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Church of Ireland records in County Antrim

There are 79 Church of Ireland or civil parishes in county Antrim and the detail given in each set of church records may differ for one parish to the next. The most comprehensive set of baptism registers will contain the name of the child, date of baptism and birth, the name of the baby's father and mother along with the mother's maiden name, the townland where they resided and sometimes the occupation of the father will be recorded

Since 1845 each Church of Ireland marriage record is identical to the actual civil registry and will contain the date of marriage, full names and age of both parties, names of their fathers along with their occupations and the townland where they lived. Pre 1845 marriage entries vary in content form parish to parish.

Most Church of Ireland records contain burial registries and recorded the name of the deceased, date of burial and sometime the date of the actual death along with the address and age of the deceased,


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Irish Church Records of each Parish in county Antrim

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County Antrim Church of Ireland Records


Aghagallon Parish (Connor diocese)

[see Aghalee Parish]

see Aghalee Parish

Aghalee Parish (Dromore diocese), Aghagallon (Connor diocese) and Magheramesk (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1811-81 and 1887-1922; marriages, 1811- 1905; burials, 1811-1916.

MIC583/8; MIC1/325

Ahoghill Parish (Connor diocese)

[Cullybackey used to be in Ahoghill parish but is now in Craigs parish – see Craigs Parish]

Baptisms, 1811-1928, with the McKinney family details from 1802-23; marriages, 1811-1996; burials, 1821- 1952; banns, 1829-39.

Vestry minutes, 1811-27, 1847-61 and 1870-; account books, 1811-30 and 1874-94; preachers’ books, 1849-
64, 1868-1920 and 1929-.

MIC583/9; CR/1/90




In local custody

Antrim Parish (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1700-55 and 1785-1914; marriages, 1700- 56, 1788-1906; burials, 1700-54 and 1786-1054; vestry minutes, 1823-70 and 1918-50; register of vestrymen, 1870-1995; register of poor and Nonconformist burials, 1823-1946; typed and published histories of the church from 1596 to1996; parish visiting book, 1915-16.

MIC583/11-12; MIC1/328;
CR/1/77; D1200/4

Ardclinis Parish (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1831-9 and 1877-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1877-; vestry minutes, 1874-; register of vestrymen, 1888-.

In local custody

Armoy Parish (Connor diocese)
Baptisms,1826-91; marriages, 1827-1982; burials, 1827-93; vestry minutes, 1758-1893; preachers’ books, 1824-42 and 1897-1957; accounts, 1871-95.


Ballinderry Parish (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1806-71; marriages, 1805-45; burials, 1823- 71; vestry minutes, 1790-1870 and 1929; extracts from baptisms relating to the Higgins family, 1806-37.

MIC583/14; T/1572

Ballintoy Parish (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Marriages, 1845-59; burials, 1872-98; vestry minutes, 1712-1843; poor lists, 1790 and 1819-43; census, 1803.

MIC583/6-7; MIC1/111

Ballyclug Parish (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1841-1938; marriages, 1841-1912; burials, 1841-71.


Baptisms, 1939-; marriages, 1913-; preachers’ books, 1841-67, 1879-83 and 1899-.


MIC583/15; MIC1/330; CR/1/79


In local custody


Ballycor Parish (Connor diocese)

Ballyeaston parish - In Ballycor and Rashee parishes. Earliest records destroyed in Dublin
Marriages, 1845-93.
Baptisms, 1866-; marriages, 1894-; burials, 1888-; preachers’ books, 1888-.




In local custody

Ballylinny Parish (Connor diocese)
United to Carnmoney parish

see Carnmoney Parish

Ballymartin Parish (Connor diocese)
United to Carnmoney parish

see Carnmoney Parish

Ballymoney Parish (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1807-98; marriages, 1807-45; burials, 1807- 88.

Vestry minutes, 1821-1932.



In local custody

Ballynure Parish (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1812-1910; marriages, 1803-45 and 1891-1904; burials, 1840 and 1852-80.

Baptisms, 1911-; marriages, 1846-90 and 1905-;
burials, 1881-; vestry minutes, 1818-; preachers’
books, 1854-.

MIC583/17; MIC1/332



In local custody

Ballyrashane Parish (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Baptisms, 1877-1903; marriages, 1845-1947; burials, 1877-1958.

Vestry minutes, 1827-; churchwardens’ account books, 1828-; preachers’ books, 1827-.




In local custody

BALLYSCULLION Parish , Counties Antrim & Derry

Ballyscullion Church of Ireland (Derry and Connor dioceses)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Baptisms, 1863-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1891-; vestry minutes, 1876-; register of vestrymen, 1870-; preachers’ books, 1894-.

Castledawson Church of Ireland (Derry diocese & partly in Magherafelt parish)
Baptisms, 1846-85; burials, 1846-77; vestry minutes, 1870-89.

Baptisms, 1886-; marriages, 1846-; registers of vestrymen, 1874-; preachers’ books, 1876-; church wardens’ account books, 1875-.




In local custody





MIC583/1, 33


In local custody

Ballywillin Parish, Counties Antrim & Derry

Ballywillin Church of Ireland (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1826-71; marriages, 1825-44; burials, 1827-71; vestry minutes, 1710-55 and 1811-91; preachers’ book, 1847-1901; account book, 1827-31, which contains mostly household and farm accounts of the incumbent.

MIC583/2; CR/1/34; MIC1/287

Belfast Parish

All Saints Church of Ireland (University Street) (Connor diocese)

Baptisms, 1888-; marriages, 1893-; burials, 1952-; vestry minutes, 1887-.

In local custody

Christ Church (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1835-92; marriages, 1837-45 and 1856- 1930; marriage banns, 1856-1930; burials, 1838-1902 (no entries 1859-63 or 1872-81); census, 1852; typed up incidents in the history of Christ Church from 1831- 66.

MIC583/23-26; CR/1/13

Dundela, St Mark’s (Down diocese)
Baptisms, 1864-89.


Mariners CoI Chapel (with St Anne’s, Shankill) (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1868-1922.


St Anne’s, Shankill (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1745-1901; special baptisms, 1817-66; marriages, 1745-1900; burials, 1745-71, 1784-1809 and 1824-65,1878 and 1883; index to baptisms, 1745- 1866 and 1872-84, to marriages, 1745-1823, and to burials, 1745-1812.
Baptisms, 1872-1901; indexes to baptisms, 1872-84; marriages, 1845-1900.

MIC583/18-23; MIC1/178

St Bartholomew’s (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1913-74; marriages, 1917-77; burials, 1918- 89; select vestry minutes, 1913-72; preachers’ books, 1913-56.


St Bride’s (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1938-56; marriages, 1945-56; committee and select vestry minutes, 1938-46; register of vestrymen, 1939-77; confirmations, 1939-54; preachers’ books, 1938-56.


St George’s (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1817-70; marriages, 1817-33 and 1836; list of parishioners and journal, 1837-43.

MIC1/116; MIC583/23-24

St John the Baptist, Upper Falls (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1856-1909; marriages, 1895-1932 and 1934-77; vestry minutes, 1870-76 and 1880-1987; preachers’ books, 1886-90 and 1895-1988; various accounts covering period 1947-1983; Sunday school roll books, 1860-65 and 1876-82; and minutes, 1962- 68; annual reports, 1916, 1962-64 and 1966-69;year book, 1961-62, celebrating the centenary of parish; correspondence, 1905, 1916-20 and 1961-91; historical notes on the parish, mainly from 1861 to 1979, including reference to the Charley family; maps and plans, 1939, 1961 and1964-67; photographs, c.1970-1986; membership cards, c.1960s; certificates of religious instruction, 1874; roll of honour of Balmoral Industrial School listing those killed, wounded or taken prisoner during the 1st World War, c.1919; order of service for dedication of war memorial, 1921.


St John’s, Malone (Connor diocese)

Baptisms, 1842-87; marriages, 1842-4.


St John’s, Orangefield (Down diocese)
Baptisms, 1853-92; marriages, 1855-97.

MIC583/4; MIC1/320

St Mark’s, Ballysillan (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1856-71.


St Mary’s (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1867-1968; marriages, 1869-1968; burials, 1867- 70.

MIC583/24; CR1/85; MIC1/351

St Mary Magdalene’s (Connor diocese)
Private baptisms, 1847-77; baptisms, 1855-72.


St Matthew’s (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Baptisms, 1846-93; marriages, 1856-97.

MIC583/2; CR1/65

St Patrick’s, Ballymacarrett (Down diocese)
Baptisms, 1827-93; marriages, 1827-71 and 1874-1900.

MIC583/4, 17; MIC1/317

St Silas’ (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1899-1994. marriages, 1902-94; committee minutes, 1943-54 and 1961-87; select vestry minutes, 1987-96; register of vestrymen, 1953-94; confirmation register, 1911-84; preachers’ books, 1941-95.


St Thomas’ (Eglantine Avenue) (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1871-1925; marriages, 1871-1929; vestry minutes, 1870-1957; preachers’ books, 1870-1969; register of vestrymen, 1871-1921; pew book, 1870-81; account books, 1870-1965; parish magazines, 1953- 65 and 1984-2001; Year book, 1935; minutes of St Thomas’ Literary and Debating Society, 1885-91 and 1909-12, of its Society of Bell Ringers, 1893-1955, and of the trustees of the church, 1865-1960.


Trinity (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1844-1941 and 1956-79; marriages, 1855- 1983; vestry minute books, 1892-1995; committee minute books,1892-99; preachers’ books, 1885-1942 and 1956-93; pew register, 1883-1901; register of vestrymen, 1870-1932; confirmation register, 1956-71; plan of the church by John Fraser, 1843.

MIC583/4; D523/A-C; CR/1/3

Upper Falls (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1855-72; vestry minutes, 1860-86, with a list of vestrymen, 1896, and a list of subscribers to the building fund, 1855-61.


Billy Parish, County Antrim

Billy (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Marriages, 1845-1914; vestry minutes, 1787-1849.


Baptisms, 1882-; burials, 1882-; confirmation registers, 1865-; preachers’ books, 1870-; registers of vestrymen, 1870-.


Partly in Billy parish and partly in Ballintoy parish.







In local custody



see Ballintoy Parish

Blaris Parish (or Lisburn Parish), Counties Antrim & Down

Eglantine (All Saints) (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1875-; marriages, 1881-; burials, 1920-; vestry minutes, 1876-.

In local custody

Lisburn (Christ Church Cathedral) (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1637, 1639-41, 1643-6 and 1655-1933; baptisms of Huguenot children, 1707-36; marriages, 1639-41, 1643-6 and 1664-1967; burials, 1639-41 and 1661-1929; burials in Lisburn Cathedral churchyard, 1670-1951; vestry minutes, 1675-1970; confirmations, 1667, 1675 and 1678; cess books, c.1800 and 1847; preachers’ books, 1819-1961; account book, 1870- 1909; register of vestrymen, 1870-1904; abstract of schools and Sunday Schools in the parish, 1824; letters patent constituting the parish church of Blaris or Lisburn as a cathedral church, 1674; notebook of the Rev. Thomas Haslam, c.1675-1695, which contains a contemporary account of the Battle of the Boyne, 1690; abstract of the population of Lisburn parish, 1820.

MIC583/9-10; T1602; MIC1/3-5; CR/1/35; D1823

Christ Church, Lisburn (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1849-2002; marriages, 1874-2004.

MIC1/5; MIC1/348

Camlin Parish

Camlin parish is part of the benefice of Glenavy

See Glenavy Parish

Carncastle Parish

Carncastle (Connor diocese)
Linked to Kilwaughter Parish

See Kilwaughter Parish

Carnmoney Parish

Carnmoney (Connor diocese)
[United with Ballylinagh and Ballymartin]
Baptisms, 1788-1871; marriages, 1791-1845; burials, 1845-79; confirmation lists, 1850-91; list of parishioners, 1870; preachers’ books, 1823-80 and 1914-40; committee minutes, 1903; list of vestrymen, 1888.

MIC583/29; D852/8, 48, 85, 91, 105, 122, 125

Jordanstown (St Patrick’s) (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1868-82 and 1891-1974; marriages, 1869- 1904.


Whitehouse (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1840-1934; marriages, 1841-1953; vestry minutes,1870-1979; preachers’ books, 1840-1994; account books, 1916-64; pew rent book, 1874-99; confirmation register, 1930-72; freewill offering collection books, 1976; parish magazines, 1916-89; statements of accounts and annual reports, 1958-85; photographs, postcards and pictorial material,1843- c.1990; papers relating to the establishment of the parish and building of rectory, 1840-8.

MIC1/81; CR/1/76

Carrickfergus Parish

Carrickfergus (St Nicholas’s) (Connor diocese)

Baptisms, 1740-99 and 1822-99; marriages, 1740- 1909; burials, 1740-1800 and 1825-1939; confirmation lists, 1828-54.Plans of the church, 1931; accounts of building church spire, 1778.

MIC583/28-30 MIC1/318 CR1/25

Connor Parish

Connor (Connor diocese)
Earliest records destroyed in Dublin
Baptisms, 1871-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1879-.

In local custody

Craigs Parish

Craigs (Connor diocese)

Baptisms, 1839-1925; marriages, 1841-1925; burials, 1841-1944; register of vestrymen, 1870-1910.


Sunday School roll books, 1842-6 and 1866; Sustentation Fund account book, 1871-7; register of marriage banns published, 1850-1962; communicants, 1893-1901; confirmations, 1833-1900; lists of families, 1893-1901; minutes of Craigs Church Soc., 1860-81, with a list of members, 1860-61.







Cranfield Parish



see Duneane Parish

Culfeightrin Parish

Culfeightrin (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Burials, 1805-31.

Baptisms, 1878-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1879-;vestry minutes, 1870-.






In local custody

Cushendun (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Baptisms, 1877-; marriages, 1875-; burials, 1909-; vestry minutes, 1875-; preachers’ books, 1875-; churchwardens’ accounts, 1871-.

In local custody

Derryaghy Parish

Ballymacash (St Mark’s) (Connor diocese)
Parish magazines, 1967.


Derriaghy (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1696-1763, 1771-1806, 1810-12 and 1821-1932; marriages, 1696-1746, 1772, 1818-1984; burials, 1696-1738, 1772-3, 1823-4, 1827-34 and 1836-1927; vestry minutes, 1709-58 and 1794-1941, 1951-3 and 1962-88;including confirmation list, 1705, and seatholders’ list,1812; preachers’ books, 1834-91 and 1901-82; account book of payments relating to Miss Fletcher’s bequest to the poor of Derriaghy, 1839-1920, and correspondence about the Fund, 1865-99; membership register, accounts, book catalogue and minutes of Derriaghy Parochial Young Men’s Christian Society’s Library, 1847-65; sexton’s day books recording details of burials and cause of deaths, 1854-1927; parish magazines, 1941-90.

MIC1/32-33; CR/1/1; T/2527;

Stoneyford (St John’s) (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1839-1925; preachers’ books, 1834-87.

MIC1/32; CR/1/1

Derrykeighan Parish

Derrykeighan (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Vestry minutes, 1802-26, including list of the poor,1817.

Baptisms, 1878-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1882-; vestry minutes, 1827-; registers of vestrymen, 1875-; preachers’ books, 1835





In local custody

Donegore Parish

Donegore (Connor diocese)

Formerly united with Kilbride Parish and earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.

Vestry minutes, 1818-71.

Baptisms and burials, 1878-.





In local custody

Drumbeg Parish - Counties Antrim & Down

Drumbeg (Down diocese)
Baptisms, 1807-76; marriages, 1823-45; burials, 1818-1909; confirmation lists, 1865 and 1868.


Drummaul Parish, county Antrim

Drummaul (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1823-1989; marriages, 1823-46 and 1862-1992; burials, 1823-1900; vestry minutes, 1851-70.


Dunaghy Parish, county Antrim

Dunaghy (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin
Baptisms, 1824-7 and 1877-1958; marriages, 1825-6; burials, 1894-1934; vestry minutes, 1794-1906; register of vestrymen, 1870-1937.


Notebook of the Rev. Andrew Rowan, 1672-80.








Duneane Parish, county Antrim

Duneane (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Baptisms, 1879-; marriages, 1846-; burials, 1878-; vestry minutes, 1896-; churchwardens’ accounts, 1894-; registers of vestrymen, 1895-; preachers’ books, 1893-.

In local custody

Dunluce Parish, county Antrim

Dunluce (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1809-98; marriages, 1826-45; burials, 1826-97 ;vestry minutes, 1778-1931; preachers’ books, 1847-1902.


Finvoy Parish, county Antrim

Finvoy (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1811-80; marriages, 1812-45; burials, 1811-85; vestry minutes, 1791-1901.


Notes on history of Finvoy parish, compiled c.1950.

Baptisms, 1881-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1886-; registers of vestrymen, 1870-; preachers’ books, 1862-; churchwardens’ account book, 1870-.



MIC1/48; MIC583/3



In local custody

Glenavy Parish, county Armagh

Glenavy (Connor diocese)
Also includes Camlin parish and Tullyrusk parish.
Baptisms, 1707-1908; marriages, 1707-1856, 1857-64 and 1874-1915; burials, 1707-1918; vestry minutes, 1707-1884; tithe applotments, 1826-7; census of united parishes of Glenavy, Camlin and Tullyrusk, taken in 1856-7 but revised in 1858-9 and 1873; communicants and confirmations, 1814-24 and 1886-97.

MIC583/1, 7; MIC1/43-44B; CR/1/53

Glenwhirry Parish, county Armagh

No Church of Ireland records listed for this parish


Glynn Parish, county Antrim

Glynn (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1838-1969; marriages, 1842-5; burials, 1838-1991; account book, 1877-1900; preachers’ book, 1935-60.

MIC1/105: CR/1/61

Grange of Ballyscullion Parish, county Antrim

No Church of Ireland records listed for this parish


Grange of Doagh Parish, county Antrim

See Donegore parish records and Kilbride parish records.


Grange of Drumtullagh Parish, county Antrim

Drumtullagh (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Baptisms, 1875-1912; marriages, 1876-1934; vestry minutes, 1875-1944; preachers’ books, 1875-1934; registers of vestrymen, c.1875-1946; accounts, 1876-1904; Sunday School roll book, 1910-35; confirmations, 1877-89.


Grange of Dundermot Parish, county Antrim

See Dunaghy parish records


Grange of Inispollan Parish, county Antrim

See Layd parish records


Grange of Killyglen Parish, county Antrim

See Connor parish records


Grange of Layd Parish, county Antrim

See Layd parish records


Grange of Muckamore Parish, county Antrim

Muckamore (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1845-71; burials, 1848-1921; preachers’ books, 1842-56 and 1876-1975.


Baptisms, 1872-; marriages, 1853-; vestry minutes, 1884-; register of vestrymen, 1870-1954.




In local custody

Grange of Nilteen Parish, county Antrim

See Donegore parish records


Grange of Shilvodan Parish, county Antrim

See Drummaul parish records and Connor parish records.


Inver Parish , county Antrim

Inver and Larne (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1806-71; marriages, 1817-20 and 1826-45; burials, 1826-1905; vestry minutes, 1763-1870; cess applotment book, 1833.


Marriages, 1845-; burials, 1906-.




MIC1/49; MIC583/4-7


In local custody

Islandmagee Parish, county Antrim

Islandmagee (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Baptisms, 1879-1917; burials, 1878-1915; vestry minutes, 1879-99.



Kilbride Parish, county Antrim

Kilbride (Connor diocese)
Formerly united with Donegore parish and earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Vestry minutes, 1818-71.


Baptisms and burials, 1878-.







In local custody

Killagan Parish, county Antrim

Killagan (Connor diocese)

Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Baptisms, 1880-1937; marriages, 1845-1935; burials (Killagan and Dunaghy), 1894-1939; register of vestrymen,1896-1937


Killead Parish, county Antrim

Gartree (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Baptisms, 1899-1995; marriages, 1935-1998; burials, 1899-1996.


Killead (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin

Baptisms, 1838-1966; marriages, 1845-1997; burials, 1873-1942; vestry minutes, 1829-1900; cash book, 1874-1925.










Kilraghts Parish, county Antrim

Kilraghts (Connor diocese)
See under Rasharkin parish
Since 1922 entries from Kilraghts parish were entered into Ballymoney parish registers


Kilroot Parish, county Antrim

Kilroot (Connor diocese)
See Ballynure parish records and Templecorran parish records.


Kilwaughter Parish, county Antrim

Kilwaughter and Carncastle (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin
Baptisms, 1883-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1883-.




In local custody

Kirkinriola Parish, county Antrim

Kirkinriola (St Patricks) (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1789-1805, 1809 and 1815-95; marriages, 1807, 1809, 1819, 1822-41 and 1845-1912; burials, 1780, 1792, 1809, 1815, 1836 and 1841-1907; vestry minutes, 1778-1901 with some accounts for 1777; confirmations, 1868, 1871, 1874 and 1877; preachers’ books, 1860-1923.


Baptisms, 1896-; marriages, 1913-; burials, 1908-; treasurers’ account book, 1878-1922.




MIC583/15-16; MIC1/327; CR/1/78


In local custody

Lambeg Parish, county Antrim

Lambeg (Connor diocese)
Marriages, 1845-1908. Reports and accounts, 1934-5. Baptisms, 1826-1934; burials, 1826-1906; [earliest baptism, marriage and burial registers are missing from the parish]; vestry minutes, 1810-1925; tithe applotment book, 1824-7; preachers’ book, 1861-1931; register of vestrymen, 1870-.

MIC1/124 CR/1/64 & local custody

Larne Parish, county Antrim

See Inver parish records,


Layd Parish, county Antrim

Layd (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1826-73; marriages, 1826-45; burials, 1826-
99; vestry minutes, 1856-72; list of parishioners, 1823.

Baptisms, 1874-; marriages, 1845-; vestry minutes,
1873-; preachers’ books, 1875-.






In local custody

Loughguile Parish, county Antrim

Loughguile (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin
Baptisms, 1802-14 and 1876-1910; marriages, 1846- 1935; burials, 1879-1999; vestry minutes, 1801-1930; preachers’ books, 1843-1992.


Magheragall Parish, county Antrim

Magheragall (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1776-1820 and 1825-1916; marriages, 1772-84 and 1825-1904; burials, 1772-81 and 1825-1902; vestry minutes, 1771-1870.


Miscellaneous papers, 1641-1931.


Notes by Canon Dundas relating to the history of Magheragall, c.1930.


MIC1/75-76; MIC583/5





Magheramesk Parish, county Antrim

Magheramesk (Connor diocese)
See Aghalee Parish records


Newtown Crommelin Parish, county Antrim

Newtown Crommelin (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin.
Baptisms, 1831-41 and 1873-1961; extracts from baptisms, 1841-79; burials, 1843-1955; extracts from burials, 1841-79; register of vestrymen, 1922-37.

MIC1/123; MIC1/299

Portglenone Parish, County Anttrim

Portglenone (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin
Baptisms, 1873-; marriages, 1845-1923 and 1927-32; burials, 1877-1912; vestry minutes, 1879-; register of vestrymen, 1870-; preachers’ books, 1896-

In local custody

Racavan Parish, county Antrim

Skerry and Racavan (Connor diocese)
See Skerry parish records.


Raloo Parish, county Antrim

Raloo (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin
Printed list of seatholders, with names of committee members, and income/expenditure for the year ending January 1872.


Ramoan Parish, county Antrim

Ramoan (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin. Ramoan parish was united to Culfeitrin parish before 1831
Burials, 1805-31.

Baptisms, 1879-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1879-; vestry
minutes, 1802-; churchwardens’ accounts, 1872-94;
register of vestrymen, 1870-; preachers’ books, 1838-47
and 1879-1935.






In local custody

Rasharkin Parish, county Armagh

Rasharkin (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin

Baptisms, 1871-; marriages, 1845-; burials, 1878; vestry minutes, 1902-; churchwardens’ accounts, 1883-;

In local custody

Rashee Parish, county Antrim

See Ballycor Parish records



Rathlin Parish, county Antrim

Rathlin Island (Connor diocese)
Earliest registers destroyed in Dublin

Baptisms, 1845-1954; marriages, 1845-1922; burials, 1845-1962; vestry minutes, 1769-95.


MIC1/114; T/861; T/897

Shankill Parish, county Antrim

See Belfast Parish records



Skerry Parish, county Antrim

Skerry and Racavan (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1805-67; marriages, 1826-45; burials, 1828-91; publication of banns, 1828-47, 1934, 1943 and1947.

Baptisms, 1805-1906; index to burials, 1805-1929.





T3054/B/1/11, 28

Templecorran Parish, county Antrim

Templecorran and Kilroot (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1848-1901; burials, 1848-1962.

Deed of consecration, 1854.
Marriages, 1848-; vestry minutes, 1848-; registers of vestrymen (kept in St Patrick’s, Whitehead).


Whitehead (Connor diocese)
Deed of consecration of St Patrick’s Church, 1908.



MIC1/98; MIC583/5


In local custody




Templepatrick Parish, county Antrim

Templepatrick (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1827-1908; marriages, 1827-1935; burials, 1828-1928; publication of banns, 1827-66; vestry minutes, 1826-74.

Marriages, 1936-; vestry minutes, 1875-; confirmation register, 1930-.




In local custody

Tickmacrevan Parish, county Armagh

Tickmacrevan or Glenarm (Connor diocese)
Baptisms, 1719-23, 1727 and 1788-1961; indexes to baptisms, 1788-1941; marriages, 1719, 1723, 1727-8 and 1789-1844; indexes to marriages, 1719-28 and 1788-1922; burials, 1824-1961; indexes to burials,1846-1941; preachers’ book, 1824-43; vestry minutes, 1718- 1872; accounts, 1845-74; Sustentation Fund accounts, 1871-4.

MIC1/72-73; T/3054

Tullyrusk Parish, county Antrim

Tullyrusk (Connor diocese)
See Glenavy Parish records.