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Irish Flax Growers Lists 1796 in County Antrim

The Irish Linen Board published a list of nearly 60,000 individuals in 1796. Spinning wheels were awarded based on the number of acres planted. People who planted one acre were awarded 4 spinning wheels and those growing 5 acres were awarded a loom. Donegal and Tyrone had the highest number of awards. Dublin and Wicklow were not included in this list. These extracts contain the name, parish and county. The barony was listed instead of the parish in a few of the records. Also known as the Spinning Wheel list or the Flax Growers Bounty.

The list of county Antrim Flax growers records the person's name and the civil parish where they resided.


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Irish Flax Growers List - County Antrim

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Surname - First Name - Parish
A'Meely Daniel Ballyrashane
Adams Archibald Ahoghill
Adams James Loughguile
Adams John Ahoghill
Adams John Ballywillin
Adams John Derrykeighan
Adams John Racavan
Adams Samuel Loughguile
Adams William Ballymoney
Alexander John Skerry
Alexander Sarah Racavan
Alexander William Skerry
Allot Adam Kilraghts
Allot Margaret Kilraghts
Allot William Kilraghts
Anderson Anne Dunluce
Anderson David Ballymoney
Anderson William Ballintoy
Appleby James Ballymoney
Armour James Dunluce
Armstrong Andrew Skerry
Armstrong John, Jr. Skerry
Armstrong John, Sr. Skerry
Armstrong William Skerry
Arthur Jane Finvoy
Arthur William Finvoy
Auld Elizabeth Ballyrashane
Auld James Ballyrashane
Auld John Billy
Babington Rev. Richard Kirkinriola
Balantine Charles Ballintoy
Balantine Daniel Ballintoy
Balantine John Ballintoy
Ballantine John Loughguile
Barclay James Racavan
Barclay Robert Racavan
Barclay William Racavan
Baverlin Isaac Dunluce
Baverlin Nancy Ballymoney
Beard John Ballintoy
Beard Robert Ballintoy
Beard Simon Ballintoy
Beard William Ballintoy
Beard William Ballymoney
Bell Issac Dunaghy
Berry Geels Loughguile
Bicket Philamon Ballymoney
Biggart Robert Ballymoney
Biggart Robert Finvoy
Black Daniel Ballintoy
Black Hugh Armoy
Black James Racavan
Black John Ballintoy
Black Loughlin Billy
Black Samuel Ballintoy
Blair John Ballymoney
Blue Patrick Ballymoney
Bole John Ballymoney
Bole Widow Loughguile
Borland Mathew Ballymoney
Borland William Ballymoney
Boyd Adam Ramoan
Boyd Daniel Loughguile
Boyd David Ballymoney
Boyd Edward Billy
Boyd Hugh Dunluce
Boyd Hugh Ramoan
Boyd James Ballymoney
Boyd James Billy
Boyd John Ballymoney
Boyd John Billy
Boyd John Derrykeighan
Boyd John Layd
Boyd Joseph Derrykeighan
Boyd Mary Racavan
Boyd Robert Ballymoney
Boyd Robert Loughguile
Boyd Robert Skerry
Boyd William Derrykeighan
Boyd William Ramoan
Boyland James Derrykeighan
Boyland John Dunluce
Boyle Daniel Ballyrashane
Boyle James Ballymoney
Boyle Patrick Loughguile
Boyle Thomas Ballymoney
Brannon Rev. Patrick Culfeightrin
Brown Andrew Dunluce
Brown James Skerry
Brown John Ballyrashane
Brown John Billy
Brown John Dunluce
Brown John Loughguile
Brown John Skerry
Brown Moses Skerry
Brown Patrick Loughguile
Brown Patrick Racavan
Brown William Billy
Brownlow Richard Ballymoney
Buckles Archibald Dunluce
Buckles Henry Dunluce
Bulter Peter Culfeightrin
Burns Edward Dunluce
Burnside Robert Ballyrashane
Buys Robert Ballymoney
Cairney John Finvoy
Calderwood Rachel Ballymoney
Calderwood Robert Ballymoney
Caldwell Mary Armoy
Caldwell William Armoy
Caldwell William Finvoy
Calkey Samuel Billy
Cameron Archibald Ballintoy
Cameron Rev. John Dunluce
Campbell Archibald Dunluce
Campbell Barnaby Derrykeighan
Campbell Clark Finvoy
Campbell James Ballymoney
Campbell James Ballyrashane
Campbell John Ballywillin
Campbell John Billy
Campbell Joseph Billy
Campbell Mary Derrykeighan
Campbell Nathaniel Ballywillin
Candil Alexander Loughguile
Cannon Andrew Billy
Cannon John Billy
Captainsteubing Merril Ballyrashane
Cargil James Billy
Carmanook Widow Ballymoney
Carneagie Daniel Ballintoy
Carr Hugh Loughguile
Carr Nicholas Ballymoney
Carr Rev. Moses Ballymoney
Carr Robert Ballyrashane
Carr Thomas Loughguile
Carson Andrew Finvoy
Carson Samuel Dunluce
Chambers William Dunluce
Chesnut Daniel Derrykeighan
Chesnut John Kilraghts
Chesnut Samuel Derrykeighan
Chesnut William Ballyrashane
Christy John Ballintoy
Christy John Ballyrashane
Christy Joseph Dunaghy
Christy William Kilraghts
Clark Robert Billy
Clarke Eneas Culfeightrin
Clarke John Ballyrashane
Clarke John Ballywillin
Clarke Neal Armoy
Clarke William Loughguile
Close Mary Armoy
Clyd John Ballymoney
Cochran Archibald Billy
Coghran James Ballintoy
Collins John Ballintoy
Connolly Malcolm Derrykeighan
Connor Patrick Ballyrashane
Conolly Patrick Loughguile
Cook George Billy
Cooper John Ballymoney
Cooper Samuel Ballymoney
Cooper Sarah Ballymoney
Cooper William Ballymoney
Coulter Alexander Finvoy
Coulter Jane Finvoy
Coulter John Finvoy
Cowen Widow Billy
Coyles Alexander Billy
Coyles James Ballintoy
Coyles James Billy
Coyles John Ballintoy
Coyles Neal Ramoan
Craig Nicholas Skerry
Craig Robert Loughguile
Cramsie William Ballymoney
Crawford John Racavan
Crawford Margaret Loughguile
Creath John Ballintoy
Creath Nathaniel Ballintoy
Creath Thomas Ballintoy
Creelman William Loughguile
Croath John Billy
Cuningham David Ballintoy
Cunningham Thomas Finvoy
Curry Archibald Derrykeighan
Curry Jane Dunaghy
Curry John Culfeightrin
Curry John Dunluce
Curry Martin Billy
Curry Patrick Derrykeighan
Daghan Daniel Kilraghts
Daly Patrick Armoy
Darragh Alexander Billy
Darragh Hugh Ballymoney
Darragh John Ballymoney
Darragh Roger Loughguile
Dauthitt John Ballymoney
Davison William Skerry
Dean Daniel Kilraghts
Dean Hugh Billy
Dean Jane Billy
Dempsey Charles Billy
Dempsey James Billy
Dempsy Neal Loughguile
Dick John Racavan
Dickey Robert John Racavan
Dickey Thomas Loughguile
Dinsmoore John Ballymoney
Dinsmoore Samuel Derrykeighan
Dinsmoore William Ballymoney
Dinsmore Andrew Ballymoney
Dogherty John Ballymoney
Dogherty Mary Ballintoy
Donelly Edward Ballintoy
Donelly Patrick Ballintoy
Dorning Lawrence Culfeightrin
Douglas John Ballywillin
Douglas John Derrykeighan
Douglas Rev. Charles Derrykeighan
Douglas Sarah Ballywillin
Douglas Thomas Dunaghy
Downing Alexander Skerry
Duffin John Ahoghill
Dunkin William Skerry
Dunlope John Ballywillin
Dunlope John Finvoy
Dunlope Robert Ballymoney
Dunlope Robert Dunluce
Dunlope Samuel Ballywillin
Dunlope William Dunluce
Edgar James Dunluce
Edgar John Dunluce
Edmondstone Robert Loughguile
Edmonstone Elizabeth Loughguile
Elder James Loughguile
Erskine Elizabeth Ballymoney
Eslar James Racavan
Eslar Robert Racavan
Farrel John Derrykeighan
Farrel Patrick Kilraghts
Fenning Thomas Loughguile
Ferguson James Derrykeighan
Ferguson John Derrykeighan
Ferguson Margaret Derrykeighan
Finlay Samuel Ballymoney
Fitzpatrick Francis Billy
Fitzpatrick Leonard Derrykeighan
Fleming John Racavan
Forbes Anne Ballintoy
Forbes Samuel Loughguile
Forde Patrick Loughguile
Foster Hugh Billy
Foy Cornelius Ballymoney
Frazer Robert Armoy
Frazer Simon Ballintoy
Fullerton George Billy
Fullerton William Billy
Fulton Margaret Derrykeighan
Galt John Finvoy
Galt William Finvoy
Gamble Peter Ballymoney
Gamble Roberet Ballymoney
Gamble William Derrykeighan
Gardiner Alexander Ballymoney
Gardiner Hugh Loughguile
Garvan Alexander Dunluce
George John Derrykeighan
Getty Archibald Ballymoney
Getty David Kilraghts
Getty James Ballymoney
Getty Jennat Finvoy
Getty John Kilraghts
Getty Robert Billy
Getty Robert Dunaghy
Getty Robert Dunluce
Gibson John Ballymoney
Gibson Patrick Skerry
Gillen James Ballintoy
Gillen John Loughguile
Gillen Owen Loughguile
Gillen Robert Loughguile
Gillespie Daniel Billy
Gillespie James Ballymoney
Gillespie John Ballintoy
Gillespie John Billy
Gillespie William Ballintoy
Gillin James Derrykeighan
Gillin John Derrykeighan
Gillin Robert Ramoan
Gilmor John Racavan
Gilmor Samuel Derrykeighan
Given Robert Ballymoney
Given Robert Dunluce
Glass David Billy
Glass John Ballintoy
Glass Neal Ballintoy
Glass Patrick Ballintoy
Glenn Robert Skerry
Gormly John Ballintoy
Gray Archibald Derrykeighan
Gray Hugh Finvoy
Gray James Ballymoney
Gray James Derrykeighan
Gray John Finvoy
Gray Samuel, Jr. Finvoy
Gray Samuel, Sr. Finvoy
Gray William Dunluce
Gregg Andrew Dunluce
Gregg Samuel Ballymoney
Gregg Thomas Dunaghy
Gregg William Loughguile
Grimes James Loughguile
Hall Mary Finvoy
Hamill James Dunaghy
Hamill Joseph Ballyrashane
Hamill Samuel Billy
Hamilton Elizabeth Loughguile
Hamilton James Derrykeighan
Hamilton James Loughguile
Hamilton Margaret Loughguile
Hamilton Patrick Loughguile
Hamilton Robert Ballymoney
Hamilton William Ballymoney
Hannah Alan Derrykeighan
Hannah David Derrykeighan
Harbison James Ahoghill
Harragan Patrick Loughguile
Hart William Ballymoney
Hartan Henry Loughguile
Hartan James Loughguile
Hastings John Dunaghy
Hatty Alexander Billy
Hemphill James Ballyrashane
Henderson James Ballymoney
Henderson John Ballymoney
Heney John Ballintoy
Henry Archibald Ballymoney
Henry James Ballymoney
Henry Robert Ballymoney
Henry William Ballymoney
Higgins John Ramoan
Hill Ezekiel Ramoan
Hill James Ramoan
Hill John Ramoan
Hill Joseph Ramoan
Hill Neal Ballintoy
Hill Robert Ramoan
Hill Samuel Ramoan
Hill Thomas Culfeightrin
Hodges James Derrykeighan
Holden Henry Skerry
Holden John Skerry
Hopkins John Ramoan
Hopkins Solomon Ballymoney
Hopkins William Ballymoney
Hucy Adam Billy
Hucy Frederick Billy
Hucy James Derrykeighan
Hucy James Loughguile
Hucy John Derrykeighan
Humes Robert Billy
Hunter Adam Billy
Hunter Daniel Billy
Hunter John Culfeightrin
Hunter Joseph Loughguile
Huston William Loughguile
Hutchinson Archibald Ballymoney
Irwin Charles Loughguile
Jameson Daniel Loughguile
Jammison Alexander Ballymoney
Jammison William Ramoan
Jemmison David Skerry
Jemmison Marmaduke Billy
Jemmison William Ballymoney
Jennings Thomas Ballymoney
Johnston James Dunluce
Johnston Martha Skerry
Johnston William Ballymoney
Kane Cornelius Finvoy
Kane John Ballymoney
Keaton Michael Culfeightrin
Kelaghan Daniel Billy
Kelly James Ballymoney
Kelly John Ballintoy
Kelsey Ninian Billy
Kennedy John Derrykeighan
Kerr Christopher Loughguile
Kerr John Dunluce
Kidd David Ballywillin
Kilpatrick James Ballintoy
Kilpatrick James Derrykeighan
Kilpatrick John Ballintoy
Kilpatrick John Derrykeighan
Kinney Daniel Loughguile
Kinney George Loughguile
Kinney John Loughguile
Kitchen James Billy
Knox James Dunluce
Knox Robert Ballymoney
Knox Robert Dunluce
Knox Thomas Racavan
Knox William Ballymoney
Knox William Dunluce
Laverty Bryan Loughguile
Laverty Charles Finvoy
Laverty Felix Dunluce
Laverty James Billy
Laverty John Derrykeighan
Laverty Mary Loughguile
Laverty Owen Loughguile
Laverty Owen, Jr. Loughguile
Laverty Patrick Ballintoy
Law William Finvoy
Leech James Kilraghts
Lenagen Alexander Ballintoy
Leslie Malcolm Dunluce
Lesson John Ballintoy
Lighton James Billy
Linsday Robert Derrykeighan
Linton James Dunaghy
Logan John Skerry
Logan Robert Skerry
Logan William Skerry
Longmoore Mathew Billy
Loughlin Andrew Derrykeighan
Love David Ahoghill
Love John Ballintoy
Love John Loughguile
Love Robert Ballintoy
Lowry Benjamin Ballymoney
Luke Samuel Derrykeighan
Lusk William Loughguile
Lyle Charles Derrykeighan
Lyle James Billy
Lyle Peter Derrykeighan
Lyle Thomas Derrykeighan
Lynd Denis Culfeightrin
Lynd John Skerry
Lynd Rev. William Ramoan
Lyons James Derrykeighan
M'Alister Archibald Billy
M'Alister Daniel Billy
M'Alister Hector Billy
M'Alister William Billy
M'Allister Alexander Derrykeighan
M'Allister Daniel Ballintoy
M'Allister John Loughguile
M'Allister Patrick Derrykeighan
M'Allister Randal Ballintoy
M'Allister Randal Loughguile
M'Allister Randle Derrykeighan
M'Allister Robert Loughguile
M'Allister William Derrykeighan
M'Arthur Arthur Culfeightrin
M'Arthur Charles Billy
M'Arthur Malcolm Ballintoy
M'Ashenog Daniel Culfeightrin
M'Aulay Daniel Culfeightrin
M'Aulay Henry Skerry
M'Auley Arthur Layd
M'Auley James Ballintoy
M'Auley James Finvoy
M'Auley Neal Ballyrashane
M'Auly Patrick Layd
M'Ayeal Alexander Ballymoney
M'Ayeal Andrew Ballymoney
M'Ayeal Robert Ballymoney
M'Bride Alexander Skerry
M'Bride Archibald Loughguile
M'Bride Daniel Billy
M'Bride Daniel Dunluce
M'Bride John Billy
M'Bride John Skerry
M'Bride Margaret Billy
M'Burney Francis Skerry
M'Caa James Ballintoy
M'Caa James Billy
M'Caa William Ballymoney
M'Callen Manus Ballintoy
M'Callon John Kilraghts
M'Cambridge Archibald Derrykeighan
M'Cambridge Archibald Layd
M'Cambridge Daniel Armoy
M'Cambridge John Layd
M'Cambridge Patrick Armoy
M'Cambridge Patrick Dunaghy
M'Cambridge William Loughguile
M'Carrol Daniel Ballyrashane
M'Carrol Robert Finvoy
M'Cartney Samuel, Sr. Ballintoy
M'Caughen Alexander Derrykeighan
M'Caughen John Derrykeighan
M'Cay Alexander Ballintoy
M'Cay Alexander Dunaghy
M'Cay Archibald Ballymoney
M'Cay Archibald Billy
M'Cay Archibald Ramoan
M'Cay Daniel Ballintoy
M'Cay Daniel Billy
M'Cay Daniel Derrykeighan
M'Cay Daniel Finvoy
M'Cay Ezekiel Ballintoy
M'Cay James Ballintoy
M'Cay Jane Ballintoy
M'Cay John Ballintoy
M'Cay Patrick Layd
M'Cay Robert Skerry
M'Cay William Ballintoy
M'Cay William Loughguile
M'Cay William, Jr. Ballintoy
M'Cleland Rev. Hugh Loughguile
M'Cleland Robert Kilraghts
M'Cleland Samuel Finvoy
M'Clenan Henry Layd
M'Clernon George Ballintoy
M'Clernon James Ballintoy
M'Clintock James Skerry
M'Clintock Joseph Skerry
M'Clintock Thomas Loughguile
M'Cloy James Derrykeighan
M'Clure James Kilraghts
M'Clure William Loughguile
M'Colgan Widow Ballyrashane
M'Collum Hugh Derrykeighan
M'Collum Isabella Billy
M'Collum James Armoy
M'Collum Widow Loughguile
M'Collum William Finvoy
M'Comb Robert Derrykeighan
M'Conochy Alexander Ballintoy
M'Conochy Alexander Billy
M'Conochy Daniel Ballintoy
M'Conochy David Billy
M'Conochy Francis Derrykeighan
M'Conochy John Armoy
M'Conochy John Ballintoy
M'Conochy Patrick Ballintoy
M'Conochy Patrick Ramoan
M'Conochy Widow Ballintoy
M'Conochy William Billy
M'Conochy William Derrykeighan
M'Cook Daniel Culfeightrin
M'Cool Alexander Rasharkin
M'Cormick Alexander Derrykeighan
M'Cormick Charles Derrykeighan
M'Cormick Daniel Armoy
M'Cormick Denis Armoy
M'Cormick Edward Culfeightrin
M'Cormick Ezekiel Ballintoy
M'Cormick Felix Loughguile
M'Cormick Hugh Culfeightrin
M'Cormick James Loughguile
M'Cormick John Ramoan
M'Cormick Michael Culfeightrin
M'Cormick Patrick Derrykeighan
M'Cormick William Billy
M'Cormick William Ramoan
M'Cosh David Skerry
M'Cotter James Finvoy
M'Cotter Nocher Finvoy
M'Crackin Robert Loughguile
M'Crelus John Ballymoney
M'Cullogh Samuel Racavan
M'Cullough William Dunaghy
M'Cully Charles Skerry
M'Curdy Alexander Culfeightrin
M'Curdy Bryan Ballintoy
M'Curdy Charles Ramoan
M'Curdy Daniel Ballintoy
M'Curdy Daniel Billy
M'Curdy Daniel, Jr. Ballintoy
M'Curdy Daniel, Sr. Ballintoy
M'Curdy David Billy
M'Curdy David, Jr. Billy
M'Curdy George Ballintoy
M'Curdy James Ballintoy
M'Curdy John Armoy
M'Curdy John Billy
M'Curdy John Dunluce
M'Curdy Patrick Ballintoy
M'Curdy Robert Billy
M'Curdy Samuel Billy
M'Dermond William Ballymoney
M'Donnell Alexander Ramoan
M'Donnell James Culfeightrin
M'Donnell John Ballyrashane
M'Donnell John Layd
M'Donnell Patrick Dunluce
M'Dowel Daniel Armoy
M'Dowel Hugh Ballymoney
M'Duffee John Ballymoney
M'Duffee Robert Ballymoney
M'Duffee Samuel Ballymoney
M'Duffee William Ballymoney
M'Duffy Daniel Ballintoy
M'Duffy Daniel Loughguile
M'Duffy Denis Ballintoy
M'Duffy John Dunluce
M'Duffy Matthew Ballyrashane
M'Duffy Matthew Dunluce
M'Duffy William Dunluce
M'Dugald Dugald Ballymoney
M'Fadden Peggy Ballymoney
M'Faddin William Derrykeighan
M'Fall William Billy
M'Freeman John Ballyrashane
M'Googin Hugh Loughguile
M'Googin James Loughguile
M'Googin John Ballintoy
M'Guckin John Dunaghy
M'Ilbon Bryan Loughguile
M'Ilchreest John Loughguile
M'Ilderery Robert Ballymoney
M'Ilfatrick John Derrykeighan
M'Ilfatrick Sarah Dunluce
M'Ilhatton John Loughguile
M'Ilhatton Patrick Ramoan
M'Ilheron Denis Layd
M'Ilheron John Ballintoy
M'Ilhose Benjamin Derrykeighan
M'Ilhose Thomas Derrykeighan
M'Ilmoyle James Ballintoy
M'Ilmoyle James Ramoan
M'Ilpatrick Daniel Ballintoy
M'Ilroy Daniel Dunluce
M'Ilroy James Billy
M'Ilroy John Ballintoy
M'Inergney Charles Billy
M'Inergney Patrick Ballintoy
M'Ininch Archibald Ballintoy
M'Ininch Henry Ballintoy
M'Ininch James Ballintoy
M'Inteer James Ballintoy
M'Kay Alexander Ballymoney
M'Kay Alexander Derrykeighan
M'Kay Daniel Ramoan
M'Kay Widow Ballymoney
M'Keage Archibald Culfeightrin
M'Keage Neal Billy
M'Keage William Billy
M'Keeman Alexander Ballyrashane
M'Keeman Robert Ballyrashane
M'Keever Philip Ramoan
M'Kein James Ballywillin
M'Kein William Ballyrashane
M'Kein William Billy
M'Kendry Andrew Dunluce
M'Kendry Daniel Dunaghy
M'Kendry John Billy
M'Kendry John Culfeightrin
M'Kendry Neal Ballintoy
M'Kendry Patrick Billy
M'Kendry Rose Loughguile
M'Kenon Alexander Ballintoy
M'Kenon Archibald Derrykeighan
M'Kenzie Neal Ballintoy
M'Kenzie William Billy
M'Kinlay Alexander Dunluce
M'Kinlay John Derrykeighan
M'Kinlay William Ramoan
M'Kinley Archibald Loughguile
M'Kinney John Derrykeighan
M'Kinney Robert Derrykeighan
M'Kinty Neal Loughguile
M'Kown David Racavan
M'Kown John Derrykeighan
M'Kown William Derrykeighan
M'Lane Archibald Derrykeighan
M'Lane Denis Loughguile
M'Lane Loughlin Dunluce
M'Lane Margaret Ballintoy
M'Lane Robert Dunluce
M'Lane William Dunluce
M'Laughlin Alexander Ballintoy
M'Laughlin Bryan Rasharkin
M'Laughlin Daniel Ballintoy
M'Laughlin Daniel Dunluce
M'Laughlin George Ballintoy
M'Laughlin James Ballintoy
M'Laughlin James Ballymoney
M'Laughlin John Ballintoy
M'Laughlin John Dunluce
M'Laughlin Robert Ballintoy
M'Laughlin Widow Ballintoy
M'Laughlin William Ballintoy
M'Leeie Oliver Finvoy
M'Leese John Loughguile
M'Leese Thomas Derrykeighan
M'Leese Thomas Loughguile
M'Loughlin John Ramoan
M'Lyster John Derrykeighan
M'Master James Ballymoney
M'Michael Alexander Billy
M'Michael John Billy
M'Mullan Alexander Armoy
M'Mullan Archibald Loughguile
M'Mullan Daniel Armoy
M'Mullan Daniel Ballintoy
M'Mullan Daniel Billy
M'Mullan Daniel Loughguile
M'Mullan Ephraim Derrykeighan
M'Mullan James Ballymoney
M'Mullan Mary Armoy
M'Mullan Neal Armoy
M'Mullan Patrick Loughguile
M'Mullan Robert Ballintoy
M'Mullen John Ballintoy
M'Mullen William Ballintoy
M'Mullin Denis Dunluce
M'Mullin Eneas Loughguile
M'Mullon Patrick Culfeightrin
M'Nab John Dunluce
M'Nab Robert Dunluce
M'Namee James Ballyrashane
M'Naul Gilbert Billy
M'Naul William Dunluce
M'Neal Neal Ramoan
M'Neil Daniel Derrykeighan
M'Neil Hugh Armoy
M'Neil Hugh Billy
M'Neil John Armoy
M'Neil John Ballyrashane
M'Neil Loughlin Ballymoney
M'Neil Malcolm Ramoan
M'Neil Patrick Armoy
M'Neil Rev. Tully Loughguile
M'Neil Robert Dunluce
M'Neill Daniel Derrykeighan
M'Neill Jane Culfeightrin
M'Neill John Culfeightrin
M'Neill John Racavan
M'Neill Rose Culfeightrin
M'Olinn Patrick Loughguile
M'Questan John Loughguile
M'Quig John Dunluce
M'Quigg Samuel Dunluce
M'Quilkin Widow Ballintoy
M'Quillan James Racavan
M'Vey Robert Derrykeighan
M'Vey William Billy
M'Vicar Archibald Loughguile
M'Vicar John Armoy
Magee James Skerry
Magee John Ballintoy
Magee Nelly Skerry
Magee Thomas Ballintoy
Magill Eleanor Skerry
Magill Neal Loughguile
Magill Patrick Loughguile
Magown Andrew Ballyrashane
Magown Daniel Ballintoy
Magown Henry Ballintoy
Magown John Ballintoy
Magown John Ballyrashane
Magown Patrick Ballintoy
Magown William Ballintoy
Magown William Ballyrashane
Magurrie Daniel Dunluce
Mahaffey Robert Finvoy
Marshal James Billy
Martin Alexander Dunluce
Martin Alexander Finvoy
Martin Daniel Loughguile
Martin James Billy
Martin John Billy
Martin John Skerry
Martin Mary Billy
Martin Rev. Alexander Billy
Martin Richard Ballymoney
Mathies Samuel Billy
Mathies William Ballintoy
Mathies William Dunaghy
Maxwell Daniel Ballymoney
Maxwell Gabriel Derrykeighan
Maxwell Robert Derrykeighan
Maxwell Samuel Ballintoy
Maze Robert Skerry
Mears John Dunluce
Mecan Cormick Culfeightrin
Mecarter James Billy
Mecaughan Alexander Billy
Mecaughan Neal Armoy
Mecaughen Archibald Ballintoy
Mecaughen Archibald Culfeightrin
Mecaughen Daniel Culfeightrin
Mecaughen Denis Ballintoy
Mecaughen Hector Ballintoy
Mecaughen John Ballintoy
Mecaughen Neal Ballintoy
Mecaughen Widow Ballintoy
Medill George Racavan
Meeracken Patrick Racavan
Meglaughlin Daniel Ballymoney
Melling Matthew Ballywillin
Miller Alexander Culfeightrin
Miller Hugh Racavan
Miller James Ballymoney
Miller John Ballintoy
Miller John Ballyrashane
Miller John Derrykeighan
Miller John Finvoy
Miller William Ballyrashane
Mitchael William Dunluce
Mitchell Jane Racavan
Montgomery Alexander Ballymoney
Montgomery Hugh Racavan
Montgomery John Ballywillin
Montgomery Samuel Derrykeighan
Mooney Archibald Rasharkin
Moore Ephraim Ballyrashane
Moore James Derrykeighan
Moore Patrick Ballyrashane
Moore Robert Ballyrashane
Moore Samuel Billy
Moore Thomas Ballymoney
Moore William Ballymoney
Moore William Dunluce
Moore William Skerry
Morgan John Ballintoy
Morrison Samuel Billy
Morrison William Ballintoy
Mothies James Ballymoney
Mothies William Ballymoney
Mulvenny John Skerry
Mulvenny Patrick Skerry
Murdogh James Skerry
Murphy Alexander Derrykeighan
Murphy Archibald Derrykeighan
Murphy Daniel Layd
Murphy Daniel Loughguile
Murphy James Ballintoy
Murphy James Ramoan
Murphy John Billy
Murphy Neal Loughguile
Murphy Owen Loughguile
Murphy Samuel Ramoan
Murphy William Armoy
Murray George Layd
Murray James Ballintoy
Murtland Daniel Armoy
Murtland James Armoy
Murtland William Armoy
Neil James Ballymoney
Neil James Billy
Neil John Billy
Neill Andrew Derrykeighan
Neill Samuel Derrykeighan
Neill Thomas Derrykeighan
Neilson William Finvoy
Nevin John Ballyrashane
Nevin John Dunluce
Nevin Robert Ballyrashane
Nevin Robert, Jr. Ballyrashane
Nows Patrick Loughguile
O'Cain Bernard Ramoan
O'Cain James Ballywillin
O'Cain John Ballintoy
O'Cain John Ramoan
O'Hamill Patrick Kilraghts
O'Hara Francis Culfeightrin
O'Hara Hugh Culfeightrin
O'Mullan Daniel Loughguile
O'Mullan John Ramoan
O'Mullan Neal Loughguile
O'Mullan Patrick Ramoan
O'Murray John Layd
O'Murray Patrick Layd
O'Neil Cornelius Layd
O'Neil Jane Ramoan
O'Neill Con. Racavan
O'Neill Henry Racavan
O'Sheils Con. Culfeightrin
Orr James Loughguile
Orr Robert Ballymoney
Orr Thomas Dunaghy
Parkhill Hugh Billy
Patterson Charles Derrykeighan
Patterson John Skerry
Patterson Matthew Ballintoy
Pattison John Ballymoney
Patton James Dunaghy
Patton John Ballywillin
Patton John Dunaghy
Patton Samuel Ballymoney
Paul Widow Skerry
Peacock Alexander Ahoghill
Peacock Chesnut Ballymoney
Peacock Robert Ahoghill
Peacock Thomas Ballymoney
Pearson David Dunaghy
Picken Samuel Ballymoney
Pinkerton David Ballymoney
Pinkerton John Ballymoney
Pinkerton Samuel Ballymoney
Poak John Loughguile
Pollock Kenady Billy
Pollock Patrick Billy
Pollock William Billy
Potts James Ballintoy
Price John Ballintoy
Purcell Denis Ballintoy
Quigg Franics Ballintoy
Quigg Henry Ballymoney
Quigg James Ballintoy
Quigg James Billy
Ralston Samuel Ballymoney
Ramsey William Ballymoney
Rankin Hugh Ballyrashane
Rankin Hugh Ballywillin
Rankin Hugh Dunluce
Rankin James Dunluce
Rankin Thomas Ballyrashane
Rankin William Derrykeighan
Redmond James Ramoan
Redmond William Armoy
Reed James Ballymoney
Reed John Ballyrashane
Reed Samuel Skerry
Reed Thomas Ballymoney
Reed William Ballymoney
Reynolds John Derrykeighan
Reynolds Samuel Billy
Reynolds William Derrykeighan
Richard Hugh Kilraghts
Richard John Ballymoney
Rickard Elizabeth Ballymoney
Rickey Marmaduke Skerry
Robinson David Ballymoney
Robinson George Ramoan
Robinson James Ballymoney
Robinson Jane Derrykeighan
Robinson John Ballymoney
Robinson John Loughguile
Robinson John Ramoan
Robinson Malcolm Dunluce
Robinson Robert Ballymoney
Robinson William Ballymoney
Rogers John Ballintoy
Rogers John Dunaghy
Rogers John Skerry
Rosborough Joseph Loughguile
Ross John Ballyrashane
Ross Robert Derrykeighan
Ross William Derrykeighan
Saunders James Skerry
Scobbin John Dunluce
Scobbin Matthew Dunluce
Scot Alexander Derrykeighan
Scot James Derrykeighan
Scott Archibald Billy
Scott Thomas Billy
Scott Thomas Finvoy
Service John Skerry
Service Michael Dunluce
Sharp Andrew Culfeightrin
Sharp Andrew Ramoan
Sharp Archibald Billy
Sharp Daniel Layd
Sharp John Ramoan
Sharp Mathew Ramoan
Sharp Thomas Ramoan
Shaw George Dunluce
Shaw Isaac Dunluce
Shearer Alexander Skerry
Sheils Barney Ballymoney
Sheils Sarsh Ballymoney
Simpson Benjamin Ballymoney
Simpson David Derrykeighan
Simpson Hugh Ballintoy
Simpson Samuel Ballymoney
Simpson Samuel Derrykeighan
Simpson William Billy
Small James Ballymoney
Small John Ballymoney
Small Samuel Ballymoney
Smiley Hugh Kilraghts
Smilie James Kilraghts
Smith Henry Loughguile
Smyth Adam Loughguile
Smyth James Ballymoney
Smyth John Ballyrashane
Smyth John Billy
Smyth John Loughguile
Smyth Jonathan Ballymoney
Smyth Joseph Ballymoney
Smyth Joseph Loughguile
Smyth Lilly Derrykeighan
Smyth Moor Loughguile
Smyth Richard Derrykeighan
Smyth Samuel Ballymoney
Smyth Samuel Derrykeighan
Smyth Thomas Finvoy
Smyth Thomas Ramoan
Smyth William Derrykeighan
Speer William Loughguile
Sprowl William Ramoan
St. Moore James Derrykeighan
Steel Archibald Ballintoy
Steel James Dunluce
Steel Samuel Skerry
Steen Robert Kilraghts
Stevenson John Ballyrashane
Stewart Alexander Ballymoney
Stewart Alexander Ramoan
Stewart Andrew Ballintoy
Stewart Anne Ballymoney
Stewart Charles Derrykeighan
Stewart Daniel Derrykeighan
Stewart Francis Armoy
Stewart James Loughguile
Stewart John Billy
Stewart John Kilraghts
Stewart John Layd
Stewart Richard Ballintoy
Stewart Robert Billy
Stewart Robert Derrykeighan
Stewart Robert Ramoan
Stewart William Ballymoney
Stewart William Billy
Stewart William Finvoy
Stewart William Ramoan
Stinson Mary Racavan
Stinson William Ballyrashane
Stuart James Derrykeighan
Taggart Andrew Billy
Taggart Gabriel Dunluce
Taggart John Ballymoney
Taggart John Ballyrashane
Taggart John Billy
Taggart John, Jr. Billy
Taggart John, Sr. Billy
Taggart Robert Dunluce
Taggart Widow Ballintoy
Taggart William Billy
Taylor Dugald Ballymoney
Taylor James Ballintoy
Taylor Neal Ballyrashane
Taylor Samuel Ballymoney
Taylor Thomas Ballymoney
Taylor Thomas Billy
Taylor Warren Billy
Taylor Warren, Jr. Billy
Taylor William Billy
Templeton James Ballymoney
Templeton John Ballymoney
Thompson Adam Ballymoney
Thompson Alexander Billy
Thompson Archibald Ballyrashane
Thompson Benjamin Ballymoney
Thompson Daniel Culfeightrin
Thompson Jane Dunluce
Thompson John Dunluce
Thompson Samuel Dunluce
Thompson William Ballymoney
Thompson William Derrykeighan
Todd Adam Billy
Todd Adam Ramoan
Todd Andrew Loughguile
Todd Daniel Dunluce
Todd James Billy
Todd John Ballintoy
Todd William Ballywillin
Torrance Samuel Ballymoney
Tosh John Derrykeighan
Toy William Ballymoney
Trimble William Ballymoney
Twaddel Robert Billy
Twaddle James Ballintoy
Wales Brice Billy
Walker James Ballymoney
Walker Samuel Billy
Wallace Archibald Billy
Wallace James Ballymoney
Wallace John Racavan
Wallace Robert Ballymoney
Wallace Robert Derrykeighan
Wallace Samuel Racavan
Wallace William Dunaghy
Warnock James Ballymoney
Warnock William Ballymoney
Wasson Jane Loughguile
Watt Alexander Ballyrashane
Watt James, Jr. Ballyrashane
Watt James, Sr. Ballyrashane
Watt Patrick Derrykeighan
Watt Widow Ballymoney
Wells Samuel Ballintoy
White David Racavan
White Elizabeth Ballymoney
White James Ballymoney
White James Racavan
White John Ballymoney
White Nathaniel Racavan
Wiley Catherine Ballymoney
Wiley John Ballymoney
Williamson George Ballymoney
Wilson Daniel Ramoan
Wilson Edward Dunluce
Wilson Elizabeth Skerry
Wilson Hugh Dunluce
Wilson James Loughguile
Wilson John Ballyrashane
Wilson Robert Ballyrashane
Wilson Robert Dunluce
Wilson Widow Loughguile
Woodburn Thomas Billy
Woodside John Derrykeighan
Woodside Robert Derrykeighan
Wrath Adam Dunluce
Wright Joseph Ballymoney
Young James Ballyrashane
Young John Dunaghy
Young William Derrykeighan