Griffith's Valuation: Drummaul Parish, County Antrim

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Griffith's Valuation in Drummaul Parish

Griffith ’s Valuation that took place in Drummaul parish and every other parish in county Antrim and throughout Ireland. Griffith's valuation is the name widely given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century under the supervision of Sir Richard Griffith. The survey involved the detailed valuation of every taxable piece of agricultural or built property on the island of Ireland and was published county-by-county between the years 1847 and 1864.

The process of valuation was painstakingly thorough, involving multiple visits by valuation teams to analyse all of the factors influencing the economic status of the property: average rents paid in the area; distance from the nearest market town. The aim was to get as accurate as possible an estimate of the annual income that each property should produce. The Griffiths Valuation was carried out in county Antrim in 1861 and 1862.


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Griffiths Valuation: Drummaul Parish 1861 and 1862

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You should also check the records of Drummaul parish from the Tithe Applotment books in the 1820's and 1830's



KEY:   L: = Location     N: = Notes     V: = Village     T: = Town

Acheson, James L: Clonboy
Adams, James L: Tannaghmore
Adams, John L: Barnish
Adas, James L: Groggan
Addis, William J. L: Drumanaway
Addison, Margaret L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Agnew, Abraham L: Muckleramer
Agnew, David L: Aghaboy
Agnew, David L: Ballymacilroy
Agnew, James L: Aghaboy
Agnew, James L: Ballygrooby
Agnew, John L: Groggan
Agnew, Robert L: Drumanaway
Agnew, Robert L: Muckleramer
Agnew, William L: Ballymacilroy
Alexander, John L: Cloghogue
Allen, Adam L: Cloonkeen
Allen, Adam L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Allen, Edward L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Allen, James L: Magherabeg
Allen, John L: Magheralane
Allen, John L: Sharvogues
Allen, Julia L: Cloghogue
Allen, Mary L: Andraid
Allen, Patrick L: Magherabeg
Allen, Robert L: Sharvogues
Allen, William L: Ballybollen
Allen, William L: Magherabeg
Allison, Andrew L: Sharvogues
Allison, Samuel L: Sharvogues
Allison, Thomas L: Sharvogues
Allison, William J. L: Ballylurgan
Anderson, Joyce L: Leitrim
Anderson, William L: Aghaloughan
Anderson, William L: Feehogue
Andrews, Samuel L: Aghaboy
Armstrong, Francis L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Armstrong, Jane L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Armstrong, Jane L: T: Randalstown - Mulligan's Yard
Asken, William L: Ballylurgan
Austin, William L: Feehogue
Bailie, J. L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
Ballantine, Ellen L: Ballymacilroy
Ballantine, James L: Tamlaght
Bankhead, Samuel L: Ballybollen
Barclay, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Barnett, Robert L: Lurgan West
Barnett, Robert L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
Barnett, Thomas L: Lurgan West
Barr, William L: Ballydunmaul
Barrett, Thomas L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Bartley, John L: Andraid
Bartley, Robert L: Andraid
Baxter, Charles L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Baxter, Ellen L: T: Randalstown - Mulligan's Yard
Baxter, John L: Clare
Baxter, Margaret L: Groggan
Bayley, Edward L: Sharvogues
Beatty, Alexander L: Mountshalgus
Beatty, Francis L: Tamlaght
Beckett, John L: Lenagh
Begley, William L: Ballygrooby
Bell, Alexander L: Lenagh
Bell, Allan L: Ballylurgan
Bell, Allen L: Aughalish
Bell, David L: Ballylurgan
Bell, George L: Barnish
Bell, George L: Maghereagh
Bell, James L: Drumanaway
Bell, William L: Ballygrooby
Bell, William L: Caddy
Bell, William L: Coolsythe
Bell, William J. L: Sharvogues
Birch, James L: Ballydunmaul
Black, James L: Ballydunmaul
Black, Joseph B. L: Cloonkeen
Black, Joseph B. L: Kilknock
Black, Samuel L: Kilknock
Black, Thomas L: Ballygrooby
Black, Thomas L: Tamlaght
Blair, David L: Cloghogue
Blair, James L: Ballymacilroy
Blair, John L: Ballymacilroy
Blair, Richard L: Ballygrooby
Blakeley, Anne L: Caddy
Blaney, Constantine L: Magheralane
Blaney, Hugh L: Magheralane
Blaney, James L: Magheralane
Blaney, Rosanna L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Bolton, John L: T: Randalstown - Market Lane
Boner, Francis L: Feehogue
Boorman, James L: Drumanaway
Boreman, Martha L: T: Randalstown - Mulligan's Yard
Bourke, John L: Ballybollen
Bourke, John F. L: Ballybollen
Bowes, Joseph L: Magherabeg
Boyce, Anne L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Boyd, Andrew L: Barnish
Boyd, Daniel L: Muckleramer
Boyd, Henry L: Downkillybegs
Boyd, Isaac L: Muckleramer
Boyd, John L: Ballymacilroy
Boyd, John L: Clonboy
Boyd, John L: Craigmore
Boyd, John L: Downkillybegs
Boyd, John L: Kilknock
Boyd, John L: Terrygowan
Boyd, Margaret L: Coolsythe
Boyd, Margaret L: Drummaul
Boyd, William L: Terrygowan
Boyd, Wm. Samuel L: Downkillybegs
Boyle, Eliza L: Magherabeg
Boyle, Hugh L: Part of Ballynaleney
Boyle, Hugh, Sr. L: Part of Ballynaleney
Boyle, Hugh, Sr. L: Portlee
Boyle, John L: Aghaloughan
Boyle, John L: Ballylurgan
Boyle, John L: Maghereagh
Boyle, Mary L: Maghereagh
Boyle, Michael L: Part of Ballynaleney
Boyle, Neal L: Kilknock
Boyle, Neill L: Maghereagh
Boyle, Owen L: Part of Ballynaleney
Boyle, Patrick L: Farlough
Boyle, Patrick L: Part of Ballynaleney
Boyle, William L: Maghereagh
Bradley, Rose L: Farlough
Brady, Stephen L: Kilknock
Brennan, Hugh L: Drumsough
Brigby, Thomas L: Muckleramer
Brittain, John L: Maghereagh
Brooker, Henry W. L: Ballygrooby
Brown, James L: Groggan
Brown, Joseph L: Ballytresna
Browne, Rebecca L: Cloonkeen
Browne, Thomas L: Cloonkeen
Brownlee, Benjamin L: Ballylurgan
Brownlee, John L: Aughalish
Buck, William L: Magherabeg
Bullick, Thomas L: Cloonkeen
Burke, William L: Drumsough
Burniston, John L: Clonboy
Burns, Bradshaw L: Magheralane
Burns, Murtagh L: Ballygrooby
Burnside, Hugh L: Groggan
Butler, John L: Andraid
Butler, John L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Butler, Thomas L: Craigmore
Cameron, David L: Groggan
Cameron, David L: Procklis
Cameron, James L: Andraid
Cameron, John L: Andraid
Cameron, Robert L: Ballylurgan
Cameron, Samuel L: Groggan
Cameron, William L: Muckleramer
Cameron, Wm. John L: Tamlaght
Campbell, Catherine L: Magheralane
Campbell, Henry L: Ballygrooby
Campbell, Hugh L: Andraid
Campbell, James L: Caddy
Campbell, James L: Drumanaway
Campbell, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Campbell, John L: Ballybollen
Campbell, John L: Ballymacilroy
Campbell, Moses L: Groggan
Campbell, Patrick L: Ballygrooby
Campbell, Rose L: Maghereagh
Campbell, Samuel L: Ballytresna
Campbell, William L: Ballybollen
Campbell, William L: Lurgan West
Carlisle, William J. L: Ballytresna
Carothers, Moreland L: Ballygrooby
Carrigan, James L: Kilknock
Carroll, Wm. L: T: Randalstown - Main Street N: and Another
Carson, Benjamin L: Magherabeg
Carson, David L: Aughalish
Carson, David L: Farlough
Carson, Elizabeth L: Terrygowan
Carson, John L: Coolsythe
Carson, Matthew L: Drummaul
Carson, Robert L: Andraid
Carson, Robert L: Ballytresna
Carson, Robert L: Clare
Carson, Robert L: Coolsythe
Carson, Samuel L: Aughalish
Carson, Samuel L: Terrygowan
Carson, Samuel, Jr. L: Procklis
Carson, Samuel, Sr. L: Procklis
Carson, Thomas L: Terrygowan
Carson, William L: Coolsythe
Carson, William L: Magherabeg
Carson, William L: Procklis
Cashel, John L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Cashell, John L: Randalstown
Cassidy, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Charleton, George L: Kilknock
Chesnut, Anne Matilda L: Aghaloughan
Chichester, Rev. Geo. V. L: Ballygrooby
Christy, John L: Downkillybegs
Christy, Robert L: Downkillybegs
Clarke, Anne L: Ballydunmaul
Clarke, Daniel L: Ballymacilroy
Clarke, David L: Cloghogue
Clarke, Eliza L: Cloonkeen
Clarke, Hugh L: Muckleramer
Clarke, James L: Craigmore
Clarke, Mary L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Clarke, Rose L: Ballymacilroy
Clarke, William L: Cloghogue
Close, Catherine L: Clonboy
Close, Edward L: Part of Ballynaleney
Close, Patrick L: Ballygrooby N: and Others
Close, Terence L: Portlee
Close, Thomas L: Lurgan West
Close, Thomas L: Magheralane
Close, Thomas L: Mountshalgus
Collins, Anne L: Lenagh
Collins, Bernard L: Lenagh
Collins, Eliza L: Lenagh
Collins, James L: Feehogue
Colwell, Hugh L: Downkillybegs
Colwell, John L: Downkillybegs
Colwell, Robert L: Downkillybegs
Colwell, William L: Downkillybegs
Common, John L: Terrygowan
Commons, James L: Artresnahan
Conaghty, Alexander L: Ballybollen
Connor, Foster L: Ballygrooby
Connor, Henry L: Ballytresna
Connor, Mary L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Connor, Michael L: Clonboy
Connor, Thomas L: Feehogue
Conway, Andrew L: Drumsough
Conway, Anne L: Maghereagh
Conway, Rosana L: Lurgan West
Conway, Rosanna L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Cook, Edward L: Ballydunmaul
Cooke, Edward L: Craigmore
Cooper, John L: Ballygrooby
Cooper, John L: Magherabeg
Cooper, John L: Magheralane
Copeland, Mary Anne L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Copeland, Thomas L: Gortagharn
Corry, L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
Corry, Agnes L: Magherabeg
Corry, James L: Feehogue
Corry, James L: Randalstown
Corry, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Corry, Robert L: Magherabeg
Cosnahan, Bernard L: Ballealy South
Cosnahan, Edward L: Ballealy South
Coulston, Samuel L: Ballybollen
Coulter, James L: Ballymacilroy
Coulter, John L: Ballymacilroy
Coulter, John L: Procklis
Coulter, Robert L: Procklis
Coulter, Robert L: Tannaghmore
Coulter, Samuel L: Ballymacilroy
Coulter, Samuel L: Tamlaght
Coulter, Thomas L: Ballymacilroy
Coulter, William John L: Ballybollen
Coulter, William John L: Ballymacilroy
Courtenay, Ellen L: Cloonkeen
Cowden, William L: Andraid
Craig, Adam L: Cloghogue
Craig, Alexander L: Cloonkeen
Craig, David L: Muckleramer
Craig, Eliza L: Aghaloughan
Craig, James L: Andraid
Craig, James L: Ballygrooby
Craig, James L: Cloonkeen
Craig, James L: Creagh
Craig, James L: Drummaul
Craig, James L: Magherabeg
Craig, John L: Ballymacilroy
Craig, John L: Cloghogue
Craig, John L: Drummaul
Craig, John L: Magheralane
Craig, Robert L: Cloghogue
Craig, Robert L: Cloghogue N: John
Craig, Thomas L: Muckleramer
Craig, William L: Andraid
Craig, William L: Cloghogue
Craig, William L: Downkillybegs
Craig, William L: Kilknock
Crawford, Adam L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Crawford, Anne L: Ballytresna
Crawford, Anne L: Feehogue
Crawford, David L: Groggan
Crawford, Elizabeth L: Kilknock
Crawford, John L: Gortagharn
Crawford, Samuel L: Kilknock
Crawley, John L: Drumsough
Creighton, John L: Maghereagh
Crummey, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Culnane, Henry L: Magheralane
Cunningham, Archbd. L: Maghereagh
Cunningham, Cath. L: Feehogue
Cunningham, Thomas L: Feehogue
Cunningham, Thomas L: Lisnagreggan
Curran, James L: Artresnahan
Cushen, Henry L: Ballygrooby
Cushley, James L: Ballygrooby
Cushnane, Bernard L: Ballygrooby
Cushnane, John L: Ballygrooby
Cushnane, Thomas L: Ballygrooby
Cust, Robert L: Ballytresna
Daly, Patrick L: Cloonkeen
Davis, James L: Ballybollen
Davis, James L: Cloonkeen
Davis, John L: Drummaul
Davison, Adam L: Aghaboy
Davison, Charles L: Aghaboy
Davison, James L: Ballealy South
Davison, James L: Ballytresna
Davison, James L: Barnish
Davison, James L: Lenagh
Davison, James L: Maghereagh
Davison, Jas. L: Maghereagh N: Cottier
Davison, John L: Andraid
Davison, John L: Groggan
Davison, Robert L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Davison, William L: Drumsough
Delany, Patrick L: Feehogue
Dempsey, Anne L: Lenagh
Dempster, Joseph L: Downkillybegs
Dempster, Robert L: Downkillybegs
Denham, Rev. William L: Artresnahan
Devitt, Daniel L: Magheralane
Devitt, John L: Ballylurgan
Devitt, John L: Lenagh
Devlin, Ellen L: Aghaloughan
Devlin, James L: Caddy
Devlin, John L: Part of Portlee
Devlin, Patrick L: Magheralane
Diamond, Ellen L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Dickey, Anne L: Ballybollen
Dickey, James L: Ballymacilroy
Dickey, Joseph L: Ballybollen
Dickey, William L: Ballybollen
Dill, James L: Sharvogues
Dinsmore, John L: Magherabeg
Dinsmore, William L: Magherabeg
Dobbin, Charles L: Magheralane
Dobbin, James L: Ballybollen
Dobbin, John L: Aughalish
Dobbin, William L: Magheralane
Doherty, John L: Aghaloughan
Donaghy, Hugh L: Ballygrooby
Donaghy, James L: Maghereagh
Donaghy, Jas. L: Maghereagh N: and Other
Donahy, Hugh L: Maghereagh
Donnolly, Francis L: Ballymacilroy
Doole, George L: Cloonkeen
Doole, Samuel L: Andraid
Douglas, Jane L: T: Randalstown - Mulligan's Yard
Douglas, William L: Ballytresna
Douglas, William J. L: Ballybollen
Dowd, David L: Part of Portlee
Dowd, John L: Part of Portlee
Dowd, Michael, Jr. L: Part of Portlee
Dowd, Michael, Sr. L: Part of Portlee
Dowd, Owen L: Part of Portlee
Dowd, Patrick L: Drumsough
Dowdall, John L: Magheralane
Dowell, James L: Lenagh
Downey, Margaret L: Cloghogue
Doyle, John L: Lenagh
Doyle, Patrick L: Barnish
Drain, John L: Kilknock
Drain, John L: Lenagh
Dreeman, William L: Muckleramer
Drummond, Nathaniel L: Caddy
Drummond, William L: Andraid
Duff, James L: Andraid
Duff, James L: Cloonkeen
Duffin, John L: Ballybollen
Duffin, Peter L: Maghereagh
Duffin, Thomas L: Groggan
Duffy, Bridget L: Part of Ballynaleney
Duffy, Daniel L: Gortagharn
Duffy, Daniel L: Part of Ballynaleney
Duffy, Henry L: Part of Ballynaleney
Duffy, William L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Dunbar, James L: Ballytresna
Dunbar, James L: Feehogue
Dunbar, James L: Lisnagreggan
Dunbar, William L: Caddy
Dunlop, Sarah L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Dunsheath, Robert L: Cloonkeen
Eccles, Joseph L: Ballygrooby
Eccleson, James L: Coolsythe
English, Samuel L: Drumanaway
English, Thomas L: Clonboy
Ewing, Alexander L: Drummaul
Ewing, Edward L: Maghereagh
Ewing, James L: Feehogue
Ewing, Robert L: Tamlaght
Ewing, William L: Muckleramer
Ewing, William J. L: Coolsythe
Eyre, Samuel L: Drummaul
Farquhar, Andrew L: Cloonkeen
Farquhar, John L: Cloonkeen
Faulkner, Bridget L: Kilknock
Faulkner, David L: Ballygrooby
Faulkner, James L: Aghaboy
Faulkner, Richard L: Coolsythe
Fee, William L: Ballylurgan
Fenton, L: Ballygrooby N: and Sons
Fenton, Graham L: Ballygrooby N: and Co
Finnegan, James L: Drummaul
Finton, Robert L: Artresnahan
Finton, William L: Gortagharn
Fisher, James L: Clonboy
Fitzpatrick, Hugh L: Ballygrooby
Fleming, L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
Fletcher, John, Jr. L: Cloonkeen
Fletcher, John, Sr. L: Cloonkeen
Fletcher, Robert L: Ballydunmaul
Fletcher, Robert L: Magheralane
Fletcher, William L: Ballydunmaul
Flood, Rosanna L: Ballygrooby
Floyd, Edward L: Ballygrooby
Foster, Allan L: Cloghogue
Foster, Ellen L: Clare
Foster, James L: Ballytresna
Foster, James L: Clare
Foster, Samuel L: Sharvogues
Foster, Thomas L: Clare
Foster, William L: Andraid
Foster, William L: Cloghogue
Foster, William L: Groggan
French, Abraham L: Aghaboy
French, Annie L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
French, Henry L: Ballygrooby
French, Hugh L: Ballygrooby
French, Hugh, Jr. L: Ballygrooby
French, James L: Ballygrooby
French, James L: Lenagh
French, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
French, James L: Tannaghmore
French, John L: Ballygrooby
French, John L: Ballygrooby N: Cottier
French, John L: Feehogue
French, John L: Tannaghmore
French, John, Jr. L: Ballygrooby
French, Joseph L: Tannaghmore
French, Matilda L: Ballygrooby
French, Peter L: Ballygrooby
French, Thomas L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
French, William J. L: Kilknock
Fulton, George L: Killyfad
Fulton, Robert L: Portlee
Gaddes, Arthur L: Drumsough
Gaddes, Arthur L: Lenagh
Gaddes, John L: Drumsough
Gaine, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Galway, Andrew L: Ballybollen
Galway, James L: Ballybollen
Galway, James L: Kilknock
Galway, James L: Tamlaght
Galway, John L: Aghaboy
Galway, William L: Aghaboy
Gardiner, Ellen L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Geary, Alexander L: Craigmore
Geary, James L: Muckleramer
Geary, Joseph L: Muckleramer
George, Alexander L: Caddy
George, James L: Tamlaght
George, John L: Drummaul
Getty, Chilly L: Groggan
Getty, John L: Ballytresna
Gibson, Jane L: Tamlaght
Gibson, William L: Tannaghmore
Gillespie, John L: Ballytresna
Gilmore, Bryan L: Magheralane
Gilmour, Cathrine L: Part of Ballynaleney
Gilmour, Edward L: Part of Ballynaleney
Gilmour, Eliza L: Portlee
Gilmour, John L: Part of Ballynaleney
Gilmour, Lucinda L: Portlee
Gilmour, Margaret L: Drumsough
Gilmour, Mark L: Ballytresna
Gilmour, Patrick L: Part of Ballynaleney
Gilmour, William L: Ballydunmaul
Gilso, Richard L: Groggan
Glascow, Hugh L: Ballealy South
Glasgow, Robert L: Andraid
Glass, David L: Caddy
Glass, James L: Groggan
Glass, Thomas L: Creagh
Glen, William L: Feehogue
Glover, Matthew L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Glover, William L: Ballydunmaul
Gole, William L: Part of Ballynaleney
Goorley, Andrew L: Andraid
Goorley, Edward L: Kilknock
Goorley, William L: Cloghogue
Goorley, William L: Muckleramer
Gordon, John L: Drumanaway
Gordon, John L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
Gordon, Patrick L: Coolsythe
Gordon, Thomas L: Ballygrooby
Gordon, Thomas L: Lurgan West
Gordon, William L: Coolsythe
Gordon, William L: Muckleramer
Gormley, Anthony L: Groggan
Gormly, John L: Magheralane
Gough, Daniel L: Clonboy
Gourley, Charles L: Tamlaght
Gourley, David L: Aghaboy
Gourley, Mary Anne L: Ballygrooby
Gourley, Robin L: Tannaghmore
Graffan, Margaret L: Clonboy
Graham, Daniel L: Sharvogues
Graham, David L: Cloghogue
Graham, Hugh L: Andraid
Graham, Isaac L: Groggan
Graham, John L: Kilknock
Graham, John L: Maghereagh
Graham, Thomas L: Coolsythe
Graham, William L: Ballydunmaul
Graham, William L: Cloghogue
Graham, William L: Lenagh
Grant, James L: Part of Ballynaleney
Grant, Susan L: Part of Ballynaleney
Gray, Bernard L: Ballygrooby
Gray, Thomas L: Caddy
Gray, William L: Ballydunmaul
Greban, John L: Magheralane
Green, James L: Andraid
Green, Robert L: Tamlaght
Greene, Henry L: Groggan
Greene, John L: Groggan
Greer, Andrew L: Cloonkeen
Greer, James L: Aghaboy
Greer, James L: Coolsythe
Gregg, Samuel L: Craigmore
Gribbin, Daniel L: Ballytresna
Gribbin, Mary L: Lisnagreggan
Gribbin, Roger L: Ballygrooby
Grimes, Patrick L: Ballygrooby
Gullion, John L: Ballymacilroy
Gullion, Samuel L: Downkillybegs
Gunning, William L: Ballygrooby
Gunning, William L: Magheralane
Hall, Francis E. L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Hamill, Bernard L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Hamill, George L: Terrygowan
Hamill, Hugh L: Magheralane
Hamill, James L: Muckleramer
Hamill, John L: Ballygrooby
Hamill, John L: Cloonkeen
Hamill, William L: Groggan
Hamill, William J. L: Cloonkeen
Hamilton, John L: Procklis
Hamilton, Joseph L: Andraid
Hamilton, Robert L: Procklis
Hamilton, William L: Procklis
Haney, Hugh L: Magheralane
Hanna, Bernard L: Lenagh
Hanna, Daniel L: Sharvogues
Hanna, Hugh L: Artresnahan
Hanna, James L: Aughalish
Hanna, John L: Caddy
Hanna, Matilda L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Hanna, Richard L: Clonboy
Hanna, William L: Aughalish
Hanna, William L: Clonboy
Hanna, William L: Lenagh
Hanna, William J. L: Farlough
Hannan, Alexander L: Maghereagh
Hannan, Bernard L: T: Randalstown - Market Lane
Hannan, Charles L: Drumsough
Hannan, Charles L: T: Randalstown - Market Lane
Hannan, Daniel L: Drumsough
Hannan, Ellen L: Magheralane
Hannan, Ellen L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Hannan, George L: Drumsough
Hannan, Hugh L: Feehogue
Hannan, James L: Drumsough
Hannan, John L: Ballealy South
Hannan, John L: Drumsough
Hannan, John L: Lenagh
Hannan, John L: Magheralane
Hannan, Patrick L: Maghereagh
Hannan, Robert L: Maghereagh
Hannan, Thomas L: Drumsough
Hannan, William L: Drumsough
Hannan, Wm. L: Drumsough N: Cottier
Hannin, Peter L: Ballygrooby
Hardy, Daniel L: Cloonkeen
Hare, Francis L: Aghaloughan
Hare, John L: Ballynacraigy
Hare, William L: Lisnagreggan
Harper, Thomas L: Clare
Harpur, David L: Shanes Castle Park
Harpur, James L: Magheralane
Harpur, John, Jr. L: Caddy
Harpur, John, Sr. L: Caddy
Hart, James L: Maghereagh
Hart, Patrick L: Lenagh
Hasley, James L: Lisnagreggan
Hatridge, Robert L: Coolsythe
Hazlett, John L: Ballybollen
Heaney, Ellen L: Cloonkeen
Hellen, Patrick L: Drumsough
Henderson, James L: Muckleramer
Henderson, John L: Aghaboy
Henderson, John L: Coolsythe
Henderson, Samuel L: Muckleramer
Henderson, William L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Henry, Charles L: Ballytresna
Henry, Hugh L: Farlough
Henry, James L: Ballybollen
Henry, James L: Maghereagh
Henry, John L: Ballytresna
Henry, Robert L: Ballybollen
Henry, Samuel L: Ballybollen
Henry, William L: Drumanaway
Herron, John L: Killyfad
Higgins, George L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Hill, Ellen L: Drumanaway
Hill, George L: Magheralane
Hill, Hugh L: Ballybollen
Hill, Hugh L: Ballylurgan
Hill, James L: Creagh
Hill, John L: Coolsythe
Hill, John L: Creagh
Hill, John L: Drumanaway
Hill, John L: Terrygowan
Hill, Joseph L: Ballylurgan
Hill, Samuel L: Drummaul
Hill, Samuel L: Magheralane
Hill, Thomas L: Drumanaway
Hill, William L: Creagh
Hill, William L: Creagh N: Posey
Hill, William L: Creagh N: Warper
Hill, William L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Hill, Wilson L: Clare
Hill Smith, John L: Cloghogue
Hillian, Eliza L: Maghereagh
Hives, Samuel L: Clonboy
Hodgins, John L: Lisnagreggan
Hogg, John L: Ballygrooby
Hogg, Rev. Robert L: Lurgan West
Hogg, Rev. Robert L: Randalstown
Hogg, Rev. Robert L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
Holden, John L: Lisnagreggan
Holden, John L. L: Tannaghmore
Holmes, Henry L: Muckleramer
Holmes, John L: Kilknock
Houston, Rev. James L: Feehogue
Houston, Rev. Jas. B. L: Feehogue
Howard, Whiteside L: Feehogue
Howard, Whiteside L: Muckleramer
Howard, Whiteside L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Hughes, Thomas L: Drummaul
Hume, James L: Ballynacraigy
Hume, James L: Killyfad
Hume, Margaret L: Ballynacraigy
Hunter, Hugh L: Sharvogues
Hunter, James L: Sharvogues
Hunter, John L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Hurl, Bernard L: Sharvogues
Hurl, Catherine L: Aghaloughan
Hurl, Patrick L: Magherabeg
Hurl, William L: Sharvogues
Hurrell, John L: Ballybollen
Hurrell, Patrick L: Ballybollen
Hutchison, Robert L: Gortagharn
Hydman, John L: Ballybollen
Hydman, Thomas L: Ballybollen
Hyndman, James L: Clonboy
Hyndman, James L: Muckleramer
Innes, Margaret L: Maghereagh
Irons, James L: Ballytresna
Irvine, Charles L: Sharvogues
Irvine, Hugh L: Magherabeg
Irvine, Robert J. L: Magherabeg
Irwin, Isaac L: Coolsythe
Irwin, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Irwin, William L: Coolsythe
Irwin, William L: Drumanaway
Jameson, Andrew L: Ballealy North
Jameson, James L: Ballealy South
Jameson, James L: Gortagharn
Jameson, James, Jr. L: Ballealy South
Jameson, John L: Ballealy North
Jameson, John L: T: Randalstown - Market Lane
Jameson, William L: Gortagharn
Johnson, Francis L: Feehogue
Johnson, John L: Ballynacraigy
Johnson, John L: Magherabeg
Johnson, Robert L: Killyfad
Johnston, Daniel L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Johnston, Esther L: Ballydunmaul
Johnston, George L: Ballydunmaul
Johnston, James L: Aghaboy
Johnston, James L: Coolsythe
Johnston, James L: Drumanaway
Johnston, John L: Caddy
Johnston, John L: Caddy N: Jackey
Johnston, John, Sr. L: Caddy
Johnston, William J. L: Groggan
Kane, Charles L: Ballygrooby
Kane, Roger L: Ballealy North N: Cottier
Kane, Rosanna L: Leitrim
Kayes, James L: Portlee
Keenan, James L: Drumsough
Keilty, Samuel L: Ballygrooby
Kelly, James L: Portlee
Kelly, John L: Portlee
Kelly, Margaret L: Part of Ballynaleney
Kelly, Neal L: Part of Ballynaleney
Kelly, Oliver L: Groggan
Kennedy, Alexander L: Coolsythe
Kennedy, Charles L: Part of Ballynaleney
Kennedy, Charles L: T: Randalstown - Mulligan's Yard
Kennedy, Henry L: Maghereagh
Kennedy, Hugh L: Ballealy South
Kennedy, Hugh L: Gortagharn
Kennedy, Isaac L: Kilknock
Kennedy, Isaac L: Procklis
Kennedy, James L: Maghereagh
Kennedy, John L: Andraid
Kennedy, John L: Drumanaway
Kennedy, John L: Drummaul
Kennedy, John L: Gortagharn
Kennedy, John L: Magheralane
Kennedy, John L: Maghereagh
Kennedy, Josias L: Drumsough
Kennedy, Michael L: Lenagh
Kennedy, Robert L: Andraid
Kennedy, Robert L: Caddy
Kennedy, William L: Andraid
Kenny, James L: Cloghogue
Kenny, John L: Ballygrooby
Kenny, Patrick L: Magheralane
Kenny, Robert L: Drumanaway
Kernan, Alexander L: Sharvogues
Kerr, Andrew L: Gortagharn
Kerr, Andrew L: Leitrim
Kerr, Charles L: Drumsough
Kerr, Hugh L: Lenagh
Kerr, James L: Aghaboy
Kerr, James L: Artresnahan
Kerr, James L: Leitrim
Kerr, James L: Lurgan West
Kerr, James L: Randalstown
Kerr, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Kerr, James, Jr. L: Ballynacraigy
Kerr, Jane L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Kerr, John L: Andraid
Kerr, John L: Gortagharn
Kerr, John L: Leitrim
Kerr, Thomas L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
Keyland, Maria L: Clonboy
Kidd, Alexander L: Aghaloughan
Kidd, Andrew L: Ballytresna
Kidd, James L: Mountshalgus
Kidd, John L: Ballytresna
Kielty, Bernard L: Magheralane
Kielty, Daniel L: Magheralane
Kielty, Henry L: Magheralane
Kielty, Hugh L: Magheralane
Kielty, John L: Barnish
Kielty, John L: Magheralane
Kielty, Patrick L: Farlough
Killeen, James L: Killyfad
Killen, John L: Cloonkeen
Kinaird, Benjamin L: Magherabeg
Kinaird, John L: Ballylurgan
Kinaird, John L: Magherabeg
Kinaird, William L: Magherabeg
King, Edward L: Ballytresna
King, Hugh L: Groggan
King, Mark L: Drumanaway
King, Robert L: Ballydunmaul
Kinkead, James L: Ballydunmaul
Kinkead, John L: Ballydunmaul
Kinkead, Samuel, Jr. L: Tannaghmore
Kinkead, Thomas L: Groggan
Kinkead, William J. L: Ballytresna
Kinnaird, William L: Kilknock
Kirby, Rep. Edward L: Maghereagh
Kirk, Edward L: Coolsythe
Kyle, Samuel L: Cloghogue
Kyle, William L: Andraid
Kynes, Joshua L: Ballygrooby
Larkin, Hugh L: Magheralane
Lavender, George L: Cloghogue
Laverty, Hugh L: Killyfad
Ledson, Martha L: Andraid
Ledson, William L: Clare
Ledson, William L: Tamlaght
Lee, Henry L: Drumsough
Lee, Jane L: Ballydunmaul
Lee, Margaret L: Aghaloughan
Lee, Margaret L: Drumsough
Leech, James L: Clonboy
Leeke, Roger L: Groggan
Leith, Andrew L: Downkillybegs
Leith, Robert L: Downkillybegs
Leonard, Charles L: Lenagh
Leven, Eliza L: Ballytresna
Leven, John L: Ballytresna
Levingston, Clotworthy L: Groggan
Levingston, William L: Cloonkeen
Levingston, William L: Groggan
Levingston, William L: Lisnagreggan
Lindsay, Robert L: Groggan
Lindsay, Robert L: Muckleramer
Lindsay, Thomas L: Cloghogue
Lindsay, William L: Coolsythe
Little, Robert L: Ballylurgan
Logan, Adam L: Kilknock
Logan, David L: Procklis
Logan, Hugh L: Creagh
Logan, James L: Ballymacilroy
Logan, James L: Groggan
Logan, James, Jr. L: Ballymacilroy
Logan, Joseph L: Ballymacilroy
Logan, Thomas L: Kilknock
Logan, William L: Creagh
Long, David L: Groggan
Long, William L: Ballygrooby
Long, William L: Lurgan West
Loughans, John L: Ballygrooby
Loughlin, Alexander L: Lurgan West
Loughlin, Alexander L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Loughridge, Patrick L: Ballybollen
Lute, John L: Feehogue
Lute, Joseph L: Ballymacilroy
Lynn, David L: Downkillybegs
Lynn, Patrick L: Ballybollen
Lynn, William L: Caddy
Lyons, James L: Cloonkeen
Lyons, Thomas L: Cloonkeen
Macauley, Bernard L: Artresnahan
Macauley, Daniel L: Barnish
Macauley, John L: Lenagh
Macauley, Samuel L: Ballygrooby
Macdowell, Andrew L: Ballybollen
Macomb, Henry L: Groggan
Macord, Elizabeth L: Groggan
Macrory, Anne L: Magheralane
Macrory, Bridget L: Farlough
Macrory, Daniel L: Farlough
Macrory, Daniel L: Magherabeg
Macrory, Felix L: Magherabeg
Macrory, Henry L: Magheralane
Macrory, Hugh L: Farlough
Macrory, Hugh L: Magheralane
Macrory, John L: Farlough
Macrory, John L: Farlough N: Cottier
Macrory, John L: Magheralane
Macrory, Michael L: Drumanaway
Macrory, Rosanna L: Farlough
Madden, Patrick L: Sharvogues
Maddigan, Alice L: Mountshalgus
Maddigan, Patrick L: Mountshalgus
Madigan, Daniel L: Ballealy North
Madigan, Francis L: Sharvogues
Magan, Patrick L: Maghereagh
Magee, Bernard L: Magheralane
Magee, David L: Clonboy
Magee, Jno. L: Drumsough N: Whitehead
Magee, John L: Drumsough N: George
Magee, John L: Drumsough N: Jacky
Magee, John L: Lenagh N: Jackey
Magee, John L: Magheralane
Magee, Margaret L: Muckleramer
Magee, Patrick L: Cloonkeen
Magee, Richard L: Drumsough
Magill, Charles L: T: Randalstown - Market Lane
Magill, Daniel L: Feehogue
Magill, Daniel, Jr. L: Magheralane
Magill, Daniel, Sr. L: Magheralane
Magill, Eneas L: Feehogue
Magill, George L: Farlough
Magill, Jane L: Magherabeg
Magill, John L: Groggan
Malcolm, William L: Aghaloughan
Mallon, Henry L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Mann, Isaac L: Caddy
Marr, Rev. Robert L: Drumanaway
Marshall, Andrew L: Andraid
Marshall, Mary L: Aghaloughan
Martin, Alexander L: Magheralane
Martin, Daniel L: Magheralane
Martin, Eliza L: Magheralane
Martin, James L: Kilknock
Martin, James L: Magheralane
Martin, Samuel L: Cloghogue
Mawhiney, Matthew L: Ballybollen
McAdurragh, Charles L: Lenagh
McAdurragh, John L: Lenagh
McAfee, Daniel L: Ballygrooby
McAfee, John L: Ballygrooby
McAfee, John L: Cloghogue
McAleer, William L: Lurgan West
McAleer, William L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McAleer, William L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
McAleese, Catherine L: Cloonkeen
McAlister, John L: Ballytresna
McAlister, Rose L: Feehogue
McAllister, Constantine L: Magheralane
McAllister, Daniel L: Ballygrooby
McAllister, Eneas L: Muckleramer
McAllister, Patrick L: Magheralane
McAlvenna, John L: Drummaul
McAlveny, William L: Kilknock
McAnally, Daniel L: Drumsough
McAnally, Eliza L: Lenagh
McAnally, Francis L: Drumsough
McAnally, Henry L: Drumsough
McAnally, Hugh L: Drumsough
McAnally, Hugh L: Magheralane
McAnally, James L: Drumsough
McAnally, Oliver L: Barnish
McAnally, Oliver L: Maghereagh
McAnally, Robert L: Magheralane
McAneeny, Michael L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McArdle, Margaret L: Craigmore
McAtamney, John L: Sharvogues
McAtaulker, Murtagh L: Ballealy North
McAteer, Anne L: Magherabeg
McAteer, Anne L: Sharvogues
McAteer, Benjamin L: Caddy
McAteer, Bernard L: Ballealy South
McAteer, Hugh L: Part of Portlee
McAteer, Hugh L: Portlee
McAteer, James L: Caddy
McAteer, John L: Ballealy North
McAteer, John L: Drumsough
McAteer, John L: Part of Ballynaleney
McAteer, Neal L: Ballydunmaul
McAteer, Thomas L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McAuley, Bernard L: Feehogue
McAuley, Bernard L: Lurgan West
McAuley, Bernard L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McAuley, John L: T: Randalstown - Market Lane
McAuley, Sarah L: Aghaloughan
McAuley, Thomas L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McAuley, William L: Ballytresna
McAuley, William L: Cloonkeen
McAuley, Wm. John L: Tamlaght
McBride, James L: Tamlaght
McBride, William L: Cloghogue
McCallin, Daniel L: Ballydunmaul
McCallin, William J. L: Groggan
McCalvey, John L: Aghaloughan
McCann, Arthur L: Ballealy South
McCann, Bernard L: Ballealy South
McCann, Bernard L: Ballylurgan
McCann, Charles L: Ballygrooby
McCann, Henry L: Ballealy South
McCann, Henry L: Gortagharn
McCann, Henry L: Mountshalgus
McCann, James L: Gortagharn
McCann, Jno. L: Ballylurgan
McCann, John L: Ballygrooby
McCann, John L: Cloonkeen
McCann, John L: Maghereagh
McCann, John L: Part of Ballynaleney
McCann, John L: Portlee
McCann, Mary L: Part of Ballynaleney
McCann, Michael L: Part of Ballynaleney
McCann, Neal L: Part of Portlee
McCann, Nicholas L: Part of Ballynaleney
McCann, Patrick L: Ballealy South
McCann, Patrick L: Ballygrooby
McCann, Patrick L: Part of Portlee
McCarl, David L: Clonboy
McCarroll, James L: Clare
McCarroll, James L: Creagh
McCarroll, Robert L: Cloonkeen
McCartney, Anne Jane L: Ballygrooby
McCashen, Daniel L: Sharvogues
McCashen, Patrick L: Sharvogues
McCauley, Henry L: Portlee
McChord, William L: Downkillybegs
McClean, James L: Groggan
McCleary, John L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McClelland, Andrew L: Farlough
McClenehan, James L: Coolsythe
McClenehan, Robert L: Andraid
McClintock, Henry S. L: Ballygrooby
McClornan, Catherine L: T: Randalstown - Market Lane
McClornan, William L: Downkillybegs
McClure, George L: Artresnahan
McClurkin, Thomas R. L: Procklis
McCluskey, John L: Ballynacraigy
McComas, John L: Clonboy
McConnor, John L: Ballybollen
McCoole, Abraham L: Clonboy
McCoppen, William L: Ballealy South
McCord, George L: Andraid
McCord, John L: Cloghogue
McCord, William L: Andraid
McCormack, Mary L: Artresnahan
McCormack, Peter L: Farlough
McCoy, Alexander L: Ballydunmaul
McCoy, James L: Cloonkeen
McCoy, John L: Feehogue
McCoy, William L: Kilknock
McCracken, David L: Cloghogue
McCracken, David L: Creagh
McCracken, Samuel L: Clare
McCracken, Samuel L: Creagh
McCrory, John L: Ballylurgan
McCruddan, Eliza L: Aghaloughan
McCrudden, James L: Ballygrooby
McCrudden, Robert L: Ballygrooby
McCullagh, Anne L: Ballygrooby
McCullagh, Anne L: Magheralane
McCullagh, Hugh L: Ballybollen
McCullagh, James L: Artresnahan
McCullagh, William L: Clonboy
McCullen, James L: Cloghogue
McCullough Henderson, Jas. L: Muckleramer
McCurley, Sarah L: T: Randalstown - Mulligan's Yard
McCurly, John L: Part of Ballynaleney
McDonnell, John L: Ballylurgan
McDonnell, John L: Drumsough
McDonnell, John L: Magheralane
McDonnell, Michael L: Feehogue
McDonnell, Michael L: Randalstown
McDonnell, Michael L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
McDowdell, Michael L: Tannaghmore
McDowell, Alexander L: Ballybollen
McDowell, Arthur L: Tannaghmore
McDowell, Aughtry L: Tannaghmore
McDowell, Christian L: Lisnagreggan
McDowell, Christina L: Randalstown
McDowell, Christina L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McDowell, Ellen L: Aghaboy
McDowell, Rep. Henry L: Ballybollen
McDowell, Henry L: Ballymacilroy
McDowell, Hugh L: Sharvogues
McDowell, James L: Ballybollen
McDowell, James L: Ballydunmaul
McDowell, James L: Craigmore
McDowell, James L: Sharvogues
McDowell, John L: Andraid
McDowell, John L: Ballybollen
McDowell, John L: Cloonkeen
McDowell, Joseph L: Groggan
McDowell, Robert L: Ballybollen
McDowell, Robert L: Magherabeg
McDowell, Robert L: Muckleramer
McDowell, Robert, Jr. L: Ballybollen
McDowell, Smith L: Clonboy
McDowell, William L: Drummaul
McDowell, William L: Tamlaght
McErlane, Catherine L: Magheralane
McErlane, George L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McEwen, Margaret L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McFadden, Alexander L: Aghaloughan
McFadden, James L: Clare
McFadden, James L: Drummaul
McFadden, James L: Killyfad
McFadden, John L: Artresnahan
McFadden, John L: Caddy
McFadden, John L: Coolsythe
McFadden, John L: Downkillybegs
McFadden, John L: Leitrim
McFadden, John L: Lurgan West
McFall, Maria Jane L: Craigmore
McFall, Maria Jane L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
McFall, Patrick L: Barnish
McFalls, Denis L: Maghereagh
McFlynn, Rose L: T: Randalstown - Mulligan's Yard
McGarl, John L: Ballygrooby
McGarvey, Alexander L: Ballylurgan
McGarvey, Hugh L: Magheralane
McGarvey, William L: Ballylurgan
McGee, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McGee, John L: Downkillybegs
McGeogh, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McGill, Patrick L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McGill, Robin L: Maghereagh
McGinn, William J. L: Cloonkeen
McGladery, James L: Cloghogue
McGladery, William L: Cloghogue
McGonnigle, Mary L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McGrogan, Bernard L: Ballylurgan
McGrogan, Charles L: Clonboy
McGrogan, Edward L: Lenagh
McGrogan, Hugh L: Ballylurgan
McGrogan, John L: Ballygrooby
McGrogan, Patrick L: Lenagh
McGuigan, Robert L: Ballymacilroy
McGuigan, William L: Andraid
McGuiggan, Hugh L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
McHugh, Rosanna L: Aghaloughan
McIlhadda, John L: Andraid
McIlroy, Daniel L: Magheralane
McIlroy, Henry L: Ballydunmaul
McIlroy, Henry L: Tannaghmore
McIlroy, Hugh L: Caddy
McIlroy, John L: Magheralane
McIlvenna, Mary L: Caddy
McIntyre, Hugh L: Ballytresna
McIntyre, Rev. Hugh L: Craigmore
McKane, James L: Feehogue
McKane, James L: Lurgan West
McKane, Joseph L: Feehogue
McKean, David L: Magheralane
McKeane, Patrick L: Groggan
McKeane, Robert L: Cloonkeen
McKee, Anne L: Sharvogues
McKee, Francis L: Ballymacilroy
McKee, James L: Ballytresna
McKee, James L: Lurgan West
McKee, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McKee, John L: Sharvogues
McKee, Thomas L: Sharvogues
McKee, William L: Ballybollen
McKee, William L: Sharvogues
McKeen, Robert L: Aghaboy
McKenna, James L: Groggan
McKeown, Alice L: Maghereagh
McKeown, Bernard L: Part of Portlee
McKeown, Charles L: Ballynacraigy
McKeown, Daniel L: Maghereagh
McKeown, Edward L: Ballygrooby
McKeown, Edward L: Ballynacraigy
McKeown, Edward L: Maghereagh
McKeown, Felix L: Part of Portlee
McKeown, Henry L: Ballynacraigy
McKeown, Hugh L: Farlough
McKeown, James L: Cloonkeen
McKeown, James L: Maghereagh
McKeown, Jane L: Part of Ballynaleney
McKeown, John L: Aghaloughan
McKeown, John L: Ballygrooby
McKeown, John L: Maghereagh
McKeown, John L: Maghereagh N: Geo.
McKeown, John L: Maghereagh N: Rattle
McKeown, John L: Part of Portlee
McKeown, Nicholas L: Part of Ballynaleney
McKeown, Patrick L: Drumsough
McKeown, Rep. Patrick L: Maghereagh
McKeown, Patrick L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McKeown, Rosanna L: Maghereagh
McKeown, William L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McKinley, Henry L: Aghaboy
McKinley, John L: Cloonkeen
McKittrick, John L: Mountshalgus
McLafferty, Bernard L: Kilknock
McLaren, William J. L: Tannaghmore
McLarnan, Patrick L: Ballynacraigy
McLarnon, Felix L: Part of Ballynaleney
McLarnon, Robert L: Lenagh
McLaverty, Edward L: Magheralane
McLaverty, Patrick L: Ballylurgan
McLean, James L: Tamlaght
McLeane, Edward L: Ballymacilroy
McLenahan, Daniel L: Magheralane
McLenahan, Hugh L: Maghereagh
McLenehan, James L: Ballealy North
McLoughlin, George L: Feehogue
McLoughlin, George L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McLoughlin, James L: Drumanaway
McLoughlin, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McLoughlin, John L: Cloonkeen
McLoughlin, John L: Feehogue
McLoughlin, Patrick L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McMann, David L: Drummaul
McMann, David L: Tamlaght
McManus, James L: Feehogue
McManus, John L: Gortagharn
McMaster, Samuel L: Tamlaght
McMullan, Joseph L: Ballygrooby
McMullen, Daniel L: T: Randalstown - Avenue To Neill's Brook
McMullen, Hugh L: Farlough
McMullen, James L: Cloghogue
McMullen, James L: Craigmore
McMullen, James L: Muckleramer
McMullen, Michael L: Drumsough
McMullen, Peter L: Lenagh
McMullen, Rosanna L: Drumsough
McMullen, Thomas L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McMullen, William L: Craigmore
McMullen, William L: Maghereagh
McNally, Francis L: Barnish
McNally, Martha L: Feehogue
McNamee, James L: Groggan
McNeill, Archibald L: Ballydunmaul
McNeill, Archibald L: Kilknock
McNeill, Hugh L: Magheralane
McNeill, John L: Caddy
McNeill, Sarah L: Magherabeg
McNicholl, Charles L: T: Randalstown - Main Street N: and Another
McNickle, John L: Feehogue
McNiece, John L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McNiece, Robert L: Creagh
McNiece, William L: Groggan
McPeak, Charles L: Groggan
McQuillan, James L: Sharvogues
McQuillan, Richard L: Drumsough
McQuillan, Richard L: Lenagh
McRuddle, William L: Ballygrooby
McShane, Patrick L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
McWhirter, L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
McWhirter, Robert L: Aughalish
McWilliams, Henry L: Caddy
McWilliams, Richard L: Coolsythe
McWilliams, Thomas L: Craigmore
McWilliams, Thomas L: Drummaul
Meehan, James L: Sharvogues
Mellon, Felix L: Aghaloughan
Mellon, Felix L: Groggan
Mellon, Henry L: Aghaloughan
Mellon, Henry L: Ballybollen
Mellon, James L: Aghaloughan
Middlemas, Robert L: Barnish
Middlemas, Robert L: Maghereagh
Millar, Anne L: Coolsythe
Millar, Hugh L: Cloghogue
Millar, James L: Tannaghmore
Millar, John L: Tannaghmore
Millar, Patrick L: Cloghogue
Millar, Robert L: Tannaghmore
Millar, William L: Tannaghmore
Miller, Anne L: Kilknock
Miller, Francis L: Ballygrooby
Miller, Hugh L: Ballygrooby
Miller, James L: Caddy
Miller, James L: Drumsough
Miller, James L: Lenagh
Miller, James L: Magherabeg
Miller, James, Jr. L: Magherabeg
Miller, John L: Ballygrooby
Miller, John L: Magherabeg
Miller, Mary L: Craigmore
Miller, Robert, Jr. L: Magherabeg
Miller, Robert, Sr. L: Magherabeg
Miller, Susan L: Drumsough
Milligan, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Milliken, James L: Ballymacilroy
Mills, James L: Ballytresna
Mitchell, John L: Leitrim
Mitchell, Thomas L: Caddy
Moffatt, James L: Lenagh
Moffett, Thomas L: Clonboy
Moloney, Michael L: Ballealy North
Moncroft, Robert L: Drumanaway
Montgomery, Wm. C. L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Moody, Alexander L: Cloonkeen
Mooney, Bernard L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Mooney, Catherine L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Moor, William L: Creagh
Moore, David L: Magherabeg
Moore, Eliza L: Lisnagreggan
Moore, Henry L: Ballygrooby
Moore, James L: Drumsough
Moore, James L: Lenagh
Moore, Mary L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Moore, Mary Jane L: Ballygrooby
Moore, Robert L: Andraid
Moore, Robert L: Creagh
Moore, Samuel L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Moore, Thomas L: Magherabeg
Moore, William L: Drumsough
Moran, John L: Magheralane
Morgan, James L: Drummaul
Morgan, John L: Coolsythe
Morgan, William L: Tamlaght
Morrison, George L: Ballytresna
Morrison, Hugh L: Andraid
Morrison, James L: Andraid
Morrison, Robert L: Andraid
Morrow, Edward L: Drumsough
Morrow, George L: Groggan
Morrow, James L: Groggan
Morrow, John L: Groggan
Morrow, William L: Sharvogues
Morton, George L: Andraid
Morton, Nathaniel L: Cloghogue
Morton, William L: Drummaul
Mulholland, Arthur L: Drumsough
Mulholland, Charles L: Ballynacraigy
Mulholland, Charles L: Magheralane
Mulholland, Charles L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Mulholland, Clotworthy L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Mulholland, George L: T: Randalstown - Avenue To Neill's Brook
Mulholland, James L: Aghaboy
Mulholland, James L: Barnish
Mulholland, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Mulholland, John L: Aghaboy
Mulholland, John L: Ballygrooby
Mulholland, John L: Barnish
Mulholland, John L: Magheralane
Mulholland, Robert L: Magheralane
Mulholland, Rosanna L: Magheralane
Mullany, John L: Caddy
Mullen, Rosanna L: Maghereagh
Mulligan, David L: Cloonkeen
Mulligan, Francis L: Feehogue
Mulligan, Francis L: Lisnagreggan
Mulligan, John K. L: Craigmore
Mulligan, John K. L: T: Randalstown - Mulligan's Yard
Mulligan, Joseph L: Craigmore
Mullin, James L: Andraid
Murdock, Samuel L: Maghereagh
Murphy, Patrick L: Drumsough
Murphy, William L: Groggan
Murray, Denis L: Maghereagh
Murray, Edward L: Portlee
Murray, James L: Kilknock
Murray, John L: Ballymacilroy
Murray, John L: Magheralane
Murray, Patrick L: Ballygrooby
Murray, Patrick L: Maghereagh
Murray, Robert L: Tamlaght
Murray, William J. L: Ballydunmaul
Namans, George L: Drumanaway
Neely, James L: Kilknock
Neeson, Charles L: Artresnahan
Neeson, Charles L: Kilknock
Neeson, James L: Ballybollen
Neeson, James L: Magherabeg
Neeson, Jane L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Neeson, Janet L: Artresnahan
Neeson, Peter L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Neeson, Robert L: Magherabeg
Neeson, Samuel L: Lenagh
Neill, Constantine L: Lurgan West
Neill, Hugh L: Drumsough
Neill, Matty L: Part of Ballynaleney
Neminis, John L: Gortagharn
Nemins, John L: Leitrim
Nemins, Robert L: Leitrim
Nemo, James L: Leitrim
Nesbit, William L: Ballytresna
Nesbitt, James L: Ballybollen
Nesbitt, John L: Magheralane
Nesbitt, Thomas L: Clonboy
Nesbitt, Thomas L: Lisnagreggan
Nesbitt, William L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Nicholl, Andrew L: Kilknock
Nicholl, Andrew L: Procklis
Nicholl, Hugh L: Kilknock
Nicholl, Hugh, Sr. L: Kilknock
Nicholl, James L: Cloonkeen
Nicholl, James L: Kilknock
Nicholl, John L: Creagh
Nicholl, Robert L: Groggan
Nicholl, Robert L: Kilknock
Nicholl, Samuel L: Kilknock
Nicholl, Samuel L: Muckleramer
Nicholl, Thomas L: Kilknock
Nisbit, Robert L: Ballygrooby
Noble, Allan L: Tamlaght
Noble, James L: Drumanaway
Noble, John L: Andraid
Noble, Peter L: Ballealy South
Nugent, James L: Sharvogues
Nutt, John L: Drummaul
Nutt, Joseph L: Drummaul
O'Boyle, Hugh L: Portlee
O'Boyle, Neal L: Killyfad
O'Brien, Henry L: Farlough
O'Brien, Richard L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
O'Gilby, Hugh L: Coolsythe
O'Hara, Alexander L: Ballygrooby
O'Hara, Alice L: Magheralane
O'Hara, Arthur L: Farlough
O'Hara, Bernard L: Barnish
O'Hara, Charles L: Groggan
O'Hara, Charles L: Magheralane
O'Hara, John L: Mountshalgus
O'Hara, Matthew L: Caddy
O'Hara, Patrick L: Magheralane
O'Hara, Sarah L: Clonboy
O'Kane, James L: Ballealy North
O'Kane, John L: Lurgan West
O'Kane, John L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
O'Kane, Roger L: Gortagharn
O'Neill, Arthur L: Ballydunmaul
O'Neill, Daniel L: Aghaloughan
O'Neill, Daniel L: Ballybollen
O'Neill, Daniel L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
O'Neill, Hugh L: Gortagharn
O'Neill, John L: Andraid
O'Neill, John L: Ballygrooby
O'Neill, John L: Craigmore
O'Neill, John L: Magherabeg
O'Neill, John L: Tannaghmore
O'Neill, Michael L: Gortagharn
O'Neill, Patrick L: Lenagh
O'Neill, Robert L: Andraid
O'Neill, William L: Ballygrooby
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Andraid
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Ballygrooby
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Ballylurgan
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Cloghogue
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Cloonkeen
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Craigmore
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Creagh
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Downkillybegs
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Drumsough
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Farlough
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Feehogue
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Groggan
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Kilknock
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Lenagh
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Magherabeg
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Magheralane
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Maghereagh
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Muckleramer
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Part of Ballynaleney
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Procklis
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Randalstown
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Shanes Castle Park
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Sharvogues
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
O'Neill, Rev. William C. L: Tamlaght
O'Raw, Charles L: Magherabeg
O'Rorke, Ambrose L: Ballybollen
Orr, Anne L: Muckleramer
Orr, John L: Cloonkeen
Osborne, George L: Procklis
Parkes, James L: Drumsough
Patterson, Benjamin L: Ballydunmaul
Patterson, Homan L: Aghaloughan
Patterson, Margaret L: Kilknock
Patterson, Robert L: Muckleramer
Pennycook, John L: Coolsythe
Percy, Samuel L: Aghaloughan
Percy, Samuel L: Craigmore
Percy, William L: Aghaloughan
Picken, Andrew L: Ballytresna
Picken, Andrew L: Groggan
Picken, James L: Cloghogue
Picken, Martha L: Muckleramer
Picken, Samuel L: Ballymacilroy
Picken, Samuel L: Cloghogue
Picken, William L: Ballymacilroy
Pinks, Esther L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Pollard, Samuel L: Cloonkeen
Pollock, George L: Andraid
Pollock, Hugh L: Andraid
Pollock, James L: Andraid
Porter, James L: Cloonkeen
Porter, John L: Artresnahan
Porter, William L: Craigmore
Power, Francis L: Cloghogue
Prenter, John L: Groggan
Pritchard, John L: Magheralane
Pritchard, William L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Provender, Allen L: Magherabeg
Quinn, Felix L: Part of Ballynaleney
Quinn, Hugh L: Mountshalgus
Quinn, Patrick L: Maghereagh
Quinn, William H. L: T: Randalstown - Mulligan's Yard
Rafferty, Charles L: Magheralane
Rainey, Alexander L: Ballytresna
Rainey, Daniel L: Drummaul
Rainey, Henry L: Muckleramer
Rainey, Hugh L: Drumanaway
Rainey, James L: Cloonkeen
Rainey, James L: Coolsythe
Rainey, James L: Drumanaway
Rainey, John L: Drummaul
Rainey, John L: Muckleramer
Rainey, John L: Tamlaght
Rainey, Matthew L: Drumanaway
Rainey, Thomas L: Ballytresna
Rainey, William, Jr. L: Cloonkeen
Rainey, William, Sr. L: Cloonkeen
Rainey, Wm., Sr. L: Cloonkeen
Rally, Anne L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Ramsay, Thomas L: Craigmore
Rankin, Robert L: Ballymacilroy
Ready, James L: Mountshalgus
Reed, Jane L: Lenagh
Reed, William L: Ballygrooby
Reid, David L: Ballylurgan
Reid, Eliza Henrietta L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Reid, James L: Magherabeg
Reid, Sarah L: Aghaloughan
Reid, William S. L: Aghaboy
Renny, Robert L: T: Randalstown - Avenue To Neill's Brook
Renny, William L: Lisnagreggan
Reside, Ellen L: Aghaboy
Reside, John L: Aghaboy
Reside, Robert L: Aghaboy
Reside, William L: Ballytresna
Richardson, James L: Ballynacraigy
Richardson, Robert L: Ballydunmaul
Richardson, Robert L: Gortagharn
Richardson, Samuel L: Ballygrooby
Richardson, William L: Aghaloughan
Richey, James L: Maghereagh
Richey, Robert L: Clonboy
Richmond, Robert L: Aghaloughan
Risk, James L: Caddy
Risk, James L: Drummaul
Risk, John L: Andraid
Risk, John L: Tamlaght
Risk, Samuel L: Caddy
Robb, Hugh L: Maghereagh
Robinson, Edmund L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Robinson, Edward L: Lurgan West
Robinson, James L: Aghaloughan
Robinson, James L: Artresnahan
Robinson, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Robinson, John L: Ballytresna
Robinson, John L: Leitrim
Robinson, John B. L: Aghaloughan
Robinson, Margaret L: Aghaloughan
Robinson, Ralph L: Ballygrooby
Robinson, Robert L: Ballygrooby
Robinson, Thomas L: Aghaloughan
Robinson, William L: Clonboy
Rock, Felix L: Ballygrooby
Rock, James L: Groggan
Rogers, John L: Tannaghmore
Rogers, Robert L: Tannaghmore
Rogers, Thomas L: Drumanaway
Rogers, Thomas L: Groggan
Rogers, Thomas L: Tannaghmore
Ross, James L: Magherabeg
Ross, James L: Sharvogues
Ross, John L: Maghereagh
Rush, George L: Cloonkeen
Russell, Charles L: Maghereagh
Russell, James L: Portlee
Russell, William L: Portlee
Scott, Arthur L: Aghaboy
Scott, John L: Maghereagh
Scott, Joseph L: Drummaul
Scott, Samuel L: Ballydunmaul
Scott, William L: Ballygrooby
Scullion, James L: Groggan
Scullion, John L: Ballybollen
Scully, Mary L: Magheralane
Service, Hugh L: Ballygrooby
Seymour, Henry L: Ballytresna
Seymour, Henry L: Coolsythe
Seymour, John L: Drumanaway
Seymour, John L: Groggan
Seymour, Robert L: Ballytresna
Seymour, Susan L: Groggan
Seymour, William L: Ballytresna
Shannon, Charles L: Ballylurgan
Shannon, Joseph L: Feehogue
Shannon, Samuel L: Drumsough
Shaw, James L: Tamlaght
Shaw, Samuel L: Drummaul
Shiels, Charles L: Magheralane
Short, Sarah L: Magheralane
Simpson, John L: Cloonkeen
Simpson, Samuel L: Tamlaght
Sloan, John L: Coolsythe
Sloane, Alexander L: Clare
Sloane, Robert L: Kilknock
Sloane, William L: Tamlaght
Small, James L: Andraid
Small, James L: Procklis
Small, John L: Ballymacilroy
Small, Samuel L: Ballymacilroy
Small, William L: Cloghogue
Small, William L: Cloonkeen
Smith, George L: Cloonkeen
Smith, Rev. Hugh L: Clonboy
Smith, J. L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
Smith, John L: Ballygrooby
Smith, John L: Tannaghmore
Smith, Robert L: Cloghogue
Smith, Robert L: Cloonkeen
Smith, Sarah L: Ballygrooby
Smith, T. L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
Speedy, Henry L: Drummaul
Speedy, Thomas L: Craigmore
Spence, Joseph L: Farlough
Steel, Robert L: Magherabeg
Steele, James L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Steele, Samuel L: Downkillybegs
Steele, Samuel L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Steele, Thomas L: Downkillybegs
Stenson, John L: Ballytresna
Stenson, John L: Groggan
Stenson, William L: Drumanaway
Stephenson, John L: Lurgan West
Stephenson, John L: Randalstown
Stephenson, John L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Stewart, David L: Ballydunmaul
Stewart, David L: Groggan
Stewart, Rev. Henry L: Feehogue
Stewart, Jane L: Cloghogue
Stewart, Rev. William L: Ballytresna
Storey, Adam L: Ballybollen
Storey, Henry L: Lenagh
Storey, James L: Lenagh
Storey, John L: Drumsough
Storey, John L: Lenagh
Storey, Joseph L: Drumsough
Storey, Margaret L: Lenagh
Storey, Robert L: Ballylurgan
Storey, Robert L: Drumsough
Storey, Robert L: Lenagh
Strahan, Henry L: Downkillybegs
Strahan, James L: Downkillybegs
Strahan, John L: Downkillybegs
Strahan, Samuel L: Downkillybegs
Sullivan, William L: Magheralane
Surgenor, Robert L: Groggan
Surgeon, James L: Cloonkeen
Swan, John L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Swan, Thomas L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Swan, Thomas L: T: Randalstown - Market Street
Telford, James L: Creagh
Telford, James, Jr. L: Creagh
Telford, John L: Ballymacilroy
Telford, John L: Procklis
Telford, Samuel L: Creagh
Telford, Samuel L: Procklis
Telford, William L: Creagh
Telford, Wm. L: Creagh N: Carpenter
Tew, Augustus L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Thompson, Adam L: Ballylurgan
Thompson, Andrew L: Magherabeg
Thompson, Hill L: Muckleramer
Thompson, James L: Artresnahan
Thompson, James L: Ballybollen
Thompson, James L: Maghereagh
Thompson, John L: Gortagharn
Thompson, John L: Magherabeg
Thompson, Joseph L: Andraid
Thompson, Robert L: Ballydunmaul
Thompson, Samuel L: Cloonkeen
Thompson, Sheppard L: Magheralane
Thompson, Wm., Jr. L: Tamlaght
Thompson, Wm., Sr. L: Tamlaght
Tipping, William L: Magheralane
Tole, John L: Lurgan West
Tole, Richard L: Ballygrooby
Underwood, Thomas L: Procklis
Vance, Sarah L: Ballydunmaul
Wade, Samuel L: Muckleramer
Walker, Elizabeth L: Coolsythe
Walker, Elizabeth L: Drummaul
Walker, Hugh L: Caddy
Walker, James L: Andraid
Walker, James L: Caddy
Walker, Robert L: Andraid
Walker, Samuel L: Drummaul
Wallace, James L: Ballymacilroy
Wallace, James L: Cloonkeen
Wallace, Robert L: Drumsough
Wallace, William L: Kilknock
Waters, Charles L: Terrygowan
Watson, David L: Kilknock
Watson, James L: Kilknock
Watt, Andrew L: Cloghogue
Watt, James L: Caddy
Weir, Hugh L: Ballymacilroy
Weir, Hugh L: Ballymacilroy N: Little
Weir, Hugh L: Clare
Weir, James L: Ballymacilroy
Weir, James L: Downkillybegs
Weir, Nathaniel L: Creagh
Weir, Robert L: Ballymacilroy
Weir, William L: Downkillybegs
Whelan, Charles L: Ballygrooby
Whelan, Jane L: Ballygrooby
Whinney, Ellen L: Kilknock
White, James L: Ballydunmaul
White, John L: Ballytresna
White, Martha L: Caddy
White, William L: Craigmore
Whiteside, James L: Procklis
Whiteside, James, Jr. L: Procklis
Whiteside, Thomas L: Magherabeg
Wiley, Matthew L: Lenagh
Wiley, Robert L: Ballygrooby
Wiley, Robert L: Procklis
Wiley, Samuel L: Ballybollen
Wilkinson, David L: Tannaghmore
Wilkinson, Hugh L: Tannaghmore
Wilkinson, John L: Ballydunmaul
Wilkinson, Robert L: Tannaghmore
Wilson, Andrew L: Clare
Wilson, David L: Ballytresna
Wilson, Hugh L: Maghereagh
Wilson, James L: Groggan
Wilson, Jane L: Drumanaway
Wilson, John L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
Wilson, Margaret L: Ballybollen
Wilson, Mary L: Downkillybegs
Wilson, Robert L: Caddy
Wilson, Robert L: Cloonkeen
Wilson, Sally L: Tannaghmore
Wilson, Samuel L: Ballygrooby
Wilson, Thomas L: Ballytresna
Wilson, Thomas L: Kilknock
Wilson, William L: Ballytresna
Wilson, William L: Feehogue
Wilterdon, John L: Ballygrooby
Winnan, Robert L: Leitrim
Winning, James L: Ballynacraigy
Winters, Robert L: Lurgan West
Woods, John L: Procklis
Woods, Thomas L: Maghereagh
Wright, John L: Ballymacilroy
Wright, John L: Craigmore
Wright, Robert L: T: Randalstown - Main Street
York, Edward L: Andraid
Young, Robert L: Andraid

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Civil Parishes of County Antrim

Griffiths Valuation Records county Antrim

1 Aghagallon

2 Aghalee

3 Ahoghill

4 Antrim

5 Ardclinis

6 Armoy

7 Ballinderry

8 Ballintoy

9 Ballyclug

10 Ballycor

11 Ballylinny

12 Ballymartin

13 Ballymoney

14 Ballynure

15 Ballyrashane

16 Ballyscullion

17 Ballyscullion Grange

18 Ballywillin

19 Billy

20 Blaris

21 Camlin

22 Carncastle

23 Carnmoney

24 Carrickfergus

25 Connor

26 Cranfield

27 Culfeightrin

28 Derryaghy

29 Derrykeighan

30 Doagh Grange

31 Donegore

32 Drumbeg

33 Drummaul

34 Drumtullagh Grange

35 Dunaghy

36 Dundermot Grange

37 Duneane

38 Dunluce

39 Finvoy

40 Glenavy

41 Glenwhirry

42 Glynn

43 Inver

44 Island Magee

45 Kilbride

46 Kildollagh

47 Killagan

48 Killead

49 Killyglen Grange

50 Kilraghts

51 Kilroot

52 Kilwaughter

53 Kirkinriola

54 Lambeg

55 Larne

56 Layd

57 Inispollan Grange

58 Layd Grange

59 Loughguile

60 Magheragall

61 Magheramesk

62 Muckamore Grange

63 Newton Crommelin

64 Nilteen Grange

65 Racavan

66 Raloo

67 Ramoan

68 Rasharkin

69 Rashee

70 Rathlin

71 Shilvodan Grange

72 Skerry

73 Templecorran

74 Templepatrick

75 Tickmacrevan

76 Tullaghgore

77 Tullyrusk