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Griffith's Valuation in Grange Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Grange parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Grange Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Grange Parish, Co. Armagh

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All Griffiths Valuation records in this page have been published in alphabetical order. Search tip for most web browsers: press Ctrl and F and enter surname or search term. If you are researching particular townlands or areas of this parish, then we suggest that you also use the Ctrl F option in your web browser.

You should also check the records of Grange parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Addy, William H. L: Allistragh
Addy, William H. L: Moneycree
Alexander, Henry L: Mullynure
Allen, David L: Mullanasilla
Allen, John L: Allistragh
Anderson, Allan L: Tullygarran
Anderson, Rep. James L: Grangemore
Anderson, James L: Tullygarran
Anderson, John L: Aughnacloy
Anderson, Joseph L: Tullygarran
Anderson, Wiiliam L: Killylyn
Baily, John L: Tullygoonigan
Beatty, Joseph L: Ballymackilmurry
Boland, William L: Ballygassoon
Boland, William L: Moneycree
Bond, Walter M. G. L: Drumsill N: Drumsill House
Bond, Walter M. G. L: Tirgarve
Boyd, Robt. Alexander L: Mullynure
Brannigan, Arthur L: Tullygarran
Brannigan, Francis L: Grange Blundel
Brannigan, Henry L: Tullygarran
Brannigan, Laurence L: Tullygoonigan
Brannigan, Patrick L: Grange Blundel
Brannigan, Patrick L: Knockaconey
Brannigan, Thomas L: Tirgarve
Brannigan, Thomas L: Tullygoonigan
Brattan, James L: Carrickaloughran
Brattan, James L: Teeraw
Brattan, John L: Carrickaloughran
Brennan, Hugh L: Annahagh
Briers, James L: Lisdonwilly
Broughton, Fredk. L: Mullynure N: Ulster Rw
Brownlee, William L: Grange Blundel
Bryers, James L: Grangemore
Burris, James L: Lisdonwilly
C Adams, John L: Carricktroddan
Callan, John L: Aghanore
Callan, William L: Aghanore
Calvert, Henry L: Allistragh
Calvert, Henry L: Killylyn
Campbell, Arthur L: Drumsill
Campbell, Arthur L: Grangemore
Campbell, Edward L: Killylyn
Campbell, John L: Grange Blundel
Campbell, John L: Grangemore
Campbell, John L: Teeraw
Campston, Mary L: Grange Blundel
Carberry, John L: Lisdonwilly
Cardwell, William F. L: Drumcarn
Carrigan, James L: Grange Blundel
Carroll, John L: Cabragh
Carson, Thomas L: Grangemore
Cartmell, Francis L: Ballygassoon
Cartmell, Francis L: Grange Blundel
Cartmell, Jane L: Grange Blundel
Cartmell, Nathaniel L: Grange Blundel
Cartmell, Robert L: Grange Blundel
Cartmell, William, Jr. L: Grange Blundel
Cartmell, William, Sr. L: Grange Blundel
Charlemont, L: Annahagh N: Earl of Charlemont
Charlemont, L: Grange Blundel N: Earl of Charlemont
Clarke, Elizabeth L: Tirgarve
Clarke, James L: Tirgarve
Clarke, Samuel L: Allistragh
Clarke, Sarah L: Tirgarve
Clarke Adams, John L: Carricktroddan
Clarke Adams, John L: Mullynure
Coahy, James L: Ballygassoon
Coahy, John L: Ballygassoon
Conn, John L: Allistragh
Conn, John L: Ballymackilmurry
Connamy, Thomas L: Knockaconey
Connery, John L: Grangemore
Connor, Edward L: Grange Blundel
Connor, Patrick L: Grange Blundel
Conway, Denis L: Knockaconey
Conway, Henry L: Tullygoonigan
Conway, John L: Drumsill
Conway, Patrick L: Knockaconey
Conway, Thomas L: Knockaconey
Corr, James L: Grangemore
Corr, Peter L: Grangemore
Craig, Andrew L: Grangemore
Crinny, John L: Tirgarve
Croft, William L: Aughnacloy
Cullen, Hugh L: Grange Blundel
Cullen, James, Jr. L: Annahagh
Cullen, James, Sr. L: Annahagh
Cullen, Roger L: Tullygarran
Cullen, Sarah L: Ballygassoon
Cullen, William L: Drumcarn
Cummins, James L: Mullynure
Cummins, Patrick L: Drumcarn
Curran, Francis L: Grangemore
Curran, James L: Grange Blundel
Cutler, George L: Lisdonwilly
Daly, James L: Drumcarn
Daly, Margaret L: Annahagh
Daly, William L: Drumcarn
Davidson, James L: Allistragh
Dawley, John L: Knockaconey
Devlin, James L: Ballygassoon
Dillon, Francis L: Ballygassoon
Doherty, Catherine L: Annahagh
Donnelly, Alice L: Tullygoonigan
Donnelly, Bernard L: Mullynure
Donnelly, Bridget L: Tullygoonigan
Donnelly, James L: Grange Blundel
Donnelly, James, Jr. L: Knockaconey
Donnelly, James, Sr. L: Knockaconey
Donnelly, Jas., Jr. L: Knockaconey
Donnelly, Jas., Sr. L: Knockaconey
Donnelly, Patrick L: Grange Blundel
Donnelly, Patrick L: Knockaconey
Donnelly, Peter L: Grange Blundel
Donnelly, Peter L: Knockaconey
Douglas, Robert L: Annahagh
Downey, Susan L: Drumcarn
Drum, John L: Aughnacloy
Duffy, James L: Lisdonwilly
Duffy, Priscilla L: Aughnacloy
Elliot, John L: Ballygassoon
Elliott, Thomas L: Moneycree
Elliott, William L: Tullygoonigan
Eno, James L: Teeraw
Ferguson, George L: Carricktroddan
Fox, Bernard L: Killylyn
Fox, Daniel L: Lisdonwilly
Fox, Terence L: Tirgarve
Fullerton, Thomas L: Ballygassoon
Gardner, Samuel L: Mullynure
Garvey, Bernard L: Grange Blundel
Garvey, John L: Tirgarve
Garvey, Michael L: Tirgarve
Garvey, Michael L: Tullygoonigan
George, James L: Grangemore
George, Letitia L: Cabragh
Gervis, Bartholomew L: Grangemore
Gillespie, John L: Grangemore
Gillespie, Richard L: Grangemore
Gillespie, William L: Grangemore
Glass, Thomas L: Allistragh
Gorman, Owen L: Aughnacloy
Gorman, Peter L: Grange Blundel
Gracen, George L: Ballygassoon
Greir, Mary Anne L: Drumsill
Grew, James L: Moneycree
Grew, Terence L: Grange Blundel
Gribbin, Cornelius L: Grangemore
Gribbin, Neill L: Teeraw
Gribbin, Roger L: Grangemore
Gribbon, Thomas L: Grange Blundel
Grier, Andrew L: Allistragh
Hackett, Patrick L: Grange Blundel
Hagan, Francis L: Drumcarn
Hagan, James L: Drumcarn
Hagan, James L: Knockaconey
Hagan, Patrick L: Ballygassoon
Haggin, Bernard L: Grange Blundel
Hanson, Isabella L: Tullygarran
Hanson, Thomas L: Tullygarran
Horan, Thomas L: Mullynure
Huey, Frederick L: Mullynure
Hughes, Andrew L: Annahagh
Hughes, Henry L: Knockaconey
Hughes, John L: Annahagh
Hughes, John L: Mullynure
Hughes, John L: Tirgarve
Hughes, John L: Tullygoonigan
Hughes, Letitia L: Tullygoonigan
Hughes, Patrick L: Knockaconey
Hughes, Peter L: Grange Blundel
Hutchison, Alexander L: Mullanasilla
Irwin, Alexander L: Grangemore
Irwin, Rev. W. L: Mullynure
Kane, John L: Grange Blundel
Kappock, Catherine L: Mullynure
Kearney, Jane L: Drumcarn
Kearney, William L: Mullynure
Keenan, James L: Tullygoonigan
Keirnahan, James L: Grangemore
Keirnahan, James L: Tullygarran
Keirnahan, Joseph L: Grangemore
Kelly, John L: Annahagh
Kelly, Patrick L: Annahagh
Kennedy, Bernard L: Tullygoonigan
Kennedy, Rose L: Tullygoonigan
Kennedy, William L: Grangemore
Keown, James L: Allistragh
Kernahan, Joseph L: Aghanore
Kerr, Sarah L: Ballygassoon
Kether, Francis L: Mullynure
Killen, Moses L: Tullygoonigan
Lappin, James L: Allistragh
Lapping, Charles L: Cabragh
Lapping, John L: Cabragh
Lavelle, Terence L: Teeraw
Lennon, Arthur L: Tullygarran
Lennon, James L: Tullygarran
Lennon, John L: Drumcarn
Loughrane, George L: Aghanore
Loughrane, George L: Teeraw
Loughrane, John L: Grange Blundel
Lowden, John L: Mullynure
Lynas, Bernard L: Ballygassoon
Mackell, Peter L: Annahagh
Magee, Edward L: Aghanore
Maghery, James L: Knockaconey
Magill, Catherine L: Ballymackilmurry
Magill, James L: Mullynure
Magill, James L: Tullyard
Magill, Owen L: Ballygassoon
Maguirk, Charles L: Annahagh
Malcolm, Robert L: Grangemore
Mallon, Andrew L: Grange Blundel
Mallon, Andrew L: Tullygoonigan
Mallon, Anne L: Grange Blundel
Mallon, James L: Grange Blundel
Mallon, James L: Tullygarran
Mallon, John L: Grange Blundel
Mallon, Patrick L: Grange Blundel
Mallon, Thomas L: Grange Blundel
Mallon, Thomas L: Tullygarran
Marshall, Alexander L: Grangemore
McAdam, Robert L: Drumcarn
McAlinn, Alice L: Knockaconey
McAlinn, Alice L: Tullygoonigan
McAlinn, James L: Knockaconey
McArdle, John L: Knockaconey
McArdle, John L: Teeraw
McArdle, Richard L: Teeraw
McBride, John L: Allistragh
McBride, Peter L: Lisdonwilly
McCallaher, Joseph L: Ballymackilmurry
McCann, George L: Tullygoonigan
McCann, Henry, Jr. L: Grange Blundel
McCann, Henry, Sr. L: Grange Blundel
McCann, John L: Knockaconey
McCann, Walter L: Grange Blundel
McCaraher, John L: Lisdonwilly
McConnell, Sarah L: Allistragh
McConville, John L: Grangemore
McCormack, John L: Lisdonwilly
McCoy, Bernard L: Tirgarve
McCoy, John L: Grange Blundel
McCoy, Margaret L: Grange Blundel
McCready, John L: Tirgarve
McCready, Richard L: Tirgarve
McCready, Thomas L: Tirgarve
McCusker, Elizabeth L: Ballymackilmurry
McCusker, Henry, Jr. L: Ballymackilmurry
McCusker, Henry, Sr. L: Ballymackilmurry
McCusker, John L: Ballymackilmurry
McCutcheon, Alex. L: Tullygoonigan
McCutcheon, Alexander L: Tullygoonigan
McCutcheon, William L: Tirgarve
McCutchin, James L: Grange Blundel
McDermott, Murtagh L: Teeraw
McGahan, John L: Drumcarn
McGarigan, Thomas L: Grange Blundel
McGee, Hannah L: Knockaconey
McGerr, John L: Grange Blundel
McGrane, Catherine L: Annahagh
McGrane, Mary L: Grange Blundel
McGrath, Owen L: Tirgarve
McGrath, Peter L: Killylyn
McGuiney, Owen L: Teeraw
McGuinness, Patrick L: Knockaconey
McGuire, Duncan L: Allistragh
McKee, Denis L: Drumcarn
McKeever, Patrick L: Knockaconey
McKendall, Robert L: Allistragh
McKendall, Robert L: Ballymackilmurry
McKendall, Robert L: Tullygoonigan
McKendall, Thomas L: Killylyn
McKenna, Bernard L: Grange Blundel
McKenna, Edward L: Grange Blundel
McKenna, Edward L: Knockaconey
McKenna, James L: Grange Blundel
McKenna, John L: Grange Blundel
McKenna, Thomas L: Grange Blundel
McKenna, Thomas L: Teeraw
McKeown, Elizabeth L: Tirgarve
McKeown, John L: Tirgarve
McKey, Arthur L: Grange Blundel
McKey, Patrick L: Tullygoonigan
McLoughlin, Bridget L: Tullygoonigan
McLoughlin, James L: Tullygoonigan
McLoughlin, John L: Lisdonwilly
McLoughlin, Michael L: Carricktroddan
McMahon, John L: Tullygoonigan
McMullen, Joseph L: Aughnacloy
McMullen, Thomas L: Aughnacloy
McMullen, Thos. L: Grange Blundel N: Bailiff
McMurray, William L: Tullyard
McParlan, James L: Tullygarran
McShane, Margaret L: Grange Blundel
McVey, John L: Mullynure
McWhinney, David L: Knockaconey
Millar, Isabella L: Drumcarn
Molloy, Charles L: Grange Blundel
Molloy, Charles L: Knockaconey
Molloy, Edward L: Grange Blundel
Molloy, Henry L: Knockaconey
Mooney, Patrick L: Grange Blundel
Moore, James L: Drumcarn
Moore, James L: Tullyard
Moore, Jane L: Grange Blundel
Moore, John L: Grange Blundel N: Bog
Moore, John L: Grange Blundel N: Long
Moore, John L: Grange Blundel N: Short
Morrison, Adam L: Mullanasilla
Morrow, Richard L: Aghanore
Mullen, Thomas L: Grange Blundel
Murphy, Thomas L: Tirgarve
Neill, Andrew L: Ballygassoon
Neill, Jane L: Tullygoonigan
Nullan, Michael L: Allistragh
Orr, James L: Aughnacloy
Parks, Samuel L: Mullynure
Patterson, Rebecca L: Teeraw
Porter, Hugh L: Drumsill
Prentice, Thomas L: Mullynure
Proctor, John L: Grangemore
Quinn, Thomas L: Teeraw
Rafferty, John L: Aghanore
Rafferty, Peter L: Aghanore
Rennisson, Henry L: Tullygoonigan
Rennisson, James L: Tullygoonigan
Rennisson, Thomas L: Tullygoonigan
Roads, Bridget L: Tullygarran
Robinson, John L: Killylyn
Rock, Patrick L: Grange Blundel
Rocks, Patrick L: Drumcarn
Rolestone, Esther L: Drumsill
Rolestone, James L: Allistragh
Rolestone, Richard L: Drumsill
Rolestone, Richard L: Grangemore
Rolestone, Walter L: Drumcarn
Ruddy, Patrick L: Annahagh
Sally, Jane L: Drumcarn
Saunders, John L: Cabragh
Saunders, William L: Cabragh
Scott, John L: Ballymackilmurry
Scott, John L: Carganamuck
Scott, John L: Tullygoonigan
Scott, Martha L: Cabragh
Shellington, William L: Moneycree
Simpson, Robert L: Mullynure
Slevin, Catherine L: Ballygassoon
Slevin, Edward L: Ballygassoon
Slevin, Mary L: Ballygassoon
Slevin, Patrick L: Aghanore
Sloan, John L: Allistragh
Sloan, John L: Killylyn
Sloan, John L: Killylyn N: Cottier
Sloan, Margaret L: Allistragh
Sloan, Margaret L: Drumcarn
Sloan, Robert L: Tullygarran
Sloan, William L: Allistragh
Sloan, William L: Grangemore
Smith, Henry L: Grange Blundel
Smith, Henry L: Knockaconey
Smith, Henry L: Tullygoonigan
Smith, Patrick L: Teeraw
Smith, Sarah L: Tullygoonigan
Smith, William L: Grange Blundel
Smyly, Rev. Cecil L: Cabragh
Stanley, John L: Tullyard
Stare, Archibald L: Drumcarn
Steenson, Susan L: Mullynure
Stephenson Riggs, James L: Mullynure
Stewart, John L: Mullynure
Sullivan, James L: Tullygarran
Taggart, James L: Lisdonwilly
Taylor, James L: Mullynure
Thompson, Robert L: Grangemore
Thompson, Thomas, Sr. L: Drumcarn
Thomson, Thomas, Jr. L: Drumcarn
Toal, Jane L: Drumcarn
Toal, Patrick, Jr. L: Tullygoonigan
Toal, Patrick, Sr. L: Tullygoonigan
Toal, Rose Anne L: Knockaconey
Todd, Henry L: Grangemore
Toner, Ellen L: Grange Blundel
Toner, Sarah L: Lisdonwilly
Traynor, Bernard L: Tullygarran
Vahy, John L: Allistragh
Vahy, Sarah L: Tirgarve
Vahy, Thomas L: Aughnacloy
Vallely, John L: Drumcarn
Walker, John F. L: Grange Blundel
Wallis, William L: Tullygoonigan
Watson, Robert L: Moneycree
Watt, William L: Cabragh
Williamson, Catherine L: Moneycree
Willis, Christopher L: Grange Blundel
Willis, James L: Grange Blundel
Willis, John L: Ballymackilmurry
Willis, John L: Grange Blundel
Willis, Jonathan L: Grange Blundel
Willis, Joshua L: Grange Blundel
Willis, Robert L: Knockaconey
Willis, Robert, Jr. L: Grange Blundel
Willis, Robert, Sr. L: Grange Blundel
Willis, Robin L: Grange Blundel
Willis, William L: Grange Blundel
Woods, Francis L: Tirgarve
Wynne, John L: Grangemore

Click for map of civil parishes in county Armagh

Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan