Griffiths Valuation: Eglish Parish, County Armagh

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Griffith's Valuation in Eglish Parish

The Griffiths Valuation, carried out in all areas of Ireland including Eglish parish, is a more common name given to the Primary Valuation which was published between 1847 and 1864. There is a printed valuation book for each barony or poor law union in the country recording the names of occupiers of land and buildings. It also lists the names of persons from whom lands were leased and the amount and value of the property held.

Apart from townland address and householder's name, the valuation also records the name of the person from whom the property was leased ('immediate lessor'); description of the property, the acreage, and the valuation. The Griffith's Valuation was carried out in Eglish Parish and throughout county Armagh in1864.


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Griffith's Valuation 1864 : Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh

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All Griffiths Valuation records in this page have been published in alphabetical order. Search tip for most web browsers: press Ctrl and F and enter surname or search term. If you are researching particular townlands or areas of this parish, then we suggest that you also use the Ctrl F option in your web browser.

You should also check the records of Eglish parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town     C: = City
Abraham, Mary L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
Agnew, Rep. Bernard L: Tullymore Agowan
Aiken, Ellen L: Drumrusk
Allen, Elizabeth L: Drumbee
Allen, Elizabeth L: Tullysaran
Allen, James L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Allen, John L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Allen, Joseph L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Allen, Thomas L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Allen, William L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Allen, William L: Tullymore, Otra
Anderson, David L: Ballymartrimotra
Anderson, John L: Tonnagh
Anderson, John L: Tullysaran
Anderson, Thomas L: Bracknagh
Anderson, William L: Ballyscandal
Anderson, William L: Drumsallan, Lower
Anderson, William L: Knappagh
Anderson, William L: Lisadian
Andrew, John L: Cullentragh
Armstrong, John L: Killymaddy
Armstrong, William L: Cloghfin
Armstrong, William J. L: Artasooly
Armstrong, William J. L: Mullyloughan
Atkinson, Cornelius L: Annamoy
Atkinson, Edward L: Annamoy
Atkinson, Francis L: Garvaghy
Atkinson, Henry L: Annaclarey
Atkinson, Henry L: Annamoy
Atkinson, Joseph L: Annaclarey
Atkinson, Joseph L: Annamoy
Belsey, Alexander L: Carrickaness
Belsey, James L: Carrickaness
Belsey, John L: Carrickaness
Bennett, Catherine L: Tullymore, Otra
Bennett, Henry L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Bennett, John L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Bennett, William L: Artasooly
Berry, Mary Anne L: Aughrafin
Birmingham, Jane L: Cavanballaghy
Birmingham, William L: Cavanballaghy
Blacker, St. John T. L: Mullaghatinny or Elmpark
Blacker, St. John Thomas L: Tonnagh
Blackstock, James L: Carrickaness
Blackstock, John L: Killymaddy
Blakely, John L: Aughrafin
Blakely, William, Jr. L: Aughrafin
Blakely, William, Sr. L: Aughrafin
Bloomer, Eliza L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Boland, Abraham L: Navan
Boyd, Ellen L: Laraghshankill
Boyd, John L: Aughrafin
Boyd, Robert L: Ballybrolly
Branagan, James L: Lisadian
Branagan, Michael L: Ballyscandal
Branagan, Patrick L: Drumbee
Breen, Mary L: Navan
Brennan, Matthew L: Cabragh
Bright, Edward B. L: Mullantur N: Secretary
Brolly, James L: Tebraskane
Brolly, William L: Tebraskane
Brolly, William, Jr. L: Tebraskane
Browne, Charles L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Browne, Margaret L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Bruce, John L: Aughrafin
Bruce, John L: Cullentragh
Burns, John L: Tebraskane
Burns, Michael L: Tamlaght
Burns, Owen L: Ballymartrimotra
Callan, James L: Cavanballaghy
Campbell, Catherine L: Tullynichol
Campbell, Michael L: Edenderry
Campbell, Michael L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
Campbell, Michael L: Tullymore Agowan
Campbell, Thomas L: Tullysaran
Carmichael, John L: Ballybrocky
Carmichael, John L: Garvaghy
Carr, Peter L: Annaclarey
Carraher, John L: Ballydoo
Carrick, William L: Lisbane
Carson, Adam L: Lisadian
Carson, John L: Lisdown
Carson, Thomas L: Ballaghy
Carson, Thomas L: Lisadian
Caruthers, Alexander L: Annaclarey
Cassidy, Bryan L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Cassidy, Patrick L: Tamlaght
Cassidy, Philip L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Caulfield, Francis L: Annaclarey
Caulfield, Francis L: Annamoy
Caulfield, William L: Annaclarey
Caulfield, William L: Annamoy
Cavanagh, James L: Lisadian
Chambers, Thomas L: Lisnafeedy
Charters, John L: Killymaddy
Chrystal, Isabella L: Ballymacully, Lower
Clarke, Francis L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Clarke, Rose L: Drumsallan, Upper
Clarke, William L: Drumrusk
Collins, Peter L: Aughrafin
Commins, Anne L: Drumbee
Conlan, Rep. James L: Derrydorragh
Conlan, John L: Drumrusk
Conlan, John, Jr. L: Eglish
Conlan, Joseph L: Ballymacully, Lower
Conlan, Peter L: Ballaghy
Conley, John H. L: Maydown
Conlon, Elizabeth L: Eglish
Conlon, John, Sr. L: Eglish
Connelly, Thomas L: Tullymore, Otra
Connolly, Bernard L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Connolly, Daniel L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Connolly, James L: Drumsallan, Lower
Connolly, John L: Drumsallan, Lower
Connolly, John L: Tullymore, Otra
Connolly, William L: Tonnagh
Connor, Bernard L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Conroy, Daniel L: Cloghfin
Cooke, Christopher L: Aughrafin
Cooke, Christopher L: Cullentragh
Corr, John L: Ballydoo
Corr, Terence L: Cloghfin
Corrigan, James L: Tullymore, Otra
Corrigan, Robert L: Annamoy
Corrigan, Robert L: Tullymore Agowan
Coyle, Owen L: Ballymacully, Lower
Coyle, William L: Drumduff
Coyle, William L: Maydown
Cross, Anne L: Cloghfin
Cross, Rep. John L. L: Carrickaness
Cross, Mary L: Cloghfin
Crozier, William L: Tullymore, Etra
Cullen, Ellen L: Tray
Cullen, Francis L: Ballymartrimetra
Cullen, James L: Ballymacully, Lower
Cullen, James L: Ballymartrimotra
Cullen, James L: Tebraskane
Cullen, John L: Ballymartrimotra
Cullen, Owen L: Cloghfin
Cullen, Patrick L: Tullysaran
Cullen, Peter L: Drumbee
Cummins, William L: Ballaghy
Curry, William L: Maydown
Daly, Eliza Anne L: Ballybrocky
Daly, John L: Ballybrocky
Daly, Owen L: Lisbane
Daly, Patrick L: Tullymore, Otra
Daly, Robert L: Carrickaness
Davidson, John L: Navan
Dawley, Catherine L: Tamlaght
Dawley, Connor L: Bracknagh
Dawley, Mary L: Tamlaght
Devlin, Anne L: Kilmatroy
Devlin, Charles L: Mullantur
Devlin, Cornelius L: Tullymore Agowan
Devlin, James L: Kilmatroy
Devlin, Patrick L: Tullymore Agowan
Diffin, Eliza L: Ballybrocky
Diffin, Robert L: Garvaghy
Dixon, Benjamin L: Artasooly
Dixon, John L: Killymaddy
Doherty, James L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Donaldson, William L: Tamlaght
Donnelly, Alice L: Ballymartrimotra
Donnelly, Arthur L: Drumsallan, Upper
Donnelly, Arthur L: Eglish
Donnelly, Arthur L: Tebraskane
Donnelly, Arthur L: Tullyneagh
Donnelly, Bernard L: Tullymore, Etra
Donnelly, Daniel L: Tebraskane
Donnelly, Henry L: Annamoy
Donnelly, Henry L: Ballymartrimotra
Donnelly, Hugh L: Killyquin
Donnelly, Hugh L: Tullymore, Etra
Donnelly, Hugh L: Tullynichol
Donnelly, James L: Drumrusk
Donnelly, Jane L: Tebraskane
Donnelly, John L: Maydown
Donnelly, John L: Navan
Donnelly, John L: Tullynichol
Donnelly, Mary L: Drumbee
Donnelly, Rep. Michael L: Drumsallan, Lower
Donnelly, Rep. Michael L: Drumsallan, Upper
Donnelly, Rep. Michael L: Kilmatroy
Donnelly, Michael L: Tullymore, Etra
Donnelly, Owen L: Ballymartrimotra
Donnelly, Owen L: Ballyscandal
Donnelly, Owen, Sr. L: Ballymartrimotra
Donnelly, Patrick L: Bracknagh
Donnelly, Patrick L: Drumbee
Donnelly, Patrick L: Tebraskane
Donnelly, Peter L: Eglish
Donnelly, William L: Ballybrolly
Dougan, Alexander L: Laraghshankill
Dougan, Daniel L: Laraghshankill
Dougan, Hannah L: Laraghshankill
Dougan, Mary Jane L: Laraghshankill
Dougan, Thomas L: Laraghshankill
Douglas, John L: Tullymore, Etra
Downie, Sylvester L: Ballymacully, Lower
Duffin, James L: Cullentragh
Duffin, John L: Bracknagh
Duffin, Patrick L: Tullynichol
Duffin, Robert L: Ballaghy
Duffy, Eliza L: Tullymore Agowan
Dugan, Henry L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
Elliott, John L: Dressogagh
Elliott, John L: Killymaddy
Elliott, Thomas L: Dressogagh
Erye, John L: Maydown
Eyre, Jane L: Drumduff
Eyre, John L: Carrickaness
Eyre, John L: Maydown
Farley, Alexander L: Lisbane
Ferguson, Catherine L: Lisadian
Ferguson, John L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Finigan, James L: Tullymore Agowan
Finlay, Anne L: Killymaddy
Finlay, Joseph L: Tullymore, Etra
Finlay, Thomas L: Tullymore, Etra
Fitzimons, Joseph L: Eglish
Flanagan, Edward L: Tullymore Agowan
Fluke, John L: Ballydoo
Fluke, Robert L: Ballydoo
Frazer, Henry L: Cabragh
Frazer, John L: Killymaddy
Frazer, John L: Lisnafeedy
Frazer, Joseph L: Killymaddy
Frazer, William L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Frazer, William L: Drumrusk
Frazer, William L: Lisnafeedy
Fullen, Edward L: Tebraskane
Fullen, John L: Tebraskane
Gamble, John L: Edenderry
Garland, John L: Aughrafin
Garmoney, Hans L: Ballybrocky
Garmoney, Hugh L: Ballydoo
Garvin, John L: Laraghshankill
Gillan, George L: Lisadian
Gillan, Michael L: Ballyscandal
Gillen, George L: Ballymartrimetra
Gillen, George L: Ballyscandal
Gillen, George L: Tullynichol
Gillespie, James L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Gillespie, James L: Killymaddy
Gillespie, Joseph L: Culkeeran
Gillespie, Joseph L: Kilcarn
Gillespie, Stewart L: Cavanballaghy
Glass, Maxwell L: Tamlaght
Glass, Thomas L: Creeveroe
Glennon, Patrick L: Tullyneagh
Graham, Eliza L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Graham, James L: Annamoy
Graham, John L: Drumrusk
Graham, John L: Tullymore, Etra
Graham, Joseph L: Killyquin
Gray, Robert L: Derrydorragh
Greer, John L: Mullantur
Gubby, Catherine L: Tullymore, Otra
Haffey, Bernard L: Tray
Haffey, Stephen L: Cloghfin
Haffey, William L: Cloghfin
Haffy, John L: Navan
Haffy, Margaret L: Navan
Hagan, Charles L: Mullantur
Hagan, John L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Hall, Susannah L: Tebraskane
Hamill, Bernard L: Ballaghy
Haney, Patrick L: Tullymore Agowan
Hanna, Jemima L: Ballyscandal
Hanna, Samuel L: Ballyscandal
Hanna, Samuel L: Lisadian
Hanna, Samuel L: Tebraskane
Hanson, Thomas L: Cloghfin
Hart, John L: Tray
Hassard, Mr. L: Drumrusk
Hassard, Mr. L: Lisnafeedy
Hegarty, Edward L: Lisadian
Henderson, Samuel L: Drumsallan, Lower
Henderson, William L: Dressogagh
Hessian, Francis L: Aughrafin
Hillock, William L: Cullentragh
Hobson, John L: Drumduff
Hodge, John L: Derrydorragh
Hodge, Joseph L: Derrydorragh
Hodge, William L: Tullymore, Otra
Houston, John L: Cullentragh
Houston, Richard L: Lisdown
Houston, Thomas L: Drumsallan, Lower
Houston, Thomas L: Lisadian
Houston, William L: Bracknagh
Hughes, Anne L: Tullymore, Otra
Hughes, Catherine L: Tullymore Agowan
Hughes, Daniel L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Hughes, Edward L: Ballymacully, Upper
Hughes, Henry L: Cavanballaghy
Hughes, Henry L: Killymaddy
Hughes, James L: Cavanballaghy
Hughes, James L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Hughes, James L: Tullysaran
Hughes, John L: Ballybrolly
Hughes, John L: Ballymacully, Upper
Hughes, John L: Tirgarriff
Hughes, Joseph L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Hughes, Joseph L: Eglish
Hughes, Mary L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Hughes, Michael L: Artasooly
Hughes, Michael L: Mullyloughan
Hughes, Patrick L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Hughes, Patrick, Sr. L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Hughes, Peter L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Hughes, Susan L: Tullymore Agowan
Hughes, William L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Hutton, John L: Ballymacully, Upper
Hutton, John L: Cavanballaghy
Hutton, Margaret L: Lisnafeedy
Hutton, Thomas L: Killymaddy
Irwin, Henry L: Tullynichol
Irwin, James L: Tullynichol
Jackson, William L: Tray
Jenkinson, Benjamin L: Tamlaght
Jenkinson, Thomas L: Tamlaght
Johnston, Eliza L: Drumsallan, Upper
Johnston, Isabella L: Dernasigh
Kane, John L: Eglish
Kearney, Hugh L: Ballydoo
Kearney, Hugh L: Tamlaght
Kearney, Owen L: Ballydoo
Keene, Augustine L: Dressogagh
Keene, Augustine L: Drumsallan, Upper
Keene, Augustine L: Knappagh
Keilty, John L: Tullymore, Otra
Kelly, Neal L: Tray
Kelly, Patrick L: Tray
Killane, Sarah L: Laraghshankill
Kilpatrick, Alexander L: Ballaghy
Kilpatrick, James L: Tullysaran
Kilpatrick, John L: Laraghshankill
King, John L: Garvaghy
Kirkland, William L: Tullymore, Otra
Knipe, Arthur L: Tullynichol
Knipe, Bernard L: Knappagh
Knipe, Bobert L: Dernasigh
Knipe, James L: Tullynichol
Knipe, John L: Drumsallan
Knipe, Joseph L: Tullynichol
Knipe, Mary Anne L: Tullynichol
Knipe, Robert L: Artasooly
Knipe, Robert L: Derrydorragh
Knipe, Robert L: Dressogagh
Knipe, Robert L: Drumduff
Knipe, Robert L: Drumsallan, Lower
Knipe, Robert L: Drumsallan, Upper
Knipe, Robert L: Maydown
Knipe, Robert L: Mullantur
Knipe, Thomas L: Ballaghy
Lappan, Catherine L: Dressogagh
Lappan, James L: Dernasigh
Lappan, James L: Drumbee
Lappan, Patrick L: Cloghfin
Lavelle, Margaret L: Ballybrolly
Lavelle, Margaret L: Tebraskane
Lawson, Samuel L: Aughrafin
Leatham, Walter L: Killyquin
Ledley, James L: Lisnafeedy
Lee, David L: Eglish
Lee, John L: Tamlaght
Lee, Thomas L: Tamlaght
Leeman, George L: Creeveroe
Leeman, John L: Navan
Leeman, Pooler L: Creeveroe
Leeman, Pooler L: Navan
Leeman, Pooler L: Tray
Leeman, Thomas L: Cullentragh
Leeman, William L: Navan
Lennon, John L: Culkeeran
Lennon, Margaret L: Tray
Lennon, William L: Garvaghy
Lennon, William L: Tray
Levingston, John L: Eglish
Linton, Samuel L: Aughrafin
Livingston, John L: Drumsallan, Lower
Lowden, Joseph L: Tullynichol
Lowden, William L: Ballymartrimetra
Lynch, Henry L: Ballymacully, Upper
Lyons, James L: Kilcarn
Lyser, John L: Dernasigh
Lyster, Elizabeth L: Ballymacully, Upper
Lyster, John L: Derrydorragh
Lyster, John L: Kilcarn
Lyster, Thomas L: Dernasigh
Lyster, Thomas L: Drumsallan, Upper
Lyster, William L: Lisdown
Magee, Rep. Edward L: Ballymacully, Lower
Magee, Rep. Edward L: Ballymacully, Upper
Magee, Michael L: Eglish
Magee, Patrick L: Ballymacully, Lower
Magill, Alexander L: Ballymartrimotra
Magill, Alexander L: Ballyscandal
Magill, Henry L: Tullymore, Etra
Maginn, John L: Drumduff
Makeham, Arthur L: Drumrusk
Makeham, John L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Mallen, Peter L: Aughrafin
Mallen, Thomas L: Tebraskane
Mallon, Francis L: Creeveroe
Mallon, Henry L: Ballymacully, Lower
Mallon, William L: Culkeeran
Marshall, Henry L: Killymaddy
McAllan, David L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McAllan, Edward L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McAllan, John L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McAllan, Luke L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McAllan, Margaret L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McAllan, Mary L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McAllan, Matthew L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McAllan, Stephen L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McAnallan, Francis L: Drumsallan, Upper
McAnallan, Francis L: Eglish
McAnallan, Francis L: Killyquin
McAnallan, James L: Derrydorragh
McAnallan, John L: Eglish
McAnallan, Letitia L: Tullymore, Otra
McAnallan, Michael L: Laraghshankill
McAnallan, Michael L: Tullymore, Otra
McAnallan, Peter L: Tullymore, Etra
McAnallan, Peter L: Tullymore, Otra
McAnallen, James L: Edenderry
McAnallen, James L: Eglish
McAnaspy, Rose L: Ballyscandal
McArdle, Joseph L: Lisadian
McArdle, Mary L: Ballybrolly
McAtamney, James L: Mullantur
McBride, Thomas L: Edenderry
McBride, Thomas L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
McCamon, Robert L: Tullymore, Otra
McCann, John L: Tullymore, Otra
McCann, Robert L: Ballybrolly
McCann, Rose L: Tullymore, Otra
McCarahan, James L: Bracknagh
McCaraher, Adam L: Killyquin
McCaraher, John L: Ballybrocky
McCaraher, John L: Cabragh
McCaraher, John L: Lisbane
McCaraher, Joseph L: Ballybrocky
McCarraher, John L: Tamlaght
McCartan, Bernard L: Ballymacully, Upper
McCartan, Rose L: Kilcarn
McCartney, Sarah L: Lisdown
McClean, Charles L: Annamoy
McClean, James L: Annamoy
McClean, William L: Annamoy
McClure, James L: Ballymacully, Upper
McCrystal, Patrick L: Tullymore, Otra
McCudden, Patrick L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McCusker, Edward L: Annaclarey
McDowell, John L: Ballymacully, Lower
McGahan, Bernard L: Tullymore, Otra
McGahan, Daniel L: Edenderry
McGahan, Daniel L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
McGahan, Eliza L: Eglish
McGahan, Hugh L: Edenderry
McGahan, Hugh L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
McGahan, Hugh L: Tullymore, Otra
McGahan, James L: Eglish
McGahan, James, Jr. L: Tullymore, Otra
McGahan, James, Sr. L: Tullymore, Otra
McGahan, Jas., Sr. L: Tullymore, Otra
McGahan, John L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McGahan, John, Jr. L: Tullymore, Otra
McGahan, John, Sr. L: Tullymore, Otra
McGahan, Margaret L: Eglish
McGahan, Patrick L: Dernasigh
McGahan, Thomas L: Eglish
McGee, Patrick L: Ballymacully, Upper
McGlade, Henry L: Annamoy
McGlennon, John L: Tullyneagh
McGloin, James L: Maydown
McGlone, Anne L: Drumbee
McGlone, Arthur L: Navan
McGlone, Bernard L: Tebraskane
McGlone, Mary Jane L: Navan
McGlone, Michael L: Tebraskane
McGlone, Thomas L: Navan
McGowan, William L: Ballymacully, Upper
McGrann, Patrick L: Tonnagh
McGuigan, John H. L: Maydown
McGuinness, Thomas L: Drumduff
McGuinness, Thomas L: Maydown
McGuirk, John L: Tullysaran
McKee, Hugh L: Tullymore, Otra
McKee, James L: Tullymore, Otra
McKee, John L: Tullymore, Otra
McKenna, Charles L: Ballydoo
McKenna, Charles L: Tamlaght
McKenna, George L: Ballydoo
McKenna, James L: Tebraskane
McKenna, John L: Bracknagh
McKenna, John L: Tebraskane
McKenna, Terence L: Tebraskane
McKenna, William L: Tamlaght
McKeown, Edward L: Tullymore, Otra
McKeown, John L: Killymaddy
McKernan, Mary L: Tullynichol
McKernan, Terence L: Tullynichol
McKernan, Thomas L: Tebraskane
McKernan, Thomas L: Tullynichol
McKinley, Andrew L: Maydown
McKinley, Moses L: Maydown
McMahon, John L: Cabragh
McManus, James L: Laraghshankill
McMarran, Jane L: Artasooly
McMaster, William L: Carrickaness N: Sec
McMenamy, Bernard L: Tullymore, Etra
McMullen, David L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McMullen, James L: Kilcarn
McMullen, John L: Kilcarn
McMurray, Thomas L: Lisdown
McNarry, William L: Drumduff
McQuaid, James L: Carrickaness
McQuaid, Laughlin L: Cloghfin
McRory, James L: Tullymore, Otra
McSorley, Anne L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McSorley, James L: Kilcarn
McSorley, James L: Tullymore, Otra
McSorley, John L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McSorley, John L: Tullymore, Otra
McSorley, Patrick L: Corr and Aughantarragh
McSweeny, Hugh L: Carrickaness
McSweeny, James L: Carrickaness
McSweeny, Patrick L: Carrickaness
McThomas, John L: Tebraskane
McVeigh, Charles L: Navan
McVeigh, Edward L: Ballymacully, Lower
McVeigh, George L: Cloghfin
McVeigh, Mary L: Tamlaght
McWhirter, Joseph M. L: Creeveroe
Menary, Alexander L: Cavanballaghy
Menary, John L: Kilmatroy
Menary, William L: Kilmatroy
Miles, William L: Tullymore, Otra
Millar, James L: Lisnafeedy
Mills, John L: Garvaghy
Mills, John L: Lisadian
Moan, Patrick L: Tonnagh
Montgomery, Alice L: Creeveroe
Montgomery, Margaret L: Tray
Moore, Cecil L: Ballydoo
Moore, Cecil L: Cullentragh
Moore, John H. L: Maydown
Moore, Joseph L: Drumsallan, Upper
Moore, Robert L: Kilcarn
Moore, William L: Ballydoo
Moore, William L: Tamlaght
Morehead, Thomas L: Tullymore, Otra
Moreland, Clements L: Tonnagh
Morgan, Elizabeth L: Ballymacully, Lower
Morgan, James L: Ballymacully, Lower
Morgan, Margaret L: Cavanballaghy
Morgan, Terence L: Tamlaght
Morrison, James L: Navan
Morrison, Martha L: Eglish
Morrow, Alexander L: Aughrafin
Morrow, Thomas L: Ballymartrimetra
Morrow, Thomas L: Ballymartrimotra
Morton, James L: Ballybrolly
Morton, James L: Tray
Morton, John L: Garvaghy
Morton, John L: Lisdown
M'Quirk, James L: Mullantur
Mulholland, Eliza L: Bracknagh
Mullen, Bernard L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Mullen, Patrick L: Tonnagh
Mullen, Sarah L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Murdock, James L: Carrickaness
Murphy, Owen L: Cloghfin
Murray, David L: Aughrafin
Murray, James L: Navan
Murray, John L: Navan
Murray, Matthew L: Navan
Neill, Elizabeth L: Navan
Neill, Joseph L: Ballymartrimetra
Neill, William L: Culkeeran
Nelson, Margaret L: Ballydoo
Nemins, James L: Ballymartrimotra
Nemo, John L: Tullysaran
Neville, James L: Ballymartrimetra
Neville, James L: Lisbane
Neville, John L: Ballymartrimetra
Neville, Margaret L: Tullymore, Etra
Neville, Robert L: Ballymartrimetra
Neville, Robert L: Carrickaness
Newans, Willam L: Dressogagh
Nimmo, John L: Ballaghy
Nougher, John L: Tullymore, Otra
Nugent, James L: Ballybrolly
Oakes, John L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Oliver, Esther L: Mullantur
Oliver, John L: Drumsallan, Upper
Oliver, John L: Navan
Oliver, William L: Knockagraffy
O'Neill, John L: Ballymacully, Upper
O'Neill, Peter L: Tullysaran
Parr, John L: Dernasigh
Parr, Johny L: Cavanballaghy
Passmore, Anne L: Tullymore, Etra
Passmore, John L: Killyquin
Passmore, Margaret L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
Patterson, George L: Drumsallan, Lower
Patterson, George L: Killymaddy
Pearson, Abraham L: Mullantur
Pearson, John L: Mullantur
Prentice, Eliza L: Lisnafeedy
Prentice, Thomas L: Ballybrocky
Prentice, William L: Drumbee
Quinn, Edward L: Derrydorragh
Quinn, Edward L: Tullynichol
Quinn, John L: Tebraskane
Rafferty, Thomas L: Tamlaght
Reilly, Henry L: Tullymore, Etra
Reynolds, Francis L: Carrickaness
Richardson, Hamilton L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Richardson, James L: Maydown
Richardson, William L: Tray
Robinson, Isaac L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
Robinson, James L: Artasooly
Robinson, John L: Tullymore, Etra
Rock, Edward L: Creeveroe
Rock, Francis L: Annaclarey
Rock, John L: Annaclarey
Rodgers, William L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
Rogers, Thomas L: Edenderry
Rogers, Thomas L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
Rogers, William L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
Rollestone, Daniel L: Killymaddy
Rollestone, David L: Tullymore, Otra
Rollstone, David L: Ballymartrimotra
Rollstone, Richard L: Tray
Ross, Thomas L: Garvaghy
Ross, Wilson L: Tullymore, Otra
Rowantree, John L: Ballaghy
Sally, Eliza L: Tullymore Agowan
Sally, Francis L: Ballymartrimetra
Sally, Francis L: Ballymartrimotra
Sally, Francis L: Tullymore Agowan
Sally, James L: Tullynichol
Scott, James L: Lisadian
Scott, Martha L: Drumsallan, Upper
Scott, Thomas L: Ballaghy
Scott, William L: Cabragh
Sharry, James L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Sharry, Phoebe L: Tullymore, Otra
Sherry, Simon L: Laraghshankill
Simonton, William L: Cullentragh
Sloan, Thomas L: Ballymartrimotra
Sloan, Thomas L: Drumsallan, Lower
Smith, James L: Carrickaness
Smith, Thomas L: Carrickaness
Sooley, William L: Drumsallan, Upper
Sparks, George L: Lisdown
Sparks, Robert L: Lisdown
Speer, James L: Tonnagh
Speer, Thomas L: Cullentragh
Spense, Susan L: Cloghfin
Stanley, John L: Lisadian
Steenson, Joseph L: Tullysaran
Stevenson, James L: Tullymore, Etra
Stevenson, John L: Ballymacully, Upper
Stevenson, Joseph L: Cavanballaghy
Stevenson, William L: Corr and Aughantarragh
Stewart, John L: Tullymore, Etra
Stewart, John L: Tullymore, Otra
Stewart, William L: Lisadian
Stringer, William L: Cavanballaghy
Sweeney, James L: Killymaddy
Taggart, Alice L: Ballymacully, Lower
Tait, Joseph L: Navan
Tate, Robert L: Lisnafeedy
Tate, William L: Drumrusk
Telford, Samuel L: Ballymartrimetra
Templeton, John L: Tebraskane
Thompson, Alexander L: Cloghfin
Thompson, Benjamin L: Maydown
Thompson, Eliza L: Cloghfin
Thompson, George L: Tebraskane
Thompson, John L: Lisadian
Thompson, Robert L: Cloghfin
Thompson, Thomas L: Cloghfin
Thompson, William L: Cloghfin
Tole, Peter L: Tullymore, Etra
Tolle, James L: Laraghshankill
Tominey, Peter L: Annaclarey
Toner, Margaret L: Ballyscandal
Tonor, Arthur L: Kilmatroy
Tonor, Eliza L: Drumrusk
Tonor, Eliza L: Drumsallan, Lower
Tonor, Francis L: Tullymore Agowan
Tonor, Patrick L: Tullymore Agowan
Tonor, Peter L: Tullymore Agowan
Traynor, Francis L: Killyquin
Trotter, Anne L: Annaclarey
Trotter, Hamilton L: Tullymore Agowan
Turner, Robert L: Ballybrocky
Turner, William L: Lisbane
Turner, William L: Tonnagh
Vogan, Jane L: Ballymacully, Upper
Vogan, Joseph L: Ballymacully, Upper
Walace, Rep. William L: Lisnafeedy
Wallace, Rep. William L: Ballymacully, Lower
Walsh, Johnson L: Tullymore, Etra
Walsh, Mary L: Tullymore, Etra
Walsh, Patrick L: Tonnagh
Walsh, Robert L: Tullymore, Etra
Warden, Joseph L: Tonnagh
Waring, Rev. Charles L: Artasooly
Waring, Rev. Charles L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
Watson, Jane L: Carrickaness
White, Anne L: Maydown
White, Edward L: Maydown
White, Joshua L: Ballybrolly
White, Robert L: Ballydoo
White, Robert L: Drumduff
White, Thomas L: Cullentragh
White, William L: Ballydoo
Williamson, Blackwood L: Lisbane
Williamson, Eliza L: Ballyscandal
Williamson, John L: Ballymartrimotra
Williamson, Margaret L: Navan
Williamson, Rose L: Ballyscandal
Williamson, William L: Drumsallan, Upper
Williamson, William L: Lisdown
Wilson, Alexander L: Lisbane
Wilson, Arthur L: Culkeeran
Wilson, Arthur L: Tullymore, Etra
Wilson, David L: Ballymacully, Lower
Wilson, David L: Culkeeran
Wilson, Edward L: Culkeeran
Wilson, Edward L: Kilcarn
Wilson, Eliza L: Ballybrocky
Wilson, Ellen L: Ballaghy
Wilson, George L: Kilcarn
Wilson, Henry L: Artasooly
Wilson, Isabella L: Culkeeran
Wilson, James L: Bracknagh
Wilson, James L: Drumsallan, Lower
Wilson, James L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
Wilson, John L: Ballymacully, Lower
Wilson, John L: Drumrusk
Wilson, John L: Drumsallan, Lower
Wilson, John L: Lisnafeedy
Wilson, John, Jr. L: Kilcarn
Wilson, John, Sr. L: Kilcarn
Wilson, Joseph, Jr. L: Drumrusk
Wilson, Joseph, Sr. L: Drumrusk
Wilson, Robert L: Drumsallan, Lower
Wilson, Robert L: Edenderry
Wilson, Robert L: Edenderry (Eglish Glebe)
Wilson, Robert L: Tonnagh
Wilson, Ryan L: Kilcarn
Wilson, Samuel L: Ballybrolly
Wilson, Samuel L: Killymaddy
Wilson, Samuel L: Tebraskane
Wilson, Sarah L: Lisnafeedy
Wilson, Thomas L: Cloghfin
Wilson, Thomas L: Killymaddy
Wilson, Thomas L: Tonnagh
Wilson, William L: Ballybrocky
Wilson, William L: Lisnafeedy
Woolsley, Catherine L: Cullentragh
Young, Robert L: Tamlaght

Click for map of civil parishes in county Armagh

Civil Parishes of County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation county Armagh

1 Armagh

2 Ballymore

3 Ballymyre

4 Clonfeacle

5 Creggan

6 Derrynoose

7 Drumcree

8 Eglish

9 Forkill

10 Grange

11 Keady

12 Kilclooney

13 Kildarton

14 Killevy

15 Killyman

16 Kilmore

17 Lisnadill

18 Loughgall

19 Loughgilly

20 Magheralin

21 Montiaghs

22 Mullaghbrack

23 Newry

24 Newtownhamilton

25 Seagoe

26 Shankill

27 Tartaraghan

28 Tynan