacdermot N: Mat
Larkin, Mary L: Seafin
Larkin, Michael L: Clonlum
Larkin, Michael L: Keggall
Larkin, Owen L: Aghadavoyle
Larkin, Owen L: Ballintemple
Larkin, Owen L: Seafin
Larkin, Patrick L: Keggall
Larkin, Patrick L: Keggall N: Mason
Larkin, Sarah L: Carrickbroad
Law, Rev. Robert L: Drumbanagher
Lawrence, George L: Lissummon
Ledlie, Joseph L: Derrywilligan
Ledlie, Joseph L: Mullaghglass
Ledlie, Thomas L: Mullaghglass
Ledlie, William L: Derrywilligan
Ledlie, William L: Latt Contd
Leheron, Michael L: Tullyhappy
Lenchan, Peter L: Cloghoge
Lenehan, Peter L: Cloghoge N: Fathom
Levingston, Archibald L: Carrickbrackan
Levingston, John L: Maytown
Levingston, John L: Mullaghglass
Levingston, Joseph L: Carnagat
Levingston, Joseph L: Maytown
Levy, Henry L: Carrickbroad
Lewers, William L: Sturgan
Lewis, Thomas L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Limerick, James L: Carrickbroad
Lindsay, Rev. Robert L: Goragh Contd
Littledale, William F. L: Duburren
Lloyd, Patrick L: Cross. Camlough
Lockart, Robert L: Tullyhappy
Lockhart, Henry L: Derrywilligan
Lockhart, Henry L: Latt Contd
Lockhart, John L: Kilmonaghan
Lockhart, John L: Knockduff
Lockhart, Samuel L: Aghadavoyle
Lockhart, Samuel L: Annahaia
Lockhart, William L: Glassdrummond N: Art
Lockhart, William L: Glassdrummond Contd N: Jem
Lockhart, William, Jr. L: Derrywilligan
Logan, Anne L: Drumbanagher
Loughlin, Rose L: Drumintee
Loughnan, Terence L: Clonlum
Loughran, Alice L: Ballymacdermot
Loughran, Charles L: Carrickbrackan
Loughran, Felix L: Ballinliss
Loughran, Felix L: Clonlum
Loughran, Hannah L: Clontygora
Loughran, John L: Aghadavoyle
Loughran, John L: Carrickbroad
Loughran, Laurence L: Tamnaghbane
Loughran, Margaret L: Cloghoge
Loughran, Michael L: Clonlum
Loughran, Michael L: Maghernahely
Loughran, Owen L: Aghayalloge
Loughran, Owen L: Ballymacdermot
Loughran, Patrick L: Ballymacdermot
Loughran, Patrick L: Clontygora
Loughran, Patrick L: Seafin
Loughran, Peter L: Aghayalloge
Loughran, Thomas L: Ballymacdermot
Loughran, Thomas L: Clonlum
Loughrey, Bridget L: Tamnaghbane
Lovel, Patrick L: Cross. Camlough
Lowe, Patrick L: Carrickbrackan
Lowrey, Moses L: Aghadavoyle
Lowry, Moses L: Annahaia
Lunden, Matthew L: Cross. Camlough
Lynas, John L: Tullyhappy
Lynch, James L: Kilrea
Lynch, James L: Mullaghglass
Lynch, John L: Corrinshigo
Lynch, John L: Lissummon
Lynch, Michael L: Corrinshigo
Lynch, Owen L: Kilrea
Lynch, Patrick L: Kilrea
Lynch, Rose L: Corrinshigo
Lyners, John L: Mullaghglass
Lynus, Catherine L: Maytown
Macartney, Roger L: Carrickbroad
Mackay, William L: Knockduff
Macken, Bridget L: Carrickcroppan
Macken, Jane L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Macken, John L: Lislea
Macken, Patrick L: Drumilly
Mackey, Hugh L: Ballard
Mackin, John L: Cross. Camlough
Madden, Bernard L: Lesh
Madden, Bernard L: Lissummon
Madden, Charles L: Lissummon
Madden, Daniel L: Lesh
Madden, Daniel L: Lissummon
Madden, Michael L: Lesh
Madden, Peter L: Lesh
Madine, John L: Cloghoge
Magahan, Anne L: Ballinliss
Magahan, Stephen L: Ballinliss
Magee, James L: Glassdrummond Contd
Magennis, Bernard L: Aghmakane
Magennis, Daniel L: Aghmakane
Magennis, Felix L: Lissaraw
Magennis, Iver L: Drumilly
Magennis, John L: Aghmakane
Magennis, Rep. John L: Aghmakane
Magennis, John L: Ballynalack
Magennis, John L: Drumilly
Magennis, John L: Sturgan
Magennis, Michael L: Ballintemple
Magennis, Sarah L: Carricknagalliagh
Magennnis, Rep. Owen L: Ballintemple
Magill, George L: Clogharevan
Magill, James L: Carnagat Contd
Maginnis, Anthony L: Carnagat
Maginnis, Edward A. L: Carnagat
Magrath, Edward L: Carrickcloghan
Magrath, John L: Carrickcroppan, Camlough
Maguigan, Bernard L: Killeen
Maguigan, James L: Killeen
Maguigan, Mary L: Killeen N: Luke
Maguigan, Michael L: Carrickcroppan
Maguigan, Michael L: Carrivemaclone
Maguinness, Daniel L: Carrickcroppan
Maguinness, Felix L: Carrickbrackan
Maguinness, Peter L: Carrickcroppan
Maguire, Bernard L: Drumilly
Maguire, Charles L: Drumilly
Maguire, Dominick L: Duvernagh
Maguire, Edward L: Carrickbrackan
Maguire, Hugh L: Drumilly
Maguire, John L: Carrickbroad
Maguire, Susan L: Drumilly
Maholm, Bridget L: Drumintee
Maholm, Catherine L: Drumintee
Maholm, Patrick L: Drumintee
Mahood, James L: Serse
Mallen, Myles L: Drumintee
Mallins, Alice L: Meigh
Mallins, Anne L: Meigh
Mallins, Arthur L: Meigh
Mallins, Bridget L: Meigh
Mallins, Jermiah L: Meigh
Mallins, John L: Meigh
Mallins, Mary L: Meigh
Mallins, Michael L: Aghadavoyle
Mallins, Myles L: Meigh
Mallins, Owen L: Meigh
Mallins, Thomas L: Meigh
Mallon, Alice L: Ballinliss N: Larry
Mallon, Anne L: Ballintemple
Mallon, Bernard L: Clontygora
Mallon, Daniel L: Ballintemple
Mallon, Edward L: Ballymacdermot
Mallon, Ellen L: Ballinliss N: Pat
Mallon, Ellen L: Ballintemple
Mallon, Ellen L: Tamnaghbane N: Peter
Mallon, Felix L: Clontygora
Mallon, Francis L: Clontygora
Mallon, Henry L: Clontygora
Mallon, Laurence L: Ballinliss
Mallon, Michael L: Clontygora
Mallon, Owen L: Ballymacdermot
Mallon, Patrick L: Ballinliss
Mallon, Paul L: Clontygora
Mallon, Stephen L: Ballinliss
Mallon, Stephen L: Ballymacdermot
Mallon, Stephen L: Corrinshigo
Mallon, Stephen L: Seafin
Mallon, Thomas L: Ballard
Mallon, Thomas L: Seafin
Malone, Margaret L: Ballard
Malone, Michael L: Ballard
Malone, Sarah L: Ballard
Malone, Terence L: Ballard
Mancester, L: Tullyhappy N: Duke of Mancester
Manchester, L: Corrinshigo N: Duke of Manchester
Manus, James L: Kilmonaghan
Markey, Michael L: Lislea
Markey, Terence L: Ballinliss
Marmion, George L: Carrivemaclone
Marmon, Bernard L: Carrickbroad
Marmon, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Marmon, Peter L: Carrickbroad
Maron, Hannah L: Cloghoge
Maron, Peter L: Cloghoge Contd
Marsh, Hannah L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Martin, Alexander L: Maytown
Martin, George L: Mullaghglass
Martin, James L: Drumbanagher
Martin, John L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Martin, John L: Cloghreagh
Martin, Laurence L: Drumilly
Martin, Mary L: Maytown
Martin, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Martin, William L: Duvernagh
Mathers, John L: Drumbanagher
Mathers, Mary L: Carrickcroppan
Mathers, Thomas L: Clontygora
Mathews, Bryan L: Newtown
Mathews, James L: Clontygora N: Mick
Mathews, James L: Clontygora N: Peter
Mathews, John L: Newtown
Mathews, Laurence L: Clontygora
Mathews, Owen L: Carrickbroad
Mathews, Owen L: Newtown
Maxwell, William L: Aghadavoyle
McAleary, Catherine L: Drumbanagher
McAleenan, Edward L: Duburren
McAleenan, Michael L: Duburren
McAleenan, Patrick L: Sturgan
McAleenan, Thomas L: Duburren
McAlevey, Patrick L: Aghmakane
McAlevy, John L: Sturgan
McAlister, Denis L: Killeen
Mcalister, Denis L: Killeen N: Road
McAlister, Edward L: Killeen
McAlister, Ellen L: Clontygora
McAlister, John L: Glassdrummond Contd
McAlister, Laurence L: Killeen
McAlister, Mary L: Carrickcloghan
McAlister, Mary L: Tamnaghbane
McAlister, Patrick L: Killeen
McAlister, Thomas L: Clontygora
McAlister, Thomas L: Killeen
McAlister, William L: Maytown
McAllister, Michael L: Ballintemple
McAllister, Michael L: Duburren
McAllister, Patrick L: Duburren
McAnally, Bridget L: Ballinliss N: Owen
McAnally, John L: Ballinliss
McAndless, Joseph L: Cloghreagh
McAnulty, Alice L: Aghmakane
McAnulty, Anne L: Killeen
McAnulty, Arthur L: Lissaraw
McAnulty, Bridget L: Carrickbrackan
McAnulty, Bridget L: Lissaraw
McAnulty, David L: Killeen
McAnulty, John L: Aghmakane
McAnulty, Mary L: Drumilly
McAnulty, Matthew L: Killeen
McAnulty, Michael L: Drumbanagher
McAnulty, Owen L: Killeen N: Mic
McAnulty, Owen L: Killeen N: Sil
McAnulty, Patk, Sr. L: Killeen
McAnulty, Patrick L: Killeen
McAnulty, Patrick, Sr. L: Aghmakane
McAnulty, Peter L: Aghmakane
McAnulty, Philip L: Killeen
McAnulty, Rose L: Drumilly
McAnulty, Rose L: Sturgan
McAnulty, Thomas L: Lissaraw
Mcanulty, Thomas, Jr. L: Aghmakane
McAnutly, Thomas, Sr. L: Aghmakane
McArdle, Anne L: Keggall
McArdle, Henry L: Keggall
McArdle, Michael L: Drumilly
McArdle, Patrick L: Cross. Camlough
McAtaggart, Mary L: Cross. Camlough
McAteer, Catherine L: Killeen
McAteer, Daniel L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
McAteer, Denis L: Aghayalloge
McAteer, Dominick L: Killeen
McAteer, John L: Aghayalloge N: Owen
McAteer, John, Jr. L: Killeen
McAteer, John, Sr. L: Killeen
McAteer, Mary L: Aghayalloge N: Charles
McAteer, Matthew L: Aghayalloge
McAteer, Michael L: Killeen
McAteer, Owen L: Ballintemple
McAteer, Owen L: Killeen
McAteer, Owen L: Newtown
Mcateer, Owen L: Newtown
McAteer, Patrick L: Killeen
McAteer, Terence L: Aghayalloge
McAteer, Thomas L: Aghayalloge
McAuntly, Patrick, Jr. L: Aghmakane
McBirney, Alexander L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
McBride, Adam L: Glassdrummond Contd
McBride, Thomas L: Glassdrummond Contd
McCabe, Patrick L: Cloghreagh
McCaffrey, Henry L: Lissummon
McCaffrey, Hugh L: Lissummon
McCaffrey, James L: Drumbanagher
McCaffrey, Michael L: Ballard
McCandless, James L: Lissummon
McCann, Bridget L: Keggall
McCann, Edward L: Cross. Camlough
McCann, Eliza L: Clonlum
McCann, Francis L: Aghadavoyle
McCann, Hugh L: Clonlum
McCann, Hugh L: Seafin
McCann, James L: Ballintemple
McCann, James L: Cross. Camlough
McCann, John L: Ballard
McCann, John L: Ballintemple
McCann, John L: Killeen
McCann, John L: Seafin
McCann, Michael L: Aghadavoyle
McCann, Michael L: Aghayalloge
McCann, Michael L: Ballynalack
McCann, Michael L: Carrickbroad
McCann, Owen L: Killeen
McCann, Patk. L: Cross. Camlough N: Carrick
McCann, Patrick L: Aghmakane
McCann, Patrick L: Ballard
McCann, Patrick L: Ballintemple
McCann, Patrick L: Carrickcloghan
McCann, Patrick L: Cloghoge Contd
McCann, Patrick L: Seafin
McCann, Peter L: Drumintee
McCann, Peter L: Killeen
McCann, Sarah L: Cross. Camlough
McCann, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
McCann, Thomas L: Carricknagalliagh
McCann, William L: Duburren
McCarl, Richard L: Carrickbrackan
McCarson, William L: Carrickbrackan
McCartney, George L: Serse
McCartney, Isabella L: Tullyhappy
McCartney, John L: Maghernahely
McCartney, Michael L: Ballymacdermot
McCartney, Owen L: Aghayalloge
McCartney, Stephen L: Aghayalloge
McCartney, William L: Tullyhappy
McClane, Cunningham L: Clogharevan
McClean, John L: Carrickbrackan
McClean, William L: Ballintemple
McCleary, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
McClellan, James L: Cloghreagh
McClelland, Eliza L: Killybodagh
McClure, Anne L: Lissummon
McClure, Jane L: Tullyhappy
McCoey, Owen L: Ellisholding
McCollum, Henry L: Mullaghglass
McComasky, Michael L: Aghayalloge
McComb, Alexander L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
McComb, David L: Drumbanagher
McComb, James L: Killybodagh
McComb, James L: Kilrea
McComb, Jane L: Maytown
McComb, Samuel L: Crankey
McComb, Samuel L: Maytown
McComb, William L: Clogharevan
McComiskey, Catherine L: Drumintee
McComiskey, Patrick L: Drumintee
McComiskey, Sarah L: Drumintee
McConnan, Bernard L: Lislea
McConnell, James L: Duburren
McConnell, Patrick L: Lislea
McConnell, Terence L: Lislea
McConnell, Thomas L: Clonlum
McConvill, Andrew L: Lesh
McConvill, Anthony L: Mullaghglass
McConvill, Arthur L: Lesh
McConvill, Felix L: Lesh
McConvill, John L: Mullaghglass
McConville, Arthur L: Ballinliss
McConville, Bernard L: Aghadavoyle
McConville, Catherine L: Keggall
McConville, James L: Seafin
McConville, Owen L: Maytown
McConville, Patrick L: Clontygora
McConville, Patrick L: Killeen
McConville, Patrick L: Newtown
McConville, Peter L: Drumbanagher
McConville, Peter L: Ellisholding
McConville, Peter L: Killeen
McConville, Peter L: Tamnaghbane
McCooey, James L: Carrivemaclone
McCooey, John L: Carricknagalliagh
McCooey, Patrick L: Carricknagalliagh
McCoonan, Bernard L: Sturgan
McCoonan, Terence L: Ballard
McCord, William L: Mullaghglass
McCorker, Thomas L: Derrywilligan
McCorman, Bernard L: Lislea
McCormick, Alexander L: Duvernagh
McCormick, Charles L: Killybodagh
McCormick, James L: Duvernagh
McCormick, William L: Duvernagh
McCornish, James L: Aghadavoyle
McCorvey, Owen L: Aghadavoyle
McCourt, Alice L: Ballintemple
McCourt, Charles L: Killybodagh
McCourt, Ellen L: Killybodagh
McCourt, James L: Clonlum
McCourt, James L: Drumilly
McCourt, James L: Duburren
McCourt, James L: Lissummon
McCourt, James L: Sturgan
McCourt, James L: Tullyhappy
McCourt, John L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
McCourt, John L: Keggall
McCourt, Margaret L: Carrivekeeny
Mccourt, Martin L: Maghernahely
McCourt, Matthew L: Drumilly
McCourt, Michael L: Sturgan
McCourt, Patrick L: Ballynalack
McCourt, Rose L: Killybodagh
McCourt, Terence L: Clonlum
McCourt, Terence L: Sturgan
McCowey, Patrick L: Aghadavoyle
McCoy, Alice L: Cloghreagh
McCoy, Catherine L: Cloghoge Contd
McCoy, Edward L: Killeen
McCoy, James L: Lislea
McCoy, John L: Ballard
McCoy, John L: Cloghoge
McCoy, John L: Killeen N: Mick
McCoy, John L: Killeen N: Phil
McCoy, Mary L: Ballintemple
McCoy, Michael L: Ballard
McCoy, Peter L: Killeen N: Tom
McCoy, Peter, Sr. L: Killeen
McCoy, Rose L: Duburren
McCoy, Stephen L: Killeen
McCoy, Susan L: Killeen
McCready, Mary Anne L: Mullaghglass
McCreese, Thomas L: Ballymacdermot
McCrink, Anne L: Drumintee
McCrink, Francis L: Drumintee
McCrink, James L: Carrickbroad
McCrink, James L: Carrickcroppan
McCrink, James L: Drumintee
McCrink, Michael L: Drumintee
McCrink, Owen L: Carrickbroad
McCrink, Stephen L: Drumintee
McCrink, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
McCrome, James L: Glassdrummond Contd
McCrommy, Peter L: Clonlum
McCrory, Hugh L: Ballymacdermot
McCullagh, David L: Knockduff
McCullagh, James L: Aghadavoyle
McCullagh, Mary L: Latt Contd
McCullagh, Robert L: Latt
McCullagh, Samuel L: Drumilly
McCullan, Robert L: Cloghinny
McDermott, Hugh L: Corrinshigo
McDermott, James L: Carrivekeeny
McDermott, Peter L: Carrivekeeny
McDonnell, Anne L: Drumintee
McDonnell, Anne L: Lislea
McDonnell, Anthony L: Drumintee
McDonnell, Arthur L: Carrickbroad
McDonnell, Bernard L: Cloghreagh
McDonnell, Bridget L: Killeen
McDonnell, Bridget L: Lislea
McDonnell, Catherine L: Carrickbrackan
McDonnell, Catherine L: Duburren
McDonnell, Daniel L: Clontygora
McDonnell, Dominick L: Annahaia
McDonnell, Ellen L: Lislea
McDonnell, James L: Duburren
McDonnell, John L: Lislea
McDonnell, Michael L: Carrickbroad
McDonnell, Michl L: Clontygora N: Big
McDonnell, Michl L: Clontygora N: Wee
McDonnell, Owen L: Aghadavoyle
McDonnell, Owen L: Clonlum
McDonnell, Owen L: Clontygora
McDonnell, Patrick L: Ballinliss
McDonnell, Patrick L: Duburren
McDonnell, Peter L: Ballymacdermot
McDonnell, Peter L: Cloghoge
McDonnell, Peter L: Clontygora N: Mick
McDonnell, Peter L: Killeen
McDonnell, Peter L: Meigh
McDonnell, Rose L: Cloghreagh
McDonnell, Rose L: Drumintee
McDonnell, Terance L: Aghadavoyle
McDonnell, Rev. Wm L: Meigh
McDowell, Elizabeth L: Clogharevan
McDowell, Francis L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
McDowell, James L: Kilrea
McDowell, James L: Mullaghglass
McDowell, Robert L: Latt
McEleavy, Michael L: Carrickbroad
McElery, Hugh L: Lissummon
McElroy, John L: Carrickcroppan
McElroy, Stephen L: Carrickbroad
McEnally, James L: Kilrea
McEnally, John L: Kilrea
McEverett, Margaret L: Clontygora
McEvoy, Anne L: Cloghoge Contd
McEvoy, Anne L: Ellisholding
McEvoy, Bridget L: Ellisholding
McEvoy, Daniel L: Lissummon
McEvoy, Hugh L: Cloghoge Contd
McEvoy, James L: Cloghoge Contd
McEvoy, James L: Cloghreagh
McEvoy, James L: Ellisholding
McEvoy, John L: Cloghreagh
McEvoy, Michael L: Cloghoge Contd
McEvoy, Owen L: Cloghoge Contd
McEvoy, Owen L: Ellisholding
McEvoy, Patrick L: Cloghoge Contd
McEvoy, Peter L: Cloghoge Contd
McEvoy, Peter L: Ellisholding
McEvrett, Elizabeth L: Ellisholding
McFadden, Michael L: Aghadavoyle
McGahan, Mary L: Clonlum
McGarry, Bridget L: Aghayalloge
McGeala, Owen L: Carrickbroad
McGennety, Peter L: Killybodagh
McGeon, James L: Carrickbroad
McGeon, Patrick L: Aghayalloge
McGeorge, James L: Goragh Contd
McGeown, Terence L: Seafin
McGill, John L: Carrickbroad
McGill, Owen L: Carrickbroad
McGill, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
McGill, Patrick L: Maytown
McGinity, Anthony L: Killeen
McGinity, Bernard L: Killeen
McGinity, John L: Killeen
McGinity, Margaaret L: Killeen
McGinity, Matthew L: Killeen
McGinity, Owen L: Ellisholding
McGinity, Owen L: Killeen
McGinity, Patrick L: Killeen
McGinity, Philip L: Killeen
McGinity, Terence L: Ellisholding
McGinity, Tole L: Killeen
McGinnity, Laurence L: Meigh
McGinnity, William L: Ballintemple
McGinty, Charles L: Ballymacdermot
McGinty, Elizabeth L: Seafin N: Jem
McGinty, John L: Ballinliss
McGinty, Patrick L: Ballymacdermot
McGinty, Patrick L: Seafin
McGinty, Peter L: Ballymacdermot N: Heath Hall
McGiven, Hugh L: Keggall
McGiveran, Hugh L: Keggall
McGiveran, John L: Ballymacdermot
McGiveran, Terence L: Cloghoge Contd
McGivern, Patrick L: Cloghoge
McGlade, Bernard L: Aghmakane
McGlade, Catherine L: Sturgan
McGlade, John L: Sturgan
McGlade, Matilda L: Carrickcloghan
McGlade, Patrick L: Duburren
McGlade, Patrick L: Sturgan
McGlade, Thomas L: Carrickcloghan
McGoogan, Thomas L: Clonlum
McGough, Patk L: Killeen N: Tom
McGough, Peter L: Killeen N: Tom
McGough, Philip, Sr. L: Killeen
McGrath, John L: Carrickbrackan
McGrath, Mary L: Lissaraw
McGrath, Mary L: Tullyhappy
McGrogan, Michael L: Carrickbroad
McGuigan, Arthur L: Clogharevan
McGuigan, George L: Aghayalloge
McGuigan, Michael L: Cross. Camlough
McGuill, Elizabeth L: Drumintee
McGuill, James L: Drumintee
McGuiness, Michael L: Ellisholding
McGuinness, Alice L: Clonlum
McGuinness, Anthony L: Carrickbroad
McGuinness, Cornelius L: Cross. Camlough
McGuinness, Edward L: Aghadavoyle
McGuinness, Ellen L: Killeen
McGuinness, Felix L: Eshwary
McGuinness, Hugh L: Aghadavoyle
McGuinness, Luke L: Carrickbroad
McGuinness, Michael L: Clonlum
McGuinness, Michael L: Killeen
McGuinness, Myles L: Keggall
McGuinness, Owen L: Clonlum
McGuinness, Peter L: Clonlum
McGuinness, Sarah L: Carrickbrackan N: Pat
McGuirk, Mary L: Newtown
McGuirk, Owen L: Cloghoge Contd
McGuirk, Owen L: Ellisholding
McGwin, Bernard L: Carrickbrackan
McIlhearne, John L: Clogharevan
McIlhern, Hugh L: Maghernahely
McIlleavy, Alice L: Drumintee N: Bryan
McIlleavy, Alice L: Drumintee N: George
McIlleavy, Anne L: Carrickbroad
McIlleavy, Cormack L: Carrickbroad
McIlleavy, Cormick L: Drumintee
McIlleavy, James L: Drumintee N: Hugh
McIlleavy, Jas L: Drumintee N: Dublin
McIlleavy, Mary L: Drumintee N: Hugh
McIlleavy, Michl L: Drumintee N: John
McIlleavy, Michl L: Drumintee N: Owen
McIlleavy, Patrick L: Drumintee
McIlleavy, Stephen L: Drumintee N: Peter
McIlleavy, Thomas, Jr. L: Drumintee
McIlleavy, Thomas, Sr. L: Drumintee
McIlroy, James L: Duvernagh
McIlroy, John L: Duvernagh
McIlroy, John L: Mullaghglass
McIlroy, Sarah L: Eshwary
McKay, Edward L: Knockduff
McKay, John L: Ballymacdermot
McKay, Mary L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
McKee, James L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
McKee, John L: Corrinshigo
McKee, William L: Eshwary
McKeever, Felix L: Meigh
McKeever, Michael L: Meigh
McKeever, Owen L: Clonlum
McKeever, Rose L: Ballintemple
McKeevers, Terence L: Meigh
McKenley, James L: Clontygora
McKenley, Loughlin L: Clontygora
McKenley, Michael L: Clontygora
McKenley, Owen L: Clontygora N: Stephen
McKenley, Owen, Sr. L: Clontygora
McKenley, Thomas L: Clontygora
McKenna, Felix L: Cross. Camlough
McKenna, Nicholas L: Lissummon
McKenna, Thomas L: Cross. Camlough
McKeon, Bernard L: Drumilly
McKeon, Bernard L: Lissaraw
Mckeon, Bernard L: Newtown
McKeon, Bridget L: Carrickbroad
McKeon, Bryan L: Aghayalloge
McKeon, Daniel L: Carrickbroad
McKeon, Daniel L: Newtown
McKeon, Denis L: Carrickbroad
McKeon, Edward L: Corrinshigo
McKeon, Edward L: Newtown
McKeon, Eliza L: Carrickbroad
McKeon, Francis L: Carrickbroad
McKeon, Hugh L: Clontygora
McKeon, James L: Carrickbroad
McKeon, James L: Drumilly
McKeon, James L: Lissaraw
McKeon, John L: Ballard
McKeon, John L: Drumilly
McKeon, Michael L: Clontygora
McKeon, Michael L: Drumilly
McKeon, Owen L: Lissaraw
McKeon, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
McKeon, Peter L: Lissaraw
McKeon, Stephen L: Clontygora
McKeon, Terence L: Carrickbroad
McKeon, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
McKeon, Tole L: Carrickbroad
McKeown, Alice L: Cross. Camlough
McKeown, Alice L: Maghernahely
McKeown, Anne L: Drumilly
McKeown, Bernard L: Carrivekeeny
McKeown, Felix L: Clogharevan
McKeown, James L: Aghayalloge
McKeown, James L: Eshwary
McKeown, Laurence L: Ballard
McKeown, Michael L: Aghayalloge
Mckeown, Patrick L: Killeen
McKeown, Patrick L: Lesh
McKeown, Patrick L: Maghernahely
McKeown, Peter L: Aghayalloge
McKeown, Peter L: Ballymacdermot
McKeown, Peter L: Maytown
McKeown, Philip L: Clontygora
McKeown, William L: Drumbanagher
McKeown, William L: Killybodagh
McKeown, William L: Lissummon
McKeverick, Patrick L: Lislea
McKevett, Felix L: Killeen
McKevett, John L: Killeen
McKevett, Laurence L: Killeen N: Louth
McKevett, Rev. Michael L: Keggall
McKevett, Patrick L: Killeen
McKinlay, John L: Tullyhappy
McKinley, Anne L: Tullyhappy
McKirnan, Mary L: Aghayalloge
McKnight, James L: Duburren
McKnight, James L: Glassdrummond Contd
McKnight, James L: Lislea
McKnight, John L: Mullaghglass
McKnight, Samuel L: Cloghreagh
McKnight, Samuel L: Sturgan
McKnight, William L: Glassdrummond Contd
McKoen, Bernard L: Lislea
McLeheron, Anne L: Enagh
McLeheron, James L: Enagh
McLeheron, Michael L: Enagh
McLeheron, Patrick L: Enagh
McLennan, John L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
McLoughlin, Catherine L: Carrickcloghan
McMagee, Joshua L: Carnagat
McManus, Felix L: Carrickbroad
McMea, James L: Carrickbrackan
Mcmenn, John L: Cloghreagh
McMullen, Charles L: Carrickbrackan
McMullen, Francis L: Carrickbrackan
McMullen, Henry L: Enagh
McMullen, James L: Aghadavoyle
Mcmullen, Margaret L: Maghernahely
McMullen, Mary L: Carrickbrackan
McNally, Anne L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
McNally, Anne L: Seafin
McNally, Catherine L: Aghadavoyle
McNally, Denis L: Annahaia
McNally, Dominick L: Seafin
McNally, Francis L: Aghadavoyle
McNally, James L: Aghadavoyle
McNally, James L: Ballinliss
McNally, James L: Seafin
McNally, John L: Killeen
McNally, Joseph L: Aghadavoyle
McNally, Loughlin L: Annahaia
McNally, Margaret L: Carnagat
McNally, Mary L: Ballinliss
McNally, Owen L: Aghadavoyle
McNally, Owen L: Drumintee
McNally, Owen L: Ellisholding
McNally, Patk L: Drumintee
McNally, Patk L: Drumintee N: Terence
McNally, Patrick L: Aghadavoyle
McNally, Patrick L: Seafin
McNally, Peter L: Aghadavoyle
McNally, Stephen L: Seafin
McNally, Thomas L: Aghadavoyle
McNamee, Dominick L: Killeen
McNamee, Henry L: Clontygora
McNamee, Hugh L: Killeen
McNamee, Laurence L: Clontygora
McNamee, Laurence L: Killeen
McNamee, Matthew L: Killeen
McNamee, Michael L: Killeen
McNamee, Stephen L: Clontygora
McNamee, Thomas L: Killeen
McNulty, James L: Meigh
McNulty, Owen L: Clonlum
McParland, Alice L: Ballard
McParland, Bernard L: Sturgan
McParland, Bridget L: Annacloghmullin Contd
McParland, Daniel L: Annacloghmullin Contd
McParland, Edward L: Annacloghmullin Contd
McParland, Edward L: Seafin
McParland, Elizabeth L: Cross. Camlough
McParland, Francis L: Ballard
McParland, James L: Annacloghmullin Contd N: John
McParland, James L: Annacloghmullin Contd N: Mary
McParland, James L: Annacloghmullin Contd N: Michael
McParland, James L: Ballard
McParland, James L: Drumilly
McParland, James L: Sturgan
McParland, James, Sr. L: Annacloghmullin Contd
McParland, Jane L: Annacloghmullin Contd N: Bridget
McParland, John L: Annacloghmullin Contd N: Mary
McParland, John L: Ballard
McParland, John L: Lislea
McParland, Joseph L: Carricknagalliagh
McParland, Laurence L: Annacloghmullin Contd
McParland, Laurence L: Carricknagalliagh
McParland, Mary L: Annacloghmullin Contd
McParland, Mary L: Ballard N: Bryan
McParland, Mary L: Ballard N: Jas
McParland, Mary L: Ballard N: Peter
McParland, Mary L: Drumilly
McParland, Matthew L: Ballard
McParland, Matthew L: Carricknagalliagh
McParland, Matthew L: Lislea
McParland, Michael L: Annacloghmullin Contd
McParland, Michael L: Ballard
McParland, Michael L: Drumilly
McParland, Michael, Jr. L: Ballard
McParland, Michael, Sr. L: Ballard
McParland, Owen L: Annacloghmullin Contd N: Cormick
McParland, Owen L: Annacloghmullin Contd N: Michael
McParland, Owen L: Ballard
McParland, Owen L: Cross. Camlough
McParland, Patrick L: Annacloghmullin Contd
McParland, Patrick L: Ballard
McParland, Patrick L: Seafin
McParland, Peter L: Annacloghmullin Contd
McParland, Peter L: Ballard
McParland, Peter L: Duburren
McParland, Terence L: Annacloghmullin Contd
McParland, Thomas L: Annacloghmullin Contd N: Michael
McParland, Thomas L: Annacloghmullin Contd N: Owen
Mcpartlan, Catherine L: Carrickbroad
McPartland, James L: Carrickbrackan
McPartland, James L: Carrickcroppan
McPartland, Mary L: Carrickbrackan
McPartland, Owen L: Keggall
McQuade, Henry L: Carrickcroppan
McQuade, James L: Carrickcloghan
McQuade, John L: Carrickcloghan
McQuade, Joseph L: Aghadavoyle
McQuade, Stephen L: Killeen
McRobert, James L: Aghadavoyle
McShane, Bernard L: Keggall
McShane, Bridget L: Cross. Camlough
McShane, Daniel L: Keggall N: Harry
McShane, Dominick L: Drumilly
McShane, Edward L: Cross. Camlough
McShane, Esther L: Aghadavoyle
McShane, Frank L: Drumintee
McShane, John L: Carrickbroad
McShane, Judith L: Cross. Camlough
McShane, Margaret L: Cross. Camlough
McShane, Margaret L: Drumilly
McShane, Mary L: Carrickbrackan
McShane, Mary L: Cloghoge
McShane, Mary L: Cross. Camlough
McShane, Mary L: Drumintee
McShane, Michael L: Cross. Camlough
McShane, Neal L: Keggall
McShane, Owen L: Carrickbroad
McShane, Owen L: Cross. Camlough N: Harry
McShane, Patrick L: Cloghoge N: Drumalane
McShane, Patrick L: Cross. Camlough
McShane, Peter L: Cross. Camlough
McShane, Philip L: Cloghreagh
McShane, Redmond L: Carrickbrackan
McShane, Thomas L: Ellisholding
McSherry, Anne L: Seafin
McSherry, James L: Clontygora
McSherry, Laurence L: Ballard
McSherry, Neal L: Seafin
McSherry, Peter L: Duvernagh
McSherry, Stephen L: Seafin
McSorley, Andrew L: Carrickcloghan
McSorley, Anne L: Carrickcloghan N: Pat
McSorley, Michael L: Drumilly
McTaffy, Owen L: Cross. Camlough
McTaggart, Bridget L: Seafin
McTaggart, Michael L: Seafin
McTaggart, Roger L: Seafin
McTaggert, Rose L: Seafin
McVarry, Peter L: Duburren
McVeigh, Owen L: Ballard
McVerry, Francis L: Drumilly
McVerry, John L: Drumilly
McWatters, James L: Corrinshigo
McWhirter, John L: Tullyhappy
McWhorter, William L: Cloghinny
Meehan, Bryan L: Aghadavoyle
Meehan, John L: Drumintee
Meehan, Thomas L: Knockduff
Meirs, Rev. Robert L: Killeen
Meredith Chambre, L: Aghadavoyle
Moan, William L: Lissummon
Moane, Bernard L: Sturgan
Moane, James L: Drumilly
Moffett, William L: Mullaghglass
Molloy, James L: Cross. Camlough
Molloy, Patrick L: Mullaghglass
Monaghan, William L: Clonlum
Monahan, John L: Derrywilligan
Money, Peter L: Enagh
Mooney, Edward L: Cross. Camlough
Mooney, James L: Lissummon
Mooney, John L: Clogharevan
Mooney, John L: Cross. Camlough
Mooney, Mary L: Ballymacdermot
Mooney, Patrick L: Cross. Camlough
Moore, Agnes L: Killybodagh
Moore, Laurence L: Aghadavoyle
Moorhead, John L: Maghernahely
Moorhead, Robert L: Duvernagh
Morgan, Anne L: Duvernagh
Morgan, Anthony L: Drumintee
Morgan, Bernard L: Aghadavoyle
Morgan, Eliza L: Carrickbroad
Morgan, Francis L: Maghernahely
Morgan, Hugh L: Corrinshigo
Morgan, Hugh L: Killeen
Morgan, James L: Aghadavoyle
Morgan, James L: Ballard
Morgan, John L: Carrickbroad
Morgan, Julia L: Carrickbroad
Morgan, Owen L: Carrickbroad
Morrison, Samuel L: Maghernahely
Morrow, Arthur L: Aghadavoyle
Morrow, Arthur L: Annahaia
Morton, Thomas L: Drumbanagher
Morton, Thomas L: Killybodagh
Morton, William L: Drumbanagher
Muckahan, Edward L: Ballintemple
Muckahan, Michael L: Ballard
Muckehan, Neal L: Sturgan
Muckian, Owen L: Ballintemple
Muckian, Patrick L: Ballintemple
Mulholland, Catherine L: Meigh
Mulholland, Margaret L: Drumilly
Mulholland, Thomas L: Drumilly
Mulholm, James L: Carrickbroad
Mullen, Bryan L: Clontygora
Mullen, John L: Killeen
Mullen, Owen L: Killeen
Mullen, Patrick L: Clontygora
Mullen, Patrick L: Killeen
Mullen, Peter L: Carrickcroppan
Mullen, Peter L: Killeen
Mullen, Thomas L: Killeen
Mullholland, Hugh L: Lesh
Mulligan, Thomas L: Aghadavoyle
Mullins, Owen L: Meigh
Mullins, Thomas L: Aghadavoyle
Murgan, Margaret L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Murphy, Alice L: Carrickbroad
Murphy, Alice L: Clontygora N: Barney
Murphy, Anne L: Aghadavoyle
Murphy, Anne L: Druminted
Murphy, Anthony L: Glassdrummond
Murphy, Archibald L: Mullaghglass
Murphy, Arthur L: Ballard
Murphy, Arthur L: Drumintee
Murphy, Arthur L: Lislea
Murphy, Bernard L: Aghadavoyle
Murphy, Bernard L: Clontygora
Murphy, Bernard L: Killeen
Murphy, Bridget L: Carrickcloghan
Murphy, Bryan L: Aghadavoyle
Murphy, Bryan L: Ballard
Murphy, Catherine L: Drumintee
Murphy, Catherine L: Glassdrummond Contd N: Ju
Murphy, Charles L: Carrickbrackan
Murphy, Christopher L: Drumilly
Murphy, Cormack L: Drumintee
Murphy, Daniel L: Ballard
Murphy, Elizabeth L: Drumintee
Murphy, Felix L: Cloghoge Contd
Murphy, Felix L: Duburren
Murphy, Felix L: Lislea
Murphy, Francis L: Carrickcloghan
Murphy, Hugh L: Drumintee
Murphy, Hugh L: Ellisholding
Murphy, James L: Carrickbroad
Murphy, James L: Clontygora
Murphy, James L: Drumilly
Murphy, Jane L: Glassdrummond Contd N: Jem
Murphy, John L: Ballard
Murphy, John L: Carrickbroad
Murphy, John L: Carrickcloghan
Murphy, John L: Carrickcroppan
Murphy, John L: Drumintee
Murphy, John L: Drumintee N: Tom
Murphy, John, Jr. L: Drumbanagher
Murphy, John, Jr. L: Lissummon
Murphy, John, Sr. L: Drumbanagher
Murphy, John, Sr. L: Lissummon
Murphy, Joseph L: Clontygora
Murphy, Laurence L: Carrickbroad
Murphy, Loughlin L: Carrickbroad
Murphy, Loughlin L: Drumintee
Murphy, Margaret L: Annahaia
Murphy, Mary L: Lislea
Murphy, Mary L: Maghernahely
Murphy, Matthew L: Ballinliss
Murphy, Matthew L: Ballymacdermot
Murphy, Michael L: Aghadavoyle
Murphy, Michael L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Murphy, Michael L: Ballard
Murphy, Michael L: Ballard N: Pat
Murphy, Michael L: Ballard N: Scutcher
Murphy, Michael L: Carnagat Contd N: Jobber
Murphy, Michael L: Carrickbroad
Murphy, Michael L: Carrickbroad N: Pat
Murphy, Michael L: Carrickcroppan
Murphy, Rev. Michael L: Carrickcroppan
Murphy, Michael L: Cloghoge Contd
Murphy, Michael L: Clontygora
Murphy, Michael L: Clontygora N: Road
Murphy, Michael L: Cross. Camlough
Murphy, Michael L: Drumilly
Murphy, Michael L: Drumintee
Murphy, Michael L: Killeen
Murphy, Michael L: Lislea N: Ballan
Murphy, Michael L: Lislea N: Pound
Murphy, Rev. Michael L: Meigh
Murphy, Michael, Sr. L: Ballard
Murphy, Neal L: Carrickcloghan
Murphy, Owen L: Carrickbroad N: Anthony
Murphy, Owen L: Carrickbroad N: Pat
Murphy, Owen L: Cloghoge Contd
Murphy, Owen L: Drumilly
Murphy, Owen L: Drumintee
Murphy, Owen L: Killeen
Murphy, Owen, Jr. L: Lislea
Murphy, Owen, Sr. L: Lislea
Murphy, Patrick L: Aghadavoyle
Murphy, Patrick L: Aghayalloge
Murphy, Patrick L: Aghmakane
Murphy, Patrick L: Ballard
Murphy, Patrick L: Ballard N: Lislea
Murphy, Patrick L: Ballinliss
Murphy, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Murphy, Patrick L: Carrickcloghan
Murphy, Patrick L: Drumintee
Murphy, Patrick, Jr. L: Lislea
Murphy, Patrick, Sr. L: Lislea
Murphy, Peter L: Aghadavoyle
Murphy, Peter L: Ballard
Murphy, Peter L: Carrickbroad
Murphy, Peter L: Cloghoge Contd
Murphy, Peter L: Clontygora
Murphy, Peter L: Drumintee N: Terence
Murphy, Peter L: Killeen
Murphy, Peter, Sr. L: Drumintee
Murphy, Rose L: Cloghreagh
Murphy, Sarah L: Carrickbroad
Murphy, Sarah L: Lislea
Murphy, Sicily L: Clontygora
Murphy, Stephen L: Drumintee
Murphy, Terence L: Ballard
Murphy, Thomas L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Murphy, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
Murphy, Thomas L: Clontygora
Murphy, Thomas L: Clontygora N: Joe
Murphy, Thomas L: Killeen
Murphy, Thos. L: Carrickbroad N: Anthony
Murphy, Thos L: Drumintee N: Peter
Murphy Shoemaker, Thos L: Drumintee
Murray, Alice L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Murray, Bridget L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Murray, Daniel L: Tullyhappy
Murray, John L: Duvernagh
Neary, Patrick L: Glassdrummond Contd
Nelan, Mary L: Maghernahely
Newell, Margaret L: Glassdrummond Contd
Nicholson, Joseph L: Ballard
Nugent, Owen L: Aghadavoyle
Nummy, John L: Cloghreagh
Nummy, John L: Corrinshigo
Nummy, Sarah L: Mullaghglass
Nummy, William L: Carrivekeeny
O'Brien, Elizabeth L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
O'Brien, Mary L: Annacloghmullin Contd
O'Callaghan, Alice L: Keggall
O'Callaghan, Charles L: Cross. Camlough
O'Callaghan, Christina L: Glassdrummond Contd
O'Callaghan, Edward L: Ballymacdermot
O'Callaghan, Edward L: Eshwary
O'Callaghan, Edward L: Keggall
O'Callaghan, Hugh L: Aghayalloge
O'Callaghan, John L: Eshwary
O'Callaghan, Laurence L: Seafin
O'Callaghan, Michael L: Eshwary
O'Callaghan, Owen L: Eshwary
O'Callaghan, Peter L: Cross. Camlough
O'Callaghan, Terence L: Glassdrummond Contd
O'Hagan, Charles L: Cloghoge Contd
O'Hagan, Felix L: Carrickbrackan
O'Hagan, Henry L: Carrickbrackan
O'Hagan, James L: Carrickbrackan
O'Hagan, John L: Carrickbrackan
O'Hagan, Joseph L: Lissummon
O'Hagan, Joseph L: Meigh
O'Hagan, Mary L: Carrickbrackan
O'Hagan, Patrick L: Crankey
O'Hagan, Thomas L: Lissummon
O'Hanlon, Peter L: Ballintemple
O'Hanlon, Peter L: Lislea
O'Hara, Charles L: Carnagat
O'Hara, Robert L: Mullaghglass
O'Hare, Anne L: Duvernagh
O'Hare, Bridget L: Aghadavoyle
O'Hare, Bridget L: Aghayalloge
O'Hare, Bridget L: Drumintee
O'Hare, Charles L: Cloghoge Contd
O'Hare, Cormack L: Drumintee
O'Hare, Daniel L: Corrinshigo
O'Hare, Daniel L: Drumintee
O'Hare, Edward L: Drumintee
O'Hare, Edward L: Kilrea
O'Hare, Edward L: Lissummon
O'Hare, Edward L: Sturgan
O'Hare, Felix L: Carrickbroad
O'Hare, Felix L: Killeen
O'Hare, Felix L: Serse
O'Hare, Francis L: Ballintemple
O'Hare, Francis L: Drumintee N: Pat
O'Hare, Francis L: Drumintee N: Peter
O'Hare, Hugh L: Ballintemple
O'Hare, James L: Ballintemple
O'Hare, James L: Carrickbrackan
O'Hare, James L: Carrickbroad
O'Hare, James L: Drumintee
O'Hare, Jno L: Ballintemple N: Cormack
O'Hare, John L: Ballintemple N: Cormack
O'Hare, John L: Clogharevan
O'Hare, John L: Cloghoge Contd
O'Hare, John L: Eshwary N: John
O'Hare, John L: Eshwary N: Peter
O'Hare, Mary L: Ellisholding
O'Hare, Michael L: Carrickbroad
O'Hare, Michael L: Drumintee
O'Hare, Michael L: Eshwary
O'Hare, Michael L: Sturgan
O'Hare, Neal L: Carrickbroad
O'Hare, Neal, Jr. L: Drumintee
O'Hare, Neill L: Ballintemple
O'Hare, Owen L: Ballintemple
O'Hare, Owen L: Ballymacdermot
O'Hare, Owen L: Ellisholding
O'Hare, Owen L: Killeen
O'Hare, Owen L: Meigh
O'Hare, Patk L: Ballintemple N: Cormack
O'Hare, Patrick L: Aghadavoyle
O'Hare, Patrick L: Ballintemple
O'Hare, Patrick L: Carrickbrackan
O'Hare, Patrick L: Drumintee
O'Hare, Patrick L: Drumintee N: Stephen
O'Hare, Patrick L: Duvernagh
O'Hare, Patrick L: Eshwary
O'Hare, Peter L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
O'Hare, Roger L: Cloghreagh
O'Hare, Sarah L: Eshwary N: Harry
O'Hare, Stephen L: Ballintemple
O'Hare, Stephen L: Ballintemple N: Owen
O'Hare, Thomas L: Ballintemple
O'Hare, Thomas L: Drumintee
O'Hare, William L: Duvernagh
O'Hegan, Owen L: Clontygora
O'Neill, Bryan L: Ballynalack
O'Neill, Edward L: Carrickbroad
O'Neill, Elizabeth L: Carrickbroad
O'Neill, Francis L: Carrickcroppan
O'Neill, James L: Carrivemaclone
O'Neill, John L: Carrickcroppan
Oneill, Michael L: Maghernahely
O'Neill, Murtagh L: Killeen
O'Neill, Owen L: Ballynalack
O'Neill, Patrick L: Keggall
O'Neill, Patrick L: Killeen
O'Neill, Peter L: Cross. Camlough
O'Neill, Peter L: Keggall
O'Rafferty, Terence L: Ellisholding
O'Rourke, Hugh L: Cloghoge Contd
Owen, Margaret L: Lislea
Owens, Elizabeth L: Lislea
Owens, Francis L: Lislea
Owens, James L: Carrickcroppan
Owens, James L: Cross. Camlough
Owens, James L: Lislea
Owens, John L: Meigh
Owens, Michael L: Meigh
Parson, Isaac L: Clogharevan
Patterson, James L: Serse
Patterson, Jane L: Serse
Patterson, Jas L: Tullyhappy
Patterson, John L: Glassdrummond
Patterson, Rev. John L: Goragh Contd
Patterson, Joseph L: Ballymacdermot
Patterson, Martha L: Carrivekeeny
Patterson, Patrick L: Aghadavoyle
Patterson, Thomas L: Meigh
Patton, Greenaway L: Clogharevan
Paul, Elizabeth L: Aghadavoyle
Paul, William L: Mullaghglass
Pay, George L: Lesh
Pearson, Thomas L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Peyton, Mary L: Cloghreagh
Phillips, Rep. Daniel L: Carrickbroad
Phillips, Nicholas L: Carrickbroad
Pointz, George L: Serse
Pollock, James L: Glassdrummond Contd
Pollock, James L: Goragh Contd
Pollock, Robert L: Latt Contd
Pollock, Sarah L: Clogharevan
Poole, Thomas L: Drumbanagher
Porter, Abel L: Tullyhappy
Porter, Allen L: Kilmonaghan
Porter, Ellen L: Kilmonaghan
Porter, James L: Cloghinny
Porter, James L: Enagh
Porter, James L: Kilmonaghan
Porter, James L: Mullaghglass
Porter, John L: Carnagat Contd
Porter, John L: Cloghinny
Porter, John L: Drumbanagher
Porter, John L: Kilmonaghan
Porter, John L: Kilrea
Porter, John L: Knockduff
Porter, John, Sr. L: Kilmonaghan
Porter, Robert L: Goragh
Porter, Samuel L: Duvernagh
Porter, Samuel L: Tullyhappy
Porter, William L: Kilrea
Price, Michael L: Clontygora
Pritchard, Thomas L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Putte, John L: Cloghoge
Quin, Edward L: Carrickbrackan
Quinn, Anne L: Carricknagalliagh
Quinn, Anne L: Drumilly
Quinn, Bernard L: Carricknagalliagh
Quinn, Bernard L: Lissaraw
Quinn, Catherine L: Ballymacdermot
Quinn, Charles L: Duburren
Quinn, Charles L: Lesh
Quinn, Denis L: Lesh
Quinn, Edward L: Aghmakane
Quinn, Edward L: Carrickbrackan
Quinn, Edward L: Lislea
Quinn, Eliza L: Cloghreagh
Quinn, Felix L: Lesh
Quinn, James L: Ballymacdermot
Quinn, James L: Carrickcroppan
Quinn, James L: Duburren
Quinn, James L: Lislea
Quinn, John L: Carrickcroppan
Quinn, John L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Quinn, John, Jr. L: Lislea
Quinn, John, Sr. L: Lislea
Quinn, Margaret L: Maghernahely
Quinn, Mary L: Carrickcloghan
Quinn, Mary L: Newtown
Quinn, Mary L: Tamnaghbane
Quinn, Patrick L: Annahaia
Quinn, Patrick L: Ballymacdermot
Quinn, Patrick L: Carricknagalliagh
Quinn, Patrick L: Drumilly
Quinn, Patrick L: Lislea
Quinn, Patrick L: Lissaraw
Quinn, Patrick L: Seafin
Quinn, Peter L: Drumbanagher
Quinn, Peter L: Duburren
Quinn, Peter L: Goragh Contd
Quinn, Peter L: Lislea
Quinn, Peter L: Seafin
Quinn, Terence L: Drumilly
Quinn, Thomas L: Ballymacdermot
Rafferty, Hugh L: Carrickbroad
Rafferty, John L: Cross. Camlough
Rafferty, John L: Serse
Rafferty, Mary L: Carrickbroad
Rafferty, Michael L: Carrickbroad
Rafferty, Patrick L: Drumintee
Rafferty, Patrick L: Duburren
Rainey, Joseph L: Aghadavoyle
Rainey, Samuel L: Killybodagh
Raleigh, Simon L: Knockduff
Ralston, George L: Tullyhappy
Ranshaw, John L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Ranshaw, William L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Rantain, Adam L: Mullaghglass
Rantain, Alexander L: Mullaghglass
Rantain, James L: Mullaghglass
Rantain, Thomas L: Mullaghglass
Rantain, Thomas, Jr. L: Mullaghglass
Rantain, Thomas, Sr. L: Mullaghglass
Rantan, Thomas L: Derrywilligan
Rantan, Thomas, Jr. L: Derrywilligan
Ranton, Thomas L: Tullyhappy
Ranton, William L: Tullyhappy
Reavey, Michael L: Serse
Reavy, Sarah L: Cloghoge Contd
Reddy, James L: Corrinshigo
Reddy, John L: Corrinshigo
Reddy, John L: Corrinshigo N: Big
Reddy, John L: Tamnaghbane
Reddy, Laurence L: Ballymacdermot
Reid, Catherine L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Reid, James L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Reid, John L: Clonlum N: Killevy Castle
Reid, John L: Corrinshigo
Reid, John L: Knockduff
Reid, John L: Mullaghglass
Reid, John L: Serse
Reid, Mary L: Killybodagh
Reid, Thomas L: Serse
Reid, William L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Reid, William L: Glassdrummond Contd
Reilly, James L: Carrickbroad
Reilly, Mary L: Aghayalloge
Reilly, Patrick L: Drumilly
Reilly, Rose L: Cloghoge Contd
Revel, David S. L: Duvernagh
Revelle, Mary L: Knockduff
Revill, John L: Crankey
Revill, Mary L: Serse
Revill, Solomon L: Tullyhappy
Rice, Anne L: Ballinliss N: Pat
Rice, Anne L: Cloghreagh
Rice, Arthur L: Aghayalloge
Rice, Arthur L: Ballymacdermot
Rice, Bridget L: Ballymacdermot N: Mick
Rice, Bridget L: Sturgan
Rice, Bryan L: Ballinliss
Rice, Bryan L: Ellisholding
Rice, Catherine L: Clontygora N: Mick
Rice, Charles L: Ballinliss
Rice, Charles L: Carrickcloghan
Rice, David L: Lissummon
Rice, David L: Serse
Rice, Edward L: Ballintemple
Rice, Elizabeth L: Ballinliss
Rice, Elizabeth L: Ballintemple
Rice, Elizabeth L: Carrivemaclone
Rice, Francis L: Carrickcloghan
Rice, Henry L: Ballinliss
Rice, James L: Ballintemple
Rice, James L: Carrickcloghan
Rice, James L: Enagh
Rice, James L: Enagh N: Peter
Rice, James L: Lissummon
Rice, John L: Carrickcroppan
Rice, John L: Cloghoge Contd
Rice, John L: Ellisholding
Rice, John L: Ellisholding N: Mic
Rice, Laurence L: Ballymacdermot
Rice, Mary L: Aghayalloge
Rice, Mary L: Carrickcroppan
Rice, Matthew L: Ballintemple
Rice, Michael L: Ballinliss
Rice, Michael L: Ballymacdermot
Rice, Michael L: Lislea
Rice, Michael L: Maytown
Rice, Michael L: Sturgan
Rice, Owen L: Ballinliss
Rice, Owen L: Ballymacdermot
Rice, Owen L: Drumilly
Rice, Patrick L: Ballinliss
Rice, Patrick L: Ballymacdermot
Rice, Patrick L: Carnagat
Rice, Patrick L: Carrickcloghan
Rice, Patrick L: Carrickcroppan
Rice, Patrick L: Clontygora
Rice, Patrick L: Duburren
Rice, Patrick L: Enagh
Rice, Patrick L: Meigh
Rice, Peter L: Aghayalloge
Rice, Peter L: Ballinliss
Rice, Peter L: Meigh
Rice, Rose L: Aghayalloge
Rice, Rose L: Tamnaghbane N: Matt
Rice, Stephen L: Clontygora
Rice, Stephen L: Meigh
Rice, Thomas L: Aghadavoyle
Rice, Thomas L: Aghayalloge
Rice, Thomas L: Ballinliss
Rice, Thomas L: Meigh
Richardson, John G. L: Carrickbrackan
Richardson, John G. L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Richardson, John G. L: Cloghreagh
Richey, Alexander L: Clonlum
Rickard, Owen L: Seafin
Riddell, William L: Cloghreagh
Roberts, Joseph L: Clogharevan
Robinson, Anne L: Carrickbrackan
Rock, James, Jr. L: Aghadavoyle
Rock, James, Sr. L: Aghadavoyle
Rock, Neal L: Carrickbroad
Rocks, Patrick L: Drumilly
Rocks, Patrick L: Sturgan
Rodgers, Joseph L: Corrinshigo
Rogers, Charles L: Keggall
Rogers, David L: Duvernagh
Rogers, David L: Eshwary
Rogers, Joseph L: Carnagat
Rogers, Patrick L: Keggall
Rogers, Watson L: Eshwary
Rogers, Watson L: Lissaraw
Rogers, William L: Eshwary
Rooney, Catherine L: Carrickbrackan
Rooney, Hugh L: Sturgan
Rooney, John L: Ballymacdermot
Rorke, Michael L: Ballintemple
Rorke, Owen L: Ballintemple
Ross, George L: Duvernagh
Ross, Robert L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Ross, William L: Tullyhappy
Rourke, Anne L: Seafin
Rourke, Bryan L: Seafin
Rourke, Hugh L: Carrickbrackan
Rourke, Michael L: Tamnaghbane
Rourke, Owen L: Tamnaghbane
Russell, Elizabeth L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Ryan, Bernard L: Aghadavoyle
Samuel, James L: Glassdrummond Contd
Sandals, James L: Aghmakane
Savage, Ellen L: Lissummon
Savage, John L: Enagh
Savage, Patrick L: Enagh
Scott, John L: Ballintemple
Scott, John L: Clonlum
Scott, William L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Scott, William L: Maytown
Sharp, Jane L: Clogharevan
Shaw, Hamilton L: Corrinshigo
Shaw, James L: Corrinshigo
Sheals, Patrick L: Aghayalloge
Sheals, Philip L: Goragh Contd
Shearan, James L: Cross. Camlough
Sheeran, William L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Sheils, Henry L: Lissaraw
Sheils, Patrick L: Lissaraw
Sheran, Anne L: Cross. Camlough
Sheridan, John L: Cloghoge Contd
Sheridan, Michael L: Lissummon
Shevlin, Bernard L: Ballard
Shevlin, John L: Sturgan
Shevlin, Terence L: Clonlum
Shields, John L: Lissummon
Shields, Robert L: Crankey
Shiels, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Shimens, Alexander L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Shimens, David L: Clogharevan
Shimens, William L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Short, Jane L: Ballymacdermot N: Pat
Short, John L: Latt Contd
Short, Joseph L: Goragh Contd
Short, Joseph L: Latt
Short, Margaret L: Ballymacdermot N: John
Sinclair, John L: Cloghreagh
Sinclair, Samuel L: Cloghreagh
Skerritt, Margaret L: Goragh Contd
Sleith, William L: Carrivekeeny
Sloane, Bernard L: Aghadavoyle
Sloane, Patrick L: Killeen
Sloane, Robert L: Killeen
Sloane, Thomas L: Killeen
Slone, James L: Seafin
Small, Bernard L: Carrivekeeny
Small, Bryan L: Annacloghmullin Contd
Smith, Bridget L: Duburren
Smith, Catherine L: Drumilly
Smith, Henry L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Smith, Hugh L: Cloghreagh
Smith, Isaac L: Carrivekeeny
Smith, James L: Carrickcloghan
Smith, James L: Carrivekeeny
Smith, James L: Carrivekeeny N: Hill
Smith, James L: Lissummon
Smith, John L: Carrickcloghan
Smith, John L: Knockduff
Smith, John L: Lislea
Smith, Laurence L: Carrickcloghan
Smith, Margaret L: Clogharevan
Smith, Margaret L: Drumilly
Smith, Mary L: Carrivekeeny
Smith, Michael L: Ballymacdermot
Smith, Michael L: Carrickcloghan N: Jem
Smith, Michael L: Carrickcloghan N: Mick
Smith, Michael L: Enagh
Smith, Michael L: Sturgan
Smith, Owen L: Ballymacdermot
Smith, Owen L: Lislea
Smith, Owen, Jr. L: Ballymacdermot
Smith, Patrick L: Ballymacdermot
Smith, Philip L: Enagh
Smith, Robert L: Carrivekeeny N: Hill
Smith, Robert L: Carrivekeeny N: Road
Smith, Robert L: Cloghreagh
Smith, Samuel L: Derrywilligan
Smith, Terence L: Drumintee
Smith, Thomas L: Ballard
Smith, Thomas L: Carrickcloghan
Smith, Thomas L: Lislea
Smith, William L: Mullaghglass
Smyth, Elizabeth L: Mullaghglass
Stanley, Hugh L: Carrickbroad N: Michael
Stanley, Hugh L: Carrickbroad N: Owen
Stanley, James L: Carrickbroad
Stanley, Laurence L: Carrickbroad
Stanley, Mary L: Carrickbroad
Stanley, Michael L: Carrickbroad
Stenson, Anne L: Mullaghglass
Stenson, Colon L: Mullaghglass
Stenson, James L: Mullaghglass
Sterrett, John L: Latt Contd
Sterrett, William L: Cloghinny
Sterrett, William L: Latt
Sterritt, David L: Lissummon
Stett, James L: Carrickcroppan
Stowell, Margaret L: Duburren
Strahan, Ellen L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Strahan, John L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Sturgeon, Alexander L: Cloghinny
Sturgeon, Andrew L: Latt
Sturgeon, William L: Cloghinny
Swan, David L: Duvernagh
Swan, David L: Maghernahely
Taggart, Patrick L: Drumbanagher
Taggert, Mary L: Carrickcroppan
Tague, Mary L: Duvernagh
Tate, Bridget L: Cloghreagh
Tate, Patrick L: Cloghreagh
Taylor, David L: Derrywilligan
Taylor, Henry L: Mullaghglass
Taylor, Samuel L: Cloghreagh
Taylor, Samuel L: Mullaghglass
Temple, Rev. Robert L: Ballintemple
Thomas, James L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Thompson, Alexander L: Duvernagh
Thompson, Andrew L: Killeen
Thompson, Bernard L: Clontygora
Thompson, George L: Duvernagh
Thompson, Hanry L: Ballymacdermot
Thompson, Henry L: Carnagat Contd
Thompson, Isaac L: Knockduff
Thompson, Isaac L: Serse
Thompson, James L: Carnagat Contd
Thompson, James L: Lissummon
Thompson, Jane L: Crankey
Thompson, Jane L: Mullaghglass
Thompson, John L: Cloghreagh
Thompson, John L: Derrywilligan
Thompson, John L: Lissummon
Thompson, Joseph L: Serse
Thompson, Patrick L: Killeen
Thompson, William L: Derrywilligan
Thompson, William L: Duvernagh
Thornton, Patrick L: Ballintemple
Thornton, Thomas L: Clonlum
Tierney, John L: Carrickbroad
Tierney, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Toal, Bridget L: Carrickbroad
Toal, Denis L: Drumintee
Toal, Edward L: Carrickbroad
Toal, John L: Carrickbroad
Toal, John L: Duburren N: Pat
Toale, L: Duburren N: Widow
Toale, Arthur L: Ballintemple
Toale, Bridget L: Duburren
Toale, Bryan L: Duburren
Toale, Francis L: Ballintemple
Toale, Henry L: Duburren
Toale, James L: Drumilly
Toale, James L: Duburren
Toale, James L: Sturgan
Toale, John L: Drumilly
Toale, John L: Duburren N: John
Toale, John, Sr. L: Duburren
Toale, Michael L: Ballintemple
Toale, Michael L: Drumilly
Toale, Michael L: Duburren N: Sturgan
Toale, Michael L: Sturgan
Toale, Myles L: Ballintemple
Toale, Patrick L: Ballard
Toale, Patrick L: Ballintemple
Toale, Patrick L: Duburren
Toale, Richard L: Ballintemple
Toale, Stephen L: Ballintemple
Toale, Stephen L: Ballynalack
Toale, Thomas L: Ballintemple
Tole, L: Carrickbrackan N: Widow
Tole, Alice L: Seafin N: Ned
Tole, Alice L: Seafin N: Pat
Tole, Anne L: Seafin N: Denis
Tole, Henry L: Carrickbroad
Tole, Hugh L: Aghadavoyle
Tole, James L: Ballymacdermot
Tole, James L: Carrickbroad
Tole, John L: Carrickbroad N: Michael
Tole, John L: Lissummon
Tole, Owen L: Aghadavoyle
Tole, Owen L: Ballymacdermot
Tole, Patrick L: Carrickbroad
Tole, Patrick L: Clonlum
Tole, Patrick L: Clontygora
Tole, Peter L: Aghadavoyle
Tole, Peter L: Ballymacdermot
Tole, Stephen L: Aghadavoyle
Tole, Stephen L: Ballymacdermot
Tole, Susan L: Ballinliss N: John
Tole, Terence L: Carrickbrackan
Tole, Terence L: Clonlum
Tole, William L: Enagh
Tole, William L: Mullaghglass
Toner, Bernard L: Lissummon
Toner, Ellen L: Ballynalack
Toner, James L: Lissummon
Toole, Owen L: Carrickbroad
Torbet, Ezekiel L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Torley, Bridget L: Carrickcroppan N: Dan
Torley, Edward L: Carrickcroppan
Torley, Hugh L: Carrickcroppan
Torley, Hugh L: Carrickcroppan N: Fort
Torley, Hugh L: Carrickcroppan N: Rock
Torley, James L: Carrickcroppan
Torley, John L: Carrickcroppan N: Smith
Torley, Mary L: Ballinliss
Torley, Mary L: Carrickcloghan
Torley, Mary L: Carrickcroppan
Torley, Mary L: Carrickcroppan N: Tom
Torley, Owen L: Carrickcroppan
Torley, Patrick L: Carrickcroppan
Torley, Patrick L: Cloghoge Contd
Torley, Peter L: Carrickcroppan
Totton, Robert L: Carnagat
Traynor, John L: Carrivekeeny
Traynor, Rose L: Serse
Treanor, Anne L: Carrickbroad
Treanor, Bridget L: Carrickbroad
Treanor, Ellen L: Ballynalack
Treanor, Hugh L: Carrickbroad
Treanor, James L: Duburren
Treanor, Julia L: Clonlum
Treanor, Patrick L: Ballynalack
Treanor, Roderick L: Carrickbroad
Treanor, Stephen L: Ballynalack
Trimel, James L: Mullaghglass
Trousdale, Charles L: Mullaghglass
Trousdale, Jane L: Derrywilligan
Trousdale, John L: Derrywilligan
Trousdale, John L: Mullaghglass
Trousdale, William L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Tumilty, John L: Goragh Contd
Turley, Anne L: Kilrea
Turner, John L: Aghadavoyle
Vary, Patrick L: Cross. Camlough
Vaughan, Francis L: Maytown
Vaughan, Thomas L: Mullaghglass
Vaughen, Jacab L: Tullyhappy
Waddel, Robert L: Mullaghglass
Waddell, Rose L: Mullaghglass
Waddle, James L: Serse
Walker, John L: Clogharevan, Bessbrook
Walker, William L: Carrivekeeny
Wallace, Hugh L: Corrinshigo
Wallace, Hugh L: Tullyhappy
Wallace, John L: Glassdrummond Contd
Wallace, Matthew L: Glassdrummond Contd
Wanderum, Samuel L: Maghernahely
Ward, James L: Sturgan
Ward, Michael L: Carricknagalliagh
Warnick, James L: Duvernagh
Waters, Michael L: Ballard
Waters, Owen L: Carrickbroad
Waters, Thomas L: Carrickbroad
Watson, Joseph L: Maytown
Watson, Mary L: Killybodagh
Watson, Robert L: Cloghreagh
Webb, William L: Clogharevan
Whelan, John L: Carnagat
Whelan, Thomas L: Duvernagh
Whigham, Joshua L: Latt
Whigham, Robert L: Latt
White, Bridget L: Annacloghmullin Contd
White, Daniel L: Maghernahely
White, Henry L: Duvernagh
White, Jane L: Maghernahely
White, John L: Duvernagh
White, John L: Eshwary
White, Rep. John L: Eshwary
White, John L: Latt Contd
White, Joseph L: Duvernagh
White, Michael L: Ballymacdermot
White, Patrick L: Drumilly
White, Peter L: Ballymacdermot
White, Stephen L: Lislea
Whiteside, John L: Drumbanagher
Whiteside, Thomas L: Goragh Contd
Whiteside, William L: Drumbanagher
Williamson, George L: Eshwary
Williamson, Johanna L: Duvernagh
Williamson, Johanna L: Eshwary
Williamson, Sarah L: Duvernagh
Wilson, Charlotte L: Kilmonaghan
Wilson, James L: Mullaghglass
Wilson, John L: Mullaghglass
Wilson, Joseph L: Duvernagh
Wilson, Robert L: Serse
Wilson, Samuel L: Mullaghglass
Woodhouse, John O. L: Ballymacdermot
Woods, Anne L: Cloghreagh
Woods, Bernard L: Goragh Contd
Woods, James L: Carrickbroad
Woods, James L: Maytown
Wright, James L: Derrywilligan
Wright, Nathaniel L: Derrywilligan
Wright, Nathaniel L: Mullaghglass

Click for map of civil parishes in county Armagh

Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan