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About Irish Flax Growers Lists 1796

The Irish Linen Board published a list of nearly 60,000 individuals in 1796. Spinning wheels were awarded based on the number of acres planted. People who planted one acre were awarded 4 spinning wheels and those growing 5 acres were awarded a loom. Donegal and Tyrone had the highest number of awards. Dublin and Wicklow were not included in this list. These extracts contain the name, parish and county. The barony was listed instead of the parish in a few of the records. Also known as the Spinning Wheel list or the Flax Growers Bounty.

The list of county Armagh Flax growers records the person's name and the civil parish where they resided.


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Irish Flax Growers List - County Armagh

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Abbitt James Mullaghbrack
Acheson George Mullaghbrack
Acheson Gilbert Keady
Acheson John Loughgilly
Acheson Thomas Loughgilly
Acheson William Armagh
Acheson William Loughgilly
Adams Elizabeth Armagh
Adams John Armagh
Adams John Mullaghbrack
Adamson David Loughgall
Adamson Joseph Loughgilly
Adamson William Armagh
Agnew Alexander Derrynoose
Agnew Francis Killevy
Agnew James Derrynoose
Agnew John Mullaghbrack
Agnew Thomas Derrynoose
Aikins William Armagh
Albin James Kilmore
Albin John, Jr. Kilmore
Albin John, Sr. Kilmore
Albin Robert Kilmore
Albin William, Jr. Kilmore
Albin Wm., Sr. Kilmore
Alexander John Mullaghbrack
Alexander Joseph Killyman
Alexander Joshua Killyman
Alexander Robert Mullaghbrack
Allen Alexander Tynan
Allen David Mullaghbrack
Allen George Armagh
Allen George Kilmore
Allen James Armagh
Allen John Mullaghbrack
Allen Thomas Armagh
Allen Thomas Mullaghbrack
Allen Walter Mullaghbrack
Allen William Armagh
Allen William Kilmore
Alten John Kilmore
Anderson Alexander Armagh
Anderson David Armagh
Anderson James Tynan
Anderson John Clonfeacle
Anderson John Mullaghbrack
Anderson Robert Tynan
Anderson Thomas Mullaghbrack
Anderson William Armagh
Andrews David Armagh
Andrews Elizabeth Derrynoose
Andrews William Kilmore
Angel James Armagh
Anslow Michael Drumcree
Archer Moses Armagh
Archer William Mullaghbrack
Ard Grorge Killevy
Ardry Grorge Mullaghbrack
Armstrong Andrew, Jr. Derrynoose
Armstrong Andrew, Sr. Derrynoose
Armstrong Anne Derrynoose
Armstrong Brent Mullaghbrack
Armstrong George Derrynoose
Armstrong George Mullaghbrack
Armstrong James Kilmore
Armstrong James Mullaghbrack
Armstrong John Creggan
Armstrong John Derrynoose
Armstrong John Loughgilly
Armstrong Robert Derrynoose
Armstrong Thomas Kilmore
Armstrong William Mullaghbrack
Armstrong William Tynan
Arnott John Mullaghbrack
Ash William Tynan
Ashcroft Edward Mullaghbrack
Askin John Tynan
Atkinson Eleanor Armagh
Atkinson John Armagh
Ausley William Newtownhamilton
Baily William Ballymore
Ball Eneas Mullaghbrack
Ballance John Ballymore
Ballentine John Loughgilly
Ballentine Thomas Loughgilly
Bane George Mullaghbrack
Bane Richard Mullaghbrack
Bane William Mullaghbrack
Barber James Loughgilly
Barclay Alexander Tynan
Barcly Mary Armagh
Barker Hugh Newtownhamilton
Barker James Newtownhamilton
Barnet James Armagh
Barns John Armagh
Barns Samuel Derrynoose
Barns Thomas Armagh
Barr John Tynan
Barret Jacob Loughgall
Barrett John Derrynoose
Bateson Robert Armagh
Bawn George Mullaghbrack
Baxter Elizabeth Tynan
Bealey William Armagh
Beals John Armagh
Beard Hugh Derrynoose
Beard James Derrynoose
Beard John Derrynoose
Beard Samuel Derrynoose
Beatey Robert Mullaghbrack
Beatey Thomas Mullaghbrack
Beattey James Mullaghbrack
Beattey William Mullaghbrack
Beatty Joseph Clonfeacle
Beavers Samuel Loughgall
Beck John Mullaghbrack
Beck Thomas Mullaghbrack
Beck William Mullaghbrack
Bell Agnes Derrynoose
Bell Benjamin Mullaghbrack
Bell David Mullaghbrack
Bell Elizabeth Mullaghbrack
Bell Francis Armagh
Bell Francis Kilmore
Bell George Armagh
Bell Hugh Derrynoose
Bell James Ballymore
Bell James Loughgilly
Bell John Mullaghbrack
Bell Mary Mullaghbrack
Bell Matthew Mullaghbrack
Bell Thomas Armagh
Bell Thomas Mullaghbrack
Bell William Armagh
Bennet Daniel Loughgilly
Bennet John Armagh
Bennett Bernard Loughgilly
Bennett Hugh Creggan
Beresford John Tynan
Best John Killevy
Best John Seagoe
Bettles John Ballymore
Bettles Scoffield Ballymore
Bigham Wm. Keady
Bingham John Tynan
Bingham William Mullaghbrack
Birch Samuel Armagh
Birmingham Widow Loughgall
Black Adam Mullaghbrack
Black Brabston Mullaghbrack
Black George Armagh
Black James Loughgilly
Black James Mullaghbrack
Black John Loughgilly
Black Luke Mullaghbrack
Black Mary Mullaghbrack
Black Matthew Mullaghbrack
Black Oliver Mullaghbrack
Black William Mullaghbrack
Blackstock James Loughgilly
Blackwood John Newtownhamilton
Blair Mary Mullaghbrack
Blair William Mullaghbrack
Blair Wm. Keady
Blakely David Armagh
Blakely David Clonfeacle
Blakely David Keady
Blakely Edward Creggan
Blakely John Keady
Blakely William Keady
Blevens John Clonfeacle
Bloomer John Armagh
Bloomer Richard Tynan
Bocock Robert Tynan
Bodle Alexander Mullaghbrack
Bodle James Mullaghbrack
Bodle John Mullaghbrack
Bodle Robert Armagh
Bodle Samuel Mullaghbrack
Boland Abraham Loughgall
Boyd Andrew Loughgilly
Boyd David Loughgilly
Boyd James Tynan
Boyd John Loughgilly
Boyd Moses Loughgilly
Boyd Robert Armagh
Boyd William Loughgilly
Boyd William Tynan
Boyland Charles Loughgilly
Boyland Hugh Mullaghbrack
Boyland John Loughgilly
Boyland Patrick Loughgilly
Boyland Patrick Mullaghbrack
Boyle Francis Armagh
Boyle Neal Mullaghbrack
Bradley Owen Loughgilly
Bradshaw James Mullaghbrack
Branagan Anne Armagh
Branagan Arthur Mullaghbrack
Branagan Bryan Armagh
Branagan Denis Armagh
Branagan Phelimy Mullaghbrack
Branagan Terence Mullaghbrack
Brann John Ballymore
Brannagan Felix Killevy
Brannan Daniel Derrynoose
Brannan James Derrynoose
Brannan Philip Derrynoose
Branon Catherine Derrynoose
Branon William Derrynoose
Brawley William Armagh
Brawly Edward Armagh
Brigs Robert Armagh
Brins John Ballymore
Brookes Jane Armagh
Brookes John Armagh
Brookes John Mullaghbrack
Brookes Thomas Armagh
Brooks Charles Mullaghbrack
Brooks John Armagh
Brotherton Nicholas Mullaghbrack
Brown Charles Armagh
Brown George Killevy
Brown George Mullaghbrack
Brown James Loughgilly
Brown John Armagh
Brown John Derrynoose
Brown John Keady
Brown John Loughgilly
Brown John, Jr. Armagh
Brown Samuel Keady
Brown Thomas Keady
Brown Thomas Killevy
Brown Thomas Mullaghbrack
Brownfield John Armagh
Brownly Thomas Tynan
Bryans John Armagh
Bryars Charles Armagh
Bryars James Armagh
Bryars John Armagh
Buchannan Alexander Loughgilly
Buchanon John Creggan
Bulla Daniel Kilmore
Burch James Kilmore
Burke John Derrynoose
Burke Peter Keady
Burke Robert Mullaghbrack
Burley William Seagoe
Burns David Loughgilly
Burns Hugh Ballymore
Burns John Creggan
Busby Robert Tynan
Byers Samuel Loughgilly
Byrne Francis Newtownhamilton
Byrne James Mullaghbrack
Byrne Mary Mullaghbrack
Byrne Michael Newtownhamilton
Byrne Patrick Armagh
Byrne Patrick Newtownhamilton
Byrne William Mullaghbrack
Cairley Anne Mullaghbrack
Calaghan Bernard Keady
Calaghan Edward Keady
Calaghan James Creggan
Calaghan Patrick Keady
Caldwell Robert Killevy
Caldwell William Killevy
Caliston James Mullaghbrack
Callaghan Bernard Killevy
Callaghan Bryan Creggan
Callaghan Edward Mullaghbrack
Callaghan Felix Loughgilly
Callaghan James Loughgilly
Callaghan Michael Loughgilly
Callaghan Patrick Loughgilly
Callaghan Patrick Mullaghbrack
Callans John Loughgall
Calter Laurence Armagh
Campbel Arthur Armagh
Campbel Patrick Armagh
Campbell Charles Armagh
Campbell Cornelius Loughgilly
Campbell Francis Armagh
Campbell Hugh Creggan
Campbell James Armagh
Campbell James Derrynoose
Campbell James Mullaghbrack
Campbell John Armagh
Campbell John Ballymore
Campbell John Derrynoose
Campbell Laurence Newtownhamilton
Campbell Michael Derrynoose
Campbell Michael Loughgilly
Campbell Peter Newtownhamilton
Campbell Richard Loughgilly
Campbell Robert Loughgilly
Campbell Robert Tynan
Campbell Stephen Newtownhamilton
Campbell Thomas Derrynoose
Campble Phelemy Clonfeacle
Canavan Neal Armagh
Cannon John Mullaghbrack
Cappagh Alexander Loughgall
Caraboo Neil Tynan
Caragher Bryan Newtownhamilton
Caragher Edward Ballymore
Caragher Edward Newtownhamilton
Caragher Francis Newtownhamilton
Caragher Henry Newtownhamilton
Caragher James Newtownhamilton
Caragher Matthew Armagh
Caragher Michael Newtownhamilton
Caragher Owen Newtownhamilton
Caragher Patrick Newtownhamilton
Caragher Peter Armagh
Caragher Peter Newtownhamilton
Caragher Rose Newtownhamilton
Caragher Thomas Newtownhamilton
Carberry Bernard Tynan
Carbry Edward Tynan
Carbry Owen Tynan
Carbsy Patrick Tynan
Cardle John Loughgall
Cardle Wm. Loughgall
Cardwell James Armagh
Caregher Terence Newtownhamilton
Carlisle John Mullaghbrack
Carnaghan Joseph Armagh
Carr Felix Loughgilly
Carr Hugh Loughgall
Carr John Loughgall
Carr Patrick Killyman
Carr Widow Killyman
Carran Bartolomew Loughgall
Carrick Verner Mullaghbrack
Carrol John Loughgall
Carrol Patrick Armagh
Carrol Thomas Armagh
Carroll Edward Derrynoose
Carroll Jane Armagh
Carroll Owen Tynan
Carroll Thomas Armagh
Carroll Thomas Loughgilly
Carroll William Mullaghbrack
Carron Patrick Clonfeacle
Carron Richard Clonfeacle
Carron Thomas Clonfeacle
Carson Hugh Armagh
Carson James Derrynoose
Carson John Armagh
Carson John Loughgilly
Carson Joseph Armagh
Carson Robert Derrynoose
Carson Simon Derrynoose
Carson William Armagh
Carson Wm Loughgall
Carter Eleanor Armagh
Cartmel John Killevy
Cartmel William Killevy
Cartmell Francis Armagh
Casey Patrick Creggan
Cashaday Thomas Kilmore
Cassidy John Derrynoose
Cassidy Patrick Mullaghbrack
Cassidy William Derrynoose
Cavan John Derrynoose
Cavanagh Daniel Armagh
Cavanagh James Armagh
Cavanagh John Mullaghbrack
Chambers Anthony Mullaghbrack
Chambers Hugh Mullaghbrack
Chambers James Mullaghbrack
Chambers Thomas Armagh
Chambers William Armagh
Chapman James Kilmore
Chapman Robert Kilmore
Charleton Rev. Wm. Mullaghbrack
Cherry Robert Mullaghbrack
Christey William Ballymore
Christy George Ballymore
Christy Robert Loughgilly
Clarin Judith Loughgilly
Clarke Adam Mullaghbrack
Clarke Alexander Tynan
Clarke Andrew Newtownhamilton
Clarke Bryan Creggan
Clarke David Mullaghbrack
Clarke James Armagh
Clarke John Armagh
Clarke John Killevy
Clarke John Loughgall
Clarke John Newtownhamilton
Clarke John Tynan
Clarke Mary Killevy
Clarke Paul Loughgilly
Clarke Robert Killevy
Clarke Thomas Killevy
Clarke William Armagh
Clarke William Newtownhamilton
Clelland Hugh Mullaghbrack
Clelland William Mullaghbrack
Clements Andrew Mullaghbrack
Clements John Derrynoose
Clinton Absalom Ballymore
Clougher Thomas Clonfeacle
Cloughley Andrew Mullaghbrack
Cloughley John Mullaghbrack
Clung James, Sr. Armagh
Coaser William Tynan
Coburn John Mullaghbrack
Cochran John Mullaghbrack
Cochran Jonathan Mullaghbrack
Cochran Joshua Mullaghbrack
Cochran Thomas Loughgilly
Coin Peter Loughgall
Collinosavicz Tommasso Mullaghbrack
Collins Daniel Armagh
Collins James Mullaghbrack
Collins John Armagh
Colthurst Wm. Armagh
Colwell James Loughgilly
Compston Arthur Keady
Cona William Mullaghbrack
Conaghan James Mullaghbrack
Conally Mary Killevy
Coneghey James Loughgall
Conelly Henry Clonfeacle
Conelly Phelemy Armagh
Conigan John Clonfeacle
Conlan Charles Armagh
Conlan David Mullaghbrack
Conlan Michael Creggan
Conlan Michael Derrynoose
Conlan William Armagh
Conn John Newtownhamilton
Conn Robert Newtownhamilton
Conn William Mullaghbrack
Conn William Newtownhamilton
Connolly Philemy Tynan
Connor Thomas Loughgall
Conolly Bridget Tynan
Conolly James Armagh
Conolly James Tynan
Conolly Joseph Armagh
Conolly Peter Armagh
Conolly Phelix Armagh
Conry John Armagh
Conry Terence Clonfeacle
Conry Timothy Armagh
Convrey Hugh Mullaghbrack
Cook Robert Ballymore
Cooke John Loughgall
Cooper Francis Tynan
Cooper Hugh Mullaghbrack
Cooper John Mullaghbrack
Cooper Widow Loughgall
Copeland John Armagh
Copeland John Derrynoose
Copeland Richard Mullaghbrack
Copeland Robert Killevy
Corigan Philip Loughgall
Corner George Mullaghbrack
Corner John Loughgilly
Corner Patrick Kilmore
Corr James Armagh
Corr John Armagh
Corr John Tynan
Corr Patrick Armagh
Corr Peter Armagh
Corr Thomas Armagh
Corran Hugh Tynan
Cory Edward Armagh
Coskry Bryan Mullaghbrack
Coskry Henry Mullaghbrack
Coskry James Mullaghbrack
Coskry John Mullaghbrack
Coulter Andrew Derrynoose
Coulter Andrew Mullaghbrack
Coulter James Mullaghbrack
Coulter Samuel Armagh
Courtney James Mullaghbrack
Courtney Thomas Loughgilly
Couser Martha Armagh
Couser William Armagh
Couser William Derrynoose
Cowan Michael Armagh
Cowan Patrick Armagh
Cowan Philip Keady
Cowan William Tynan
Coyne Bernard Armagh
Coyne Hugh Armagh
Coyne Thomas Armagh
Craig John Loughgilly
Craig John Tynan
Craig Margaret Loughgilly
Craig Robert Derrynoose
Craig William Loughgilly
Craige David Mullaghbrack
Crawford Edward Keady
Crawford Elizabeth Armagh
Crawford Hugh Armagh
Crawford James Armagh
Crawford Terence Armagh
Creeth John Kilmore
Crory Robert Newtownhamilton
Crozier John Mullaghbrack
Crozier William Mullaghbrack
Crumey Bryan Creggan
Crumey Isabella Derrynoose
Crumey James Derrynoose
Crumey James Mullaghbrack
Crumey John Mullaghbrack
Crumey Teague Mullaghbrack
Crumey William Derrynoose
Crummer Patrick Mullaghbrack
Cullen Bernard Kilmore
Cullen Bryan Armagh
Cullen Francis Armagh
Cullen Hugh Armagh
Cullen James Armagh
Cullen James Tynan
Cullen John Clonfeacle
Cullen John Keady
Cullen Laurence Kilmore
Cullen Peter Armagh
Cullen Sarah Armagh
Cullen Terence Armagh
Cullens Patrick Derrynoose
Cullins Edward Loughgall
Cully John Mullaghbrack
Cully Robert Mullaghbrack
Cully William Loughgilly
Cumming John Mullaghbrack
Cunningham Archibald Creggan
Cunningham James Armagh
Cunningham James Mullaghbrack
Cunningham Robert Armagh
Curry Agnes Keady
Curry Eleanor Keady
Curry James Derrynoose
Curry James Keady
Curry John Keady
Curry Owen Derrynoose
Cutler Samuel Keady
Daly Bryan Armagh
Daly Corney Armagh
Daly Daniel Creggan
Daly Donald Keady
Daly Francis Armagh
Daly Francis Mullaghbrack
Daly Laurence Derrynoose
Dalzel Samuel Tynan
Dalzell Allen Tynan
Dalzell John Tynan
Dalzell Thomas Mullaghbrack
Davidson Alexander Armagh
Davidson Daniel Tynan
Davidson James Armagh
Davidson Joseph Armagh
Davidson Matthew Tynan
Davidson Thomas Derrynoose
Davis William Armagh
Dealy Anthony Tynan
Dealy John Tynan
Delany Charles Derrynoose
Develin John Loughgall
Devlin Francis Ballymore
Devlin Henry Loughgilly
Devlin Neil Loughgilly
Devlin Owen Loughgilly
Devlin Walter Keady
Dewoody Agnes Derrynoose
Dewoody Robert Derrynoose
Dillon James Tynan
Dillon John Loughgilly
Dillon Mary Armagh
Dillon Terence Armagh
Dillon Thomas Armagh
Dillon Thomas Loughgilly
Dillon William Loughgilly
Dinning Strong Tynan
Divine James Armagh
Divine James, Jr. Armagh
Divine John Armagh
Diviny Thomas Mullaghbrack
Dixon Samuel Armagh
Dixon William Mullaghbrack
Dobbin Alexander Armagh
Dobbin James Keady
Dobbin John Armagh
Dobbin Oliver Loughgall
Dobbin William Loughgall
Dobbs William Derrynoose
Dodds Alexander Keady
Dodds John Derrynoose
Dogan Anne Loughgilly
Dogan Arthur Armagh
Dogan Arthur Loughgilly
Dogan Daniel Armagh
Dogan Elizabeth Armagh
Dogan George Mullaghbrack
Dogan Henry Mullaghbrack
Dogan Hugh Loughgilly
Dogan James Armagh
Dogan James Mullaghbrack
Dogan John Mullaghbrack
Dogan Patrick Mullaghbrack
Dogan Robert Mullaghbrack
Dogan Thomas Mullaghbrack
Dogan William Mullaghbrack
Dogherty Francis Tynan
Dolaghan Hugh Newtownhamilton
Donaghey Charles Armagh
Donaghey Edward Armagh
Donaghey William Armagh
Donaghy Denis Newtownhamilton
Donaghy Patrick Creggan
Donaghy Terence Newtownhamilton
Donaldson Andrew Mullaghbrack
Donaldson Elizabeth Armagh
Donaldson James Armagh
Donaldson John Armagh
Donaldson Joseph Creggan
Donaldson Randal Creggan
Donaldson Robert Tynan
Donaldson Samuel Creggan
Donaldson William Loughgall
Donaldson William Mullaghbrack
Donaldson William Tynan
Donally Bernard Armagh
Donally Charles Loughgilly
Donally James Loughgilly
Donally Michael Armagh
Donally Robert Armagh
Donally Thomas Armagh
Donally Thomas Loughgilly
Donelly Arthur Armagh
Donelly Arthur Tynan
Donelly Bernard Armagh
Donelly Daniel Armagh
Donelly Edward Armagh
Donelly Francis Armagh
Donelly Henry Armagh
Donelly Hugh Clonfeacle
Donelly James Armagh
Donelly John Armagh
Donelly Mary Armagh
Donelly Matthew Armagh
Donelly Michael Clonfeacle
Donelly Owen Clonfeacle
Donelly Patrick Armagh
Donelly Patrick Clonfeacle
Donelly Peter Armagh
Donelly Philip Clonfeacle
Donelly Robert Kilmore
Donelly Terence Armagh
Donelly Terence Loughgall
Donelly Thomas Loughgall
Donnelly Hugh Armagh
Donnelly Phelemy Armagh
Donnolly Rose Derrynoose
Donolly Arthur Armagh
Donolly Terence Creggan
Donoughey Edward Kilmore
Donoughey John Kilmore
Donoughey John Loughgall
Doran James Newtownhamilton
Dougherty Richard Kilmore
Douglas Charles Loughgilly
Douglas Gawin Loughgilly
Douglas George Loughgilly
Douglas Hans Mullaghbrack
Douglas Henry Loughgilly
Douglas Joseph Mullaghbrack
Douglas Margaret Newtownhamilton
Douglas Mary Loughgilly
Downey Edward Armagh
Downey Neal Mullaghbrack
Downey Peter Mullaghbrack
Downey William Armagh
Downy Thomas Armagh
Doyle Owen Loughgilly
Doyle Patrick Newtownhamilton
Draffen John Tynan
Drenon John Armagh
Duck John Drumcree
Ducker William Loughgilly
Duffey Matthew Armagh
Duffey Thomas Derrynoose
Duffy Bryan Creggan
Duffy James Keady
Duffy Philip Mullaghbrack
Duffy Terence Kilmore
Duncan David Armagh
Duncan Hugh Tynan
Duncan John Armagh
Dunlap Adam Keady
Dunlap George Clonfeacle
Dunlap James Keady
Dunlap John Armagh
Dunn Robert Derrynoose
Durnan Bridget Newtownhamilton
Durnan James Creggan
Durnan Mary Newtownhamilton
Durnan Owen Newtownhamilton
Durnan Patrick Newtownhamilton
Dury William Mullaghbrack
Eaken Elizabeth Armagh
Eaken James Armagh
Eaken Thomas Armagh
Eccles Hugh Keady
Eccles John Keady
Eccles Robert Derrynoose
Edgar Elizabeth Armagh
Edger Samuel Loughgilly
Edwards Robert Mullaghbrack
Egan Terence Armagh
Ellison John Mullaghbrack
English Jane Killevy
English Joseph Killevy
English William Derrynoose
Ennis Nathaniel Newtownhamilton
Ennis Robert Newtownhamilton
Esting Archibald Mullaghbrack
Esting John Newtownhamilton
Esting Richard Mullaghbrack
Euwart James Armagh
Evans James Armagh
Evans John, Jr. Loughgilly
Evans Joseph Mullaghbrack
Evaus John, Sr. Loughgilly
Ewert George Kilmore
Ewing George Armagh
Ewins Thomas Armagh
Fagan Owen Keady
Fair Alexander Loughgall
Fair Edward Loughgall
Fair John Loughgall
Fairlee John Mullaghbrack
Faloon John Keady
Farin Patrick Ballymore
Farlie James Armagh
Farlow James Loughgall
Farlow John Loughgall
Farlow Michael Loughgall
Feaghan Lanty Armagh
Feaghan Neal Keady
Feaghan Patrick Keady
Feemster Alexander Armagh
Feemster John Armagh
Feemster John, Sr. Armagh
Feemster William Armagh
Feenan Arthur Loughgilly
Feenan Bernard Mullaghbrack
Feenan Charles Loughgilly
Feenan Hugh Loughgilly
Feenan John Loughgilly
Feenan Peter Loughgilly
Feenan Phelemy Loughgilly
Fegan Patrick Derrynoose
Fegan Patrick Keady
Fegan Richard Derrynoose
Fegan Terence Derrynoose
Feghan Anne Derrynoose
Feghan Charles Derrynoose
Feghan Culla Derrynoose
Feghan Francis Derrynoose
Feghan John Derrynoose
Feghan John, Sr. Derrynoose
Fenigan Peter Kilmore
Ferguson George Mullaghbrack
Ferguson Henry Loughgilly
Ferguson James Loughgilly
Ferguson James Mullaghbrack
Ferguson Jane Loughgilly
Ferguson John Armagh
Ferguson John Killevy
Ferguson John Loughgilly
Ferguson Thomas Mullaghbrack
Ferguson William Loughgilly
Ferguson William Mullaghbrack
Feris Arthur Killevy
Feris Daniel Loughgilly
Feris John Killevy
Feron Joseph Creggan
Fine John Loughgall
Finigan Thomas Armagh
Finn Bryan Armagh
Finn Daniel Armagh
Fitzimons Joseph Armagh
Flanagan Edward Armagh
Flanagan Hugh Armagh
Flanagan John Armagh
Flanagan William Armagh
Fleming James Loughgilly
Fleming Nathaniel Keady
Floyd William Armagh
Forsithe Robert Killevy
Foster John Derrynoose
Foster William Derrynoose
Foten James Drumcree
Fowler John Clonfeacle
Fox Edward Armagh
Fox Maurice Armagh
Frazier John Armagh
Frazier Martha Armagh
Frazier Moses Armagh
Freeland Anne Derrynoose
Freeland John Derrynoose
Freeland Rev. James Creggan
Freeland Samuel Derrynoose
Freeland Thomas Derrynoose
Friar George Killevy
Frouten Kilmore
Fuller Thomas Tynan
Fullerton Michael Keady
Fulton William Derrynoose
Gallagly Bryan Mullaghbrack
Gallagly John Mullaghbrack
Gallagly Michael Mullaghbrack
Gallagly Neal Mullaghbrack
Gallowe John Loughgilly
Gambell James Loughgilly
Gamble John Kilmore
Gamble Joseph Armagh
Gamble William Kilmore
Gardner Bradshaw Seagoe
Gardner Widow Kilmore
Garland Hugh Clonfeacle
Garland James Derrynoose
Garland Martin Clonfeacle
Garland Robert Loughgall
Garvey Henry Armagh
Garvey Henry Derrynoose
Garvey Henry Newtownhamilton
Garvey Michael Creggan
Garvey Patrick Creggan
Garvey Peter Loughgilly
Garvey Philemy Tynan
Garvy Michael Mullaghbrack
Gass Benjamin Keady
Gass John Mullaghbrack
Gass William Mullaghbrack
Geery Alexander Mullaghbrack
Geery Samuel Mullaghbrack
Gerven Richard Kilmore
Gibson Edward Derrynoose
Gibson Hugh Creggan
Gibson James Derrynoose
Gibson James Loughgilly
Gibson John Derrynoose
Gibson John Mullaghbrack
Gibson Joseph Keady
Gibson Patrick Loughgilly
Giffin David Mullaghbrack
Giffin Margaret Mullaghbrack
Gildernew Edward Armagh
Gilferen John Clonfeacle
Gillespey George Tynan
Gillespey Hugh Tynan
Gillespey John Armagh
Gillespie Anne Tynan
Gillespie John Armagh
Gillespie John Loughgall
Gillespie John Loughgilly
Gillespy John Tynan
Gillian George Armagh
Gilliland John Armagh
Gilliland John Loughgilly
Gilliland John Mullaghbrack
Gilliland Robert Loughgilly
Gilliland William Mullaghbrack
Gillis William Mullaghbrack
Gilmore George Armagh
Gilmore John Keady
Gilmore Matthew Ballymore
Gilmore Robert Mullaghbrack
Girvey John Clonfeacle
Girvin Jane Keady
Girvin John Loughgilly
Glascow Hugh Derrynoose
Glascow John Derrynoose
Glascow Nathaniel Derrynoose
Glass Benjamin Loughgilly
Glass Robert Loughgilly
Glassey James Mullaghbrack
Glassy Isaac Mullaghbrack
Glenny Archibald Armagh
Golagly Patrick Armagh
Golagly Terence Armagh
Gollagly James Derrynoose
Gollagly Patrick Loughgilly
Goodin James Derrynoose
Goodin John Derrynoose
Goodin William Derrynoose
Gordon David Killevy
Gordon George Keady
Gordon Hugh Killevy
Gordon James Armagh
Gordon James Mullaghbrack
Gordon John Armagh
Gordon John Mullaghbrack
Gordon John Newtownhamilton
Gordon John, Jr. Tynan
Gordon John, Sr. Tynan
Gordon Nathaniel Loughgilly
Gordon Robert Killevy
Gordon Robert Kilmore
Gordon Samuel Tynan
Gordon Sarah Kilmore
Gordon William Killevy
Gorman Barney Keady
Gorman Meredith Derrynoose
Gorman Wm. Keady
Gormel James Keady
Gormil John Keady
Gormil Owen Keady
Gormill Edward Derrynoose
Goudy James Mullaghbrack
Gough Richard Derrynoose
Gourley David Mullaghbrack
Gracey George Killevy
Gracey John Killevy
Gracey William Loughgilly
Grage David Ballymore
Graham Cormick Tynan
Graham Daniel Armagh
Graham George Armagh
Graham James Derrynoose
Graham James Mullaghbrack
Graham John Killevy
Graham Patrick Newtownhamilton
Graham Peter Derrynoose
Graham Robert Mullaghbrack
Graham Samuel Drumcree
Graham Samuel Mullaghbrack
Graham William Loughgilly
Graham William Mullaghbrack
Graham William, Jr. Loughgilly
Graham William, Sr. Loughgilly
Graham Wm Loughgall
Grahams Patrick Loughgall
Grant Bernard Killevy
Grant Thomas Creggan
Grant Thomas Mullaghbrack
Gray John Armagh
Gray Richard Mullaghbrack
Gray William Kilmore
Green William Armagh
Greenler Robert Mullaghbrack
Greer Henry Mullaghbrack
Greer Isabella Loughgilly
Greer James Ballymore
Greer James Loughgilly
Greer John Ballymore
Greer John Mullaghbrack
Greer Robert Armagh
Greer Robert Derrynoose
Greer Robert Mullaghbrack
Greer Thomas Loughgall
Greer Thomas Loughgilly
Greer William Mullaghbrack
Gregory James Kilmore
Gregory Thomas Derrynoose
Grey Francis Tynan
Grey George Tynan
Grey Hugh Derrynoose
Grey Hugh Mullaghbrack
Grey James Armagh
Grey James Derrynoose
Grey James Loughgilly
Grey James Mullaghbrack
Grey John Mullaghbrack
Grey Richard Mullaghbrack
Grey Samuel Mullaghbrack
Grey William Tynan
Greyson George Tynan
Greyson John, Jr. Tynan
Greyson John, Sr. Tynan
Gribben Eleanor Mullaghbrack
Gribben Patrick Armagh
Grimely Loughgall
Grimes Arthur Armagh
Grimes Edward Armagh
Grimes Henry Derrynoose
Grimes Henry Tynan
Grimes James Derrynoose
Grimes Owen Derrynoose
Grimley Anne Tynan
Grimley Francis Tynan
Grimley John Tynan
Grimley Michael Tynan
Grimley Owen Tynan
Grimley Patrick Derrynoose
Grimley Rose Derrynoose
Grimly Arthur Armagh
Grimly Patrick Armagh
Grozett Robert Killevy
Gubby Peter Armagh
Guinness Mary Armagh
Guy Hugh Creggan
Guy John Ballymore
Habs Laurence Kilmore
Hadden William Ballymore
Haddock James Kilmore
Haffy Bernard Tynan
Haffy Jane Tynan
Haffy Thomas Tynan
Hagan Bernard Derrynoose
Hagan Catherine Armagh
Hagan Cormick Keady
Hagan James Keady
Hagan John Mullaghbrack
Hagan Owen Mullaghbrack
Hagan Patrick Derrynoose
Hagan Patrick Newtownhamilton
Hagan Philip Derrynoose
Hainey John Armagh
Hair Samuel Armagh
Haire Henry Armagh
Haire Patrick Armagh
Hale Richard Loughgilly
Hall George Derrynoose
Hall John Tynan
Hall Robert Armagh
Hall Robert Loughgilly
Hall Thomas Kilmore
Hall Walter Derrynoose
Hall William Kilmore
Hall William Tynan
Hallagan John Kilmore
Hamil Bernard Armagh
Hamil Bernard Tynan
Hamil Henry Loughgall
Hamil Hugh Tynan
Hamil James Armagh
Hamil James Mullaghbrack
Hamil Murtagh Armagh
Hamil Robert Loughgall
Hamil William Killyman
Hamill Sarah Mullaghbrack
Hamill Thomas Loughgilly
Hamilton Archibald Armagh
Hamilton David Armagh
Hamilton George Armagh
Hamilton George Mullaghbrack
Hamilton James Newtownhamilton
Hamilton John Derrynoose
Hamilton John Loughgall
Hamilton Joseph Killevy
Hamilton Rev. A. J. Armagh
Hamilton Robert Tynan
Hamilton William Loughgilly
Hammond Robert Derrynoose
Hampton Dudley Armagh
Hand Patrick Mullaghbrack
Handcock Thomas Killyman
Hanlon Eliza Mullaghbrack
Hanlon Felix Killevy
Hanlon Felix Mullaghbrack
Hanlon James Armagh
Hanlon John Mullaghbrack
Hanlon Loughlin Mullaghbrack
Hanlon Patrick Mullaghbrack
Hanlon Peter Mullaghbrack
Hanlon Phelimy Mullaghbrack
Hanna John Mullaghbrack
Hanna Samuel Armagh
Hanna William Armagh
Hannah Alexander Armagh
Hanson David Tynan
Hanson James Tynan
Harchie James Mullaghbrack
Hardon Laurence Armagh
Hare Alace Armagh
Hare Anne Mullaghbrack
Harpur Robert Loughgilly
Harpur William Tynan
Harrison James Kilmore
Harrison Robert Kilmore
Harrison William Loughgilly
Hart Arthur Mullaghbrack
Hart James Armagh
Hart Joseph Loughgilly
Hart Owen Armagh
Harvey Alexander Armagh
Harvey Alexander Tynan
Harvey Margaret Tynan
Harvey Robert Keady
Haslip William Armagh
Hastings James Tynan
Hasty Thomas Armagh
Haugby Edward Derrynoose
Haughey Bryan Derrynoose
Haughey Owen Derrynoose
Haughey Peter Armagh
Hawthorn Edward Tynan
Hawthorn James Armagh
Hawthorn Thomas Loughgilly
Hayes Daniel Loughgilly
Hayes Robert Derrynoose
Hayes Thomas Armagh
Hays Alexander Killyman
Heansy Michael Tynan
Heany Eleanor Armagh
Hearty James Loughgilly
Heather Robert Armagh
Heathwood Robert Ballymore
Heatly James Kilmore
Heery Robert Loughgilly
Helverty Wm. Loughgall
Henderson John Tynan
Henderson William Armagh
Hendrin John Mullaghbrack
Hendry John, Jr. Mullaghbrack
Hendry John, Sr. Mullaghbrack
Hendry William Mullaghbrack
Heney John Armagh
Henimna Felix Creggan
Henin George Killevy
Henin John Killevy
Henin Mary Killevy
Henry Bernard Mullaghbrack
Henry Daniel Ballymore
Henry John Armagh
Henry John Loughgilly
Henry Robert Armagh
Henry Robert Creggan
Henthorn James Tynan
Henthorn Joseph Tynan
Henthorn Thomas Tynan
Heron James Derrynoose
Heron John Mullaghbrack
Heron Mary Armagh
Heron Robert Mullaghbrack
Herrick John Drumcree
Herron John Mullaghbrack
Heslit John Derrynoose
Hewitt Benjamin Kilmore
Hewitt James Kilmore
Hewitt John Derrynoose
Hewitt John Kilmore
Hewitt Joseph Mullaghbrack
Hewitt Joshua Kilmore
Hewitt Robert Kilmore
Hewitt Thomas Armagh
Hewitt Thomas Kilmore
Hewitt Widow Kilmore
Hewitt William Kilmore
Hill John Keady
Hill John Mullaghbrack
Hill Robert Loughgall
Hill Samuel Keady
Hillocks Andrew Tynan
Hinchie William Armagh
Hodge Isaac Armagh
Hodge James Armagh
Hogg Michael Mullaghbrack
Hogg Samuel Tynan
Holand Thomas Loughgall
Holland Terence Tynan
Holmes Samuel Keady
Holmes Thomas Seagoe
Hookes Alexander Loughgilly
Hookes Henry Loughgilly
Hookes John Mullaghbrack
Hops Joseph Tynan
Horner Robert Loughgilly
Horner William Loughgilly
Hosack John Mullaghbrack
Hosack Robert Mullaghbrack
Hosack William Mullaghbrack
Housten Alexander Armagh
Housten Francis Armagh
Housten John Derrynoose
Housten Robert Creggan
Houston Charles Derrynoose
Houston Henry Tynan
Houston John Armagh
Houston Thomas Armagh
Houston William Armagh
Hughes Andrew Creggan
Hughes Anne Tynan
Hughes Arthur Derrynoose
Hughes Arthur Newtownhamilton
Hughes Arthur Tynan
Hughes Bernard Derrynoose
Hughes Bernard Keady
Hughes Bryan Mullaghbrack
Hughes Catherine Newtownhamilton
Hughes Edward Armagh
Hughes Edward Mullaghbrack
Hughes Edward Tynan
Hughes Felix Keady
Hughes Francis Creggan
Hughes Francis Tynan
Hughes Henry Creggan
Hughes Henry Derrynoose
Hughes Henry Keady
Hughes Henry Tynan
Hughes James Armagh
Hughes James Creggan
Hughes James Derrynoose
Hughes John Armagh
Hughes John Clonfeacle
Hughes John Keady
Hughes John Tynan
Hughes Judith Armagh
Hughes Margaret Derrynoose
Hughes Mary Kilmore
Hughes Michael Kilmore
Hughes Michael Mullaghbrack
Hughes Neil Derrynoose
Hughes Neil Kilmore
Hughes Patrick Derrynoose
Hughes Patrick Keady
Hughes Patrick Tynan
Hughes Patrick, Jr. Derrynoose
Hughes Patrick, Sr. Derrynoose
Hughes Peter Derrynoose
Hughes Terence Armagh
Hughes Terence Tynan
Hughes William Derrynoose
Hughes William Tynan
Humes Hugh Tynan
Humphrys David, Sr. Derrynoose
Humphrys James Derrynoose
Humphrys Jane Derrynoose
Humphrys Robert Derrynoose
Humphrys Thomas Derrynoose
Hunter Alexander Ballymore
Hunter George Mullaghbrack
Hunter Robert Mullaghbrack
Hunter Widow Ballymore
Huston Francis Derrynoose
Huston Robert Drumcree
Hutcheson Anne Armagh
Hutcheson John Kilmore
Hutcheson John Mullaghbrack
Hutcheson Thomas Kilmore
Hutchinson Alexander Ballymore
Hutchinson David Loughgilly
Hutchinson David Mullaghbrack
Hutchinson Francis Loughgilly
Hutchinson Gilbert Mullaghbrack
Hutchinson James Ballymore
Hutchinson John Loughgilly
Hutchinson John Mullaghbrack
Hutchinson John, Jr. Loughgilly
Hutchinson Robert Loughgilly
Hutchinson Robert Mullaghbrack
Hutchinson William Loughgilly
Hutchinson William Mullaghbrack
Hutton Archibald Armagh
Hutton George Armagh
Hutton James Armagh
Hutton John Armagh
Hutton Thomas Armagh
Ingram James Loughgilly
Ireland Gilbert Derrynoose
Irwin Abraham Loughgilly
Irwin Anne Derrynoose
Irwin Archibald, Jr. Loughgilly
Irwin Archibald, Sr. Loughgilly
Irwin David Tynan
Irwin Edward Loughgall
Irwin Francis Loughgilly
Irwin George Loughgilly
Irwin George Mullaghbrack
Irwin Hugh Mullaghbrack
Irwin James Armagh
Irwin James Derrynoose
Irwin James Loughgilly
Irwin John Killevy
Irwin Robert Killevy
Irwin Robert Tynan
Irwin Samuel Derrynoose
Irwin Thomas Loughgilly
Irwin William Loughgilly
Irwin William Tynan
Jackson John Killevy
Jackson Joseph Mullaghbrack
Jackson Moses Kilmore
Jackson Moses Mullaghbrack
Jackson Richard Mullaghbrack
Jackson Robert Mullaghbrack
Jackson William Mullaghbrack
Jameson David Mullaghbrack
Jameson George Mullaghbrack
Jameson Isaac Mullaghbrack
Jameson John Mullaghbrack
Jameson Joseph Mullaghbrack
Jameson Patrick Mullaghbrack
Jameson Rose Derrynoose
Jameson Samuel Loughgilly
Jameson William Mullaghbrack
Jefferies Thomas Kilmore
Jeffries Christian Creggan
Jeffries Jeremiah Creggan
Jenkins George Mullaghbrack
Jenkins Patrick Ballymore
Jenkins William Loughgilly
Jenkinson Henry Armagh
Jenkinson John Kilmore
Jenkinson Joseph Armagh
Jenkinson William Kilmore
Jodhe John Armagh
Johnston Alexander Armagh
Johnston Archibald Loughgilly
Johnston Archibald Mullaghbrack
Johnston Daniel Mullaghbrack
Johnston Elizabeth Tynan
Johnston George Kilmore
Johnston Hugh Tynan
Johnston James Armagh
Johnston James Creggan
Johnston James Derrynoose
Johnston James Mullaghbrack
Johnston James Tynan
Johnston John Armagh
Johnston John Derrynoose
Johnston John Kilmore
Johnston John Loughgilly
Johnston Joseph Loughgilly
Johnston Matthew Tynan
Johnston Rhoda Armagh
Johnston Robert Mullaghbrack
Johnston Samuel Armagh
Johnston Saunders Kilmore
Johnston Thomas Armagh
Johnston William Armagh
Johnston William Mullaghbrack
Jones Frances Ballymore
Jones John Armagh
Jordan Francis Keady
Jordan Jane Armagh
Kain Alexander Armagh
Kairns Barny Armagh
Kairns John Armagh
Kane Charles Tynan
Kane John Armagh
Kane John Tynan
Kane Peter Quen Ballymore
Kane Thomas Tynan
Kane William Kilmore
Kealty James Armagh
Kearney Daniel Loughgilly
Kearney Patrick Loughgilly
Keasey Henry Loughgall
Keating Daniel Keady
Keating Hugh Derrynoose
Keating John Derrynoose
Keating Michael Derrynoose
Kelly James Killevy
Kelly James Mullaghbrack
Kelly John Ballymore
Kelly Nicholas Mullaghbrack
Kelly Owen Armagh
Kelly Patrick Armagh
Kelly Richard Killevy
Kelly Rose Mullaghbrack
Kelly Terence Creggan
Kelter Andrew Ballymore
Kelter Patrick Derrynoose
Kennedy Catherine Loughgilly
Kennedy David Derrynoose
Kennedy James Tynan
Kennedy John Mullaghbrack
Kennedy John Tynan
Kennedy Robert Armagh
Kennedy William Armagh
Kenney Arthur Ballymore
Kenney Patrick Ballymore
Kenny Francis Armagh
Kenny James Loughgall
Kenny Michael Loughgilly
Kenon Edward Creggan
Kenon Francis Creggan
Kenon Peter Creggan
Kenon Thomas Creggan
Kernan Henry Tynan
Kernan Manus Creggan
Kernan Peter Armagh
Kerr Edward Keady
Kerr James Mullaghbrack
Kerr Peter Armagh
Keys Charles Armagh
Keys David Armagh
Keys James Armagh
Keys John Armagh
Kidd James Keady
Kidd James Mullaghbrack
Kidd John Keady
Kidd Samuel Keady
Kidd William Keady
Kidd William Mullaghbrack
Kigan Francis Keady
Killen Edward Loughgall
Kilpatrick Arthur Mullaghbrack
Kilpatrick David Mullaghbrack
Kilpatrick James Armagh
Kilpatrick John Armagh
Kilpatrick Joseph Mullaghbrack
Kilpatrick Robert Armagh
Kilpatrick Samuel Armagh
Kilpatrick William Armagh
Kilpatrick William Mullaghbrack
Kincart John Loughgilly
King James Mullaghbrack
King John Armagh
King Rev. Samuel Ballymore
King Tobias Mullaghbrack
Kingsmill Thomas Ballymore
Kinnan William Derrynoose
Kinner John Tynan
Kirk Thomas Keady
Kirker James Derrynoose
Kirker James Keady
Kirker James Tynan
Kirker Thomas Tynan
Kirkwood John Keady
Kitchen Isaac Mullaghbrack
Knipe Arthur Armagh
Knipe Samuel Creggan
Kyle James Armagh
Lamb Bernard Mullaghbrack
Lamb James Armagh
Lamb James Loughgilly
Lamb Patrick Creggan
Lang Elizabeth Armagh
Lantry John Seagoe
Lappan Daniel Clonfeacle
Lappan Denis Armagh
Lappan Hugh Derrynoose
Lappan James Derrynoose
Lappan James Loughgall
Lappan John Armagh
Lappan Michcael Derrynoose
Lappan Patrick Keady
Lappan Peter Derrynoose
Lappan Peter Kilmore
Lappan Terence Armagh
Lappin Bernard Armagh
Lappin Patrick Derrynoose
Lappin William Armagh
Lappon Owen Loughgall
Largey James Armagh
Largey Patrick Armagh
Larkin Arthur Mullaghbrack
Larkin James Loughgilly
Larkin James Mullaghbrack
Larkin Peter Mullaghbrack
Laughlin James Ballymore
Laughlin Patrick Derrynoose
Lavel Hugh Lavel Clonfeacle
Laverty Daniel Mullaghbrack
Laverty James Drumcree
Lawson Abraham Derrynoose
Lawson David Tynan
Lawson James Mullaghbrack
Lawson John Keady
Lawson William Keady
Lawson William Mullaghbrack
Ledlie David Killevy
Ledlie John Killevy
Ledlie Thomas Killevy
Lee Alexander Mullaghbrack
Lee Leonard Armagh
Leeper John Mullaghbrack
Leeper Robert Mullaghbrack
Leister Robert Mullaghbrack
Lemmon George Keady
Lemmon Robert Keady
Lemmon Wm. Keady
Lemon James Derrynoose
Lemon Robert Loughgilly
Lemon Thomas Killevy
Lemon William Mullaghbrack
Lenagh Hugh Keady
Lenagh Loughlin Keady
Lenagh Michael Newtownhamilton
Lenagh Terence Newtownhamilton
Lenaghan James Mullaghbrack
Lennon John Armagh
Lennon Laurence Armagh
Lennon Peter Armagh
Lenon Patrick Creggan
Leslie Elizabeth Derrynoose
Leslie Francis Derrynoose
Leslie James Derrynoose
Leslie Nathaniel Derrynoose
Leslie William Keady
Lewis John Kilmore
Lewis John Mullaghbrack
Lewis Robert Mullaghbrack
Ligan John Mullaghbrack
Liggit Robert Mullaghbrack
Linchy Hugh Armagh
Lindon John Killevy
Lindon Laurence Loughgilly
Lindon Michael Loughgilly
Lindon Patrick Newtownhamilton
Lindsey James Mullaghbrack
Linsey Thomas Armagh
Little Archibald Mullaghbrack
Little David Mullaghbrack
Little Francis Keady
Little James Keady
Little Jane Armagh
Little John Mullaghbrack
Little John Tynan
Little John, Jr. Armagh
Little Mathew Killevy
Little Nicholas Tynan
Livingston James Mullaghbrack
Livingston James Tynan
Lockart Arthur Killevy
Lockart George Killevy
Lockart James Killevy
Lockart John Loughgilly
Lockart John Mullaghbrack
Lockart John Newtownhamilton
Lockart Robert Mullaghbrack
Lockhart George Mullaghbrack
Loe Barry Loughgall
Loney Francis Kilmore
Loney John Kilmore
Loo Felix Loughgilly
Lotten William Seagoe
Loughead Alexander Loughgilly
Loughead John Mullaghbrack
Loughead Thomas Mullaghbrack
Loughead William Mullaghbrack
Loughran Bernard Mullaghbrack
Loughran Patrick Tynan
Loughran Peter Creggan
Loughran Terence Keady
Lowdan Andrew Mullaghbrack
Lowdan Samuel Mullaghbrack
Lowe William Creggan
Lowry Samuel Derrynoose
Loy Owen Creggan
Loy Patrick Creggan
Luke James Mullaghbrack
Lunday Hugh Loughgilly
Lunday James Loughgilly
Lunday John Loughgilly
Lunday Robert Loughgilly
Lydlie Thomas Armagh
Lynas Matthew Keady
Lynn John Mullaghbrack
Lyons John Derrynoose
Lyons Samuel Tynan
Lyons William Derrynoose
Lyons William Keady
Lyster Samuel Keady
McAdams William Armagh
McAleavy Arthur Tynan
McAleavy Francis Tynan
McAleavy Hugh Tynan
McAleavy Peter Armagh
McAlenna Roger Armagh
McAlexander Samuel Mullaghbrack
McAlier Arthur Loughgilly
McAlister George Derrynoose
McAlister James Derrynoose
McAnallen Peter Armagh
McAnallin Edward Armagh
McAnallin Owen Armagh
McAnallin Patrick Armagh
McAnallin Peter Armagh
McAnallin Terrence Armagh
McAnallon Daniel Armagh
McAnallon Rose Armagh
McAnally John Kilmore
McAnally Owen Tynan
McAnalty James Creggan
McAnespie Henry Armagh
McAnespie Patrick Armagh
McAnlis James Newtownhamilton
McAnlis James, Jr. Newtownhamilton
McAnulty Owen Creggan
McArdel Francis Mullaghbrack
McArdel Henry Keady
McArdel James Keady
McArdel John Mullaghbrack
McArdel Margaret Armagh
McArdel Patrick Keady
McArdel Peter Keady
McArdel Philip Keady
McArdell Bryan Creggan
McArdell Bryan Loughgilly
McArdell Constant Derrynoose
McArdell James Derrynoose
McArdell Moses Derrynoose
McArdell Patrick Derrynoose
McArdell Patrick Loughgilly
McArdell Patrick Newtownhamilton
McArdell Peter Creggan
McArtier Farrel Keady
McAteer Arthur Loughgilly
McAteer Hugh Tynan
McAuly Robert Mullaghbrack
McBennet Daniel Keady
McBride Denis Tynan
McBride James Armagh
McBride John Armagh
McBride Patrick Clonfeacle
McBride Thomas Armagh
McBride Thomas Mullaghbrack
McBurney Alexander Loughgilly
McBurney David Newtownhamilton
McBurney Hugh Loughgilly
McBurney James Ballymore
McBurney James Loughgilly
McBurney Patrick Newtownhamilton
McBurney Thomas Newtownhamilton
McCadam David Keady
McCadam Gilbert Keady
McCadam John Keady
McCadam Robert Armagh
McCadam William Armagh
McCaffry Edward Armagh
McCaffry John Keady
McCaghey Philip Derrynoose
McCairley William Mullaghbrack
McCalden David Mullaghbrack
McCall Alexander Derrynoose
McCall David Derrynoose
McCall John Armagh
McCall John Derrynoose
McCall John, Jr. Derrynoose
McCall Mary Derrynoose
McCall Patrick Armagh
McCall Robert Derrynoose
McCall William Derrynoose
McCammon John Kilmore
McCann Arthur Keady
McCann David Kilmore
McCann Francis Armagh
McCann George Drumcree
McCann James Armagh
McCann James Derrynoose
McCann John Ballymore
McCann John Mullaghbrack
McCann Michael Keady
McCann Peter Armagh
McCann Philip Armagh
McCann Terence Loughgilly
McCann Thomas Loughgilly
McCann Toal Armagh
McCanna John Mullaghbrack
McCaragher Mary Armagh
McCardell Patrick Derrynoose
McCart Archibald Tynan
McCart John Loughgilly
McCart Owen Tynan
McCartin Bryan Armagh
McCartin Edward Armagh
McCartin George Derrynoose
McCartin Hugh Armagh
McCartin John Armagh
McCartin Mary Armagh
McCartin Michael Keady
McCartney David Mullaghbrack
McCartney George Mullaghbrack
McCartney Hugh Mullaghbrack
McCartney James Loughgilly
McCartney Samuel Killevy
McCartney Thomas Loughgilly
McCarton Hugh Armagh
McCashlin Alexander Mullaghbrack
McCashlin Robert Mullaghbrack
McCay Terence Kilmore
McChesney John Tynan
McClane William Kilmore
McClatchey Hugh Tynan
McClave Robert Keady
McClean Allen Tynan
McClean George Loughgilly
McClean Hugh Loughgilly
McClean James Mullaghbrack
McClean John Mullaghbrack
McClean Robert Armagh
McCleland Abraham Mullaghbrack
McCleland Arthur Drumcree
McCleland Margaret Mullaghbrack
McCleland Samuel Mullaghbrack
McClelelan John Clonfeacle
McClelland Andrew Ballymore
McClelland James Ballymore
McClelland James Loughgilly
McClelland John Ballymore
McClelland John Mullaghbrack
McClelland Joseph Mullaghbrack
McClinchie Simon Mullaghbrack
McCloskey Henry Armagh
McClughan Robert Kilmore
McClullough John Killevy
McClung Anthony Armagh
McClung James, Jr. Armagh
McClure Alexander Armagh
McClure Alexander Keady
McClure James Tartaraghan
McClure John Loughgilly
McClure John Mullaghbrack
McClure Robert Loughgilly
McClure Robert Mullaghbrack
McClure Thomas Kilmore
McClure Thomas Mullaghbrack
McClure William Mullaghbrack
McClure Wm. Keady
McCoe Bernard Clonfeacle
McCollough James Armagh
McCollough John Kilmore
McComb John Loughgilly
McCombe David Loughgilly
McCombs John Killevy
McCombs Samuel Keady
McCombs Thomas Loughgilly
McCombs William Drumcree
McCone Rose Loughgall
McCone Terence Loughgall
McConnel Anthony Mullaghbrack
McConnel Eleanor Mullaghbrack
McConnel Elizabeth Mullaghbrack
McConnel John Mullaghbrack
McConnel Matthew Armagh
McConnel Michael Mullaghbrack
McConnel Peter Mullaghbrack
McConnell James Armagh
McConnell Mary Loughgilly
McConnell Michael Newtownhamilton
McConnell Moses Loughgilly
McConnell Nevin Newtownhamilton
McConnell Patrick Loughgilly
McConnell Thomas Newtownhamilton
McConwell Edward Ballymore
McCooey John Armagh
McCooty Michael Armagh
McCormick Alexander Mullaghbrack
McCormick Alexander Tynan
McCormick Arthur Armagh
McCormick James Loughgilly
McCormick Robert Newtownhamilton
McCormick Robert Tynan
McCosgrove Henry Loughgilly
McCosker Edward Derrynoose
McCosker James Derrynoose
McCosker Terence Derrynoose
McCoskrey James Loughgilly
McCourt James Loughgilly
McCourt Owen Keady
McCourt Patrick Ballymore
McCourt Philip Derrynoose
McCourt Thomas Mullaghbrack
McCracken David Tynan
McCracken John Armagh
McCracken Mary Armagh
McCreagh James Derrynoose
McCreery James Loughgilly
McCreery Mary Mullaghbrack
McCreery Samuel Derrynoose
McCreety Patrick Armagh
McCreish Owen Creggan
McCreish Terence Creggan
McCrory Patrick Keady
McCrum James Tynan
McCrum John Tynan
McCrum Patrick Tynan
McCrum William Tynan
McCudden Patrick Armagh
McCudden Thomas Armagh
McCullagh James Mullaghbrack
McCullens Robert Killevy
McCullough Archy Mullaghbrack
McCullough Edward Armagh
McCullough Henry Keady
McCullough Hugh Armagh
McCullough James Armagh
McCullough Patrick Loughgilly
McCullough Samuel Derrynoose
McCullough William Keady
McCullough William Loughgilly
McCullough Wm. Loughgall
McCune David Loughgilly
McCune John Mullaghbrack
McCusker Bryan Derrynoose
McCutchon Andrew Ballymore
McDade John Armagh
McDonnell James Loughgilly
McDonnell Patrick Tynan
McDonnida Michael Kilmore
McDowel James Armagh
McDowell Prudence Mullaghbrack
McElroy Thomas Ballymore
McEvoy Hugh Newtownhamilton
McFadan Alexander Loughgilly
McFadan James Loughgilly
McFadden Alexander Mullaghbrack
McFarlan Jane Loughgall
McFarshan John Loughgilly
McFarshan Mary Loughgilly
McGalt Balla Kilmore
McGarity George Mullaghbrack
McGarr James Keady
McGaughen Patrick Mullaghbrack
McGaughey John Mullaghbrack
McGaughey Samuel Mullaghbrack
McGaw James Newtownhamilton
McGeough Patrick Armagh
McGiffen William Ballymore
McGinn Bryan Newtownhamilton
McGinn Henry Newtownhamilton
McGinn John Newtownhamilton
McGinnis William Derrynoose
McGlennon Thomas Keady
McGlenon Owen Clonfeacle
McGlone Neal Armagh
McGovern Daniel Killevy
McGowan Margaret Drumcree
McGran Denis Clonfeacle
McGran Michael Clonfeacle
McGran Patrick Clonfeacle
McGraw Phelix Armagh
McGrory Andrew Keady
McGrory Sylvester Tynan
McGrory Thomas Armagh
McGugin Roger Loughgall
McGuigan Phoebe Derrynoose
McGuill Patrick Ballymore
McGuire Edward Armagh
McGuirgan Francis Armagh
McGuirk Francis Armagh
McGurgan Donald Keady
McGurgan James Keady
McGurgan Matthew Keady
McGurk James Tynan
McGurk Neal Armagh
McHolm Patrick Drumcree
McIlduff James Newtownhamilton
McIlduff Michael Newtownhamilton
McIlmurry John Tynan
McIlroy Elizabeth Mullaghbrack
McIlroy Francis Mullaghbrack
McIlroy James Loughgilly
McIlroy John Keady
McIlroy John Loughgilly
McIlroy Patrick Mullaghbrack
McIlroy Thomas Loughgilly
McIlveen Joseph Newtownhamilton
McIlveen Samuel Newtownhamilton
McIlvenna Bernard Keady
McIlvenna Henry Derrynoose
McIlvenna James Derrynoose
McIlvenna Patrick Derrynoose
McIlvenna Peter Keady
McIlverma Patrick Armagh
McIlwrath Thomas Derrynoose
McIver George, Jr. Creggan
McIver George, Sr. Creggan
McKean James Mullaghbrack
McKearney James Armagh
McKee Authur Armagh
McKee Bryan Armagh
McKee Catherine Armagh
McKee Henry Armagh
McKee James Armagh
McKee John Armagh
McKee Joseph Mullaghbrack
McKee Luke Armagh
McKee Mary Mullaghbrack
McKee Patrick Armagh
McKee Patrick Keady
McKee Stephen Loughgilly
McKeever James Armagh
McKeever James Derrynoose
McKeevor George Kilmore
McKeevor Henry Kilmore
McKeevor Michael Armagh
McKeevor Patrick Kilmore
McKeevor Peter Kilmore
McKeevor Phelemy Clonfeacle
McKeevor Phelix Armagh
McKeevor Philip Kilmore
McKenna Agnes Armagh
McKenna Arthur Derrynoose
McKenna Bridget Derrynoose
McKenna Catherine Derrynoose
McKenna Cormick Armagh
McKenna Daniel Armagh
McKenna David Derrynoose
McKenna Edward Tynan
McKenna Felix Derrynoose
McKenna Francis Mullaghbrack
McKenna Francis Tynan
McKenna James Derrynoose
McKenna James Keady
McKenna John Armagh
McKenna John Derrynoose
McKenna John Tynan
McKenny James Mullaghbrack
McKeon Arthur Derrynoose
McKeon Charles Tynan
McKeon Felix Loughgilly
McKeon Henry Loughgilly
McKeon James Loughgilly
McKeon John Newtownhamilton
McKeon Owen Loughgilly
McKeon Patrick Derrynoose
McKeon Patrick Loughgilly
McKeon Patrick, Sr. Loughgilly
McKeon Thomas Creggan
McKeown Bernard Killevy
McKeown John Armagh
McKeown William Armagh
McKernan Arthur Armagh
McKernan Fergus Armagh
McKernan Neal Armagh
McKernan Neal Derrynoose
McKernan Owen Derrynoose
McKerney Mary Derrynoose
McKewn Patrick Mullaghbrack
McKigan James Armagh
McKillup Denis Loughgilly
McKillup John Loughgilly
McKinley Daniel Creggan
McKinley James Loughgilly
McKinly Murtagh Armagh
McKinshy Thomas Keady
McKinstry Robert Armagh
McLaughlin James Mullaghbrack
McLaughlin John Mullaghbrack
McLaughlin John, Jr. Mullaghbrack
McLaughlin Mary Mullaghbrack
McLaughlin William Armagh
McLeady John Loughgall
McMahon Alexander Armagh
McMahon Cornelius Keady
McMahon Felix Mullaghbrack
McMahon Hugh Creggan
McMahon Hugh Newtownhamilton
McMahon James Armagh
McMahon James Mullaghbrack
McMahon John Derrynoose
McMahon John Mullaghbrack
McMahon Peter Armagh
McMahon Robert Loughgilly
McMahon Robert Mullaghbrack
McMahon Samuel Derrynoose
McMasters John Clonfeacle
McMullan James Mullaghbrack
McMullan John Mullaghbrack
McMullan Robert Derrynoose
McMullen Henry Armagh
McMullen James Armagh
McMullen Robert Kilmore
McMurray Anne Loughgilly
McMurray Archibald Loughgilly
McMurray Eliza Loughgilly
McMurray Gabriel Mullaghbrack
McMurray James Loughgilly
McMurray John Loughgilly
McMurray William Loughgilly
McNamee George Tynan
McNawall Patrick Derrynoose
McNees Alexander Ballymore
McNeil James Ballymore
McNell Duncan Mullaghbrack
McNew Widow Ballymore
McParlan Patrick Armagh
McParlin Anne Keady
McParlin Catherine Keady
McParlin Daniel Loughgilly
McParlin Edward Armagh
McParlin Edward Mullaghbrack
McParlin Elizabeth Loughgilly
McParlin Francis Mullaghbrack
McParlin Henry Loughgilly
McParlin James Armagh
McParlin James Loughgilly
McParlin John Armagh
McParlin John Loughgilly
McParlin Margaret Loughgilly
McParlin Mary Mullaghbrack
McParlin Neal Mullaghbrack
McParlin Owen Loughgilly
McParlin Owen Mullaghbrack
McParlin Patrick Loughgilly
McParlin Peter Loughgilly
McParlin Peter Mullaghbrack
McParlin Robert Mullaghbrack
McParlin Stephen Mullaghbrack
McParlin Terence Loughgilly
McParlin Thomas Loughgilly
McQuade Hugh Loughgilly
McQuade John Mullaghbrack
McQuade Patrick Loughgilly
McQuade Patrick Mullaghbrack
McQuillan John Loughgilly
McRealy Barney Armagh
McRoberts John Mullaghbrack
McRoberts William Mullaghbrack
McScandlin Patrick Mullaghbrack
McShane Andrrew Armagh
McShane Daniel Mullaghbrack
McShane Edward Creggan
McShane Edward Newtownhamilton
McShane Felix Creggan
McShane James Newtownhamilton
McSharry Phelemy Clonfeacle
McSharry Widow Clonfeacle
McShefry Bernard Loughgilly
McShefry John Killevy
McShefry Patrick Killevy
McSherry Patrick Killevy
McSherry William Killevy
McStay James Loughgilly
McSweany William Mullaghbrack
McVeagh John Mullaghbrack
McVeagh Joseph Armagh
McWade Owen Armagh
McWatty Thomas Armagh
McWhirter Thomas Mullaghbrack
McWhirter William Mullaghbrack
McWhoney Joseph Clonfeacle
McWilliams James Derrynoose
McWilliams John Armagh
McWilliams John Keady
McWillie James Newtownhamilton
Macartney George Killevy
Machel James Loughgall
Machel Terence Loughgall
Mackel John Armagh
Mackian Andrew Creggan
Mackian Bryan Creggan
Mackian Patrick Creggan
Mackian Roger Creggan
Mackle Arthur Clonfeacle
Macklin Anthony Derrynoose
Macklin John Armagh
Macklin William Armagh
Macquy James Armagh
Madden Hugh Tynan
Madden James Tynan
Maffet Thomas Armagh
Maffet William Armagh
Magee Bernard Armagh
Magee Catherine Armagh
Magee Edward Armagh
Magee Henry Tynan
Magee James Armagh
Magee John Armagh
Magee John Keady
Magee John Tynan
Magee Thomas Armagh
Magennis Thomas Armagh
Maginis Patrick Loughgilly
Maginnis Edward Loughgilly
Maglone Arthur Armagh
Maglone Terence Armagh
Maglone Thomas Armagh
Magonigall John Armagh
Magowan Andrew Loughgilly
Magowan James Armagh
Magowan James Newtownhamilton
Magowan John Armagh
Magowan John Loughgilly
Magowan Samuel Loughgilly
Magowan Thomas Loughgilly
Magowan Thomas, Sr. Loughgilly
Magowan William Mullaghbrack
Magran Henry Armagh
Magran James Armagh
Magran Richard Tynan
Maguire Francis Tynan
Maguire Patrick Armagh
Maguire Thomas Loughgilly
Magurk Archibald Armagh
Magurk Terence Armagh
Maholm Cormick Derrynoose
Maholm Henry Derrynoose
Mahon Anne Armagh
Mahon Henry Armagh
Malcolmson John Loughgilly
Mallan Arthur Derrynoose
Mallan Henry Mullaghbrack
Mallan James Derrynoose
Mallan John Derrynoose
Mallan Michael Derrynoose
Mallan Owen Derrynoose
Mallan Patrick Derrynoose
Mallan Patrick Mullaghbrack
Mallan Patrick Tynan
Mallaugh John Mullaghbrack
Mallen Owen Derrynoose
Mallon Bryan Tynan
Mallon Daniel Clonfeacle
Mallon John Tynan
Mallon Patrick Tynan
Mallon Peter Tynan
Mallon Thomas Tynan
Man James Derrynoose
Mann Robert Mullaghbrack
Mann William Mullaghbrack
March Joshua Kilmore
Marks James Armagh
Marks Robert Armagh
Marley Patrick Killevy
Marly Mary Armagh
Marshal Alexander Armagh
Marshal Gilbert Mullaghbrack
Marshal John Mullaghbrack
Marshal John Tynan
Marshal William Mullaghbrack
Marshall Michael Derrynoose
Marshall Thomas Tynan
Martin Daniel Killevy
Martin David Mullaghbrack
Martin Hugh Armagh
Martin James Armagh
Martin James Mullaghbrack
Martin John Mullaghbrack
Martin Joseph Mullaghbrack
Martin Mary Mullaghbrack
Martin Robert Mullaghbrack
Martin Thomas Mullaghbrack
Martin William Mullaghbrack
Mason Arthur Seagoe
Mason Daniel Mullaghbrack
Mason William Armagh
Mason William Loughgilly
Mathers William Armagh
Mathews Edward Killevy
Mathews John Armagh
Matthews Jacob Ballymore
Mawherter William Killevy
Mawhiney James Mullaghbrack
Mawhiney William Loughgilly
Mawhirtir Arthur Armagh
Mawirtir David Loughgilly
Maxwell James Ballymore
Maxwell John Armagh
Maxwell John Derrynoose
Maxwell John Keady
Maxwell John Loughgilly
Maynes Cormick Armagh
Megahan Bryan Armagh
Megahan Hugh Armagh
Megahan Patrick Armagh
Megahan Phelix Armagh
Meganity Samuel Mullaghbrack
Megarity James Mullaghbrack
Megaughey Patrick Armagh
Menary Alexander Derrynoose
Menary James Armagh
Menary John Armagh
Menary John Derrynoose
Menary Joseph Armagh
Menary Robert Armagh
Menary Sarah Keady
Menight James Tynan
Menight John Mullaghbrack
Merry Arthur Keady
Merry Barney Keady
Miller David Mullaghbrack
Miller George Loughgall
Miller John Loughgall
Mills Abraham Newtownhamilton
Mills Alexander Loughgilly
Mills Daniel Tynan
Mills John Loughgilly
Milsap Richard Armagh
Minis Robert Killevy
Mitchel Georg Mullaghbrack
Mitchel George Tynan
Mitchel John Mullaghbrack
Mitchel Robert Mullaghbrack
Mitchell Catharine Tynan
Mitchell Isaac Derrynoose
Mitchell John Loughgilly
Mitchell Margaret Derrynoose
Mitchell Robert Tynan
Mitchell William Loughgilly
Mitten John Kilmore
Moan Bryan Keady
Moan Eleanor Loughgilly
Moan William Tynan
Moaney Bryan Derrynoose
Moaney Daniel Loughgilly
Moaney James Mullaghbrack
Moaney Patrick Loughgilly
Moaney Patrick Tynan
Moaney Terence Derrynoose
Moffet Jomes Armagh
Moffet Mary Armagh
Moffit Francis Armagh
Mohan Francis Derrynoose
Moley Patrick Creggan
Monaghan James Loughgilly
Monaghan Patrick Armagh
Monaghan Peter Loughgilly
Montgomery Charles Mullaghbrack
Montgomery James Mullaghbrack
Montgomery John Armagh
Montgomery John Mullaghbrack
Montgomery Joseph Armagh
Montgomery William Armagh
Montgomery William Keady
Moody David Ballymore
Moody John Ballymore
Mooney Charles Creggan
Moore Gawin Loughgall
Moore Hugh Loughgall
Moore James Armagh
Moore James Derrynoose
Moore John Ballymore
Moore John Killevy
Moore John Loughgall
Moore Joshua Tynan
Moore Mary Tynan
Moore Philip Ballymore
Moore Robert Armagh
Moore Robert Ballymore
Moore Thomas Armagh
Moore Thomas Keady
Moore Widow Loughgall
Moore William Armagh
Moore William Keady
Moorehead John Loughgilly
Morgan Daniel Killevy
Morgan John Mullaghbrack
Morgan Owen Mullaghbrack
Morgan Patrick Armagh
Morgan Peter Loughgilly
Morison David Derrynoose
Morris Patrick Newtownhamilton
Morris Robert Newtownhamilton
Morrison Edward Armagh
Morrison James Loughgall
Morrison James Mullaghbrack
Morrison John Mullaghbrack
Morrison Sarah Tynan
Morrow Anne Kilmore
Morrow Samuel Tynan
Morrton George Derrynoose
Morton Charles Derrynoose
Morton George Derrynoose
Morton John Derrynoose
Morton William Tynan
Muckian Owen Creggan
Mulholm George Mullaghbrack
Mulholm Henry Armagh
Mulholm Patrick Loughgilly
Mullagan Bernard Mullaghbrack
Mullagan Richard Armagh
Mullagan Robert Mullaghbrack
Mullan Arthur Armagh
Mullan Edward Armagh
Mullan Thomas Clonfeacle
Mullan William Armagh
Mullen John Tynan
Mullen Owen Tynan
Mulligan Daniel Mullaghbrack
Mulligan Denis Newtownhamilton
Mulligan John Creggan
Mulligan John Derrynoose
Mulligan Samuel Newtownhamilton
Mulligan Terence Mullaghbrack
Mulligan Thomas Derrynoose
Mulligan William Derrynoose
Mulligan William Tartaraghan
Murdock Andrew Mullaghbrack
Murdock Robert Mullaghbrack
Murdock Robert, Sr. Mullaghbrack
Murnian Daniel Derrynoose
Murphy Bryan Newtownhamilton
Murphy Bryan, Sr. Newtownhamilton
Murphy David Derrynoose
Murphy Denis Armagh
Murphy Edward Mullaghbrack
Murphy James Armagh
Murphy James Derrynoose
Murphy James Newtownhamilton
Murphy John Derrynoose
Murphy John Loughgilly
Murphy John Newtownhamilton
Murphy Patrick Loughgilly
Murphy Patrick Mullaghbrack
Murphy Patrick Newtownhamilton
Murphy Patrick Tynan
Murphy Terence Clonfeacle
Murray Hugh Armagh
Murray James Loughgall
Murray James Tynan
Murray Richard Armagh
Murray Roger Newtownhamilton
Murtagh Bryan Newtownhamilton
Murtagh Edward Creggan
Murtagh James Tynan
Murtagh Mary Newtownhamilton
Murtagh Nogher Tynan
Murtagh Patrick Mullaghbrack
Murtagh Patrick Newtownhamilton
Murtay Patrick Derrynoose
Nary William Mullaghbrack
Neaney John Derrynoose
Neil Hugh Clonfeacle
Neil James Mullaghbrack
Neil Jane Mullaghbrack
Neil John Mullaghbrack
Neil Robert Armagh
Neil Thomas Mullaghbrack
Neil William Mullaghbrack
Neile Phelemy Armagh
Neill Ambrose Tynan
Neill Edward Armagh
Neill Gawin Loughgilly
Neill John Derrynoose
Neill John Loughgilly
Neill John Mullaghbrack
Neill William Loughgilly
Neilson Alexander Ballymore
Neilson Andrew Armagh
Neilson David Killevy
Neilson Henry Ballymore
Neilson James Mullaghbrack
Neilson John Mullaghbrack
Neilson Robert Mullaghbrack
Nesbitt Adam Armagh
Nesbitt Jonathan Armagh
Nesbitt Robert Armagh
Nevin Arthur Tynan
Newall John Loughgilly
Newel Hans Mullaghbrack
Nichol James Mullaghbrack
Nichol John Mullaghbrack
Nicholson James Armagh
Nixon Widow Kilmore
Noble Richard Mullaghbrack
Norritt Jane Tynan
Norton Thomas Tynan
Nugent Arthur Keady
Nugent John Armagh
Nugent Owen Armagh
Nugent Terence Armagh
Nugent Thomas Newtownhamilton
O'Calaghan Eliza Armagh
O'Donnel Cornelius Clonfeacle
O'Donnell John Derrynoose
O'Donnell Terence Derrynoose
O'Hara Patrick Armagh
O'Hare Bernard Mullaghbrack
O'Hare Edward Creggan
O'Hare Patrick Creggan
O'Hare Peter Loughgilly
O'Hare William Creggan
O'Neal David Armagh
O'Neil Bernard Keady
O'Neil Bryan Armagh
O'Neil Charles Kilmore
O'Neil Francis Creggan
O'Neil James Keady
O'Neil John Mullaghbrack
O'Neil Owen Mullaghbrack
O'Neil Paul Mullaghbrack
O'Neil Terence Mullaghbrack
O'Neile Arthur Armagh
O'Neile Bryan Armagh
O'Neill Con. Loughgilly
O'Neill Francis Derrynoose
O'Neill Owen Creggan
Oak William Armagh
Odgers Edward Drumcree
Oliver Anthony Armagh
Oliver James Armagh
Oliver John Armagh
Oliver Joseph Armagh
Oliver Mary Armagh
Orr James Tynan
Orr Joseph Armagh
Orr Robert Drumcree
Orr William Mullaghbrack
Otterson James Loughgilly
Ougheltree Mongo Mullaghbrack
Painter Richard Tynan
Painter William Tynan
Pallan John Loughgilly
Pally James Ballymore
Pally William Ballymore
Palmer David Armagh
Palmer David, Sr. Armagh
Palmer George Mullaghbrack
Palmer James Armagh
Palmer James, Jr. Armagh
Palmer John Armagh
Palmer Robert Armagh
Park Edward Mullaghbrack
Parkes John Loughgilly
Parkes Samuel Mullaghbrack
Parkes William Mullaghbrack
Parks James Loughgilly
Parr Benjamin Mullaghbrack
Parr Jane Mullaghbrack
Parry John Mullaghbrack
Parry Robert Mullaghbrack
Pasmore Walter Armagh
Patience John Mullaghbrack
Patterson Charles Loughgilly
Patterson Ebenezor Killevy
Patterson Henry Kilmore
Patterson James Armagh
Patterson James Loughgilly
Patterson John Killevy
Patterson John Loughgall
Patterson John Mullaghbrack
Patterson Joseph Loughgilly
Pearson Jacob Mullaghbrack
Pearson Thomas Armagh
Peebles Hans Mullaghbrack
Peebles James Tynan
Peebles Joseph Tynan
Peery William Creggan
Pepper William Loughgilly
Petticrew John Derrynoose
Petticrew Samuel Mullaghbrack
Petticrew Thomas Tynan
Phoenix Mary Mullaghbrack
Pierce John Derrynoose
Pillow Henry Derrynoose
Pillow Thomas Loughgall
Pillow William Mullaghbrack
Platt John Armagh
Pocter Samuel, Jr. Newtownhamilton
Pocter Samuel, Sr. Newtownhamilton
Pollock James Derrynoose
Pollock James Killevy
Pollock John Killevy
Polly John Mullaghbrack
Pool James Ballymore
Porter John Ballymore
Porter John Mullaghbrack
Porter Robert Ballymore
Porter Robert Loughgilly
Porter Timothy Loughgilly
Porter William Mullaghbrack
Potts Abraham Keady
Potts Joseph Keady
Potts William Keady
Prentice Elizabeth Armagh
Prescot Simon Tartaraghan
Preston Alexander Mullaghbrack
Preston William Kilmore
Price John Clonfeacle
Price Samuel Ballymore
Price Samuel Derrynoose
Pritchard Mary Tynan
Proctor George Mullaghbrack
Proctor John Loughgall
Proctor Mary Mullaghbrack
Proctor Thomas Loughgall
Purday Robert Mullaghbrack
Qua James Loughgilly
Qua Robert, Jr. Loughgilly
Qua Robert, Sr. Loughgilly
Queen Edward Clonfeacle
Queen Enough Loughgall
Queen Phelix Kilmore
Queen Widow Clonfeacle
Quigley Eleanor Armagh
Quigley John Armagh
Quigley Michael Armagh
Quigley Owen Derrynoose
Quin Agnes Mullaghbrack
Quin Arthur Creggan
Quin Arthur Derrynoose
Quin Arthur Mullaghbrack
Quin Bryan Creggan
Quin Bryan Loughgilly
Quin Bryan, Sr. Creggan
Quin Daniel Tynan
Quin Edward Mullaghbrack
Quin Francis Keady
Quin Isaac Loughgilly
Quin James Loughgilly
Quin John Creggan
Quin John Loughgilly
Quin John Tynan
Quin Laurence Creggan
Quin Murtagh Killevy
Quin Owen Creggan
Quin Peter Loughgilly
Quin Peter Mullaghbrack
Quin Peter Tynan
Quin Robert Loughgilly
Quin Terence Loughgilly
Quin Terence Newtownhamilton
Rainey George Armagh
Rainey Margaret Armagh
Rainey William Loughgilly
Randles John Loughgilly
Randles John, Jr. Loughgilly
Raverty Bernard Mullaghbrack
Raverty Bryan Derrynoose
Raverty Catharine Keady
Raverty Corny Mullaghbrack
Raverty Hugh Derrynoose
Raverty James Derrynoose
Raverty James Mullaghbrack
Raverty John Armagh
Raverty John Creggan
Raverty John Derrynoose
Raverty John Keady
Raverty Margaret Tynan
Raverty Neil Kilmore
Raverty Owen Derrynoose
Raverty Patrick Derrynoose
Raverty Terence Derrynoose
Ravery Terence Armagh
Raw James Tynan
Raw John Tynan
Rea Patrick Ballymore
Redmond Francis Mullaghbrack
Reed Anne Armagh
Reed Archibald Loughgall
Reed David Tynan
Reed John Armagh
Reed Moses Mullaghbrack
Reed Robert Tynan
Reed Thomas Armagh
Reed William Armagh
Reed William Tynan
Reilly Alexander Derrynoose
Reilly James Derrynoose
Reilly John Derrynoose
Reilly Patrick Derrynoose
Reilly William Derrynoose
Revell David Killevy
Rice Edward Ballymore
Rice Felix Mullaghbrack
Rice James Loughgilly
Rice Patrick Armagh
Rice William Armagh
Richeson Jonathan Armagh
Rimer William Tynan
Rines John Ballymore
Rippit John Armagh
Rippit Samuel Armagh
Roaney James Mullaghbrack
Roaney William Mullaghbrack
Robb Samuel Loughgilly
Roberts Alexander Tynan
Roberts Catharine Mullaghbrack
Roberts James Mullaghbrack
Roberts Rev. Edward Keady
Robinson Alexander Mullaghbrack
Robinson George Loughgilly
Robinson George Mullaghbrack
Robinson Henry Loughgall
Robinson Isaac Armagh
Robinson Isaac Loughgall
Robinson James Ballymore
Robinson James Derrynoose
Robinson John Kilmore
Robinson Joseph Armagh
Robinson Lewis Mullaghbrack
Robinson Margaret Mullaghbrack
Robinson Robert Derrynoose
Robinson Thomas Derrynoose
Robinson William Clonfeacle
Robinson William Seagoe
Robson John Armagh
Robson Sarah Mullaghbrack
Rockes James Armagh
Rockes James Mullaghbrack
Rocks Barney Armagh
Rocks Edward Armagh
Rocks Patrick Armagh
Rocks Phelemy Armagh
Rodgers Bernard Armagh
Rodgers Patrick Loughgall
Rodgers Robert Armagh
Rogers John Mullaghbrack
Rogers John Newtownhamilton
Rogers John Tynan
Rooney Owen Creggan
Roony Francis Armagh
Ross William Loughgilly
Roundtree James Mullaghbrack
Rowland John Newtownhamilton
Rowland John, Sr. Newtownhamilton
Ruddle George Seagoe
Ruddy Robert Mullaghbrack
Rule John Derrynoose
Rule Rose Derrynoose
Running John Kilmore
Running William Kilmore
Russel James Mullaghbrack
Russel John Tynan
Russell Leonard Loughgilly
Russell Sidney Loughgilly
Rutledge Richard Derrynoose
Ryans John Loughgall
Saunders John Armagh
Saunderson John Armagh
Saunderson Joseph Drumcree
Saunderson William Armagh
Savage Patrick Loughgilly
Scott Adam Mullaghbrack
Scott David Derrynoose
Scott Elizabeth Tynan
Scott Francis Tynan
Scott George Killevy
Scott Isaac Keady
Scott James Mullaghbrack
Scott Thomas Loughgilly
Scott Walter Killevy
Seawright Jane Loughgilly
Seawright John Loughgilly
Seawright Mark Loughgilly
Shales Eleanor Mullaghbrack
Shales John Mullaghbrack
Shankes Thomas Loughgilly
Shannon John Mullaghbrack
Sharkey Patrick Mullaghbrack
Sharp John Mullaghbrack
Sheals Hugh Keady
Sheals John Loughgilly
Sheals Paul Keady
Sheals William Keady
Sheils Denis Loughgilly
Sheils Owen Mullaghbrack
Sheils Teague Loughgilly
Sheils William Loughgilly
Sheridan Edward Newtownhamilton
Sheridan Hugh Newtownhamilton
Sheridan James Newtownhamilton
Sheridan Peter Newtownhamilton
Sheridan Thomas Newtownhamilton
Sherin Seagoe
Sherry Cornelius Armagh
Sherry Hugh Armagh
Sherry John Armagh
Shiels James Keady
Shiels James Mullaghbrack
Shiels John Armagh
Short James Killevy
Short Michael Loughgilly
Short Owen Keady
Short Peter Armagh
Short Philip Derrynoose
Sibbit Hugh Armagh
Simerel Thomas Loughgall
Simerel Thomas Mullaghbrack
Simmerel Richard Mullaghbrack
Simonton James Armagh
Simonton Margaret Armagh
Simonton William Armagh
Simonton William Derrynoose
Simpson Andrew Armagh
Simpson Anne Keady
Simpson George Mullaghbrack
Simpson James Loughgilly
Simpson John, Jr. Mullaghbrack
Simpson John, Sr. Mullaghbrack
Simpson Nathaniel Mullaghbrack
Simpson Thomas Mullaghbrack
Simpson William Newtownhamilton
Sims Andrew Mullaghbrack
Sinton Benjamin Kilmore
Skinner John Keady
Sleater Samuel Keady
Sleath John Mullaghbrack
Sleator James Armagh
Sleator John Armagh
Sleeth William Loughgilly
Sleith Mary Mullaghbrack
Sleith Samuel Mullaghbrack
Sleven Bartholomew Armagh
Slevin Michael Derrynoose
Sloan Alexander Keady
Slone James Loughgall
Slone John Loughgall
Slone John, Jr. Loughgall
Small Hugh Mullaghbrack
Smart William Armagh
Smiley Hugh Keady
Smith Constantine Armagh
Smith Dolly Armagh
Smith Samuel Loughgall
Smith Widow Kilmore
Smyth David Armagh
Smyth Edward Tynan
Smyth James Mullaghbrack
Smyth Joseph Newtownhamilton
Smyth Patrick Tynan
Smyth Roger Mullaghbrack
Smyth Samuel Loughgilly
Smyth Thomas Creggan
Smyth Thomas Tynan
Snodden John Ballymore
Sooley Francis Armagh
Spark William Armagh
Speers Patrick Derrynoose
Speers Samuel Creggan
Speers William Creggan
Spence Alexander Mullaghbrack
Spence James Mullaghbrack
Spence Richard Ballymore
Spence Robert Kilmore
Spence William Mullaghbrack
Sprowl Anne Derrynoose
Staniard Samuel Killevy
Stanly Widow Kilmore
Steel Charles Loughgilly
Steel Francis Loughgilly
Steel John Loughgilly
Steel William Loughgilly
Steenson William Mullaghbrack
Stephenson Alexander Newtownhamilton
Stephenson James Armagh
Stephenson John Armagh
Stephenson John Kilmore
Stephenson John Loughgilly
Stephenson Joseph Armagh
Stephenson Robert Loughgilly
Stephenson Thomas Loughgilly
Stephenson William Armagh
Stephenson William Mullaghbrack
Stevenson John Ballymore
Stevenson Robert Ballymore
Stewart Alexander Tynan
Stewart Anne Kilmore
Stewart David Loughgilly
Stewart John Kilmore
Stewart John Loughgilly
Stewart Robert Armagh
Stewart Robert Derrynoose
Stewart Robert Tynan
Stewart Samuel Armagh
Stewart Samuel Newtownhamilton
Stewart William Armagh
Stewart William Derrynoose
Stewart William Mullaghbrack
Stewart William Newtownhamilton
Stitt John Creggan
Stitt John Tynan
Stitt Richard Tynan
Stitt Robert Loughgilly
Stoopes Thomas Armagh
Stoopes William Armagh
Stote James Kilmore
Stothers William Kilmore
Strain Abraham Ballymore
Strain James Clonfeacle
Strain Thomas Ballymore
Sturgeon Nathaniel Derrynoose
Sweeney Robert Derrynoose
Sweeting Alexander Loughgall
Taffey James Tynan
Tagart Hugh Derrynoose
Tagart Owen, Jr. Derrynoose
Tagart Patrick Derrynoose
Taggart Owen, Sr. Derrynoose
Tamany James Keady
Tate John Loughgilly
Taylor Alexander Mullaghbrack
Taylor James Kilmore
Taylor John Mullaghbrack
Taylor Robert Loughgilly
Taylor Robert Mullaghbrack
Taylor Samuel Mullaghbrack
Templeton James Armagh
Templeton William Armagh
Thompson Absolom Killevy
Thompson Adam Armagh
Thompson Alexander Loughgilly
Thompson Daniel Loughgall
Thompson Edward Armagh
Thompson Hugh Killevy
Thompson Isabella Armagh
Thompson James Mullaghbrack
Thompson John Armagh
Thompson John Killevy
Thompson John Mullaghbrack
Thompson Joseph Killevy
Thompson Joseph Loughgilly
Thompson William Mullaghbrack
Thornburg George Kilmore
Threw Archy Mullaghbrack
Toal Edward Mullaghbrack
Toal Hugh Armagh
Toal John Armagh
Toale Michael Mullaghbrack
Todd James Armagh
Todd John Loughgilly
Todd William Mullaghbrack
Toner Bryan Loughgilly
Toner Francis Keady
Toner John Armagh
Toner John Loughgilly
Toner John Mullaghbrack
Toner John Newtownhamilton
Toner Laughlin Loughgilly
Toner Michael Keady
Toner Murtagh Loughgilly
Toner Owen Keady
Toner Patrick Newtownhamilton
Toole Arthur Armagh
Toole Daniel Armagh
Toole Daniel Keady
Toole Dominick Armagh
Toole Edward Mullaghbrack
Toole James Mullaghbrack
Torens David Mullaghbrack
Torrington Rev. James Loughgilly
Totten William Mullaghbrack
Toughan John Derrynoose
Toughen Thomas Keady
Traynor Bryan Tynan
Traynor John Armagh
Traynor John Creggan
Traynor Patrick Armagh
Traynor Patrick Mullaghbrack
Traynor Patrick Newtownhamilton
Traynor Philip Derrynoose
Traynor Richard Derrynoose
Traynor Terence Tynan
Traynor Thomas Armagh
Treanor Bryan Mullaghbrack
Treanor Francis Mullaghbrack
Treanor Patrick Loughgall
Trew Andrew Mullaghbrack
Trewsdale Charles Killevy
Trewsdale William Killevy
Trimble George Kilmore
Trimble James Armagh
Trimble Robert Mullaghbrack
Trimble Rose Armagh
Trimble William Derrynoose
Trodden Arthur Keady
Trodden Francis Armagh
Trodden Phelemy Armagh
Troden Bridget Armagh
Trotters John Kilmore
Trotters Willaim Kilmore
Trouten James Kilmore
Tuft James Tynan
Tullen John Armagh
Turner Adam Mullaghbrack
Turner James Mullaghbrack
Turner John Mullaghbrack
Turner Robert Armagh
Turtle James Armagh
Tweedy James Mullaghbrack
Undergroundings Bill D. Mullaghbrack
Valely Bryan Mullaghbrack
Valely Owen Keady
Vallely Felix Mullaghbrack
Vallely Francis Mullaghbrack
Vallely Hugh Mullaghbrack
Vallely Timothy Mullaghbrack
Vance John Loughgilly
Vaughan Robert Armagh
Verner Ezekiel Mullaghbrack
Villiars Thomas Mullaghbrack
Vint James Loughgilly
Waddle Isaac Killevy
Waddle James Mullaghbrack
Wade John Armagh
Walker Abraham Seagoe
Walker David Derrynoose
Walker James Loughgilly
Walker James Tynan
Walker John Derrynoose
Walker Thomas Armagh
Wallace Edward Armagh
Wallace Hugh Mullaghbrack
Wallace James Mullaghbrack
Wallace John Kilmore
Wallace John Loughgilly
Wallace John Mullaghbrack
Wallace Robert Loughgilly
Wallace Robert Mullaghbrack
Wallace Wm. Keady
Wallis Robert Armagh
Wallis Samuel Armagh
Walsh John Kilmore
Walsh Patrick Armagh
Walsh Patrick Loughgilly
Walsh Patrick Mullaghbrack
Ward Edward Mullaghbrack
Ward George Tynan
Ward Richard Loughgilly
Warnack John Mullaghbrack
Warnook Stewart Loughgilly
Waters Bryan Newtownhamilton
Waters Francis Creggan
Watson David Keady
Watson Hugh Armagh
Watson James Derrynoose
Watson James Keady
Watson James Loughgilly
Watson James Mullaghbrack
Watson John Drumcree
Watson Wm. Keady
Watt James Loughgilly
Watt James Mullaghbrack
Watt John Loughgall
Watt Leonard Loughgilly
Watt Sidney Loughgilly
Waugh David Mullaghbrack
Waugh Thomas Tynan
Waugh William Mullaghbrack
Weals James Newtownhamilton
Webster David Derrynoose
West James Armagh
West James Newtownhamilton
Whi William Mullaghbrack
Whisker Philip Mullaghbrack
White George Loughgall
White Hugh Armagh
White John Armagh
White Richard Clonfeacle
White Sarah Mullaghbrack
White Thomas Armagh
White William Armagh
White William Killevy
Whiteside Robert Loughgilly
Whiteside Thomas Loughgilly
Whiteside William Armagh
Whiteside William Loughgilly
Whitten James Mullaghbrack
Whitten William Derrynoose
Whitton James Mullaghbrack
Wier Anne Newtownhamilton
Wier Daniel Loughgilly
Wier John Loughgilly
Wier Mary Loughgilly
Wiley Thomas Newtownhamilton
Wiley William Newtownhamilton
Wilken James Armagh
Wilkin John Armagh
Wilkin John Mullaghbrack
Willey Alexander Kilmore
Willey Samuel Kilmore
Williamson David Armagh
Williamson Isabella Armagh
Williamson John Armagh
Williamson Joseph Armagh
Williamson Joseph Ballymore
Williamson Joseph Keady
Williamson Joseph Mullaghbrack
Williamson Robert Keady
Williamson William Armagh
Williamson William Keady
Williamson William, Jr. Kilmore
Williamson William, Sr. Kilmore
Willie John Keady
Willis George Mullaghbrack
Willis James Mullaghbrack
Willis John Mullaghbrack
Willis Joshua Armagh
Willis Robert Armagh
Willis Thomas Armagh
Willis William Mullaghbrack
Willison Nicholas Kilmore
Willison Samuel Kilmore
Willison William Seagoe
Willson Andrew Derrynoose
Willson Andrew, Jr. Derrynoose
Willson James Loughgilly
Willson John Loughgilly
Willson Samuel Loughgilly
Willson William Loughgilly
Wilsey William Derrynoose
Wilsey William Drumcree
Wilson Adam Armagh
Wilson Adam, Jr. Armagh
Wilson Daniel Mullaghbrack
Wilson David Armagh
Wilson Eleanor Armagh
Wilson Hugh Armagh
Wilson Hugh Tynan
Wilson James Armagh
Wilson James Mullaghbrack
Wilson James Tynan
Wilson John Armagh
Wilson John Mullaghbrack
Wilson John Tynan
Wilson John, Jr. Armagh
Wilson Robert Killevy
Wilson Samuel Tynan
Wilson Thomas Armagh
Wilson Thomas Tynan
Wilson Wallace Tynan
Wilson William Armagh
Wilson William Tynan
Woodhouse William Drumcree
Woods Barney Killevy
Woods Bryan Tynan
Woods Daniel Derrynoose
Woods Francis Tynan
Woods James Keady
Woods James Mullaghbrack
Woods James Tynan
Woods John Kilmore
Woods John Mullaghbrack
Woods John Tynan
Woods Laurence Derrynoose
Woods Patrick Tynan
Woods Robert Armagh
Woods Robert Mullaghbrack
Woods William Kilmore
Wright Robert Armagh
Wright Samuel Derrynoose
Wyne John Armagh
Young James Keady
Young James Tynan
Young Rose Keady
Young Samuel Tynan
Young William Clonfeacle
Young William Keady
Zunderdorf Mariam I. Keady

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Civil Parishes of County Armagh