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About this Lurgan Ancestry record

This collection of residents names in Lurgan county Armagh was recorded by employees of Lord Lurgan fro the Brownlow Estate in 1758. The Brownlow family were of English origins and arrived in Ireland in the early 17th century during the plantation of Ulster.

John Brownlow offered himself as an undertaker of lands in O'Neilland, stating that he was worth £150 per annum and that he wanted 2,000 acres. He was granted the middle proportion of Doughcarron containing 1,500 acres at a total rent of £8 to hold for ever, May 29th 1610.

In 1884, Lord Lurgan sold some of his land under the provision of the Ashbourne Land Purchase Act on the f following terms.

For lands in Electoral Division of Lurgan, 18 1/2 years, for holdings in Montiaghs 16 1/2 years, and for the rest of the estate 18 1/2 years. In the same year 1884, the Town Commissioner purchased the patent for the Market and Fair granted by Charles II to his ancestors from Lord Lurgan for £2,000.


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Lurgan Ancestry: Lurgan Residents and rental rolls 1758

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Joseph Shepard, for tenement.
John Turner, for tenement.
Thomas Curry, for tenement.
William Costella, for tenement.
William Magenniss for Bell\'s tenement.
Simon McVeagh, for Porter\'s tenement.
William Harden, for Oliver Thompson\'s tenement.
John Crosbie, for tenement.

Oliver Turks, for tenement in Middle Row.
John Usher, for tenement in Middle Row.
John Englishes, for tenement in Middle Row.
John Audley, for tenement in Middle Row.
Stephen Gilberts, for tenement in Middle Row.
Jonathon Gilberts, for tenement in Middle Row.
Richard Johnston Esq. for Gill\'s Tee Farm.

Turner and Cammack, for Mof\'s. garden.
Thomas Turner for McAleavy\'s tenement.
David Blackburn, for tenement.
John Maxwell Esq. for tenement.
John Turner, for tenement in Ballyblagh.
Mrs Usher, for Nicolson\'s house, in Lurgan.
John Ogle, for tenement.
Ez. Bullocks, for tenement.
Thomas Reed, for tenement.
Saywell Kain, for tenement.
John Fox, for tenement.
David Maziere, for tenement.
Charles Kain, for tenement.
Mr Jomes, for tenement.

Ballyblagh (Approx. where High Street is situated)
Patrick Wilson, for tenement in Lurgan and land in Ballyblagh.
William Burke, for tenement.
Robet Thompson, for tenement.
James Hoope, for Meeting House tenement.
Richard Humphrey, for tenement.
James Lindsey, for tenement.
Solomon White.
Mr McDonald, for Hynd\'s land in Ballyblagh.
John Dobson.
Henry Geddes.
John Brady, for land.
Widow Coulter, for house and garden.
Thomas Usher, for land.
Thomas Rogers, for land.
Robert Kerns, for land.
John Kerns for land.
Thomas Hoope, for land.
Henry Greer, for tenement.
Thomas Lawles, for tenement.
John and Thomas Barras, for land.
John Adair, for tenement and land.
Samuel Barras, for tenement and land.
Samuel Youngston, for tenement and land.
Thomas Trueman, for tenement and land.
Henry Corner, for tenement and land.
William Wilson, for tenement and land.
Goe. Bradshaw, for tenement and land.

Samuel Turner, for meadow in Knocknashane.
James Hoope, for land.
John and Thomas , for land.
Geo. Thompson, for land.
Wiliiam Wilson, for land.
Henry Greer, for land.
William Miller, for land.
Samuel McCalden.
Thomas Reed.
Randell McDonald.
John Barras.
Nathaniel Wright.
Robert Thompson.
Jane Campbell.
Samuel Barras.
William Fox.
Thomas Kerns.

Tannaghmore South (approx. where Union Street is situated)
Thomas Dorgan, for land.
Thomas Reed.
Mrs Douglas, for land.
Henry Greer, tenement in Lurgan and land in Tannaghmore South.
Miles Riely, for Tee Farm in Lurgan.
John Barry, for tenement.
Aron Barry, for land.


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