Griffiths Valuation: Forkill Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Forkill Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Forkill parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Forkill Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Forkill Parish, Co. Armagh

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All Griffiths Valuation records in this page have been published in alphabetical order. Search tip for most web browsers: press Ctrl and F and enter surname or search term. If you are researching particular townlands or areas of this parish, then we suggest that you also use the Ctrl F option in your web browser.

You should also check the records of Forkill parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Alexander, Henry L: Carnacally
Alexander, Henry L: Carrickastickan
Alexander, Henry L: Latbirget
Alexander, Henry L: Longfield Contd
Alexander, Henry L: Mullaghbane Contd
Alexander, Henry L: Shanroe
Alexander, Henry L: Shean
Alexander, Henry L: Shean Forkhill
Alexander, Henry L: Shean Forkill
Alexander, Henry L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Anderson, L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar Island N: and Co, Corbett and Anderson
Anderson, Catherine L: Mullaghbane Contd
Anderson, Jane L: Lisdrumgulion
Bailey, Catherine L: Carrive
Bailey, Hugh L: Carrive
Bailey, Michael L: Carrive
Ball, Thomas. P. L: Carrigans Contd
Balmer, David L: Carrickastickan
Balmer, David L: Shean
Balmer, Henry L: Tievecrom
Balmer, John L: Shean
Balmer, Richard L: Longfield
Balmer, Richard L: Shean
Balmer, Richard L: Sheen Forkhill
Begley, Catherine L: Tievecrom
Begley, James L: Tievecrom
Begley, John L: Carrickastickan Contd
Begley, Mary L: Tievecrom N: Owen
Begley, Patrick L: Shean
Begley, Peter L: Shean
Begley, Thomas L: Cloghinny Coutd
Begley, Thomas L: Tievecrom
Bellew, David L: Shanroe
Bellew, David L: Shean
Bellew, James L: Carrive Contd
Bellew, John L: Carrive Contd
Bellew, Patrick L: Shean
Bennett, Alice L: Ballykeel
Bennett, Alice L: Clarkill
Bennett, Arthur L: Ballykeel
Bennett, Bridget L: Maphoner Contd
Bennett, Bryan L: Shanroe
Bennett, Cormack L: Ballykeel
Bennett, Elizabeth L: Shanroe
Bennett, Francis L: Ballykeel
Bennett, James L: Maphoner
Bennett, James L: Shean
Bennett, John L: Ballykeel N: Frank
Bennett, John L: Ballykeel N: Tailor
Bennett, John L: Maphoner Contd
Bennett, John L: Mullaghbane Contd
Bennett, John L: Shanroe N: Big
Bennett, John L: Shanroe N: Wee
Bennett, Mary L: Shean
Bennett, Michael L: Ballykeel
Bennett, Owen L: Clarkill
Bennett, Patrick L: Ballykeel
Bennett, Patrick L: Maphoner
Bennett, Peter L: Ballykeel
Bennett, Peter L: Carrive Contd
Bennett, Rose L: Ballykeel
Bennett, Stephen L: Ballykeel
Bennett, Terence L: Maphoner
Best, John L: Lisdrumgulion
Best, John L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar Island
Betty, William L: Lisdrumgulion
Biggers, Henry L: Shean
Biggers, John L: Shean
Black, James L: Shean
Black, Michael L: Cloghinny
Black, Michael L: Longfield Contd
Bourne, Thomas L: Tievecrom
Boyle, Bernard L: Tievecrom
Boyle, Elizabeth L: Shean
Boyle, James L: Slievegullion
Boyle, John L: Slievegullion
Boyle, Owen L: Tievecrom
Boyle, Patrick L: Slievegullion
Boyle, Philip L: Tievecrom
Brennan, Michael L: Latbirget
Brooks, Thomas L: Longfield Contd
Brooks, Thomas L: Shanroe
Brooks, Thomas L: Shean
Brooks, Thomas L: Tievecrom
Brown, Wm L: Lisdrumgulion N: Water St
Browne, Joseph L: Shanroe
Browne, William H. L: Lisdrumgulion
Bryne, James L: Lisdrumgulion
Burke, James L: Shean Forkill
Burns, Edward L: Cashel
Burns, Hugh L: Cashel
Burns, Mary L: Shean Forkill
Burns, Owen L: Carrive Contd
Burns, Patrick L: Cashel
Burns, Thomas L: Carrive Contd
Byrne, Alice L: Carrickastickan Contd
Byrne, Henry L: Shean
Byrnes, Anne L: Carricknagavna Contd
Byrnes, Henry L: Shean
Byrnes, Mary L: Shean
Byrnes, Patrick L: Carrive Contd
Byrnes, Patrick L: Mullaghbane Contd
Byrnes, Patrick L: Shanroe
Byrnes, Patrick L: Shean N: Hugh
Byrnes, Patrick L: Shean N: Peter
Byrnes, Peter L: Carricknagavna Contd
Byrnes, Peter L: Shean
Byrnes, Peter L: Shean N: Judy
Byrnes, Thomas L: Shean
Byrns, John L: Mullaghbane Contd
Cahy, Michael L: Shanroe
Cairns, James L: Carrive Contd
Callaghan, Michael L: Aughanduff
Callaghan, Patrick L: Aughanduff
Callaghan, Peter L: Aughanduff
Campbell, Francis L: Shean
Campbell, Michael L: Carrigans
Campbell, Patrick L: Carrigans Contd
Campbell, William L: Lisdrumgulion
Canavan, James L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar-Hse Qu
Carberry, Mary L: Carricknagavna Contd
Carins, Bernard L: Shanroe
Carins, James L: Shanroe
Carins, Owen L: Shanroe
Carlisle, John L: Shean
Carr, John L: Carrickaldreen
Carr, Mary L: Carrickaldreen
Carragher, Henry L: Carrigans
Carroll, Bridget L: Mullaghbane Contd
Carroll, John L: Mullaghbane Contd
Carroll, Owen L: Carrickastickan
Carroll, Owen L: Tievecrom
Carroll, Patrick L: Mullaghbane Contd
Carroll, Patrick L: Tievecrom
Casdy, Owen L: Carrickastickan
Cassidy, Alice L: Shean
Cassidy, Charles L: Shean
Cassidy, Mary L: Shean
Cassidy, Matthew L: Shean
Cassidy, Michael L: Latbirget
Cassidy, Michael L: Tievecrom
Cawlan, Charles L: Cloghinny Coutd
Cawlan, Owen L: Cloghinny Coutd
Clements, William L: Lisdrumgulion
Collins, Mary L: Maphoner Contd
Collins, Peter L: Carricknagavna Contd
Collins, Peter L: Shean
Collins, Terence L: Carnacally
Conlan, Peter L: Ballykeel
Conlon, John L: Shean
Conlon, Patrick L: Shean
Connor, Patrick L: Carrickastickan Contd
Conroy, Francis L: Slievegullion Contd
Conroy, Michael L: Slievegullion Contd
Conroy, Thomas L: Shean
Conroy, Thomas L: Shean Forkill
Corbett, L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar Island N: and Co, Corbett and Anderson
Corr, George L: Carricknagavna
Cosgrave, Susan L: Ballykeel
Coulter, John L: Tievecrom
Coyle, Patrick L: Tievecrom
Crawley, Bryan L: Clarkill
Crawley, Bryan L: Latbirget
Crawley, Catherine L: Clarkill
Crawley, Catherine L: Latbirget
Crawley, Denis L: Clarkill
Crawley, Denis L: Levallymore
Crawley, James L: Levallymore
Crawley, Mary L: Carrickaldreen
Crawley, Michael L: Aughadanove
Crawley, Michael L: Clarkill
Crawley, Michael L: Clarkill Doctor's Quarter
Crawley, Michael L: Latbirget
Crawley, Patrick L: Ballykeel
Crawley, Patrick L: Ballykeel N: and Others
Crawley, Patrick L: Clarkill
Crawley, Peter L: Carrickaldreen
Cregan, Andrew L: Carrive Contd
Cregan, Owen L: Carrive Contd
Cregan, Patrick L: Carrive
Creggan, Margaret L: Clarkill
Creggan, Mary L: Maphoner
Creggan, Neal L: Maphoner Contd
Crilly, Bernard L: Shanroe
Crilly, Ferdinand L: Shanroe
Crilly, John L: Longfield
Crilly, Patrick L: Shean
Crilly, William L: Tievecrom
Cummins, Anne L: Carrigans
Cunningham, Arthur L: Tievecrom
Cunningham, George L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Cunningham, Michael L: Mullaghbane
Cunningham, Michael L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Cunningham, Owen L: Tievecrom
Cunningham, Stephen L: Mullaghbane Contd
Curran, Judith L: Slievegullion
Curtis, John L: Carnacally
Daly, Anne L: Aughadanove
Daly, Anne L: Tievecrom
Daly, Bernard L: Shean
Daly, John L: Aughadanove
Daly, John L: Maphoner
Daly, John L: Shean
Daly, Mary L: Carrigans
Daly, Patrick L: Aughadanove
Daly, Patrick L: Carrickaldreen
Daly, Sarah L: Carrickaldreen
Daly, Thomas L: Carrickaldreen
Davidson, William L: Lisdrumgulion
Davis, William A. L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar Island
Davis, William Alex L: Lisdrumgulion
Dawson, Eliza L: Shean Forkill
Dawson, Thomas L: Shean
Deane, Francis L: Shanroe
Deane, Owen L: Shanroe
Deehan, Roger L: Longfield
Dempsey, Patrick L: Lisdrumgulion
Dempsey, Patrick L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar-Hse Qu
Devlin, Bernard L: Clarkill Doctor's Quarter
Devlin, Mary L: Carricknagavna Contd
Dick, Anne L: Shean Forkill
Donaghy, William L: Shean
Donnellan, Michael L: Cashel
Donnelly, Anne L: Carrigans
Donnelly, Bernard L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Donnelly, Catherine L: Shean
Donnelly, John L: Clarkill Doctor's Quarter
Donnelly, Owen L: Shean
Donnelly, Patrick L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Donnelly, Peter L: Carricknagavna Contd
Dooley, Thomas L: Shean Forkill
Doran, Terence L: Ballykeel
Duffy, Mary L: Maphoner Contd
Duffy, Michael L: Shean
Duffy, Rose L: Carrickastickan Contd
Dullaghan, Thomas L: Carrive
Dunne, Patrick L: Latbirget
Dunne, Patrick L: Levallymore
Dunne, Peter L: Latbirget
Durry, Judith L: Carrive Contd
Erskine, Archibald L: Lisdrumgulion
Erskine, James F. L: Lisdrumgulion
Farmer, Arthur L: Slievegullion
Farmer, Patrick L: Cloghinny
Farrell, Bryan L: Carrickastickan Contd
Farrell, George L: Carrickastickan Contd
Farrell, Mary L: Carrickastickan Contd
Farrell, Michael L: Carrickastickan Contd
Faughey, Michael L: Carrigans Contd
Faughey, Patrick L: Carrigans Contd
Fawcett, Robert L: Glebe
Fegan, Bryan L: Carricknagavna Contd
Fegan, Catherine L: Carrigans Contd
Fegan, Francis L: Carricknagavna Contd
Fegan, Francis L: Carrive
Fegan, James L: Carrickastickan Contd
Fegan, James L: Tievecrom
Fegan, Mary L: Carrickastickan Contd
Fegan, Mary L: Cloghinny Coutd
Fegan, Mary L: Levallymore
Fegan, Mary L: Tievecrom
Fegan, Michael L: Carrigans Contd
Fegan, Michael L: Clarkill
Fegan, Michael L: Longfield Contd
Fegan, Owen L: Cloghinny Coutd
Fegan, Peter L: Cloghinny Coutd
Fegan, Peter L: Tievecrom
Fegan, Rose L: Levallymore
Fegan, Terence L: Shanroe
Fegan, Thomas L: Longfield Contd
Fegan, William L: Carrigans Contd
Feighan, John L: Shean
Ferran, Stephen L: Cloghinny Coutd
Flanagan, James L: Slievegullion
Foggy, Thomas L: Shean
Ford, Anne L: Carrickaldreen
Ford, John L: Shean Forkill
Ford, Thomas, Jr. L: Shean Forkill
Foster, Patrick L: Carrigans Contd
Foster, Thomas L: Carrigans Contd
Freeland, Joshua L: Shean
Galbraith, William L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar-Hse Qu
Garland, Bernard L: Shean
Garland, Patrick L: Carricknagavna
Garland, Patrick L: Clarkill
Gartland, James L: Carrive
Gartland, John L: Carrive
Gartland, Michael L: Cashel
Gartland, Patrick, Jr. L: Carrive
Gartland, Patrick, Sr. L: Carrive Contd
Garvey, Daniel L: Tievecrom
Garvey, James L: Shean
Garvey, Patrick L: Tullymacreeve
Garvey, Peter L: Tievecrom
Garvey, Stephen L: Tullymacreeve
Gilleland, David L: Carrickaldreen
Gilliland, Robert L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar-Hse Qu
Gollogly, Anne L: Carrigans Contd
Gollogly, Arthur L: Cashel
Gollogly, Catherine L: Aughanduff
Gollogly, Catherine L: Mullaghbane Contd
Gollogly, Daniel L: Aughanduff
Gollogly, Francis L: Cashel
Gollogly, James L: Aughanduff
Gollogly, James L: Mullaghbane Contd
Gollogly, John L: Aughanduff
Gollogly, John L: Mullaghbane
Gollogly, Laurence L: Aughanduff
Gollogly, Laurence L: Cashel
Gollogly, Laurence L: Maphoner Contd
Gollogly, Mary L: Carrigans Contd
Gollogly, Michael L: Aughanduff
Gollogly, Michael L: Mullaghbane Contd
Gollogly, Neal L: Aughanduff
Gollogly, Owen L: Aughanduff
Gollogly, Owen L: Cashel
Gollogly, Patrick L: Aughanduff
Gollogly, Rose L: Mullaghbane Contd
Gollogly, Thaddeus L: Aughanduff
Gollogly, Thade L: Cashel
Grace, Charles L: Glebe
Grace, James L: Glebe
Grafton, Margaret L: Shean
Grafton, Peter L: Shean
Grant, Anne L: Carrigans Contd
Grant, Arthur L: Carrigans Contd
Grant, Arthur L: Cashel
Grant, Bryan L: Maphoner
Grant, Catherine L: Carrigans Contd
Grant, Daniel L: Carricknagavna Contd
Grant, Edward L: Carrigans Contd
Grant, Ellen L: Cashel
Grant, Felix L: Aughanduff
Grant, Felix L: Carrigans Contd
Grant, Francis L: Cashel
Grant, Francis L: Maphoner Contd
Grant, Hugh L: Carrigans Contd
Grant, James L: Carricknagavna Contd
Grant, James L: Carrigans Contd N: Owen
Grant, James L: Carrigans Contd N: Terence
Grant, James L: Maphoner
Grant, James L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Grant, John L: Tievecrom
Grant, Loughlin L: Aughanduff
Grant, Mary L: Carrigans Contd
Grant, Michael L: Cashel
Grant, Michael L: Maphoner
Grant, Michael L: Shanroe
Grant, Michael L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Grant, Owen L: Carrigans Contd
Grant, Owen L: Maphoner
Grant, Patrick L: Carrigans Contd
Grant, Patrick L: Carrive
Grant, Patrick L: Cashel
Grant, Patrick L: Maphoner
Grant, Patrick L: Tievecrom
Grant, Patrick L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Grant, Peter L: Aughanduff
Grant, Peter L: Shanroe
Grant, Thomas L: Maphoner
Grant, Thomas, Jr. L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Grant, Thomas, Sr. L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Greacy, Richard L: Mullaghbane Contd
Greer, James L: Lisdrumgulion
Gregney, Rose L: Cashel
Grimes, John L: Maphoner
Grogan, James L: Shean
Grogan, John L: Shean
Grogan, John L: Slievegullion Contd
Grogan, Joseph L: Slievegullion Contd
Grogan, Peter L: Shean
Grogan, Thomas L: Carrickastickan Contd
Hagan, Joseph L: Shean
Hagan, Mary L: Shean
Haghan, John L: Shanroe
Halfpenny, John L: Carrickastickan Contd
Hamill, Edward L: Maphoner
Hamill, Michael L: Ballykeel
Hamill, Michael L: Clarkill
Hamill, Patrick L: Ballykeel
Hamill, Patrick L: Clarkill
Hamill, Patrick, Jr. L: Shean
Hamill, Patrick, Sr. L: Shean
Hamilton, Joseph L: Lisdrumgulion
Hanaway, Patrick L: Slievegullion
Hanlon, Anne L: Maphoner Contd
Hanlon, Bernard L: Latbirget
Hanlon, Bernard L: Tullymacreeve
Hanlon, Daniel L: Shanroe
Hanlon, Daniel L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Hanlon, Edmund L: Maphoner Contd
Hanlon, Edward L: Mullaghbane Contd
Hanlon, Elizabeth L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Hanlon, Ellen L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Hanlon, Francis L: Maphoner Contd
Hanlon, Francis L: Shanroe
Hanlon, James L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Hanlon, John L: Shean
Hanlon, Loughlin L: Latbirget
Hanlon, Mary L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Hanlon, Michael L: Ballykeel
Hanlon, Michael L: Latbirget
Hanlon, Michael L: Maphoner
Hanlon, Michael L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Hanlon, Patrick L: Maphoner
Hanlon, Patrick L: Maphoner Contd
Hanlon, Patrick L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Hanlon, Peter L: Carricknagavna Contd
Hanlon, Terence L: Tullymacreeve Contd N: Jno
Hanlon, Terence L: Tullymacreeve Contd N: Michael
Hanlon, Thomas L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Hanratty, Anne L: Cashel
Hanratty, Anne L: Shean
Hanratty, Anne L: Tievecrom
Hanratty, Arthur L: Shean
Hanratty, Bridget L: Carrickaldreen
Hanratty, Bryan L: Cashel
Hanratty, Edward L: Carrigans Contd
Hanratty, Felix L: Cashel
Hanratty, Felix L: Shean
Hanratty, James L: Carrigans Contd
Hanratty, James L: Cloghinny Coutd
Hanratty, James L: Shanroe
Hanratty, James L: Shean
Hanratty, James L: Tievecrom
Hanratty, James L: Tievecrom N: Hill
Hanratty, John L: Carrickaldreen
Hanratty, Loughlin L: Cloghinny Coutd
Hanratty, Luke L: Cloghinny Coutd
Hanratty, Mary L: Cloghinny Coutd
Hanratty, Mary L: Tievecrom
Hanratty, Michael L: Cashel
Hanratty, Michael L: Shean
Hanratty, Owen L: Carrigans Contd
Hanratty, Owen L: Cloghinny Coutd
Hanratty, Patrick L: Cashel
Hanratty, Patrick L: Cloghinny Coutd
Hanratty, Patrick L: Shanroe
Hanratty, Peter L: Carrickaldreen
Hanratty, Phelim L: Mullaghbane Contd
Hanratty, Rose L: Cloghinny Coutd
Hanratty, Stephen L: Shean
Hanratty, Thomas L: Aughanduff
Hanratty, Thomas L: Shean
Harty, John L: Tievecrom
Harty, Terence L: Tievecrom
Harty, Thomas L: Tievecrom
Harvey, Bridget L: Tievecrom
Harvey, Patrick L: Carricknagavna Contd
Haughian, Michael L: Shean
Healy, John L: Maphoner Contd
Healy, Thomas L: Shean
Heany, Bernard L: Tievecrom
Heany, Elizabeth L: Tievecrom
Heany, Martin L: Tievecrom
Hearty, Bernard L: Shean
Hearty, Patrick L: Shean Forkill
Henry, Anne L: Carrive
Henry, Thomas L: Clarkill
Henry, Thomas L: Levallymore
Hollywood, Alice L: Mullaghbane Contd
Hollywood, Bridget L: Mullaghbane Contd
Hollywood, Francis L: Carrive Contd
Hollywood, James L: Carrive
Hollywood, James L: Mullaghbane Contd
Hollywood, James L: Shanroe N: and Partners
Hollywood, Laurence L: Carrive Contd
Hollywood, Margaret L: Mullaghbane Contd
Hollywood, Mary L: Carrive Contd
Hollywood, Mary L: Mullaghbane Contd
Hollywood, Michael L: Carrive Contd
Hollywood, Owen L: Carrive Contd
Hollywood, Owen L: Maphoner Contd
Hollywood, Patrick L: Carrive Contd
Hollywood, Thomas L: Carrive Contd
Hughes, Anne L: Shean
Hughes, Arthur L: Carnacally
Hughes, Arthur L: Cloghinny Coutd
Hughes, Arthur L: Longfield
Hughes, Arthur L: Slievegullion
Hughes, Catherine L: Carrive Contd
Hughes, Henry L: Carrigans Contd
Hughes, Henry L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Hughes, James L: Longfield Contd
Hughes, Michael L: Carrigans
Hughes, Patrick L: Carrickaldreen
Hughes, Patrick L: Carrigans
Hughes, Patrick L: Longfield
Hughes, Peter L: Carrigans Contd
Hughes, Sarah L: Carrigans Contd
Hughes, Sarah L: Shean Forkill
Humphreys, Michael L: Clarkill Doctor's Quarter
Hynes, Daniel L: Tievecrom
Hynes, Michael L: Carrickastickan
Hynes, Thomas L: Tievecrom
Jackson, Margaret L: Carrickastickan
Jeffers, Alexander L: Aughadanove
Johnston, James L: Aughanduff
Johnston, James L: Maphoner Contd
Johnston, James L: Shean Forkill
Johnston, James L: Tievecrom
Jordan, Andrew L: Tievecrom
Jordan, Margaret L: Tievecrom
Keane, John L: Tullymacreeve
Kearney, Michael L: Tievecrom
Kearns, Mary L: Aughanduff
Kearns, Michael L: Latbirget
Keegan, Charles L: Slievegullion
Keely, Anne L: Carrive
Keely, James L: Carrive Contd
Keely, Thomas L: Carrive Contd
Keenan, Bryan L: Mullaghbane Contd
Keiley, Thomas L: Carrickastickan Contd
Kelly, Alice L: Shanroe
Kelly, Alice L: Shean
Kelly, Anne L: Cloghinny Coutd
Kelly, Anne L: Mullaghbane Contd
Kelly, Arthur L: Cloghinny Coutd
Kelly, Arthur L: Latbirget
Kelly, Arthur L: Shanroe
Kelly, Arthur L: Shean
Kelly, Bridget L: Clarkill
Kelly, Bridget L: Shanroe
Kelly, Bridget L: Shean
Kelly, Denis L: Cloghinny Coutd
Kelly, Fleix L: Cloghinny Coutd
Kelly, Hugh L: Carrigans
Kelly, James L: Shanroe N: Michael
Kelly, James L: Shanroe N: Michl
Kelly, James L: Shean
Kelly, James L: Shean N: Michael
Kelly, James L: Slievegullion
Kelly, James L: Tievecrom
Kelly, John L: Latbirget
Kelly, Michael L: Cloghinny Coutd
Kelly, Michael L: Latbirget
Kelly, Michael L: Levallymore
Kelly, Owen L: Aughadanove
Kelly, Owen L: Cloghinny Coutd
Kelly, Owen L: Latbirget
Kelly, Owen L: Levallymore
Kelly, Owen L: Slievegullion Contd
Kelly, Patrick L: Cloghinny Coutd
Kelly, Patrick L: Shanroe
Kelly, Patrick L: Shean
Kelly, Peter L: Shanroe
Kelly, Thade L: Cloghinny Coutd
Kelly, Thade L: Tievecrom
Kelly, Thomas L: Carrickastickan
Kenny, Edward L: Lisdrumgulion
Kernahan, Solomon L: Lisdrumgulion
Lafferty, Laurence L: Cashel
Lapan, Terence L: Carrive Contd
Lappin, Mary L: Shanroe
Lappin, Patrick, Jr. L: Aughanduff
Lappin, Patrick, Sr. L: Aughanduff
Lappin, Thomas L: Aughanduff
Larkin, Arthur L: Levallymore
Laurence, William L: Tievecrom
Lawless, Bernard L: Carrickaldreen
Lawless, Bernard L: Slievegullion
Lawless, James L: Longfield Contd
Lawless, Thomas L: Longfield Contd
Lear, Mary L: Slievegullion Contd
Lear, William L: Slievegullion Contd
Lee, Anne L: Clarkill
Lee, Michael L: Mullaghbane Contd
Lee, William L: Clarkill
Lennan, Jane L: Carrigans
Lennan, Thomas L: Mullaghbane Contd
Lennon, Francis L: Carrickaldreen
Lennon, James L: Carrickastickan Contd
Lennon, James L: Tievecrom N: Paddy
Lennon, Michael L: Carrickaldreen
Lennon, Michael L: Tievecrom
Lock, George L: Carrickastickan Contd
Lock, Michael L: Carrickastickan Contd
Lock, Thomas L: Shean
Locke, George L: Shean
Loughran, Anne L: Aughanduff
Loughran, Ellen L: Cloghinny Coutd
Loughran, James L: Tievecrom
Loughran, John L: Aughanduff
Loughran, Michael L: Tievecrom
Loughran, Patrick L: Slievegullion
Loughran, Peter L: Slievegullion Contd
Lynas, Henry L: Lisdrumgulion
Lyndon, Margaret L: Shanroe
Lynes, Henry L: Longfield
Macken, Thomas L: Lisdrumgulion
Magee, Bridget L: Carrive
Magee, Margaret L: Slievegullion
Magee, Michael L: Carrive
Magee, Owen L: Mullaghbane Contd
Mageeny, Catherine L: Carrigans
Magill, Bryan L: Carrickastickan Contd
Magill, Henry L: Carrickastickan Contd
Magill, James L: Carrickastickan Contd
Magill, Joseph L: Carrickastickan Contd
Magill, Owen L: Mullaghbane Contd
Magill, Patrick L: Tievecrom
Magill, Rose L: Tievecrom
Magill, Thomas L: Carrickastickan Contd
Magowan, James L: Shanroe
Magrath, James L: Lisdrumgulion
Maguinness, Peter L: Longfield
Maguire, Bridget L: Shanroe
Maguire, Margaret L: Carrickastickan Contd
Mallen, John L: Longfield
Martin, Bryan L: Cashel
Martin, Francis L: Cashel
Martin, Henry L: Carrigans
Martin, James L: Cashel
Martin, James L: Levallymore
Martin, James L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Martin, John L: Levallymore
Martin, Margaret L: Carrickastickan Contd
Martin, Mary L: Carrigans
Martin, Nanny L: Carrickastickan Contd
Martin, Patrick L: Carrigans
Martin, Patrick L: Cashel
Martin, Peter L: Carrigans
Martin, Thomas L: Cashel
Martin, Thomas, Jr. L: Levallymore
Martin, Thomas, Sr. L: Levallymore
Mathews, James L: Cloghinny
Mathews, Mary L: Carrickastickan Contd
Mathews, Myles L: Cloghinny
McAleavy, Anne L: Shean
McAleavy, Bryan L: Shean
McAleavy, Chas. L: Shean N: Ellis
McAleavy, Chas. L: Shean N: Hugh
McAleavy, Cormack L: Shean
McAleavy, Francis L: Shanroe
McAleavy, Francis L: Shean
McAleavy, Margaret L: Shanroe
McAleavy, Michael L: Shean
McAleavy, Owen L: Shanroe
McAleavy, Owen L: Shean
McAllister, John L: Shanroe
McArdle, Bernard L: Shanroe
McArdle, Bryan L: Carrickastickan Contd
McArdle, Charles L: Aughadanove
McArdle, Edward L: Shean
McArdle, John L: Aughadanove
McArdle, Mary L: Shanroe
McArdle, Michael L: Shean
McArdle, Patrick L: Shean
McArdle, Peter L: Aughadanove
McArdle, Peter L: Shean
McAteer, Terence L: Carrickastickan Contd
McBond, Walter G. L: Aughanduff
McBond, Walter G. L: Cashel
McBride, John L: Shanroe
McBride, Waddell L: Shanroe
McCamley, Patrick L: Tievecrom
McCann, Arthur L: Aughanduff
McCann, Arthur L: Ballykeel
McCann, Arthur L: Clarkill
McCann, Bridget L: Latbirget
McCann, Bryan L: Cashel
McCann, Bryan L: Latbirget
McCann, Catherine L: Carrickaldreen
McCann, Catherine L: Maphoner N: Laurence
McCann, Catherine L: Maphoner Contd N: Michael
McCann, Catherine L: Mullaghbane Contd
McCann, Cathreine L: Mullaghbane Contd
McCann, Francis L: Shean
McCann, Henry L: Carrickastickan Contd
McCann, Hugh L: Carrickastickan Contd
McCann, Hugh L: Carrickastickan Contd N: Owen
McCann, Hugh L: Cashel
McCann, Hugh L: Mullaghbane Contd
McCann, Rep. James L: Carrickastickan Contd
McCann, James L: Shanroe
McCann, John L: Carrickastickan Contd
McCann, John L: Mullaghbane Contd
McCann, Laurence L: Cashel
McCann, Laurence L: Mullaghbane Contd
McCann, Letitia L: Cashel
McCann, Margaret L: Carrigans Contd
McCann, Margaret L: Carrive
McCann, Margt. L: Mullaghbane Contd N: Paddy
McCann, Margt. L: Mullaghbane Contd N: Tom
McCann, Margt. L: Shanroe N: Tom
McCann, Mary L: Carrickastickan Contd
McCann, Mary L: Clarkill
McCann, Mary L: Shanroe
McCann, Michael L: Ballykeel
McCann, Michael L: Clarkill
McCann, Michael L: Maphoner
McCann, Neal L: Latbirget
McCann, Owen L: Latbirget
McCann, Owen L: Mullaghbane Contd
McCann, Patk. L: Shanroe N: Rhymer
McCann, Patrick L: Aughanduff
McCann, Patrick L: Carrive
McCann, Patrick L: Latbirget
McCann, Patrick L: Shanroe N: Hugh
McCann, Peter L: Carrigans Contd
McCann, Peter L: Carrive
McCann, Peter L: Maphoner Contd
McCann, Peter L: Mullaghbane Contd
McCann, Peter L: Shanroe
McCann, Peter L: Shean
McCann, Peter L: Tievecrom
McCann, Stephen L: Carrickastickan Contd
McCann, Stephen L: Maphoner N: Laurence
McCann, Susan L: Carrickastickan Contd
McCann, Terence L: Cashel
McCann, Terence L: Shanroe
McCann, Thomas L: Carrickastickan Contd
McCaw, William J. L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar Island
McConville, Arthur L: Maphoner Contd
McConville, Bryan L: Carrickastickan Contd
McConville, John L: Carrive Contd
McConville, John L: Slievegullion
McConville, Michael L: Carrive Contd
McConville, Patrick L: Shean
McConville, Peter L: Carrive Contd
McConville, Thomas L: Shean
McCormack, Catherine L: Carrickastickan Contd
McCormack, John L: Carrickastickan Contd
McCormack, Sarah L: Carrickastickan
McCormack, Sarah L: Shean
McCormack, Sarah L: Shean Forkill
McCormack, Sarah L: Tievecrom
McCourt, James L: Cashel
McCourt, John L: Cashel
McCourt, Margaret L: Cashel
McCourt, Michael L: Shanroe
McCourt, Michael L: Slievegullion
McCourt, Patrick L: Cashel
McCourt, Patrick L: Slievegullion
McCourt, Rose L: Cashel
McCoy, Bernard L: Aughadanove
McCoy, Bernard L: Carrickaldreen
McCoy, Bernard L: Latbirget
McCoy, Bridget L: Latbirget
McCoy, Bridget L: Maphoner N: Tullynacreeve
McCoy, Bridget L: Tullymacreeve Contd
McCoy, Bryan L: Maphoner
McCoy, Catherine L: Latbirget
McCoy, Daniel L: Maphoner
McCoy, Denis L: Latbirget
McCoy, Edward L: Maphoner
McCoy, Elizabeth L: Mullaghbane Contd
McCoy, Elizabeth L: Tullymacreeve Contd
McCoy, Fardy L: Maphoner
McCoy, Felix L: Aughadanove
McCoy, Felix L: Carrickaldreen
McCoy, Felix, Jr. L: Maphoner Contd
McCoy, Felix, Sr. L: Maphoner
McCoy, Ferdinand L: Tullymacreeve Contd
McCoy, Francis L: Maphoner
McCoy, James L: Latbirget N: Weaver
McCoy, James L: Maphoner
McCoy, James L: Maphoner N: Fardy
McCoy, John L: Carrickaldreen
McCoy, John L: Glebe
McCoy, John L: Latbirget
McCoy, John L: Mullaghbane N: Frank
McCoy, John L: Mullaghbane Contd N: Bryan
McCoy, John L: Tullymacreeve Contd
McCoy, Mary L: Latbirget
McCoy, Mary L: Latbirget N: James
McCoy, Michael L: Maphoner
McCoy, Owen L: Latbirget
McCoy, Owen L: Maphoner
McCoy, Owen L: Tullymacreeve Contd
McCoy, Patrick L: Carrickaldreen
McCoy, Patrick L: Latbirget N: Dan
McCoy, Patrick L: Latbirget N: James
McCoy, Patrick L: Latbirget N: Owen
McCoy, Patrick L: Latbirget N: Quaker
McCoy, Patrick L: Maphoner N: Laurence
McCoy, Patrick L: Maphoner N: Owen
McCoy, Patrick L: Maphoner N: Quaker
McCoy, Patrick L: Maphoner N: Red
McCoy, Patrick L: Shean
McCoy, Patrick L: Tievecrom
McCoy, Peter L: Latbirget
McCoy, Peter L: Maphoner
McCoy, Peter L: Tullymacreeve Contd
McCoy, Rose L: Latbirget
McCoy, Sabina L: Maphoner
McCoy, Terence L: Cashel
McCoy, Thomas L: Clarkill
McCoy, Thomas L: Maphoner
McCoy, Thomas L: Maphoner N: James
McCoy, Thomas L: Tullymacreeve Contd
McCreesh, Patrick L: Aughanduff
McCreesh, Patrick L: Cashel
McCreesh, Peter L: Cashel
McCrinch, Henry L: Tullymacreeve
McCrinch, James L: Tullymacreeve
McCullagh, John L: Shean Forkill
McDermott, John L: Carricknagavna Contd
McDermott, Michael L: Carricknagavna Contd
McDonnell, Bernard L: Carricknagavna
McDonnell, Eneas L: Aughanduff
McDonnell, Francis L: Carrickaldreen
McDonnell, Mary L: Aughanduff
McDonnell, Michael L: Aughanduff
McDonnell, Patk., Sr. L: Aughanduff
McDonnell, Patrick, Jr. L: Aughanduff
McDonnell, Roger L: Carrigans Contd
McDonnell, Sarah L: Maphoner
McElory, Arthur L: Tievecrom
McElory, John L: Longfield Contd
McElroy, Bernard L: Carrickastickan Contd
McElroy, Bridget L: Carrickastickan Contd
McElroy, Bryan L: Carrickastickan Contd
McElroy, Bryan L: Tievecrom
McElroy, James L: Tievecrom
McElroy, Laurence L: Tievecrom
McElroy, Peter L: Carrickastickan Contd
McElroy, Peter L: Tievecrom
McElroy, Peter L: Tievecrom N: Laurence
McElroy, Thomas L: Tievecrom
McGaghan, John L: Carrive Contd
McGaghran, Edward L: Carrigans Contd
McGeeney, Francis L: Aughanduff
McGeeney, Hugh L: Aughanduff
McGeeney, Michael L: Aughanduff
McGeough, Anne L: Cashel
McGeough, Felix L: Cashel
McGeough, James L: Cashel
McGeough, Owen L: Cashel
McGeough, Patrick L: Carrive Contd
McGeough, Patrick L: Cashel
McGeough, Thomas L: Cashel
McGill, Catherine L: Cloghinny Coutd
McGill, James L: Carricknagavna Contd
McGinn, Michael L: Clarkill
McGinn, Michael L: Latbirget
McGinn, Patrick L: Latbirget
McGlade, Alice L: Clarkill
McGlade, Alice L: Levallymore
McGlade, Bernard L: Aughadanove
McGlade, Bryan L: Clarkill
McGlade, David L: Clarkill
McGlade, Elizabeth L: Clarkill
McGlade, James L: Aughadanove
McGlade, Jas. L: Aughadanove N: Smith
McGlade, John L: Clarkill
McGlade, John L: Levallymore
McGlade, Joseph L: Aughadanove
McGlade, Mary L: Clarkill
McGlade, Mary L: Clarkill N: Peter
McGlade, Matthew, Sr. L: Clarkill
McGlade, Michael L: Ballykeel
McGlade, Michael L: Levallymore
McGlade, Patrick L: Ballykeel
McGlade, Patrick L: Clarkill
McGuggan, Joseph L: Carrive Contd
McGuiggin, Michael L: Carrickastickan Contd
McGuinness, Barthw. L: Levallymore
McGuinness, Dominick L: Levallymore
McGuinness, Domnk. L: Levallymore
McGuinness, Ellen L: Carrigans Contd
McGuinness, John L: Carrigans Contd
McGuinness, John L: Longfield Contd
McGuinness, Mary L: Slievegullion Contd
McGuinness, Peter L: Maphoner Contd
McIlleavy, Alice L: Latbirget
McIntaggart, James L: Carrive
McKenley, Bernard L: Cashel
McKenley, Bryan L: Aughanduff
McKenley, James L: Aughanduff
McKenley, Margaret L: Aughanduff
McKenley, Patrick L: Aughanduff
McKenna, Anne L: Shean
McKenna, Bryan L: Shean
McKenna, Catherine L: Maphoner Contd
McKenna, Mary L: Shean
McKenna, Owen L: Shean
McKeon, Peter L: Aughadanove
McKeown, Bernard L: Carrickaldreen
McKeown, Bridget L: Longfield Contd
McKeown, Francis L: Slievegullion Contd
McKeown, Frank L: Longfield Contd
McKeown, Margaret L: Longfield Contd
McKeown, Margaret L: Maphoner Contd
McKeown, Patrick L: Aughadanove
McKeown, Patrick L: Carrickaldreen
McKeown, Peter L: Aughadanove
McKeown, Peter L: Longfield Contd
McKeown, William L: Tievecrom
McKinley, Anne L: Cashel
McKinley, Bernard L: Clarkill
McKinley, Margaret L: Ballykeel
McKinley, Teague L: Aughadanove
McKinley, Teague L: Ballykeel
McKinley, Teague L: Clarkill
McLeavy, Terence L: Shean
McLoughlin, Julia L: Cashel
McLoughlin, Patrick L: Cashel
McLoughlin, Patrick L: Longfield
McLoughlin, Thomas L: Tullymacreeve Contd
McMahon, Owen L: Tievecrom
McManus, Arthur L: Tullymacreeve
McManus, Felix L: Tullymacreeve
McManus, James L: Carrickastickan Contd
McManus, Peter L: Tullymacreeve
McNally, James L: Cloghinny Coutd
McNally, John L: Carricknagavna Contd
McNally, Patrick L: Cloghinny Coutd
Mcnally, Rose L: Latbirget
McNamee, Bernard L: Carrickastickan Contd
McNamee, Bernard L: Tievecrom
McNamee, Catherine L: Carrickastickan Contd
McNamee, John L: Tievecrom
McNamee, Margaret L: Tievecrom
McNamee, Martin L: Carrickastickan Contd
McNamee, Mary L: Carrickastickan Contd
McNamee, Owen L: Carrigans Contd
McNamee, Owen L: Cloghinny Coutd
McNamee, Patk. L: Shean N: Eddy
McNamee, Patk. L: Shean N: Kate
McNamee, Patrick L: Shanroe
McNamee, Patrick, Jr. L: Carrickastickan Contd
McNamee, Patrick, Sr. L: Carrickastickan Contd
McNeill, Archibald L: Carrickastickan Contd
McNeill, Arthur L: Shean
McNeill, Gordon L: Shean
McNeill, Hugh L: Carrickastickan
McNeill, James L: Carrive Contd
McNeill, Judith L: Tievecrom
McNeill, Michael L: Shanroe
McNeill, Michael L: Shean
McNeill, Owen L: Carrive Contd
McNeill, Owen L: Shean
McNeill, Terence L: Carrive Contd
McParland, Arthur L: Carricknagavna Contd
McParland, Arthur L: Latbirget
McParland, Betty L: Latbirget
McParland, Bridget L: Carnacally
McParland, Elizabeth L: Tullymacreeve Contd
McParland, Francis L: Aughadanove
McParland, Francis L: Carrive Contd
McParland, Francis L: Maphoner
McParland, Francis L: Shanroe
McParland, James L: Carricknagavna Contd
McParland, James L: Latbirget
McParland, James L: Shanroe
McParland, James, Jr. L: Latbirget
McParland, James, Sr. L: Latbirget
McParland, John L: Carricknagavna Contd
McParland, John L: Latbirget
McParland, Mary L: Latbirget N: Felix
McParland, Michael L: Aughadanove
McParland, Michael L: Latbirget
McParland, Patrick L: Carrive
McParland, Patrick L: Latbirget N: Gow
McParland, Patrick L: Latbirget N: Kate
McParland, Patrick L: Latbirget N: Michael
McParland, Patrick L: Latbirget N: Roe
McParland, Patrick L: Shanroe
McParland, Patrick L: Tullymacreeve Contd
McParland, Patrick, Jr. L: Latbirget
McParland, Patrick, Sr. L: Latbirget
McParland, Peter L: Ballykeel
McParland, Peter L: Clarkill
McParland, Peter L: Levallymore
McParland, Peter L: Tullymacreeve Contd
McParland, Rose L: Carrive
McParland, Thomas L: Aughadanove
McParland, Thomas L: Latbirget
McQuillan, Bernard L: Aughanduff
McQuillan, Daniel L: Aughanduff
McShane, Arthur L: Shean Forkill
McShane, Arthur L: Tievecrom
McShane, Denis L: Cashel
McShane, John L: Cashel
McShane, Laurence L: Longfield Contd
McShane, Neal L: Slievegullion Contd
McShane, Owen L: Slievegullion Contd
McShane, Patrick L: Ballykeel
McShane, Patrick L: Clarkill
McShane, Patrick L: Mullaghbane Contd
McShane, Patrick L: Tievecrom
McSherry, Michael L: Glebe
McVarry, Anne L: Aughanduff
McVarry, Bryan L: Aughanduff
McVarry, James L: Cashel
Mcvarry, John L: Carnacally
McVarry, John L: Cashel
McVarry, Laurence L: Cashel
McVarry, Michael L: Cashel
McVarry, Owen L: Cashel
McVarry, Peter L: Cashel
McVarry, Sarah L: Cashel
McVeigh, John L: Carrickastickan Contd
McVey, James L: Mullaghbane
Meehan, Michael L: Cloghinny Coutd
Meighan, Margaret L: Latbirget
Moane, Michael L: Maphoner Contd
Mohan, Alice L: Carricknagavna Contd
Mohan, Michael L: Carricknagavna
Mohan, Owen L: Carricknagavna Contd
Mohan, Patrick L: Carricknagavna Contd
Mooney, Catherine L: Cashel
Mooney, Hugh L: Cashel
Mooney, Owen L: Cashel
Mooney, Owen L: Tullymacreeve
Mooney, Patrick L: Cashel
Mooney, Patrick L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Morcan, Bernard L: Maphoner
Morcan, Bernard L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Morcan, John L: Maphoner
Morcan, Mary L: Maphoner
Morgan, Anne L: Latbirget
Morgan, Arthur L: Maphoner Contd
Morgan, Bernard L: Carrickaldreen
Morgan, Bridget L: Latbirget N: Michael
Morgan, Bridget L: Latbirget N: Terence
Morgan, Bridget L: Maphoner
Morgan, Edward L: Latbirget
Morgan, Edward L: Shean
Morgan, Francis L: Latbirget
Morgan, Francis L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Morgan, John L: Aughadanove
Morgan, John L: Aughadanove N: Art
Morgan, John L: Carricknagavna Contd
Morgan, John L: Slievegullion
Morgan, Loughlin L: Latbirget
Morgan, Michael L: Aughadanove N: Hugh
Morgan, Michael L: Aughadanove N: Peter
Morgan, Michael L: Carrickaldreen
Morgan, Michael L: Clarkill
Morgan, Michael L: Latbirget
Morgan, Michael L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Morgan, Patrick L: Aughadanove
Morgan, Patrick L: Carrickaldreen
Morgan, Patrick L: Clarkill
Morgan, Patrick L: Latbirget
Morgan, Patrick L: Maphoner
Morgan, Patrick L: Slievegullion
Morgan, Peter L: Aughadanove
Morgan, Thomas L: Aughadanove
Morris, Charles L: Shean
Muckian, Arthur L: Carrigans
Muckian, Bridget L: Carrigans Contd
Muckian, Catherine L: Carrigans Contd
Muckian, Eneas L: Carrigans Contd
Muckian, James L: Mullaghbane
Muckian, Jane L: Carrigans Contd
Muckian, Laurence L: Carrigans
Muckian, Margaret L: Mullaghbane Contd
Muckian, Mary L: Carrigans
Muckian, Peter L: Carrive
Muckian, Stephen L: Carrigans
Muckian, Terence L: Carrigans Contd
Mulholland, Bridget L: Carricknagavna
Mulholland, James L: Tullymacreeve
Mulholland, John L: Slievegullion Contd
Mulholland, Patrick L: Aughanduff
Mulholm, Margaret L: Maphoner
Mullan, John L: Tievecrom
Mullen, Francis L: Maphoner
Mullen, James L: Maphoner
Mullen, John L: Aughadanove
Mullen, John L: Maphoner
Mullen, John L: Maphoner Contd
Mullen, Judith L: Maphoner
Mullen, Laurence L: Carricknagavna Contd
Mullen, Laurence L: Latbirget
Mullen, Patrick L: Maphoner
Mulligan, Catherine L: Clarkill
Mulligan, Rev. Hugh L: Maphoner Contd
Mulligan, John L: Carrickastickan
Murcan, James L: Carrickaldreen
Murdock, Alexander L: Carrickastickan
Murdock, Alexander L: Shean
Murdock, Alexander L: Shean Forkill
Murdock, Alexander L: Tievecrom
Murdock, Archibaid L: Carrickastickan
Murdock, Archibaid L: Shean Forkill
Murdock, James L: Carrickastickan Contd
Murdock, John L: Glebe
Murdock, John L: Mullaghbane Contd
Murdock, John L: Shanroe
Murdock, Samuel L: Carrickastickan
Murdock, Samuel L: Tievecrom
Murdock, William L: Tievecrom
Murkin, Bernard L: Cashel
Murkin, Patrick L: Cashel
Murphy, Alice L: Carrive
Murphy, Alice L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, Anne L: Cashel
Murphy, Anne L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, Anne L: Mullaghbane Contd N: Felix
Murphy, Anne L: Mullaghbane Contd N: Pat
Murphy, Anne L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Murphy, Anthony L: Carrive
Murphy, Arthur L: Carrickastickan Contd
Murphy, Arthur L: Carricknagavna Contd
Murphy, Arthur L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, Bernard L: Aughanduff
Murphy, Bernard L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, Bernard L: Maphoner
Murphy, Bernard L: Mullaghbane
Murphy, Bernard L: Shean
Murphy, Bernard L: Tievecrom
Murphy, Bernard L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Murphy, Bridget L: Carrigans
Murphy, Bridget L: Maphoner Contd
Murphy, Bridget L: Mullaghbane Contd
Murphy, Bryan L: Carricknagavna Contd
Murphy, Carbery L: Carrive
Murphy, Catherine L: Carrickastickan
Murphy, Catherine L: Shean
Murphy, Cecily L: Aughadanove
Murphy, Charles L: Ballykeel
Murphy, Charles L: Carricknagavna Contd
Murphy, Charles L: Cashel
Murphy, Charles L: Latbirget
Murphy, Christopher L: Mullaghbane
Murphy, Christopher L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Murphy, Cormack L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, Cormack L: Longfield Contd
Murphy, Cormick L: Shean
Murphy, Daniel L: Latbirget
Murphy, Edward L: Carnacally
Murphy, Edward L: Carricknagavna
Murphy, Edward L: Carrigans
Murphy, Elizabeth L: Carrigans
Murphy, Francis L: Aughanduff
Murphy, Francis L: Carrickastickan Contd
Murphy, Francis L: Maphoner
Murphy, Francis L: Shanroe
Murphy, Frank L: Carricknagavna Contd
Murphy, Hugh L: Carrickastickan Contd
Murphy, Hugh L: Carricknagavna Contd
Murphy, Hugh L: Carrive
Murphy, James L: Carricknagavna Contd
Murphy, James L: Carrigans
Murphy, James L: Carrive Contd
Murphy, James L: Cashel
Murphy, James L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, James L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar Island
Murphy, James L: Longfield
Murphy, James L: Maphoner
Murphy, James L: Mullaghbane Contd
Murphy, James L: Shanroe
Murphy, James L: Tievecrom
Murphy, James, Jr. L: Carrickaldreen
Murphy, James, Sr. L: Carrickaldreen
Murphy, John L: Carrive
Murphy, John L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, John L: Mullaghbane Contd
Murphy, John L: Shean
Murphy, John L: Tievecrom
Murphy, John L: Tievecrom N: Hill
Murphy, Joseph L: Clarkill
Murphy, Margaret L: Carricknagavna Contd
Murphy, Margaret L: Clarkill Doctor's Quarter
Murphy, Mark L: Maphoner
Murphy, Mary L: Carrigans
Murphy, Mary L: Carrive
Murphy, Mary L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, Mary L: Shean
Murphy, Michael L: Aughadanove
Murphy, Michael L: Ballykeel
Murphy, Michael L: Carrickastickan Contd
Murphy, Michael L: Cashel
Murphy, Michael L: Clarkill
Murphy, Michael L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, Michael L: Latbirget
Murphy, Michael L: Maphoner
Murphy, Michael L: Shean
Murphy, Michael L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Murphy, Owen L: Carrickastickan Contd
Murphy, Owen L: Carricknagavna Contd
Murphy, Owen L: Carrive
Murphy, Owen L: Cashel
Murphy, Owen L: Longfield Contd
Murphy, Owen L: Shean
Murphy, Owen L: Tievecrom
Murphy, Owen, Jr. L: Cloghinny
Murphy, Owen, Sr. L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, Patk. L: Shean N: Michael
Murphy, Patrick L: Aughadanove
Murphy, Patrick L: Carrickastickan Contd N: Bryan
Murphy, Patrick L: Carrickastickan Contd N: Hill
Murphy, Patrick L: Carrickastickan Contd N: Wood
Murphy, Patrick L: Carricknagavna Contd
Murphy, Patrick L: Carricknagavna Contd N: Peter
Murphy, Patrick L: Carrigans N: Jas
Murphy, Patrick L: Carrigans N: Mason
Murphy, Patrick L: Carrigans N: Pat
Murphy, Patrick L: Carrive
Murphy, Patrick L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, Patrick L: Mullaghbane
Murphy, Patrick L: Shanroe
Murphy, Patrick L: Shean N: Ned
Murphy, Patrick L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Murphy, Peter L: Aughadanove
Murphy, Peter L: Carrickaldreen
Murphy, Peter L: Carrigans
Murphy, Peter L: Carrive Contd
Murphy, Peter L: Clarkill
Murphy, Peter L: Maphoner
Murphy, Peter L: Maphoner Contd
Murphy, Peter L: Mullaghbane Contd
Murphy, Peter L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Murphy, Peter, Jr. L: Carrive
Murphy, Peter, Sr. L: Carrive
Murphy, Rose L: Cashel
Murphy, Rose L: Shanroe
Murphy, Sarah L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, Sarah L: Longfield Contd
Murphy, Stephen L: Mullaghbane
Murphy, Terence L: Clarkill Doctor's Quarter
Murphy, Thomas L: Carrickastickan Contd
Murphy, Thomas L: Carricknagavna Contd N: Michael
Murphy, Thomas L: Carricknagavna Contd N: Owen
Murphy, Thomas L: Cloghinny Coutd
Murphy, Thomas L: Latbirget
Murphy, Thomas L: Longfield
Murphy, Thomas L: Mullaghbane
Murphy, Thomas L: Shean
Murphy, Thomas L: Slievegullion
Murphy, Thomas L: Tievecrom
Murtagh, Arthur L: Tullymacreeve
Murtagh, Thomas L: Tullymacreeve
Neill, Bernard L: Longfield Contd
Nugent, James L: Longfield Contd
Nugent, James L: Shean
Nugent, Jane L: Shean
Nugent, Mary L: Clarkill
Nugent, Thomas L: Carrickaldreen
O'Connor, Arthur L: Shean Forkill
O'Hanlon, Hugh L: Tullymacreeve Contd
O'Hanlon, Patrick L: Mullaghbane Contd
O'Hanlon, Redmond L: Tullymacreeve Contd
O'Hanlon, Redmund L: Tullymacreeve Contd
O'Hanlon, Roger L: Maphoner Contd
O'Hanlon, Roger L: Mullaghbane Contd
O'Hare, Edward L: Aughanduff
O'Hare, John L: Shean
O'Neil, Thomas L: Shean
O'Neill, Bernard L: Carrickaldreen
O'Neill, Francis L: Aughanduff
O'Neill, Francis L: Carrickaldreen
O'Neill, Francis L: Longfield Contd
O'Neill, Hugh L: Carrickaldreen
O'Neill, Hugh L: Slievegullion
O'Neill, James L: Carrickaldreen
O'Neill, John L: Carrickastickan Contd
O'Neill, Mary L: Longfield Contd
O'Neill, Michael L: Longfield
O'Neill, Owen L: Maphoner
O'Neill, Patrick L: Longfield
O'Neill, Philip L: Carrigans Contd
O'Neill, Susan L: Levallymore
O'Neill, Terence L: Longfield
O'Neill, Thomas L: Longfield
O'Neill, Thomas L: Shean Forkill
Power, Edward L: Aughanduff
Power, John L: Aughanduff
Power, Mary L: Aughanduff
Power, Michael L: Aughanduff
Power, Patrick L: Aughanduff
Power, Richard L: Aughanduff
Power, William L: Aughanduff
Pyers, John L: Carricknagavna Contd
Quigley, Michael L: Shean
Quigley, Thomas L: Carrigans Contd
Quigley, Thomas L: Shean
Quillan, Alicia L: Aughanduff
Quillan, Daniel L: Cashel
Quillan, Donald L: Aughanduff
Quillan, Peter L: Aughanduff
Quinn, Alice L: Tullymacreeve
Quinn, Anne L: Shanroe
Quinn, Arthur L: Shean Forkill
Quinn, Barney L: Carricknagavna Contd N: Frank
Quinn, Barney L: Carricknagavna Contd N: Neal
Quinn, Bernard L: Shanroe
Quinn, Bridget L: Shanroe
Quinn, Bryan L: Carricknagavna Contd
Quinn, Bryan, Jr. L: Carricknagavna
Quinn, Charles L: Aughanduff
Quinn, Charles L: Carricknagavna Contd
Quinn, Edward L: Carricknagavna Contd
Quinn, Eliza L: Aughanduff
Quinn, Francis L: Aughanduff
Quinn, Francis L: Tullymacreeve
Quinn, Hannah L: Levallymore
Quinn, John L: Levallymore
Quinn, Judith L: Slievegullion Contd
Quinn, Mary L: Latbirget
Quinn, Mary L: Shanroe
Quinn, Mary L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Quinn, Michael L: Carricknagavna
Quinn, Neal L: Carricknagavna Contd
Quinn, Neal L: Cashel
Quinn, Owen L: Glebe
Quinn, Patrick L: Levallymore
Quinn, Peter L: Shanroe
Quinn, Rev. Richard L: Glebe
Quinn, Rev. Richard L: Shanroe
Quinn, Rose L: Aughanduff
Quinn, Terence L: Shean
Quinnjun, Bryan L: Carricknagavna
Rafferty, Bridget L: Carrigans
Rafferty, Cornelius L: Carrive
Rafferty, Cornelius L: Longfield Contd
Rafferty, Cornelius L: Shean
Rafferty, Francis L: Maphoner Contd
Rafferty, John L: Aughanduff
Rafferty, Laurence L: Cashel
Rafferty, Margaret L: Maphoner Contd
Rafferty, Michael L: Maphoner Contd N: Dan
Rafferty, Michael L: Maphoner Contd N: Tailor
Rafferty, Owen L: Cloghinny Coutd
Rafferty, Owen L: Tievecrom
Rafferty, Patrick L: Cashel
Rafferty, Patrick L: Shanroe
Rafferty, Peter L: Maphoner Contd
Rafferty, Thomas L: Cloghinny Coutd
Reel, Michael L: Carrigans
Reid, James L: Mullaghbane Contd
Reid, Patrick L: Mullaghbane Contd
Reid, Peter L: Mullaghbane Contd
Reid, Thomas L: Slievegullion
Rice, Alice L: Tievecrom
Rice, Catherine L: Carrigans
Rice, Daniel L: Carrigans
Rice, Edward L: Carrigans
Rice, Michael L: Tievecrom
Rice, Owen L: Carrickastickan
Rice, Patrick L: Carrickastickan Contd
Rice, Patrick L: Carrive Contd
Rice, Patrick L: Tievecrom
Rice, Peter L: Tievecrom
Rice, Stephen L: Carrickastickan Contd
Rice, Stephen L: Tievecrom
Rogan, Daniel L: Carrigans
Ronaghan, Anne L: Carrive
Ronaghan, Francis L: Carrive
Ronaghan, Mary L: Carrive
Ronaghan, Michael L: Carrive
Ronaghan, Patrick L: Carrive
Rooney, Catherine L: Carricknagavna Contd
Ross, John L: Carricknagavna
Samuel, John L: Lisdrumgulion
Sheridan, John L: Lisdrumgulion
Shevelin, Bernard L: Levallymore
Shevelin, Edward L: Mullaghbane Contd
Shevelin, Edward L: Shanroe
Shields, Peter L: Shean
Shiels, Patrick L: Shean
Short, John L: Carrigans Contd
Sinclair, William L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar-Hse Qu
Small, James L: Aughanduff
Small, Michael L: Aughanduff
Smith, Rep. L: Carricknagavna Contd
Smith, Bernard L: Mullaghbane Contd
Smith, Bernard L: Tievecrom
Smith, Catherine L: Carricknagavna
Smith, Edward L: Latbirget
Smith, Edward L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Smith, Jane L: Carrickastickan
Smith, Jane L: Carrickastickan Contd
Smith, Michael L: Latbirget
Smith, Owen L: Carricknagavna
Smith, Owen L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Smith, Owen, Jr. L: Latbirget
Smith, Owen, Jr. L: Shean
Smith, Owen, Sr. L: Latbirget
Smith, Owen, Sr. L: Shean
Smith, Patrick L: Carricknagavna
Smith, Patrick L: Clarkill
Smith, Peter L: Clarkill
Smith, Robert L: Carrickastickan
Smith, Thomas L: Latbirget
Smith, Thomas L: Shean
Smith, Thomas L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Smith, William L: Carrickastickan
Smith, William L: Carrickastickan N: Shop
Smith, William L: Shean Forkill
Smyth, Bernard L: Mullaghbane Contd
Smyth, Peter L: Mullaghbane Contd
Stanley, Catherine L: Carrickastickan Contd
Stanley, Laurence L: Carrickastickan Contd
Stokes, Robert L: Carrigans Contd
Stuart, Donald L: Lisdrumgulion
Taggart, John L: Maphoner
Tiernan, Alice L: Tievecrom
Tiernan, James L: Tievecrom
Tiernan, Owen L: Tievecrom
Tiernan, Thomas L: Tievecrom
Tierney, Daniel L: Carricknagavna Contd
Tierney, Mary L: Carricknagavna Contd
Tierney, Mary L: Latbirget
Tierney, Michael L: Carricknagavna Contd
Toal, Daniel L: Carrive Contd
Toal, Daniel L: Mullaghbane Contd
Toal, Edward L: Tievecrom N: Ned
Toal, Edward, Jr. L: Tievecrom
Toal, Francis L: Glebe
Toal, James L: Mullaghbane Contd
Toal, Mary L: Tievecrom
Toal, Michael L: Carrickastickan Contd
Toal, Michael L: Glebe
Toal, Owen L: Carrickastickan Contd
Toal, Patrick L: Carrickastickan Contd
Toal, Patrick L: Tievecrom
Toal, Peter L: Tievecrom
Toal, Philip L: Tievecrom
Toal, Rose L: Tievecrom
Toal, Thomas L: Carrickastickan Contd
Toal, Thomas L: Tievecrom
Toale, John L: Shean
Toale, Michael L: Shean
Toale, Peter L: Shanroe
Toner, John L: Carrive
Toner, Patrick L: Carrive
Toner, Thomas L: Carrive Contd
Traynor, John L: Shanroe
Tuft, Robert L: Longfield Contd
Tuft, William L: Longfield Contd
Waddle, Issac L: Lisdrumgulion
Walker, Abraham R. L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar-Hse Qu
Walker, Edward L: Carrive Contd
Wall, Mary L: Aughanduff
Walmsley, Ellen L: Lisdrumgulion, Newry, Sugar-Hse Qu
Ward, Alice L: Tullymacreeve Contd
Ward, Charles Thomas L: Carricknagavna Contd
Ward, James L: Clarkill Doctor's Quarter
Ward, James L: Latbirget
Ward, Patrick L: Maphoner Contd
Ward, Thomas L: Maphoner
Waters, Anne L: Maphoner Contd
Waters, Bryan L: Shean
Waters, James L: Shean
Waters, Michael L: Shean
Whigham, Robert L: Lisdrumgulion
White, William L: Lisdrumgulion
Woods, Frank L: Latbirget
Woods, Thomas L: Latbirget

Click for map of civil parishes in county Armagh

Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan